.99. here every day .99. Start Your Festivities With Spectacular Savings! 99 each g. 3/ 1kg/500ml. 3/ g. California

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Download ".99. here every day .99. Start Your Festivities With Spectacular Savings! 99 each g. 3/ 1kg/500ml. 3/ g. California"


1 fresh starts here every day Prices in effect Friday Nov. 0 through Thursday Dec., 08 FR AT 0 UN N TUE WED THU ntario Poultry Whole Frying hickens.0 Andy Boy Rapini or Anise.7/kg FREH Red or Green eedless Grapes apless Prime Rib ven Roast FREH /kg Unico Beans or Tomatoes ml ntario Pork Breast Bone Removed Lean & eaty Pork ide Ribs.00./kg Toppits.0/kg.00 Raw Easy Peel hrimp /0 cnt 0g ountry Harvest 00% Whole Grain Bread Vita ana or La olisana Egg Pasta / 0-00g JJ Wilk Pierogies Beatrice our ream 7g / kg/00ml 8 PAK Beatrice hocolate ilk Gray Ridge Premium Large Eggs pack Natural ineral Water L heese Bars 7 x.l or / (.L) ommissosfoods.com alifornia Hachiya Persimmons BG! 7 Black Diamond tart Your Festivities With pectacular avings! BG! Evian.0 0g BG! Bauli case elect Varieties Panettone 70g onday to Friday: 8am-8pm aturday & unday: 8am-pm

2 FREH PRDUE Holy NTAR NTAR Guacamole!. Ambrosia Apples Product of ntario Avocados.8/kg Bosc Pears Product of ntario X 'n ATH! Ready to Eat! X 'n ATH! Fuyu Persimmons Hot Jalapeno, Hungarian or Long Peppers 70g./kg Roma Tomatoes Artisan Lettuces White nions Zucchini lb bag paghetti quash./kg HEALTHY HE eyer Lemons./kg alifornia lb bag./kg Tanimura & Antle Raspberries Blueberries Product of hile Blackberries Hot Peppers Yellow nions pack FRENDLY tore Prepared Riced auliflower.8/kg./kg KET Berry edley Available Daily! Eggplant HLDAY ELETN.00/kg all Ext. 0 for custom gift baskets and arrangements! Beautiful " Frosty Ferns Beautiful " Poinsettias NEW RP alifornia Natural Dark Walnuts in hell 7./kg Filberts (Hazelnuts) in hell 8.80/kg alifornia Raw Natural Almonds./kg Aurora Premium Dried Turkish Figs Product of Turkey g

3 WE AKE T EAY DURNG THE HLDAY! EAL theweek BTR+AFE of lly X Anniversary Edition Espresso & offee achine with Frother pe cia l Price NNE PATA WTH EATBALL R AUAGE akes espresso and coffee team/hot water wand.00 Be sure to check out our line of lly Espresso achines! 8 lly Drip offee apsules lly 8 Espresso apsules 8 capsules capsules Niagara's A Great election Delicious Trays Largest election for your Holiday of hristmas of Panettone! Goodies! Entertaining! Gift ards Give the Gift of a Whole Prosciutto! astro an Daniele Premium Gold Prosciutto Approximately kg Deli liced PRTED Fini Niagara Food pecialties Prosciutto di Parma Pingue Prosciutto Approximately 7kg Product of taly LAL Approximately kg Deli liced RE RE RGNAL RE RGNAL RGNAL FREH N TRE BAKERY Baked from cratch talian or French Bread 70g Baked from cratch alabrese Bread 70g Baked from cratch 8 innamon Walnut offee ake 8 800g RGNAL RE Baked in tore Assorted Loaves 00g

4 FREH EAT High Quality eats at Great Prices 00 Boneless Pork irloin hops 00./kg ntario Pork Boneless Netted Pork irloin Roast./kg Grain Fed Thin liced From nside Round Boneless nside Round Rotisserie Roast./kg Veal Leg utlets/ callopini Plain or Breaded 00 8./kg 70 Air hilled tore ade plit No Back hicken Breast Plain or BBQ 8.80/kg Air hilled Back Attached hicken Legs ild, Hot or Honey Garlic talian ausage./kg tore Ground ombination.00/kg Lean Ground Beef, Pork & Veal Boneless hicken or Turkey Breast utlets Plain or Breaded.0/kg Breaded Pork irloin utlets FREH EAFD Rainbow Trout Fillets Product of anada /kg NY trip Loin Grilling teaks 7 0 Product of cotland/anada Tilpia Fillets Product of anada..0 Toppits hrimp Ring with auce 7/0 cnt od or Haddock Loins or Fillets Frozen Large ardines Product of Portugal.8/kg Genoa alami ild or Hot Piller s ld Forest, D Amore, zegedi or aliente Dry alami Deli liced Deli liced Niagara Food pecialties Deli liced Piller s ade with Antibiotic Free Pork Pingue Prosciutto Gypsy, ervelat, Pepperseed or quare ustard eed alami ven Roasted Turkey Breast 70g Deli liced Fat Free No Added Nitrites Provolone Gigantico heese Lilydale 8g aputo Dairy Venetian eat & alami Deli liced 00g DEL EAT & HEEE Prosciutto otto 00 Product of anada asa talia Hot or ild.0/kg Nanuk tore Packed Frozen hemical Free moked liced oho almon g 00 8./kg Boneless Rib Eye Grilling teaks Frozen 00/kg Yellow Fin Tuna teaks 00 Delivered fresh daily kin n Atlantic teelhead or anadian almon Portions.00/kg ole-unro Boneless 00 Piller s Turkey Kolbassa By the Piece talia ild or Hot ven Baked apicollo Deli liced asa talia Porchetta elect Varieties Deli liced Arla Tre telle Bocconcini heese Regular, ini or Pearls Arla Tre telle 00g Regular, Light or mooth Ricotta heese 7g Agropur Agropur L Extra Triple réme or Vaudreuil Double réme Brie heese 00-0g Agropur Jarlsberg heese Deli liced or by Piece Product of Norway ka Regular, L Artisan or moked heese or hevalier Triple rème Brie heese By the Piece nly ambozola Black Label Blue heese Product of Germany from the Deli

5 GRERY AVNG General ills Giorgio Honey Nut heerios 00% Pure aple yrup ango in Light yrup 0g 00ml 00ml Giorgio ZE L harlie Bee Paese io Honey antuccini ookies / 00ml ADE N NAGARA / Product of anada 00g Twinings Teas 0 bags edaglia d ro Espresso offee 8g Petti Passata trained Tomatoes / arr s Table Water rackers 00 70ml 0g di Vita Green astelvetrano lives 0ml Gloria Pickled Roasted weet Peppers / 00ml Danvita Radenska Rye Flat bread arbonated ineral Water Product of lovenia /.L Gerstel Non-Alcoholic Beer x0ml kinny Pop Popcorn g Bounty Plus Prill elect-a-ize Ply Paper Towels eramic & Hardwood Floor leaner riginal or ensitive 8 sheets Ply Dinner Napkins eramica Bella Dishwashing Liquid halet 0g 70ml L 00 pack DARY, FRZEN & BAKERY Lactantia 00% Pure range Juice Premium Egg Nog 0%, %, Fat Free / L Beatrice Beatrice Half & Half ream /.7L L Gold Egg Egg Whites Gay Lea Nordica ottage heese 00g Liberté éditerranée Yogourt 00g Field Roast Vegan Grain eat ausages 7g Alexia easoned Waffle ut Fries 00g 0g Liberté Kefir L Lactantia ream heese & preads Regular or Light Krinos Fillo Twisters Pastry 0g BAKERY AVNG ountry Harvest Bagels 0g Thomas' Raisin Bread 7 80g Earthbound Farms Frozen Vegetables 00-0g La Tortilla Factory Wraps pack nes Rosales Handmade live il Tortillas 80g

6 ' HEALTH & WELLNE Get expert advice on your dietary & supplement needs from our Registered Holistic Nutritionists! TAT J A N A ' VURTE Why Ester-? nly Ester- provides hour immune support and potent antioxidant protection. ts clinically proven to be absorbed faster and remain in the immune system for up to hrs. Ester- is gentle on the stomach and tooth enamel and is the only form that contains active vitamin metabolites for superior absorption. Tatjana, Wellness taff Andalou annaell kin are 'Tis the season, bringing cold weather and with it our annual battle with dry skin. ool air, low humidity, cold winds, and moving from warm central heating into the cold and back again can significantly dehydrate our skin. Here are some helpful tips for soft and moisturized skin: Exfoliate with an all natural product or try dry skin brushing Use gentle shower gel oisturize damp skin y absolute favourite shower gels and lotions are by Andalou the new annaell line. They are made with nourishing botanicals, hemp stem cells, organic hemp seed oil, and pure plant essential oils. t truly is a joyful experience every time you use these products. 00% vegan, no sulfates, no parabens, no silicons, no nasties - and cruelty free! ome see us at wellness department to introduce you to this amazing line of skincare for women and men. You skin will thank you for it! tay healthy Niagara! BNU ZE 0 Tablets caps 0 caps Ester- 00 Ester- 000 NEW tevia Free Formula in Natural Now Available All Vega Bars n ale! Vega 0g Protein Bars 70g, Assorted Flavours 0g plant based protein, g fibre Delicious layered nutrition bar Gluten-free, vegan, non-g / Vega Vega ne All-n-ne Nutritional hake 8-87g, t. Francis Herb Farm Prairie Naturals ulinary ils itrus oother 70g, 00ml Keto friendly upport metabolism and supply energy Aid in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins table at higher cooking temperatures 0g A therapeutic blend of honey, lemon & ginger, fortified with elderberry and echinacea A natural support for cold & flu 0% 00 FF Filsingers Larabar Apple ider Vinegar While upplies Last Fruit and Nut Bars -g, Assorted Flavours A delicious gluten free blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices ontains no more than nine ingredients minimally processed ml ade with ntario grown, certified organic apples Raw and unpasteurized, contains mother of vinegar All Burt's Bees Holiday ollection on ale! / Assorted Gift Packs starting at 8. HEALTHY AVNG ade Good Granola Bars or inis Nuts to You ade in anada! Peanut Butter mooth or runchy /xg 00g ilver Hills Pure oconut Water 0ml 00-g Black River Fruit Juices 00g Kiju Juices L Daiya Dairy Free Blocks 00ml Green & Black s hocolate Bars prouted Whole Grain Bagels magine reamy Tomato Basil oup 00-0g VEGAN L Dr. Praeger's Veggie Burgers or Hash Browns 8g Quantities and/or selection of items may be limited and may not be available. We reserve the right to limit quantities to reasonable family requirements. We are not obligated to sell items based on errors or misprints in typography or photography. Pricing: All references to any savings claim (ie ave, / Price, etc.) is in comparison to our regular retail prices. Applicable taxes, deposits or environmental surcharges are extra. oupons must be presented and redeemed at time of purchase. All right reserved. Thorold tone Rd. Niagara Falls, N LJ A Fax ommissosfoods.com