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1 Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin 2007 Press Kit ~ Table f Cntents Fact Sheet... 2 Principal Cntact List... 3 Member Cntact List... 4 Assciate Member List... 5 Suisun Valley ~ Planted Varieties... 6 Suisun Valley Histry... 7 SVGGA ~ Overview... 8 Suisun Valley ~ 25 th Anniversary f Appellatin Designatin (12/14/07)... 9 Signs f Grwth are Spreading thrugh the Valley (09/11/07) Why Buy Suisun Valley Grapes Suisun Valley Map Suisun Valley Map with vineyard images.. 15 Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 1

2 FACT SHEET ASSOCIATION INFORMATION CALIFORNIA S 11 TH AVA 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 ESTABLISHED: DECEMBER 27, 1982 Suisun Valley, CA Web: Tel: (707) fr inf n SVGGA OFFICERS DIRECTORS (2004) President Rger King Vice President Ken Lanza Secretary Maurry Kch Treasurer Gary Mangles Directr Steven Tenbrink Directr Dan Capp Directr Chris Estes Directr Rick Wehman HISTORY Established n December 27, 1982, Suisun Valley is Califrnia s 11 th AVA GEOGRAPHY Suisun Valley is 15,360 acres, with 3,000 acres currently planted t wine grapes. Suisun Valley lies within the suthern end f tw ranges f the Cast Range: the Vaca Muntains t the east and the Mt. Gerge Range t the west. Suisun Valley terminates in the suth at the marshlands f Suisun Bay. T the nrth, Suisun Valley rlls up int Wden Valley at the Napa Cunty line. Length Apprximately eight miles Width Apprximately three miles at its widest pint Orientatin Nrth t suth, split mid-valley t tw gegraphical fingers Drainage Suisun Creek and Ledgewd Creek drain int Suisun Bay CLIMATE Suisun Valley s terrir is characterized by cl, mist winds blwing inland, frm the Pacific Ocean and San Francisc s San Pabl Bay, cntinuusly frm May thrugh early fall. Spring frsts are made less severe by its prximity t the Suisun Bay. CLIMATE TYPE Climate is Mid-regin III, as classified by the University f Califrnia Davis system f heat summarizatin by 0 degree days. ACCUMULATION Averages rughly Mid valley average Upper valley average 3,350 degree days per year 3,250 t 3,450 degree days per year 3,700 t 3,750 degree days per year SOILS Suisun Valley cnsists f a mixture f sils zned within the valley flr, and additinal nnetyped sils within the undevelped hillsides. Sil types include the fllwing: Brentwd clay lam Sycamre silty lam San Ysidr sandy lam Rincn clay lam WATER Suisun Valley is primary prvided with agricultural water via Putah Suth Canal, which draws frm Lake Berryessa, and is perated by the Slan Irrigatin District. Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 2

3 Principal Cntact List Suisun Valley Wine Grape Grwers Assciatin Bard f Directrs Rger King - President 2546 Mankas Crner Rad (707) (707) fax Rn Lanza - Vice President 4756 Suisun Valley Rad (707) cell Maurry Kch - Secretary 5055 Business Center Drive Suite 108 PMB 396 Fairfield, CA (707) Gary Mangels - Treasurer 2294 Mrrisn Lane (707) Jim Parr - Directr 4285 Suisun Valley Rad (707) (707) Rick Wehman - Directr 4589 Abernathy Rad (707) (707) fax Stephen Tenbrink - Directr 5260 Grdn Valley Rad (707) Chris Estes - Directr 5304 Williams Rad (707) (707) fax Hward Babcck - Directr 2434 Mrrisn Lane (707) Diaz Cmmunicatins - Fr Public Relatins 781 Natalie Drive Windsr, CA (707) (707) Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 3

4 Member Cntact List Grwer Members Cntact Phne Bbby & Renee Balestra Willis & Reba Jhnsn Jeffrey Miller Catherine & Richard Zimmerman A & J Custm Farming Fred Abruzzini A.J. Vineyards Jay Adair Andrews Vineyards Frank & Drthy Andrews Babcck Vineyard Brian Babcck Babcck Vineyards, Inc. Hward Babcck Balestra & Balestra Larry & Lisa Balestra Biggs Family Trust Biggs Family C & J Ranch Curt and Jeanette Lindemann Claytn Vineyards Ellis Claytn Vineyards Ester Engel Rwland Estes Vineyards Chris & Tracie Estes Giann Vineyard Mary & Lenard Giann Grdn Valley Farms Dn Jhnsn & Jim Parr Hansen Farms J & E Investments James Petersn Jnes Ranch Jnes Kch Vineyards Maurice & Glria Kch Lanny Capp Vineyard Lanny & Sandra Capp Lanza Vineyards Inc. Ken Lanza Rn Lanza Ledgewd Creek Winery Rick Wehman Ledgewd Vineyards Rger King Lney Ranch Rn & Kim Lney M & L Ranch, Lindemann Enterprises Frank and Sarah Lindemann M. German & Sn Fruit C. Michael German Mangels Ranch Jhn Mangels & Gary Mangles Mnre Ranch James Delehanty Mrrisn Ranch Gary Mangles Niffenegger Vineyard Rss Niffenegger Oberti Vineyards Oberti Family Scarlett s Family Vineyard Katherine Frances Scarlett Smith Family Partners Stephen P. Smith Slan Fthill Vineyard, LLC Teresa & Jhn Wignall Tenbrink Ranch Steven Tenbrink Tby Vineyard Christine and A. R. Tby Twin Creek Vineyards Brcap Vineyards Dan & Marguerite Capp Upper Valley Vineyards - Hansen Farms Rbert Hansen Vernasca Vineyards Pete Vernasca Vezér Family Vineyards Frank Vezér Wine & Walker Ranch Paul & Bnnie Herman Wlfskill Ranches Bradley and Renee Wlfskill Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 4

5 Assciate Member Cntact List Member Cntact Phne Jack Batsn Andrea M. Bsc Keith Grimsn Alf Burtlesn Cnstructin Alf Burtlesn Allied Grape Grwers All-Pints Petrleum Rn Myska Bask Cellars Brian Babcck Califrnia Assciatin f Wine Grwers Karen Rse Cuntry Estates Inc Glria M. Kch D & B Ranch Dennis & Sandi, f D & B Diaz Cmmunicatins Jse & J Diaz Family Winemakers f Califrnia Paul Krnenberg FP Smith Parts & Equipment Pete Smith Gaw Van Male, Cunselrs at Law Dean Kackley Green Valley Tractr Rn & Kim Lney Greystne Vineyards Dwight & Elaine Wdard Jim Lewis Viticultural Services Jim Lewis P.S. I Lve Yu J Diaz Mercer Grapevines Guillaume Magrian Mine Services Wine Caves Divisin State Farm Insurance Gary Falati SVFGA The Henry Wine Grup Dn Lcke Turrentine Wine Brkerage Bill Turrentine Vineyard Specialists Gail Gant Wirth Ranch Lillian Wirth Wden Valley Winery Rn Lanza Blue Clr = Established Winery in Suisun Valley Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 5


7 Suisun Valley ~ Histry Varietal grape grwing fr premium winemaking in Califrnia s Suisun Valley has rts dating back int the 1800 s, and represents ver a century f cntinuus viticultural activity. In the 1800 s, vineyards were mre prminently lcated in the suthern end f bth Suisun Valley and neighbring Green Valley. They were typified by classic head pruned vines in field-blend plantings. In the latter 1800 s, Mangles Winery (lng decmmissined and nw gne) sat just t the west f Suisun Valley Rad near Crdelia. It represented ne f the largest cmmercial wineries in the United States in its day, and prduced wines frm fruit grwn in and arund this lcatin. While phyllxera (and later Prhibitin) did much t disrupt the lcal grape industry in the early 1900 s, a strng rebund fr grapes and wine cmmenced in the pst WWII ecnmic expansin. Wine industry cycles ver the years have cntinued t increase viticultural acreage, change varietal plantings, and influence a cntinuus pursuit f quality gains. In 1982, grwers f the Western Slan Cunty Grape Grwers Assciatin successfully petitined the BATF, and received frmal designatin f Suisun Valley as an identified AVA. The 15,000 acre Suisun Valley AVA was subsequently included in the 1983 frmatin f the Nrth Cast AVA, cmbining Napa, Snma, and Mendcin cunties, tgether with Suisun Valley and Green Valley (with elements f Lake and Marin Cunties) int ne verarching ultra premium grwing regin, nw recgnized wrld-wide. Benefiting frm a Mediterranean climate, prperly fertile sils, and significant marine air influences during summer mnths, Suisun Valley grwers have incrprated new trellising systems with changes in varietal and clne selectins t cntinue quality enhancement in wine grape prductin. Tday, apprximately 3,000 acres are under vine in the Suisun Valley and that fruit cntinues t be surced by numerus Napa and Snma wineries fr inclusin in multiple prduct lines. Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 7

8 SVGGA ~ Overview The frmatin f Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin (SVGGA) is cnsidered t create a mre chesive and sustainable cmpetitive market psitin fr wine grape grwers within the Suisun Valley AVA; thereby, imprving and bettering the cnditins f respective grwer members f the Assciatin. This will be accmplished thrugh a number f prpsed specific gals and bjectives as utlined belw: Gals and Objectives T sustain wine grape prductin at cmmercially prfitable levels fr all grwers with the Suisun Valley AVA: 1. T imprve price per tn averages n annualized basis t maintain grwer revenue in line with increased perating csts 2. T increase annual tnnage shipments frm Suisun Valley t premium Nrth Cast wineries 3. T develp meaningful awareness within cmmercial markets f the Nrth Cast (AVA) rientatin f Suisun Valley and psitin such awareness as high quality/high value 4. T fster access t premium grapes t serius hme wine markets, fr thse grwers seeking such buyers 5. T fster further winery develpment within the Suisun Valley AVA prducing Suisun Valley appellated wines Assciatin Objectives 1. Return Grape cntract pricing t equal r exceed recmmended pricing set by Nrth Cast wine grape prducers 2. Establish, within 2 years, viable sales prmtin channels exclusive t SVGGA members that are recgnized by bth cmmercial and hme winegrape buyers 3. Pursue cntracting terms with majr premium cmmercial buyers that establish Suisun Valley AVA in appellated wines and single vineyard wines 4. Wrk t narrw pricing gaps t Napa Valley average grape pricing per tn 5. Supprt develpment f additinal Suisun Valley wineries within next tw years Strategies t Accmplish Gals and Objectives 1. Strng prmtin f psitive aspects fr the Suisun Valley terrir, defining key nuances f marine influence, sils types, clnal selectins and viticultural practices 2. Create and implement a viable sales channel t bth cmmercial and hme winegrape buyers thrugh use f internet technlgy and cnventinal cmmunicatins. 3. Establish prgrams and services t assist grwers t cnstantly imprve quality levels f wine grape varietals prduced. 4. Cllective negtiatin f majr grape cntracts if and when apprpriate. 5. Implementatin f a price/value index n SVGGA grapes 6. Strng slicitatin and incentives t wineries t prduce single vineyard r AVA appellated wines. Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 8

9 IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Cntact: J Diaz December 14, 2007 (707) th Anniversary Of Appellatin Designatin SUISUN VALLEY: The Silver Anniversary kick-ff fr Califrnia s twelfth histrical AVA is a winemaker dinner with Suisun Valley Grape Grwers and Winemakers, Thursday, December 27, 2007, at 6:30 p.m., Vintage Caffè, Mankas Crner, Suisun Valley. Immediately Fllwing the winemaker dinner, Suisun Valley Grape Grwers have planned a celebratry weekend, with fur Suisun Valley tasting rm hsting their festivities: Saturday, December 29, and Sunday, December 30, 2007, frm 12:00 p.m. t 5:00 p.m. The fur hst lcatins are the fllwing: Ledgewd Creek Winery, 4589 Abernathy Rad Suisun Valley Wine Cperative, 4495 Suisun Valley Rad Vezér Family Vineyard Tasting Rm, 5066 Claytn Rad Wden Valley Winery, 4756 Suisun Valley Rad This is ging t be a premium wine tasting and specialty fd paring weekend, in rder t shwcase the exceptinal wines being crafted frm Suisun Valley wine grapes. Cmplimentary lg wine glasses will be ffered at each lcatin A wide variety f fds and savry samples will be available, with each lcatin determining what will be ffered Barrel tasting by select vintners Vertical wine tastings, als by select vintners During this festive hliday week, the Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin, in cllabratin with their tasting rm neighbrs, are lking frward t a delightful weekend. Independent Suisun Valley tasting rms will be shwcasing the best that their valley has t ffer, welcming the public t cme share and enjy in their celebratins. # # # Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 9

10 IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Cntact: J Diaz September 11, 2007 (707) Signs f Grwth are Spreading thrugh the Valley Literally and Figuratively Suisun Valley prepares t celebrate its 25 th AVA Anniversary this December 2007 SUISUN VALLEY: Viticulture histry began fr Suisun Valley in the late 1800s. Frm that time until 1980, Suisun Valley winegrape grwers kept their nses t the grindstne quietly grwing wine grapes. In 1981, the United States instituted American Viticultural Areas, in rder t distinguish grape grwing regins. By February 1981, the first regin t receive designatin was Napa Valley, with 225,280 acres. One wuld think that it wuld be decades befre little knwn Suisun Valley wuld becme an AVA; hwever, astute grwers in the Western Slan Cunty Grape Grwers Assciatin successfully petitined the BATF, and received frmal designatin fr Suisun Valley as an identified AVA by December 27, This made Suisun Valley the twelfth Califrnia AVA; then, all became quiet again in that winegrape grwing regin. AVA (Califrnia nly dcumented)* ACRES DATE (*Wine Institute) 1. Napa Valley 225,280 02/27/ Santa Maria Valley 80,000 09/04/ San Pasqual Valley 9,000 09/16/ Guenc Valley 4,396 12/21/ Santa Cruz Muntains /04/ Snma Valley 4,000 01/24/ Lime Kiln Valley 2,300 07/06/ Chalne 8,540 07/14/ Paicines 4,500 09/15/ Cienega Valley /20/ Livermre Valley 96,000 10/01/ Suisun Valley 15,360 12/27/1982 In July 2002, a savvy grup f winegrape farmers in Suisun Valley reunited fr a cmmn purpse. Withut a chesive marketing plan, the grwers realized that they d cntinue t be dismissed each harvest as they tried t sell their grapes fr fair market value. With their base f peratin n the ther side f the Vaca Muntain Range (a.k.a. Silverad Muntains), Suisun Valley was cnstantly being eclipsed by neighbring Napa. The Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin was frmed, which has accelerated their purpse, grwth, and directin in the last Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 10

11 five years in ways n ne culd have imagined when they began, but can nw be visibly acknwledged. Prir t SVGGA s inceptin, the Lanza family f Wden Valley played a majr, albeit quiet, rle. In 1955, Mari Lanza bught prperty in Suisun frm a friend. Fr thers, like Dean Frisbie f Ledgewd Creek Winery & Vineyards (wh s been in Suisun Valley since 1985, when he first bught a pear farm and cnverted it t vineyards) cming int the valley was a reinventing f neself. And fr yet thers, like Rger King f King Andrews Vineyard, sme have quietly arrived t escape the hectic crprate wrld. It s been a nn-descript endeavr, fcused mre n grwing the fruit than n anything else. Signs f Grwth (Left) New chesive sign prgram in prgress ~ (Right) Suisun Valley Wine Cperative As Suisun Valley grwers and prducers begin t fcus n what the assciatin will be ding in the upcming year t celebrate, they can t help but reflect back n what s happened within the last five, nce they decided t drive their message frward. Chesive sign prgram is in place t distinguish their lcatins C-p tasting rm created (4495 Suisun Valley Rad) t shwcase wines Mre brands are prudly putting Suisun Valley n their labels as an AVA Awareness and demand fr Suisun Valley fruit is n the rise Great scres fr wines appellated t Suisun Valley has prduced rapid awareness The C-p tasting rm is bradly managed by Dug Sparks f the Sunset Cellars label, with each f the featured brands als assuming tasting rm duties. As an early adpter fr appellating his wines t Suisun Valley, Dug Sparks f Sunset Cellars was in the right place at the right time. The need fr a tasting rm within the valley, and Dug s needs t have a tasting rm, cllided. Current Brands in Suisun Valley Wine Cp Tasting Rm: King Andrews Vineyards Shale Peak Vineyards Sunset Cellars, LLC Twilight Ridge Winterhawk Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 11

12 Additinal Brands Appellated t Suisun Valley Bask Cellars (Suisun) Kch Wine (Suisun) Ledgewd Creek (Suisun) Mankas Hills Vineyards (Suisun) Vezér Family Vineyard (Suisun) Wden Valley (Suisun) Crze (Yuntville) Frlrn Hpe (Napa) Manifest! (Napa) Olabisi Wines (Calistga) Tenbrink Thmas Michael Cellars (Yuntville) Trahan Winery (Rutherfrd) Tasting Rms in Suisun Valley Ledgewd Creek Winery Suisun Valley Wine Cperative Vezér Family Vineyard Wden Valley Winery Vezér Family Vineyard buildings, Mankas Crner (New additin) (Left) Ledgewd Creek Winery ~ (Right) Wden Valley Winery # # # Suisun Valley Grape Grwers Assciatin * 4160 Suisun Valley Rad, Suite E 141 * * 12