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1 MENU OPENING HOURS: Monday Friday: 7,30 20,00 WHERE YOU CAN FIND US? Trip Advisor Instagram Phone: Station Palouček: tram n. 18, bus n tram from metro C Pražského povstání 10 min walking from metro C Vyšehrad 10 min with a tram from Karlovo náměstí 10 min with a bus from railway station Vršovice

2 COFFEE Naše káva The basis of drinks (espresso) is 7 g / 30 ml of coffee. The coffee can be bought also to take away for the same price. Espresso CZK 35,00 Coffee macchiato (espresso with bit of milk foam) CZK 37,00 Coffee americano (filtered coffee 1,5 dcl)/+ milk CZK 40,00/45,00 Coffee lungo (espresso more water + milk) CZK 48,00 Coffee corretto (espresso with liqueur) CZK 50,00 Espresso doppio (double coffee)/+ milk CZK 55,00/60,00 Cappuccino CZK 50,00 Latte macchiato CZK 55,00 Iced coffee CZK 60,00 Viennese coffee (with whipped cream) CZK 60,00 Algerian coffee (with eggnog and whipped cream) CZK 70,00 Old School coffee (espresso, 2 cl rum, milk foam) CZK 85,00 Irish coffee (with 2 cl Irish whiskey and cream) CZK 95,00 Punch alla Livornese (espresso, rum, lemon peel) CZK 105,00 Coffee "Turek" (7 g / 0.1 l of coffee or 10 g / 0.2 l of coffee) CZK 35,00/50,00 French press 0,3 l CZK 77,00 Naše káva is a blend of Arabica and Robusta. The coffee consists of 85% Kenyan Arabica grown in the highlands, Guatemala and 15% of one of the finest Indian robust Koppi Royal. Individual species are roasted slowly and separately to preserve their unique characteristics. The coffee blend has a medium body and low acidity. In the dry aroma we can feel roasted nuts and almonds, in the wet one dark chocolate aroma and very smooth citruses. The dominant flavour reminds us nougat with a light touch of spice, especially cloves. We have created the blend exactly for the delight from the moments spent with a cup of coffee. We have personally tasted different types of coffee blends in order to get the taste with a smell and taste attractive not only for us. In June 2011 was Naše káva accepted by an international programme The Choice Programme, in the Czech Republic known as I know, what I eat and drink It was for the first time, when coffee was recognized among the standard products. NUTRITION FACTS/30 ml: PRICELIST OF COFFEE (VAT incl.): Energy 0 kj/1 kcal 250 g package CZK 209,00 Proteins 0 mg 250 g dose CZK 238,00 Carbohydrates 0 mg 500 g package CZK 418,00 Sugar 0 mg Fat 100 mg Saturated fat 0 mg Fibre 0 mg Sodium 4,2 mg Caffeine 100 mg

3 TEA loose tea Coccole (12 types) ginger /mint tea made of Kitl syrob fresh ginger of fresh mint tea CZK 45,00/cup CZK 40,00/cup CZK 50,00/cup NON ALCOHOLIC DRINKS Malinovka, Oranž (Podorlické sodovkárny) 0,33 l CZK 25,00 (76 CZK/1 l) Sodovka (Podorlické sodovkárny) 0,33 l CZK 15,00 (46 CZK/1 l) Chito bitter / ginger / tonic 0,25 l CZK 30,00 (120 CZK/1 l) Orangina 0,5 l CZK 35,00 (70 CZK/1 l) Kofola original 0,33 l CZK 35,00 (106 CZK/1 l) Kofola (vanilla, cherry, apricot, citrus, melon) 0,5 l CZK 35,00 (70 CZK/1 l) Vinea (white, red) 0,25 l CZK 30,00 (120 CZK/1 l) RC Cola 0,25 l CZK 30,00 (120 CZK/1 l) Vincentka 0,33 l CZK 40,00 (121 CZK/1 l) Rajec (non-sparkling, sparkling) 0,33 l CZK 20,00 (61 CZK/1 l) Rajec (non-sparkling, sparkling) 0,75 l CZK 25,00 (33 CZK/1 l) Rajec (gooseberry, cranberry, red currant, wild raspberry, dandelion, peppermint, daisy, thyme, chestnut, wild strawberry) 0,75 l CZK 30,00 (120 CZK/1 l) Lažanský Rubín (must) based on to the current offer 0,25 l CZK 35,00 (140 CZK/1 l) Nativa green tea with lemon 0,25 l CZK 35,00 (140 CZK/1 l) Ugo fresh juices 0,25 l CZK 40,00 (192 CZK/1 l) Tap water 0,75 l CZK 19,00 (25 CZK/1 l) Homemade lemonade 0,25 l CZK 39,00 (156 CZK/1 l) Cucumber lemonade 0,25 l CZK 35,00 (140 CZK/1 l) Homemade lemonade made from Kitl syrub 0,3 l CZK 35,00 (117 CZK/1 l) Grapefruit / elder / ginger / mint bio syrup Fresh juice 0,2 l CZK 60,00 (300 CZK/1 l)

4 in mood for something special? cacao (GRANKO) / whipped cream 0,3 l CZK 25,00/35,00 hot chocolate (55%, 77%, 88%) / whipped cream 0,3 l CZK 50,00/60,00 hot wine (white, red) 0,2 l CZK 65,00 grog with Tatratea (2 cl) 0,2 l CZK 65,00 punch al Mandarino CZK 50,00 hot cherry 0,2 l CZK 45,00 bombardino with whipped cream 1 dcl CZK 75,00 chocolate frappe (banana flavour, without flavour) 0,3 l CZK 50,00 frappe with different flavours 0,3 l CZK 35,00 are you thirsty? bottled BEER: Vratislavický Konrad Pilot (non-alcoholic) 0,5 l CZK 35,00 (70 CZK /1 l) Konrad 10 0,5 l CZK 35,00 (70 CZK/1 l) Vratislavický ležák 11 0,5 l CZK 40,00 (80 CZK/1 l) Kapucín 11 (dark) 0,5 l CZK 40,00 (80 CZK/1 l) Konrad 12 0,5 l CZK 45,00 (90 CZK/1 l) Spytihněv 14 (special) 0,5 l CZK 50,00 (100 CZK/1 l) Vratislavický ALE 16 0,5 l CZK 55,00 (110 CZK/1 l) are you hungry? check the fridge... BEAR BRED; FOCACCIA CZK 85,00 SANDWICHES CZK 95,00 CROISSANTS & BAGELS CZK 65,00 SALADS CZK 70,00 85,00 SAUSAGES with bread CZK 89,00 Bread (with salads, etc.) CZK 10,00 in mood for something sweet? PASTRIES (various types) CZK 35,00-55,00 CAKE, tiramisu, panna cotta CZK 55,00 65,00 Fruity cakes with cream cheese CZK 60,00 Chocolate soufflé with whipped cream CZK 60,00 NATURAL YOGURT CZK 40,00/45,00 (honey, cashews, cranberries / wild berries) Raspberry tapioca pudding CZK 50,00 Bircher műsli, chocolate pudding with cherries CZK 55,00 Bowl of roasted almonds CZK 35,00

5 Popcorn 90 g CZK 35,00 Nachos (served with cheddar and salsa sauce) CZK 54,00 WINE from Moravia Company Vinařství Roman Komarov was founded in 1997 and belongs to the small wineries. They are cultivating six hectares of vineyards and produces about 400 hectolitres of wine. In some years, it is even more. The vineyards are located in the wine village Ivančice and wine routes Pod Jakubem. Lately they faced the problems to buy enough high-quality grapes from their region Ivančice and Dolnokounicko. Because of frost, drought and other problems in their micro-region and the lack of good raw materials from other areas, although Znojmo wine region do not want to import grapes. They are buying grapes within a neighbourhood, up to twenty kilometres from Ivančice, mostly from villages Moravské Bránice, Mělčany, Dolní Kounice and, of course, from the farmers in Ivančice. In the vineyards are grown several types of wine, which are capable to reach requested sugar content, which is the main indicator of future quality of wines. The main focus is to grow healthy grapes with high sugar content. Wines are produced traditionally, especially for red wines and new methods are used for the white wines production. Both ted and white wines are stored for some time in wooden barrels. RED WINE prices: glass 0,1 l/ 0,75 l bottle /1l André 2013 CZK 36,00/269,00/359,00 Cabernet Moravia CZK 31,00/232,00/309,00 Frankovka 2012 CZK 35,00/260,00/347,00 Ivančický korbel CZK 40,00/300,00/400,00 Neronet 2015 CZK 39,00/292,00/391,00 Rulandské modré CZK 39,00/290,00/387,00 Rulandské modré CZK 31,00/232,00/309,00 Rulandské modré will be delivered 3/2017 Svatovavřinecké winner SALON VÍN 2014 CZK 39,00/290,00/387,00 Svatovavřinecké CZK 30,00/226,00/301,00 Svatovavřinecké CZK 38,00/283,00/377,00 Zweigeltrebe 2013 CZK 40,00/295,00/393,00 WHITE WINE prices: glass 0,1 l/ 0,75 l bottle /1l Chardonnay 2015 CZK 34,00/257,00/343,00 Ivančický korbel CZK 34,00/257,00/343,00 Müller Thurgau 2015, dry CZK 30,00/224,00/299,00 Müller Thurgau 2015, semi-dry CZK 26,00/196,00/261,00 Muškát moravský CZK 36,00/269,00/359,00 Ryzlink rýnský CZK 47,00/353,00/471,00 Sauvignon CZK 41,00/305,00/407,00

6 Veltlínské červené rané CZK 32,00/238,00/317,00 Veltlínské zelené CZK 32,00/237,00/316,00 ROSÉ prices: glass 0,1 l/ 0,75 l bottle /1l Ivančický korbel CZK 36,00/271,00/361,00 Svatovavřinecké Rosé 2015 CZK 31,00/232,00/309,00 Zweigeltrebe Rosé 2015 CZK 31,00/230,00/307,00 FRENCH WINE prices: glass 0,1 l/ 0,75 l bottle /1l Edelzwicker 2014 CZK 45,00/263,00/350,00 Prosecco and sparkling wine prices: glass 0,1 l/ 0,75 l bottle /1l Prosecc Mionetto (brut) CZK 60,00/338,00/451,00 Chateau Radyně (extra brut) CZK 60,00/338,00/451,00 Chateau Bzenec (brut, Ryzlink Rýnský) CZK 60,00/338,00/451,00 Alcoholic drinks APERITIVES Aperol CZK 50,00 Cinzano Bianco/Rosso 1 dcl CZK 60,00 Campari Bitter CZK 60,00 Spritz (prosecco, aperol) 2 dcl CZK 95,00 Beton (Becher, tonic) 2 dcl CZK 65,00 Martini Dry 1 dcl CZK 80,00 GIN Beefeater CZK 50,00 VODKA Absolut CZK 50,00 Absolut Rasberri CZK 50,00 RUM Abuelo An ejo 7 An os 40% Panama CZK 80,00 Abuelo An ejo 12 An os 40% Panama CZK 126,00 Blackwell 40% Jamaica CZK 70,00 Botran Solera 1893 Gran Reserva 40% Guatemala CZK 115,00 Brugal 1888 Ron Gran Reserva Fam. 40% Domin. rep. CZK 195,00 Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva 40% Venezuela CZK 115,00

7 Diplomátioco Reserva 40% Venezuela CZK 85,00 Diplomático Blanco 40% Venezuela CZK 85,00 Diplomático An ejo 40% Venezuela CZK 55,00 El Dorado 12YO 40% Guyana CZK 110,00 El Ron Prohibido 12 40% Mexico CZK 75,00 Flor de Caña 4YO extra dry 40% Nicaragua CZK 45,00 Kraken 40% USA CZK 85,00 Legendario Anejo 40% Cuba CZK 80,00 Matusalem Platino 40% Cuba CZK 62,00 Matusalem Clásico 10 y 40% Cuba CZK 80,00 Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 y 40% Cuba CZK 132,00 Millonario 15 Solera Reserva Esp. 40% Peru CZK 160,00 Mount Gay Black Barrel 43% Barbados CZK 85,00 Mount Gay % Barbados CZK 234,00 Plantation Gran Anejo XO 42% Guatemala CZK 95,00 R. L. Seale s 10 YO 43% Barbados CZK 125,00 Ron Del Barrilito*** 43% Portorico CZK 135,00 Sailor Jerry Spiced 40% Virgin Is. CZK 70,00 Varadero 7 YO 38% Cuba CZK 75,00 Zacapa Solera 15 40% Guatemala CZK 135,00 Zacapa Solera 23 40% Guatemala CZK 125,00 Zacapa Solera 23 Etiqueta Negra 43% Guatemala CZK 290,00 Zaya Gran Reserva 12 YO 40% Trinidad CZK 160,00 Ypióca Cachaça Empalhada Prata 39% Brazil 6cl CZK 85,00 (served on ice with lime and cane sugar as cocktail) Kakadu Elixir de Banana (rum. liquor) 30% Domin. rep. 4cl CZK 55,00 TEQUILA Corralejo Reposado (Mexico) CZK 105,00 SCOTCH WHISKY Grant s Family Reserve CZK 40,00 Grant s Ale Cask CZK 45,00 Grant s Sherry Cask CZK 45,00 Grant s 18 YO CZK 219,00 Mounkey Shoulder CZK 140,00 SINGLE MALT Balvenie 12 Y CZK 195,00 Bruichladdich Port Charlotte CZK 245,00 Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie CZK 120,00 Glenfiddich 12 Y CZK 120,00 Glenfiddich 15 Y CZK 180,00 Glenfiddich 18 Y CZK 220,00 Glenlivet 12 Y CZK 120,00 Tullamore DEW 10 Y CZK 140,00

8 Tullamore DEW 12 Y CZK 147,00 Tullamore DEW 14 Y CZK 195,00 IRISH WHISKY Tullamore DEW CZK 59,00 BOURBON, AMERICAN, CANADIAN WHISKY Wild Turkey (81 proof, 40,5%) CZK 70,00 Wild Turkey (101 proof, 50,5%) CZK 80,00 GOGNAC & BRANDY Rémy Martin XO Excellence (Fine Champagne Cognac) CZK 345,00 Rémy Martin 1738 CZK 170,00 Rémy Martin VSOP CZK 130,00 Metaxa 5* CZK 50,00 Metaxa Honey Shot 5* CZK 50,00 Metaxa 7* CZK 55,00 Metaxa 12* CZK 95,00 Karpatské brandy CZK 95,00 LIQUERS Becherovka / Becherovka Lemond CZK 40,00 Bentianna CZK 85,00 Cointreau CZK 75,00 Hruškovice Williams Francie (Francis Beck) CZK 125,00 Jägermeister CZK 70,00 Maple Liqueur (whisky from Canada with maple syrup) CZK 55,00 Altfernet/Altfernet Spice CZK 35,00 Bailey s / Bailey s chocolate CZK 50,00/CZK 65,00 Káhlua CZK 55,00 Sambuca extra Molinari CZK 80,00 Amaretto Beatino CZK 30,00 Galliano CZK 70,00 Tatratea 27% black berries with açai CZK 50,00 Tatratea 32% citrus CZK 50,00 Tatratea 42% peach CZK 55,00 Tatratea 52% Original Tea Liqueur CZK 60,00 Tatratea 62% Berries CZK 65,00 Tatratea 72% Outlaw Tea Liqueur CZK 70,00 TRADITIONAL CZECH LIQUERS Hruškovka 25% CZK 30,00 Vaječňák 17% CZK 45,00 Hořká 35% CZK 55,00 Griotka 20% CZK 40,00

9 LIST OF ALLERGENS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE ANNEX II OF EU REGULATION n. 1169/ FRESH JUICES ingredients and allergens listen on the packaging (PACKAGED PRODUCT) 2. SALÁTY - ingredients and allergens listen on the packaging (PACKAGED PRODUCT) 3. DEZERTY (PUDINKY, JOGURTY ) - ingredients and allergens listen on the packaging (PACKAGED PRODUCT) 4. PASTRIES Bábovka (non-packaged product) - ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate 80%, baking powder, baking soda - allergens: eggs Minicheesecake (non-packaged product) - ingredients: sour cream, cheese Philadelphia, eggs, biscuits, butter, baking soda, sugar, vanilla sugar - allergens: eggs, lactose, gluten 5. SENDWICHES ingredients and allergens listen on the packaging (PACKAGED PRODUCT) Allergens and ingrediencies of pastry: - All the pastry contain gluten (therefore is this not mentioned repeatedly below): - All the pastry is made in the premises, where also nuts are processed - Wholegrain rye bread (organic, kosher): rye sourdough, rye flour, sea salt, water - Whole wheat bread with pumpkin seeds (organic, kosher): rye sourdough, wholemeal spelled flour, pumpkin seeds, sea salt, water; - Light wheat bread: wheat flour, yeast, malt, water, dark beer, salt - Wheat-rye bread dark: wheat flour, rye flour, water, salt, sugar, yeast, Xenos; ALLERGENS: SOYBEANS, MILK - Foccacia with/without olives: wheat flour, yeast, salt, olive oil, water, Xenos (black olives); ALLERGENS: SOYBEANS, MILK - Baguette with seeds: wheat flour, rye flour, yeast, salt, malt, Xenos, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds ALLERGENS: SOYBEANS, MILK, SESAME SEEDS - Baguette with olives: wheat flour, yeast, salt, olive oil, water, Xenos (black olives); ALLERGENS: SOYBEANS, MILK - Ciabatta with onion: wheat flour, olive oils, yeast, sea salt, semmelbackmittel, water, onion - Croissant: wheat flour, yeast, margarine, sugar, salt, eggs, Xenos, water ALLERGENS: EGGS - Bagel: wheat flour, milk, eggs, with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, spinach ALLERGENS: EGGS, MILK AND DIFFERENT SEEDS POPPY SEEDS AND SESAME Allergens in the sandwiches (ALL ARE ALSO MENTIONED ON THE PACKAGING OF THE PRODUCTS) - Cereals containing gluten: all sandwiches - Eggs: sandwiches with tuna - Crustaceans: none - Fish: sandwiches with tuna - Peanuts: none - Soya beans: sandwiches with tempeh, tofu, tofu salami - Milk: all sandwiches, unless mentioned different - Nuts: none, BUT sandwiches is made in the premises, where nuts are processed - Celery: sandwiches with celery spreads - Mustard: sandwiches with tuna, turkey and chicken - Sesame seeds : sandwiches with hummus - Sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentrations of more than 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/l: none - Lupin: sandwiches with poppy seeds - Molluscs: none On the behalf of freshtaste s. r. o. written by Zuzana Polášková INGREDIENTS AND ALLERGENS IN CAKES

10 Red Velvet Wheat flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs, oil, buttermilk, cocoa, vanilla extract, soda, vinegar, dye or beetroot, cream cheese, mascarpone, cream, icing sugar. Choco pears nuts Pie Wheat flour, butter, sugar, egg, pear, chocolate 45%, corn syrup, vanilla extract, walnuts., 8 Cheesecake Butter biscuits, butter, cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, vanilla sugar, sugar, eggs, lemon juice. Allergens 1, 3, 7 Brownies Wheat flour, butter, eggs, chocolate 45%, cacao, baking powder, salt. Carrot cake Wheat flour, carrot, sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs, oil, butter, cream cheese, nuts, salt, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, lemon juice., 8 Banana cake with rum Wheat flour, bananas, sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs, oil, butter, cream cheese, salt, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, cacao, lemon juice, rum. Chocolate cake Wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, cacao, baking soda, baking powder, salt, sour cream, chocolate, cream. According to the type of cake: caramel or cream cheese. Chocolate cake with nuts Wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, cacao, baking soda, baking powder, salt, sour cream, chocolate, cream, nuts, cream cheese., 8 Chocolate roulade with coconut Dark dough and vanilla cream with coconut create together a delicious combination for any occasion. Even more variants are possible., 8 Muffins with fruits Made of shortbread dough and filled with vanilla curd cream, decorated with fresh fruit and gelatine., Muffins Different types of sweet muffins: carrots, bananas, poppy seeds, oat with apples, chocolate. Schwartzwalder cake Wheat flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs, oil, milk, cacao, vanilla extract, baking soda, lemon juice, cherries, salt cream cheese, mascarpone, whipped cream. Snickers This cake is inspired with the famous Snickers. Combination of peanuts, peanuts butter, homemade nougat, marshmallow and salted caramel. Allergens: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 Apple pie Wheat flour, sugar, butter, eggs, apples, cinnamon, breadcrumbs. Apple strudel Strudel is made of homemade dough, filled with apples, raisins and walnuts., 8 Cupcakes Choco: wheat flour, sugar, butter, eggs, cream cheese, chocolate, cacao, baking powder, salt. Vanilla: wheat flour, sugar, butter, eggs, cream cheese, vanilla extract, lemon peel, baking powder, salt, milk. Fruits.. Banana bread

11 Oil, eggs, bananas, sugar, wheat flour, cinnamon, baking soda, baking powder, salt, crumbs (butter, sugar, flour). Bábovka Wheat flour, eggs, oil, baking powder, sugar, lemon peel, cacao (cream cheese). Fruit cake Wheat flour, eggs, cream, milk, oil, baking powder, sugar, lemon peel, fruits, crumbs (butter, sugar, flour). Choco fondant Wheat flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate, butter. Panna Cotta Cream, vanilla sugar, gelatine, raspberries. Allergens: 7 Tiramisu Cream, Mascarpone, sugar, biscuits, alcohol, coffee. Quiche Wheat flour, eggs, spice, salt, butter, cream, cheese. All the products can contain elements of further allergens, which are listed in the EU Regulation 1169/11 EU.

12 SUBSTANCES OR PRODUCTS CAUSING ALLERGIES OR INTOLERANCES ACCORDING TO THE EU REGULATION 1169/11 1. Cereals containing gluten, namely: wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut or their hybridised strains, 2. Crustaceans and products 3. Eggs and products 4. Fish and products 5. Peanuts and products 6. Soybeans and products 7. Milk and products 8. Nuts, namely: almonds (Amygdalus communis L.), hazelnuts (Corylus avellana), walnuts (Juglans regia), cashews (Anacardium occidentale), pecan nuts (Carya illinoinensis(wangenh.) K. Koch), Brazil nuts (Bertholletia excelsa), pistachio nuts (Pistacia vera), macadamia or Queensland nuts (Macadamia ternifolia), and products. 9. Celery 10.Mustard and products 11.Sesame seeds and products 12.Sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentrations of more than 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/l in terms of the total SO2 which are to be calculated for products as proposed ready for consumption or as reconstituted according to the instructions of the manufacturers; 13.Lupin and products 14.Molluscs and products. Information about non-packed products = fresh-prepared meals Description of allergens has only informative purpose: This requirement applies to all food producers, catering, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, social institutions, shops, bakeries etc. Since is a duty of each food seller or public catering to indicate all the allergens in every product. The providers have right to choose the way of application of the Regulation in regards of the type and character of their business. The law entails and obligation on the providers to identify clearly and visibly, although is not further specified, it can be deduced that the indication has inform the consumer sufficiently about allergens in meals or that the meals is part of the list of allergens. The provider has obligation to list all the allergens, but is not obliged to consider all the hypersensitivity of consumers. This fact needs to be considered by the customer himself. It has only informational purpose and the indication of allergens will be marked in the menu. In case that the numerical identification is applied, the list of legislatively identified allergens will be part of this menu. On the behalf of Sweet Life s. r. o. written by Alena Foster