3289 Main Street, Vancouver

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1 hunters and collectors 3289 Main Street, ancouver

2 GLUTEN FREE EGETARIAN RUFFAGE TUNA TATAKI SALAD $11.95 Lightly seared albacore tuna drizzled with mayo and ponzu sauce on greens TUNA NIÇOISE $11.95 Seared tuna tataki, cucumbers, Szechuan green beans, hard boiled eggs, sundried tomatoes, with miso dressing SASHIMI SALAD $13.95 ariety of fresh raw seafood on a medley of greens w/ our house vinaigrette AOCADO SALAD $9.95 Sliced avocado on a bed of mixed greens, topped with our Oriental ranch dressing Add CRAB $2.00 Add CHICKEN (grilled) $2.00 Add EGGIES (steamed) $1.00 SPICY TOFU SALAD $8.95 Cubes of fried tofu tossed in a tangy Japanese mayo dressing on a bed of lettuce SUNOMONO SALAD $3.95 Rice noodle in refreshing sweet vinegar dressing Add EBI (Prawns) or TAKO (Octopus) $2.00 GOMA-AE Spinach with peanut and sesame dressing WAKAME SALAD Mixed seaweed salad in a light Japanese vinaigrette dressing I NY TUNA BLACK SESAME TUNA $9.50 Thin slices of sesame crusted seared tuna marinated in our secret sauce & topped w/ bonito TUNA ROSE $7.95 Petals of tuna marinated w/ a light sweet teri sauce TUNACADO $8.50 Cubes of tuna, mango and avocado, drizzled with a lime sesame oil TUNA GOMA-AE $7.95 Best of both worlds: tuna sashimi meets the peanut sauce! TUNA TATAKI $8.95 Seared albacore tuna slices served with ponzu sauce and drizzled with Japanese mayo MAGURO DROPLETS $8.95 Pieces of tuna wrapped in nori flash fried dotted with unagi sauce and mayo SUSHI PIZZA BITES $8.50 Freshly made rice discs topped w/ spicy tuna TUNA TEMPURA $8.95 Tempura battered tuna with ponzu dipping sauce DUE TO THE FREQUENT USE OF ALLERGENS IN OUR DISHES WE CANNOT GUARANTEE ALLERGY SAFE FOOD. THE GENERAL PUBLIC USES A WIDE ARIETY OF SHELLFISH, SOY, WHEAT, SESAME & OTHER ALLERGENS IN ALL AREAS OF OUR KITCHEN.

3 GLUTEN FREE EGETARIAN NIBBLY THINGS HICKORY EDAMAME $5.95 Sweet hickory soy marinade, or just plain sea salt BACON STRIPTEASE $9.95 Flour & egg battered strips of bacon w/ maple syrup and spicy misonnaise TASTY TRIO $ Inari pockets filled separately w/ smoked salmon, Cali-style crab & chopped scallop MISO MAYO SCALLOPS 5 pcs $10.95 Seared scallops dressed w/ a spicy beet mayo EBI MAYO $9.95 Delicious prawns, deep fried Japanese style drizzled w/ special sauce JAPAYAM FRIES $8.50 Smoked paprika hollandaise, drizzled w/ cusabi and unagi sauces FAT ELIS $8.95 Tempura avocado drizzled with unagi mayo, topped with tomato and green onions BBQ KARUBI $10.95 Plate of salt & pepper grilled beef short ribs served with ponzu sauce TORO TORO TORO $7.95 Torched Toro over rice with chopped ginger & green onion w/ a drizzle of unagi sauce FLAMED SUSHI $ pieces of blow torched Salmon belly, drizzled with Unagi sauce NOBASHI PRAWNS $10.95 Panko crusted tiger prawns, with sweet chili dip SIZZLING COW $11.50 A plate of hot, juicy and tender teriyaki beef. Yum! CHICKEN WINGS BY THE DOZEN $11.95 honey garlic // teriyaki // hot!hot!hot! // salt & pepper optional sauces: blue cheese // oriental ranch // cusabi // thai peanut // BBQ 75 ea STANDARD ISSUE MISO SOUP $1.95 UDON OR SOBA SOUP choice of CHICKEN // BEEF // TOFU $9.95 NABE YAKI UDON chicken & egg in udon broth served w/ assorted tempura $11.95 YAKI SOBA OR YAKI UDON optional: CHICKEN // BEEF // TOFU + $2 $9.95 TAKOYAKI skewered octopus balls with bonito flakes $6.95 CHICKEN KARAAGE morsels of deep fried chicken marinated with soya-sake $9.95 AGEDASHI TOFU deep fried tofu in tentsuyu sauce; ask for it $5.95 EGGIE CROQUETTES crunchy potato cakes served w/ tonkatsu and mayo $5.95 TEMPURA Yam $8.50 eggie $8.50 Mushroom $8.95 Asparagus $8.95 Prawn $10.50 Assorted $10.95 GYOZA 6 pieces eggie $6.95 Pork $7.50 Sesame jack chicken $7.95 Prawn $7.95

4 ...be happy GLUTEN FREE D NBURI includes miso soup & sunomono salad EGETARIAN TOFU TERI DONBURI $13.95 Marinated tofu with teriyaki sauce on rice TOFU KATSU DONBURI $13.95 Deep fried tofu w/ steamed egg on rice TERI SALMON DONBURI $15.50 Grilled wild sockeye salmon in sweet teriyaki w/ a variety of veggies TEMPURA CHICKEN TERI DONBURI $15.50 Loads of tempura chicken stir fried with veggies in a tangy teriyaki sauce TEMPURA PRAWN TERI DONBURI $15.50 Tempura prawns and steamed veggies topped with teriyaki sauce CHICKEN TERI DONBURI $15.50 Lots of chicken with steamed veggies in sweet teriyaki CHICKEN KATSU DONBURI $14.50 Breaded chicken with a steamed egg with donburi sauce SALMON KATSU DONBURI $15.50 Breaded wild sockeye salmon with a steamed egg in sweet teriyaki OYAKO DONBURI $14.50 Pan fried chicken with veggies and steamed egg in a sweet donburi sauce TANIN BEEF DON $14.95 Beef, veggies and egg steamed in a sweet light teriyaki sauce SUSHI BOWLS includes miso soup & sunomono salad FLAMING UNAGI DON $16.50 Hand flamed eel draped with a house teriyaki sauce on rice NEGI TUNA DON $15.95 Chopped tuna and green onion surrounded by tuna sashimi pieces CHIRASHI DON $17.95 ariety of fish on rice JAPANESE CURRY includes house salad CURRY TOFU & EGGIES $13.95 Deep fried tofu and a mix of veggies on a plate of rice or noodles CURRY CHICKEN & EGGIES $14.50 Pan fried chicken and veggies on rice or get them on noodles CURRY BEEF & EGGIES $14.95 Sukiyaki beef and veggies with noodles or get it with rice CHICKEN KATSU CURRY $14.50 Breaded deep fried chicken on rice EBI FRIED CURRY $15.50 Breaded deep fried prawns on rice

5 PLATTERS GLUTEN FREE EGETARIAN STANDARD ISSUE $30.95 California, Dynamite, Chopped scallop, Tuna, Salmon, Negitoro, 2 pcs ea of salmon/tuna/ebi THE GARDEN $30.95 Roll du soleil, The Yoko, The Berkeley, Avocado roll, Grilled asparagus roll, Fat Elvis, 2 pcs Inari YAKUZA $35.95 Bob Marley, Dragon roll, Erotica roll, Tuna Rose, Tuna Tempura ROOM FOR 2 $37.95 San Francisco, The Yoko, iva Las egas, Cucu s nest, Philadelphia THREE S COMPANY $37.95 The Barbie, Godzilla, Prawn crunch, Tex Mex, Maguro droplets, Flamed sushi RING OF FIRE $39.95 Captain Crunch, iva Las egas, Tataki Attack, Philadephia, Erotica roll, Dragon roll ROUND TABLE $44.95 Hot pearls, Ichi roll, Captain Crunch, Charlie Tuna, S&M roll, The Barbie, Sweetheart ASSEMBLY LINE $49.95 Erotica roll, Devil s Tail, Ichi roll, Captain Crunch, Charlie Tuna, Dragon Roll, Bob Marley roll HOUSE PARTY $54.95 Mount Fuji, Salmon crunch, S&M, Red Ninja, Green Hornet, Fortune Roll, Cucumber wrap roll, The Main PRESSED SUSHI SALMON $13.95 Spicy tuna, salmon, jalapeño, house sauce SCORCHED EBI $13.95 Prawn, spicy tuna, house sauce MACKEREL $13.95 Saba, avocado, roe, green onion SCALLOP $13.95 Scallops, fish roe, green onion SPICY UNAGI $13.95 BBQ eel, spicy mayo, green onion SUSHI BASICS ALASKA $6.75 CALIFORNIA $5.50 JUMBO CALIFORNIA $6.95 ALBERTA $5.95 DYNAMITE $6.95 NEGITORO $5.50 SPICY TUNA $5.50 SPICY SALMON $5.50 SALMON AOCADO $5.95 SASHIMI TUNA 4PCS $6.95 SALMON 4PCS $7.50 8PCS $ PCS $13.95 TORO 4PCS $7.50 8PCS $13.95 TUNA & SALMON $13.50 HOTATE $13.50 ASSORTED $17.95 SPICY KOREAN SALMON $10.95 AOCADO $4.50 GRILLED ASPARAGUS $3.95 KAPPA $3.50 YAM TEMPURA $4.50 CHOPPED SCALLOP $5.95 TEKKA $4.50 SALMON $4.50 SPIDER ROLL $8.95 NIGIRI 2 PCS EBI $3.95 TORO $3.95 UNAGI $4.50 TUNA $3.95 MASAGO $3.95 CHOPPED SCALLOP $4.50 SABA $4.50 TAKO $4.50 INARI $3.75 TAMAGO $3.75 SALMON $3.95

6 GLUTEN FREE EGETARIAN SUSHI EGGIE Ask your server to make it gluten free or vegan! AOCADO CRUNCH avocado w/ cream cheese, tempura style $6.95 THE BEET IT ROLL beets, avocado, tempura yams, mango and beet mayo $7.95 THE BERKELEY avocado, yam tempura, cream cheese, topped w/ tempura bits & teriyaki sauce $7.50 BIG KAHUNA red peppers and avocado topped w/ shiitake and avocado $7.50 BUDDHA ROLL tempura yams, red pepper, asparagus and lettuce, w/ dragon sauce $7.50 COCONUT SURPRISE asparagus, cucumber, yam w/ avocado and coconut $7.50 CUCUMBER WRAP ROLL yam tempura, lettuce, inari, carrots, red pepper, avocado, dragon sauce $8.50 I YOU ROLL artichoke hearts, asparagus, cream cheese, tempura crunch $7.50 JOHN LENNON asparagus, carrot, avo, cuc wrapped in a soybean sheet, & dragon sauce $7.50 MAGIC MUSHROOM asparagus with shiitake mushrooms $6.95 MANGO PARADISE avocado, cucumber, mango & sweet bean curd $6.95 MDMA mushroom tempura, daikon, shitake mushroom, & avocado w/ mayo & thick teriyaki sauce $7.95 THE MOBY shiitake mushroom cooked in sweet soy sauce, avocado, sesame seeds $6.95 THE OGO POGO tempura yams, mango, topped w/ avocado & wakame $7.95 PANAMA ROLL avocado cream cheese topped w/ tempura banana and dragon sauce $7.50 POPEYE ROLL spinach w/ peanut sauce $6.50 THE RED GREEN tempura yams, avocado, red pepper, asparagus & cream cheese $7.50 ROLL DU SOLEIL avo, cuc, sun dried tomatoes, topped w/ tempura avocado, cusabi sauce $7.95 SPICY EGGIE avocado, cucumber, asparagus, lettuce, and carrot w/ dragon sauce $7.50 STARBURST tempura yam, cucumber, mango, cream cheese, topped w/ avocado and coconut $7.95 THE SUNSHINE lettuce, mango, avocado, spinach & carrots rolled in a soy bean sheet $7.50 EGGIE SOY ROLL mango, cream cheese, cucumber, wrapped in soy bean sheet $7.50 THE YOKO tamago, agedashi tofu, avocado, cucumber, topped with inari $7.95 Kill For Sushi BAKED SAN FRANCISCO crab, avocado topped w/ salmon, melted w/ spicy mayo $10.95 HOT PEARLS crab, avo topped w/ scallops, green onion, roe, seared w/ spicy mayo $10.95 MOUNT FUJI avo w/ spicy tuna crunch, crab & seared w/ spicy mayo $10.95 TEMPURA ICHI ROLL salmon, avocado, cream cheese, & unagi mayo $9.50 IA LAS EGAS crab, eel, avocado, cream cheese & spicy misonnaise $9.50 JALAPEÑO POPPER smoked salmon, cream cheese, and jalapeño $9.50 THE OLCANO tuna, scallops, salmon, avo on a lava bed of spicy crab meat, hot sauce $9.95 CAPTAIN CRUNCH arrrrr... california roll with unagi mayo $7.95

7 GLUTEN FREE EGETARIAN SUSHI HOUSE BAGEL ROLL cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomato, green onion, cucumber, avocado $7.50 THE BARBIE ROLL tempura prawns, asparagus, inari, covered w/ roe $7.50 BOB MARLEY avocado, mango, topped with tuna + cucumber wasabi sauce $7.95 CHARLIE TUNA avocado, cream cheese roll draped with tempura tuna $8.50 CUCU S NEST a cucumber wrap with smoked salmon, crab, tamago, ebi and mango $8.95 DEIL S TAIL your favourite dynamite roll with spicy tuna $8.95 DRAGON ROLL bbq eel over tempura prawns, avocado, cucumber, topped with mayo & roe $8.95 DRUNKEN MONKEY smoked salmon, cream cheese, asparagus, crab, roe, eel $7.95 EROTICA ROLL avocado, salmon, tuna with roe & mayo over crab and cucumber $7.95 ELECTRIC BANANA eel and avocado, topped w/ tempura banana $7.95 FANTASY ROLL tempura prawns, avocado, cream cheese & mango wrapped in soybean sheet $8.50 FORTUNE ROLL salmon w/ sesame oil, crab avocado, tuna, green onion, mayo, tempura bits $9.95 FOUND NEMO tempura soft shell crab, avocado, asparagus, wrapped w/ seared salmon $8.95 GODZILLA crab crunch topped off with avocado and eel $8.95 THE GP tuna tempura, cucumber and avocado topped with spicy tuna and bonito $8.95 GREEN HORNET tempura prawns, avocado, mango, with unagi mayo $8.95 I GO COCONUTS cucumber, prawn tempura, crab meat, avocado, and coconut shavings $8.95 JAPANESE FORTRESS escape from the ordinary; spicy tuna, cucumber and yam fries $9.50 KFC ROLL a chicken cutlet topped with avocado and unagi mayo $7.95 THE MAIN tempura unagi w/ avocado, roe, topped w/ smoked salmon & lemon slices $8.95 MISS PIGGY ROLL 100% Kermit approved! bacon, scallops, asparagus, roe, unagi sauce $7.95 PHILADELPHIA salmon, cream cheese, avocado, topped w/ smoked salmon $8.50 THE RED NINJA spicy tuna crunch topped w/ tempura salmon, avocado and tobiko $8.95 ROE MONEY ROE PROBREM crab meat, salmon, cucumber, roe, house sauce $8.95 SALMON L. JACKSON salmon katsu, cuc & avo topped w/ crab meat, smoked salmon & roe $8.95 S&M ROLL mango, avocado, topped w/ smoked, raw salmon & tempura bits $7.95 SPICE GIRL spicy tuna and cucumber topped w/ spicy salmon $7.75 SPICY SALMON CRUNCH salmon, tempura bits, hot chili sauce $6.95 SPICY TUNA CRUNCH tuna, tempura bits, hot chili sauce $6.95 THE SWEETHEART spicy tuna crunch, cucumber, chopped scallop, roe & black sesame sauce $8.95 TATAKI ATTACK crab, scallop, avocado and mayo wrapped with seared albacore tuna $8.95 TEX MEX california roll, splashed w/ a creamy salsa of tomatoes, avocado, roe and salmon $9.95 X-RATED tuna, salmon, crab, eel w/ spicy misonnaise & hot sauce $7.50

8 MARTINIS $10.95 CLASSIC EMERALD CITY PERFECT COSMO LYCHEE DELIGHT TOKYO ROSE GREEN APPLE odka or Gin, by way of your choice odka or Gin, Melon Liqueur, Triple Sec, lime juice odka, Cointreau, lime juice, splash of cran odka, Lychee, soda Sake, Peach Schnapps, oj, cranberry Tequila, triple sec, lime, green apple liquer SHOTS! $5.95 CHOCOLATE CAKE PICKLE BACK APPLE SEEDS Hazelnut liqueur, odka, lemon & sugar garnish Jameson, pickle juice Tequila, Triple Sec, sour mix ASTRO BOY BETTY & ERONICA Soho, raspberry liqueur, odka Jagermeister, Tequila, lime $6.95 SAKE BOMB JULIUS CAESAR $8.95 SAKE MARGARITAS $9.95 RASPBERRY 2 OZ JD TENNESSEE WHISKEY EL JIMADOR TEQUILA STRAWBERRY MANGO PEACH LIME STOLI ODKA

9 SIGNATURE COCKTAILS $9.95 JAMESON OLD FASHIONED LYNCHBURG LEMONADE SPICY DARK & STORMY MOSCOW MULE COCO COLADA THE BEASER KIR COCKTAIL CUCUMER GIN FIZZ SAKIRA HELLO KITTY JAILBAIT LEMONADE STAND RASPBERRY SMASH TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD GIN FIX CUCUMBER MINT JULIP SAILOR MOON Jameson, Angostura bitters, orange peel, sugar Jack Daniels, Triple Sec, lemon juice, 7-up, and soda Spiced rum, ginger beer, lime odka, lime juice, ginger beer, lime garnish Spiced Rum, coconut water, pineapple & lime juices, Angostura bitters Tequila, lager, Clamato, Tabasco, Worcestershire Blasted Church white, Cassis, soda, peach purée Gin, cucumber, tonic odka, Sake, grapefruit, ginger beer, lemon odka, Southern Comfort, Raspberry Liqueur, oj, cranberry Raspberry liqueur, Peach Schnapps, Sprite Absolut Citron, Amaretto, sweet sour mix, soda odka, Raspberry Liqueur, pineapple, raspberry purée Tequila, rose lemonade, mint, lime, simple syrup Gin, lemon/ lime juice, pineapple, Angostura bitters, soda Bourbon, cucumber, mint, 7-up odka, strawberry & lychee purée, soda, 7-up SPLASHY SANGRIA MINTY FRESH MOJITOS $8.95 WHITE PLUM RED $19.95 $8.95 $ OZ STRAWBERRY SAKE COCO-PINEAPPLE PEACH RASPBERRY LYCHEE MANGO LIME 3 OZ MASON JAR


11 BEERS AND CIDERS DRAFT PABST BLUE RIBBON $5.95 $18.95 RED TRUCK LAGER $6.50 $20.95 SAPPORO PREMIUM $6.50 $20.95 DRIFTWOOD WHITE BARK WHEAT ALE $6.50 $20.95 DRIFTWOOD FAT TUG IPA $6.50 $20.95 PHILLIPS BLUE BUCK ALE $6.50 $20.95 STRANGE FELLOWS ROTATIONAL $6.50 $20.95 STRANGE FELLOWS TALISMAN PALE $6.50 $20.95 GP ROTATIONAL ask your server $6.50 $20.95 LONE TREE CIDER $6.95 $21.95 SNAKE BITE $6.95 BOTTLES KIRIN/ASAHI/SAPPORO small $6.75 large $11.95 TIGER $6.75 CORONA $6.75 KRONENBOURG 1664 BLANC $6.95 STRONGBOW CIDER $6.95 STEAM WHISTLE $6.95 CZECHAR $7.95 GUINNESS DRAUGHT STOUT 440ml can $8.50 GLUTENBERG 473ml $7.95 AWARD WINNING WINES ON TAP BORDERTOWN Desert Sage, Osoyoos BC (white) 6oz $6.95 9oz $9.95 BORDERTOWN Desert Sage, Osoyoos BC (red) 6oz $6.95 9oz $9.95 UME PLUM WINE 6oz $8.95 9oz $12.95 PROSPECT SAU BLANC Bottle $ oz $6.95 9oz $9.95 PROSPECT MERLOT Bottle $ oz $7.50 9oz $10.95 MISSION PINOT GRIS Bottle $ oz $7.95 9oz $11.50 RIGAMAROLE ROSE QA Bottle $ oz $7.95 9oz $11.50 SAKE GEKKEIKAN HOT SAKE small $6.95 large $12.95 HAKUTSURU DRAFT SAKE 14.5% 300ml, crisp and light $18.95 HAKUTSURU SAYURI NIGORI 12.5% 300ml, unfiltered, sweet & smooth brewed w/ rice koji $22.95 HAKUTSURU JUNMAI GINGO 14.5% 300ml, silky smooth flower-like aroma $23.95