plants, seed and re-vegetation works in Western South Australia.

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1 EYRE NATIVE SEEDS Box 1334 Port Lincoln S.A. Ph: fax: ABN Contact - Merrick Savage on Marion Savage on Specialising inindigenous plants, seed and re-vegetation works in Western South Australia. Listed species are commonly held in our seed-bank, although advance orders are more likely to ensure supply. Availability of some species may vary due to short storage life, seasonal variation and demand. Unlisted species may sometimes be available, but not listed due to unreliable supply. Many species cover a wide range of rainfall zones, geography and soil types. Please supply site information prior to ordering to enable us to match seed to your provenance requirements. All species can be supplied in $ 5.80 nursery packets, generally enough to grow 20 to 50 plants, otherwise prices are as listed. Seed will be sent by ordinary surface mail and postage costs added to invoice price unless other freight arrangements are made. Payment required within fourteen days of invoice date. Minimum order $50.00 Collection from specific or remote locations may incur a higher cost; otherwise seed will be supplied as best match. No warranty will be given for seed quality, however all measures will be taken to ensure seed viability. Some species may include foreign matter with the seed eg. parts of pods, bracts. Fleshy fruits are usually dried and the flesh included with the seed, unless listed as pure seed. Prices are calculated on this basis. The buyer should be aware that seed for some species may require pre-treatment to break dormancy, eg scarification, scarification or pre-soaking and flushing. If there are any problems with seed received, please return it immediately. We can also supply - Tubestock seedlings and a wide range of potted indigenous plants suitable for broad acre the home garden or landscape use. Visit our extensive native plant nursery at 10 Mallee Crescent, Port Lincoln. Open Monday, Friday and Sat. morning, or by appointment.

2 Culms, bulbs and cuttings for species not easily grown from seed (subject to permit approvals). Tree planting aids including, tree-guards, mulch matting, fertilizers, hand planters and grow your own kits. Our other services include Botanical surveys and vegetation assessments for Native vegetation clearance application proposals for the Native Vegetation Council of South Australia. (Accredited consultants) Western SA only. Environmental pest and weed identification and management. Bush regeneration strategies. Environmental Management plans and integration with development or property plans. Habitat design and management. Fire hazard reduction and management. Revegetation works - Site preparation, pest and weed management. Direct seeding and tree planting from the backyard, through to large scale mine and industrial site rehabilitation. (difficult sites are our specialty) Dryland salinity and erosion control works. Agroforestry, Woodlots, Bush-tucker, Quandong, Sandalwood, Oil Mallee, Ti-tree Oil and Perennial Feedlots. Seed price list from July 1st 2017 GST inc. * denotes species not indigenous to South Australia

3 Acacia acinacea Gold Dust Wattle Acacia alcockii Alcock s Wattle Acacia anceps Two edged Wattle Acacia anceps Coastal Prostrate Form Acacia anceps var angustifolia Acacia ancistrophylla Hard Leaf Wattle Acacia aneura Mulga Acacia araneosa Balcanoona Wattle $5.80packet only Acacia agryrophylla Silver Mulga *Acacia baileyana Cootamundra Wattle Acacia beckleri Barrier Range Wattle Acacia brachybotrya Grey Mulga Acacia burkittii Burkitt s Wattle Acacia calamifolia Syn. Acacia euthycarpa Acacia cibaria Turpentine Mulga Acacia continua Thorn Wattle Acacia cupularis Coast Umbrella bush Acacia cupularis Prostrate form Acacia Cyclops Western Coastal Wattle Acacia dodoniaefolia Sticky wattle Acacia enterocarpa Jumping Jack Wattle $5.80packet only Acacia euthycarpa Wallowa (Southern form) Acacia euthycarpa Wallowa (Northern form) Acacia farinose Mealy Wattle Acacia gilesiana Giles Wattle $5.80packet only Acacia gillii Gill s Wattle Acacia hakeoides Hakea Wattle Acacia halliana Acacia hexaneura $5.80packet only Acacia imbricate Imbricate Wattle Acicia iteaphylla Flinders Range Wattle Acacia kempeana Witchety bush Acacia leiophylla Smooth Leaved Wattle Acacia ligulata Cooba Acacia longifolia var sophorae Coast Wattle Acacia merrallii Merrall s Wattle Acacia microcarpa Manna Wattle Acacia Montana Mallee Wattle Acacia murrayana Murrays Wattle Acacia myrtifolia Myrtle Wattle Acacia nemataphylla Pin Wattle Acacia notabilis Notable Wattle Acacia nyssophylla Acacia oswaldii Umbrella Wattle

4 Acacia papryocarpa Western Myall Acacia paradoxa Kangaroo Wattle Acacia pinguifolia Fat Leaved Wattle Acacia prainii Prain s Wattle Acacia pycnantha Golden Wattle Acacia quornensis Quorn Wattle 5.80 packet only Acacia ramulosa Horse Wattle Acacia retinodes Swamp Wattle Acacia rhetinocarpa Neat Wattle Acacia rhigiophylla Dagger Leaved Wattle Acacia rigens Nealie Wattle Acacia rupicola Rock Wattle Acacia salicina Broughton Willow Acacia sclerophylla Hard Leaf Wattle Acacia sclerophylla Long Leaved Form Acacia sophorae syn. Acacia longifolia sophorae Acacia spinescens Spiny Wattle Acacia stenophylla River Cooba Acacia tetragonophylla Dead Finish Acacia triquetera Gold Dust Wattle Acacia verniciflua Varnish Wattle Acacia victoriae Elegant Wattle Acacia wattsiana Dog Wattle Acacia wilhelmiana Dwarf Nealie Acrotiche cordata Coast Ground Berry $5.80 packet only Acrotiche patula Shiny Ground Berry Adriana klotzswchii Coast Bitterbush Alectryon oliofolius Bullock Bush Allocasuarina helmsii Allocasuarina muelleriana Slaty sheoak Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoak Alyogne huegelii Lilac hibiscus Alyxia buxifolia Sea Box Angianthus tomentosus Hairy cup Flower Aotus suspinescens $5.80 packet only Arthropodium (dichopogan) Chocolate Lily $5.80 packet only Astroloma conostephioides Flame Heath Atriplex acrutibractea Atriplex amnicola River Salt Bush Atriplex angulata Fan Saltbush Atriplex cinerea Coast, Grey Saltbush Atriplex eardleyae Small Saltbush

5 Atriplex holocarpa Pop Saltbush Atriplex lindleyi sub. Inflate Baldoo *Atriplex lentiformis Quailbush Atriplex nummularia Old Man Saltbush Atriplex paludosa Marsh Saltbush Atriplex rhagoidioides River Saltbush Atriplex semibaccata Creeping Saltbush Atriplex spongiosa Pop saltbush Atriplex stipitata Bitter Saltbush ` *Atriplex undulate Wavy Leaf Saltbush Atriplex vesicaria subs. sphaerocarpa Bladder Saltbush Atriplex vesicaria subs.variabilis Bladder Saltbush Atriplex vesicaria Pure Seed $5.80 packet only Austrostipa drummondii Cottony Speargrass Austrostipa elegantissima Elegant Speargrass Austrostipa eremophila Desert Speargrass Austrostipa mollis Soft Speargrass $5.80 packet only Austropstipa scabra Rough Speargrass Advanced orders only for large quantities of Austrostipa spp Baeckea spp Syn Babbingtonia Babbingtonia behrii Broom Baeckea Babbingtonia crassifolia Desert Baekea Banksia marginata Silver Banksia Banksia ornate Desert Banksia Beyeria leschenaultia Pale Turpentine Bush Billiadiera cymosa Love Fruit Billiadiera versicolor Apple Berry Billiadiera sericophera Bolboschoenus caldwellii Sea Club Rush Bulbine semibarbata Bursaria spinosa Sweet Bursaria Callistemon rugulosus Scarlet Bottlebrush Callistemon teretifolius Flinders Range Bottlebrush Callitris canescens Scrub Cypress Pine Callitris glaucophylla Northern Cypress Pine Callitris gracilis Southern Cypress Pine Callitris preissii Syn. Callitris gracilis Callitris verrucosa Mallee Cypress Pine Calocephalus brownii Syn. Leucophyta brownii Calytrix tetragona Common Fringe Myrtle Carpobrotus rossii Angular Pigface (Pure Seed) Cassia spp Syn. Senna spp

6 Cassinia arcuata Curry Bush Casuarina cristata Black Oak *Casuarina River Oak cunninghamiana *Casuarina glauca Swamp Oak (Suckering Form) Casuarina pauper Black Oak Chenopodium curvispicatum Chenopodium desertorum subs desertrorum Desert Goosefoot Chenopodium gaudichaudianum Chloris truncata Windmill Grass Clemitis microphylla Old Man s Beard Chrysocephalum Common Everlasting apiculatum Clianthus formosa Syn. Swainsona formosa Codonocarpus pyramidalis Camel Poison Convulvulus remotus Australian Bindweed *Corymbia ficifolia Red Flowering Gum (pure seed) *Corymbia citriodora Lemon Scented Gum (pure seed) Correa Pulchella Salmon Correa Cratystylis conocephala Bluebush Daisy Cymbopogan ambiguus Lemon Scented Grass Cyperus gymnocaulos Spiny Flat Sedge *Cytissus proliferus Tagasaste, Lucerne Tree Dactyloctenium radulens Button Grass Danthonia auriculata Lobed Wallaby Grass Danthonia caespitosa Wallaby Grass (reveg grade) Danthonia geniculata Kneed Wallaby Grass Danthonia racemosa Wallaby Grass $ 5.80packet only Danthonia setacea Bristly Wallaby Grass (reveg grade) Davesia asperula subs. asperula Davesia asperula subs. obliqua Davesia benthamii Davesia brevifolia Leafless Bitter Pea Davesia pectinata Barbed Wire Bush Dianella brevicaulis Flax Lily (pure seed) Dianella revolute Flax Lily (pure seed) Dissocarpus bifloris Twin Horned Copperburr Dissocarpus paradoxus Cannonballs

7 Dodonaea baueri Crinkled Hopbush Dodonaea bursarifolia Small Hopbush Dodonaea hexandra Horned Hopbush Dodonaea humilis Dwarf Hopbush Dodonaea lobulata Lobed Leaved Hopbush Dodonaea microzyga Brilliant Hopbush Dodonaea stenozyga Desert Hopbush Dodonaea viscosa subs. augustissima Giant Hopbush Dodonaea viscosa subs. spathulata Sticky Hopbush Einadia nutans subs.aremaea Climbing Saltbush (pure seed) Einadia nutans subs nutans Nodding Saltbush (pure seed) Enchylaena tomentosa Ruby Saltbush Enneopogan avenaceous Common Bottle Washers Enneopogan nigracens Black Heads Eragrotis dielsii Mulka Grass Eremophila longifolia Long Leaved Eremophila Eremophila obovata var obovata $5.80 packet only Eremophila scoparia Silvery Emu Bush Eucalyptus albopurpurea Port Lincoln Mallee Eucalyptus anceps Syn. Euc phenax Eucalyptus angulosa Coast Ridge Fruit Mallee Eucaly[tus behriana Bull Mallee Eucalyptus brachycalyx Gilja *Eucalyptus caesia Gungurru Eucalyptus calcareana Nundroo Mallee Eucalyptus calycogona Square Fruited Mallee Eucalyptus camaldulensis River Red Gum Eucalyptus camaldulensis Lower Eyre Form Eucalyptus camaldulensis Mt.Wedge Form Eucalyptus camaldulensis Lake Wangary Form Eucalyptus canescens Ooldea Range Mallee *Eucalyptus citriodora Lemon Scented Gum (pure seed) Eucalyptus cladocalyx Sugar Gum Eyre Pen. form nana Eucalyptus cneorifolia K.I.Narrow Leaf Mallee Eucalyptus concinna Great Victoria Desert Mallee *Eucalyptus conferruminata Bushy Yate Eucalyptus conglobata Cong Mallee Eucalyptus cosmophylla Cup Gum $ 5.80packet only Eucalyptus cretata Darke Peak Mallee Eucalyptus diversifolia Coastal White Mallee Eucalyptus dumosa White Mallee Eucalyptus eremicola Voke s Hill Mallee

8 Eucalyptus flocktoniae Syn. Euc peninsularis SA form Eucalyptus gillii Curly Mallee *Eucalyptus gomphocephala Tuart Eucalypyus gracilis Yorrell Eucalyptus gypsophylla Kopi Mallee Eucalyptus incrassata Ridge Fruited Mallee Eucalyptus intertexta Gum Barked Coolibah Eucalyptus landsdowneana albopurpurea Syn. Euc albopurpurea Eucalyptus landsdowneana Crimson Mallee Eucalyptus leptophylla Slender Leaved Red Mallee Eucalyptus leucoxylon subs leucoxylon S.A. Blue Gum $5.80 packet only Eucalyptus leucoxylon subs megalocarpa Red Flower Blue Gum Eucalyptus leucoxylon petiolaris Syn. Euc petiolaris Eucalyptus macrohyncha subs macrohyncha Red Stringybark *Eucalyptus maculata Spotted Gum Eucalyptus odorata Peppermint Box Eucalyptus oleosa subs Red Mallee oleosa Eucalyptus oleosa subs coastal Red Mallee Eucalyptus oleosa subs desert Red Mallee Eucalyptus peninsularis Cummins Mallee Eucalyptus petiolaris Eyre Peninsula Blue Gum Eucalyptus phenax White Mallee Eucalyptus pileata Capped Mallee Eucalyptus pimpiniana Pimpin Mallee *Eucalyptus platypus Moort Eucalyptus porosa S.A. Mallee Box Eucalyptus rugosa Kingscote Mallee Eucalyptus socialis Summer Red Mallee *Eucalyptus spathulata Swamp Mallee *Eucalyptus torquata Coral Gum Eucalyptus viminalis subs cygnetensis Rough Barked Manna Gum Eucalyptus yalatensis Yalata Mallee Eucalyptus youngiana Ooldea Mallee Eucalyptus yumbarrana Yumbarra Mallee Eutaxia microphylla Common Eutaxia Exocarpus sparteus Slender Cherry Exocarpus syrticola Coast Ballarat Ficinia nodosa Knobby Club Rush Gahnia deusta Saw Sedge Gahnia lanigera Desert Saw Sedge

9 Gahnia trifida Cutting Grass Geijera linearifolia Sheepbush Goodia lotifilia Golden Tip Hakea cycloptera Elm Seed Hakea Hakea francissiana Bottlebrush Hakea * Hakea laurina Pincushion Hakea Hakea leucloptera Needlebush Hakea muelleriana Desert Hakea Hakea rugosa Wrinkled Hakea Hakea vittata Striped Hakea Hardenbergia violacea Native Lilac 12.59` Helichrysm apiculatum Syn Chrysocephalum apiculatum Helichrysm leucopsidium Satin Everlasting Isolepis nodosa Syn. Ficinia nodosa Ixodia achillaeoides subs. achillaeoides Ixodia Juncus kraussii Sea Rush Juncus pallidus Pale rush Juncus subsecundus Finger Rush Kennedia prostrata Running Postman Lasiopetalum baueri Slender Velvet Bush Lasiopetalum behrii Pink Velvet Bush Lasiopetalum discolor Coast Velvet Bush Lasiopetalum schulzenii Drooping Velvet Bush Lawrencia glomerata Golden Spike Lawrencia squamata Thorny Lawrencia Lepidosperma congestum Clustered Sword Sedge Leptospermum coriaceum Green Ti-tree Leucophyta brownii Cushion Bush Leucopogan parvifloris Coast Beard Heath Linum marginale Native Flax Logania crassifolia Coast Logania Lotus australis Australian Trefoil Maireana appressa Cotton Bush Maireana brevifolia Small Leaved Bluebush Maireana georgii Satiny Bluebush Maireana oppositifolia Heath Bluebush Maireana pentotropis Mallee Bluebush Maireana pyramidata Black Bluebush Maireana sedifolia Pearl Bluebush Maireana triptera Three Winged Bluebush Maireana turbinate Bluebush

10 Malococera tricornis Soft Horns Melaleuca acuminata Mallee Honey Myrtle Melaleuca armillaris subs akineta Bracelet Honey Myrtle Melaleuca brevifolia Swamp Honey Myrtle Melaleuca decussate Totem Poles Melaleuca eleutherostachya Hummock Honey Myrtle *Melaleuca diosmifolia Green Honey Myrtle Melaleuca halmaturorum Swamp Paperbark Melaleuca lanceolata Dryland Ti-tree Melaleuca lanceolata Coast Prostrate Form *Melaleuca nesophylla Western Honey Myrtle Melaleuca pauperiflora Boree Melaleuca uncinata Broombush Myoporum brevipes Myoporum desertii Turkey Bush Myoporum insulare Coastal Boobialla Myoporum platycarpum False Sandalwood Nitraria billarderii Nitrebush Olearia axillaris Coast Daisy Bush Olearia calcarea Mallee Daisy Bush Olearia decurrens Clammy Daisy Bush Olearia muelleri Mueller s Daisy Bush Olearia pimelioides Showy Daisy Bush Olearia ramulosa Twiggy Daisy Bush Panicum decompositum Native Millet Phebalium bullatum Silvery Phebalium Pimelia microcephala subs microcephala Mallee Rice Flower Pittosporum phylliraeoides syn. Pittosporum angustifolium Pittosporum angustifolium Weeping Pittosporum Pommaderris obcordata Wedge Leaved Pommaderris Pommaderris oraria Coast Pommaderris Ptilotus exaltus Showy Foxtail Ptilotus obovatus Silver Mulla Mulla Pultenea acerosa Bristly Bush Pea Pultenea canaliculata Coast Bush Pea Pultenea tenuifolia Bush pea Rhagodia candolleana Sea Berry Saltbush (pure seed) Rhagodia crassifolia Fleshy Saltbush (pure seed) Rhagodia parabolica Fragrant saltbush (pure seed) Rhagodia preissii (pure seed) Rhagodia spinescens Spiny Saltbush (pure seed)

11 Santalum acuminatum Quandong Santalum spicatum Sandalwood Sarcozona praecox Sarcozona (pure seed) Scaevola crassifolia Cushion Fanflower Scaevola spinescens Spiny Fanflower Scleroleana limbata Pearl Copperburr Scleroleana obliquicuspis Limestone Copperburr Senna artemisioides subs. artemisiodes Desert Cassia Senna artemisioides subs. Coriacea Desert Cassia Senna artemisioides subs. helmsii Blunt Leaved Cassia Senna artemisioides subs. petiolaris Desert Cassia Senna artemisioides subs. quadrifolia Desert Cassia Senna artemisioides subs. sturtii Desert Cassia Senna cardiosperma subs. gawlerensis Gawler Range Cassia Senna plantiicola Yellow Pea Senna pleurocarpa subs. pleurocarpa Smooth Cassia Sida fibulifera Pin Sida Sida intricate Twiggy Sida Swainsona Formosa Sturt s Desert Pea Templetonia retusa Cockie s Tongues Tetragonia implexicoma Bower Spinach Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass (reveg grade) Threlkeldia diffusa Coast Bonefruit Triodia basedowii Hard Spinifex Triodia irritans compacta Coast Spinifex Triodoa irritans irritans Porcupine Grass Triodia scariosa Spinifex Xanthorrhoea semiplana subs tateana Yacca, Grass Tree Zygophyllum apiculatum Common Twinleaf Zygophyllum aurantiacum Shrubby Twinleaf Zygophyllum eremaeium Climbing Twinleaf 24.47