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1 News Interesting. Facts. Activities Fortuna Maschinenbau Holding AG Customer Newsletter Customer Reference BAKERY FUCHS Installation Engineering INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS Hygiene Concept FORTUNA CARE Editorial Dear customers and interested readers, just in time for the spring trade fairs we have again put together an exciting mix of topics for you in our newsletter. The spectrum ranges from current trade fair highlights to our new bread lines to the Fortuna- CARE hygiene cloths. This time we particularly focused on installation engineering. The following pages will tell you everything about the various equipment variants which you can use with Fortuna to compose your own individual desired installation. Visit us at one of the upcoming trade fairs and be inspired by our various product ideas. Or arrange a personal appointment at your bakery. See you! Yours, INTERNORGA Hamburg (DE) Hall B6, booth 127 Trade fair highlights Dough friendly processing of soft doughs Divider and rounder Magnus, the all-rounder for the production of large quantities Dough divider Panus for bread doughs INTERSICOP Madrid (ES) Hall 5, booth 5E 02 Combined bread roll line Premium K with stamping-cutting unit BAKEPOL Kielce (PL) Hall D, booth 38 World of Fortuna Volker Wöhrle Live demonstration of bakery machinery: production of Kaiser rolls, long rolls with cut and Houska Hygiene cloth FortunaCARE the innovation for proofing and swing trays

2 Dough dividers and rounders Key for your success When producing small bakery goods the dividers and rounders are crucial for the further processing. They are at the beginning of the production chain. Out of shapeless dough they form even little dough Fortuna Primus 2-pockets pieces with perfect surfaces therefore being the key for the whole process. If they do not deliver good quality the plant cannot make up this deficit. The best thing is to be on the safe side right away and Scaling range chose the proven Fortuna technology. We provide high-quality dividers and rounders for different performance classes and fields of application. For handicraft pastries in absolute top form! Hourly output* Pieces / hour Fortuna Primus 4-, 5-, 6-pockets Scaling range Hourly output* Pieces / hour Fortuna Magnus 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-pockets Scaling range Hourly output* Pieces / hour * depending on the dough used 2

3 Equipment Helpful hoppers In order to facilitate your daily work in the bakery we offer a wide choice of hoppers for our dividers and rounders, which allow a comfortable dough feed. Depending on your individual needs and Plastic hopper - foldable (up to 160 kg) the available space in your bakery, you can choose between different versions. The hoppers are different in size, function and material; they are available either permanently installed or movable or Top hopper - movable (up to 240 kg) foldable for better cleaning. Additional oiling of the hopper walls or the dough flow control are only two of many other options for a perfect start to your production of pastries. Dough chunker - movable (up to 400 kg) What type would you like? Your customers love variety? Then Fortuna is exactly the right choice because we do everything to allow you a production of a large choice of goods without much effort. Our stamping unit for example is equipped with a rotatable turret on which you can mount different punching tools. This creates a greater variety of shapes and causes short changeover times when changing products. Here you can see the different types available. And they are not complete at all! We also put your individual motif or logo on the dough piece. Kaiser roll button roll star pressed roll sun after work tartaruga three star football Houska Poznan roll double-cut roll (extract from the complete list) 3

4 Hygiene concept the clean solution Who does not know this problem: mould deposit on proofing trays, cloths and baking trays. In the bakery, where flour, warm temperatures and moisture meet, prevail the ideal conditions for the spread of the troublesome and extremely stubborn mould spores. Once the grey mould stains are settled in the proofing cloths, it is hardly possible to get them out of the fabric even by means of intensive cleaning. Together with practitioners from the bakery industry, Fortuna has developed a proofing cloth, which stops the mould formation and fulfils the highest hygiene requirements. FortunaCARE is breathable, resistant to dirt and moisture and is therefore especially easy to clean. Thanks to the special coating impurities remain on the surface and cannot enter into the fabric. FortunaCARE can be used as a liner for proofing trays and baking trays. Due to the precise cut the TÜV-tested cloths are suitable for almost all proofer systems. They are available both with adhesive strips and with hook and loop tape. Material properties: Carrier material made of 100 % polyester Rear side with polyurethane coating 100 % breathable and antibacterial Washable up to 60 C In accordance with HACCP standard and German Consumer Goods Ordinance Impregnation: Invisible, molecular protection Colourless and odourless No discolouration through ultraviolet light Semi-hydrophobic Resistant to food Neutral ph The clever way to cool down your bakery products Your dough pieces can quickly and effectively cool down on these new baking trays which are made of plastic with a sophisticated technology of grids in the floor thus being designed in accordance with the baker s needs: they are stable, stackable and much lighter than traditional baking trays made of metal or wood. In this way, they make the work in the bakery easier day by day, tray by tray. Also when it comes to hygiene the plastic baking trays are the first choice. Since the trays are cast in one piece, they can be easily and thoroughly cleaned. Wood splinters as can be found when using wooden baking trays or other foreign objects do not come into contact with your bakery products at all. Moreover, in combination with FortunaCARE proofing cloths the trays meet the highest hygiene standards. The advantages at a glance: Lighter than traditional trays made of metal or wood Suitable for use with foodstuffs, in dishwashers and for freezing Integrated hollow chambers store the cold for hours No skin formation on the dough pieces Stackable and very robust 4

5 Hygiene concept Fortuna sets new standards The state technical school for food technology in Kulmbach, Germany, carried out laboratory experiments and tested the hygiene cloths thoroughly. The result is: If the cleaning and hygiene requirements are complied with hardly any mould growth can be found when using the FortunaCARE cloth on the swing trays. Nevertheless, we additionally integrate a UV disinfection station for the empty swings of our plants because fungal spores can also be transmitted from other sources and, despite the FortunaCARE coating, settle on the surface. However, with an undamaged surface they do not enter into the fabric and are then effectively killed by the UV light. Important is the duration of exposure to the UV radiation which should be at least 9 seconds. But that s not all. When constructing our plants we do much more to provide a plus of hygiene in the production process: The frames are made of stainless steel The swing tray chains are made of nonrusting material Large, wide doors allow an easy access Shaft-mounted motors and direct drives replace high-maintenance chain drives We use FDA-certified belts The stamping cups are made of dough repellent plastic Cup cleaning unit and flour dust suction (optional) Frames made of stainless steel Non-rusting swing tray chain Easy access due to wing doors No high-maintenance chain drives FDA-certified belts Stamping cups made of dough repellent plastic Cup cleaning unit Flour dust suction Plastic baking tray with FortunaCARE 5

6 Plant designs Compact plant with Primus The 2-pocket bread roll system with long moulding unit and intermediate proofing unit offers high performance on minimal space. It is used for the production of round and longmoulded dough pieces in handicraft quality. Due to the compact 2-pocket version it even fits in the smallest bakery. Long moulding unit Working width 270 mm Intermediate proofing 4 minutes Manual discharge of the dough pieces Panning device with Primus The Fortuna panning device is the ideal solution to deposit round dough pieces from the divider and rounder directly on the sheet pans or the proofing tray. It is particularly easy to use and fits in every bakery. Universal deposit device for all common types of bread rolls Working width 600 mm Very precise panning Variably adjustable panning programmes Continuously moving discharge belt Long moulding unit (optional) Double roll device (optional) Ideal for the filling of sheet pans and proofing trays with the dimensions 58 x 78 cm, 58 x 98 cm and 60 x 40 cm with intermediate frame 6

7 Plant designs Combined plant Premium K with Primus The combined bread roll line Fortuna Premium K unites functionality of forming and cutting devices in one machine thus being particularly versatile and suitable for all types of common bread rolls. It can be used for the successful production of round and long-moulded bread rolls in handicraft quality. Due to the many expansion options the Fortuna Premium K is suitable for almost all business sizes. Intermediate proofing unit with climate control (optional) Automatic flour dusting Adjustable long moulding pressing board, can be removed for cleaning Cutting unit with pulling knive Stamping unit with rotatable turret for a greater variety of shapes Computer controlled with SPC and operating panel FortunaCARE swing tray cloths Number of pockets can be programmed Exact final panning Bypass for the direct filling of the trays (optional) Automatic UV disinfection and drying of the swing trays before every new filling Panning via discharge belt on proofing trays, e.g. pans or trays 60 x 40 cm, 58 x 78 cm or 58 x 98 cm 7

8 Plant designs Combined plant Premium K with Magnus Thanks to the combination of long moulding unit, stamping-cutting unit and upper belt long moulding unit this plant is especially versatile. It produces Kaiser rolls, long rolls with cut and pressed rolls as gently as mini baguettes, plaited loafs or bread rolls for hot dogs and sandwiches. In addition, the plant does the preparatory work for the production of pretzels or wrapped products. At the end of the proofing time the intended dough pieces arrive transversely from the plant via the side discharge on a work table or in a wrap machine. Alternatively, the dough pieces can be passed via a panning unit that can be switched off and a subsequent step belt, to an external processing unit. Transfer unit Panning unit that can be switched off for the transfer of dough pieces to external processing units Step belt allows a 2-pocket processing of long products Side discharge For pretzels or wrapped products at the end of the proofing time Transfer of the dough pieces via an upward folding belt Discharge after defined time Panning unit Panning on proofing trays with the length of an oven (1.6 m or 2 m) or two pans (58 x 78 cm) Images saved in the receipt storage and available at the push of a button Bypass Transport of round dough pieces from the divider and rounder directly to the panning unit Dough pieces are panned without fermentation 8

9 Upper belt long moulding unit For the creation of products such as mini baguettes or bread rolls for hot dogs and sandwiches Long moulding unit For the creation of products such as long rolls with cut or Houska Combined stamping-cutting unit (intermittend) With turret for a quick change of different types of bread rolls Products are stamped or cut Stamping and cutting bridge with long and round cups 9

10 Plant designs Berliner plant with Magnus It goes and goes and goes. With an hourly output of up to 4,700 pieces this plant produces Berliners at a high rate and with an absolutely constant quality and a weight accuracy that is second to none. In order to have a constant dough flow it is fed through a hopper with a capacity of 160 kg. With the integrated additional oiling the extremely soft Berliner doughs can be processed without problems. After the moulding process the dough pieces pass the fully climate-controlled proofer for 100 minutes of which 10 minutes are intended as stiffening zone. Subsequently they arrive via a panning belt at the grease pan. Due to the integrated upper belt long moulder and the side discharge other products can be executed as well with the plant. Additionally it provides smart hygiene solutions like the dust flour suction and the cup cleaning unit. In addition, all transport pans are equipped with the FortunaCARE hygiene cloth. All in all, a time-saving and above all very clean system! Hopper Plastic hopper Can be folded for better cleaning Divider and rounder Magnus as special version 3-pocket divider and rounder Special moulding drum and moulding belt for Berliner doughs Pivoting mechanism for the transfer from 3 to 9 pockets 10

11 Program control Fully climate-controlled proofer Touch display for the plant control Partly automated, partly menu-driven change to the respective product Equipped with turning and pressing unit Automatic UV disinfection Drying blower for the empty swings Stiffening section Cooling zone of 10 minutes Picture without isolating cladding Cup cleaning unit Rotating brushes for cleaning the swing trays Integrated dust flour suction with circulating air filter in shielded area Flour dust explosion protection Extractable drawer for remaining flour Transfer unit Automatic passing to the grease pan (9-pockets) 11

12 Plant designs Combined plant Profiline K with Magnus This impressive plant with its large plastic surfaces and high wing doors is already optically real eye candy. But also the inner values are more than worthy of note. The combined bread roll plant of the type Profiline with long moulding unit, stamping-cutting unit and seeding unit covers all variants of bread roll production: From long rolls with cut to seeded rolls or rye bread rolls to shaped pastries such as Kaiser, star, button or rossetta rolls to smooth round rolls, plaited rolls or Berliners. Short changeover times facilitate the change of products a lot. Also the seeding unit leaves no wishes unfulfilled. It provides an absolute pinpoint accurate seeding and can simply be removed for cleaning purposes. However, the highlight of the plant is the imprint unit. It provides the technical basis to apply your individual motif or logo onto the dough piece which guarantees the uniqueness of your bread rolls. Panning unit Self-supporting panning unit for the connection of an automated pan or tray transport system Automatic insertion and removal of the pans/trays Automatic flouring of the trays during insertion Seeding unit (extendable) Moistening of the dough pieces Pinpoint accurate seeding Exchangeable seeding containers Amount of water and material can be adjusted Seeding unit washable (splash-water protected) 12

13 Imprint unit For the application of an individual motif or logo onto the dough piece Combined stamping-cutting unit (following) Short changeover time when changing types due to equipment of two turrets Products are stamped or cut Stamping and cutting bridge with long and round cups Plastic panes All parts are easily accessible via large wing doors Wing doors instead of sliding doors allow a good access also from above 13

14 New at the trade fair Bread line Panus The German bread culture is unique in terms of its variety of bread types and it shows what the baker s trade in this country accomplishes every day. However, who would like to offer his customers a wide range of bread every day, needs a flexible bread line, which processes different doughs without problems. From now on you get these lines also from us! In proven Fortuna manner they are convincing because of a high performance, weight accuracy and a wide range of application. You can get complete lines with dough divider, round moulder, long moulding unit and proofer, but you can also operate the dough divider and round moulder separately - according to your needs. Intermediate proofing unit Completely made of stainless steel and easy to clean Proofing inserts can be cleaned by machine Teflon coated guides Long moulding unit 3 rollers gently shape the dough Moulding board can be adjusted to doughs or dough shapes Moulding path up to 2,000 mm Easy cleaning Cone round moulding unit Length of the moulding channel approx. 3,600 mm Equal and exact oil distribution Moulding drains do not have to be adjusted even with different dough weights 14

15 New at the trade fair Two systems for broad application With Fortuna you have the choice between dough dividing systems for different performance classes. The suction divider Fortuna Panus is particularly suitable for craftsmen s workshops. It easily processes all common types of dough and is characterized by an accurate dough portioning. The dough division is gently enough to maintain the structure of the dough to a large extend. The dough divider by Vemag is a high-capacity dividing system for very soft bread doughs. Long dough feeds or a high water content up to 220 dough yield are not a problem for it. Fortuna suction divider Dough friendly dividing process with pressing pistons by means of oil hydraulics Production output of up to 3,000 pieces per hour Scaling range 50-2,000 grams Processing of all common doughs High weight accuracy Short changeover and cleaning time Completely made of stainless steel Available as one- or two-chamber system Vemag dough divider New type of dividing system with double screw Production output of up to 8,400 pieces per hour Wide range of application (very long dough resting time and dough yield up to 220) High weight accuracy Gentle processing also with large fillings such as dates or nuts High cost effectiveness as no cutting oil is used Easy to clean 15

16 Bakery-confectionery Fuchs For friends of the good taste The Customer The bakery Fuchs is a traditional company that has been maintaining old and proven recipes for 125 years, but also experiments with new things and always has an open ear for the wishes of its customers. Head of the company is Hyazintha Fuchs whose philosophy is the handicraft tradition as well as the local supply of raw materials of her Franconian homeland. In order to ensure a high and consistent quality of premium bakery products, she continuously invests in the best raw materials and the latest technology. So also the bakery Fuchs counts on the proven Fortuna technology. A Jack of all Trades as a newcomer In 2009 Hyazintha Fuchs extended her bakery with a bread roll plant of the type Fortuna Profiline. The system is made of different modules that customers can specifically put together as desired. This modular design is ideal for us because we can adjust the system specifically to the needs of our company, explains the head of the bakery. Regarding the divider and rounder we chose the Fortuna Magnus with integrated soft dough flour duster because it causes a particularly dough friendly, even moulding of our extremely soft bread roll doughs. The bakery Fuchs mainly uses the Fortuna plant for the production of round bread rolls such as Kaiser rolls. In addition it is used for seeded bread rolls such as poppy seed, fitness or multigrain bread rolls which get their individual touch in the seeding unit. A major advantage of the system is the automatic pan cleaning with subsequent UV disinfection. This relieves the employees and ensures a hygienic processing. The conclusion of Hyazintha Fuchs: As our bread rolls the Fortuna plant in this combination is a matter of high quality. The Fuchs bakery is a familiy business in Bamberg leaded by Hyazintha Fuchs in the 4th generation. Since its foundation in 1885 the company has grown steadily and today employs about 850 people who bake daily in the by now 110 specialty shops in order to be able to offer a constant high quality and freshness. The top priority of the company is to pamper its customers with competence and friendliness and with ever-changing delights of the highest quality. Special features of the equipment: Intermediate and final proofing unit with climate control Side discharge for pretzels or wrapped products at the end of the proofing time Stamping-cutting unit for Kaiser rolls Seeding unit for several types of seeds Flour suction and automatic pan cleaning Automatic UV disinfection with drying of the swing trays before any new filling Fortuna Maschinenbau Holding AG Auwaldstraße 1 D Bad Staffelstein Phone: Fax: and are registered trademarks of Fortuna Maschinenbau Holding AG.