By picking up this catalogue, you are entering the sophisticated world of luxury wines and spirits. The exquisite range of products which we offer,

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2 By picking up this catalogue, you are entering the sophisticated world of luxury wines and spirits. The exquisite range of products which we offer, each hold their own unique story of craftsmanship, heritage and traditions, spanning many generations. It is a world where success is based on research, expertise and experience handed down from generation to generation. Each brand presented here tells a unique story of flavours, places and people whose visions were ahead of their time and who pursued their dreams with passion. Behind every bottle lies the reputation of authorities such as Master Blender Collin Scott and Sandy Hyslop, as well as Master Distiller Alan Winchester and Master Cellar Didier Mariotti. They continue the legacy of those who have come before them. Always striving to improve, whilst ensuring that they maintain the highest quality possible and remain true to the craftsmanship of their forefathers. Experience unique, luxurious aromas, flavours and textures, by treating yourself to a bottle from this catalogue. By sharing those experiences with your friends and loved ones, you can fully appreciate the masterful craftsmanship of these industry experts. Your experience is also determined by knowledge, which is why we are delighted to give you the opportunity to explore the nuances of Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, vodkas, liqueurs, rum, wines and champagnes that will please the most sophisticated palates. 2 3

3 WHISKY IS MORE THAN ALCOHOL. IT S A WAY OF LIFE. SCOTCH WHISKY Whisky made in Scotland is notable for its wide spectrum of aromas, from intensely peaty and smoky to delicate and fruity to slightly salty, typical of coastal areas. With an abundance of Scottish distilleries, it is difficult to make any generalisations, as every whisky has its own unique character. The basic ingredients of whisky are grain, water and yeast. From these three basic ingredients, it is the role of the Master Distiller to ensure that the unique style, aromas and characteristics of the spirit are maintained and conveyed clearly to the consumer. Scotch whisky is protected by a geographical indication (GI) and must be made exclusively in Scotland. It is matured for a minimum of three years in oak casks with a capacity of no more than 700 litres. The alcohol content in bottled whisky is also regulated and must be at least 40%. In 2005, the Scotch whisky industry adopted new definitions on labels in order to provide customers with reliable information. Under the new regulation, Scotch whisky is divided into two main categories: Malt Whisky (made from malted barley) Grain Whisky 4 5

4 The most popular and most commonly recognised whiskies are single malt, blended malt and blended whisky. MALT SCOTCH WHISKY Malt scotch whisky whisky is made from malted barley and distilled at least twice in copper stills. Single malt means that the whisky is distilled at a single distillery while blended malt is a blend of malt whiskies that come from more than one distillery. Drinking malt whisky is a real treat for the senses. To fully enjoy your malt whisky, add a few drops of room-temperature water to draw out all the hidden flavours and aromas. Serve whisky in a tulip glass, with the bowl tapered at the rim, to be able to truly appreciate its bouquet. BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY Blended scotch whisky is a blend of malt and grain whiskies. Its ingredients come from different distilleries and the age stated on the label defines the youngest whisky used for blending. Blended whisky is currently the most popular category, accounting for about 90% of all whisky sales. The Glenlivet is Scotch whisky known as the single malt that started it all. For nearly 200 years, this unique whisky has been made to an original recipe that ensures its full, complex aroma and oneof-a-kind character. The distillation process is currently overseen by Alan Winchester, who has been working at the Glenlivet distillery for more than 20 years. 6 7

5 THE GLENLIVET THE WINCHESTER COLLECTION 50YO VINTAGE 1967 THE GLENLIVET XXV THE GLENLIVET SINGLE CASK CARN DULACK 14YO THE GLENLIVET 21YO THE GLENLIVET 18YO The world s first series of exceptionally rare and precious 50-year-old The Glenlivet whiskies. Vintage 1967 is the third whisky curated by Alan Winchester. There are only 155 bottles of this limited edition whisky worldwide. The Glenlivet Vintage 1967 is aged exclusively in carefully selected sherry casks. Prepared with incredible precision, the whisky is housed in a special cabinet. Brought to perfection, each element is to highlight the unique character of the vintage and present its history and legacy. COLOUR: dark gold rich, with fruity notes of apricot jam accentuated by the aroma of toasted almonds smooth, rich in sweet notes of orange and milk chocolate long, with an exceptionally rich sweetness The Glenlivet XXV is an ultra-premium release, both in terms of flavour and packaging. Selected vintages are finished in first-fill sherry casks that give this prestigious whisky a rich and full profile. Each batch is numbered and each bottle housed in a beautiful oak box. COLOUR: amber, with gold lights intense, deep and creamy; fruity and spicy aromas enhanced by maturation in sherry casks silky, perfectly balanced and composed of aromas of ginger, cinnamon, dark chocolate and orange zest long and intense, with notes of sultana raisins A superb single malt whisky from the luxurious The Glenlivet Single Cask Edition. It is exclusively drawn from a single cask straight into bottles and non-chill filtered. This whisky is a product of 14 years of maturation in ex-sherry casks, with 60.2% ABV. Only 600 numbered bottles of this liquid were produced. COLOUR: clean gold rich and fruity, with an aroma of fruit cake, luscious pear and a trace of spicy ginger honey, with notes of creamy vanilla and hints of liquorice and toffeeflavoured treacle long and dry, with a hint of spice The qualities of this 21-year matured whisky are not just rare they re unique. This whisky is matured in hand-selected American oak and European oak casks, which impart the unique flavour, incredible depth, vibrant intensity and long finish. Each cask is hand-selected by Alan Winchester and every batch has its own subtle nuances that make it one of a kind. COLOUR: amber, with copper lights elegant and mature, saturated with aromas of wood and fruit full, with delicate notes of vanilla, ginger and dark chocolate long, elegant, with notes of hazelnuts and liquorice Over the course of 18 years Master Distiller Alan Winchester created a unique flavour and aroma, taking this expression through a combination of cask types, including both first- and second-fill American oak (for tropical fruitiness) and ex-sherry oak (for spicy complexity). The result of this deft navigation of the distilling arts is a gorgeous single malt that is complex, yet elegant and balanced on the nose. COLOUR: dark amber a sublime composition of luscious aromas of ripe pear and fragrant floral notes rich and profound; a mix of toffee, orange and a subtle oakiness long and spicy, with notes of raisins 8 9

6 THE GLENLIVET THE FRENCH OAK RESERVE 15YO The 15-year old whisky gets its distinctive character from a process of selective maturation in which a proportion of the spirit is matured in French oak casks. The pedunculate oak is cut in France s Dordogne region, where it is often used to mature cognacs. Its low density allows whisky to sink deep into the wood, with the result being a unique, pleasing spiciness on the palate. This process increases the intensity of the whisky s aroma, resulting in a rich, creamy finish. COLOUR: deep, intense gold creamy and rich, with buttery notes fruity, nutty and spicy, with a note of sweet almond long and spicy, with notes of almonds THE GLENLIVET 12YO This is said to be the quintessential Speyside single malt. Representing The Glenlivet s signature style, this classic whisky is mostly matured in American oak casks, which impart notes of vanilla and give the whisky its distinctive smoothness. The mineral-rich water that comes from Josie s Well helps form the flavours during mashing and fermentation, whilst the specific height and width of the copper stills add a delicate yet complex character. COLOUR: intense gold fruity and summery well-balanced and fruity, with vivid pineapple notes creamy and smooth, with notes of marzipan and fresh hazelnuts THE GLENLIVET FOUNDER S RESERVE A classic whisky with a modern twist, this expression is a tribute to George Smith, the founder of The Glenlivet distillery. Commemorating his untamed soul of a pioneer, this whisky was composed in an attempt to capture the essence of his genius. The Glenlivet Founder s Reserve can boast the same vivid, smooth and fruity flavour that Smith created in 1824 and that the distillery is renowned for to this day. COLOUR: intense gold a delicate citrus aroma with sweet orange overtones fruity notes, orange zest, pear and caramelised apples long, creamy and smooth Aberlour is a single malt Scotch whisky renowned for maturation in two types of barrels, ex-bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks. More than a decade of ageing brings out an elegant and easily recognisable flavour. The secret behind its production also lies in spring water infused with rare minerals that make it delicate and soft on the palate. The Aberlour distillery was founded in 1879 by a passionate entrepreneur named James Fleming. His life motto, Let the Deed Show, still lies at the heart of this superb brand

7 ABERLOUR A BUNADH ABERLOUR 16YO ABERLOUR CASG ANNAMH ABERLOUR 12YO Each batch of this unique whisky is handmade, making it an iconic malt among connoisseurs. A bunadh (Scottish Gaelic for the origin ) is produced in batches and matured in Oloroso Sherry casks. It was created in homage to Aberlour s founder, James Fleming, using traditional methods and non-chill filtering. This expression stands out for its intensity and creaminess. COLOUR: amber gold mixed spices, praline and spiced orange harmonising with rich notes of Oloroso Sherry rich, with notes of sweet cherry, orange, dried fruit and ginger intense, with notes of dark chocolate With the depth and complexity that comes from being matured for 16 years in a combination of ex-bourbon casks and Oloroso Sherry butts, this expression s warm and fruity notes are enriched by a spicy sweetness and a subtle hint of oak. COLOUR: warm, gold and amber sweet aromas of raisins and spicy notes of nuts a harmonious combination of floral and spicy scents with a fruity note of sweet plum and gentle oak long, warming, spicy and fruity Meaning rare cask in Scottish Gaelic, Casg Annamh is a supreme expression created as an introduction to the world of sherry-aged single malts. It is matured in three types of casks: English oak, ex-sherry and American oak, which make the whisky perfectly balanced. COLOUR: amber gold rich and sweet, with notes of tangy orange, candied cherry, raisins and ginger sweet and fruity aromas of apple and cinnamon crumble topping as well as ripe peach, balanced with notes of liquorice and clove long and rich, fruity, with a note of hot spices The 12-year-old expression is a fine example of how the distinctively crisp, citrus character of Aberlour s raw spirit is softened by double cask maturation. Traditional oak and sherry butts are both used to great effect, as the mellowed spirits within are combined to deliver a subtly balanced flavour. COLOUR: amber gold, with a ruby glow delicate and full, with fruity notes of red apples a fine sherried character balanced with a taste of chocolate, toffee, cinnamon and ginger warming and lingering, sweet with a gentle spiciness 12 13

8 The perfect embodiment of single malt whisky, Longmorn has been recognised as a symbol of excellence since its establishment in It is the crowning achievement of the Master Distiller s craft and every distiller s favourite dram apart from their own. A one-of-a-kind expression of unmatched quality, it is defined by rich, smooth and elegant flavours that linger on the palate and even longer in the memory. As connoisseurs say, whoever drinks Longmorn deserves respect. LONGMORN 16YO This 16-year-old expression is a prime example of a mature, elegant single malt whisky that is rich on the palate and intense with flavours. It is matured in three types of casks: American oak, ex-sherry and traditional oak casks. It is non-chill filtered, which results in a full and creamy structure. COLOUR: dark gold an interplay between boiled orchard fruit and vivid notes of sweet vanilla crème brûlée rich notes of ripe, succulent pear and luxuriously smooth, creamy milk chocolate flavoursome and exceptionally long LONGMORN DISTILLER S CHOICE Legend has it that Longmorn was one of the favourite whiskies among master distillers, which inspired the name. It is matured in three types of casks: first fill American oak casks bringing out its sweet, caramel notes; ex-sherry casks, which are responsible for the spicy aromas, and traditional oak casks, which give Longmorn its signature depth. COLOUR: clean gold soft and creamy, with subtle of caramel, milk chocolate and sweet, luscious tangerine notes of luscious, ripe pear and homemade moist gingerbread and sweet treacle toffee long, sweet and incredibly smooth 14 15

9 Scapa is crafted by a small team of five dedicated artisans and a Master Distiller who use traditional methods mastered and honed over many generations. One of the last remaining manually operated distilleries operates round the clock. From milling to distillation, every stage in the production is based on trust. Sitting on the shore of Scapa Flow and dependent on the vagaries of the weather, it makes a unique single malt whisky. SCAPA GLANSA To make Scapa Glansa, a delicate single malt is first matured in first-fill American oak casks, then finished in casks with powerful peaty aromas, creating its richness and depth that gives way to a subtle and smoky finish. Scapa Glansa is a gentle introduction to the world of peated whisky. COLOUR: gold fruity, with sweet notes of soft peach, pineapple and vanilla intermingling with a subtle smokiness of a bonfire peach, creamy toffee, caramel and vanilla perfectly balanced with soft smoke lingering, with a distinct smoky aftertaste SCAPA SKIREN An original expression from the unique Scapa distillery situated in the Orkney Islands in the far north of Scotland. Fresh like a breeze and unpredictable like the sea that can be found in its unique and contrasting bouquet. It is exclusively matured in first-fill American oak casks. COLOUR: gold gently floral, with a note of fresh pear and sweet citrus smooth and sweet, ripe honeydew melon slices, with bursts of fruity pear and lemon sherbet. long and refreshing, with a shimmering sweetness 16 17

10 Placed under the heraldic coat of arms appearing on every bottle of Ballantine s whisky is the phrase, Amicus Humani Generis, meaning a friend to all mankind a vow to preserve the legacy. Ballantine s is exclusively matured in ex-bourbon oak casks to achieve its unique flavour. Master Blender Sandy Hyslop is personally responsible for the quality of these meticulously crafted blended Scotch whiskies. BALLANTINE S GLENTAUCHERS 15YO This Speyside single malt delivers the smooth and delicate lingering finish of a Ballantine s blend. It is matured in traditional oak casks for at least 15 years. COLOUR: intense gold bursting with citrus fruit (tangerine and clementine), with notes of hazelnuts and heather coming through the background smooth and soft berry flavours (raspberry and blackcurrant), combined with the sweetness of barley malt incredibly long and luscious BALLANTINE S GLENBURGIE 15YO This 15-year-old Glenburgie single malt forms the heart of a Ballantine s blend, delivering concentrated fruitiness and honeyed sweetness. COLOUR: pure gold perfectly balanced with aromas of fresh red apples and blackcurrant, balanced with a honeycomb sweetness full and creamy with a velvety smooth texture of honey, bursting with orange flavours very long, sweet and round BALLANTINE S MILTONDUFF 15YO The Miltonduff distillery was founded in 1824 in Elgin, the second most important distilling industry region in Speyside, Scotland. Miltonduff is the foundation of a Ballantine s blend, bringing unique warmth and complexity. This whisky is matured in ex-bourbon casks. COLOUR: honeyed gold rich fruity and sweet; flavours of peaches in syrup, juicy orange and creamy toffee with a hint of toasted almonds full of sweetness and rich in floral flavours, with milk chocolate and a note of spice very long, warm and sweet 18 19

11 A collection of unique blended Scotch whiskies with a unique flavour and lineage. Master Blender Sandy Hyslop is personally responsible for the quality of these meticulously crafted blends. His intuition makes every bottle of Ballantine s taste perfect. BALLANTINE S 40YO RELEASE 2018 An absolute rarity, it has become the subject of legend and a fixture at auction houses. There are only 100 bottles of this rare whisky in the whole world. Designed by the British silversmith Richard Fox, each bottle was individually labelled and numbered. COLOUR: deep, intense gold unique, rich, with a note of sweet pear and fruitcake incredibly complex, with a distinct aroma of toffee and red apple blissfully long-lasting BALLANTINE S 30YO Ballantine s 30YO ranks among the most exquisite and expensive blended whiskies in the supreme premium category. Some of the rarest whiskies come from distilleries that are no longer in existence. Carefully selected malt and grain distillates are aged for at least thirty years, making it a unique and luxurious blend. COLOUR: deep, old gold a subtle sweetness with a note of oak and vanilla, with a strong yet delicate, full and luscious core complex and balanced, with a note of sherry, honey, flowers and vanilla lasting and elegant 21

12 BALLANTINE S 21YO This Scotch boasts supreme credentials. The unique flavour owes itself to the high proportion of whiskies matured in European oak casks. Even the most experienced connoisseur will be delighted by this refined and sophisticated spirit that is perfect to savour. COLOUR: rich reddish gold honey-sweet, hints of apple and floral aromas, with a satin core smooth and balanced, with a taste of liquorice and aromatic spice long and luscious, with a note of dried fruit BALLANTINE S 17YO With a careful combination of malt and grain whiskies from all regions of the country, Ballantine s 17YO encapsulates all tastes of Scotland. The world s first and most awarded 17-year-old blended Scotch is recognised by experts and connoisseurs the world over. COLOUR: amber gold deep, balanced, elegant and smooth, with a note of sweet vanilla, oak and a whiff of smoke full and complex, vibrant honey sweetness and creamy vanilla flavours with hints of oak and spicy liquorice long, sweet and delicate, with spicy undertones BALLANTINE S 12YO It is a unique blend of many superior Scotch whiskies aged for a minimum of twelve years in oak barrels each. The result is an incredibly smooth, well-balanced blend with a creamy texture. Subtle on the nose and palate, this expression is appreciated by true connoisseurs. COLOUR: light honey sweet honey with a prominent note of oak and vanilla, with a creamy core complex floral flavours with a hint of honey and note of oak, perfectly balanced refreshing, with a subtle saltiness Chivas Regal is a world-renowned blended Scotch whisky. The Chivas Brothers had long been looking for a blend that produces a refined, smooth and rich whisky. Queen Victoria herself appreciated their efforts, granting a Royal Warrant to Chivas Regal. Master Blenders at Chivas Brothers continue their mission to preserve the exceptional style and maintain its status as an iconic, quality whisky

13 CHIVAS REGAL THE ICON CHIVAS REGAL 25YO CHIVAS REGAL ULTIS CHIVAS REGAL 18YO CHIVAS REGAL 15YO CHIVAS REGAL MIZUNARA Chivas Regal The Icon is the pinnacle of the brand s portfolio. It is a refined blend of more than 20 rarest whiskies, some from distilleries now lost forever. Befitting of the luxury liquid within, it is presented in handblown crystal decanters meticulously created by expert craftsmen at Darlington Crystal. It is a symbol of luxury for a new era and a celebration of 200 years of craft. COLOUR: dark amber deep, rich, fruity and sweet with notes of honey, ripe pears, dark chocolate and orange full and fruity with flavours of sweet orange, peaches in syrup, vanilla and nuts incredibly long and intensely sweet An exclusive expression of the most refined Scotch whiskies aged for at least 25 years. It was that first truly luxurious variant of Chivas Regal that entered the market in Available in limited batches, in individually numbered bottles. COLOUR: deep, copper gold enticing fruity aromas, fresh orange and peach with a note of marzipan and nuts, with a creamy core rich and very round, with notes of milk chocolate and orange smooth, round and luxuriously long Chivas Ultis is the essence of Chivas. This expression is a tribute to the five generations of master blenders who have been behind Chivas Regal since 1909, Charles Howard, Charles Julian, Allan Baillie, Jimmy Lang and its current custodian master blender Colin Scott. The favourite single malts of each of them were blended by Colin Scott into this unique blended malt whisky. COLOUR: light amber ripe peach and red apple with notes of cinnamon, fudge and honey a smooth texture of vanilla with notes of tangerine, apricot, subtle caramel, spicy clove and ginger long and warming An original blend of whiskies hand-selected by Chivas Regal s Master Blender Colin Scott. The heart of the blend comes from Strathisla, the oldest operating distillery in the Scottish Highlands. COLOUR: deep amber gold dried fruit and buttery toffee, with a creamy core a velvety, dark chocolate palate complemented by floral notes and a wisp of sweet, mellow smokiness elegant and long Specifically designed for moments of celebration, this luxurious 15-year-old blended Scotch whisky, it is selectively finished in Grande Champagne Cognac casks, which gave it its refined, fruity and velvety flavour. COLOUR: intense gold rich and sweet with concentrated notes of stewed red apples, homemade orange marmalade, honey, cinnamon and moist juicy sultanas incredibly smooth and fruity with flavours of poached pears intermingled with butterscotch and caramel toffees all rolled up in a wonderful velvety texture round, with a hint of vanilla A Scotch inspired by Japanese tradition. A blend of malt and grain whiskies matured in Japanese Mizunara oak casks, it is a tribute to the art of whisky-making. The wood from Mizunara oak is known for its porous nature and casks made of it are very rare and require expert skill. Blends finished in those casks are among the most desired and appreciated whiskies by experts and collectors. COLOUR: warm amber vividly fruity, with pear and orange overtones smooth, with honey and hazelnut flavours long, with a spiciness of Mizunara oak 24 25

14 CHIVAS REGAL EXTRA An original blend by Colin Scott, it owes its rich fruity flavour to the extra time some of the whiskies spend maturing in the highest quality Oloroso Sherry casks from Jerez, Spain. This extra time spent maturing in Oloroso Sherry casks fills the whisky with notes of rich sultanas. COLOUR: deep amber fruity sweetness with notes of ripe pears and melon, creamy toffee, milk chocolate, cinnamon and a hint of ginger sweet ripe pear in syrup, vanilla, caramel and cinnamon, with a hint of almonds pleasant and long CHIVAS REGAL 12YO MAGNUM NIGHT EDITION The 12-year-old Chivas Regal whisky comes in a unique bottle that is unlike any other whisky. The Night Edition bottle was designed to catch every eye in the club. This edition of Magnum whisky comes in 1.5 l bottles. COLOUR: warm amber gold notes of orchard fruits, wildflowers and butterscotch, with a hint of bitterness and a creamy core round and creamy, with a full and rich flavour of honey and ripe apple with hints of vanilla, toffee and nuts rich and generous CHIVAS REGAL 12YO A unique and prestigious blend, it comes to life out of the combination of the finest malt and grain whiskies from Scotland. The youngest whisky in the blend is matured for 12 years. COLOUR: warm amber gold notes of orchard fruits, wildflowers and butterscotch, with a hint of bitterness and a creamy core round and creamy, with a full and rich flavour of honey and ripe apple with hints of vanilla, toffee and nuts rich and generous Royal Salute is a symbol of royal luxury. It was first presented on 2 June 1953 to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. In military language, Royal Salute means the 21 Gun Salute, a traditional sign of respect for the royal family. At the heart of the Royal Salute blend lies a single malt from the Strathisla distillery, the oldest distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Royal Salute is the world s leading luxury whisky whose youngest variant is 21 years old

15 ROYAL SALUTE 62 GUN SALUTE ROYAL SALUTE STONE OF DESTINY 38YO ROYAL SALUTE THE DIAMOND TRIBUTE ROYAL SALUTE POLO EDITION 21YO ROYAL SALUTE 21YO This prestigious whisky takes its name from the 62 gun salute to mark the Queen s 62 years on the throne. The expression is a composition of distillates dating back 40 years. It is poured into elegant handblown decanters adorned with 24-carat gold. The stopper was decorated with sculpted crystal from Dartington Crystal. The bottle is presented in a tasteful and elegant box. rich in fruity notes of ripe plum intermingling with a sweet essence, dark chocolate and spicy cinnamon Seville orange with a nutty note accentuated by smoky aromas impressively long and perfectly structured The expression takes its name from the legendary stone used over centuries at the enthroning ceremonies of the ancient Scottish Kings and Queens. Along with the Sword of State, it is now securely stored at the Edinburgh Castle. This 38-year-old whisky is enchanting with its sophistication reflected in age, flavour and extravagant packaging. Handmade, granite-like porcelain decanters were sealed with a gilded stopper inspired by the hilts of historical Scottish swords. COLOUR: deep amber aromas of cedarwood and almonds with a sherry oakiness rich in dried fruit, with lively notes of spice full and lingering An expression created to mark the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II. It is a composition of the rarest and most precious whiskies hand-selected by Colin Scott that are kept safe in the vault of Strathisla, the oldest distillery in the Highlands. full, rich in fruity aromas of peaches complemented by notes of sherry and a spicy liquorice tang full and incredibly sweet, rich creamy notes of toffee intermingling with luscious raisins very long, sweet and pleasantly warm This unique edition of 21-year-old Royal Salute whisky was created to highlight the similarity between this royal blend and polo, often referred to as the sport of kings. Polo is, without doubt, a noble game of honour, skill, honesty and respect, all the values associated with the Royal Salute brand. A delicate expression ideal for outdoor enjoyment. COLOUR: deep amber rich, with a sweetness of pear and citrus fruit balanced with notes of autumn flowers, aromas of vanilla and oak enriched by notes of sherry and smoke orange notes fortified with flavours of pear, spice and hazelnut rich and lingering Royal Salute is a supreme quality, refined, 21-year-old blended Scotch whisky presented to the world to celebrate Her Majesty Elizabeth II on the day of her coronation, 2 June A special whisky deserves a special look, with the colours of the Royal Salut flagons symbolising the colours of the royal crown, sapphire, emerald and ruby. COLOUR: deep amber rich, with a sweetness of pear and citrus fruit balanced with notes of autumn flowers, aromas of vanilla and oak enriched by notes of sherry and smoke orange notes fortified with flavours of pear, spice and hazelnut rich and lingering 28 29

16 IRISH WHISKEY Irish whiskey used to be the most popular spirit in the world, French cognacs being its sole rival in the 19th century. Queen Elizabeth I of England and Tsar Peter the Great of Russia were said to be fond of Irish whiskey. The situation changed in the early 20th century when the introduction of prohibition laws in the United States cut off access to an enormous market, which brought about the collapse of the Irish distilling industry. For it to be called Irish Whiskey, a spirit must be made from the combination of grain, water and yeast and matured in Ireland for at least three years in oak casks with a capacity not exceeding 700 litres. The minimum alcohol content for bottled whiskey is 40%. The production process for Irish whiskey resembles that of Scotch whisky. While some exceptions exist, Irish distilleries tend not to use peat for malting, which makes the distillate smoother. Irish whiskeys are notable for the triple distillation process, although there are whiskies distilled two or sometimes five times. Most Irish whiskeys are blends of malt or pot still whiskeys and grain whiskeys (mostly corn and rye). Pot still whiskey is a mix of malted and unmalted barley while single malt whiskey is made exclusively from malted barley. Jameson is a brand of blended Irish whiskey made to the same recipe for nearly 230 years. The brand traces its history back to a local distillery in Bow Street in the heart of Dublin, where John Jameson used only the best ingredients and triple distillation process to create this perfect whiskey, which is currently the No. 1 Irish whiskey globally

17 Making a perfect whiskey takes meticulous care at every stage of production: distillation, blending and maturation in wooden casks. It is a result of a concerted effort from many people who have been mastering their craft for years. The Whiskey Makers Series was created by three masters known as Head Distiller, Head Cooper and Head Blender. It was their favourite tools of the trade that inspired the names of the individual expressions in this unique series. JAMESON DISTILLER S SAFE A whiskey inspired by the distillation process, its precision and striving for distillate sterility. This fascinating process has been encapsulated by Head Distiller Brian Nation, guided by his passion and talent for blending grain and malt whiskies. The result is a delicate flavour typical of malt varieties combined with the sweetness of small-batch whiskey as well as notes of peach and melon. from floral notes, through fresh herbs, to notes of barley, grapefruit and green pepper with a touch of marzipan barley notes progressing to hints of cinnamon and a touch of liquorice with almond undertones warm, light and zesty, with barley making a late appearance JAMESON COOPER S CROZE An expression inspired by the craft of a cooper. A croze is a groove in the staves of a barrel into which the edge of the head is fitted. Ger Buckley is a fifth-generation Head Cooper and knows everything there is to know about casks, in particular how they can enhance whiskey. Drawing on the knowledge of previous generations, he created a whisky that is a perfect marriage of floral and spicy notes. subtle notes of flower petals, ripe fruits, charred oak and cedarwood a note of sweet vanilla of the American ex-bourbon casks combined with the depth of fruits typical of the ex-oloroso Sherry butts; a touch of hazelnut and toasted wood complemented by spices long, with vanilla sweetness and oak char JAMESON BLENDER S DOG An expression inspired by the dog, a tool master blenders use to sample whiskey straight from the cask. Head Blender Billy Leighton jokingly calls it his best helper. His experience produced a combination of floral and grain notes along with a spicy prickle of sherry from the cask. from light citrus to pineapple, mango and kiwi notes, with the addition of figs and dates; a touch of walnut leads into the contribution of the seasoned American barrels and Spanish butts, vanilla and toasted oak rich, round and creamy, with a buttery sweetness and prickle of spices; succulent fruit strengthened by charred oak with some subtle tannin exceptionally long JAMESON BLACK BARREL This expression came out of carefully blending a large portion of Irish pot still whiskey with a small amount of rarely used grain whiskey. This original blend was then left to mature in charred ex-bourbon casks. Aged in those conditions, the whiskey gained aromatic notes of charred wood, spice and exotic fruit, the final result being a rich and velvety flavour. caramel and creamy toffee fudge nutty notes with spice and vanilla sweetness rich smoked wood and vanilla JAMESON CRESTED In the beginning, Jameson was sold to bonders by the cask. All that changed in 1963 when the first bottles left the distillery at 7 Bow Street in Dublin. Jameson Crested is a celebration of those first drops of bottled Jameson whiskey. vivid, with a note of sherry delicate sherry undertones and toasted wood, with fruit, spice and chocolate notes warm and lingering taste of sherry JAMESON CASKMATES IPA EDITION Jameson Caskmates IPA is another expression that brings together Jameson whiskey and craft beer, in this case Pale Ale. With a distinctive fresh, hoppy flavour profile, it is no coincidence that IPA was selected from the many types of beer out there. It is in ex-pale Ale casks that this Jameson whiskey is finished. floral, subtle aromas of orchard fruits, wood shavings and nuts notes of hops, delicate citruses, herbs and spices lingering, with undertones of fresh fruit, hops and barley JAMESON CASKMATES STOUT EDITION This whiskey came about after a chance meeting between Jameson Whiskey Master Distiller and Head Brewer of a craft brewery in Cork, which led to creating a plan to make beer in Irish whiskey casks and whiskey matured in the same casks, filled with stout notes. The result surpassed their expectations and today we too can enjoy it as Jameson Caskmates. fruit such as green apples and pears, with spicy aromas. a subtle touch of hops and cocoa beans, marzipan and charred oak long and sweet, with notes of milk chocolate and caramel 32 33

18 A legendary whiskey, Redbreast single pot still was available only locally and in limited quantities until the end of the previous century. This pure pot still whiskey made its debut in The distillate came from the Jameson distillery and the distribution was overseen by W&A Gilbey. Redbreast is renowned for being aged for years in fine, specially selected sherry casks. The colour of the whiskey resembles the plumage of the robin redbreast, the favourite bird of the brand s creator hence its name. REDBREAST 21YO Redbreast 21YO is the oldest and richest expression of this Irish whiskey. The 21-year ageing process introduces new levels of depth, flavour and taste to create an inherently complex whiskey. distinct aromas of fresh tropical fruits and nuts accentuated by notes of dried fruit soft vanilla, toasted oak, sherry nuttiness with a dusting of spices; vivid fruit notes leave a creamy mouthfeel powerful, very complex and long, with notes of oak, spice and a hint of barley REDBREAST 12YO Redbreast 12YO owes its unique flavour to distillates matured in Oloroso Sherry casks. nutty, rich and oily, with notes of dried citrus zest, ginger, linseed, cut fruit and melon intense, with notes of nuts and citrus (zest and juice), marzipan and dried fruit, accentuated by some sherry dryness long and creamy 34 35

19 AMERICAN BOURBON Knowing your grains is key to unravelling the complicated world of North American whiskies. They are distilled in many different varieties, depending on the mash bill, production method and maturation time. Bourbon is the most popular and acclaimed of them. American bourbon must be made from at least 51% corn and matured in new oak casks for a minimum of two years. It is corn that is largely responsible for the signature sweetness of bourbon. The casks used to age the distillates are charred on the inside to add proper colour and produce desired flavours. Charred casks can only be used once. The alcohol content of bottled bourbon must be within the range of 40 to 80% ABV. While the whisky-making tradition was brought to America by immigrants from Scotland and Ireland, the name bourbon likely refers to the French Bourbon dynasty. According to an alternative theory, the name derives from Bourbon County, Kentucky, where the American whiskey was said to originate. Four Roses is one of the world s most acclaimed bourbons made in Kentucky, USA. The Four Roses brand was registered by its founder, Paul Jones Jr., in Its name involves a romantic tale of a corsage of four red roses that Paul Jones Jr. s fiancée wore pinned to her dress as a sign that she accepts his proposal

20 FOUR ROSES SINGLE BARREL This premium Single Barrel bourbon is matured for about 7 years, reaching 50% ABV. Its unique taste is simply unforgettable. Each bottle is marked by a handwritten label. dried spice, with notes of pear, cocoa and vanilla hints of ripe plum and cherries, with a robust, full body long, smooth and creamy FOUR ROSES SMALL BATCH A perfectly balanced variant of Four Roses, it is a combination of four original and limited edition bourbons expertly selected by Master Distiller Jim Rutledge. 45% ABV bourbon. subtle spice, with fruity notes and hints of sweet oak and caramel rich and complex, well balanced between ripe berries and spice long, smooth and pleasant FRENCH COGNAC Experts regard cognac as one of the noblest spirits in the world while the French call it l or dans la bouteille, gold in a bottle. It is made in France in an area strictly delimited by a decree of 1 May 1909, encompassing the departments of Charente and Charente-Maritime. The region is named after the town of Cognac, the heart of cognac-making and home to the oldest cognac houses. Cognac is distilled in six micro-regions (crus). It is made from white wine that uses white grapes only (99% Ugni Blanc; Colombard, and Folle Blanche). The grape harvest usually takes place in October, followed directly by the fermentation process. Cognac is double distilled in special charentais stills from November to March. It is matured in oak casks seasoned for at least two years, new casks or ex-cognac barrels. Maturation mellows the distillate, imparting a gentle flavour profile. After the distillates are matured in the cellars of cognac houses, they are properly classified and blended, creating certain distinctive types of cognacs designated by conventional symbols. COGNAC AGE STATEMENTS VS (Very Special) The youngest cognac approved for sale. It must be at least two years old, where the reference date is 1 October of the year of harvest. VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) The minimum age of eaux-de-vie (distillates) used in VSOP cognacs is four years. XO (Extra Old) The minimum age of eaux-de-vie used in XO cognacs is ten years

21 Martell was founded in 1715 in Charente by Jean Martell and is one of the oldest of the Big Cognac Houses. Martell s unique style is based on the process of double distillation. It is the only brand to double distil its wines, removing all sediments from it to make the eaux-de-vie outstandingly fine and luscious. The grapes used in distillation come from the four best crus in Cognac, France. The liquid attains perfection in the process of being matured in oak casks. L OR DE JEAN MARTELL A spectacular product of more than 300 years of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, it is a blend of over 400 extremely rare eaux-de-vie, some over a century old. Presented in a precious crystal decanter, this prestigious spirit is a true virtuoso among cognacs. COLOUR: deep amber with shimmering mahogany oriental notes, bergamot and orange peel, aromas of dark berries and blackcurrants, hints of cloves, cinnamon and vanilla accentuated by woody and resiny aromas silky-smooth and subtle, with distinct notes of blackcurrant, ginger and orange peel lingering, full and complex MARTELL COHIBA A unique composition of 40- and 50-yearold eaux-de-vie made from carefully selected grapes from the Grande Champagne terroir, it is a cognac for connoisseurs. Its strength and aroma are perfectly brought out by Cohiba Cuban cigars. COLOUR: amber with shimmering gold and mahogany gentle notes of berries, toasted almonds, hazelnuts and coffee; subtle floral aromas appear after swirling in the glass full, smooth and gently sweet, with notes of liquorice and nuts long and elegant MARTELL XO A wonderfully harmonious composition of the oldest and rarest eaux-de-vie, ranging from 10 to 40 years old. Ideal for special occasions. Best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water. Presented in a signature decanter shaped like the Arc de Triomphe. COLOUR: amber and copper ground black pepper, berries and figs, almonds and walnuts, with notes of honey and beeswax full, notes of fig and walnut long and silky 40 41

22 CUBAN RUM Rum is inextricably linked with Cuba and its climate, history, culture and people. Cuba has been the heart of rum-making for centuries, with top quality sugar cane introduced to the island by Christopher Columbus in The hospitable Caribbean climate, fertile soil and, most importantly, the experience of Maestros del Ron Cubano, create exceptional conditions for rum-making. Havana Club rums are distilled from top quality molasses using traditional methods. Fermentation and distillation turn molasses into flavoursome aguardiente spirit. Aguardiente is matured in oak casks and then blended with pure distillate called ron fresco. Further production stages blending, cask selection and maturation are overseen by Maestros Roneros. Don José Pablo Navarro Campa is the current Primer Maestro del Ron Cubano. MARTELL CORDON BLEU MARTELL BLUE SWIFT MARTELL VSOP MARTELL VS SINGLE DISTILLERY Havana Club validated its mastery of rum-making, rooted in centuries-long tradition, by creating the Iconica collection composed of unique, rare and luxury rums (Selección de Maestro). Martell Cordon Bleu is the cognac made for true connoisseur and has acquired legendary status since Its distinctive taste, characterised by a predominance of eauxde-vie from the Borderies, and its timeless bottle design make it a classic, unequalled in the world of cognac. Served neat or with a splash of water. COLOUR: deep, copper gold aromas of plum, coffee, toasted almonds as well as orange blossom and cinnamon rich and mellow, full of fruity and spicy notes long, complex and elegant The first ever spirit drink made with cognac VSOP matured in French oak and finished in American ex-bourbon casks. COLOUR: deep, copper gold banana and caramelised pear balanced with a subtle sweetness of vanilla and coconut, topped with spicy aromas distinct notes of fresh ginger balanced with a sweetness of caramelised fruit and plum long and smooth, with notes of oak from Kentucky Bourbon casks Martell VOSP is aged in red barrels, a reference to the reddish colour of wood in which cognac is aged to reach the perfect stage of maturation. To achieve the distinctive style rich in notes of caramelised fruit, the cellar master carefully picks barrels that work best with the distillate on second fill. COLOUR: copper with glints of gold round and fresh, full of greengage, plum and apricot notes, with a hint of wood full of fruity notes such as plum, peach and apricot, highlighted by woody notes elegant, long and fruity Martell VS Single Distillery is an exclusive blend of eaux-de-vie from a single source. Based on traditional cognac blending methods, this unprecedented blend stands out from the competition. The shape of the bottle was inspired by historical sampling bottles, known as montre. COLOUR: gold, glistening and perfectly transparent notes of plum, peach and caramelised lemon very fruity, luscious, full and sweet full and mellow Havana Club rums reflect the true spirit of Cuba

23 Havana Club is the legendary Cuban rum first distilled by the Arechabala family in Although the history of Cuba has left the mark on the company, the Havana Club brand has survived, maintaining the highest standards. The aromatic spirit is notable for its rich, full flavour that comes from a distinctive blending and maturation process. HAVANA CLUB SELECCIÓN DE MAESTROS An ultra-premium rum crafted together by six experienced Maestros Roneros led by Don Jose Navarro. The Maestros select young rums that make up the final blend and white oak casks where the blend will be finished at the last stage of maturation. Together they judge the contents of each cask. The rum needs at least ten years to fully develop its bouquet, and the spirit is bottled straight from the cask at 45% ABV. COLOUR: warm, amber, with a deep red glow toasted pecan, spice and wood a rounded and light attack, with notes of cocoa, coffee, sweet tobacco and brown spice balanced HAVANA CLUB AÑEJO 7 AÑOS Havana Club Añejo 7 Años is the quintessential Cuban rum. The spirit undergoes lengthy, at least 7-year-long maturation in white oak casks. It won gold medals at the prestigious Chicago World Spirits Championship twice, in 1995 and COLOUR: light mahogany an outstanding, superb bouquet with an intense and complex note of cocoa, vanilla, cedar, sweet tobacco and tropical fruit a voluptuous and silky attack develops into a balanced yet complex aroma of cocoa, chestnut, vanilla and sugar cane, enriched by notes of caramelised tropical fruit with a hint of oak complex and full HAVANA CLUB ESPECIAL Havana Club Especial is a perfect blend of young and old rum bases that give it a balanced and smooth flavour. The blend is double aged in carefully selected young oak casks to bring out the subtle notes of vanilla. Havana Club Especial is a perfect product for creating the ultimate Cuba Libre. COLOUR: light gold sweet notes of vanilla, cinnamon and tobacco mellow, sweet, with distinct notes of orange peel and vanilla balanced 44 45

24 ARMENIAN BRANDY The production of Armenian brandy dates back to Nerses Tairyan, a merchant of the top guild, built a wine and vodka factory here and later launched the production of the first Armenian brandies Ararat. A few years later, the factory was acquired by the famous Russian company N.L. Shustov & Sons. Armenian brandy has since become an indispensable element of dining ceremonies at the court of the Russian tsars. A real breakthrough came in 1902 when Armenian brandy won the Grand Prix in Paris, which was considered a testament to its innovative approach to the making of spirits and glorification of the company. As a sign of recognition, the French legally permitted the use of the name cognac for Ararat products. In 1953, the company moved production to a new building and was renamed Yerevan Brandy. Designed to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, the factory distils the legendary Ararat Armenian brandy to this day. Armenian brandy is a product strictly regulated by the laws of the Republic of Armenia. Only endemic varieties of white grapes can be used for its production, the minimum maturation time is three years and the casks are made from 70-year-old Caucasian oak. In recent years, Ararat has become the leading brand in Eastern Europe and Asia, not only among Armenian brandies but also among all non-french brandies

25 ARARAT DVIN COLLECTION ARARAT NAIRI 20YO ARARAT VASPURAKAN 15YO ARARAT AKHTAMAR 10YO ARARAT OTBORNY 7YO ARARAT ANI 6YO ARARAT Dvin is one of the exclusive brandies aged in oak casks, which gives it a typical smoky aroma of cigars. This brandy was created in 1945 by Markar Sedrakyan, Master Blender of Yerevan Brandy Company. Throughout its history, Dvin has received many awards and gold medals in international competitions. Ararat Dvin was a favourite of Winston Churchill s. COLOUR: amber the aroma of cloves perfectly balanced with notes of dried fruit and nuts rich, full and spicy elegant and lingering The twenty-year-old Ararat Nairi is the oldest and deepest vintage in the range, created for special moments such as celebrating a victory or achieving cherished goals. It is named after the courageous and powerful people of Nairi, who inhabited the Kingdom of Urartu, an area which today is in Armenia. notes of pine nuts, honey, flowers and pepper nuts and honey complemented by notes of cinnamon, cloves, rye bread and almond butter long and dry, with notes of cedarwood and spice The 15-year-old Vaspurakan opens the range of the oldest Ararat vintages. A sign of great respect and admiration for craftsmanship, this brandy was named after the land of Vaspurkan, which was believed to be a Promised Land and paradise on earth in the antiquity. lively, elegant, combining notes of spice, oak bark, dried fruit and subtle balsamic aromas rich and complex, with a distinct sweetness long and gentle The 10-year-old Akhtamar brandy is the most artistic and emotional expression in the whole range. Akhtamar is a blend that embodies a love of beauty. Its name was inspired by the ancient legend of the love of Princess Tamar for a brave young man who drowned in the harsh waters of Lake Van whispering, Ah, Tamar vivid and elegant, with notes of beeswax, nuts and oak bark, vanilla and plum, with a dry finish with a note of cinnamon full and lavishly sweet seductively long The 7-year-old Ararat Otborny brandy is a descendant of the first vintage of Armenian brandy created back in The elegant simplicity of Ararat Otborny can give importance to any occasion. This historic blend will be a worthy gift not only to a true brandy connoisseur but also to any man. notes of fresh fruit complemented by orange and oak aromas fruity, with distinctive notes of lemon, caramel, dried fig and a hint of almonds intense, lingering and full The 6-year-old Ararat Ani brandy opens the range of vintage brandies. It is named after the capital of the Kingdom of Armenia, also known as the City of Forty Gates already mentioned by Armenian chroniclers back in the 5th century. a vivid, spicy and fresh bouquet with a touch of orange and vanilla and a subtle note of almonds a distinct sweetness, with an expressive lemon and dried fig mouthfeel intense and lasting 48 49

26 GIN Gin is the English national drink. Created in the 17th century in old Holland under the name Genever, it was initially used for medical purposes. However, it only rose to real prominence in England, under the shortened name gin. Gin is based on high quality rectified spirit, usually made from grains, which is additionally distilled with aromatics in a distillation apparatus. Distillers mostly focus on aromatisation. Be it Beefeater or Monkey 47, every brand has its own recipe where various natural substances appear in right combinations. The recipe is the secret and trademark of every gin brand, every distiller having their own. Juniper is a staple, being distilled alongside other natural spices, roots and fruit. Dry and flavoursome, gin makes an excellent ingredient of cocktails, both classics such as Gin & Tonic, Gin Fizz or Gimlet and their innovative variations. Beefeater is a gin distilled in the very heart of London, the district of Kennington. It was created by James Burrough, who devised a unique recipe based on a combination of herbs and spices from across the world in Burrough also invented the brand s signature production method whereby the ingredients are macerated for 24 hours. The name Beefeater came from the guardians of the Tower of London. A guardian in a traditional uniform is featured on the label

27 BEEFEATER 24 Beefeater 24 is an original gin blend created by Desmond Payne, the most experienced and acclaimed master distiller. A unique mix of 12 natural ingredients, including grapefruit peel and rare varieties of tea such as Japanese Sencha and Chinese Green. The name was inspired by 24 hours of macerating the ingredients before distillation. 24 hours is also a symbol of the vibrant city of London, where the gin is made. Beefeater 24 is the quintessence of authenticity, the art of distillation and finesse. complex and harmonious vivid notes of citrus fruit and juniper harmonise with green tea long and dry, with a spicy taste of coriander BEEFEATER LONDON DRY GIN It is made to the original 19th-century recipe using exclusively natural ingredients that are macerated for 24 hours. Beefeater London Dry Gin is a combination of eight herbs and spices from across the world, juniper, angelica seed and root, coriander, liquorice, almond, orris root, lemon and Seville orange, which shape its aromatic profile. spicy and fruity at the same time, with a pleasant balance of juniper notes exceptionally rounded and dry, full of rich notes of herbs and candied fruit lemon and long BEEFEATER PINK Beefeater Pink was created by Master Distiller Desmond Payne. Based on the traditional Beefeater London Dry Gin recipe with the addition of strawberries to complement the classic citrus and juniper notes, It tastes wonderfully in the popular combination with tonic as well as other more innovative mixers. COLOUR: naturally pink NOSE AND distinctive strawberry notes with a refreshing prickle of citrus fruit and juniper Currently made at the Black Forest Distillers distillery, Monkey 47 is a gin based on the original recipe of Montgomery Collins, an RAF pilot who settled in the German Black Forest. The secret behind Monkey 47 s recipe lies in the unique spring water and natural ingredients such as herbs, spices and fruit. Red berry, spruce, blackthorn and blackberry leaves are the most distinctive among them. The flavour is enhanced by exotic spices that reminded its founder of his youth he spent in India as a son of a British diplomat

28 MONKEY 47 DRY GIN A groundbreaking concept by Montgomery Collins, who set out to create a wholly new gin, combined exotic spices with herbs native to the Black Forest. Number 47 stands for the number of herbs and other botanicals that make up this original gin. More than a third of them, including cranberry, spruce, elderflower, blackthorn and blackberry leaves, came from the Black Forest while the rest is carefully selected, e.g. the juniper grown in Tuscany and Croatia. A perfect gin to enjoy with classic cocktails. notes of wood, spruce cones and fresh grassy notes of citrus fruit reminding of a pine forest after rain rich, with notes of herbs, wood and citrus sylvan and soothingly heavy MONKEY 47 SLOE GIN Sloe Gin is a complex gin that is macerated in casks for about three months. A moderate alcohol content combined with a high sugar content account for the fact that it is sometimes classified as a liqueur and rightly so. It is notable for a mighty spiciness as well as an impressively fruity sweetness. very complex, with intense notes of fruit and juniper berries a mix of spicy juniper and rich, sweet red berries, with distinct notes of pepper and almonds sophisticated and balanced MEXICAN TEQUILA For an agave-based spirit to be called tequila, it must be made in a certain way that is highly regulated by laws. Most importantly, tequila can be distilled only in specific regions of Mexico, known as denominación de origen. The main production area is the state of Jalisco situated on the west coast. The other regions are Nayarit, Michoacan, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas. Every bottle is assigned a unique serial number. The N.O.M. (Norma Oficial Mexicana) system specifies the origin of every batch of tequila. Other requirements also include the place, method and ingredients from which tequila is made. In terms of ingredients, there are two varieties of tequila, 100% agave, with a fuller flavour and of higher quality, which is usually marked on the label; and Mixto, containing 51% agave and an addition of other distillates. Tequila is divided into the following types: Blanco clear, un-aged and colourless tequila Reposado light gold tequila aged from two to twelve months in oak casks Añejo gold tequila aged for a minimum of one year Extra Añejo deep gold tequila aged for a minimum of three years

29 Olmeca is named after the Olmec people, who were already drinking agave juice, known as pulque, thousands of years ago. They thought it to be a gift from the gods and believed that it brings them closer to heaven and the gods. Olmeca is a double distilled tequila made since Its unique production process is based on hand-selecting superior quality blue agaves and distilling them in copper stills using special yeast. A two-tonne 500-year-old handmade stone called Tahona is used to crush agaves to extract juice, which is then fermented and distilled. OLMECA ALTOS REPOSADO A tequila matured from eight to ten months in ex-bourbon casks, Tequila Olmeca Altos Reposado is made from 100% blue agave distillate and its quality has been recognised by connoisseurs and experts in numerous international competitions. sweet and fresh, with citrusy notes of orange, grapefruit and boiled agave fresh and sweet, with gentle notes of tannins and citrus fruit, vanilla and oak balanced and long OLMECA ALTOS PLATA Tequila Altos Plata is made from 100% blue agave distillate. It is the first tequila crafted out of a collaboration between a master distiller and world-class bartenders. This created a perfect spirit for cocktails. herbal and spicy notes, with a hint of citrus and a trace of boiled agave and sweet fruity aromas sweet and citrusy, with dominant notes of lime and lemon and boiled agave undertones lingering and perfectly balanced 56 57

30 APERITIF The French word apéritif comes from the Latin aperitivus. The aim of this drink is to whet the appetite before the meal and make the wait more enjoyable. Served at the beginning of a party, it will lighten up the atmosphere and put the guests in a good mood. LILLET VIVE 40 ml Lillet Blanc Ice cubes Tonic A slice of cucumber Mint A strawberry GLASS: tall GARNISH: strawberry and mint SERVE: pour Lillet Blanc into glass, add ice cubes, fill up with tonic, add a slice of cucumber, garnish with strawberry and mint leaves Lillet is named after two distillers and wine merchants, the brothers Raymond and Paul Lillet, who lived in the town of Podensac in Bordeaux. Originally known as Kina Lillet, it was created in While the aperitif based on a blend of Bordeaux wines, its true secret lies in the addition of bittersweet orange liqueurs. This concoction is aged in oak casks. Lillet forms part of the Vesper, a cocktail named after the Bond girl Vesper Lynd

31 VODKA Vodka is historically, culturally and traditionally important not only to Poland, but also Scandinavia and large parts of Central and Eastern Europe. It is widely believed that the countries which have a history of producing Vodka, dating back many centuries, can boast the best quality spirit today. Alcohol connoisseurs recognise the role of terroir, the French term for specific geographic qualities of a region that give the product its individuality. Factors that contribute to the individual character of a spirit include the type of soil, height above sea level, weather conditions and tradition. The highest quality of ingredients, crystal clear water and unique distilling skills are the recipe for the best vodka. LILET ROSÉ LILET BLANC A blend of red and white Bordeaux wines mixed with assorted herbs and natural fruit liqueurs made in the region of Podensac. Perfect as an aperitif served with ice cubes or paired with sparkling wine and some citruses. COLOUR: light pink gentle notes of berries, orange blossom and grapefruit fresh, lively and fruity, with a balanced structure, slightly tangy long and flavoursome An excellent French aperitif made from 85% white Bordeaux wine (Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle grapes) as well as orange liqueurs with quinine and orange peel. Lillet Blanc is served well chilled with an addition of citrus fruit. COLOUR: gold intense floral notes notes of candied orange, honey, pine resin and exotic fruit, full and complex long and flavoursome 60 61

32 Every bottle of this exquisite vodka comes out of dreams of pursuing excellence and respect for centuries-long tradition. Every drop of this vodka is distilled from soft winter wheat grown in the south of Sweden. Elyx is hand-distilled in copper stills made in 1921 and its distillation must only be overseen by experienced distillers. The award-winning company has been introducing modern CSR standards and working with non-profit organisations to ensure access to drinking water across the world. ABSOLUT ELYX Absolut Elyx is made from winter wheat grown in a single field surrounding the Råbelöf castle in the south of Sweden. At the heart of the Absolut Elyx distilling process is the renovated copper still from Of all metals, it is copper that is the best at removing impurities. In order to give the vodka a unique character and ensure the best sensory experience, Absolut Elyx has the perfect alcohol content, 42.3%. clean, rich and full, gently anise, with a a note of fresh bread and cereals smooth, silky velvet, with a strong note of anise, complemented by undertones of nut and light wheat grain full and gently spicy, with a fresh nuttiness, warming 62 63

33 POLISH VODKA MUSEUM, Plac Konesera 1, Warsaw Polish Vodka is Poland s national treasure and its heritage is built on more than 500 years of tradition. It is also an important aspect of Polish culture that accompanies Poles celebrating special moments. The quality of Polish vodka is recognised worldwide. Since 2013, naming a spirit product Polska Wódka / Polish Vodka has been regulated by new laws. Polish Vodka must be entirely made in Poland from native ingredients rye, wheat, triticale, barley, oat or potatoes. The Wyborowa Exquisite and Ostoya meet those requirements. WYBOROWA EXQUISITE Wyborowa Exquisite is a single estate vodka, which means one ingredient, one distillery, one rectification and one bottling site. The designer bottle contains a unique taste of one of the most refined varieties of rye, Dańkowskie Diament. The vodka represents the best traditions of Polish spirit distillation contained in a modern form. fresh and elegant, with a hint of rye and a note of Brazilian nut and butter biscuits gently velvety, with notes of wholewheat bread and Brazilian and Macadamia nuts long, nutty and balanced OSTOYA Ostoya originates from Bieszczady Mountains, a sanctuary for wildlife. Its unique flavour comes from a combination of superior quality wheat grown in sunny fields of the Bieszczady region and crystal clear water. Ostoya Vodka boasts the prestigious indication Polish Vodka, which attests to the Polish origin of its ingredients, Polish production and traditional quality. Ostoya has also gained worldwide recognition, winning as many as 11 medals in prestigious international competitions. smooth, light and distinctively sweet, with delicate notes of vanilla and citrus fruit subtly warming, full and velvety, with a lingering sweetness of grapefruit peel delicate, prolonged and elegant 64 65

34 WINE Wine is a reflection of its terroir, i.e. the combination of the culture, geography and history of its production area. Every vintage is a sum of human experiences and climatic processes, which is why there no two identical wines. Wine makes an excellent pairing with food as its qualities stimulate the appetite and help digest dishes such as meat, fish and cheese. There are a few basic rules when it comes to pairing wine and food. If the dish is sweeter than the wine, even a dry wine may seem unpleasantly sour whereas if the dish is sour, its acidity will change the perception of the wine, making it seem less dry or sometimes even sweetish. Jacob s Creek is Australia s number one bottled wine and one of the most famous and popular Australian wine brands worldwide. The vineyard was established in 1847 when the 18-year-old Johann Gramp, an immigrant from Bavaria, planted his first grapevines along the banks of Jacob s Creek. For years, those fresh and elegant wines have received many awards and gained consumer trust

35 JACOB S CREEK DOUBLE BARREL SHIRAZ Top quality grapes are selected to create Double Barrel Shiraz. Shiraz wines are first aged in oak barrels and then in ex-scotch casks. Jacob s Creek Double Barrel is a unique concept in the world of wines, setting new boundaries of innovation. FOOD PAIRING: pairs perfectly with red meat, especially steak JACOB S CREEK DOUBLE BARREL CABERNET SAUVIGNON Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon needs ripe and flavourful grapes from carefully selected vineyards. Cabernet Sauvignon is first matured in traditional oak casks and then in Irish whiskey casks. This unique double-barrel technique yields a product that is complex and velvety on the palate. FOOD PAIRING: goes wonderfully with lamb JACOB S CREEK CHARDONNAY RESERVE Jacob s Creek Chardonnay Reserve from the Adelaide Hills is made exclusively from carefully selected Chardonnay grapes. Reserve wine aged in French oak casks for six months. FOOD PAIRING: pairs perfectly with fish, seafood, poultry and pasta JACOB S CREEK SHIRAZ RESERVE Jacob s Creek Shiraz Reserve from Barossa Valley perfectly communicates its terroir, which makes it such an exceptional wine. Jacob s Creek Shiraz Reserve is exclusively made from selected Shiraz grapes from the best vineyards of South Australia. Reserve wine aged in French and American oak casks for 18 months. FOOD PAIRING: goes wonderfully with red meat, beef or lamb Campo Viejo is a highly famous and acclaimed Spanish wine from La Rioja. This was the first appellation in Spain to receive Dominanción de Origen Calificada (DOCa), a certificate for the highest quality wines. The Campo Viejo brand stands for an expressive, individual style of wines made in one of the most innovative and advanced wineries in the world. The most popular variety is Tempranillo from La Rioja

36 CAMPO VIEJO GRAN RESERVA CAMPO VIEJO RESERVA CHAMPAGNE Champagne is the world s most famous wine. A symbol of luxury, it marries elegance and balance with dynamism and vigour. Exalted as a symbol in France, it has become the most iconic way to celebrate success, happiness and special moments worldwide. Viticulture and winemaking in Champagne date back to the 3rd century and are closely linked to the history of numerous monasteries in the region. The first champagnes (sparkling wines) were made from select grapes in the 17th century, invented by the Benedictines of the Hautvillers Abbey. They also introduced oak corks to preserve the freshness and foam of champagne. Champagne is located in France within about 120 km (75 miles) from Paris covering an area of around 34,000 hectares. Reims is the capital city of the region. Champagne production is heavily regulated, which makes it different from other sparkling wines. A blend of grape varieties that are the most typical of the region: 85% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, and 5% Mazuelo. The highest quality among Campo Viejo wines available on the Polish market. It is matured for 24 months in French oak (80%) and American oak (20%) casks and then bottle-aged for 36 months. It is a wine of the highest rank in the Spanish classification system. COLOUR: ruby red, with glimmers of sunlight toasted wood with hints of aromatic spice and tobacco rich and complex, with notes of plum, blackberry and blueberry sweet cocoa and coffee FOOD PAIRING: goes wonderfully with ripened hard cheeses and cured meat A blend of grape varieties most typical of La Rioja, 85% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, and 5% Mazuelo. It is matured for 18 months in American and French oak casks and then bottle-aged for 18 months. Under Spanish legislation, Reserva is one of the highest levels of wine classification. The most universal of Campo Viejo wines, it pairs well with a range of dishes. COLOUR: ruby red, with delicate lights complex aromas that develop during bottle-ageing a balance between fruity and spicy notes balanced and elegant FOOD PAIRING: goes wonderfully with well-done or long-stewed mutton and beef 70 71

37 72 The Champagne House of G.H. Mumm was established in 1827 by three brothers Mumm. Since 1875, the red sash of the Legion of Honour has been the iconic emblem of the champagne. The style of this house is notable for its subtly balanced wines with a fresh and intense flavour. The fruit used for G.H. Mumm champagnes is world-class white Chardonnay and red Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes harvested every September. G.H.MUMM CUVÉE R. LALOU VINTAGE 1999, 2002 A tribute to René Lalou, who served as chairman of Maison G.H. Mumm in the 1930s and onwards. At the heart of his champagne production philosophy was terroir, or the region where grapes are grown G.H. Mumm s best vineyards. The champagne was produced until 1985; however, in 2007 Cellar Master Didier Mariotti decided to revive the great legend by composing a unique Cuvée of the 1999 and 2002 vintages. rich and full of aromas fruit, vanilla, nougat and honey rich, long and elegant GRAPE VARIETIES: 53% Pinot Noir; 47% Chardonnay FOOD PAIRING: pairs wonderfully with meats, liver, truffle and gingerbread G.H.MUMM MILLÉSIMÉ VINTAGE 2008 Mumm Millésimé is a blend of the most famous wines of Maison Mumm: the signature Pinot Noir complemented by Chardonnay. The aromatic complexity brings out the vividness and expressiveness of the two varieties. Notable for its depth and elegance. intense notes of pear, peach and fresh flowers, acacia honey, toasted bread and pralines complex and rich notes; a full wine with a long-lasting, mineral finish GRAPE VARIETIES: 70% Pinot Noir, 30% Grand Cru Chardonnay FOOD PAIRING: pairs perfectly with game and ripe cheese G.H.MUMM ROSÉ The dry G.H. Mumm Rosé champagne is a blend of three grape varieties (Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay). Its unique rosé colour is created by adding top quality red wines from Bouzy. an intense aroma of wild berries and grapefruit dominated by fresh, summer fruit such as raspberry and redcurrant, with a note of caramel and vanilla delicate, lively and fruity GRAPE VARIETIES: 60% Pinot Noir, 18% Pinot Meunier, 22% Chardonnay FOOD PAIRING: makes an excellent aperitif, pairs wonderfully with fruits and desserts G.H.MUMM DEMI-SEC A demi-sec champagne with an abundance of lively bubbles in the glass, it is crafted mostly from the uniquely aromatic Pinot Meunier variety that gives it an intensely fruity flavour. It is a composition of mature Reserve wines and a perfect amount of sugar. notes of peach, pear preserve, honey, gingerbread, dried fruits and nuts rounded, velvety and full of sweetness a hefty dose of freshness GRAPE VARIETIES: 60% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir, 10% Chardonnay FOOD PAIRING: goes wonderfully with foie gras, blue cheese, fruit salads and zabaglione desserts 73

38 G.H. MUMM CORDON ROUGE WITH GLASSES The unique set of G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne and two glasses makes an excellent idea for a gift or celebrating special moments together. G.H. Mumm champagne is produced only from top quality grapes from the Champagne region and the fruits that are used to make it are harvested entirely by hand. It is notable for a long period of maturation, low sugar content as well as an exuberant bubbliness and a rich fruity bouquet. Since 1875, the red sash of the Legion of Honour has become its trademark. G.H.MUMM CORDON ROUGE A blend of no less than 77 crus, with a predominance of Pinot Noir and a distinctive presence of Chardonnay. As the original G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne is perfect for special occasions, it is offered in l, 0.75 l, 1.5 l, 3 l, 6 l and 9 l bottles. notes from peach, apricot, lychee and pineapple to vanilla, caramel and yeast to dried fruit with honey intense, fresh fruit and caramel round GRAPE VARIETIES: 45% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Meunier FOOD PAIRING: an excellent aperitif, it pairs well with white meat, fish and foie gras Perrier-Jouët is one of the most famous and prestigious champagnes in the world. This Champagne house makes champagne in small quantities, giving up production if a given vintage falls below their expectations, in line with the philosophy of quality over quantity. This quest for perfection guarantees Perrier-Jouët its rightful place at the most prestigious tables. Not to mention the royal courts of Napoleon III or Queen Victoria. Since Princess Grace of Monaco declared the bottle with the iconic anemone to be her favourite champagne, Perrier- Jouët Belle Epoque has accompanied glamorous balls the world over

39 76 PERRIER-JOUËT BELLE ÉPOQUE BLANC DE BLANCS VINTAGE 2004 This floral and lively yet delicate composition breaks the monotony of modern-day life. Hervé Deschamps, only the seventh cellar master in the whole history of Maison Perrier-Jouët, picks exclusively selected Chardonnay varieties to create a truly exceptional champagne. COLOUR: light gold with green lights floral overtones of elderflower, acacia and honeysuckle and citrus fruit fresh, spicy and refreshing intensely mineral GRAPE VARIETIES: Chardonnay FOOD PAIRING: an excellent aperitif, it pairs well with fish; serving at 10 C will bring out its character PERRIER-JOUËT BELLE ÉPOQUE ROSÉ VINTAGE 2006 A delicate, rich and voluptuous champagne. Chardonnay grapes give it elegance and a floral freshness while the full bouquet of red Pinot Meunier fruit blends with the richness of red Pinot Noir wines. COLOUR: subtle and pure, with a rosé tint rich and voluptuous elegant, floral and fresh GRAPE VARIETIES: 50% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Noir, 5% Pinot Meunier FOOD PAIRING: serve at C, both as an aperitif and paired with various dishes, from wild fowl to desserts PERRIER-JOUËT BELLE EPOQUE VINTAGE 2008 Perrier-Jouët is one of the most exclusive and prestigious champagnes in the world. From its inception, Perrier-Jouët has been produced in small batches in line with the philosophy of quality over quantity. white flowers, with a subtle note of fruit and ginger dry, fresh and mellow, with perfectly balanced acidity; round, fruity and silky GRAPE VARIETIES: 50% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Noir, 5% Pinot Meunier FOOD PAIRING: pairs wonderfully with seafood, perfectly complementing the subtle saltiness of langoustines; a great match for exquisite white meats PERRIER-JOUËT BLASON ROSÉ CITY BOX Blason Rosé is the first rosé champagne created by Perrier-Jouët. It is a sophisticated blend of 50 wines from three grape varieties, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Its subtle rose colour is a result of adding a small amount of red wine of the Pinot Noir variety. an aroma of pomegranate and red orange, beautifully complemented by floral notes rich and complex long and intense GRAPE VARIETIES: 50% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier, 25% Chardonnay FOOD PAIRING: excellent with an aperitif, hors d oeuvre, the main dish and desserts; best enjoyed at C; pairs well with salmon, duck breast or lamb as well as desserts PERRIER-JOUËT GRAND BRUT CITY BOX Grand Brut is an excellent dry champagne and a wonderful introduction to the floral, intense and sophisticated style of the Maison. This champagne will enchant you with its vibrant bright yellow robe and a balanced and elegant aroma of flowers and fruit. Another element that draws the eye is the interesting graphic design. a fresh, fruity and floral aroma enriched by a hint of spice and notes of vanilla perfectly balanced, with a smooth, pleasant texture and a trace of butter surprising and elegant GRAPE VARIETIES: 40% Pinot Noir, 40% Pinot Meunier, 20% Chardonnay FOOD PAIRING: makes an excellent pairing with shellfish, fish carpaccio or white meat 77

40 78 79