Sapori D Italia a taste of Italy

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1 Wine Garlic Bread 9 plain garlic bread 3.50 Garlic Bread 9 garlic bread with tomato 3.80 Garlic Bread 9 garlic bread with Cheese 4.00 Bruschetta Toasted croutons with marinated chopped onion, garlic, fresh tomato and basil 4.20 Antipasti (cold) Salami, napoli & milano, parma ham, anchovies 6.50 Salmon Smoked salmon filled with prawns and topped with rosemary sauce 6.50 Melone Cardinate Melon and parma ham 6.50 Costolette Di Maiale Spare ribs in BBQ sauce 5.50 Calamari Fritta Calamari in bread crumbs served with garlic mayonnaise and small garnish 5.20 Funghi Rupieni Baked flat mushroom stuffed with spinach, goats cheese and mozzarella 5.80 Funghi Con Aglio Mushrooms with garlic, white wine and lemon 4.50 Mozzarella Fritta Mozzarella cheese, breadcrumbs with garlic mayonnaise 4.80 Cozze Grande Mussel, onions, garlic, chilli, white wine and tomato sauce 5.50 Bianca Mangiare White bait served with tartar sauce 5.20 Melazane Parmigana Grilled aubergine, tomato, mozarella and basil baked in the oven 5.20 Fegatti Della Cazza Chicken liver pate with toasted bread 4.20 Capri Insalata Fresh slices of tomato and mozzarella cheese and capers baked in the oven 4.90 Wine Patitine (Chips) Single portion 2.20 Patee Alforno Roast potatoes with rosemary and garlic 2.20 Insalata Mista Mixed leaf salad 3.20 Mixed Olives Portion 2.50 Pomodoro E Basilico Tomato, basil, red onion and black olive salad 2.90

2 Pizza Margarita (Cheese, tomato sauce and oregano) 6.50 Pizza Calabrese (Cheese, tomato, pepperoni and black olives) 7.20 Pizza Hawaiino (Cheese, tomato, pineapple and ham) 6.80 Pizza Regina (Cheese, tomato,ham and mushroom) 6.80 Pizza Vegetariana V (Cheese, tomato, onions, pepper, mushroom, artichokes) 6.50 Pizza Quattro Stagioni (Cheese tomao, Ham, salami, artichokes and anchovies) 7.20 Pizza Fruti Di Mare (Cheese, tomato, mixed seafood and anchovies) 7.50 Pizza Funghi (Cheese, tomato, mushrooms) 6.80 Pizza Calzone (A folded pizza with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, salami,) ( or filling of your choice) 7.50 Pizza Diavolo (Cheese, tomato, jalapenos, salami, chilli and capers) 7.20 Pizza Sapori (Cheese, tomato, chicken, peppers, salami and black olives) 7.20 Cannelloni Pasta layers filled with meat and spinach-baked with tomato sauce and 6.50 mozzarella Farfelle Con Salmon Salmon, peas, white wine, cream and a touch of tomato sauce 7.20 Lasagne Al Fono Sheets of baked pasta layers with béchamel sauce 6.80 Penne Caprino Sundried tomato, Asparagus, Goats cheese, Cream with a touch of tomato sauce 7.20 Penne Con Pollo Mushrooms, chicken, cream and parmesan cheese 7.20 Penne Della Casa Bacon, onions, chicken, tomato sauce and a topping of mozzarella-baked 7.20 Penne Matriciana Bacon, onion, chilli and tomato sauce 6.90 Penne Sapori Courgette, onion, prawns, cherry tomato and squid calamari 7.50 Spaghetti Fritti Olive oil, capers, black olives, anchovies, oregano and cherry tomato 6.90 Spaghetti Bolognese Minced beef and tomato Napoli 6.90 Spaghetti Carbonara Bacon, egg yolk, parmesan cheese and a touch of cream 7.20 Linguini Pescatore Seafood, tomato sauce 7.20

3 Pollo Sicillana Grilled chicken breast with onions, oregarno, chilli, olives and tomato sauce Pollo Alla Crema Grilled chicken breast with mushrooms, white wine, cream and asparagus Pollo Fiorentina Grilled chicken breast with spinach, mozzarella and cream and peppercorn sauce Pollo Miele Chicken breast with fresh orange juice, honey, white wine and cherry tomato sauce Pollo Sapori Formaggio Grilled chicken breast with parma ham, mozzarella, white wine, cream and tomato Bistecca Pizzaiola Sirloin steak (10oz) with capers, olives, oregarno, garlic, white wine & tomato sauce Bistecca Pepperoni Sirloin steak (10oz) with peppercorn, red wine, demi-glace and brandy cream sauce Filleto Rossini Fillet steak (8oz) with red wine, brandy, port, chicken pate,demi-glace, touch of cream and toasted bread Filleto Boscaiola Fillet steak (8oz) with mushrooms, peppers, garlic, white wine and tomato sauce Filleto Grillo Grilled Fillet steak (8oz) with roasted tomato and mushrooms and salad garnish Vitello Funghetti Veal escalopes with mushrooms, white wine and cream Vitello Sapori Veal escalopes rolled and filled with parma ham, mozzarella, gherkins, chilli (baked in the oven and finished with a spicy tomato sauce) Vietto Sicillia Veal escalpoes with onions, chilli, garlic, red wine and tomato sauce 12.0 Salmone Al Gambrietti Grilled salmon with white wine, prawns, cream and a touch of tomato sauce Bronzino Grilled seabass with oilive oil, peppers, basil, lemon and white wine Gamberoni Aglio King prawns with white wine, lemon, garlic, butter and served with rice 14.90

4 Risotto Pollo Rice, Chicken, peppers and tomato sauce 7.20 Risotto Genoesse Rice, Seafood, and tomato sauce 7.20 Risotto Milanese Olive oil, onions, sun-dried tomato, parma ham, peas and parmesan cheese 7.50 Crispella Veg Pancake filled with peppers, mushrooms and onion and tomato sauce-baked 6.50 Lasagne Veg Sheets of pasta with broccoli, mushrooms, onions and tomato sauce-baked 6.80 Pasta Prima Vera Courgettes, aubergines, onions, basil and tomato sauce 6.90 Risotto Al Funghi Mushrooms, white wine, cream and parmesan 6.90 Choose from our selection of desserts 4.00 Tea Free refills 1.50 Flat coffee Free refills 1.60 Latte 1.80 Cappuccino 1.80 *served with chips or roast potato and seasonal vegetables Any Pizza Any Pasta Small portion 4.00 Chicken Nuggets *Premium chicken nuggets 4.00 Dessert Selection of ice cream 2.90

5 Blossom Hill Caiesse Chardonnay Pinot Grigio Pinot Grigio Blush A lively, Italian light bodied wine which has a crisp citrus aroma and a fruity finish A golden yellow wine with bright green glints the wine bursts with aromas of white petals, honey suckle and citrus fruits A rich well balanced wine showing fresh peach tropical fruit and melon characters, with a hint of citrus and a creamy mouth feel A crisp dry Italian wine, pale in colour, with delicate floral aromas and citrus notes on the nose A fresh crisp bouquet with fruity aromas reminiscent of raspberries Price Chianti Typical well known Italian wine Dry flavour, full bodied with a spicy bouquet Montepulciano D A dry Italian red wine produced from the Montepulciano grape Abruzzo Bardolino A dry, crisp, fruity Italian wine produced from a blend of corvina, rondinella and molinara grapes Blossom Hill Smooth Italian, medium bodied red wine cherry aroma with a fruit finish Litre White of red Half Litre White or red 7.00 Glass 2.50

6 Peroni (beer) 330 ml 2.80 Moretti (beer) 330 ml 2.80 Fosters Pint 3.00 Carling Pint 3.00 Kronenbourg 275 ml 2.50 Jack Daniels Single/double 3.30/5.50 Johnnie Walker Single/double 3.20/ 5.00 Grants Single/ double 3.20/ 5.00 Vodka Single/double 2.50/4.00 Rum Single/double 3.00/5.00 Martini double measure 2.50 Sambuca Measure 3.00 Tia Maria Measure 3.50 Baileys Measure 3.00 *liqueur coffee 4.00 Tonic Water 150 ml 70 Tonic Water low calorie 150 ml 70 Coca Cola 330 ml 1.50 Coca Cola (diet) 330 ml 1.50 J2O 275 ml 2.00 Still Water 330 ml 1.80 Sparkling Water 500 ml 2.20 Red Bull 250 ml 2.50 Lemonade Glass 1.20 Fresh orange juice Glass 1.50