Gainesville City Schools

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1 Page 1 Recipe List Jan 24, 2019 *N/A* Apples, Raw, Sliced, Bagged 1 bag each Apples, Spiced 1/2c Apples: Fresh Variety 1 each Applesauce Cups- Unsweetened Each Applesauce, Canned Unsweetened 0.5 cup Asian Bowl High School 6 piece/0.5c Asian Brown Rice- Dry 4oz Asian Nuggets 5 piece 5 piece serving Asian Nuggets 6 piece 6 piece serving Asian Rice- Frozen 3/4c Bacon Burger 1 each Bacon Cheeseburger 1 each Bagel, Mini Strawberry Filled 1 each Baked Beans, Pre-Sauced 1/2c Baked Beans, Scratch 2/3 cup Balsamic dressing 1 ounce Banana: Fresh each BBQ Pork Sandwich 4oz BBQ Sauce Ind..44oz Beef & Macaroni 3/4 cup Beef & Macaroni- HS 1 cup Beef Burrito EACH Beef Taco MS/HS 2 Tacos Beef Taco(using beef crumbles) 2 Tacos Beefy Nachos Elementary/middle 4oz scoop Beefy Nachos High School 6oz Belvita Breakfast Biscuit Packs Each Biscuit & Jelly 2.2oz each Black Bean Salad, Cold 2/3 cup Black Beans 1/2 CUP Black Beans, Ranchero 1/2 cup Black Eyed Peas 1/2 CUP Blueberries, Fresh 1/2c Blueberry Muffin 1 muffin each Boneless Wings (6) 6 each Boneless Wings (7) 7 Each Breakfast Bun Each Breakfast Stick- Egg & Bacon Sticks Each Broccoli, raw: fresh 0.5 cup Brussel Sprouts, Oven Roasted 1/2c Caesar Chicken Salad Salad(s) Caesar Side Salad 1 cup Calzone, Pepperoni Each Cantaloupe, raw 1/2 cup Carrot Souffle 2/3 cup Carrot Sticks 0.5 cups Carrot Sticks, Baby in Bag 1 pack each Carrots: canned, cooked Cauliflower, raw: fresh CUP Cauliflower, raw: steamed 1/2 cup Cauliflower: frozen,boiled 1/2 CUP Celery Sticks 1/2 cup Celery Sticks, bagged 1/2 cup bags Cereal & Cereal 2 bowls ea Cereal & Grahams 1 of each Cereal Bar, General Mills Each Cereal, Pouch Variety SERVING Cereal, Variety 1 bowlpack Cheese Cubes RF 1 pack Cheese Puffs 1 each 14.00

2 Page 2 Recipe List Jan 24, Cheese Quesadilla 1 Each Cheese Toast 1 SLICE Cheese, Shredded Garnish 0.5 ounce Cheeseburger on Bun 1 each Cheesy Broccoli 1/2c cup Cheesy French Bread Entree Slices Each Cheez-its Whole Grain 1 Each Chex Mix Cheddar 1 each Chex Mix Strawberry 1 Each Chicken & Noodles CUP Chicken Alfredo 10oz (1.25c) Chicken Biscuit- 2oz EACH Chicken Burrito Tyson Bag Meat 0.5c Chicken Chow Mein Meat 1/2c Chicken Chow Mein Noodles 6oz Chicken Chunks- ES 5 each Chicken Chunks- HS 7 each Chicken Chunks- MS 6 each Chicken Crunchy Taco Diced 1/2 cup Chicken Crunchy Taco Fajita Mt EACH Chicken Crunchy Taco Tyson 0.5c Chicken Drumstick Oven Roasted 1 Each Chicken Drumstick WG Breaded 1 Each Chicken Fajita Nachos High EACH Chicken Lo Mein 1 cup Chicken Nachos - ES/MS yellow 4oz Chicken Nachos - ES/MS queso 4oz Chicken Nachos - HS queso 6oz Chicken Nachos - HS yellow 6oz Chicken Nuggets, Homestyle 5pc 5 pieces Chicken Nuggets, Homestyle 6pc 6 pieces Chicken Nuggets, Homestyle 7pc 7 pieces Chicken Parmesan- HS 8oz + Patty Chicken Salad 1/2 CUP Chicken Salad Wrap 1/2 CUP Chicken Sandwich, Breaded EACH Chicken Soft Taco Diced 1/2 cup Chicken Soft Taco Fajita Meat EACH Chicken Stir Fry 3/4 CUP Chicken Taco Diced- no cheese 1/2 cup Chili 1 cup Chili, Chicken 1 cup Chilidog 3oz Chips, Tortilla Bulk 1oz portion Churro, WG 1 each Cinnamon Roll- LG 2oz 1 each Cinni Minis 1 pack ea Colby Cheese Sticks stick Cole Slaw 1/2 cup Collard Greens 1/2 cup Cookie Red. Fat Baked 1 Each Cookie, Fudge Filled Wrapped Cookies Each Cookie, Themed Sugar Cookie 1 cookie Cookies, Smart serving Cool Tropics Fruit Juice Slush servings Corn Dog:Turkey 1 each Corn on the cob 1 ea Corn, Whole Kernal 1/2 cup Corndog Pups Breakfast 4pc serving Corndog Pups Lunch 6pc serving Corndog Pups Lunch- HS 8pc servings 41.33

3 Page 3 Recipe List Jan 24, Crackers, Animal each Cranberry Sauce: canned,swtnd 2oz portion Crispito, Chicken 2 Each Crispy Romaine Salad 1 cup Croutons, WG Cheese and Garlic 1 pack each Cucumbers, Raw 1/2 cup Curly Fries 1/2c 1/2 cup Curly Fries 3/4c 3/4c Diet Plate- CES 1 Each Donut Holes, Glazed Each Donuts EACH Dorito,Chili-FL Each Doritos, RF cool ranch Each Dressing, Italian Light 1oz Serving Dressing, Italian Light 1.5oz 1.5oz cup Dressing, Oriental PP 1 Each Dutch Waffle 1 Each Egg Roll, Vegetable, WG 1 each Fancy Greens Salad 1 cup Farmer's Garden Salad 1 cup Field Peas 1/2 cup Fire RoastedCorn & Black Beans 1/2c Fish Patty 1 Patty Fish Soft Taco 1 each Fish Sticks 4 pieces Fish Taco 1 each Flatbread, Rich's Each French Fries 0.5 cup French Fries High French Toast Stix 3 each French Toast Stix MS HS 4 Sticks French Toast, Mini Choc or Cin Pack Fruit 66 can(s) *N/A* Fruit Cocktail 1/2 cup Fruit Mixed Cups Cups Each Fruit, Fresh Assorted EACH Fruit, Fresh Salad 1/2c Garlic Bread- Texas Toast Slices Each Goldfish Crackers Cheddar 1 each Goldfish Grahams 1 pack Grab and Go Breakfast Kit 1 KIT Graham crackers snack variety 1 pack Graham Crackers- squares 6 EACH Granola individual packages each Grape Tomatoes 1/2 cup Grape Tomatoes, IW bags bag(s) Grapefruit, IW bags 1 each Grapefruit: Fresh Whole 1 each Grapes, Fresh 1/2 cup Green Beans 0.5 cup Green Peas 1/2 cup Grilled Cheese & Yogurt 1 of each Grilled Cheese Sandwich SERVINGS Grilled Chicken Patty- CAA EACH Grilled Chicken Sandwich EACH Gripz 1 Each Ham & Cheese Croissant EACH Ham Biscuit 2oz each Ham Patty each Ham/turkey & Cheese Sub EACH Hamburger on Bun 1 each 32.00

4 Page 4 Recipe List Jan 24, Hot Sauce 7 gram Hotdog 1 each Italian Salad 1 cup Jelly 1 pack Jonny Pops 1 each *N/A* Juice, 4oz Aseptic Bx Any Flv Each Juice, 4oz frozen any flavor 4oz Juice, 6oz Aseptic Bx Any Flv 6 oz Juice, 6oz frozen any flavor 1 each Juice, Veggie 4oz 1 box or carton Jumbo Tots 2pc Rounds 2ea Jumbo Tots 3pc Rounds 3ea Ketchup Each Kiwi each Lasagna, four cheese ES/MS 6.5oz Lasagna, four cheese HS 8.67oz Lettuce and tomato shredded 1 cup Lettuce, hydro bibb 1 cup Lettuce/Tomato:2 leaf,2 slice 1 lf,2 slc Mac and Cheese in Pouch 6oz ladel Mac and Cheese LOL Cheese 6oz Mac and Cheese LOL Pouch w/ham 2/3 cup Mandarin Orange Cups 1 Each Mandarin Oranges Canned 1/2 cup Marinara dipping cups 1 cup each Marinara Sauce 1/2c Mayonnaise: individual PC Pkt 12g McBurger 1 each Meatball Sub- Chicken 3 piece sub MexiCali Corn 1/2 CUP Milk, 1% HALF PINT Milk, Chocolate FF HALF PINT Milk, Skim HALF PINT Milk, Strawberry FF HALF PINT Milk, Vanilla FF HALF PINT Mini Bagels- Strawberry 1 Pack Each Mini Loaf 1 each Mini Pancakes Eggo 1 Pouch Mini Pancakes Pillsury 1 Pouch Mixed Vegetables 1/2 cup Mixed Vegetables Caribean 1/2 cup Mozz Cheese Stick stick Muffin Top 1 Muffin Muffin, Blueberry 1 Muffin Munchable Plate Mustard: individual PC Pkt 5g Nectarine, Fresh 1 whole NutriGrain Bar Apple Cinnamon 1 bar Onion Rings Servings Orange Chicken and Rice 1 cup Orange Glazed Carrots 2/3 cup Orange Glazed Sweet Potatoes 1/2 cup Orange Smiles - 1 pk Pack(s) Oranges EACH Pancake on Stick 1 each Parmesan Broccoli 1/2c PBJ Plate High School 1 each PBJ- Large for HS 1 each Peach cups, 4.4 oz USDA 4.4oz cup Peach Cups, Shelf Stable 1 Each Peaches, Canned 1/2 cup 18.54

5 Page 5 Recipe List Jan 24, Peaches: Fresh Medium 1 whole Pears, Canned 2 halves Pears, Fresh Variety EACH Peas & Carrots 1/2c Peas: Green, Frozen 1/2 cup Philly Beef Sandwich Sandwiches Pico de gallo, pre-cut 1/4 cup Pineapple Cups 1 Each Pineapple Tidbits Canned 1/2c Pinto Beans 1/2 cup Pinto Beans- Fiesta 1/2 cup Pizza Ch. Wh/Gr Stuffed Crust 1 slice Pizza Stuffed Pepperoni slice Pizza, Breakfast each Pizza, Brk Sausage & Gravy Nar 1 Each Pizza, Buffalo Chicken slice(s) Pizza, Cheese 5" Deep Dish One Each Pizza, Cheese Bites Elementary 4 pieces Pizza, Cheese Bites MS/HS 6 pieces Pizza, Cheese old style slice Pizza, Cheese10ct Round Slice Pizza, Chicken Florentine slice(s) Pizza, Chicken Quesadilla piece Pizza, Dominos Cheese 8ct 1 slice each Pizza, Dominos Pepperoni 8ct 1 slice each Pizza, Hawaiian slice Pizza, Meat Lovers each Pizza, Messy Garden - AK slice(s) Pizza, Pepperoni 10ct Round Slice Pizza, Pepperoni 5" Deep Dish One Each Pizza, Pepperoni old style each Pizza, Supreme each Plums, Fresh EACH Poptarts 1 Each Potato Smiles 4 each 4 each Potato Smiles 6 each 6 each Potato Wedges 1/2 cup Potatoes, Baby Bakers 1/2c Potatoes, Whipped 1/2 cup Potatoes, Whipped High 1 cup Pretzel, 1oz 1 each Pretzel, 2oz 1 each Raisins 0.25 cup Ranch Gallons 1 oz Ranch, Individual, Fat Free 1 packet Ranch, Jalepeno 1 cup each Red pepper strips or rings 1/2 cup Refried Beans 2/3 cup Refried Beans, Dry instant 1/2c serving Refried Beans, Dry instant GHS 1/2c serving Refried Beans, instant GMS 2/3 cup Rice Krispie Treat Large 1 bar each Rice Krispie Treat Mini 1 each Roll, 1oz Pre-Baked Wheat 1 each Roll, Wheat Dinner 2oz 1 each Sack Lunch- PBJ EACH Sack Lunch- PBJ shelf stable EACH Salad, Adult Entree EACH Salad, Arugula Chicken HS EACH Salad, Asian Chicken 1 salad Salad, Breaded Chicken ES MS each 18.03

6 Page 6 Recipe List Jan 24, Salad, Breaded Chicken HS each Salad, Buffalo Chicken HS EACH Salad, Butter Lettuce 1 cup Salad, Chef ES MS each Salad, Chef HS each Salad, Chicken Chunk HS 1 Salad Each Salad, Fajita Chicken ES MS each Salad, Fajita Chicken HS each Salad, Grilled Chicken ES MS EACH Salad, Grilled Chicken HS EACH Salad, Oriental 1/2 cup Salad, Red Rock 1 salad plate Salad, Shaker Southwest 12oz Each Salad, Taco HS 1 each Salad, Taco w/ Beef 1 each Salad, Tossed 1 CUP Salsa dipping cups 1 cup each Salsa, canned 1/2c Saltines, WG 1 pk Sandwich, Ham and Cheese EACH Sandwich, Turkey and Cheese EACH Sausage Biscuit 2oz ea Sausage, Turkey Patty 1 Each Scooby Doo Gummies 0.9oz SCRAMBLED EGGS 1/4 CUP Sliced Apples 1/2 cup Snack Bun Whole Grain 1 bun Snack Mix, Quaker Munchies 1 each Snack, Belly Bear 1 PACK Snack, Themed Graham Crackers each Sour Cream Ind. pack Southern Caviar- Black eye Pea 1/2c Soybutter Sandwich 1 Each Spaghetti and Meat Sauce- Can 1 CUP Spaghetti/sauce & chicken- Can 1 CUP Spice, Cajun Blend 1 Tablespoon Spice, Chili Blend 1 Tablespoon Spice, Italian Blend Tablespoons Spice, Mrs. Dash Blend Cup Spicy Chicken Sandwich EACH Spinach & Arugula Salad 1 cup Spinach and Kale- Steamed 1/2c Spinach Salad 1 cup Spring Mix Salad 1 cup Sriracha Ketchup 1 packet each Steak Biscuit Steak Biscuits Steamed Broccoli 1/2 cup Steamed Cauliflower & Ranch 1/2 cup Steamed Squash & Ranch 1/2 cup Steamed Squash & Zucchini 1/2 cup Stewed Tomatoes 2/3c Strawberries: Fresh 1/2 cup Strawberry Cups frozen cup Stuffed Cheese Stix ES/MS 2ea 2 ea Stuffed Cheese Stix HS 3ea 3 ea Sunchips 1oz bag Sunflower Seeds Packs Each Super Donut 1 each Sweet and Sour Sauce, PP Each Sweet Potato Fries 1/2c Sweet Potato Fries High 3/4c 34.21

7 Page 7 Recipe List Jan 24, Sweet Potato Souffle 2/3 cup Sweet Potato Tots 8 each Sweet Potato Tots M/High 12 each Sweet Potato, Baked 1/2 cup Syrup each Tangerines, Fresh 1 Ea Tartar Sauce Individual 1 packet Tater Tots ES 8 ea Tator Tots M/High 12 ea Tea 1 gallon Terkiyaki Chicken and Rice 1 cup Three Bean Salad 1/2 cup Toast 1 SLICE Toast, Garlic on 1/2 Sub Bun 1/2 bun Toast, Wh Wheat Plain/Garlic slice Tortilla Chip,Scoop/Round IW Each Tri Tator Patty Tropical Fruit 1/2 cup Turkey & Cheese Croissant EACH Turkey and Cheese Sub EACH Turkey and Dressing SERVINGS Turkey Bacon 2 slices each Turkey Stick 1 each Uncrustable 1 each Uncrustable w/ Cheese Stick 1 each Veggie Burger burger(s) Veggie Dippers 1/2c Veggie Dunkers 1/2c Veggies, broc, cel, carr, caul CUP Waffles Mini Eggo 1 each Waffles, Cinnamon Toast Mini E 1 each Waffles, Pillsbury Mini 1 each Watermelon 1/2 CUP Yogurt 4oz Variety 4oz cup Zesty Greens GHS 1/2c Zesty Taco Soup 6oz 17.58