Welcome. APERO formula 4 zwanzeur + 1 Bobonne Plate = 25 euros

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1 Welcome Chez Bobonne is pleased to welcome you for: Your corporate events Your private events Work in peace A morning coffee A good beer around a mixed plate A healthy and local meal A lunch package A shop where you can leave hands full of gifts Do you have other ideas? So we are waiting for all your proposals to improve Bobonne. A comment, a remark, an idea? Chez Bobonne's team is here to listen to you. APERO formula 4 zwanzeur + 1 Bobonne Plate = 25 euros Board games available Rummikub Game ladies timeline Scrabble Card games Stratego And many others... Ask at the bar, on bail! This place is also yours, whether you are used to it or a simple visitor, we are counting on you to make it live too. Chez Bobonne is open Tuesday to Friday from 17:30 to 00:30 Saturday from 11:00 to 01:00 4 Quai aux Barques 1000 Brussels

2 Our beers HOPPY Golden Tricky (T'Verzet) 7,5 / 4.50 IPA. Beautiful bitterness and exotic fruit aromas. Belle-Fleur (Dochter van de Korenaar) 6 / 5.50 IPA. Persistent bitterness, floral nose, citrus notes. Super Noah (T'Verzet) 4,9 / 4,50 Refreshing bitterness, fruity nose, brewed with Belgian hops. Damme Nation (Siphon Brewing) 7 / 5,50 IPA. Pronounced bitterness. Lemon aromas and tropical fruits. TRIPLES Impératrice 9 / 4.70 Triple spicy, strong and greedy. Curieuse Neus (En Stoemelings) 7,4 / 4.70 Fruity nose, beautiful roundness and slight thirst-quenching bitterness. Triple of thirst. Saint-Jean Hiver 9 / 4.50 Nice balance between the sweetness of a triple and Espelette pepper. Sainte-Nitouche 9,5 / 4.90 Blond beer, strong, round and light bitterness

3 Our beers ACIDS / SEASONS Zure Van Tildonk (Hof Ten Dormaal) 7,5 / 5.50 Farm beer, mixed fermentation. Saison (Hof Ten Dormaal) 5,5 / 5 Slightly secure. Refreshing and fine dry mouth. Kriek De Ranke (75cl) 7 / 15 Assembly of Dottignies acidic beer, Boon and Girardin lambics. Aging on cherry for 6 months. Oude Gueuze Tilquin (75 cl) 7 / 18 Assembly of lambics of 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. BLONDES Pils 13 (The Ministry of Belgian Beer) 4 / 3,50 Pils artisanal. Low fermentation. Noblesse (Dochter Van De Korenaar) 5,5 / 4.50 "Belgian Pale Ale" well balanced. Aromas of grains and hops. Bigotte Blonde 6 / 4.50 Light blonde, subtle bitterness Mobius 6,5 / 4.50 Refreshing. Lemon aromas. Houppe 7 / 5 Blonde coppery. Moist and well hopped. Beerstorming / 4,80 Ask for advice... Vogelpik (En Stoemelings) 6 / 4.70 Biscuit and coriander notes Zwanzeur (Beer My Friend) 5 /4 Dry blonde beer brewed here!

4 Our beers BROWN / BLACK Bellevaux Brune 6.8 / 4.20 Round and supple, caramel, spicy and frothy Charbon (Dochter Van de Korenaar) 7 / 5.50 Vanilla stout, smoked malt. Bigote Dry Stout 4.5 / 4.60 Stout little alcoholic, light taste of roasted malt, 3 types of hops bringing medium bitterness Warsage Brune 9 / 4.50 Chocolate nose, very roasted notes, well marked bitterness La Brunette (Brasserie du Renard) 6 / 4.70 Black dress, creamy mousse, caramel, chocolate and vanilla aromas Redoutable Triple Brune 8 / 4.50 Beer with character and complex, liquorice, apple syrup and prunes, chocolate malt AMBER Roublarde 6.5 / 4.30 Amber beer, creamy mousse, caramel, flowery aroma, Elfique Ambrée 7 / 4.40 Generous and sweet, slight bitterness, fruity and malty taste, caramel Botteresse Miel 8.5 / 4.20 Honey amber beer, mellow and fragrant, strong spicy FRUITY Bon-Secours Myrtille 6,4 / 5 Fruity and hoppy. But not sweet. Myrtille d'amélie 6 / 5.50 Amber beer, fruity smell, berries, slight astringency

5 Our ciders Ruwet Apple / 4 100% natural Jonagold apple juice, sophisticated and dry taste Ruwet Elderberry / 4 Jonagold apple juice and elderberries, organic yeasts Liquor PRODUCTS DESIGNED AND DISTILLED IN BELGIUM ALCOOL Gin Gemblue / Soft Because of its softness, it can be tasted pure as with a tonic of quality. Tequila Casa Belga / 5 A premium tequila distilled in the greatest Mexican tradition in Jalisco. Whisky August 17th (3ans) / Soft Aged in centenary cask of port and then cognac. Whisky Skot'tiche / Soft Pure Malt with a Belgian identity!

6 Our wines ALL OUR WINES ARE BIO! RED WINE Finca Loranque Tempranillo (Castilla) / 21 What sunshine in this bottle! Elegant dark dress, intense nose of black fruits with a beautiful spicy note, typical expression of Tempranillo. Irrepetible (Manchuela) / 25 50% Malbec, 50% Syrah A wine of friends! Nose compote red fruits, floral notes, balsamic, blackcurrant and violet. A very pleasant fruit on the palate with soft tannins. WHITE WINE Salina (Puglia IGT) / 28 Surprising, atypical! Freshness and minerality combine with exotic fruit flavors. A 100% Chardonnay. Pale yellow color and intense nose of floral notes and white fruits. Final slightly saline. DOMAINE DE BEAUJEAU (CAMARGUE) Certified in organic farming since 1974, the Domaine de Beaujeu is now run by Pierre, the 5th generation of winegrowers, in Camargue. White glass / 5 Delicate nose of white flowers: hawthorn, acacia. Glass of Rosé / 5 Fine aromas of crushed red fruits and a tart touch at the end of the mouth. Red glass / 5 Very nice notes of sweet spices, and black fruits. Pitcher (50cl) / 14 Bottle (75cl) / 19 ROSÉ WINE Le Rosé qui fait bronzer (Ventoux) / 22

7 Our soft GOOD JUICES AND LOCAL SOFTS NOTHING FOR YOU! COLD PRESSED JUICES Bodyguard / 3.5 Carrot, apple, orange, ginger, turmeric - immune defense Smart Choice / 3.5 Apple, cucumber, mint, fennel, lemon, ginger - Antioxidants Fresh Love / 3.5 Pasteque, Pomegranate, Apple Adults Only / 3.5 Grape, lemon, ginger, chilli. Benefits of ginger Red Kiss / 3.5 Strawberry, red pepper, apple. Antioxidants, vitamins A and C SOFTS Fritz Kola / 3 Alternative cola and respectful of the environment. (33cl) Fritz Kola Light / 3 Alternative cola in light version and respectful of the environment. (33cl) Fritz Rhubarbe / 3 Sparkling drink with rhubarb flavor (33cl) Ritchie Orange / 2.80 From an old family recipe, 100% natural ingredients. (27.5cl) Ritchie Agrume / 2.80 Soda water, cane sugar, fruit juice (27,5cl) HOMEMADE JUICE (33CL) Orange mécanique / 6 Oranges, apples, carrots, ginger, lemon, chilli. The juice filled with vitamins! Pineapple express/ 6 Apple, mint, ginger, pineapple. Stimulates digestion and replenishes vitamins! ARTISANAL JUICES Good juice live from the orchard of the chis Apple juice / 3 Apple juice and pears / 3 Apple juice and strawberry / 3 Apple juice and raspberry / 3

8 Restaurant GOOD LOCAL KITCHEN THE CLASSICS A SMALL GOURMET Boulets à la liègeoise / 13 Homemade meatballs made from pork / veal chopped in cork syrup sauce, bacon, onions and homemade mashed potatoes Carbonnades / 14 Beef stewed with beer, cork syrup, speculoos. LIMITED EDITION Crumble Sun / 13 Eggplant, red onions, zucchini, peppers, dried tomatoes, hazelnuts. Parmentier of black pudding / 13 Caramelized apples Tatin and vanilla ball from Gaston / 6 Brownies / 2.50 Traditional chocolate mousse / 3.50 PECKISH Bobonne Plate / 11 Mixed plate including: Assorted cheeses, gherkin and sausage to cut Jar of vegetable chips / 2.50 Sausage board / 4 Portion of cheese / 4 Cold meatball with homemade sauce / 3 TEA OR COFFEE? Espresso / 2.50 Double Espresso / 3 Cappuccino / Latte / 3 Simple coffee / 2.5 Tea / 2.50 Hot chocolate house / 3.50