Construction Workers Child Welfare Program (An ICHR Initiative with Dhyan Yog Society)

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1 GAIL (India) Limited CSR Partner Construction Workers Child Welfare Program (An ICHR Initiative with Dhyan Yog Society) Completion Report Prepared by Indian Chambers of Human Resource 1498-Basement, CR Park, New-Delhi B-114, Sec 64, Noida, U.P Tel: , AND Dhyan Yog Society (Anand Vidyalaya)

2 Project Completion Report for GAIL (India) Limited Indian Chambers of Human Anand Vidyalaya (Dhyan Yog Society) - CSR Partner GAIL (India) Limited Indian Chambers of Human Resource Indian Chambers of Human Resource (ICHR) is a Social Impact Collaborative Enterprise Platform that creates, operates and manages (COM Model) self-sustaining, high impact social programs with Private Public Partnerships (PPP) thereby creating an Empowered Nation!! ICHR s main focus is on Women and Child Empowerment across the globe. We at ICHR believe that providing basic education is just NOT enough; we also need to empower young children by providing them with right environment and right equipment that encourages them learn and feel confident. ICHR s child empowerment pilot program is supported by GAIL (India) Limited under their CSR Ujjwal initiative. ICHR support s NGOs and societies that cater to young children s education and augments their efforts by providing uniforms, socks and shoes, books and stationaries, school bags, fortified mid-day meals, regular health check-ups, clean drinking water and sports and digital equipment. The program encapsulates focussed meal plans along with mineral and vitamin support recommended by certified holistic nutritionists specializing in children and women health. Teachers are also catered to in our nutrition guidance and counselling programs. The multi-vitamins given to the children have been carefully selected to ensure no artificial colours/preservatives. ICHR has partnered with Anand Vidyalaya, a radiant school that focuses on educating pre-school children living below the poverty line without access to primary education. Anand Vidyalaya is located in DLF phase 3, Gurugram and is managed by Dhyan Yog Society. (New Sheds were installed on the Roof Top for Children outdoor activities Picture on Right)

3 ICHR BRINGS KINDER KONTAINER A GREEN MULTIPURPOSE DIGITAL SCHOOL ON WHEELS!! (Videography Link Below) What s unique about ICHR s Child Empowerment - Program - We are introducing digital education to very young children, making education FUN again and widening their horizons. We do this by bringing forth School on Wheels - a mobile green multipurpose classroom repurposed from discarded freight containers. This multi-purpose digital classroom is on wheels, is mobile, airconditioned, equipped with computers, projector, is theft proof and runs on solar power. We believe that we can make a huge difference by providing the right environment along with much needed education to young children. With shockingly high drop-out rates, we aim to keep the flame of education alive and cultivate hope in their lives. We hope to take our Kinder Kontainer s to all primary government schools in the near future!! (finished Kinder Kontainer with Children enjoying story telling time computers and LCD screen are being installed to provide digital education to children of Anand Vidyalaya) (Nav Bharat Times Coverage April 16 th 2018 Kinder Kontainer)

4 Highlights of the ICHR GAIL CSR sponsored Ujjwal Project (Before and After Pictures) Uniform Distribution Jan 2018 (Before uniforms were distributed) (After Winter Uniforms were distributed) (Shoe and Sock Distribution by ICHR and GAIL Project Committee members Jan 2018)

5 Nutrition and Health Camps for Anand Vidyalaya Jan/Feb/March 2018 (Severe Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, C, B6/B12, E, Mg and Calcium Deficiencies were found in Children Forever Kids Natural Multivitamins were recommended and provided to all children for 3 months period This has made remarkable difference in children s health and well-being) (Regular Health Check-Up Camps for Children in Jan/Feb/March 2018) (Multi- Vitamin Distribution to Anand Vidyalaya s 135 Students March 2018)

6 Elaborate weekly Meal Plan was provided to Anand Vidyalaya Children which has had a huge impact on their health and wellness (Meal Plan to be followed for the duration of the project) Week 01 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Chana daal Beans sabji (no aloo) Chholey Kaddu chatpata Boiled egg 02 Lauki masala Matar aloo Raita Boondi raita Dahi tablets Jeera raita Fresh Dahi Jeera Rice Daal ki Roti Aloo paratha multi- Wheat Jowar Roti Palak Roti Methi roti roasted peanut onion salad cucumber salad vitamin 1 date Gud chana 01 date Gud chana 1 date Week 2 11-Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec-17 Arhar Daal Sarson ka saag Rajma curry Sookhi jeera urad daal Boiled egg Bhindi boiled egg Dahi Matar paneer Curd 02 tablets multivitamin Rice Fresh Dahi Rice Gobhi paratha Roti ( with Sattu atta) Makki ki roti Roti Roti (with oats atta) Gajar salad 1 date Gud chana Sweet potato salad Chocolate cake Gud cahna 1 date Week Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec-17 Masur sabut daal Palak Kadhi Kaale chole Veg Pulao Boiled egg 02 tablets multi- Methi aloo Chawal Gobhi aalo Matar aloo cutlet Curd Rice Mixed Veg Rice Raita Mooli paratha Roti Chana salad Roti (palak) Fresh dhania chutney beet root salad Fresh dahi Gud chana Boondi Raita 1 date 1 date Gud chana 1 date vitamin Week Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec-17 Arhar daal Paneer curry Aloo Sabji Sambhar Boiled egg 02 tablets multivitamin Sample Lunch Menu Gobhi aloo Dahi wale aloo Vegetable raita Idli/ Vada Curd Dahi Dhania roti Daal ki poori Coconut chutney Paneer paratha Besan & dhania roti 1 date Gud chana 1 date Gud chana 1 date (Regular Check-ups on Children s health with Nutrition Workshops with Mid Day Meals)

7 Kinder Kontainer ICHR s Mobile Digital School for Children Delivered (before Picture) (After Picture) (ICHR s Kinder Kontainer up and running Parked at Anand Vidyalaya next to school)

8 Flag Off by DM Noida ICHR Kinder Kontainer off to Gurgaon (GAIL Committee at DM, Camp Office, sec 27, NOIDA with ICHR Team at Flag off ceremony) (GAIL CSR committee members with ICHR DM House Noida)

9 Outdoor Activities for Anand Vidyalaya Children in Feb and March 2018 (Tree Plantation & DVD Anand Vidyalaya kids March 2018) (Various activities at Anand Vidyalaya Feb/ March Dhyan Ashram)

10 Sports and outdoor Activities in March 2018 with Anand Vidyalaya Children (Above picture shows the condition before the ICHR program for kids) (Below pictures are indicating mark difference) (Now we have a bunch of happy Anand Vidyalaya)

11 (Top Picture - Multi- Vitamins Anand Vidyalaya School -March 2018) (new books and Stationary for Anand Vidyalaya, Gurugram)

12 (Educational DVD distribution to children for Digital Education in Kinder Kontainer) We at ICHR and Dhyan Yog Society thank GAIL (India) Limited and their CSR committee for their ongoing support and commitment towards education of children living below poverty Anand Vidyalaya School, Gurugram, Haryana! We hope that support towards education of children continues for our future projects!!