Seafood Bistro & Grill

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1 Seafood Bistro & Grill IMPORTANT NOTICE If you have an allergy it is imperative that you inform the waiter taking your order ALLERGY KEY CHART Contains Wheat (W) Contains Dairy (D) Contains Peanuts (P) Contains Shellfish (S) Contails Eggs (E)

2 To Start Fish Potted Smoked Haddock & Mussels Creamed cheddar & Dijon sauce, poached egg & wilted spinach. (D,S) Whitebait with homemade tartar sauce. (W) Whitebait Smoked Salmon Wafer thin slices of smoked salmon, served with lemon Crab Crab Timbale Salad Chancre crab pot salad, freshly picked white & yellow meat with baby tomatoes & delicate garden herbs. (W,D,S) Shellfish Bisque Shellfish Homemade crab & lobster bisque with aioli croutes & chive snippets. (W,S) Crab, prawn & smoked salmon cocktail, served in a bed of lettuce, topped with Marie Rose sauce. (W,S) Seafood Cocktail Tempura Prawns Four Deep fried tempura prawns with Asian slaw, goma & wasabi dipping sauces. (W,P,S) Le Petit Fruits de Mer A selection of lobster, crab, prawns & scallops served with a light green salad. (W,S) Crab & Avocado Salad Crab, smoked salmon & avocado salad with a split langoustine & tomato dressing. (W,D,S) Crab & Sweet Corn Chowder A deliciously creamy Fresh Chancre crab, fish & sweet corn chowder, Served with French bread (garlic optional). (W,S) Crab & Scallop Pancetta Crumble Fragrant crab, compressed watermelon, seared scallop finished with pancetta crumble. (S) Squid Deep Fried Calamari New deep fried chili calamari in bread crumbs, served with tartare sauce (W,D) Oysters Fresh Jersey oysters (6) Served on a bed of crushed rock salt, with a choice of vinaigrettes. (S) Simplicity Itself (6) With freshly squeezed lemon. (S) Oysters Bloody Mary (6) Served with Greygoose vodka, freshly squeezed tomatoes, Worstershire sauce & a drop of tabasco. (S) Grilled Oysters (6) Grilled with a cream and parmesan topping. (D,S)

3 To Start Scallops Mussels Warm Scallop Salad Scallop salad with pancetta, balsamic & marsala sauce. (S) Pan Fried Scallop & Belly Pork Seared scallops with crisp belly pork, apple & vanilla puree. (S) Pan Fried Scallop & Cockles Scallops & cockle served on a bed of green salad with endive and a chive cream sauce Moules Mariniere Steamed mussels in a white wine, shallots, butter, parsley & garlic sauce. (S,D) Moules a La Crème Steamed mussels in a white wine, garlic, shallots, Jersey Cream, & parsley sauce. (S,D) Thai Mussels Steamed mussels in curried coconut milk with bamboo shoots, spring onion, lemon grass & pak choi. (S) All main course portions Meat Carpaccio of Beef wafer slices of beef fillet with Smoked anchovies, caperberries, rocket, lemon, olive oil & parmesan. (D)Fresh salad with crispy pancet- Char-grilled Chicken Caesar ta, croutons anchovies & parmesan. (W,D) Parma Ham Buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, fresh figs, melon, with a basil & mint. Charcuterie Board Cured meats & chargrilled breads with Gordal olives, stuffed baby pumpkins & peppers. (W) Vegetarian Avocado Salad (vegan) Hass avocado with fresh fig, galia melon, mint & basil Deep Fried Goats cheese Deep fried goats cheese in golden bread crumbs, with a beetroot salad and sweet chilli jam. (W) Saute Wild Mushrooms Wild mushrooms on toasted brioche, topped with a poached egg and truffle oil. (W,D) Italian Tomato Buffalo Mozzarella Served in a pesto salad with fresh basil leaves. (D,P) Penne & Vine Tomatoes (v) With garlic, chilli, basil & buffalo mozzarella. (W,D,E)

4 Main Courses Shellfish Fish Jersey Lobster ½ Lobster, crab & prawn salad served with Jersey new potatoes. (W,D,S) Fruits de Mer ½ Lobster, mussels, smoked salmon, crab claw, cockles, oysters & gambas, with a light salad, served with Jersey new potatoes. (W,D,S) San Francisco Cioppino di Mari King prawns, gambas, mussels, crab, squid, fresh fish cooked in a delicious tomato & chilli broth with rice, potatoes & fresh herbs. Served with parmesan shavings, crostini & aioli. (W,D,S) Fruits de Mer Royale (for 6 ) King prawns, gambas, mussels, crab claws, Lobster, Oysters, crab curry, Salads, Jersey new potatoes, sauces and crusty french bread.. each dish served on seperate plates Served so your party can pick and mix. Very, very french (W,S,D) Thai Green Crab & King Prawn Curry Fresh crab meat in green Thai curried coconut milk sauce with spring onion and pak choi. (S) Panfried Scallops & King Prawns Served with a sweet & sour minted cucumber, rocket & orange salad & new potatoes. (S) Whole Crab A Whole medium size chancre crab split in two, ready to pick Served with a mixed salad, & Jersey new potatoes, (S) Lobster Thermidor / 2 lobster removed from the shell, diced and cooked with white wine, shallots, garlic, dijon mustard and parmesan cheese and cream with a few drops of, cognac on a bed of rice. (S,D) Beer Battered Cod, Seabass & King Prawn Served with mashed peas, hand cut Quayside chips & tartare sauce. (W,S,D) Oven Baked Cod Fillet Topped with a red pepper & focaccia crust, served on a cassoulet of chorizo, chickpeas & shallots with grilled baby gem. Whole Grilled Plaice Served with lemon & chive butter, French beans & Jersey new potatoes. (D) Pan-fried Fillet of Jersey Seabass With a white wine cream, fennel, mussel, pernod and saffron sauce (D,S) Pan fried Fillet of Salmon Crushed Jersey new potatoes, wilted spinach, served with a creamed white wine sauce. (D) Grilled Sea Bream on the Bone Served with a fresh salad, Jersey new potatoes, olive oil & sea salt. Pan fried Sword Fish A choice sword fish steak lightly season with garlic rock salt and pan fried in jersey butter Served with a stunning Carribean Pineapple and avacado cream sauce and Jersey potatoes (if in season) Dover Sole grilled Dover Sole Served on the bone, with new potatoes, and seasonal vegetables & home made tartare sauce. (W,D) Turbot en papillote (when available) New Turbot with a cream white wine, lemon and tarragon sauce, served with Jersey potatoes and asaragus tips. (D)

5 Main Courses Pastas / Risotto / Vegetarian Seafood Linguine A mix of lobster & crab, fish and mussels with roasted vine tomatoes, chilli, garlic & basil. (W,S,E) Crab Linguine With chilli, red onion & pak choi. (W,S,E) Smoked Haddock Risotto With chive snippets & parmesan. (D) Wild Mushroom Penne (v) With black truffle, basil pesto and jersey cream (W,D,E) Penne & Vine Tomatoes (v) With garlic, chilli, basil & buffalo mozzarella. (W,E) Rissotto and baby artichoke(vegan) With roasted garlic,sunblushed tomato and basil. (W,E) From The Grill Panfried Breast of Chicken With dauphinoise potatoes, wild mushroom & tarragon jus. (D) Soy Glazed Breast of Duck With fondant potato, sesame pak choi & a bitter orange jus. (W) Crackling Belly Pork with black pudding, rhubarb chutney, baby leeks & cider jus. (W) Quayside Flamed Grilled Burger With melted cheddar cheese, bacon, hand cut Quayside chips & salad. (W,D,E) Chargrilled 10oz Ribeye Steak Served with wild mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes, hand cut Quayside chips, peppercorn sauce & béarnaise sauce on the side. (D,E) Chargrilled 8oz Fillet Steak Served to order with wild mushrooms, spinach & cherry tomatoes, Jersey new potatoes, peppercorn & béarnaise sauces on the side. (D,E) Surf n Turf Side Orders All side orders 3.50 Rib-eye & King Prawns Green Salad Vegetables of the Day Char-grilled 8oz rib-eye steak (cooked to order)topped with garlic king prawn tails, served with a rocket, red onion & parmesan salad, French fries. King Prawn & Beef Fillet Brochette Marinated king prawns grilled & served on pad Thai noodles. Mixed Salad New Potatoes Hand Cut Chips French Fries Sauteed Mushrooms Dauphinoise Potatoes Baby Spinach Fragrant Basmati Rice

6 Express Menu Lunchtime Monday to saturday only Fish Meat Lobster Salad ½ Jersey Lobster,fresh crab and greenland prawns served with Quayside Homemade Fish Cakes Salmon & Crab cakes in Panko breadcrumbs, sweet & Sour, fennel with ginger & Coriander salad. (W,D,S) Oak Smoked Salmon With baby spinach, toasted Sourdough Bread, poached Free Range Egg & Hollandaise Sauce. (W,D) Pan-fried Scallops & King Prawns Served with a sweet & sour, minted cucumber, orange salad & Jersey new potatoes. (S) Pan-fried Fillet of Jersey Seabass With a white wine cream, fennel, mussel, pernod and saffron sauce (S,D) Marinated Minute Steak With rocket parmesan salad & French fries. (W,D) Chicken Shnitzel With cheese, bacon sauce, salad & pommes frites. (W,D) Quayside Homemade Burger With gherkins, tomato & melted Onions with chips. (W,D,E) Chargrilled Chicken Caesar Salad With crispy pancetta croutons, anchovies and parmasan. (W,D) Vegetarian Wild Mushroom Penne With black truffle,basil pesto and jersey cream. (W,D,E) Italian Tomato Buffalo Mozzarella Served in a pesto salad with fresh basil leaves. (D,P) Avocado Salad Hass Avocado served with fresh fig,galia melon,basil and mint. (Vegan) LUNCH TIME ONLY