hef s Farm Tour 2 ENTREES 1 SALAD 1 DESSERT

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1 DINNER hef s Farm Tour 2 ENTREE 1 ALAD 1 DEERT CHOICE OF ICED TEA OR LEMONADE FOR TABLE-IDE BEVERAGE ERVICE INCLUDE COFFEE / TEA ERVICE WITH DEERT COURE PATURE RAIED CHICKEN (gf) parsnip potato puree, farm vegetables and greens, herb pan jus WILD OCKEYE ALMON togarashi, pumpkin seeds, roots and greens, braised lemon couscous PURE COUNTRY PORK (gf) fall fruit, squash and potato puree, farm vegetables, port demi CAULIFLOWER TEAK (vg, gf) ras el hanout, cabbage, red pepper, basmati rice, sesame 35 PER PERON AUAGE TUFFED QUAIL (n) carrot beurre blanc, scallion pancake, roots and greens hazelnut, blackberry 45 PER PERON MIHIMA WAGYU TEAK (gf) espresso chili rub, agrodolce, mint salsa verde, squash, carrots sunchokes, sunflower seeds JACK MOUNTAIN HORT RIB (gf) heirloom polenta, wild mushroom demi, farm vegetables & greens WILD COHO ALMON (gf) salmon caviar, marble potato, leeks, fennel, dill creme fraiche everything bagel seeds KING TRUMPET (v, gf) shiitake, caciotta cheese, eggplant caponata, quinoa farm greens, smoked tomato MAPLELEAF DUCK (gf, n) green tea, buerre blanc, quinoa, walnut, cherry, farm vegetables 55 PER PERON FILET MIGNON (gf) bacon-date jam, Flagship potatoes, shallot, mustard seed farm vegetables, veal reduction PACIFIC NORTHWET COATAL TUNA farro, leek, carrot, mushroom, sesame, scallion, sunchoke truffle-soy-lemon (when available) MC CERTIFIED HALIBUT (n) hazelnut, tarragon, brown butter, puffed couscous, legumes farm vegetables

2 LUNCH eafaring Journey PLATED LUNCH CHOOE UP TO 2 ENTREE CHOICE OF ALAD OR DEERT CHOICE OF ICED TEA, LEMONADE OR COFFEE/TEA ERVICE OTHER BEVERAGE 3 PER PERON WEET & OUR CHICKEN (gf, n) shiitake, farm vegetables, basmati rice, cashews ILAND CURRY (v, gf) coconut yellow curry, red beans, ginger, habanero, basmati rice, pea shoots CARNE AADA (gf) sweet potato, roasted peppers, pumpkin seed, carrot chimichurri, lime ROCKFIH LETTUCE WRAP (gf) farm vegetables, creamy avocado dressing, salsa roja, sweet potato CHICKEN PICCATA (gf) marble potato, peppers, lemon, capers, farm vegetables THAI LARB LETTUCE WRAP (gf) pork sausage, farm vegetables, cucumber salad, sweet potato 25 PER PERON CRAB LOUIE (gf) dungeness crab, butter lettuce, tomato, farm egg, shaved asparagus thousand island ICNIC LUNCH CAUAL LUNCH 1 ANDWICH CHIP FREH FRUIT CHOICE OF BROWNIE OR COOKIE INCLUDE BEVERAGE TATION WITH WATER AND CHOICE OF ICEA TEA OR LEMONADE HAM & CHEDDAR (agf) local shaved smoked ham, Tillamook cheddar house made pickle, local sourdough, house herb aioli TURKEY & BRIE (agf) local sourdough, shaved natural turkey breast, french style brie seasonal fruit chutney, house herbed aioli, local baby lettuce HUMMU WRAP (v) roasted local red beets and chickpea hummus, sliced fresh tomato radish, red onion, cucumber, local baby lettuce, pea shoots 18 PER PERON COFFEE/TEA AVAILABLE UPON REQUET

3 ALAD FALL APPLE (v, gf) baby lettuce, heirloom apples, cranberry, cheddar cheese, walnuts, roasted apple vinaigrette HEIRLOOM TOMATO ALAD (v, avg) bibb lettuce, croutons, caciotta cheese, herb vinaigrette, balsamic glaze BERRY ALAD (v, gf, n) baby lettuce, fresh berries, goat cheese, espresso-chili cashews, bruleed fruit dressing NEW CAEAR (gf) bibb lettuce and castelfranco, parmesan, anchovy vinaigrette PIKED FRUIT (v) seasonal fresh fruit marinated in sparkling wine, organic Greek yogurt, granola D EERT CHOCOLATE POT DE CREME (v, gf) rich chocolate custard, chantilly cream LEMON POET (v) chilled lemon cream, lemon thyme shortbread FALL FRUIT TRIFLE (v) macerated fresh fruits of the season, crumbled sponge cake whipped cream BROWNIE & BERRIE TRIFLE (v) fresh berries, brownies, whipped cream CHOCOLATE ORANGE TART (v) rich chocolate ganache, orange marmalade HUCKLEBERRY APPLE TART (v) local huckleberries and apples PEACH BLACKBERRY TART (v) local blackberries and peaches JAPANEE CHEEECAKE (v) sponge style cheesecake, fresh berries, chantilly FREH BERRY PARFAIT (v, gf) fresh macerated berries, local organic greek yogurt FALL FRUIT PARFAIT (v, gf) fresh fruits of the season, coconut, chia

4 DIPLAY & BITE TATION INCLUDE BEVERAGE TATION WITH WATER + CHOICE OF ICEA TEA OR LEMONADE FARM TATION (n) local vegetables, fruits, nuts, dips, crackers, bread NORTHWET CHEEE TATION (n) local artisanal cheeses, house made jams and chutneys toasted and candied nuts, dried fruits, house crackers LOCAL MEAT, CHEEE, & VEGETABLE TATION (n) local artisanal cheeses and salami, house made chicken liver mousse, jams, chutneys pickled vegetables, pickled mustard seeds, stonefruit mostarda, house crackers OCEAN BAR selection of sustainably harvested seafoods including oysters, dungeness crab yellowfin tuna, octopus, salmon, clams, albacore tuna, mussels, seaweed salad garnishes and condiments TREET TACO & ALA BAR cochinita (braised pork), smoked beef brisket, chicken tinga, salsa cilantro, salsa cruda salsa de serano, tomatillo salsa escebeche, lettuce, corn and flour tortillas, cotija, crema cilantro, tomato, onion, guacamole, black turtle beans, basmati rice, betebetabel (roasted beets, radish, red onion, pepitas, baby lettuce, grilled panela cheese, achiote vinaigrette), seasonal vegetable empanadas 12 PER PERON 18 PER PERON 24 PER PERON 28 PER PERON 28 PER PERON PPETIZER AVAILABLE DIPLAYED OR PAED INCLUDE BEVERAGE TATION WITH WATER + CHOICE OF ICEA TEA OR LEMONADE MUHROOM TUFFED MUHROOM (v, n) crimini mushrooms stuffed with wild mushrooms, fresh herbs, caciotta cheese, pine nuts MOKED ALMON (gf) Pacific almon, cucumber, capers, onion, labneh, braised lemon EAONAL CAPREE KEWER (v, gf) local fruit, fresh mozzarella, herbs, fig balsamic syrup MINI ARTICHOKE PANIKOPITA (v) phyllo dough, artichokes, spinach, and feta cheese LAMB & FARRO MEATBALL lamb and beef blended with farro wheatberries, smoked tomato, labneh WEET & OUR MEATBALL (n) local pork blended with jasmine rice, sweet and sour sauce, cashews PULLED PORK LIDER local pork, hoisin sauce, shaved cabbage and heirloom carrot slaw 25 PER DOZEN TUNA CRUDO BITE (n) rosemary cracker, sashimi grade tuna, beets, hazelnuts, togarashi aioli BRAIED BION ON RYE bison shoulder, pumpernickel rye, mustard seeds, labneh ALBACORE TUNA TOAT sourdough, tuna conserva, tomato, olives, herbed vache, tarragon vinaigrette CHICKEN LIVER MOUE rosemary cracker, chicken liver mousse, raspberry gastrique, mustard seeds MINI DUNGENE CRAB & QUINOA CAKE dungeness crab, panko, quinoa, harissa aioli, lemon, fennel 35 PER DOZEN

5 BREAKFAT B REAKFAT TATION INCLUDE WATER + COFFEE/TEA TATION CONTINENTAL Chef's selection of fresh baked pastries, muffins quick breads, toast, jams, butter BREAKFAT ABUNDANCE house made granola, fresh berries, amish Bay Dairy yogurt scrambled farm eggs, bacon, Chef's selection of fresh baked pastries toast, jams, butter 14 PER PERON 20 PER PERON HEF' COUNTRY BREAKFAT ELECT UP TO 2 ENTREE INCLUDE COFFEE ERVICE HOT TEA AVAILABLE UPON REQUET 20 PER PERON CARDAMOM FRENCH TOAT (v, n) preparations of strawberries, syrup, hazelnuts, chantilly cream JACK MOUNTAIN PORK BELLY (gf) 6 minute egg, fruit, heirloom polenta grits MAPLELEAF DUCK (gf) squash and potato hash, asparagus, bacon, blackberry FRIED CHICKEN ginger, clove, lemon, sour cream pancakes, fruit, blueberry syrup UPERFOOD GRAIN BOWL (v, avg, agf) quinoa, brown rice, farro, mushroom broth, legumes, kale, 6 minute egg