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1 LUNCH The gastropub is a concept that could only have originated in Britain: instead of chucking away failing pubs across the country and replacing them with something radically different, let s utilise what we have and make it so much better

2 VAN KINSBERGEN S WEEKLY SPECIALS MONDAY CHICKEN MONDAY FROM 17:30 Roast chicken & chips - 14,50 Chicken bites & chips (for kids) - 6,50 THURSDAY COCKTAIL NIGHT From All cocktails 20% off FRIDAY IT S FRIDAY NIGHT & I FEEL ALRIGHT Start your weekend off right from 21:30 with funk & soul experts DeLa Sarge and guests SATURDAY ENGLISH BREAKFAST SERVED BETWEEN 10:00 14:00 SUNDAY ENGLISH BREAKFAST SERVED BETWEEN 10:00 14:00 & LAZY SUNDAY WITH A.O. DJ LIQUID JAZZ SPINNING VINYL FROM 16:00 19:00 Between 14:00 and 17:00 we will serve our infamous Weekend hangover sharing board. Celebrate your birthday with friends at Van Kinsbergen on friday or saturday night at the bar and get your first round of bubbles on the house! Please book in advance through

3 START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT! until 13:00 BANANA BREAD 6.5 Banana dates walnut maple syrup Banaan dadels walnoot maple syrup YOGURT 6 Organic yogurt forest fruits granola Bio yoghurt bosvruchten granola BREAKFAST PLATTER VAN KINSBERGEN 10.5 Croissant country bread soft boiled egg smoked salmon charcuterie yogurt & granola Croissant landbrood zacht gekookt eitje gerookte zalm vers gesneden beleg yoghurt met granola EGGS BENEDICT 8.5 Poached eggs cheese bechamel sauce brioche bun ham Gepocheerde eieren kaas bechamel brioche ham SMOOTHIE BOWL 7 Blueberry banana chia seeds Blauwe bessen banaan chiazaad SWEETS APPLE PIE 4.5 Apple crumble Appel kruimel LEMON PIE 4.5 Merengue lemon curd Merengue lemoncurd BANANA BREAD 6.5 Banana dates walnut maple syrup CAFÉ GOURMAND 7 Coffee of your choice mignardises Banaan dadels walnoot maple syrup Koffie naar keuze diverse zoetigheden JUICES SOUP DETOX 4.5 Spinach green apple cucumber fresh mint Spinazie groene appel komkommer munt ENERGY 4.5 Red beet forest fruits orange ginger Rode biet bosfruit sinaasappel gember ROASTED PUMPKIN SOUP 6.5 Pumpkin ras el hanout sage chickpea Pompoen ras el hanout salie kikkererwt CAESAR 12.5 Little gem poached egg pancetta anchovies parmesan croutons Little gem gepocheerd eitje pancetta ansjovis parmezaan croutons SALADS VEGAN 12.5 Baby spinach roasted beet fennel sweet potato bulgur poppy seed dressing Jonge spinazie geroosterde biet venkel zoete aardappel bulgur maanzaad dressing WALDORF 12.5 Mixed lettuce apple celery white cabbage white grape blue cheese walnut honey yogurt dressing Gemengde sla appel selderij witte kool witte druif bleu d'auvergene walnoot honing-yoghurtdressing All plates are served with bread Gerechten worden standaard geserveerd met stokbrood Vegetarian vegetarisch / Vegetarian option available Ook vegetarisch te bestellen / Vegan

4 SANDWICHES TUNA MELT 9.25 Tuna salad cheddar harissa mayo Tonijnsalade cheddar harissamayonaise SMASHED AVOCADO 9 Soft boiled egg avocado parmesan cress Zachtgekookt ei avocado parmezaan tuinkers ROAST BEEF 9.25 Roast beef aragula walnut truffle mayo Rosbief rucola walnoot truffelmayonaise PUMPKIN HUMMUS 8.5 Pumpkin chickpea sweet pepper spinach dukkah Pompoen kikkererwt zoete paprika spinazie dukkah CEASAR SANDWICH 7.5 Little gem parmesan anchovies soft boiled egg pancetta Little gem parmezaan ansjovis zachtgekookt ei pancetta All sandwiches are served on white or brown country bread Sandwiches worden standaard geserveerd op wit of bruin landbrood CLASSICS STEAK TARTARE % Beef steak tartare piccalilly toast fries 100% Rund piccalilly toast friet CLASSIC BURGER 14.5 Brioche bun lettuce tomato red onion bacon cheddar fries Brioche bol kropsla tomaat rode ui bacon cheddar friet VEGAN TEX MEX BURGER 14.5 Grilled vegan brioche chickpea beans sweetcorn red onion chipotle fries side salad Gegrilde vegan brioche kikkererwt bonen mais rode ui chipotle saus friet salade CROQUE MONSIEUR 7.5 Served on white or brown country bread ham old cheese bechamel sauce Geserveerd op wit of bruin landbrood ham oude kaas bechamel Vegetarian vegetarisch / Vegan Vegetarian option available Ook vegetarisch te bestellen CLASSIC BLT 9.5 Served on white or brown country bread bacon smoked chicken beefsteak tomato soft boiled egg lettuce mayo Geserveerd op wit of bruin landbrood spek gerookte kip vleestomaat zacht gekookt eitje kropsla mayonaise CROQUETTES 8 Local beef croquettes mustard white or brown country bread Haagsche rundvleeskroketten mosterd wit of bruin landbrood KIDS GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH 3.75 / 4.25 With or without ham white or brown bread Ham en/of kaas wit of bruin brood CROQUETTE 5 Local beef croquette mustard white or brown country bread Haagsche rundvleeskroket mosterd wit of bruin landbrood ENGLISH BREAKFAST :00 until 14:00 Toast fried egg bacon fried beans chargrilled sausages Toast spiegelei spek bonen in tomatensaus worstjes van de houtskool WEEKEND SPECIALS WEEKEND HANGOVER SHARING PLATTER 19.5 P.P. 14:00 until 17:00 (per 2 persons) Sliced classic burger ribs king prawns fries bloody mary shot Sliced classic burger ribs gamba s friet bloody mary shot

5 COFFEE BY CAPRIOLE TEA BY BRADLEY S ORGANIC HOT DRINKS BY VAN KINSBERGEN Coffee (lungo) 2.6 Espresso 2.5 Double Espresso 3.5 Espresso Macchiato 2.9 Cappuccino 2.9 Cappuccino double shot 3.9 Latte Macchiato 3.2 Latte 3 Extra Shot 1 With Oatmilk 0.5 Ice Coffee (Monin) 4 Decafé 0.5 Earl Grey 2.7 English Blend 2.7 Black Tea Red Fruit 2.7 Black Tea Tropical Fruit 2.7 Rooibos 2.7 Moringa Ginger 2.7 White Tea & Camomile 2.7 Red Fruit Infusion 2.7 Liquorice 2.7 Green Sencha & Matcha 2.7 Green Tea Lemon 2.7 Green Tea 2.7 Pomegranate & Cinnamon Green Tea 2.7 Mint & Liquorice White Tea 2.7 Honey & Lemon White Tea 2.7 Strawberry & Vanilla Fresh Mint Tea 3 Fresh Ginger Tea 3 Hot Chocolate 3 + Whipped Cream 3.5 Italian Coffee 6.75 Spanish Coffee 6.75 French Coffee 6.75 Irish Coffee 6.75 At Van Kinsbergen we offer a wide range of drinks. For our full spirits menu and our bottled/canned beer list, please have a look at our drinks menu. For a quick decision, this menu will suffice. JUICY JUICE BY BUNDABERG Ginger Beer 4.5 Guava 4.5 Pink Grapefruit 4.5 Passion Fruit 4.5 BY WOSTOK Tannenwald 4 Pear & Rosemary 4 Date & Pomegranate 4 Plum & Cardamom 4 BY FENTIMANS Botanical Tonic Water 4 Valencian Orange Tonic 4 Ginger Ale 4 Rose Lemonade 4 Fresh 'Juicy Juice' Orange 3.75 Verse 'Juicy Juice' Sinaasappel 'Juicy Juice' of The Day 4 'Juicy Juice' Van De Dag SOFT DRINKS Coca Cola 2.75 Light 2.75 Zero 2.75 Chaudfontaine Red 2.5 Red 0,75cl 6 Blue 2.5 Blue 0,75cl 6 Fusion Limoen Munt 2.75 Fanta 2.75 Fanta Cassis 2.75 Sprite 2.75 Finley Tonic 2.75 Tonic Zero 2.75 Bitter Lemon 2.75 Ginger Ale 2.75 Mojito 3.5 Spritz 3.5 Fuze Tea Lemon Sparkling 2.75 Green Tea 2.75 Peach Hibiscus 2.75 Green Tea Mango Chamomile 2.75 Minute Maid Apple 2.75 Tomato 2.75 Appel Troebel 2.75 Peer Troebel 2.75 Chocomel 2.75 Fristi 2.75 Red Bull 4.5 Rivella 3