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2 DUTCH SNACKS bitterballen $8 (for 5), $15.50 (for 10) these deep-fried balls of goodness served with mustard from zaandam are a traditional dutch bar snack. kaassouffles $7.50 melted gouda cheese in two mini deep-fried breaded wraps. the "worst" cheese plate $22 (charcuterie $15, cheese board $18.50) cubes of dutch cheese and a selection of dutch cured meats served with mustard from zaandam, rye bread and pickles. maatjesharing $9 slices of raw salted herri ing with onions and pickles. FRIES * plain ("zonder") $5.75 * mayonnaise ("frietssaus") $6.75 * curry ketchup $6.75 * "speciaal" (mayonnaise, curry ketchup, onions) $7.25 * house-made peanut satay sauce $7.75 * war fries (mayo, peanut satay sauce, onions) $8 gouda 'n' gravy $10 fries with melted shredded gouda and dutch gravy. kapsalon $14 fries topped with house-made shawarma beef, salad, melted cheese and garlic sauce, served in its iconic foil container. legend has it that a barber from rotterdam invented the dish when he combined his favourite ingredients from a shawarma shop next door.

3 MAINS boerenkool $16.50 arguably holland's most famous dish, boerenkool is a stewed kale and potato mash served with gravy. dutch smoked sausage, bacon lardons and gravy vegetarian $14.50 snert $16 traditional dutch pea soup with smoked ham hock and dutch sausage served with dark rye. hachee shepherd's pie $12.50 dutch beef stew baked on a bed of braised red cabbage and topped with mashed potatoes. draadjesvlees sandwich $16 slow-cooked seasoned "threaded beef" topped with coleslaw on a bun and served with dutch-style fries. chicken "kipcorn" burger $16 deep-fried cornflake-coated chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, mayonnaise and curry ketchup served with fries and coleslaw. frikandel $12.50 a deep-fried beef, pork and chicken sausage on a bun topped with onions, curry ketchup and mayonnaise served with fries and coleslaw. beef krokets $15 two krokets on mini buns with mustard from zaandam served with fries and coleslaw. fish 'n' chips ("lekkerbek") $18.50 seasoned battered white fish fried to golden perfection and served with fries, coleslaw and house-made garlic sauce. mussels $21 a pot of organic mussels from p.e.i. in a white wine sauce served with fries and house-made brioche.

4 INDONESIAN beef rendang sliders $14 slowed-cooked spicy indonesian beef stew topped with mayonnaise served on three house-made mini brioche buns and pickled cucumbers. gado gado $8 indonesian salad with green beans, cucumbers, spinach, fried tofu and a sliced hard-boiled egg topped with house-made peanut satay sauce and fried shallots. nasi goreng $7.50 indonesian fried rice with scrambled egg and green onions served with house-made sambal (hot sauce), seroendeng (toasted peanut and coconut) and pickled cucumbers. chicken sata y $9 three skewers of marinated grilled chicken served with house-made peanut satay sauce. DESSERTS poffertjes $8 mini puffed pancakes topped with icing sugar and butter. speculaas ice cream $7 spiced cookies and cream ice cream made by our friends at ed's real scoop. please note: * an automatic gratuity of 18% will be added to the bill of parties of six or more. * we use nuts, wheat and other allergens in our kitchens and while we do our best to prevent cross-contamination, we cannot make any guarantees.

5 BRUNCH every saturday and sunday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. zuurkool corned beef hash $12 mashed potato and sauerkraut hash mixed with homemade corned beef, served with gravy and a poached egg. farmer's frittata $12 boerenkool (mashed potato and stewed kale) mixed with fried egg and bacon lardons served with gravy and slices of dutch sausage. uitsmyter ("bouncer") $12 two slices of rye bread topped with fried eggs, ham and gouda cheese served with patat (dutch-style fries). vegetarian-friendly version available (just ask for it without the ham). egg frikmuffin $12 deep-fried frikandel patty (beef, pork and chicken) with scrambled egg, gouda cheese, onions, curry ketchup and mayonnaise on a house-made english muffin. served with patat (dutch-style fries). kipcorn 'n' waffles $14.50 our deep-fried, cornflake-covered chicken burger sandwiched between house-made waffles with dutch syrup and gravy. PANNENKOEKEN dutch pancakes plain with stroop (dutch syrup) or icing sugar $9.50 apple, cinnamon and icing sugar $10.50 cheese and mushrooms $12.50 cheese and bacon $13 kid's size: $7.50

6 DRINKS BEER/CIDER Rotating local craft beer and cider. Check our board. Draught fluitje (8 oz.) $4 pint $7.75 Cider fluitje (8 oz.) $4.25 pint $8.75 Grolsch 451 ml flip-top bottle $7 WINE (5 oz.) Red (pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon) $9 White (pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc) $9 Vinho verde $9 Rosé $9 Sparkling $10 MIXED DRINKS (1 oz.) Vodka, white rum, spiced rum, gin, rye, bourbon $7 SPECIALTIES Advocaat on ice (2 oz.) $7.50 The classic Dutch custard liqueur. Genever (1.5 oz.) $10.50-$12.50 Genever is the national spirit of the Netherlands and the ancestor of the better-known British style of gin. Served young or old in a tulip glass. For more information, see cocktail menu. Batavia Arrack (1 oz.) $14.50 This rum of Indonesia is a distillation of sugarcane and red rice, barrel-aged for up to eight years. Served like a brandy in a heated glass. For more information, see cocktail menu. NON-ALCOHOLIC Chocomel $5.50 Alcohol-free Grolsch $5.50 Illy coffee (espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte) $4.50 Damman tea (ask to see selection) $3.50 Perrier $4.50 Pop (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic, Club Soda) $3.50 Juice (selection varies, ask your server) $3.5