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2 Index Managment philosophy...1 History...2 Productora Pecuaria Alpera... 3 Index A unique characteristic of our products...4 Traceability system... 5 Our Poultry Business Line... 6 Poultry Catalogue... 8

3 Management philosophy We are able to develop products tailored to each market. Lic. Alfonso Pérez Ochoa C.E.O Vision Be the first option for the regional market, generating profitability through productivity of our operations Mission To produce and sell quality food, creating value for our customers, partners and investors V A L U E S Honesty Productivity Teamwork Discipline Positive attitude OUR HOUSE BRANDS La familia más nutritiva 1

4 History The company began operations as a distributor of food for animals named Mercantil Pecuaria Alpera, S.A DE C.V, then began to build and buy broiler farms as well as cattle and pigs. We now have over 13 farms. In 1982, It was built a feed mill for the production of food. In 1985 was built a hatchery plant named INCUBADORA CORA, S.A. de C.V.. The hatchery plant produce and sell day-old chicks for chicken raising. PRODUCTORA PECUARIA ALPERA, was born on From that time it follows the continued growth and market expansion. We aquired a transportation system named TRANSPORTES ALPERA S.A. DE C.V.. In 2003, EL GRANJERO began operations which is the point of retail sale for Alpera products In 2011, ALPERA starts to expand its market to several countries. ALPERA is able to export to: Asia (Japan, Vietnam) Africa (Benin, Ghana, D.R. Congo, Togo). Our location - ture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food in Mexico (SAGARPA). 2

5 Productora Pecuaria Alpera Reasons to buy our products Quality. We apply high standards to produce quality products. Hand-made products. Able to develop products tailored to each market. Strategic location. We are the only company located in the We have a Federal Inspection Type System (TIF About Our Processing Plant Installed capacity chickens daily 1,200,000 chickens per month 3 shifts per day Our production 30,000 chickens daily chickens per month 1.5 shifts per day 3

6 A unique characteristic of our products Our chickens are fed with grain, vitamins, minerals and Xanthophylls The use of xanthophylls, contributes to the protection of our eyes; preventing eye degeneration while also helping to reduce the risk of lung and breast cancer. Are natural pigments which are responsible for the yellow color of our product). 4

7 Traceability System Farm Our processing plant We have a traceability system that guarantee to our costumers have a safety food in every table. Our transportation We have our own transportation system. Our stores We sell our products to retailers and products in our stores called el granjero. 5

8 Our Poultry Business Line Our breeder hen farms. Producing fertile eggs Our hatchery plant. Processing fertile eggs Our broiler farms. Fattening and selling of poultry La familia más nutritiva 6

9 Our Poultry Business Line Our feed mill. Producing poultry feed, including grains such as corn and sorghum, marigold, vitamins and minerals, among others.. Our processing plant. Cutting and deboning chicken meat. Our retail point. Selling our products to the final customer. La familia más nutritiva 7

10 POULTRY CATALOGUE Chicken La familia más nutritiva 8

11 Whole chicken Skin or skinless Whole chicken without giblets (neck, heart, liver and gizzard). Skin color of broilers could be yellow or white depending on natural ingredients in the diet. SIZES 1. less than 750 grams to.950 grams to 1.05 kilos to to to to to to to more than kilos 9

12 Drumsticks Skin or skinless Broiler drumsticks include the lower portion of the leg quarter; or that portion between the knee joint and the hock. No photo available Whole Broiler Leg A whole broiler leg is the drumstick and the thigh meat. The whole leg differs from the leg quarter in that it does not contain a portion of the back. Broiler Leg Quarter A leg quarter is the drumstrick and thigh portion with one half of the portion of the back attached. 10

13 Whole Chicken wings The whole wing is an all meat portion composed of three sections: the drumette, mid section and tip. Bone-In breast meat Skin or skinless Fresca Congelada Whole breast meat. No wings or backbone. Boneless and skinless breast meat Fresh or Frozen Breast halves that have been skinned and deboned. 11

14 Broiler Thigh meat Skin or skinless The broiler thigh is that portion of the leg above the knee joint. Skinless and boneless Thigh meat The cut is produced by removing the skin and bone from broiler leg quarters. Boneless Leg A boneless Leg is the drumstick and the thigh meat that have been deboned and it does not contain a portion of the back. 12

15 Glibets Gizzard, heart, liver and neck A giblet pack includes the gizzard, heart, liver and neck. Giblets may also be sold separatelly Chicken feet Fresh or Frozen Chicken feet are the lower leg and foot with the skin and toe nails removed. 13

16 Contact Information Industriales Nayaritas #12 Tepic, Nayarit, 63173, Mexico Nextel: 52 (311) I.D. 62*1111*383