ARISSTO s Coffee Capsule Machine Biz Opportunity

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1 ARISSTO s Coffee Capsule Machine Biz Opportunity

2 An investment of RM799 on Capsule Machine (originally priced at RM1,580) to enjoy automatic income

3 Allowing you to enjoy profits of at least 15% per annum

4 ARISSTO s Biz Opportunity Small capital investment 100% automatic income

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12 The ARISSTO Biz Opportunity is part of the DIAMOND Group

13 This is a biz opportunity that owners of the coffee machine will be able to earn good income by renting it out

14 There are a large number of customers who only intend to enjoy coffee but have no desire to own a coffee machine

15 Invest in a Coffee Capsule Machine by renting it out A new Great Biz Opportunity!

16 Bigger and more profitable than any bike hires or laundromat market!

17 Cause there are more coffee drinkers in the market than cyclists or launderette users

18 This new business has: Zero rental costs Zero overhead costs AND generates Automatic Profit

19 ARISSTO s smart coffee machine has a huge potential in the market

20 Because it combines revolutionary capsule technology that s popular in Europe and the US

21 There are almost 100 million coffee capsule machines installed in Europe and US

22 Brewing more than 300 million cups of coffee, chocolate and tea every single day

23 Generating great automatic income for the investor

24 ARISSTO introduces the most advanced coffee capsule technology

25 Simplifying and brewing you the finest and most authentic coffees using our revolutionary technologies

26 ARISSTO Smart Coffee Machine uses 19 bars of high-pressured steam to extract coffee essence instantly

27 Just put in a capsule and within 30 seconds, you ll be able to enjoy a cup of authentic coffee

28 In the US and Europe alone, over 200 million people are fans of this, consuming over 300 million cups daily

29 It is expected that there will be over 10 million fans of capsules coffee in Malaysia

30 ARISSTO offers competitive rates that are 80% lower than café s coffees

31 Our prices are as follows: Espresso : RM1.99-RM2.30 Long Black : RM1.99-RM2.30 Cappuccino : RM3.49-RM3.80

32 Coffee lovers can now save 80% on their coffee expenses

33 ARISSTO invites you the chance to enjoy all the benefits without purchasing a coffee machine

34 All families and organisations can enjoy infinite use of ARISSTO s Smart Coffee Machine at only RM1.00/monthly

35 ARISSTO is introducing a non-binding Sharing Coffee Plan!

36 Customers can terminate the contract at anytime

37 Why do customers choose ARISSTO?

38 General capsule coffee brands Typical office coffee beans ARISSTO coffee Purchase of a coffee machine Yes Yes No Free usage of coffee machine No No Yes Authentic Italian coffee No No Yes Ability to brew milk, chocolate or tea No No Yes Lowest number of capsules to be ordered capsules cups 20 capsules Bundled contract months months None (you can unsubscribe anytime!)

39 The capsule has a huge market demand All families and organisations, offices,customer service centers, fitness centers, financial organisations, factories, restaurants, colleges, government departments High demand and consumption

40 Coffee capsule technology will soon become a big market trend Creating great biz opportunities!

41 ARISSTO Biz Opportunity profit returns

42 Purchase ARISSTO Smart Coffee Machine at dealer price : RM799/unit instead of at RM1,580

43 1. Earn commission by selling coffee machines

44 2. Rent out coffee machines through ARISSTO s sharing plan and earn 10%-20% profit from coffee capsules

45 3. Rent out coffee machines to company s customers and enjoy a fixed profit of 6.5 % from the capsules

46 Example of a customer s profit at 6.5 % per annum Capsule prices RM2.30 Shared profit 6.5% Automatic profit RM2.30 x 6.5% = RM0.15 Monthly capsule consumption 67 Capsules (30 cups) Annual capsule consumption Automated annual profit 800 Capsules 800 x RM0.15 = RM Annual return rate RM / RM799 = 15%

47 An average consumption of one cup of ARISSTO coffee a day can earn you an annual profit of 15%

48 An average consumption of two cups of ARISSTO coffee a day can earn you an annual profit of around 30%

49 An average consumption of three cups of ARISSTO coffee a day can earn you an annual profit of around 45%

50 An average consumption of four cups of ARISSTO coffee a day can earn you an annual profit of around 60%

51 An average consumption of six cups of ARISSTO coffee a day can earn you an annual profit of around 90%

52 An average consumption of ten cups of ARISSTO coffee a day can earn you an annual profit of around 150%

53 The higher the consumption of capsules, the higher the income that you will earn

54 ARISSTO is gradually venturing into other varieties of capsules from coffee, chocolate and milk to floral, Chinese, health and western teas and even supplements

55 All families and organisations, offices, customer service centers, fitness centers, financial organisations, factories, restaurants, colleges, government departments

56 The company guarantees that provided customers will have a minimum consumption of 67 capsules per month

57 You can now earn annual profit of at least 15% automatically

58 ARISSTO s Customers

59 ARISSTO s Customers

60 ARISSTO s Customers

61 ARISSTO s Customers

62 ARISSTO s Customers

63 To participate in ARISSTO s Biz Just register as an ARISSTO ipartner

64 How to become an ipartner?

65 Simply register as an ipartner by paying the ARISSTO licensing fee of RM2,980

66 9 Benefits of becoming an ipartner

67 1. ipartners can purchase up to 30 ARISSTO coffee machines at a dealer s price of RM799 per unit

68 2. ipartners can sell any of its coffee machines to earn retail commissions

69 3. ipartners can rent out any of its coffee machines to earn between 10%-20% of commission on capsules

70 4. ipartners have an option to rent out up to 30 units of its coffee machine to company customers to earn 6.5% of commission on capsules

71 Each customer is guaranteed a minimum consumption of 67 capsules per month by the company

72 5. If any customers provided by the company fails to reach a minimum consumption of capsules then the company is responsible to replace the existing customers

73 6. Within 30 days (with advanced notice), ipartners may request to transfer its coffee machine to their own customers who have higher capsule consumptions

74 7. ipartners will receive five years warranty and maintenance services on up to 30 units of coffee machines

75 8. If the company is unable to provide customers for ipartners to rent out their machine within 90 days

76 Company will offer the ipartner a full refund along with an administration fees equivalent to an interest of 5%

77 9. After 12 months, ipartner may transfer its coffee machine and customers to third party at any price that is not lower than the official price

78 New ipartner Welcome Rewards Exclusive for the first 5000 new ipartners

79 Reward 1 : For purchase of more than 10 units of Smart Coffee Machine ARISSTO will provide customers with a guaranteed consumption of at least 89 capsules monthly

80 Earning you an annual profit of at least 20%

81 Reward 2 : For purchase of 10 units of coffee machine at initial order ARISSTO rewards a RM1,000 DIAMOND cash voucher

82 Reward 3 : For purchases of 20 units of coffee machine at initial order. ARISSTO rewards a RM2,000 DIAMOND cash voucher

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98 Welcome onboard as an ARISSTO ipartner