Authentic Kerala Cuisine

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1 Northern & Southern s r u o v F la Authentic Kerala Cuisine STARTERS MAIN DISHES SPECIALTIES SIDES DESSERTS DRINKS OPEN 7 DAYS MON - FRI 11.30am pm 5.30pm pm SAT - SUN 12.00pm pm 5.30pm pm PHONE: Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

2 The Charminar, built in 1591 CE, is a monument and mosque located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana), India. As a global icon of Hyderabad, it is one of the most recognised structures of India. The English name is a transliteration and combination of the Urdu words Char and Minar, translating to Four Towers. The grand arches face the four main compass points, with four wide roads going in each direction. ising from their lotus-leaves cushion, r and is situated on the western side facing Mecca, the Holy City of the Muslims. It is said to be the oldest surviving mosque in Hyderabad city. In its heyday, the Charminar market had some 15,000 shops. The famous markets known as Laad Bazaar and Pather Gatti are a favourite of tourists and locals alike for jewelry, especially known for exquisite bangles and pearls. In the evening, with illumination, the grand Charminar looks even greater. modernity and tradition...

3 WINE LIST WHITE WINE PER GLASS PER BOTTLE ROSE PER GLASS PER BOTTLE CHAMPAGNE ALBERT LE BRUN Reserve Brut $20.00 $90.00 NERO D AVOLLA Rosato Sicilly, Italy $9.00 $40.00 METHODE TRADITIONELLE JOHANSHOFF Marlborough, New Zealand NEW DAWN ROSE Marlborough, New Zealand SAUVIGNON BLANC SEIFRIED Sauv. Blanc. Nelson, New Zealand CHARLES WIFFEN Marlborough, New Zealand CHARDONNAY SUNSET VALLEY Nelson, New Zealand ARCHANGEL Central Otago, New Zealand $18.00 $70.00 $20.00 $90.00 $8.00 $30.00 $10.00 $35.00 $10.00 $45.00 $12.00 $55.00 RED WINE PINOT NOIR ALEX GOLD Central Otago, New Zealand JOHANSHOFF Maynern Marlborough, New Zealand COTO DE HAYES Grenache+Syrah, Spain ASKERNE SYRAH Hawke s Bay, New Zealand SEPTIMA MALBEC Mendoza, Argentina $10.00 $45.00 $10.00 $48.00 $9.00 $45.00 $8.00 $40.00 $8.00 $35.00 PINOT GRIS RABBIT ISLAND Nelson, New Zealand TE MANIA Nelson, New Zealand $7.00 $25.00 $8.00 $30.00

4 DRINKS MENU BEERS/CIDER BOTTLED BEER Corona $7.00 Steinlager $7.00 Export Gold $7.00 Lion Red $7.00 Stella Artois $7.00 Heineken $7.00 $7.00 Kingfisher Strong $8.00 CRAFT BEER Panhead $8.00 Epic $8.00 Baylands 650ml $8.00 SPIRITS VODKA SINGLE FILL Smirnoff Red $7.00 Zubrowka $7.00 BRANDY St Remy $7.00 COGNAC Remy Martin $12.00 GIN SINGLE FILL Poppies $8.00 Tanqueray $8.00 Gordons $8.00 RUM Bacardi White Rum $6.00 Coruba Gold $6.00 Diplomatico $7.00 SCOTCH WHISKEY Johnnie Walker Red Label $9.00 Johnnie Walker Black Label $11.00 Teachers $7.00 Chivas Regal $10.00 $11.00 Monkey Shoulder $9.00 Grants Scotch $9.00 AMERICAN STYLE WHISKEY Jack Daniels $9.00 Canadian Club $9.00 BOURBON Jim Beam $8.00 Wild Turkey $8.00 NON ALCOHOLIC TEA / COFFEE $5.00 SULIMANI $3.00 SOFT DRINKS $3.00 / CAN LASSI (SWEET / SALTY) $3.50 MANGO LASSI $4.00 MASALA CHAACH (SPICED BUTTER MILK) $4.00 GINGER BEER $4.00 LIME JUICE $5.00

5 NORTHERN FLAVOURS STARTERS VEGETARIAN ONION BHAJIYA $6.00 Sliced onion with curry leaves dipped VEGETABLE SAMOSA $6.00 peas and spices. PANEER TIKKA $12.00 Marinated cottage cheese in yoghurt, spices with onion, capsicum and tomatoes. VEGETABLE PLATTER $18.00 Samosa, Hara Bhara Kebab, Paneer Tikka and Onion Bhajiya. TANDOORI MUSHROOM $15.00 Marinated in house spices, yoghurt, garlic, ginger and grilled in tandoor. NON VEGETARIAN AFGHANI CHICKEN $12.00 Chicken boneless cubes, marinated with fresh herbs, cashew and cooked in tandoor. TANDOORI PRAWNS $15.00 Prawns cooked with black pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, green chilli and lemon juice cooked in tandoor. TANDOORI CHICKEN BONE IN HALF $12.00, FULL $20.00 Tender chicken marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and a combination of spices cooked in tandoor. CHICKEN TIKKA $12.00 NON VEGETABLE PLATTER $20.00 Afghani Chicken, Chicken Tikka... Chicken pieces marinated overnight with yoghurt, fresh ground spices and cooked in tandoor. SOUTHERN FLAVOURS STARTERS MEEN POLLICHATHU GRILLED FISH $15.00 Marinated fresh fish deep fried and wrapped in banana leaf with onions, tomato and indian spices. BEEF DRY FRY $17.00 One of the most favourite dish from kerala. Slow cooked beef & fried with spiced Chef s special mix. TAWA PRAWN FRY $17.00 Fresh prawns marinated with slight spices and fried in tawa.] CHICKEN 65 $15.00 Chicken cubes marinated with flour, yoghurt, curry leaves and ground spices PRPPER CHICKEN $15.00 Pieces of boneless chicken cooked with traditional pepper and fresh herbs. CHARMINAR CHICKEN FRY $15 marinated with bone chicken deep fried.

6 MAINS VEGETARIAN ALOO GOBI $15.00 with ginger, garlic paste, Indian spices in dry gravy style. PANEER BUTTER MASALA $15.00 Cooked in makhani gravy. VEGETABLE JALFREZI $14.00 Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in tomato gravy and mixed spices. PALAK PANEER $15.00 Cubes of cottage cheese in a creamy with Indian spices. PANEER KADAI $15.00 Cottage cheese tempered with onion tomato, capsicum and special spices. VEGETABLE KORMA $14.00 Mix vegetables cooked with cashew and almond gravy. BHENDI FRY $15.00 Lady Finger Okra stir fried, stuffed with an aromatic blend of ground spices. MALAI KOFTA $15.00 Cashew, almond and cottage cheese dumpling cooked with cashew gravy and cream. DAAL FRY $14.00 Yellow split lentils cooked with cumin seeds, ginger, garlic and tomatoes. DAAL MAKHANI $14.00 Lentils cooked in makhani gravy. CHANNA MASALA $15.00 White channa cooked with indian spices LAMB / BEEF KORMA $17.00 Pieces of tender boneless lamb cooked with almond and cashew nut gravy. KADAI $17.00 Pieces of tender lamb cooked with onion, tomato and capsicum with a touch of coriander and black pepper. SPINACH $17.00 Pieces of tender lamb cooked with spinach. ROGANJOSH $17.00 Pieces of tender lamb curry in brown onion gravy enhanced with aromatic Indian spices. MADRAS $17.00 Pieces of tender lamb cooked with creamy coconut milk based gravy with tomato and coriander. VINDALOO $17.00 Pieces of tender lamb cooked in red chilli paste and onion gravy.

7 MAINS CHICKEN BUTTER CHICKEN $16.00 Oven grilled chicken cooked in cream and butter gravy (mild, medium & hot). CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA $16.00 Tandoori chicken cooked with yoghurt, Indian spices in rich thick gravy. CHICKEN KADAI $16.00 Chicken pieces cooked with onion, tomato, capsicum with a touch of coriander and black pepper. CHICKEN JALFREZI $16.00 Pieces of boneless chicken satay with onions, capsicum and onion gravy. CHICKEN ACHARI $17.00 Achari spicy chicken curry made with pickling sauce onion and tomato. CHICKEN KORMA $17.00 Pieces of boneless chicken cooked with almond and cashew gravy. BALTI CHICKEN $17.00 Boneless chicken blended together with tomato puree, yoghurt, garam masala, chilli powder, mango chutney, salt and sugar. MANGO CHICKEN $17.00 Boneless chicken cooked with spices in an onion and mango gravy. CHICKEN SPINACH $17.00 Pieces of tender chicken cooked with spinach. CHICKEN VINDALOO $17.00 Boneless chicken cooked in red chilli paste, spices and onion gravy. SEAFOOD PRAWN MASALA $17.00 Prawns cooked with onion and tomato gravy. FISH MASALA $17.00 in chefs secret recipe. BUTTER PRAWNS $17.00 Prawns cooked in creamy butter sauce. FISH & CAPSICUM MASALA $17.00 Fish, capsicum, curry leaves cooked with fresh ground spices. *Please inform our staff of any dietary needs or allergies

8 MAINS NADAN BEEF / MUTTON CURRY $17.00 This is a typical kerala village special curry cooked with spiced beef cubes and flavoured with coconut milk, ginger, chilli & garlic BEEF / MUTTON ROAST $17.00 Beef cubes slow cooked with red chilli, tomato, ginger & garlic forming a thick gravy garnished with curry leaves. BEEF ULARTHU $17.00 Our chef s secret recipe dish made up of slow roasted beef cubes in a spicy aromatic masala with coconut bites & curry leaves. KAPPA BIRIYANI $17.00 Beef/chicken marinated with mixed spices and cooked with tapioca & roasted coconut. NADAN CHICKEN $16.00 Kerala village special curry made of diced chicken cubes cooked with coconut milk, ginger, chilli & garlic. CHICKEN VARUTHARA $16.00 South indian spicy chicken curry in a roasted gravy. CHICKEN MALLI PERALAN $16.00 A kottayam style chicken preparation. Cubes of tender chicken and potato cooked in a coconut and coriander based gravy. CHICKEN CHETTINAD $16.00 Chettinad chicken curry is made by cooking chicken cubes with authentic kerala spices and roasted with coconut bites and garnished with curry leaves & shallots. KAPPA & FISH CURRY $16.00 Boiled cassava/yucca pieces served with kerala fish curry cooked with available fish, pot tamarind, red chilli & spices. KERALA FISH FRY (Depends on Availability) Pan fried availbale fish marinated with fine paste of spicy ingredients. KERALA FISH CURRY $16.00 Available fish cooked with pot tamarind, red chilli & spices. FISH MOLLY $18.00 Kerala style fish molly is a delightful mildly spiced fish stew. PRAWNS ROAST $18.00 Prawns roast is a traditional kerala seafood speciality, where prawn is roasted with sliced coconut, spices & pot tamarind. EGG ROAST $14.00 Boiled eggs prepared with spices, onion, tomato gravy & coconut milk. VEGETABLE CURRY $13.00 Curry made with mixed vegatbles, spices & coconut milk. CHETTINAD VEGETABLE $13.00 Chettinad vegetable is a flavoured, spicy curry prepared using vegetables, coconut & spices. MUSHROOM MASALA $14.00 Curry cooked with mushrooms, vegetables and spiced with garam masala & red chilli powder. KADALA (BENGAL GRAM) CURRY $14 Bengal gram cooked with indian spices SAMBAR $10.00 A typical south indian sambar

9 DOSA GHEE ROAST $ crispy dosa spreads out with ghee (clarified butter). MASALA DOSA $ stuffed dosa spreads out with ghee (clarified butter). TANDOOR DOSA $ stuffed dosa with minced tandoori chicken/mushroom & spices. Served with sambar & chutney EGG DOSA $12.00 egg dosa is a popular street food from south india. THATTU DOSA $10.00 The thick circular and steaming vegetarian delicacy. UTTAPPAM $10.00(ONION ROAST) uttappam is a dosa like thick pancake, with onion topping cooked right into the better. KEEMA DOSA $ stuffed dosa with minced beef & spices. BREADS NORTHERN FLAVOURS NAAN (Butter/Plain) $3.50 CHEESE & GARLIC NAAN $5.00 PESHWAARI NAAN $5.00 (stuffed with dry nuts) KULCHA NAAN (Onion) $5.00 GARLIC NAAN $4.00 CHEESE NAAN $4.00 STUFFED NAAN $5.00 (paneer, chicken/lamb mince or potato) SOUTHERN FLAVOURS KERALA POROTTA $2.00 A porotta is a layered flatbread made from maida flour. SPINACH POROTTA $3.00 GARLIC POROTTA $3.00 CHEESE POROTTA $3.00 BUTTER POROTTA $3.00 APPAM $2.00 Appam is a typical Kerala pancake made with fermented rice batter & coconut milk. SIDES PAPADOM $1.00 / RAITA $3.50 Yoghurt mixed with cucumber and ground spices. MINT CHUTNEY $3.50 Yoghurt mixed with mint, green chillies and spices. ONION SALAD $3.50 CHARMINAR SALAD $5.00 *Please inform our staff of any dietary needs or allergies BASMATI RICE $4.00 Plain, steamed Basmati rice. JEERA RICE $6.50 Basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds. MIXED VEGETABLE PICKLE $3.50 MANGO CHUTNEY $3.50

10 BIRIYANI Authentic Biriyani cooked in dum style. CHICKEN, BEEF OR VEGETABLE BIRIYANI $13.00 LAMB BIRIYANI $15.00 PRAWNS OR FISH BIRIYANI $15.00 FRIED RICE VEGETABLE / EGG $14.00 CHICKEN $14.00 PRAWN $16.00 LUNCH SPECIALS AVAILABLE 11.30AM PM VEGETARIAN $11.99 Choice of Vegetable Curry, Rice, Plain or Butter Naan & Soft Drink. MONDAY TO FRIDAY NON VEGETARIAN $12.99 Choice of Chicken or Lamb Curry, Rice, Plain or Butter Naan & Soft Drink. DESSERTS GULAB JAMUN $4.00 Soft, spongy and melt in mouth, drenched traditional sweet in India. CARROT HALWA $5.00 Grated carrots, milk, sugar and nuts are stirred and cooked together. FRUIT SALAD & ICE CREAM $6.00 Seasonal fruits soaked in sugar syrup with vanilla extract & ice cream. ICE CREAM $3.00 Plain ice cream with vanilla or chocolate flavours. *Please inform our staff of any dietary needs or allergies

11 SPECIALTIES WEEKEND MENU Saturday - Sunday KERALA SADHYA $15.00 A traditional kerala lunch/dinner meal consists of parboiled rice served with vegetarian gravies and side dishes. *Non-Veg specials are available from standard menu. IDLI (4nos) $10.00 with Popular South Indian rice cakes are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils and rice. Idlis are served with a chutney and sambar. Extra Idli $1.