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2 Salt KJ Kcal Fat Saturates Italian Olives Breads / Nibbles Rosemary & Sea Salt Bread Breads / Nibbles Mixed Chilli Nuts Breads / Nibbles Garlic Bread Breads / Nibbles Garlic Bread with Mozzarella Breads / Nibbles Garlic Speciale - with balsamic onions Breads / Nibbles Garlic Speciale - with purple pesto Breads / Nibbles Cheese Fonduta Breads / Nibbles Antipasti - Fritto Starters & Shares Antipasti - The Mixed One Starters & Shares Tuscan Bean Soup Starters & Shares Bruschetta Starters & Shares Calamari (1 Serving) Starters & Shares Mushrooms Al Forno Starters & Shares Meatballs Piccante Starters & Shares Dough Balls - Fontal & Chilli Starters & Shares Dough Balls - Plain Starters & Shares Pollo Lecca lecca Starters & Shares Pumpkin Arancini Starters & Shares Insalata Burrata Caprese Starters & Shares Butterfly King Prawns Starters & Shares Melanzane al Forno Starters & Shares Tagliatelle Carbonara Fresh Pasta Aragosta e Gamberoni Fresh Pasta Beef Brisket Ragu Fresh Pasta Pesto Gennovese Fresh Pasta Fettuccine Bolognese Pasta - Classic Spaghetti al Pomodoro Pasta - Classic Penne Arrabiata with chicken Pasta - Classic Penne Arrabiata without chicken Pasta - Classic Spinach and Riccotta Girisole Pasta - Classic Linguine Carbonara Pasta - Classic Linguine con Frutti di Mare Pasta - Classic Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese Pasta - Classic Rigatoni di Manzo Piccante Al Forno Penne al Pollo della Casa Al Forno Salt 26.

3 Salt KJ Kcal Fat Saturates Lasagne Al Forno Melanzane al Forno Al Forno Sausage Cannelloni Al Forno Risotto con Pollo e Funghi Risotto Pork Belly Porchetta Meat & Fish Sea Bass al Forno Meat & Fish Pollo Milanese Meat & Fish Pollo Milanese with Chips Meat & Fish Margherita Speciale Alto Pizza Double Pepperoni Alto Pizza Prima Ham & Scarmorza Cheese Pizza - Prima Prima Pizza Salami Misti Pizza - Prima Prima Pizza Pollo Piccante con Pancetta Pizza - Prima Prima Salsiccia Pizza - Prima Prima Caprina Pizza - Prima Prima Beef & Gorgonzola Pizza - Prima Margherita Classic Pizza Stromboli Classic Pizza Pollo E Funghi Classic Pizza Verdure Classic Pizza Calzone Pollo Calzone Calzone con Carne Piccante Calzone Insalata di Pollo e Pancetta Salad Chicken Caesar Salad Salad Roast Salmon and 3 Grains Salad Salad Mozzarella and 3 Grains Salad Salad Zucchine Fritte Sides Chips with Mayo Sides Mixed Salad Sides Rocket Salad Sides Broccoli & Chilli Sides Garlic & Cheese Chips Sides Chocolate Etna Desserts Gondolas - Salted Caramel Desserts Gondolas - Chocolate & Nut Desserts Panna cotta Desserts Salt 27.

4 Salt KJ Kcal Fat Saturates Melting Chocolate, Strawberry & Cream Desserts Blood Orange & Chocolate Tort Desserts Baked Chocolate Gnocchi Desserts Ice Cream Profiteroles Desserts Warm Pear Tart Desserts Pistachio & Olive Oil Cake Desserts Tiramisu Desserts Honeycomb Cheesecake with gelato Desserts Chocolate gelato 2 Scoops Gelato Pistachio gelato - 2 Scoops Gelato Salted Caramel gelato - 2 scoops Gelato Nocciola gelato 2 scoops Gelato Vaniglia gelato 2 scoops Gelato Fragola gelato 2 scoops Gelato Limone sorbetti 2 scoops Gelato Raspberry sorbetti 2 scoops Gelato Mango sorbetti 2 scoops Gelato KIDS Margherita - CYO (Base & No toppings ) Kids Tomatoes Kids Broccoli Kids Salt Vegetable Sticks with Bread Soldiers & dip Kids Top your own pizza: Toppings Black olives Kids Chicken Kids Pepperoni Kids Mushrooms Kids Ham Kids Extra Cheese Kids Roasted red peper Kids PASTA Penne Kids Cartwheel Kids Spaghetti Kids

5 Salt KJ Kcal Fat Saturates Salt SAUCES Tomato sauce Kids Cheese sauce Kids Bolognese sauce Kids Perfect pesto Kids Dip & Tip tortellini Cheese & vegetable Kids Cartwheel pasta Kids SIDES Side salad Kids Tiny Tums Pasta with butter Kids Pasta with tomato sauce Kids Bread sticks & tomato dip Kids DESSERTS Chocolate pizza Kids Sundae: Make you own Vanilla - Ice cream only Kids Chocolate - Ice cream only Kids Strawberry Ice cream only Kids SAUCES Choconut Sauce Kids Strawberry Sauce Kids TOPPINGS Marshmallows & Sprinkles Kids Plain meringues Kids Chocolate & honeycomb pieces Kids Strawberries Kids Langue de Chat biscuits Kids Orange & apple lolly Kids Apple & raspberry lolly Kids Kids Fruit Kids ASKOCAM_ALLM_GEN_