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1 Date : April 28, 2016 SAMPLE IDENTIFICATION Internal code : 16D12-GUR6-1-HM Customer identification : Invigorate Type : Essential oil Source : Blend Customer : GuruNanda LLC. ANALYSIS Method : PC-PA E06, "Analysis of the composition of a liquid essential oil by GC-FID" (in French). Analyst : Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., chimiste Analysis date : Checked and approved by : Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., chimiste Note: This report may not be published, including online, without the written consent from Laboratoire PhytoChemia. This report is digitally signed, it is only considered valid if the digital signature is intact. Page 1 of 6

2 IDENTIFIED COMPOUNDS Identification Column: BP5 Column: WAX R.T. R.I. % % R.I. R.T. Molecular Class Tricyclene Monoterpene α-thujene Monoterpene α-pinene Monoterpene Camphene Monoterpene 3-Methylcyclohexanone Aliphatic ketone Sabinene Monoterpene β-pinene Monoterpene Myrcene Monoterpene Octen-3-ol Aliphatic alcohol 6-Methyl-5-hepten-2-one Aliphatic ketone α-phellandrene Monoterpene Octan-3-ol Aliphatic alcohol Octanal Aliphatic aldehyde α-terpinene Monoterpene Limonene Monoterpene 1,8-Cineole Monoterp. ether cis-β-ocimene * Monoterpene trans-β-ocimene Monoterpene γ-terpinene [0.10] * Monoterpene cis-sabinene hydrate Monoterp. alcohol 4-Nonanone Aliphatic ketone Terpinolene Monoterpene para-cymenene Monoterpene Linalool Monoterp. alcohol Nonanal Aliphatic aldehyde Octen-3-yl acetate Aliphatic ester trans-pinocarveol Monoterp. alcohol Camphor Monoterp. ketone Menthone 7.77* Monoterp. ketone Citronellal 7.77* 1155 [4.19] * Monoterp. aldehyde Menthofuran Monoterp. ether Isomenthone Monoterp. ketone neo-menthol * Monoterp. alcohol (Z)-Isocitral Monoterp. aldehyde Terpinen-4-ol 8.46* * Monoterp. alcohol Menthol 8.46* 1181 [4.83] Monoterp. alcohol (E)-Isocitral Monoterp. aldehyde Isomenthol Monoterp. alcohol neoiso-menthol Monoterp. alcohol α-terpineol 9.12* Monoterp. alcohol cis-dihydrocarvone 9.12* 1204 [0.12] Monoterp. ketone Page 2 of 6

3 Decanal Aliphatic aldehyde trans-carveol Monoterp. alcohol Neral Monoterp. aldehyde Carvone * Monoterp. ketone Geraniol Monoterp. alcohol neo-menthyl acetate Monoterp. ester Geranial Monoterp. aldehyde Menthyl acetate Monoterp. ester Neryl acetate Monoterp. ester α-copaene Sesquiterpene β-patchoulene 17.41* [1.08] * Sesquiterpene β-bourbonene 17.41* 1364 [1.12] Sesquiterpene β-elemene [0.45] * Sesquiterpene Geranyl acetate Monoterp. ester (Z)-Jasmone Jasmonate β-caryophyllene Sesquiterpene α-guaiene [4.70] * Sesquiterpene Seychellene * Sesquiterpene α-humulene 22.67* Sesquiterpene α-patchoulene 22.67* 1436 [1.90] [3.75] * Sesquiterpene γ-patchoulene * Sesquiterpene δ-patchoulene [0.99] * Sesquiterpene Germacrene D * Sesquiterpene Bicyclogermacrene [15.10] * Sesquiterpene α-selinene [1.37] * Sesquiterpene Aciphyllene [1.37] * Sesquiterpene α-muurolene [15.10] * Sesquiterpene δ-guaiene [15.10] * Sesquiterpene Valencene * Sesquiterpene γ-cadinene 27.70* Sesquiterpene β-bisabolene 27.70* 1496 [0.35] [0.21] * Sesquiterpene Cubebol * Sesquiterp. alcohol δ-cadinene Sesquiterpene Selina-3,7(11)-diene Sesquiterpene Norpatchoulenol Norsesquiterp. alcohol Caryophyllene oxide [0.05] * Sesquiterp. ether γ-eudesmol Sesquiterp. alcohol Pogostol Sesquiterp. alcohol Patchoulol Sesquiterp. alcohol Patchoulenone Sesquiterp. ketone Pogostone Polyketone Nootkatone Sesquiterp. ketone Total identified 96.58% 96.24% *: Two or more compounds are coeluting on this column Page 3 of 6

4 [xx]: Duplicate percentage due to coelutions, not taken account in the identified total Note: no correction factor was applied OTHER DATA Physical aspect : Orange liquid Refractive index : ± (20 C) CONCLUSION Based on the analysis above, the listed ingredients for Invigorate are pure and natural. No adulterant, contaminant or diluent were detected using this method. Page 4 of 6

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