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3 At the end JAPANESE GREEN TEA ICE CREAM WITH SAGO PEARLS ,80 Japanese green tea ice cream with coconut-sago pearl sauce 1 BANANA FRITTERS ,30 Fried bananas with honey lime and rum sauce served with vanilla ice cream At the beginning KONA ICE CREAM ,80 Salad from tropical island fruit with vanilla ice cream 1 SUN RIPENED MANGO PARFAIT... 9,80 Sun ripened mango parfait with raspberry coconut sauce, sago pearls and tropical fruits COCONUT ICE CREAM ,20 SNOW BALL ,80 Coconut ice cream with chocolate sauce TRADER VIC S RUM ICE CREAM... 11,00 Trader Vic s rum ice cream with pecan-praline sauce TRADER VIC S MIXED ICE CREAM.. 12,00 Coconut-, chocolate- and rum ice cream with whipped cream and pecan-praline sauce COCONUT ICE CREAM SESAME BALL AND BANANA SPRING ROLL ,80 Coconut ice cream with mango sauce sesame balls and banana spring roll 1 MELON ,80 Melon with coconut creme PAPAYA ,50 PINEAPPLE ,00 MANGO ,00 STRAWBERRIES ,00 Fresh seasonal fruit TRADER VIC S OWN CHEESE CAKE ,20 Our home made cheese cake COCONUT MOUSSE ,20 JAMAICA CHOCOLATE MOUSSE ,20 Chocolate mousse with Jamaican rum LEMON SHERBET WITH VODKA... 11,30 AKOLU SHERBET ,20 Three different kinds of sherbet from passion fruit, lime and raspberries ALOHA PINEAPPLE CRÈME BRÛLÉE WITH RUM ICE CREAM ,00 Caramelized pineapple crème brûlée with rum ice cream ROYAL TROPICAL FRUIT ,00 Tropical fruit on crushed ice The starters are finger food, hot towels will be served afterwards. BARBECUED SPARERIBS ,00 from the Chinese oven 2/4 CRAB RANGOON ,60 Crab mousse in a crispy pastry TRADER VIC S OWN SMOKED SALMON ,40 Smoked salmon from the Chinese oven on toasted white bread 2 FRIED PRAWS ,20 Baked brine prawns PRAWNS MIMOSA ,20 Brine shrimps gratinated with our Trader Vic s butter LOMI LOMI POLYNESIAN ,60 Salmon as prepared in Polynesia CHO CHO ,00 Beef satées marinated in soy sauce for self-preparation on the Hibachi grill ALMOND DUCK ,00 Pieces of glazed duck with exotic spices and plum sauce SALMON STICKS ,90 Salmon satées with lobster-coriander-sauce DO IT YOURSELF MIAN KHAN SNACK WITH PEPPER LEAVES ,30 Small pepper leaves for Do-it-yourself filling with limes, chili, peanuts, shallots ginger, roasted coconut, shrimps and tuna tartar 1 CHICKEN WINGS ,90 HAM AND CHEESE BINGS ,30 Fried ham and cheese balls TRADER VIC S PANKO ,60 Panko crumbed steak slices deep fried COSMO TIDBITS ,20 A selection of our starters with spareribs, crab rangoon, king prawns and pork with sesame 2/4 EGG ROLL ,30 Home made egg pancake filled with sliced vegetables, ham and chicken breast 2 FRIED WON TON ,30 Crispy fried meat Won Ton THAI SATAY ,30 Grilled chicken satées marinated in coconut milk and curry with spicy peanut sauce and sweet and sour cucumber 4 SPRING ROLLS ,70 Home made, crispy spring rolls with spicy chili sauce VEGETABLES TEMPURA ,70 Vegetables in Tempura batter served with chili- and Wasabi Dip 1 FIVE CHINESE SPOONS ,20 Tuna Sashimi, grilled scallop, fried Won Ton, hearts of palm with salmon caviar and green papaya salad Our fresh fruit will be served on crushed ice. If you have any food intolerances, please be so kind and contact our Service Team, who will be more than welcome to assist you. Our separate Food and Beverage Allergens Menu will give you all the information on allergenic agents and ingredients contained in the food and beverages served. 1 food colouring / 2 preservative / 4 flavor enhancers - All prices are in including service and tax - 200/ Six Dim Sum in Asian steam basket with two kinds of dip ,60

4 Cream soups and clear broth Trader Vic s classics PEKING SOUP ,70 Hot and sour soup with chicken breast rice noodles, surimi crab meat and shiitake mushrooms 4 TOM KHA GAI ,90 Chicken broth with coconut milk, ginger lemon grass and oyster mushrooms 4 BONGO BONGO SOUP ,70 Cream soup with oysters and spinach 2 GREEN PAPAYA SALAD ,50 Spicy, green Thai papaya salad with shrimps, roasted peanuts, tomatoes cucumber and lime juice 2 MANGO-AVOCADO SALAD WITH GRILLED SCALLOPS OR PRAWNS ,80 Salad of avocado and mango with tomatoes, ginger, red pepper and mango dressing choice of grilled scallops or prawns 1 Salads WON TON SOUP ,00 Clear chicken broth with meat Won Ton 4 TAHITIAN BOUILLABAISSE ,50 Fish soup with Red Snapper, salmon mussels, shrimps, chili, celery sweet pepper and sliced tomatoe cubes TUNA AND SALMON SASHIMI WITH PICKLED GINGER AND SOY WASABI SAUCE ,60 Tuna and salmon sashimi with ginger-radish-carott salat, soy-wasabi sauce and roasted sesame HEARTS OF PALM ,80 Palm hearts with Thousand-Island dressing CAESAR SALAD ,30 Romain lettuce with anchovies parmesan and croûtons prepared at your table side GRILLED SIAM PRAWNS ,50 Grilled brine shrimps with coconut milk red Thai curry sauce and jasmine rice 4 FILLET OF SOLE TRADER VIC S STYLE ,50 Roast fillet of sole with shrimps in lobster sauce served with butter potatoes SCALLOPS AND PRAWNS SAN FRANCISCO ,50 Scallops and prawns with white wine- and vermouth sauce with croûtons and jasmine rice SPICY THAI TUNA FISH ,50 Tranche of tuna fish in a caramelized ginger-lemon grass-soy sauce served with jasmine rice 4 GRILLED MIXED SEAFOOD ,00 Mix of seafood with prawns, scallops red snapper and fried rice with shrimps served with creamy lobster sauce and dill PRAWNS GRILLED ,00 Grilled brine shrimps served with lemon butter sauce and steamed potatoes PRAWNS PIRI PIRI ,00 Brine shrimps fried in chili oil served with jasmine rice spicy GRILLED SCALLOPS ,00 Grilled scallops served with a spicy Indonesian lemon grass-ginger sauce pak choi and jasmine rice RED SNAPPER GRILLED ,50 Thai red snapper fillet on a spicy caramelized ginger sauce with seasonal vegetables and jasmine rice 4 SPINY LOBSTER THERMIDOR ,00 Lobster Thermidor in tarragon-mustard sauce served with jasmine rice GRILLED SPINY LOBSTER ,00 Grilled spiny lobster tail served with two kinds of sauces and glazed butter coriander potatoes OUR OWN MIXED SALAD ,80 Mixed salad Trader Vic s with Javanese dressing 2 GREEN GODDESS ,40 Mixed lettuce with Green Goddess dressing and grilled chicken breast AVOCADO SPECIAL ,80 Avocado filled with surimi crab meat and shrimps 4 COSMO SALAD ,90 Salad of artichokes, celery and fresh mushrooms in mustard dressing 2 CHEF SPECIAL SALAD ,90 Salad of avocado, tomatoes, palm hearts mixed green salad and shrimps 2 TUNA TATAR WITH MARINATED MANGO AND PAPAYA ,90 Tatar of tuna with marinated mango and papaya served with frisee lettuce and Javanese dressing 2 Trader Vic s special salad dressings MIXED GRILL ,50 Grilled beef, veal and pork medaillons lamb chop and bacon served with Madagascar-pepper butter, sauce Béarnaise and sweet potato basket SURF & TURF TRADER VIC S STYLE ,50 Grilled prawns and fillet of beef on spicy wok vegetable served with jasmine rice VEAL WITH MOREL MUSHROOMSAUCE ,00 Roasted slices of veal saddle in creamy morel sauce served with sesame noodles and sautéed Kenyan beans LAND AND SEA ,00 Filet of beef sweet and sour spicy vegetables with grilled scallops, sautéed leaf spinach and fried rice French dressing Mustard dressing Javanese dressing 2 Green Goddess dressing Thousand-Island dressing Mango dressing

5 CALCUTTA CURRIES Our spicy curry mixture with sea food or meat of your choice: CHICKEN CURRY ,30 Curry with chicken 4 PRAWNS CURRY ,00 Curry with brine shrimps 4 SPINY LOBSTER CURRY ,00 Curry with lobster 4 LAMB CURRY ,50 Curry with lamb 4 FILLET CURRY ,50 Curry with slices of beef fillet 4 THAI CURRIES Thai curries are made from traditional curry-mixtures from Thailand: WOK VEGETABLES IN RED THAI CURRY ,20 served with rice 4 MEDIUM HOT THAI CHICKEN CURRY ,50 Red Thai curry with chicken, coconut milk, bamboo sprouts and Thai basil, served with rice 4 Typical Trader Vic s curry dishes SUSU CURRIES Susu means cream These curry preparations are mild: SUSU CHICKEN CURRY ,30 Chicken breast slices on creamy Susu curry sauce with jasmine rice SUSU RED SNAPPER CURRY ,50 grilled red snapper fillet on creamy Susu curry sauce with jasmine rice SUSU BEEF MALAYAN ,50 Beef fillet strips on creamy Susu curry sauce with jasmine rice SAMBALS With all Calcutta- and Susu curry dishes we serve COCONUT FLAKES DICED PINEAPPLE RAISINS PINE NUTS DICED TOMATOES SAMBAL OELEK TRADER VIC S CHUTNEY 1 Specialties from our Chinese oven BARBECUED SALMON ,00 Beechwood smoked salmon steak with Sauce Bérnaise and capers served with butter potatoes BARBECUED FILET OF PORK ,50 Fillet of pork smoked near beechwood with green pepper sauce, crispy sugar peas cherry tomatoes and jasmine rice BARBECUED FILLET MIGNON ,00 Fillet steak from Charolais beef Madagascar-pepper butter and Hawaiian potato gratin 1 BARBECUED PRIME RIBS FOR TWO per person 34,50 Prime rib of beef served with seasonal vegetables from the wok and Hawaiian potato gratin 1 BARBECUED CHATEAUBRIAND FOR TWO per person 42,00 Double fillet of beef served with sauce Béarnaise, grilled tomato and sweet potato basket for two INDONESIAN LAMB ROAST ,00 Marinated saddle of lamb served with mango chutney and Singapore noodles 1 BARBECUED SADDLE OF VEAL ,50 with vegetables and jasmine rice 4 BARBECUED CHICKEN BREAST HAWAIIAN ,50 Chicken breast from our Chinese oven with plum sauce, fried bananas, pineapples and rice 1 BARBECUED DUCK BREAST ,00 Marinated duck breast with Polynesian spices, pineapple, mango chutney and Hawaiian potato gratin 1 BARBECUED SUCKLING PIG per person 40,50 (starting from 14 people) The Hawaiian specialty! One whole suckling pig from our Chinese oven served with fried banana and pineapple, pepper-raisin rice and wok vegetables. Please order 4 days in advance. 1/2 ROASTED PEKING DUCK TRADER VIC S STYLE FOR TWO per person 34,00 Barbarie duck Peking style from our Chinese oven served with pancakes, spring onion, cucumbers and hoisin-plum sauce 2/4 We will be pleased to serve these dishes with jasmine rice. Further recommendations Fresh from the Garden HOT THAI BEEF CURRY ,70 Spicy and hot green Thai curry with beef and young vegetables, served with rice 4 ROASTED DUCK BREAST IN RED THAI CURRY ,50 Roasted breast of duck in red Thai curry with pineapples baby tomatoes, basil and rice 4 BEAN SPROUTS AND TOFU ,20 Spicy bean sprouts with spring onions and Tofu 4 STIR-FRIED MINI PAK CHOY 9,80 Pak choy in oyster sauce from the wok with yellow and red peppers 4 CHINESE MIXED MUSHROOMS ,80 Shiitake, oyster, Chinese morels with Chinese spices from our wok 4 CHINESE LO-HON VEGETABLES ,30 Seasonal vegetables from our wok 4

6 Specials from our Wok BAH - MEE MALAYAN ,80 Chicken breast, brine shrimps, shrimps soy bean sprouts and egg noodles in Malaysian spices 4 VEGETARIAN BAH - MEE ,00 Fried egg noodles with sautéed vegetables and Indonesian spices 4 CHICKEN WITH PINEAPPLE ,50 Chicken breast with sweet and sour sauce water chestnuts, pineapple cubes and mixed vegetables 4 CASHEW CHICKEN ,30 Chicken breast served with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, celery and cashew nuts 4 CHICKEN CHOW-MEIN... 19,90 Chicken breast served with black mushrooms, bamboo shoots and green asparagus in a crispy noodle basket 4 SZECHUAN CHICKEN... 21,50 Marinated chicken breast served with Chinese spices, bamboo shoots and Szechuan-radish-vegetables 4 SPICY MANGO CHICKEN FROM OUR WOK ,50 Spicy chicken breast from the wok with mango, chili, shiitake water chestnuts and rice 4 MONGOLIAN LAMB ,00 Slices of lamb loin served with cashew nuts, bamboo cubes and mushrooms in Hoisin sauce 2 Rice and noodles - Side dishes - FUJI BEEF ,50 Beef served with black mushrooms Chinese vegetables and crispy rice noodles 4 SZECHUAN BEEF FILLET ,00 Marinated fillet of beef served with Chinese spices bamboo shoots and Szechuan vegetables 4 PEPPER BEEF ,50 Spicy beef served with peppers 4 CHEF S SPECIAL BREAST OF PEACH BLOSSOM DUCK ,50 Crispy duck breast and haunch with Polynesian spices 2 CHICKEN BREAST TERI YAKI ,30 Grilled chicken breast in Teri Yaki sauce served with jasmine rice CRISPY SHANGHAI SWEET AND SOUR DUCK ,50 Crispy duck served with Shanghai sweet and sour vegetables and jasmine rice SWEET AND SOUR PORK ,80 Fried pork meat with pineapple, water chestnuts pepper and celery served with jasmine rice SWEET AND SOUR PRAWNS ,00 Fried prawns with sweet and sour sauce tomatoes, pineapple and lychees served with jasmine rice MIXED SPECIAL ,00 Chicken and duck breast, king prawns served with mixed vegetables and noodles with soy bean sprouts 4 SICHUAN CHILI PRAWNS ,50 King prawns with fried vegetables in chili sauce 4 SINGAPORE NOODLES WITH SHRIMPS ,60 Noodles with shrimps and slices of chicken breast Singapore style 4 XIAN GINGER SCALLOPS ,00 Scallops from the wok with ginger, green asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and jasmine rice 4 KWANG TUNG CHICKEN FRIED RICE ,80 Fried rice with pieces of chicken breast 4 SPICY BLACK TIGER PRAWNS MACAO STYLE 29,50 Spicy brine shrimps made in our wok, light garlic sauce with Kenyan beans, hot pepper, snow peas cherry tomatoes, basil and shiitake mushrooms served with fragrant rice INDONESIAN CURCUMA CHICKEN FOR OUR WOK ,80 Marinated sliced chicken breast with curcuma coconut sauce with snow peas shiitake mushrooms and pepper, served with fragrant rice Enjoy your little journey to our South Sea island. We will be delighted to assist you in planning your private birthday, your company trip or your class reunion at Trader Vic s or exclusively at the Menehune Bar. A SOUTH SEA DREAM COME TRUE. SPECIAL FRIED RICE ,20 PAKÉ NOODLES ,40 Sesame egg noodles NOODLES CHINESE STYLE ,40 Egg noodles with soy sprouts fried in the wok 4 Our team will be happy to assist you.