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1 for a lifestyle less ordinary


3 why does the dj get all the attention? that s really messed up. sincerely, the cocktail

4 handcrafted Hi Thai Tea 280 Don t even think about raising your little pinky while sipping on this. Stoli Red Label vodka. Tea blend. Tahitian limes. Not a Rum & Coke 280 The drink Tom Cruise should have made when asked for a Cuba Libre in the movie Cocktail. (1988). Pampero rum. Kahlua. Ginger ale n limes. Draper s Apples 320 Let s take it a little slower. I don t want to wake up pregnant. Season 1, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Mad Men Don Draper. Bespoke rum grog. Artisanal apple syrup. Orange bitters. Earl s Court Sling 320 Notes of freshly cut cricket lawns combined with French herbs n spices give strength to this colonially inspired long drink. Tanqueray gin. Green Chartreuse. Tonic. Lime n zest. Kiku Vesper 340 Japanese for Chrysanthemum, the Kiku Vesper is Ku Dé Ta s forage into the literary world of Ian Fleming. James Bond first ordered his Vesper Martini in the 1953 novel Casino Royale. Tanqueray gin. Yuzu shochu. Homemade dry sake tonic. Manhattan Downtown 360 The Manhattan is subject to considerable variation and innovation, and is often a way for the best bartenders to show off their creativity. Here we let loose a little bit. Wild Turkey bourbon. Galliano L Autentico. Martini Rosso n bitters.

5 handcrafted Mexican Love Swizzle 280 Fresh, roasted pineapples synergize with the round body of the agavian, tequila love spirit. Chili infused El Jimador tequila. Pineapples. Give it a swizzle. Black Pearl 280 The spirit gods smile upon this Asian-Caribbean flavor bomb of home baked rums. Handcrafted rum concoction. Long pepper infused pineapple syrup. Fist bump. Thai Basil Smash 320 Like the Cobbler, the Sling, the Cocktail and the Toddy, the Smash is another style of old drink intended to be imbibed quickly and easily. Tanqueray gin. Sake. Thai basil smashed with lemons n sugar. Storm Cooler 320 A passionate balance of sweet, sour, and spice. A tropical jacket of good times. Stoli Red Label vodka. Passion fruit n honey. Lakrids raw licorice powder. Ringo s Tinkle 340 Upon discovering that the word for apple in Japanese is ringo, we simply could not pass up this cocktail naming opportunity. Stoli Red Label vodka. Apple liqueur. Lime, sugar, ginger n mint. Berryman Cobbler 360 A cobbler is an old form of a mixed drink that consists of a base spirit, sugar, and fresh fruit. It dates to at least the 1830s, and was one of the first drinks to use ice and straws; items completely foreign at the time. Tanqueray gin. Crème de Mure. High class blackberries.

6 vintage Woo Woo 280 No classic cocktail list would be complete without at least a nod to TGIF s. Stoli Red Label vodka. Peach schnapps. Cranberry juice. Lime. Queen s Park Swizzle 280 Established well before the Mojito, try to drink this slowly, if possible. Rums. Mint n lime. Bitters. And yeah, ginger ale. Harvey Wallbanger 320 Brought to international prominence in 1952 by a Galliano salesman, the Harvey Wallbanger takes it s name from a Manhattan Beach surfer living in Hollywood at the same time. Stoli Red Label vodka. Freshly squeezed orange juice. Laced with vanilla. Dark n Stormy 320 Brought home by various sailors that visited the Bermuda islands, this cocktail is now considered the national drink of Bermuda. Gosling s Black Seal rum. Ginger beer. Lime. Corn n Oil 320 Although the origins of this drink are murky, it s experiencing a massive resurgence in the cocktail world, especially in the Caribbean. Ku Dé Ta s special, hand-crafted grog. Lime. Falernum. Vodka Martini 360 Fierce competition exists about the origins of this drink. Regardless, the ease of obtaining illegal spirits during prohibition led to the rise of this predominant cocktail of the mid 20th century. Belvedere vodka stirred. Dry vermouth. You choose: twist or olives.

7 vintage Bramble 300 It s been called the Riesling of the cocktail world - well known to most drink aficionados (since the 80 s), but unknown to most drinkers. Tanqueray gin. Fresh lemon juice. Crème de Mure. White Russian 320 Neither the Black or White Russians are Russian in origin, but both are so named due to vodka being the primary ingredient. First appeared in Stoli Red Label vodka. Coffee liqueur. Cream. Tequila Negroni 320 Founded by Count Camillo Negroni in Florence, Italy in 1919, the best quote attributed to this drink, from Orson Welles, The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other. El Jimador blanco. Aperol. Martini Rosso. Old Fashioned 320 History is repeated when cocktails classified as old-fashioned become the new-fashioned. Wild Turkey bourbon. Sugar n bitters. Fiery zest. Whiskey Sour 340 The first mention of the Whiskey Sour appeared in a newspaper from Wisconsin in A true sign of a bartender s craftsmanship is to create this classic bourbon sour with the perfect balance. Wild Turkey. Lemon juice. Tasty, frothy stuff. Zombie (max 2 servings per person) 380 Originally created to assist recovery for hangovers, imbibers quickly complained of being turned into mindless zombies. The Walking Dead as early as the 1930s. Multiple rums. Passion fruit. Bitters. No Blood.

8 fast and furious shooters Yuzu Drop 280 The yuzu is believed to be a hybrid of sour mandarin and Ichang papeda. What the heck is Ichang papeda? Don t know, but this shooter is a lemon drop on roids. Stoli Red Label vodka. Yuzu shochu. Sugar sweetie. The Monastic 320 A quick one dedicated to religious pursuits and spiritual crusades. Enlightened Frangelico. Baileys Irish Cream. Meditative Green Chartreuse. French Fairy 320 You ve heard what happens when you drink the Green Fairy (Absinthe), haven t you? All true. Absinthe. White chocolate. Puckery lemon. hangover free cocktails Haloa 160 According to Hawaiian legend, when the island was created, Earth Mother and Sky Father gave birth to a son, Haloanaka. Haloa is interpreted as long breath or eternal life. Yummy pineapple. Fresh pressed lemon juice. Life enhancing aloe vera. Lush 160 Aromatic with a nice touch of the spice market. Loaded with antioxidants, ginger is recognized for its many health benefits. Passion fruit. Honey n lime. Ginger n snow. Sathorn Lemonade 160 For centuries, teas have been used in alternative medicines. They re also known for loading your taste buds with flavor. Secret tea blend. Fresh lime juice. Sparkling excitement. The Conductor 160 The Driver, in Spanish, for those of you that are taking the responsibility to ensure everyone gets home safely. Mint. Soda. The Mojito s alcohol free, beautiful step-sister.

9 by the glass sparkling glass NV Chandon Brut, Yarra Valley, Australia 390 Creamy. Toasted hazelnuts. Complex n robust. white wine 2013 Santa Ana Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina 290 Tropical fruits. Oak. Buttery. red wine 2012 Chateau Tour Sivadon, Bordeaux, France 290 Dark berries. Charcoal. Violets.

10 beer draught Asahi (385 ML) Japan 180 bottled Asahi Japan 180 Chang Thailand 180 Heineken Netherlands 180 San Miguel Light Philippines 180 Corona Mexico 360 soft drinks Coca Cola / Coke Zero / Tonic / Sprite 120 Red Bull Austria 150 juices Orange / Apple / Pineapple / Cranberry 120 water Fiji / San Pellegrino 500 ML 130 Fiji / San Pellegrino 1000 ML 210

11 spirits aperitifs and bitters from the latin word aperire (to open), an aperitif awakens your taste buds. great experiences. have. great beginnings. bottle Aperol Italy Campari Italy Ricard France Martini Extra Dry Italy Martini Bianco Italy Martini Rosso Italy Antica Formula Italy La Fée Parisienne Absinthe France liqueurs typically sweet, liqueurs, are often not aged and flavored with an array of ingredients. herbs. spices. flowers n nuts. bottle Cherry Heering Denmark Cointreau France Baileys Ireland Benedictine France Chambord France Chartreuse Green France

12 liqueurs bottle Jagermeister Germany Luxardo Sambuca Italy Malibu Caribbean Frangelico Italy Luxardo Maraschino Italy Patrón Coffee Mexico Disaronno Italy Kahlua Mexico Drambuie Scotland Galliano Italy Grand Marnier France Fernet Branca Italy

13 vodka although a healthy debate continues on the origins of vodka (russia vs poland), the name vodka, comes from the slavic word voda, or little water. neutral? tasteless? they lied about vodka. bottle Stoli Red Label, grain Russia Zubrowka, rye Poland Absolut, grain Sweden Stolichnaya Gold Label, grain Russia Belvedere, rye Poland Ketel One, wheat Holland Grey Goose, wheat France Ciroc, grapes France Beluga, wheat Russia Crystal Head, grain Canada Stolichnaya Elit, grain Russia gin gin is a spirit which derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries. gin. is. in. Tanqueray Scotland Bombay Sapphire England Beefeater 24 England Miller s England Hendrick s Scotland

14 tequila 100% blue agave, the best tequilas come from 2 distinct regions; tequila valley & los altos not just for bachelorette parties. not just a shot with lime n salt. not anymore. tequila valley earthy. vegetal. herbaceous. los altos fruity. spicy. life-giving. bottle tequila valley El Jimador 100% blue agave Mexico Herradura Blanco 100% blue agave Mexico Herradura Reposado 100% blue agave Mexico Herradura Añejo 100% blue agave Mexico los altos Patrón Blanco 100% blue agave Mexico Don Julio Reposado 100% blue agave Mexico Patrón Añejo 100% blue agave Mexico Casa Noble Añejo 100% blue agave Mexico

15 rum made from sugarcane byproducts such as molasses or directly from sugarcane juice. adventurous. courageous. release the island pirate within. bottle Pampero Blanco Venezuela Bacardi White Cuba Captain Morgan Jamaica Cachaca Abelha Silver organic Brazil Sailor Jerry Caribbean Gosling s Black Seal Bermuda Havana 7 Year Old Cuba Mount Gay Extra Old Barbados Cane Trinidad Plantation Grand Reserve Barbados Dictador 12 Year Old Colombia Pyrat XO BWI Dictador 20 Year Old Colombia Floer De Canna 18 Year Old Nicaragua Ron Zacapa Guatemala El Dorado 12 Year Old Guyana

16 single malts scotland s whisky manufacturing regions are as various as the wine regions in france. whisky. me. away. speyside fruity. delicate. bouquetlicious. islay peaty. maritime. seafaring. highland smooth. floral. easygoing. bottle Glenmorangie The Original 10 Year Old Highland Glenmorangie Lasanta (sherry wood) Highland Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban (port wood) Highland Singleton 12 Year Old Speyside Balvenie Double Wood 12 Year Old Speyside Smokehead Islay Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Speyside Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Speyside Macallan 12 Year Old Highland Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Speyside Highland Park 18 Year Old Islay

17 blended whisky blends are a melting pot of different whiskies. mixing. matching. coming together as 1. bottle Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotland Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotland Johnnie Walker Gold Label Scotland Johnnie Walker Swing Scotland Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Scotland Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotland Jameson Ireland Chivas 12 Year Old Scotland Chivas 18 Year Old Scotland Monkey Shoulder Scotland The Six Isles Scotland japanese whisky japanese whisky production started as early as 1870, but the 1st commercial production was not until whisky. or whiskey? can never remember. Black Nikka Japan Hokushu 10 Year Old Japan Nikka Taketsuru 12 Year Old Japan Hokushu 12 Year Old Japan Yamazaki 10 Year Old Japan Hibiki 17 Year Old Japan

18 american whiskey by us law, american whiskies must be at least 51% corn and aged in new, charred oak barrels for a minimum of 2 years. robust. barbeque savvy. the original mashup. bottle Wild Turkey USA Jack Daniel s USA Maker s Mark USA Gentleman Jack USA Woodford Reserve USA Jack Daniel s Single Barrel USA brandies you know the quote, all cognacs are brandies, but not all brandies are cognacs. most are made from grapes. apples. cherries are also cast in starring roles. Hennessy VS France Hennessy VSOP France Hennessy XO France Calvados Papidoux France Calvados Papidoux 15 France Bas-Armagnac Delord VSOP France

19 port & sherry port wine and sherry are fortified wines popularly consumed after dinner or as dessert wines. the end. fin. they lived happily ever after. bottle Tio Pepe Spain Offley Vinho Dao Port Ruby Portugal Offley Vinho Dao Port White Portugal other Nikki Thailand Eau-de-Vie Massenez Poire William France Pisco Barsol Quebrante Peru Grappa Gaja Italy

20 izakaya small eats Tiger Prawn Tempura 350 Creamy Kabayaki Sauce Mochiko Tori 250 Fried Organic Chicken, Sweet Rice Flour Poke 300 Tuna, Sweet Shoyu Marinade Tori Negima 180 Chicken Thighs, Tokyo Negi Udama Pancetta 150 Quail Eggs, Pancetta, Chili Peppers Niku Shallot 200 Beef short Ribs, Black Pepper Teriyaki Tsukune 180 Chicken Meatball Enringe 150 King Trumpet Mushroom, Sake Soy

21 CLUB LOUNGE SMALL EATS Agemono/Fried King Crab Prawn Spring Roll 300 Creamy Prawn Tempura 350 Organic Mochiko Chicken 250 Traditional Prawn Tempura 250 Sushi/Futomaki Spicy Tuna Roll 300 California Roll 250 Salmon Avocado Roll 250 Sashimi/Raw Yellowtail 400 Salmon 400 Bluefin Tuna Akami 400 Bluefin Tuna Toro 600 Tuna Poke 300 Tuna Yamakake 300 Nimono/Steamed Edamame 150 Seafood Fried Rice 300 Pork Fried Rice 250 White Rice 120 Yakimono/Grilled Chicken Tokyo Negi 180 Beef Shallot 200 Salmon 250 Pork Belly 180 Chicken Wings 150 EXTRAVAGENT EXTRAS One Dozen Kumamoto Oysters 1,800 Traditional Ponzu Sauce Wagyu Tataki 3,000 A-5 Ohmi Strip Loin, Tosazu Sauce Osietra Caviar 50 G 10,000 Royal Belgian Caviar, Toasted Brioche Wasabi Crème Fraiche Exotic Berries 1,500 Assorted Imported Berries Valrona Chocolate Truffles 1,500 Chef s Selection