Cherry Juice Concentrate. Fruit Juice. Soda. Hot Cocoa. Coffee. Wild Bills

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1 2/7/13 Packaging Size Cherry Bay Orchards 100% Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate 12/16oz $ /32oz $ Brix Gallon $ Leelanau Fruit Cherry Concentrate 1/2 gallon $38.57 Calypso- Cherry Growers, Inc. 4oz Individual Juice Cups-shelf stable Apple Juice 48/4oz $11.97 Wild Bill's Root Beer 24 Bottles $33.60 Deposit 24 Bottles $2.40 Return 24 Bottles $2.40 Cherry Cream 24 Bottles $33.60 Orange Cream 24 Bottles $33.60 Wild Ginger 24 Bottles $33.60 Diet Root Beer 24 Bottles $33.60 Organic Root Beer 24 Bottles $42.56 Just Good Chocolate Just Cocoa 4-2.5lb/case $ Mug O' Love Hot Cocoa 4-5lb/case $ Paramount Coffee Company All Prices are subject to change Cherry Juice Concentrate Wild Bills Fruit Juice Soda Hot Cocoa Coffee Today's Wholesale Price

2 Isle Royal Blend 6/12oz $34.79 Lake Michigan Morning Blend 6/12oz $34.79 Mighty Mac Blend 6/12oz $34.79 Higher Grounds Trading Co Fair Trade Michigan Bold Blend-MLUI 12/12oz $99.43 Michigan Smooth Blend-Gleaners Food Bank 12/12oz $99.43 Michigan Bright Blend-Focus Hope 12/12oz $99.43 part of the proceeds of the sale of these coffee's is donated to non-profit organizations-ask your sales rep for details. Leelanau Coffee Roasting Lakers Blend 6/12oz $56.31 Leelanau Espresso Blend 6/12oz $57.99 Caramel and Pralines 6/12oz $49.83 Snickercookie 6/12oz $49.83 Wee Bee Jammin Jams/Preserves Michigan Cherry Preserves 12/9.5oz $49.32 Michigan Bluberry Preserves 12/9.5oz $49.32 Micighigan Strawbery Preserves 12/9.5oz $49.32 Michigan Summer jam 12/9.5oz $49.32 Brownwood Farms Blueberry Preserves 12/12oz $42.56 Cherry Preserves 1212/oz $42.56 Gallon $26.60 Strawberry Preserves Gallon $26.60 Pear and Cinnamon Preserves 12/10oz $42.56 Cherry Butter 12/12oz $42.56 Pumpkin Butter 12/12oz $42.56 Old Fashioned Apple Butter 12/12oz $42.56 Cherry Chutney 12/21oz $59.85 Chocolate Cherry Topping 12/21oz $71.16 Food For Thought Blackberry Shiraz 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Blueberry Merlot 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Blueberry Lavender 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Cherry Cabernet 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Wild Harvested Autumn Berry 12/8oz Jars $64.97 Organic Apricot Chardonnay 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Organic Cherry Raspberry 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Organic Enchanted Cherry 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Organic Pear 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Organic Raspberry 12/9oz Jars $73.54 Organic Strawberry Basil 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Organic Tart Cherry 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Spreadable Organic Apple 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Spreadable Mixed Berry 12/9oz Jars $64.97 Preserves Continued: Slow Jams Blueberry Lavender Jam 12/10oz $79.98 Strawberry Balsamic Jam 12/10oz $79.98 Tart Cherry Jam 12/10oz $79.98

3 Naturally Nutty Almond Butter 12/15oz $ Vanilla Almond Butter 12/15oz $ Natural (Plain) Peanut Butter 12/15oz $ lb Tub $34.58 Butter Toffee 12/15oz $70.22 Pepita Butter 12/15oz $86.18 Champion Hill Farm Star Thistle Honey Half Gallon $25.27 Gallon $50.65 Sleeping Bear Farms Cherry Crème Gourmet Honey 12/8oz $47.88 Raspberry Crème Gourmet Honey 12/8oz $49.48 Lemon Crème Gourmet Honey 12/8oz $43.89 Honey Bear 16/12oz $56.39 Star Thistle Honey 3lb $13.10 Star Thistle Honey Gallon $37.24 Star Thistle Honey 12/16oz $55.99 Star Thistle Honey 12/32oz $ Real Raw Honey 16/1.5lb $ Real Raw Honey 12/2.5lb $ T.M. Klein & Sons, Inc Cinnamon Creamed Honey 12/12oz $47.88 Traditional Pure Michigan Honey 12/16oz $50.54 Britt Family Pure Maple Syrup Nut Butters Honey Maple Syrup 1 Gallon $62.51 Doodles Surgarbush 1/2 Gallon $33.25 Quart $19.95 Pint $ /8oz $58.73 Herkner Sisters Topping Cherry Topping 12/16oz $57.14 BBQ/Sauce/Hot Sauce Brownwood Farms Cherry BBQ Sauce 12/21oz $59.85 Gallon $26.60 Yankee Bourbon BBQ Sauce 12/19oz $59.99

4 Kream Mustard Slatherin' Sauce 12/19oz $59.99 Sansonetti's Kitchen Michigan Cherry BBQ Sauce 12/13oz case $44.31 Michigan Apple Glaze 12/13oz case $44.31 Hot Hickory BBQ Sauce 12/13oz case $44.31 Easy Peasy Foods Barbeque Insurance BBQ Sauce 6/12oz $21.55 Chicken Insurance Marinade 6/12oz $27.93 My Family's Backyard BBQ Original BBQ 12/15oz $49.48 Spicy BBQ 12/15oz $49.48 Sweet & Mild BBQ 12/15oz $49.48 Sauce Gone Wild Hot 12/12oz $47.22 Mild & Tangy BBQ 12/12oz $47.22 Sweet Chili 12/12oz $52.54 Food For Thought Organic Righteous Cherry Habanero 12/6oz $45.11 Oranic Righteous Chipotle 12/6oz $45.11 Li'l Terror Hot Products Habanero hellion-hot 12/5oz $63.84 Honey Habanero Hellion 12/5oz $63.84 El Nino Jalapeno-Med 12/5oz $63.84 Screaming Serrano-Mild 12/5oz $63.84 Chipotle Rapscallion 12/5oz $63.84 Volcano Sauce Company Volcano Sauce -Hot 12/8oz $50.54 Volcano Sauce-Lava 12/8oz $50.54 The Tomato Kitchen Secret Salad Sauce & Marinera 12/12oz case $65.90 Bon-A-Rose Catering, LLC Marinara Sauce 12/26oz $57.99 Zip Sauce Zip Sauce 12/12oz case $61.18 BBQ/Sauce/Hot Sauce Cont. Morano Foods Inc Four Cheese Sauce 12/24oz $58.57 Garlic Herb Sauce 12/24oz $58.57 Moniques Olive & Capers 6/24oz $30.72 Roasted Garlic 6/24oz $30.72 Café Cortina Pomodoro Venesiana Pasta Sauce 12/26.5oz $64.54 Sugo Del Veneto pasta Sauce 12/26.5oz $64.54 Sughetto Pasta Sauce 12/26.5oz $64.54 Salsa Food For Thought Organic Mild Cherry Atento Salsa 12/13oz case $64.97 Organic Medium Cherry Atento Salsa 12/13oz case $64.97 Organic Mild Salsa Virtuosa 12/13oz case $64.97

5 Organic Medium Salsa Virtuosa 12/13oz case $64.97 Natural Northern Foods Original Salsa 6/16oz case $20.40 Mean Green Salsa 6/16oz case $20.40 Smokey Chipotle Salsa 6/16oz case $20.40 Brownwood Farms Cherry Salsa 12/21oz case $59.85 Cherry Salsa Gallon $26.60 Apple Riesling Salsa 12/21oz case $59.85 Maria's House Made Salsa Mild Salsa 12/16oz $77.58 Black Bean Salsa 12/16oz $77.58 Roasted Habernero Salsa 12/16oz $77.58 Zalza Foods, Inc Medium Chunky Salsa 12/16oz $33.59 Mango Chunky Salsa 12/16oz $33.59 Ma Bell's Mild Salsa 12/16oz $46.39 Medium Salsa 12/16oz $46.39 Six Lugs, LLC Cherry Salsa 12/32oz $65.32 Mustards Food for Thought Organic Cherry Honey Mustard 12/9oz case $46.42 Brownwood Farms Famous Kream Mustard Gallon $26.60 Famous Kream Mustard 12/10oz case $42.66 Cherry Honey Mustard 12/10oz case $42.56 Sleeping Bear Farms Cherry Honey Mustard 12/6.5oz case $34.31 Real Honey Mustard 12/6.5oz case $31.92 Sansonetti's Kitchen Michigan Honey Mustard 12/8oz case $44.31 Roasted Red Pepper Mustard 12/8oz case $35.52 Mustards cont. Backyard Goodness Co Sweet & Hot Mustard 12/12oz $55.83 Pickled/Vinegar/Dressings/ Oils Food For Thought Organic Leek Relish 12/8oz case $70.00 Organic Pickled Leeks 12/8oz case $70.00 JaynRoss Creations Tomato Thokku-Hot 12/8oz case $67.83 Tomato Thokku-Extra Hot 12/8oz case $67.83 Tomato Thokku-Garlic 12/8oz case $67.83 Tomato Thokku-Garlic Hot 12/8oz case $67.83 Tomato Thokku-Garlic Extra Hot 12/8oz case $67.83 Tomato Thokku-Plain 12/8oz case $67.83 Safie Specialty Foods Sweet Pickled Beets 6/32oz case $33.48 Bread & Butter Pickles 6/32oz case $33.48 Mild Banana Peppers 6/32oz case $33.48

6 Dill Pickled Beans 6/32oz case $33.48 Deli Style Pickles 6/32oz case $33.48 Southwest hot Bread & Butter Pickles 6/32oz case $33.48 Hot Banana Peppers 6/32oz case $33.48 Hot & Zesty Garden Mix 6/32oz case $33.48 Mild Peperoncini 6/32oz case $33.48 Pickled asparagus 6/32oz case $33.48 Hot & Spicey Deli Style Dill Pickles 6/32oz case $33.48 Hot & Tangy Dill Pickled Beans 6/32oz case $33.48 Lizzie's Kitchen Mediterranian Herb Oil 6/10oz case $29.19 Basil & Garlic Oil 6/10oz case $29.19 Garlic & Rosemary Oil 6/10oz case $29.19 Zeeland Food Services, Inc Soy Oil 6/1-qt case. Small Logo Retail 6 1qt/case $25.67 Mamma Z's Italian Cooking Oil 9/10 6/1 gal case $66.39 Soy Pan and Grill 6/1 gal case $49.00 Soy But-R-Lite 3/1 gal case $29.96 Soy Oil Green Label 35lbs $41.92 Soy Oil Brown Everyday Label 35lbs $27.60 Soy Oil Orange Label 35lbs $41.74 Bon-A-Rose Catering, LLC Salad Dressing & Marinade 12/12oz $39.99 Six Lugs, LLC Cherry Vinegrette 12/12oz $71.32 Apricot Vinegrette 12/12oz $71.98 Natural Northern Foods Hummus/Spreads Zesty Garlic Hummus 12/7oz $46.88 Jalapeno & Cilantro Hummus 12/7oz $46.88 Red Pepper Hummus 12/7oz $46.88 Louisiana Red Bean Hummus 12/7oz $46.88 Basil & Artichoke Spread 12/7oz $46.88 Sun Drenched Tomato Spread 12/7oz $46.88 Salmon & Caper Pate 12/7oz $46.88 Cranberry Walnut Spread 12/7oz $46.88 Fishtown Whitefish Pate 12/7oz $46.88 Traverse City Jalapeno Spread 12/7oz $46.88 Guacamole TCB Food Processing, LLC Asparagus Guacamole Zesty 12/11.5oz $50.65 Asparagus Guacamole Mild 12/11.5oz $50.65 Tortilla And Wraps El Milagro Flour Tortillas: 6" Flour 42/1 dz/case $ " Flour 12/1 doz case $ " Flour 12/1 doz case $ " Flour 10/1 doz case $36.58 Flavored Flour: By Pre-Oder, please plan one week ahead Tomato, Tomato Basil, Cilantro Jalapeno 12" Flour 8dz/case $21.76 Corn Tortillas

7 6" corn La Favorita thin retail 18/30ct pkg $ " corn thick retail 18/30ct pkg $16.39 Tortilla Tita Corn Tortillas 6" 28qq $36.99 Corn Tortilla Enchiladas 28/case $50.39 Corn Tostadas (Baked) 24-14oz/pk $16.36 Kurtz's Kitchen-Michigan Amish Store Homemade Egg Noodles-Fine 18/16oz $58.79 Homemade Egg Noodles-Medium 18/16oz $58.79 Homemade Egg Noodles-Wide 18/16oz $58.79 Purity Foods Penne Pasta 12/8oz $23.98 Rotini Pasta 12/8oz $23.97 Earthy Delights Dried Morels (Grade B) per pound $ Cherry Bay Orchards Pasta Dried Mushrooms Dried Fruit All items hightlighted in RED are on sale. Dried Montmorency Cherries 120/1oz /8oz $ /14oz $ lb $32.00 Dried Balaton Cherries 12/8oz $ /14oz $ lb $32.00 Milk Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries 12/8oz $ /16oz $ lb $32.00 Dark Chocolate Covered Dried Balaton Cherries 12/8oz $ /16oz $ lb $21.00 Dried Blueberry 12/7oz $ /14oz $ lb $23.94 Dried Cranberry 4lb $16.00 Snacks/ Granola Great Lakes Potato Kettle Chips- Original 12/6oz $ /1.5oz $ /11oz $34.72 Kettle Chips-Flavored Flavors: BBQ, Salt & Vinegar 12/11oz $ /6 oz $23.20 Tortilla Chips 12/12oz $39.99 Uncle Gene's Pretzels All items hightlighted in RED are on sale. Sugar Cinnamon 40/2oz $26.60

8 Cherry Chipotle 40/2oz $26.60 Buffalo Wing 40/2oz $26.60 Butter 40/2oz $26.60 Garlic Dill 40/2oz $26.60 Garlic Dill 12/7oz $25.54 Cinnamon Sugar 12/7oz $25.54 Cherry Chipotle 12/7oz $25.54 Buffalo Wing 12/7oz $25.54 Butter 12/7oz $25.54 Crooked Tree Breadworks Addictive Granola 25lb $ Jessica's Natural Foods Gluten-Free Chocolae Chip Granola 12/32oz $63.98 Gluten-Free Vanilla Maple Granola 12/32oz $63.98 Gluten-Free Almond Cherry Granola 12/32oz $63.98 El Milagro Tortilla Chips Totopos 12-1lb pkg/case $27.61 Aunt Nee's Fresh Foods All Natural Gluten-Free Tortilla Chips 12/14oz $38.23 Bon-A-Rose Catering, LLC Chunky Apple Sauce 12/16oz $63.98 Purity Foods Penne Pasta 12/8oz $23.98 Rotini Pasta 12/8oz $23.97 Sugar Pioneer Sugar Company Granulated Sugar 8/5lb bags $ lb bag $14.15