Bisak Awards HOUSE POINT WINNERS. 8 th February RA Grace Williams Moneer Jandali. 2D James Bejjani Omar Hindawy. 4C Gina Archibong Ayaan Usman

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1 8 th February 2018 Bisak Awards HOUSE POINT WINNERS RA Grace Williams Moneer Jandali 1A 1B 1C 2A 2B 2C Aoife Burke Yanni Li Iyinoluwa Sofola Hiba Rizwan Mirza Ahmed Baig Adam Abdul Hadi 2D James Bejjani Omar Hindawy 3A 3B 3C 4A Amna Kashif Rylee Phin Fatima Ahmed Jack Chalkley 4C Gina Archibong Ayaan Usman 1

2 5A 5B 5C 6A 6B 6C Antonio Bolivar Maryam Selim Sara Ansari Sulaf Allam Lydia Vaz Zeina Elshorbagy BRONZE AWARD WINNERS 1B Yanni Li Nael Bouanchaud 6A Fawaz Al-Damluji SILVER AWARD WINNERS 1C 2B Iyinoluwa Sofola Mirza Ahmed Baig 3A Fatih Adil Amna Kashif Charles Mckay 3B 3C Rylee Phin Fatima Ahmed 4C Judy Grobler Aikaterini Charamis 5A Lana Ayad 2

3 5C Farah Elsherif Layla Rasmussen 6C Cloe Wanna Tamas Ignacz GOLD AWARD WINNERS 1C Wafic Jomaa Rinad Al Lafy 2C Zaid Hussein 2D Ainoor Rauf Tristan Benfield STAR AWARD WINNERS RA 1A Riccardo Penta Aoife Burke 1B Aiza Habib 1C Jad Elsayes 2A Mustafa Ahmed 2B Judy Sameh Mohamed 2C Zaid Hussein 2D Merryn Vaz ARABIC SILVER WINNERS Isra Souiai Rami Abou Chakra Samya Almulhem Abdulrahaman Bunkheila Hana Ghanem Yasmine Moussa 3

4 ARABIC GOLD WINNERS th,5th & 6th March Parents are most welcome to attend when child is visiting the Fair. 4


6 Rezayat Catering - Primary Years 3-6 Items Price Qty Items Price Qty Hot Meals Salads Main Course of the day SAR 15 Chef's Salad SAR 10 Pasta of the day SAR 10 Potato & Chive Salad SAR 8 Beetroot Salad SAR 8 Green Bean Potato Salad SAR 8 Sweet Corn Red Pepper Salad SAR 8 German Potato Salad SAR 8 Roast Beef Salad SAR 10 Cold & Hot Sandwiches Tuna Salad SAR 10 French Bread Large Chicken & Cheese Sandwich SAR 12 Roast Vegetable Salad SAR 8 French Bread Half Egg & cheese sandwich SAR 10 Chick Peas Salad SAR 8 Grilled chicken & Cheese Ciabatta Sandwich SAR 14 Potato Salad SAR 8 Roast Beef Ciabatta Sandwich SAR 14 Seafood Salad SAR 10 Chicken Mortadella Ciabatta Sandwich SAR 14 Egg Mayonnaise SAR 10 Bloomer Olive Turkey Ham Sandwich SAR 14 Russian Salad SAR 8 Beef salami Ciabatta Sandwich SAR 14 Tabouleh SAR 8 Croissant Chicken and Peach Sandwich SAR 14 Hommous SAR 8 Wraps Chicken Or Beef SAR 14 Muthabel SAR 8 Bloomer Olive Toasted Mushroom and onion s/w SAR 8 Yogurt and Cucumber Salad SAR 8 Bloomer Whole Meat Roast Beef Sandwich SAR 8 Three Beans Salad SAR 8 Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich SAR 8 Leaves Salad SAR 8 Tuna Mayonnaise SAR 8 Pasta and Cheese Salad SAR 10 Cheese Tomato & Vegetable Sandwich SAR 8 Waldorf Salad SAR 8 Roast Beef Sandwich (Triangles) SAR 8 Tomato & Mozarella Salad SAR 8 Chicken Hot dog with Onion SAR 8 Layer Salad SAR 8 Beef Hot dogs with Onion SAR 8 Country Coleslaw SAR 8 Croissant Chicken Mortadella and Cheese Sandwich SAR 14 Green Beans Salad SAR 8 Croissant Beef Salami and Cheese Sandwich SAR 14 Oriental Veg Salad SAR 8 Chicken Burger(80g Bun) with Cheese and Veg SAR 8 Vegetable Stick (Crudites) SAR 8 Muesli with Yogurt SAR 8 Beverages Fresh Orange Juice SAR 8 Fresh Apple Juice SAR 8 Fresh Carrot Juice SAR 8 Fresh Apple and Carrot Juice SAR 8 Fresh Carrot and Orange Juice SAR 8 Water Melon Juice SAR 8 Desserts Water Melon and Cucumber Juice SAR 8 Fruit Salad Cup SAR 8 Apple,Carrot, and Beetroot Juice SAR 8 Fruit Sticks Cup SAR 8 Flavored Yogurts/ Tetra Pack Juices SAR 3 Fruit Separate Cup SAR 8 Mineral Water SAR 1 Fresh Fruits Banana/Apple/Orange SAR 2 Lost property! Please CLEARLY name and label ALL your child s belongings especially jumpers, lunch boxes and water bottles. The Lost Property collection points are filling up again. It is up to your child to go to these areas to check for their lost belongings. Items with easily identifiable names/labels will be returned to their owner in time. Locations for Lost Property: 1. Primary office area (for Primary pupils only) 2. Secondary office area (for Secondary pupils School Uniform Shop Order forms can be downloaded from the website Fill the form out and place in an envelope with the correct money, hand into reception Secondary Pupils to collect from reception Primary Orders will be delivered to the form teachers Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday pm pm. Please Note: School Badges are no longer available. 5