Nov 17 th - Jan 2 nd, 2015

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1 3/4 Scored Snow Crab Claws Want to impress, so many applications. It s a gotta, wanna, try! (67086) Pkg.10lb/cs Nov 17 th - Jan 2 nd, 2015 Festive Ham Simply my favourite when it comes to ham (57033) Pkg. 1pc/cs Sterling Silver Beef Brisket If you haven should (50270) Pkg. 6pc/cs *All portion costs are approximate ** While supplies last ** Substitutions may apply * Centennial Foodservice/B&C Foods are wholly Canadian Owned Companies

2 Canadian Back Bacon (Euro Style) Hand selected, naturally rounder loins, ideal for eggs Benny! (55110) Pkg. 5pc/cs Raspberry Vinaigrette Fat Free Dressing No Msg, No preservatives, Gluten Free shelf stable, Natural flavour (77505 Pkg. 2x1gal/cs Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheese This semi-soft, open textured cheese is spicy to taste yet leaves a delicate and buttery taste in the mouth. (76756) Pkg. 2x1.25kg/cs Camosun Cheese Cheese platters, tis the season! (76586) Pkg. 2x2.27kg/cs Tri-coloured Cheese Tortellini An Authentic Italian Favourite (79796) Pkg. 2x2.27kg/cs

3 Bacon Wrapped Scallops A flavour favourite, labour saver... (73154) Pkg. 4x1kg/cs Chicken Mini s Appies is where it s at this year (60911) Swiss and Bacon Pkg.100pc/cs (60912) Jalapeno & 3 Cheese Pkg.100pc/cs You choose! From our Family to Yours 1oz Spanakopita Authentic greek appie, everyone I know likes this one! Ideal platter item. (78005) Pkg. 144pc/cs Also available in 3oz (79061) 21/25 Breaded Fantail Shrimp Will cut against all others, ideal appie item for Christmas parties, banquets, or add to a steak dinner (73518) Pkg. 6x2.5lbs/cs Halibut Bites (Gluten Free) Solid muscle, Gluten free, these are a total WOW! (68583) Pkg. 160pc/cs

4 1oz Shephards Pie Minis Turkey Thigh Roast B/S Traditional blend of savoury ground beef, peas, carrots, onions all in a light pastry shell and topped with creamy mashed potatoes Solid muscle, (the best part in my opinion) lightly seasoned (62671 Pkg. 3pc/cs Also available all white (62475) and combo (62728) Prime Top 12% High AAA Be tte r BE ST (79969) Pkg. Pkg. 88pc/cs Av era ge Go od AAA 75g Steak Stix Tender, juicy, aged to perfection (51062) Pkg. 60pc/cs Sterling Silver AA Check with your rep for Sterling Silver pricing on all of our Sterling Silver cuts 3/4oz Turkey Meatballs Cooked Versatile, Healthy, Labour Saver!! Pasta, appies...fully cooked! (79292) Pkg. 214pc/cs

5 20/24oz Chilean Back Ribs THE MEATY ONES (54138) Pkg. 10kg/cs Diced Sweet Potato Becoming the in vegetable to serve, give em a try! (80248) Pkg. 6x2kg/cs Also available Diced Potato (80187) For a safe and Prosperous New Year Tempura Chicken W/Orange Ginger Sauce Ideal for appies or as an entree (61213) Pkg. 4kg/cs Lamb Leg Bnls Fz. (Chump & Shank Off) Rotissarie Roast of Lamb, or in a Made in the house Ravioli (63260) Pkg. 10pc/cs Ginger Beef W/Sauce Cooked An all-time favourite (51449) Pkg. 4.54kg/cs Also available Ginger Chicken (60166)

6 10/20 Scallops IQF Peruvian Sweet, tender! New load just arrived (73051) Pkg. 2x5lbs/cs Also available 20/30, 30/40, 40/50 ask your rep 5oz Holland Sole Fillets B/S Ideal for stuffing, panfry, bake, poach, an awesome versatile seafood option (75031) Pkg. 32pc/cs 100% Wild Smoked Sliced Albacore Tuna Loins Lightly smoked, you ll have them raving Tis the season! (76195) Pkg. 6pc/cs N.Z. Blue Cod Fillets IQF No chem, no folded tail 3oz (66134) Pkg. 10lbs/cs 4oz (66135) Pkg. 10lbs/cs

7 1/2lb Fresh Arctic Char Fillets P.B.O. Skin-on We re told it s #1 when it comes to quality. (64632) Pkg. 10lbs/cs Komo Gway X-Small Beach Oysters in Shell (Live) (64666) the dozen Salmon Trim Bnls/Sknls BC Keta Salmon pieces, Ideal for chowders, Tacos, pasta, stir fry ***While supplies last*** (64908) Pkg. 10x1lb/cs Atlantic Salmon Fillet PBO Skin-on Premium, fresh B.C. Atlantic Salmon (64600) Pkg. 10lbs/cs

8 Apples Sliced Fancy IQF (80215) Pkg. 5 x 1 kg Eggnog Holiday Cheesecake A traditional favorite. (78231) Pkg. 2x10, 14sl/ea Only available for the xmas season Petit Fours Chocolate, Hazelnut, Lemon and Orange. (78256) Pkg. 8 x 20 pc/cs Rum Balls 20g A tasty bite size treat to complete your meal. (78570) Pkg. 192 pc/cs Available for the xmas season 9 Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake Vanilla pudding cake and rich caramel cake topped with a creamy custard layer, topped with salted caramel crunch. (78739) Pkg. 2cakes/cs,14pc/ck FROM ALL OF OUR 9 LOCATIONS - Victoria (B&C Foods) (250) Kelowna (250) Saskatoon (306) Vancouver (604) Edmonton (780) Regina (306) Prince George (250) Calgary (403) Winnipeg (204) Follow us on

9 New 10 Caramel DeLeche Devils chocolate sponge with a chocolate carmael topping, covered in Chocolate ganache (78235) Pkg. 1cake/cs Based on 14 cut Seasons Greetings and Wishes 10 Chocolate Log With Edible Decorations Devils chocolate sponge with chocolate butter cream, covered in a chocolate ganache (78244) Pkg. 2 pc/cs Available by request

10 7 Assorted Banquet Cake 14 Slice Tiramisu, Chocolate Caramel Fudge, Apple Spice Cream, & Orange Cranberry Cream Cake,Single layers of sponge cake in 4 flavor favorites. Ideal for your price sensitive occasion. (78232) Pkg. 4sheets/cs Black Forest Sheet Cake Two moist layers of chocolate sponge, flavoured with Kirsch (cherry brandy flavour) soaking syrup, filled with cherry filling, whipped topping, flavoured with Kirsch and garnished with chocolate shavings (77906) Pkg. 2sheets/cs