Philadelphia. Live Historic. Live Bold. Live Philadelphia. Where modern luxury meets historic elegance. Discover what it s like to LIVE here.

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1 here modern luxury meets historic elegance. Discover what it s like to LIV here. JU 2018 H COPL GUID O GO Philadelphia Live Historic. Live Bold. Live Philadelphia. elcome Summer S SHO-OPP US IS GLSS O B K JSO KIZ op eal state gent at Kurfiss Sotheby s Philadelphia c o Locust Street Suite 300, Philadelphia, P ach office is independently owned & operated Celebrate Flag Fest at the Betsy oss House June POOIO

2 Philadelphia COS S O OF PHILDLPHI HL.CO the plan the guide 02 ditor s Itinerary 12 XX he essential things to see and do in Philadelphia, plus a 90-minute visit to a familyfriendly riverside attraction. op spots to shop, from department stores to independent boutiques 04 here Calendar 18 XX Hot Dates his onth op things to do in June. 10 Yards Brewing Company GLLIS & IQUS Paintings, photography, sculptures, antiques, plus exhibitions to see now 21 XX (CLOCKIS FO LF) J. FUSCO/VISI PHILDLPHI ;. KDY/VISI PHILDLPHI; COUSY DOUBL KO; KLLY FLCH SHOPPIG DIIG asty Philly restaurants, from fine dining to fast casual, in more than a dozen neighborhoods XX 40 Philadelphia Your ay Our picks for seeing the city with the guys, Zen seekers, the LGBQ crowd or all three. 8 Philadelphia International Festival of the rt s Doggie Hamlet Philadelphia JU 2018 H COPL GUID O GO elcome Summer S SHO-OPP US IS GLSS O B K Celebrate Flag Fest at the Betsy oss House June POOIO O H COV he birthplace of the merican flag brings the sights and sounds of the 18th century back to life. J. FUSCO COC IH US D US O GZ where now 8 Show Stoppers he Philadelphia International Festival of the rts returns with its signature jaw-dropping acts. Don t know what to see? Check out our guide to the top shows. BY Y GODO 10 Cheers to Beer June in Philadelphia means Philly Beer eek. aise a glass to the city s craft suds at spots all around town, from friendly local watering holes to roaming beer gardens. 28 I Fun bars, hip lounges, worldclass theater and many more ways to enjoy the arts PS xplore the city from north to south and to Z page

3 DIO S IIY YOU LIG COPIO SIC 1936 KI-DIBL PHILDLPHI S O L B Y ssential Philadelphia DIO nne Kim-Dannibale DIOIL SSI lexander DVISIG & CICULIO School s out, so naturally, our thoughts turn to summertime diversions. Luckily, we don t have to go far to enjoy all that the season has to offer. he Philadelphia International Festival of the rts returns with tons of jaw-dropping acts like a 24-hour, nonstop show. ot sure what to see? efer to our top picks on page 8. June also highlights Philly Beer eek, a popular time in this brew-loving town. e show you how to make the most of it on page 10. ight on time? Here s a quick guide to one of the city s most popular family-friendly riverside attractions. SSOCI PUBLISH Brenda endte CICULIO D COUICIOS G Zach Santo DIOIL & DSIG DICO Dusty artin OIS VISIO PUBLICIOS VP XCUIV PSID Donna. Kessler CHIF FICIL OFFIC Dennis Kelly VIC PSID, OPIOS ngela. llen HD OF DIGIL ichard H. Brashear II DICO OF CICULIO Scott Ferguson VP CIV CHIF CIV OFFIC Haines ilkerson DIOIL DICO argaret artin DICO OF PHOOGPHY Isaac rjonilla CIV COODIO Beverly andelblatt Independence Seaport useum his site founded by J. elles Henderson has been offering an insightful look at the region s waterways since 1960, when it was known as the Philadelphia aritime useum. In 1995, the museum took its current name and moved to its current location at Penn s Landing on the Delaware aterfront. Start inside at the exhibition Patriots and Pirates, which tells the story of the U.S. avy (and its encounters with buccaneers). From here, check out key artifacts, like the bridge from the U.S.S. Lawrence, which was built in Camden, ew Jersey, just across the river. For something a little more hands-on, climb aboard Diligence, a 102-foot full-size model of the 1797 original schooner, and glimpse 18thcentury life at sea. Outside, you ll find the Cruiser Olympia and Submarine Becuna (pictured), ational Historic Landmark VP PUBLICIO SVICS PUBLICIO SVICS DICO Karen Fralick PUBLICIO SVICS G Cher heeler DIGIL IGIG rik Lewis VP UFCUIG & CHOLOGY DICO OF UFCUIG Donald Horton -mails for all of the above except contributors: ships that have been berthed at the museum since Launched in 1892, the Cruiser Olympia is the oldest surviving merican naval warship from its era and the oldest floating steel warship. It served as Commodore Dewey s flagship when he won the Battle of anila Bay in the Spanish-merican ar. In her heyday, the Subma- Get going! xplore the city at rine Becuna (aka Becky ), a II and Cold ar-era submersible, patrolled the Pacific and tlantic oceans, sinking 3.5 Japanese merchant ships and eavesdropping on Soviet submarines. Correction: he Family Fun Guide incorrectly lists information for the museum. dmission prices are $17; seniors/ students/military $12; children under 3 free. Historic ships are open h-sa, 10 am-8 pm through Labor Day. in the world here is an international network of magazines first published in 1936 and distributed in over 4,000 leading hotels in more than 50 places around the world. Look for us when you visit any of the following cities, or plan ahead for your next trip by visiting us online at UID S laska, tlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Jacksonville/ St. ugustine/melia Island, Las Vegas, Los ngeles, aui, iami, inneapolis/st. Paul, ew Orleans, ew York, Oahu, Orange County (C), Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix/Scottsdale, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, ampa, ucson, ashington, D.C. SI Hong Kong, acau, Singapore ULI Brisbane, Gold Coast, elbourne, Sydney CD Calgary, Canadian ockies, dmonton, Halifax, uskoka/parry Sound, Ottawa, oronto, Vancouver, Victoria, histler, innipeg UOP Berlin, Budapest, Istanbul, London, adrid, ilan, oscow, Paris, ome, St. Petersburg 2 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 (FO OP) KI-DIBL;. FISCHI/VISI PHILDLPHI 90 IUS I: Oliveira VP PHILDLPHI 1455 Pennsylvania ve., Suite 457, ashington, DC 20004, OIS COUICIOS CHI illiam S. orris III PSID & CO illiam S. orris IV here magazine is produced by orris Visitor Publications (VP), a division of orris Communications Co., LLC. 725 Broad St., ugusta, G 30901, here magazine and the where logo are registered trademarks of orris Visitor Publications. here makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. ll rights reserved. eproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited. VP is a proud sponsor of Les Clefs d Or US w w w. w heret ravel er.c om 3

4 H CLD JU Save $2 Search the full Philadelphia calendar at HO DS Use code H18 at OP SPOS he summer music season heats up with top acts, from rock stars to rappers. JU 2 OOS PICIC Comedian Dave Chappelle presides over acts like 2 Chainz, he Diplomats and DJ Kid Capri. From $56. See website for times. Festival Pier, Columbus Blvd. and Spring Garden St., , LL OH: Spruce Street Harbor Park s the weather warms up, locals flock to the banks of the Delaware iver, where summer kicks into high gear. ll season long, the area channels a seaside carnival, complete with a lively boardwalk with games like shuffleboard and bocce, and the Oasis with floating gardens. fter getting your fill of all the action, snag a comfy hammock and watch the lights on the trees change colors and sparkle when the sun dips down. Free admission. Daily. Delaware iver aterfront, 301 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd. at Spruce Street, , 6 Great hings ot to Be issed 1 BLLX POP-UP > JU 3 he modern troupe dances among art. Free. 1 pm. Brandywine iver useum, 1 Hoffman ill s oad, Chadds Ford, Pa., , Cary lwes 2 PIDDY > JU 10 argaret Cho headlines this year s festival. Parade free; festival $15. 11:30 am. 13th and Locust sts., , 4 BLOOSDY > JU 16 oast James Joyce with a daylong reading of Ulysses featuring local celebs, plus music and food. Free. 11 am-8pm. he osenbach, Delancey Place, , 5 IGH K > JU 21 Food trucks and local mom-and-pops tempt at this popular street food fest. Free admission pm. 13th and Locust sts., YUK S FIVL > JU Hundreds of national and international artists bring their works to picturesque anayunk. Free admission pm. 13th and Locust sts., 6 PrideDay 3 ICOCIVBL VIG IH CY LS > JU 15 he actor tells all about the making of he Princess Bride. $34-$ pm. erriam heater, 250 S. Broad St., , For a full calendar of events, go to 4 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 JU 11 DF LPPD IH JOUY ock and power ballads hit high notes at this joint show by two 80s bighitters. From $ pm. ells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St., , JU U2 Bono and crew bring high-tech magic to their xperience & Innocence tour. From $41. 8 pm. ells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St., , wellsfargo JU 22 Y LOG he Grammy-winning singer/songwriter brings his vintage sound to Penn s Landing. From $20. 7:30 pm. Festival Pier, Columbus Blvd. and Spring Garden St., , (FO OP). FISCHI/VISI PHILDLPHI; COUSY H KIL C; J. FUSCO/VISI PHILDLPHI JU 8 KDICK L he Pulitzer Prize-winning musician joins SZ and Schoolboy Q for a night of head-bobbing hip-hop. From $45. 7:30 pm. BB& Pavilion, 1 Harbour Blvd., Camden,.J., , xplore merica s ost Historic Prison haunting world of crumbling cellblocks and empty guard towers ours include the cellblocks, l Capone s Cell, artist installations, and an audio tour narrated by actor Steve Buscemi. Open very Day 10 am to 5 pm (215) Fairmount venue, Philadelphia, P Just five blocks from the Philadelphia useum of rt

5 Chef and third generation Pat s owner Frankie Oliveri, as seen on Food etwork, ravel Channel, Spike and more 6 JU

6 For more information Philadelphia where now he savvy traveler s guide to the City of Brotherly Love aylor ac: 24-Decade History of Popular usic C G Show Stoppers BY Y GODO 8 H CIY I OH Y PHOO CDI GOS H he Philadelphia International Festival of the rts returns with its signature high-flying acts. (FO OP) DDY OLFF; COUSY H KIL C; (OPPOSI) COUSY S XPSS ild & onderful he Philadelphia International Festival of the rts (PIF) presents works so unique and over the top that the festival happens only once every two years. his year doesn t disappoint. hrough June 10, he Kimmel Center production showcases more than 50 events that defy characterization. Don t miss these top picks. YLO C: 24 DCD HIOY OF POPUL USIC he acrthur genius grant recipient explores 240 years of history in a 24-hour, decade-by-decade tour de force performance with more than 200 local performers, ranging from a marching band to burlesque dancers. he audience even gets era-specific foods, courtesy of Garces Catering. H PLS In this multi-sensory, mind-expanding experience, the Jazz Orchestra of Philadelphia performs a world-premiere arrangement (with the help of a 19-year-old local musician) of Gustav Holst s he Planets. he music is accompanied by a mesmerizing film from S and Jet Propulsion Laboratories presenting unforgettable footage of our solar system, planet by planet, as seen from space. PIF FI hallmark of the arts festival, the free block party once again spills out across Broad Street from City Hall to South Street, with carnival-style rides, some of Philly s favorite food vendors, and loads of fun taking full advantage of longer daytime hours this time of year. CIL PLC PIF brings spectacles audiences won t see anywhere else, like this act set in Fairmount Park. his year, the high-flying event brings back ranse xpress, the renowned street artist troupe that dazzled onlookers during PIF 2011 by playing music and performing feats while suspended in the air. his time, the aweinspiring aerialists create a human chandelier towering high above the crowd (opposite). eanwhile, back on solid ground, the crowd is encouraged to dance and move around the immersive installation. DOGGI HL hirty sheep, five dancers and a trio of dogs compose the cast of this thought-provoking performance, set outdoors at the Belmont Plateau in Fairmount Park, where the audience sits on bales of hay. hrough dance, music, living props and visual elements, the production examines the relationship between the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding agricultural land that supports it. he hour-long piece has three performances throughout PIF. he Planets 9

7 H O Philadelphia Hop to It Cheers to the City s Beer Scene ith passionate drinkers, dedicated bar owners, smart importers and upstart breweries, Philly is one of the best beer cities in the country. Here, a few top places to quench your thirst. FKFOD HLL Stephen Starr recalls a traditional German biergarten but with a modern spin. Counter service, long communal tables and alfresco ping-pong create a lively atmosphere, with huge steins of traditional German and craft beers. Fill up on casual fare like schnitzel and bratwurst Frankford ve., , IDPDC B GD onk s Cafe his sprawling outdoor space overlooks the Liberty Bell Center and Independence ational Historical Park. wo bars pour local and domestic craft brews with a menu offering snacks and plates, from seasoned popcorn to mahi-mahi tacos and fried chicken. 100 S. Independence all est, , PHILLY B K In a city where founding fathers gathered in local pubs some 300 years ago after a long day of hashing out the birth of this nation, it s no wonder that Philadelphia is home to one of the largest and Standard ap most diverse beer cultures around. From June 1 to 10, Philly becomes the ultimate place to raise a pint JOS PIOL S Few things are thanks to Philly Beer eek. During this annual suds- more comforting than great beer soaked celebration, hundreds of events including and well-made exican food. meet-the-brewer nights, themed tours and even beer dinners draw the world s top brewers and tipplers. Philly Beer eek is the biggest beer festival of its kind, showcasing the talent of local breweries like Yards, Victory, Dock Street, Free ill Brewing Company and so many more. ot in town for the festivities? o need to fret. very neighborhood in this brew-loving town is home to remarkable beer halls, ensuring there s always somewhere welcoming to stop in for lip-smacking suds, local color and plenty of that Philly Brotherly Love. See right for a few of our favorite watering holes. See all beer week Frankford Hall events at 10 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 Independence Beer Garden he two come together perfectly here. ith a beer list that reads like a phone book, there s something here for everyone at this casual, centrally located local favorite. 263 S. 15th St., , OK S CF It s worth the wait for a seat at this Center City hotspot; the beer selection is one of the best in merica. Order a pot of mussels and a beer you ve never heard of you won t be disappointed. 264 S. 16th St., , DD P From the all-local beer list featuring standout breweries like Stoudt s and röegs, to its scrumptious menu (duck confit salad), this orthern Liberties joint offers a quintessential Philly gastropub experience Second St., , (CLOCKIS FO LF) J. SIH/VISI PHILDLPHI ;. FISCHI/VISI PHILDLPHI (2); G. ID/VISI PHILDLPHI ; (OPPOSI) LB Y SIP + SO Parks on ap ow in its third year, this popular traveling community beer garden brings a barbecue-inspired menu, beer specials, games and seating (think hammocks) to green spaces across the city. Check the website,, for locations. 11

8 the guide SHOPPIG CSH BG BOO his indie shop just off of South Street features punk rock clothing and accessories for guys and gals alike. Find leather jackets, plaid pants and rock -shirts from brands including Lip Service, ripp YC and Switchblade plus studded jewelry, edgy shoes and rock memorabilia. -u, noon-7 pm, -h, noon8 pm; F-Sa, noon-9 pm; Su, noon-6 pm. www. 528 S. Fourth St., ap 1, K7 HS I H BLFY his local chain offers a Shopping June large selection of men s and women s dress and casual toppers from brands including Stetson, Giovannio and styles from the hat company s own line. -Sa 10 am-7 pm, 10 am-8 pm, Su 11 am-6 pm Chestnut St., ap 1, G5 SUGCUB Locally owned, beautifully spa- cious and always inviting, Sugarcube is known for inspired fashion for men and women by independent designers and vintage styles. You might find such labels as.p.c., Dunderdon, Frenzii, Kim Schalk, Steven lan, Pendleton and rue Grit. 11 am-7 pm, u-sa noon-7 pm, Su noon-5 pm hird St., ap 1, K4 VIC his chic luxury apparel store is committed Lou Lou Boutique Dudes Boutique Lush Cosmetics and Spa Located in idtown Village, this small popular chain offers an affordable selection of on-trend jewelry, hats, sunglasses and other accessories in a boutique setting. nd since prices are affordable, splurging here won t break the bank S. 13th St., ap 1, I5 Despite its name, this Center City shop carries clothing and accessories for both men and women. he store specializes in pieces made with exotic skins, but also stocks items made with fabric, plus edgy and outof-the-box shoes, belt buckles and even watches South St., ap 1, J7 Yes, this popular international cosmetics store is well known for its balms and body butters handmade with natural ingredients. But this location also has one of the company s few signature spas, where shoppers indulge in uplifting therapies alnut St., ap 1, H5 to producing everyday basics with enduring style and quality for both men and women. Shop the iconic essentials collection or the vast selection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Open - 10 am-6 pm, h-sa 10 am-7 pm, Su noon-5 pm alnut St., ap 1, G5 pparel-omen LLLUI Located in the heart of the fashion- foward ittenhouse Square neighborhood, this chic women s clothing brand is known for offering modern looks in elegant silhouettes and a sophisticated color palette at affordable prices. -Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su noon-5 pm. com. 114 S. 19th St., ap 1, G5 H GISH HOUS his chic Old City boutique COOLH POP xpert style consul- tants work with individuals to create not only custom suits, but also shirts and even casual pieces designed to fit like a glove. By appt. only -F 10 am-6 pm, Sa-Su 10 am-4 pm. www. Chestnut St., second floor, ap 1, G5 DI SIL agles safety alcolm Jenkins and entrepreneur Jay min s menswear shop appeals to sharp dressers looking for a bit more detail in their outfits. heir 3,000-square-foot space offers ready-to-wear looks, but also a madeto-measure shop for custom pieces. whiskey cellar, conference room and kitchen let gents host sartorially inclined events, too., h, Su by appointment. u-, F 10 am-7 pm, Sa 11 am6 pm alnut St., ap 1, J5 DI Since 1983, this boutique has been offering the latest in business attire and upscale looks, plus custom outfits made in aples, Italy. By appt. only. Call to reserve. com Sansom St., ap 1, H5 12 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 HY. DIDS his tailor and custom cloth- ier located one block from ittenhouse Square also offers image consulting and ready-to-wear selections, including cufflinks, pocket squares and rounds, ties and more. By appointment only Spruce St., ap 1, G6 P S & Q S Scope out the hand-picked, premium items at this family-owned and operated menswear shop, which carries a large inventory of casual and work-ready looks by in-demand brands including Patagonia, orse Projects, Kikkerland and Herschel Supply Co. -Sa noon-7 pm, Su noon-6 pm South St., ap 1, I7 pparel-en & omen 323 CH FSHIO COLLCIV his work/shop concept is run by designers who create items in house. Shoppers browse a collection of locally made women s clothing, accessories and jewelry, all within view of the studio. u-sa noon-5 pm rch St., ap 2, D2 BOYDS PHILDLPHI Boyds is one of the coun- try s largest men s stores and the city s largest designer women s store, showcasing the likes of By lexander ang, Gucci Fragrance, Pashma, anolo Blahnik and Zac Zac Posen. menities include free custom alterations and free valet parking. -Sa 9:30 am-6 pm, 9:30 am-8 pm Chestnut St., ap 1, G5 OO + O Shoppers could spend hours BBOU ow more than 100 years old, Barbour is a fourth-generation, family-owned company that has developed a clothing line that embodies the country life. Shop the biker-inspired Barbour International or classic Barbour Countryside collections for men and women. -h 10 am-7 pm, F-Sa 10 am8 pm, Su 11 am-6 pm alnut St., ap 1, H5 CHLI S JS Owner Sebastian ccall s Best of Philly 2011 (Philadelphia agazine) shop is stocked with sought-after lines of designer denim am-7 pm, h-sa till 8 pm, Su 11 am-6 pm arket St., ap 1, K5 (FO LF) COUSY CH BUSISS pparel-en carries a wide range of brands, among them ustralian labels, including Faithfull the Brand, Knot Sisters and he Fifth Label. hether you re looking for edgy, bohemian or feminine pieces, knowledgeable and friendly shop owner Cortney Cohen helps steer shoppers in the right direction. Su- noon-5 pm, u-f 11 am-7 pm, Sa 11:30 am-7 pm hird St., ap 1, K4 browsing through this Queen Village boutique, stocked to the rafters with interesting finds like hand-made statement jewelry, refinished antique furniture and vintage duds all with a focus on ethical sourcing. Look for workshops and events, and don t miss the shop s newest addition, Little oon, a children s shop located just down the street. u-sa 11 am-7 pm, Su till 5 pm. 754 S. Fourth St., SHOP SIXY FIV Former ew York City stylist Linda Laosa hand-picks pieces from designers like lizabeth & James, ag & Bone and t, creating an edgy assortment of luxury knitwear, designer denim, occasion dresses and distinctive jewelry with a downtown vibe. -Sa 11 am-7 pm, Su till 5 pm S. 17th St., ap 1, G5 SOPHY CUSO his salon-like spot carries a well-curated collection of gowns, dayinto-evening looks, jewelry and accessories by Blumarine, dward chour and om and Linda Platt. -F 9:30 am-5:30 pm, Sa 9:30 am-5 pm. 19th and Sansom streets, ap 1, G5 L POY Longtime fashion insiders Joanne Litz and Dennis olk offer eco-friendly boho fashions and accessories that you can see being hand-dyed and sewn right in the store. any items are one-of-a-kind and all are made in Philly with sustainable, locally sourced materials. Visit for store hours S. Fourth St., ap 1, K7 VGBOD BOUIQU Located in Old City, this boutique and yarn shop highlights handknit sweaters, jumpsuits and crop tops with a bohemian vibe, plus a chic assortment of accessories. -Sa 11 am-7 pm, Su till 5 pm hird St., ap 1, K4 Bath & Beauty BLUCUY his ast Coast company carries high-end cosmetics, skincare, haircare and fragrances with wise counsel by staff in a pressurefree environment. he brand s ropicana location in tlantic City has a full spa offering treatments like crystal facials, aromatherapy massages, detoxifying sea salt scrubs and more. -Sa 10 am7 pm, Su 11-6 pm. Spa Hours: -Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su 11-6 pm alnut St., ap 1, G5 DUOSS & LGL Proprietors Steve Duross and James Langel combine old family recipes and modern science to create a signature line of natural soaps, salts, lotions and potions in their colorful, contemporary apothecary. sk about classes and workshops. u 11 am-7 pm, -h 11 am-8 pm, F-Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su noon-5 pm. Check for salon hours. com. 117 S. 13th St., ap 1, I5 KIHL S his renowned company uses the finest ingredients and unique formulations in their skin, hair and body care products. Stop by the shop at the Shops at Liberty Place. -Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su noon-6 pm Chestnut St., ap 1, G5 L OCCI Francophiles and other stylish shop- pers will enjoy L Occitane s luxury beauty, bath and body products, which draw inspiration from the fragrances and culture of Provence. -Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su, 11 am-6 pm alnut St., ap 1, H5 Books & usic OIC CIY COICS his funky shop carries a wide selection of comics, graphic novels, back issues, manga and -shirts, plus movies, toys and games. Look for frequent in-store events, too, including book signings. -u noon-9 pm, -Sa, 11 am-11 pm, Su 11 am-9 pm. 638 South St., ap 1, J7 BOOK CO Browse more than 50,000 titles at this welcoming shop, located directly behind Philadelphia s Central Library near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Find new, rare and gently used tomes in all genres, whether your taste runs contemporary or classic. -Sa 10 am-6 pm. www. / th St., ap 1, G3 HD HOUS BOOKS Books covering every surface and a friendly staff make Head House Books help create an inviting space for browsing. njoy a free cup of coffee and settle in for a few hours. -Sa 10 am- 7pm, Su 10 am-5 pm S. Second St., ap 1, K7 JOSPH FOX BOOKS his charming spot in Center City offers an array of selections from architecture and non-fiction to literature and poetry. Open -Sa 9:30 am-6 pm, 9:30 am7 pm Sansom St., ap 1, G5 UIVSIY OF PSYLVI BOOKO his giant book superstore carries over 80,000 titles, plus school supplies, gifts and UPenn apparel. -F 8:30 am-9:30 pm, Sa 10 am-9:30 pm, Su 10 am-8 pm alnut St., ap 1, C5 VIG IUS Since 1974, Vintage Instruments has focused on fine acoustic instruments, featuring a wide selection of C.F. artin & Co. guitars for everyone from weekend pickers to seasoned professionals. Plenty of treasures abound in this 19th-century architectural treasure, from ukuleles to banjos and mandolins. ccessories include cases, strings, straps and much more. -F 10 am-5 pm S. Broad St., ap 1, H6 Children s BO YDY his boutique on ittenhouse Square carries clothing and toys for infants and children from a wide range of uropean and domestic designers. -Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su 11 am5 pm alnut St., ap 1, G5 OO S HOUS rangling kids into this Old City boutique won t be a hassle omo s not only provides toys from hard-to-find specialty makers, but encourages kids to test them out on the spot. -h 11 am-6 pm, F 11 am-7 pm, Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su noon-5 pm. Fitler Square hours vary rch St., ap 1, K4 Crafts BDOKS large selection of beads, gem- stones, tools and notions helps DIYers create their own jewelry with the help of knowledgeable staff. Su-, F noon-6 pm, h, Sa noon7 pm Passyunk ve., ap 1, K7 LOOP his colorful store offers natural fiber, hand-painted and luxury yarns for knitting and crocheting. he shop also carries a full range of patterns, needles and notions and offers classes for all skill levels. -F 11 am-6 pm, Sa-Su 11 am-5 pm South St., ap 1, G7 PSYLVI GUILD OF CFS One of the nation s largest and most recognized craft guilds offers a variety of classes from sketching to blacksmithing, and organizes several craft shows, including the annual ittenhouse Square Fine w w w. w heret r avel er. com 13

9 Craft show Queen St., Lancaster, Pa., IHOUS DLPOI ith 1,100 square feet of space, this shop carries all manner of tools and notions for needlepoint, including hand-painted canvases, top-quality fibers, accessories, books and even finished items. -Sa 10:30 am-5:30 pm, until 7 pm rch St., second floor, ap 1, G5 Gifts & Decor I BOOKO & DSIG C Located inside the Philadelphia Center for rchitecture + Design, this store stocks tomes on architecture as well as distinctive gifts and design products for home and office. -Sa 10 am-6 pm rch St., ap 1, I4 H SHOP OO COLLG OF & DSIG ithin this formidable arts-education institution is an excellent shop dealing in jewelry, scarves and accessories, as well as prints, and greeting cards. he art and design pieces are created by oore s emerging and established alumni in addition to current students. -Sa 10 am-6 pm ace St., ap 1, G4 dmire handmade clothes, jewelry and accessories, plus dolls, ceramics and prints at this gallery-style boutique in orthern Liberties. u-sa 11 am-7 pm, Su noon-6 pm Second St., ap 1, K2 BLDO his charming collection of vintage and modern day gifts includes everything from handbags, to stationary and pottery. -Sa 11 am-6 pm, Su 11 am-5:30 pm Pine St., ap 1, I6 COSS S FCH LIS Find lovely imported tablecloths and tea towels from Provence, Brittany and other French regions, plus one-of-a-kind aprons, jewelry and rosemary baskets at this shop in the historic eading erminal arket. -Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su 10 am-3:30 pm. th St. in eading erminal arket, ap 1, I4 HLLO OLD Fans of mid-century modern head to this University City storefront for retro furnishings, funky fittings and accessories like vintage dominoes, plus gifts under $25. -F 10 am-7 pm, Sa-Su 11 am-5 pm Sansom St., ap 1, C5 H USU O PF he academy s gift shop stocks items inspired by exhibitions, plus accessories, jewelry, stationery and handcrafted decorative objects. u-sa 9:30 am-5:30 pm, Su 11 am-5:30 pm Broad St., ap 1, H4 H USU O H PHILDLPHI USU OF t the museum s gift shop, find items inspired by past and current exhibitions, including posters, prints, jewelry, music and DVDs, toys, housewares, clothing and accessories. u-su 10 am-5 pm;, F until 8:45 pm. org/shopping Benjamin Franklin Parkway, ap 1, 2 OLC For more than 25 years, OLC has been providing the finest in contemporary uropean lighting and furniture. Based in Old City, this shop showcases furniture from the likes of Cassina and B&B Italia, lighting by Flos and Ingo aurer. u-sa 14 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 SHOPPIG 10 am-5 pm hird St., ap 1, K4 H PPY his Old City stationery mecca carries an upscale collection of paper goods and distinctive gifts, whether the occasion calls for classy or kitschy. Browse the wide selection of greeting cards, Italian leather albums, wax initial stamps and organizers. -F 11 am-7 pm, 11 am-8 pm, Sa 10 am-6 pm Locust St., ap 1, K4 PHILDLPHI IDPDS t this Old City gift shop, you won t find the usual Phillies -shirts and Liberty Bell snow globes. Philadelphia Independents stocks only handmade items by local makers, including jewelry, ceramics, accessories, home decor, artwork and baby gifts. -Sa 11 am-7 pm, Su 11 am-5 pm. www. 35. hird St., ap 1, K4 IKUO his local retailer stocks household goods from decor to kitchen essentials, beauty and stationery. Products found here are sourced directly from artisans and craftsmen in Japan, who practice ancient techniques. By connecting these traditional creators with a modern international public, store founders Kaz and Yuka orihata aim to sustain the character and artistry of Japanese craftsmanship. -Sa 11-7 pm, Su 11 am-5 pm alnut St., ap 1, I5 SCL LLY his charming gift boutique is a gal s dream, offering a selection of beautiful jewelry, handbags, leather goods, fragrances, lotions, stationery and home accessories. noon5 pm, u-f 11 am-7 pm, Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su noon5 pm ace St., ap 1, K4 OHO his sophisticated shop carries stylish gifts for him, her, baby and home. he carefully edited selection includes cool note cards, hip coffee table books, candles, jewelry, home accents and adorable baby clothes and toys. -Sa, 10 am6 pm alnut St., ap 1, H5 IBL HO ribal Home s cozy interior is artful- ly decorated with ritual art and frican artifacts. 11 am-5 pm, u-fr 11 am-7 pm, Sa 11 am5 pm hird St., ap 1, K4 UB JUGL Plant lovers rejoice! his nursery housed inside a former garage inspires with ideas, advice and the greenery to create gardens in the city. orkshops include lessons on topics like creating terrariums. -h 10 am-7 pm, F till 8 pm, Sa 9 am-8 pm, Su 9 am-6 pm. com Passyunk ve., ap 1, I8 UB PICSS BOUIQU his store is often recognized as a top spot for one-of-a-kind, affordable clothing and gifts. Inside, shop products by local artisans, like organic soaps and beauty products, jewelry, handbags and clothing. ew inventory arrives almost daily. -Sa noon-7 pm, Su noon-5 pm S. Fourth St., ap 1, K7 VD wide variety of colorful jewelry, acces- sories, perfume and whimsical gifts fill this shop. Head to the rear to watch chocolatiers make arcie Blaine artisanal truffles, then select a few treats to take home. -Sa 11 am-8 pm, Su noon6 pm S. 13th St., ap 1, I5 OKSHOP UDGOUD aking queues from his previous gig at the etropolitan useum of rt, owner uben Luna sets up his shop like a museum. High-end artistic pieces seamlessly mix in with affordable knick-knacks. Come here for jewelry, apparel, home decor and gifts. -h noon-7 pm, F-Sa 11 am-8 pm, Su 11 am-5 pm South St., ap 1, H6 Philadelphia isn't j u st a d e st i n at i o n. i t ' s a s t a r t i n g p o i n t. DI BUO BOHS he original Italian arket outpost of this Philly mecca for world-class cheese bustles day and night. t the Chestnut Street location, find a gourmet food emporium with takeout panini, gelato and additional specialty items. Hours vary by location. com. he arket at Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Blvd., ap 1, G4; 1730 Chestnut St., ap 1, G5; Italian arket location: 930 S. inth St., ap 1, J8; he Franklin, 834 Chestnut St., BLL UK he local owners of this jewelry shop crafted gold and platinum jewelry and fine merican crafts. Caleb eyer offers custom jewelry and gem buying for setting in their original designs. u-f 10 am-5:30 pm, Sa 10 am-5 pm. Germantown ve., LGOS Philadelphia-based jeweler Lagos with an ambitious stock of products, including small-batch artisan goods from local and regional purveyors. Don t miss the hummus from Zahav, a local restaurant run by a James Beard wardwinning chef. -F noon-8 pm, Sa 11 am-8 pm, Su noon-7 pm Passyunk ve., one-and-only flagship store has been a fixture, located just steps from ittenhouse Square. his jewel-box shop features award-winning collections in sterling silver and 18-kt. gold. Steven Lagos has been designing beautiful pieces accented with gemstones, diamonds and pearls for 40 years. Friendly and knowledgeable staff makes the shopping experience a pleasure. -Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su noon-6 pm alnut St., ap 1, G5 IOVI BOHS PODUC his urban market was founded more than 15 years ago in the historic eading erminal arket, and continues to provide a wonderful selection of local, domestic and international goods. -Sa 8 am-6 pm, Su 9 am-5 pm. eading erminal arket, 1136 rch St., ap 1, I4 Y S. I JLS Open since 1909, this store s experts create custom designs for fine diamonds and gemstones, and offer quality jewelry at affordable prices. Look for a large selection of cultured freshwater and saltwater pearls. -u and h-f 10 am-5 pm, 10 am-6 pm, Sa noon-5 pm Sansom St., ap 1, J5 LO S CHOCOLS hile in the historic district, indulge your sweet tooth with this candy shop s peanut butter balls, vanilla caramels and Liberty Bell-shaped chocolates among other tasty selections. -F 9 am-5:30 pm, Sa 10 am-4 pm S. Seventh St., ap 1, J5 OUU his international brand offers more than 100 watch brands, including Cartier, Ferragamo, Gucci, ovado and 8,000 unique styles for men and women. -Sa 10 am-9 pm, Su 11 am6 pm. Plaza at King of Prussia all, 160. Gulph oad, King of Prussia, Pa., ap 4, 3 O S OGIC K his ast Coast-based family-run chain started in 1987 and now counts stores in four states, plus ashington, D.C. he outpost in Philly stocks the grocer s namesake organic foods, plus a vegetarian eatery, a beekeeping section and a beer growler filling station. Daily 8 am-9 pm S. 11th St., ap 1, I5 Salons & Spas FLOIO PHILLY his high-tech spa takes OCK FIZZ Feed your nostalgia at this retro bright, beautiful store featuring gorgeous handmade Swiss chocolates and exquisite champagne truffles. Fantasy packages, gift wrapping, shipping and custom orders available. -Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su noon-5 pm. he Shops at he Bellevue, 200 S. Broad St., ap 1, H5 ntique ow carries a beautiful array of distinctive jewelry, from delicate pieces crafted with finely wrought silver to opulent necklaces with semiprecious stones,, -Sa noon-6 pm, Su noon-5 pm Pine St., ap 1, I6 CLB Y Visit this shop for exquisite, hand- G ISL GOCY teeny tiny grocery store USCH CHOCOLS OF SIZLD DOI his warm and inviting shop on regularly travel around the world in search of chic baubles, like gold coin necklaces, cocktail rings and chunky stone cuffs, and also offer funky items from select domestic designers. -Sa 11 am-8 pm, Su noon-6 pm S. 13th St., ap 1, I5; 1700 Sansom St., ap 1, G5 Gourmet & Specialty Foods candy shop, offering everything from candy dots and whirly pops to bulk salt water taffy, plus, a variety of soda selections in flavors like bacon, s mores and mud pie. -h 11 am-7 pm, F-Sa 11 am-9 pm, Su 11 am-6 pm rch St., ap 1, K4 Jewelry ith over 450 miles of track, SP makes it easy to go from the hustle of the city to the charm of the suburbs. xpand your horizons with a shopping trip, history tour, nature hike, dinner date, or movie matinee. herever you stop, start with SP. L O ISPPHILLY.CO relaxation to another level. nter the sensory-deprivation tanks enclosed chambers filled with 10 inches of psom-salt water and float for at least an hour. Have no fear you can choose whether to float with the lights off or on (dimly). emberships from $39/month. Drop-ins from $59. Hours vary by appointment. eserve online. com Girard ve., JUJU SP & OGICS short stroll from South Street, this inviting spa specializes in all-natural skin care products, non-toxic manis-pedis, spa treatments and other pampering services., F 10 am7 pm, h 10 am-8 pm, Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su noon7 pm. Salon, 713 S. Fourth St., ap 1, K7 I CUBI OGIC his top-rated nail salon operated by a husband-and-wife team offers water- and soy-based products for mani-pedis, foot massages and Brazilian waxing. By appoint- w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 15

10 ment. -u, F-Sa 10 am-6 pm, -h 11 am-7 pm, Su 10 am-4 pm S. 17th St., ap 1, G6 SCU SP his upscale uropean-style, con- temporary space specializes in massage therapy, detoxification and microdermabrasion. -F 9 am-8 pm, Sa 9 am-7 pm, select Su 10-5 pm. www. alnut St., third floor, ap 1, H5 Shoes BJI LOVLL SHOS Style and comfort converge in casual and dress shoes from designers including ephisto and UGG at two convenient locations. ittenhouse hours: -Sa 10 am-8 pm, Su 11 am-6 pm; Old City hours: -Sa 11 am-7 pm, Su noon-6 pm Chestnut St., ap 1, G5; 60. hird St., ap 1, K4 BUS OP BOUIQU British-born lena Bren- nan has turned her Queen Village shop into a destination for fashionable shoes for both men and women. On historic Fabric ow, this hip shoe haven carries unique and comfy styles from hard-to-find designers. -Sa 11 am-6 pm, F 11 am-7 pm, Su noon-5 pm S. Fourth St., ap 1, K7 Piazza Sempione Blumarine Fabiana Fillipi om & Linda Platt Catherine egehr olford Planet by Lauren G Up Pants Sizes 2-18 Daytime to vening Summer 2018 French inens L uthentic French tablecloth business One-of-a-kind, stain resistant linens Quimper Products uthentic French Jewelry Polish Pottery 19th & Sansom Streets YSI Located near ittenhouse Square, this gallery-style optical shop offers museum-quality prescription eyewear and sunglasses by independent makers around the world. Find frames made of wood, horn, even leather and stone. Custom work also available. u-f 10 am-6 pm, Sa till 5 pm S. 18th St., ap 1, G5 ow selling machine washable linens made, designed and sewn in the South of France PHILLY IDS HIF his nonprofit founded in 2005 sells an eclectic collection of donated items with proceeds going to local organizations involved in the fight against HIV/IDS. -h 11 am-8 pm, F-Sa 11 am-9 pm, Su 11 am-7 pm. com. 710 S. Fifth St., ap 1, K7 12 & rch Streets, 3rd ve., ow B here to at, Shop, Play and Stay Is Just a ouch way by Puma and ike SB, plus racks of skater-inspired threads from Stüssy. Open -Sa 10 am-8 pm, Su noon-6 pm alnut St., ap 1, H5 Shopping Centers KIG OF PUSSI LL he ast Coast s largest retail shopping complex includes seven worldclass department stores including Bloomingdale s, Lord & aylor and ordstrom, plus 400 specialty shops like ourneau and restaurants. he mall is easily accessible from outes 202, Interstate 76 and the Pennsylvania urnpike. -Sa 10 am-9 pm, Su 11 am-6 pm. Gulph oad, King of Prussia, Pa., ap 4, 3 SHOP P On the University of Pennsylvania campus in University City, find more than 75 national and independent retailers (Urban Outfitters, 16 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 Put the power of here in the palm of your hand. Our here raveler City Guide app gives you instant access to thousands of hand-picked recommendations for things to do and places to go in destinations all over the world. Download it today for iphone and ndroid. Calling all eaders Leaders + aters ith more than 30 shops, 40 restaurants, and 15 sports and culture venues, a day at Penn could take you anywhere. Shop smarter. Shop Penn. SHOPSP.CO UBIQ his trendy sneaker boutique features shoes City shopping complex for fashion, jewelry, housewares and more has 55 specialty boutiques and international eateries. etailers include Bloomingdale s he Outlet Store, LDO Shoes and J. Crew. ake in Philadelphia from new attraction, One Liberty Observation Deck. -Sa 9:30 am-7 pm, Su noon-6 pm. Chestnut St., between Liberty I and Liberty II office towers, PLSU CH Located off ittenhouse Square OBOX SHOS his chic local men s shop caters to the stylish and sophisticated gentleman with a great selection of shoes, accessories and leather goods. Shop the hippest brands you can t find anywhere else like John Lobb, Carmina, and ancourt. -Sa 9:30 am-7 pm, till 8 pm Chestnut St., ap 1, G5 H SHOPS LIBY PLC his indoor, Center Specialty LPO & H Kate ohrer designed this only-in-philadelphia haven for sneakerheads. hile the store s collection of well-tailored menswear, grooming products and accessories have received rave reviews, what truly commands attention in this 4,000 square-feet space is its extensive sneaker collection. -Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su noon-5 pm. www. Chestnut St., ap 1, I5 United By Blue, mazon and Penn Bookstore), plus top-notch dining choices, art galleries and hotels. Hours vary by location. 34th through 38th streets, Chestnut to Spruce streets. ap 1, C5 to D6 ap 1, H5 eading erminal arket HD SHOS his luxury shoe store in Center City stocks the finest designers, including Fiorentini + Baker, Del Carlo and Vic atie. -u 10 am-6 pm, -Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su 11 am-5 pm S. 17th St., ap 1, G5 Contessa s SHOPPIG since 1974, this adult boutique offers intimate toys and products for men and women including lingerie. lubricants, bachorlette goodies, harnesses, rabbits, and sensual novelties. he staff is discreet, knowledgeable and friendly and will customize every shopping experience. u-sa 11 am-7 pm alnut St., ap 1, G5 Sporting Goods & pparel ICHLL & SS he flagship store of this world- renowned sports-gear provider offers more than 1,600 authentic styles of vintage jerseys, hats, warm-ups, jackets and so much more. Sports fans should take a turn through the store just to see the museum-quality memorabilia. -Sa 10 am-7 pm, Su 11 am-5 pm Chestnut St., ap 1, I5 OCUL SK SHOP One of the Philadelphia skate scene s go-to supply stops and hangouts, opened in 2000 by X Games gold medalist Kerry Getz. Skaters will find clothes, shoes, decks, trucks, wheels and every manner of skate accessory. -h noon-8 pm, F noon-9 pm, Sa 11 am-9 pm, Su noon6 pm South St., ap 1, J7 SHIB VIG SPOS Founded by local sports enthusiasts, this store features retro-style shirts and hats appealing to the fashion-forward sports fan. he retailer s Originals line utilizes the talents of local artists and screen printers. orldwide shipping available S. 13th St., ap 1, I5 H O P S P w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 17

11 GLLIS+IQUS noon-5 pm Second St., ap 1, K4 Galleries+ntiques June H BZO GLLY Located in anayunk, this gallery features an array of artists inside a space whose design is based on the five elements of Feng Shui. Find pop imagery, abstract landscapes, glass blown artwork and more, plus, rotating exhibits and he Living all, an indoor sustainable planting panel. - Su noon7 pm ain St., BLUO FI GLLY his gallery features original works by contemporary and traditional artists in a range of mediums, including painting, ceramics and sculptures. See the work of well-known and emerging local artists. ach month new exhibitions kick off during Philadelphia s First Fridays, which draws hundreds of art lovers to the neighborhood. u-f 10 am-5 pm, Sa noon-4 pm Second St., ap 1, K4 BOLLI S CHU HILL GLLY epresent- his gallery and educational facility promotes the craft of ceramic arts by providing artist residencies, studio spaces, a gift shop, educational and outreach programs and a permanent collection. But visitors to this supportive space find works by artists at all levels, both emerging and expert. his month, the annual he Clay Studio ntiques Shops CI S IQUS nastacia s is brimming with affordably priced antiques and quirky collectibles of all kinds, from furnishings and lamps to dolls, books and jewelry. Staff occasionally takes shopping trips for merchandise during store hours so call in advance. h-sa noon-6:30 pm, Su noon-5 pm Bainbridge St., ap 1, J7 IQU SHOCS Find fine uropean furni- ture, lighting accessories and objets d art at this charming antique shop located in the ritzy ittenhouse neighborhood. -Sa 10 am-6 pm Pine St., ap 1, H6 CHICUL IQUS XCHG cross 30,000 square feet of space in the orthern Liberties neighborhood, this vast warehouse stocks a range of architectural antiques, from the late 1700s through the 1930s. xciting items have been reclaimed from French castles and churches; others include mantels, doors, beds, carved furniture and ironwork. -Sa 10 am-5 pm Second St., ap 1, K2 F S One of the premier auction houses for fine arts and antiques is also the nation s oldest. -h 9 am-5 pm, F 9 am-3 pm, special office hours during auction exhibitions. www. Chestnut St., ap 1, G5 ational showcases the best of today s ceramic art from across the country. lso this month, ime Capsule highlights 14 young artists participating in the studio s work exchange program, whose pieces reflect the present, while envisioning the future of ceramic art Second St., ap 2, 3 GD G IQUS nother stablished in 2001, this 3,000-sq.-ft. sleek, minimalist space offers contemporary work by artists living in the U.S. and abroad. Find paintings, sculptures and photography with an emphasis on beauty, technology and culture in regularly rotating exhibitions alnut St., ap 1, J5 here s a lot more going on this June. Visit us online: CLDOOD GLLY Owners Gary and Janet needlework and silk embroideries spanning the 17th to mid-19th centuries. Call for an appointment. com. 936 Pine St., ap 1, I6 stop in Chestnut Hill, this two-story shop features a wide range of items from est frican art to Steiff animals, including but not limited IDKO IQU SILV For more to vintage and antique furnishings, than 25 years, iederkorn ntique Silver has clothing, jewelry and books. -Sa 11 ambeen focusing on 19th- and 20th-century fine sil5 pm, Su noon-5 pm. ver. Located just off ittenhouse Square, this tiny property/gardengate Germantown ve., store brims with sterling Christmas ornaments, ap 3, B/C3 jewelry, tea sets and napkin rings, Judaica, desk GOG. HOB IQUS & FI rt accessories and books on the art of silversmithand artifacts from the 18th through the 20th ing. u-h 11:30 am-7 pm, F-Sa 11:30 am-5:30 pm. centuries fill this cozy space to the brim. Objects South 22nd St., sometimes even spill out onto the sidewalk for ap 1, G6 the casual passerby to admire. u-h 7 amh PHILDLPHI PI SHOP Pore over the im2 pm or by appointment Germantown ve., pressive collection of more than 20,000 historical prints and antique maps from the 16th through KOH & KOH IQUS Kohn & Kohn ntiques the early-20th centuries. hose looking for an has been known for fine antiques in Philadelaffordable piece of fine art will have luck here phia since Its inventory is broad with an many prints are priced under $100. -Sa 10 am-5 emphasis on glass, furniture, porcelain and pm Germantown silver. lso check out the tobacciana collection, ve., ap 3, B2 which includes cigarette cases, cigar cutters and elegant lighters. Open by appointment and by rt Galleries chance D GLLY In the heart of Old City s Pine St., ap 1, I6 gallery district, 3rd Street Gallery features a. FIKL & DUGH Opened in 1947 in diverse mix of artists working in various media. In an 1840s building on beautiful ntique ow, operation since 1978, this artist-run cooperative family-owned. Finkel & Daughter continues is devoted to presenting a quality experience to sell period antiques, 18th- and 19th-century of visual arts, all the while encouraging risk and furniture, and a highly acclaimed collection of experimentation in their artists works. -Su GIF! On the first Friday of every month, art galleries and shops in the Old City neighborhood stay open late, hosting new exhibits and special events. 18 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 ing 40 local, national and international artists, this gallery and custom framing shop offers a diverse collection of landscapes, cityscapes and still lifes from many schools of painting. egular, rotating exhibitions feature represented artists. he custom framing center offers everything from restoration to museum-quality looks. u-f 10 am-5:30 pm, Sa 10 am-5 pm, Su noon-4 pm. 1 ast Gravers Lane, Bridgette ayer Gallery DISCOV H XCI OF FOOBLL IH PHILLY S BCK-2-BCK CHPIOS! ICKS S LO S $15 Calderwood showcase their personal art collection of 20th-century design and fine photography across 30,000 square feet of space. Find museum-quality French rt Deco by uhlmann, rbus, Dufrene and others, id-century odern decorative arts and more. Gary Calderwood s photography presents a visual history of the 20th century. Ships internationally. -F 11 am5 pm, Sa-Su by appointment. 242 Geiger oad, CÉ D IS his art gallery is a leader in affordable, contemporary art, selling worldclass, original paintings and specializing in a wide variety of artistic styles, from figurative and abstract to landscape, Pop and street art, all created by a vast collection of internationally known artists. Framing services available. Daily 11 am-8 pm, extended hours on First Fridays S. 13th St., ap 1, I5 H C FO I OOD his not-for-profit (FO LF) COUSY CH COPY he Clay Studio museum, gallery and research center focuses on woodworks, showcasing all methods of wood art-making including turned and carved sculptures by renowned artists and craftsmen. u-sa 10 am-5 pm hird St., ap 1, K4 JOI US I JU! SUDY, JU 10H 4P VS. H SHIGO VLO SUDY, JU 30H 7P VS. H BLIO BIGD FO ICKS: VISI H LLS FGO C BOX OFFIC O G DYS O FO DISCOUD ICKS VISI PHILDLPHISOUL.CO/H SOUL H C FO GIG VISUL IS his local resource fosters the development and careers of visual artists, among them Lori Banks, Colette Fu and Jack cgovern. Open -F 11 am-5 pm, or by appointment. www. he Barclay, 237 S. 18th St., suite 3, ap 1, G6 CUL S GLLY & UDIO Located just off of orth Broad Street, the gallery exhibits eclectic decorative and fine art while the studio offers art instruction and weekend workshops. In addition to the displayed works of more than 100 artists, the gallery also proffers handmade wares from an additional 100 artisans. -F 10 am-6 pm, Sa-Su noon-6 pm. idge ve., ap 1, H2 D VICI LLIC Founded in 1931, this South Philly-based nonprofit organization holds programs year-round in order to support regional artists. Programs include juried exhibitions, solo exhibitions and collaborations with other nonprofit art organizations. ost events are free and open to the public. 6-8 pm, Sa-Su 1-5 pm Catharine St., ap 1, J7 FLLS GLSSOKS It s worth the trek out to the ast Falls neighborhood to visit this hidden treasure, where Philadelphia artists work with hot molten glass to create beautiful works of art. he teaching studio s on-site gallery displays and sells a small collection of works by area artists. Class schedule online. -F 10 am-6 pm, Sa-Su by appointment Scotts Lane, F... GLLY Located in a 1700 s Colonial building in Old City, this gallery features emerging and established artists in the classic tradition of merican painting. he first floor features a different artist each month, with many from right here in Philadelphia. he second floor displays group exhibitions, ranging from figurative to landscape and still-life. -Su noon-6 pm rch St., ap 1, K4 FLISH OIL In addition to offering a rotating display of wide-ranging works by local artists, this gallery also hosts an extensive catalog of inexpensive workshops and free classes for all skill levels. -F 10 am-5 pm. org. 719 Catharine St., ap 1, J7 FLISH/OLL GLLY Founded in 1952, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery earned its reputation as a premier source of self-taught artists, and today it exhibits contemporary artists who reflect the influence of the self-taught, including artin amirez, Bill raylor and ristin Lowe. u-f 10:30 am-5:30 pm, Sa noon-5 pm. www. rch St., Suite 5, ap 1, H6 GLLY 51 his antique textile art and oriental rugs gallery features works from all over the world, spanning the last 2,000 years. Find tribal carpets from Central sia, ncient Coptic ethnographic textiles and work by contemporary artists, including lan agee, Bo Young oon and Christopher indle. u-f 11 am-6 pm, Sa noon-5 pm, Su- by appointment Second St., ap 1, K4 GLLY 1401 Part of the University of the rts, this gallery on the 14th floor of erra Hall showcases photography exhibitions by professionals in collaboration with the University. xhibitions feature established and emerging photographers from all over the world. -F 10 am-4 pm, Sa-Su by appointment. he University of the rts, 211 S. Broad St., 14th floor, ap 1, H6 w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 19

12 GLLIS+IQUS GSH GLLY Collectors and art lovers here find innovative works celebrating Jewish culture, as well as a showcase of fine art photography. Located inside the Gershman Y. -F 9 am-5 pm S. Broad St., ap 1, H6 GS L GLLY Located in Chestnut Hill, this edgy, contemporary art gallery exhibits works by both established and emerging artists from around the world. Its media spectrum is broad, including painting, sculpture, fiber and paper. -Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su noon-5 pm. www. Germantown ve., ap 3, B2 GOSS CCLF GLLY epresenting local and national artists with a focus on contemporary art, this gallery has been active in the Philadelphia arts community for more than 40 years. dvising collectors and placing art in museums throughout the region, Gross ccleaf also features monthly rotating exhibitions in two main galleries, as well as special events, artist talks and an extensive inventory. -Sa 10 am5 pm S. 16th St., ILIQUID & DSIG his educational resource and exhibition gallery represents a seamless combination of art and the Internet. Go to their website to see the portfolios of over 330 artists, then visit their Fishtown gallery to the work of those artists on display throughout the year merican St., JS OLIV GLLY his unique, contem- porary loft-style gallery, nestled in the heart of the Historic District, features local, national and international artists in the disciplines of painting, mixed media, photography and installation works that have been recognized by notables such as P and Huffington Post. -F 5 pm8 pm, Sa 1 pm-8 pm or by appointment. www. 723 Chestnut St., 4th floor, ap 1, J5 KI GLLY Housing books and objects commemorating the lives of noted Philadelphians including Benjamin Franklin, arian nderson and om Phillips, this repository also offers a fascinating gallery on the University of Pennsylvania campus, inside the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. -F 9 am-5 pm, Sa-Su by appointment alnut St., 1st floor, ap 1, D5 KH GLLY Philadelphia s resident outpost for Cambodian art, Khmer s cavernous space houses an extensive selection, from ancient works to commissioned pieces, at a broad array of price points. Find stone and wood sculpture, works in copper, pottery, textiles, painting and jewelry. and F-Sa 11 am-4 pm, and by appointment th St., ap 1, I3 H LOD PLI GLLY Located in the estphal College of edia rts and Design at Drexel University, this gallery exhibits work across many disciplines, from architecture to fashion. ational and international artists are featured, as well as estphal professors. Open u-su 11 am-6 pm. resources/leonardpearlsteingallery Filbert St., ap 1, D5 20 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 DIIG LOCKS GLLY his elegant gallery overlooking PHILDLPHI PHOO S C nonprofit ashington Square features critically acclaimed regional, national and international contemporary artists. Open u-sa 10 am-6 pm. www. 600 ashington Square South, ap 1, J6 organization devoted to the study, practice and appreciation of photography, the PPC offers educational programs, photographic exhibitions and lectures by practicing artists within the Crane rts complex. Open u-sa 10 am-6 pm merican St., Suite 103, OD OD his modern styled gallery features furniture and the artwork from a variety of artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. Select from vintage furniture, colorful knickknacks and decor pieces by well-known artisans. h-sa noon-6 pm rd St., ap 1, K4 OD GLLY wenty-thousand square feet across five floors offers ample space in this historic Old City building to showcase highquality, vintage 20th-century furniture, lighting and decorative accessories. Find French and merican rt Deco and French 1940s-1950s pieces, work by George akashima and harton sherick, and other studio crafts by endell Castle, David bner, oshiko akaezu, to name a few. Daily noon-5 pm rd St., ap 1, K4 OU IY COPOY Husband-and-wife artists Colin Keefe and ndrea ohl Keefe run this charming exhibition space in the carriage house behind their residence. Here, find not only their own works, but also those of other artists in the region. Call for hours. 25. t. iry ve., US GLLY his artist-run Old City gal- lery encompasses a range of styles including abstract, conceptual and representational. ach month, the gallery highlights a different artist s work in varying disciplines, creating a new experience for each visit. -Su noon-5 pm. www. 52. Second St., ap 1, K4 PID BID C his funky, interdis- ciplinary Old City venue features experimental theater, dance, music and visual arts by some of the world s cutting-edge artists. 230 Vine St., ap 1, K3 PSYLVI GUILD OF CFS One of the nation s largest and most recognized craft guilds offers a variety of classes from sketching to blacksmithing, and organizes several craft shows, including the annual ittenhouse Square Fine Craft show Queen St., Lancaster, Pa., PII GLLY Discover content-driven work that challenges traditional use of materials and aesthetics at this Old City gallery. Some unconventional materials used in past displayed works include packaging tape, marine vinyl and embroidered x-rays. -F 11 am-5 pm, Sa noon5 pm, u by appointment Second St., ap 1, K4 PHILDLPHI LLIC stablished in 1915, the oldest multidisciplinary arts center in the nation joined with the University of the rts. he lliance exhibits a wide range of contemporary fine art and crafts, with frequent lectures, recitals and reading groups. Free. u-su noon6 pm S. 18th St., ap 1, G6 Dining H PHILDLPHI SKCH CLUB Founded in 1860 by six former students of the Pennsylvania cademy of the Fine rts, this is merica s oldest artists club. See exhibits by established and emerging artists in the main gallery of the historic building. and F-Su 1 pm-5pm. org. 235 S. Camac St., ap 1, I6 H PLIC CLUB GLLY Since 1897, this gallery has been devoted to the promotion and preservation of the visual (plastic) arts in Philadelphia. Open during workshop hours or by appointment S. Camac St., ap 1, I6 H PI C Founded in 1915, this non- profit gallery was one of the very first venues in the country dedicated to prints. he center continues to support printmaking and photography as vital contemporary arts with regularly scheduled exhibitions, plus it has a gallery store. u-sa 11 am-6 pm Latimer St., ap 1, H6 SCHZ GLLY For more than 75 years, the Schwarz family has been a leading source of fine uropean and merican paintings for serious collectors and museums. Located just off ittenhouse Square. u-f 10 am-6 pm, Sa by appointment Chestnut St., ap 1, G5 SPHI GLLY his gallery reps modern and contemporary painters, sculptors and photographers and advances the careers of emerging artists, particularly locals. -Su 10 am-5 pm, and by appointment Pine St., ap 1, I6 orks Gallery, founded in 1965, is a contemporary studio crafts gallery. he Snyderman Gallery, opened in 1983, features paintings, prints, photos and sculptures. u-sa 10 am-6 pm Cherry St ap 1, K4 In the bustling venue of the rts area, this restaurant from the folks behind HipCityVeg serves vegan food with Latin flavors, like Puerto ican empanadas and Venezuelan arepas. If time is tight, order from the convenient takeout window S. 18th St., ap 1, G6 venue of the rts SO CP French. French owners an intriguing list of more than two dozen global vintages by the glass. Find Hungarian somlo and German pinot noir. Pair your choice with tasty bites such as ahi poke wontons, roasted scallion labneh or an artisanal cheese plate. D (daily), Br (Sa-Su) South St., $$ ap 1, H7 paintings, sculptures, photography and mixedmedia works by local and national artists at this 22-member gallery. -Su noon-6 pm, or by appointment S. 22nd St., ap 1, F6 CCOICK & SCHICK S Seafood. his bustling VOX POPULI For more than a quarter century, this and nonfunctional pieces by master craftsmen and emerging artists in a variety of media here. u-sa 10 am-6 pm, by appointment hird St., ap 1, K4 Bar Bombon In idtown Village, this tri-level spot offers tasty surprises. On the main floor, sip coffee and tuck into pastries plus fast-casual Vietnamese. hen the sun goes down, head upstairs to the full-service bar. In the basement? Japanese izakaya serving duck scrapple bao buns. com. 120 S. 13th St., ap 1, I5 J I B ine Bar. his smart wine bar offers Y-O GLLY dmire beautiful XL GLLY Find innovative functional Double Knot efinement and perfection are the hallmarks of this husband-and-wife operation in ittenhouse Square. James Beard ward-winning chef Greg Vernick s thoughtful global menu showcases techniques honed while working in kitchens around the world alnut St., ap 1, G5 itz-carlton Philadelphia, across from City Hall, acclaimed chef ichard Sandoval serves up everything from sushi and ceviche to sustainably caught seafood creations with a Latin accent. B, D (daily), L (-F), Br (Sa-Su) venue of the rts, $$$ ap 1, H5 SYD-OKS GLLIS he acclaimed nonprofit collective has specialized in contemporary works by under-represented artists. Offerings include monthly exhibitions, gallery talks and other programming. he Blackbox Gallery, is home to a curated video program (regular hours) and a live arts program (after hours). -Su noon6 pm th St., third floor, ap 1, I3 Vernick Food & Drink QIO ew Latin. Inside the lobby of the iconic (FO LF) COUSY CH COPY 290-seat establishment brings the flavors of the Pacific orthwest to Philadelphia, plus draft beers, single malts and orthwest wines. For a more intimate meal, head upstairs to cozy booths. L, D (daily). com. 1 S. Broad St., $$$ ap 1, H5 OO S, H KHOUS Steak. n extensive wine selection is just a bonus of this signature Chicago steakhouse experience. et-aged prime beef broiled idwestern-style makes for hearty, large portions, but also try pork, lamb and veal chops, as well as tasty seafood offerings. D (daily) alnut St., $$$ ap 1, H5 here s a lot more going on this June. Visit us online: XIX (I) merican. For a special Frederic lmalek and Fabrice Goutte evening, take the elevator to the 19th batter up authentic sweet and savory floor of the Hyatt Philadelphia at he crepe varieties and make everything levue. Settle in beneath the restaurant s in house, from the whipped cream to spectacular pearl chandelier, or enjoy your the salted butter caramel. B, L (-Sa), meal in the more relaxed cafe space. B, L D (daily), Br (Su) (-Sa), D (daily), Br (Su). South St., $ ap 1, H7 com. Hyatt Philadelphia at he Bellevue, 19th floor, Broad and alnut sts, $$$ ap 1, H5 O BOD merican. Head beneath the Bellevue building for burgers and beers, plus the Center City & ittenhouse game on one of the restaurant s 34 high-definition Vs. Space for private parties available. L, D (daily). 24 Italian/Pizza. ntipasti, pizza and pasta dishes he Bellevue, 200 S. are the focus at this chef Jose Garces eatery along Broad St., $$ ap 1, H5 the Schuylkill Banks. Classic pizza options are VLI editerranean. Sleek yet laid-back, this neighborhood spot is a few blocks from the venue of the rts. uck into modern edilatin entrées and appetizers like spicy pulled chicken empanadas, lamb sliders and paella. D (daily), Br (Su) Spruce St., $$$ ap 1, I6 VOLV merican. Volver is Spanish for to return, and with this high-class restaurant, chef Jose Garces does just that, revisiting his favorite culinary experiences from around the world. he diverse, seasonal,and often locally sourced menu features some of the most innovative dishes in the city. D (u-sa) S. Broad St., ap 1, H6 served alongside more unusual choices including lamb sausage or clam pizzas. part from the woodfired fare, diners will be treated to an extensive Italian wine list. he peritivo happy hour occurs daily with drink specials, snacks and small plates. L (-F), D (daily), brunch (Sa-Su) alnut St., $$ BOLOGY aiwanese. Husband-and-wife team, Judy i and ndy essier s first restaurant serves up fast-casual street food with a roster of ingredients that changes with the season. On the menu, find i s childhood favorites the way her grandmother made: Berkshire pork, shrimp and spinach potstickers; aiwanese free-range fried chicken; wild-caught shrimp ruen bings (like a mini burrito). L (-Sa), D (-F) John F. Kennedy Blvd., $ ap 1, G4 OO FILS ith more than 200 bring your own bottle restaurants, Philadelphia is one of only a few U.S. cities to have a BYOB category in the Zagat Survey. w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 21

13 DIIG his is how it s done BLUO L Coffee House. his ustralian- style cafe pours caffeinated drinks, plus a signature avocado smash on multigrain toast with sunflowers and a pepita-seed pesto, goat cheese and an optional organic poached egg. B, L (daily). Hours and meals vary by location. Locust St., $ ap 1, G6; 160. Gulph oad, BUCH D SIG Steak. his stunning steak and chop house from Stephen Starr has a modern supper-club vibe, thanks to 28-foot-high ceilings, seductive leather booths, bold draperies and two magnificent chandeliers. It s a glam setting for tucking into Starr s top-notch steaks and chops. L (-F), D (daily) alnut St., $$$ ap 1, H5 DIO S OH ILI KHOUS Steak. On the second floor of the historic Provident Bank Building, Davio s serves prime natural-aged steaks as well as veal chops and seafood beneath soaring 24-foot ceilings. B, L (-F), D (daily), Br (Su) S. 17th St., $$$ ap 1, G5 DL FISCO S DOUBL GL K HOUS Steakhouse. njoy top-quality steaks in an elegant booth or drink up at one of a handful of bars located within the sweeping former First Pennsylvania Bank building. Patrons can dine in the Vault oom (a former bank vault) or below the restaurant s extravagant three-story wine tower. L (-F), D (Daily) Chestnut St., $$$ ap 1, H5 DIZGOFF Israeli. Hummus is key at this quick- service establishment. he menu is simple: five variations of hummus rotate daily think lamb, cabbage, chicken and beets and come with pita, Israeli salad and pickles. Inside, picnic tables fill the cozy space, while outside, prime seats along Sansom Street make for great people watching in good weather. L, D (daily). com Sansom St., $ ap 1, H5; hole Foods, 2101 Pennsylvania ve.,. ap 1, G3 LIX COFF Coffee. Founded in 2010, this roaster started as an idea between friends. oday, in addition to roasting, the shop sources, prepares and delivers delicious light-roast brews. In the mood for a side of art with your coffee? lixr also hosts a top-notch rotating series of murals and installations. -Sa 7 am-8 pm, Su 8 am-7 pm S. Sydenham St., $ ap 1, H5 HI CUISI hai. his inviting BYOB offers tasty and authentic dishes with fresh ingredients. friendly staff helps guests select spices to fit specific tastes. BYOB. L, D (u-su). www. 123 S. 23rd St., $$ ap 1, F5 FI PL Global merican. his fine-dining establishment focuses on globally inspired fare using high-quality ingredients. njoy fried oysters at brunch and pork belly, quail and black truffle mac and cheese at dinner. D (u-sa), Br (Sa-Su). www. 231 S. 15th St., $$-$$$ ap 1, H6 GOLDI iddle astern. From James Beard ward-winner ichael Solomonov and Steve Cook, owners of lauded Zahav, comes this fastcasual concept with a simple menu: falafel, fries and tehina shakes. Located above ooster Soup Company. L, D (daily) H P H I L D L P H I I J U Sansom St., $ ap 1, H5; 2101 Pennsylvania ve., HP & CO merican. Upstairs, a vintage- wallpapered 140-seat dining room provides Old orld-style ambiance, while downstairs, a bar and two-lane, reservations-only bowling alley called lbow Lane keep revelers entertained. For sustenance, find wood-fired pizza, charcuterie and ew merican entrees, plus a distinctive cocktail list. D (daily), Br (Sa-Su) Sansom St., $$ ap 1, H5 JS merican. his restaurant aims to blend a cozy dining experience with modern merican cuisine, like bacon wrapped meatloaf and oroccan-spiced wings. he restaurant s signature cocktails are the efforts of a team of veteran mixologists, crafted with local spirits and fresh-squeezed juices. L (-F), D (daily), Br (SaSu) rch St., $$$ JO COFF Coffee. Founded in 2003 in ew York City s est Village, Joe has made its way to Philadelphia with locations in University City and ittenhouse Square. ith a commitment to fair trade and quality, this cafe aims to make a cup of coffee that s satisfying in more ways than one. Hours vary by location alnut St., ap 1, G5; 3200 Chestnut St., ap 1, D5 KYU merican. Healthy grain bowls, soups, sand- wiches and DIY salads greet folks at this bright and friendly spot inside the 3 Logan Square building. B, L (-F) rch St., ap 1, G4 L COLOB Coffeeshop. Founded by locals, this uro-style café pours top-notch coffee following five principles: fairness, longevity, opportunity, water and strict earth consciousness. he Fishtown HQ offers a hip, warehouse-like vibe and friendly staff for relaxing with a cuppa and tucking into tasty pastries. B, L, D (daily) S. 19th St., $ ap 1, G5; 1414 S. Penn Square, ap 1, G5; 1335 Frankford ve., ; 100 S. Independence all., LCOIX French. Featuring sumptuous cuisine, a top-notch wine list and inviting décor, Lacroix has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the city s best dining destinations. eservations suggested. B, L, D, Br (daily). com ittenhouse Square, $$$ ap 1, G6 L CHI Classic French. Pierre and Charlotte Calmels elegant rt lliance restaurant offers Old orld traditions in dishes like lamb osso bucco, poached halibut and a classic onion soup gratinée. eservations are required for the dining rooms, but the 14-seat bar is walk-in only. D (Su), Br (F-Su) S. 18th St., $$$-$$$$ ap 1, G6 H LOV merican. imee Olexy and James Beard ward-winner Stephen Starr s venture gives ample reason for falling in love, from the tasty fare to the cozy bar and dimly lit dining room. Stop in for a cocktail with clever names like Very Good Bourbon Drink, mixing Jim Beam Black with Gran Classico Bitter, Iris vermouth and apple cider. ove on to dinner with approachable, yet creative dishes like whole smoked trout with kale, maple farro and spicy pecans. Groups of up to 20 spread Lombard St., $$$ ap 1, G6 the good vibes around a country-style communal table in the upstairs loft. L (-F), D (daily), Br (SaSu) S. 18th St., $$$ ap 1 G5 2L merican. Located on the 37th floor of wo Liberty Place, chef Daniel Stern s restaurant offers modern twists on traditional merican flavors. he stunning skyline views make this spot one of Philly s most spectacular dining destinations. D (daily) S. 16th St., 37th floor, $$ ap 1, H5 HO GILL merican. Popular with the downtown work crowd, families and ladies who lunch, this casual spot features all day breakfast, Control Freak salads, great grilled items, burgers and smoothies. Hours vary by location S. 16th St., $$ ap 1, H5; 1818 arket St., ap 1, G5; 1839 Spruce St., $$ ap 1, G6 SCP odern Italian. he ittenhouse Hotel s James Beard-nominated restaurant offers a sophisticated wine cellar-like dining room for indulging in upscale Italian cuisine made with local ingredients. xpect house-made pastas, like the restaurant s signature, tomato and basil spaghetti, plus dishes like iman anch porterhouse lamb. xtensive wine list, distilled spirits, cocktails and beer. D (daily). philadelphia ittenhouse Square, $$$-$$$$ ap 1, G6 OC PI Seafood & Steak. ost of the dishes on the seafood-forward menu at this splashy outpost from restaurateur Cameron itchell are made from scratch. Don t miss the restaurant s famous 10-layer carrot cake or something from the ine Spectator ward-winning wine collection and signature cocktail list. D (daily). www. 124 S. 15th St., $$$$ ap 1, H5 SFOOD ULIID Seafood. Located just off PC French. From Philly restaurateur Stephen Starr comes this see-and-be-seen brasserie overlooking ittenhouse Square. Classic fare, décor (a zinc bar, vintage photos), lively sidewalk tables and a chic crowd give this spacious restaurant endless appeal. B, L, D (daily), Br (Sa-Su). www. 227 S. 18th St., $$ ap 1, G6 PLY CF Cafe, estaurant & Bar. his Best of Philly uropean-style spot offers a Pinterestworthy backdrop for tucking into a menu that trots the globe. Dishes include Spanish frittata and shakshuka, plus breakfast all day. Caffeine fiends will be pleased to find a java program that partners with Square One Coffee, pouring singleorigin nitros, cold brews and even a seasonal coffee soda on tap. Beer, wine, cocktails. B, L, D (daily) Spruce St., $-$$ ap 1, H6; Passyunk ve., ; 705 S. Fifth St., POI DOG Hawaiian. his former food truck now calls a brick-and-mortar storefront home for serving Hawaiian comfort foods with a modern twist. Dig into lighter fare like tuna poke with macadamia nuts and Spam musubi, or stick-to-your-bones plates of kalua pig, mochi nori fried chicken or pork belly adobo with macaroni salad and white rice. Sweet endings include bibinka (Filipino coconut cake with guava caramel), andagi (Okinawan donuts) and butter mochi. L, D (-Sa). www. 102 S. 21st St., $ ap 1, F5 H PI IB Steak. his civilized supper club serves acclaimed USD prime cuts, seafood that s flown in daily and wines from a top-notch list. he sophisticated dining room takes diners back to the 1940s, with live piano nightly in the romantic, dimly lit lounge. D (daily) Locust St., $$$ ap 1, G6 PUB & KICH Contemporary uropean. Opened in 2008, Pub & Kitchen combines the sophistication of contemporary uropean cuisine with the comfort and warmth of an authentic neighborhood tavern. ith a frequently changing menu and an extensive list of spirits, beer and wine, Pub & Kitchen is a casual and energetic space where well-crafted food and drink go handin-hand. D (daily), Br (Sa-Su). steaks & hoagies of ittenhouse Square, this intimate neighborhood favorite specializes in simply prepared fresh fish and seafood selections. D (-Sa) S. 20th St., $$$ ap 1, G6 SP KICH merican. his exas-based H & SOUH.. jimssouthstreet. JISSOUH.CO. #jimssouthstreet OP OPVYDY VY DYill IL L L fast-casual spot offers healthy takes on favorites, with most entrees under 500 calories. lso here, a full line of cold-pressed juices and snacks. B, L, D (daily) Chestnut St., $ ap 1, G5; 601 S. 10th St., ap 1, I7; 1325 Frankford ve., ; 243 arket St., ap 2, D5 SOUH merican. Diners here can choose from three distinct areas: an elegant dining hall, a convivial bar/lounge and a lively jazz parlor hosting top acts six nights a week. s the name suggests, the menu tips its hat to the merican South, but with modern flair in dishes like Cajun shrimp deviled eggs, fried catfish and grits and a veggie jamabalaya. D (u-su), Br (Su) Broad St., $$$ ap 1, H2 SQU 1682 International. Chef Bobby Surdam serves up creative, flavorful combinations at Square 1682, located adjacent to the stylish Hotel Palomar. You ll find shareable plates and a vibe that blends casual and cosmopolitan into a distinctly cool dining experience. nd when you re on the go, try the seasonal lunch menu with express options that are quick and delicious. B, L (-F), D (daily), Br (Sa-Su) S. 17th St., $$ ap 1, G5 SQU O COFF Coffee. his award-winning micro-roaster based out of Lancaster now has two retail locations in the city. he small, family-owned business takes pride in taking a small batch, handcrafted approach to roasting, and it shows in the coffeehouses offerings. Hours vary by location John F. Kennedy Blvd., $ ap 1, G4; 249 S. 13th St., ap 1, I6 SUG BY SUS FOO Chinese. wo-time James Beard ward-winning chef Susanna Foo s venture uses farm-fresh ingredients with fine-dining techniques in dishes like tea-smoked Peking duck breast with farro risotto and andarin pork pasta. L, D (daily), Br (Sa-Su) w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 23

14 Sansom St., $$$-$$$$ ap 1, G5 UB F Steak House. On historic Logan Square, this modern steakhouse takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients in straightforward preparations. B, L, D (daily), brunch (Sa-Su). www. Benjamin Franklin Parkway, $$$$ ap 1, G4 VD Indian. his dining room sets an elegant tone for a menu of orthern Indian food with a modern, bistro touch. he menu includes small plates like masala crab cakes and scallops dressed in a roasted pepper chutney. ains include familiar favorites, plus out-of-the-box options like a curry with tofu and peas. selection of tandoori meats and roti breads rounds out the tasty offerings, with a full bar pouring wine, beer and craft cocktails. L (-F), D (daily) Br (Sa-Su) Chestnut St., $$ ap 1, G5 VIC SUSHI Sushi. his no-frills BYOB plates classic crowd-pleasers like Philadelphia and California rolls, along with inventive house specials and delicious tuna dumplings. L, D (-Sa). com Sansom St., $ ap 1, G5 Chinatown ZHOU HD D OODL HOUS Chinese. s the name suggests, folks come here for the handmade noodles in savory soups, but the restaurant also dishes out plenty of other delicious dishes from freshly made dumplings to mapo tofu, making it a must-stop in Chinatown. BYOB. Cash only. l, D (daily) ace St., $ ap 1, J4 SG K PKIG DUCK HOUS Chinese. Since 1980, Sang Kee has been a destination for authentic Hong Kong-style Chinese cuisine, including Peking duck and spot-on wonton soup. hree floors of seating ensure any wait for a table will be minimal. L & D (daily). com inth St., $$ ap 1, I4 VI U Vietnamese. his beloved hole-in-the-wall eatery located in the heart of Chinatown serves authentic Vietnamese dishes at accessible prices. On the third floor is Bar Saigon, modeled after 1930s Saigon dance clubs, where guests can sing karaoke and sample delicious cocktails. L, D (daily) th St., $$ ap 1, I4 Convention Center HD OCK CF merican. Philly s outpost of the international phenomenon is located in the historic eading erminal train station, steps from the Convention Center and a few blocks from the historic district. Inside, the restaurant is filled with its trademark rock memorabilia, plus a gift shop of Hard ock-branded souvenirs. On the menu, find favorites like Legendary Burgers, steaks, salads and sandwiches. L, D (daily) arket St., $$ ap 1, I4 OLLY LLOY S Pub/Bar. estled in the heart of the historic eading erminal arket, this airy gastropub from the folks behind Iovine Brothers produce serves seasonal fare from chef Bobby Fisher and pours craft beers, 35 of which are on draft. B, L, D (daily). com. eading erminal arket, 1136 rch St., $ ap 1, I4 24 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 DIIG DIG IL K International. Founded in 1893, eading erminal arket has evolved into one of Philadelphia s major food meccas, where visitors can sample international and local specialties, including cheesesteaks and Pennsylvania Dutch treats. B, L, D (daily). www. 12th and rch streets, $ ap 1, I4 ast Passyunk venue BIG BIG DI SU Dim Sum. his spot brings a new, modern spin on the classic dim sum. Look for traditional soup dumplings alongside roast pork bao filled with sharp provolone and long hots, plus crispy lamb rolls and congee made with chicken sausage. Pair all that goodness with a shareable pitcher of cocktails. L (F-Su), D (daily) Passyunk ve., $-$$ CHHY CFÉ Coffee House. his community gathering place dishes up wholesome and tasty breakfast and lunch fare, and pours some of the best brews (coffee and tea) in town. orker bees need not worry laptops are welcome here. B, L (daily, kitchen closes at 3 pm). com Passyunk ve., $ FOD merican. his intimate contemporary merican restaurant is flecked with touches of chef Lee Styer s classic French training. he refined, seasonal menu might include such gems as hai curry escargot, seared foie gras with cranberries or the delicious Beef Short ibs with Bordelaise sauce. D (u-su), Br (Su) S. 11th St., $$$ OOD merican. his classic BYOB bistro with a orthern uropean focus features locally farmed produce and meats, served in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Breads and desserts are made in-house, as are the smoked and cured fish and meats. ll you have to do is bring the wine. D (-Su), Br (Su) asker St., $$$ PDISO Italian. s a key player in the burgeon- ing ast Passyunk venue dining scene, Paradiso brings fresh ingredients to mouth-watering dishes. xpect hand-rolled gnocchi, Hudson Valley duck breast and whole-roasted branzino. L (u-f), D (u-su). Sundays BYOB with no corkage fee Passyunk ve., $$ GZY British. he lunch and supper (read: early dinner) crowd digs into hearty, regional British cuisine here. Pie and mash is a staple of the menu, and flavors run the gamut from traditional beef and onion to daily specials. Other house-made noshes include sausage rolls, Cornish pasties and banofee pie. L, D (u-sa), Br (Su) Passyunk ve., $$ OSD French. From broiled oysters to sauteed sweetbreads and seared duck breast, wine and food offerings follow the seasons at chef-owner ownsend entz s eponymous finedining spot, which is also known for masterful food and wine pairings. If you can t get a table, try the bar, where the full dinner menu is also available. D (-) Passyunk ve., $$$ CHU OODL B sian. his cozy spot anayunk focuses on noodle bowls with a variety of ingredients. he miso ramen bowl is a favorite and comes with pork shoulder, a soft-boiled egg and black garlic. Small plates include creative (not to mention tasty) fare like black garlic wings and pork pizza dumplings. L, D (daily) S. 10th St, $-$$ ap 1, I6; 1416 Frankford ve., BOUBO BLU merican. his hotspot features ew merican cuisine with a ew Orleans accent. Dig into favorites like Southern fried chicken, jambalaya and country-style ribs. On weekends, the Canal Lounge offers live entertainment. D (daily), Br (Sa-Su). wo ector St., $$ JK S U D COOP S I B merican. Jake s and Cooper s are upscale-yet- IDBLU Indian. ake your taste buds on a comfortable spots to enjoy high-quality food and carefully selected wines. t Jake s, dig into delicious dishes like crab cakes, chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms duxelle, duck a l orange, made with organic, locally grown ingredients. Pair entrees with wines from Cooper s top-notch collection. L, D (daily), Br (Su) ain St., $$ journey at this neighborhood hot spot. Go for the maharaja cheese board, shrimp and crab moilee or try other traditional Indian dishes as well as brunch classics with an Indian spin. L (F), D (daily), Br (Sa-Su). com. 205 S. 13th St., $$ ap 1, I5 OD PIZZ Pizza. his casual corner spot with an industrial vibe dishes up wood-fired pies with quality ingredients, many from local producers. Pair zas with wine or Italian sodas. Sweets fiends indulge in a utella pizza plus other desserts including ricotta cheesecake and artisanal sorbets. L F-Su, D (u-su). www. 611 S. 7th St., $$ ap 1, J7 H JUIC CH Health Food. Using 100 percent organic ingredients, he Juice erchant is the go-to place for the health conscious. Looking to make health food convenient, the shop has a full menu of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and vegan salads and sandwiches. B, L, D (daily). ain St., $ YUK BY & U Pub/Bar. OD O Pizza. s its name suggests, Start your meal with one of the brewery s handcrafted beers made on site. he eclectic menu features stone-oven pizzas, sushi, grilled steaks, fresh salads and classic burgers. Live music daily. L, D (daily), Br (Su) ain St., $$ the cozier sister spot to omad Pizza dishes up thin-crust, oman-style pies and highlights the same top-notch ingredients like nduja sausage, prosciutto di Parma, truffles and Castelvetrano olives. For a spin on a regional classic, try the renton tomato pie, an upside down pizza twist Locust St., ap 1, H6 OLD GL avern. One of the best-kept secrets in anayunk, this old world-style tavern specializes in reinvented bar fare and an extensive beer collection, including excellent crafts, 11 rotating drafts and 60-plus bottles. D (daily), Br (Sa, Su) arkle St., $$ SP Pan-sian. his 95-seat gem show- idtown Village BBUZZO editerranean. he rustic furnishings here set a cozy vibe for the editerranean-influenced dishes and well-stocked bar. eserve a table for simple, yet flavorful fare, including roasted bone marrow and grilled fresh fish. L (-Sa), D (daily) S. 13th St., $$$ ap 1, I5 Celebrate Father s Day with us he First hai estaurant in Philadelphia BYOB GLOV S merican. his 20-tap, two-floor restaurant craft beer destination serves up inspired vegetarian, vegan and omnivore-friendly fare. L, D (daily), Br (Sa-Su) S. 11th St., $$ ap 1, I5 DICI OC editerannean. his lovely BÜ CF & U German. his indoor bierhall dining room focuses on small plates like bacon wrapped dates stuffed with manchego and blue cheese and chicken meatballs. lso on the menu find a raw bar plus spinach gnocchi with butternut squash and brown butter and oroccan-spiced ribs in addition to an extensive wine list and housemade cocktails. L, D (daily) S. 13th St., ap 1, I5 and wursthaus serves up delicious Bavarian/merican cuisine, including pork belly, weiner schnitzel, and, of course, assorted wurst. he bierhall features 39 German domestic and imported drafts on tap. For $5, purchase a Haus key from a server or bartender and pour your own beer from a selfserve, ipad-controlled bier wall, where brews cost as little as 30 cents per ounce. L, D (daily). www. Chestnut St., $$ ap 1, I5 CPOGIO GLO CF Sweets. Find fine artisanal gelato and sorbetto in flavors like champagne mango, burnt sugar or Fior di Latte (made with milk sourced from a single herd in Lancaster County), plus coffee, sandwiches, soups and salads. B, L, D (daily). com. 119 S. 13th St., $ ap 1, I5; 117 S. 20th St., ap 1, G5; 233 Chestnut St., ap 1, B5; Passyunk ve., cases chef ichael Schulson s passion for sian flavors and exquisite presentations. ix and match from the array of reasonably priced small plates at dinner and happy hour. Head around back to the Graffiti Bar for cocktails. D (daily) S. 13th St., $$ ap 1, I5 3 COUS LUCH & DI SPCILS ILBL Dine in ake out Closed onday Free Delivery (Limited rea) Order online, special promotions and make reservation online rd 123 S. 23 Street See our website for special promotions: orthern Liberties & Fishtown CK LIF BK SHOP Bakery. he duo behind this all-day cafe and bake shop claims a Cupcake ars victory. In addition to top-notch cupcakes, look for sweet and savory pastries and cakes (by the slice). he cafe also serves ival Bros. coffee and has a BYOB policy. B, L (u-su), D (u-sa) Frankford ve., $ w w w. w heret r avel er. com 25

15 DIIG FKFOD HLL German. his open-air German H DYY Chinese. his neighborhood beer garden may be the liveliest spot in Stephen Starr s empire. Counter service, long communal tables and alfresco ping-pong create a downto-earth backdrop for enjoying huge steins of traditional German and craft beers. Fill up on casual fare like sauerkraut, schnitzel, spaetzle, bratwurst, weisswurst and käsekrainer. L (Sa-Su), D (daily) Frankford ve., $ ap 1, L1 favorite never ceases to charm, either with its marketing wit or its spice-laden menu. Dishes here come with a spice-level point system from 1 (doable) to 10 (mind-blowingly hot). Locals know to take the owner s advice, whenever it s offered. L, D (daily) Chestnut St., $ ap 1, L5; 3711 arket St., ap 1, C5; 4356 ain St., H OLD B Seafood. his Jose Garces spot FO CF merican. Health-conscious, respects tradition with seafood and standouts like oyster po boy and Olde Bar fries with crab, lobster butter and oyster stout-cheddar fondue. D (daily) alnut St., $$ on-trend dishes are on the menu at this light-filled, rustic-chic spot that aims to satisfy all needs with a sit-down restaurant, coffee shop, juice/smoothie bar, beer garden, outdoor terrace and even two full bars. ry acai breakfast bowls, turkey burgers, kale Caesar salads, tostada grain bowls, blackened culotte steak and spaghetti squash with lentil meatballs. B, L, D (daily) Front St., OYL BOUCHI French. op Chef winner icholas lmi s butchery fits right in with Old City s historical vibe. he cozy two-level space features two bars (one for drinks and the other for oysters) with exposed brick walls, a tin ceiling and antique furnishings. But the mood is anything but dusty. Diners dig into hearty dishes like lamb crepinette and steak au poivre in stick-to-your-ribs portions, while a feel-good soundtrack veers from lla Fitzgerald to Stevie onder and rcade Fire. Cocktail connoisseurs find classics and contemporary choices, while oenophiles look to a uroheavy list. D (daily) S. Second St., $$$ ap 1, K5 LOV & HOY FID CHICK merican. odd and Laura Lyons temple to fried chicken offers locally sourced, humanely raised and processed birds (read: no antibiotics or hormones). he result is back-to-basics good food with fixins including mac and cheese, cornbread muffins and potato salad. Save room for pie (sweet potato, banana pudding, flavor of the month). L, D (-Su). www. Front St., ap 1, L1 PIZZ BI Pizza. his socially and environmen- ZH iddle astern. t his heralded restau- tally aware pizza shop is the world s first pizza museum and has a claim to fame in the Guinness Book of orld ecords with the largest stock of pizza memorabilia. he restaurant also features vegan options and delivery. L, D (daily). org Frankford ve., $ rant perched above the street, James Beard ward-winning chef ichael Solomonov carefully prepares creative, contemporary Israeli food. well-edited a la carte menu highlights small plates and salatim a colorful collection of cold salads that traditionally start meals in Israel. he ayim tasting option offers a good base for those new to the cuisine and includes Solomonov s famous hummus (we like the urkish variety, which is served warm in its own mini castiron pan) and feather-light laffa bread. Heftier fare includes coal-fired kebabs and a hangar steak. Inventive cocktails; wine list with Israeli varietals. eservations recommended. D (daily) St. James Place, $$ ap 1, K6. ULHI S SOS Italian. Set in a restored 1890s whiskey blending and bottling facility, this well-regarded spot serves hearty Italian classics, wood-fired pizzas and strong drinks. he restaurant has three rustic, yet beautiful rooms: a bar, a dining room with a fireplace and a second dining room featuring an open kitchen with a wood-fired oven and grill, so you can watch the magic as you eat. D (daily), Br (Sa-Su) Front St., $$$ Penn s Landing & aterfront Old City CH HOUS Seafood. aterfront views of DIDO S FOUS SFOOD Seafood. his family-owned seafood house is an Old City institution, serving up outstanding steamed hard-shell crabs and sautéed garlic crabs since Grilled steaks, chicken and fresh pasta are also featured. L (-Sa), D (daily) ace St., $$$ ap 1, K4 FZZIIG S S SHOPP merican. his charming eatery located near all the sites combines an old fashioned ice cream parlor/ sweet shop with a classic soda fountain and a modern cafe. In addition to delectable desserts and pastries, find savory treats including burgers, cheesesteaks and hand-cut fries. B, L, D (daily) $ ap 2, D4 FOK merican. One of Old City s original restau- rant pioneers, Fork offers simple elegance with an open kitchen. enu changes often. D (daily), Br (Su) arket St., $$$ ap 1, K5 26 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 Specializing in California-style burritos featuring fresh ingredients in sumptuous portions at affordable prices. Lunch and Dinner BYOB el fuego 723 alnut Street Penn s Landing, the Delaware iver and the Philadelphia skyline set a dramatic stage for updated classic steaks and seafood entrées, along with renowned prime rib specials. D (daily), Br (Su) S. Columbus Blvd., $$ ap 1, L7 HUGO S FOG B D CHOP HOUS Steakhouse. reat yourself to an authentic Chicago dining experience, which includes USD Gibsons Prime ngus Beef as well as other favorites like fresh fish and seafood, salads and sandwiches. n extensive wine list, waterfront views and live entertainment add to the special vibe. Inside Sugar House Casino. L, D (daily). www. s-frog-barchop-house Delaware ve., $$$$ ap 1, L1 KIG S OP & CHO, B + KICH Contemporary merican. Spend an afternoon on the patio Hilton s Penn s Landing outpost, tucking into oak-smoked salmon or a ew York strip steak while gazing out at the Delaware iver. Inside, a buzzy bar pours handcrafted cocktails to the tunes of a live band. B, L, D (daily). www. 201 S. Columbus Blvd., $$$ ap 1, L5 L PG French. his contemporary French brasserie and beer garden is located inside the Fringerts building along the Delaware iver aterfront. he crowd-pleasing menu features cauliflower steak and steak frites, butternut squash soup and cheeseburgers. D (daily), Br (Sa-Su) Columbus Blvd., $$ ap 1, L4 South Philly & Italian arket IC SDI B Pub/Bar. From the owners of the South Philly ap oom comes SB, a resto-bar with a menu that focuses on a selection of craft beers (16 on tap), hearty sandwiches and yummy pub grub. L, D (daily) Br (Su). www. Federal St., $ FDL DOUS Sweets. James Beard ward- winner ichael Solomonov s little gem offers fresh cake donuts at 7 am, and then serves Korean-style fried chicken starting at 11 am until they run out. Hours vary by location S. Second St., ; 1632 Sansom St., ap 1, H5 GO S KS Cheesesteaks. Geno s serves up classic steaks with Philly flair. he inevitable line provides time to figure out what to order; when you get to the counter, make it fast and simple. Cash only. B, L, D (daily, 24 hours). S. inth St., $ JI S SOUH Cheesesteaks. Since 1976, visitors and locals alike have been flocking to this temple to cheesesteak inside an rt Deco storefront on lively South Street. Hoagies, too. L, D (daily) South St., $ ap 1, K7 P S KIG OF KS Cheesesteaks. Billed as the originator of the cheesesteak sandwich, this shop is a favorite that attracts fans from around the world. Local tip: Order hiz wit. B, L, D (daily 24 hours) Passyunk ve., $ South Street & Queen Village BIO L I French. Chef/owner Peter oolsey has created an authentic French bistro that reflects his passion for detail even the original art and furnishings evoke the flavor of France s celebrated culinary regions. D (daily), L (Sa-Su) S. Sixth St., $$ ap 1, J7 BUHUS SCHIZ German. his Philly original claims the largest selection of German beer in the city with 30 on draft and more than 80 bottles from 25 countries. xecutive chef Jeremy olen prepares classic German fare like housemade bratwurst, schweinshaxen and schnitzel. L, D (daily) South St., $-$$ ap 1, J7 L merican. he kitchen at this bar and restaurant is run by chef Jason Cichonski and features an inventive, rotating menu, an extensive wine and beer program and an inspired cocktail list. he modern yet rustic setting allows diners a comfortable place to enjoy seriously good food. D (daily), Br (Su) S. hird St., $$ ap 1, K7 LS BUGBILIS exican. t this intimate, authentic exican restaurant, chef/owner Carlos olina offers high-quality, freshly prepared food from three different regions in exico. Be sure to sample the imaginative array of margaritas and the homemade desserts. L (u-su), D (daily), Br (Su) South St., $$ ap 1, L7 H ID IL merican. lively bourbon- and-blues emporium featuring a menu of charcoal-grilled fare, 40-plus bourbons and plenty of craft beer. Dine at rustic wooden table indoors or out, then climb the stairs for some rockin live music. L (-F), D (daily), Br (Sa-Su). 509 S. Second St., $$ ap 1, K6 University City IGOLD KICH merican. Located inside a traditional Victorian row house, this restaurant features the culinary alchemy of ndrew Kochan and im Lanza. ach build tasting menus meant to surprise, with dishes drawing from the seasons, that are as beautiful to look at as they are tasty to eat. D (u-sa) S. 45th St., $$ ap 1, 7 VI CFÉ Vietnamese. ith this small but sleek outpost of Chinatown s popular Vietnam estaurant, owner Benny Lai has brought his beloved Vietnamese cuisine to the University City neighborhood. xpect savory noodle soups and dishes, seafood, rice platters and the chef s special barbecued appetizer sampler. L, D (daily) S. 47th St., $$ HI DOG CF merican. his homey, antiques-filled dining room is as well known for its food as it is for its social activism. Dine on classic dishes made from locally grown and organic ingredients, like chicken liver mousse, soups and sandwiches, and omelets made with cage-free eggs. L (-F), D (daily), Br (Sa-Su) Sansom St., $-$$ ap 1, D5 ashington Square IS Italian. t this convivial trattoria (one of three Philadelphia eateries by celebrated Chef arc Vetri), dig into tapas-style fare like bone-in strip steak, pork chop parmigiana and monkfish cacciatore. D (daily), Br (Su) S. 13th St., $$$ ap 1, I6 L FUGO exican. his happening spot whips up tasty California-style burritos, along with tacos, quesadillas and soups. he lunch hour is particularly lively, so get there early. L, D (-Sa). www. 723 alnut St., $ ap 1, J5 VDG Vegan. Husband-and-wife team ichard Landau and Kate Jacoby give vegan cuisine a good name at their inventive, modern bistro inside a handsome row house. In the chef s deft hands, roots and leaves become the stuff of haute cuisine in dishes like seared maitake mushroom with celery root fritter, smoked remoulade and leek ash vinaigrette. Cocktails with housemade syrups and bitters are also musts. eservations required. D (-Sa) Locust St., $$$ ap 1, I6 w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 27

16 ime Bryn awr Film Institute he restle Inn his groovy three-in-one features a chandeliered lounge, a cozy whiskey bar and a dance club reminiscent of the absinthefueled hangouts of old Paris. Catch rombo Piccolo with Chris Farrel and Company every onday and idtown Jazz Jam with im Brey every Sunday Sansom St., ap 1, H5 Located along the picturesque main drag in Bryn awr, the BFI is a beloved theater showcasing independent movies in the Philadelphia area. Film screenings here range from documentary, international arthouse, classics and vintage flicks. www. Lancaster ve., Bryn awr, Pa., t this lively club just north of Chinatown, partiers sip classic cocktails or a whiskey from a 60-bottle collection and nibble retro bar snacks before hitting the dance floor. nergetic go-go dancers keep the party going, shaking it to everything from soul and funk to disco. com th St., ap 1, I3 Bars & Lounges BBY Locals will greet you with open arms in this homey orthern Liberties corner bar. Come for the music, cheesesteaks and fine Belgian beer. -F 11:30 am-2 am, Sa-Su 10 am-2 am. net hird St., ap 1, K2 SHO CIG B njoy the vast selection of 200 different cigars and an extensive bar list including wines, cordials and rare liquors at the only cigar bar open to the public in the city, complete with a state-of-the-art air purification system. Sa-h 4 pm-2 am, F 2 pm-2 am. www. alnut St., 2nd floor, ap 1, H6 BBY Dance the night away with great DJs, cheap drinks and disco lights, or take a break from all the action in the bar s cozy photo booth. Daily 10 pm-2 am Frankford ve., ap 1, L1 COSHOHOCK BIG COPY his brew- pub in the ain Line features 10 taps and one cask line. Grab a pint of the core brew, Conshohocken IP, while munching on affordable bar snacks pm, h 3-10 pm, F 2 pm-midnight, Sa 11 am-midnight, Su 11 am-8 pm. 739 ast lm St., Suite B, Conshohocken, FDO IISH PUB his comfortable pub offers an escape to Victorian-era Dublin with nooks that seat from two to 12 people, plus fine Irish and uropean here s a lot more going JOLLY S DULIG PIO B merican. beers, a packed dance floor on the on this June. Founded by Jolly eldon, this rollicking weekend and regular screenings of Visit us online: piano bar features, yes, two instruments soccer matches. -F 11:30 am-2 am. with pianists duking it out with musical imes vary on weekends depending selections from rock, pop and more. Pizzas on matches; Sa until 2 am, Su until midprovide sustenance for all-night singalongs night. with craft beers and specialty cocktails fueling 1500 Locust St., ap 1, H6 the fun. D (daily). H FKLI B Venture into this subterranean $$ ap 2, 6 speakeasy located inside the former Franklin KHYB PSS PUB Settle in at one of the well-worn ortgage & Investment Co. (a front for one of booths or at the bar in this no-frills pub for excelthe largest booze running rings during Prohibilent Southern-style comfort food. he nearly 20 tion) for carefully crafted cocktails mixed with craft beers on tap rotate constantly and endless premium, seasonal and homemade ingredients. bottle choices hail from around the world. Daily Daily 5 pm-2 am S. 10 am-2 am S. Sec18th St., ond St., ap 1, K5 H GSLIGH his casual, comfortable bar and KI & KY his lively gastropub in the Fairmount restaurant is located in Philadelphia s historic neighborhood pours mostly local brews for a district, serving a sophisticated take on pub grub. crowd of young professionals. Service here is fast Look for happy hour specials during the week and and friendly. Daily 11 am-2 am. a tasty brunch (and live entertainment) on weekcom Callowhill St., ap 1, G3 ends. xtensive beer list. -h 4 pm-midnight, F 4 pm-2 am, Sa 10-2 am, Su 10 am-midnight. www. LOCL 44 Grab a drink at the 20-tap bar or a bite 120 arket St., at the restaurant, and then shop more than 500 $$ ap 1, K5 bottles of craft beer, including a well-stocked rare and limited edition library. -F 11:30 am-2 am, GC his low-key neighborhood spot Sa-Su 11 am-2 am offers comfort foods like burgers, sandwiches Spruce St., ap 1, 6 and bar snacks (think chicken fingers), plus some vegan options. he beer list is wide with several LODO GILL London Grill is a Fairmount instituciders and sour ales, too. Daily 11:30 am-2 am. tion, located steps from historic astern State Grays Ferry ve., tentiary. For years, its dark wood bar has hosted ap 1, F7 locals looking for sophisticated bar fare. Look for FU LOVS Can t get enough after-hours excitement? For more bars, clubs, live music shows and theater, visit 28 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 (FO LF) COUSY VISI PHILDLPHI; B VSO/FLICK, CIV COOS;. KDY/VISI PHILDLPHI ntertainment June

17 I events, like weekly quiz nights. 4 pm-2 am, u-f 11 am-2 am, Sa-Su 10 am-2 am. com Fairmount ve., ap 1, F2 CGILLI S OLD L HOUS Opened in 1860, this historic taproom is Philly s oldest tavern and claims the city s first liquor license. Locals and visitors head here for the friendly crowd, hearty pub fare and 30 draft beers. Daily 11 am-2 am. Drury St., ap 1, I5 H UI ID CB HOUS D PIO B Jolly eldon s sister spot to Jolly s Dueling Piano Bar combines all the rollicking singalong action with a classic aryland crab house dining experience to boot. Dig into oysters, aryland crab cakes, Chesapeake pan-roasted rockfish, boardwalk fries and more, then join in the live music fun every night starting at 8 pm. Open daily Chestnut St., ap 2, 6 SOUHK For Old orld style and some of the best classic cocktails in town, come to this gem of a bar right off of South Street. - 5 pm-2 am S. Fourth St., ap 1, K7 DD P his old school two-story bar, built by a former Sam dams brewmaster, has all the cozy pub charm with the full menu of a proper restaurant. rotating roster of more than 20 locally produced beers and chalkboards dispersed throughout display the daily creations of chef Joel azigian, whose repertoire includes terrines, wild game entrees and decadent desserts. -F 4 pm2 am, Sa-Su 11 am-2 am Second St., ap 1, K1 I OG his lively spot brings Ireland to Philly with an ambience that evokes the merald Isle. Join locals for happy hour and watch uropean football on the big-screen, while sipping expertly poured Guinness, naturally. -F 11 am-2 am, Sa-Su 8 am-2 am rch St., ap 1, H4 VSP he formerly private Vesper Club has reopened as a restaurant and lounge with a speakeasy vibe, serving up toasts, tastes and steak dinners. t the bar, classic cocktails are on the menu, from the negroni to the French 75. Live and local music command attention seven nights a week in the Skyline oom. -F 3:30 pm-2 am, Sa 5 pm-2 am Sydenham St., ap 1, H5 VIG his gorgeous idtown Village wine bar has an impressive list of reds, whites and everything in between. It s vino without the pretension. -F 4 pm-2 am, Sa-Su noon-2 am S. 13th St., ap 1, I5 X LOUG his ultramodern spot is the jewel of the major expansion at sprawling Parx Casino in Bucks County. Cushy seating, luxury finishes and additional gaming opportunities occupy the airy space. Have a signature cocktail like the migas Paloma and a few of the small plates (think edamame truffle potato dumplings or fish tacos) before you head back to the tables. h 4-10 pm, F 4 pm-2 am, Sa 2 pm-2 am, Su noon-9 pm. com/xlounge Street oad, Bensalem, Pa., ap 4, C3 30 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 Israel, June 1, Kimmel Center for the Performing rts, 300 S. Broad St., ap 1, H6 Bowling LUCKY IK LS Hollywood s über-cool bowling lounge makes its way east. his stylish Center City spot features 50s décor, comfort food, delicious cocktails and plenty of lanes to roll. -h 11:30 am-midnight, F till 2 am, Sa noon-2 am, Su noon-midnight Chestnut St., ap 1, I5 Comedy CODYSPOZ For more than 25 years, this improvisational comedy troupe has been earning raves along with laughs. wo teams of funny guys and gals compete for points with a referee calling the action. udience participation is encouraged. rrive early, as seating is limited. $20, $15 students, seniors and military. Sa 7:30 pm and 10 pm. www. Sansom St., ap 1, G5 OH BOL LOUG LS orthern Liber- ties catches onto the contemporary bowling craze with this retro alley. Bowl downstairs in the Popmodern alley and then relax post pins with a drink in the second-floor lounge. orth Bowl also offers billiards and classic arcade games. -F 5 pm-2 am, Sa-Su noon-2 am Second St., ap 1, K1 HLIU CODY CLUB Local talent and national Casinos PX CSIO Located about 20 miles north of Center City by way of Interstate 95 or the Pennsylvania urnpike, Parx is worth the trip. his 150,000-sq.-ft. venue boasts 3,330 slot machines, 132 live table games, a 48-table poker room and a variety of restaurants and bars, plus thoroughbred horse racing at Parx acing and a new 1,500seat entertainment venue called Xcite Center. Complimentary parking. Daily 24 hours. www. Street oad, Bensalem, Pa., ap 4, C3 is your quick, convenient and affordable connection throughout Center City Philadelphia! G LL-DY PSS FO OLY $5 SUGHOUS CSIO ager on having a fantastic time at this 45,000-square-foot casino on the Delaware iver waterfront in the Fishtown neighborhood. he huge gaming floor offers slots, as well as live table games such as craps, blackjack and poker. On-site dining, free parking and valet available. Daily 24 hours. www. Delaware ve., ap 1, L1 VLLY FOG CSIO his casino about 30 minutes beyond Philly city limits boasts more than 600 slot machines, along with 50 table games, including blackjack, craps and roulette. On-site dining and nightlife options range from fine steak at evolution Chop House to to live entertainment at he Vault. ccessible from outes 202, Interstate 76 and the Pennsylvania urnpike. Daily 24 hours First ve., King of Prussia, Pa., Classical & Opera his is not your grandfather s piano bar. It s a rockin, rollin, sing-a-long, drink-a-long helluva good time. So come on down to Jolly s and eat, drink, and (dare we say it?) be jolly! KIL C FO H PFOIG S his elegant entertainment complex houses multiple stages in the hub of Philadelphia s venue of the rts. his month: Philadelphia International Festival of the rts, June 1-10; Philadelphia Youth Orchestra 78th nnual Festival Concert June S. Broad Street, ap 1, H6 C FO H PFOIG S Located just outside downtown Philadelphia, during the summer this open-air theater hosts world-class performers of all genres. his month: Jaws in Concert with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, June Parkside ve., ap 1, 3 H PHILDLPHI OCH Founded in 1900, the Philadelphia Orchestra has distinguished itself as one of the leading orchestras in the world, and is led by dynamic music director Yannick ézet-séguin. his month: our of urope and or pay $2 per ride. Purchase your pass on board a PHLSH bus, at a Visitor Center location, or online. Visit for more information. headliners take the stage at this club, just off ittenhouse Square. his month: ammy Pescatelli, June 1; Heather cdonald, June 2-3; Luenell, June 7-10; John Heffron, June 14-16; Greg Fitzsimmons, June 22-24; revor oore, June Sansom St., ap 1, G5 KIL C FO H PFOIG S his elegant entertainment complex houses multiple stages in the hub of Philadelphia s venue of the rts. his month: Philadelphia International Festival of the rts, June 1-10; Bassem Youssef, June S. Broad Street, ap 1, H6 PUCH LI PHILLY part of the thriving enter- tainment scene in Fishtown, this comedy club, restaurant and bar will send you laughing all the way home with new performances each week. he 300-seat venue features VIP seating and an outdoor patio. he bar offers local craft beers, cocktails and wines by the glass. his month: Jay Pharoah, June 7-9; om hodes, June www. 33. Laurel St., Service Schedule: arch 30 pril 29; September 7 ovember 18 eekend Service (uns Friday - Sunday) ay 1 September 3; ovember 23 December 30* Daily Service (uns 7 days a week) PHLSH runs 10:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. Service every 15 minutes Children 4 and under and Seniors ride F F with SP Key, railpass, ranspass, one-day Independence Pass or Family one-day Independence Pass Concert Venues BB& PILIO his amphitheater-style venue on the Camden, ew Jersey, waterfront plays host to large concerts by the nation s most popular artists. Dead & Company, June 1-2; Kendrick Lamar, SZ and Schoolboy Q, June 8; Logic, F and Kyle, June 13; Dave atthews Band, June 15-16; 30 Seconds to ars, alk the oon and isterwives, June 17; Foreigner, June 23; John Fogerty and ZZ op, June 24; Chris Stapleton, arty Stuart and Brent Cobb, June 29; adio s 11th Birthday Show: Imagine Dragons, Judah and the Lion J, Sir Sly and issio, June 1 Harbour Blvd., Camden,.J., ap 1, 6 BOG V C Located in casino-filled tlantic City, where Philadelphia and Jersey residents go to gamble and party, the Borgata vents Center books acts by rock n roll superstars, pop sensations and legendary crooners. ingo Starr & His ll Starr Band, June 2. One Borgata ay, tlantic City,.J., IX 110 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, P FIVL PI his outdoor venue at Penn s Land- he Philly PHLSH Downtown Loop seasonal transit program is managed by the Independence Visitor Center Corporation (IVCC). PHLSH vehicle service is provided by Krapf Group, Inc. ing offers beautiful views and a fantastic place to see concerts and events in warm weather. his month: oots Picnic, June 2; Dirty Heads, June 7; Dropkick urphys & Flogging olly, June 21; ay Lamontagne, June 22; Dr. Dog, June 23; Paramore, June 24. icket prices vary. com. Columbus Boulevard and Spring Garden Street, ap 1, L2 w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 31

18 in rip o H FILLO PHILDLPHI Fishtown s legend- ary jax etal Factory has been transformed into a state-of-the-art 2,500 capacity venue, honoring the traditions of historic Fillmore music halls and weaving in some Philly flavor. On the top floor, he Foundry serves as a smaller venue where local bands and DJs take the stage. his month s highlights: nthony Jeselnik: Funny Games, June 3; he onder Years, June 8-9; ight iots, June 15; ric am 2018 orth merican our, June 22; he Calling, June llen St., ap 1, L1 C FO H PFOIG S Located just outside downtown Philadelphia, during the summer this open-air theater hosts worldclass performers of all genres. his month: n vening ith Patti Lupone, June 1; athaniel ateliff & the ight Sweats and the Head and the Heart with Brent Cowles, June 6; he Decemberists with. ard, June 7; Harry Connick Jr., June 16; oger Daltrey Performs the ho s ommy, June 19; Barenaked Ladies Last Summer on arth our with Better han zra and K unstall, June 26; DS Presents Summer Block Party with Jill Scott, Boyz II en, DJ Jazzy Jeff and special guests, June Parkside ve., ap 1, 3 H OF H LIVIG S (L) his former movie house is now a two-story music venue featuring popular touring bands and a funky boho vibe. his month: From Hallelujah to the Last Goodbye: Dave Lory emembers Jeff Buckley, June 1; Dope Shows presents Gunna, June 3; Sandra Bernhard, June 7; Femme Cyph our 2K18 Featuring Cupcakke, June 8; Booze & attoos: he ildest Party on South Street, June 9; Haylet Kiyoko-xpectations orth merican our, June 14; Stephen alkmus and the Jicks, June 16; ito ieves, June 23; Live ation Presents Pouyahe Five Five our, June 28; nthony Green: valon 10 Year nniversary our, June com. 334 South St., ap 1, K7 SP s Broad Street subway line to & Station. his month: Justin imberlake, June 2; Depeche ode, June 3; Def Leppard with Journey, June 11; U2, June 13-14; Harry Styles, June 15; Paul Simon, June S. Broad St., ap 4, D4 Gay & Lesbian Clubs H BIK OP his longtime club offers four levels with different themes, like the Short Stop for sports fans with games on V and the Pit Stop for leather fans. Other floors host dancing and cruising. -Sa 4 pm-2 am, Su 2 pm-2 am S. Quince St., ap 1, I6 UIO SF Originally built as a luggage terminal in the early 1900s, this mid-size music hall now boasts towering arches, elegant chandeliers and stained glass for a dramatic yet intimate atmosphere. Separate bar area for the 21-plus crowd. his month: ed unts, June 1; he Stonethrowers, June 2; Japanese Breakfast, June 3; he Voidz, June 4; en I rust, June 5; Dance Gavin Dance, June 6; Chon, Jo Passed Dick Stusso, June 7; Parquet Courts, Bent Knee, June 8; Horse Feathers, Hot Snakes, June 9; els, June 10; he Voidz, June 11; Ben Harper & Charlie usselwhite, June 12; merican quarium, June 13; ternal Summers, June 14; Cold Cave, June 15; he Voidz, June 18; ichigan attlers, June 19; Lower olves, June 22; Jeremy nigk, June 23; he Voidz, June 25; he Lagoons, June 27; Pierce Brothers, June Spring Garden St., ap 1, I2 KOCK U D B Known for its friendly scene and inspired cuisine, Knock draws a sophisticated gay clientele of all ages. Daily happy hour is 5 pm-7 pm. Daily 11 am-2 am. 225 S. 12th St., ap 1, I6 U B ith its large oval bar and mirrored walls, this Gayborhood institution regularly draws a lively crowd. elax with a no-frills brew and some juke box tunes. Daily 11 am-2 am Locust St., ap 1, I6 Gentlemen s Club DLILH S merica s #1 Gentlemen s Club LLS FGO C he biggest names in mu- sic stop at this stadium arena and sports complex in South Philadelphia. Get there by car or take features he orld s ost Beautiful Showgirls. Find a complimentary after-work buffet, happyhour specials and free cover with hotel room key or game-day ticket stub. Free parking. -Sa 11:30 aterfront O H he destination for every summer mood 32 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 scape to the pristine wilderness of omales Bay on the orthern California scenic hiking trails, artisan food and two, a two-night/three-day stay in a cozy seaside cottage at ick s Cove, dinner at ick s Cove estaurant and Oyster Bar and a stand-up paddleboarding excursion. nter daily through June 30th at

19 I am-2 am, Su 1 pm-2 am Spring Garden St., ap 1, L2 VGO his hip nightclub is where Philly s young and stylish set get their fix of pulsing dance music and cool cocktails. njoy a drink at the skybar upstairs, where club-goers gather on warm summer evenings for drinks and conversation. Daily 5 pm2 am S. 18th St., ap 1, G5 Karaoke H HPPY OO On hursday nights at 10 pm, this cheery restaurant welcomes karaoke lovers. Daily 11:30 am-2 am. com. 118 S. 16th St., ap 1, H5 Sports YKIOI BOY his high-tech karaoke bar in Philly s FOOBLL: SOUL HO GS ith Chinatown draws a fun crowd. Belt your favorite tunes or rent one of eight private rooms. Daily 5 pm-2 am th St., ap 1, I4 multiple division, conference and world championships, the winningest rena Football League team tackles rivals at ells Fargo Center. ashington Valor June 10; Baltimore Brigade June 30. www. ells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St., ap 1, H8 Live usic Clubs H CLF CLUB OF JZZ D H PFOIG S his four-story building, affectionately BSBLL: PHILDLPHI PHILLIS HO GS Catch the fightin Phils at Citizens Bank referred to as he House hat Jazz Built, was formed by a music union in the mid-20th century and has been the hangout of such famous members as John Coltrane, ina Simone and lla Fitzgerald. It has a large concert hall and boasts an elegant bar on the second floor, which overlooks a stage and tables S. Broad St., ap 1, H7 Park, a ballpark that combines modern amenities with old-fashioned charm. ilwaukee Brewers June 8-10; Colorado ockies June 12-14; Seattle ariners June 18-20; ew York Yankees June 2527; ashington ationals June Citizens Bank Park, One Citizens Bank ay, ap 1, H8 heater JOHY BD S Catch locally and nationally renowned indie rock acts almost every night at this hipster hangout in the up-and-coming Fishtown neighborhood. he venue is upstairs from a tavern that features upscale pub grub. his month: atalie Prass, June 2; iver hyless, June 12; e re Scientists, June 14; Parker illsap, June 21; hite Denim, June 24; Lovelorn, June Frankford ve., ap 1, L1 OLD CF LIV here s always something hap- pening at this University City venue and restaurant, featuring local and national acts on two stages and frequent open mics and jam sessions. icket prices and show times vary. -F from 10 am, Sa-Su from 5 pm. his month: Bodeans, June 6; he Posies, June 13; Goodfight and ulpa, June 15; he Jayplayers, June 16; racy Bonham and Blake organ, June 20; atthew Sweet, June 21; n vening ith Greg Laswell, June 22; Suzanne Santo of HoneyHoney, June 26; Kuinka, June 27; John Byrne Band with o Irish eed pply, June alnut St., ap 1, 5 BIOL IVSID H Founded in 1984, Bristol iverside heatre is a state-of-the-art, riverfront theater in the Philadelphia countryside of Bucks County. his month: he usic of Bobby Darin, through June 3; Unforgettable:. ribute to merica s Greatest Songwriters, June adcliffe St., Bristol, Pa., HDGO H his theater located in the suburbs of Philadelphia offers a mix of traditional and experimental repertory productions, in addition to collaborations with other theaters. his month: His Girl Friday, June 30-July 29. www. 64. ose Valley oad, ose Valley, Pa., KIL C FO H PFOIG S his elegant entertainment complex houses multiple stages in the hub of Philadelphia s venue of the rts. his month: Philadelphia International Festival of the rts, June 1-10; laddin, June 13-July 1; n Inconceivable vening with Cary lwes, June 15; en re From ars; omen re From Venus Live, June S. Broad Street, ap 1, H6 L H COPY he Lantern s productions evoke thoughtful discussion long after the plays have ended. his month: Don t Dress for Dinner, June St. Stephen s heater, 10th and Ludlow streets, ap 1, I5 C FO H PFOIG S Located just outside downtown Philadelphia, during the summer this open-air theater hosts world-class performers of all genres. his month: n vening ith Patti Lupone, June 1; oger Daltrey Performs the ho s ommy, June Parkside ve., ap 1, 3 H DI H FO H PFOIG S his theater company in nearby edia, Pa. features new and classic productions, from Broadway hits to shows for kids. his month: ewsies, through June State St., edia, Pa., PID BID C his funky, interdis- ciplinary Old City venue features experimental theater, dance, music and visual arts by some of the world s cutting-edge artists. his month: Oliver Lake s Big Band, June Vine St., ap 1, K3 POPL S LIGH H Just outside Philly, People s Light is a professional theater producing diverse, thought-provoking and critically acclaimed works. his month: Skeleton Crew, June 13-July Conestoga oad, alvern, Pa., LU H merica s oldest continuously operating theater has been bringing classics to life on stage since his month on the ainstage: amma ia!, through July 15. Independence Studio on 3: ell e on a Sunday, through June 10. for Kids: Ivy + Bean: he usical, June alnut St., ap 1, J5 here do you want to go? Find the best of the city ightclubs BLU II Specializing in more than 30 differ- ent martinis, this swanky bar is located in the heart of Old City s bustling nightlife strip. Daily 4 pm2 am S. Second St., ap 1, K5 CUB LIB U & U B lso a popular restaurant, Cuba Libre boasts a lively fiesta on weekends. Professional Latin dancers join the crowd on Fridays and Saturdays. Call for hours S. Second St., ap 1, K5 UO Put on your dancing shoes stilettos pre- ferred to hit this popular Center City nightclub. wo large dance floors, multiple sound systems, a private VIP vault and multiple bars. h-sa 10 pm2 am Sansom St., ap 1, H5 34 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 he auti ermaid is a lively eating, drinking and singing destination. It s a place to enjoy, have a drink and a nibble, or a full dinner and join in the songs. Our menu is inspired by our childhood memories of the great crab houses of aryland and the eastern shore. It s fun, it s lively, it s the auti ermaid. Open lunch & dinner 7 days a week auti Hour 4-7 on-fri 110 Chestnut Street w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 35

20 PS P 11 PHILDLPHI PHILDLPHI DOO P D F H I FO 2D 3D 4H 3D 4H 2D Susquehanna Bank Center 5H S 3D S 4H S 5H S 6H S 7H S 8H LOBD SOUH BIBIDG S 2D S 3D CHI CHIS I J FO P SS YU K FIZ 95 Battleship iggins P & arina ew Jersey CL 7 1/4 mi 500 m 8 S 5H ells Fargo Complex 6 SOUH / HDHOUS SQU S 7H S 15H S 16H S 17H S 18H S 20H S 21 S 19H GG P FO 2D 3D 4H 5H 5H 6H 6H 7H 9H CP S 22D Bus t 48 S 23D Bus t 38 ational Park S 9H S 11H S 12H BOD CP 5 DLCY PI CHI CHII SHIGO SPUC FIZ CHII DL S 10H S 11H S 12H S 13H S 15H S 13H S 16H S 17H S 18H S 19H S 20H S 21 S 23D S 24H S 25H S 26H S 27H SC HU Y LKI LL CHI dventure quarium ILLIGS BIBIDG FIZ University C Suzanne oberts heatre Broad St Line PCO Line useum of the merican evolution PI PI BIBIDG COOP LU SPUC SOUH P CHU LOCU LOBD 95 4 LID K Historic Philadelphia Ctr DLCY F Y Library 7 H FKLI 10H 12H 11H S 11H SSO CH L P ace Street Pier Philadelphia History useum LU SPUC G Y S heater/ Performing rts S3 4H arket Line Pedestrian rea 7 H 8 H 9 H BOD BOD SSO IDO VILLG CHU CH 3 CD 676 SSO Bike oute useum/gallery 6H 9 H 8 H 10H 11H 12H 13H 15H 16H 17H 18H 19 H 21 IHOUS IHOUS SQU SQU SSO DIIC DIIC drienne heatre DL 19 H 20H 20H 21 22D CHU P SQ FILB S 6H S 24H S 29H S 30H Shops at Liberty Place S 12H 32D IO O OD 76 COL UB US B LVD (DL V) 23D 24H 25H 23D 33D 37H ILL LK UY H SC Y SS P X C Places of Interest B 21 22D 26H 27H 29H 34H 36H 38H D L V C VI CI VD BL rolley oute LOV Statue JUIP D I 33D LUDLO Jefferson Station CH One Liberty Observation Deck K dventure quarium BB& Pavilion Battleship ew Jersey (DL ) COLUBUS BLVD CO Shopping rea 36 H P H I L D L P H I I J U D Sc hu ylk ill i ve r D L LY SC S 41 S 42D S 43D S 44H S 45H S 40H University of Pennsylvania useum ourist Information Concert Hall Comcast Center PI 24 C Franklin Field 8 CH VI I merican Sailing ours CLLOHILL Campbell s Field LOCU Y SI IV U 7 C LU O I BL Clark Park XPSSY VI Philadelphia Shakespeare heatre SPIG GD VI JFK BLVD SPUC 6 Underground rts VI C G POI CH B LU P K Y LOF DIIC CLLOHILL he Barnes Foundation CHY CHU SSO HILO Schuylkill Banks LUDLO 5. VO SPIG GD 1 PO PL 95 FIOU I K he Piazza OH LIBIS LLC F KL I Franklin ills all Fishtown SugarHouse Casino Parx Casino PO PL BO FIOU G ID IV D D GI L GID POPL 676 G ID K GID U FIOU B J I L C V J I SPIG SPIGGD GD D 32 D S 33 H S 34 L C S V ILO H IG B Smith L P emorial Playground LO PO D BLO H 40 HO ICU LUL D Fairmount Horticulture Center Japanese House C O and Garden S DO CO CO L DS U S P COU S KSI S D Please ouch useum H BO G he Dell usic Center LC S L O O V VS V Peters D D Island FO G V H IG S P I S DY K B H S 38 H S 39 GG SP H S 37 SL UIL O UYLK FI H O L H S 35 P X he ann Center for the Performing rts 4 useum of rt-he Perelman Building Centennial District IO U 3 PISH Hill Laurel I LUH Cemetary KI SC to ann Center for the Performing GJ HU FO. YL Dand D S rts, Shofuso Japanese House Historic KIL D O DB U Strawberry L Garden and Please ouch useum X I X 76 P ansion CH OU S S Fairmont Y Y Park SP SS H S 40 O P D S 42 SID K L P C GID ISH P H S 36 S OGD KLLY D ZO OL OG IC L O BL 2 F Philadelphia BO 76 I LV SY P I S OV SG P D to anayunk, Chestnut Hill and Germantown 4H 3 1 H S 38 H S 40 D I G IDG B C L POP PHILDLPHI PHILDLPHI DOO DOO C D PL PO YD L DG S PK SID B 28H to Centennial District SHI GO K L w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 37

21 PS P 2 PHILDLPHI HIOIC G alnut St. heatre Historic 24 Philadelphia rail ew Hall History useum 10 Irish emorial orristown Chestnut Hill ast (lm St) G V S L G O V U BU 95 orristown rans. Ctr. Chestnut horndale 8 USS Olympia and USS Becuna 38 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 & Broad-idge Spur rolley Lines (outes 10, 11, 13, 15, 34, 36, 101 and 102) rolley oute: 15 to Port ichmond 30th Street Station Suburban Station egional ail Lines (end shows route destination) Jefferson Station PCO Line train to ew Jersey (not a SP service) City Hall PCO Free interchange (no transfer needed between transit services) (additional fare needed for connecting service) & 9 Sports & ntertainment Complex Delaware iver 102 Sharon Hill 10 SP 2014 F LGD Pedestrian Connection 95 SP egional ail & ail ransit orristown High Speed Line University City heatre of the Living rts D C Broad Street Line arket-frankford Line ilmington Philadelphia International irport ewark irport lwyn C B arket-frankford Line orth Broad () edia 101 B renton ransit Center (CH). Phila (mtrak/j) Headhouse Square 295 Harrah's. Phila rolley outes 69th Street rans. Ctr. Kosciusko ational emorial 10 4 iver Line to Camden Frankford rans. Ctr. rolley oute 15 Delancey Park renton Fox Chase Fern ock rans. Ctr. Hill est Cynwyd Shambles mtrak to: ew York Boston ontreal J ransit to: ew York ew Jersey Points Glenside CH St. Joseph s Church er iv mtrak to: Harrisburg Pittsburgh Chicago rolley outes 9 K SQU Lansdale Longwood Gardens est renton elcome Park ose Garden Society Hill Synagogue CD 76 CHDD S FOD 1 Doylestown er iv ikveh Israel Cemetery 4 4 arminster Spruce Street Harbor Park 8 95 SugarHouse Casino 90 PHILDLPHI dventure quarium Battleship ew Jersey S C C 6 agnolia Garden ennsylvania Hospital e ar w ela D 21 IG issahickon Valley Park B ill ylk hu Sc Old St. ary s Fountain 276 Parx Casino P 5 PHILDLPHI SP iverink Summer/inter Fest ILLO GOV 12 iverlink Ferry ashington Square 5 KIG OF Plymouth 276 PUSSI eeting all Legoland Valley Forge King of ational PLYOUH Historical Park Prussia all D Bike Share useum of the merican evolution Cruises/Ferry C I D Old City 4 Hall Second Independence Bank of Hall the US I SL Public ransit 2nd SP Benjamin 8 Franklin useum 6 merican Philosophical Society Cuthbert St. 13 Christ Church Stagecrafters heater CHU HILL O 6 5th SP onument/ Sculpture ater ower ecreation Center arket at the Fareway LSDL 19 Historic Street/ alkway Christ Church Burial Ground/ rch St. Franklin s Grave Friends eeting House G President s House 2 20 Philadelphia History useum 3 Historic Site SH S ILL Pastorius Park S I OL S 3 useum/gallery D L IG H ILL O SP G I OV GF IL O V D L D 1 3 Places of Interest Chestnut D Hill S O Library 4 ourist Information 14 Philly our Hub Independence ational Historical Park X 3 issahickon Valley Park Chestnut Hill est 1 he James. ichener rt useum ercer useum 29 D O V O D I 15 8th-arket SP KY Hill ast 73 V LL Y ace Street Pier O P O SP C Chestnut G O C LHSK DOYLO H I Fireman s Hall useum C F L D O OO D B 1 ILL O Fringerts 1 L 2 PK CH S U HI LL V G H I GHL G D D V V S V D LL I LLS B Peddler's Village HOP PK 2 Free Quaker eeting House H HL B 676 Federal eserve O G O Y V G P 4 PHILDLPHI O P C SP I G S LC HIL oodmere rt useum 16 7 O orris rboretum 1 17 frican 18 merican useum in Philadelphia B O L D I D L 1 Historic St. ugustine St. George s Church Church & useum HYY 5 P 3 PHILDLPHI CHU HILL P P ILL D 676 Chinatown SP F 95 Franklin Square 2 D LH B H 1 C D S U S B H P O mtrak to: Baltimore ashington DC Current as of October 2014 heelchair accessible station IFOIO Customer Service: DD/Y: ebsite: G w w w. w heret ravel er. c om 39

22 here modern luxury meets historic elegance. Discover what it s like to LIV here. [H ISID] Philadelphia Your ay Live Historic. Live Bold. Live Philadelphia. Zen Seekers Guys LGBQ Crowd Founded in 1814 to collect common materials, (1) he thenaeum of Philadelphia now has collections of books, architectural drawings, photographs and historic objects that attract architects, interior designers and museum curators. Let your inner bookworm out and find some peace in a piece of history. Feel more relaxed outdoors? (2) Bartram s Garden is a 45-acre ational Historic Landmark that is ideal for soaking in the seasons. Stroll around the gardens, kayak along the river or discover the surrounding historic buildings. Plus, the gardens feature a great view of the skyline. If pampering is more your thing, relax the old fashioned way at a spa. (3) escue Spa has a wide range of treatments that are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. For a top-notch guys night out, gather your buddies and head to (1) Frankford Hall. he bustling outdoor German-style beer garden has ping-pong tables, craft beer and great food, making for a great time any time you visit. uto enthusiasts get their hearts racing at the (2) Simeone Foundation utomotive useum. Here, the spirit of motor competition permeates the space, which is full of vintage and rare vehicles on display. ven better? Check the event schedule online and visit when pristine specimens are taken out for a spin. Don t forget to snap some Instagram pics. If the guys just want to chill, head to (3) shton Cigar Bar. ith more than 200 varieties of stogies, a bar to boot and a swanky atmosphere, shton makes a great spot for catching up with pals. Craving exican food? Look no further than (1) Lolita. his trendy bar and restaurant is open until late and dishes out unique tacos that pair well with tasty margaritas. ry the Cholula fried chicken tacos and the blood orange margarita (thank us later). ith over 20 years of experience, (2) ndre ichard Salon has some of the best stylists in the city. Located right in the Gayborhood, the salon s experts specialize in blowouts, balayage and cuts, but they can touch up an existing style or create a whole new look. s you stroll through the Gayborhood, be sure to pop into (3) Carre D rtistes. his haven of art along 13th Street is full of inspiring pieces by artists from around the world. ith so many options, you re likely to find something special to take home. 40 H P H I L D L P H I I J U 2018 (FO OP O BOO, LF O IGH) JUI O./FLICK, CIV COOS; H VLD/FLICK, CIV COOS; COUSY SCU SP; COUSY FKFOD HLL; G. ID/VISI PHILDLPHI; SHO CIG B; G.ID/VISI PHILLY; COUSY D ICHD; COUSY C D'IS UIQU L CODIOS, FI O CH YOU PSOL YL. FID H CIY CUD FO YOU HL.CO/PHILDLPHI JSO KIZ op eal state gent at Kurfiss Sotheby s Philadelphia c o Locust Street Suite 300, Philadelphia, P ach office is independently owned & operated