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1 FLOOR -1 BAR DELLA RINA COFFEE BASED COCKTAILS TO SHARE WITH GUSTO Rise Up, Bacio di Caffè, Drive In, Ice BDR, Coffee Fizz and Sparkling Coffee are the names of 6 coffee based cocktails created ad hoc for When Food Meets Fashion and served with chocolate pralines. An absolute must-try! SUGAR FULLIFE SUGAR, EACH TO THEIR OWN Enter the world of flavoured sugars, discover the infinite varieties and learn which goes with which drinks. ILLY A DESIGNER SHOT Take a picture of the Illy big coffee cup exhibited at EXPO Milano 2015 and brought to la Rinascente especially for When Food Meets Fashion. Then upload the pic to your social media and share it with the hashtags #myillyshop #larinascente SKIRA ABOUT COFFEE An exhibition of books that celebrate coffee in all its different aspects. VESCOVI COFFEE JOURNEY: FROM THE SEED TO THE CUP A wonderful advice about the single origin coffee blends and coffe transformations, from the harvest until the moment it is enjoyed in our daily life. GROUND FLOOR CLINIQUE WORKING WONDERS FOR THE SKIN Discovering the wonderful products of the Moisture Surge line, surrounded by delicious candies and irresistible cake pops. CLARINS LIPS GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT Try the new Joli Rouge lipstick and then taste an incredible lip cookie. CLARISONIC EXCELLENCE AT THE SERVICE OF BEAUTY Make your beauty glow with the range of products from Clarisonic and taste some delicious fruit juices. COLLISTAR LOVE FRUIT Presentation of the all fruit based line of beauty products Ti amo Italia, and professional advice from a nutritionist on food supplements. DIOR IT S COCKTAIL TIME, WITH BELVEDERE SAUVAGE. FRIDAY 23 FROM 6 TO 8 PM. A cocktail inspired by the aromatic notes of Sauvage, the new fragrance from Dior, and created with Belvedere Vodka, the world s first luxury vodka. Accompanied by inviting finger food in the corner of the brand, tailor-made for the occasion. ESTÉE LAUDER BEAUTY FROM POMEGRANATE The focus is on the Nutritious line with pomegranate extract, which is a powerful antioxidant. A true beauty cocktail for skin of all ages. EVE LOM BEAUTY&CHOCOLATE Why don t you find out how to make your beauty stand out with the Eve Lom products, while tasting delicious pralines and a refreshing alcohol-free cocktail. GIVENCHY UNLEASH YOUR INNER DIVA Why don t you take part in the quiz and choose which diva you would most like to be while unveiling the delicacies concealed in the fragrance Dahlia Divin: Mirabelle Plum and the Vineyard Peach

2 LANCÔME OLFACTORY TASTING Allow yourself to be seduced by the notes that make up the fragrance La Vie Est Belle, an original olfactory journey including the bell-shaped bottles that recall the classic goblets used for wine tasting. KIEHL S AND MAIO RESTAURANT NOURISHMENT FOR THE SKIN Why not visit the Kiehl s corner, learn about its history and the range of products while sipping a cocktail prepared by the Maio Restaurant: tasty cocktails. Thursday 22 and Friday 23, from 5.30 pm till 7.00 pm, and delicious sweets Saturday 24, from 5.30 pm till 7.00 pm. YVES SAINT LAURENT DISCOVERY OF BLACK OPIUM A multi-sensory journey for connoisseurs through the scents of the Black Opium fragrance and surprising coffee MacaRals with chocolate-dipped clementines. BALCONY ELENA GHISELLINI TUSCAN EXCELLENCE An original installation acts as the backdrop for the iconic Rainbow bags from this brand. It s a small olive tree that represents Tuscany as the land that produces olive oil par-excellence as well as an array of the raw materials that Elena Ghisellini uses for her creations: precious leather and metals forged by the hands of the best local craftsmen. FLOOR 1 32 VIA DEI BIRRAI A TASTE FOR PLAYING Come and taste the different types of beer while having fun with the board games printed on the packaging of these products. BIRRIFICIO DELL EREMO SIPPING BEER AT THE BOWLING ALLEY An exhilarating bowling alley to test your skills and have fun while sipping Birre dell Eremo beer to discern the different flavours. A carefree game, just one shot or take it in turns, to spend time having fun. FLOOR 2 XACUS FASHION AND MICHELIN STARRED CUISINE Three great Michelin starred chefs worked together to create this capsule collection. Ernesto Iaccarino, Pietro Leemann and Massimo Bottura devised, exclusively for Xacus, 2 great dishes, which were then photographed by Stefano Scatà and subsequently printed on a the collection of shirts Beluga Washed, manufactured in collaboration with Cotonificio Albini. Part of the proceeds will be donated to ABA, a non-profit organisation that provides support and guidance for anyone affected by eating disorders. TEA-BASED COCKTAILS FROM 5.00 TO 8.00 PM Taste Cang Yuan Whiskey & Bali Cosmopolitan cocktail, an extraordinary recipe with Bali green tea. FRANTOIO SANT AGATA D ONEGLIA LET S ALL GO TO THE OLIVE OIL BAR Olive oil becomes the main ingredient of succulent cocktails, both alcoholic and alcohol free. The ideal opportunity to taste something new and learn all about olive oil. MARFUGA NOVELLO OLIVE OIL IS HERE Don t miss the tasting of this season s olive oil and a general presentation on olive oil: where it comes from and how it can play a key role in cooking. OLIPAC THE PERFECT OLIVE OIL DISPENSER 22 OCTOBER AM TO 7.00 PM 23 & 24 OCTOBER AM TO 8.00 PM Presenting the characteristics and benefits of a stainless steel olive oil dispenser, ideal to preserve at their best the chemical and organoleptic properties of olive oil.

3 FLOOR 3 120% LINO PUT YOUR SHOPPING IN LINEN A free linen shopper bag that you can always carry with you when you go shopping. FAY DESIGNER CHOCOLATE Let the new creations from this chocolate maker enchant you and don t miss the mini boxes of handmade chocolate from Fay. THE SCENT OF TEA FROM 1.30 TO 4.30 PM Put your sense of smell to the test, every type of tea has an individual note: sweet, floral, milky, fruity and many more. Guess which one is in your tea. TORY BURCH FOOD NOTES The compact food-themed diaries will be available for the public just to add an extra touch of flavour to day-to-day life. AMEDEI FIND THE INGREDIENT A fun game that consists in tasting chocolate and discover the ingredients in the delicious Amedei chocolate and to appreciate its origin and heritage. LA MOLINA SWEET OR SALTY? Chocolate with a new vocation - combined with salt and spices, it gives the palate new delightful sensations with its extraordinary aftertaste. FLOOR 4 THE TEA FAMILY FROM AM TO 1.00 PM White, green, black, oolong and dark tea: there are many types of tea, each perfect for every occasion. MOTHER DENIM & VELVET SHOPPER E T-SHIRT A perfect match, two classic items from the world of fashion given out free for the occasion. CUPCAKE COUTURE HOW TO DECORATE SWEET THINGS Get some tips on how to decorate cupcakes in a surprising and original way - live demo from 3 pm to 7 pm. EVIAN WHEN WATER TURNS INTO DESIGN The new Evian bottles designed by Alexander Wang will be unveiled for the very first time in Italy- a real collector s item. MONDO DI LAURA AND DECORA LET S ALL MAKE BISCUITS Very sugary workshops dedicated to grown-ups and little ones. Kids will be able to make biscuits and decorate them with Decora products. Adults, on the other hand, can put their baking skills to the test at 11am, 5pm and 7pm and create real 3 dimensional structures made from biscuits, just like Christmas houses or trees. The biscuits made in limited numbers for Christmas 2015 will be presented during the event. T A MILANO CHOCOLATE IN 3D Don t miss the hands-on demo on how chocolate can also be printed in 3D to please the eye but also the palate.

4 FLOOR 5 AGENT PROVOCATEUR IRRESISTIBLE TEMPTATIONS A champagne flute is waiting for you at the exclusive boudoir of Agent Provocateur between seductive collections and refined accessories. CHANTAL THOMASS ART & FINGER FOOD Come admire the sensational mannequins showing off the collection created by the brand. And from 5.30pm till 7pm also taste the special finger food. CHANTELLE SEDUCING THE PALATE Irresistible seductions in this brand s corner, between the new collections and the finger food tasting from 5.30pm till 7pm. COSABELLA STYLE TIPS Find out which lingerie suits you best thanks to our bra fitting. And from 5pm indulge yourself with delicious cupcakes and coloured biscuits that have been paired with the Cosabella collections. LA PERLA DELICIOUS COLLECTIONS Be seduced by the splendid brand collections and the delicious branded macarons SPANX SHAPE YOUR TASTE Discover the shaping power of Spanx while tasting sweets and chocolate. DIESEL KIDS TRENDS&CHOCOLATE Come and discover the new fashion trends for tots, and the delicious chocolates with the brand logo. FAY KIDS TRENDY COOKIES Free cookies with the Fay logo, just to show off one s good taste! HAPE COOKING IS FUN THURS/FRI PM TO 6.30 PM SAT AM TO PM AND 5PM TO 6.30 PM Two workshops dedicated to small kids. They will be able to let their imagination run free by creating sweets and cakes with salt dough. And between workshops, they can have fun playing with the Hape kitchens and other toys. IL GUFO WHEN FASHION DOES THE HEART GOOD Buy the fun kit with the little apron and the wooden spoons for the small cooks you have at home. Part of the proceeds will be devolved to the Pollicino Association that promotes prevention and support initiatives among kids that suffer from eating disorders between the ages of 0 to 16. MONNALISA CANDY JEWELS FROM 3.00 PM TO 7.00 PM Fun entertainment for the little ones: a workshop where they can make small jewellery using sweets. STONE ISLAND JUNIOR FROM AM TO 8.00 PM FASHION AND M&M S Just for real sweet lovers, candy tubes of M&M s with the logo of the brand! LA CAMPOFILONE FRESH EGG PASTA JUST LIKE IN BYGONE TIMES A practical demo on how to make fresh pasta at home, an unmissable opportunity to learn all the secrets of one the staples of Italian gastronomic culture. PASTIFICIO DEI CAMPI PLAY WITH PASTA Do you know which type of pasta goes with which dish in the Mediterranean cuisine? Why not test yourself. A fun game is waiting just for you to discover the right size and shape for every dish. FLOOR 6 DIVINE MOMENTS CANTINA PEDRES FROM 9.00 AM TO 4.00 PM CECI FROM 9.00 AM TO 4.00 PM ARGENTIERA FROM 4.00 TO PM DOMINI DI CASTELLARE FROM 4.00 TO PM A guided tasting session of the best labels from these wine makers, all well known for the quality and traditions on which their products are founded. LEONARDO PERSONALISED DESIGN Make your glasses unique with a free personalised engraving when you buy any Leonardo product. FLOOR 7

5 BE-STEAK KEBAB WITH AN ITALIAN TOUCH Among the most delicious and tantalizing street foods. Revisited following the canons of Italian culinary tradition and made from extremely high-quality cuts of meat - trademark here at Be-Steak. WHEN FOOD MEETS FASHION SPECIAL 16 SHOWCOOKING ANTONIO PANNELLA & GIUSEPPE ROSSETTI 23 October from 4.00 to 5.00 pm CORALLO LOBSTER BAR MAZARA RED PRAWNS WITH RICOTTA CHEESE GRANITA AND TOMATO MAYONNAISE Served with a glass of Franciacorta wine AVAILABLE IN THE MENU UNTIL 1/11/2015 WHEN FOOD MEETS FASHION SPECIAL 14 RINASCENTECARD HOLDERS PRICE 11,20 SHOWCOOKING FILIPPO SAPORITO, JRE CHEF IN COLLABORATION WITH CORALLO LOBSTER BAR 23 OCTOBER FROM 5.30 PM TO 6.30 PM A JOURNEY THROUGH THE WORLD OF TEA A grand Tea Trolley moves around from floor to floor to guide you in the discovery of the wonderful world of tea. DE SANTIS CANAPÉS, WHAT LUXURY! A tantalizing tasting of canapés: VITTORIO Norwegian smoked salmon, goat cheese with basil, rocket, lemon and pepper; NOEMI with PGI bresaola from Valtellina, goats cheese with white wine and artichoke and DELIZIA with Nutella and fresh strawberries. All served with a glass of Château La Gordonne Rosé. When Food Meets Fashion Special Tasting 22 for Rinascentecard Holders 17,60 KIEHL S AND MAIO RESTAURANT NOURISHMENT FOR THE SKIN 22 AND 23 OCTOBER FROM 5.30 PM TO 7.00 PM For each type of skin there s the right product. Find yours at the Maio Restaurant, a stunning location with spectacular views over the spires of the Duomo. An expert from Kiehl s will guide you in your choice. MOËT&CHANDON CHAMPAGNE BAR CHAMPAGNE FOUNTAINS MY SUSHI SUSTAINABLE SUSHI IS FASHIONABLE SUSHI The area dedicated to My Sushi is laid out in green, the colour of environmental sustainability. My Sushi is serving 3 tasty dishes made from locally sourced produce with low carbon footprint. Dolphinfish (Mahi Mahi) butter shoyu sauté: fillet of dolphin fish sautéed in a soya sauce and butter with a dash of mirin. Price 19/ For Rinascentecard Holders 15,20 Ceviche Zero: Abalone of San Pietro del Mediterraneo marinated in a sauce of lime juice and coriander with pear, black grapes and apple. Price 22,50 / For Rinascentecard Holders 18 Vegan Tempura: courgette flowers in tempura with stuffing of porcini mushrooms and tofu. Price 16 / For Rinascentecard Holders 12,80 24 OTTOBRE OBICÀ MOZZARELLA BAR SPECIAL DINNER NONINO SPIRITS & COCKTAILS A tasting of different types of Grappa Nonino neat or as an ingredient of surprising cocktails to appreciate the products from this brand that since 1897 has turned the craft of distillation into an art form. FAUSTO PUGLISI WHEN FASHION MEETS FOOD Fashion conquers the world of food by showing the iconic creations of fashion designer Fausto Puglisi in the Rinascente Food Hall. Embroideries and couture articles grab the spotlight and fill the space with beauty.

6 ANNEX MANUELINA Focaccia made from the best ingredients makes up this special tasting menu: - Schiacciata with salted anchovies from Camogli - Focaccia with marinated salmon - Tastings of the cheese Focaccia Manuelina and of Pizza-like Focaccia - A glass of Vermentino Ligure - Chestnut tart with cocoa and rum sauce - With a glass Granaccia passita Ligure When Food Meets Fashion Special Tasting 25 For Rinascentecard Holders 20 COOKERY DEMOS LIGURIAN COOKERY SCHOOL Learn how to cook typical dishes from Liguria with the chefs from Manuelina: PESTO 22 OCTOBER FROM 2.30 TO 3.30 PM CHEESE FOCACCIA 24 OCTOBER FROM TO PM JUICE BAR E KUVINGS THE BEAUTY AND GOODNESS OF NATURE 22 OCTOBER FROM AM TO 8.00 PM 23 & 24 OCTOBER FROM AM TO PM 24 OCTOBER FROM 4.00 TO PM GNAM BOX PERSONAL APPEARANCE The perfect combination of the freshest of fresh ingredients used by the Juice Bar and the technologic innovation of the slow juicer by Kuvings. So many recipes to discover and taste for yourselves. On Saturday also meet the Gnam Box, the updated bloggers who know everything about food. LAKRIDS CHOCOLATE, LIQUORICE AND GLITTER An exquisite product covered in an evanescent veil of glitter. Such a luxurious pleasure that a selfie is a must. CODELLO WELCOME TO THE BAKERIA The brand space features a fun vending machine of legendary American doughnuts. You can savour this treat while you admire the collection of Peanuts themed scarves. LEONTINE VINTAGE HEADBANDS OF GOOD TASTE A collection of headbands with beautiful themes which arouse emotions. LEVI S FIND YOUR DENIM Specialist advice is at hand to help you find the perfect pair of jeans. Just the right pair to suit your figure, style and personality. RINGBOW RINGS & JELLIES Assorted jellies and art: a Ringartist will personalize your ring. URBAN DECAY MAKE UP AND FRUIT JUICE MAKE UP AND FRUIT JUICE Update your make-up, choose the Urban Decay you like best and then taste the juice it has been paired with.