Christine Kingery FOOD JOURNAL. Monday, March 22, This is my ridiculously adorable husband, who has an uncanny resemblance to Fozzie Bear.

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1 FOOD JOURNAL Christine Kingery March 22 29, 2010 Monday, March 22, :30 Hummus Stoned wheat thin crackers (2 large) Noon Campbell s Chicken Noodle Soup pm 6 shrimps with cocktail sauce :30 1 café latte :30 ½ a cosmo ¼ of a cheese quesadilla About three bites of a (mostly-raw) tuna steak with poppyseeds. Quite good actually! TOTALS Mental health: Feeling great today! Met a former colleague for coffee. Met a friend after that at Wolfs I wasn t really hungry so I didn t want to spend $12 on a whole salad. He got two appetizers, so I just picked at his food. Probably not the smartest food choice but I wasn t overly hungry and didn t want the leftovers. Exercise: None. Lazy butt! At-home measurements (in inches): I didn t take these today because the numbers were all high. The scale was up two pounds, too today. Gnar, growl, bark! This is my ridiculously adorable husband, who has an uncanny resemblance to Fozzie Bear. Hey, it s not every woman that can say she s married to a Muppet doppelganger.

2 Tuesday, March 23, a.m. 1/3 of a banana /2 T peanut butter a.m. 1 egg, 1 egg white, but then only had half ½ a whole wheat toast, with crusts cut off a.m. About 10 almonds Two stoned wheat thins Tunafish in water (took me TWO HOURS to eat, jeeze) :30 Chocolate! (dumb idea. See below.) :30 Lemon herb crusted fish, baked, maybe 2 oz? White rice, maybe ¼ cup Asparagus, pan-cooked with just a little butter & garlic Cranberry gorgonzola pastry thing (not a healthy choice despite what the label said. False marketing!) 2 pieces TOTALS Mental Health: Slept like crap. Woke up at 4 a.m. today!!! Exercise: Bootcamp! The whole pushup thing was very strange today. I didn t feel it hurt in my arms, but I felt it BADLY in my abs. I know this is because I haven t done any ab workouts since my surgery, but it was a big wakeup call. It s weird to suck at pushups because I have no ab strength! If you see the picture above the port is actually sewed ONTO my abs. So when I do a situp, it feels like that port is going to pop right off my abs and out my skin. It s a strange feeling and not particularly comfortable. But yay for working out the abs!! Breakfast was strange. After having half the eggs and toast, I was SO FULL I couldn t eat another bite. I TRIED to eat more, but I puked the last bite up. I was *STUFFED.* It wasn t so much that my food got stuck in the band so much as I was just FULL. TO. THE. MAX. Dinner with a friend. He s health-conscious and a half-marathon runner so he cooked me up some healthy food. Yay. Revelation! When you need an energy-pick me up, chocolate is a dumb idea. It caused a bigger crash than it did pick-me-up. If you eat too much food too fast, your upper stomach can expand and cause all kinds of problems, such as puking, chronic overeating, weight gain, band erosion, bacterial infections, acid reflux, etc. EWWW. A bit about the surgery After the surgeons put the band around your stomach and attach that port to your abs, you go in regularly for a fill. When they give you a fill, they take this ridiculously huge and scary needle filled with saline. They jab it through your skin (which strangely doesn t hurt) and attempt to find the center of the port. (I say attempt because, in my experience, this appears to be completely blind guesswork on the part of the doctor or nurse.) Assuming they actually make their target, they then add a tiny bit of saline into the band. The saline puffs up the band like a balloon, making the opening to the stomach smaller. The picture to the immediate left is a good example of a puffed-up band. You can kind of envision how food can get stuck at the band if you don t chew well!

3 Wednesday, March 24, :30 Coffee from Dunkin D s. With cream and sugar. Wasn t hungry for food whatsoever. 10:30 Cheese Crackers :45 1 can of clam chowder soup p.m. Cheese (leftover from morning, didn t want to throw them out!) Crackers p.m. Rice pudding* (see below) p.m. Baked chicken breast, approx 2 oz Mashed cauliflower (see? Trying to get my veggies) TOTALS Mental Health: Crazy, ridiculously tired, even though I got plenty of sleep. Dammit! Hence the coffee in the morning. Cranky too. Like, contemplating staying home from work kind of tired. My calves hurt from the jump roping yesterday (yay for DOMS!) but my abs aren t sore from the situps, which I find extraordinarily curious. That rice pudding pisses me off. I wasn t hungry at ALL but I was tired and moody and cranky and I wanted to stuff my face with food. I suppose I could have chosen worse emotional-eating foods, but I hate that I reacted that way. Super-Easy! Weight-Loss Tip! Here s a super-easy and healthy weight-loss tip! Not that you need this or anything of course, but you mentioned liking getting recommendations, recipes, etc. This is something that the surgeons recommended when I first started this lap-band process. Try it this week! It s surprisingly effective. The tip is this: About 30 minutes before sitting down to a meal, chug a HUGE pint-sized-or-bigger glass of water (room-temp water goes down faster). Then, don t drink *ANYTHING* during your meal or an hour afterwards, not even a sip. o This is a great tip that helps people get their recommended amounts of water in per day. (I suck at drinking water by the way) o If you have the propensity to overeat at sit-down mealtimes, this will definitely keep you from overeating. The water really fills your tummy up! No 2 nd helpings for you! o It s REALLY important that you don t drink anything during your meal. Any liquid you drink pushes your food out of your stomach and into your intestines, so you re left feeling hungry soon after your meal. Then WHAMMO you re snacking the night away and have completely blown your diet. o If you re at a restaurant, chug your glass of water while looking over the menu. Then ask your waiter to take your glass away so you re not tempted to sip while you re eating.

4 Thursday, March 25, a.m. ½ of an an omlette (1 egg, 1 egg white) w/cheese* am - 1 small can red bull pm 11-2 Salad from subway (tunafish, veggies, vinegar only) :30 Rice pudding :30 Campbell s tomato soup, half :00 Oreo cookies (2) :30 Shrimp (frozen, that you stick in the toaster oven) :30 Popcorn (white, plain) TOTALS Mental Health: super tired AGAIN. Exercise: Bootcamp! * Barfing: barfed the last bite of that omlette up, so the numbers are a little lower than written. Why the hell eggs gave me a problem is beyond me. Okay seriously, what is with me? I could not stop eating, all day long! I swear I would have eaten my freaking post-it-notes on my desk just because they were within reach. (I wasn t even hungry!!) A completely random Did you know? moment: Did you know that Japan has come up with therapeutic ringtones which claim to help you lose weight? (The same company offers a translation service for barking dog-talk.) Friday, March 26, small can red bull Morning Almonds, maybe Noon Salad (shrimp, tomato, spinach, avocado) Balsamic dressing, on the side Seafood chowder soup (not quite one cup worth) cosmo Evening 1 cosmo Shrimp taco from taco bell* TOTALS Mental Health Once again, crazy, ridiculously tired. Like, want to stay home from work kind of tired. Like, skip my morning shower in order to sleep in, then throw blue-jeans on and race out the door in order to not be late for work. Sigh. I got 8 hours of sleep last night, so I don t know why I m THIS IS NOT REAL FOOD! so tired all the time. I got super bad family news yesterday. My cousin has been on a kidney and pancreas transplant list for 2+ years, and he was informed yesterday that unless organs come in soon, he doesn t have much longer to live. Plus, his fiancée (they are supposed to get married in October) found out yesterday that she has a huge brain tumor. So much sadness. Taco Bell: So here s the deal. Friday night I was on my own with nobody to hang out with. I didn t want to go home because I knew I would just fall asleep. So I went up to the Racino to kill a few hours. I left around 9 p.m. and realized I hadn t eaten anything all night, and I was hungry. I didn t want to wait until I got home because I would just fall immediately asleep. So I went to the first fast food I came to: Taco Bell. I tried choosing the healthiest option on the menu 1 small shrimp taco with no sour cream or any of that other crap. Well guess what? Taco Bell is freaking VILE! People call that stuff food?!?! I ate about half the taco and puked ALL of it up more because it was disgusting than anything else. YUCK. I won t be doing that again.

5 Saturday, March 27, a.m. ½ a homemade Smoothie: (berries, banana, water, limade, scoop eighth of a cup--ice cream) Noon Salad (spinach, chicken, shrimp, tomato, avocado) Ranch Dressing ??? 2 Diet coke p.m. Seafood Chowder, about half a cup NY Strip steak, maybe 3 oz With gorgonzola cheese & garlic topping Mashed potatoes (maybe 3 bites) glass red bordeaux wine Hot fudge sundae (about five bites of Aaron s) ???? 24.4 Evening Diet coke TOTALS Exercise: Bootcamp! For dinner we went out to Longfellows for a nice dinner for my birthday (which is on Tuesday, so we were celebrating early!) OMG I had TONS of leftovers. I ll be eating that 10 oz steak for another 2-3 meals! I m totally guessing at the numbers for the hot fudge sundae. After dinner we went out to a bar with some friends of ours. There was much drinking to be done, but since I had the hot fudge sundae I opted for diet coke instead. Proud of myself for just saying no to alcho-ma-hol! Will Smith is my celebrity gimme. Who is your celebrity gimme?

6 Sunday, March 28, a.m. ½ a homemade smoothie (berries, banana, 2 scoops of ice cream, water, 1 scoop Isopure protein shake) Noon Lean Cuisine* meal, chicken with veggies, didn t eat all of it p.m. ½ a grilled cheese (ww bread, 1 slice cheese) p.m. Leftover steak, about 1 oz Mashed potatoes glass of skim milk p.m. 2 larger scoops of Edy s slow churned ice cream oreo cookie crumbled on top TOTALS The protein shake that I have on hand is the zero-carb Isopure vanilla, 50g protein. See pic to right. The Lean Cuisine was just because we were in a rush to get out the door. Then I ate too fast and barfed the last two bites up, so the calories are less than posted. I wanted to eat something, though, because at the party there was pizza and wings, and I wanted to avoid both. I LOVE pizza I mean, love love love pizza but I can t eat the crust, and it s not really socially polite to pick a pizza apart the way I do. Consequently, I prefer to just avoid that altogether. Damn, the pizza is tough to say no to though! The scale was down a pound today!!! Celebration!!!! The party we went to was in celebration of our friend Jon and Beth doing a justice-of-the-peace wedding on Monday! Very exciting! (He s a viola player with the Philadelphia Symphony, and she s a freelance musician and plays for the United Nations and such!) I love that they are no-frills kind of people. Exercise: None. Did six loads of laundry and watered the plants though! Mental Health: Getting lots of sleep, so I m feeling better. FOOD PORN (Better than man porn)

7 Monday, March 29, :30 Sharp cheddar cheese Pepperoni Stoned wheat thins Noon About ½ of a can of Select Harvest soup: Chicken Tuscany << has veggies! 6 p.m. Mozzerella cheese (off a slice of pizza) maybe 1 oz? p.m. Mr. Goodbar, about 3 squares* TOTALS Exercise: Took a short walk after work. Not REAL exercise but at least I got out. Mental Health: Feeling pretty good overall, despite doing so little at work. Note about food: I tried doing better about eating salads and trying some smoothies out this week. I love salads, but it just takes me FOREVER to eat them. I haven t forgotten about your suggestion to try the vegetable soup and freeze it. (I have actually done that in the past, and have one or two frozen baggies in the freezer.) I just need to go to the grocery store and spend some time cooking and preparing it. Hopefully this week I can do that, but it s looking like a busy week again. I love watching The Biggest Loser. I ve been a viewer for years! Whenever I watch it, I force myself to do some kind of exercise during commercials (squats, jumping jacks, whatever it doesn t matter so long as I MOVE.) This Tuesday they are going to introduce a viewer a man from Wisconsin who has lost 400 pounds on his own. He was inspired by the Biggest Loser. I really related to this article about him: A completely random Did you know? moment: Did you know that the new health care bill will require all restaurants with 20-or-more locations, to post calorie counts on menus, menu boards, and drive-throughs? The rule also applies to vending machines carrying convenience foods! The provision is effective immediately..when you re losing weight much less 400 pounds you don t bother to buy many clothes that actually fit you. Why bother when you re going to outgrow them again? Particularly if you don t have a fortune and particularly when you re still a few pounds shy of your goal. It s easy to be so accustomed to clothes that don t fit you might not actually know what fit feels like. And ponder this when you re obese, often clothes are a means to an end. If they cover your body, it s fair game. Excerpt from: I ve lost 70 pounds and 12 clothing sizes. Imagine how much money that means I ve spent in clothing alone! And most of the clothes are big and baggy. If I ever found a pair of pants that fit around the waist and legs, I d buy it, regardless of length, size, color, coolness, etc. So long as it FIT, which believe me, was rare indeed. The idea of wearing clothes that are fitted is a somewhat foreign concept to me. Congrats to Wayne Vandenlangenberg! (And, if you re interested in Biggest Loser stats it s really hard to find information about the contestants after the show. This spreadsheet shows how the contests do keeping the weight off: I m constantly listening to the sub-text in the tv show, trying to find out how many calories they burn every day, how much they eat, etc. That information is proprietary to Bob and Jillian s weight loss plan, but every now and then you can find out a few snippets of information.) Okay I know, I KNOW the candy bar as dinner is bad. I m not trying to excuse this, but the evening was just a calamity of errors. I was in the middle of preparing a homemade meal for once I had a bunch of veggies out on the counter, I had a pan heating up on the stove, etc. Then my mother called. I told her I couldn t talk right then, and she gave me the this will just take a minute speech, and the next thing I know it was TWO HOURS LATER. Then, as soon as I got off the phone, my husband gave me a new iphone for my birthday, so I had to ooh and ahh it (it s very cool)! The next thing I knew, it was 9 p.m. and too late for dinner. I was STARVING and pissed off that I missed having REAL FOOD. So it s not an excuse but grrrrrrrrr darn that mother of mine!!!