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1 - fl I It, I ' G1J!SJJ5U) i)9jj3a3 O))\ oe gu) 24Auj9 S dob _ aa>,owy 39JQ3 oi ib I I dw ytiin:ait a)\} / HI f.

2 JJ'11 Lr"Ijall '.3 c.dt &QbJ$ UL ;ii 4J ( 7) (4j3 6o: ;ii1 4J) (60 Marks) I- READING (30 Marks) A) Vocabulary (16 Marks) A) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c and d: (4 x 2 = 8 Marks) 1. Modem airplanes are big and...; they can carry hundreds of people. a) equestrian b) spacious c) thirsty d) religious 2. In the past, people used hot red wax to...envelopes and letters. a) excel b) survive c) seal d) grease 3. Children need to be supported by their parents to help them reach their full... a) operation b) potential c) counter d) theater 4. There are many types of films..., I prefer the adventure ones. a) Quite b) Gently c) Magnificently d) Personally B) Fill in the spaces with the most suitable words from the list below (4 x 2 = 8 Marks) ( local - officially - attract - globe - route) 5. Next month, the minister will officially open the new school in our area. 6. We should always try to buy local products which are made in Kuwait. 7. According to the map, the fastest route to school is by taking the highway. 8. The little boy put some seeds and water in the garden to attract birds. I

3 2018 / JJ1 j.a.4i M- B- Reading Comprehension (14 Marks) Read the following passage, then answer the questions below: Tea is prepared from the leaves of a tea plant. It is a popular drink in the world. The plant grows as bushes. They grow on high lands in India, China, Japan and Sri Lanka. They need sunshine and rain to grow. The tea plants are planted by the farmers in rows with gaps of four to six feet from one another. They grow about five or six feet tall. The leaves are one or two inches long, green in colour, and oval in shapes. The leaves turn to either green tea or black tea. The tea leaves are pulled three or four times a year. After pulling, the leaves are put in the sun to dry for some hours, and then heated over coal fire. After heating, the leaves become dry, hard and fit for drinking. They are then packed in airtight wooden boxes and sent to the market for sale. In India, there are many tea gardens in Darjeeling. Darjeeling tea is famous for its fine flavour and nice taste. a) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c and d: (4 x 2 = 8 Marks) 9. The best title for the passage is... a. Chinese Tea b. Tea Plants c. Afternoon Tea d. Lands in India 10. The writer is trying to... a. explain the health benefits of drinking tea. b. show the difference between the tea plants. c. list the reasons why many people like to drink tea in the morning. d. give information about the steps of planting, making and storing tea. 2

4 2018 / Jf 11. The underlined word 'They' in the 2nd paragraph refers to... a. plants b. farmers C. rows d. gaps 12. The underlined word 'fine' in the 3rd paragraph means... a. smart b. poor c. cheap d. good Iry b) Answer the following questions: (3 X 2 = 6 Marks) I(c4I 13. Where do tea plants grow? They grow on high lands in India, China, Japan and Sri Lanka. 14. Why are the tea leaves heated over coal fire? To become dry, hard and fit for drinking. 15. What types of tea do we get from the tea plants? We get green tea and black tea. 3

5 --' I / o II- WRITING (30 Marks) A) Grammar( 9 Marks) A) Choose the correct answer between brackets: (3 x 1=3 Marks) Sam is a good reader. He (read reads - is reading) a story at the moment. It's called "Sea Diving". He also has (a - some - any) books about sports. He enjoys reading (this these that) books in his free time. B)Do as required between brackets: (3 x 2= 6 Marks) 16. We wanted to go shopping. The car didn't start. We wanted to go shopping, but the car didn't start. 17. There are 2 kilos of sugar. How many kilos of sugar are there? 18. Come to school on foot. Don't come to school on foot. (Join the sentences) (Ask a question) (Make negative) rlii, Jc_ 4

6 /NLJI Lii / JJ1 &th Write on the folio winj topic: B) Writing (17 Marks) "Schools are the source of knowledge and information, but what makes an ideal school?" Plan and write a report of (8 sentences), about your dream school describing the building and how it could be the best school ever. The following guide words & phrases might help you: large and quiet! few students/ after-school activities/ no exams/ modern/ big garden NB: (Your writing should include a topic sentence, supporting ideas and a conclusion) Write your plan here (2) Rubrics for checking Writing: Rubrics Mark Total Mark Planning (mind mapping/ graphic organizers) 2 Exposition of ideas, paragraphing and number of sentences. 12 Spelling and grammar. 1 Handwriting 1 17 Punctuation 1 2 marks to be deducted for changing the format. 5

7 LL 2L / Li / AjL+; 614 Write your topic here (15 Marks) : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :... Plan Ideas, Spelling Handwriting Punctuation Changing Total paragraphing and and format no. of sentences. grammar

8 ii / I Jj ji 4- C- Spelling ( 4 Marks) Complete the missing letters in the underlined words: (4 x 1= 4 Marks) 19. Our school's ca... te... n provides de... ici... us and healthy food and snacks. canteen delicious 20. This team will win the match because they s..or..d more points. initely. scored 1lu 7