Administrative Staff. Amanda Cooper, Director. Tuesday 8-5:30, Wednesday 7-4, Thursday 9-6. Monday & Friday Rotation. Amber Allen, Assistant Director

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1 Monday & Friday Rotation July 2018 Carolina Kids Child Development Center 2331 Ebenezer Road Rock Hill, SC Administrative Staff Amanda Cooper, Director Tuesday 8-5:30, Wednesday 7-4, Thursday 9-6 Monday & Friday Rotation Amber Allen, Assistant Director Tuesday 9-6, Wednesday 8-5:30, Thursday 7-4

2 Hunter Putman 1 year Emma Blancke Manuel Hernandez Aubrey Ramsey Jenson Butler Ava Walls 7 years Grayson Brazil Kailey Greer Bailey Bolender 7 years Layla Cousar Landon Elliott Rhodes Crawford Luke Wice Ms. Melinda After School Addilyn Putman Nathan Filion Ms. Deanna Room 101 Caroline McKelvey Skylar Buechel Ms. Kierra Room 107 Rosie Colquhoun Van Wallace Ms. Kathy Room 204 Stephen Kerr Kirsten Massey Ms. Barbara Room 205 Vera Coskrey Jax Mora 5 years Ms. Renee Room 105 Wesley Taylor Katelyn Massey 5 years Ms. Sheila After School Charles Conley Colton Dail Ms. Alfreda Room 206 Claire Tull Emery Silva Ellie Cox Gavin Silva Ms. Amber Ms. Zion Ms. Meta 1 year Ms. Marcia 10 years Ms. Amanda

3 Welcome New Teachers Ms. Kristen (Room 106) Ms. Jennalee (Room 102) Ms. Doretha (Summer Camp) Welcome New Friends Gray Terrell (Rm. 204) Riley Moore (Rm. 101) Violet Owens (Rm. 101) Marleigh Spagna (Rm 101) Emery Silva (SC) Help us spread the word about our center and how wonderful our teachers are here at Carolina Kids. Like us on Facebook and give us a review on Google and Gavin Silva (SC) Abby Starnes (SC) Tyler Starnes (SC) Employee of the Month Ms. Chnetha Wilson

4 Curriculum Themes: Camping, Cooking, Air Power, Famous Artist and Art Styles, Basic Gymnastics, Citizenship and Voting, and Recycling Color: White Shape: Cube Spanish: La Comida Baby Signs: Cup hand at mouth, then move it down and outward as if flinging hot food from mouth! Math: Recognize Numeral 1-10 Letters: Oo and Uu Hold imaginary cone under chin and lick Kind Child Our Kind Child Curriculum focuses on teaching your children social skills and moral values that they will use throughout their lives. We strive to not only teach the curriculum with our words but also to teach it through out actions. During the months of July and August we will be focusing on showing empathy

5 Lunch: BBQ Meatballs, Breakfast: Pancakes Lunch: Teriyaki Chick- Closed Lunch: Chicken Alfre- Lunch: Chicken Nug- Mashed Potatoes, and en, Rice, and Mixed do, Broccoli, and Pears gets, Corn, and Ap- Peaches Vegetables plesauce Snack: Muffins Snack: Honeydew Snack: Oranges Breakfast: French Lunch: Turkey and Toast Sticks Lunch: Beef Stroganoff, Lunch: Chicken Tacos, Cheese Sandwich, Lunch: Grilled Chicken, Lunch: Pizza Sticks, Green beans, and Rice, Lettuce, and Chicken Noodle Soup, Wild Rice, and Peas Salad, and Corn Mixed Fruit Cheese and Pears Snack: Cantaloupe Snack: Jello Snack: Trail Mix Snack: Bars Breakfast: Waffles Lunch: Chicken Nug- Lunch: Lemon Chicken, Lunch: Grilled Cheese, Lunch: Cheesy Chili gets, Pinto Beans, and Rice, and Cauliflower Lunch: BBQ Pork, Corn, and Applesauce Mac, Salad, and Mixed Pears Snack: Trail Mix Baked Beans, and Peaches Snack: Pudding Fruit Snack: Oranges Snacks: Pineapple Breakfast: Pancakes Lunch: Ham and Lunch: Beef Stroganoff, Lunch: Turkey and Rice Lunch: Pasta with Cheese Sandwich, Green Beans, and Pears Lunch: Pizza, Salad, Casserole, Peas, and Meat Sauce, Carrots, Chicken Noodle Soup, and Pineapple and Corn Snack: Honeydew Pears Snack: Cheese and and Applesauce Snacks: Jello Snack: Bars Crackers