preserved vegetables All-Natural Gluten-Free Kosher Certified Nut-Free Dairy Free Vegan/Vegetarian

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1 preserved vegetables 30 All-Natural Gluten-Free Kosher Certified Nut-Free Dairy Free Vegan/Vegetarian SAFIES PICKLED VEGETABLES Origin: PK Size: 6/750ml Bread & Butter Pickles Item #: UPC: Sweet & Hot Bread & Butter Pickles Item #: UPC: Hot Zesty Garden Mix Item #: UPC: Pickled Asparagus Spears Item #: UPC: Dill Pickle Beans Item #: UPC: Hot & Tangy Dill Pickle Beans Item #: UPC: Deli Style Dill Pickles Item #: UPC: Hot & Spicy Deli Style Dill Pickles Item #: UPC: SPECIAL ORDER Sexy Hot Pickled Asparagus Item #: UPC: Organic Pickled Beets Item #: UPC: SAFIES DISPLAYS PK Size: 18/750ml Pickles & Beets Display Item #: Includes: 30760, & Organic Pickled Beets Display Item #: Includes: Asparagus & Beans Display Item #: Includes: 30768, & page 30-1

2 preserved vegetables All-Natural Dairy Free Vegan/Vegetarian FIRE BREATHIN SPICY SPEARS & BEANS Origin: PK Size: 12/500ml Spicy Asparagus Item #: UPC: Spicy Beans Item #: UPC: THE FUNKY GOURMET SPEARS & BEANS Origin: PK Size: 12/500ml Party Spears w/ Garlic & Dill Item #: UPC: Party Beans w/ Garlic & Dill Item #: UPC: MATIZ PIPARRAS Origin: Spain Bulk: 5/1.8kg Item #: 30727A UPC: MATIZ PIPARRAS Origin: Spain Small Jar: 15/180g Item #: UPC: SPECIAL ORDER MATIZ ORGANIC PIQUILLO PEPPERS Origin: Spain PK Size: 12/250g Item #: UPC: page 30-2

3 preserved vegetables 30 MT. ATHOS STUFFED OLIVES Origin: PK Size: 6/375ml Mt. Athos w/ Citrus Item #: UPC: Mt. Athos w/ Jalapeño Item #: 30188A UPC: Mt. Athos w/ Garlic Item #: 30188B UPC: Mt. Athos w/ Roasted Red Pepper Item #: 30188C UPC: Mt. Athos w/ Sundried Tomato Item #: 30188E UPC: Mt. Athos w/ Feta Item #: 30188F UPC: Mt. Athos w/ Blue Cheese Item #: 30188G UPC: page 30-3

4 preserved vegetables DELI CUPS Origin: PK Size: Various Sizes Pitted Organic Green Olives Pk Size: 6/220ml Item #: 30174A UPC: Pitted Greek Green Olive Mix Pk Size: 6/220ml Item #: 30174B UPC: Pitted Kalamata Olives Pk Size: 6/220ml Item #: 30174C UPC: Castelvetrano Olives Pk Size: 12/370ml Item #: 30174D UPC: Dolmas Pk Size: 6/190g Item #: 30174E UPC: Olive Tapenade Pk Size: 6/240g Item #: 30174F UPC: Garlic Stuffed Olives Pk Size: 6/220ml Item #: 30174G UPC: Jalapeño Stuffed Olives Pk Size: 6/220ml Item #: 30174H UPC: Feta Stuffed Olives Pk Size: 6/220ml Item #: 30174I UPC: Marinated Artichokes Pk Size: 12/210g Item #: 30174J UPC: page 30-4

5 preserved vegetables 30 ORGANIC OLIVES Origin: ORGANIC OLIVES Origin: ORGANIC OLIVES Origin: ORGANIC OLIVES Origin: Kalamata Olives PK Size: 6/290ml Item #: 30155A UPC: Kalamata Olives, Pitted PK Size: 6/290ml Item #: 30155B UPC: Greek Olive Mix PK Size: 6/290ml Item #: 30155C UPC: Pitted Green Olives PK Size: 6/290ml Item #: 30155D UPC: OLIVES Origin: Italy OLIVES Origin: Italy OLIVES Origin: Italy Pitted Grilled Green Olives PK Size: 6/290ml Item #: UPC: Pitted Castelvetrano Olives PK Size: 6/290ml Item #: 30151C UPC: Castelvetrano Olives PK Size: 6/290ml Item #: UPC: page 30-5

6 SNACKING SIMPLIFIED. Our hearty, crunchy, and flavorful flatbreads are perfect for entertaining and snacking. From cheese to hummus to smoked salmon and cream cheese, you can savor these flatbreads any time of day Divina Green Olive & Parmesan Flatbread 14/142 g Divina Kalamata, Rosemary & Feta Flatbread 14/142 g Divina Olive Oil & Sea Salt Flatbread 14/142 g Through the hands of our growers, w e create great tasting, responsibly produced authentic foods that nurture community and enhance your quality of life.

7 SAVOR EVERY MOMENT Hand-harvested and crafted simply and naturally, Divina olives and antipasti are a true expression of Mediterranean cuisine. Gathering to share healthy and delicious bites is the ideal way to kick off a family meal or cocktail party F Divina Feta Stuffed Olives 6/375 ml 30188G Divina Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives 6/375 ml Divina Citrus Stuffed Olives 6/375 ml 30188E Divina Sundried Tomato Stuffed Olives 6/375 ml 30188A Divina Jalapeño Stuffed Olives 6/375 ml 30188B Divina Garlic Stuffed Olives 6/375 ml 30188C Divina Red Pepper Stuffed Olives 6/375 ml 30155D Divina Organic Pitted Green Olives 6/290 ml Divina Whole Castelvetrano Olives 6/290 ml Divina Whole Pepperoncini 6/220 g Divina Roasted Tomatoes 6/284 g Divina Olive Bruschetta 6/230 g 30155A Divina Organic Kalamata Olives 6/290 ml 30155F Divina Organic Roasted Red Peppers 6/350 g

8 preserved vegetables ROASTED RED TOMATOES Origin: PK Size: 6/284g Item #: UPC: DOLMAS (STUFFED GRAPE LEAVES) Origin: PK Size: 12/198g Item #: 30190A UPC: PEPPERONCINI Origin: PK Size: 6/220g Item #: UPC: ORGANIC FIRE ROASTED SWEET PEPPERS Origin: Turkey PK Size: 6/350g Item #: 30155F UPC: page 30-6

9 preserved vegetables - bulk olives 30 The Divina Olive Difference works with only the finest olive growers in regions known for producing particularly beautiful, tasty fruit. olives are produced according to centuries-old methods: they are hand-picked at perfect ripeness, hand-sorted and brine-cured using an all-natural fermentation process that preserves the delicate taste and flavour of each olive varietal. Olive Varietals SPECIAL ORDER Kalamata Olives, Pitted Kalamata Olives 30159A Kalamata Olives, Wedges 30159C Gaeta Olives, Authentic 1/4.55kg 30159IG Italy Greek Ripe Black Olives, Pitted 3/2kg 30160A Frescatrano Olives, Pitted 4/900g 30161S Frescatrano Olives 4/1kg 30161T Mt. Athos Green Olives, Pitted 30161U Castelvetrano Olives 4/1kg Italy Castelvetrano Olives, Pitted 4/900g 30185P Italy page 30-7

10 preserved vegetables - bulk olives Divina Olive Mixes Hand-picked, patiently cured for months and hand-stuffed with the freshest ingredients, these smooth and buttery Mt. Athos Green Olives are a delectably savoury and full-flavoured treat. Sublime in salads, they are also the ultimate crowd-pleaser! Greek Olive Mix 30158A Greek Olive Mix, Pitted Meze Olive Mix 30159M Grilled Green Olives, Pitted 4/1kg 30159E Greek Olive Mix, Pitted w/ Crushed Chiles (Kit) Mt. Athos Green, Pitted w/ Minced Garlic (Kit) 30161A Mt. Athos Green, Pitted w/ Sicilian Herbs (Kit) 30161B BobbySue s Nuts BOBBYSUE S Nuts Over Olives 2/1.8kg BOBBYSUE S Parm To Table 2/1.8kg 30106A page 30-8

11 preserved vegetables - bulk olives Divina Hand-Stuffed Olives 30 Hand-picked, patiently cured for months and hand-stuffed with the freshest ingredients, these smooth and buttery Mt. Athos Green Olives are a delectably savoury and full-flavoured treat. Sublime in salads, they are also the ultimate crowd-pleaser! Mt. Athos Green JALAPENO STUFFED 30161C Mt. Athos Green GARLIC STUFFED 30161D Mt. Athos Green RED PEPPER STUFFED 30161E Mt. Athos Green CITRUS STUFFED (Lemon & Orange Rind) 30161H Mt. Athos Green ALMOND STUFFED 30161J Mt. Athos Green FETA STUFFED 2/1.8kg 30192A Mt. Athos Green SUNDRIED TOMATO STUFFED 2/1.8kg 30192B Mt. Athos Green BLUE CHEESE STUFFED 2/2.5kg (COOLER ITEM) 30192BC Bags-in-Box Case page 30-9

12 preserved vegetables - bulk olives GRAB AN O OLIVE POUCHES Origin: PK Size: 6/125g French Olive Mix Item #: UPC: GRAB AN O OLIVE POUCHES Origin: PK Size: 6/125g Green Olives w/ Herbes de Provence (Pitted) Item #: 30183A UPC: GRAB AN O OLIVE POUCHES Origin: PK Size: 6/125g Picholine Olives Item #: 30183C UPC: Barnier Selection (Lightly Pasteurized) Lightly pasteurized and lower in salt than most other olives, Barnier Selection olives retain the full fresh flavour and firm texture of fresh olives. SELECTION Niçoise-Coquillo, Pitted 2/2.5kg (OK to keep bags-in-box) 30162N Basque Three Olive Mix Olives are carefully hand-selected by experts and prepared according to ancestral recipes. Olives retain their natural essence, offering authentic flavour, bright colour, and a firm, meaty texture. Our range includes a wide variety of herb-infused, marinated olives together with a selection of seasonal famous olives from Southern - Lucques Nicoise & Picholine varieties page 30-10

13 preserved vegetables - bulk olives Barnier Fresh Harvest (Unpasteurized) 30 These are the finest and freshest olives has to offer. Produced in Languedoc, by a small family business with more than 60 years experience, Barnier Fresh Harvest olives are hand selected, unpasteurized, cured using true artisanal methods and fermented slowly under refrigeration. The result is olives that are exceptionally fresh, firm, flavourful, and low in salt. Niçoise-Coquillo Olives 1/5kg Dry-Cured Black w/ Garlic 1/6kg Black Olives w/ Herbs 1/6kg 30182B Mantequilla de Murcia 1/5kg Green Olives w/ Herbes de Provençe 1/5kg 30162D Green Olives, Pitted w/ Herbes de Provençe 1/5kg 30162E French Cocktail Mix 1/5kg Basque Three Olive Mix 1/5kg 30180C French Cocktail Mix, Pitted 1/4.5kg 30180PF Green Olives w/ Lemon & Curry, Pitted 1/2kg 30161W Hot Tunisian Mix, Pitted 1/2kg Picholine 1/2.2kg 30175A page 30-11

14 preserved vegetables - bulk olives Cannone Olives For three generations, Cannone has grown and produced regional Italian olives of exquisite quality and flavour. Olive varietals such as the Bella di Cerignola are grown in volcanic soil, hand-picked and cured using ancient methods. Cannone Cerignola olives are all-natural, which means they are free of preservatives and colour dyes. These olives are known for their large size and delicate, buttery flavour. CANNONE Cerignola Green 90/110 2/2.5kg 30162A Italy CANNONE Cerignola Black 90/110 2/2.5kg 30162B Italy CANNONE Ship Cases LaMedina Olives LaMedina olives originate from the regions that have a rich history in producing olives, but have yet to be fully discovered in North America. By using age-old methods of craftsmanship, our growers naturally cure the native olive varietals of their region without the use of preservatives or artificial colouring. LaMedina olives bring the delicious taste, magnificent colour and authentic texture of regional specialties directly to your table. LaMEDINA Dry-Cured Black Beldi 2/5kg 30161F Morocco LaMEDINA Picholine Olives 2/3kg 30161G Morocco SPECIAL ORDER LaMEDINA Green Olives w/ Aji Chile Peppers 30161P Peru LaMEDINA Ascolana Green Olives w/ Peruvian Chiles 30161Q Peru LaMEDINA Alfonso Olives w/ Merken 30179AM Chile page 30-12

15 preserved vegetables - bulk olives TASTING NOTES 30 PICHOLINE GREEN OLIVES The most famous French olive variety is grown both in Provence and in the Languedoc. Medium green in colour, Picholines are crisp-tender and slightly salty. They are smooth and green tasting, never acidic. Enjoy them in salads or with cocktails before a fine meal. FRENCH COCKTAIL ASSORTMENT The French country mix! A colourful blend of green, pink, and black olives in a lively French marinade of spices, peppers, and white wine vinegar. The olives have a great meaty texture - firm, yet smooth. GREEN OLIVES w/ HERBES DE PROVENÇE Beldi olives marinated in Herbes de Provençe - basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, marjoram and savoury. A Provençal favourite! MANTEQUILLA DE MURCIA GREEN OLIVES The newest Spanish varietal olive to the North American market, the Mantequilla is estate-grown in Southern Spain, and dazzles from the first bite. Translated literally as butter, the olive s smooth, dense flesh possesses the rich flavour of warm butter. Like its French varietal cousins, the Mantequilla is grown and harvested as a fresh fruit - not a commodity - and minimally processed by the experts at Barnier, who leave it unpasteurized for optimum flavour and texture. DRY-CURED BLACK OLIVES with GARLIC Dry-cured black olives of the Beldi variety harvested late in the season and cured in salted barrels for nearly two months, rinsed repeatedly, and drained to reduce saltiness. Perfumed with fresh garlic. NIÇOISE-COQUILLO A close cousin to the authentic Nicoise, although generally grown in Portugal and Spain. The flavour of this tiny olive parallels that of the Nicoise, though its growth is more prolific. The olive is naturally cured and is a great accompaniment to salads. Full flavoured, smoky and shiny, purple to black. MEDITERRANEAN OLIVE MIX This spicy combination of black, green and pink olives tossed with pearl onions, and red bell peppers in a cumin and garlic marinade. Great as an opener to any meal. HOT TUNISIAN MIX A tantalizing and colourful blend packed with heat. Pulpy green and black olives absorb pepper, spices, hot pimientos, and zesty lemon slices with a hint of cinnamon. BASQUE 3 OLIVE MIX Elegant marriage of French Picholines with Spanish Mantequilla and Coquillo olives. Marinated in classic Basque mix of lemons, garlic and oregano. Excellent when served with a Basque goat or sheep milk cheese page 30-13

16 preserved vegetables - bulk antipasti, CANNONE & LAMEDINA TASTING NOTES GREEN & BLACK CERIGNOLA GREEN OLIVES STUFFED W/ AJI PEPPERS MT. ATHOS GREEN STUFFED OLIVES CASTELVETRANO GREEN OLIVES These Italian giants will impress you with their size and beauty! Glossy black or naturally green, these are the largest calibre olives available in North America. Grown in volcanic fertile soil, they are exceptionally mild and buttery. Firm, meaty and rich, smooth and surprisingly mild. Aji chile peppers are yellow to orange Peruvian hot peppers. Mild heat, fruity pepper flavour and crisp texture a perfect match for tender, mild olives. Large Halkidiki olive with a distinctive point. Pitted and stuffed with prized ingredients you can actually taste. An instant crowd pleaser straight from the jar. The ultimate Martini olive. Naturally bright green with a crisp texture. Mild, with notes of artichoke. Perfect as an appetizer or table olive. A marvellous Martini olive! FRESCATRANOS A Halkidiki varietal olive from that is unpasteurized and unfermented, thus retaining a vibrant colour and sweet, milk flavour profile. The perfect counterpart to cocktails, cheese plates, charcuterie and more AUTHENTIC KALAMATA The most famous olive in. Unmistakable almond shape, pointed tip and deep purple colour. Picked ripe and cured in a red wine vinegar brine. Aromatic, full-bodied and firm, with a smoky, wineinfused snap. MOROCCAN DRY- CURED BLACK BELDI Large and glossy black, with a lovely wrinkled appearance. Fruity, dense flavour. Great appetizer or addition to any sauce or meat dish. SPICE KIT MARINADES GREEK OLIVE MIX Sicilian Herbs: Pitted Mt. Athos Green olives with aromatic Italian-style herbs. Minced Garlic: Pitted Mt. Athos Green olives with zesty garlic. Crushed Chillies: Pitted Greek Olive Mix and crushed chillies for a savoury, spicy kick. A visually appealing mix of s most prized olives. A delightful medley of textures and flavours, from sharp and meaty to voluptuously soft & fruity page 30-14

17 preserved vegetables - bulk antipasti 30 Antipasti In a part of the world where people are passionate about life and food, the antipasto table reflects the best that the land and people have to offer. Heaping with seasonal local specialties that are expertly prepared, the antipasto table is a gathering point for friends and families, where fresh and healthy foods are shared and enjoyed. Roasted Red Tomatoes, Frozen 3/1.8kg SPECIAL ORDER Roasted Tomato Cuts, Frozen 4/2.27kg 30202C SPECIAL ORDER Roasted Yellow Tomatoes, Frozen 3/1.8kg Roasted Garlic Cloves Frozen 3/1.8kg Bulk Green Basil Pesto Frozen 4/1.93L Bulk Sundried Tomato Pesto Frozen 4/1.93L Roasted Tomato Bruschetta Frozen 6/1.7kg PEPPADEW Goldew Peppers 2/3kg 30196G Peru page PEPPADEW Sweet Piquante Red Peppers 2/3kg 30196R South Africa

18 preserved vegetables - bulk antipasti SWEETY DROP Peruvian Peppers 6/3kg Peru SWEETY DROP Yellow Peruvian Peppers 6/3kg 30108Y Peru Wild Mushroom Mix 4/1.5kg Italy Calabrian Chilli Peppers 2/2.72kg 30161Y Italy Gigandes Beans in Vinaigrette 6/2kg Gigandes Beans, Natural/Plain 6/2kg 30191C Mushrooms Marinated w/ Garlic & Herbs 2/2.84kg Cornichons 3/2.15kg India Chickpeas in Mediterranean Marinade 6/2kg 30198C page 30-16

19 preserved vegetables - bulk antipasti 30 Red Beets in Mediterranean Marinade 3/2.78kg 30158B Turkey Preserved Lemons, Beldi 3/2kg Morocco CANNONE Cipolline Onions, Balsamico 6/1.6kg Italy Dolmas, Stuffed Grape Leaves 6/2kg Bulgaria MINI Dolmas 6/2kg 30190M Bulgaria Caperberries 6/567g Morocco Kalamata Olive Spread 4/950g 30159B Gigandes Bean Spread 6/2kg 30191B Spicy Pickled Brussel Sprouts 6/1.5kg page 30-17

20 preserved vegetables - bulk antipasti Roasted Piquillo Peppers (Sweet, Fire-Roasted Piquillos) 6/1.82kg Peru Roasted Red Peppers (Whole Florina Peppers) 3/2.6kg 30161R Turkey SPECIAL ORDER Roasted Red Peppers, Organic (Whole Florina Peppers) 3/2.5kg 30161V Turkey SPECIAL ORDER Bulk Jalapeños Stuffed w/ Feta 2/3.63kg 30179JP SPECIAL ORDER CANNONE Long Stem Artichokes 6/1.4kg Italy Bulk Caramelized Onions 1/2kg 30171A Chopped Olive Tapenade 30161K Muffuletta Olive Salad 30161L page 30-18

21 preserved vegetables - bulk antipasti 30 Curried Pickled Cauliflower 6/1.41kg Pickled Chipotle Carrots 6/1.49kg Pickled Spicy Snap Peas 6/1.35kg Hot Okra Pickles 6/1.5kg 30197C Baby Artichoke Hearts in Sunflower Oil 6/2.5kg Peru Artichoke Quarters w/ Herbs 6/2.5kg 30195C Peru Artichoke Quarters w/ Piquillo Peppers 6/2.5kg 30194P Peru Grilled Artichoke Halves 6/1.81kg 30195H Peru Giardiniera 3/2kg 30161N page 30-19

22 preserved vegetables - bulk antipasti Mushroom & Spicy Ginger Sauce 2/3.13kg 30194B Artichoke Quarters w/ Aji Chile 6/2.55kg 30195G SPECIAL ORDER Heart of Palms, Sweet Picante 2/4kg 30207S Costa Rica All-Natural Gluten-Free Non-GMO Certified Dairy Free Vegan/Vegetarian MAMA LIL S PICKLED HUNGARIAN GOATHORN PEPPERS Origin: GOATHORN PEPPERS IN BRINE (4/3kg) Item #: 30211B MAMA LIL S PICKLED HUNGARIAN GOATHORN PEPPERS Origin: GOATHORN PEPPERS IN OIL (1/3.4kg) Item #: 30211C page 30-20

23 preserved vegetables 30 All-Natural Gluten-Free Dairy Free Vegan/Vegetarian BEAUVAIS COOKED RED CABBAGE Origin: Denmark PK Size: 12/580g Item #: UPC: PK Size: 8/850g Item #: UPC: BEAUVAIS PICKLED BEETS Origin: Denmark PK Size: 12/570g Item #: UPC: PK Size: 8/860g Item #: UPC: BEAUVAIS AISER PICKLES Origin: Denmark PK Size: 12/560g Item #: UPC: PK Size: 8/820g Item #: UPC: All-Natural Gluten-Free Nut-Free Dairy Free Vegan/Vegetarian GERMAN PRE-BOOK LEUCHTENBERG WEINSAUERKRAUT Origin: Germany PK Size: 20/500g Item #: UPC: GERMAN PRE-BOOK LEUCHTENBERG RED CABBAGE w/ APPLE Origin: Germany PK Size: 20/500g Item #: UPC: page 30-21

24 preserved vegetables S&F PICKLES POLISH DILL PICKLES Origin: Poland PK Size: 6/1.5L Item #: UPC: S&F MIXED MARINATED MUSHROOMS Origin: Germany PK Size: 12/540ml Item #: UPC: S&F WHITE ASPARAGUS Origin: Germany PK Size: 12/341ml Item #: UPC: BONTA CANNELLINI BEANS Origin: Spain PK Size: 12/540g Item #: UPC: ITALISSIMA SUN-DRIED TOMATOES Origin: Italy PK Size: 12/290ml Item #: UPC: page 30-22

25 preserved vegetables 30 POLKA SAUERKRAUT Origin: Poland PK Size: 12/796ml Plain Item #: UPC: POLKA SAUERKRAUT Origin: Poland PK Size: 12/796ml With Carrots Item #: UPC: DANISH PRE-BOOK MIKO MINI POTATOES Origin: Denmark PK Size: 12/680g Item #: UPC: ITALISSIMA CAPERBERRIES Origin: Spain PK Size: 12/375ml Item #: UPC: ITALISSIMA CAPERS Origin: Spain Non-Pareils Small Jar PK Size: 12/100ml Item #: UPC: ITALISSIMA CAPERS Origin: Spain Capucines Small Jar PK Size: 12/100ml Item #: UPC: page 30-23