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3 CUSTOMIZED BIRTHDAY PARTIES Convenient and accommodating, Tokyo American Club offers a full array of venues and services to create the most memorable birthday celebration. The Club s certified birthday party professional can provide the space, theme, menu and activities to make your celebration a hassle-free experience and momentous occasion. We can even help organize a party at your own home. Start planning your perfect party today by filling out the online form or contacting Recreation Concierge at or *Non-Members can host a party at the Club with a Member sponsor at a 20 percent price increase. **Prices include 8 percent consumption tax. ***Total subject to 10 percent service charge. 1

4 SAMPLE PARTY PLANS The Club s birthday party professional can customize any party plan. (Based on 10 participants; two-hour reservations) BOWL-O-RAMA Two lanes, two hours and excitement galore for ages 8 and above. Party Room Two bowling lanes Food & drinks Customized projector Helium balloons Two balloon arches (additional 7,560) Starting from 54,000~ THE BIG ONE Celebrate your child s extra-special first birthday with cake and family fun. Childcare Center Ball pool Photographer Themed decorations Food & drinks Birthday cake Starting from 108,000~ SKY HIGH Ages 4 and above go up in the air with bouncy festivities. Shinoda Suite Bouncy castle Food & drinks Birthday cake Themed decorations Starting from 91,800~ KICKS AND TRICKS A lively soccer party and magic show for ages 6 and above. Shinoda Suite Blastoff! Magic show Food & drinks Birthday cake Themed decorations Starting from 113,830~ *Prices vary depending on number of participants, activity and entertainer. **Venue, activity and entertainer subject to availability. 2

5 VENUES TOKO SHINODA SUITE 21,600 (120 minutes) B1 74 square meters appropriate for children BEATE SIROTA GORDON SUITE 16,200 (120 minutes) B1 53 square meters appropriate for children PARTY ROOM 37,800 (120 minutes) 1F 62 square meters appropriate for children CHILDCARE CENTER 37,800 (120 minutes) 1F 172 square meters appropriate for children EXTRA PARTY ASSISTANT 5,000 (120 minutes) 3

6 ACTIVITIES ART ATTACK Arts and crafts for ages 4 and above. Availability: Weekends 2,160 4,320 per person (cost dependent on materials) Maximum: 20 kids BLASTOFF! Lively activities and exciting ball games for ages 4 and above. Availability: Saturday (3 4pm) & Sunday (1:30 4:30pm) 8 10 kids: 24,840 per hour kids: 37,800 per hour kids: 49,680 per hour kids: 77,760 per hour BOWLING Two lanes, two hours and excitement galore for ages 8 and above. Availability: 10am 12pm 1 3pm 4 6pm 37,800 Party Room & two bowling lanes Customized projector Twelve balloons Two balloon arches (additional 7,560) Additional hours available for 16,200 per hour Additional lane available for 5,400 per hour BOUNCY PARTY Ages 3 to 8 frolic in an inflatable playroom. Availability: Saturday (3 4pm) & Sunday (1:30 4:30pm) Big Bouncy: 43,200 per hour Medium Bouncy: 37,800 per hour One instructor: 5,400 Two instructors: 8,640 *Two instructors required for more than 10 children **Number of instructors required depends on children s ages. GLITTER TATTOOS Brighten up the party with fun, waterproof tattoos, using only hypoallergenic skin glue and cosmetic-grade glitter. Availability: Weekends 8 12 kids: 18, kids: 39,960 HULA DANCE Hawaiian song and dance, crafts and Mo olelo (story time) for ages 4 and above. Availability: Weekends 8 15 kids: 45, kids: 54, kids: 62,640 4

7 ACTIVITIES MAGICAL MAKEOVER Manicure, makeup and other beauty tips for ages 5 and above. Availability: Weekends Makeup & manicure: 3,020 per person (6 15 kids) Hair & makeup: 3,460 per person (6 15 kids) Manicure, hair & makeup: 3,670 per person (6 10 kids) PLUNGE! Aqua-themed fun at the Sky Pool for ages 5 and above. Availability: Saturday & Sunday (4 5pm) 6 10 kids: 29, kids: 45,360 TODDLER PARTY Games, art and sing-alongs for ages 2 to 3. Availability: Weekends 8 10 kids: 24, kids: 27, kids: 49,680 5

8 ENTERTAINERS BIRTHDAY MAGIC SHOW BY GOULD FRASER 38,880 (45 minutes) The birthday child becomes the star of this interactive magic spectacular. Customized shows can include balloon animals, a Happy Birthday singalong and more. CLOWN SHOW 59,600 (60 minutes) A whimsical clown performance full of games, jokes and a balloon animal tutorial. *Clown face painting available for an additional 10,800. MAGIC ACADEMY BY MARTINO RICCI 67,500 (60 minutes) An interactive magic show for kids of all ages plus kids learn magical illusions to impress their friends. MAGIC PARTY BY MARTINO RICCI 38,880 (30 minutes) Non-stop magic show featuring rings, scarves, puppets, ropes, sponge balls and more. Special requests are welcome. MAGICIAN: DAVID JOHN 34,990 (30 minutes) A participatory magic show for children, complete with a Happy Birthday sing-along. NINJA SHOW 59,600 (60 minutes) Two ninjas lead partygoers on a sly adventure chockfull of activities, including tightrope walking, balloon sword fighting, karate, magic and ninja-inspired origami. PARTY ROCK KIDS DJ 37,800 (60 minutes) Kids dance to their favorite family-friendly music, including Happy Birthday, and play interactive game. PHOTOGRAPHER 37,800 Professional party photographer captures every precious moment. Includes DVD of images and access to photos online. 6

9 ENTERTAINERS PIRATE SHOW 73,100 (60 minutes) Pirates lead partygoers on a mischievously fun treasure hunt plus games, an interactive magic show and buccaneer-inspired face painting. PRINCESS PARTY 62,100 (60 minutes) A Princess Fairy and her Clown or Pirate helper teachpartygoers magical games, make fun balloon art and paint faces in this royalbirthday celebration. SUPAGAIJIN VARIETY SHOW 38,880 (60 minutes) Silly physical entertainment featuring juggling, music, magic and balloons. The event culminates with a Happy Birthday sing-along and cake cutting fun. 7

10 BIRTHDAY BASH PACKAGE AMERICAN PARTY 1,300 per person (under age 12) Minimum of 10 children Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Tenders Kid s Burgers Popcorn French Fries Apple Juice & Orange Juice EXTRAS Kids Hamburger and Fries 490 French Fries 260 Eight Chicken Tenders and Fries 670 Eight Chicken Nuggets and Fries 670 Bowl of Popcorn 1,500 FOCACCIA PIZZA SHEETS Prices are for 10 slices (minimum order) Tomato and Cheese 2,600 Tomato and Cheese with Pepperoni 2,900 Vegetarian 2,700 À LA CARTE MENU COLD FINGER BITES Prices are for 10 portions. Serrano Spanish Ham Pincho, Potato and Green Olive 2,700 Egg Tortilla Pincho, Potato and Piquillo Pepper V 2,400 Creole Tomato Roasted Shrimp Crostini and Corn Basil Salsa 2,700 Crab and Lemon Mayonnaise Salad Crostini with Avocado 2,400 Chilled Manchego and Piquillo Pepper Quiches V 2,400 Chilled Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Quiches 2,400 Quinoa and Greek Salad Endive Boat V 2,100 Pepper Steak Bruschetta s with Chimichurri 2,700 MAKI SUSHI ROLLS Prices are for 10 portions. California Rolls with Avocado and Sesame (per 16 portions) 2,700 Spicy Tuna and Cucumber Rolls with Shiso Leaves (per 16 portions) 2,700 Vegetable Red Rice Roll with Avocado (per 16 portions) V 2,500 Creole Spider Rolls with Soft Shell Crab and Avocado (per 16 portions) 2,700 8

11 À LA CARTE MENU WRAPS & FINGER SANDWICHES Prices are for five portions (minimum order) HOT APPETIZER BITES Prices are for 10 portions Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap 4,200 Roast Beef, Creamy Horseradish Dressing, Tomato and Red Onion Wrap 5,300 Pesto Shrimp and Broccoli with Semi-Dried Tomato Wrap 4,900 Roasted Vegetable, Hummus Spread and Green Olive Whole Wheat WrapV 4,200 Tandoori Roasted Chicken Wrap s with Mango Chutney and Raita 4,600 Classic Mixed Sandwich (Ham, Lettuce, Egg, Tomato and Cucumber) 3,000 Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Thai Sweet Chili SauceV 2,300 Curried Vegetable Samosas with Indian Spiced Mango ChutneyV 2,300 Snow Crab Cakes with Garlic-Lemon Aioli 3,900 Deep-Fried Feta and Chive-Stuffed Mushrooms in BreadcrumbsV 2,400 Fried Vegetable and Parmesan Arancini BallsV 2,300 Teriyaki Tofu BrochettesV 2,000 Korean Pork Belly Skewers with Spicy Miso 2,800 Basil Pesto Chicken Skewers 2,400 Creole-Spiced Shrimp Brochettes with Mango Salsa 3,300 SALADS Prices are for 10 portions Tossed Green Salad with House DressingV 3,900 American-Style Potato SaladV 3,900 House made ColeslawV 3,100 Club Signature Chinese Chicken Salad 4,800 Caesar Salad with Parma Ham and Garlic Croutons 3,900 HOT SPREAD Prices are for 10 portions Naples-Style Beef Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese 14,000 Roasted Vegetable Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese 10,800 Roasted Basil Chicken with Green Olive Marinara SauceG 10,800 Char Siu Fried Pork Rice 4,500 Shrimp Egg Fried Rice 4,500 Macaroni Cheese with Bacon 3,100 Pork Yakisoba 4,100 9

12 À LA CARTE MENU BREADS, PASTRIES & DESSERTS Prices are for 10 portions. Assorted Cookies 1,600 Assorted Donuts 1,700 Assorted Mini Muffins 1,500 Seasonal Panna Cotta 3,900 Seasonal Mini Tarts 3,900 Double Chocolate Brownies (two per portion) 5,400 Fresh Fruit Salad 5,900 DRINKS Bottled Mineral Water 460 Sparkling Mineral Water 640 Coffee and Tea all-you-can-drink Package (per person) 1,080 Hot Coffee Pot (approximately 8 cups) 1,080 Mighty Leaf Tea (per bag) 410 Soft Drinks (per can/ glass) 460 Soft Drink Package, includes canned juice and oolong tea (per person) 1,300 Apple Juice (1 Liter Pitcher) 1,080 Orange Juice (1 Liter Pitcher) 1,080 Iced Tea (1 Liter Pitcher) 1,080 Iced Coffee (1 Liter Pitcher) 1,080 Draft Beer 820 Seasona Wine (Red) 4,500 Seasona Wine (White) 4,500 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs, California 7,600 Moet & Chandon Champagne, France 9,900 10

13 CAKE ORDER BUTTER CREAM CAKE Box or Platter Flavor: Vanilla Sponge Chocolate Sponge Filling: Vanilla Butter Cream Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting: Vanilla Butter Cream Chocolate Butter Cream Rectangular 20 servings 12x8x2in (31x24x5cm): 8, servings 12x11.5x2in (31x30x5cm): 12, servings 12x16x2in (31x40x5cm): 17,280 Round 6 servings 6in (15cm): 3, servings 8in (20cm): 4, servings 9in (23cm): 5, servings 10in (25cm): 7, servings 11in (28cm): 8, servings 12in (30cm): 10,800 SHORTCAKE Box or Platter Flavor: Vanilla Sponge Chocolate Sponge Filling: Fresh Vanilla Cream Fresh Chocolate Cream Fruit filling: Strawberry Blueberry Yellow Peach Banana Rectangular 20 servings 12x8x2in (31x24x5cm): 12, servings 12x11.5x2in (31x30x5cm): 19, servings 12x16x2in (31x40x5cm): 25,920 Round 6 servings 6in (15cm): 3, servings 8in (20cm): 6, servings 9in (23cm): 7, servings 10in (25cm): 9, servings 11in (28cm): 12, servings 12in (30cm): 16,200 DECORATION OTHER CAKES AND DESSERTS Cake Image Print: 1,620 (maximum image size 15cm x 25cm) Colored Writing (red/pink/blue/green) Chocolate Writing Candles Message Carrot Cake (12 servings): 7,020 Apple Pie (6 servings, unsliced): 4,860 Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla Strawberry Chocolate: 300 per scoop Toppings: Sprinkles Oreo M&M: 80 per topping 11