(Crustacea: Harpacticoida) Abstract. Elaphoidella. unknown outside of Yugoslavia. This species is. redescribed and briefly discussed.

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1 Bulletin Zoologisch Museum 0 NIVERSITEIT VAN AMSTERDAM Vol. 0 No A new species of Elaphoidellafrom groundwater of Sardinia, and first record of Elaphoidellacvetkae etkovski from Italy (Crustacea: Harpacticoida) G.L. esce & D.. Galassi Abstract Elaphoidella nuragica n.sp., from groundwater of Sardinia, Italy, is described, and Elaphoidella cvetkae etkovski, 983, known only from Yugoslavia, is for the first time reported from Italy. The new species belongs to the simplexgroup of Elaphoidella s.str., sensu Apostolov (985), being close to E. longifurcata Chappuis & Kiefer, 952, and E. mauro Chappuis, 952, both from groundwater of France. E. cvetkae, belonging to the graci litsgroup, is redescribed and briefly discussed; the species is new to Italy. Our continuing studies on the stygofauna of Elaphoidella cvetkae etkovski, 983, hitherto Italy has yielded a large amount of stygobiont unknown outside of Yugoslavia. This species is or eustygophilous harpacticoid copepods from redescribed and briefly discussed. different groundwater habitats of Sardinia. Among this material, a species of the genus Elaphoidella Chappuis, sensu Apostolov (985), Family Canthocamptidae Sars, 906 cf. which is herein described as Lang, 948 Elaphoidella nuragica n.sp., Genus Elaphoidella s.str. sensu was encountered. Following Apostolov' s review of the genus Elaphoidella s.l., E. Apostolov, 985 nuragica n.sp. belongs to the simplexspecies Elaphoidella nuragica n.sp. group, being close to E. longifurcata Chappuis Figs. 8 & Kiefer, 952, and E. mauro Chappuis, 952, both from subterranean waters of France. Material. Moreover a great number of harpacticoids 6 (holotype) and immature specimen (cop, from groundwaters of northeastern Italy (FriuliVenezia Giulia) was IV?), completely dissected and mounted on coverlips in Faure's medium; freshwater well along the main road S. Caterina di it t inuririo la received for identification through the kindness of Dr. F. Stoch of Sardo (Oristano); 2IX979; coll. G.L. esce, the University of Trieste (Italy). Examination of these samples yielded besides other species, D. Maggi and G. Silverii. Holotype deposited in the collection of the Zoôlogisch Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands (ZMA Co ).

2 222 Description. mented i endopod and 2ed 4 endopod, A small Elaphoidella; body slender, gradual and established the genera Stygoelaphoidella, ly tapering posteriorly; length, excluding an Elaphoidellopsis and Neoelaphoidella to include tennulae and fureal setae, 0.38 mm. Body orna those species formerly attributed with a varia mented ventrally with row of long spines on ble number of s in the endopods of l posterior margin of genital, postgenital and terminal somites, and with numerous rows of 4. Moreover, Apostolov proposed two speciesgroups within Elaphoidella s.str., based on the hairlike elements on whole surface of these armature of the distal of the exopod of somites; posterior and dorsal margins of the 4, viz. the gracilisgroup, with 6 terminal somites denticulate; anal somite with 4 setae and the simplexgroup with 45 setae. spines at basis of each furcal ramus. According to this proposition, E. nuragica Furcal rami subconical, elongated (length/ n.sp. quite fits the diagnosis of Elaphoidella idth = 2.29) ; outer margin armed with 2 long s.str., and belongs to the simplexspecies setae; distal margin with 3 setae, outer seta group, being close to E. longifurcata Chappuis about 2.5 times longer than inner one, medial s Kiefer, 952, and E. mauro Chappuis, 952, seta the longest; dorsal seta about as long as both from groundwater of France. From all spe each furcal ramus, implanted on very conspi cies of Elaphoidella s.str., the new species cuous chitinous protrusion. differs by the armature of the 4 exopod, the Antenna : 8ed, aesthetasc on seg construction and armature of the 5 exopod, and ment 4, long, overreaching distal. An the armature of the 3 endopod. tenna 2: exopod ed, bearing 2 apical and 2 subapical short setae. Mouthparts Elaphoidella cvetkae etkovski, 983 without characteristics, in comparison with other species of the genus. Figs. 96 Leg : both rami 3ed, endopod longer than exopod; first of endopod about as Material. long as the first two s of exopod combin 499, 266, completely dissected and mounted ed; armature as in fig.. Leg 2: Exopod 3ed; endopod 2 on coverlips in Faure' s medium, "grotta di Montefosca" 649Fr (Torrano, Udine), friulivenezia Giulia; 6 III 986; Gasparo & coll. F. ed, first armed with short inner seta, F. Stoch; 2 66, imrtiature specimen (cop. V?), dissected and mounted as above, "grotta II", distal with long, apical plumose seta south of Mt. Tricesa (ulfero, Udine), Friuli and 2 short, subapical setae. Venezia Giulia; 23986; coll. F. Gasparo & F. Stoch; 9, dissected and mounted as above, Leg 3: exopod 3ed; endopod spine on medial as in fig. 8; setae on distal "Foran des Aganis" 48 Fr (Torrano, Udine), FriuliVenezia Giulia; 24986; coll. F. Gasparo & F. Stoch; 6 dissected and mounted as, subequal in length. Leg above, "grotta I", southwest of Montefosca 443Fr (ulfero, Udine), FriuliVenezia Giulia; coll. ; F. Gasparo & F. Stoch. 4: exopod 3ed, endopod 2ed and armed with distal and 2 subdistal Material in the collection of the first setae. author, Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, University of L'Aquila, Italy. Leg 5 : basiendopod naked on the inner margin; exopod wider than long, armed with 3 short Description. setae, of length, and stout, long spine. Female. A mediumsized Elaphoidella; body Female unknown. length, excluding antennulae and fureal setae, mm. Abdominal somites each with poste Etymology. rior row of spinules on ventral side; anal Named after the ancient neolithic civilization of Sardinia: "Nuragica". somite with 59 spinules at basis of each furcal ramus. Genital field as in fig. 6. Anal operculum slightly convex, with numerous short Remarks. spinules along medial margin. Recently, Apostolov (985) defined Elaphoi Furcal rami subconical, longer than wide della sensu restricto as a genus with a 3seg (length/width =.78.8); outer margin of

3 223 each furcal ramus with 2 setae and numerous Remarks. spinules; distal margin with 3 setae, inner one E. cvetkae has recently been described by the shortest, much shorter than furcal ramus; etkovski (983) on material from the laniska dorsal seta long, implanted on a chitinous Jama cave in Slovenia (Yugoslavia). The only lamella. subsequent record of the species Antenna : 8ed. Antenna 2: exopod is from groundwater of the Skocjanske Jama cave in the ed, elongated, armed with 2 apical and karstic area (etkovski & Brancelj, 985) It is now recorded for the third time and it is new 2 subapical setae. Mouthparts without particularities. to the Italian fauna. Following Apostolov's (985) recent revision of the genus Elaphoidella, E. cvetkae belongs Leg : both rami 3ed; legs 24, exopod 3ed, endopod 2ed. Setal formula of legs to 4 listed below. to the gracilis group of Elaphoidella s.str. All material examined from Italy is easily identifiable as E. cvetkae, the only differences exopod endopod we found being a smaller size of the specimens, an anal somite with 59 spines at the basis of furcal rami (versus 56 spines only), and fur cal rami slightly shorter than in the material from Yugoslavia. Leg 5: exopod subquadrangular in shape, with LITERATURE 3 setae; basiendopod with 3 setae of about the length. AOSTOLOV, A., 985. Etude sur quelques Copépodes Harpact icoïdes du genre Elaphoidella Chappuis, 929 de Bulgarie avec une révision Male. Body length, excluding antennulae and fureal setae, mm. Endopod of 3 as in du genre. Acta Mus. Maced. Sci. nat., Skopje, _7 (6/45): ETKOVSKI, T.K., 983. Neue Hôhlenbewohnende fig. 2; endopod of 4 as in fig 9; spines on Harpacticoida (Crustacea, Copepoda) aus Slo distal of exopod of 4 not transformed. venien. Acta Mus. Maced. Sci. nat., Skopje, 6 (6/39): Leg 5, exopod distinct, much wider than long, & A. BRANCELJ, 985. Zur Copepoden Fauna armed with 3 setae; basiendopod naked. Other (Crustacea) der Grotten Skocjanskejame in characteristics as in female. Slovenien. Acta Mus. Maced. Sci. nat., Skopje, 8 (/47): 25. rof. Dr. G.L. esce, Dr. D.. Galassi, Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, iazza R. Margherita, 6700 L'Aquila, Received : 2.V.986 Italy. Distributed : 7.XI.986

4 224 Figs. 8. n.sp. (holotype)., ; 2, furcal rami and anal Elaphoidella nuragica operculum, dorsal view; 3, antenna; 4, 2; 5, 4; 6, 5; 7, spermatophore; 8, 3.

5 225 Figs. 96. etkovski. Elaphoidella cvetkae 9, 4 endopod (); 0, 4 ();, furcal rami and anal operculum, dorsal view; 2, 3, endopod (); 3, furcal rami, ventral view; 4, 5 (); 5, 5 (); 6, genital field.