Welcome to. A Kakurega (meaning a place that you can come in and hide out ), a low-key izakaya that welcomes both sophisticated adults and trendy

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1 Welcome to Goryon-san is a Hakata Kushiyaki and Kakurega concept Izakaya with current locations in Tokyo, Shibuya, and Roppongi, developed by BASICS Co. Ltd. Goryon-san Sydney aims to faithfully recreate the feel of a traditional Hakata Kushiyaki where our Kushiyaki specialists (through the constant smoke rising from the grilling stands) grill up skewers with utmost care. A Kakurega (meaning a place that you can come in and hide out ), a low-key izakaya that welcomes both sophisticated adults and trendy curated selection of sake, wine, and cocktails from a Japanese perspective. We want to create a space where you can drop by with ease, at times with friends, partners or family. A unique atmosphere. A true Kakurega that is GORYON-SAN. PRODUCED BY RENGAYA

2 Beer JPN BEER Shochu JPN VODKA *ROCK, SODA, GREEN TEA, OOLONG TEA, WATER (COLD OR HOT) 0ML Suntory Premium Malt's on Tap 430ml Oimatsu Shuzo Enma 25% / Barley Wheat - Oita 13 Sapporo Premium Yebis 0ml 17 Miyakazai Honten Toki no Kokuin 25% / Rice - Miyazaki 13 Asahi Soukai Light 330ml Hamada Shuzo Sekitoba 25% / Purple sweet potato - Kagoshima 17 Hitachino Nest - White Ale 330ml Yaesen Shuzo Yaesen 30% / Rice - Okinawa 14 Hitachino Nest - DaiDai IPA 330ml Brewed with fukuremikan Orange and special hops. Godo Shusei Tantakatan 20% / Shiso - Hokkaido 9 Hitachino Nest - Red Rice Ale 330ml Brewed using a red rice from ancient times. 1 Umeshu JPN PLUM WINE Hitachino Nest - Pale Ale 330ml Made according to the old method of brewing using lots of malts and hops from England. *ROCK, SODA, WATER (COLD OR HOT) The Choya Single Year % / Ume Apricot 0ML 13 Hitachino Nest - Lager 330ml The Choya Aged 3 Years % / Ume Apricot 19 Tantakatan no Umeshu % / Ume Apricot

3 Sake Fresh Fruits Cocktail *COLD OR HOT Saiya Shuzoten Yuki no Bousha 1% / Junmai Ginjo Komachi - Akita Well baranced 0ML 23 GORYON-SAN Signature FRESHLY SQUEEZED FRUITS, SPIRITS (SHOCHU OR GIN OR VODKA), & SODA Shiokawa Shuzo Cowboy 1.5% / Yamahai JG Yamada Nishiki - Niigata Dry 24 Kiwi & Passion Fruit Mango & Passion Fruit 1 Tateyama Shuzo Ginrei 1% / Honjozo Gohyakumangoku, Yamada Nishiki - Toyama Crisp and dry Otokoyama Shuzo Otokoyama % / Special Junmai - Hokkaido Semi - dry 23 Grapefruit & Passion Fruit Lemon & Passion Fruit Asahi Shuzo Dassai 23 1% / Junmai Daiginjyo, Yamada Nishiki - Yamaguchi Sweet and ellegant 4 Flavoured Sake Asahi Shuzo Kubota % / Junmai Daiginjo, Gohyakumangoku - Niigata Sweet and rich 25 *ROCK, SODA, WATER (COLD OR HOT) Oimatsu Rien Nashi no O-sake % / Nashi Pear - Oita 0ML 14 Goryon Sanguria Ryujin no Yuzushu % / Yuzu Citrus *WINE OR SAKE, BRANDY, TEQUILA, LEMONADE, FRESH APPLE & ORANGE SAKE Sangria GLASS 1 Momoyama Momoshu % / Momo Pear The White Wine Sangria 1 Green Tea Umeshu 7% / Green Tea and Ume Apricot The Red Wine Sangria 1 Kokuto Umeshu 14% / Brown Suger and Ume 13 A 10% SERVICE CHARGE APPLIES TO ALL ON SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

4 Whiskey and Brandy Sparkling Wine *NEAT, ROCK, SODA, COKE, WATER 5ML BOTTLE BLENDED Nikka Coffey Grain 45% / Japan 30ML 1 0ML Freeman Prosecco Hilltops, NSW Jonnie Walker Black Label 43% / Kentucky - USA 20 N/V Katnook Founders Coonawarra, SA 55 Maker s Mark 45% / Kentucky - USA 20 N/V Jansz Premium Cuvée TAS SINGLE MALTS The Glenlivet Founder s Reserve 40% / Speyside - Scotland 22 Laphroaig 43% / Islay - Scotland 2 COGNAC Hennessy V.S. 40% / Cognac - France 1 30

5 White SAUVIGNON BLANC 0ML BOTTLE RIESLING 0ML BOTTLE 2017 Block Woodvale Marlborough, NZ Clare Valley, SA 2017 Head Marlborough, NZ Eden Valley, SA 20 Howard Park Henschke Peggy s Hill 55 Eden Valley, SA 2017 Lloyd Brothers Good Catholic Girl Teresa 0 Adelaide Hills, SA Clare Valley, SA CHARDONNAY 201 Castle Rock Estate Great Southern, WA SoumahD 55 Yarra Valley, VIC 2017 Woodlands Milton TAS 0 Rose ROSE WINE BOTTLE 20 Philip Shaw N Orange, NSW Lloyd Brother Rose McLaren Vale, SA

6 Red PINOT NOIR 0ML BOTTLE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 0ML BOTTLE 201 Rochford Latitude 2017 D Soumah Yarra Valley, VIC Yarra Valley, VIC 201 Block 5 20 Good Catholic Girl Marlborough, NZ Clare Valley, SA 2017 Rochford Wines 5 Yarra Valley, VIC SHIRAZ OTHERS 2017 Head Cellar Reserve Woodlands 13 0 Barossa, SA 2014 Lloyd Brothers Zerella Etrurian Sangiovese 90 McLaren Vale, SA McLaren Vale, SA 2017 Clonakilla Hilltops Fermoy Estate Blend Hilltops, NSW 201 Wynns Zerella Truck 55 Coonawarra, SA McLaren Vale, SA

7 Fresh Fruits Juice Soft Drink GORYON-SAN Signature FRESHLY SQUEEZED FRUITS, Coke BOTTLE 5 Kiwi & Passion Fruit Coke Zero 5 Mango & Passion Fruit 13 Ginger Beer Grapefruit & Passion Fruit Lemon & Passion Fruit Oolong Tea Japanese Green Tea GLASS Water Hot Tea in a pot BOTTLE Premium POT S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water 7ml 7 Green Tea Genmai-Cha Oolong Tea Jasmine Tea Rooibos Tea A 10% SERVICE CHARGE APPLIES TO ALL ON SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

8 What does GORYON-SAN mean? In the Hakata / Fukuoka dialect, a GORYON-SAN means a lady of the house who tends to all it s household affairs. Traditionally a respected role given to women in Japan since the olden times (not exclusive, though men were expected to go out îšē ǶŠē ƥĺěŀƒ ƑūŕĚƙ DžĿƥĺĿŠ ƙūčŀěƥy), a GORYON-SAN were tasked to care for all aspects of their household; from cleaning and cooking, to meticulously looking after the hospitality of the guests. What is HAKATA KUSHIYAKI? When talking about street food in Hakata (Fukuoka Prefecture), KUSHIYAKI or grilled skewers apply to all types of meats and proteins grilled on a stick; whereas a YAKITORI in general only applies to grilled chicken. HAKATA KUSHIYAKI. (Unless you re in Tokyo, where either meanings are a bit of a blur). Taking that idea to heart, we thought about the type of dishes that a GORYON-SAN would cook, and how they would look after their guests. Through that train of thought, many creations have come to fruit; one of them being our Vegetable Roll Kushi (supposedly more healthy). The Differences of Hakata kushiyaki Salt isking. By the customers preference, in general the seasoning of the KUSHI (fancy word for skewers) is divided into Salt (Shi-o) or Sauce ( Ta-re). Hakata style in principal only uses salt. (Maybe Salt Bae came to Hakata once? Just saying Don t tell him) Meat.Onions.Meat.Onions.Meat In Tokyo, leeks are generally layered between the meat protein. However in Hakata, bulb onions are customarily used. (Cue the onion fans). Haven t placedanorderyet?noworries.cabbageinsu-tare.boom! At most kushiyaki joints, a dish of cabbage in su-tare (covered in vinegar sauce) will come out with compliments. (FREE YAY!) It s common to dip the skewers in the vinegar sauce and enjoy it together with the cabbage. (Do as the people in Hakata do.)

9 Starter Salad GORYON-SAN's Edamame Smoothie Potato Salad w/ Qp mayo, dijon mustard Nori Salt Edamame 10 Bomber Salad Watercress, arugula w/ herb salt dressing 14 ZUKE Avocado Salmon Hakata Cabbage.5 Iburigakko Naruto Maki Cream cheese wrapped in smoked pickled radish. 10 Side Cream Cheese YAKKO style Marinated cream cheese, rice cracker, wasabi & black pepper. Goma Salmon Sashimi salmon w/ sesame cream sauce. 19 Sesame Tofu & Caviar 9 Sous-vide Vinaigrette Chicken 1 c 17 Taro Potato Tatsuta-Age Karaage taro potato w/ Japanese tartar sauce. 17 Wagyu Millefeuille Wagyu beef sashimi (+9) 29 A 10% SERVICE CHARGE APPLIES TO ALL ON SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

10 Vegetable Kushiyaki Wrapped in Pork Belly Skewers Order one. It s really good. But here s the spiel anyway Pork belly delicately wrapped around veggies that have been meticulously picked by our producers (who take out half of the hard work for us), and we basically put that on a stick and grill that until its tender and juicy. (Who doesn t love a bit of Maillard reaction action?) Highly Recommend! Sukiyaki - Wrapped in Wagyu Beef Skewers Shungiku (crown daisy) leaf wrapped together with enoki mushrooms, grilled and seasoned with sauce. For the vegetarian lovers. (Dipping in egg yolk is optional). Signature Skewer Fresh Lettuce & Pork Belly Pack that lettuce tightly and wrap it with our good friend, pork belly. Then grill. Until juicy. And salt. 7 Sukiyaki & Wagyu Beef w/ Egg york 9 Cherry Tomato & Pork Belly Asparagus & Pork Belly Enoki Mushrooms & Pork Belly Spinach, Cheese & Bacon.5.5 Seafood Kushiyaki Vegetables and Cheese Skewers Seafood Skewers Avocado & Butter King Prawn & Pork Belly 7.5 Zucchini & Butter 5 Scallop & Bacon Deep Fried Sweet Corn & Soy Butter Tasmanian Salmon & Bacon 7.5 XL Shitake Mushrooms Mozzarella Cheese Camembert Cheese Gorgonzola Honey

11 Meat Kushiyaki Grill 100G Wagyu Beef Skewers Premium Wagyu Extreme Loin Steak (9+) Wagyu Hanging Tender & Capsicum Wagyu Extreme Loin 25 3PCS îčŀƕč ~NjƙƥĚƑ ɠ ɨ ~ ¹ ɩ ƥNjŕě 10 Chicken Skewers TSUKUNE (meat ball) YOTSUMI (thigh) MUNE (breast) BONJIRI (tail) ZURI (giblet) Pork Skewers BUTA BARA (pork belly) Pork Sausage A 10% SERVICE CHARGE APPLIES TO ALL ON SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

12 Hakata Taki Nabe HOT POT Rice Rich Tonkotsu soup that has been stewed for 3 days and 3 nights. Recommended as a finish, in Gyoza, Zosui (porridge of rice) or Ramen. The dish WILL BE HOT. Please be careful not to touch the HOT pot. GORYON-SAN's Soboro Bowl Seasoned minced meat on the rice. Seafood Bowl GORYON-SAN Signature FOR 1-2 PERSON FOR 3-4 PERSON Hakata Taki Gyoza House recipe pork gyoza in a rich TONKOTSU soup with cabbage, shallot & sesame seed. Hakata Taki Ramen House recipe super thick ramen in a rich TONKOTSU soup with cabbage, shallot & sesame seed. 22 (PCS) (PCS) 42 Hakata Taki Zosui JAPANESE RICE in a rich TONKOTSU soup with cabbage, shallot & sesame seed, made into a Zosui (porridge of rice). Try it with an egg and Aosa seaweed inside. Enjoy! Hakata TAKI-AWASE House recipe pork gyoza (pcs) & super thick ramen in a rich TONKOTSU soup with cabbage SPICY & CHILI VERSION Hakata Taki Kara Gyoza Hakata Taki Kara Ramen 24 (PCS) 24 4 (PCS) 4 Sweets Ice Cream in the Baguette Matcha Tiramisu Hakata Taki Kara Zosui 24 4 GORYON-SAN's Gelato Matcha Houji-cha Sakura Choose your favourite flavour Hakata Kara TAKI-AWASE 29 - GORYON-SAN's Assorted Gelato 17