Central & Northern Victoria's Indigenous Nursery & Wildflower Farm Land Rehabilitation & Environmental Consultants

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1 Central & Northern Victoria's Indigenous Nursery & Wildflower Farm Land Rehabilitation & Environmental Consultants A specialist nursery with over 1000 indigenous and selected native species for all your gardening, landscaping, farming and environmental needs. OUR VISION Historically most of our native vegetation has been cleared, leading to a loss of bio-diversity and other problems such as salinity. By supplying plants indigenous to the local bio-region we hope to prevent further loss of bio-diversity and also help address the environmental problems of today including water conservation. BIO-REGIONS A bio-region is an area of broadly similar indigenous flora and fauna. It is essentially the biological reflection of physical aspects of the area such as climate, soils and the underlying geology. St Arnaud Victorian Riverina Flat, dry, deeper and better soils Goldfields Hilly, locally dry and rocky Central Victorian Uplands Elevated, wet Ballarat Bendigo Daylesford Echuca Melbourne Shepparton Seymour Our plants are propagated from seed or cuttings collected from many provenances within 3 bioregions in Central & Northern Victoria. All plants are labelled with their provenance. i.e. place of collection. PLANTS Available in tubes, 150mm pots and a limited range of advanced plants, also hyco cells (order only). Orders for large quantities need to be placed in December for the planting season. RELATED SERVICES Site Inspection, Environmental Management Plans, Seed Collection, Direct Seeding, Contract Growing and Planting, and Revegetation Proposals for Environmental Effect Statements. ALSO PLANTS AVAILABLE FOR: erosion control - grasses, rushes, sedges etc. farm dams - aquatic plants salinity - salt tolerant plants bird, butterfly, frog attracting cut flower growing Koorie food & medicinal plants (ask for our separate handout) waste water treatment systems native succulents & accent plants modern landscaping ideas water wise gardening We have freshly cut and dried wildflower bouquets, terracotta pots, bird feeders, nesting boxes, garden ornaments, gift vouchers, books, literature and cards as well as rabbit guards, packaged seed and other selected items. TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Open 7 days - 9am to 5pm GOLDFIELDS REVEGETATION Proprietor: Marilyn Sprague ABN Tannery Lane, Mandurang,Victoria 3551 Phone Fax Soon at Feel free to browse in our Environmental Shop or wander along our Wildflower Walk.

2 INDIGENOUS PLANTS PLANT CODES *-Grown by cuttings or division R-Rare or threatened W-Suitable for wet areas PLANT ORIGINS Victorian Riverina Goldfields Central Victorian Uplands CLIMBERS/RAMBLERS Billardiera cymosa - Sweet Apple Berry Billardiera longifolia - Purple Apple Berry Billardiera scandens - Common Apple Berry Clematis aristata - Old Man's Beard Clematis microphylla - Small-leaved Clematis W Glycine clandestina - Trailing Glycine Hardenbergia violacea - Sarsparilla Rubus parvifolius - Native Raspberry *W GROUND COVERS Prostrate up to 50cm Acacia aculeatissima - Thin Leaf Wattle * Acaena novae-zelandiae - Bidgee Widgee Acrotriche prostrata - Trailing Ground Berry * Acrotriche serrulata - Honey Pots * Ajuga australis - Austral Bugle * Alternanthera denticulata - Lesser Joyweed *W Asperula conferta- Common Woodruff * Astroloma humifusum - Cranberry Heath * Atriplex semibaccata - Creeping Saltbush Atriplex vesicaria - Bladder Salt Bush Bossiaea buxifolia - Matted Bossiaea * Bossiaea prostrata - Creeping Bossiaea * Brachyscome multifida - Cut Leaf Daisy * Calotis scapigera - Tufted Burr Daisy *W Carpobrotus modestus - Inland Pigface * Centella cordifolia - Swamp Pennywort *W Chenopodium desertorum - Desert Goosefoot * Chrysocephalum apiculatum - Common Everlasting * Convolvulus angustissimus - Bindweed Convolvulus wimmerensis - Bindweed * Desmodium varians - Slender Tick-Trefoil * Dichondra repens - Kidney Weed * Dodonaea procumbens - Trailing Hop Bush * Einadia hastata - Saloop Salt Bush Einadia nutans - Nodding Salt Bush Enchylaena tomentosa - Ruby Salt Bush Glycine tabacina -Variable Glycine *W Goodenia blackiana - Primrose Goodenia * Goodenia lanata - Trailing Goodenia *W Goodenia pinnatifida - Cutleaf Goodenia * Grevillea ilicifolia - Holly Grevillea * Grevillea obtecta - Elphinstone Grevillea *R Grevillea repens - Creeping Grevillea *R Hibbertia exutiacies - Tangled Guinea Flower * Hydrocotyle laxiflora - Stinking Pennywort * Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides - Shining Pennywort *W Isotoma fluviatilis - Swamp Isotome * Kennedia prostrata - Running Postman Kunzea pomifera - Muntries * ( South Australian) Lissanthe strigosa - Peach Heath * Lobelia concolor - Poison Lobelia *W Lobelia pendunculata - Matted Lobelia *W Lobelia pratioides - Poison Lobelia *W Mimulus repens - Creeping Monkey Flower * Myoporum parvifolium - Creeping Boobialla * Persicaria prostrata - Creeping Knotweed * Persoonia chamaepeuce - Dwarf Geebung * Podolobium procumbens - Trailing Shaggy-pea * Pultenaea pedunculata - Matted Bush Pea * Scleranthus biflorus - Twin-flower Knaweel * Stellaria pungens - Prickly Starwort *W Swainsona procumbens - Small Leaf Broughton Pea * Swainsona swainsonioides - Downy Swainson Pea *R Veronica calycina - Hairy Speedwell * Veronica plebeia - Trailing Speedwell *W Viola hederacea - Native Violet * GRASSES Agrostis avenacea var. perennis - Common Blown Grass ( Annual) Amphibromus nervosus - Swamp Wallaby Grass W Amphipogon caricinus var. caricinus - Long Greybeard Grass Aristida behriana - Brush Wire Grass Aristida ramosa - Purple Wire Grass Austrodanthonia bipartita - Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia caespitosa - Common Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia carphoides - Short Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia duttoniana - Brown Back Wallaby Grass W Austrodanthonia eriantha - Hill Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia fulva - Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia geniculata - Kneed Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia induta - Yellow Anther Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia penicillata - Slender Wallaby Grass W Austrodanthonia pilosa - Velvet Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia racemosa - Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia richardsonii - Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia setacea - Bristly Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia tenuior - Wallaby Grass Austrostipa aristiglumis - Plump Spear Grass Austrostipa blackii - Plains Spear Grass Austrostipa breviglumis - Cane Spear Grass R Austrostipa densiflora - Foxtail Spear Grass Austrostipa elegantissima - Feather Spear Grass Austrostipa gibbosa - Spurred Spear Grass W Austrostipa mollis - Soft Spear Grass Austrostipa nodosa - Spear Grass Austrostipa rudis - Spear Grass W Austrostipa oligostachya - Spear Grass Austrostipa scabra - Rough Spear Grass Austrostipa semibarbata - Fibrous Spear Grass Austrostipa setacea - Corkscrew Spear Grass Austrostipa stuposa - Spear Grass Bothriochloa macra - Redleg Grass Chloris truncata - Windmill Grass Deschampsia caespitosa - Tufted Hair Grass Dichanthium sericeum - Silky Blue-grass Dichelachne crinita - Long Hair Plume Grass Dichelachne hirtella - Slender Plume Grass Distichlis distichophylla - Emu Grass * Elymus scaber - Common Wheat Grass Enneapogon nigricans - Pappus Grass Eragrostis brownii - Common Love Grass W Eragrostis diandra - Clustered Love Grass W Eragrostis dielsii Hemarthria uncinata - Mat Grass W Homopholis proluta - Rigid Panic Joycea pallida - Red Anther Wallaby Grass Microlaena stipoides - Weeping Grass W Pentapogon quadrifidus - Five-awned Spear Grass Poa labillardierei - Common Tussock Grass W Poa morrisii - Velvet Tussock Grass Poa sieberiana - Fine-leaf Tussock Grass Poa tenera - Slender Tussock Grass W Themeda triandra - Kangaroo Grass FERNS, PERENNIAL HERBS, LILIES, RUSHES, SEDGES & OTHER TUFTS Adiantum aethiopicum - Common Maidenhair * Arthropodium fimbriatum - Nodding Chocolate Lily Arthropodium milleflorum - Pale Vanilla Lily Arthropodium minus - Small Vanilla Lily Arthropodium strictum - Chocolate Lily Baumea articulata - Jointed Twig Rush *W Blechnum minus - Soft Water Fern W Bolboschoenus caldwellii - Sea Club Rush *W Brachyscome basaltica - Swamp Daisy W Brachyscome chrysoglossa - Yellow-tongue Daisy *R Brachyscome ciliaris - Variable Daisy * Brachyscome dentata - Lobe-seed Daisy Brachyscome diversifolia - Large-headed Daisy Brunonia australis - Blue Pincushion Bulbine bulbosa - Bulbine Lily Burchardia umbellata - Milkmaids Caesia calliantha - Blue Grass Lily * Calocephalus citreus - Lemon Beauty Heads Calocephalus lacteus - Milky Beauty Heads Calocephalus sonderi - Pale Beauty Heads Calostemma purpureum - Garland Lily W Calotis cuneifolia - Purple Burr Daisy Calotis scabiosifolia var. integrifolia - Rough Burr Daisy * Calotis scabiosifolia var. scabiosifolia - Rough Burr Daisy Carex appressa - Tall Sedge W Carex breviculmis - Short Stem Sedge *W Carex fasicularis - Tassel Sedge W Carex gaudichaudiana - Tufted Sedge W Carex inversa - Knob Sedge W Carex tereticaulis - Basket Sedge W Centipeda cunninghamii - Old Man's Weed *W Centipeda minima - Small Old Man's Weed W

3 Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia - Rock Fern * Cheilanthes sieberi - Mulga Fern * Chrysocephalum baxteri - White Everlasting * Chrysocephalum semipapposum - Clustered Everlasting Craspedia paludicola - Swamp Billy Buttons *W Craspedia variabilis - Common Billy Buttons Cullen microcephallum - Dusky Scurf-pea * Cullen parvum - Small Scurf Pea * Cullen tenax - Tough Scurf Pea * Cymbonotus pressianus - Austral Bear's Ears Cynoglossum sauveolens - Sweet Hounds Tongue Cyperus exaltatus - Tall Flat Sedge W Cyperus gunnii - Flecked Flat Sedge W Dianella amoena - Matted Flax Lily Dianella longifolia var. grandis Dianella longifolia var. longifolia - Smooth Flax Lily Dianella porracea Dianella revoluta - Flax Lily Dianella tasmanica - Tasman Flax Lily W Doodia australis - Common Rasp Fern W Eryngium ovinum - Blue Devil Eryngium paludosum - Long Eryngium R Gahnia radula - Thatch Saw-sedge * Gahnia sieberiana - Red-fruited Saw-sedge Galium gaudichaudii - Rough Bedstraw * Geranium retrorsum - Crane's Bill Geranium solanderi - Austral Crane's Bill Glischrocaryon behrii - Golden Pennants * Glycine latrobeana - Clover Glycine R Gonocarpus elatus - Tall Raspwort * Gonocarpus tetragynus - Common Raspwort * Goodenia benthamiana - Clasping Goodenia * Goodenia elongata - Lanky Goodenia * Goodenia gracilis - Slender Goodenia *W Goodenia heteromera - Spreading Goodenia * Haloragis glauca - Grey Raspwort * Haloragis heterophylla - Varied Raspwort * Helichrysum rutidolepis - Pale Everlasting Helichrysum scorpioides - Button Everlasting Hypoxis glabella - Tiny Star Isotoma axillaris - Showy Isotome * Juncus amabilis - Clustered Rush *W Juncus aridicola - Tussock Rush W Juncus flavidus - Rush Juncus holoshoenus - Jointed-leaf Rush *W Juncus homalocaulis - Wiry Rush *W Juncus ingens - Giant Rush *W Juncus pallidus - Pale Rush W Juncus planifolius - Broad-leaf Rush *W Juncus radula - Hoary Rush Juncus sarophorus - Rush W Lagenophora stipitata - Common Lagenophora Leiocarpa panaetioides - Woolly Buttons Lepidosperma curtisiae - Short Rapier Sedge * Lepidosperma filiforme - Rapier-sedge * Lepidosperma semiteres - Wire Rapier-sedge * Lepidium pseudopapillosum - Erect Peppercress R Leptorhynchos squamatus - Scaly Buttons Leptorhynchos tenuifolius - Wiry Buttons Leucochrysum albicans - Hoary Sunray Leucochrysum albicans var. tricolor - Hoary Sunray * Linum marginale - Native Flax Lobelia anceps - Angled Lobelia *W Lomandra collina - Pale Mat Rush * Lomandra filiformis - Wattle Mat Rush * Lomandra longifolia - Spiny-headed Mat Rush W Lomandra micrantha - Small Flowered Mat Rush * Lomandra multiflora - Many-flowered Mat Rush * Luzula meridionalis - Woodrush Lycopus australis - Australian Gypsywort *W Lythrum salicaria - Purple Loose Strife W Maireana enchylaenoides - Wingless Bluebush Maireana excavata - Bottle Fissure-weed Maireana humillima - Dwarf Bluebush Marsilea costulifera - Nardoo *W Marsilea drummondii - Common Nardoo *W Marsilea hirsuta - Short Fruit Nardoo *W Mentha australis - River Mint *W Mentha diemenica - Wild Mint W Mentha laxiflora - Forest Mint W Mentha satureoides - Native Pennyroyal *W Microseris lanceolata - Yam Daisy Microtis unifolia - Common Onion Orchid * Minuria integerrima - Smooth Minuria Minuria leptophylla - Minnie Daisy * Opercularia varia - Variable Stinkweed * Oreomyrrhis eriopoda - Hairy Caraway Pelargonium australe - Austral Stork's-bill Pelargonium rodneyanum - Magenta Stork's-bill * Plantago gaudichaudii - Narrow Leaf Plantain * Podolepis jaceoides - Showy Podolepis Podolepis sp.1 - Riverine Podolepis Pomax umbellata - Pomax Pterostylis curta - Blunt Greenhood Orchid * Ptilotus exaltatus - Lamb-tails * Ptilotus macrocephalus - Green Pussytails * Ptilotus spathulatus - Pussytails Pycnosorus chrysanthus - Golden Billy Buttons W Pycnosorus globosus - Drumsticks W Ranunculus amphitrichus - Small River Buttercup * Ranunculus lappaceus - Australian Buttercup *W Ranunculus pachycarpus - Thick-fruit Buttercup Rhodanthe anethemoides Rhodanthe corymbiflora - Grey Sunray (Annual) Rutidosis leptorhynchoides - Button Wrinklewort * Senecio behrianus - Stiff Groundsel *R Solenogyne dominii - Solenogyne Stackhousia monogyna - Creamy Candles * Stylidium graminifolium - Grass Trigger Plant Stypandra glauca - Nodding Blue Lily * Teucrium racemosum - Grey Germander * Thysanotus patersonii - Twining Fringe Lily Tricoryne elatior - Yellow Rush Lily *W Velleia paradoxa - Spur Velleia * Wahlenbergia communis - Tufted Blue Bell * Wahlenbergia fluminalis - River Blue Bell *W Wahlenbergia gracilenta - Annual Blue Bell Wahlenbergia gracilis - Sprawling Blue Bell Wahlenbergia luteola - Yellow-backed Blue Bell Wahlenbergia stricta - Tall Blue Bell Wurmbea dioica - Early Nancies * Xanthorrhoea minor - Small Grass Tree * Xerochrysum palustre - Swamp Everlasting *W Xerochrysum viscosum - Sticky Everlasting SMALL SHRUBS up to 1m Acacia acinacea - Gold Dust Wattle Acacia gunnii - Ploughshare Wattle Acacia mitchellii - Mitchell's Wattle Astroloma conostephioides - Flame Heath * Astroloma pinifolium - Pine Heath * Baeckea crassifolia - Desert Heath-myrtle * Bossiaea cordigera - Wiry Bossiaea * Brachyloma daphnoides - Daphne Heath * Brachyloma ericoides - Brush Heath * Cheiranthera cyanea - Blue Finger Flower * Chenopodium curvispicatum - Cottony Salt Bush * Correa reflexa - Common Correa * Crowea exalata - Small Crowea * Cryptandra amara - Bitter Cryptandra * Cryptandra nutans - Prickly Cryptandra * Dampiera dysantha - Shrubby Dampiera * Daviesia genistifolia - Broom Bitter Pea *R Derwentia derwentiana - Derwent Speedwell * Derwentia perfoliata - Digger's Speedwell * Dillwynia cinerascens - Grey Parrot Pea Dillwynia hispida - Red Parrot Pea * Dillwynia sericea - Showy Parrot Pea Discaria pubescens - Anchor Plant *R Epacris impressa - Common Heath * Eremophila divaricata - Spreading Emu Bush * Euromyrtus ramosissima - Rosy Heath-myrtle * Eutaxia microphylla - Common Eutaxia Eutaxia microphylla var. diffusa - Spineless Eutaxia R Gompholobium huegelii - Common Wedge Pea * Goodenia varia - Sticky Goodenia * Grevillea alpina - Cat's Claw * Grevillea dryophylla - Goldfields Grevillea * Grevillea micrantha * Grevillea rosmarinifolia - Rosemary Grevillea * Halgania cyanea - Mallee Blue Flower * Hibbertia prostrata - Bundled Guinea Flower * Hibbertia humifusa subsp. humifusa - Guinea flower Hibbertia incana - Guinea Flower * Hibbertia obtusifolia - Grey Guinea Flower *R Hibbertia riparia - Erect Guinea Flower * Hovea heterophylla - Common Hovea * Hybanthus floribundus - Shrub Violet * Lasiopetalum baueri - Slender Velvet Bush * Leucopogon ericoides - Pink Beard Heath * Leucopogon rufus - Ruddy Beard Heath * Leucopogon virgatus - Common Beard Heath * Malva australiana - Australian Hollyhock Maireana brevifolia - Yanga Bush *

4 Maireana cheelii - Chariot Wheels Maireana decalvans - Black Cottonbush Melichrus urceolatus - Urn Heath * Micromyrtus ciliata - Heath Myrtle * Monotoca scoparia - Prickly Broom Heath * Olearia floribunda - Heath Daisy Bush * Olearia glandulosa - Swamp Daisy Bush *W Olearia myrsinoides - Silky Daisy Bush * Olearia pannosa subsp. cardiocarpa - Velvet Daisy Bush *R Olearia pimeleoides - Pimelea Daisy Bush * Ozothamnus retusus - Rough Everlasting Phebalium festivum - Dainty Phebalium *R Philotheca angustifolius - Small Leaf Waxflower * ( formerly Eriostemon) Philotheca pungens - Prickly Waxflower * Philotheca verrucosa - Bendigo Waxflower * Philotheca verrucosa - Double White Form *R Pimelea curviflora - Curved Rice Flower * Pimelea glauca - Smooth Rice Flower * Pimelea humilis - Small Rice Flower * Pimelea linifolia - Slender Rice Flower * Pimelea phylicoides - Hairy Rice Flower * Platylobium formosum - Handsome Flat Pea * Platylobium obtusangulum - Common Flat Pea * Prostanthera aspalathoides - Scarlet Mint Bush * Prostanthera saxicola - Slender Mint Bush * Pseudanthus ovalifolius - Oval Leaf Pseudanthus * Pultenaea humilis - Dwarf Bush Pea * Pultenaea largiflorens - Twiggy Bush Pea Pultenaea laxiflora - Loose Flower Bush Pea * Pultenaea reflexifolia - Mueller's Bush Pea * Pultenaea prostrata - Silky Bush Pea Rhytidosporum procumbens - White Marianth * Senecio odoratus - Scented Groundsel * Spyridium eriocephalum - Heath Spyridium * Templetonia stenophylla - Leafy Templetonia R Tetratheca ciliata - Pink Bells * Vittadinia cuneata - Woolly New Holland Daisy Vittadinia muelleri - Narrow-leaf New Holland Daisy Westringia eremicola - Slender Westringia * Zieria aspalathoides - Whorled Zieria/Sandfly Bush *R SHRUBS 1m to 4m Great for windbreaks and screening Acacia aspera - Rough Wattle Acacia ausfeldii - Whipstick Cinnamon Wattle Acacia brachybotrya - Grey Mulga Acacia deanei subsp. paucijuga - Deane's Wattle Acacia difformis - Drooping Wattle * Acacia euthycarpa - Wallowa Acacia flexifolia - Bent Leaf Wattle Acacia genistifolia - Spreading Wattle Acacia hakeoides - Hakea Wattle Acacia lanigera var. whanii - Woolly Wattle Acacia ligulata - Small Cooba Acacia lineata - Streaked Wattle Acacia montana - Mallee Wattle Acacia mucronata - Variable Sallow Wattle Acacia oswaldii - Umbrella Wattle R Acacia oxycedrus - Spike Wattle Acacia paradoxa - Hedge Wattle Acacia pendula - Weeping Myall R Acacia pycnantha - Golden Wattle Acacia retinodes - Wirilda W Acacia rigens - Nealie Acacia verniciflua - Varnish Wattle Acacia verticillata - Prickly Moses Acacia williamsonii - Whirrakee Wattle R Allocasuarina muelleriana - Slaty She Oak Astrotricha asperifolia - Rough Starhair * Atriplex rhagodioides - Silver Salt Bush * Babingtonia behrii - Broom Baeckea * Banksia marginata - Silver Banksia Boronia anemonifolia - Sticky Boronia * Bursaria spinosa subsp. lasiophylla - Bursaria Bursaria spinosa subsp. spinosa - Sweet Bursaria Callistemon rugulosus - Scarlet Bottlebrush W Callistemon sieberi - River Bottlebrush W Calytrix tetragona - Common Fringe Myrtle * Cassinia aculeata - Dogwood Cassinia arcuata - Chinese Scrub Cassinia longifolia - Shiny Cassinia Cassinia uncata - Sticky Cassinia Coprosma quadrifida - Prickly Currant Bush * Correa glabra - Rock Correa *W Daviesia arenaria - Sandhill Bitter Pea * Daviesia benthamii subsp. humilis - Spiny Bitter Pea * Daviesia latifolia - Hop Bitter Pea * Daviesia leptophylla - Narrow Leaf Bitter Pea Daviesia ulicifolia - Gorse Bitter Pea Dillwynia phylicoides - Small Leaf Parrot Pea * Dillwynia ramosissima - Bushy Parrot Pea Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustissima - Hop Bush Dodonaea viscosa subsp. cuneata - Wedgeleaf Hop Bush Dodonaea viscosa subsp. spatulata - Hop Bush Eremophila bignoniiflora - Creek Wilga * Eremophila deserti - Turkey Bush * Eremophila longifolia - Berrigan Emu Bush * Goodenia ovata - Hop Goodenia *W Goodia lotifolia - Golden Tip * Goodia medicaginea - Western Golden Tip R Hakea decurrens subsp. physocarpa - Bushy Needlewood Hakea tephrosperma - Hooked Needlewood R Hovea asperifolia subsp. asperifolia - Mountain Beauty * Indigofera australis - Indigofera W Kunzea sp. - Burgan W ( formerly K. ericoides) Lasiopetalum behrii - Pink Velvet Bush * Leptomeria aphylla - Leafless Currant Bush * Leptospermum continentale - Prickly Tea Tree W Leptospermum lanigerum - Woolly Tea Tree W Leptospermum myrsinoides - Heath Tea Tree Leptospermum obovatum - River Tea Tree W Logania albiflora - Narrow Leaf Logania * Melaleuca acuminata - Mallee Honey Myrtle Melaleuca decussata - Totem Poles W Melaleuca lanceolata - Moonah W Melaleuca parvistaminea - Rough-barked Honey Myrtle W Melaleuca uncinata - Broom Honey Myrtle Melaleuca wilsonii - Violet Honey Myrtle Melicytus dentatus - Tree Violet Muehlenbeckia florulenta - Tangled Lignum W Myoporum montanum - Waterbush R Myoporum platycarpum - Sugarwood * Nitaria billardierei - Dillon Bush * Olearia argophylla - Musk Daisy Bush Olearia decurrens - Clammy Daisy Bush * Olearia lirata - Snowy Daisy Bush * Olearia phlogopappa - Dusty Daisy Bush * Olearia teretifolia - Cypress Daisy Bush * Olearia tubuliflora - Rayless Daisy Bush Ozothamnus obcordatus - Grey Everlasting Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius - Rosemary Everlasting * Persoonia rigida - Stiff Geebung * Pimelea axiflora subsp. axiflora - Bootlace Bush * Pittosporum angustifolium - Weeping Pittosporum Pomaderris aspera - Hazel Pomaderris * Pomaderris paniculosa subsp. paniculosa - Inland Pomaderris R Pomaderris racemosa - Cluster Pomaderris Pomaderris vacciniifolia - Round-leaf Pomaderris * Prostanthera denticulata - Rough Mint Bush * Prostanthera lasianthos var. lasianthos - Victorian Christmas Bush* Prostanthera nivea - Snowy Mint Bush * Pultenaea daphnoides - Large-leaf Bush Pea Pultenaea graveolens - Scented Bush Pea R Pultenaea platyphylla - Flat-leaf Bush Pea Senna artemisioides subsp. coriacea - Desert Cassia Senna artemisioides subsp. petiolaris - Desert Cassia Senna artemisioides subsp. zygophylla - Desert Cassia Solanum laciniatum - Kangaroo Apple Solanum simile - Oondoroo * Spyridium parvifolium - Dusty Miller Viminaria juncea - Golden Spray W Westringia crassifolia - Whipstick Westringia *R Xanthorrhoea glauca - Grass Tree ( formerly X. australis) TREES Acacia dealbata - Silver Wattle W Acacia implexa - Lightwood W Acacia mearnsii - Late Black Wattle W Acacia melanoxylon - Blackwood W Acacia salicina - Native Willow Acacia stenophylla - Eumong Allocasuarina luehmannii - Buloak R Allocasuarina verticillata - Drooping She Oak W Callitris glaucophylla - Murray Pine Callitris gracilis - Slender Cypress Pine Callitris rhomboidea - Port Jackson Pine Eucalyptus albens - White Box Eucalyptus baxteri - Brown Stringybark Eucalyptus behriana - Bull Mallee Eucalyptus blakelyi - Blakely's Red Gum Eucalyptus calycogona - Red Mallee Eucalyptus camaldulensis - River Red Gum W Eucalyptus dives - Broad Leaf Peppermint W Eucalyptus dumosa - Dumosa Mallee

5 Eucalyptus froggattii - Kamarooka Mallee R Eucalyptus globulus subsp. bicostata - Eurabbie Eucalyptus goniocalyx - Long Leaved Box Eucalyptus largiflorens - Black Box Eucalyptus leucoxylon subsp. pruinosa - Yellow Gum Eucalyptus macrorhyncha - Red Stringy Bark Eucalyptus melliodora - Yellow Box W Eucalyptus microcarpa - Grey Box Eucalyptus nortonii - Mealy Bundy Eucalyptus obliqua - Messmate W Eucalyptus ovata - Swamp Gum W Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. pauciflora - Snow Gum Eucalyptus polyanthemos subsp. vestita - Red Box Eucalyptus polybractea - Blue Mallee Eucalyptus radiata - Narrow Leaved Peppermint W Eucalyptus rubida - Candlebark W Eucalyptus tricarpa - Red Ironbark ( formerly included with E. sideroxylon) Eucalyptus viminalis - Manna Gum W Eucalyptus viridis subsp. viridis - Green Mallee Exocarpos cupressiformis - Cherry Ballart * Santalum acuminatum - Sweet Quandong Santalum murrayanum - Bitter Quandong AQUATIC/WETLAND PLANTS Ask for our Wetlands pamphlet Alisma plantago-aquatica - Water Plantain W Azolla pinnata - Ferny Azolla W Brasenia schreberi - Watershield *W Chara sp. & Nitella sp. - Stonewort *W Crassula helmsii - Swamp Stonecrop W Damasonium minus - Starfruit W Eleocharis acuta - Common Spike Rush *W Eleocharis pusilla - Small Spike Rush *W Eleocharis sphacelata - Tall Spike Rush *W Eriocaulon scariosum - Pale Pipewort *W Glossostigma elatinoides - Small Mudmat *W Gratiola peruviana - Austral Brooklime *W Isolepis marginata - Tiny Club Rush *W Lilaeopsis polyantha - Australian Lilaeopsis *W Ludwigia peploides - Water Primrose *W Myriophyllum crispatum - Water Milfoil *W Myriophyllum verrucosum - Red Water Milfoil Neopaxia australasica - White Purslane *W Nymphoides crenata - Yellow Fringe Lily *W Ottelia ovalifolia - Swamp Lily *W Persicaria decipiens - Slender Knotweed *W Phragmites australis - Common Reed W Potamogeton ochreatus - Blunt Pondweed *W Potamogeton tricarinatus - Floating Pondweed *W Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani - River Club Rush *W Triglochin procera - Water Ribbons W Triglochin striata - Streaked Arrowgrass W Typha domingensis - Cumbungi W Vallisneria americana - Eel Grass *W FARM TREES PLANT CODES F-Firewood T-Timber IIndigenous (local) H-Honey O-Oil FARM FORESTRY TREES Acacia dealbata - Silver Wattle TI Acacia implexa - Lightwood TFI Acacia mearnsii - Late Black Wattle FI Acacia melanoxylon - Blackwood TFI Allocasuarina luehmannii - Buloak TFI Allocasuarina verticillata - Drooping She Oak TFI Angophora costata - Smooth-barked Apple TF Angophora floribunda - Rough-barked Apple T Callitris glaucophylla - Murray Pine TFI Callitris gracilis - Slender Cypress Pine TI Casuarina cunninghamiana - River She Oak TF Corymbia citriodora - Lemon Scented Gum T Corymbia maculata - Spotted Gum TFIH Eucalyptus albens - White Box TFHI Eucalyptus baxteri - Brown Stringybark TFHI Eucalyptus behriana - Bull Mallee FOI Eucalyptus blakelyi - Blakely's Red Gum TFHI Eucalyptus camaldulensis - River Red Gum TFHI Eucalyptus cladocalyx - Sugar Gum TFH Eucalyptus cladocalyx nana - Bushy Sugar Gum F Eucalyptus cordata - Heart-leaved Silver Gum H Eucalyptus dives - Broad Leaf Peppermint FOI Eucalyptus dumosa - Dumosa Mallee FI Eucalyptus froggattii - Kamarooka Mallee HI Eucalyptus globulus subsp. bicostata - Eurabbie TFHI Eucalyptus globulus - Southern Blue Gum TFH Eucalyptus goniocalyx - Long-leaved Box FHI Eucalyptus grandis - Flooded Gum T Eucalyptus largiflorens - Black Box FHI Eucalyptus leucoxylon subsp. pruinosa - Yellow Gum TFHI Eucalyptus macrorhyncha - Red Stringybark THI Eucalyptus melliodora - Yellow Box TFHI Eucalyptus microcarpa - Grey Box TFHI Eucalyptus obliqua - Messmate TFHI Eucalyptus occidentalis - Swamp Yate FH Eucalyptus ovata - Swamp Gum FI Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. pauciflora - Snow Gum FHI Eucalyptus polyanthemos subsp. vestita - Red Box TFHI Eucalyptus polybractea - Blue Mallee OI Eucalyptus radiata - Narrow Leaved Peppermint TI Eucalyptus rubida - Candlebark TFHI Eucalyptus saligna - Sydney Blue Gum TH Eucalyptus tricarpa - Red Ironbark TFHI (formerly included with E. sideroxylon) Eucalyptus viminalis - Manna Gum TFI Eucalyptus viridis subsp. viridis - Green Mallee OHI Hakea tephrosperma - Hooked Needlewood TI Melaleuca alternifolia - Tea Tree Oil Plant O Melaleuca uncinata - Broom Honey Myrtle I (fencing) FIRE RESISTANT PLANTS Acacia dealbata - Silver Wattle I Acacia melanoxylon - Blackwood I Allocasuarina verticillata - Drooping She Oak I Angophora costata - Smooth-barked Apple Atriplex species - Salt Bushes I Banksia marginata - Silver Banksia I Carpobrotus modestus - Inland Pigface I Casuarina cunninghamiana - River She Oak Corymbia maculata - Spotted Gum Dodonaea viscosa - Hop Bush I Einadia hastata - Saloop Salt Bush I Einadia nutans - Nodding Salt Bush I Kennedia prostrata - Running Postman I Melaleuca lanceolata - Moonah I Myoporum insulare - Boobialla * Myoporum montanum - Waterbush I Myoporum parvifolium - Creeping Boobialla I Senna artemisioides - Desert Cassia I SALT TOLERANT PLANTS Acacia dealbata - Silver Wattle I Acacia ligulata - Small Cooba I Acacia paradoxa - Hedge Wattle I Acacia pycnantha - Golden Wattle I Acacia retinodes - Wirilda I Acacia salicina - Native Willow Acacia stenophylla - Eumong I Allocasuarina verticillata - Drooping She Oak I Atriplex nummularia - Old Man Salt-bush Callitris glaucophylla - Murray Pine I Carex appressa - Tall Sedge I Casuarina cunninghamiana - River She Oak Chenopodium nitrariaceum - Nitre Goosefoot Corymbia maculata - Spotted Gum Disphyma crassifolium - Round-leaf Pigface Eucalyptus camaldulensis - River Red Gum ( Lake Albacutya, Lake Hindmarsh, Silverton) Eucalyptus crenulata - Silver Gum Eucalyptus largiflorens - Black Box I Eucalyptus lehmannii - Bushy Yate Eucalyptus leucoxylon subsp. pruinosa - Yellow Gum I Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea - Pink-Flowering Yellow Gum Eucalyptus occidentalis - Swamp Yate Eucalyptus sargentii - Sargent's Mallet Eucalyptus spathulata - Swamp Mallet Halosarcia halocnemoides - Grey Samphire Maireana brevifolia - Yanga Bush I Melaleuca brevifolia - Mallee Honey Myrtle Melaleuca decussata - Totem Poles I Melaleuca halmaturorum - Salt Paperbark Melaleuca lanceolata - Moonah I Melaleuca linariifolia - Snow-in-Summer Melaleuca styphelioides - Prickly Paperbark Myoporum montanum - Waterbush Tetragonia tetragonoides - New Zealand Spinach PLEASE NOTE: Native trees can be used for fodder, timber, firewood, windbreaks, shade and shelter for stock, honey and oil production and to combat salinity and soil erosion. On top of all this native trees provide habitat and food for native birds and animals and will add to the aesthetic value of your property!

6 WILDFLOWERS These plants available all year, fresh cut flowers avaliable in season. Acacia cultriformis - Cut-leaf Wattle I - yellow Acacia sp. - ( selected) - yellow Actinotus helianthi - Flannel Flower - cream Agonis linearifolia - white Agonis parviceps - white Anigozanthos - Kangaroo Paws - red, orange, pink, yellow or green * Asterolasia asteriscophora - Lemon Star Bush - yellow * Banksia integrifolia - Coast Banksia - yellow * Banksia occidentalis - Red Swamp Banksia - red/orange * Babingtonia behrii - Broom Baeckea I - white * Boronia clavata - cream * Boronia heterophylla - Red Boronia - red * ( grafted) Boronia molloyae - Tall Boronia - pink/red * Boronia megastigma - Brown Boronia - brown * ( grafted) Calytrix tetragona - Common Fringe Myrtle I - pink * Cassinia laevis - Inland Cassinia - white * Cassinia quinquefaria - cream Chamelaucium ciliatum - Albany Wax - white, pink * Chamelaucium hamatum - cream * Chamelaucium uncinatum x floriferum - pink * Chrysocephalum semipapposum - Clustered Everlasting I yellow * Corymbia ficifolia - WA Flowering Gum Crowea exalata x saligna - pink * & 'Pink Blush' pale pink * Derwentia arenaria - 'Cottage Blue' blue * Dodonaea adenophora - Hop Bush peach * Dodonaea viscosa - Hop Bush I red fruits Eremophila - Emu Bush - red, yellow or mauve * Eucalyptus caesia - Silver Princess - pink Eucalyptus crenulata, E. gunnii, E. pulverulenta, E. albida and E. - Moon Lagoon - silver/blue foliage * Grevillea - 'Evelyn's Coronet' - pink/grey * Grevillea - 'Sylvia' - pink * Grevillea - 'Firesprite' - red * Guichenotia macrantha - Large-flowered Guichenotia - mauve * Hakea multilineata - Grass-leaved Hakea - pink Hypocalymma angustifolium - White Myrtle - cream * Isopogon formosus - Rose Cone Flower - pink * Lasiopetalum behrii - Pink Velvet Bush I - pink * Leptospermum brachyandrum - Weeping Tea Tree - grey foliage * Leptospermum rotundifolium - Lavender Queen - mauve * Maireana sedifolia - Bluebush - silver foliage * Micromyrtus ciliata - Heath Myrtle I - white * Olearia phlogopappa - Dusty Daisy Bush - white * Ozothamnus diosmifolium - Rice Flower - white & pink * Phebalium squamulosum - Forest Phebalium - yellow * Phebalium whitei - yellow * Philotheca myoporoides - Native Wax - white * Philotheca verrucosa - Bendigo Wax I - white * ( formerly Eriostemon) Pimelea nivea - Snowy Pimelea - foliage & white flowers * Ptilotus exaltatus - Lamb-tails - pink Ptilotus macrocephalus - Green Pussytails - green Pycnosorus globosus - Drumsticks I - yellow Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp. rosea - pink & white ( Annual) Scholtzia laxiflora - pink * Scholtzia oligandra - pink * Stenanthemum scortechinii - Ball Cryptandra - brown/cream * Telopea 'Corroboree' - Waratah - red * Thryptomene calycina - Grampians Thryptomene - white * Verticordia plumosa - mauve * Xerochrysum bracteata - Golden Everlasting - pink, yellow or white * BENDIGO CITY CENTRE Philotheca verrucosa - Bendigo Wax flower (formerly Eriostemon) SPRING GULLY FLORA HILL PRICES Establishing plants is a long-term investment of which initial plant cost is a small part. (Other costs include fencing, labour, rabbit guards and weed control). Don't let your plants be the weak link in the establishment chain by buying cheap, unsuitable plants. The most cost-effective plant is typically a well-grown indigenous plant of local provenance, but other species may be more appropriate on some sites, e.g. saline areas, or for specific purposes eg. honey production. Tubes seed grown PLANTS cutting grown up to 30 $ plus $1.30 over 100 $1.10 marked * $2.75 MANDURANG STRATHFIELDSAYE 150mm Pots Hyco Cells 200mm Pots 250mm Pots ADVANCED PLANTS SEEDS $2.75 per packet $ per tray (please order) from $12.95 from $15.95 Prices include GST. Prices on request for wholesale orders. Please conserve our planet's resources by passing this catalogue onto a friend or recycling it in some way, thankyou. August 2003 Issue