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1 INDUSTRY Product Range 2015

2 Scandic Food - Part of Good Food Group Scandic Food A/S is a subsidiary of Good Food Group A/S, a family-owned company founded in Denmark in The Group has an annual turnover of more than USD 200 million. Scandic Food produces semi-finished and finished conventional and organic products including non-dairy creams, jams and marmalades, jellies, condiments, honey and fruit-based desserts. This range of products represent the major part of the production, which accounts for several thousands of tons per annum from our factories located in Denmark and Poland. This large volume of production enables us to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. We purchase raw materials from all over the world, but production and product development take place in our factories. Raw materials include fresh and deep-frozen fruits and berries, fruit purées, fruit concentrates, juice, honey, syrup, glucose, icing sugar and vegetable oil. Flexibility and Close Cooperation with our Customers New packaging solutions are continuously being developed in close cooperation with our industrial customers. Our packaging range includes mini bags of 20 g up to 1,000 litres BIB (Bag-in-Box). All products are manufactured according to European standards of quality along the whole value chain (from farm to table), thus securing appropriate raw materials, production methods and final packaging. Scandic Food is certified by local and external authorities, including: BRC (British Retail Consortium) IFS (International Food Standards) Traceability (HACCP) Certified for Organic Production HALAL Kosher See also our website 2

3 Good Food Group s World Exports to more than 75 countries throughout the world! Many years of international experience within the food industry has lead Scandic Food to become a reliable and serious partner/supplier for our customers worldwide. The Industrial Division supplies its product range to production companies that demand highquality products delivered on time, regardless of the geographical location. We would like to welcome you to this overview of Scandic Food s industrial solutions. Non-dairy Creams Whipping, Pastry and Soft Ice Fruit-based Products Jams and Marmalades, Fruit Fillings Honey, Glucose and Icing Honey, Glucose, Syrup and Icing Condiments Poland Frozen fruit and vegetables and pickled vegetables 3

4 Quality Commitment From Farm to Table Good Food Group has its deep roots in Denmark. A country that for decades has been known worldwide for its high level on food safety and food quality. The principles of Danish food manufacturing are used in all the Group s factories. Good Food Group regards the food authorities as valued partners in our continuous work on improving qualities and manufacturing standard. Besides having the factories approved by the authorities, all our factories are certified according to third-party quality and HACCP standards such as BRC and IFS - and are frequently audited by certification bodies and customers QA departments. 4

5 Quality Commitment Delivery on time Quality Control - Qualified staff in each factory is responsible for essential quality control - Selection and approval of suppliers Say No to Migration Good Food Group makes risk assessment for migration from packaging and process equipment and ensures the highest safety and compliance with Danish and EU legislation. - Precise requirements for raw materials - Extensive incoming goods inspection - Process control in HACCP areas - Finished product control in own or external laboratory - Full traceability 5

6 Non-dairy Creams Non-dairy creams are produced from vegetable oil and can be used instead of or supplementary to dairy cream. Scandic Food supplies these products to customers in 60 countries and thousands of tons are sold all over the world every year. 5/10 litre Bag-in-Boxes 5/10 litre aluminium bags for Bag-in-Boxes 6

7 Non-dairy Creams Benefits The product is ideal for industrial processes, due to its benefits, such as: Large volume when whipped (320% to 400%) twice the volume of whipped dairy cream Stable Foam increasing foam stability from hours to days No syneresis no water release Freeze and thaw stable - when whipped Whipping time reaches the desired foam faster than with dairy creams Price normally the sales price is 2/3 of the price of dairy cream Long shelf life up to 12 months due to UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treatment and aseptic packaging Flexible packing up to 1,000 liters Mixable with dairy cream taste of dairy plus functionality The products are available in returnable pallet containers of 1,000 litres and 10 to 1,000 litres BIB packed in aluminum bags. The aluminium bag is packed in both returnable pallet container and a brown fibreboard drum with a label sticker. Our factory in Taars, Denmark The drum and the returnable pallet container are labelled according to customers request and with standard information on production/ expiry date and product and batch number printed on every packaging for traceability. 7

8 Fruit-based Products Our fruit-based product range includes fruit toppings / fillings and jams and marmalades manufactured according to European quality standards. All our fruit-based products are carefully manufactured according to Danish recipes, which results in a high quality and high fruit content product. Scandic Food is able to supply both regular and bake-stable jams to industrial customers in several varieties and flavours. Available from 20 g up to 200 kg cylinders. Minibags Different sizes of plastic buckets Small aluminium bags g Returnable 60 kg plastic bucket 200 kg cylinders 8

9 Fruit-based Products Top for emptying Returnable pallet container Returnable 1,000 litre pallet container 9

10 Honey, Glucose, Syrup and Icing Honey Honey the oldest sweetener in the world, is a 100% natural and pure product collected from plants and flowers, which contains minerals, proteins, amino acids and enzymes. Scandic Food process the raw honey by selecting different types of honey and blends from different geographical origins, mainly South America. Subsequently, the honey is filtered and blended with other types in order to obtain a specific taste and colour required by the customer. The various types of honey are imported to Scandic Food s factories according to the strict honey regulations within the EU. Nothing is allowed to be added or taken away from honey. In most recipes honey can replace sugar. Clear honey is very good as a sweetener on breakfast cereals, pancakes, ice cream and desserts, marinade for salads, potatoes and other vegetables not to mention different kinds of meat. Available from 20 g mini bags, 3 kg buckets and up to 200 kg cylinders. Different sizes of plastic buckets Icing and sugar 200 kg cylinders 10

11 Honey, Glucose, Syrup and Icing Glucose and Syrup Glucose and syrup are made from sugar and are suitable for many purposes in the food industry. You can use syrup for desserts, ice creams, cakes, on cereals in the morning, as well as an ingredient instead of sugar when baking. Convenient and flexible packaging eases the transportation of these products regardless the port of destination. Available from 3 kg buckets and up to 200 kg cylinders. Icing Icing sugar is ideal for decorations for cakes and desserts and allows professionals to create sharp decorations. The product is bake-proof. Available in piping bags of 150 g up to 900 g - also in buckets up to 15 kg. 11

12 Condiments Condiments from Scandic Food include salad dressings, ketchups, BBQ sauces and other sauces, carefully made according to Danish recipes. Transportation of these products to the port of destination is suggested in a reefer container in order to optimise the shelflife of the product. Available in g mini bags, 5 kg buckets up to 200 kg cylinders. Mini bags g Servibg suggestions Different sizes of plastic buckets 200 kg cylinders 12

13 Condiments 13

14 Scandic Food Sp. z o.o. Deep-frozen fruits and vegetables Below you can find the range of our deep-frozen products: Fruit Vegetables - Strawberry - Carrot - Raspberry - Rhubarb - Redcurrant - Broccoli - Sour cherry - Cauliflower - Blackcurrant - Chanterelle - Gooseberry - Brussels sprout - Blackberry - Cut green bean - Blueberry - Celery - Apple - Onion - Plum - Leek - Cranberry - Tomato - Wild strawberry - Zucchini Packaging varies from 20/25 kg bags, 10 kg cartons (also 4 x 2.5 kg) to polybags of 300 to 500 g, 1,000 g and 2,500 g. Products are available in any kind of cutting/sizes. Pickled vegetables Our range of pickled vegetables includes: - Beetroot - Red cabbage - Cucumber (5 varieties) - Paprika and mixed celery 14

15 Scandic Food Sp. z o.o. Modern facilities Poland is known to be the fruit and vegetable garden of Europe. Since 1996, Scandic Food Poland has been a largescale supplier of frozen fruits and vegetables. Two modern factories, well placed and equipped with advanced technology and quality systems, ensure reliable deliveries and high-quality products for our sister companies, as well as external customers within the industrial, food service and retail segments. April 2015 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT SCANDIC FOOD SP. Z O.O. ul. Filtrowa 53, Warsaw, Poland Tel Fax

16 Worldwide Delivery from Denmark and Poland Denmark: Industrivej 3, 9830 Taars Roennevej 24, 5580 Nr. Aaby Poland: ul. Spacerowa 22, Lipsko Chojny Stare, Lomza Get access to digital version of this catalogue Scandic Food A/S Store Grundet Allé 7100 Vejle Denmark Tel.: