SÖRMLANDS ÄDEL...50:- TOMME... 50:- OPPUNDA... 50:- Washed-rind cheese. Soft with rich & mild taste, matured for two-three months

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1 OSTAR Cheeses Serveras med marmelad, frukt & knäckebröd. Våra svenska ostar kommer från Jürss mejeri i Sörmland, där hantverksmässiga exklusiva ostar tillverkas på ekologisk mjölk. Served with marmalade, fruit & crispbread. Our Swedish cheeses comes from Jürss dairy in Sörmland region. It produces exclusive artisanal cheeses from organic milk. SÖRMLANDS ÄDEL....50:- Blåmögelost. Syrlig med markerad sälta, lagrad 4,5 månader Blue cheese. Relatively soft, tangy with a distinct saltiness Matured for four and a half months TOMME... 50:- Syrlig fast vitmögelost, lagrad 3 månader Tangy white mould cheese, matured for three months OPPUNDA... 50:- Kittost. Mjuk med fyllig & mild smak, lagrad 2-3 månader Washed-rind cheese. Soft with rich & mild taste, matured for two-three months PECORINO SICILIANO PISTAGE... 50:- Lagrad italiensk fårost. Kraftig & fyllig smak med pistagemandlar Aged Italian sheep s milk cheese. Strong & rich taste with pistachio almonds

2 DESSERTER Desserts CHOKLAD & HALLON*/**/*** :- Chokladparfait med chokladtäcke, hallonsorbet & hallonparfait Chocolate parfait with chocolate cover, raspberry sorbet & raspberry parfait CRÈME BRULÉE* med en kula sorbet :- Klassisk med smak av vanilj Classic Crème Brulée TRILOGI PÅ PANNACOTTA*/** :- Vit choklad, lime, blåbär & havreflarn Pannacotta trilogy with white chocolate, lime, blueberry & oatmeal wafer HJORTRON & CITRON** (vegan) :- Hjortronparfait, citroncreme, cookie crumble & rårörda hjortron Cloudberry parfait with lemon cream, cookie crumble & raw cloudberries AGRILLS DESSERTPLANKA*/**/*** för minst 2 personer 145:-/PERS Ett urval av olika sötsaker att dela på Dessert mix, for sharing. Served for a minimum of 2 people NÅGOT ENKLARE Sweets SORBET/GLASS* Ice cream :- CHOKLADTRYFFEL* Chocolate Truffle :- MACARONS*/***... 25:- * Innehåller laktos Contains lactose ** Innehåller gluten Contains gluten Innehåller nötter *** Contains nuts Funderingar? Prata gärna med din servitris eller servitör! Further questions? Talk to your waitress or waiter!

3 SÖTA VINER & STARKVINER Sweet wines & Fortified wines Price per 6 cl FRANKRIKE France DELAS LA PASTOURELLE MUSCAT DE BEAUMES DE VENISE :- Muscat Rhône Full-bodied, floral & fruity taste with fresh acid that balances the sweetness in the wine CHILE SAN PEDRO RESERVA LATE HARVEST RIESLING... 60:- Riesling Curicó Valley & Elqui Valley A full-bodied & rich wine with a long and balanced acidity PORTUGAL SANDEMAN S INVALID PORT... 70:- Douro Generously port wine with a distinct taste of fresh plums, raisins, liquorice & berries SPANIEN Spain VALDESPINO EL CANDADO PEDRO XIMENEZ :- Jerez The aroma is intense with dried fruits, such as figs & raisins. The taste is soft & velvety with touches of dried figs, chocolate & coffee

4 CALVADOS Price per cl BUSNEL VSOP PAYS DÁUGE :- BOULARD XO PAYS DÁUGE :- COGNAC Price per cl MARTELL VS SINGLE DISTILLERY :- MARTELL VSOP... 32:- HENNESSY FINE DE COGNAC... 32:- PREMIUM COGNAC Price per cl MARTELL CORDON BLEU :- A connoisseur cognac that was introduced in Cordon Bleu is stored between years. The taste is exceptionally soft & round with rich fruit & oak flavors, & a delicate aftertaste due to long storage. MARTELL XO :- Was produced to celebrate Martell s 290 years anniversary in Aged between years. Elegant & silky taste with a mellow & flowery finish. COHIBA COGNAC EXTRA :- In 1998, the world-renowned cigar producers Habanos SA gave firm Bisquit the license to produce a high quality cognac to compliment their famous Havana cigars. The result was worthy of the Habanos name. Cohiba Cognac Extra has a round & soft flavor with hints of pear, prune & mandarin, all well-balanced. The aftertaste is long & elegant, with a gentle spice finish.

5 WHISKY Price per cl Single malt whisky, Lowlands Scotland AUCHENTOSHAN 12 YO :- Single malt whisky, Speyside Scotland THE GLENLIVET 12 YO :- THE GLENLIVET 15 YO FRENCH OAK :- THE GLENLIVET NÀDURRA 16 YO :- LONGMORN 16 YO... 39:- ABERLOUR 16 YO :- STRATHISLA 12 YO :- Single malt whisky, Highlands Scotland ISLE OF JURA SUPERSTITION... 25:- Single malt whisky, Orkney Islands Scotland SCAPA SKIREN... 35:- Single malt whisky, Islay Scotland BOWMORE DARKEST 15 YO :- LAGAVULIN 16 YO :- Irish whisky blended whisky JAMESON :- Scotch blended whisky JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK LABEL... 24:- CHIVAS REGAL 12 YO :- BALLANTINE S FINEST... 21:-

6 PREMIUM WHISKY Price per cl ROYAL SALUTE 21 YO, SCOTLAND :- Scottish super premium whisky. The year is 1953 and Queen Elizabeth II is crowned. To tribute the new queen & honor a long and fruitful collaboration with the Royal Family, the Chivas Brothers decide to produce Royal Salute 21 for Her Majesty. Royal Salute 21 is an elegant & special blend that surpasses most of the whisky world. The flavor is deep, vibrant with sweetness and smooth nut character. Long, warm and very enjoyable aftertaste. LAPHROAIG LORE :- SINGLE MALT WHISKY, ISLAY SCOTLAND Legend says that Laphroaig Lore goes as far back as the 1800s when the brothers Alexander & Donald Johnston invented & developed the recipe. Over the next two centuries the secret behind the production was passed on from master to master. Each one has brought his unique vision & taste but always faithful to the rich, round peat character. Laphroaig Lore is stored in different set of casks which includes Bourbon & Oloroso. It has a complex, markedly smoky taste with a clear barrel character, hints of cinnamon, orange marmalade, iodine, straw, yellow pear, heather honey & oyster shells. ABERLOUR A BUNADH :- SINGLE MALT, SPEYSIDE SCOTLAND The taste is very pleasant due to the butter caramel & dried fruit which are its most dominant characteristics. Aberlour A Bunadh is stored in exclusively first fill oloroso sherry casks.

7 RUM Price per cl HAVANA CLUB AÑEJO 3 AÑOS, CUBA :- HAVANA CLUB AÑEJO ESPECIAL, CUBA :- HAVANA CLUB AÑEJO 7 AÑOS, CUBA :- HAVANA CLUB SELECCION DE MAESTROS, CUBA... 28:- DIPLOMATICO RESERVA EXCLUSIVA, VENEZUELA... 32:- RON ZACAPA 23 SOLERA GRAN RESERVA, GUATEMALA :- PREMIUM RUM Price per cl HAVANA CLUB UNIÓN, CUBA :- A collaboration between Havana Club s Maestro Ronero and Cigar master Fernandez Milan (Cohiba). The oak barrels are chosen specifically to give a character to match Cohiba s cigars. Soft oak tones with subtle elements of sweet vanilla, chocolate and dried fruit. Full, aromatic aftertaste. HAVANA CLUB MÁXIMO EXTRA AÑEJO, CUBA :- Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo is the pearl of Havana Club portfolio. This rum is made from a mixture of the oldest & finest stored aguardientes in Cuba. Each bottle is hand blown & numbered by the glass designer Paul Miller. Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo is best enjoyed best straight. Velvety, yet possessing a robust flavor, with hints of oak, chocolate & vanilla.

8 GIN Price per cl BEEFEATER 24, ENGLAND... 25:- TANQUERAY NO.10 ENGLAND :- BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, ENGLAND... 26:- HERNÖ SVERIGE... 27:- PLYMOUTH GIN, ENGLAND :- HENDRICK S GIN, ENGLAND :- PREMIUM GIN Price per cl BEEFEATER CROWN JEWEL, ENGLAND :- Beefeater Crown Jewel, launched in 1993 is processed London Dry Gin of excellent variety, originally created as a tribute to the legend of the six ravens said to watch over the crown jewels in the Tower of London. Legend says that on that day the Ravens disappear the British royal house will fall. Beefeater Crown Jewel Gin is a reminder that these guardians are constantly standing at the beefeaters side to watch over the tower, crown jewels & the British royal family. The taste is strong & intense with a long aftertaste of grapefruit. A unique premium gin for the true connoisseur. MONKEY 47 SCHWARZWALD GIN, GERMANY :- Monkey 47 is not a regular gin, rather an unfiltered exotic figure with its Indian heritage and the purity of the Schwarzwald Forest. Monkey 47 has its unrivaled complexity and quality from 47 hand-picked ingredients produced in extremely soft spring water from the Schwarzwald Forest. One part of the product s great attraction is the use of fresh cranberries, which gives a very special character.

9 GIN AND TONIC Price per 5 cl BEEFEATER, ENGLAND :- Dried lemon & Fever-Tree Tonic BEEFEATER 24, ENGLAND :- Grapefruit & Fever-Tree Tonic HERNÖ, SVERIGE :- Dried lime & Fever-Tree Tonic BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, ENGLAND :- Squeezed lime wedges & Fever-Tree Tonic PLYMOUTH GIN, ENGLAND :- Lemon, lime & Fever-Tree Tonic HENDRICK S GIN, ENGLAND :- Cucumber & Fever-Tree Tonic TANQUERAY NO. TEN, ENGLAND :- Dried orange, grapefruit & Fever-Tree Tonic MONKEY 47 GIN, GERMANY :- Lime, rosemary & Fever-Tree Tonic AFTER DINNER COCKTAILS Price per 5 cl ESPRESSO MARTINI :- Absolut Vodka, Kahlua, espresso, sugar GRASSHOPPER :- Créme de Ménthe, Créme de Cacao white, cream BRANDY ALEXANDER :- Martell VS, Créme de Cacao dark, cream GODFATHER :- Scotch, Disaronno Amaretto


11 COFFEE AND TEA KAFFE/ESPRESSO/TE... 25:- Coffee/espresso/tea DUBBEL ESPRESSO/CAPPUCCINO... 32:- Double Espresso/Cappuccino CAFFÉ LATTE... 36:- COFFEE DRINKSPrice per 5 cl BAILEYS COFFEE... 99:- Baileys, coffee & cream IRISH COFFEE... 99:- Jameson, brown sugar, coffee & cream CAFÉ ORANGE... 99:- Cointreau, coffee & cream KAFFE KARLSSON... 99:- Cointreau, Bailey s, coffee & cream SPANISH COFFEE... 99:- Likor 43, coffee & cream FRENCH COFFEE... 99:- Cognac, brown sugar, coffee & cream CAFÉ DOM... 99:- Bénédictine, coffee & cream