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1 AGROMAR INDUSTRIAL S.A. Booth N 1744 COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Agromar Industrial S.A. goes beyond your imagination over farming and process of tropical fruits in Peru. Its agricultural land and facilities with Global Gap, HACCP, BRC, SGF/Irma. Organic and Kosher certifications located in the Northern region of Peru makes possible to identify a leading company on limes, mangoes and passion fruit line of products. We are active exporters in America, Europe, Asia and Australian markets. Agromar is committed to agribusiness in a manner that manages environmental issues responsible. PRODUCTS: Fresh limes Fresh mangoes Fresh passion fruit Mango IQF Avocado IQF Banana IQF Mango puree and concentrate Passion fruit juice single strength and concentrate Pumpkin puree Fru Mas ready to drink juices CONTACT TO: Address : Av. Paseo de la república 3195 Of. 902, San Isidro City/Country : Lima 27- Peru Contact : Federico Dancuart - International Sales Director Telephone : (511) / (511) Fax : (511)


3 DANPER TRUJILLO S.A.C. Booth Nº 1843 COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Danper is an agro-industrial company with 19 years of experience that is a worldwide leader in food processing industry. Danper identifies and satisfies its customers needs by processing and marketing fresh, canned processed and frozen food keeping the highest quality standards. It has more than 6,000 cultivated hectares and employs more than 7,000 workers in Perú. Danper is committed to respecting and promoting the rights of individuals, the growth of society and preservation of the environment, within an economic efficiency framework. Corporate Social Responsibility is the key element of its business strategy, which comprehensively combines the practices of ethical values and respect towards workers, the community and the environment, all of which is aimed at continuously improving productivity and competitiveness. PRODUCTS: CANNED FRESH FROZEN Green Asparagus Green Asparagus Artichoke White Asparagus White Asparagus Green Asparagus Artichoke Table Grape Mango Piquillo Pepper Pomegranate Pomegranate Californian Pepper Avocado Avocado Mango Snow peas Californian Pepper Papaya Sugar snaps Goldenberry Goldenberry Artichoke Gourmet products (spreads, Quinoa bruschettas, grilled, sauces, etc) CONTACT TO: Address : Carretera Industrial Camino a Laredo S/N Sector Barrio Nuevo Moche, Trujillo City/Country : La Libertad 44 - Peru Contact : Graciela Villacorta - Sales Executive / Pavel Millones - Sales Executive Telephone : (5144) / (5144) / Fax: (5144) / / food


5 ECOACUICOLA S.A.C. Booth Nº 1742 COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Ecosac is an innovative company located in Piura, northern coast of Peru, where there are fertile and warm lands, ideal for growing to cultivate different products 365 days all year around. Our fields are located in Chapaira, a village 9 Kms North of Piura and 50 Kms East of the port of Paita, placing us in a strategic location for our commercial activities. Ecoacuicola has specialists for each area, trained to get healthy and high quality products, capable of complying with the highest international quality standards. Currently we are dedicated to the integrated production, processing and export of agricultural and aquaculture products, highlighting in all of our products the water reuse from the aquaculture activities, thus generating a friendly environment. PRODUCTS: Canned Products: Mangoes Bell Peppers Piquillo Peppers Artichokes DryProducts: Paprika Frozen Products: Shrimps Artichokes Fresh Products: Grapes Mangoes Avocados CONTACT TO: Address : Caserio Chapaira s/n Castilla Piura City/Country : Piura 73 - Peru Contact : Gerd Burmester - Commercial Manager Guillermo León R. - Commercial Chief Mobile : (51) / (51) / Trained Auditor


7 GLORIA S.A. Booth N 1844 COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Gloria S.A. is the leading diary company in Peru with more than 70 years in the market and over 80% of market share. Gloria S.A. belongs to Gloria Group that is an industrial conglomerated formed mainly by dairy companies with a business presence in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. Gloria S.A. seeks to satisfy the needs of its clients and consumers with high-quality services and products, in order to always remain their first choice. The company has milk collection centers in different parts of the country, promoting a multiplying effect, which has been reflected in the growth and development of these regions. Thanks to its large production capacity, Gloria S.A. export to over 70 countries in the Caribbean, Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Gloria S.A. has the largest evaporated milk factory in the world.keeping its expansion, GLORIA S.A. has bought a sweetened condensed milk plant which will increase our portfolio of dairy products; this plant is currently producing and hopes to bring our quality product to the world. Other products that Gloria S.A. exports to the world are shakes in cans, nectars, jam, fruit cakeand snacks. PRODUCTS: Evaporated milk Sweetened condensed milk Shakes Nectars Purple Corn Beverage Fruit Cake Jam Snacks CONTACT TO: Address : Av. República de Panamá 2461, La Victoria City/Country : Lima 13 - Perú Contact : Miguel Arteaga - Regional Manager América Sergio Dávila - Jr. Regional Manager América Telephone : (511) Ext / /


9 INKA CROPS S.A. Booth N 1741 COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Inka Crops S.A. is the top Gourmet Snack Company that offers you a wide variety of natural products made with finest quality products coming from the richest valleys of Peru. Our products have a great texture, flavor and appearance. Not only are they enjoyable but they also have the benefit of being nutritious and healthy foods that carry that unique seal of The very best of Mother Nature. We distinguish ourselves from others by understanding and adapting to the new market needs. The goal of our professional staff and technicians is to guarantee the final consumers complete satisfaction by offering a wide variety of vegetables turned into rich and natural snacks with different formats, packaging and flavor options. PRODUCTS: Giant Roasted Corn Cassava Chips Plantain Chips Sweet Potato Chips Broad Beans Potato Chips Native Roasted Corn Mix Chips (Blend of Original Plantains, Sweet Plantains, Cassava Chips and Sweet Potato Chips). Vegetable Chips (Blend of Potato Chips, Cassava Chips, Beet Root Chips and Sweet Potato Chips). CONTACT TO: Address : Av. El Santuario 1127 Urbanización Zarate, San Juan de Lurigancho City/Cpuntry : Lima 36 - Peru Contact : Ignacio Garaycochea - Sales & Marketing Telephone : (511) / Mobile: (51) food


11 LABORATORIOS PORTUGAL S.R.L. Booth N 1841 COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Since 1864, Laboratorios Portugal has been developing and adapting to an ever changing global market. We have grown from a small family-owned business to a diversified and specialized manufacturing company. At present, Laboratorios Portugal is a well renowned company and has been awarded the GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (GMP) certificate and is known throughout Peru and the world for its quality and trustworthiness. We now export our products to the United States, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Belgium and parts of Asia and continue to look to expand our global market. These products include Medicines, Health and Beauty Creams, Natural products and Vitamins. Quality that is affordable is our slogan for Laboratorios Portugal, a phrase that clearly defines what our company wants to deliver: Only the best for our national and international clients. We always put the customer first; always understand how important our employees are; and always remain open to change, are the main reasons for our success throughout Peru and the world. It is very exciting to see Laboratorios Portugal come into its own as a global company and to see global talent develop and be shared. Seeing our clients succeed is first and foremost. When they succeed, our company succeeds. CONTACT TO: Address : Parque Industrial Rio Seco Mz A2, Cerro Colorado City/Country : Arequipa 54 - Peru Contact : Carolina Rodriguez - Exports Manager Telephone : (5154) Fax : (5154)


13 COCOMAR S.A.C. Booth N 1842 COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Our company COCOMAR was built en 2003, located in Lima, Peru. Our main business is focused in canned and frozen fish and shellfish through different places in the world. COCOMAR actually works as producer, exporter and importer of a wide range of foodstuffs products from Peru and other countries, with satisfied customers from more than twenty countries around the world. PRODUCTS: FROZEN FISH: Alaska Pollack, Bonito, Basa Fish, Blue Shark, Hake, Jack Mackerel, Mackerel, Moonfish, MahiMahi, Pompano, Rainbow Trout, Sardines, Smelt Silver Fish, Tilapia, Tuna FROZEN SHELLFISH: Crab, Giant Squid, King Crab, Mixed Seafood, Mussels, Octopus, Scallops, Shrimps, Squid CANNED FISH: Anchovy, Jack Mackerel, Mackerel, Sardines, Tuna CANNED SHELLFISH: Baby Clams, Crab, Chopped Clams, King Crab, Imitation Abalone, Mixed Seafood, Mussels, Octopus, Scallops, Shrimps, Squid CONTACT TO: Address : Neiser Llacsa Arce N 166, Miraflores City/Country : Lima 18 - Peru Contact : Miguel Mandriotti - Commercial Manager Telephone : (511) / (511) /


15 GANDULES INC S.A.C. Booth N 1743 COMPANY DESCRIPTION: GANDULES INC SAC. is a private equity company with more than 10 years of experience in the agribusiness and management of agricultural lands located in Jayanca and San Pedro valleys, Peru. GANDULES INC SAC. is now recognized both nationally and internationally as one of the most important companies in the agribusiness sector exporting to more than 40 countries. Currently, GANDULES INC SAC. is an innovative company engaged in the planting, production, processing, packing, packaging and marketing of its own products in a wide range of presentations: green and red peppers, green chili, jalapeno peppers, pigeon peas, among others always offering the highest quality at the best prices in the market, and this has been the hallmark of our company. PRODUCTS: Roasted red pepper: whole, strips, quarters, diced Red pepper: strips or diced with skin on Roasted red & yellow pepper: whole strips Red pimentos: whole, strips, quarters, diced. Red jalapeños sliced Pepper for stuffing (Sweety Pepp) Red & Green pepper: strips with skin on Green jalapeños: whole, sliced, diced, halves CONTACT TO: Address : Av. Del Pinar 198-3er piso Chacarilla del estanque, Santiago de Surco City/Country : Lima 33 - Peru Contac : Luis Rozas - Sales Manager / Emerson Sanchez - Sales Executive Telephone : (511) / Mobile: (51) / (51) Fax : (511) /