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1 1 Competition Rules & Info Introduction The Zante Flair Open has been running for twelve years, and keeps growing in size and popularity each year. Competitors from all over the world come to compete at the competition, which is held on the stunning Greek Island of Zakynthos (Zante). The qualifying round takes place at The Mansion, one of the classiest pool bars in Zantemcc. The Grand final is held on Cameo Island, which is a small private island accessed by a footbridge, where the competitors compete on a stage actually set in the sea! Bar Flair School organise the competition every year. We are a school on the island of Zante running flair, cocktail and bartender training courses and events for tourists, locals and workers. For more info check out The competition is proudly sponsored by Stolichnaya Vodka Greece and supported by the World Flair Association, the Hellenic Barmen Association and Fishbowl Bar, Laganas. DATES & VENUES: Qualifiers: Tuesday 23 rd August The Mansion, just off Laganas Main Street, Zante Grand Final: Wednesday 24 th August Cameo Island, Laganas, Zante Location The Greek island of Zakynthos is only a 3.5 hour flight from London. Many other countries fly direct in the summer months. From the capital of Greece, Athens, there are direct flights to Zante daily and also a bus and ferry service. The flight from Athens to Zante is 40 minutes, and the bus and ferry journey takes approx. 3.5 hours. The resort of Laganas, where the competition will be held, is only 10 minutes by taxi from Zakynthos airport. For those who require help with directions and travel information, please for more information. Check out for flights. Accommodation There are many hotels and rooms in the resort of Laganas and most are only a few minutes walk from the Main Street and beach. We suggest booking early as August is the busiest time of the season. Check out for hotels and rooms availability. We recommend Havana Studios, as this is where the Qualifiers are held next to The Mansion:

2 The Competition This competition will consist of one round of 5 minutes, during which competitors will be required to make 2 drinks. One of these drinks must be made using working flair (minimum half full bottle). This drink will be a Sex on the Beach cocktail (vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, grenadine). The final drink is the exhibition flair drink (minimum 12.5ml of liquid in the bottle) and can be your own creation, and must use cocktail basics such as glass, ice, straw, garnish (if applicable), base spirit, and is served using correct bar etiquette i.e. Bevnaps etc. General Rules: Any violation of these rules may result in disqualification from the competition. Any acts that display low integrity, poor taste or disrespect for the competition, sponsors or the host are subject to disqualification from the competition. All bartenders are required to attend the registration meeting on the day of the competition at 10.30am at the competition venue (Fishbowl Bar). Failure to do so or lateness may result in disqualification from the competition. The competition will start promptly at 11.30am. All competing bartenders must be at least 18 years of age. Competitors must register for the competition on our website Spaces will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Therefore please ensure you register as soon as possible. Bar Flair School will contact you to confirm your place. Please do not complete an entry form without the intention of actually coming. The last entry date is 23 rd July Please ensure you have returned your entry form before this date to secure your place! From the total competitors, 15 competitors will go through to the final the following day. 3 of these 15 competitors will be the 3 top ranked from Zante/workers in Zante. Competing bartenders will not be allowed to wear logos of any companies conflicting with the sponsors of the event. Competing bartenders are allowed to wear their own t-shirts during the qualifying round on Tuesday 23 rd 2 August. During the finals on Wednesday 24 th August, the competitors MUST wear the Bar Flair School t-shirts provided. Music must be provided at the registration meeting in CD Audio format or USB stick as an MP3 format and in its own case, properly labelled with your name and track number. It is highly recommended that you bring more than one copy of your music with you in case it is damaged or unreadable. Organisers and event staff are not responsible for damaged or unreadable music. The sponsors of the event are Stolichnaya Vodka Greece. During the working flair competitors must use the sponsor s products for at least 10% of their routine. These will be extra bonus points. See the points available for more information.

3 Behaviour- We expect all competitors to treat all other competitors, judges, and event staff with respect. Rudeness and disrespect will not be tolerated and can result in disqualification from the competition. No competitor is allowed to be drunk during the competition, and no drinks are allowed on stage. We expect competitors to behave in a friendly and professional manner during the competition. All rules, guidelines and drink recipes are subject to change at the discretion of the competition organisers. Flair Rules Competitors will have 5 minutes to set up before their routine. Competitors will have 5 minutes to perform their routine. All bottles used in the working flair must be set in at least a half full bottle of liquid (we ll check & supply all working flair bottles). All bottles used in the exhibition flair must be set in at least 15ml (1/2oz) of liquid. All bottles used must be clear of brand labels. No empty/dry bottles can be included in the competition bar set up. A Spill Stop # metal pour spout is required on the working flair bottles. Any free flowing pour spout can be used on all exhibition flair bottles. Pour spouts can taped in place, as long as they are not restricting the flow of liquid. Bartenders can set up the competition bar any way they choose, but it is highly recommended that nothing starts on the upper bar surface to help with visibility for both the audience and the judges. No fire tricks of any kind will be allowed. IF THIS RULE IS BROKEN IT WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION AT THE FIRST SIGN OF ANY FLAMES OR FLAMABLE LIQUIDS OF ANY KIND NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL. The results will be announced after the last competitor has been on stage; the judges decision is final. If there are any discrepancies with the outcome of the results please speak to Dennis Kalogerias on the day. Schedule Registration meeting 10.30am at The Mansion 23 rd August, just off Laganas main street Competition starts promptly at 11.30am Results announced between 5-7pm approximately The times for the Grand Final on 24 th August will be announced on 23 rd August After-party- Fishbowl Bar Wednesday 24 th August 11pm (Note. How to get to The Mansion- At the crossroads on Laganas main street, head off it down past Big Boys, past G Spot and Must Sports Bar, at the junction turn left and The Mansion is immediately on your right.) Competition After-Party The after party for all competitors will be held in Fishbowl Bar. There will be a VIP area for all competitors, judges and organisers. Drinks and entertainment will be provided. It will be sure to be a fun evening after the excitement of the competition! 3

4 Registration To register, competitors must complete the form on our website at There is a registration fee is 25 per person (British Pound Sterling), which must be paid online at time of registering. Payment will be made via PayPal. NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE, so please ensure you are definitely able to attend the competition before registering. Competitors must ensure they have read the rules and information before registering. Entries MUST be received by 23 rd July These spaces are served on a first come first served basis. Bar Flair School will contact you via to confirm your place in the competition. All bartenders are required to attend the registration meeting on the day of the competition at 10.30am at The Mansion, Laganas. (If you are not in the meeting at 10.30am you will not compete in the competition!). Please inform us via your travel details when you have booked, including what days and times you arrive in Zante, as we would love to meet you & you meet the other competitors before the competition if possible! Please join our Zante Flair Open group on Facebook for updates and info. Your Registration fee includes the following: -Competition Entry -Competition T-Shirt -Competitor Certificate -Competitor Medal -Free water, soft drinks & local beer at Qualifiers -VIP Table & drinks at Grand Final -After-party with VIP & drinks included -Discounts at selected restaurants/bars/pool bars -Competitor practice area for use before competition days at Bar Flair School Prize Money 1st place Euros 2nd place- 350 Euros 3rd place- 150 Euros Above all, enjoy the competition and bring with you a professional attitude. We look forward to seeing you all at the event! For any further information or assistance contact or phone (+30) Dennis Kalogerias. 4

5 5 WFA SCORING SYSTEM TOTAL POINTS AVAILABLE The below guides are there to assist the judges in marking the correct scores for the bartender. FLAIR points Diversity - 60 With the millions of combinations we can make with our body and the objects available to us when making drinks, the possibility of moves are endless. We want to see a diverse range of moves and movements. Not just different sequences, but different ideas, throws and catches. We don t want to see just snatches with all the moves being performed in front of the bartenders. Utilising a range of bumps, snatches, rolls, taps, flashes, nests, lampshades and other moves will help the competitor score high in this category. Just picking up another object will not and performing the standard split, snatch catch will not work. Inventiveness - 60 This is a chance for the newer bartenders to show their skills and score high. Show us something different and inventive to score points. It is time to see some new ideas on stage. This can be with your moves, sequences or simply your style of flair. Bringing a new aspect to your routine will help you score high here. A new move is not always enough, but will help a lot, we want to see your personality and character being used throughout your entire routine. Be different from the rest and score high! Complexity - 30 In this era of flair it is easy for someone to perform a 5 object move, but we want to see complexity throughout your routine. That means judges will be looking at the complexity of your entire. Surprise us with a different finish rather than the same snatch move. The more complex your moves and how you put the moves together, the higher you will score. Remember this is just one category of 6, so being the most complex doesn t mean you will win. SHOW & SKILL Links/Craft - 60 More and more we are seeing bartenders trying to perform big moves and not concentrating on the DRINKS and details of their routine. We want to see you be BARTENDERS, not jugglers. We want to see your craft flair and skill when making drinks. We want to see your bartending skill come out here. This means using the tools correctly and efficiently whilst flaring and making your drinks. The links in a routine are just as important as the big moves you are performing. Linking moves together in a controlled way so they flow seamlessly from one to another will help you score high here. Choreography 60 We want to see how well put together your routine is. This means going with the music, keeping your composure when you make a mistake. Routines have got to such a point, that they are fine tuned to the final straw going in the drink. Judges want to see you working with the music, as well as using the stage and moving with your routine to make it more entertaining. A well-choreographed routine, that keeps the audience entertained will help you score high.

6 Crowd Interaction - 30 This is an old judging section that we are bringing back as it is time to start performing for the crowd that are coming to watch your routine. Simply shouting Come On when you are not flaring will not help your score. There are plenty of other ways to make the crowd feel a part of your routine and provide entertainment to the masses. You are a bartender and an entertainer. Entertain the crowd and keep the rewards. Our biggest tip, is look at the crowd and SMILE. Penalties Drops How drops are counted: 0-4 Drops = -2 points 5-8 Drops = -4 points 9+ Drops = -5 points Q: What is a drop? A: When the bartender loses control of an object and it falls to the ground, bar or any other surface. If the bartender also knocks objects off of their bar, this will also be counted as a drop. Items knocked over on the bar will not be counted as a drop, but may be counted as a spill if they have liquid inside them. One drop is counted for each item. Multiple shakers together will be counted as 1 (one) item. A bottle in a shaker, with another shaker on top, will also be counted as one item. However, if the bartender splits the items with their throw and they fall to the ground as three separate items, that will be 3 (three) drops. Items that are thrown as one item and fall to the ground and come apart will be counted as 1 (one) drop - Napkins, straws and garnishes will not be counted if dropped. - Muddlers, spoons, scoops and other bartending equipment will be counted if they are dropped. - If you throw an item to a bar back and they drop it, then it will be counted as a drop. For example: If the bartender has 10 drops in total 4 drops = -2 points each totalling: (the next 4 drops) = -4 points each totalling: (the next 2 drops = -5 points each totalling: 10 Total deductions for 10 drops = -34 points Spills -1 point Every spill that occurs when you are on stage will be counted, this includes: - Pouring at the bar into glassware or shakers - When the liquid splashes out of the glass - During flair moves - When flairing with liquid, if you don t catch it, then you will get a spill. - If you pour a finished drink from a shaker, and then spin it and liquid comes out. Two judges will always be counting spills, as it is almost impossible for one person to spot every spill. An average will then be taken from the two deduction judges. Miscellaneous -5 points This section is for those items missed in the drink making procedure, such as missing napkins, 6

7 straws, garnish or ingredient. It is very important that your drinks come out perfect, and tasting great. This will help you score high and impress the sponsors. This section is also for those moments when the bartender does something which is not typical bartender etiquette or unsanitary, such as scooping the ice with a glass, or putting their fingers in the drink or being rude on stage. Break -10 points If a bottle or glass is broken at any time during the bartender s performance it will be counted as a break. This includes if the bottle rolls off of the stage and breaks, or breaks over the station. Missing Drink -40 points The easiest points to make during a competition is to make your drinks on time. Failure to produce the required drinks before the routine is over will result in a penalty of -40 points for each missing drink. A missing drink is a glass without any liquid inside. If you have poured one ingredient, then you will be marked down for each miscellaneous that is missing. No Sponsor flair -50 points We are proud of our sponsors Stolichnaya Vodka and in order for them to help us in the continued running of our competition, we require that bartenders use their products as part of their routine. There is a set rule that 10% of flair with the sponsor products is necessary. Failure to flair with the sponsor for the allotted time will result in a penalty for the bartender. COMPETITION TOOLS AND INGREDIENTS Bar tools Bar spoon, elbow juicer, Hawthorne strainer, fine strainer, full bar caddy, muddler. Bottles and other ingredients The organiser will supply a number of Bacardi and Malibu bottles as well as the sponsors bottles for the working flair drink. Any other obscure bottles must be provided by the competitor. Ingredients include cranberry juice, orange juice, apple juice, strawberry puree, raspberry, mint, sugar, lime wedges, lemon slices, orange slices, crushed ice and cubed ice. Glassware We will provide a selection of 5 ½ oz Collins and 11 ¾ oz Collins. The competitors must provide any other glassware. If you have any questions regarding the rules, tools and ingredients please contact us at Note: Your points from this competition do not count towards your WFA grading scores, this competition is not a WFA grand slam, it is a WFA supported event. 7