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1 OVERVIEW SOLAR PV PROJECT Workshop on Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Accelerating Private Sector Participation towards Low-Carbon Development in Indonesia Feri Agustian Soleh Aryaduta Hotel - Jakarta, 14 February 2018

2 WHO WE ARE Indesso (Indonesian Essential Oils) is widely known as the world leader of clove oil and its derivatives. HOLDS >60% of world market share of clove oil and its derivatives Focus in producing food, flavor, and fragrance ingredients. ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, and ISO certified manufacturing company

3 WHAT WE DO LOCAL FARMERScollect botanical biomass (leaves, stems, etc) SMALL ENTERPRISES/ COTTAGE INDUSTRY FIELD DISTILLERIESdistill the botanical biomass to produce crude oil, ex: crude clove oil INDESSO further processes the oil for flavor and fragrance industry, ex: from clove oil into eugenol USERS OF AROMA INGREDIENTScompounding process to produce flavor/ fragrance/ pharmaceutical ingredients, etc. FMCG INDUSTRY/ OTHER RETAIL MANUFACTURERS - use the flavor/ fragrance to produce consumer products Unlocking Nature Turning nature by-products into everyday products

4 VISION & MISSION Vision To be a regional leader in ingredients for food, flavor and fragrance industry through innovation, efficiency, and sustainable business practices. Mission To foster the development of Indonesian and South East Asian naturalbased ingredients for the creation of new products in the food, flavor and fragrance industry.

5 DISTRIBUTION* MANUFACTURING AROMA INGREDIENTS SPECIALTY FOOD INGREDIENTS SAVORY SOLUTIONS TOBACCO INGREDIENTS Absolutes Aroma Essences Essential Oils Aroma Chemicals Spice Oleoresins & Oils Botanical Extracts Fruit Juice Powders Seasonings Savory Ingredients Tobacco Flavors Sweetener Solution Aromatherapy Ingredients Cheese Powders Flavors Fragrances Acacia Gums Stevia Sweeteners Natural Colors & Coloring Foodstuff Cheese Powder & Specialty Dairy Powders * Area of distribution: Indonesia

6 Botanical Source for Extraction in Indonesia Cocoa Coffee Tea Tamarind Vanilla Purple Sweet Potato Pandan Indonesia is also home to many botanical sources that can be extracted for food ingredients. To mention a few, Indonesia is the 4 th largest Cocoa producing country in the world, top 5 Coffee producing countries and among 7 main Tea producing countries.

7 VALUE ADDITION COFFEE Green Coffee Beans/ Roasted Coffee Beans Extraction Filtration Evaporation Spray Drying Thermal Process Green Coffee Extract Coffee Extract Coffee Oil Coffee Aroma Thermal Processed Coffee Extract


9 RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PRACTISES Environmentally friendly Waste Water Treatment Plant Giving back to community CSR Activities Comply to regulatory & religious certifications ISO, FSSC, Halal, Kosher Indesso is a member of:

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13 WHY SOLAR PV? Commitment to Operate efficiently Continue innovate Be part of responsible citizen Produce goods sustainably Preserve the source of naturals Continue developing partnerships

14 OUR EFFORTS INITIATIVE #1 Use CLOVE TERPENES as a source of energy Energy Consumption/Product Output 2013: Ltr. solar/kg product 2015: Ltr. solar/kg product YTD 2017: Ltr. solar/kg product

15 OUR EFFORTS INITIATIVE #2 To reduce water consumption Water Consumption/Product Output 2013: 9.65 Kg water/kg product 2015: 7.94 Kg water/kg product YTD 2017: 7.48 Kg water/kg product

16 OUR EFFORTS INITIATIVE #3 To reduce electricity consumption Electricity Consumption/Product Output 2016: 0.45 KWH electricity/kg product YTD 2017: 0.52 KWH electricity/kg product Eventually, It will be brought down after Solar PV

17 WHY SOLAR PV? Because we are Committed to perform sustainable business practices. Able to participate in preserving the nature by adhering to the UN goals. Encouraging other Indonesian businesses to also utilize the renewable and clean energy.


19 PROJECT SUMMARY Project Representative Participant Partner Participant EPC Introduction of 0.5MW Solar Power System to Aroma and Food Ingredients Factory, Indonesia Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd. PT Indesso Aroma PT Meiden Engineering Indonesia Summary To install 500kW Solar PV System to the roof top of Partner Participant s factory in Cileungsi, Bogor Electricity generated from the system will be fully utilized by the Partner Participant, replacing coal based electricity to renewal based electricity Expected Average Annual Power Generation : 691,334kWh Expected Average Annual Carbon Reduction : 401Tons

20 PV Power System 1.3 GW EPC Mounting Frame Equipment Sales Equivalent to 1.5 Units of Nuclear Plant ,000 1,500 [Unit : MW] Energy Saving Contracted Energy Management Locations: 4,200 4,500 3,000 1, ,100 3, ,200


22 Thank You Jalan Tanah Abang 2 No. 78 Jakarta 10150, Indonesia Tel: Fax: IndessoOfficial Indesso.Official Indesso.Official PT Indesso Aroma