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1 George Embling, Area Manager Mobile, AL On Monday, August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina rolled ashore off the coast of MS and LA. After assessing the stores, the teams at Saraland, Tillmans Corner and Foley opened on Tuesday. The Saraland crew got open at 10:30 AM just like any other day! Managers and crew from the other four stores spent the day moving product and assisting the stores that were open. Goldkist did a great job keeping us in chicken, and the Merchants Company got deliveries to us on Thursday, September 1st, and Saturday, September 3rd. They also had to overcome missing employees, no phone service, no power, and closed roads. A gasoline shortage occurred in our area, creating long lines and short tempers. This improved the following week. On Friday, September 2, 2005, the teams at Moffat Road and Springhill Ave opened their doors. Our last location, the KT (KFC/Taco Bell) on St. Stephens Road opened Saturday, September 3rd, at 11:30 AM. Shortly after the storm FEMA set up shop down the street from our Saraland KFC store. The long lines of traffic blocked both entrances to our business. The folks in line did not want to get out of line. Managers Kaye Weaver and Greg Deese decided to try curb service. They set up a process with head sets and called orders into the store to pack and send out. This was a creative way to go after our business in unusual circumstances. The team also gave out over 400 cups of water to the people waiting in line. The City of Saraland made a change to the line-up the next day that was more favorable to the businesses along US Hwy 43 in Saraland, complete with officers directing customers in and out of traffic. I want to thank everyone on the Mobile, Saraland and Foley teams for their hard work and efforts during this difficult time. Continued on page 5, column 1 CONNECTION Vol. 8 No. 9 September 2005 ADDING UP THE AFTERMATH Pictured above L to R: Kaye Weaver, April Salazar, Corey Fox (Mr. Buckethead), Greg Deese, in the back not being completely seen is Jamie Williams. TILLMAN S 99% PERFECT The Little/Big Chicken made another stop on his World (southeast) Tour today at Tillman s Corner KFC in Mobile, AL. Mike Pancoast and his team today earned a whopping 99% on their CER. The team was really doing a super job in focusing on the details of handling ingredients properly and making great looking products out of them. Excellent customer service and super friendly people! I gave Mike a Champs card to show him how much I appreciate his positive attitude. Mike really does a super job of walking the talk when it comes to being a positive person. Whether you call on the phone, enter as a customer, or report to work as an employee, Mike always has a smile for you and something great to say. A true Customer Maniac!!! Thanks to Mike and the entire Tillman s Corner team for a super job today and everyday!! Chris Capps, Champs & Recognition Specialist Alabama/Georgia/Florida More Katrina on Page 5 Our Customers of the Year Pages 2 & 3 Tony George, Country Music Star Page 7

2 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No. 9 2 Our Customers of the Year The winner of the YUM! Customer of the Year contest was just announced (9/27 at 4 pm) and is the Cartersville, GA KFC, RGM Gwen Patterson. But there will be more contests, including the October 3 in-store Customer Mania Day. Show customers how much you appreciate their business. To enter the $1,000 Customer Mania Day contest, send name, brand, restaurant ID, phone number and description (with pictures if you have them) to: Yum! Founder s Day Customer Mania Contest 1441 Gardiner Lane, Mail Drop 2040 Louisville, KY Currently there is not a set deadline. BILL REEVES MOST LOYAL CUSTOMER The management and employees of Corbin KFC, unit 261, would like to nominate Bill Reeves, Age 78, for KFC s most loyal customer. Bill has been a customer for 30 years. The last 15 years he has eaten at Corbin KFC every day. Bill wears a KFC hat each visit with the KFC pen in it. Bill states I just have to have that chicken Bill is always very nice, friendly, funny, and always has a smile for all employees. Bill is definitely a loyal customer to KFC Corbin and our Team looks forward to serving him as a customer and friend. Dennis Overbey, RGM Corbin, KY HUNTER S CHOICE We are nominating Ms. Elizabeth Hunter as our YUM Customer of the Year. She comes in every day and she always orders a Roasted Twister Combo with an added side and a chocolate parfait. She always has the exact amount ready. She parks her car on the far side of the store to get her walking in. She lives alone and has no family so we are her family. She knows that her order will be ready when comes through the door if we see her beforehand. I would like to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on September 25th. She will be 79 years young. Gracie McCollum RGM, Woodruff, SC SINCE THE BEGINNING Our K.F.C. has two very special customers. Walt & Wilma James have been weekly customers of this store since it open in June 1976 and are regular customers of ours. They enjoyed having lunch with us at least three times a week. The two have brought many years of business and many days of smiles to our employees. Their kindness has affected more than one of our lives but each of us have been touched individually by their kindness. They are always friendly, smiling and always making us laugh no matter what kind of day we are having. They are our Earthly Angels and we thank God everyday for them. Employees of KFC Big Stone Gap, Va. Cathy Ryan, RGM THE COLONEL AND MRS. CLAUS We would like to nominate George Tays as our customer of the year! He has been a loyal customer since we opened 9 years ago. He and his wife always stood out, mostly because he is a twin to the Colonel,and she looked like a Mrs. Santa Claus! They made such a cute couple, he would set up the table just right with utensils, and napkins, and help her fix her plate. Customers would always come up to us and say, "Do you know who he looks like?" George has heard this most of his life, and takes pride in it. He even went along with playing the Colonel for our KFC float one year. He looked awesome sitting up there waving, wearing his white suit and black tie! Then when his wife became ill, he would stay at the nursing home with her, but still come by to get her KFC. After she passed on, he suffered illness himself, but still comes in to eat very frequently. He is such a pleasure to be around, and really stands out and makes us proud when he is sitting in our dining room! He wins our choice of Customer of the Year! Jennie Davis, Effingham, IL RGM

3 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No. 9 3 Our Customers of the Year Pictured above: Elmer and Pauline Buttery, two favorite customers of the Tullahoma, TN KFC. BUTTERY PEPPERMINTS If you are at the Tullahoma KFC any day between 1:30 & 2:00 you will see Elmer and Pauline Buttery walking in with a pocketful of peppermints for all the employees. They have enjoyed eating with us every day at their very own special table since February 17, 2002, except one, when we were having an ice storm. But even on that day these faithful customers called to say they were on their way but we told them the roads were too bad and not to try it. On the days when they are going to be late they either tell us the day before or call to let us know. On special days such as birthdays and anniversaries they are also joined by members of their family. They brighten every day at the Tullahoma KFC. Rose Leftwich, RGM Tullahoma, TN THE COLONEL LADY Cheryl Craney has been coming here for fifteen years every day, sometimes twice a day, getting her elderly mother two legs and a biscuit. Her doctor calls her the Colonel Lady when she goes for her appointment. Donna Beverly, RGM Lexington, VA VIRGINIA OF VIRGINIA Mrs. Virginia Smith has been a customer of the Waynesboro, VA location for as long as she remembers. This included when Mr. Geionokis owned the store. I remember when I first met Mrs. Smith, she had called the store with an issue and per procedure I had asked her if she was going to come back by that day or if she would like me to send her a coupon to replace the order. She very politely told me that she wasn t going to make a special trip back out to get something that we had forgotten nor did she want the coupon because she wanted to eat that day. So I asked her for the directions to her house and took what was missing to her. Since then I have seen her at my restaurant at least 3 times a week. That s why I feel that she should be nominated. Mike Howdyshell, RGM Waynesboro, VA THE ORIGINAL BIRD Harding Place would like to nominate Johnny The Original Bird Shealy for customer of the year. At the age of 64 he can still remember what hooked him on that original bird. On May the 13th (Friday) 1966 he was listening to WSM to the Friday Night Opry starring Bill Monroe & Colonel Sanders. The Colonel said the first 1000 people to send in their name and address would receive a free meal coupon. Johnny got two within three weeks, which began his addiction to KFC. He visited the KFC in Greenwood, SC at the age of 24 with his little brother and has been hooked ever since. His dedication goes deeper than most customers seeing that he has visited KFCs in every adjoining state in the USA, and also KFCs in Canada. He has journals, pictures and videos as well as autographs of employees from over the years. He even records how much he spends on every visit and can tell you how much he has spent on a yearly basis. In his memorabilia books he has old coupons of now non-existent products. He has made many dear, lifelong friends at KFCs over the years, and that is why Johnny deserves this award of Customer of the Year!!!!! Adam Heinz, RGM Harding Place, Nashville, TN

4 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No. 9 4 A dine-in guest at the West Frankfort, IL KFC says she is impressed with the cleanliness of the unit. She says she complimented an employee named Lance who was cleaning while she dined. She says the staff was busy and her food was hot and fresh, though she had not visited the store in a long time because of previous service issues. At the Aquia, Stafford, VA restaurant a drivethru customer says she enjoys the food at that location. He receives excellent service from the manager, Fred, says a drive-thru customer at the same, Aquia, KFC. He says that the manager is friendly, energetic and professional. He also says the manager has a great attitude and displays excellent teamwork. Employees at the Lebanon, TN store are very polite and helpful, according to a drive-thru customer. The Columbia Ave. Franklin, TN store always has good food quality and customer service, says a drive-thru customer. I was waited on by Rich, writes a dine-in customer at the Columbia, TN restaurant. Rich was very friendly and he knows how to do customer service. Great Job!!!!! Natasha is very nice and fast, says a dine-in customer at the Dawson Rd. Albany, GA KFC. The guest also states that Natasha makes sure the buffet is stocked. Two male employees are very polite and efficient at Concord #2, Concord, NC says a drive-thru customer. The Strawberry Plains, Knoxville, TN restaurant is always very clean, says a dine-in customer. He also states the crew and management are very nice. A customer of the Melrose Ave. Roanoke, VA KFC says that her mother was known as the Twister Lady at this store. She says the employees were so nice to her mother, who has recently passed. Your employee Terry was very nice to us and we enjoyed our visit, writes a dine-in customer of the Lake City, TN store. Felicia, employee at the Williamson Rd. Roanoke, VA KFC, is very pleasant and efficient, writes a carry-out customer. The customer says that she also spoke to the manager, who is also pleasant. Awesome Crispy Twister Combo; Great 6 piece chicken strips! writes a drive-thru customer of the Massaponax, Fredericksburg, VA restaurant. And, we love KFC's biscuits! It was WONDERFUL! The drive-thru window order taker/cashier was so friendly, cheerful and she spoke so clearly through the microphone. It was obvious the entire team inside was having a good Friday evening. Our food was so fresh and so good and we were on and off the interstate and back on again within 8 minutes! WE ALWAYS START OUR ROAD TRIPS OFF WITH KFC! Thanks for being there for us and many thanks to the awesome team at Fredericksburg KFC. I appreciate your sending on my compliments to this order taker/cashier and the entire team! We'll be back again. A drive-thru customer at the Tanglewood, Roanoke, VA store says that he was served by Chris and felt his service was very polite and courteous. The customer also says that he passed his compliments about Chris exceptionally friendly service on to the manager. He also expressed appreciation for the fresh, hot food. The female assistant manager at the Cave City, KY restaurant is very pleasant, according to a drivethru customer. Daryl, an employee at the Williamson Rd. Roanoke, VA KFC, is very nice, says a carry-out customer. I would like to commend one of your employees, Samantha, writes a dine-in customer at the Lexington, VA restaurant. She exemplifies the characteristics of a good service worker, being friendly, bright, and happy to serve. Even while short-staffed and inundated with customers, Samantha demonstrated qualities that, if are present in all your workers, will surely make KFC one of the nation's premier fast-food restaurants. Jada, an employee of the Old Fort Pkwy. Murfreesboro, TN store, is very friendly and helpful, says a carry-out customer. A dine-in guest at the Mauldin, SC KFC says the facility is always clean, and the staff is friendly and courteous. He says he ordered the buffet, but wanted gizzards and the employees cooked some for him. At the Hickory Hollow, Antioch, TN store a customer says he receives exceptional customer service from the employees. The guest also says the food is hot and fresh. Commendations Continued page 6

5 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No. 9 5 DARK ON THE GOOD SIDE The team at Foley, AL wanted to help some of the people who were staying in shelters after hurricane Katrina. So, since we had an over supply of dark chicken, we asked our area manager, George Embling, if it would be okay to cook up 2 cases of dark chicken and send it to the shelter in Robertsdale. He agreed that it would be a great idea. So the team really pitched in and quickly cooked up two cases of chicken. We called a local store and asked if they could donate some pans to use to help deliver the chicken. They donated 10 roasting pans. One team member, Jason, offered to drive his van to deliver the chicken. This was pretty amazing since gas was so hard to come by at that time. The shelter was very happy to receive the chicken for dinner that evening. Everyone at Foley enjoyed being able to be of some help. It was nice to be able to give back to the community. We also took some applications to the shelter. Yes, job applications. Dianne Mosley is the Foley RGM. I was helping out in Foley since my store did not have power. Joyce Bevil, RGM Moffat Rd. Mobile, AL Katrina, continued from Page 1 Eddie VonLochausen and Greg Deese spent most of their time Saturday keeping these stores in product. Those open were running low, and those closed needed food to open with. All of this occurred around month end, and the Labor Day holiday. Team members and managers worked very hard and long hours to keep up with the heavy business flow. I want to thank all of you for your time and dedication. Some of my team did not get any off time until this week. Market sales were down 5% compared to the prior year, but served 33,500 customers during this week. Everyone on my team had homes, families and yards that needed attention. Everyone worked through all of this and kept the business going. We are all tired and very proud of what we have again accomplished through these challenging times. We all send our prayers to the families that were affected along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Louisiana. Those people lost so much. George Embling, Area Manager, Mobile, AL The internet rumor that this KFC bucket from 9 Mile Rd. Pensacola, FL was being taken to New Orleans to help with the bailing is a hoax. Photo from George Embling RADIO THELMA Thelma McFarland, JRN Area Manager in Pensacola, FL, was interviewed by Lee Cruz of WLAP in Lexington, KY ( 630 on AM dial) about how her stores fared during Katrina. Fortunately damage was minimal. The bucket pictured above is actually left over from Ivan. Thanks to Paul Marcinek for the info. WHETHER TO WEATHER On August 28th, the day before Hurricane Katrina blew in to town, I braced my crew for the aftermath of this storm. Our first priority was to make sure all of us stayed safe through the storm, so we would be able to open our store as soon as possible after the storm to take care of the community. On August 30th I had crew members that were ready to face the challenge of taking care of some pretty hungry people. My crew worked with determination until the very last customer was taken care of, putting their own situations on hold. We saw looks of panic and hopelessness but we also saw looks of appreciation. Our customers just needed someone to be there to take care of them and I can say that my crew did that exceptionally well. I want everyone to know that through all of this my crew managed to pull off two catering orders for Shell Chemical Company, feeding 260 of their employees (we needed these guys working so they could continue to produce gasoline) and continue to take care of our customers. My team set a record for the Saraland location with sales of $31,000 plus for the six days we were able to open, serving 2842 customers. To each and every one of my crew members and managers I want to say THANK YOU for a job well done. Kaye Weaver, RGM Saraland, AL.

6 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No. 9 6 CUSTOMER COMMENDATIONS CONTINUED FT. OGLETHORPE CHAMPS The employees at the Lightfoot, Williamsburg, VA KFC are extremely helpful and polite, says a carry-out customer. And at the Richmond Rd. Williamsburg, VA store a dine-in customer says the employees are all very polite and went out of their way to assist his party. At the Cordele, GA restaurant a customer says the employee who works the drive-thru is very nice and provides great customer service. Marcus is very helpful and courteous at the Wards Rd. Lynchburg, VA store, says a carryout customer. He says he puts gloves on before he handles the food and that Marcus puts forth an extra effort to satisfy the customers. The unit was clean and the cashier was friendly, says a dine-in customer of the Foley, AL KFC on a follow-up visit after a complaint. Heather provides excellent service and is a very hard worker, says a drive-thru customer at the Harding Place, Nashville, TN restaurant. Donita is very nice, courteous and polite, says a drive-thru customer at the Gulf Beach Hwy. Pensacola, FL store. The guest adds that the unit was one of the few to open after Hurricane Dennis and, although they were jampacked, they handled the crowds and situation very well. Another drive-thru customer at the same Gulf Beach store says that Donita provides very patient and helpful service. A dine-in guest at the Paris, TN KFC says that the service and the food are excellent. He says he has never received such good service before. I was helped by Janine who is wonderful, writes a carry-out customer at the Hanson Ave. Fredericksburg, VA restaurant. I truly enjoyed my visit and her helping me. She is an asset to the Company. I recently wrote to complain about my experience at this restaurant but yesterday, the GM contacted me and promised to remedy the situation, writes a dine-in customer of the Dawson Rd. Albany, GA store. I appreciate your being so quick in taking care of this matter and am especially pleased that Mr. Williams was concerned about the level of service being provided in his restaurants. A drive-thru guest of the Tanglewood, Roanoke, VA KFC who was served by Chris says that his service was very polite and courteous. The customer called the manager to compliment Chris for his exceptionally friendly service. The Guest expresses his appreciation for the fresh hot food. A dine-in guest of the Hickory Hollow, Antioch, TN store says he receives exceptional customer service from the employees. The guest also says that the food is hot and fresh. She left her pocketbook at the Terre Haute #2, IN restaurant, says a dine-in customer. One of the employees, Jon, used her cell phone and contacted her daughter. When her daughter picked up the bag everything was still in place and the guest is extremely grateful. The employees are friendly and the store is clean at the Old Fort Parkway, Murfreesboro, TN KFC, says a dine-in customer. She adds that the food from the buffet, Original chicken, and broccoli and cheese casserole is hot and fresh. A drive-thru customer at the Cave City, KY restaurant says the female assistant manager is very pleasant.

7 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No. 9 7 LONDON S BEST The photo may not be great, but the chicken and the Buffalo Wings are at the London, KY KFC, according to London Sentinel-Echo readers who voted them #1! Congratulations to Kathy York and her crew! STEADY STACY Stacy, (Jordan, RGM at Black Mountain, NC KFC) We appreciate your effort and make our job easier and take some of the stress off of us in this difficult time made even harder by the abrupt loss of a few key employees. I know because of your efforts alone, we will do a better job and that should reflect on you as well as the Weaverville TEAM. You have special talents that are obvious when you are training employees. It is also evident that your awareness of CER standards is second to none. A sincere thanks for your energy, Randy Reese, RGM Weaverville, VA COLONEL S CUP The Winchester, TN KFC was built in The cup pictured to the left was recently found sitting on one of the rafters in the ceiling, probably from around that time. Becky Damron, RGM at Winchester says they will start the bidding at $ On e-bay she should be able to get more because you can miraculously see an image of Colonel Sanders face on the cup. NEW COUNTRY MUSIC STAR, TONY GEORGE Training Manager, Tony George has a cut on the new Brooks and Dunn CD, Hillbilly Deluxe, called It Ain t Me Without You. The CD is a re-release with bonus tracks. Tony s is the 14th track, first of the bonuses. Tony moved to the middle Tennessee region hoping to break into the music industry. Now he has! We wish Tony success, but also want him to keep his day job, please. Good managers are harder to find in this area than country music stars. If you buy the CD, remember, it is the version released just lately with the bonus tracks. Tony is part of the bonus.

8 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No. 9 8 BALLOON GLOW GOOD Good morning John! The Nelson County Bourbon Festival began yesterday in Bardstown, Kentucky. We held the Balloon Glow last evening and as a Co-Chair for the Balloon Glow I contacted your RGM, Lydia Ormes about our meal for the balloonists. Lydia was extremely helpful and enthusiastic. She assisted me with the figures for the amount of food needed and she even donated sides and biscuits for this event. (We had less than 20 pieces of chicken and a little Cole slaw left). I was on a very tight schedule since we had to feed the balloonists with enough time to allow them to set the balloons up for the glow. When I arrived to pick up the food, everything was hot, ready and packaged for transport (they even remembered honey and butter for the biscuits). Several on the crew helped to carry everything to my SUV and load it all. I ordered 175 pieces of chicken and it was perfect right down to the last wing. I would also like to relay the thanks of the balloonists, several of them commented that this was the best balloon glow meal they have had in a long time. Some even ask that I repeat it next year. Please relay to your Bardstown, Kentucky outlet my appreciation for their assistance, professionalism and enthusiasm. I felt that the effort that they put forth, should be noted. They represented your business and KFC very well. I cannot thank them enough for helping to make the meal and the balloon glow a great success. Sincerely, Paula L. Faught, Franchise Contract Administrator Let me add my thanks to you and your Bardstown Team for this support of a community event. It really helps in the establishment of the KFC Brand. John R. Neal OHHH THAT GUY! Just about everyone at JRN in Columbia (including his brother) guessed our mystery person last month was John R. Neal. From the field Tommy Payne was first followed by: Nine Mile Road (Kellie Roddie), Brenda Sorah, Ruth Bell, George Embling, and Steve Dearing. A lot of you may not have bothered, thinking it was too easy. WINNERS CIRCLED Dear Mr. John R Neal This is to let you know, that Mrs. Winners on West Main in Lebanon took down their sign today, and put up a banner saying: This location is now closed, please visit our South Cumberland location. Now we are going after them Ed, Chris and Crew, Lebanon, TN BONAROO GOOD FOR TWO Gail, RGM - Manchester, called to let us know some things going on: 1) Bonaroo Musical festival will continue for 2 more years. The event organizers are looking to build a permanent stage and stadium. 2) The old Wal-Mart behind the store has new tenants: Fred's & TSC. Joe Kendall, Operations Controller READY AT RIVER RIDGE Hello. Hope you are doing well. This restaurant looks dynamite. We have 115 seats now and all new equipment. The whole town is excited. We have all the tools we need. Please extend our thankfulness to the following people: Barbara (accounting), who has been very helpful getting our phone lines reinstalled and with our many questions. Jackie and Janice Jones (payroll) patience and help with all these new hires. Frankie and Karen (advertising) supplied everything we ve needed and helped with our hiring. Joe Kendall s involvement with credit card ideas. Steve Dearing s genius. Rodney Shaw s keen eye when it comes to construction, his secretary Patricia is invaluable. Bill Parker s constant confidence in us. Just like the handbook says: Every person is important and every job is crucial to our continued success We are a team of good people who work hard and are committed to the business. I ll try to send you some pictures soon. With Warmest Regards, Kyle Pugh, RGM Team River Ridge

9 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No. 9 9 JRN ANNIVERSARY DATES in OCTOBER 2005 LAST NAME FIRST NAME LOCATION DATE YEARS NEAL DAVID G JRN Operations, Columbia, TN 10/1/ GREGORY ROGER D. Harris Martin Regional Office 10/1/ THOMPSON HELEN J. Airport Blvd. Mobile, AL 10/15/ EDWARDS EDITH DIANNE Covington, TN 10/3/ BUTLER JACQUELINE M. JRN Accounting, Columbia, TN 10/24/ HALL TODD ANTHONY Mike Zumbahlen Regional Office 10/4/ MORRIS LICIA Y. Metropolis, IL 10/10/ HAWKINS LOUISE Moffat Rd. Mobile, AL 10/12/ STALLWORTH PAMELA T. St. Stephens, Mobile, AL 10/31/ DAVIS JUDY S. Black Mountain, NC 10/12/ NEAL LEA ANNE JRN Corporate Columbia, TN 10/1/ HORN CHRISTIE S. Crossville, TN 10/4/ CARSON STACY D. Paris, TN 10/5/ EDWARDS JR. ALFRED B. JRN Security Columbia, TN 10/6/ HOGAN MICHELLE H Gallatin, TN 10/14/ HODGE LINDA S. Nine Mile Rd. Pensacola, FL 10/15/ ELLEMAN HEATHER M Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 10/16/ PARKER WILLIAM Rodney Shaw Regional Office 10/21/ MILLER PENNY S. Augusta St. Greenville, SC 10/22/ GRATHLER CHRIS D Harrisburg, IL 10/24/ MEEK JOY E. Robinson, IL 10/3/ KING JANICE C. Brownsville, TN 10/6/ BABER BARBARA A. Waynesboro, VA 10/13/ LONGMIRE CAROL D Airport Blvd. Mobile, AL 10/17/ SMITH TORREY R. Shelbyville, TN 10/20/ RICHARDS LOLA F. 31-W. Bypass, Bowling Green, KY 10/21/ PUGH KYLE S. River Ridge, Asheville, NC 10/27/ DEVORE SUSAN D. West Frankfort, IL 10/29/ BROWN REGINA Paul Russell Rd. Tallahassee, FL 10/1/ BROWN THEODORE Paul Russell Rd. Tallahassee, FL 10/1/ ROBINSON AGNES D N. 9th & Bayou, Pensacola, FL 10/10/ HAMMONS OPAL J. London, KY 10/26/ HAMMONDS JAMES A. Etowah, TN 10/6/ EURA BARBARA A Hanson Ave. Fredericksburg, VA 10/12/ SIZEMORE JESSICA London, KY 10/20/ SIZEMORE JACQUELINE London, KY 10/20/ HUDSON CASSANDRA D Vann Dr., Jackson, TN 10/22/ CRESWELL DONNA S. Crossville, TN 10/28/ SMITH DELMAR C. Richlands, Doran, VA 10/30/ EAVES LISA Blacksburg, VA 10/2/ ROSS ETHEL W. W. Oglethorpe, Albany, GA 10/2/ LEWIS LATARISHA F. Old Fort Hwy. Murfreesboro, TN 10/4/ STIDHAM DANETTA S. Big Stone Gap, VA 10/9/ PAINTER JESSICA H Lexington, VA 10/11/ ELAZAZY MOHAMED E. Timberlake, Lynchburg, VA 10/17/ GRUBBY RENA J. Black Mountain, NC 10/17/ BRATTON LEONARD D. Centralia, IL 10/19/ ENGEL JERA L. Benton, IL 10/21/ SHARP MELANIE Athens, TN 10/23/ DIAZ CHRISTOPHER C.Skyland, Asheville, NC 10/27/2000 5

10 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No JRN ANNIVERSARY DATES in OCTOBER 2005 LAST NAME FIRST NAME LOCATION DATE YEARS MACLEOD JESSICA R. Richmond Rd. Lexington, KY 10/31/ BOWLIN BRENDA K Richmond, KY 10/2/ BRADFORD AARON L Mt. Vernon, IL 10/8/ KLEINSCHMIDT MARY D Effingham, IL 10/9/ WHALEN JANICE Richmond, KY 10/10/ ROGERS NIKKI J Winchester Rd. Lexington, KY 10/13/ MABRY QUINSTELLA T. Nine Mile Rd. Pensacola, FL 10/15/ BEAL ANDREW W Mt. Vernon, IL 10/16/ PALMER RANDY L Lightfoot, VA 10/22/ WARREN RICHARD Georgetown, KY 10/29/ GARLAND DANIELLE M Union City, TN 10/30/ THOMAS JAMES H Tanglewood, Roanoke, VA 10/30/ SORRELL JOSH Martin, TN 10/1/ MILLER THERESA L Wards Rd. Lynchburg, VA 10/1/ KELLER JONATHAN P Scottsville Rd. Bowling Green, KY 10/1/ COLLINS CARLOS L N. 9th, Pensacola, FL 10/1/ RACKLER CHRYSSA M. Tullahoma, TN 10/2/ GEORGE WANDA L. Old Fort Hwy. Murfreesboro, TN 10/3/ WRIGHT SARA V Centralia, IL 10/4/ NEICE SETH A. Old Fort Hwy. Murfreesboro, TN 10/5/ NAVA ULISES U Concord #3, NC 10/7/ WELLS CLAUDE R London, KY 10/8/ PROCTOR TRAVIS L Gaffney, SC 10/8/ GOINS GLORIA R. Fort Valley, GA 10/8/ WEINSTOCK SEAN I Tate's Creek, Lexington, KY 10/9/ DUNE SARAH B Old Fort Hwy. Murfreesboro, TN 10/21/ MERRIS LESLIE R Abingdon, VA 10/21/ SILVESTER DENISE V Vinton, VA 10/21/ OHRT KIMBERLY S E. Oglethorpe, Albany GA 10/21/ JONES JONQUIL A. Paul Russell Rd. Tallahassee, FL 10/24/ WALLS DAVID W Market St. Johnson City, TN 10/25/ KIRBY SARAH D Marion, VA 10/26/ HENSLEY KAREN S Lynn Garden, Kingsport, TN 10/30/ MOSBY JR KENNETH A Timberlake, Lynchburg, VA 10/1/ DENNIS RUBY JUANITA Foley, AL 10/1/ WOOD JAMES A Tillman's Corner, Mobile, AL 10/1/ MASSIE CRYSTAL M Radford, VA 10/2/ SHEPHERD BRUCE A Smyrna, TN 10/4/ DUNIVAN SHARON Massaponax, VA 10/8/ SCHANCK EMMA JEAN Busch Gardens 10/9/ CHINNERY BRANDON Blacksburg, VA 10/11/ VASQUEZ CARLOS Antioch, TN 10/13/ FINNEY VINCENT T Blacksburg, VA 10/13/ RAMIREZ ERICK A West Walnut, Dalton, GA 10/13/ MURPHY SARAH R Marion, IL 10/18/ COPPER WARNETTE Brownsville, TN 10/20/ ROBINSON JANICE L Old Fort Hwy. Murfreesboro, TN 10/20/ BRADEN CHARLOTTE J Lake City, TN 10/20/ LAVINGETTE ROBYN K Ringgold, GA 10/20/ GONZALEZ WISMAR Georgetown, KY 10/20/2003 2

11 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No JRN ANNIVERSARY DATES in OCTOBER 2005 LAST NAME FIRST NAME LOCATION DATE YEARS RICHARDSON MICHAEL T Gulf Beach Pensacola, FL 10/20/ MARTIN JONATHAN R Timberlake, Lynchburg, VA 10/23/ BOOTS MELODY P Harrisburg, IL 10/24/ ALMOND SHARON A Suffolk, VA 10/27/ HENNEBERRY KYLE R Manchester, TN 10/29/ SUMBRY SANDRA L W. Oglethorpe, Albany, GA 10/29/ MOSES TIFFANY L Vinton, VA 10/30/ CORTES JORGE Cool Springs, Franklin, TN 10/2/ BETANCOUT ELISAI Murfreesboro Rd. Franklin, TN 10/2/ RAMIREZ MARTHA Bell Rd. Nashville, TN 10/2/ ROOKS FELICIA Martin, TN 10/4/ THACKER ROBERT W Maryville, TN 10/4/ SELMONS DUSTIN D Abingdon, VA 10/4/ NELSON JESSICA W Waynesboro, VA 10/4/ WILLIAMS SHARENA J Waynesboro, VA 10/4/ PORTER SONJA D Warsaw, VA 10/4/ TILLERY STEVEN Busch Gardens 10/4/ DEFEND CONNOR P Salem, IL 10/4/ ELLIS JAMES S Centralia, IL 10/4/ GOOLSBY JOSEPH A. Simpsonville, SC 10/4/ BARNES BREANNA R. Skyland, Asheville, NC 10/4/ TRAVIS SHERMAN L. Nine Mile Rd. Pensacola, FL 10/4/ BISHOP RHONDA R Atoka, TN 10/5/ BURNS SHERRY Maryville, TN 10/5/ MULLINS JUSTIN A Grundy, VA 10/5/ HECKERMAN ASHLEY E Wards Rd. Lynchburg, VA 10/5/ AKERS DANIEL Kilmarnock, VA 10/5/ BRADLEY STEPHANIE L. Cave City, KY 10/5/ BARKER ANDREW Weaverville, NC 10/5/ WILLIAMS SUSAN M. Gulf Beach Pensacola, FL 10/5/ GLENN JR CHARLIE Cordele, GA 10/5/ VICTORY WILLIAM T. Humboldt, TN 10/6/ LOKEY ANGELA A Shelbyville, TN 10/6/ TROUTT BRIEN K Metropolis, IL 10/6/ MILLER MERLE E. Mobile Hwy. Pensacola, FL 10/6/ WHEELER JARED Market St. Johnson City, TN 10/7/ GREEN LARRY C Richlands, Doran, VA 10/7/ HAMPTON KRISTI N Richlands, Doran, VA 10/7/ RUGAR ROBERT C. Danville, KY 10/7/ GATSON MONJE' M. St. Stephens, Mobile, AL 10/7/ JOHNSON BRITTNEY M Massaponax, VA 10/8/ RICHMOND JUSTIN COREY Marion, IL 10/8/ MAYFIELD MARY E Somerset, KY 10/8/ BROWN CHIQUITA S. Gulf Beach Pensacola, FL 10/8/ RAWDON STEVEN M Abingdon, VA 10/9/ BRUNER CARRIE A Hamburg, Lexington, KY 10/9/ MCCARTY WILLIAM S Richmond Rd. Lexington, KY 10/10/ SLUSS PAMELA L. Bristol #1, TN 10/11/ HINSON LEIGH A. Columbia, TN 10/11/ MASTER TAMMY L. Winchester, TN 10/11/2004 1

12 JRN CONNECTION September 2005 Vol. 8, No JRN ANNIVERSARY DATES in OCTOBER 2005 LAST NAME FIRST NAME LOCATION DATE YEARS KEASLER CARNETT V. Maryville, TN 10/11/ FOSTER TASHA N Kilmarnock, VA 10/11/ DEBAUN LYNN A Gloucester, Hayes, VA 10/11/ WHATLEY ALLEN I. Ringgold, GA 10/11/ CORNETT TONI M. Corbin, KY 10/11/ THORPE JUSTIN H Mt. Sterling, KY 10/11/ TALLEY WANDA J. Taylors, SC 10/11/ STEWART ASHLEY D. Gulf Beach Pensacola, FL 10/11/ STEPHENS REGINA E. Quincy, FL 10/11/ BROWN NURSHADA Fort Valley, GA 10/11/ RAYO PEDRO Harding Pl. Nashville, TN 10/12/ LITSEY LADONNA Y Bardstown, KY 10/12/ JONES CARL L. Georgetown, KY 10/12/ WELLS DEMETRICE M Gaffney, SC 10/13/ YANG DA Kannapolis, NC 10/14/ CHAPMAN VALERIE A Brownsville, TN 10/15/ RIDDLE TODD D. Bristol #1, TN 10/16/ IRIZARRY FELICIA A. Aquia, Stafford, VA 10/18/ RUFF ISAION N. Hanson Ave. Fredericksburg, VA 10/18/ MASON DARNISHA Covington, TN 10/19/ MCCLINTOCH ERICIA N. Benton, IL 10/19/ ADAMS LATOYA S. Mauldin, SC 10/19/ CHARLESTON JACQUELINE D. St. Stephens, Mobile, AL 10/19/ CORK DOROTHY M Terre Haute #2, IN 10/20/ NEWBY DANIEL J. Taylors, SC 10/20/ LEE KATHY Simpsonville, SC 10/20/ BROWN HEIDI R N. 9th, Pensacola, FL 10/20/ SWEENEY ANNA L Hamburg, Lexington, KY 10/21/ TRAVIS CORINNA L Scottsville Rd. Bowling Green, KY 10/21/ WALLACE NATASHA L. Mobile Hwy. Pensacola, FL 10/21/ MOSQUEDA FERNANDO Emmett St. Charlottesville, VA 10/22/ WRIGHT JESSICA L. Lexington, VA 10/22/ DUKES BRENDA Atoka, TN 10/24/ TEAGUE JEREMY J Paris, TN 10/25/ LONGO MICAH M Murfreesboro Rd. Franklin, TN 10/25/ DARDEN LATORIA S. Suffolk, VA 10/25/ HOLLAND KIMBERLY A Tanglewood, Roanoke, VA 10/25/ MELVIN LYDIA J N. 9th, Pensacola, FL 10/25/ THOMPSON JUSTIN W. Lynn Garden, Kingsport, TN 10/26/ BURRELL REGINALD F. Kilmarnock, VA 10/26/ GARTIN MICHAEL L. Richmond Rd. Lexington, KY 10/26/ WILLLIAMS BUFORD A. Cave City, KY 10/26/ BROWN JAMIE J. Simpsonville, SC 10/26/ STEWART ROBERT M. Cookeville, TN 10/27/ MATHIS DEIRDRE M. Antioch, TN 10/27/ MONCADA HELIO Concord #2, NC 10/27/ PACKER TRISHNA L. Saraland, AL 10/28/ KNIGHT ERICKA N. Antioch, TN 10/29/ SPENCER CHARTRICE E Radford, VA 10/30/ PEREZ MARYELA P. West Walnut, Dalton, GA 10/30/ The JRN Connection is published monthly. Send articles, photos, etc. to JRN INC, Attn: Allen Underwood P.O. Box 1257 Columbia, TN