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1 Roc fun run Westfield Rec's 5-Miler attracts strong field, strong times See Sports, page 6-1 A gourmand's guide to area dining See this week's Weekend Law Day, May 1 Local professionals salute law's role in democracy See page A-11 The^festfield Record Vol. 3, No. 18 Thursday, April 30, 1992 A Forbes Newspaper 25 cents And they're off!! HHHBHHB ESBBMSBB^SS^^SWBJ^JBJISBS'.- ^r "^drf?s f '».^^BHL BSPjBKKwSys^BaBlBT^i^^S^BmVl I^B^B^B^B^EHHB^HHB JB^BTI^B^S^^B^BU(^B1V:'^BH MBHwh^flS^BttB^B^BiB^b ^^P^B^F^SB^F^SHBV^HH _...., GEORGE PACCIEIXO/THE RECORD Runners - all 156 of them - competed In the second annual Five Mile Run hosted by Westfield Recreation Commission at Tamaques Park Saturday. Joe Sllva of Wesrfleld crossed the finish line first at 26:18 to take top honors. Tha event raised funds for the town's anti-substance abuse program. See the sports section for results. Council raises static over installation of satellite dish without permission ByDONALD MZZI JR. THE RECORD A satellite dish that has been placed on the roof of a Summit Avenue home without a permit did not get a good reception from the Town Council last week. The dish was spotted by the town's zoning officer. An ordinance on the books poses some restrictions on the installation of dishes, and mandates that a permit must be obtained. Mayor Garland 'Bud' Boothe expressed dislike of satellite dishes, saying the ordinance was enacted "because the things are as ugly as hell." "I do not want satellite dishes cropping up all over Westfield like dandelions," said the mayor, "People's rights have got to stop somewhere. The 'Me Generation' has Patty Shueman comes home to produce a film By DONALD PI2ZI JR. THE RECORD For Patty Shueman, there was no time like the present to begin pursuing her dream of becoming a film maker. Ms. Shueman, a former Westfield resident now living in New York City, was In town recently shooting footage for a short film she is producing and directing for her own company. Wee Hours Production. The director and her crew shot scenes at Joe's Market on South Street In February, even incorporating the owner Into a scene. Filming took over 18 hours. She hopes to take her finished product around the festival circuit, and is already getting invitations from public television and cable channels. Ms. Shueman had some apprehensions about pursuing her dream at first, but decided to ignore them. "I repressed my fears, and just decided to do it," she said. "I work with people in their 30s and 40s who regretted not doing what they wanted to do earlier in life. I didn't ever want to look back and be that way." She is a graduate of Rutgers University, where she majored in English. She had no background in film, other than taking a few film theory courses in college. Among her crodits is directing a video for the band Carry Nation, who are also from Westfiold. She has made {Please turn to page A-6) to stop somewhere." Satellites are considered as conditional uses in all of the town's zones, with one allowed per lot, except in business, commercial and industrial zones. They are not permitted in front or side yards, and the antenna must be located on the ground in residential zones, be no more than seven feet high, and be screened with foliage. Dish antennas cannot be on trailers or portable devices and can be no greater 'than eight feet in diameter. Members of the council did not appear to know exactly how big the antenna on Summit Avenue is, but estimated it at 10 feet in diameter. Councilman Kenneth MacRitchie, who has in the past charged that the ordinance is too strict, said if antennas are covered by foliage, they will not be able to transmit. He also said antennas under 10 feet in diameter result in poor reception. The council decided to pass the matter over to its laws and rules committee, chaired by Councilman Michael Panagos, for further review. Town designates three landmarks as historic By DONALD MZZI JR. THE RECORD You could say that the Town Council made some landmark decisions Tuesday. The council voted to approve the childhood home of cartoonist Charles Addams on Elm Street, the World War I Memorial and the North Avenue fire station as local historic landmarks. The governing body deferred last week on the north and south side train stations, and Mindowoskin Park, because the designations carry with them restrictions that could delay some possible work on the sites. The Historic Preservation Commission has the power to hold up any restoration or renovations on a historic landmark if it does not approve of the changes. The impetus for the designations was made by the commission, which nominated the five sites for local historic status last year. The nominations then went on to the Planning Board, which approved all five last week. Once nominations are approved by the board, it is up to the council to finalize the designations. Town administrator John Malloy pointed out that the historic status could delay work on Mindowaskin Park, which is scheduled for restoration. Also, town engineer Edward Gottko said New Jersey Transit may have to upgrade the two train stations to meet the new federal American With Disabilities Act, and the designations could slow down those changes. Councilman James Hely voted against deferring on the two sites, stating that "I don't see the commission as adversaries. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred they won't suggest a change, and when they do make a comment, it's probably going to be a positive one." The council decided to put off any designation for the park until the Mindowaskin Park Committee could meet with the commission and discuss the changes that are being considered. No decision will (Please turn to page A-6) Mill Lane/Springfield Avenue intersection to get traffic light By DONALD PIZZI JR. THE RECORD Construction on a traffic signal at the intersection of Springfield Avenue and Mill Lane is set to begin, according to town engineer Edward Gottko. He said last week that work on the light will begin in the latter part of the May and would take about two months to complete. Mill Lane will be closed periodically during construction, while Springfield Avenue will suffer "intermittent delays." Commuters will be able to use the road, but instead of one lane in each direction there will be only one lane. Construction will take place from 7:30 (Please turn to page A-6) Westfield mulls senior complex By DONALD PIZZI JR. THE RECORD Mayor Garland "Bud" Boothe and the Town Council's Senior Citizens Housing Committee unveiled an ambitious plan Monday to finance a possible second senior citizens housing site in town. The plan would use residual receipts from the current Westfield Senior Citizens Housing Corporation, land and from the 'Our going ahead with a second town,texcredits, a Senior Citizens Housing Complex loan from the Fed- M1 _^rt. ^ eral Home Loan WOUld ptlt 130 UmtS Of Bank Board and aff6ftf a b} e housing OH that Site, vciicuiv rents to p*iy for the 130 units of SS Opposed to 13' proposed afford- /*i«aii#a* o*>a»*#4t abiehousing. The cnanes uranm New York City Town attorney Housing Partnership, a non-profit group set up by David Rockefeller in 1982 to help solve New York's housing needs, would act as a consultant on the project. Mayor Boothe said the council would now have to give approval to negotiate a formal contract with the housing partnership. The subject will be discussed at next week's council meeting. The committee was formed last year by Mayor Richard Bagger for two reasons: a belief that senior citizen housing is needed, and the fact that the town would eventually have to readdress low and moderate income housing in town in the upcoming years under Mount Laurel. Mr. Boothe, then a Second Ward councilman, was appointed its chair. Town attorney Charles Brandt said the town's primary senior citizen housing obligation under Mount Laurel is to rezone 8.3 acres adjacent to the current complex on Boynton Avenue to permit senior citizen housing development. The town has already done that, according to Mr. Brandt. Westfield must also promote the development of the site for that purpose, Mr. Brandt said, by developing a viable plan by November of If that does not happen, the town attorney said that the town would probably end up in court. The end result could be 52 units of high density housing on the site, with another 13 units of affordable housing on the complex "Our going ahead with a second Senior Citizens Housing Complex would put 130 units of affordable housing on that site, as opposed to 13," he said. Mr. Boothe pointed out that there are some problems with the plan. The New Jersey Tax Credits program, funded by the Internal Revenue Service and distributed (Please turn to page A-6) Mayor says non-tennis use of courts is out of bounds Duck duck goose By DONALD PIZZI JR. THE RECORD There is no love lost between the Town Council and people who are abusing local tennis courts. Mayor Garland 'Bud 1 Boothe wrote the Westfield Tennis Association president that damage to the courts by roller skaters, hockey players and bike riders is continuing. Copies went to town engineer Edward Gottko, Recreation Director Paul Campanelli and local newspapers. The council adopted an ordinance last year that makes use of courts for nontennis related activities a violation of the town code. Violators can be fined in municipal court. The mayor said he has instructed police to watch for violators of the ordinance "and deal with the situations as appropriate." Public Works employees have posted signs to the effect that bikes and skates must be kept off tennis courts. The mayor said the town has gone to great lengths to keep the courts in good shape, including the expenditure of $89,000 this year to renovate the Elm Street courts. That follows on substantial and expensive resurfacing or rebuilding of the Tamaques and Memorial Pool courts undertaken in recent years. (Please turn to page A-6) EUSSA KLOTZ/THE RECORD Joanna Todaro, 7, a second-grader at Tamaques School, spent part of har lunch hour serving up chow to Canadian geese at the reservation pond. Inside The Record this week 25 Westfield High juniors in top 5% in nation on PSAT tests,...a-3 Tina Lesher named N.J. Press Woman Communicator of Achievement B-4 New Jersey State Table Tennis Club hosts state tourney in Westfield A-7 Local Republicans expect Bush-Quayle campaign speaker at Annual Ball A-2 Business A-12 Calendar A-5 Club news B-4 Community life A-7 Education A-3,8 Fire log A-2 Milestones, A-10 Obituaries A-10 Opinion A-4 Police log A-2 Religion A-7,9 Sports B-1,2,3

2 A-2 April 30,1992 Bush/Quayle campaign aide will be speaker at ball A key official of the Bush-Quayle campaign will address the Westfield Republican Ball held 7:30 p-m. Friday. May 1, at the Westwood in Garwood. Bill Palatucd, executive director of the Buih- Quayle campaign, confirmed that he is arranging for a speaker for the Westfleld Republican Ball Mr. Palatucd said that the speaker will provide Westfield Republicans with an update on present and future plans of the Bush-Quayle campaign in New Jersey. Also scheduled to appear at the ball will be State Senate President Don OiFrancesco; State Republican Chairman and Assemblyman Bob Franks; and Assemblyman Rich Here are the calls responded to last week by the Westfleld Fire Department: April 20: 600 block of East Broad Street, smoke condition caused by improper disposal of fireplace ashes; 700 block of Lenape Trail, alarm system activation. April 21: 200 block of Sinclair Place, tree limbs hanging on primary power lines. April 22: Westfield Senior Citizens Complex, forcible entry to an apartment for Rescue Squad; 100 block of Westbrook Road, unidentified substance found in brook. April 23:100 block of Sunnywood Bagger who is one of the honorees. The Westfield Republican Party will be honoring both Mr. Bagger and former Councilman Jubb Corbet for their past service to the town. Noted concert pianist, Vincent Gaudioso, who made his debut at Carnegie Hall, won the New York Philharmonic Contest and the New Jersey LeBorace Iiberace Contest, and performed for the Queen of Greece, will perform at the ball Tickets are still available at $50 per person and at $450 for a table of 10. Call Joe DeAlessandro and Ray Donovan at , Allen Chin at or Jean Sawtelle at ire report Drive, assisted resident locked out of her home; 600 block of Dorian Road, kitchen fire caused by use of flammable vapor emitting paint stripper, Westfield Senior High School, alarm activated by servicemen; First Presbyterian Church, alarm system activated by servicemen; 100 block of Fairacres Avenue, report of smoke in the area, found nothing. April 24: Westfield Y, alarm system malfunction. April 25: Redeemer Lutheran Church, alarm system maliunction; 700 block of Willow Grove Road, unidentified substance found spilled in brook. Our policy on corrections The Record will promptly correct errors of fact, context or presentation and clarify any news content that confuses or misleads readers. Please report errors to Record editor Stuart Awbrey by phone at or , or by mail at P.O. Box 2790, or through the slot at the office at 231 Elmer St All corrections and clarifications will appear in this space on this page as a convenience and courtesy to our readers. The lions Club of Westfield has run the annual Easter Egg Hunt since the 1930's. Its role was inadvertently omitted in the caption under a photograph of the event Funds raised for David Dickison will help renovate his home to make it handicap accessible as well asto raise money for a van. Brian O«bbt«and Lindsay Brown modal tharowfrlanda of Mlndowaskln Park ahfrta. Contributions being sought for renovation of park As part of a $250,000 campaign to renovate Mindowaskin Park, the Friends of the Park plan to Join the town of Westfield in rebuilding the children's playground. Worn out and unsafe equipment will be replaced with an innovative modular climbing structure which encourage imaginative, healthy play. Plans also call for benches, lighting and a fence to keep tots from wandering into the street or the stream. In order to realize the goal, the Friends need the combined support of many people. Contributions may be sent to the Friends of Mindowaskin Park, P.O. Box 87, Westfield, N.J Local organizations that are interested in fundraising for the park may contact the Friends at All gifts are tax-deductible. Friends of Mindowaskin Park logo and shirts are for sale. Sizes are 6-8, 14-16, adult medium and adult X-large cost $10. Call Susan Debbie at Donations are requested for David Dickson Fund Funds are currently being raised for the David Dickison Fund. The fund was set up to raise money to purchase a van for the West Point cadet, who was left paralyzed after a motorcycle accident, andtorenovate his home to make it handicap accessible. David was injured in a motorcycle accident in March, and is undergoing rehabilitation at Castle Point Veterans Administration Hospital in Castle Point, N.Y. Anyone interested in contributing to the David Dickison Fund can do so through his family at 82 Tamaques Way, Westfleld, or Central Jersey Bank and Trust, 177 East Broad Street Police report Here are descriptions of entries in the Westfield police log from April 21 to April 27: April 27 A Union man reported that his motorcycle was stolen while parked on Scotch Plains Avenue. A motor vehicle stolen out of Edison was recovered at South and Central avenues. A Springfield woman told police of the theft of a pocketbook at Wilson Elementary School. * * Drug Fair on North Avenue reported that several cartons of cigarettes were stolen. * Officer Mark Cierpial and Robert Mclnemey arrested Lori Farbstein of Union and Phyllis Farbstein for reportedly shoplifting from Lord and Taylor's department store on North Avenue. They were released on $225 bail. April 26 Shrubs were stolen from Williams Nursery on Springfield Avenue. Several windows at Westfield High School were smashed. A Shackamaxon Drive resident reported that her car was damaged with a rock. ".It Giovanny Aspinel, 25, of Plain- > field was arrested for reportedly ' driving while intoxicated. He reg- /' istered a.20 percent blood to alco ' hoi count after submitting to a breathalyzer test '9.> The car of a North Avenue man -; was vandalized.,, ApriI25 ' A TYemont Avenue man reported' that his home was burglarized. The J stolen items were not identified. '' i A West Dudley Avenue woman told police that a potted plant on her property was smashed A Sandra Circle man reported.., the theft of two antennas from his ' motor vehicle while it was parked at the train station. April 24 The motor vehicle of a Mountain Avenue man was vandalized. April 22 A Westbrook Road woman told; police that a stereo was stolen from' her motor vehicle. * * A Bell Drive woman said that computer software was stolen from I her home. April 21 A Dorian Road woman reported the theft of her motor vehicle, a Pontiac. Man faces criminal sexual contact charge The manager of a local delicatessen was arrested and charged with criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child on Thursday, April 23, according to Westfield Police Chief Anthony J. Scutti. Detectives Ronald Allen and Patrick Gray of the Juvenile Bureau arrested Ehab Elbanna, the manager of D&M Deli at 466 West Broad Street, following an investigation. The investigation began after parents of an alleged 13-year-old victim contacted police. The girl told her parents that Mr. Elbanna was making improper advances to her. Mr. Elbanna posted $5,000 bail pending a court hearing. The case is being further investigated by Det Gray. 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The fee for the mammogram is S40 and is due on the day of the breast screening. Committed to the good health of women in our community lelizabeth GENERAL [MEDICAL CENTER 1 The Breast Health & Imaging Center Wj f:ast IKRS1Y SIRI I I II IMIII 111 Nl W It RSI Y OTiUi Accredited by: Th«lolnt Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organliatlons The American College of Radiology

3 April 30,1992 A-3 WSO music director speaks at Historical Society lunch Brad Keimach, music director of the Wettfleld Symphony Orcheitn, will be the principal speaker at the next First Wednesday Dutch-treat luncheon to be sponsored by the Westfleld Historical Society at Raymond's Restaurant in Westfleld at noon, Wednesday, May 6. Bom in Massachusetts, Maestro Keimach entered the JuiUiard School as a saxophone student; however, he quickly discovered the world of conducting and changed his major. He had enjoyed extensive conducting experience around the metropolitan New York area prior to joining the local symphony as its first music director when it was founded in Despite its brief history, the WSO, a regional professional ensemble, has developed a very significant reputation throughout New Jersey. In recognition of its artistic achievements the WSO was named a "Distinguished Arts Organization" this season by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. In addition, the orchestra is one of only three in the state to receive funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. Mr. Keimach has developed unique and highly effective programs that permit students to interact closely with his professionals. He will describe some of the highlights of the orchestra, the role it plays in the community, and the orchestra's upcoming 10th anniversary season. This luncheon meeting is open to the public. Reservations must be made prior to noon on Tuesday, May 5, by calling Those who have attended the more recent luncheons are on a calling list and will be telephoned two or three days in advance to confirm their intention of attending. Painting by WHS graduate St. John Frlzall waa dadlcatad at Franklin PTA maatlng at memorial to Katharlna Jackaon, foundar and daalgnar of Franklin School Art Appreciation Pro* gram. From left: Mag Paradlaa, mother of artist, program coordinator Genevleve Shlneman and Jonathan Jackaon. Garden club to hold plant sale May 9 The Rake and Hoe Garden Club whi r sponsor its annual garden plaai sale-t-fcnr-3 p.m. Saturday, Majft 9, in the. parking lot of the Board of Education building. Elm and Walnut streets. Chairwoman Pat Mey has ordered annuals, vegetables and favorite perennials, Hanging baskets will be available as well as baskets of potted plants and herbs. "Home-growns," plants donated by members of Rake and Hoe from their own gardens, will be available. The sale has been an annual fond-raiser for more than-is*yean and profits benefit the club's work on local and educational projects. Donations have been contributed toward the Westfield Memorial library, the azalea garden in Mindo waskin Park, and scholarships at Westfleld High School. Members will be available the day of the sale to answer any gardening questions and to advise on planting. Support group meets Monday A support group for people caring for elderly or chronically ill relatives meets on the first Monday of each month at B p.m. in the parish center of SL Helen's Church on Lamberts Mill Road in Westfield. The next meeting. May 4, will be an information and sharing session. For more information, call Marilyn Ryan at Dr. Kreistman's successor named at Montgomery County College Dr. Ernest Cronan, dean of academic affairs at Montgomery County Community College at Bleu Bell, Pa., was appointed vice president for academic affairs of Union County College Tuesday. He will begin his duties in July. He succeeds Dr. Leonard Kreisman of Westfleld who has returned to the faculty as professor of history. Financial Aid workshops set at two of the UCC campuses Four Financial Aid Workshops aimed at helping the public obtain tuition Th«t«25 WHS Juniors placed among 50,000 highest scoring participants among national high school students who took Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Tests, placing them In top 5 percent of the nation. WHS 'high scorers' in SATs in nation's top 5 percent Twenty-five Westfield High School juniors achieved such high scores on the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Tests) that they are being cited by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as "high scorers." They are among the top five percent of students across the nation who took the 1991 PSATs. As "high scorers" they have been invited to name two colleges or universities to which the National Merit Scholarship Corporation will send their scores. "While all 50,000 high scorers among the million students who took the PSATs show outstanding academic potential, only some 15,000 of them will be honored next fall as SemiUnalists," said Marianne Roderick, executive vice president of the National Merit Scholarship Foundation. "Westfield High School is pleased that 25 students have qualified as high scorers," said School Principal Robert G. Petix. Their success is a reflection of the students' native ability and hard work, of the professional staffs dedication and competence in teaching and of the parental and community support in our community. The 25 "high scorers" are Sharon Alspector, Peter Alvaro, Sharon Antonucci, Tobie Baldwin, Natasha Bartolf, Simon Baukh, Ryan Berse, Soo Yun Chun, Seth Coren, Peter Fontana, Ilan Raphael Friedman, Elizabeth Getz, Emily Gleason, Amy Gruen, Benjamin Hallinan, David Harwood, Wendy Jebens, Ariel Klein, Lance Kovac, Sheryl Krevsky, Benjamin Parker, Andrea Petruzzell, Jeremy Romine, Russell Schundler and Jonathan Snitow. These students can qualify for 1993 National Merit Scholarships when they take the SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Tests). Math program places 12 in advanced students roll Twelve students of the Westfield fourth-grade; Wendy Lin and So Kumon Math program have earned Young Yang, fifth-grade; and Kate a place on the North American Ad-,*, sbrth-grade; all of vanced Student Roll sponsored by w tfi Id the Kumon Educational Institute. ',. -. OW. award to *ven to those, rtu*^ %P n 1S? ^mental, afterdents who h have h advanced dd to a level ll sch bi math Proeram which is enables of mathematics which is six students to achieve their full months or more ahead of their current school grade level. potential. There are currently 1.7 million students enrolled worldwide in this program. The West- The local students who have earned this distinction include: field center enrolls 60 students. Deirdre Norris, first-grade, and Free registration for the Kumon Malav Kanuga, fifth-grade, both of Mountainside; Lynn Huang, second-grade; Math program is offered now Daniel Yang, third- grade; Yao Huang and David Paik, through May 20. For more information, call , Sunday, May 3, from 12 to 4 Sonya and Family 'Designers Qalleryr Clurkton Shopping Center 1071 Raritan Rd.. Clark, NJ 07C66 (90S) Foundation seeking donors for summer jobs program The Westfield Foundation is seeking matching donations from local businesses and individuals to help fund a Summer Youth Employment Program again this year in Westfield, Eight young Westfielders in need of summer jobs found employment at various Westfield service agencies through the Foundation's Summer Youth Employment Program last year. More than 60 have been placed in similar jobs since the program began in Local citizens donate funds specifically for the program, and they are matched by funds from the I foundation, which then makes grants to participating local agencies who have applied to fund the 4 v cost of employing these young peo-!" pie for the summer. The youth are able to work in various areas of ^ interest in such organizations as'.; the Westfield Memorial library,'^ Children's Specialized Hospital, 1 * Westfield Day Care Center, and the' United Fund of Westfield. : ; : The objectives are to provideyouths with an opportunity to earn'., money and perform a service need-^; ed by the community, and to have; l a learning experience that develops'' skills and knowledge of lasting, benefit, and also to increase net" employment in the community by' funding a job for which money. would not otherwise be available. 'Gigantic Garage Sale 9 slated by local day care auxiliary The Westfleld Day Care Center Auxiliary's 25th Annual Gigantic Garage Sale will be held at the National Guard Armory from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, May 9. Eleanor Scnus and Janice Irwin, 1992 Sale Co-chairwomen head a team of volunteers who have met throughout the winter months to prepare for the event. The site will house over 70 tables and racks displaying donated sale items: jewelry, books, linens, picture frames, small appliances, anti- '^ ques, children's clothing (newborn-; to 6x), bric-a-brac, refreshments,' and baked goods. ; Donations will be accepted in th«r"' Armory rear parking lot, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through May 1 from 9 a.m.-noon: Monday,,- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday o{\ sale week, 9 a.m.-noon and Sun- o day, May 3, from 1-4 p.m. Proceeds benefit the Westfield" Day Care Center, last year's effort' raised over $12,000. AARP sets lecture on auto insurance The general meeting of the Westfield area chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons will be held 1 p.m. Monday at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 414 E. Broad St. Refreshments will be served at 12:30 p.m. Members and guests are asked to enter through the red door at the rear of the building and bring a non-perishable food item as a contribution to the food cupboard, said Albert Stott, president. Doug Pfister will present a pro*, gram on auto insurance, "People. For Fair Insurance.",: Election of officers for , will be held. - The final meeting of this year, at. which installation of officers will be. held, will be a luncheon Monday, June 1, at the Westwood. \, Monday's meeting will be the ^ last opportunity to sign up for the trip to Ellis Island June 22. Herb plant sale set at Miller-Cory House p.m. The second annual Miller-Cory Herb Plant Sale wilt be held from noon-4 Sunday, May 3, at the museum, 614 Mountain Ave., Westfield. Available will be rosemary, basil, oregano and lavender as well as rarer specimens. The sale will be held at the endot.trw dmvm&at thft.frazee Cookhouse. Participants should bring their own boxes 6r b?fel<eti1o cafty home these fragrant plants. Miller-Cory herbafcts will assist in selections. Tired Of Your Mattress??? SAVE 25% to 70% OFF Mfrs. Sugg. 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The free workshops will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5, at the Cranford Campus; 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 28, at the Elizabeth Campus, and at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 4, also at the Elizabeth Campus. Call Special Sailing SCANDINAVIAN CAPITALS AND RUSSIA Aboard the Imcomparablc Crown Odyssey! W Royal Cruise Line JUNE 2-16, 1992 SAVE from $946 Per Person Outside Cabins from $3782 per person Including nlr from Nowafk only through UNIQUE CRUISE CENTE 331 SOUTH AVENUE (Opposite Klngs/Garwood Mall QARWOOD CALL NOW TO RESERVE CLARK LANES MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Summer Leagues LADIES COCKTAIL MIXED COUPLES CLARK MENS YOUTH/ADULT SUMMERETTS CLARK EARLY BIRDS MENS HANDICAP MIXED FOURSOME (3) (4) (5) (2) (4) (4) (5) (4) 8:30 P.M 8:15 P.M, 8:30 P.M, 6:30 P.M 9:30 A.M. 6:15 P.M. 8:30 P.M. 8:30 P.M. CLASSIC DOUBLES (2) 7:00 P.M. (330 Mln-385 Max Men or Women) MENS HANDICAP (5) 8:30 P.M. WEDNESDAY SUMMER MIXED (4) 8:30 P.M. THURSDAY LADIES CLARK MIXED COUPLES LADIES CLARK SUMMER CLARK SOCIAL MIXED JUNIORS MIXED League Openings Avmlntilr? (>:O0 P.M. C.ill lor Details 140 Central Ave Clark -Westfleld Record- (3) (4) (5) (4) Applications Available 9:30 A.M. 8:30 P.M. 8:30 P.M. 7:00 P.M. 10:00 A.M "Our 21st Year Celebration" FABRIC We carry a complete line of quality cotton, wools & acrylics yarn. FABRICS NOTIONS CRAFTS Dress Q Quilting Q Bridal Q Counted Cross n Needlepoint Q Crewel Kits Rug Hooking Expert Framing Q Custom Draperies & Slipcovers Monogramming Laminating Diplomas Complete Line Of Notions Including: Scissors n Sewing Basket Thread p CELEBRATION COUPON OFF ON ANY URCHASE! OVER $ OHor oxplros 5/11/92 $000 Mi OFF ON ANY PURCHASE OF MO MIN. Offor expires 5/11/92 26 Eastman St. Monwod 930e

4 A-4 April 30,1902 Commentary 4 Shift and shaft' mandates persist at expense of towns The new Republican majority in the state legislature promises totnove slowly in its vision for municipalities but don't hold your breath. The solons will have more than they can handle in coping with the diminished coffers of the state government and in responding to the Democratic governor. The classic technique of the 1980s was known as "shift and shaft" which the Reagan Administration practiced on the states. This involved shifting programs that were once managed by the federal government to the states and then shafting the states by requiring them to underwrite the programs out of state funds, not federal monies. Naturally, the state governments learned a lesson in this. Trenton, which once passed the buck, switched to passing along programs, without bucks. That's one reason municipal governments are under such pressure. They must provide constitutionally mandated services like increases in police and fire employee pensions, stafe employee health benefits and utilities, among others. Of course, there is no lower government to foot the bills. That leaves you know who out of pocket: property taxpayers. President Bush has offered to shift control of federal programs to the states, with money to support them, but the notion hasn't taken root in Congress, U.S. Rep. Matthew J. Rinaldo is promoting legislation to curtail the federal mandates. With all levels of government struggling to avoid more red ink, each level, starting with Congress, must stop passing the buck and responsibilities down the line, he says. Without reform at the highest levels, the i will be stuck, without a buck to pass. The favored slogan of ate Mandate, State Pay" should be expanded to "Congress ate. Congress Pay." fe a 'Friend' of the park i Park was once an unsightly swamp that was a ite breeding spot for mosquitos. According to J. Herbert Ts history of Westfield, the town transformed it into the 2St of town parks and opened it to the public in Next! we'll celebrate its 75th anniversary. Meantime, revitalization y. The new bandstand is functioning. -gamins a leaf from the Friends of the library, a non-profit QHends of the Park has embarked on a $250,000 campaign to r)$be funds for restoration. There are plans to rebuild the playdfeund to include modern and safe equipment with benches, lighting and a fence. Topographical and drainage problems will be addressed. Tax-deductible donations are being accepted and will be managed by the Westfield Foundation. Contributions may be sent to the Friends of Mindowaskin Park, P.O. Box, Westfield. Citizens may support the effort by purchasing $10 'Friends" logo T-shirts. Look for the Friends at the playground playground or call Debbie at Crack down on the crack makers For the second year in a row, the town has to counter skating vandals. The culprits carve up expensive tennis court surfaces by roller skating and roller blading and have been joined by bikers who mar the courts. There's enough asphalt around for these "hot" sports on firm and safe roads like the Tamaques Park circular, but the smooth courts are tempting. The non-thinking cutters and slicers do more than disrupt tennis. They cost the town money. The town has spent several hundred thousands of dollars on court improvements in recent years and plans to fix up Elm Street playing surfaces with an $89,000 outlay. Biker and blader parents should get the message about costs and anti-social behavior across to their kids. If that doesn't work, the police will have to crack down on the crack makers. Suicide is preventable TojThe Record: Way 3-9 is National Suicide Prevention Week. Suicide is the eighth letting cause of death in this country, ranking ahead of homitide. Suicide claims the life of at leakt 30,000 persons annually. Thjat's an average of one person ev^ry 17 minutes. At CONTACT Wej Care, one of the questions most frequently asked is, "Is he or she doftig this just to get attention?" Ignoring attention-getting behavior can be fatal. Suicide is preventable! Decrease the risk that you will be one of the 185,000 bereaved left behind. During Suicide Prevention Week, learn to be part of the solution. Learn the facts, the warning signs and what to do. Get involved, be available, show interest and support Be direct ask if he or she is thinking about suicide; talk openly and freely about it. Be willing to listen; allow expression of feelings and accept the feelings. Be non-judgmental, don't debate and don't lecture. Don't ask "why?" To do so encourages defensivencss. Don't be shocked; it only puts distance between you. Offer empathy, not sympathy; offer hope, but not glib assurances. Do not allow yourself to be sworn to secrecy; seek support Take action; remove means; get help from persons or agencies specializing in crisis intervention and suicide prevention. CANDY SANTO Executive Director CONTACT We Care Tennis courts are for tennis To The Record: Dear Mr. Blackburn: The Council and I are very concerned about the damage done to the surfaces of the town's tennis courts by roller skating and roller hockey, bike riding and other nontennis activities. Last fall we adopted an ordinance making such activities a violation of the town code. A complaint can result in the offenders having to appear before and being fined in Municipal Court. A copy of the ordinance is attached. It has been brought to my attention that these damaging nontennis activities are continuing. In one case, I am told, tennis plpypti, were hassled when they wanted to take over a court from hockey players. Accordingly, I have instructed the Police Department that they are to watch for non-tennis use of these courts and deal with the situations as appropriate. I have also asked Public Works to post short, brief signs, understandable by anyone old enough to ride bikes or skates, to the effect that bikes and skates must be kept off tennis courts. The Town Council has been supportive of the tennis players and programs in Westfield - including a decision to spend $89,000 of taxpayer money on renovation of the Elm Street Courts this year, which follows on substantial and expensive resurfacing or rebuilding of the Tamaques and Memorial Pool courts in recent years. As a tennis player myself, I know how important a smooth and safe surface is for enjoyable and safe play. As mayor, I cannot tolerate thoughtless or deliberate damage to municipal facilities. I am sending this letter to our local press, in the hope that our residents will impress on their youngsters why they should not ankfi tfaihrtat xxie tehhis courts for J roller skate and bike riding activities. You are welcome to communicate it to your membership as you feel appropriate. If youngsters - or others - are misusing the tennis courts and will not cease when this is pointed out to them, a call to the Police Department is appropriate. My best wishes for a successful, safe, enjoyable tennis program in GARLAND "BUD" BOOTIIE Mayor, Westfield Garbage collection at crossroads To the Record: The announcement last week of the deregulation of garbage collection places Westfield at a crossroads. I am hopeful that deregulation will encourage competition in the garbage collection industry and potentially lead to savings for Westfield residents. However, the actual results are uncertain at best, and it will likely take many months before the full impact of deregulation can be assessed. The uncertainties surrounding deregulation make it imperative that Westfield study the economic feasibility of having the town contract with a single provider of garbage collection sctvice. The purpose of this study is to determine if there are cost savings to be realized by hiring a single hauler. If no savings are ascertainable, the process should be stopped; if savings can be realized, the result could be a windfall for Westfield taxpayers. In addition, by contracting with a single hauler, Westfield could regain control over the hauler's rate schedule and could potentially benefit senior citizens and others by putting in place a graduated schedule which would result in lower charges to families generating less than two bags of garbage a week. Garbage collection service could be competitively bid, hopefully with the result that Westfield would obtain a low price for this service. The council's Solid Waste Committee is currently beginning to study this issue. The success of a single-hauler system will depend on many variables, and we should not proceed with such a system without a guarantee of significant savings, I look forward to the committee's results. DAVID A. MEBANK First Ward councilman Spring into spring with 'timeshare' skirt By MIUJCEWT K. awooy Suddenly it's spring. You can't really believe it, for winter coats are still lined up in closets. Spring is the season of need. We need to get out. We need to trade our winter gray, navy and black uniforms for something light and colorful. We need some sparkle. Like toy soldiers we head for the stores and malls throughout our area. They are chock full of merchandise. There is so much "stuff 1 hanging, lounging, and stacked everywhere, you can easily become confused. But it was the orange pleated skirt that beckoned me. It called to me from across the mall. Just a wink of color caught my eye. I stood in front of the huge, glass window of the very expensive, designer shop and thought of that gorgeous skirt and how it would look paired with my navy-blue blazer. "Wow! I'd get a lot of wear out of it." I told myself. "Try it on," an inner voice droned in my ear. "Just do it!" Bracing myself, I ventured into the elegant, understated boutique. I was lucky. Not a salesperson was in sight Perusing the shelves and racks, I slowly gravitated to the beautiful orange, pleated skirt. It was nestled among varied colored plaids and checks featuring the same style. There were three in that glorious shade, for the choosing, like Goldilocks, I lifted the first. It weighed a ton and was much too large. The second, too small and the third, j-u-s-t r-i-g-h-t! I removed the garment from its place and fell in love. It was a stunning, show-stopper. The word, "expensive," blinked in my brain. Reaching in and around the garment, I tried locating a price tag. There was none. "Pardon me," I said to no one, cquld you please tell me the price ojthis skirt?" f.< 11.Silence. "Is anyone here?" I called.ja the air Ṅothing! Just then a "would be" person of authority entered the shop, Her identity was a button bearing the name of the place. "Were you interested in that particular skirt?" she asked. "Yes," I replied, wondering how she knew what I was doing, when she'd just walked through the door. "Could you tell me the price, Musings by Millicent please?" Her response left me speechless. The cost could have fed a family for several months. It was certainly enough to make a mortgage pay-; ment. You could even have a lovely vacation in wonderland, somewhere. "Timeshare" is one of today's buzz words. For the privilege of ownership, you purchase guanuv teed space and time in a particular location. Because you make an initial investment and regular payments, the place is yours and yours alone for a given period. How about a "timeshare" in my expensive skirt? About 25 people are needed. The only requirement is we must wear the same size. We also need a social secretary. Their job will require them to keep a record of the skirt's whereabouts. Of course, if all of us get invited to the same place, we're in serious trouble. Only one of us can wear the garment. That could present a serious problem. I am hoping some discount department store or specialty shop will soon have access to my orange-pleated skirt. If it is priced within reason, then all of us can own one. Imagine the person who purchases the "real" thing walking j down the street and counting 20 orange pleated skirts? Maybe someone should think about entering the "Rent-A- Garment" business? Anything's possible! Seniors give of themselves To the Record: When tenants from Westfield Senior Housing were asked to donate loose change to help the homeless, it did not take long before the gallon jar was filled with pennies and silver coins. The tenants in the complex came with jars, paper bags, plastic containers, rolled coins or tissues filled with an assortment of currency. At this point $78 has been counted. A new jar is starting to fill up with pennies again. All this money has been donated within a threeweek period. The tenants have agreed to send the monies to the Coidition for the Homeless, earmarked for a child in summer camp. The act of giving does not only pertain to monies. Every second Monday of each month a number of tenants make sandwiches and cookies to give to the homeless at St. Joseph's in Elizabeth. Both RSVP groups are doing projects for the homeless, The Outreach group will be handling a large mailing for the coalition and the sewing group makes disaster packs (toilet necessities) and knit hats for those in bread linos, and hats for abused children. JOAN ROSE Recreation director Wcstfield Senior Housing Board member offers thanks To The Record: I would like to thank all my friends in the Jefferson School community and throughout Westfield for their tremendous support. It is a tribute to the town of Westfield that eight highly-qualified individuals chose to run for Die school board. I would like to thank my fellow candidates for the kindness shown to each other throughout the election and for their contribution to education in Westfield. As a member of the school board, I look forward to hearing from members of the community and working to assure quality education for each students in Westfield. EILEEN SATKIN 1465 Grandview Ave. Stuart Awbrey Editor News: Joseph Andreano Dana CcJeman MKa Daak Brian P. Dunleavy Denlse M. Fuhs Brian Flofcazk Kathlsen Hall Peler Hargnay Paula Ingraula Barbara Mendoza Cheryl Moulton Hen I FloWn J. 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5 April 30,1992 A-5"i Community calendar Thursday 4/30 A tale staru today of vintge items accumulated at the Westfleld Service League's Thrift Shop, 114 Elmer St The stop is open Tuesday to Saturdays, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday 5/1 Westfleld High School's student council presents its annual variety show at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $5 with proceeds benefiting Habitat for Humanity in Plainfield. The Westfleld Community Players' season finale, Cole!, runs FYidays and Saturdays, May 1 to 16, and Sunday, May 3, at the theater, 1000 North Ave. W. Admission $12; Former mayor and current Assemblyman Rich Bagger and former Councilman Jubb Corbet are being honored at the Westfleld Republican Committee's annual spring ball at 7:30 p.m. at the Westwood in Garwood. Tickets are $50; or Church Women United's May Fellowship Day observance begins at noon with a luncheon at the Congregational Church, Elmer Street Ann Brackbill of Habitat for Humanity is guest speaker. Tickets are available at local churches. The Westfield Teen Center is open 8 p.m.-midnight for all high school age Westfield youths. It's being held at the Westfleld Y while renovations arc taking place at the municipal building. Call Saturday 5/2 First United Methodist Church, 1 E. Broad St, sponsors a garage sale 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. in the basement social hall. The Westfield Symphony Guild's annual house tour takes place today. It features four homes in Westfield and one in Scotch Plains. Tickets are on sale at Jeannette's, Harden Realty, Barrett and Crain Realtors, Lancaster's, Temptations, and Interior!. Call the symphony office, The Westfield Community Players' season finale. Cote.', runs Fridays and Saturdays, May 1 to 16, and Sunday, May 3, at the theater, 1000 North Ave. W. Admission $12; The Woman's Club of Westfield has a "Celebrate Spring" buffet dinner at the clubhouse, 318 S. Euclid Ave., starting at 6:30 p.m. Reservations are required, The Westfield Adult School sponsors a trip through the Lehigh Valley, featuring a Blue Mountain and Reading Railroad ride, tour of Roadside America, and lunch. Buses depart Roosevelt Intermediate School at 8:30 a.m. and return about 6 p.m. Reservations, Sunday 5/3 The annual "Sheep to Shawl" day at Miller-Cory House Museum, 614 Mountain Ave., takes place noon-4 p.m. The entire process of producing woven cloth from woolen fibers is demonstrated all afternoon. The club's herb plant sale also takes place. The Junior Musical Club holds its annual senior recital at 3 p.m. at First Baptist Church, 170 Elm St The public is welcome. The annual county Pet Fair takes place 1-5 p.m. at Trailside Nature Center in the Watchung Reservation. It features exhibits, demonstrations, pony rides, a dog obedience session, and demonstration of the county's K-9 police dogs. The Westfield Community Players' season finale, Cole!, runs Fridays and Saturdays to May 16, and Sunday, May 3, at the theater, 1000 North Ave. W. Admission $12; Mtthoditt Church hosts Giant Qarag* Sal* Saturday from 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Committee members Include Nancy Anderson, Oussle Jakubowakl and son Andrew, Chairman Jim Stein and Nancy Blalock. Monday 5/4 A support group for people caring for elderly or chronically ill relatives meets at 8 p.m. in the parish center at St. Helen's Church, Lambert's Mill Road. Call Marilyn Ryan, Tuesday 5/5 The Jefferson School PTO sponsors a dinner and fashion show at 7 p.m. at the Westwood in Garwood. Tickets at $27.50 are available at the school, The Board of Education has a committee-of-the-whole meeting at 8 p.m. in the board room. A new fine arts curriculum for seventhgrade is on the agenda. Wednesday 5/6 Brad Keimach, music director of the Westfleld Symphony Orchestra, is the guest speaker at the "First Wednesday" dutch treat lunch at noon at Raymond's Restaurant, North Avenue. It's sponsored by the Westfield Historical Society. George Kapner, chairman of the Westfield High School Council, addresses the PTO at a 7:45 p.m. meeting in the school cafeteria. The Washington School FT meets at 7:30 p.m. Thursday 5/7 Concerned African-American Parents meet at 7:30 p.m. at the Westfleld Community Center, 558 W. Broad St. Call A marriage counselor explores "The Art of Communication" at a 7:30 p.m. meeting of Women for Women of Union County. The workshop is at St. Paul's Church, 414 E. Broad St. Admission is free. A tour of several Westfield homes and luncheon is on the agenda of today's meeting of the International Club at 9:30 a.m. at they. Peter Bridles, music director at Roosevelt Intermediate School, speaks about "Music in Our Schools' at the 9:30 a.m. meeting of the Old Guard of Westfieid at the y. Westfield P.M. La Leche League meets at 8 p.m. at 504 Washington St. Call The Welcome Wagon Club walking group meets at 10:30 a.m. at Tamaques Park. CalJ The museum and archives of the Westfield Historical Society at Tamaques School are open to the, public 9:30 a.m.-noon. J * Friday 5/8 The Episcopal Church Women of, St. Paul's Church, 414 E. Broad St,,. has its annual spring rummage.: ^ sale today 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m. and to-'-,^. morrow, 9:30-11:30 a.m., in the par"-/'. ish hall, St. Paul Street entrance. r" V There are plant sales today at '' Franklin, Jefferson, Tamaques Washington schools, The final "Night Place" for the school year takes place 7:30-9:30 \'1 p.m. at Edison Intermediate IOJ School. It's open to sixth- to ;-iq eighth-graders. Admission $2 in Hrii advance, $3 at the door ,j^- The Westfield Community Play ( v, a crs' season finale, Cole/, runs Fri-,,' days and Saturdays to May 16 at ',..,., the theater, 1000 North Ave. W. A& (! mission $12; The Westfield Teen Center is " * open 8 p.m.-midnight for all high >l: 3 school age Westfield youths. It's sru being held at the Westfield Y while.^ renovations are taking place at the /' municipal building, Call ^ Mayor 'Bud' Boothe proclaims National Music Week with Must* cal Club of Westfield President Ann Mineur Weeks, left, and Music Week Chairman Kathleen Cuckler. Public program is at First Baptist Church at 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 13. <v INTERESTED IN PLACING A CLASSIFISP APT CAU OR HOP BY OUR WtSTFIStP OFFICE ^v/ L / v. J, MONDAY. FRIDAY 9,90AM - 3:00PM 231 ELMER ST. WESTFIELD FAX f62t DENNIS X BARRETT CERTIFIED CIVIL TRIAL ATTORNEY Announces the Opening of Offices for the General Practice of Law Including PERSONAL INJURY REAL ESTATE PROBATE AND ESTATES MATRIMONIAL MATTERS 123 Westfleld Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ (908) FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION JOIN A DANCE OR FITNESS CLASS! AAA - All Aerobic Action TNT Tone 'n Tighten A + - Combination of AAA & TNT "STEP** Clashes for men & women To Register Call: Babysitting available Yvette Dance & Fitness Studio I; 1 18 Walnut Avenue e Cranford I ( l.issrs HrUIIni mil Noiv ELIMINATE THESE si" When you advertise your garage sale In Forbes newspapers Classifieds, you'll get EVERYTHING you need to make your sale a success: FREE KkT: 0 1OO bright yellow price stickers 0 two address signs with arrows 0 tip sheet on how to run the sale 0 coupon for free "weather proof ad In case of rain WITH THESE. I-mil-Boy's Power Mulch 1 " Sy>lcm fecils ^rns-; inlo the l:wri as fertilizer. No more biijiki No more worrjini; aboul liow or where to dump I-...H Mulili" MulJ. llr... Kiiuk''IIUUH -Milkhint.V.<r,.i, arnkliimihim»i-i ilivk ' j vi>ll ki-y Marl INCLUDES 2-YEAR WARRANTY AT NO ADDITIONAL COST SAVE THESE x: 'ill i'it irij CABOODLE Forbes Classifieds Is read by 4O0,000 readers throughout all of Central Jersey. Your ad will attract buyers from Westfleld to Branch burg and Bedminster to Belle Mead. When serious Garage Sale hunters plan their weekly buying route, they use Forbes Classifieds. You'll get the whole kit dc caboodle with Forbes Classifieds! To place your ad, call 1* *3000 Congratulations to Peter Staffelli and Melissa Leggett who met through Forbes Newspapers' "Introductions". Peter asked Melissa to marry him on Valentine's Day. They are planning a July wedding. Melissa started her walk down the aisle when she placed the free Forbes "Introductions" ad. She was looking for a man "who speaks in more than one syllable and knows how to nave fun." Peter called the 900-number and the romance began. (Jail to place your ad today and read Forbes' "Introductions" for Central Jersey's largest personal listings. Forbes Newspapers DUNELLEN L1UNELLEN PAINT «H»ROW*TC 10B Lincoln Ave WITHTHE5E. SPECIAL (SHAVINGS UNION J A A MOWER UUtl SluyvSMlnt Ava WESTFIELD C.7 PETEH3ENC0. -Westfield Record-

6 Westfield mulls complex (Continued from page A-l) baaed on state population by the Federal Mortgage, Housing and Finance Agency, is set to end in June. The mayor said it is possible 4S? Program will be extended, but said if it was not "we've just spent a pleasant Monday evening with egeh other." A second problem could be the (ate of the corporation's residual receipts, which according to its vice president. Matt Sheeny, is in excess of $15 millioa Mr. Boothe said no other housing corporation ;}DJ, the state has that much in reji],dual receipts, and stated his concern that the state would take the.{wids for another complex in another municipality...according to Mr. Brandt "the regulations appear to say that anyone (another housing corporation) inn apply to use our money." The new housing corporation that would be set up would have Jtwo members of the Board of Di- Wfctors designated by the town. Five additional directors would be designated by the Westfield Senior Citizens Housing Corporatioa A development committee would be comprised of Westfield Senior Citizens Housing Corporation and representatives from the mayor's senior citizens housing committee. Mr. Boothe said there are no architectural plans for a second facility, but said that a major construction company could be asked to submit a design proposal. Ruth Smith, executive director of the present facility, said that there is about a three year waiting period for residence. There are currently 77 names on a waiting list and a folder or 150 applicants, she said. This year, there were 18 openings. The mayor said the committee has spent a year looking at various ways to fund a project, many of which were unsatisfactory. "This," he said as he pointed to a diagram of how the project would be Ainded, "is about the only game in town." Patty Shueman conies home (Continued from page A-l) several short films..-ms. Shueman, who wrote the film's script wrote a scene in a 'batcher shop, but originally looked "Ui Manhattan for a location to shjoot it She finally opted to shoot the scene in "good old WestHeld." ';*I always loved Westfield. It's a lutiful town," she said, adding at she'd be more than willing to ftlm in town again for future projects. And there will be plenty of future film projects. "I have a couple of documentary ideas, and eventually would like to do some independent features," she said. 'There are a lot of aspects of film that I'd like to get into, including film restoration and teaching. I'd really like to teach eventually, because I believe film is dying." Non-tennis use of courts out of bounds n r (Continued from page A-l).\,Mr. Boothe told Mr. Mel Blackburn that he could distribute the letter to members of the association r '"If youngsters or others are Misusing the tennis courts and will hbt cease when this is pointed them, a call to the police de- School board OKs staffing appointments At its first regular business meeting for the year, the Westfield Board of Education last week approved the appointment of 537 full-time and part-time school * ff b f ^ aaemic year. Of the 535 appointment*. 412 are tenured staff members and 123 are npn tenured, including the district's 48 custodians and maintenance staff members and 25 aides who do not fall under the tenure!law,. Among the full-time and part-,time positions are: 367 faculty.niembers, 37 administrators and department heads, 25 aides, 58 of- 'flce personnel and 48 custodiansmaintenance staff members. -.-^A total of 387 classroom teachers were appointed in the following areas: 85 at the high school, 39 at.edison, 85 classroom teachers in Jfye six elementary schools, 31 ele^pentary specialists, 11 guidance counselors, 11 librarians, 12 school tturse-health educators, 56 special 'education staff members and one athletic trainer at the high school. Seven tenured teaching staff members were not offered conl {pacts due to reduction in force.,j >ne non tenured teacher was terjranated.. '^Board president Susan Pepper '"discussed the eight administrative 'rnemos on the board agenda to '-help the public understand exactly what actions the school board took regarding personnel. "Having taught in Westfield for [^hree years and having received positive evaluations, seven teaching staff members will attain tenure during the school year," she stated, "as will seven office members." Small business finance seminar to be May 5 ', 'The Union County Office of Cul- "tural and Heritage Affairs will present a workshop on budgeting and financial management for the 'small non-profit organization at the Union County Annex Building 300 North Ave,, Westfield. The program.will take place in two parts: Tues-, day, May 5, from 3:30-5:30 p.m. and.monday, May 18 from 4-6 p.m. Registration is requested by May 1. fjpnnie Alexis-Laona, director of training with The Support Center of New Jersey will conduct the workshop. '"The county is pleased to offer 1 this workshop which will assist the -county's non-profit organizations in, strengthening their administrative capability," said Linda-Lee Kelly, vice chair of the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders and juaison to the Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs. Cost is $10. Call partment is appropriate," said Mr. Boothe. News April 30,1992 SHARON WILSON/THE RECORD Striking workers picket outside Accurate Bushing Co. on North Avenue. Town designates (Continued from page A-l) be made on the train stations until the town engineer meets with members of NJ Transit and determines the parameters of the possible changes to those structures. Since the council is considering changes to the South Avenue traffic circle, and may want to change the curbing or floral arrangements around the monument, the governing body agreed to make it a landmark on the condition that the designation only apply to the actual vertical monument Councilman Kenneth Mac- Ritchie questioned making the Addams home a landmark, citing that "it happens to be a very ordinary looking house." Town attorney Charles Brandt said that what the house looked like didn't really matter, since Its designation was based on the fact a famous person once resided there. On the subject of the train stations, Mr. Brandt said NJ Transit would probably be able to supersede any restrictions imposed by the commission. Except for the home of Mr. Addams, all the sites are owi >d by the town, and need the council's permission to be considered as landmarks. Advertise in the Record! Strikers still picketing at Accurate Bushing ty DOHAU> rtzn JR. THE RECORD Striking employees of the Accurate Bushing Co. feet they are being asked to accept unfair pay and benefit cuts in their next contract, while the company states it is striving to bargain fairly in tough financial times. Members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers District Number 15 have been picketing in front of the North Avenue building in Garwood for almost three weeks. Their most recent contract expired April 11. According to union members on the line, they are being asked to take a 30 percent pay cut and pay for up to 75 percent of health benefits, because of a lack of business. Striking workers said they are also being asked to give up four holidays, a week's vacation, bereavement days and jury duty pay, "Most people strike to get raises," said Joseph Hvizda, "we're striking to stay even." Senior Executive Vice President Robert Leitner released a statement on the matter Tuesday. "The company, which has been hard hit by the recession, is attempting to negotiate a fair Collective Bargaining Agreement which recognizes the financial realities which it faces," he said. "We regret that our employees have ignored these realities and have decided to strike. The company and the union are engaged in continued negotiations under the auspices of Federal Mediator T. Ervin, We are hopeful that ultimately an agreement will be reached." Garwood police report there have been no problems on the picket line. Intersection to get (Continued from page A-l) a.m.-3:30 p.m., Mr. Gottko said, "so it should be all cleared up by the time you leave for home." Mountainside requested last year that a tight be placed at the intersection. Union County originally proposed that Mountainside pay for its electricity and Westfield foot the bill for the light's maintenance. Council members balked at the proposition last year, maintaining that the arrangement could cost more for Westfield than Mountainside, although it was the neighbor- ing community that asked thc county for the light Mr. Gottko said at the time that maintenance could cost the town as much as $5,000 annually, while electricity costs would be in the range of $900-1,000. The council relayed its feelings to the county, and now the revised agreement calls for Mountainside to pay for maintenance, with Westfield covering electrical costs. Some members of the governing body, including Councilman David Mebane, were concerned that the light might drastically back up traffic on Springfield Avenue. GRINNELL INTERLOCKING CONCRETE PAVINGSTONES "Thm AM-Purpomm, AftS mon Paving Bytmml" COBBLESTONE HOLLAND STONE SPARTAN I S'Va" RED You Can Uat Qm Or Mar* Snap* And Cobra tb Compteto Ybur OmnM Rt*K*... Custom Cotarino Is Evan Awtfat**! Aak BUILDING PRODUCTS Colors Available: MULTI-COLOR BUFF -Westfield Record- BROWN Name: Address: Available At: SPARTAfUli 5"Vs." x SV»' MULTI-WEAVE NATURAL GRAY COUPON Zip: Supplitn 0/ Quillly Building Manuals ( I «41.4>JI PAX *0l) 141.T1M 100 f lllouli Av»nu«, ffo»«ll«pif>. NJ OJlQt Suppliers of Quality Building Materials (908) FAX (908) Faitoute Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ 07204

7 April 30,1892 Community life A-7- sd ut, Bulletin board Westfleld Players end season with 'Cole' A benefit performance of the musical dote will be presented by the Westfield Community Players, 1000 North Ave., Westfleld, at 8 p.m. Friday, May 8. Tickets are $16 and includes a party following the how at the theater. Cole is the story of Cole Porter's life and his fabulous talent that helped invent American Musical Theater. Some of his memorable songs include "Night and Day," "I Love Paris," "Begin the Beguine," "It's DeLovely" and many others. Call for reservations. Outdoorsy types looking for kindred spirits High Explorer Post 333 is a group of young men and women, ages 14-20, interested in high-level backpacking, canoeing, white water rafting and hiking. The Post has recently camped at the Coast Guard Station on Cape May and backpacked along the Appalachian TraiL A white-water rafting trip is planned for June 6, and a five-day canoe trip is planned for July The Post is chartered through the Boy Scouts of America. There is a $7 registration fee. Call or Vintage items for sale at league thrift shop The Westfield Service League's Thrift Shop has accumulated a large quantity of vintage items. A collection of linens including handembroidered tablecloths, dresser scarves, handkerchiefs and assorted doilies along with collectible pieces of bric-a-brac, old, copyrighted books and clothing from yesteryear will be for sale starting fbday. The shop, at 114 Elmer St, is open Tuesday to Saturday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Playgrounds are ready for a summer of fun The Recreation Commission playgrounds are ready for action. They are held at several of the schools in Westfield including Franklin, McKinley, Jefferson, Tamaques, Washington and Wilson School. The program is open to Westfleld residents who have completed kindergarten. The playgrounds offer a range of activities for children from grades 1-6 which includes movies, arts and crafts, softball, tournaments, pool swims, picnic, contests, fair nights and more, The playgrounds will be open June 29-Aug. 14. Program hours are Mondays, 1-3:45 p.m. and Tuesday-Friday, 0:30 a.m.-noon and 1-3:45 p.m. Transportation to and from the playgrounds is the responsibility of the parents. Call Recreation Commission tennis badges on sale The Westfield Recreation Commission has begun the sole of 1992 tennis badges, All those who plan to use the tennis courts at Tamaques Park, Memorial Park or Elm Street must first purchase a tennis badge. Attendants will monitor the courts and enforce this rule. The cost of the badges for residents is as follows: family, $35; adult (18 or over), $25; junior (13-17 years), $7; 12 and under, senior citizen and guest fee, $5. The cost of the badges for nonresidents is as follows: family, $70; adult (18 or over), $50; junior (13-17), $14; 12 and under, and senior dtken, $10; guest fee, $5, Use of the courts at Tamaques Park and Elm Street is restricted to Westfield residents only. Use of the courts at Memorial Park is open to all badge holders. Tennis badges may be purchnsed at the Recreation Department on the second floor of the Municipal Building. Call Parent's group meets at Community Center Concerned African-American Parents of Westfield will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 7, at the Westfleld Community Center, 5f>8 W. Broad St. A young people's forum will be featured, More information about CAAP is available from Lavcrne Moore, The public is welcome. Fast times at the table tennis club High intensity and high speed on a big table y PONAU> THJ RECORD It It described by New Jersey Tabta Tennis Club as "tfw fastest game In the world." To the mow than 100 memben whofrequentthe dub at 228 North Ave., Kb also one oftht most 10n. The dub has been located in town tor more than 20 ysara, and Is th* only ftjmlrrw table tennis dub In New Jersey. Slop by any night of the week and you wi see members, from novice to championship caliber, practicing their sport The state championships, which take place every April, were held last weekend. According to Chris Lehman of Ins dub's management committee, the weekend-long event determines overall champions in «plethora of age categories, from 10- years-ow and under to over 70. "It's a lot of fun," he said, "We have tournaments monthly, but the state championships are something special." Table tennis is a sport that just about everybody has played at one time or another, but according to Mr. Lehman, "the difference between a home basement game and the club level and state and national levels is Immense. It can be a very complicated and almost intelectual game. It's an Olympic sport." Anyone with an interest In table tennis is welcomed to join, however. "We want more people to come out," sakl Mr. Lehman. "We're here to promote the sport encourage partidpslion in the sport, and give people a facility to play it in. It's a great game and a great dub. The playing conditions are very good, here. Anybody who wants to come out is encouraged to." In addition to tournaments, the dub has intra-dub leagues that run from September to May. During the tummw, when more people ere engaging in outdoor sports, the association offers handicap leagues, where point handicaps allow novices to go paddle to paddle with the advanced players. In tournament play, matches are made up of best of frve game sets. According to Mr, Lehman, each game can take about 15 minutes to play. "So if a match goes five games, it can be pretty intense." he said. "I played a 50-minute match yesterday, and I was exhausted. GEORGE PACCIELLO/THE RECORD Bob Holland was one of many participants In the state table tennis championships this past weekend. The event was held at the New Jersey Table Tennis Club in Westfield. Junior Musical casting call for 'Jungle Book' Junior Musical, a program of the Westfield Workshop for the Arts, will hold auditions for its summerstock production of The Jungle Book on Monday to Wednesday, May 11-13, from 3-4:30 p.m. at Westfield High School, 550 Dorian Road, Westfield. Auditions are open to all New Jersey residents entering grades 6-9. The Jungle Book is the classic tale written by Rudyard Kipling and made famous by Walt Disney's movie adaptation that tells the story of Mowgli, an orphan boy raised by wolves. With the help of such unforgettable animal friends as Bagheera, the loyal panther, and Baloo, the bear who understands the "bear necessities" of life, Mowgli finally realizes that he belongs in the man-village. Along the way, he encounters many adventures which arc set to swinging jazz music that will have the audience snapping their fingers and tapping their toes. According to Drude Roessler, director of the Junior Musical, The Jungle Book offers numerous opportunities for children to showcase their talents in dancing, singing and acting. While the final production promises to rival any professional children's theater production, complete with costumes, a live band, and beautiful sets, the process also is important. "Junior Musical places great emphasis on the children's learning experience," said Mrs. Roessler, who teaches voice in the Westfield School District. "The participants sharpen skills they already have and learn new ones. And just like Mowgli, they will meet new friends along the way and feel part of a very special community." Students auditioning for The Jungle Book should bring tryout music in their own key. Auditions will be held in Room 121. Callbacks will be heard Thursday, May 14. in Room 121. Those students who join the cast are required to attend five weeks of rehearsals beginning June 29, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m., as well as two evening dress rehearsals. All rehearsals will be held in the Westfield High School auditorium. Matinee and evening performances also will be hold at the high school on July 30 and 31, and are open to the public. Tuition for the Junior Musical is $375. Students are responsible for covering the cost of their costumes. Junior Musical is one of more than 100 courses offered by the Westfield Workshop for the Arts. This five-week, summer enrichment program offers classes in instrumental music and voice, dance, drama, fine arts, crafts, communication arts and special interests. Entering its 21st season, the Workshop has assembled a faculty of highly qualified and dedicated teachers who will tailor their classes to meet the individual ability and age of each student. Classes are held Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Edison Intermediate School in Westfieid. The Westfield Workshop for the Arts is open to au New Jersey residents, to receive a free catalog on the Workshop classes and a registration form, or to learn more about the auditions for The Jungle Book, call The Westfield Workshop for the Aits is a project of the New Jersey Workshop for the Arts, a non-profit arts education organization. 'Carmina Burana' at Youth Symphony benefit The New Jersey Youth Symphony Gala Benefit Concert on Sunday, May 10, will feature the popular cantata Carnurja Burana by Carl Orff. Nine Westfield and Scotch Plains students are among the performers. The 3 p.m. concert performance is at the New Brunswick State Theater at 19 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick. General admission tickets are $10, student and seniors tickets $5 with Benefactor and Patron tickets at $50 and $25 respectively. For information, call Soloists for Carmina Burana are soprano Myra Garciu-Fcrnundcz, tenor Peter Gillis and boss Nathaniel Watson. Ms. Garcia-Fernandoz is nt home in opera, oratorio, music theater and the concert stage. She has sung with the Opera Orchestra of New York, the Greater Miami Opera and the Pro Arte Chorale. Peter Gillis' career began with appearances at the Spoleto Festival in He has toured and recorded with the Westminster Choir and has just completed doctoral studies at the Juillinrd School in New York. Nathaniel Watson is recognized for his work in opera, and with period-instrument ensembles. Solo engagements have included performances with orchestras in Montreal, Baltimore, Boston and New York. The Pro Arte Chorale has established itself as one of New Jersey's mujor cultural institutions. Under Bart Folse's direction since 1987, the Chorale has received accolades for performances with the New York Philharmonic, the Cathedral Symphony and at the Waterloo Festival. Other works on the program are music from "Le Coq D'Or Suite" by Rimsky-Korsakov anct the Mozart Clarinet Concerto with Bernard Yannotta. Mr. Yannotta has appeared throughout Europe and North America with the Belgian Radio Orchestra, the Yale Philharmonic, the Montreal Chamber Orchestra nnd the Orchestre du Languedoc. In Europe Mr. Yannotui performed regularly with the New American Music Ensemble and the Quintette a Vent Nielsen. He has recorded for CRI, Vanguard and Columbia Records., Members of the New Jersey Youth Symphony arc talented high school students from 50 towns in Central New Jersey. Conducted by Music Director George Marriner Maull, these youngsters are recognized throughout New Jersey for distinguished performances of the symphonic repertoire. The orchestra has appeared at Carnegie Hall, been featured on WNET Channel 13, nnd represented New Jersey as musical ambassadors on concert tours to Western and Eastern Europe. Roisin R. Egenton is from Fanwood; Ching-Ching Lo and Vaswati Mailik are from Scotch Plains. ft? Young People's Arts Company; casting call The Westfleld Young Peop Performing Arts Company hold auditions for their sumr production of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream dance music by Mendelssohn. The audition schedule is as follows: Friday, May 15, 6:30 p.ttti, dance; Saturday, May 16,2:30, acting; and Sunday, May 17, >lt a.m, call backs. No acting or dance experienestfe required Auditions will be held/at The Westfleld School of Dance, H» Boulevard, Westfield. Dancers should come to the addition in leotards and tights, WMI hair off the face and wearing proper dance shoes. A dance combination will be given for the auditiork 3 Actors should come to the audition with a 30-seeond to oridminute Shakespearian monologue that best represents the character they wish to portray.,;» Rehearsals will be on a Monday to Friday schedule from June 2B- July 29. Performance dates are July 30 and 31, with a matinee ari$l an evening performance on both dates. '' The Westfield Young People's Performing Arts Company (WYff- PAC) is a non-profit children's performing arts company. Children will act and/or dance in the show, and participate in the technical 'aspect of the theater: costumes, sett, lights, etc.. >: Jenny Logus, owner and director of the Westfield School of Dance, and Cynthia Meryl, director of apting and musical theater, are planning the summer Shakespeare production. The women are committed to providing an opportunity <6r young people to be involved in a top-quality theater experience at low cost via fund raisers. Drawing on their years of acting, dancirig and teaching experience they are combining their talents to produce the Elizabethan comedy. Information: Concert celebrates an anniversary at Summit church TTie 10th anniversary of Kenneth Hopper as music director of the Unitarian Church in Summit will be celebrated on Sunday with a benefit concert featuring six gutist performers, each accompanied "1 Mr. Hopper. The concert will place in the church, at the corner of Springfield and Waldron avenues, at 7 p.m. y</ The featured musicians are Metropolitan Opera Mezzo-Soprario Jane Runnell, New York City Opera Baritone Mark Rucker, Flutist Katherine Monefee Price, Owf ist Delia Montenegro, Trumpqt^r Douglas Raislip and Violit^t Anton Miller. The program will feature opera arias by Rossini, Saint-Saans, and Verdi; music for brass and organ from the Baroque era; Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs by Barjgk for flute and piano; Robert Schumann's Romances for oboe a$d piano; and Saint-Saens Intmduction and Rondo Capriccioso for violin and piano. The concert mirrors the musical range and diversity that church members, friends and eommun^ly have enjoyed during Mr. Hopper's 10 years with the church. The mysical interludes arranged by Mr, Hopper for Sunday morning services have featured a variety' of performers, tempos and theme^ ^~ ranging from opera to Celtic harp to Broadway. In fact, the exhilasajting performance last year by two African-American Broadway performers, Roslyn Burroughs and Dennis LeGree, became for A^r. Hopper, and undoubtedly for many in attendance that day, one of the most meaningful Sundays. The Sunday Afternoon Music program, which is also in its tenth year and began as a single annti'al concert, grew under Mr. Hoppers direction to a full series with five concerts a year. A native of Oklahoma, Mr. Hopper has lived in New Jersey since He lives in Summit with fas wife, Carol, a management consultant They have two daughters, India, a college freshman in Connecticut, and Herrin, a sophomore at Summit High School. Mr. Hooper is also general manager of Westfield Symphony.

8 A-8 April Ninety-two to be inducted inwhs Honor Society (Or. Cynthia Singer, senior professor in the lauiness department at Union County College, will address the Westfleld High School Honor Society Thursday, May 7, when 92 students are inducted into the society. Joshua Albertson, president of the Honor Soctety, will introduce 85 juniors and seven seniors for society membership based on scholarship, leadership, service and character. To be eligible, junior and senior students must achieve an academic average of 3.25 or higher. ^Seniors to be inducted are: Jeremy Barbin, Sfelan Hartmann, Joel Kamins, Melissa Pouzenc and Joshua Schwartz. Juniors to be inducted are: Ailla Aamio, Erin Allebaugh, Sharon Alspector, Sharon Antonucci, Rafael Axen, Humberto Azanedo, Natasha Bartolf, Simon Baukh, Nicholas Dhasin, Jessica Burley, Mamie Cambria, Christina Carlow, Lori Chelius, Karen Chen, Kristie Chow, Soo Yun Chun, Louis Clinton, Michael Comandini, Nicole Constandis, Seth Coren, Deborah Danser, Mark Davidson, Christopher Demasi, Anne Engell, Lauren Feige, Elizabeth Fisher, Peter Fontana, Jonathan Friedman, Gregg Gagliardi, Amy Gallagher, Elizabeth Getz, Emily Gleason, Amy Gruen, Lanni Harris, David Harwood, Andrew Hayden, Stephen Holt, Najat Ibrahim, Wendy Jebens, Jon Joseph, Michelle Katz and John Kim. Also, Taeyoun Kim, Rina Kitazawa, Ariel Klein, Amy Kmetz, Barbara Kolskl, Lance Kovac, Sheiyl Krevsky, Maryann Kril, Sarah Kritsch, Regan Lenehan, Allyson Luck, Ronald Mammano, Christopher Manos, Miguel Mansilla, Michelle Marafn, Emily McCord, Brian McGuire, Joel Pargot, Benjamin Parker, Andrea PetruzzelL Heather Pusich, Catherine Robinson, Susan Rodihan, Jeremy Romine, Sara Rosenblatt, Michael Ryan, Matthew Sabanosh. Stephanie Sandier, Russell Schundler, David Schwartz, Scott Segal, Sarah Showfety, Jonathan Snitow, Janice Stamatoff, Leila Stoner, Joelle Sweeney. Elizabeth Taranto, Katherme Tell, Antonia Ugenti, Christina VanWyk, Tung Vo, Jessica Walsh and Patricia Weeks. PTO fund-raiser Student talent show (Q aid housing effort The Student Council of Westfleld High School will donate the proceeds from its variety show tomorrow to Habitat for Humanity, Greater Plainfield Area. Tickets for the event, which begins at 7:30 p.m., are $5, and $2.50 for children and senior citizens.," Featured will dramatic scenes, rapping, singing, poetry reading, a Jiigh school rock band, a martial arts demonstration and guitar jfolos. Faculty member Ms. Turchi will sing to guitar accompaniment. Dr. Robert Petix will be master of jeremonies. < Refreshments will be available {luring intermission. ' Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide non-profit organization founded to construct housing for homeless families. Volunteers build modest houses, which arc told at no profit to qualifying families living in crowded, substandard housing. f High school students joined hearty 100 volunteers to construct a house on East Sixth Street, Plainfield. Habitat expects to build two more houses this year. Call Final 'Night Place 1 May 8 at Edison School ; The final "Night Place" of the school year is scheduled Friday, May 8, 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Edison Intermediate SchooL It is open to Westfleld youths grades 6-8 and is sponsored by the Westfleld Recreation Commission and the P.T.C. "Night Place" committee. "Night Place" features dancing to music with a disc jockey, volleyball, basketball, pingpong, board games, movies and refreshments. The cost is $2 in advance and $3 at the door. Tickets will be on sale at both intermediate schools during the week of the event. Call Kindergarten sign-ups are under way Kindergarten round-ups to register children who will be entering kindergarten in one of Westfield's six elementary schools are being held through cooperative efforts of the schools and the Parent-Teacher groups. To enter kindergarten in September, a child must be 5 on or before Oct 1. Parents must show the schools the following information: birth certificate and immunization records indicating that the child has been inoculated against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, mumps, measles (rubeola) and German measles (rubella). Kindergarten round-ups are scheduled tomorrow at Washington School; Wednesday, Wilson School; Wednesday, May 13, Jefferson School; Friday, May 15, Tamaques School. WHS Council chairman to address forum The Westfield High School Parent Teacher Organization will present a program featuring George Kapner, chairman of the Westfield High School Council, Wednesday at 7:45 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. The council was formed this year to help find solutions to problems or complaints within the high school and serves as an advisory group to Principal Robert Petix. It is made up of 12 teachers and four administrators representing each department. Staff members are volunteers, elected by their peers. Students nnd other staff members may be brought in when a topic concerns them, and they also take port in the discussions. Parents of high school students ore encouraged to attend. A short business meeting will follow. Four veteran school staffers to retire The Westfield Board of Education accepted, with regret, the resignrttons for retirement of four stalj iiembers with a cumulative total of 85 years of service, School notes They are: Nancy Schmidt, Washington School fourth-grade teacher (and former school principal), with 38 years of service; Pauline Shannon, Westfield High School English teacher, with 20 years; Barry Judd, foreign language teacher at the high school, 18 years; and Patricia Mourn, Edison library secretary, nine years. This brings the number of retirees to 13. They will be honored along with other retirees and 14 staff members with 25 years of service at the district's gala June 18. Eighth-grade singers entertain Rotarians Westfield Rotarians were entertained recently by the Broadway Singers, a group of eighth-grade students from Edison Intermediate School. The 30 singers were directed by Jeannette Maraffi who accompanied them on the piano. Student Kristen Toriello, president of the group, introduced the performers. The program included jazz numbers, a duet from the musical Miss Saigon and a special arrangement of songs from Westside Story. EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING SPECIALIZING IN CEDAR SHAKES 4 ALL TYPES OF WOOD ' PAINTING OLD ALUMINUM SIDING TO LOOK LIKE NEW POWER WASHING CALL NOW FOR * FflEE ESTIMATE mmrni «*«JSVEARS PAINTING Deep in debt? Marriage breaking up? IF YOU DON! 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Shaffer Financial Consultant Wheat FkstSecurftias 127 Central Avenue Westllelfl, NJ 1)7091 Board schedules three public meetings Three public meetings will be held by the Westfield Board of Education: May 5,19 and 26, The May 5 meeting will be a committee-of-the-whole meeting when a new fine arts curriculum for seventh-grade students will be discussed. At the school board's formal business meeting May 19, Schools Superintendent Mark Smith will present the board with his recommendation on how to handle an enrollment surge in the first three grades at Washington School, Westfield's smallest elementary school. The board will hold a special meeting May 26 to receive the mathematics committee report and the superintendent's recommendations relating to that report A district-wide mathematics committee has been studying the school system's kindergarten through 12th-grado mathematics program and its delivery to students over the post two years. "The mathematics' report and recommendations are of such importance that a special meeting has been called for that purpose alone," said school board President Susan Pepper. Each of the meetings will be held 8 p.m. in the board meeting room at 302 Elm St. The public may offer suggestions and ask questions. Adult school to give seminars on finance Completing the Westfield Adult School "Financial Strategies for the *fl0s" series, three single-session lectures will be presented in early May. "Financial Planning for the Retired and Soon-To-Be-Retired," and "Wills, Probate and Intestate Succession" will be given Monday. "Money Management for Women" is scheduled Tuesday. All three lectures, beginning at 7:30 p.m., will be given at Westfield High School, 550 Dorian Road. Call the Westfield Adult School registrar CALL Natasha's Starcast! C per minute 24 Hours A Day! Must be 18 + Touch Tone or Rotary Phones Dafly-Monthly-Compatability Horoscopes PLUS the spoken Tarot Powerful 3 Card Reading TALK LIVE Free introduction Explain Cost $2.95 per minute $ 1899 m i-. I'M-'. D Hfiv.' Chuu-,1 Mutrwrrynrar etdtr A Service of InterMedia Inc. SNAPPER Tractors and Riders have patented features and heavy-duty ateel construction to give you superior performance and longer life. Make an educated decision, see your SNAPPER dealer. $i 95 run iwo y»*r wa i v M I nouo-t TRACTOM FEATURES! H Mii-.i'.i,m< Hi Vl> i l i) M I.. Kl... 1 ii!),.,, Synf tm> (in.ii <II H/.lio nvti4v,i if HFE loi? ycari no q 1.IIKl K.)rnrii Cii'imus 1 " 1 i" >. r*.r«s iin-.h.)w'. ijr RIDER FEATURES B fi rn 1? 5 Hor^opowor Enginei M l\tlnnl!?[j? f j?b Xi Hi V.1C culling docks Itaryclinq'Mulchingmif'i I'limioalos bagging Vive '.p<?rds fin Itm qo shilling RECYCUNG/MULCH1NG BAGGING OETHATCHING SNOW REMOVAL ATTACHMENTS AVAILABLE NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS UNTIL OCTOBER 1st Hnquirus 10% down ptiymnnt Inlprcsl tiqc plan available fruoutjh Sn.ipC'OCfil hunting SNAPPER. BELLE MEAD Hillsborough Lawn & Garden BOUND BROOK Lawnmower Repair Shop CLARK Clark Power Equipment 90?) CRANFORD T & J Mower FORDS ForiJ n Lawn Mower Sales & Service!) MARTINSVILLE Mariinsvllle Power Mower 90B Westfield Record- METUCHEN Metuchen Power Mower MIDDLESEX Middlesex Power Equipment RARITAN Somerset Lawn & Garden SCOTCH PLAINS Anderson Lawn Mower WESTFIELD Mclntyre's Lawn Mower Th» J«ff«rton School PTO will hold Its annual dinner and fashion show Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the WestwoodJn Garwood. Fashions by Franceses'* In Clark will be featured Door prizes include a portable CD player with a music package from Sound Station, a $100 Macy's gift certificate, a set of Culslnart cookware from The Warehouse, and bed and breakfast at Scantlcon in Princeton. In addition, many Items donated by local merchants will be raffled off throughout the evening. Tickets are $ Call Shown are co-chalrwomen Nancy Walsh, Rosalee Baum and Dolores Koslerowskl, taking a pause from their plan, nlng for the annual event. MAYTAG MONTH fclsrjt.' ' i$f* $ l 'i'j&dt l3xi: >} BIG-LOAD DRYERS America's No.1 preferred brand' > Commercially proven Porcelain enamel top Largest door opening In the Industry MODSl LH4M0 DtPENOABLB REFRIGERATORS SAVE NOW Flexible storage rvlng Milucnin * Vic It r ilnct 111! TV APPLIANCE CENTER JJI Mlddl»ifi A»i. \H-n, *7I MHucMpn HEAVY-DUTY WASHERS America's No.1 preferred brand' strvlct costs * Porcelain tnamtl lop Bmd on ttmkw bund pw«wnct tmwy JETCLEAN DISHWASHERS No pre-washing Dependably Quiet Unsurpassed capacity MODBL WU1M STACKtD WASHER A DRYER * nj r n Compulor louch controls Only 27V/ wide * Large capacity wanhot SAVE NOW '"" 5n) 0 AM to B r M

9 Apr! 30,1992 Community Un A-9 Officers off th«junior Woman's Club of Waetflald tor are Olnny Lelz, treasurer; Janet Qaynor, president; Mary Koxlowskl, first vies president; Pattl Frattarola, eecretary; and Janice Austin, second vie* president Club elects officers The Junior Woman's Club of WeatfteW has elected new offlceni for Thty are: Janet Gaynor. president; Mary KcatowsW. first vice president; Janioa Austin, second vice president; Pattt Frattarola, secretary; and Ginry Lab, treasurer. In keeping wtth the club's tradition of community service, the new officers have begun organizing the club's main fund-raiser, the 16th annual grand vacation auction to be held in earty Proceeds wil support the Valerie Fund, a non-profit organization that supports cancer and blood disorder canter in five area hospitals. Club member wilt eohctt donations of goods and services from local merchants as well as vacation packages from around the WOlfcl. C for membership information. Members to attend Baptist convocation Three members of the First Baptist Church of Westfield will attend the American Baptist National Evangelism Convocation in Washington, D.C., Monday to Thursday, May 4-7. Dr. Robert Harvey, Dr. Dark Turlington and Susan Gray will join more than 1,000 others to worship, study and exchange ideas at covenental prayer groups, addresses, workshops and musical events. The convocation theme is "Invited to God's Future: RSVP," Among the keynote speakers are theologian Juergen Mottmann; Korean preacher, Rev. Billy Kim; New Testament scholar Dr. Robert Guelich; and professor-author Clark Pinnock. Special music includes international choirs, a massed choir from Washington, D.C. churches and distinguished musicians. First Baptist schedules annual business meeting The First Baptist Church ot Westfield will conduct its annual business meeting 11:45 a.m. Sunday. All major decisions are made by the congregation, which receives a thorough report of the year's activities and expenses. The 1991 annual report contains statements by staff members, committee chairpersons, the church clerk, the financial secretary and the treasurer. The congregation will also elect Religion officers and vote on the endorsement of Tithing Statement and a Policy on Sabbatical Leaves. Brackbill will give talk at fellowship day lunch Ann Brackbill, corresponding secretary of the Greater Plainfield Area Habitat for Humanity, will be the guest speaker Friday at the Westfield and vicinity unit of Church Women United May Fellowship Day observance, at the Congregational Church, Elmer Street A luncheon will be served at noon. The theme for the day is "Call for a Compassionate Community," a call to recognize the essence of suffering within each member of the human family. Mrs. Brackbill and her husband, Rev. Charles Brackbill, joined a small group of friends in founding the Plainfield area Habitat for Humanity. CWU brings women of faith from differing religious traditions together to experience a sense of bonding and community within an ecumenical environment. Eleanor Smith is the presiding president of the local unit Tickets for the luncheon are available from the listeners of the local churches. Child care is available. Call First United Church plans fellowship time The First United Church, West^ field, has Fellowship Time in the Fellowship Room, an informal gathering of the community and visitors at 10:15 a.m. Morning worship is at 10:45 a.m. with child care. This Sunday, Children's Sunday, the children's choirs will present the musical parable, "Five Loaves and Two Fishes." First United Methodist to hold garage sale The First United Methodist Church, 1 East Broad St., Westfield, is holding a giant garage sale Saturday from 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. in the church's basement Social Hall. Items for sale include small appliances, small furniture, baby furniture, clothing, books, toys, games, linens, tools, bric-a-brac, pots, panfl utensils and kitchen items, jewelry} records and CDs, sporting goods, luggage and collectibles. Additionally, refreshments will be on safei during the sale. \'N The main entrance to the saltf will be off the church parking latin the brick Wesley Hall education wing. Parking is available in thjh church's lot accessible off Fto Place and also in the Lord Taylor lot next to the church yt, (courtesy of Mr. Ron Czebrowski, Lord and Taylor Operations Man J -" ager) accessible from both Ferris Place and North Avenue. The puti*' lie is invited. * Dr. Ross to preach at - Presbyterian services Dr. William Ross Forbes will preach at the 8 and 10:30 a.m. wafi ship services Sunday at The Presbyterian Church. The sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be celebrated at both services. OrdinM^ tion and installation of new church officers will be held at the loistf service, and music leadership will be provided by the chancel chofiti At noon the Golden Age F«fe> lowship will meet for lunch. The: senior high choir and junior highfellowship will meet at 6 p.m. and the senior high fellowship at 7:3Q.I/J Oratory Prep Grades 7-12 Get Our Lowest Written Estimate In Person, I Then Get ROOFING, SIDING & COMPLETE HOME IMPOVEMENTS $ OffI ALL WORK GUARANTEED NO SUB-CONTRACTORS rxarfnzfur vnt IR FREE ESTIMATES w^yu^ Q A f t ceiq 1 "^SoSr 00 * Siding & Roofing \*** ^ "Uf^, 9 O O " ^ mtmcoupon Expire*s/ai/w Decks & Additions Get Our Lowest Gutters & Leaders Written Estimate Installed And Repaired Fully Insured In Person, Replacement \ rt l^<?53sfplf : <d(^lfcsv^>'^;*'..^k"h Then Get H Windows And Doors fflfcs^; gy^'pul^^jnk^' - -' ~' skylights ^fflm 1 ^ir^^imiiminijnth Baths ~ Tr K With This Coupon*»'E«p(rej 5/31/92 BJ * Off RESIDING HOMEYOUR With This Coupon «Expires S'31/92 BJ (Linion County Ixrligious Directory GOAL: to PROPERLY EDUCATE YOUNG DOYS to become YOUNG MEN of GREAT PROMISE METHOD: STRONG DISCIPLINED CARING pronram of studies atmosphere environment HIGHLY MOTIVATED Faculty OPEN HOUSE Sunday, May 3rd, 3-5 pm One Beverly Road, Summit, NJ (908) Wi GRACE & PEACE FELLOWSHIP 1 SO RARTTAN ROAD CRANFOM), NEW JERSEY (201) PMIMI Dem tt Virginia Knvdifn Sundiy - 10:00 A.M. Worship Wednesday - 7:30 P.M. Teaching St. Paul's United Church of Christ fut\ 213 Center Si. -4 Gnrwooci V^/ Rev. Frederick Rogers Wuriliin and Suntl.iy SCIMHII :W A.M. Child Care Available Tha Garwood Presbyterian Church 341 Sprue* Ava>nu«Garwood, N.J Oity Wtiul, Pttlor Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship Service -11:00 a.m. Power WWi»nl»a ttwtet. 7:90 P.M. Raritan Road Baptist Church 611 Raritan Road., Cranford (Adjacent to the Dayi Inn) Pistor Steve Nash Sunday Servlce_ Sundty School-»:40 AM. Sunday V o n U p-l l«0 A.M. Wad. fivmtog M i a Study-7 P.M. Redeemer Lutheran Church Clark and Cowperthwalta Piece (t m U Mwth * Urd and Taylor) WeatfleM, NJ m$v. Paul e. Krtttc/i, Pastor Rogf Borehln. D.C.i. Sunday «*anna S«MeM k30 KM n :oo AM Sundiy Sanaa) and Mull M* CUm»:50 AM Wtdnaadaiy lv*nln«torvlc* 7:30 PM NufMVV rf0vm#y OurnQ Ip SantMt and CdMtnon Hour CMadan Oty Scftool Your clkmren win town of (tod's love sod gain s blmcal foundation tor Ufa's dtetstons In our Sunday First Baptist Church 170 Elm Slrtet WMtfleW, New Jcraey 0709O Church School 9:00 AM Worship 10:30 AM Dr. Robert L Harvay, Pastor?.<'/> MJ--.'' -: KENILWORTH GOSPEL CHAPEL Newark Ava. A 23rd St., KanUworth Sunday Services: 11 AM - Family BlUa Houra and Sunday School tor All Agaa 7:00 PM - Evening 8arv(ca» M y, T:M PM Pray* and BIN* 8iuoy FrW»y, 7:00 PM - Voum Mwitng FrWir NI«M CMWnn'a CH* 74:M Pm Orad«School Ag«} CM For Men* intmnaaan GREATER MT. ZION - UHC 4.3 (ohnson Avenue Cranford, N (900) TASTOR: REV. CHARLIE W. BULLOCK Sunday Worship Service.- 10 am Sunday School 11:30 am Morning Worship Weekday services; 8 pm Wednesday Bible Study 8 pm Friday Prayer & Praise 3 3 MI o y'. # TERRIIX ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH 1340 Twrilt Rd. Scotch Plaint Sunday) :48 AM Sunday School 11 *» AM - Morning Worship US AM - Church Training 7:18 PM Evwtlng WorthTp Wadnasdayi 7:00 PM Prayar MMtlng htunty Cart ProvMatf ST. BERNARD'S CATHOLIC CHURCH 36B Sumner Av. Platnfleld Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:30 PM Sunday: 8:00, 9:30 11:30 AM Rev, Joseph F. Bsrbone, Pastor Programs for Children, Jr. & Sr. High, Singles, Couples, Families and Senior Adults Sunday Worship 9 and 11:15 Sunday School Classes 10 am Sunday Evenings 6:30 Wednesday Evenings 7:30 CRANFORD ALLIANCE CHURCH 7 CHERRY STREET, CRANFORD (908) Child Care Provided Stop By For A Drink AT Jacob's Well An Evangelical Free Church Pralti F«t:10:00 AM Main Servtcri 1:00 AM Hillside Avenue School (Centennial & Hillside Avenues, Cranford) Famfly and Friends Free Camels Extra ersw Midland Run Sunday, Nay 17,1992 AT&T Moorland Farm, Far Hills, New jersey A Benefit Event for The Midland School For applications or information write P0. Box 5026, North Branch, NJ or call 9O8-722-B250 USA TODAY a ill 13 i -Westfield Record-

10 A-10 munkyuf* April 30, 1982 lestones Susan Fox to be wed in July 18 ceremony Mr. and Mrs. John Fax of West" field announce the engagement of their daughter, Susan Fox of Chapel Hill, N.C., to Andrew Tedford of Faiifield, Conn., ion of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tedfod of East Hartford, Conn. The future bride graduated from Westfield High School in 1984 and Lehigh University in 1988 with a B.S. in finance. She is enrolled in an MBA program at Kenan- Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her fiance graduated from George J. Penney High School, East Hartford, in 1982 and earned a B.S. in finance and real estate from the University of Connecticut in He is employed at General Electric Capital Corp. in Stamford, Conn. The wedding is July 18. DAVID STODDART and JEANINE MARSON jjbanine Marson to Wed David Stoddart Rpbert and Leatrice Marson of Crawford announce the engagement of their daughter, Jeaniner to David Stoddart, son of Geojrge and Laura Stoddart of Lincolrjt Park. The ruture bride graduated from tf Brearley High School, Kenin 1985, Seton Hall University in 1991 and is studying manicuring at Union County Vo- Tech. She is a radio DJ at WNNJ- FM in Newton. Her fiance graduated from Boonton High School in 1986 and is a mechanic in the service department of Drivemaster, Fairfield. A summer 1993 wedding is planned. Uene Jacobson to marry Thomas Haiber in August Afr. and Mrs. Ronald Jacobson of Tamaques Way announce the engagement of their daughter, Eerie, to Thomas Haiber, son of Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Haiber of Dakota Stnjet Miss Jacobson, a graduate of Westfield High School and Rider Obituaries Mary J. College, will receive a master's degree in counseling education from Kean College in May. She is a teacher at Lafayette School No. 6, Elizabeth. Mr. Haiber, a graduate of Westfield High School, is an electrician with V & M Electric, Westfield. An August wedding is planned. Honorary member of women's league y ftjary J. Shown, 72, a homemaker whq was an honorary member of the Junior Woman's Leagues in Westfield and AUamuijhy, died April 16, 1992 at Hesjth Village, Hackettstown. Mrs. Shown was born in Omaha, Nettj and lived in Westfield before moving to Hackettstown in Shtialso was a member of the Panthe^Valley Friends and Neighbors Association. Smviving are her husband, John H. ijhown; four daughters, Jean Bowman of Whitehouse Station, Maiy McCarty-Sullivan of Asbury, Phefee Anderson of New Hartford, Conn., and Barbara Dane of Acton, Ma^s.; and 10 grandchildren. A 1 " memorial service was held April 19 at St. James Episcopal Church, Hackettstown, of which Mrs. Shown was a parishioner. Mr Topolinski Shipping supervisor with electric firm Leo M. Topolinski, 73, a former sliipping supervisor with the Federal Pacific Electric Co., died April 24, 1992 at his home. He was born in Newark and had lived in Westfield since Mr. Topolinski retired in 1983 after 46 years with Federal Pacific at its former Newark plant. He served in the Army during World War II and was a member of John L. Ruddy Post 7363, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Clark. Surviving are his wife, Josephine Grote Topolinski; two daughters, Diane Graziadei and Jo Ann Hirtz; two grandchildren; two sisters, Alice Sowakinas and Mary Topolinski; and a brother, Michael Topolnicki. Funeral services were held Sunday at the Dooley Colonial Home. Committal was private. Kean to speak Sunday The Honorable Thomas Kean, former governor, will address this year's annual Holocaust Commemoration 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The event is co-sponsored by the 'fvjsh Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of L'untml New Jersey and the Holocaust Resource Center of Kean College, and is free to the public. There will be interpreters for the hearing impaired. Call: Arrangements chran Funeral town. were by the Co- Home, Hacketts- lut-fnkiirta ctwng*. MIDDLESEX AMBOV MULTIPLEX Routes 9 & 35. Sayevillo (908) Call theater tor showumes. CH4EFLEXOOEON MCM.0 PARK Route 1. Edison (908) Call theater (or stiowlimes. DUNEU.EN THEATER 438 North Aw?., Duncllcn (908) 9G My COtxin Vinny (R) Fndoy through Thursday: 7 30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. GENERAL CINEMA BRUNSWICK SQUARE Route 18, East Brunswick (908) Call theater (or showtlmei. GENERAL CINEMA WOODBNIDQE Routes 1-9 & 35 WoodbnrJge (908) Call theater for showlimes. KENDALL PARK CINEMAS 3560 Route 27, Kendall ParK (908) K2 [R) Fndoy Sunday: 1 p.m, 3:10 p.m., 5:20 p.m. 7:30 p.m., 9:40 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 7:25 p.m., 9:35 p.m. fciivs (PG 13] f nd.iy, Sotur day: 1:JO p.m.. 3 :<' p.m.. 6:40 p.m.. 7:4!.. p.m., 9:55 p.m. Sunday: l:0!> p.m., 3: IS p.m., 5:25 p.m, /:.")5 p.m., 9:40 p.m. Mnntlay Ihurtday: 7:30 p.m., 9:31. p in My Cousin Vinny III) F nday Sunday: 2:30 p.m.. 4:45 p.m., 7 p.m., 9:25 p.m. Monday Thursday: 8 p.m. Basic Instinct (H) I ndny- Sunday: 2:30 p.m., 4:45 p.m., ANDREW TEDFORD and SUSAN FOX MILAN dipierro and MICHELLE TRACEY Michelle Tracey to marry Milan dipierro in July John and Carol Tracey of Westfield announce the engagement of their daughter, Michelle, to Milan dipierro, son of Charles and Olga dipierro of Westfield. The future bride graduated from Westfield High School and Villanova University. She received her graduate degree from Seton Hall University, and is employed by Summit Radiological Associates in Summit. Her fiance graduated from West field High School and the University of Virginia. He received his graduate degree from Columbia University. He is employed by Siemens Medical Systems in Iselin. The wedding date is set for July 25. ">* "*~Tangsanffar^^JliCfti/onlcs jnckjekln«elmr a m WMMWd or nwhmudyouiyou oiu»*«b-fl696. You breiwm and amem, artd'patamsj grandparents and may wrh» your own anoounoement and submit K. Pfcturw can be in color or also great-grandparents. Address inquiries to the Record, P.O. Box 2790, in black and white. Westfield, NJ Announcements may be delivered through the slot in Birth announcements should be sent to the Record In writing and should the door at 231 Elmer St. Requests should be in the office by 5 p.m. Friday. MOVIE TIMES MAY I THROUGH MAY 7 CAPSULE REVIEWS OF CURRENT FILMS IN THIS WEEK'S Weekend Pf T p.m., 9:25 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 8 p.m. PatHdAwty (PG-131 Friday. Saturday: 2 p.m., 6:10 p.m., 8:10 p.m., 10:10 p.m. Sunday: 2 p.m., 6 p.m., 7:55 p.m., 9:55 p.m. Monday- Thursday: 7:20 p.m., 9 20 p.m. Beelnoven (PG) Fnday Satur day: 1:35 p.m., 3:20 p.m.. 5:10 p.m., 7 p.m. Sunday. 1:10 p.m.. 2:45 p.m.. 4:35 p.m.. 6:25 p.m. Monda, Thursday: 7 p.m Ciry of Joy (PG 13t lv;i,, Saturday. Monday IHu'wiiiy. 8:50 p.m. Sunday: 8:15 p.m. While Sands [HI Tilda*. S,)t urday: 1:10 p.m., 525 p.m.. 7:30 p.m. Sunday: 1 p rn, 5: IS p.m., 7:20 p.m Monday Thursday: 7:15 p.m. While Men Can't AJIO Friday, Saturday: J 1 j.; <. 9:40 p.m. Sunday: 3 0\> p rn. 9:25 p.m. Montl.iy I' v- 9:?0 p.m I c/ngully. flin I,iv P,II/I forest (G) Friday -Sunday 1 p rn. 4 p.m. HocH a Doodle id ' in burnt, i> i p.m LOEWS ROUTE IS Fast Brunswick ( Ca!l IhoatPf for sin..,os, MOVIE CITY 5 Holllo IB, l.ilil HIUI.-A K [908) 257 r,v, r j Call ihea«>r lur shci.-.'.::.cs. MOVIE CITY 5 WOOOOttlDOE ffoulf I A Gill (.inc.... mi (908).W r >r>r>5 Cnll theater lor slio.'.r.iiipi MOVIE CITY 6 Oak Trep Ccnipr 1G(>5 Oak tier Rd " sun (9O8) (i0 Cnll lnpoler (or 3hn..ti,iii;s. IM MIOMESCX MALL HKMyajStMon roads South PlainfleU (908) Call theater (or showumes. SOMERSET BERNAROSVILLE CINEMA Route 202, Bemardsvlllc (908) Folks IPG 131 Friday: 7:30 p.m.. 9:40 p.m. Saturday: 1 p.m, 3:10 p.m., 5:20 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 9:40 p.m. Sunday: 1 p.m., 3:10p.m,, 5:20 p.m.. 7:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:30 p.m. BROOK THEATRE 10 Hiimillon St.. Bound Brooh (90B) Gb My Cousin Vinny (H) I nday, Saturday: 6 p.m.. 8:30 p.rn. Sunday: 0 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday: 7:30 p.m GENERAL CINEMA BRIDOEWATER COMMONS Route* 22 A Bridgewnter (908) Call thniiter tor i.howtimes. GENERAL CINEMA RUTOERS PLAZA Laston Ave., Somciscl (908) 82R-8787 Coll theater (or showtimes. GENERAL CINEMA SOMERVILLE CIRCLE Routes 2H A 202 2CHi, KtrnXan (908) Cnll Ihnotpr (or ahowtinici MONTGOMERY CENTER THEATRE Routes 206 A T>18, R»c:ky Mill (609) Cnll thoalor tor showti/nrrs UNION CINEPLEX ODEON CRANFORD -Westfleld Record- 25 North Ave. West Cnnforti (908) Call theater (or thowtlmes. cincnn OOEON HMLLMIRN 350 Mllibum AM., Millbum (201) Call trieater for showtimes. CINtftn ODE0N UWON 990 Stuymant Ave., Union (908) Call theater tor showtimes. FIVE POINTS CINEMA 327 Chestnut St.. Union 1908) Call theater for showrimcs. GENERAL CINEMA BLUE STAR Route 22 West, Watcruing (908) Call theater (or showtimes. LINDEN F1VEPLEX 400 North Wood Ave., Undon (908) Call theater (or showtimes. LOST PICTURE SHOW?395 Spnntfidd Ave., Union (9OB Call theater lor showiimcs NEW PARK CINEMA 23 West Wostftold Ave. Rosolle Pam (90B> Call ihcater (or shtwrtirnes Uh RIALTO TRIPLEX 250 East Broad St. Westfield (90S) 2J Call ihcater for showtimes. WESTFIELD TWIN CINEMA 138 Control Aw., Westflold 00«i O C.ilt theatex for sliowtimcs. IIUNTfiRDON CINEMA PLAZA nveplex Hiul.' , Flemington (90WI 7H theater for HUNTERDON THEATER Route 31, nemlntfon (908) Can theater for showtimes. MORRIS AMC HEADQUARTERS Headquarters Plaza Mofristown 1201) Basic Imtinct (Rl Friday: 5 p.m., 7:20 p.m.. 9:50 p.m. Saturday: 1:50 p.m.. 5 p.m.. 7:?0p.m., 9:50 p.m. Sunday: 1:10 p.m.. 3:20 p.m., 6 p.m.. 8:30 p.m. Monday Thursday: 6 p.m., 8:20 p.m. Sleepwalkers (R) Fnday, Sal urday: 5:30 p.m., 10:10p./n Sunday-Thursday: 8:20 p.m While Men Can't Jump (Ri Friday: 5 p.m., 7:20 p.m.. 9:50 p.m. Saturday: 1:50 p.m., 5 p.m.. 7:20p.m.. 9:50 p.m. Sunday: 1:10 p.m.. 3 :)() p.m., 5:50 p.m.. 8:20 p.m. Monday-Triursday: 5:50 p m. 8:20 p.m. Dry of Joy (PG-13) f miay 7:20 p.m., 9:50 p.m. Satur (Jay: 2:D0p.rn., V:20 p.m. 0:50 p.m. Sunday: 5:30 p.m., 8:10 p.m. Monday - [huisumy: 8:10 p.m. Seolrioven (PG) Fnday: S.?() p.m., 7:50 p.m. Solurda) 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5:2O p.m..".5u p.m. Siindny: 1:30 p.m., 3:40 p.m., 5:50 p.m. Mond.iy Thursday: 5:50 p.m. FolAs (PG-13) Friday: 5:20 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 10pm urday: 1 p.m.. 3 p.m., D.J'.i p.m., 7:3U p.m., 10 pin fiuu day: 1:10 p.m., 3:40 p.m. 5:40 p.m., 8 p.m. Mond.iv Thursday: 5:40 p.m., ft p.m. Passed Away (PG-1.1) Irnliiy: 5:30 p.m., 7:40 p.m.. 1U p.m. Saturday: 1:20 p.m., 3:20 p.m., 5:30 p.m.. 7;4O p.m., 10 p.m. Sunday: 1:20 p.m., 3:40 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 6 p.m., 8 p.m. K2IR) Fnday; 5:20 p.m.. 7:30 p.m., 10:10 p.m. Saturday: 1:10 p.m., 3:10 p.m.. 5:20 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 10:10 p.m. Sunday: 1:10 p.m., 3:30 p.m, 5:40 p.m., 8:10 p.m. Monday Thursday: 5:40 p.m., 8:10 p.m. IWiile S.HK/S (H) Fnday: 5:20 p.m., 7:40 p.m.. 9:50 p.m. Siiluidiiy: 'J p.m., 5:20 p.m., 7:40 p.m., 9:50 p.m. Sunday: 1 3O p.m., T'jO p.m., 6 p.m., 11 ).MI MoiiO;iy TTiursdny: G [i.m., H p.m. TrnindivtHMrt IU) Friday: 7:30 pin. Snturddy: 1:20p.m.. t'aq p.m. Suruk'iy: 3:30 p.m., fi p.m Mondny Tlniisd.iy: 6 p.rn. lhe ll.ilx; (PU) Friday, Salur (tdy. '):io p.m. fiuniliiy Thuradiiy: 7:50 p.m. 'IvmCully. lite Liis( lioin fuii-sr (G) liicl.iy, Monday- Iniipsdny 5:10 p.m. Sjliiid.'iy; 1:10 p.m., 3:40 p.m.. 5:40 p.m Sunday: 1:20 p.m., 3:30 ii in Idiving N<itrii,il (fl) fikl.iy: 5:10 p.m., 7:30 p.m., 10 p.m. E.ilimliiy; 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5:10 p.m., 7.10 pin., 10 p.m. Sun tl t>y p.rn,.'1:40 p.m., Itlill p.m., ft: 10 n in. MundnylllllP.lLiy: 'i '>O > rn. H JO p m CINEMA 20G lluuli!?(*;, ChC5tpr I'I(IH) «70 444"! C.ill tlwnli-i for r.hnwtimas.

11 ", r- May 1 celebrations date back to ancient Rome, but their modern roots trace to 1889, when the Second Socialist International, the forerunner of the Communist movement, chose this day for parades and a show of solidarity by socialist parties and labor unions. The celebrations evolved into an occasion for massive phalanxes of well-drilled troops marching before a terrace of extravagantly bemedaled and solemn men at the Lenin mausoleum. Tanks, artillery, and missiles rumbled through Red Square while formations of aircraft flew Sponsored by the Following Community Minded Attorneys overhead. America responded with the development of Law Day U.S.A., a May 1st celebration proposed by American Bar Assocation President Charles S. Rhync and proclaimed by President Eisenhower in A 1961 congressional joint resolution saw this as a day for Americans to "celebrate the ideals of equality and justice under law," and ensuing celebrations focused on the issues of human rights, democracy, access to justice, and the independence of judges. JAMES M. BELL ESQ. 123 North Union Ave. Cleveland Plaza Cranford CHAMBERLIN & HOBBIE 476 South Ave. East Cranford ALDAN O. MARKSON 131 North Michigan Ave. Kenilworth McDONOUGH, KORN & EICHHORN P.A. ATTORNEYS AT LAW 555 Westfield Ave. Westfield JAMES F. KEEFE P.C. 190 North Ave. East Cranford BRUCE BERGEN 108 North Union Ave. Cranford JOHN PAUL DIZZIA 108 North Union Ave. Cranford STEVENS & GOMPERTS 37 Alden St. Cranford JOHN A. APPEZZATO ESQ Westfield Ave. Scotch Plains : DONALD R. CREIGHTON ESQ. Cranford DRESCHER & CHESLOW P.A. 354 North Ave. East Cranford KATHLEEN B. ESTABROOKS ATTORNEY AT LAW 524 South Ave. Cranford JOSEPH GACHKO ESQ. ATTORNEY AT LAW 1 do North Ave. East Cranford

12 A-12 * TheWatfidd Record April 30,1992 ^ u 3 3 Business notes Orrico elected real estate association trustee John G. Onico of Wettfleld has been elected a trustee of NAIOP, the Association for Commercial Real Estate. President of the Commercial Development Division of K Hovnanian Companies, Red Bank. Mr. Onico is responsible for overseeing the development, leasing and management of a three million square-foot portfolio of business parka and other commercial properties. Mr. Orrico previously served as a vice president with National Realty and Development of Purchase, N.Y. and as a senior vice president with Archie Schwartz Realtors of East Orange. Mr. Orrico graduated from the University College Division of Rutgers University. Two nurses join Meridian staff Two nursing professionals have joined the staff of the Meridian Nursing Center, Westfield, announced Kevin O'Neill, director of nursing. They are Irene Barrios, Madison, who will supervise quality assurance and infection control, and Marianne Marquis, staff development coordinator. Malgieri to demonstrate picnic recipes Pastry chef Nick Malgieri will demonstrate six picnic-perfect recipes in the Kings Cooking Studio in Short Hills from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Thursday, May 7. Taylor named group's account coordinator Princeton Public Relations Group has appointed William Taylor account coordinator. Mr. Taylor, a resident of Westfield, received a bachelor of science degree from James Madison University in December While at JMU, he worked as an account executive for Profile Public Relations Agency. Earlier, he was administrator of promotions for JMlTs radio station, WXJM. James DiQerico, also a resident of Westfield, co-founded Princeton Public Relations Group in It provides communication services to a variety of corporate and professional clients in the U.S. and abroad. Kleinwaks appointed division manager Pearsall, Maben and Frankenbach, 53 Cardinal Drive, Westfield, announce the appointment of Andrew Kleinwaks as manager of the Personal lines Division, A consumer advocate who testified for the New Jersey Insurance Brokers Association at the New Jersey Legislative Insurance Committee on behalf of those insured in New Jersey, Mr. Kleinwaks has a wellrounded personal lines insurance background. Mr. Kleinwaks had been co-owner of Abby Rating Associates in Plainfield for seven yean and had been a personal lines account manager in a San Francisco firm before coming to Pearsall, Maben and Frankenbach Inc. Lillard promoted by Summit Trust Co. An experienced manager of trust services and native of nearby Chatham and Madison, Peter Lillard has been appointed by The Summit Trust Company as vie* president and regional truit manager in charge of the newly-opened trust offices located at the bank's Westfield branch at 302 East Broad St Mr. Lillard graduated from Chatham High School and received a bachelor of business administration from Wake Forest University. Following college, he was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy for three years which included deployments to the Caribbean and the Far East In 1976, he was appointed by First Fidelity as regional coordinator in charge of six different trust locations, one of which was Westfield experience that serves him well now in his current Summit Trust Company position, providing him familiarity with his present market area. Birchall gains ESA membership approval ' Educational Services of America Inc. has announced the selection of George Birchall as the newest member of the ESA family of licenses. He will be able to offer scholarship and grant-matching guidance for area high school and college students. The scholarship matching service specializes in private sector funding. from corporations, memorials, trade associations and many other organizations that wish to help students further their education. This service maintains the most current and up-to-date information available to offer the necessary alternative to state and federal funding sources. Most awards have no grade point average or income requirements. Information: George Birchall, Scholarship Finders U.SA P.O. Box 246, Westfield, NJ Phone * WESTFIELD REPUBLICAN BALL FRIDAY, 7:30 P.M., MAY 1,1992 WESTWOOD RESTAURANT NORTH AVENUE, GARWOOD, N.J. DINNER - CONCERT PIANIST DANCING - REPUBLICAN SPEAKER TICKETS CALL , , * * * NOW OPEN ant/ ( c /e,s\stca. Located upstairs from Genliamen'r. Choice Hair Design 205 South Ave., Westfield, NJ BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (908) Wm. ft, PftBKHUBST Ic SONS. Inc. * * * Saraceno's comes to Westfield Half-century bakery opens on South Ave. THE RECORD Naarfy 50 years of family baking tradition cam to Wsstttf notify with the opening of Saraceno's Bakery on South Avenue. "Al of our food it homemade," said the store's proprietor Tom Borgeson. "Our recipes have been handed down tor tour generations." Saraoeno's got Hi start in the 1940s, when Gutseppe Saraoeno bought his unde's business, L Noveto's Bakery, and moved It from Fourth Avenue in Elizabeth to Centre Street in the city. Mr. Saraosno had worked with his uncle from the early 1900s when he migrated with his wife, Victoria, from Reggjo Calabria, Italy, to the Peterstown section of Elizabeth. In 1949, Mr. Saraoeno bought the property across from St Anthony of Padua Church, 814 Third Ave., and opened the first Italian bakery with a revolving brick oven. In Gulseppe retired and died two years later. His son. Vincent, owned the bakery until his death in The founder's grandsons, Joseph and Charles Saraoeno, are ttw present owners. "We have a significant capacity in Elizabeth and there is plenty of room to store the raw ingredients," sati Mr. Borgeson. "Our food is baked fresh daily and trucked from there to our Westfield store. We do the assembly, like fillings and decorations here, but anything with an oven Is done In Etobeth. It Is a challenge but it Is going smoothly." While there are no sit-down facilities at the location, the store provides regular delivery and catering services for parties and weddings. Its location next to Joe's Meat Market makes It a one-stop shopping opportunity for many customers, the proprietor said. "One of the things we do is take orders and give the customers whatever they want." said Mr. Borgeson. "We can take orders up to a few hours before the event and we are ready to bend over backward to get It done just the way the customers want K." Saraceno's Bakery specializes in wedding cakes, cakes and pastries, Some specialty layer cakes include chocolate fudge, malted milk and Italian cream rum. Saraceno's also makes cream pies, buns, Danish, and 9dan, French, Neapoltan arid Calabrese bread. "We supply a lot of restaurants in the Eteabeth vtowty wllh breads," said Mr. Borgeson. "We have 25 varieties of Italian bread available and would Ike to start supplying restaurants in this Selection and variety make Saraceno's unique, DAflYL STONE/THE BECOflO Karollna Khaichatrlan and VIckl Borgeaon put the finishing touchm on holiday cookl* platters at Saraceno's Bakery. The owners take pride In carrying on a generations-old family tradition. according to the proprietor. "A lot of Italian bakeries do just Italian things, but we have taken all kinds of recipes that are what I call Italian-American," said Mr. Borgeson. "You can 'A lot of Italian bakeries do just Italian things, but we have taken all kinds of recipes that are what I call Italian-American. You can tell that it's an Italian bakery when you walk in, because of all of the Italian pastry, but we have apple strudels, coffee cakes and German goods as well.'..., > Tom Borgeson tell that it's an Italian bakery when you walk in, because of all of the Italian pastry, but we have apple strudels, coffee cakes and German goods as well. We can serve customers with everything from breakfast to after dinner snacks." Since it opened last November, Saraceno's new Westfield location, the company's second, has worked out quite well, according to management "We are happy with what we see after only six months here," said Mr. Borgeson. "We are watching the numbers and the sign." K is improving steadily. Already, we are doing two-thirds of the business the Elizabeth store does. "People are used to seeing a bakery at this location and we have capitalized on that," he said. "We have been received pretty welt." In the future, Saraceno's plans to offer special coffee and Danish deals for commuters. "LogistJcally, it is a great location," said Mr. Borgeson. "People get off the train and they cant help but see Located at 407 South Ave., across from the train station and where Colonial Pastry Shoppe used to be, Saraceno's is open seven days a week from 6 a.rn.-7:30 p.m. For information, catl Jean Burgdorff to speak at Chamber luncheon meeting The next in the series of Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon meetings will be held at noon, Thursday, May 14, at the China Light Restaurant, E. Broad St. A Chinese hot buffet plus food-for-thought, a brief talk on "Business Ethics" by Jean T. BurgdorfT, will be featured. Mrs. Burgdorff, chairman of BurgdorfT Realtors, is widely recognized and respected for her professional achievements in the real estate field and for her philanthropic contributions. Her honors have been many. She was named 1991 "Realtor of the year in New Jersey" by Only SIMPSON'S Offt,s You Up To A 10 YEAR WARRANTY on your remodeling pro ects! Additions Alterations Kitchens Baths Decks Specializing In Period Architecture Reproduction At Simpson's we are dedicated professionals with a commitment to quality, That's why we offer the best warranty program In the Industry WE : ' ' back our work ' with "' more " than a - handshake! Free Estimate SIMPSON'S BUILDING CONTRACTORS "We Build Like They Used To" T] ((, -±* Westfteld, N.J. New Jersey Monthly magazine, "Outstanding Woman" by the Summit YWCA on its 70th anniversary, and 1990 "Employer of the Year" by the Makcfield-Yardley Business and Professional Women. In 1983, Governor Thomas Kcan acknowledged her contributions to the state as a business woman and role model. Mrs. Burgdorffs topic, "Business Ethics," will challenge the audience with situations drawn from her own career and thought-provoking ideas applicable to any business. Chamber luncheon meetings are similar in purpose to Business After Hours gatherings. References Proudly Furnished Small Business Show-off! Make Your Small Business/Home Office Look Great Wilii The New MICnOLINE' 380 CONSULTING CO.. INC. comgultr (908) OKIDATA They provide opportunities to exchange business cards, make new business contacts, and discuss business-related topics in a social setting. This meeting will introduce attendees to the newest restaurant to become a member of the Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce. Reservations, which include full buffet, tax and gratuities, are $14 each for Chamber members, and $16 each for non-members if space permits. Advance payment by check, payable to the Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce, is required. Congratulations to Bonnie Sobel, of Hillsborough, who won a Forbes hot air balloon ride for two at the New Brunswick Arts & Crafts Festival. Forbes Newspapers A DIVISION Of roiwes INC SomtfHt Mtuwi{tfG4jfn«e ll.^.-i rim* Chfonklt 4 M'diHtrui fjirwktu r i X l W l r Outwit* flrrtrw MKudWl EOWQfl ftmtft Snulh PialrrfleW Hepcutfi Own BrwA Umifl (VnVid Journal Midland P#* H»fim) fh* (Hit Grwilotd Ch'Oflim * ffirium form» 5rt>!( >< fi^ni F«rt*0Mj p,m» Snfnrwt County Shoppy * M>ddlfwi Ou'M* -Westfield Record-

13 April 30,1992 *TheW»tfieldReconi B-1 On the inside: Ugh School Roundup B-2 Ugh School Previews B-2 Youth Sports B-3 Scoreboard B-3 _ Community Lite B-4 D CUssieds B-6 You said it: 'I think tfifs team can be mentally tough and the games we've played should strengthen our mental toughness.' Wt$Wld Sports Matters by Al Lies WesHleld High's Dan Barcan and Josh Albertson Albertson and Barcan running the final stretch Dan and Josh. Josh and Dan. It sounds Kka one of the current athletic shoe commercials which are promoting the upcoming Summer Olympics. Actually, Dan Barcan and Josh Albertson are two of the top runners on Westfietd High School's cross country and track learns, and they follow in each other's ' shoes both on and off the track. Barcan and Albertson are boyhood friends, Together, they've attended WestflekJ schools from kindergarten up until their senior year In high school. Both of them have gotten straight "A's" through their high school years and are vying to be No. 1 In their senior class ranking. Both student-athletes were also named to the AJI-Union County cross country team. That's not all. Recently, Barcan and Albertson were members of the relay which finished first In both the distance medley and 4 x 1,60Ometer relay at the Union County Relays. Both runners were named captains of the track and cross country teams, and along with Jed Bennett, hold the position of editor of the school newspaper. Both are also correspondents for The Record. "They've both been terrific athletes from the day they started with me," said Westfield boys track and cross country coach John Martin. "They're always together, almost like brothers. They're very down to earth, they work hard and both are team leaders." "Josh and I have been best friends since the fourth grade, although we knew each other before that," said Barcan, "In running, we challenge each other In a positive way. It really makes it enjoyable to be on a team with my best friend." "When we race, if one's in front, he knows the other's coming right up on him," said Albertson, "We push each other to do our best. Dan actually introduced me to competitive running in the ninth grade. (Please turn to pnge B-3) Silva wins Westfield 5-Miler 156 run in 2nd annual races y KIFKUDUK THE RECORD While most of the public at large was cursing out last weekend's weather, hoping instead for sunshine and warmth, a group of about 160 runners were covertly rejoicing the abnormally cool temperatures and overcast skies. That's mainly because a 45 degree reading to a runner is, more or less, ideal. So, with conditions agreeable to every participant, the Second Annual 5-Mile and 1-Mile Fun Run, hosted by the Westfield Recreation Commission, was deemed a success. "There were really comfortable running conditions, " said thirdplace finisher Karl Amundsen, a resident of New Providence. "The weather was really good." "The weather conditions were damp, but ideal for running," said Paul Buccino, Westfield resident and husband of Westfield High School assistant girls track coach Jennifer, the top female finisher. "As long as you stay out of the puddles everything's fine." Most runners use the event as a tune up for upcoming races, most notably the Midland Run, which will be held on May 17. However, for Westfield resident's the 5-Mile race is a little more special. Not only does the race give the town's runners bragging rights over their companions, but it also provides participants a chance to race in front of their friends and family, while alleviating excess travel. "I like to focus on the Westfield races, " said fourth-place finisher Revenge is sweet Devils tennis knocks off foe Scotch Plains By SCOTT ZUCKER THE RECORD The Scotch Plains-Fanwood tennis team broke Westfield's decadelong domination of the Union County Tournament last year. On Monday afternoon, the Blue Devils exacted a modicum of revenge. Westfield (11-1) scored a decisive 4-1 victory over the 6-1 Raiders in Fanwood. The Blue Devils were atoning for Scotch Plains- Fanwood's victory in the County Tournament last year which snapped the Blue Devils' string of 13 straight titles. "I think they put a lot of pressure on themselves," Raiders Coach David Blackman said of his players. "We are neighboring towns and the kids know each other. Sometimes the kids rise to the occasion and sometimes it gets to them." Westfield Coach George Kapner agreed with his counterpart. "It is one of our bigger matches of the year. They won the counties last year and we both won our half of the conferences. I'm not sure which way it (losing the counties) is a factor." On Monday afternoon it was nearly all Blue Devils. Senior Jeff BaCote scored Scotch Plains- Fanwood's only victory with a straight set 6-1, 6-0 win over Brett Garran in first singles. BaCote cruised to Ms sixth victory against one loss, easily defeating the 3-7 and Westfield citizen Phil Gibbons. "I like to train for these races in particular because it means a little more to win them." After the runners went once around Tamaques Park, they exited the park and worked their way in a westerly direction, running on the residential streets of Village Green, Willow Grove, Nancy Way, Knollwood Terrace and Shadowlawn Drive before making their way back to the park through Norgate Road. The only criticism the runners had of the course was that it had too many turns. Otherwise, Westfield's wide streets accommodated the 156 participants easily. The 5-Mile race unfolded with a pack of four runners exchanging the lead between themselves for the first four miles. As the course worked its way up Village Green, Westfield's Joe Silva pulled ahead by 100 yards and never looked back, as Silva held a comfortable lead when the runners re-entered the park. Silva crossed the finish line in 26:18, 13 seconds in front of Buccino, 21 seconds faster than Amundsen and a half minute quicker the Phil Gibbons. "It feels pretty good to win," said Silva, who also won the 1-Mile Fun Run. "It's nice to have a trophy. But, actually I was peaking for a race next week." "After the three mile mark we took a considerable lead," said Amundsen. "It was a clean race. These are class guys. It was a really comfortable run and it was a good precursor to the Midland Run." SHARON WILSOWTHE RECORD Third singles player Mark McGann fires a backhand against Scotch Plalns-Fanwood's G.P. Karsenty. McGann (11-1), who defeated Karsenty, 5-7, 6-3, 6-3, Is seeded second at No. 3 singles In the Union County tournament, which begins Thursday (April 30) at 10 a.m. at Hub Stein In Plainfield. Garran. "I know he hadn't had the best season, but you never know what to expect," said BaCote of his opponent. "I sort of choked {in the match against Westfield last year), so after four years it was nice to finally win. "I came out aggressive and set the pace. He was having a hard time and I wasn't missing that much. I was serve and volleying QEOflGE PACCIELLO/THE RECORD Chris DuFour of Martlnsville limbers up for Saturday's Five-Mile run, which was held at Tamaques Park and was sponsored by the Westfield Recreation commission. DuFour, 29, finished in 102nd out of 156 finishers, crossing the line In 40:49. very well." Garran has suffered through a difficult season at first singles. Although he is as strong a player as any on the Blue Devil squad, hihas paid the price of competing in the Wiitchung Con Terence's strongest classification. "The strength of my team is that we have five good players," said Kiipner. "We are solid everywhere." COMPLETE LOCAL RESULTS 1. Jot SHva, WwtftoM, 29:1«; 4. Phil Gibbora, WMMOM, 2i:4i; 7. Ship Moore, WoaifMd, 27:M; 10. More Hollandar, Weitfleld, 2*01; 12. Roeco Data Sorra, Cranfcrd, 29:53: M. John HoUanbacti, WatMlald, 31:14; 23. Greg Schmidt, Edlion, 31:25; 25. John Rica. WtttltoM, 31:91; 27. Lee Nestel, Bridgewaler, 32:09: 26. Tom RotWft*, Kenilworth, 32:11: 29 Angtto Ptoros, Bound Brook, 32:14: 31. Bruce Macrae. Placataway, 32:21: 34. Fred Best, WaafflaM, 32:42; 35. Bill Owings, Cranford, 32:57; 36. Ira Alton Nagtn, Edison, 33:01; 37. John North, Waitflatt, 33:09: 40. Brian Mulvoy, WaattMd, 33:21; 41. Jose Duenas, Edi- on, 33:37; 43. BID Moran, Watitleld, 33:42; 45. ThomM Fonaatar, Weitfleld, 34:16: 47 Jaff HeM, Bridgawalar, 34:26; 46. George MaeKart, Scotch Plaint, 34:30; 49. Thomas Hatch, WaatltaM, 34:41; SO. Paul Pompeo, WaaMaM, 34:43; 51. Maury Lasky. Cranford, 34:48: 54. Mbart Foattr II. Waatlleld, 35:14; 55. Alan Payne, Scotch Plains, 35:16; 56. Frank Ouarino. Edton. 35:27: SB. Charles SwiMtt, WaatfiaM, 35:32; 62. Brian Gran- trsnd, WatffiaM, 36:15; 65. Kenneth Goski, WaatltaM, 36:37; 66. Randall Hanten, WestnaM, 37:13; 71. Lyoia Maiterton, Westfleid, 37:16; 72. Jaff William*, Bridgewaier. 37:17; 73. Anna Aunfeta, Waatlleld, 37:19; 76. Chris ttan Leger, North Plalnteld. 37:40; B3. Wendy Orow, WaatltaM, 36:32; 84. Steven Bush. Scotch Plain*. 36:38: 86. Mike Cruz. DunnaBen, 36:51; 67. Michael Klein, Westfield, 36:52; 66. Robert Qraar, Weatfteld, 39:00; 60. Ed Marttowakl, Wettfieid, 39:04; 91. MttcheH Lavan, Weatfleld, 39:04; 93. Bruce Oledatone, Wettfieid, 39:15: 94. Ann Skudlarfc, WeetlleM, 39:19; 97. Lawrence Walsh. WeatfleM, 36:36; 96. John Deltt. Westtleld, 40:12; 100. James Boytan, Dunellen, 40:32: 101. Martha Bennett, Wettlleld. 40:42; 103 Alexander Zuiavnify, Crantord, 41:02; 104. Jeane Oladla, WeitiiekJ. 41:04; 105. Jean DonohiM, Weettleld, 41:09; 108. Marcia Qmtf, Weatfleld, 41:24; 112. Joseph Walsh Jr, WeetfleW. 41:37; 113. Thomas Galalola, WeatfleM, 41:42; 115. Gary Thurman, Edison. 41:45; 117. Cliiabeth Baker, Westfield, 42:22; 116. Lloyd Mendel, Weettield, 42:58; 120. L. Halt. Fanwood. 43:20: 121. Chrtstophe HanuMk, WoatflaM. 43:22; 125, Suzanne Sneppard, Plscataway, 43:51: 127. Barbara Mucda. Cranford, 43:59; 130. Sabetay Zavaro, WeatfleM, 44:21; 131. Donald Ross, WeetfleM, 44:26; 133. Dot Farley. Bridgewater, 44:56; 134. Mercy Leger, North Plainfield. 46:04; 135. Sherrl Chernack, Westlicld. 46:36; 136. Dick Adam, Piscaiaway. 45:38: 135. Catharine Tlmko. Scotch Plains. 45:13: 136. Qeorglanna Gladstone, westiieid, 45:57; 146. Jon Skovnlck, Wettfieid, 51:14; 149. Torn Timko, Scotch Plains, 51:30: 152. Vtefcy Goski, Canted, 52:40; 153. Steve Sim- 901, WeatfleM, 53:22; 154. Jay Farley. Bridgewater. 53:34; 155. Lawrence Cohen. Wafchung, 1:12:47. Devilfish swimmers gain lofty 4 Y' National finishes y KIP KUDUK THE RECORD Keith McKune was representing the Westfield YMCA team, but the 21-year-old Union resident drew the majority of attention to himself in last week's YMCA Junior National Swimming and Diving Championships at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. All McKune did was successfully defend his national title in the 100- yard butterfly, place in the top 14 in the country in all but one of his events and set two individual Westfield YMCA records while helping establish one new relay mark. "We knew he could do it and it was really exciting," said Westfield YMCA teammate Scott Kaslusky, a senior at Westfield High School. "He won in grand style. He was very impressive." After setting a new team record (46.99) and placing 10th in the first day of competition in the 100-yard freestyle, McKune said the race loosened him up for the rest of the SUPER SPRING SHAPE-UP SERVICE SPECIALS FOR YOUR CAR! ^ROTATE 1 TIRES $Q95 - ~ - -i r ~«r- - -i r^jzr.^r\ r; ---«-^ r r^u«71 PONTIAC MASTER DEALER BRAKE COOLING TRANSMISSION:; 2WHEEL & FILTER i i $ INSPECTION SPECIAL $ 95 SYSTEM SERVICE $3995 ALIGNMENT! $ Remove Whe«lt Replace (B&lancing I Premium Oil Filler Check lot Wear I Leaks Driln, lluih Mid idd up n: Tranamlailon Fluid I 4 Wheel At Additional Alignment Additional) Premium Oil up lo 5 qls. Clean aod Ad u«lo 2 galloni 0) tmt<w: and Flllor Chnrge Inspecllon of hom< 1 billi. I 1FN Expires 5/13/92II [ I N l-xplros r >/);i/!t2 i i l ' N txpiios S / in / U2 I F N Expires 5 / 13 / 021 f N E«piiO!. 5 / t3 / 92j i T N P.xpucs 5/13/< X > j SALES PARTS SERVICE SERVICE HOURS (908) (908) (908) :45 " 5:15 Mo "- Frl - week. That only spelled bad news for the rest of the swimmers who were competing in the 100-yard butterfly. McKune simply dusted the competition, shaving.39 seconds off his morning trial time to win the race in seconds. Not only was the time a personal best and new team record, but it was just.11 seconds short of eclipsing the national record. Nonetheless, McKune finished the race more than four seconds faster than the nearest competitor, an astonishing difference in this sprinting event. "I really felt more confident after the first day," said McKune, who completed his degree in auto mechanics from Lincoln Technical School, where he earned a scholarship. "I didn't feel that much pressure on me because I thought I'd win again. I just wanted to do a little better time because it was my last (YMCA) meet" Even though he was close to setting a national record, McKune said the thing he'll remember the most is the people. "I can't be that mad (about not setting a record) because everyone congratulated me all week long. People came up to me for the whole week to tell me what a great swim that was. That's the moment I'll remember the most. It's better than any record you can get." McKune, who remains undecided about which college he'll attend in the fall, wasn't done rearranging the Westfield YMCA's record book. On the final day of the meet, McKune (48.91) teamed with Todd Kendall (53.97), Scott Kaslusky (46.84) and Danny Zomsky (1:03.92) to set another new mark. Perhaps overshadowed by McKune's prodigious performance was the surprising times turned in by Westfield High School sophomore Ted Pollack, a first-year YMCA National competitor who finished 12th in the 200-yard backstroke. Pollack swam to personal-best times right across the board and he even cut six more seconds off his previous best time in the 500-yard freestyle. "I really didn't think I had it in me," said Pollack. "I was surprised to see some of the times on the Scoreboard. But, Bruce (Schaefer. YMCA Head Coach) told me to treat this as any other meet. 1 le told me to believe in myself and believe in my abilities and he told me that I had a right to be thc-tv" Of the females, Christine Knud sen of Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School also enjoyed a sue (Please turn to page B-2) 51 YEARS DEPENDABLE SERVICE KEMPER r \. ROUTE 22 EAST CADUJLAC V AT 287 OVERPASS, 1 BRIDGEWATER

14 B-2 April 30,1992 Blue Devils find winning ways, win four straight With visions of its earlier 16-3 loss at the hands of the Blue Devils probably still fresh in their minds, Elizabeth seemed on the verge of revenge in the rematch between the two powers on Monday at Edison Intermediate School. After successfully escaping a bases loaded, one out jam in the bottom of the sixth, the Minutemen added an insurance run in the top of the frame to give them a 5-3 lead. Needing two runs runs to tie, Chris Infantino and Dave Harwood drew back-to back walks. Dan Higgtns, who went 3 for 3 with 3 RBI, singled home Infantino, and the next batter, Dave Duelks singled to plate Harwood with the game tying run. After Seth Coren walked to load the bases, Dave Schwanenbeck lined a base hit off the second baseman's glove to complete the three-run rally and give Westfield its fourth straight win entering yesterday's clash with Union. The Blue Devils' timely hitting made amends for some rather erratic defensive play. Westfield committed five errors, which led to four unearned runs. However, in the early going, the "D" bailed starting pitcher Chris Infantino (4- -1) out of a couple jams, as two slick : double plays ended innings. [- On Friday, the Blue Devils won an equally close game at Linden. f Jeff Perelra (2-2) got his first start.}vf the season and calmed down ;- after yielding two runs in the first 't inning. Periera went on to hurl five ' inniings of shutout baseball before 't giving way to reliever Dave Har- wood p.' A pair of doubles by Higgins and ^extra base hits by Billy Rodd and ; Drew Keehn was enough to make a loser out of Tigers ace Brian Ko- "siba. All game long the Blue Devils : >hit the ball hard, but hit it into - hard luck, usually stinging the ball '. directly at a Linden defender. In a 10-6 victory at Morristown, last Thursday, the Blue Devils '" scored four times in the seventh to increase a 6-0 advantage into a 10-0 bulge, as Mike Ryan and Periera each cracked two-run doubles in ; the frame. ' Westfield's four runs turned out ' to be the difference, as the Coloni* als scored half a dozen times in the ' bottom of the seventh to make the ' final score close. Jim Charlesworth [ (3-1) was the winning pitcher. ; "I think playing in close games :is important for us because it al- ;lows us to concentrate on every pitch, every time," said head coach ; Bob Brewster. "We tend not to con- centrate once we get a big lead, ; unless we're playing a very good!team. I think this team can be ' mentally tough and the games ' we've played should strengthen., our mental toughness." Laxmen's 3 wins set up today's showdown After recapturing the Bristol Cup against Summit, Westfield kept up the momentum during the past week, posting impressive victories over state powerhouse Lawrenceville, talented Johnson Regional and North Hunterdon. The Blue Devils are currently riding a seven-game winning streak entering today's showdown against Montclair (4 p.m. at Recreation Field), ranked by practically everyone as the No. 2 team in the state. In Westfield's 11-8 victory over the Cardinals (5-2) last Wednesday, midfielder Chris Wojcik made a case for distinguishing himself as perhaps the premier player in the state, pumping home seven goals against a stingy defense. Westfield. which outshot home standing LawrencevUle 24-14, rallied from a 3-1 first quarter deficit to take a 5-3 halftime lead An evenly played second half preserved the win for the locals. "We played well as a team, but Chris Wojcik was Just unstoppable. He's probably the best player in the state," said head coach Shaun Cherewich. "Bob Hermiston played very well against James Heavey. He's been shutting down the other team's best scorer and he can play midfleld for us. That's a big advantage." Big was the operative word in Westfield's successive victories against Johnson Regional (6-2) and North Hunterdon (2-6). On Friday, Westfield pounded a solid Johnson team into submission, scoring five goals in each of the first two quarters to take a commanding 10-2 lead into intermission. The Blue Devils didn't let up in the third, netting three more goals before amassing a total of 41 shots to the Crusaders 10. Attackman Matt PrybyUki had four goals and assisted on four others and linemate Malt Connell scored a hat trick while registering a pair of assists. "That was one of the best games I've ever seen us play," said Cherewich, who's in his sixth year as the Blue Devils Head Coach. In Tuesday's encounter against visiting North Hunterdon, Westfield didn't need such an effort to defeat the Lions (2-6). In any event, Westfield scored three goals before North Hunterdon ever got possession of the ball. By the time the first 10 minutes elapsed, Westfleld held a 6-2 lead. The Blue Devils outscored the Lions 4-0 in the next two quarters and cruised home to a 14-3 victory. Both Wojcik and and Connell scored four goals to account for the bulk of the coring. "I think we're still gonna have problems on defense," said Cherewich. "We've been fortunate because Steve Kocaj has been winning faceofls (37 of 60). A kid just can't win 90 percent of the faceofls. "Montclair's strength is in its midfield Our attack sould be able to do well against them, but having our midfield against their midfield concerns me." Westfield opens UCT with quite a bang The third-seeded Blue Devils began play in the Union County Tournament on Saturday by tying its season-high for most runs scored in a game. Westfield touched home plate 16 times, despite being outhit by Rahway, The 16-6 victory puts Westfield (9-3) into the second round where it will host Cranford Saturday afternoon. Westfield scored six times in the first inning to provide a big cush- Devilfish find success in Florida waters (Continued from page B-l) cessnii meet She established new Devilfish records in both the 100 and 200-yard backstroke, as well as helping set a new record in the 400-yard medley relay. FINAL RESULTS MALE 500 tree - Ted Pollack 4: free Keith MeKune (team record), Scon Kaslusky 47, medley r»l*y - 7. Todd Kendall, Danny Zem»Ky. Keith McKune, Scott Kaslusky 1: tree _ Scott Kaslusky 1: Ted Pollack 1:48.54, Brian Wlsnletrakl 1: back - Todd Kendall 54.31, Robbie Schundler 55.27, Mike Scrtwobel I We also do most foreigfn A domasile I transmission changes I with Quality Quaker Transmission 660 West 1st Avenue 100 fly - i. Keith McKune (team record), Ted Pollack free relay Ted Pollack, Danny Zemtky, Keith McKurw. Scott Kaslusky 3: IM - Brian Wlsnlewskl 4: ire* - 0. Kerth McKune 21.34, Danny Zem- ky Paul Ulrfch back Todd Kendall 1:59 37, Robbie Schundler 2:00.40, Chrtt Abrams 2: tree relay Brian Wlanlewikl. Ted Pollack, Scott Kaslusky, Keith McKune 7: free relay Keith McKune, Ted Pol- Lack, Scon Kastutky, Danny Zemsky 1: medley relay Todd Kendall, Danny Zemjky, Keith McKune, Scott Kaalusky 3:33.74 (team record) FEMALE 200 medley relay - Christine Knudsen. Carol Restivo. Anne Terlslbaum, Mlchele Smith 1: % OFF Any Muffler or Exhaust Job Not vmw wtth othtr DI I. Independently Owned A Operated MUFFLER RACK (where South Avt. meets) SBJSBJ «/*#»*» NJ Bshlnd Salf-Berylcs Ca; Wash 245 m o903j HIGH SCHOOL ROUNDUP High School Results Jf ion for winning pitcher Carl Greenwald (8-3), who struck out three in a complete game win. Designated hitter Amy Gallagher and leftflelder Laura Hawkins were the hitting stars for Westfield Gallagher went 3 for 3 with two RBI and four runs scored, while Hawkins drove in five runs and went 2 for 2, including a triple. Those who attended the Blue Devils contest against Linden a day earlier might have expected Westfield's offensive outburst in the county tournament. In the Blue Devils 13-9 victory it became apparent that Westfield's hitters had their eyes on the ball Once again, the offense made things easy for Greenwald The locals scored three times in the first and six in the second to stake Greenwald to an early 9-3 lead The Tigers came back to tie the game by scoring five runs in the top of the fourth, but Westfield pushed across four runs in the sixth to make a winner of Greenwald who shut out Linden over the final three innings. First baseman Abby Bomba homered and tripled and drove in three runs. Centerfielder Lori Che- Uus had three hits, including a home run. She also drove in four runs. Boys fit to be tied afler deadlock THE RECORD The Westfield boys track and field team ran, jumped and threw its way to a dead heat against FlaJnfield at Hub Stine Field on Monday afternoon. The Cardinals knotted the score in the final event, the 1,600-meter relay when they edged the Blue Devils squad of Chris Standing, Mike chung, Rodney Hayes and Jamal Hester by four-tenths of a second. Hester and Rischon Williams racked up numerous points, as they were first and second in the 400-meters with times of 51.7 and 52.5, respectively. Hester also tied for first in the high jump at 5-6 and was second in the long jump at Williams won the discus with a throw of and took third in the 200-meters, crossing the finish line in 23.5 seconds. Blanding also did his share of scoring, finishing second in the 110-meter high hurdles (16.2) and first in the 400-meter intermediate hurdles (57.1). Westfield also fared well in the distance events against sprinterheavy Plainfield. The Blue Devils 200 free - Anne Tettelbaum 2: back - Christine Knudsen (team record), Donna Restlvo 1:02.08, Leslie Hendrlcfcs 1:05, braasl Carol Hesttvo 2: free - Christine Knudsen 25.22, Mlchele Smith back Christine Knudsen 2:07.10 (team record), Donna Restlvo 2:13.07 (13-14 year old team record), Leslie Hendrlcks 2: free relay Christine Knudsen, Anne Tettelbaum, Donna Restlvo, Michele Smith 1: breast - Carol Restlvo 1: medley relay Donna ReiUvo, Carol Restlvo. Christine Knudsen, Anne TeHelbaum 4:10.15 (team record). 60 Different SMe Doors on Display Do-It-Younelj or Choote from our lilt ofsdf-employed Technicians $ ft Up Prices by Phone Free Literature Cleopatra Raised Steel Insulated '215 & Up! Springs and Paris \idoe 'Doors Buy Direct OVERHEAD GARAGE DOORS Easy To Install Call Toll-Frees New Road, Monmoulh Junction, NJ Hours: Mon.-Fri. fr4:30, Sat 8:30-2 Pick up IB 12 Noon on Sal tflt swept the 1,600 and the 3,200- meters and took second and third in the 800-meters. Matt Gorbaty crossed first in the 3,200-meters with a winning time of 10:12.9. Chris Denusi (10:22.4) was a close second, while Adam Barcan (10:41.8) was third. Josh Albertson (4:41.0) and Mike Chung (4:41.8) netted first and second in the mile and Rich Andreskl was third. In the 800-meters, Jim Nicoll (2:08.3) and Roy Bodayla (2:08.7) took home the second and third place points. Paul Hayes won the pole vault with a personal best vault of 8-6 and Klrby Cleveland was second in the shotput with a toss of 35-51/4. On Saturday, the 1,600-meter relay team of Blanding (51.9), Kenny Silverman (54.4), Williams (53.4) and Hester (51.9) ran 3:31 to notch fifth place in their heat at the PEnn Relays, which features the best teams from across the country. "It was a great experience," said Hester. "But we were real nervous, sop it affected our times. By the end of the season we hope to go 3:24." Golfers run unbeaten streak to even dozen Westfield comfortably defeated Union, , on Monday, and dismissed Union Catholic, , with relative ease to set up today's clash against South Plainfield, which has yet to lose a dual match in two years. Tuesday's triumph over Union Catholic (2-7) marked the fourth time this season that Westfield has shot a 159. The Blue Devils had this home match moved to Ash Brook, but it didn't phase the Blue Devils one bit, as Rich Jeremiah (37) and Cregg Watner (38) each broke 40 on the par 36 layout. Brian O'Connor and Mark Hobble each fired 42s for Westfield. "The kids have been looking forward to this for quite a while. It should be interesting," said head coach Joe Soviero, on today's Both doubles tandems of Garth BuriU-Simon Baukh and Jeff match against the Tigers. "I'd sayroesgen-matt Pravda won their the advantage is with us because matches in straight sots, but Seth we're on our home turf and it's a Rosen and Mark McGann lost their regulation course. The green's matches, which put the Blue Devils fate in the hands of the seldom shouldn't be much of a problem for them. But, with the larger length used John Ho. and trickier course, we should have the advantage in that respect." Netmen shocked by upstart Columbia, 3-2 Coming off a couple of big victories against Delbarton and Scotch Plains-Fanwood, Westfield was perhaps thinking about the post instead of the future when it trav- SPORTS CALENDAR Apr. 30-May 6 AH limes P.M. unless otherwise noted Thur, Apr. 30 Lacroua Westfleld (Var) vs. Montclair, 4 Wetftetd <JV) vs. Montclair, 4 Westfleld (Fresh) at Montclair, 4 SoflbaH Westfleld (Fresh) at North Plainfield, 4 OoH Westfletd vi. South PlaJnflaM. 3:90 Tennis 1st a 2nd rdt. of Union County Town, at Hub Stlne Field, to a.m. Frt, May 1 Baseball Wesffleld (Var) vs. East Side, 4 WasMaU (JV) vs, East Side, 4 WMtflekJ (Fra«h) at East SMa. 4 Softball Westfleld (Var) at East Side, 4 Weetfleld (JV) at East Side. 4 Westdetd (Fresh) at East Side. 4 Lacrosse Westfleld (Fresh) vs. Voorhees. 4 Tennis Semifinals * finals of Union County Toum, at Hub Stlne Field. to a.m. Volleyball Westfleld v*. Rahway, 4 Sat, May 2 Lacrosse Westfleld (Var) at Voorhees, 11 a.m. Westfleld (JV) at Voorhees, 11 a.m. Softball Westfield (Var) vs. Cranford. 2 Mon, May 4 Westfleld (Var) vs. Irvington, 4 Westfield (JV) vs. Irvington, 4 Softball WestfiskJ (Var) at Irvington, 4 Westfleld (JV) al Irvington. 4 Westfleld {Fresh) vs. Carteret, 4 Tennis Westfleld vs. RahwaV. 4 Boys a Olrls Track Westfleld at Mlnuteman Games (at Williams Field), 3:45 Toes, May 5 Lacrosse Westfleld (Var) at Btidgewater-RarHan, 4 Westfield (JV) at Brldgewater-Ftaritan, 4 Westfleld (Fresh) vs. BrMgewater- Rsrttan,4 Qoll Westfleld at Watchung Hills, 3:30 Wad, Mays Baseball Westfleld (Var) at Kearny. 4 Westfield (JV) at Kearny. 4 Westfleld (Fresh) vs. Keamy, 4 Softball Weslftekt (Vsr) vs. Kearny, 4 Westfield (JV) vs. Kearny, 4 Westfleld (Fresh) vs. South Plalnfiald. 4 GoH Westfield at Pingry, 3:30 Tennis Westfield at Cranford, 4 Boys Track Westfleld at Union. 3:4S Qlrla Track Westfield vs. Union. 3:45 Volleyball Westfield at Union. 4 ellcd to Columbia High School in Maplewood on Tuesday. Ho, playing at No. 3 singles to compensate for the loss of the injured Brett Garran (strained muscle in arm), won the first set 6-4, but lost the second set by the same score, In the third set Ho trailed, 4-1, and staged a rally that brought him to within a game of the Cougars' Mike Zuckermun. Unfortunately for Westfield, Zuckerman won the next game to close out the I'MLVILW LACMOSSt WMtflotd vs. Bridgtwater Data: Tuesday, May 8 Time: 4 p.m. Location: BaaKone Field, Garretson Road. Brldgewster WeatnaM (7-1) The Blue Devils routed Johnson 8egtonahClark 14-2 Friday before crush- Ing North Hunterdon 14-3 on Tuesday. During the week, attackman Matt PrybytsM had eight goals and nine assists, senior mkmekjer Chris Wojcik pumped home 13 goals and Matt Conned netted nine goals. Wojdk had a big day last Wednesday, rifting m seven goals to help the Blue DsvHs knock off LawrencevUle Prep BrMgewater-Harltan Panthere (s-1) The Panthers defeated Voorhees 16-5 on Tuesday. Last Tuesday B-R had no problem getting Us attack In gear, but the Panthers' defense was erratic during a triumph over a North Hunterdon team that's won only two games this spring, Matt Etzer scored four goals and had two assists and T.J. Harmon had four goals. The Skinny The rivalry between Wettfleld and Head Coach Chuck Apel's B-R East teams was among the state's most Intense during the pasi few years, and that should only escalate now that East and B-R West have merged. After starting the season with two losses, the Devils have won seven In a row. Prybylskl Is a superb set-up man who can score when given tha opportunity, but Wojcik has been tha top point-producer with 31 goals going Into this week's action. Goalie DavkJ Sprague Is tough to beat and Bob Hermiston has emerged as a defensive star - he limited Clark's dangerous Dan Redzlniak to Just one goal and held LawrencavUla's James Heavey to two. Tha Panthers' attack, lad by Elzer, Avon Kurdyla and Harmon, has bean putting plenty of points on the board. Elier, who's Rutgers-bound, entered the week as tha state's leading scorer with 40 points and Kurdyla has 28. B- fl might be even stronger at mkjfiekj where Mike Vallark) (also heading for Rutgers), Jason DeiSerro and KsMh Lockwood are among the stars. B-R's defense will be severelytested by Westfield - but the Devils' defense also should have Its hands full putting the damps on Elzer and Co. If you're into comparative scores Mountain Lakes defeated Westfleld 7-6 In OT; and lost to B-fl 7-4; Clark edged B R 6-5 but lost to Westfleld 14-2; both teams beat North Hunterdon, but by vastly different margins. match and the victory for Columbia (6-5). "I'm disappointed. I'd call it an upset," said head coach George Kapner. "I think it was a combination of Brett being injured and a letdown after a very big win. That happens in a lot of sports. Unfortunately, it may effect our seeding in the state tournament (cut off date was yesterday)." One day before beating Summit, 4-1, the Blue Devils came up with one of their biggest wins of the season last Thursday, when they upset Delbarton (84), 3-2. Once again, both doubles teams made the victory possible by winningboth of their matches. Rosen also came up big, hanging a double bagel on No. 2 singles opponent John Kelly, 6-0, 6-0. ATHLETE OF THE WEEK DAN HIGGINS The Junior solidified his position as Wastflsld's leading hitter, going 3 for 3 In Tuesday's 6-8 win over Elizabeth. The catcher also swatted a pair of doubles off Linden acs Brian Koslba to help the Blue Devils edge the Tigers 3-2. FflNGER YOUR SPORTINO GOODS COMPLEX 513 W. UNION AVE,, (RT, 28) BOUND BROOK, NEW JERSEY/ Mon,, Tues., Thurs.. Frl. 8:30 AM to 9 PM/Wed. & Sat, 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM -Westfield Record-

15 April 30,1992 Sports IN IHb NtWS MeUn* btconwi BC icoring king Colin MOLWM erf WMM#M bacanw Botton CoMorsaMme touting goal icorer whan h«addfld ilx goata to hii racord m a gam* galnit ProvWtnct Cottage. Tha wnlor atladonan beat Jim SuNfvan't racord of 118 goals with us cottogiata goals. SuMvan'a record hat held alnca On your marfc,,.oal teuool A track and Held matt (or all IMh^rade itudentt in Wattftotd't»ix alamtntary achoola ww be h«m 3:45-5:30 p.m. tomorrow at RaciaaUon Field on Ranway Avanua. "Thli 1* a first tor WeatfMd," aald JannHar Bucctno, Tamaqu** School physical adueallon teachar and chairwoman of the event, which la being eponaored by the etemenufy physical education department. Tha»h other etarnentary phyilcai education teacher* who wm be working on the meet are: David Bel, FrankNn School; Catharine Bed, Washington School; Nancy Carpenter, adaptive phyalcal education; Donald MacOonakJ. Wllaon School: VMMam MaHott, Jefleraon School; and Kenneth Miller. McWnley School. "The day la dealgnad tor itudenta to participate In various track and field avert* which they have learned in physical education dais," said Mrs. Bucdno, "Our goal tor the day It to have fun." Members of the high school boys' and girls' track teams will assist In tha meet, which will Include shot put, long jump, 50-yard dash, 50- yard hurdles, 4 by 100 relay, 1,000 run, and 400 meter run. Rain date Is May 15. U.C.C. heats Spring Run Four $50 gift certificate* from Metuchen Center. Inc., a sporting good* store In Edison, will be distributed toltowing Union County College's eighth annual Spring Run, held at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 3 on the Cranford Campus. Other prizes for the five kilometer race include trophies awarded to the overall mala and female winners of tha SK race, and medal* distributed to the first, second, and third place male and female finishers In each age catagory. The top three male and female finishers of the one-mile Fun Run at 11 a.m. will receive plaques. Age categories are: 14 and under, , , and 60 and over. Runner* will traverse a flat course covering the campus and Nomahegan Park, whh markers Indicating each mile run. The entire layout will be accurately measured by a surveyor's wheel. Other features include electronic timing and computerized scoring. Persons registered by Monday, Apr* 27 will receive a discount. There is a SO entry fee for the 6K and S5 fee for the Fun Run. Customlied t-shirts win be given out as they are available. Those Interested should cah 7O9-7OB1 tor further Information. W.T.A TENNIS NEWS W.T.A. Tennis Ladder All local women tennis players are Invited to Join the Westflekt Tennis Association and participate in one or more of the tennis ladders organized by the W.T.A. Each ladder has players of all levels who are Interested In engaging In friendly competition. Players arrange matches between themselves and the winner calls In the score 10 the ladder coordinator. This season's play begins on May 1 and continues through Labor Day. Ladder stand- Ings are posted every two weeks In the Westfield Record. Applications can be obtained at the Municipal Building's Recreation Office. Furthur Information ts available by contacting Jean Power at Last season's ladder Is as follows: 1. Ruth Pennett 2. Jacqueline Boyle 3. Jean.Power 4. Carol Valla 5. Ann Herttua 6. Clara Karnish 7. Barbara Goldberg 8. Joanne Dugle 9. Dolores Schmidt. 10. Karon Qhedlne 11. Rosemary Lombard 12. Barbara Kemps 13. Bev Awbrey 14, Carol Gross IS. Anna Latartara 16. Gert Cohen 17. Maria Jackson 18. Karen Fried 19. Barb Foley. ' 20. Lillian Louie 21. Jeanne Goldstein 22. Sheila O'Oonnell 23. Ruth Bernstein 24. Monica Qundrum 25. Charlotte Clevenger 26. Beverly Dilttel 27. Andrea MacRltchle 23. Donna Kozberg 29. Ann Graham. 30. Anne Koons 31. Carol Smillle 32. Janlne Qulnn 33. Sheila Sanocki 34. Diane Fleming 35. Georgia Aqullla 36 Genny Shlneman 37. Paula Long 38. Lynn Rogers 39. Susan Minster. 40. Susan Dugle 41. Angela Henry 42. Debbie Roldan 43. KJm Dames 44. Pat Page 45. Emily Vermlllion 46. Marcy Cherensky 47. Linda Gllllgan 48. JIN Ussa 49. Karen K/angel. 50. Kathy Ostrowskl 51. Veronica Greenaway 52. Joanmarle Horn 53. Kathy Manahan 54. Karen Dtohm 55. Andrea McDermott 56. Diana Edklns. * Man's Slngta Final leg (Continued from page B-l) "It's great when we compete together on a relay team. We don't want to let each other or the rest of the tenm down. Dan and I are fortunate to have coach Martin with us for both cross country and track. He's been the perfect coach Sweet revenge (Continued from page B-l) It is that depth that would haunt the Raiders. In second singles junior Seth Rosen improved to 11-1 as he handed Pete Bcckus his first loss at 0-3, 6-3. The best match of the day came ill third singles with Wcstflcld senior Mark McGunn took on junior G,P. Karscnty. McGann entered the match at 9-2, while Karsenty was undefeated. It would be a bnttle of contrasting styles. "The are opposite kids," said Knpncr. "G.P. goes for nice soft placement, while Murk is a bnseliner who likes to put something on the ball." Knrsenly enjoyed the early advantage opening up a 5-2 leud in tho first srl. McGnnn ciuno back to tie it at 5-5 before falling 7-5 in the opening set But McGann rallied in the second set to win 6-3 and, wkh SCOREBOARD K)n the money] OARYL STONE >hn LcBaron of W»stfi«l is ont of th«partlclpai londay In tha JFK Cantar Itbrlty Mastar'a Invitational, )lf tournamant at Baltusro tountry Club In Sprtngfltl rhlch raised $125,000 for the Rabulldlng Shattarad Lives >rogram at tha JFK Johnaon tohabllltatlon Institute's Can for Haad Injuries In Edllon. The following are the season's opening standings for the 1992 WssfflekJ Tennis Association's Men's Singles Ladder, which was based on applications received by April 23. Veteran participants are slotted according to last year's final standings. Newcomers are positioned randomly at tha bottom. All participants are reminded to complete a match by the and of the next reporting period, Sunday May 10 at a p.m., In order to avoid the three-rung penalty. Please report all scores to BIN Gottdenker at before 9 p.m. any evening. 1. John Tirana 2. Chris Madsen 3. Pater Sharps 4. BM Gottdenker 5. Irondl Altche S. Alan Shlneman 7. Joel Confirm a. Bill Mann 9. EMnHoel. 10. John Dalton 11. Mel Blackburn 12. Steve Alch 13. David Lelz 14. Steve Satfcln 19. BIH Fokjer IS. Joe Oonnoto 17. Oewey Rainvtlle ia. Ted Moss 19. Ron Bans. 20. Gregory Irving 21. Wally Beder 22. Paul Clark 23, Mil* Sananman 24. Charles Carl 25. Stephen Lament 2fl. Harold Cohan 27. Jon Hertfua 28. Gordon Vickars 29. Naal SnNow. 30. Thomas Murtishaw 31. David Wierz 32. Joe Grande 33. Dan Hlctcey 34. Daniel Turin 35. Stephen Qrtesmsr 30. Bruce Jones 37. Stu Awbrey 38. Kevin Kotenut 39. Michael Karnish. 40. Simon Lee 41. BiH Brehm. W.TJL sponsors seeson opener The Westfleld Tennis Association. In conjunction with Wilson Sporting Goods, will sponsor a free adult clinic, round robin, and a youth carnival for children. The event will be held on Saturday, May 2 at Tamaques Park in Westfield. The rain dale Is May 3. The adult clinic will run from B a.m. to 12 noon. A free tennis clinic for beginners will run Simultaneously with W.T.A. Professional Nancy Harter. The children's Tennis Carnival will begin at 12:30 and run until 2 p.m. Each court will feature a different activity, Including a radar gun to clock aervlng speed, targets to be shot at using different strokes, round robins, and work with Harter. Many prizes will be given away. These events are free and open to any WettfiekJ residents. Those who wish to sign up may do so at the Summit Ski & Sport or at the Mountainside Indoor Tennis Center. Slgn-ups will also take place at 6:30 a.m. at the Tsmaques tennis courts on the day of the event. Please bring your own racquets. * W.T.A. lennla lessons filling up fast The Wesffield Tennis Association has been conducting registration lor Its new season. All of the adult spring and summer tennis lessons are full. The children's lessons are still open with the exception of number* 6, 9, and 10 In Junior B. The association Is still accepting application! for lessons, however the forms should be In as soon as possible to secure the desired lesson slot. Forms can be found at tha Westfleld Recreation Department, the Memorial Library, the Westfleld Sports Center, Borden Realty, Summit Ski & Sport, and the Mountainside Indoor Tennis Center. for our teams." Barcan will be attending Brown University next fall and Albertson will soon decide between Dartmouth or Williams College. Depending on the circumstances, both plan to continue running at the college level. ON THE RECORD Karscnty slightly hobbled by an injury, took the third set by an identical 6-3 score. After the match, Karscnty refused to blame his loss on the ankle Injury. "I twisted my ankle yesterday and at the end of the second set, I twisted it again. But I don't think it would have made any difference. "I didn't have my cutback. When I play hard hitters I go to their backhand, but I couldn't get it past him. He put the ball where he wanted it His serve was very good. I didn't know where it was going." For McGann it was just a matter of adjusting to Knrscnty's style. "I've always hud problems with kids who place the ball, Once I adjust, I feel I can overpower them. I had good passing shots today." In doubles action the Blue Devils' team of senior Garth Bui rill and Junior Simon Buukh improved For hither information, please cah Ruth Pennett at or Lee Parry at eee Senior Singles Ladder The WestfleU Tennis Association will begin play in Its Men's Senior Singles Ladder on May 1 with 12 players registered. AD players over 4S yean of age are welcome. For more Information, picas* contact Ladder Chairman Irwin Bernstein. After a record setting 1991 season, the following Hats last year's standings with the addition of two new players; 1. hvai Bernstein 2. John Dalton 3. Jim 01- Cierico 4. Watty Bader 6. Dewey Ralnvnlle 6. Bruce Long 7. Chanes Carl 8. Dick Haesler 9. Lowell Doak. 10. Harold Sarvetnle* 11. Theodore Moss IS. Miches! Sanaman. eee Women's Doubles Ladder The WestfMd Tennis Association'* Women's Doubles Ladder ww open play on Friday, May 1. Teams are reminded that on* match must be played every two weeks. The first reporting period enda Sunday, May 17 at 8 p.m. To report scores or tor furthur Information pteaae cat Joanne Dugle at The following is the final standings of tha Trudy Kllngethofer/Carol Thomson 2. Joanne Dugle/Susan Dugle 3. Cecilia Rowland/ Marilyn Schugg 4. Qeri Cohen/Anne Latartara 8. Qeorgia Aqulla /Pat Vlach 6. Molly Nell/Ann Graham 7. Sue Roesgen/Kathy Evans. SOf-TBALL Tournament Slgnupa Summit Well & Pump Is hosting a Slo-Pitch tournament May 2-3 at the Readington Township Fields, Each team is guaranteed three games, and the entry fee Is Si 50. For more information, call John or Al (both after 5 p.m. please). airis Softball League holds tryouts The Girls Softball League will conduct tryouts tor the girts summer traveling team on Saturday, May 2 and Saturday, May 9 at 2 p.m. at Westfteld High School's Field No. 1. Only one team of girls will be selected for this highly competitive team. The season runs from June 28 through August 7. Team members win be required to attend games (n towns such aa Basking Ridge, Carteret, Roseile Park, Fords, Mountainside, South Plalnfleld. and Rahway. Those interested must be born after September 1, 1977 to be eligible tor tryouts. Contact John Lutkenhous* at for more Information. O.S.L. to otter scholarship The Girts Softball League of Westfleld will be offering a scholarship to a chosen girls softbell player. Applicants must live In Westfleld. graduate In 1992, have a "C" average or better, and have played tor the girts Softball league for at least two years. The sponsor* for this year's scholarship are Hershey's Subs and Dell, Hoyt & Smith Law Offices, Qoski Trucking, Weldon Asphalt Co.. and Grab Sports. Applications can be picked up at Westfleld High School, tf anyone has questions, contact John Lutkenhousa at SPORTS CAMPS Ree Commission announcts camp achedulte The Westfield Recreation Commlsion has announced its 1992 Co-Ed Sports Camp schedule: Week of June 29 - Basketball at H.S. Gym from 1 to 5 p.m.; Soccer at Roosevelt Field from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Tennis at Memorial Park from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Week of Jury 6 - Basketball at H.S. Gym from 1 to 5 p.m.; Soccer at Roosevelt Field from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Tsnnls at Memorial Park from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.; Golf at Edison Field from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Week of July 13 - Tennis at Memorial Park from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.; Lacrosse at Edison Field from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Baseball at Tamaques Park from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Week ol July 20 - Baseball at Tamaques Park from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Tennis at Memorial Park from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m; Lacrosse at Edison Field from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Week of July 27 - Tennis at Memorial Park from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. As In the past, collegiate and professional athletes and coaches will assist In the program and emphasize fundamental techniques and sportsmanship. Last year's celebrities Included Tate George of the N.J. Nots: Dan Masur, coach of the St. John's soccer team; and Norm Schoenlg, Montclalr State College baseball coach. All participants will receive a camp t-shlrt and participation awards. These camps are open to residents ages 8 to 17. For additional Information on this program, please consult our brochure or call the Recreation Department al 71 Howard "Butch" Woolfolk, Westfield H.S. class of 1978 and former NFL running back, is now a newspaper columnist working in Houston, Texas At age 37, Chris Campbell, W.H.S. class of 1973 and former NCAA wrestling champion, is a leading candidate for the 1992 United States Olympic wrestling team.. to 11-1 with a 6-2, 7-6 (7-4) victory over senior Dennis Yabut and sophomore Jim Dougherty in first doubles. The loss dropped Yabut and Dougherty to 5-2 on the season. Entering the match, the second doubles pairing of WestTield's Joff Itoscgen and Matt Pruvda versus Brian Dougherty and Dennis Gardon looked to be the best of the day. Roscgen mid Pravda were 10-1 and Dougherty and Gardon were 6-0. However the Blue Devil duo scored an easy 6-1, 6-0 victory, "We were definitely more nervous (about playing an undefeated team)," said Rosegen. "We just tiy to think positive and keep our strokes under control." "We know we have the ability to beat anyone," said Pravda. "We cun't have any letdowns and we have to stay focused." Many of these some pluycrs will face each other at the UCTs held today mid tomorrow ut Ploinfield. -Westfleld Record- SPUING SOCCfcH 0IVI8I0N V 0OY8 COLONIALS 2, UNION BEACH 2 After hard taught game, the Colonials had to settle for their first tie of the season, reaving their record at The Colonials dominated most of the game, but just couldn't seem to caphhize on their opportunities. Mike McCue-Brody and Seth flurnsteln shared the goal tending responsibilities. It was McCue-Brody's first time defending the net. The defense was also buoyed by sweepers Dsn SawicM. Brian Williams, and Pster Wilson, The halfback and fullback positions were capably played by Chris Drlscoll, Peter Edllng. Aaron Piena, Mike Danskln. and Jeff Weber. The offense was supplied by the forward line of Erik Finns, Paul McQill, Mike Wllhelm, Simon Clrsss, Brian Dowtf, and Danskln. Wllhelm added a goal, his seventh of the season. Dowd added the other, his fifth. UNITED 1, EAST BRUNSWICK 3 Team United lost s wed matched game to tha East Brunswick Hurricanes at Houlihan Field on April 25. The even matchup came as a surprise because United Is playing a more experienced bracket of teams tills season. United scored it's Initial goal midway through the first half when Qrsg OdaehowsM made a perfect cross from the left comer to center striker Xender RothsehlM. Rothschild was watting eight yards from the goal when he received the pass and booted It in. Strikers Cam Anthony. Kyle Vantcsky. Qleim Hurley, Adam Welder, and Tim Carroll alternated to keep the Hurricane defense spinning for most of the first half. The Hurricanes capitalized on their few scoring opportunities with two goals late in the first half. In the second half, Unrted's defense Joined to thwart the potent Hurricane attacks, and provided lively end-to-end action for the spectators. Halfbacks Connsr Mulvee. Qreg Scan- Ion, Evan Molloy. and Brad Olllln repeatedly Intercepted Hurricane passes to Ignite United offense. Stopper Michael Farley and fullbacks Ryan MacDoneld, Matt Hall, and Brandon Kape played well to keep United in the game until time ran out. No Money Down. YOUTH SPORTS Nick Qelssler and Hall alternated In goal and each made fine defensive plays. GIRLS SOCCER STING 1, SCOTCH PLAINS 2 The Westfleld Sling played an aggressive, strategically smart game against Scotch Plains on Sunday, only to end up on the losing side of the score. Throughout the contest, Sting kept the pressure on and had several shots on goal that Just seemed to roll a little wide or just short. Tho Sting scored their goal on a beautifully planned and executed corner kick. Right hallback K.T. Taylor usod her talented legs la place the ball about 15 yards In front of tho not and center halfback Susan Wilson took advantage, sending the ball into the goal. There were other prominent plays by tno Sting that just did not pay off. Midway through the first half, Taylor moved the ball cfownlield and passed to left forward Maeve Turner whose shot was Just shy ol the goal. Minutes later, left halfback Laura Debrossey maneuvered the ball down the sideline and passed to center striker Meghann McMahon, who tipped It oft to Turner who, In turn, tossed It back to McMahon tcr the shot. And on tha next series, McMahon's shot bounced off tho goalie. But Adrlenne Coppa, the right forward. was there for the rebound which the goalio stopped inches from the goal line. Center halfback Erica Chanley once again proved to be a powerful force using a soft touch or a solid boot as the situation dictated. Striker Chris Bonavita had several thrilling runs as did left striker Chantal Jensen. The defense was once again outstanding, as goalies Colleen Ryan and Sleph Schraeter thwarted numerous Scotch Plains attacks. Goth Ryan and Schraeter turned in impressive performances when the/ switched 10 offensive positions. The defensive backfield of All Cook, Sarah Lechvsr, Suzanne Helnkel, Delrdre Lynn, and Meghan Healy were superb in blocking Scotch Plains' advances. The unit worked in unison to create a barrier which Scotch Plains had difficulty penetrating. They scored the first goal near tho end of the first hall on a breakaway with the goal coming on a cross field shot from the right side. Their second score midway through the No Payments Or Interest Until October. Trade-ins Welcome. second half was a scramble play and Just plain luck. Although coming up short when the final whistle blew, the Sting had displayed enormous heart in Scotch Plains, battling a (ough opponent for 70 minutes and never giving up. SOFTBALL AMERICAN LEAGUE GIRLS SOFTBALL in a gamo filled with hitting fireworks Saturday, the GosW LAdy Truckers defeated the Whito Sox, The Lady Truckers hit early and often, getting key blows by Lauren Mc- Millan, Sara Colby, Becky Mtnarlk, Christina Todaro and Laura Brucla Joining their teammales in the offensive display with multiple hit games were Jenns C»reflce who also pitched a solid gamo. Kathy Kujawa, PAm Johnston, Kale Wyatt and Karen Canellleri. Catching chores were handled admirably by tho duo of Kathy Kujawa and Sara Colby with Amy Peclna anchoring an aggressive outfield. Lauren McMillan p'ovod her versatility by stepping over from her third base positwn to provide two impressive Innings of relief pitch- Ing. The defensive play of tho game belonged to Karen Cancellieri, who snatched a sure White Sox hit out of the air and turned It Into an inning ending double play. Last Thursday, tho Goski Lady Truckers suffered a defeat at the hands of the Twins by a deceiving score of The Lady Truckers threatened often, but left most of Its runners stranded. They were led by the hitting of Becky Mlnarlk, Lauren and jlulla McMillan, Pam Johnston and Jenns Cereflce. Krlsta Matteo who was relieved awy by Dana Jacober, pitched an excellent game against a hard hitting squad. Cathy Ku swa's catching was superb and she displayed an excellent hitting stroko in the leadoff spot. The defensive gems of the day were turned in by Sara Colby and Amy Peclna, who both made lunging grabs lo tob Twin hitlers of extrb bases Laura Brucia, Karen Cancellieri and Kate Wyatt made a splash with their league debuts, proving their meddle both at bat and on tho field. If you're looking to buy a lawn mower, take the path of least resistance. There's nothing standing in the way between you and the mower you've always wanted. Because now, Honda is offering added incentives that will make it easier to own the js ^B easiest mower you can find. But you've got to act j^3^m soon, because we don't cut deals like this everyday. Nothings easier See One Of These Honda Power Equipment Dealers For The Path Of Least Resistance. BELLE MEAD Hlllsborough L & G Equip. 820 Route 206 (908) BELLEVILLE The Motorcycle Mall 165 Washington Ave. (201) BOUND BROOK Rick's Cycle Center, Inc. 14 Wasl Main St. (908) E. BRUNSWICK East Brunswick Honda 307Cranbury Rd (908) LINDEN Addalla'a Floral Garden Inc. 626 North Stiles St (908) 4B METUCHEN Metuchen Mower Inc. 212 Main St (908) HINGOES Walls Outdoor Center Larison Lane (908) SOMERVILLE Lingate Equipment 3545 Route 22 (908) UNION Chestnut L/M & Equip. Inc. 421 Chestnut St. (908) WESTFIELD The Eardly Peterson Co. 224 Elmer Si (908) Not ill ilcilen carry ill models, See ywii k«.il dealer fur availability No pavmenn and no interest until October \192 through Dili linanie. nn approved credit VIII I ionili Povrtr Equipment C'irilu I.'aril offered hv I 'ul National Hank 'ice your dealer lor details. Offer pun) from.v1191 ihnnilh V.I \'12.* I'm optimum prttormani c jm! lalm, please read the owner's manual Iwlure operating your Muniii IVmtr equipment C I'M.'Amcrii-anMondi Molar Co., Inc.

16 B-4 Community Life April 30,1992 Aduft tennis clinic, carnival set The Westfield Tennis Association, in conjunction with Wilson Sporting Goody, will sponsor a free adult clinic and youth carnival Saturday tt Tamaquea Park. Rain date is Sunday. The adult clinic runs 9 am-noon and the children's carnival is 12:30-2 p.m. Each court will feature a different activity including a radar gun to clock players of various skill levels. Registration is at Summit Ski and Sports and Mountainside Indoor Tennis Center or come at 8:30 am the day of the event to the courts. Participants are requested to bring racquets. Concert planned for Music Week Mayor Garland "Bud" Boothe has proclaimed May 3-10 National Music Week. The public is invited to the Musical dub program at First Baptist Church 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 13. Student musicians in annual recital The Junior Musical Dub of Westfield will hold its annual senior recital Sunday at First Baptist Church, 170 Elm St The concert, open to the public, will begin at 3 p.m. The Junior Musical dub is an organization for high school musicians and vocalists who wish to share their common interest The club holds monthly meetings at which the members perform. College Club sets scholarship dinner The College Woman's Club of Westfleld's annual scholarship awards dinner will be held at Echo Lake Country Club Tuesday, May 12. A cocktail hour from 6-7 p.m. with Peter Bridges at the piano will precede the dinner. Reservation deadline is Monday, May 4. The club, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, awards scholarships and freshman grants annually to young women in Westfield who are graduating from high school. Woman's Club buffet welcomes spring The Woman's Club of Westfleld has scheduled the following events for May. Unless otherwise noted, all mee^ngs are held at the clubhouse, o lfa S. Euclid Ave. A "Celebrate Spring" buffet dinner, sponsored by the finance committee, will begin at 6:30 pjn. Saturday. Following the dinner, a barbershop quartet will entertain. Reservations are necessary, call The recreation department will meet Tuesday at noon for a catered lunch. The social services department will meet at noon, Thursday, May 7 for a covered dish luncheon. ' The antiques department will celebrate the end of the club year with lunch at Echo Lake Country Club at noon, Thursday, A wooly time at Miller-Cory House Museum The Miller-Cory House Museum, 614 Mountain Ave., Westfleld, will celebrate its annual "Sheep To Shawl Day" from noon-4 p.m. Sunday, May 3. The entire process of producing woven cloth from woolen fibers will be demonstrated throughout the afternoon. Master sheep shearers John Boyd of Mountainside and Pat Hubinger of Kenilworth will be using hand shears, just as it was done in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Children will be able to try their hand at carding and spinning as well as make a variety of crafts. The custom of welcoming spring with a festival known as May Day also will be celebrated with the Maypole Dance in which visitors will have the opportunity to participate. The herb sale will feature lavender, basil, rosemary and other herbs. An herb recipe booklet also will be on sale. Baked goods and lemonade will be available in the Frazee building where open-hearth cooking demonstrations take place on most Sundays. Although there will be a small fee for the children's crafts and refreshments, there is no admission charge to this event. A special performance by the Westfield Fife and Drum Corp will take place during the afternoon. Books and crafts related to wool processing can be found in the Gift Shop, along with many other items associated with early America. The museum, staffed by volunteers, will be closed Sunday, May 10, in observance of Mother's Day, but will reopen on May 17 when Indian Lore will be the topic. May 14. The international affairs department is having a dessert card party Wednesday, May 20, and another Thursday, May 21, at 1 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Charles Jones, 15 Kent Place. Checks for reservations at $7 per person should be sent to Mrs. Warren Beaty, 740 Willow Grove Road, Westfield. The regular meeting of the department will be held Wednesday, May 27, at 9:30 a.m. Members will continue tifeir discussion of the Common Market. Following the discussion, the end of the club year will be celebrated with a luncheon in a local restaurant. New officers for the Woman's dub of Westfield will be installed at the general meeting 1:15 p.m. Monday, May 11. The installing officer will be Mrs. Charles M. Pond, a past president. Officers to be installed are: Mrs. Charles E. Brown, president; Mrs. Harry L. Peterson, first vice president; Mrs. Warren Beaty second vice president; Ellen W. DuPont, third vice president; Mrs. Ashton C Cuckler, assistant treasurer; Mrs. Charles R. Mayer, bulletin trustee; Mrs. CD. Shacklett, finance trustee; and Mrs. L. John McHugh, scholarship trustee. Mrs. Lawrence H. Bryant, education chairman, will introduce the 1992 scholarship recipients. Following the business meeting, a piano interlude will feature three high school students who study with Paul Kueter. Judy Kawaguchi, a sophomore at Westfield High School, will play a nocturne and polonaise by Chopin. Ethan Nash, a junior at Scotch Plains High School, will play selections by Ravel. Edward Jen of Westfield, a senior at Pingry School, will perform pieces by Chopin and Rachmaninoff. Members of the social services and travel departments will be hostesses at the tea which follows How Mrs. Sally Lopez, left, and Mra. Patricia DICarlo, Scholarship Dinner chairmen for College Woman's Club of Westfleld, prepare May 8 fete. Reservation deadline Is May 4. the meeting. Guests of members are welcome. Tri Delta alumnae meet for brunch Members of the Westfield alumni chapter of Delta Delta Delta will meet at noon Wednesday for their annual pansy brunch at the home of Florence Malcolm, 841 E. Broad St. Jane Mclnerney, Virginia Morbeck and Ruth Scheidecker will assist, Officers for will be installed. They are: president, Heather Connelly, vice president, Lorrie McBride; treasurer, Ruth Ann Gordon; recording secretary, Anne Knudson; and corresponding secretary, Janet Mclnemey. Tri Delts "The first time t called to retrieve my messages from my' Introductions' ad, I had 18 responses! I still haven't retrieved all my messages and I've had a total of 35 so fart- DM Somerset County *My house rental ad was more valuable in your papers than in big city newspapers and at a fraction of the cost. My advertising money has never been better spent value received was enormousl" DR Neshanlc Station, NJ who have not been contacted and wish to attend may call Rowene Miller at Welcome Wagon invites women to coffee The Welcome Wagon Club of Westfield will have its new member coffee at 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 12. New residents, new mothers or those interested in making new friends are invited. Call Mary Ann at for more information. Other club activities include a get-together for mothers and infants up to 12 months at 10 a.m. tomorrow and a trip to the New Jersey Children's Museum in Paramus at 9 a.m. Monday, May 11. 'Communicator' award goes to Tina Lesher of Westfield Dr. Tina Lesher of Westfleld has been named the New Jersey Press Women Communicator of Achievement for Dr. Lesher, a journalism professor at William Paterson College in Wayne, where she teaches both undergraduates and graduates, has a long line of professional journalism credits. She writes regularly for the Suburban News in Westfield, including a column, "On Education," and DR - TINA also writes for LESHER other New Jersey newspapers including the Courier News and other newspapers. Dr. Lesher has worked for The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Hartford Courant. Her work has brought her awards for coverage of religion, features, food-writing columns and public relations. She founded and directs NEWS- CAMP, a summer program for middle and high school students and serves as adviser of the William Paterson College awardwinning student newspaper, The Beacon. Prior to her association with William Paterson College she taught at Seton Hall University. Dr. Lesher has been a strong advocate for journalism credits for New Jersey journalism teachers and she says, "I strongly support the use of journalistic techniques in the teaching of writing on all levels. Journalism provides a study of language arts from collecting facts to note taking to writing credible stories and students' writing can be strengthened by using these techniques." Dr. Lesher is the NJPW vice president for Youth Projects and oversees a number of educationrelated projects including Media Pro Day and the High School Journalism Contest. She served as contributing editor for the education issue of the National Federation of Press Women's magazine this spring. Her articles have appeared in Editor and Publisher and she has spoken at the national convention of the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Dr. Lesher is an alumna of Wheeling Jesuit College and received her master's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri. Her doctorate in English/ language arts education was completed at Rutgers University where she is editor of the alumni newsletter for the Graduate School of Education. Her dissertation studies on the writing coach movement were completed with fellowship monies from the Pynter Institute for Media Studies where she was a visiting graduate scholar in Dr. Lesher is a member of Oratory Prep Parents' Guild Board, the Westfield Symphony Guild, the National Council of Teachers of English and College Media Advisers. Dr. Lesher and her husband, John, have three children: Melissa, a sophomore at the University of Richmond; Christian, a freshman at the University of Scranton, and Brendan, a junior at Oratory Prep. Succeed "I sold my car the first night the ad rani I had to turn people awayl" KM No. Plalnfield, NJ "I put my ad In the paper and It worked great! I've gotten every Job I've bid on!" KS Cranford, NJ "My warmest thanks to Forbes Newspapers for writing and publishing my ad In their newspapers. Short and precise, It sura brought quick results for the sale of my crib- 50 or more responses." B McN Westfield, NJ "A week ago I ran a Help wanted ad in Forbes Newspapers and the response was tremendous. Over 50 people answered the ad. Everytlme I advertise with Forbes the response seems to get better!" EL Plscataway, NJ -Westfield Record-

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18 April 30,1992 rv. ; 800*559*9495 (908) Monday, Tuetday k Wednesday 6:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Thursday & Friday 8:30 A.M.-8:00 P.M. Saturday 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. FAX: (908) 231*9638 V. PRIVATE PARTY COMMEHCIAL 3O.OO *3Q.2O for Ihrac wtaki tor threa waaks for four linn. Additional llnaa $2.70 Men. PAY IN ADVANCE AND SAVE 1O%! t\'t*tr Jt*rs4'y*/t #/ tumrce to tnevliiift /Httpiv TO PLACE AN AD: 1*800*559 *9495 I NT RODUCTIONS WAV I'OR I'KOPLE TO MEET PEOPLE TO ANSWER AN AD: 1*900*226*1003 How to 1. Tam am* Km* to MMdmn MVM chvacteritttc* abotri youruh. and your preawene** about tw lypa ot pwion you d l*» to m«#i 2. You can plica your ' InwoducBoni" ad lor ties u«0y cahiryj 1 BOO S59 y49*j Out {.poci.ut tiaitmd *La*1 wim hthp v«* «"! your mtfuduc taxis ad to IJBI ItIL' bo^l icsfkhiit; CH-MiHimr lo puca your IrHroductKrtt wj is Monday by Noon 3 Youf ad wh run kv tom weeks, and can b«(nuwed ai a*iy imie You must be IB years»*! o* oidw lo usi? tins!>00 lino * Iniiixhicii 3 Fallow Ihe voice pjompls aiwi icccxd ^our messages The coal is %2 00 pet minute is operalod by f oibes Newspapers. 44 FiHnMm St Somervilto N J ; Private party rates are based on classification numbers. All classifications between 1000*2160, and will be billed at the Private Party rate. All other classifications will be billed at '' the commercial rate. '- I * (, I,' <. t 1 - r^ \ * HOW TO WRITE A CLASSIFIED AD THAT SELLS Start your ad with what you're selling. Be descriptive. List the best features ol your item first. Use only standard abbreviations Always state the price of a sale Item and. if you're flexible on price, include "negotiable" in your ad. Be sure to include your phone number and times to call. Including the word "please" in your ad increases response. DEADLINES: The oeadilne for both classified display and straight classified Is 4 P.M. Monday CANCELLATIONS: Accepted up to 4 P.M. Monday prior to publication. ADJUSTMENTS: We make every effort to avoid mistakes In your Classified Advertisement. Please check your advertisement the first week it runs. Errors In advertisements running more than one time must be corrected before the second insertion or correction allowance cannot be made. Correction allowance lor errors shall not exceed ths cost ot the advertisement. PAYABLE IN ADVANCE: All ads for Oarage Sales, Employment Wanted, Wanted to Rent, Houses to Share or Apartments to Share. All ads when moving, all ads to addresses outside ol New Jersey. EXTRA CHARGES: Blind Ads, S3 00 tor Box Rental mailing charge (Box held for 30 days) All capital letters $1.00 per week All bold type faces $1.00 per week IOOO PERSONAL Ptoa DWF- Blue eyed Bru nette, youthful 60's, enjoy dancing, traveling, beach combing, football, con versing seeking sincere, caring, gentle man. Age Is only a number, It's what is In your heart that counts. Please call Ext, DWF Brown hair, green eyes, 5'4, petite & attrac tive, 60 yrs. young, good sense of humor. I like sports, movies, travel, music & dancing, quiet times at home. Looking for talt attractive man 50-60yrs. with similar inter ests. Please call Ext looking for WM , for sincere romantic relationship. I enjoy movies, dancing & also quiet times at home. Please reply ext QOOD BIS ARC BETTER THAN HELLOS' FOR HARD BODIES!- SWM 24, Italian, Grad Student/ ' Body builder, seeks fe male bodybuilder age Mllltown area, weekends. Ext Introduction* 2 FLB's (Fun, Loving Bachelors) seeking 2 pretty, sensuous girls for clubbing & fun late nights out. Reply to Ext FUN LOVINCI SF- 22 & 23, 130 lbs. looking for 2 fun loving SM for clubbing, fun late nights. We're of European origin, we're both attractive, healthy, have great personalities & a good sense of humor. Blonde hair/ green eyes; Dark hair/ brown eyes; we both love to partyl Our 2 fun loving men should be good looking w/great personality & good sense of humor, who like to have fun & let their hair down, bet. ages 23-30; 5'5-5'll. If this ad catches your attention & you are as described please give us a call at Ext SJF attractive, fun, outgoing, looking for 2 SJM, attractive with sense of humor for fun times & possible relationship. Reply ext A CHARMING, EASYdO- INQ, SUCCESSFUL CEO a cultured, confident romantlstat: hansome (really), devilish sense of humor, mid 40's. Seeks a secure, classy, elegant, educated, very attractive-* slender-white marr led/single/divorced lady of for a meaningful flirtation. Reply 3974 ATTRACTIVE SWF- 38. Looking for WM, years old, and at teast 5' 8" tall. Who loves children. Looking for secure non-smoker, social drinker who Is sincere, caring trustworthy, with similar interest. I like to go to craft shows, movtes, din- Ing out, family activities, quiet evenings at home, going to the beach, and traveling. Looking for friendship possibly lead- Ing to lasting relationship. Reply to ext PERSONAL 1010-Introductions Singles Organizations and Activities 1030 Lost 1 Found Personals 1050 Coming Events 1060 Announcements FOR SALE Antique; 2020 Appliances 2030-Art Auctions Clothing and Appaiel Collectibles Computers Farm S Garden Firewood Flea Markets Sales and Bazaars Free to Good Home 2110 Furniture 2120-Garage Sales 2130 General Merchandise Office Furniture and Supplies Software Wanted lofluy 3000t - PETS AND LIVESTOCK 3010 Birds 3020 Cats 3030-Oogs 3040 Fish 3050 Horses 3060 livestock 3070 Other Pels Adopuble Pets Boardirg, Training & Gioorrang Miscellaneous Supplies and Services 4000't - SERVICES 4010-Adult Day Care 1010 Introduction* A CROSS SETWIEN BRUCE WILLIS AND JACK NICHOLSON- SWM, 5' 11>6", 175 lbs,, Handsome romantic, sensual, with hazel eyes and brown hair 29 year old professional. Healthy athletic and physically fit, enjoys swimming, tennis, biking, traveling and movies. A lover of books, world conscious, but not P.C. Seeking a mature, intelligent, athletic, physically fit, sensual women Race unimportant, must be non-smoker. Modern, spiritual, dark features, long hair, tall or Latin Italian and Chinese food lovers- all are pluses. All replies will be answered. Reply to ext A IS FOR ALURRINQ- L is for Levelheaded, I is for Intriguing, C is for Captivating, is for Effervescent. Add a touch of class, a dash of humility and you've spelt ALICE. If you are a man who is 54lsh ' physically fit with a yen to meet "Alice", just call me. I've been waiting to hear form youl Reply ext ATTRACTIVE DWF A young looking 39 yr old, seeking nice looking professional WM age 33-49, who loves children. I have a 3 year old boy. Looking for a secure, non-smoker, social drinker who is sincere, caring, romantic, and trustworthy with similar interests. I love to work-out, dine-out, go to flea markets, plays, movies. I like participative sports, dancing, 50-60's music, romance and family activities. Looking for friendship possibly lead- Ing to lasting relationship. Ext ATTRACTIVE PROFES- SIONAL FEMALE- 41, witli varied interests seeks Interesting, successful male, for sincere and caring relationship. Reply to Ext ATTRACTIVE SBF- 26, 5'5, 125 lbs, seeks handsome SM who enjoys sports, movies, plays, & quiet evontngs. Race unlmportont. Pleaso call Ext ATTRACTIVE SINQ.LE MOM- with 2 daughters, 36. smoker, 5'4", brown eyes, brown hair shoulder length, from California, very passionate and honest, sincere with old fashion beliefs, who loves romantic evening": at home, cooking, walks on the shoro, movies, dancing, horse back riding, all outdoor sports. Looking for SWM or single Dad, good looking, financially Becure, loves children and ins same interest. Look- INDEX uj!n**S Services 4030-Crafty 4040*ChUCw«4050-Owing Service* 4060-Corwilescenl Care 4070-Eteftfcal 40» ->t«idym»n Service* 4090-He*fiCore Services Home Improvemenl 4105 < income Tai 4110-lnjtnjcDorVEAication 4120 Insurance 4130 Undvapjng and Tree Care 4140 Legal Services 41J0 Loan)(Finance 4160-Masonry 4170 Mrscetaneous Services 4180 Palntmg 4190 Party 4 Entertainment Swices Plumbing, Heating & Cooling 4210 Professional Services 4220'Roofing Wallpapering WOO I - EMPLOYMENT 50! 0 Career Training and Services Child Care Wanted 5030 Employment Agencies 5040 Employment Domestic 5050 Employment General Employment - Health Care 5070 Employment - Managerial 5090 Part-Time Employment Employment Wanted WOO t - AUTOMOBILES 8010 Automobiles Under S10C Automobiles Under S25OO 8030-Automobiles S040 - Antique and Classic Automobiles 8050 Luxury Automobiles B060 - Sponsors Family Vans <«s, Sport and Light Trucks 1010 Introductions ing to make a commitment and possibly more. Must be a romantic and passionate person, honest, trustworthy, suspens full and spontaneous with a good sense of humor and loves to be pampered. Serious Inquires only, Ptease reply to Ext ATTRACTIVE SWF, pro fessional, seeks SWM, professional, sincere, considerate, sense of humor, 45-55, loves classical music & dancing for friendship & whatever else may develop. Reply Ext 3516 ATTRACTIVE, Professional 42 yr. young, DWF seeks tall, handsome, successful, S/ DWM honest, sincere, classy gentleman for dancing, dinners, theatre, golf, tennis, travelling & love relationship. Please call Ext AVERAGE DWM- 6 1, 225 tbs, 42, still searching for a SDWF, 37 to 45 who in their mind know that honesty and trust are more than mere words, who never ceases to marvel at the beauty of a rainbow, the brilliance of a moon lit night, or the sound of the ocean during a lazy Sunday at the beach. Game players, bar flies, or Rosanne Barr look-a-likes need not respond. Please reply Ext BERNICE I lost your number, please forgive me, give me a call soon. BOB EXT BERNICE please give me a call, ext. 3810, BOB Bl WDF- 30 something, looking for Bi or gay WF for friendship and good times. Must be sincere. Please call ext SI-MALE- looking for male or female for a good time, 1 enjoy fine dining, fine wine, stimulating conversations, good movies if you are Interested In meeting someone like me, please reply ext BM- 45, 6', 1B5 lbs., athletic build. Loves to laugh, attached but seeking better for fulfillment. Seeks, WF, with same desires, for discreet, gratification. Please no drugs, smokers, alcohol nbusers, or diseases. Reply to box 3817 CHARMING DJM- 36, 5 11", 170 lbs., loves living the country and plnylng In the city. Seeks Intelligent, independent, honest, nntl sensual woman to share candle light dinners, country Inns, theater, Monet, traveling (skiing a plus), Springsteem, ond Sunday New York times. Please call ext W90- Trucks and V«w 8100 AutomoBw FlrwK*iQ 8110 AutomoOw Pirts, Accetsorin and Soviets 8120-Automotive Rtptlr 8130 Miseetaieou* Automotive «Wl-MOTORCYCLES 8210 ATVs 8220-Mopeds 8230 Ofl-flotd Motorcycles 8240-On Ro»d Motorcycles 8250 Motorcycle Pins, Accessories indservka 8260 Miscellaneous Motorcycle RECREATIONAL VEHICLES 8410 Campers and Trailers 9420 Motor Homes 8430 m Parts, Accessories and Service 8440 Miscellaneous RV 8600s -BOATS 8510-Boats Power Boats S630 Sailboats 8640-Motors 8650 Marinas Rentals and Charters 8S70 - Slip Rentals Storage 8690 Bait i Fishing Supplies Boat Parts. Accessories and Service 8710 Miscellaneous Boating KKXVl - HEAL ESTATE 9010 Homes Under $153, Homes for Sate farms 9040 Luxury Homes * Estates 9050 Mobile Homes and Lots 9060 WEierfionl Property 9070 Condominiums 1010 IntroductlOM Bl SEXUAL WF, 35, look- Ing for same for discreet relationship. Please call Ext CLASSY, LIMY BLONDE Seeks long- term affection. I'm pretty, 5'5, 116 lbs. Hazel eyes, slender, and have a sweet smile. You are a bright, secure, honest man 35-50, who loves to laugh & share life's passions. Enjoy dancing, music, candlelight dinners, beach, sail- Ing, sports, travel, theatre, quiet times, and sharing. Please respond to Ext CREATIVE DWF- professional, educated, small & curvy seeks tall, handsome, non-smoking, thirtysomething S/DWM who enjoys fine arts, fine food, fine conversation, finding romance, zany side a plus, sense of humor a must. Reply to Ext 3732 DARK HAIR handsome, honest, and caring divorced Asian male, Indian origin, blessed with a lot of good things. 41, 5'9"150 lbs., fit and physically active body. A great home, fancy sports car, own business. Enjoys tennis, long walks, cooking, and snuggling in front of fireplaces. Looking for my one-man Cinderella who can share my fireplaces, cars and Jacuzzi and be pampered with love and affection from a great guy. If you are 25 to 40, attractive, sincere female looking for your prince, (race unimportant) don't wait, get the courage and respond-you won't be disappointed. Ext DWM- (7 y f s.) 45, 6 ft. 195lbs., salt & pepper brown hair, blue eyes, positive person with many Interests, have job stability & bright future. Look- Ing for a fun lady, 28-40, ' rly slim, attractive who Is also a positive person. Naggers, complalners, cry-babies, & bleached blondes pleaso do not respond. Rospontlors got my best respect & attention. A good catch that can be caught with time, patience & the right bait Reply e^3747 BWM- 4i,~ Wanted"-' 1 mature sexually aggressive lady w/senso of humor. Let's talk. Please call Ext EUROPEAN STYLE- DWT, 27, European lady, 5' Ib., very attrnc tlvo, fit, auburn hair & Kroon oyos. Loves just about all pastimes especially skiing, water sports, movlos, music, dancing, Unvoting and writing poetry. Looking for SBM or DBM between 28 & 38 who I* tall, good-looking, «0t0-ToM4mtsei 9090 Mult!-Fam*y Homes Lots «nd Acreage 3110-Out of Area Property Wanted to Buy 9130 Mortgages and Financing 9140 Miscdaneous Real Eslale VACATION PROPERTY 92tO.Homes (or Sal* 9220 Poconos Properties 9230-Resort Properties Waterfront Properties Lots and Acreage Time Shares 9270-Vacation Rentals Weekend Rentals MM't - RENTALS 9410 Homes 9420 MuHFamily Homes 9430 Townhouse* and Condominium* 9440 Apartments 9450 Rooms 9460-Boarding Apartments lo Shift 9480 Homes to Share Wanted to ftenl $500 Miscellaneous Rentals 9600't - COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE 9610 Business Properties Ira Sale Professional Properties tor Sale 9G30 Retail Properties lo Sale Warehouse PropertiesforSale 9650 Office Rcnlals 9660 Industrial Rentals 9670 Retail Rentals Warehouse Rentals 9690 Commercial Real Estate Wanted 9BO0I - BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Businesses V. Sale 9820 Franchise Oppwiunrtio 9830 Licenses lor Sate 9S40 Investments/Opportunities 1010 Introduction* healthy professional. Secure and honeit. If you can be just as happy dressed in jeans and staying In a* you can painting the town red and if you have no problem with either an interracial friendship or relationship please call Ext FIT A FIRM SM 35 seeks woman with style, class & substance who knows how to enjoy herselfl Let's get together A have some fun. Discretion assured. Pis call Ext 3913 FUN-LOVINQ SINGLE MOM- Just 40, nice young looking, good shape, 5'3, blonde hair, green eyes, loves sports, especially football, camping, fishing, cooking, romance & the beach, Look- Ing for S/DWM, 36-42, with same interests for friendship & possible relationship. Reply ext DIM 44 years old 6 1, honest affectionate with a sense of humor. Looking for someone between who has the same qualities with a willingness to share time for dancing, hiking, fishing, tennis, picnics, and romantic quiet times at home. Race doesn't matter, Call me soon ext It is ibe policy of this newspaper not to publith any personal ailvetitement that may be overtly lexwtl, suggestive and/or ojfemive to the general public. This service is intended solely for personal advertiiements for singles who would like to establish a relationship with other singles. DWF 50, very attractive, honest, caring, nonsmoker, professional gal, 5'5, 115lbs., blondlsh hair, blue eyes, enjoys tennis, all spectator sports, fine dining, movies, music, theatre & travel. Looking for professional SWM with similar Interests who is secure, caring & honest. Reply DWF attractive, young looking 39, blue eyed blonde, 5'5" tall, professional. Independent, outgoing with excellent sense of humor. Looking to share time with emotionally & financially secure bri'netto, brown eyed S/ DAM, , nonnoker. Reply to Ext J910 DWF-- mid 40's, attractive, compnsslonntb, sincere loves to dnnce & travol, enjoys tho good things In life. Looking for Rincero commitment. Hopefully you are nice looking, msd. height & have nlco built. No games. Please respond to ext toxo Introduction* DWF tall, attractive blond, salf-amployad likai fun timw and quiet times. Enloyt walk* dancing, swimming and a variety of good music Seeks till, trim, healthy gentleman, 55 to 65 who Is kind, bright and aucastful with no addictions for possible serious loving re lamonship. Please call axt 3788 DWJF- 49, HI Tom, Dick Harry, or Jaka, My name Is Barbara for goodnass sake, I'm blond, I'm pratty, I'm smart, are you?, If so than you know what to do. Get in touch and ghw Jlngla, So we can meet and really mingle, caring, compassionate, warm and considerate, enjoys the simple life or the not so simple life- adjust easily, non-smoker preferred, ext.3853 DWM, warm, oaring reawatle, tih aa«1 aim xeeetlv* seek* affectionate, romantic female- 3O's, non smoker who like the out' doors, candlelight, and being In love. Please call ext DWM- 47, 110 w/aenee f hwier. I Ilk* emkfraa I do not smoke, drink or do drugs. I like good con venation & traditional val ues. I'm adventurous & 1 like quiet time* A oc caslonal candlelight din ner. Hobbies are golf fishing, csrds, pool, music of the 50's & 8O's, beach, cooking, tripshoottng, dancing, will try anything, very flexible. Looking for slim, SDW or Asian Fe male w/slmilar In terests for sharing an honest friendship A pos sible long term relation ship. Please call Ext I M- enjoys going to movies and dinner. 230 lbs, 26 years old, 5' 9", seeking same. I love traveling, TV, and old movies (one of my favorites is Car Wash.) and am a Daniel Washington fan. I am currently a going to school as an education major. Ext Q PRINCETON FRO- FESSOR- 28 year old SWM, new in the srea, very attractive and nice build and fun to be with. Brown hair and eyes, enjoys working out, dancing, all sports, beaches and weekend getaways. Very financially secure, very confident. Looking for SF race unimportant, must be physically fit attractive and Intelligent. 20 to 35 years old. Please Call Ext HI, JEWISH SINSLE DADI Would you Ilka to meet a PRETTY woman who can give you friendship, good conversation ind romance in a relationship? I enjoy children, movies, conversation, dining, dancing, outdoors, my dog and more. That's mel'm PETITE, 35 and a Jewish single mom of one. I'd like to hear from you, If you're a JEWISH SINGLE FATHER, who Is up to age 42, a NON-SMOKER with great personality, good looks and you try to stay in nape. Please reply to ixt AM A PRETTY, PCTITE, VERY EDUCATED SWF. am 50 yrs old, but I look much younger. I have much traveling experience and would enjoy someone who like* traveling as well. I am searching for a ind, honest, 60 +, arriage-mlnded man for companionship. I am new n the ares and would like to make new friendsl 'lease call ext AM A 8WM- 29, tall nd thin with dirty blond air and blue eyes. A omputer programmer who prefers wearing eans. I love the outdoors, he arts, Jeeps, animals A fishing. I would like to meet a thin, SWF, Please reply to Ext KNOW HOW TO TREAT LADY. SWM, 29 years Id, blond hair, blue eyes, ' with wide range of nterests. Looking for Miss light- S/DWF, 22-31, who s looking for friendship hat could build to serious elatlonshlp. Please reply t if you're a tall, fit, secure, educated man of ittegrlty, 501, who is sright, warm, sensitive, oves life, Including: the irti, traveling, dancing, kilng, tennis, the outloors, lakbb and the seathink you'd like me. I'm DWF, 5' 5", trim, preentable and professional. My children are on heir own. Call - maybe ve can make each other mile. Please respond to ixt. 3234, ENNIFER- The first Ime you forgot to push he '#' sign. The second I mo you forgot to leave your number. Please call me back and do both I'd love to talk to you. hanks, Ed - Ext Introductlont I am a SWF * thirtyawa*tm»4(. If you can't believe that you are reading the personals anymore than I can belltve that I'm writing one, then we already have something in common. Da you want to find out what other intereita we share? Call axt LADY I live alone within myself, like a hut within the woods; I keep my odd eye upon a shelf, Barren of other goods; I need another* arms to reach for It, * place it where it belongs. I need anothera touch & smile; to fill my hut with song. OvVM hoping to meet a slim petite woman, 35-40, non-smoker. Give a call find out more. Reply ext LOVELY BLONDE MODEL- desires discreet relationship w/gentleman of substantial means who likes to make dreams come true! Reply 3733 MARCH MADNgSS MAS ENDED- & even working 12 hrs. a day, I still see a long lonely summer ahead, I have tried all the usual plices, bars, work even the grocery stores, the right girl must be out there somewhere, SWCM, 31, 6' Irish heritage, MBA, professional, sports enthusiast, enjoys watchng baseball 4 college basketball, alto plays softball, golf & tennis, looking forward to evenings out as well as quiet nights at home. If you are interested in a serious relationship, are over 2 1, a non smoker & likes cats pleate call ext MR. MOM- DWM, 38 tall dark &.,. skinny, great sense of humor, loves music (especially classic rock), movies, football & long walks. Would like to meet an Intelligent, commitment minded wor.ian for friendship & more. PS. since my sister put me up to this, a handsome single younger brother wouldn't hurt. Reply ext NICE 8ENTLIMAN- Seeks to meet down to earth SWF from Somerset County between the ages of like dining out, movies, brkrng, flea markets, and going to car races. Looking for friendship possibly leading to relationship. Retpond to ROMANTIC SEAFARER DWM 42; 5'8"; 175; lue eyes; unencumtered. Loves: boats, cats, travel, A.C. & romantic times with a special someone. Looking for: S/ DWF 30-40, reasonably fit, honeit & sincere who want! to sail away into the sunset this spring/ iummer. Reply to Ext 3909 ROSIS ARE RED- violets are blue, I'm ready, willing and able how ibout you? SJF late 30s i>ho enjoys traveling, Jazz, ihotography, skiing and dancing. Seeks a MAN who's capable of sharing, caring and daring. If 'ou're ready to accept the :hallenge please call. Ext SALLY FIELD TYPE SEEM Burl Reynolds type. DWF mid 40's petite irofesslonal, non smoker Ith good sense of umor. Seeks successful lonest gentleman who is seeking a best friend as well as a romantic Interest. Somerset county rea. Reply 3971 SBF- 32, 5 Ft. 6 In., single p«rent of one, enjoys movies, dinner, dancing and new experiences, leeklng SBM who shares ilmlllar Interests and 'rlendshlp that may do /elop Into a serious relaionshlp. Please call ext SBF Interested in movies, dinner & enjoying life. 38 yrs., fun to be with, live me a call. ext EEKINQ OFFICER AND I OINTLEMAN- to weep me off my feet. ou are tall (5'11" and i) with dark hair (all of, nice complexion, very ;ood looking, no nerds, In nape, never married, no children, classy, stable, fllanclally secure, honest, raring, romantic and sinere, SWM between years old. You know IOW to hold a good conersatlon.and you havo free time to develope a lasting relationship., I am SWF 33, 5' petite, very ittractlve, long, dark, urly hair, hazel eyes. I ave animals, the shore, raveling, hot air balloons, roadway shows, going to (Inner, movies, the zoo or ust stay at home and cuddling with tmo one spool man In my life. Could his be you? I'm looking o fall in love, settle down ind create a family ono lay. Smokers ok, no rugs or alcoholics. Serl- >us Inquiries only! Reply O Ext 3S Introduction* SBM- 40, fun loving, down to earth. Loves music, videos, cozy times together. Seeking F who's seeking same. Any nation allty. Please call Ext SEEKING A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP with t white, lean, attractive secure, Spanish woman in her late 40's. Preferably from Argentina, Can respond in Spanish Please reply out SEEKING PROF MALE who is kind, trust worthy, generous, sincere & Is marriage & family minded. I'm 39, petite attractive who enjoys traveling, dining out comedy shows & romantic evenings. Please reply to ext SEXY LADY who lives by the tenet that the packaging (looks) and presentation (class) are as important as the con tents (personality). Look ing for GQ/ Robb Report man who proves the same. Ideal - 30s, wild spirit, long hair, bedroom eyes with Germanic/Italian background who is willing to give as, good as he ex pects, to get. Ext SJM, as, 5' 11', 180 solid lbs. Professional, financially secure, funny guy. Interests include: skiing, working out, playing and watching al sports, reading Tom Clancy and watching The Seinfeld Show. Looking for friendship, possibly leading to a relationship. Reply Ext SJM 34, well educated professional. No. Brun swlck resident, enjoys mutic. the beach and all sports. Interested in a long lasting relationship with a SJF, 25 to 35, non smoker, Please reply ext SJM- Just 41, 5'11, 180 lbs. Would like to meet SJF, 30-38, must be non tmoker, drug free & be physically fit. I have many Interests such as boating, bicycling, & diverse musical tastes & enjoys snuggling in front of a fireplace. I would like a woman to share these & many other of life's pleasures. I am seeking a friend & confidant which would lead to a lasting relationship & perhaps marriage. Please call Ext M- 26, black hair, brown eyes, good looking, well built, 5 8" 169 with secure Job Is looking for sweet, attractive SF, with nice figure, between for friendship and possible relationship. Please call TOP READINS THESE PERSONALS AND CALL ME RIOHT NOWMm a 23 year old, SWM with brown hair, hazel eyes and an athletic build. I love life and would like to find someone to share It with. I' m lookln g for an exciting, down-to-earth, In shape, one-man woman between the ages of Please reply ext SWF, 2», smoker, attractive, open minded and educated. Loves reading, all kinds of movies and live musicmostly alternative and rock. I like late nights, either out or a home, and hate mornings. Seeking Intelligent man with a sense of humor who has similar qualities and Interests. Reply ext IWF- 21, 5'4, enjoys movies, going out to dinner, quiet evenings at home, biking, outdoors seeks SWM bet.22-2b who enjoys the samo & Is Interested in friendship & possible relationship. Please call Ext WF- 21, 5'11", long brown hair and eyes, enjoys running, softball, clublng, movies and Intelligent people. If your between 21 to 28 over 6' tall and good looking, give me a call at , 5'8",athletic build, blond hair and green eyes, enjoys dancing and having a good time. If your between 21 and 26 and very outgoing, lets talk. Ploose call ext SWF 25, S'3" shy, quiet but not naive. Smoker and social drinker. Seeks SWM 25 to 28, 5'3" to 5'6" who enjoys shore outtings, dining, walks In the park, sports, understanding and compassionate. EH SWF- 28, Open minded and loves kids. Looking for Intelligent S/DM. Please call Ext SWF- 34, 5'5", HOIbs., light smoker, shy, auburn hair, beautiful eyes. En- Joys outdoor activities, traveling, romantic dinners, quiet evenings nt home, walks, bicycling & the beach. Looking lor nn attractive, physically fit, S/DWM who Is affectionate & romnntlc, sincere, financially securo & not afraid of commitment. Reply to Ext O1O Introduction* SHM- 510, 1601b*, 30, looking for honest girl, race unimportant 1, 25-30, tall & thin for friendship to lead to possible relationship reply ext SWP- 35, down to earth, beautiful, wavey, light brown, shoulder length hair and brown eyes. 5' 6", larger frame but not obese, a smoker, attractive, likes cooking and en- Joys staying home for a quiet evening with a movie or Juat as well as going out for the night. Works different hours but kind of a night owl. Looking for a sincere, honest, S/DWM, children ok. Between the eges of who knows how to treat a lady, at least 5' 10" and over, average or solid larger frame. Who wants a one on one relationship, no head games please, only serious minded callers need respond. Reply to ext #3806. SWF 40s, tall, adventurous, blonde seeks a SWM who's taken the road less traveled by and knows that it makes a difference. Looking to share benefits and) well rounded life experience with one who is confident, capable & a bit unconventional. Seeks one who can appreciate artistic vision, world travel, a passion for life & enduring mature friendships. Please call SWF- 5' 8, slim, blonde hair, green eyes, nonsmoker, non-drinker. I like taking walks, running, bike riding, comedy, quiet nights, romantic dinners, sunsets & sunrises. Looking for a well established handsome, healthy man who likes to enjoy life one day at a time. If you are honest & sincere, reply ext Attractive, fun loving, 5'8". slender blonde, age 33, enjoys traveling from Jersey shore to Islands In The Sun, tripi to NYC, singing, sushi, barbecues & cooking. Seeking successful, attractive SDWM, 30 to 45 who loves a good laugh. Can you handle the big "C"? (committment). Then, romance me. Reply to ext SWF Attractive, mature 20 yr. old, romantic at heart, 5'10, long brawn hair, blue eyes, seeking outgoing attractive SWM with a wide variety of interests, yrs., preferably tall with a great sense of humor. I enjoy walks along the beach, sunsets, long talks, quiet evenings at home or wild nights out. I also enjoy all spo rts, especially horseback riding, volleyball & dancing. If you're looking for friendship & fun times give me a call. Ext SWF I know your out there! Seeking swm age 29-40, height 5'11, 'sychally fit, professional, educated, well-mannered, motinally and flnaclally independent, a realist, an optomlst, a good sense of humor a must, no drugs/ moking/heavy drinkers, my stats, 33, 5'4, size 6, pretty, short brown hair, bilingual, part-time grad. tudent, enjoys life to the fullest, also finacially independent, willing to take a chance, how about you? ext.3852 SWF in 30's; LOOK NO FURTHER, pretty, slim and weet, 56, 120 lbs., loves to work out seeks handsome male, fit, 34 to 42, 5'10" and up for last- Ing relationship. Please epty to Ext WF Let this 40s lady add fun to your life, my est features are my blue eyes, bright smile & stim figure. If you're successful n life, enjoy people, places, share & care, lets not wait too long before getting to know each other. Reply ext SWF Professional, at tractive, slim, sincere, :ompflsslonale, good >enso of humor w/tradi- Ilonnl values seeks tall vlole counterpart 45-55, ho could be a best rlend as well as a roman- Ic Interest, I like music, anctny, movies, walking, alklrtg, caring sharing, un times & solitude. If 'ou do also please respond to Ext SWM FOR ALL SEASONS 41 yrs., 178 lbs. 5*10'. rown Imir, experienced tailor, expert sklor, poking for first mate. Enjoy tonnls, I'm n good lancer, understanding, omantlc, sensuous, lonnst A I keen that kid n me nllvo. Looking for SWF or DWF in mid to late 10s, sltm, attractive, omnntic, sonsuous, idvanturous, athletic, /ho wants ;i one on one elatlonship. Roply oxt fwm~ 2t,""6\ 17b~lbs., Inn, good looking, sin - ere, outgoing, likes going jut to dinner, Clubs, Moves, outdoors, looking for bolwaen with iomo Interests. Please eply ext, 3376.

19 1010 fiftrvaftwcfmn romanee, must hava w M d f f 89-. ^ non-smoker seeks honest, sincere praotielng Catholic 347S uifior wki ojrtdoors.fixt tmnkar, anwubnally matura, affectionate; emoksr with aansa of humor. If you Kka movies, dinner out, the outdoor*, pi»» wnmngpa, QUWt i aft horns and ara MtoM and 1.EM. 37f«. WHIe, aka^rta^a^ ' MtahU^ AUJBT A I eiauaje. aoomng SWF wwi ammar " " i amar Bsply ait M, WW-M, 5 llj 190»? brown n#lr a brown ayos. Oood looking and mmamle suocsaeful oattags graduate, financially ^ En Joys outdoor activities, sntss attractive, amm, fun loving, for friendship and relationship. Reply to ext I- 33, 810", sharp. d looking for a TAKE MY BREATH AWAY SWF 28 to 30 that is smart, (magi native and has her own life end money too for ca occasional trips. You know If Its you. Please can art SWBI- 33, selfemployed, successful, above svsrage looks. Soaking female who isn't overweight A BMa^R*> sdbojf VsE^%7*JJojj SVV^SFWMHSV looks. Sexy 4 classy s must. For friendship ft possibly relationship. Reply oxt IWT, ISO blus syee, B'll* Hta*. niiiallfiliii 4ta> looking, stml-retlred, e owner, woes not so bars or dubs, testa aurn, attractive, SWF, 28 to 38 with alsaaant parwmvwny io join mt CFiiWig out wmridy, Unnlng by my to hot. Pioaae y reply Cit. OWN 34, very handsome, decent physical condition, athletic, college educated, numerous Interests, especislly nice guy. Bosks reletlonshlp with slender, attractive and especially nice Isdy Reply to Ext , 6', 190, attractive, professional. I enjoy theatre, cinema A ethnic dining. I seek a Spanish speaking lady to share the Castllllan Ian- Buag^Ple... repiyto Classifieds 1010 TALL, 99MB W M M - DWM, recently moved hare from Ftorida, looking for an affection arts, warm, caring person Friendship first snda possible relationship. Ext TUB OPPORIUNIIV TO )A SOBOMaaiVB-^ I* ftmmjl 1000 times a day. DWF, 46 years om wtth dengrrt* fully svfl grin and dellclouohj wicked* sense of Of HfW flww WM< I am 8* 2" 100 BM. and hopefully ba a taller, lu sins'* of»-nf*»aa«l«saaal * -» nfifrfr pfoivotlonaw DV* to tough at Mmaalf as wai aa what happens around him. Ext rmsanbut gkhm lip hope Ov flfmhm tttm OMAUIITVI h SpOlW 0f1* DOH % Ml IMS ana gat away. I'm 19, Into moonlit wollit on tn* true, art is pattta, trim, pretty, aansual, personable, ktves to laugh I enjoys ttfe, you should b 40 fit ba fe, y over 40, fit, non f IfNr W GvfmVmt poemve attitude ft eme to art. '39%, m L9NSLV- SWM, 48, S'S 170 lbs., sparkhg honaat, IntalHgant, warm, great sanaa of humor. Very successful! and secure horns owner/ business owner, looking for young oriental woman to buttd lasting relationship or marriage. Loves outdoors. EM VIIT U«iV, OVIft. * TALL- Ins*- unemployed, Hlrterate, lackadaisical, 0WM who dislikes candellght dinners, romantic sunsets ft holding hands. However, I do enjoy sitting m tunnel traffic behind a cross town bus with my roof down. If you are a 30'* female and drastically opposite me please respond to Ext W/>- Separated, 32, 8' 9", 138 lbs. Looking for a nejatj, 4*V"30r pnfaftsimy silt wnofn IIKOA music, h bli eh, bowling, dining and being wtth that hands snd snugshng tosther. Looking for possnls relationship. Pleese reply to Ext meet SWF who likes antiques, museum* A adventure, between the age* 38-40, preforrabl blonde. I'm 5'7, 1471b*' brown hair, brown eye*. Reply ext SWM carry 40s, works nights, actor/director NY thaatre. Looking for 81 sexual or straight female for love, friendship, companionship, travel ft possibly employment. Must be available daytime ft nights. R«pry *xt WM- In 40'*, healthy nice to b* with male who doesn't drtnk, smoke or take drug* seeks a nice to be with female for best friend ft lover long term relationship, age or race Is open, But e nice to be with person Is required Please call Ext WM never married. 33, 6', gnat shape, good looking, home owner. En Joy* skuba, ski diving, fly Ing ft I'm comfortable In a tux to Jeans, Seeks SWF very pretty, petite, In ihape wtth a touch of moxy. For friendship A fang term relationship. Reply ext SWM- Police Officer, 24, 6'2, 185 lbs., black hair, brown eyei, physically fit & college educated. I enjoy jogging, model building, travelling, archeology, going to the movies, reading. Caring, flexible, open minded ft extremely good listener, good seme of humor. Seeking SWF 21-26, who's loyal, sensitive, Intelligent, playful A attractive. No drug u**rs, no smokers, no alcohol abusers. I'm looking for friendship that has e possibility of becoming something more special. Please call Ext WM professional, trim, rugged looking, sailor, wtio enjoy* family, good friends, travelling, dancing, gourmet food, erasing and club racing, the arts and all that heaven allow*. Would love to meet mid to fate 40s, *v*lt, caring, sophisticated lady with whom to share similar Interests and who la really frea to be happy. Please reply ext LsTB, BY i preferably a petite, attractive, energetic imntiwla wflq lff> WHnflM At to stand beside a man with atrong moral A behefs-a woman la not afrew to ba with a man who apeak* Ma mind A can assist in thoughtful, honest dssicleion making. I am in my early SO'a, a consmerate amoker, with interest* too numerous to mention. If you have my energy level my moral fiber * cen keep up with my Ideas. I would appreciate a call. I am a skilled businsss executive with my own ceesion proof business. The only thing missing in my life is you. I want It all, I do you? If you do I will 1 faithful, sincers, honest A open forever. It is important that you love life much as I do. Pleese Reply fnfroductfoiia WM 40, successful business man seeking female wtth good figure, flood looks A aanam. w^wa sajs^w e^a^b^nav ^ H vvesmevi my iw long Htm rwi to art WM~ 41«sucowful butl- HNsWIfl MfcO m foffloinuc ft sensuous, good tookinj with s good senss o humor. I'm seeking a famale 2S-3S who has shops, sbovs^quslttlss long term relstionshlp Hopfr ext 3991 WWWF 82, 8'8", professional, live In Middlesex County looking for (he right person, 47 to 89 for compsnionshlpf friend* ship and a possible long term relationship. Enjoys country music and blue vtmsf fltoviosi fioal msf Eats, traveling, dining In or out, country drives. Please reply to Ext «** the gift of a lasting relationship. Personalised. 19 yrs. experience. Cad Judy Yorio's Compatibles 99aV 797 I U M ft WMITB 9IS> J M- sn ethnic back ground. Frustrated? Don't eel For free brochures iw, P.0.9ox 6294, No Brunswick, NJ AT8FIN9SR- Single* Peraonal Ada. Our 8th year) Free copy, call ton hree , 24 hrs. or PO 9ox 129, Plscateway, NJ Let us Improve your social tlfel MATCHMAKER INTERNATIONAL- The gest ft most selective personal Introduction ser vice m the nation. Cad for free Info ranrs PARTM luffet, Dessert, Coffee Reservations Iknrted. May 30th, 7:30 PM TSt-8394 _^_ Female brown Tabby, with orange spots. Long heir grey cat, Long hair orange male cat. Brown Tabby. Long hair orangs Tabby with white markings. Hlllborough; SmsH female white and brown mixed breed dog. Msle ten shephard mix. Slack cat. Rarrten; young female Coonhound altered long hair Mack fe mala cat. Lebanon borough; Brown Tabby. Lebanon Township; white and orange mala cat. Matuchen; Slack and white mala mixed bread dog. Highland Park; Small tan female Terrier mix, brownish Mack and white male mixed dog. Male Week and ten shepherd mix, has been stray long time. Somerset Humane Society, Rt. 22, No Branch WANTB9- :conflrmed bachelor, white male, 34-42, 8'10, gentleman rogue, wild sprit, long dark hair, axpreaslve eyes, firm build, strong but gentle hands, devilish, Imaginative, outspoken, artistic, energenic, inde pendent, passionate, un conventional, generous strongwllled but compro mlaing snd felr, stlmlllst Ing, nungrey, not easily Intimated, EMPLOYED with a grand sense o humor, REWARD: SWF 5'4, long blond hair, sky blue eyes, small frame womanly figure, diverse tastes, lot* of sprit end moxle, eagarty awaiting a worthly challenger, let the spark* flyl ext.3884 WARM AND ATTRACTIVE, Chlneaae-Amerlcan, pro fessional gentleman, 47, S'7", young looking. I anjoy movies, music, sports and romantic eve nlngs; In fact, anything with the right person. I usually play tennis and run fifteen miles every week. I'm very healthy, honest and down to earth. If you have similar Inter etts and ere looking for a long term commitment, please respond. Reply to ext AdVerf/ie in the Classified! WILD txorrhni- energetic SWF, 22, with both nner A outer beauty, 5'4, brown heir A eyes. Look- Ing for a physically active A mentally creative SWM, 22-30, with a great sense of humor. Must have passion for rock n roll A the ratefml Dead. Looking for a new companion to shore a show. Peace A excitement I* what I am offering. Long hair I* a plus. Reply ext WM 26, b'b", darh brown hair, hazel eyes, looking for bl or gay WM S to 35, physically fit, he* to work out and have un. Call Ext F0UN9- Bernardo Twp.- altered male, white A brown tebby; Braaebbarg-White ft brown tabby; Hllleberoegh-orange tabby A white female cet; white A brown tabby; Rarltaalong hair brown tebby w/ some orange spots; Meteebee-female Vlszla; female short haired ger man pointer; Nlgblaad Park- female off white husky mix. Somerset Human Society, Route 22 North Branch B rvraavialb 1040 UMMUN A90PTI0N eon8ultant9- LIsney aecsptlng is from quailapplications flad adoptive parents seeking Ukrenian A Rus- * U* *iiaalrta-a> At. lnfei»a> A* ssfff MMWVJII m Hiran of* phsns Boston Rd., N., Royatton OH LOCAL DISTRIBUTOReewne pvobvo TOT weujm less. Dr. recommended ft guar lbs. In 1 mo. Also earn S1000/S2000 par mo. PT; FT TO Ot. JUDO- Holy St. Judo, Apostle snd Martyr, great in virtue and rich m mlraolesp near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful interf H W l k lea&mkka II IVUtvSJ your special patronage In «me of need. To you I recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to coma to my assistance. Help me In my present and urgent petition. In return I promise to make your name known and cauae you to be Invoked. (Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Mary's, 3 Glory Be'a). St. Jude, pray for us and all who Invoke your aid. Amen. (Publication must be promised. This novena has never bean known to fall. This prayer Is to be said for 9 conaaeutlve days). My prayers have been answsrod:l.8.d VRAYBR TO TNB OLBOOsTD VIROIN- (Never known to 1WI). Oh, beautiful flower of Mt, Camel, fruttnil vine aplendor of Heaven, Biassed Mother of the son of Qod, Immaculate Virgin, assist me m my necessity. Oh, Star of the you to ba in* voked. (Bey 3 Our Fathers, 3 HsN Mary's, 3 OJory Be'a). St Jude, pray for us and as who invoke your aw. Amen. (PubUes- ItWfl stfubjl RW p*vftasb9b9*j«this novens hee never been known to fail. Ttrts prayer Is to be said for 9 eonsseutlvs dsys). My prayers hove been en OT, JUDO Thank you for prayers answered. ' *" f'" ^ *i ajw THANK YOU DLBSSBD MOTNBR for favora i rosary dsuy you., she y lls- RAYBR BLBS9BD TO TNB VIROIN- Sea, help me and herein you ara my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Eerthl I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me heren you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, prey for ua who have recourse to the* (3a). Hoty Mother, I place thhi causa In your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all Instances in my life you ara with me, I want In this short prayer to thank you for ail things as you confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you In eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The person must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 day*, the request wih be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor granted. M.M. (Never known to fail). Oh moat beautiful flower of Mt. Camel, fruitful v splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the son of Qod, Immaculate Vir gin, assist me in my ne cessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me end how me, herein you era my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of Qod, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I hum Wy beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me In this ne cessity. There era none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me here In you ara my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without In, pray for us who have recourae to thee (3x). Holy Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light sll roses so that I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to for give and forget all evil against me and that In alt Instances in my life you ara with me, I want in this short prayer to thank you for ah things as you confirm ones again that I never went to be separated from you In eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The person muat say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 day*, the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor is granted. P. M. THANK YOU ST. for prayera answered. Jr. FOUND white female med. size dog; tan ears A spots; collar; found 4/23 In So. Branch, HIHsborough. Dog I* dssperat* to find owner, LOST: BLACK TABDY WHITS CAT with white Up on tall. Male. Neutered. Dunellen area. REWARD! Plea** call LOST Large Brown leather ztppered address book, Cranford area or Rewardl L09T- Vicinity of Law rence Ave. A Mlnislnk Way. 3 yr. old male tabby cat. Pale/orange A white no collar. Very friendly, respond* to name Sydney. Cash reward. Call IBBRIAN HUSKIB an wared to the name Beu fordt, S mo. old male, brown with white trim and blue eye*. Lost on New Center Road. Reward ADOPTION- Loving couple wishes to adopt white newborn. We promise love A happiness to your baby. Call Kathy A Richie anytime Legal/confidential. Legal/ confidential. PISCOVIR THINO.S YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT OURSELF A OTHERS, asclnatlng handwriting analysis. 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PRAYSR TO TNB BL809BD VIR9JN- (Never known to foil).oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. Camel, fruitful vine aplandor of Heaven, slewed Mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me In my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show ma, herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven end Eerthl I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me In this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, *how me herein you are my mother. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3x). Holy Mother, I place this conceived without ski, prey for us who have recourse to thee (3x). Holy Mother, I piece this cause In your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light sll roads so that I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive snd forgot sll evil against ma and that in all Instances in my Hfe you are with me, I want In this short prayer to thank you for ah things as you confirm once sgsin that I never want to be rated from you In eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward ma and mine. The person must say this prayer 3 consecutive dsys. After 3 days, the request will be grantad. This prayer must be published after the favor to granted. A. J. SWBDtSN MASSADB Janet, CMT. Call By appt. only. VIVIAN- I'll miss your smile and your lues, but hope you enjoy yourself. I'm s phone call away snd will be there if you need me. GOD SPEED YOUR RETURN TO ME. I LOVE YOU, 2040 (VGA ft TTL). Large Qty. Power supplies and keyboards, Mlec. Computer parts. CALL 09&VS89^S319 9WARR AUCrnONSBM 999 I. B4ACKWBLL 8T. NJ. Term*: 28% Deposit et BM Acceptance. AH monies to ba paid in cash or certified cheek. Everything H M aa 1*, wnere is 10% B P l 10% Buyers Prsmlum. 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Call Pat after 7 Holy Spirit, you who solve pm at all problems, light sll roads so that f can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against ma and that in ail Instances In my life you ere with me, I want In this short prayer to thank you for all things as you confirm once again that I >ver want to be separated from you In eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The person must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 days, the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor Is granted. R.8.C. WBDDIND DOWN- Sz. 10, aaqulns ft beaded. $780/B0. Headdress $ , aft COMPUTERS FOR BV- SRYONII- 286, 386 ft 488 Systems tailored for you. New special, 386 SX 25, full feature w/super VGA C.S.E.Inc S88 COMPUTER- IBM COM- PATIBLE $395. We repair computers A printers. We buy computers A printers, monitors, drives A board IBM C0MPATIBLB9- Super Low Prices. 386 SX, 386 DX, 486 DX. For more info, call ask for Michael Stalling*, IBM COMPATIBLS- Tower Case Mhz w/64k Cache and 8 Meg Ram 90 Meg Hard disk. THANK YOU ST. JUDSfor prayers answered. R.S.C. TtfAMKS^MVPJfO NOVBNA TO 9T. JUDK Holy St. Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great In virtue end rich In miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful Intercessor of all who Invoke our special patronage in time of need. To you I have recourse from the depth or my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition. In return I promise to make your name known TIUNKBOIVIira NOVBNA TO ST. JUDR- Holy St. Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great In virtue and rich in miracle*, near kinsman of Je*u* Christ, faithful Intercessor of all who Invoke your special patronage in time of need. To you I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my as slitence. Help me In my present and urgent petl tlon. In return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be Invoked. (Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hal) Mary's, 3 Glory Be's). St. Jude, pray for us and all who invoke your aid. Amen. (Publication must be promised. This novena ha* never been known to fall. This prayer Is to be said for 9 consecutive days). My prayers have been answered: D.S. PHONR BOOTH with phone, mahogany. $500. VtCTROLA- Wind up. $160. FRANKLIN STOVB- With accessories. $75. Please call is 1.44 and 1.2 Floppy Drives, NEC 800x r> Coir Display, DOS 5.0, Microsoft Windows 3.0/ BABY ITBMS Europe style crib, new, w/mettress, wide; $145. Stroller; $45. 3 wheeled bike, new; $15. Musical walker; $15. Toilet trainer in box; $8. High chair; $15. ALL IN EXCELLENT CONDI- TION. MUST SELL IM- MEDIATELY! No. Brunswtck. (908) WATBRBBD Queen, exc. cond., incl. mattress heater ft pad, bookcase headboard, six drawers, padded edge guards, sheets ft flll/drsm Wt. Asking $200. CeH eves. BBOROOM BETS- like new. One country style and one formics. $500 each BBDROOM- Wood, 2pc. Triple dresssr w/mirrors, ch**t. $128, Good cond I 8iT, LR sleeper couch A chairs, and other items. Reasonable , after Spnyweokends. DR SIT- 9 pc., almond, platform bed, mattress w/ pull out drawer* on rollers ft desk. $ DUNK DBD9- matching sat, mattresses Inc. BO; sofa ft love set. Good Cond. BO BUTCHER BLOCK- Kitchen set, four leather chairs with chrome legs. Asking $120 or best offer. Cell after 5pm. CDRNBR END TADLE- Besutlful dark pine, excellent condition, 2 tier with storage apace. Must see. $150 firm. Cell Joyce, after 5 pm. COUCHES- 2 Italian leather, convert*.nto queen bed, brand neww, $800 ft $600. Call 90S WHITE DRS99BH wtth oval mirror, armoire chest, by Seamens; $780. Queen size bed (box spring and frame); $145. Kitchen table with 4 chair*; $40. Lighted wall unit with simulated fire piece; $450. Pine Factory; bookcase, desk; $285. All leather arm chair with Ottoman; $425. Oak cocktail table 38" x38"; $75. Panasonic cordless phone; $60. Humidifier; $20. Blender machine; $15. Panasonic fan; $13. Leading dge computer model D 30 megs bite, hard disk, color monitor, printer; $675. ALL IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. MUST SELL IMMEDIATELY! No. Brunswick. (90S) NOTICE: All OAWAOE S- PAYADLE IN ADVANCE by cash, cheek. VISA or Master Card. For a quote on cost, please c*n BOUND BROOK- 190 West Htgn St., Sat., 5/2; 9-3pm. Misc. clothing, toys, old cribs, playpen, much more! BOUND BROOK- SS4 Evergreee Ave. Saturday, May 2, 9am-4pm. Something foreveryone. BOUND BROOK- 901/ 999 Naahsa Rd.: 2 Family Sale. May 2, 9-3PM snowblower, kitchen hutch, hh Items, toys, cess, tapes A clothes. BOUND BROOK- 647 Winsor St., north of Union Ave. two family, Sat. May 2nd, 9 to 2. Tools, household items, chairs, misc. Rain or shine BJtANCHBUR*- B04 OM Yefk Rd.; Frl. ft Sat. April 1 A 2, 8-2PM, fish tanks A equip, household, etc. Rain or shine. COUCN Spc. modular unit, w/matchfng mirrored coffee table- Asking $350. Cell Software Included. $2250. Call between 6 $ arid 10 Weeknlghta DAYDBD- Georgetown and Other ** * frame, 2 mattresses/ $795, asking $ Favntft FOR SALE Horsemanura-$75 Compost-$90 Also rototilling done-$3s. Call ANTIQUES wood bum- Ing kit. stove, gas kit. stove, sewing machine A wringer washer. Also, lightly used gas kit. stove with 4/5 burner, griddle and broiler. B/0 everything must go PRAYER TO TNI BLBSSBD VIR9IN- (Never Known to fall). Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me In my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and how me, herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth I I humbly beseech you from trie bottom of my heart to uccor me in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power, Oh, show me herein you are my mother. Oh APPLIANCES- Refrigerators, washers, dryers, stove*. Reasonable rates. All guaranteed. Call A9 DRYER- Whirlpool, extra Ig. cap. 8 cyl. Infinite temp, control. 3 yrs. young. $ ARDEN TILLIRS- Rear-tin* TROY-MLT Tiller at low, direct fromthe factory prices. For FRBE catalog with price*, special SAVINDS NOW IN EFFECT, and Model Guide. Call TOLL-FREE , Dept.7. HONDA TRACTORcooled engine, model 3813, $1900. (908) DINM9 ROOM SET- Oriental. Excellent cond. 2 yrs. old. Table 66x44, 2 leave* ft custom pads, 4 ide-2 arm chair*, break front A server. Asking $ or DININSJ ROOM SETpecen finish, table with 3 leave* and buffet, $450. Sofa rust/beige floral $125. Oval rug, green floral, 10X9, $50. Call after 6 pm Kensigton Court, Rt. 202 to Whiten, follow sighs. 5/1, 9am-6pm, 5/2, 9am-l pm. Gowns, furs, jr. & family clothing, books, craft*, household, free items. BRIDOBWATER WaaMagtea VaNey Rd., Sat. May 2; Sun. May 3, 9-5PM. MOVING, Garage A Household Sale. Collectibles, Large selection of bar item*, Beam bottle*, Mirrors, pitchers, mug*, deck fum., mini refrig, w/auto cube msker, DR set, much, much morel Rein or Shine. 9RIDDEWATER 321 Old York Rd., Fri 5/1, 9 AM- 1 PM, Sat 5/2, 9 AMnoon, electronics : video, computers, audio, camera*, antiques and collecteble*, bike*, ect. 0ININ9 ROOM SET- Thomssville Hutch, table, 6 chairs, atking $695. Stiffel lamps $75/ pr. Call after 5pm, MULCH Double shredded hard wood. $13 cu. yd. Deliv ery avail DAS RANDE- Mark Royal, brand new. B/0. ELECTRIC TYPE- WRITER Smith Corona. B/0. Call MULCH/TOP SOIL/STONE Pick up or prompt delivery. Retail/Wholesale. Eagle Fence A Supply S26-S77S STEAM CLEANER Excellent condition, hot or cold up to 2000 Ib pressure. Will clean almost anything, $ llam-5pm or pm-8pm WABNBR ft OAS DRYER- Whirlpool, 2 yrs. old, very good cond., Moving. $2S5/both, or $150 for just dryer MfCtPDfM COMPUTER AUCTION Then. Apr. SO, :39 P.M. Inspection frem 11: SO AM ALL PRODUCTS SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. Computers (PC's, 286, 386) complete working with Hard Drives installed, rocess Server, Lg. Quan- Ity Motherboards, Quantity misc. boards Inc. HD Controller Cards, VGA Boards, etc. LAN's (New In Box), Mainframe, UPS's. Qty. Hard Drives to 300 Meg), Monitors A Union County Forbes Newspaper FREEZER LAMB- Jersey fresh. Packaged, frozen, A delivered to your home. Reserve now for June delivery. Call for free Information packet , after 7pm. RIDINO M0WIRS- Ussd, Trades welcome $275 to $775, , ROTOTILLINO- why break your back? Quality work done in your garden. Also tree trimming. Cad Ken SNIDS Wood, Custom made, 50 sizes/style*. Free delivery A Installation. Visa/Matrcard S0S-M CRAFTERS WANT!D up to 12,000 people per weekend. Opportunity of a lifetime IANT RUMMADE SALE Temple Beth-El, 67 Route 206 So., SomervlllB, NJ. Tuesday, May 5th-7PM- 9:30PM. Wednesday, May 6th, 9AM-4PM. DININD ROOM- Mahogany table, 4 chairs, china cabinet, table pads, asking $ S ININ0 SET- 9 piece. Ethen Allen, light maple, country style, asking $ BRIDDEWATER- 87 Leghorn Ave., Fri. 5/1, Sat. 5/2 A Sun. 5/3; 9-3. Baby Items, household, misc. Rain or Shine. BRIDDEWATER SSB Set., May 2, i. 4 family. Raindate May 3. Furniture, tools, truck cap, Jewelry, clothing, etc. FURNITURB SALE- casual wood, dining set seats 6, $100; 2 wooden end tables $5O/palr. Pleese call OOD COND. Sofa, love seat, 3 end tables plus a daybed, all for $300 b/o, LAZYBOY- 2pc. Blue sectional couch, full bed A recliner built in, 2 yrs. old, excel, cond. Plusbedroom set-2 night stands, dbl. dresser w/ mirror, chest of drawers. Call , after 6pm LIVINO ROOM SET 2 pink lamp*, 2 end tables (white formica, modern) cocktail table, recliner (beige), brown carpet 12x22", Kenmore refr., small dinette set, everything Is in good cond., FOR EVERYTHING ONLY $50011, SLEEP SOFA- Colonial. Chair, love seat, 2 tables. $650. Please call SOFA brown velour camel back, excel, cond., $125; table-dropleal antique-$100. Chair-rock/recllne, brown; chair pine w/ red cushions; coffee table pine w/end table; loveseat sofa-red colonial print, all $25 a pc. Call CONDREDATION AHAVAS ACHIM 216 S. First Ave, Highland Ph. Sun-S/3, 10-4 & Mon- 5/ Parking avail. A ft ir it CRANFORD- 418 Orchard St.. Sat. May 2, 10am-4pm. Lots of baby A chlldrens items > 8 Davis St., Sat. May 2nd and Sun. May 3rd. 9»m-4pm, baseball cards, comics, stuff, etc. If rain cancelled. DUNELLEN 948 Denellen Ave.: Sat. & Sun. May 2 & 3, 8-4PM, baby Items, baby clothes A toys, household items & more K0I9ON- a Keete* Dr.: (off Durham Ave.) Sat. May 2, 9-4PM. Multifamily, something for everyone. Rain date 5/3 EDISON- tl Library aee, (off Grove), Sat.- Sun., 5/2 & 5/3; 9-3pm. Toys, clothe* to 4T, yard, pool, A house Items. EDISON- 35 Norwood Place, off Woodbrldgn Ave. Sat. May 2nd, 9ar 5pm & Sun. May 3 lpm-5pm. Home c tents, bedroom set, pi and other furniture aw many household items. EDISON- Weedtorook Cenwre; (off Park Ave.) Sot. May 2, 9-2PM, Individual garage sales thru out the development. Rain date May 3.

20 B-8 Classified* April 30,1992 flke YOflR HOUSE fl HOME DON'T CALL US t Until you've called th others. Then call» CONTIUCfllM for the highest qualify carpentry and home Improvements t the lowest price, mean Itl Free eit., full) Insured, references, J. DI0UTI8 CARPENTRY Quality creaamanshlp oi additions, alterations roofing, siding, doors kitchens ft bath. Season special on decks ft replacement windows Insured, free estimates Call KITCHENS ft BATHS $lt»8 COMPLETE Call today for your free estimate. 0S A-l ELECTRIC CO. No Job Too Small No Challenge Too Great Residential/Small Bus. Specialists All work guaranteed, Uc S4-14S0 AMERICAN MADE IUC TRIC CO.- Free esti mates. Senior citizen* dls count, Uc.#9688, Cal ELICTMC, ASPEN- Al residential needs: house fans, smoke detectors, lighting, telephones, etc. Quick response. Uc. #7534. Call ; ELECTRICAL SERVICE Quality work/reasonable prices. Avail after 4pm ft wknds. FREE estimate. Fully bonded ft Insured. L.A.B. ELECTRIC Uc # ELCCTRICAL WORN- Complete electrical service, service upgrades, violations corrected, celling fans, new constr. "24 Hr. Emergency Service." Uc.# ELECTRICAL WORK- Commerclal, residential and industrial. Licensed, No. 9141, and Insured. Free estimates. Call Vince Santonastaso Electric ELECTRICAL- All types of wiring, Service changes ft paddle fans. Additions. Call Harold Kfouser. Uc. # APPLIANCE REPAIRS - All major brands, all major appliances. Reasonable, experienced, reliable. Same day service. Jeff " A. BUONTEMPO General Builder Since 1950 New Homes, Additions and Alterations New Decks, Wood Siding and Repairs Steps, Sidewalks, Plastering All Types Masonry enew Offices end Storefronts Repairs and Alterations Fire Damage Construction Fully Insured Free Estimate License AC CONTRACTINe Painting, wallpapering windows, doors, siding J roofing etc. Free estl mates. Call now for 10% Sprin ADDITIONS * ALTERATIONS KITCHENS BATHROOMS BASEMENTS DECKS CERAMIC TILEDETC. * FULLY INSURED* FREE ESTIMATES* COMPETITIVE PRICES* POR DEPENDABLE, HIOH QUALITY WORK, CALL RAY LAEYT 147-»773> AL BREUCHE 81 SON Name Improvements Basement to attic, Inside ft out. Experience ft refer ences. Free estimates. Reasonable rates AMERICAN HOME IM- PROVEMENT- Walls, floors, windows and doors. Siding, painting, kit.ft baths. Sr. citizen discount. Call ARTIES CARPET 8BR- VICI Sales, Installations ft repairs. Shop at home service. No job too small. Fully insured. Call after 5PM * * * * BATHROOMS FREE ESTIMATES Complete bathrooms starting as low as $3995. Ucensed, insured, 10 yrs. Experience. J.M.C. Home Renovations BATHTUB * TILE RSSUR- PACINO- 5 year warranty, free estimates. Call CARPENTER FOR HIRE Home improvements at affordable cost. No job too small. Free est. Ins. Is call Tom or Dave ELECTRICIAN- Lic.# For evenings ft weekends. Bonded ft Insured. Reasonable rates. CARPBNTRY * ROOF- IN*- repair. Celling ft Commercial, residential, loor porches, steps, paint. Call industrial CARPENTRY * CABIN- ETRY, FINE QUALITY- REMODELING ft REPAIRS. WINDOWS, DOORS, TRIM, KITCHENS, BASEMENTS, DECKS. SATISFACTION UARANTEED FREE EST. REFS. 90S-2Sl-tS18 COLLEQE STUDENTS- Looklng for odds ft ends jobs, from tarring driveways to landscaping your property ask for Ryan or Todd. HANDYMAN Can do most anything and at reasonable rates. No job too small. Call HANDYMAN CARPENTRY SERVICE AH Interior remodeling Cabinets, Doors ft Decks 26 years experience Dan aeiu HANDYMAN POR HIRE carpentry, replacement of windows & doors, floor tiles, carpet installation, kitchen, bath renovation M fti J DRYWALL Residential/Commercial. Free estimates. 90S-S60-SS4S * * * * MR. DO RIQHT Will clean, repair, paint: walls, ceilings, porches, attics, cellars. Carpentry. "Master of the small job" B40 ODD iobs * QENERAL REPAIRS- Lt. hauling, brush cleared ft removed.; Expert Int/ext. carpentry, painting, replacement windows ft decks. Tree work, log splitting, gutters cleaned. No Job too small Why break your back? If you don't see It, ask. Cal us today for a FREE estl mate. Our 17th year S2S-SSSS PROFESSIONAL HANDY MAN burglar alarms, garage door openers, celling fans, AC circuits, se curlty & recess lights, door bells, phone jacks, painting, sheetrock re pairs, etc. Free est. David fmpmwm WOOD FINCES INSTALLED STOCKADE POST AND RAIL SPUT RAIL BOARD ON BOARD CEDAR FENCES MAIL BOX POSTS PRBB ESTIMATES (908) CARPENTRY BY QUELI CONSTRUCTION CO.- Welded vinyl replacement windows ft steel doors. Custom decks, additions, dormers, kitchen A bath remodeling, basements, drywall & taping. NO JOB TOO SMALL! Fully Insured, free estimates CARPENTRY- ft Home Improvements. I do It ALL, all phases of home improvements, Free est., Ins. Steve, CARPINTRY- All small, medium repairs inside & out, and new work. Also ceramic tile, sheetrock re pairs, gutters cleaned, re paired and inside paint ing. Call Larry CERAMIC TILE Installation & Repairs Commercial/Residential S.E. QERWER (908) Free Estimates Fully Insured COMPLETE HOME MAIN- TENANCE INC.- 15 yrs. In business, maintaining homes for retirees, wldo ers, divorcees & people who just don't have the time. We do everything from painting to additions. Call Ray CUSTOM FURNITURE 8UILDINQ- Design your own wall unit, cabinets, or even a magazine rack Made of oak, pine, or for mica. Reasonably priced Call Sal at day or eves , CUSTOM RENOVATIONS Your One Stop Home Improvement Co, Kitchens, Baths, Basements, Skylights & Tile DAW HOME IMPROVEMENT All phases of home imp. interior & exterior You name It we do it! CALL MIKE DECKS $7,SO per ft. or will beat any legitimate offer. Custom work. Fully Insured. Unlimited references. Color portfolio. Call now and save $$$ DECKS- Custom built, benches, railings, lattice, pressure treated, super cedar prices. 20 yrs. exp. Call DID YOU KNOW that an ad In this local paper also goes Into 16 other local papers? Reach over 400,000 reeders with one call) i-aoo*sss-t4ts DRIVEWAYS Free Estimates on install Ing New or Repairing old Drtveweve Parities' fete eseal eeatlef eranres* ttee Concrete Werfc Insured. MAJER CO DRtVSWAYS-PARKINO Al Ou LOTS Repaired, resurfeced stoned, seal coated. Rail road ties A Belgium Mock. D. A. HUNT PAVING. Serving Bridgewater area since DRYWALL CONSTRUC TION Sheetrock and taping, specializing In small jobs. T.A.F. Drywall Call DRYWALL INSTALLATION * FINISHINO Specializing in Additions, Renovations ft Bese ments. Free Estimates. 9OS-819-SS28 FAMILY CONTRACTORS 3 GENERATIONS OF QUAL ITY CARPENTERS. Add! tlons, add-a-levels, cus torn decks. Complete home Improvements. Serving NJ for over 20 Est. CaH 90S-M9-S1S4 FENCES nstalled ft Repaired. Chalnllnk ft wood. Free estimates 908-S6S-S9ia FENCES- PRE SEASON BALI. CUSTOM WOOD: CCA-SPRUCECEDAR- STOCKADE-VINYL CHAIN LINK. FREE ESTIMATES. Pis call 'IBBRtLASS YOUR NIW OR EXISTINO DECK- or roof for maintenance free are. Everaeel Fleer] SS ftv FLOORS- New wood floors installed, sanded ft finished. Old wood floors efinished. Free estimates. ACCURATE FLOORINO, MS-4S0S FREE ESTIMATES- Call "Oz" re-roofing repairs, painting, light hauling. Call days eves «+ RBUtlDtRB General Contractor Fully Insured Free Estimates 90B-BBS-94S0 or HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOUR PROMT ENTRANCE THE WAY VISITORS DOT Need an affordable new look? We offer clean, wat ft beautiful walks ft jatlos expertly done In paving brick, Inexpensive, maintenance-free ft per manent with many shapes colors to choose from. lall for free color brochure ft factory prices. Many happy local refer SOS-SSI-i ences.' 1887 HOME Alterations and Addition* Prompt and Courteous Services "Quality at its Best" WALLACE CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENTS Carpentry Drywall Ceramic tiling Remodeling Repairs Areas finest ft most reasonably priced service available. Neat precision work guaranteed in writing! Honest, reliable, & reputable. 10 yrs. exp. Excellent refs. ft free estimates. Insured. Call Mark *12 HOME IMPROVEMENTS * REPAIRS additions, decks, wooden storage sheds. All phases of home improvements & repairs. Visa/MC, free estimates. OUR HOUSE HOME SWEET HOME IMPROVEMENTS AND REPAIRS Carpentry (Ail phases) Sheet Rock Painting Fences Decks Outdoor structures Masonry Patios Bathroom A Basement Remodeling And much more... Always free estimates and competitive rates. * Insured* CALL JOHN MUSELLI (908) I.N.M. FENCE All types of fences Installed and repaired. Free estimates. No Job loo big or small. 90a-4« l*s00-s00-9**9 Installation SICHUR INSTALLATION floors replacement windows eeloaet organizers SOJnill fencing box posts garage door openers celling fane wallpaper sflisny Hli repair Free eetimatee CAU 90S-S94-11M A way for people to meet psopls, every week In your local Fortes newspa per. The ed Is free, then one call does It ell! 1BB0 88S8SBS * * * IRON RAIUNOS TRACEVS IRONWORKS 8AM4PM * *** 4 * J CONDTRUCTION- Replecement wlndowa, saamlese gutter* ft leaders, all type* of roofing ft siding, storm doors ft additions. Call after 6pm. JID HOME MMODIUIM Additions, kitchens, baths, roofing, decks, Insured. Call 418- S JFK CONSTRUCTION- Cranford, All work guaranteed. 1 contractor for all your needs. Large or small, we do it all) KITCHINS, BATHS- re modeling, alteration*, cabinet refeclng, counter tops, formica, Corian, tile work, skylights, finished basements, drywall A tap- Ing, decks. References on request. No Job too small. Free estimates. Fully Insured. Call Cedrone's Home Improvements OVING Smell moves, apartments A homes. 1 price start to finish. Compare end save. Free estimates. 908-M8-2S82 POWBR WABHHta DY TOM HANSON PAINTERS Hand scrub and rinse of vinyl and aluminum siding. Mildew removed from any; surface, Please call Tom! or S96a. POWERWABHMO- Aluminum ft vinyl sided homes, trucks, patios. We wash everything! Free estimates. Free demonstrations R.J.'S DECKS we build all sizes and shapes. 10 year guaran tee. All our wolmanlzed lumber guaranteed. Free estimates. Fully Insured. 9Q Special spring discount 20* off SHIETROCK/SPACKLE -Repairs to sheetrock ft plaster STORM DOORS INSTALLED Factory direct prices. Many styles ft colors to choose from. Call for Inhome appt. 90S-7B7-S7SS aaya eve* WINDOW A-l REPAIRS- Replace glass, putty, caulk, paint ft wash. Quality craftsmanship for 25 yrs. Free estimates, in sured, work guaranteed, prompt service. Bob stt saa-sssa WINDOW OLASS RE PLACID ON SITE- We repair, re-putty ft psin old windows & trim. Very reasonsble. INSURED Call Clear View, CERAMIC* TILE* -;r Installations c? Repairs \r Re-grouts PISCITELLI TILE & MARBLE (908) Ifhs* A 1 TOP SOIL Screened Unscreened, Fill Olrt, Paving, Excavating, Stone & Mulch, Drainage & Tree work, LAWN MOWINO ft LANOSCAPINa- Quality work. Call Classic Landscnplng ACCURATE LANDSCAPINO All phases of landscaped construction. Lawn Service. Retainer walls, Brick & concrete patios, Belglum block curbing, Oecks. Irrigation, Japanese Rock Gardens w/waterfalls & Walls. Firewood $10O/cord, split & delivered eofl-bao-aiaa AMERICAN LAWN LAWN MOWIN* SIR TOM HANSON 0AM No gimmicks, VICB- Small-medium PAINTING fully Insured, femily size lawns, call for fi Interior/exterior and owned business, professional service, depend* massage. A-l WAYNE P. SCOTT- estimatae. Please call sstlmats leave wallpapering. Free ability, at a fair price. quallty masonry services. LAWN MOWINB for as Tom at or Serving Somerset County. Free estimate. References. Insured. 40 yrs. a little as $20. Spring clean Call Larry for free estimate at , up. Thatching, shrub family business. Every Job planting. Will beet any legjtlmate price AINTINO 8) WAIL a specialty /APBRINB- "Wlatot SOAPHM * MVHM AFFORDABLE **** Asphalt driveways, landscape Installation, shade Specializes In aidewalks, LAWN SERVICE Prompt, reliable, Insured. trees A shrubs, new steps, patios, all typos of Spring Cleanups. Full ser lawns, sod or seed. Decorative atone, topsoll ft block work and concrete. brick work, stone work, vice. Serving Somerset County. (908) mulch. RR ties, retaining Any type of petch-ups. No walls, Allen block ft Keystone. Interlocking brick ROTOTILUNO mates. (908) LAWN SERVICE job too small. ff9 esti- paver, smewalka, patios ft lawns cut, gardens ft driveways. Tree removable. Brush removal with 4821 for FREE ESTIMATE. lawns rototilled. Call 968 LAWNS CUT- Reason able. Union County area, chipper. Driveways stoned, rototilllng, escavatlng, dozer A york raking. Cal Joe BBS BBS BW BftOLAWN MAINTENANCE Complete lewn maintenance service ft gutter cleaning. Reasonable rates. Free estimates. BRUSH REMOVAL- also log splitting, firewood, wood chips A tree work. Free est. Mike CHBOCCHI LAWN* BARDS* Lewn Maintenance Residential A Commercial Clean-ups a Design S41-SS42 COLUeUTB CUT- Lawn mainta nee/landscaping, water-sealing decks from $40. Scotch Plains area ask for Mike COMPLETE SYSTEMSlawn maint. YARD Tree ser., 1 free cut, i*wri maim., * HVV VWI, landscape design, Spring cleanup, Insured, free estimate DAVl'S LAWN CAM Quality lawn care at the absolute lowest prices. Weekly cutting service ft spring clean-ups. 9»S-fS7-B717 DUPONT LANDS! "finest In lawn grooming" Complete landscape service, all accommodated. Hlllsborough/ Bridgewater vicinity OAROffN ROTOTILUfM- For prices and to schedule, Call (908) MASS CUTTWM- Free estimates. Plscstaway, Dunellen, Middlesex area , Iv. msg. RA8S ROOTS LAWN I- Mowing ft related care services. Reliable ft reasonable since Fully Insured. Serving the immediate Westfield area. Call JOHN'S LAWN- service, FREE estimates. fuhy ins., specializing In: spring cleanups, fertilizing, lawn care, low rates), LANDSCAPINO Lawn Maintenance Fence Installation Debris Removal Lsao-soB-asas LANDSCAPINO. College student, reliable and experienced, cutting lawns to pay tuition. Call IPINS) SBRVICBS Spring cleanupse weekly lawn maintenance*iime ft fertlllzer*wood chlpe* mulchlng*free estimates LANDSCAPING- Complete lawn malnt., spring clean-ups, guaranteed lowest prices, FREE ESTI- MATES, LANOSCAPINO- For quality work and reasonable rates In all your cutting, clean-up, seeding and pruning needs. Call Bob C. at LANDSCAPINO- Spring clean up, lawn care, thatching, tree work, haul- Ing, will beat any written estimate. Reliable service. Charlie LANDVIEW LANDSCAPE Specializing in all types of landscaping ft maintenance. Reliable ft affordable. Residential/ commercial. Call Gary LAWN ft PROPERTY CLEANUP Maintenance. Affordable rates. Call Merk at M or Joe at LAWN CARE/YARD WORK- Best Service, Lowest Rates, Free Estimates. Call LAWN CARE- 20 yrs. experience-a Scotts lawn Pro. Lawns cut, thatched, seeded. Reasonable rates, reliable service. Walt 908-7S LAWN CUTTINO Lawn care, ctean-ups ft landscaping at recession breaking rate. Call LAWN MAINTENANCE LANDSCAPES all all the other landscape ads, then call us, will beat the price on any written estimate. Lawns cut from $24.95 ft up. 1st cut free. FREE estimates. SUPERS 9QS-S9»-ia*8 LAWN MAINTENANCE Westfield/Scotch PI. Area. Cuttlng&Clean-ups. Exp'd. ree Estimates, LAWN MAINTENANCE You grow it, I mow it. Lawn cutting, general Spring cleanup. Insured. Reasonable. CALL NOW* Anthony Msg. A Union County Forbes Newspaper Call , ask tor Jim or Iv. msg. LINDEN LANDSCAPINB Landeeapa Daelga Low cost monthly lawn care. Spring A fall clean up, sod, RR ties, mulch, stone end more. Fres estlmatss, fully Insured. Call MAM LANDSCAPIN«Sprlag Claaa Up Spaclalsl Maintenance, design, renovation ft construction. Call MARIO'S LANDSCAPINQ Residential/Commercial. Complete grounds maintenance service: grass cutting, fertilizing, weed control, pesticides. Lawn renovations: seeding or sod. Shrubbery, pruning. New landscape design A installation: grading, top soil, shrubs, RR ties, decorative stone, mulch, etc. Free estimates. 9os-ao«-a4sa MARIOS LANDSCAPINO Lawn malntenance ( cleanups, rototllllng, landscaping. 20 yrs experiance. 90B-3S1-1MS MICHAIL'S LANOSCAP- IN«* IRRIOATION- Complete landscaping and design. Design end installation of Rain Bird In ground sprinkler systems and repairs. Lawn malnt, and spring clean-ups. Frsa est. end fully ins. (908) M0ULCH, Top soil, drive wsy stone, wood chips, sand, decorative stone, + delivered. (BOB) AM till 6PM. MOUNTAIN VIEW LANDSCAPIN8 Complete yard maintenance. Grass cutting. Fully insured. i-aoo-aai-asaj PINE LANDSCAPES Landscape construction ft lawn maintenance. Services Included: all phases of landscaping ft lawn maintenance. Plantings ft rock walls a spsclsllty. Owner operated ft customer oriented M70 PRECISE LAWNCARE Please Call PAINTINe * PAPBR HANOJNO.- Interior/exterior. Quality workmanship for 25 years. No Job too small. Insured. Free estimate, prompt service. Oea Stelamaii, 886- sssa Thank you QUALITY LANDSCAP- INB- at affordable rates. No Job too small. All types of planting available ROTOTILLINa- with Troy Bltt, established gardens 60 cents e square yard. 30 yrs. exp SUNRISE Lswnscapers Mowing, Cleanups, Fertilizing, Thatching, Seeding, Landscaping, Trimming. Insured. foo-mb-w THE PLANT 8HAPER Have your shrubs ft small trees professionally shaped this season. Call Antkeny E. Kropeefcy <908)7aS-4478 TREE ft STUMP RE- MOVAL -Is your stump a pain In the grass? Free estimates Fully insured. "JUST STUMPS" MASON CONTRACTORS Specializing In all types of masonry: Brick work, block work, concrete, etc. Fully insured. Free estimates. NO JOBS TOO SMALL MASONRY * LANDSCAP- MM- Additions, porches, brick or concrete driveways or patios. Landscape tie construction. Full en-ay of masonry ft landscape services. No Jo* tee satan. CaN MASONRY-CONCRETE PAVINO Brick, Block, Stone Steps, Sidewalks, Drive ways. Foundations, Fplcs., patios, curbing, Belgian block. Insured/Refs. DMI (908)TST-T9aS SaaalaT 888 off painting and 10% off wahpapering. FULLY INSURED. Will beat aay wimtesi aw SMtea. Interior/exterior. Will work weekends. Call Chris PAINTINO ft WALLPA- PERtNO- Exterior/ Into rior, custom work. Com merclal/resklential. FULLY INSURED. Nick PAINTINO (la* Rellly) laterler/laterier estimates. Custom Very neat ft references. Sheetrock Repairs. Fully Insured PAINTINO ae«waupa- PERINa- Interior ft exterior. Remodeling of baths and kitchens. Decks Installed. FREE ES TIMATES. Call Tom, , MASONRY- 29 years ex surface, custom colors, perience, no job toogutters. References. small, t'stepsfsi Insured. Free written walks ^ Driveways y Patios estimates. *> Bricks. Call Bill at (BOS) 96S-0S QUALITY WORKMANSHIP PAINTINO- AT8 INC. AT A REASONABLE PAINTINO. ISO/room. Exterior $700+. PRIC8- all types of ma- Wallpaper sonry. For free est, pissis/roll. Roofing ft gutters, free estimates call John TAURUS CONSTRUCTION PAINTINO- Let a woman Mason Contractor. Spe do your pslntlng. Neat, cializing In residential clean quality work. Insured. Free estimates. Portfolio ft References Plac Call Maryann * * * * Quality work TK Masonry for reasonable rates. References. Free Estimates Residential SpeolaBst Foundations/Steps/Concrete work/paving stones/ V.I.P Allen block retaining walls/chimneys and fire places. Teat WM WSJIMPV W«^ Interior/exterior. Wallpapering, peintlng, power washing for commercial/ residential. Call Pree\ mi 8BS-11B9 29% Dtee. with tme ae NJ BTBAM CLEAN All exterior cleaning ft painting of homes, alum, vynll, brick, stone, pools, cedar shakes ft wooden decks. If you can name it, we can wash it. Visa/MC. For free estimates ANTHONY'S PAINTtNO Interior/exterior. Roofing, gutters cleaned/installed. Free est. 7M-a441, COLLSOSPRO PAINTINa Professional Job at reasonable rates. Westfield, Mountainside area. Call PAINT JC PAINTIN8 ft WALLPA- PERINa Int. ft ext. Neat ft tidy work. References. Please call John, JOHN MACNAMARA PAINTtNft Interior painting ft wall papering. Free estimates. Fully insured. Recommended by Interior Decorators. aos-tot-oiio NINA KALLA8- Painting ft Paperhanglng, Repairs. Plaster/Sheetrock. 27 yrs. TREE MAINTENANCE Tree removals, shrub exper pruning. Commercial & WR p 0 palntino INTEre&identlal. Quality work mor/extbrior- Power at fair prices. Over 20 yrs. w8ghmg. Call Tom 908- r? C B " * after 6 P m VENIS BROS. Tree Experts FULLY INSURED TREE SERVICE Reasonable prices.wood splitting, shrub trimming, firewood. 9OS-S47-92S3. TRIB WORK WANTED Pruning, itorm damage, removals, chipping, shrub care, Insured. Smith Tree Service WILL CUT ANY LAWN- $25 up to VJ acre. Complete maintenance avail. Call (908) "DIRT CHEAP" Top soil, screened and delivered, root mulch avail. 90B-9SB-879B * LAWN CARE * VERY INEXPENSIVE lawn service. For free estimates, call Juan at: (908) SPRINO CLEAN-UPS Lawn Cuttln«Thatchlng Fertillzlng»Escavatlng Reasonable rates S9 PAINTIN8- Why pay more! $65/rm. Commercial, residential, apts. Exteriors, Wallpapering $20/roll. Ray 707-9B72 PAINTING BY CARNEVALE * OUR 35th YEAR it EXTERIOR/INTERIOR Quality work. Reasonable, free estimates. ir ft PAINTING Power washing, staining, wood reflnlsnlng, mny PAPERHANaiNQ ONLY S15.00/ROU Why pay $20.00/roll? Neat precision work. 10 yrs. exp. Excellent local refs. 2 yr, written guar antee, also IrnTExt. paint Ing. Free estimates. Insured. Call Mark PATTERSON PAINTINO Interior $75/ room, Exterior. Free estimates. Sheetrocking ft tiling. References svail. Fully Insured ; 1-SOO-7SO-S997 PAUL A. MILLAR PAINT- IN8 Meticulous Int/Ext Svcs. 12 yrs exper. Gutters cleaned. Fully Ins. Free est. Exc. rsfs. Call Paul WASHINO- restore and treat your wood deck. Call Bryan, for free estimate. Fro PAINTINO CO. Commercial, Residential, Industrial. Fully Insured. Expert epower Washing Interior/Exterior Protective Coating Sand/Water Blasting Wallpapering/removal Sheetrocking/ Repair Popcorn ceilings/ Repair eckureliee/caitsiee Maintenance painting R * 8 PAINTINO Interior ft Exterior Quality Painting Power Washing Deck Sealing Caulking Gutter Clean.* Screening 90B-aS7-*271 RJ.'S PAINTING Where quality counts 5 year guarantee. Professional craftsmen used. Free estimates. Fully Insured Special spring discount 20% off TIM'S PAINTUW Intotor, wallpapering. Very neat. References available. Free estimates. Call today Free estimates. No Job too smslll Lie.#9373. CaWSBSBSSWl 24HR emergency service. COPPERHIAD PLUMB- INO, NEATINO, DRAIN CLEANIN8- Affordable quality free estimates, 24 hour emergency service. License #8917. Please cell ) ITHM, MC leuajhno, CENTRAL A.O. Fast same dey service evenings end week-ends. Lie.# , 8239 or * JOHN'S PLUMBIN8 * HSATIN8 -All big or small residential work. FREE Estimates, Lie. #8488, OIL 8URNBR BIRVICB Boiler ft Furnace clean up, efficiency testing emergency service calls, heat A hot water Installed PLUMBINS * HIATINO Low rates. Oood service. Drain cleaning. Free estimates. License #6461. Cell John BBS 8884 PWM8NMAHEATMM Water heaters, water filters, sump pumps, sewer ft drain cleaning, a All repairs, a R0OPIN0 CONTRAC- TOR Caflce Construction Co. Roofing of ell types, shlngle/rtat/slate and leek repairs. No Job too small. Insured. Free estimates AFFORDABLE. RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE. arpentry/paintlng. Free Estimates. Call Bill WATER PROOPWNj) ROOFING: New roofing, Leeks repaired, Masonry opairs, Brick cleening, Water repellents. 20 Yrs. experience. Free estimates WATER PROOPWM ROOFING: New roofing, Leaks repaired, Masonry repairs, Brick cleaning. Water repellents and caulking. 20 Yrs. experience A BEAUTIFUL JOD by Feminine Hangups. Expert paperhanglng. Neat professional. Free estimates. Call Joan A DELICATE TOUCH- Expart paperhanglng, reliable, meticulous, affordable. Recommended by paint stores and Interior decorators. Call Adele Lee at PAPERHANOJNO No job too small. Paperhanging Institute Certified. Free estimates. Insured PAPERHANOINO "CHICK MY BEAMS" Reliable, expert paperhanglng. Work Guaranteed. Certified by he Paperhanglng Institute. Call Lynne at 90S PAPIRHANOINO- No Job too small! Call Nancy, at WALLCRAJT- Expert paperhanglng. Paint trim ft ceilings. Reasonable rates. Insured, free est. Norm WALLPAPERINO BY FEM- ININE TOUCH- Reasonable rates, Prompt service. Free estimates. No ob too small. Call Advrtlut In (ht Clntlfltdl

21 April 30,1902 Classifieds B-9 MM- BOB Snl then toft n/ mmngi n 2nd 10-3pm, Parson's dmngtatoteend6cneks; TV; end tables; g walnut tere; Ig. booheaat: bks books; gl * i wr May 1 A 2 0-4PM 4 Fanlly Bala. furnlturs, chatobed, baby clothes, Ig. dog carrtar, kntek knacks, linens, ladles clothing, IBM Selectrlc III typswrttar- $380. Old tree-. 4/30, 8/14 S/albam to Cam. Tall woman l MIA *- nn niro, nwfvl HI I Cash Only FISOATAWAV teenraatf Or.i Sat 4 Sun, May 2 4 3, 9-SPM. PISOAfAWAV- SOS nishings, collectibles 4 Sun. 5/2 4 5/3; 9am-antiques. Consignments 4anit Moving* Evarythlng must got Fum., household 4 yard Items. Bikes, much mofm Rttln of SMU PMWATAWAV- 709 Ellis Parkway, off River Rd., Sat/Sun S/2 5/3 9-4 PM, Jawanaryt CMns, frames, pcfcits, lamps, glassware. bottles, drapery, comfortara, handbags, Diverse HH Items, and much il PIMATAWAY- M I St. (aff Prispsst A**.), May 2nd 4 3rd., 10-4pm. ESTATE HOUSE SALE. Cleaning out house of SO yrs. Fum., pictures, household bric-a-brac, records, tools, books, lamps, wicker furn. 4 moral Some old, Some antiques. 90S-9SS PISOATAWAY- Dover Street, off River Rd. Fri. 4 Sat May am- 4pm, ram or shine. Old 4 new Hams. Antiques, RARITAN- 7 Bell Avenue. Sat., May 2nd, 9 am to 3 pm, 3 families ralndate May 9th. SO. MAMPIUA PM no early birds. Contents of house, furnkitra, TV, exercise equip FINAL LOW LOW MARK DOWN OF THE SEASON on wint clothes. Blue dot Bargain rack tool MAMTW SAU at DIANE SMITH QUALITIY CON SIONMENTS. 1 Hilltop 48" Bunton walk behind mower. Professionally Rd., Mendham HOW ACeRPTIN«( Quality de- used for 1 yr. Wellmaintained. $1200/B0 MLfcMOBJSJUM- at BBBBMBI AMBIBBBBBH Eefefl ** * signer spring clothing (si Call May 2, 9-3PR bar signs! sites) for women, msn, Infante, children 4 vintage traitor, toys, maternity dotmm. ALSO WANTA TO eonbibni Antique furniture 4 other quality furniture, jewelry, quality comecubies. Will consider buying outright. CALL NOW before the shop fills up for spring. 201-S43- S199. Tue-Sun, 11 8:30pm. Wad til 8pm. SOMIMBT- ST Hilleraet Av*.i Sat 4 Sun, May 2 4 3, S-5PM. Engl naering books, photo equip., costume Jewelry. ^slothing, odd books. SOMIRSIT- Maaar MBMBBIBBBB. BB# AflUtthgMkJfcek * CT^Bt^SW^S^Bf OBiej ^Bj^B^Bvn^BfV ^Sr^B*e» (New Bnmewick Rd. 4 Willow A«e.) Annual Sale. Sat May 2, S:30-SPM. Rain date Sun, May 3rd. SOMBMVILLI- 21 Van Doren Ave, Sat. May 1, 8 am to 5 pm and Sun. May 2,9 am to 5 pm. SOMBRVIUB- IS Sa. CaSBlai Dr., Fri. 5/1, 10-5; Sat. 5/2, Sun.5/ 3, Take away salel fum., clothes, HH items. SORMRVfLLB- «N*. Oaataa Ave>.; Sat, May 2, 9-4PM. MOVING SALE I EverythlngOoes SOUITINNO FOR EVSRT- ONB at our first Community Oarage Sale/ Craft Fair. Sat., 5/2 (ralndate 5/3), 10-3pm. Kingsberry Acres, Rt. 27, btwn Cozzens 4 Bennetts Lane, Somerset. No early birds. SOUTH PLMNniLD- 3 family, 518, 517 and 515 Carmine Ave. (off New Market Ave.) Fri. & Sat. May 14 2, 8am-3pm, H.H. Items, lots of clothes, toys, bric-a-brac and much more. WBSTPIBLO- 200 Baker A**., Sat. 5/2 4 Sun. 5/3; 9-3. Contents of home. Antiques, household, tools, lawn mower. Furniture: Oak dining set, 2 BR seta, Vanity, Secy, desk etc ABOVE SROUNO POOL- 10'xlS', fitter & ladder Included, like new, Best offer. Call AUSUN * WOLFF TAN- NINO MOB New com mercial-homo unite from $ Lamps-lotlonsaccessorles. Monthly paymenu low as $18. Call today PNBI NKW color catalog 1-SOQ.22B-6292 ALMOST NBW- Clothing, 1 *ehy, furs, accessories. M O M QUALITY CON- BIONMINTS, 123 Waremont Rd., Bemardsville Mon.,-Fri., 10-6pm: Thurs til 8pm. Sat 10-4pm. NOW OPtN ENCOftC'S ANNBX. Specializing In finest quality home fur- accepted by appt. Co-op space available. SOS TSS-77SO. AQUARIUM- 30 gallon wtth stand, heater pump. $50 Call ATTENTION BANDS- 2 Full P.A. spkr. stacks. 2 2x15 bass bins, 2 2x12 mlds, 2 JBL horns. $1000/negotlable. MUST SELL I or BICYCLI- Raleigh Talon 19" Mountain bike, 21 speed, Indexed gears black, with padded seat cover, front pouch and water bottle. Only 25 miles. Was $385 new; asking $300. Please call MIS- 10-spd, $40; 3 spd, $35; 20", $25. 4 drawer filing cablnent, $ B4KI- Qtris 26" 2-ipd., $35; DP 300 Exercise Rower, $45. Call after 6 pm CARPET Just completed another large development. Over 875 yards left. Close out S4.757yd. Also available Stalnmaster $8.88. Commercial carpet at $4.99. Shop at home. Cell Eddie. 908-M9-0O27 COSTUMB JIWKLRY- Vintege, 50's, gold, silver. Over 300 pcs. $300. Old frames, prints, lithos. Over 250/$4S0. Cell DININO ROOM 8ITilght wood, table w/6 chairs, hutch, 4 server $700 good cond after 3PM ELECTRIC BED- twin size, eggcrate 4 sheets. Must se -$200. Call EXERCISE Soloftex. Incl. Butterfly A leg exts, pads, weights. Uhe new BOLF CLUBS- Men's lefty Wilson set-taylor-r- 1. Wod aron-mcgregor- Spaldlng sets-r-pw-sw-p HAMMOND ORGAN $50 or best offer. Call , after 6pm. HARDWOOD FLOOR- ING wide plank oak & cherry, white maple and white ash. Mack & Co ITALIAN RECIPES "NO CRUSTS" Rlcette Ckeeee Plea- Plain, pineapple, cherry, peach, rum with candled fruit, blueberry, mixed fruit, chocolate chip, strawberry. Other Pies maccaron), axao KITCHEN CABINETSoak, with counter tops, from large kitchen. Excel. cond., many extras. Cat after 6PM LAWN MOWBR MOVINB SALB: Bedroom sat, dryer, quean sofa bad, tablss, chairs 4 much more-priced to sell. PLB MULTI SVM- Rowing ma chine OP BodyTone 300 orig. $125: asking $75 Ilka new. SEARS Exercise Bike- orig. $157. asking $100, Ilka new. SYLVANIA 20" TV, good for video games $25. Medlter ranean couch 4 loveseat gold, brown 4 white stripes, asking $200 Good for rec room. Call , after 6PM PNASB CONVERTER- Rotary type, 1 to 15 HP, Call or eve nlngs PIANOS BOUOHT 4 SOLD Musical instruments 4 accessories. Connie's Music Center, 22 Davenport St., Somervllle, NJ PISCATAWAY- 145 Dunellen Ave., Sat. 4 Sun. May 2nd 4 3rd, 9 am to S pm. M0VIN0 SALfll 8 rooms of house hold furniture, curtains, drapes, linens, blankets, outdoor furniture, anti ques, Jewelry, complete line of landscaping equip., electric 4 plumbing supplies, new lumber, 200 nursery pota-2 gal. 4 5 gal., etc. POOL TASLBS PLUS Free delivery, guaranteed lowest prices. All sizes 4 styles POOL above ground 42ln deep, 15' round, inc. filter, ladder & winter cover, 2 seasons old, xce. cond. easy to dismantle-$100. Call POWEN KINO- 60 "w/ front end loader, 18 HP, Hydro 3 pt. Hitch, used 1 summer. Mint cond. $ RECORD COLLECTION- 1950's-70's. Albums, 78's, 45s. 450/5900 or V2 book RICH'S ANTIQUES 4 ODDS 4 ENDS- Now open. Furniture, camera, old toys. We buy contents of homes. Consignments wanted. Open Mon. thru Fri. 9 to 5:30, Thurs. 9 to Afrtemp; GE W&D; chrystal handieler. Please call 90B-75SBO56 ROOM AIR CONDI- IONER- SOOOBTU's, SHOPS. AND STORAAE BUILDINGS- Manufacturer Direct Inventory leetectlea Manufacturer as slashed prices on new tteel frames and sheeting for a limited amount of shop and storage buildings. Examples: 27X36, sugg. retail $6,180. NOW 8J, X48, sugg. retall $10,270, NOW SS.2S7. 42X60, sugg. retail $14,415, NOW I sizes available. Delivery.available within 10 days 1 to most areas or free storage. 1-8O0-S41-S27B. TRAILER- Linvllle 4 horse gooseneck with rice, vegetable, egg pud-largding. $3 ea. recipe, 2 high inside, mats in- dressing room. 7' far SB. Send with SASE cluded. Good condition. to Maria DIMura, 4811 $5,000. Please call 609- Stelton Rd., Box 16-B, So Plalnfield, NJ KEYBOARD- Caslotone- $75; Gas grlll$125: security system-$800. Call Advert/SB in th«clissitled! r THE WESTFIELD DAY CARE CENTER AMJAL GIGANTIC GARAGE SALE May 9th, 9:00-3:00 National Guard Armory Railway Avenue, Wcstfield PLEASE ^ PONT FORGET J Donations accepted Armory rear parking lot SINK PEDESTAL- white, including gold faucets, like new $50. Stove-40" electric, 2 ovens, excel, cond., $30; Ceiling fans w/ lights, $15 ea, blue rug approx. 12 x 12-$25;. Call SODA MACHINE- wall mounted, holds 48 cans, all automatic, good for small businesses or office. $ SOFA LOVESEAT- tan $175; glass & wood tables-$150; rose carpet- $ after 5PM STACKABLE WASHER/ DRYER, Sleeper sofa, BR set, Recliner. Call (908) TV/STEREO- console, Magnavox, 15 yrs. old- $200; celling fan-$20; brick/brack stuff too. Call WALL FURNACE- Sears, gas fired direct vent, 70,000 BTU, heats 5 average rooms. $50. Call after 5PM 2140 Office) Fumltun A CONFERENCE TABLEwalnut, $150 like now. Call DRAFTING MACHINES- Vemco 18" & 20", w/o rulers. $65. Call NORTHCOM 1A3 PHONE SYSTEM 6 lines, make offer Wanted to Buy AABACUI ANTIQUES ANTIQUE BUYING SERVICE FUfn.«Pnlntlngs»Crystnl Oriental Rugs*Stcrllng ClocksoToys* Mirrors ESTATE LIQUIDATIONS * Call Toll Freo * WutfdtoBuy AMERICAN PLVBR LIONBL "HO" * N OAUOB TRAINS. ALSO BUVINO OLO TOY TRUCKS - ais-sras ALL LIONBL, IVES, AMBRKAN FIVER- and other toy trains. Collector pavs hlghast prices. Call l-joo or ANTIQUE 4J USED- Fur niture, Old OR sets and BRs from 1800s to 1950s. Also misc. pieces ANTIQUB ITBMB PRE 19*0 Including furni ture, vintage clothing 4 linens, toys, postcards, Jewelry 4 other small Items. Willing to buy entire household. Call Joan (90S) Iv.msg. AURORA HO SLOT CMS- AFX, Tyco, Atlas, etc, collector pays top dollar evenings or days CASH PAID- for drums, keyboards, guitars 4 amplifiers. Please call CHERRY TIQUES Antiques 79 Watchung Ave., N. Plalnfield. New bvylag OLD: Clocks 4 watches, baseball memorabilia, paintings, lamps, tools, toys, Jewelry, furniture, photos 4 collectibles. << TOP CASH PAID <r S09-B41-S744 SHIRLEY TBMPLB DOLLS- Barbies, Trolls, battery toys-any cond., broken doll parts, stuffed animals, dolls repaired, bought, sold 4 appraised. Buy Mother a doll for Mother's Day. Museum hrs. by appointment. Donation $ Good Fairy Doll Museum 4 Hospital. FISMINB TACKLE collector wants to buy OLD, rods, reels, lures, catalogs after SPM OUNB, SWORDS, MID- ALS, MILITARY ITEMS, CAMERAS- NJ 4 Federal licensed. Top cash paid. House calls made. Bert HICK PRICES PAID- for quality postcards, sheet music, old toys, baseball Items, cameras, military, typewriters, TV's, Worlds Fair, fountain pens HP LASER JET PRINT- ER Does 6-8 pages/ min. Must be like new. Call JUNE BOXES 4 PIN- BALLS any cond. slot, coke, arcade machines & barber poles. Call MATERNITY CLOTHING- Casfi paid for quality terns. Call POST CARDS- Toys, Games, Trains, Banks, heat Music, Political, Disney, Worlds Fair, Dolls, Magazines, etc ask for Herb SODA MACHINES WANT ED by collector, pre I960, Coke, Pepsi, etc Also buying older Juk Boxes, Arcade Games oys, Trains and Hes rucks teven I WANTED: OLD WRIS I WATCHES OR POCKI WATCHES. Working o not. (908J WANTED- drum sets, in dividual drums, cymbals stands, pedals, seats, cases, etc... any brand, any condition. Please cal OOO PETS AND UVESTOCH 3030 Dog* AKC GERMAN SHEP HERD PUPPIES- Sire Champion Ambers stock broker, whelped 3/16/92 ready 5/8/92. Show & pet quality avail. Serious buy ers only AKC LAB P U P S- puppy shots given, guaranteed best of best, born 3/30/ 92-$45O-$SO0. Call DOO OBEDIEHCE Clark or Flemington, NJ Success Guaranteed SOS-TSS-SS72 ROTTWEILER PUPS- AKC wks, shots & wormed. $450-$500. Cal POLO TRAINING PROGRAM Learn to phay In one on one and fun group way! Call ^-2828 or Adoptmbla P*t* CAT- FREE TO A GOOD HOME! Female Calico 8 yrs. old, spayed. Call 90B COMPANION ANIMAL PLACEMENT Available for adoption, altered adults, purebroeds and mixed breeds. Call BC. Ads in Classified don't cost They pay! g TO 0000 H0MSlarge 6 yr. old mala dog, half shepherd, half retriever. Good watchdog, needs room to run. Call after 5:30 0IVB BOMBOHB A BMILB Somerset Regional Animal Shelter has puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. Adoption reasonable. Missing a pat? Call RETIRED RACINB ORBY* HOUNDS AVAILABLE- Greyhounds make wonderful, docile petal Please adoptl For Information package. Please call or write: Malta Pass* WltM Aaliala RD IBexSM SS.S1S4 ALL BRBBD HANDLINO CLASSES Starting May 7, No. Branch Park, 7PM- 9PM, classes for beginners 4 experienced owner handlers. More Info BOO TRAINING- Private 4 Group Classes. Results Guaranteed. Call TENDER TOUCH PET 0RO0MINB Pet Taxi AvaMaMe Call BOS-STS'SSSS HORSBS B0ARDBD IN SOMERSET on wellmaintained farm surrounded by miles of open State land. 10 stall deluxe barn, 2 lighted schooling rings, trails, 20 acres excel, pesture w/ wood fencing. Full Board $350/mo. MIDDLEBUSH MEADOWS FARM, OR HAPPY JACK MANOS LO- TION Promotes healing 4 hair growth to any mange, hot spot, fungus on dogs 4 horses without cortisone. At farm 4 feed stores. 4OOO SERVICES 4020 A-l RESUMES AND OTHER TYPING/WP SER- VICES. Professional work. Reasonable rates. Call Patsy (908) COMPUTER HELP! Confused, Frustrated? We Can Helpl Software assistance, computer repairs 4 Upgrades. C.S.E., Inc COMPUTER PROORAM- MIMB Customized Fox- BASE +, FoxBASE/MAC, FoxPRO, SCO FoxBASE and SCO FoxPro programming. Customization of S6T accounting software, both PC, Macintosh & Unix. Exp'd In Novell LAN's. Stepften Dragen * Assee., S0S-7BT- 7*S2. NEWSLETTBRS- bulletins, brochures designed, assembled, ready for printer by experienced Macintosh layout artist. Reasonable rates, free estimates TYPIST/TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE- for all types of work- large or smallcomputer/word processer/ laser printer capabilities. Kathy or fax AFTERNOONS - WEEKENDS- Responsible Mom of 3 available to provide lots of TLC for your child/children In my safe, non-smoking home In Middlesex. Full-time, Part-time or occasional. Not Just a sitter, someone who cares AN EXPERIENCED, RELI- ABLE Somerville mom will give lots of TLC ft activities for your child. FT/ PT. Lge. yard, CPR certified. Refs AU PAIR/NANNIES- Uve in Europeon girls, legel for 12 mo. average cost $170/wk. Call AUNTIE M'e INFANT TREE- State registered family daycare, fully Insured ft equipped. CPR certified ft refs avail. Temporary care for children whose nannies are ill or on vacation. Overnight care subject to availlbillty, plenty of toys ft arts & crafts materials, music ft fun. Meeting the changing needs of developing little people from 4wks of age & older. Cell today to arrange an Interview In Westneld at JK'S WALLCOVERING INSTALLATIONS and Interior Painting Quality Workmanship Call: Joe Klfngeblel froo estimates A Union County Forbes Newspaper CMMCBM AVAILAILB S4 HOUR CHILD BAM- New Brunswick, near Cook Campus. Infante A toddlers. Free meals. 10% off 1st mo. B4S-17SO. BABY OARB- Birth to 14 mo. in my Westfleld home. Joan, mother of 7, grandmother of 9, nursery school teacher, nuraes aid training, exc. references, have 14 mo. old Grandson. Will consider travel for day or over night, have experience taking care of children In your home wnhe parents vacation. Have back-up care. CaH ABY CAM- axparlancad, responsible mom with previous daycare canter experience will provide loving care for your newborn or Infant In my Hlllsborough home. CPR certified, nonsmoker, fully Insured, child-proof home, yard/ playroom. Appropriate equipment provided. First week half price. Expectant nionis * ajrlcoflt#i rt% CMu by the hour-day-weak, part time - full time, daysnights, weekends overnight Have fenced yard 4 playroom. Lunch Included. Very reasonable BABVBITT1NO- In my Bradley Gardens home. Large yard, low rates. Call Caroi-«S WILL BABYSIT- my Flemington home, lots of TLC, snacks provided after 3 PM. CARPET CLEANING Residential 4 Commercial after 5 TJ. irtotprlbos CELLARS 4 ATTICS Cleaned, trash removed. Vmty reasonable. Please call # * * # CLBANHM OFFICES Experienced, reliable, with references CLBANINO EXPERTSoffices, homes, apts., condos, etc. Dally, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly services avail. Large or small Jobs. 15% discount on 1st 4 2nd cleaning. Reliable, insured. Call anytime CLBANINO- Homes/Condos/Apts. LOW RATES- 1 bdrm, bath $40 to 4 bdrm, 2-3 baths $65. Honest/reliable/exp/refs provided. Carol CLEANING- houses, apartments and businesses daily. Good references. Prefer Somerset County CLEANING- Polish woman will clean your house. Call CLEANING- Professional, with a personal touch. Reliable, refer ences. Free estimates. Commercial 4 residential. 10% off first cleaning. Call The Polished Look I will provide loving, learning atmosphere for your premy So. Plain- cnoowr in field home. Non-smoker. Current rets CERTfPTBB CHILDCARB CLBANINB PROVIOBR- will give your Infant or toddler TLC in my home. 9SS-2858 CHILD CANE in my Bridgewater home. Exper., non-smoker, CPR Certified. Refs. avail. FT only. Large playroom 4 yard. Lunch 4 snacks provided. Call CHUO CAM- By a certified teacher, in my South Plalnneld home. Age: 1 year and up. Reference available. Pleese call (908) CNILfi CARS- In Hillsborough, Mom, State Certified, recreational therapist, CPR and First Aid Certified, flexible rates & times Interview a screened, insured professional caregiver who exceeds state standards. Call MONDAY MORNING INC, or to set up an appointment. CNSLD CAM- Provided in my Scotch Plains home. Excellent references, large play area. Call for appointment to visit CHILB> CARS- Raritan. Lots of TLC, any sge, 13 yrs exp. Non-smoker, fenced yd. refs OUNEUSN Experienced mom will cere for your child. Lunch and snacks providsd. Reasonsble rates. (908) EDISON- Experienced A loving Mom will provide quality time for your child, any age in my home. Clara Barton Section. References evail txpbricnced woman will care for your child In my No. Brunswick home. Flex. hrs INFANTS I WKLCOMB in my Piscataway home. Lots of TLC. Qo to work with peace of mind by 3:30 LIVB-IN NANNY POSITION WANTBD- 24 yr. old woman seeks young child to love ft care for. Warren or surrounding area. Lots of exp. ft excellent refs. Please call Sharon at LIVE-IN/OUT CHILD- CARE French woman residing In Highland Park seeks position, flex. hrs. refs. Call MOTHBR- (certified) will care for your child In my Piscataway home. Lunch ft Snacks provided MARTINSVILLB/TLUCK- EMIN Exp'd, nonsmoking mom will care for your child. Lots of TLC, activities, lunch A snacks provided MOM OF 1 will care for your Infant in my Quailbrook home. Pis call MOTNBR OF 1 - will watch your child in my Somerville home FT or PT, day or night, Reasonable rates. Pleese call Jayne OF TWO- of fers a quality child care service. Art, music and exercise ectrvftles. $85/wk. full time and part time $2.50/hr. Call Full Time, live out, Excel, references. Scotch Plalns/Wettfleld area. Call PRIVATE HOME PAY CARE Arts and crafts and a lot more activities, fenced in yard, well equipped. Licensed and state approved. Only 2 openings left. Please call now for free registration at the QUALITY CARE DAY CARE CENTER. Located In Plscatawny. (908) Serious Cleaning. Homes, apart ments, condos, offices cleaned. Weekly, biweekly, monthly & weekends. Call RflttMB PMHTCRS Will clean your home. Known for beautiful work, very reasonable, references. Honest and reliable. Please call HOUSE * OFFICE CLBANINtt- Good refer ences. For more information call (201) ask for Celma or Norma. HOUSE CLEANINA Somerset Cty. Good references, own transportation. Weekly, Bi-weekly, monthly. Call KOUSKCLEANINQ If you need your home or apartment cleaned CALL 1SS-024S. Polish/English speaking. Experienced, own transportation & very reasonable rates. HOUSBCLEANINQ clean your office & home. Reliable, excellent refs. CaH Lucy or SPARKLING SERVICES We efeaa tkaraagmy Homes, Condos, Offices Professional/Commercial Full janitorial service Vaeaart ft For Sale Units Carpets-Floors-Windows Construction Cleanup We clean, We really do! Servicing Middlesex Cty. ITS TIME FOR SPRINQ CLBANINSI Call the Professionals at Maid By U.S. for expert home cleaning services. Bonded & insured. References avail. We supply all equip. & materials. For free estimate call Maid By U.S. at JAR CLBANINB SERVICE, INC specialize In office cleaning. Free estimate. Fully Insured ft bonded or L A. CLSANINO SERVICE 10 yrs. exp. Work guaranteed. References avail. Call POLISH WOMAN- look Ing for housecleaning Jobs or as housekeeper to live In/out POLISH WOMAN- will clean your house/offices. Experienced, references, own transportation. Cal) PROFESSIONAL CLEAN- INQ SERVICES- Com mercial & residential. Call for free estimates PROFESSIONAL RESI- DENTIAL WINDOW CLEANINO SERVICES- Bonded & insured. Superior references. Over 30 yrs. experience. Call Ads in Classified don't cost They pay! WO Care Servfc COUNSELINQ.- with H Professions) In Adoption, depression, divorce mediation, geriatrics, grid & stress. Barbara Ronca ACSW-BCD Income T*x ACCOtlNTtNa OOKKMPtNO * TAX 8KRVICE All types of taxes. Expert Financial & tax counseling. Reasonable rates. SOS-S4S-UM i Taw JOHN B. LENNOX- Personal 4 business. CPA. Your home/my office. Reasonable rates Specie) attention given to nervous people. 10 yra. GGaVTOS4Be)S ART CLASSES- Adults children. Drawing, painting, pastels. Beginners- Advanced. Classes limited. Experienced artist/ teacher DOES YOUR CHILD HAVE Tutoring by special ed teacher/learning disability specialist, grades K-12. Call FRENCH- All Levels. Licensed, native teacher. Former visting Prof, at Rutgers, Yrs of successful teaching. Refs avail after 4pm KIDS EFFECTIVENESS TRAINING- Geared to help children who experience problems with school, self or others, develop self-esteem & effective coping skills. Licensed & certified leaders PIAHO INSTRUCTION- Dlane Olsen Galvacky, available for teaching 9am-2:30pm, Mon-Frl & Sat. Call PIANO LESSONS- In your home. Branchburg, Hlllsborough and area. Call PIANO LESSONS Jazz and classical, beginners welcomed. Call Andrew PIANO, ALL STYLES ALL ABES AT YOUR PACE- Oegreed (BA/MM), 20 years experience, private, college ft university. Somerset Co. area REAOINO * MATH SPECIALIST- Certified teacher, MA in elementary education oooo SPECIAL TRAININO WORD-PERFECT LOTUS DATA ENTRY CALL 90S-SS4-1S84 TENNIS LESSONS- John Call TUTORINO- matti & physics. SAT, AP exams, Achievement Tests. Exp. & Certified Teacher. Please call LOW COST HEALTH Individual, family or group. Plans designed to meet your needs. Any Doctor or Hospital. Great maternity plan. es)?< ATTORNEY AVAILABLE Closings, Refinancings, Leases, other Real Estate matters, wills. Reasonable rates. Linda Gotlib ATTORNEY HOUSE CALLS: Wills (from $70), Closings (from $395), Incorporations (from $225). Call for exact fees; other services. J. DeMartlno, Esq. 9OS-S74-BS3S Loans A Finance tsneed CASH7SS Debt consondatiion, Mortgage, Business or Persona! Loan? Free info on 1700 sources. 24 hrs. 90S-434-0S42, Ext. Ill CLEAR YOUR CREDIT LEGALLY- call (WacaWawaous AC CLEAN UP- Basements, attics, Contractors. Please call CARPET SERVICE- specializing in repairing, antiquo, oriental & hook rugs, Removal of Wrinkles, buckles. Stretching & re- Installatlon of new & used Carpet. Since * * * * CATENA PAVI NO ft FENCINO All types. FREE gate after 100ft. of fence. Driveways, Parking Lots, Curbing. SOS-SSI CLEAN UP A HAULING u Attics-Garages- Yards ^ Removal of all types of rubbish, debris and appliances. Prompt service. INM CLEANUP ft LIOHT HAUL INO of nil types. Freo estimates, Insured, low rates, We work weekends. Call Tony Ads in Classified don't cost They pay/ 4179 CLEAN-UP AND RUBBISH * REMOVAL* Yards, attics, basements, construction debris, appli-' ancas. A ftr, (SOB) 4ia-sisa CLEAN-UP- Basement, attics, garage end yards. Call Rudy CUSTOM SLIPCOVERS Draperies, reupholstery. Your fabric or ours. Formerly at Stelnbochs ft Marine's. 43 yrs. experience. Senior citizen disc. Shop at home service. W. Canter DEBRIS REMOVAL We clean up basements attics egarages concrete ft yard debris Also minor demolition ft removal. Prompt reliable service at reasonable prices. Call JCP Carting at We Show UPt DRIVEWAV/PARKINO LOT SEAL COATINQ- Residential/Commercial. See our display ad in the Business/ Service Directories in your local Forbes Newspapers Classifieds. Free estimates. Fully insured. CHEM SEAL. Mendham, NJ ED BUD'S POOL SERVICE Openings, Closings, Vacuum & full repair. Power Washing UTTER ft LEADER CLEANINO- Repaired & installed. Quality service, Reasonable prices, fully insured. Call BUTTER A ROOF CLEAN- INO * REPAIRS- house trim painting & tree trimming. Very reasonable. Fully Insured. CLEAR VIEW 7I7-S347 OUTTER MAN- Cleans, repairs & installs leaders ft gutters. Free Est or H1QH PRESSURE WASHINO Alum. & vinyl sidingconcrete-decks-graftitl removal. Menlo Bldg. Maint. Co. Fully ins. Free est. MS Est JUNK REMOVAL- Attic, basement, backyards. Call Joe LAWN MOWER RE PAIR- Tom's Lawn Mower Service. Ride-on mowers, trimmers, weedeaters, chain saws, Toro, Snapper, Rally, Honda. Free estimates. Free pickup & deliver. Piscataway MOBIL MARINE SERVICE Free Estimates Pick up A Delivery 7 Days a week (908) M0VIN07 Apts., Homes. Offices, Pianos. Lic.# Palmlerl Movers, 0S-3S*-24S4 H0VIN07- Select the competent, experienced, reasonable gentlemen of BEE LINE MOVERS. PM # NEW CONSTRUCTION Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Decks. Also Industrial ft Commercial work. K-FAM OJNERAL BLOO. CONTRACTORS 806-4O-BS66 NILLA'S CLEAN-UP AND CARTINQ SERVICES- Junk removal of all kinds. Appliance removal from $10 to $ PIANO TUNINQ Over 25 years experience. Wayne Smith, SOS-SB43«1S CUSTOM REUPHOL- STERY- Home, Office. Auto, Marine. Fabric or plastic slipcovers. Foam rubber, large fabric selection. Fully insured. Hishmeh's Custom Upholstery, 112 Mountain Ave,, Middlesex Party* A COMEDY MAOJC * FUN SHOW for Holiday, Office. Birthdays w/exotlc animals. Clip ad & show boss. Call Mr. Magic NOW! A-l PONIES FOR PAR- TIES The perfect entertainment for birthday parties, picnics, fairs & all special events or BALLOON RIDES Flights leave our own licensed balloon port in Whitehouse at 6pm daily, May thru October. One of NJ's oldest and most experienced ballooning companies! Special 20th anniversary price $135 per person. CONTACT DENNY AT YELLOWSTONE SALLOON ADVENTURES BIRTHDAY PARTY EN- TERTAINMENT For children (4 & up). Fun filled magic show A balloon animals for nil. Reasonable rates. Call Constantino DIAMOND T DJ Service. Affordable, quality entertainment. We beat everybody's priccsl OOOD TIMES DJ SER^ VICE "Specializing In fun" 1 hr free, no charge for OT. (908) B

22 JMO Classifieds April 30,1992 COMPUTER TRAININO- Leam databata, wordproeotalng 4 spreadsheet. Ono-on-Ono training. Reaaonabla ratat. Em our or SCHOOL*- out of Work? High School dropout? Job opportunltl*a. Between tha aga* of 17 ft 23? Residents of Middlesex, Somerset, Huntordon Counties only! For Information call 90S certified CHILDCARE/LIVB OUT NANNY dependable A loving, for 10, 7 A 2 yr fol ANYONI WN0 WOUI* UU TO MAVI A NNHIIN QUALITY LIFE STYLE. Kim A I have found a way to bo abta to make more money than wa could ever spend, and have ail the Competitive salary and vantage but not essential no*nslng schools for asnation's leading producers of fresh baked goods WAJTRSSS/WAITflR Ing A Meade Part time, for benefits/profit sharing. work. Experience on me-achanical intarters/colla- tart pay paiafcam* f*r materials. For Information Is seeking a self starting, B training given lltd* aa Incl. all Come Join our teaml Call free Urn* to enjoy it with for appointment tors a must. Salary commensurate with experi- further Info A Interview sible carver training after with WP skills (murumate) tk«rljbf p*se*tcall for on how to apply A pos-well organlied secretary needed FT/PT, experienced. Day or night shift Retired people accepted. our family A friends. OJVI 9300 US A CAU. AT ence. Call Roger Sllvey, Carl licensing call Realty World A Lotus 123 axp. Steno a veil. Apply In person: Pleese call 9SS44S1. Blfl^ftfli^RBBfJBMAoT BB^k»^^ AM MAPMCTRSMAMM Wa will treat you COLLEQtV extension rtmm) osi.aass Ilk* family A show you OFFICE AS0I8TANT- America Agency plus and 10 key calculator skills a must. Mon-Frl, how you can do it tool HS STUDENTS 6400 for appointment. Full time opening in an (RW America ee?s0smts-444t Cranford erae, HontefneiXera, college students, re- Recorded message Non-students also consid' agency which represenu doesn't run pro- 9AM-2PM, ftoxim*. PI*8S* UtSHOUSE PERSON N*w la I* time, ered. Must be 18 or over. DEVELOPMENT OFFICER a large insurance company. The office Is conve- person for shipping, re- Dooming school or guar- send resume to: for Fiscataway Company. tirees: ftemporary work A l ' A l Looking for dependable avail, visiting and Interviewing retailers. Call Fraak A Mm Local Co. will place 21 Wettflald-based, nonprofit people. $10.15 to Start. arts organization seeking niently located on Route SAL ESTATE SALES- Is Entonmann's, Inc. ceiving * pecking. Oood OORKEBPINO till. IHO1B In my home ACCOUNTANT/BOOK Co. training. Advancement experienced development 202 South In Raritan. a lucrative sales career In 2120 Lincoln Hwy. benefits * salary. Pleasant working conditions. you're looking for some- P/T BALM OPPTY.- If eqmpiete through OA KIIPIR- Fulltime/tern w/lncenttves. PT now; FTofficer. Self-starter with PIMM sand resume to PO your futura? Take our Edison, NJ ftmtnuaj or computer, res porary. Start 5/4/92 to after finals. excellent organization, Interpersonal A writing vidual Success Profile WfT7D/V bet what we believe to be the Box 6603 Brtdgewater, NJ FRtS ($300 valu*) Indi- Equal oppty. employer Call Ed at , thing unique we offer. els rates. BB cover maternity leave hr. wk. Salary range $8- Unfa Cty. SSl-SBOS skills. Familiar with grants OFFICE MANAOER questionnaire and find out writing, fundrafslng SBCRBTARY/OFFICR finest P/T oppty. In Amerlce exploding Interne- $15 per hr. Experience 8TATI FARM INSUR- Small professional office how your natural telentt WILDeVCRAZYl events, and donor relations. Sand resume to: necessary in computer ANCI AOENCY- in seeks self starter with and abilities can be d*v*loped to help you attain MANAMR- small Somerset Hills CPA firm seeks Our organisation needs tional. We provide your data entry, A/P. A/R, G/L, Scotch Plains looking for WordPerfect and Lotus, Mark Shoengold, NJWA, JE's, bank racs, acct a property A carnality H Paradox a plus to support the highest level of success possible. Call Pat at secretary/office manager F/T people, astraining. To request personal Interview cell P.O. Box 507, W*stA*M, analysis, generel acct. du censed customer service salas raps. Salary to 25K with Word Perfect axp. craqr as wa are, to help NJ ties, etc. Send resume representative. Please w/beneflts. Call Karln Wetdel Realtors, Bridgewater 9O CPA firm *xp. a plus. run our expanding business. Must enjoy money, VBRAOB- Includes only to: Mrs. J. Bell, Hoff send resume A salary requirements to: 431 Park ISTS- full service salon, Plaeeejeat, 17 RIAL SSTATE- Sales 8225, Somerville, HAIRSTYLIST/MANICUR *00 Pr*f*rr*d Send resume and salary requirements to P.O. Box music, fun A wonting with PART flmi m monthly In- man International, Inc. other people. If you ere CUBICAL NJ to- 300 So. Randolphvllle Ave, Scotch Plains, N ask for Criss or, Wl agent needed. Small active Rosalie Park office. week A would like to be, not making I3s6-$6OO/ Busy merketing Rd., P.O.Box 699, Piseat Sandee PARK RANOBRS- Game away, NJ CU8TOMIR SERVICEcustom decorating dept. for International Co. totenance, ate. No exp. time. On* on On* training. MASS CONSULTANT- wardens, security, main- Ample calls and floor SECRETARY- Career opportunity for mature per- department has an call for en Interview, 908- AOMIN. AMISTANT opening for e person to NO EXP NEC- TOOMMMRt For doing Immediate openings Somervtlle for Multimate in seeks an individual who teach eolor analyais, necessary. For Info, call Lie. req'd. Call Ray son in a secretarial capacity. Word Processing, file, stuff envelopes, ESSARY, WILL TRAIN. possesses superior communication, organization, enhancement. Local train- 9am-9pm seven days. S4S-S11S. wardrobing A total Image , art 8183 Br**ka, Sr*k*r, SOB' photo copy end various Wedding or Family skills. Free training if car steno and previous experience In handling confi- clerical duties. Computer experience not necessary Photo*. Cal tain criteria are met. Call A telephone skills, Is da Ing provided. PT/FT. call PHOTO TRIMMERS RBCIPTIONIST- dential matters required. but s plus. Hours ere i 111, now for more Information tail driven, hat tha ability NEED MONEY FA5TT Fulltlme/parttlme office Competitive salary, liberal flexible per week to work with sales people, INTERIOR DSCORATINO Make up to $125 par day help for friendly professional dental office. Sal- Interested candldatea fringe benefits package. Cell or send resume to: S0-TEMP consumers A workrooms, National Company seeking self-motivated, busi- Work at your own pace. ary negotiable. Please call should submit resume trimming photographs. Computer Power Inc. 124 CERTIFIED NURSES manage order processing Holp deal whh your AN EXCITINO CAREBR- W. Mem St High Bridge, AIDS- Part time 7AM- & paper Mow, has basic l * pain. BrMgewater National Recruiter for In ness minded individuals. For info, call: and compensation requirements to: U.S. NJ PM. Oily eertlned word processing knowledge. Salary com- Bronze Powders, Inc., P.O. Call Tracy ternatlonal Co. seeking Continuous training, support and Incentives. Call Waitress/waiters, grill RESTAURANT HELP xt EOE M/F Idee to apply. Oood ninim * RE career minded Individuals mensurate with experience, medical A dental QUALITY Box 31, Flemlngton, NJ. working conditions food PART'TIMB- Ubrertan - IB Fraa estimates, to consult on color, fash now , cooks, fountain workers, EOE M/F/HV benefits. Raman Health A adult raf. ser., Masters of prompt Mfvlco, all work Ion, glamour. Unlimited leave message. benefits, paid vacation A Opening for inspector with host/hottest. Night shift. Extended Care Center library science or M.L.8. aranteed. PloaM call Income potential, prof. holidays, store discount INTERIOR DECORATINO/ 2-3 yrs. inj*ction molding Shift supervisors. Apply in SecufHy System 033 We 28, Raritan, NJ req., hours per K training provided. PT/FT Susan Mlniman, Fabric SALES- Mature-minded, experience position Involves various shifts, use rant, Stetton Rd. (across person: Friendlys Restau- H4STAUER weak Including some Saturdays end evening, sal Land, butinett-orlented indiv. Qreen Brook firm seeks ORAL SUROeTON'S Will train of test equlppment, from Middlesex Mall), Pitcataway. to support growth A ex-assistant-full time- Susen Krtoger, Dir. of Ediary nag., excellent fringe burglar/fire alarm Installer OFFICE Surgical benmts, send resume to ASSEMBLERS- Excellent Income to assemble LANDSCAPE HBLP- DATA ENTRY gagas, etc. Full benefits, CeVer Cotton 4 Envelopes products from your home. hard work, $7/hr. A up, 40 hr. week. Applicant RETAIL SALES- Love pansion efforts. Qualrflca experience preferred. Call son Public Library, 340 Interview Tips Dept. LONG TERM experience needed. Call must have own transportation. EOE M/F. Reply A accett. Excel, oppty. lated Installation expert fashion? Sell ladles hatt tions should Include re Pialnfield ave, Edison 24 Tir. turnaround P Box 21 c/o Forbes Newspapers, 44 Franklin St., Plfd. or Nobby Shop In perience Is a plus. WeFulltlme/parttime. Multi FT/PT. Beverly Shop In ence. Security system ox PHYSICAL TNERAPIST- N J., 0881T ktbs*t401 AVON Major Corp. is in IMMEDI LAW ENFORCEMENT MW THOUSANDS orr Eam extra money In your ATE NEED FOR SEVERAL DBA, U.6. MAR- Somerville, NJ Now Brunt offer competitive wages A specialty group practice In spare time. All areas. responsible people with SMALL'S now hiring. No benefits. Call for appt Union Cty. seeks experienced physical therapist. roul MORTIAII (908) solid data entry skills. experience necessary. For MBT with the Mortgage alter 6pm These positions are for an application Info call 1- Salary dependent upon OPPORTUNITIES Controller. Call Nick Braeo mportant long term Ext. NJ4- ATTENTION SECURITY Somerville experience. Excellent ben WBO AVON 6AUS- All areas. project to update their am to 6 pm 7 days. Manufacturer of UPS Major health care facility eflts. Send resume to: Prl For information call 1OOO files A records. This In an Systems has immediate Immediate openings for has weekend shifts available. Applicants must St., Danville, NJ Med Inc., 165 East Main 1 BOO IMPLOYMENl EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY LEOAL SSCRBTARYbusy union county law Transformer Finisher and looking to make great, have HSfripkxna or OED, openings for a self-motivated persons to work at a top company in the SOMERSET COUNTY firm, seeks exp. person a Painter. We offer on Job consistent $ «*$. working telephone, verifiable references, neat ap- RN/LPN- part time for AREA. Candidates need with litigation and per-training and excellent JR BOOKKEEPER solid data entry skills ANY company benefits. Call Parttlme/Fulltlme pearance, valid driver's IIcense, clean police Clark. Please call Diane at walk In Medical Center in CLERICAL EXPERIENCE WILL BE personnel for interview , CONSIDERED. SOSO Efnpfoyment-Generaf ull time position. Qualified applicant must type & have previous A/P, A/R experience. Any computer inowledg* a plus. Excellent company ben- TAROIT HUMAN efits Including 401K and Profit sharing. To arrange an Interview, please call: OI-M Management X2tO CAMP COUNSBLOR- Must be 18 or older. Position runs from June 22 ntil August 21, ccepting applications now. Call Glenn Macafee , The Westfield "Y\ CAMP DIRECTOR- Col opportunity in a general CHILOCARB NEBDBDfor cute 4 yr. old A hisolder, experienced pre- Oental Temps, Inc lego graduate, 21 orpractice. Please call adorable baby sister in ferred. Position rjns from our Westftek) home. Mon- June 22 until August 21, Frl. 7:30AM-6PM. Must L992. Accepting applicaons now. Call Glen DIRECT CARE FOR DEhave car, exp. A rafs. Call VELOPMENTALLY DIS Macafee ABLED ADULTS in CHILDCAHE WANTEDin my Metuchen home for CARPENTER new con or Westfield ' '. group home, part time per diem A subs. Call 908-7mo. old. Fridays only, struction. Experience in 7AM-6PM. Must be CPRfinish work, cabinet installation A decks. Own transportation CALL N0WIII 906-6S RISOURCIS INC. DATA ENTRY SPECIALIST Insurance knowledge or experience with the Agena system helpful. Send resume to: Davies A Assoc. Attn: Karen Alllston, 80 Floral X Ave., Murray HIM, N.J. MAINTENANCR $ $ $ DENTAL HYGIENIST Fulltime position. A great DR. OFFICE- approx. 25 hrs. inc. half day Sat. Exp. preferred. Call HILDCARE- earn timo DRIVERS- Weekends. Retired & semi- money providing quality olds. Refs. A own carchildcare for 1 or more retired welcome. Call 9am req.. Call hlldren in your own I to 10pm, CHILDCARE/LIVE-OUTfar 11, 7 A 5 yr. olds InNC, offers free Insurance, lome. MONDAY MORNING Edison Mon. Frl. Refs. & starting pay, great beneferrals, equipment, own car req. Call 908- tack-up A _rn?f_ e -: MPi. n modern air ride tractors, r LIVI OUT BRANCH- URO loving responsible person to care for 1 CHILDREN'S LIORAIAN- that get you home. Cela vances, assigned dispatcher, good traffic lanes and 3 yr. old. Non-smoker Masters of Ub. science or don Trucking end Refs M.L.S., 32 Vi hours per 9770 EOOKINO FOR RELIABLE week, Including some Sat. FltJMN TO BABYSIT my and evenings, sai. neg., DRIVERS- FT & PT positions available. Must be 17 mo. A 4 yr. old- Mon A exc. fringe benlfits, send Wed. eves, possibly more. resume to : SUSAN over 25. Retirees welcome. Call bet. 9am-6pm, Must have own transportation. (908) public Library, 340 Plain ^0040 KRIEGER, Dir. of Edison field ave., Edison N.J., IVALUATOR (p/t), visit NO. BRUNSWICK- Sitter local restaurants. & barswrite detailed needed evenings to enter- reports., Advertin ' In ttio Classified! 5099 Emp/oymofl(*66florsl COLLECTORS- topmodfull-tlme leal collection agency needs collectors with INSERTER OPERATOR some experience In ourneed Immediately: operator/set-up parson for Mul- Somerville area location. ler Inserter. No weekend sonal Injury background. Dictaphone, computer/ word processing, Wang preferably and Steno required. Excellent benefits, alary commensurate with exp. full time or permanent part time. Call Edith LEOAL SBCRRTARY- Cranford firm sacks experienced full time Real Edtate secretary with word processing knowledge, good typing, steno and lictaphona skills. Call POSI- TION must have minimum 4 yrs. experience with engineering capabllironics related firm in SomervHt* area. Benefits. Apply at Town* Labatolet, 1 US Hwy. 206, Somerville For high volme T-thirt/sweatshlrt ihop on College Campus n New Bmnswick. Must M self motivated, Intel Igent and most Imporantly, verifiable references pleas*. Call Adam S0O SS. >art time reps for market esearch, merchandising or resets in local retail tores. Flex, hours, expelence a +, car nee. $7/hr. all Uln 10 VT. old girl in my CLERK TYPIST- progressive medical collector) expen. plus paid, 703- home. References agency with opportunity ' MORTOA0E SALE REPfor advancement. CRT ex- j FINANCIAL MANAOE- RESENTATIVE- Somerset County based aggres- perience helpful but will i MENT FIRM- requires train. Competitive salary motivated person with sive mortgage company Is and benefits/profit sharing. Call for appointment strong WordPerfect 5.1 & looking for experienced, Lotus 3.1. Will have diversified responsibilities in acapable of producing energetic loan producers MAID SRRVKI- Seeking outgoing experienced small office. Salary nego individual with dependable car, Interested in full ERATORS A SUPERVI-! mln. of office. Send re- COATIHO/SLITTINQ OP- j tiable. Must live within 30 time housekeeping work SORS needed for Somerset area Manufacturing P.O. Box 210, Gladstone, sume to: Office Manager, Averaging $7-$8 per hr. Call NJ BANK OPENINGS FULL AND PART TIME Leading north/central Naw Jersay bank tins npinuiur, In local branches for the following positinnr, MERCHANT SALES REP Entry level salaried opportunity to develop you! r.nlt"; kills sailing our charge card pfocgrnm to iix.ti merchants. Your resume must includo sninry requirements. SANK TELLERS We have full tnd part time openings lor Toflors with,i minimum of 6-12 months o( prior Teller oxpononco ENCODER OPERATOR Part time opening available. Hours ;i r o I PM to finish MorvFri. Qualified candidates must ii.ivo,i gnorf numerical aptitude, meet deadlines find work well wwiln a group. For prompt consideration please send your rnsumn or summary of your background!o: Box 10, Forbes Newspapers P.O. Box 699, Somerville NJ, co. knowledge of laminating film helpful. Company offers commptitive wages full beneflts.w/dental, va- FRIENDLY HOME PAR- TIES has openings for cation. Apply ppy Main Tape, demonstrators. No cash investment. No service 95-Clyde Rd. Somersct -- ] charge. High commission ; and hostess awards. Two catalogs, over 600 items. Call i Advertise in the Classified! - MODELS female 5'4 A up; guys 5 & up) Wanted for exciting fashion show season. Exp. Must be outgoing, love music & dance. Call Runway Magic after 2PM for appt. MODELS NEEDED Children 6 mos/16 yrs. NO EXP. NEC. Immed. assignments If qualified. No portfolios or schooling required. Call Reid Elliot Management Group, NJ State Uc. 8W $1,000,000 per month in loans. Good commission and support personnel. Leads provided. Source Mortgage Company, NEED MONEY FAST Make up to $125 par day trimming photographs. Work at your own pace. For Info call: 1-I00-2S2-4MO NEED MONEY FABT- Make up to $125 per day, trimming photos, work at your own pace, for info call, 1-S00-S62-4SS9 DRIVERS I.{ a r I > in o r ii i ti g bulk ** - delivery. 1 In 3 days per ««" t Z week. Must have reimblc!!!j * t " smiill (nick or lar^e c;ir. ; J* ','.. liii Inillici i II f'f >i III.IIIIHI cill: Z\\ Ext //.'iilliljii lllitmiimmt - I -< 9 SOSO NCWYIARNIWOARnR Pft ftfe A fl ^ parsons for telemarketing positions m Union based company. Expor. an ad-, NJOOSle ~ EXT. 110 PROORAMMER ANA- LYST part tlma/flax time position. Rapidly growing software company seeks person with 5+ years programming exp. in PICK Basic applications environment. Knowledge of Unix & 4GL tools «+. Transition to full time position possible. Send resumes A salary requirements to: Personell Dept. P.O. Sox Ml, fast BranswteK, NJ * * * PT/FT INCOME OP- PORTUNITIBS AVAIL- ABLE $1000$2000 per month. Plus profit sharing plus medical/dental. For Information call Mr. Z, RIAL ESTATE CAREER WBHMU REALTORS, Hillsborough. We are looking for good people to Join our sales staff. Whether licensed or unlicensed, we can get you started In a successful Real Estate Career. Flexible hours, unlimited earning potential and hands-on training. Call Judi Hltt, Manager, MALMTATI0ALI6 SICRITARY WAITIRS/WAIT- KITCHEN HMJP Tuesdays 8:30am-3:30pm. Realty World Amarlca PartTtaM) MS6E0- FT/PT with ex Agency will assist new applicants on dates, times, come In. Hltlsborough 230 dark St., \ perience please. Cell orapply at Wef* 1 -"**" A locations of pro-entenmann's, on* of th* Diner, Rt. 206, Belle esales Telemarketing Office Help Installers Sewing machine operators In the convenience of your own home record. Experience preferred but will train. Call (908) EOE. record keeping. Able to Send resume to: Box 29work under pressure A c/o Forbes Newspapers, deal with general public. P.O. Box 699, Somerville, Computer training available. $8.99/hr NJ.08B76 hrs/ MANUFACTURER'S REPS & SALESPEOPLE Needed immediately. High commissions Are you ready to earn between $30,000 to $50,000 your first year and $50,000*80,000 your second year, then we'd like to speak to you. The leading national real estate office In NJ is looking for 2 career minded people for residential, new homes sales, commercial Investment sales & leasing in Central Jer- RSAL BSTATB SALES Have you ever considered We are looking for a self- energetic Indi- a Career in Real Estate? Immediate hire. Mln. ofmotivated, Come to our Weichert Realtors' Career Seminar licensed & train you. Foroppty. Connections Perpaced Circulation Departsey area. We will get you 6mos. exp. required. Exc. vidual to work in our fast- pref. but not nee. Saturday, May 2, 1992, confidential interview, call sonnel ment. Job tasks Include at 10 AM. to learn more Ken Worden at CENTURY data entry, and strong TEMPORIUM NEEDS about this exciting business. Reservations a $7.00/hr, approximately 21, Worden 8, Criveilo, customer service skills. YOUR SKILLS- Multl mate, Lotus, Word Perfect, Unix. Cross training Karen Walsh must) Please call Bev Perkins at It SCHOOL BUS 20 hrs per week, Call could chsnge your life I DRIVERS- Wanted. CDL avail. Call for 7900, Ext required. Will help to acquire. Please call Paul at: when you come In. Please appointment-free gift SAL ESTATB SALES Immed. opening. Excel, call TEMP oppty. Century 21 office, training, floor time avail. SECRETARIES TRACTOR TRAILER DRIV- Great contacts. In-House EXECUTIVE ERS needed full time. Experience necessary bonus program. Must be licensed. Call Mr. Brandt for details. 968-TSa days, S82-S4S9 evee. Century 21, fempsn nwijf AW tew Rd., Ptoaartarwey RIAL ESTATE SALES MaxlMlie your aarnlng potential. Join Century 21, McGee. 100% Commission Plan, newly licensed welcome. Call Ray, Century 31, MeOee Realters, , 10*S Rt. 202, Bh RSAL ESTATE S A L E S- 3 office firm, ost seeks agent wilting to devote IndMduel, personalized attention to our clients & customers. 60% to million $$ associates. No franchise fees. Fischer Realtors, Whitehouse, Basking Ridge, Washington, Full-Time HELP! EXPLOSIVE OROWTH Full Time/Part Time New high demand service. Outstanding pay program. Call SALES/SALES MANAGEMENT Great opportunities in top Fortune 100 companies. Immed. need for secretaries w/wordperfect, Wang, HP and/or Legal experience. We will provide FREE training & cross training. We offer top salary, Mod/ Ufa Ins., Holiday/Vacation pay A excel, working conditions. Catl today. MANPOWER, INC. Cranford Edleon/ laemii Somervttl* 722-3SM SECRETARIES W/W.P. High Power Temps needs Advertise in the Classified! SENIOR CLERK TYPISTpart time position avail able. Typing, filing, knowl ege of bookkeeping/ wk. Cranford Finance Dept EOE M/ F/V/H STABLE WORKER- Lord Stirling Stables. Expert ence with horses deslr able. Call for application. EOE. SUMMER Ntt»M- to assist caretaker with grounds A building main tenance. Bedmlnster, part time now, full timesummer, must have drivers license. $6/hr plus. Smoke free anviroment. Call between 10 am and 4 pnv UMPIRE- ASA certified for men's slow pitch softball. Available Wednesday's, May 1 thru September 1. Will pay going rate. Call UNDERCOVER WEAR Part time sales agents needed. Hostesses re- Dependable, Qualified Temporary Employees to ceive free lingerie. Monthly specials. For more In- fill Job orders from our client companies In this formation call Jean area. 90S-287-g72S HIOH POWER TEMPS UTILITY COMPANY 1OB Eeet Union Ave JOBS- Start $7.80- Bound Brook, NJ 0S60S 15.75/hr., your area. Men 90S-B60-91BS & women needed. No ex- INSERTER OPERATOR Need Immediately: operator/set up person (or Muller inserter. No weekend work. Experience on mechanical inserter/ collator a must. Salary commensurate with experience. Call Rogor Silvey Ext (or appointment. A Union County Forbes Newspaper SUMMER HELP- needed. Make up to $1500 weekly mailing circulars from home. Send SASE to: J.M. Publishing Co., P.O. Box 1624, Piscataway, NJ SUPBRINTENBENT- Apartment houses, experienced, own tools, plumbing, carpentry, painting skills, good apartment, benefits, references. Start S360/WK TELLERS TYPIBT/RSCEPTIONISTfull time/part time, suburban Cranford Law office. Good typing and clerical skills, spelling and telephone manner essential. W/P and dictaphone a BE YOUR OWN BOSS No Hmlt earnings potential. Record setting International Marketing Com pany now open In Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada ft. USA. PT/FT. We train. SOS-TSS-ST19 AVON 6ALS6- All areas. For Information celt DRIOOBWATSR MOM- of twin Infants needs helper 2-3 deyt/wk. Starts at $5.50/nr. Hours are flex. I Applicants must be 18 yrs. or older ft. have own transp. Call or send resume to P.O. Box 464, Raritan, NJ BUS DRIVER- for Senior Citizens transportation program in Metuchen. Commercial driver's license req. 2 days per week. $8.62/hr. Call CLERICAL Forbes Newspapers has a clerical position available in our Bedminster Office. DBLI HELP WANTEDpart time, fledxible hours, exp. preferred. Please call before 11AM or after 2PM DIETITIAN/NUTRITION- IST- part time, dietitian needed for Nutrition Office, R.D. or R.D. eligible. Counseling for medical diets ft wt. control prog. Must be exp., have people skills. Tues, pref. 4-6/hrs. Inc. eves FASHION ADVISORS Needed to wear & show fashion lewelry 2 eves. $175. We train. Call FLORAL DRIVER/HELP- ER- 10am till 3:30pm, Tuesday thru Saturday. Knowledge of Branchburg/ Somerville area. Call NSURANCE OFFICEneeds part timer 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm, possibly leading to full time for diversified office duties. Send rasume to: Monarch NOTICE: All EMPLOYMENT Life Insurance, 14 Com-WANTEmerce Drive, Cranford, NJ are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE advertisements perience necessary. For by cash, check, VISA or Info, call JANITORIAL WORK- In Master Card. For a quote on 4561 ext. 2617, 6AM- Bedminster, $7 per hour. cost, pleass call 8PM-7 days- $12.95 fee Call after 4 pm VENDORS AND SHOPPERS WANTED 15th Annual Alumni Association Flea Market SATURDAY, MAY 9 {rain dote May 16) UNION COUNTY COLLEGE 1033 Springfield Ave., Cranford INFO CALL: Pmt'TIm PART-TIME- Library assistant, hours per week, Including some Set. and evenings, salary nog., exc. fringe bentftts, send resume to : SUSAN KRIEGER, Dir. of Edison public library, 340 plainrield ave, Edison NJ., PUT IN YOUR SPAM TIME while earning great Income. Free trebling A esrn free krt. Call Val with Discovery Toys Pis call PT LEOAL SECRETARY needed for small law firm located In Scotch Plains. Must have WP exper. Legal axpar. preferred but not nee RESTAURANT RBLP- Hot new company. Counter persons, kitchen A delivery persons needed. Have fun while you work. Call Wings Of Westwood, New Brunswick SALES need money for bills A still keep tha most important job as Mom, earn ii80/weekly SECRETARY- For Market Research and Consulting firm. Good Word Processing and telephone skills required. Flexible hrs. Familiarity with WordPerfect A Lotus e plus. Send resume to: P.O. Box 2275, Westfield, N.J SECRETARY- Part time needed for small office. 16 hrs. per week. Well organized person, good typing skills, filing, telephone. No smokers please. Call SMALL INTERIOR PLANT MAINTANENCB CO.- seeks help In Plscataway rea /hrsAvk. Call Business Blooms EACHER/NURSflRY SCHOOL Head teacher certification required. Exerience preferred. Tues M Thurs afternoon, Sept. 92. Call mornings TELEMARKETERS PART TIME Earn extra cash flexible hours 3 to 5 days par week 6pm to 9pm In our Bedmintter office $7.00 per hour plus commission for further Info CALL RICH MARKBRT FORBES NEWSPAPERS 9OS-TS1-TSO0 Ext WAREHOUSE- shop, shipping and assembly. 9 im to 2 pm WORK FROM NOME When you want, excellent Income, lust a few hours weekly SOSO Empioymmrt Wmnfd HAUFFBUR/ OARDENER- Good refernces, Call eves IEALTH AIDE- Seeking osltlon to take care of Iderly person. Mature, xp'd woman,chester/ ewsksbury/bed minster irea only dusekeepers, NAN- IEB, NURSES AIDES VAIL Women of all naonalitles. Applicants crooned. Reasonable cos. Aurora Agency, Long 3f«nch,

23 April 29, 30, May 1,1992 Real Forbes Newspapers Guide U-1 ' ^^' ^EaBaa^a^a^naaBBaaapaapn^p^nBP^aannnnnnnn^n^p^nwBnanpiw^^^^^^^^^^PP^PB^P^^^^^a^aaaBaa^BB^np^nBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Clark home has much to offer buyers CLARK This custom colonial split home with brick and aluminum siding is located in a park-like setting on a cul-de-sac at 95 FVances Drive. Offered through Meeker Sharkey, Realtors of Cranford, the house is selling at $439,900. Meticulously maintained, the house overlooks the reservoir in town. The house has 12 rooms, includ- HOUSE TOURS ing five bedrooms and sixth room that can be converted to another bedroom or a study. There are two Adi baths and one half bath. Specifically, the home has a 25X8.1 entry foyer with a polished stone floor leading to the rear double doors that open to the rear yard. The entry level also contains an office/den measuring 13.5X13 and has paneling and carpeting. The laundry room is 16.7X5 with a washer and dryer and the family room, also panelled and having doors leading to a patio, is 12.8X25.7. There is a bedroom with wall-to-wall carpeting measuring 12.7X13.7 and a half-bath measuring 5X4.6 The first level has a 25.5X19.5 living room with fireplace and wallto-wall carpeting, an 11X15 dining room with wall-to-wall carpeting, a 17.4X13 kitchen with range, dishwasher and refrigerator, and an enclosed porch off the living room which measures 11.5X18. The upper level has four bedrooms the master bedroom with bath and wall-to-wall carpeting measuring 13X19, and three other bedrooms with wall-to-wall carpeting measuring 11.3X10, 11.4X10, and 12X12 respectively. The third level has the sixth bedroomftilayroom measuring 22X21.5, along with a floored attic with storage space and attic fan. The basement is a full basement. Other features include an alarm system, underground lawn sprin- TOLL FREE EUSSA KLOTZ/FORBES NEWSPAPERS This house with spacious front lawn Is located at 95 Francis Drive In Clark. kler, two-zone central air conditioning and four-zone heating, and a fire sprinkler system. The house is convenient to all transportation, the Garden State Parkway, and shopping areas. It has a two-car attached garage. Clark was established as a township in 1864, having separated from Rahway and remained predominantly rural until World War II. The town was named after Abraham Clark, who despite a lack of formal education, became a surveyor and acquired some knowledge of the law. He was a champion of the underprivileged and was outspoken against the high fees charged by lawyers practicing in the royal courts. Although he was never admitted to the bar, Mr. Clark began dis- TO ADVERTISE CALL OUR CLASSIFIED HOTLINE From April's NonSequltur ABOUT LISTING AGREEMENTS A lutlng agreement is a written authorization thai permits a real estate broker to act as an agent for a property owner. This agreement is a bilateral contract because both the broker and property owner moke a promise in exchange (or a promise. The broker promises "best efforts" in procuring a ready, willing and able purchaser and the properly owner promises to pay the broker if successful Each properly executed agreement derails the names and addresses of the parties, a description of the properly, the terms of the sale (asking price, time line for closing of tttlu, permissible mortgage options, etc.) commission to be paid, the duration ol the contract, and the signature of the parties. Terms, commission and duration must be successfully negotiated before agreement can be reached. The a*klng price for n property is best determined bv reviewing recent ' sales of homes that can fairly be considered comparable It is also necessary to survey the homes cuirentlv being marketed to ashes'; competition. After the research is finished the binkei and seller should be able to project a probable selling range called "lair market value " Many homeowners are understandably anxious about pricing their homes. If too much is asked, offers won't be forthcoming. The next seller whu suggests thai "you can always reduce the price, but you can't raise it." won't be the first, but this sentiment has to be balanced mtamst studies which indicate that the more closely a home is pi iced to fair market value, the sootier it will sell and the greater the selling price Time line for closing and permissible mortgage options are often dictated by circumstances. Showing instructions (call owner, use of link box or listing agent much accompany) and pi;i mission to plant a vard sign are matters generally left to owner preference The comml»«ion to be paid is shown twice nn an esilusive right to sell listing agreement. Once as Ihe total amount ol c-onirnissitni due the listing brokers other than Ihe listing broker who is aulhon/ed to show and sell Ihe property) for successful best efforts. Commission can hi' expressed in dollar amounts but is usually shown as n percentage of the selling price Many savvy properly owners are negotiating n two tiered commission agreement. Thai Is, they expect to pay less if Ihe. broker who lists the property is also the selling broker Duration of Ihe agreement is anolher kev < ' r:i. 111 of the conliacl Each brokers assesses the property, the current market and his or her personal self-confidence in an ability lo market anil sui gesi'-, a listing term I'm personally not comfortable signing an agreement Im moie than three months, Perhaps it's my discipline If I commit ii> an <uiipli-h an nbteitive und give myself too much limed tend ti> lose enthusiasm and heenme less effective. This approach also prohibits me from acteptm<i nvriprnvd listings that enn't possibly be sold within Ihat lime tiame lin.ijli,. il.1 )K>)>iilv owner isn't reasonably 1 (xiih'jative. I'm 1 li\v,ed fn>m rnv [iimnr.* 1 ill a relatively short peniul <>1 lime < If cuiise. loo is the seller reviewing inv "brsl elloil'- ' it expire, i belter prove my mettle Enlightened sclf-lntcicst drmunds llmt is I'm evaluating the sellei. sn tt I'm t" retain ii listing, should rhis piece he /(iflniird disclaimer. If you, drar lemto, lire currently imirki-luui vnnr /iiirin' Ihe "best I'lforis" or ii'iotjirr hutkcr, this is nut n so/ii jf<iriu>i /VIM 1 consider If ns such REALTORS bv u tfun'f WBRTJ^ wh^,*^^bf^^^^wf *^G^&~ pensing free legal advice to those of limited means. Clark has a population of 16,541 and is 4.59 square miles. There are 9OOO REAL ESTATE 9010 $190,000 CRANFORD- 3 BR, LR, DR, kit., end. porch, full bsmt., detached gar., alum, siding, quiet area, conv. to rail trans. $148,500. aoi-caa- 93t4 Advertise In the Classified! 9010 HOJIMC Undw 9150,000 EDISON- Lindoneau School, lovely expanded cape 3 BR, EIK, format DR, 2 full baths, fenced yard. Walk to schools, trains, stores. $131,500 Make offerl Call ex Ads in Classified don't cost They payl aaaaaa*et MBI W f m Q w ^BWWIHPJP^^ *^W 9 ^P* ^BBjB^^fPBj^^BB^Bjp numerous recreational organizations and clubs, while the town is also close to Union County parks and other facilities Hontts Undw $150,000 MANVILLE- If you thought you couldn't af ford a home, think again 2BR, 1 bath home, walkout bsmt. Is offered at a low $93,000. Call today ERA AMERICAN DREAM Realtors, 90S-2S NO.SRUNSWICK- 2 BR 2 bath, whirlpool tub, 3 yr old mobile home. Modern community w/clubhouse, tennis & pool. Financing avail. Asking $62,000. (»0«) 422-8B8S MINI-ESTATE Come see this delightful small Colonial farmhouse in Scotch Plains set well back on Vfc acre in a country setting. If you can make do with 2 good bedrooms, this lovely home will charm you. There are front and rear decks, enclosed front porch, large garage and much more. Asking $185,000 The Prudential (Mb Alan Johnston, Inc. REALTORS 1534 Route 22 Mountainside, NJ (908) Property sales CRANFORD Muriel C. Wallrw to Philip J. IV & Maryann Dohn, «OO Brooksld* Mac*, $165,000 New Jersey Realty Co. et at to Elizabeth A. BataJUe, 401 E. Uncoin Pfc» No< 401 K* Lincoln P»«tfc NO $64,900 Margot Scnartenberg to Patrick & Muriel C. Conway, 42S Orohani St. $184,000 FANWOOD John S. & Harriett Scott to John Harriett, 9 Shasta Pass, $88,224 GARWOOD Estate of Doris H. Hergott to John S. Staba II, 425 Beech Ave., $168,000 Cart W. & Maxine V. Browne to Susan G. Harris, 332 Hemlock Ave., $75,000 Daniel & Doguglas Fabiao et ol.. 65S WHIow St, $163,000 KENILWORTH Natalie WesterveK to Ralph & Valarie Oristanio, 648 mehflem Ave., $138,000 SCOTCH PLAINS Mark A. Seitried to Harilaos & Dina M. Kalimtzis. 435 Ivergreen Boutevard, $165,000 Union County Sheriff to Culnen & Hamilton, Short HIHs Lane, Parcol No OO OOOA, $158,384 Tadeusz & Urda Kaczmarek to Anthony R. & Jonie A. Smith, 644 Sims Awe., $150,750 Eart P. & Marilyn A Simmons to Keith L & Al-Ajab Gaines, 31 Wlh low Ave., $116,500 WESTFIELD Loral Holding Co. to Alfred & Jacqueline Piesco, 535 Carioton Road, $170,000 Donald & Patricia A Carroll to Peter K. & Kathleen D. Bennett, 41S Colonial Ave., $330, Mom** Undw $190,000 PLAINPIELD OREAT STARTER NOME The work is all done on this completely updated 3BR Colonial home. New kitchen & new wall lo wall carpet. Freshly painted Inside & out. Quiet east end location. $109,900. ERA tuburk Realty Agency, l<h-»m-44>4 *0. PLAINFIELD- by owner, 3 BR, colonial cape, 1% bath, spotless, frplc, Ig. deck, EIK, OR, Ig. front porch, fenced yard, newer gas furnace A roof. $132,000. Call PLAINFIELD- Cape Cod, 3 > BR, close to schools/shopping/trans., EIK, full bsmt., new furnace, many items recently upgraded, deep yard In good area. Reduced to $125,900. By owner Advertise In the Clattitied! THE BERG BUILDING 75 LINCOLN HIGHWAY (RT. 27} ISELIN, N.J TOM ALTIERI Broker Associate Silver Million Dollar Club RE/MAX 100% Club BeJrd & Shirley E. Snyder to Laekawaxen Rangers, 210 Orchard SL, $308,000 DUNELLEN Edward Naphor et ux. to Enrique & Adele Guzman, North Ave., $147,500 Estate of Mary Suchak to Gregory & Barbara Kriney, 542 South.,$90,000 EDISON Virasak Kriengkrairut to William & Angelina MaJdonado, 71 Briar Ave., $175,000 Mesa Dev. to Joseph & Eva Moussa, 6 Cordina Drive, $215,500 William & Barbara McEwen to Gregg Roman et ux., 644 Denver Boulevard. $167,000 Galto Industries to Richard & Marilyn Bazarewsky, 10 Callo Way, $340,000 Michael & Emily Zigarelli to Robert Messier et ux., 31 Gate Homo Lane, $150,000 Clifton & Mary Titcomb to Tzyh Jong & Lei-Lei Wang, 2 Highpoint Drive, $187,000 John Warzecha to Jo Hwan & Hee Sook Oh, 29 Mlfco Road, $107,000 Joseph Procession to Mark & Nancy Damato, 23 Montvlew Road, $138,000 Estate of Arline Uneberger to Joseph & Robin Kenney, 26 Orange St., $105,000 Gary Kozan to Jemmy Kan el we, 1725 Raspberry Court. $82,000 Stanley & Santa Kumar to Kwok Wai & Mai Chung Sze, 6 Valerie Road, $354,000 Daniel Properties to Yik-Ming & Yuk-Shan Ho, 15 Vallata Place, $360,000 James & Catherine Shirk to vinod Makhija. 160 Westgate Drive. $143,000 v Mark & Eileen Caflori to Jonathan * Pine, 310 Wostgate Drive, $140,650 (Please turn to page 2) (/ntfw $190,000 aomirset- 1 family Ranch, finished b*mt., 5 mlns. from all transp. A markets. Reduced to $135,000. Lois of extras. Must sell! Call WAN! TO a f f FASTI- w«eatclalu* In matching m«tlv«t««hers with aiiallne* uyere. i-aoo*4sa-atsa Ue. Realtor WEST EASTON, PA Aproxlmately 40 miles from Warrenvllle/BasMrtg Ridge exit off BR, 1V2 bath, LR, DR, FR, Kit., 2 decks, CAC. Move-In condition, professionally landscaped lot. Family neighborhood, low taxes. $119,500. Please call , Iv. msg. DID YOU KNOW... that an ad In this local paper also goes into 16 other local papers? Reach over 400,000 readers with one callt i.aoo-baa-t4ta 9020 for Sale BOUND MOOK OPEN HOUSE SAT. 1-4 PM aia Hamilton Ave. Old World Charm can be found in this quaint 3 bdrm. Colonial. Features 2 full baths, finished bsmt, Formal DR, LR, EIK, & 2 car garage. Walk to train, shopping & house of worship. Asking $149, Dir: Rt 28 (Union Ave.) to Hamilton near Mountain Ave. CENTURY 21 J. J. SCHWARTZ Performance Realty (toa)2s Ind.Owned/Opr. Realtor rldgawatar MAKE OFFERI 3 BR Cape $149,500. For Info call CENTURY 21 Diamond Realty, Inc. Raaltor (»0») Advertise in the Classified! 1 am. ** " realty center (90S) EXT. 253 HEHNLY SCHOOL SPLIT IN CLARK A One home on a superb lot measuring 12V x 125' with a 2 car attached garage. This excellent location features a home loaded with potential and 4 bedrooms - ideal for the growing family. Priced for a smart buyer at only $215,000. Call TOM ALTIERI. T;8?5647. When you call Turn Atticri Call the Mover!

24 U-2 / Forbes Newspapers Guide April 29,30, May 1,1992 (Continued from page 1) 760 Route One Assoc. to P & A Penned Foods Inc., 760 M Rout* One, $600,000 HIGHLAND PARK DonaH & Don* Motony to Shmuel & Avva Dabl, 404 Uncoln Av«., $206,000 Robert & Jean Buhr to Mark & Eileen Kirtbacky, 22S MagttoMa St., $120,000 Mietek Janickt et ux. to Raymond & Jessica Leonard, 229 Valentin* St, $118,500 Frank & Anne Reff to Robert & Laura Cahill, 206 N. Third AW., $125,000 METUCHEN James & Carol Brennan to David a Karen DBmeshpjhi, 191 MMsJhMU Aw*, $106,000 Paul & Renee Howard to CtaurJa Campbel, 256 ROM SL, $72,650 MIDDLESEX Harold & Jacqueline Palmer to Judith Cangetosl, 229 Oraono Av»., $118,000 Stanley & Helen CwaHnski to Peter Ronzo et ux, 116 South Aw., $65,000 Property sales NEW BRUNSWICK CWoorp Mtg. to Dev. & Sumedha Dabas, 771 CranburyCi $55,000 Q E CapttaJ Mtg. Serv. to Joseph Maurer, 7 DolafMd St, $80,000 Russell Thompson to David Adams, S He> MftturetSt, $18,500 N B Dev. Corp. to Robin Capers, 136 Lawrenoe St.. $86,400 Stephen & Violet Gussis to Stephen Ostergren, 109 Sonwraot St, $275,000 Margaret Shaw to Gregory Hall, 203 TownstMMf St, $85,000 PISCATAWAY Bradley & Susan Balamander, 182 $215,000 Kathleen Connotty to Toni Dover St, $38,675 Sinclair to Mandar West, Pasquale Mastrolanni to Abdul Noorl, arandvtew Ave.. $164,000 Commons of PI to Tony Phillpp, 2803 JsUN Way. $79,990 Jerry Sanseverlno to Giuseppe & Anna Greco, 87 Morrte Laite, $65,000 Alfred BorowsM to Jeffrey Miller et ux., 22 OnteAv*., $170,000 P I B S Assoc. Inc. to Callxto & Florida Haltegado, 16 Snowdtllt M m, $184,000 SOUTH PLAINFIELQ Josepa & Florence Neglla to Robert & Sandra Buck. 11 Detoney Court, $174,000 Oryden Brokaw to William & Colleen Kcrt. vrtes, 422 Highland Awe., $75,000 Phyllis Slaten et ux. to Mark Mallory et ux., 987 low!a Avo., $135,000 0*0 Home* for «*/ PMSCIIIPTiON POP) KAPFfNISS Beautiful 3+BR Cuitom Cape on quiet cul-de-sac. LR boasts brick fireplace, Eat-In Kitchen, Big DR, Dan w/glas» sliders to large wood deck, 2 baths, vinyl siding, 1 acre property. $186,900. Century 21 M9v9 R Mtft os MDQIWATIIt- Unden Street, New construction, Aug.'92 occupancy $172,500. Call Ray at or CRANPOPW IXC CASH FLOW + LOCI 4 family plus-top cond., walk to townaralns, ate. Brick + siding maint. free ext. < >10% return. Discover this value today! $349,000. Please cajl Bob, NomeaforSmlm MJNMXIN» YEARS NEWI Modern Bl-level home offering 3BRs, 2 baths, w/ spacious Fam Rmft att. garage. Sets on huge parkllke grounds. Mint move-in cond. Excel. neighborhood. Good schools, near train station. Asking $155,000. NIOMLANO PARKowner must sell, top cond. split ranch, 3 plus BR, quiet Street, many extras. $163, anytime. Principles only please. LEBANON BOIIO HUNT- MOON- work at home $ ge 9 room colonial on EDISON by owner, 4 BR Main St. zoned home/ * * * split, LR, DR, FR, 1.5business. 72 x 267' lot. baths, garage, CAC, gas Great family home or office exclusive. Asking heat on cul-de-sac. Asking $175,900. Call 908- $229,000. FISCHER RE ALTORS Advertise In the Classified! 9020 HomeeflerSe/e H * & REALTY MONiaOMMY TOWN- Realtor eoa-m8-4too SHI* 1 Privacy plus! Large ranch with 8.22 DISON- soum. (Twin- farm land assessed acres, Brooks) by owner 3 SR28' screened porch, fireplace, set back 1145' ranch, 2 baths, fin. bsmt., quiet street, CAC, from road. Only $228, $219,900. Hurry! This property Is a good buy. tf you wait to call you'll miss It. FISCHER REALTORS MONTQOMflRY TWP.- Spaclous 3 8R Ranch, fin. bsmt., screened porch. 1.3 ac, move-in cond. Bridgepoint Historic Dirt. NISHANIC- Best buy in town. 8 rooms plus, super clean ranch, 1+ acre. Low, low taxes. Under $19O,OOO/negoUaMa. Call Linda or Mom for Safe MANVIU1- by owner, 5 NO. EDISON- walk to yrs. young, custom ranch, metro park train, expanded cape, 4BR, 2 full/ on large well landscaped 75x170' lot. Fenced rear 2V4 baths, flrplace, large yard with shed. 3/4 BR, 2 lot, meny extras. Principles only. $256,000. baths, custom kitchen, cathedral ceilings, DR ftcell x24' FR. 1 car attached garage. $159, PWLUM8W- 2 mln. to Rt 22, 4 BR home, w/ tow maintenance vynll siding, 2 full baths, full bsmt oversized 2 car garage A large manicured lot In a fine residential area. $99,000. PISCATAWAY- By Owner. 3 BR Ranch, mother/daughter, CAC, New Andersen windows. New Kitchen/Beth. Near River Rd. $179,900. Call Semereet/PraiifcNej Twe. DREAM CATS Perfect for you with remodeled E-l-K, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage, nawer roof, siding and morel $174,900. CENTURY 21 OLDEN KEY MALTY BR. 2Vi bath, 100' x 150', new furnace A CAC, + extras $183, SOMERSET- Custom solid brick 12 room Ranch. 2 full Kitchens. 3 baths, CAC, oversized 2 car garage. $279,900. CesitwySl SOMERSET ranch style 2BR, 2 bath, att. gar., frplc, CAC, deck, celling fan, verticie blinds, 8 if appl. Inc. $119,500. OPEN HOUSE SUN 1-4, STOP WASTING YOUR TIMBI- Call Mlekeel Jaekae* «Catky Rlki ( R d ) Iw Mfnf9a 186S-4T8-SO1D WARREN COUNTY (Scuta)- 5 yr. young 4- BR, 2*4 beth colonial, HOW warranty. Reduced to $175,900. Make offer AtfVenVie Jn (he C/«s/«eo Homes fort** Washington "school area. Chamilng North SMe Victorian, wail maintained. 5 BR, 2 full 2 half beths, eat-lnkh., OR, LR w/dreplace, basement rec. room w/nreplace, porch, detached 2 car garage, deck, walk to RR/bus. Alfcln* $335,900. Call HIRNLAND PARK- Beautiful Custom Ranch on 80x100 corner, 2/3BRs plus. Lg> Osn. Has everything! Near everything! By Owner, asking $179K PWMCCTOM MOUTH mr OWNS*. You will love thlsl Almost completed on 3.5 acres, elegant quality bulk 11 rm. estate (4800 sq ft). 4 BR, 3Vi baths, all amenities, PLUS 3 rm. EDISON- 12x50, 2 BR, 1V4 baths, W/W carpet, WAO, refr., electric range, partially furnished. Shed and porch. $19,500/BO. Call or , ask for Bob, anytime. MOBILE MOM! X 60, 2 Bedrooms, CAC. Must be moved out of trailer park! E. Brunswick BBDMINSTER- The Hills, 3 BR Condo $88,400. Must meet Income qualifications. Unit includes Washer, dryer, dishwasher, Air conditioning. For information call CRAN'ORD TOWERS CONDOMINIUM- 18 apt. (800 sq ft). 3 carspringfield Ave. Luxury 2 att'd garage, enormous BRs w/1 A 2 baths from deck, hot tub, gazebo, $129,900. Spacious miles of superb view. rooms + the finest amenities. Model open Sat. A Quality neighborhood, 15 mln. to RR, 20 mln, to Rt Sun Office fti 78. Please call 1143 or mm ReaHera CRAN'ORD TOWIRS eonoominium- 18 SprlngfleM Ave. Lumry 2 BRs w/1 * 2 baths from $129,900. Spacious rooms + the finest amen- Was. Model open Sat. ft Sun Office or aw RaMltera nmnkun PARK- 2 BR, 1 bath unit, for qualified moderate Income. Asking $75, FRANKLIN PARK- 2 BR, 1 bath condo, price restricted, Mount Leural unit, for qualified moderate Income family. $72,000. Please call MIDOUSCX- 2 BR, very nice, appliances. Benefits, priced low $78,500. Call befora buying anything. RMDINSttOH- Luxury Condo living. Immac. Condo has den w/skylights, pool A tennis facilities, SHdera to balcony. Also full sue W ft D. A must see at $92,900. Call today! IRA AMIRICAN ORIAM, RgALTORS, * * * _. _ - Quallbrook 2 BR Condo, all appliances, upgrades throughout, low taxes A maintenance. $89,500. Call soum puuftnild- 3 BR, Kit, LR, DR, 2 full baths, Laundry and garage TOUVMOUBaJB HIUMOROiMM- 4 yr. old Contemporary Townhse. The Qlen, 2 BRs, 2V* baths, loft, DR, LR w/fple., cath. calling, E-l-KIt, CAC, laundry rm, att. gar., full twmt. Pool ft Tennis. WftD, Refrtg., calling fans, all window treatments. Front deck w/ patio. $132,000. Call HILLS9OROIMN- Location says It all! Magnificent 3BR Townhome w/ finished bsmt. Close to everything! can be yours at $128,900. IRAAMJIRtCMM OR 1 ** stsialtslf BT^are^ajEffJ ebbtff^ajajaabka^b^at BssjtyajBjBJBjBBsaaf ^B SJ NILL8B0R0URN- OPEN HOUSE, Sun The Meadows, End Unit w/ southern exposure, 2BRs, 2V» baths, fplc, loft, finished bsmt., 1 car garage. $121, SCOTCH PLAINS- Syr. young, 2 BR, EIK, LR, modern appl. $110,500 rent/opt ROSILLB PARK- 2 family house. Presently one half Is furnished rooms. Excellent Income. Live on 1 floor, rent the others. Very low down payment & aasumable mortgage. Call TlftUNQ STMUNO UkKfl COLONIAL Often datigmhil Haurl Naat, daan and wm-mainmnad, S-3 bedroom horn* wwi Ivnay room and nudy. Coiy *r«- piac* mltwim you honia from lea skating. Full basamant. Qaraga. S1S3.5OO. WA361C. NO Of CUL-DI-SAC 2 badroom ranch In move-in condition oflars aal-!n kkchan, traplace in LR., pailo and much, much mora, pkji eety accaaa to Rl. 7S/2ST/22. Mucl *** cm nowll OMared M (146,000. BO-24Be. etohwsnn omca SOS-TSI-IOOO For the monre-up buyer, ipactoum Colonial, vlewa beyond comparison, great location pkii quality conftruetion HB-4M1. S3M,B00 and up. HNiMOMOUOM OtnCt (*M) rr SCUM WILL HELP... Need help witti doing costi? Call today lor more information on ihis updated 2 tisdroom showplacs. HB SS4.9O0 WLLSatMOUW omct NMTM1H EDISON FOB THC PERFECTION 1ST Gorgeous trl-level lownhousa <*itr> two bedrooma. one end Iwo half baths. lamily room. Nicely decorated with wallpsper and upgredei throughout $132,000 EDISON OFFICE Soclaty HID VI Modal 1250, Better than new Condominium Valuted Celllnes, 2 story entrance fctysr, mirror door, top of the line appliances, upgraded carpet, custom window treatments, all featured In this 2 bedroom. 2 bath condo. Close to shopping, transportation A Princeton. $103,B»g. 3B27M SOUTH BRUNSWICK OFFICE IKW>a07<OZO0 BMDOIWATM Vary claan 4 baxtroom raised ranch tacajadon larga property S1W.0OO. Raducad S Bfl' EnparwMd Rancti approx. 2,000 sq. ft. paffact tor chlldran - 1 acre tot. B009-31S3. MMfTMaBOftO Uke new 6-year old Colonial. Four bedrooms, 2Vt tietha. tamhy room 20 x 13, oseadrtibbjti, vnewry cshjtnon, WQOCB, dack. S23S900. [Sellers: Don't be surprised if we bring you two offers in one day. II CLINTON TWP. Two tlory colonial horn* circa 1702 on 3 3 secluded, wood*d acres Additional lealurai include charming Iwo bedroom henk house. 2 stall carnage house which opens to 1 acre fenced peddock Picturesque ground! lor Ihe gentlemen firmer and easy commuting.»258,900. 0W_«3ie. OUJWrCK OFFICE MM-43B.2777 SOUTH PLAINFItXD GOLD-PLATED LOCATION Become pan ol a select community in this elegantly tailored fourbsdioom colonial with Mansard roof, located In prestigious Woodland Lstalas $339,900 EDISON OFFICE Weichert, Realtors sells more homes than any broker in the nation. Ib find out all we'll do to attract offers on your home, call your local Weichert office for a free presentation. M4»MH0 NORTH BRUNSWICK Fabubue Qovernor's PtUnt Penthouss condo with FPL skylights, calherdal cemnge and loads ol emus. Offered at $90,800. SB24M6 SOUTH BRUNSWICK OFFICE BOS-2S7-oa00 Jim Weicherl Weichert. Realtors CALIFON orrrino MARRIED? Three bedroom cape wifi hardwood floors, detached gauge (two) basement, subdivision, north school district. $169, S-42S1 OLOWICK OFFICE»Oa-4J»-2777 PISCATAWAV DREAM RANCH Spectacular 3 bdrm. ranch home in desirable New Market location. Easy access to major highways. $156, J197. METUCHEN OFFICE SSRKILCY HCIOKTS CtUKMrfW HOMC En)oy a park-aka saftlna wtiila dining In this lovary 3 BR, t Bth Ranch Updaiad appuaneaa, haatln«sytlam & CAC provldaa you lo mlva In wilri oonmanoa. (238,000, WC#963 WATCHUNOOmCB tos-ast44oo ftudinqton TWP. amnq THE FAMILV Dead and street, large rser yard, walk out beeemarrl, maintenance free siding. whet imi couw you ask fort Enjoy country Irving, yel minutes to shopping, transportation, In Whltehouse Station mte it a great buyl Call today offered at $1W,000. It won't laal long 098^797. OLOWICK OFPICE tos-«w-i7t7. EDISON FIRST TIME HOMUUYEHII 3 bdrma., 2 ful Oath co-op, formal dining rm., move In condflionil WARREN PRISTINE CENTER HALL COLONIAL S year old, arts on I 17 acres prof landscaped level property Opan floor plan contributes to the warmth A ehivm of this 4 Bfl, 2Vk bth home with 2 fireplaces. $970,000 WC#D70. WATCHUNQ OFFICE 90e>ui.B400»T5Bif- jaw'!? ei LONQVM1XY CUSTOM HOME Ountandtng quawy home on 1 Kre ml new addwgna: OMUIIIUI woodvuork, Oreal Room, marbla b«h, gourmm kitchen, Anderaon window!, tun room a more: ca* (SM) 7BI-1OO0.1243,000. MOMMSTIR OfFtCI <S0J) M IMDOCWATM MOUNTAIN TO* LOCATION Spacloui Colonial in great neighborhood «Hh 4 bedroomi, 2vt Mha. tlreplaca. freimy palmed and carpeted, ptui much, much more. Cad today Offered at BD-240S. SSWWNSWW OfflCI SSS-TS1-IC MIDDLESEX LOTS OF ROOM LOW PRICE! Larga famify room, eat-ln kitchen, formal dining room, 3 bedrooms, 1 Vi bsths. walk-up attic, potilble e«p«n»ion $147,500. HB-4963 HILLSBOROUQH (MM) I74-S100 HIOHLAND PAHK auknoain HUNTERS Cozy two bedroom house on corner lot. Convenlenl to shopping and transportation Fun basemen! and attic. SOISON OFFICC MSSBMMM} HIGHLAND PARK II you like sophistication and location is Important lo you, wave got Ihe Ideal condo. It features 1 bedroom, don 2 baths IrvlngroonVdlnlng room, ktichen, utility room all appliances, 12 ft cewlnge, security building. Priced to eell at $104, soum BRUNSWICK OFFICE 9M-M All OfTices Open Until 9 PM Weichert 77i^ American Dream Team BRANCHBUR*)- By Owner. OPEN HOUSE, Sat. l-4pm ft Sun. 3-7pm. 2BRS, 2*i baths, LR, DR, E-l-K, fplc, wooded lot. $139,900. B-'.appt. only r. BHIBRBWATIR UKBNIW Bridle Club 2BR Townhome w/2vj baths, EIK, LR w/nreplace. DR, Basement, and a 2 car garagel $168,500. CINTURYII OLOIN KIT RBALTY Nsttw 90tV87«*B000 BRIDBlBWATIR Prestigious 2 BR, 2 1/2 baths, Townhouse. W/D, Refr. walk out basement, attached garage, fplc. Major highways conveniently accessible. Sale by owner. Call after 7 pm, or weekends,{609) EDISON Townhouse living at its bestl Modern 2 BR, 2Vi bath, 2 car garage, EIK, loft, cathedral celling, fireplace, patio, semi-detached. Park Gate Dr. Patel, eves. FRANKLIN PARK- Society Hill in Somerset 3, end unit, brick front, Lg. utll. rm., 3 BR, 2 1/2 bath, lots of closet space, close to pool and tennis ct., motivated to SELL!, reduced to 120k or b/o, willing to rent w/optlon to buy, will pay points, /lv. msg. 6 IMPROVCO RISIBCN- TIAL LOTS- {will sell all or part) builder's terms prime Readlngton location from $88,000. Call or BRIDBIWATBR- Sewered building lots, 300' frontage, 400' deep, wooded lot approved for house. Sub division possible In the future. $145, or CRANP0RO- 14 Reectto Av«. 75x100 Improved lot. Quiet area. Please call HARMONY- Warren Cty. 5 landlocked mountain wooded bldg. lots, 1117 acres each, price range $2Sk$75k each. Driveway easement, spectacular views, good for hunting, horse farm, 5 residential homes. Low cost, owner financing. Also 2Vi acre wooded bldg. lot, 340' frontage, approvals, lovely location, $60k. Also big farm house on 47 acres avail, on room, oom/ board, ideal for senior citizen or consider selling for $375k. Call Phil, KIN9W00D TWP. By owner, 2 perced lots, 4 ft 5 acres. $85,000 ft $95,000. Gently sloping end w/vlew on quiet country road. Minutes to Frenchtown or Flemington Advertise In the Classified! This is the time to take charge of your life! Got your Real Estate //cense now and be ready for the boom. With Ihe lowest interest rates in almost 20 years, real estate activity will be booming in N.J. Hoal Eslale Commission approved prellcenalng courts LIMITED TIME ONLYI $5995 For details call Daytime, Everting & Saturday classes now forming, Major credit oards accepted. I Weichert Hool Estate School lo bacom wtihoura/iwiast naajcmtw-eroliarft), norgwarintaayw'an Intarvtaw ef a lab with W" afwiabs «! Estaw Srokaris) A Union County Forbes Newspaper

25 April 28,30, May 1,1992 Guide Forbes Newspapers / U-3 r 2 or 3 lov* & % M» woodvd Mdg. leto In historic Somma Riva art. mar Eatton Aw. 2 on High Bluff ovar Delaware + Rarltan Canal, 2 w/apsrovtd uptie dwl»a. PuWte water " 1(1 Itfaal lor homvs with ahtwr hiatoite or rustie aremtaetura. D«al directly wtth Ownart, prlca nafo- UaMa. naata cad Phil at KIVSVIUI, VIMINUm. 40 aeromfromcommunity colltfa. aorta. Baautitul land, 3 hornaa, all rantao\ Homta ara In axcalltnt shapa w/ good tonanu. Barn that can ba renovatad Into 2 apartmtnta. 9240,000. Taxaa *677/Vr! OUUSN, VtMHHA- 184 acraa, hufa claan lake, farm houaa hat 4 flrepjaet*. 9234,000. Taxaa 9880*rl PUat* tall POOONOS- 3/4 acra Mdf. lot, on cul-da-mc, in Pocono Community. Pool, fishing, ate. $11,500. Call anyllroa. SOUTH CIMTItAl FINN* YkVANIA/rUlTOM COUNTY- t bmlldlhg lala. Naar Laka Raystown. Approx. 1V4 acres aach, all adjoining lou. Can ba bought separately or can be bought as a package deal. Beautiful location/country area. cation anytime of year. $ 000 aach or bast offer. Mt. Condo, 2 BRs, 2Call , hood that would be good If Interested. eah tornbaths, all amenities, tennis courts, in-door pool, for children too. Asking 4M-44W after 3pm or $139,500. Please caff ah day Sat. * Sun. nearby golf plus lakes Avail. June-Oct., $500/ WAP> HOMIST WHY mo. Call NOTI- 4 BR on canal with heated pool. Palm 220 NOKOMIS, FLORIDA Coast, Florida. Extra large oa PropmVm Between Sarasota and Venice. Available 10/1-3/ POCONO RtTMAT- or 31, $500 Includes utili- LR, formal DR, 2 full baths. Master BR, LR. kit., guest bath A guest BR lead to screened In pool area. Extra large dock with electricity, 2 ear gar. w/opener. Professionally landscaped. 6 years young. 6 miles to beach. Estimated value $180, Wan alto miy LOT TO UY/CAtH- Undar $45K. HunUrdorV Somerset County. Call S-1878, Iv. msg. ANNJMJPTCY We have single family, multi-family and small office buildings availablepossible financing. Call IRA MetACHlAN».O. COSTAL COM MUNITY- Heather Lakes, North Myrtle Beach, islands, all underground utilities. Low POA fees Lots from $23,900. Homes from $89, , VACA 1ION PROPERTY VINIOR, FLA- Retire menvvacation home. The gardener, the citrus lover and the nsherman will all enjoy this Island of Vanls home lovingly maintained by couple anxious to return North due to Illness. 2 blocks from Gulf of Mexico with 2 beach easements. Short walk down beach to Venice fishing pier. Manicured, but manageable lot, featuring rose gerden and citrus trees. Spacious layout with 2 bedrooms and don or 3 bedroomi. Living room, Florida room, 2 full baths and eat-ln-mtchen. Large Lanai overlooking secluded back yard. Possible mother/daughter (the den has a pullman kitchen) In a neighbor- year round. 2 BR Chalet w/loft, all alec, mostly furnished. 4 Seasons Community w/securlty. $79, NO ST. MAARTKN- Luxurious 1 BR, sleeps 4, CAC, microwave, TV, Ocean Beach front, built-in pool. 1st week in February, $13,500. 1st week In September $8,500. Both for $20,000/80. Call AVOID TMI CROWDS Enjoy Adirondack!, Hike, swim, sail and fish from house. Golf also. Call , evenings. EACH HAVEN, NJ 1 BR.- OCEAN or t BR BAY FRONT. Fum. condos. Equipped kitchen, TV, AC, pool, walk to shops & recreation. Weekly rentals minimum. Beginning 5/16. CALL aos-494-lvai Weekdays after 6pm or weekends. BM BASS LAM, M.- Immaculate Contemp sleeps 8. All amenities, laka A pool. Call Joan, HARWICHPORT, MASSantique cape cod 38R avail. July, near beach, 750/wk. Call or LAVALCTTI- ocean June 1. Fully furnished. 3 ing fans, all window treat- Front deck w/ block, 2 & 3 BR houses, Jaceat ta Ortley Beaeh. AC, avail, weekly. $750 «Modem condo w/balcony, NERS REALTORS, 908-BR, IVi baths, FR mlments. $850. Call BRs, sleeps six, 1V> frplc., large rec-room, patio. $1200/mo.+utils. beautiful big yard. $1600/ OPTION TO BUY. Avail, mid baths, AC, WAD, carport, BRIDOBWATER- No. ofmo+ util. A yard maint. June. Call LSI- 2 BR, TV, LR, DR, elevator, indoor pool A BR ranch, 11/2 Call Gail 'xl2' deck, 2 blks to sauna, one half block to bath, garage A bsmt, no HILLSBOROUOH- option beach, $475/Wk, 908- beach. $695/wk, June/ pet«, util.-t- sec. A refs. WE$TFIEL0 5 rooms, to buy- 3BR, 21/2 bath September rates also Call IVI baths. Available June condo, end unit, $1000/ LSI oceansfde Ig clean avail. Call Arlene, Call EDISON 5 1/2 rooms, 1 mo. Iv. msg, BR, 2bth, $695-$795/ ext. 24, days, 1/2 baths, $900/mo. plus WHITEHOUSE 3 BR, HILLSBOROUQH- spa wk. May June wknds eves. util. Refs A security required paint A carpet, $1150/ laundry room, all appl. LR, DR, Kit, 1V2 bath, new Clous 1 BR, LR, DR, EIK, S120/nlte 3 nite min. SO. SEASIDE PARK Iv. msg. mo.+ util. No pets. 9AM- INLAND PARK- 3 BR, $800/mo PM LONO BBACH ISLAND- N. Beach Haven, Oceansfde duplex, sleeps 6 to /2 blocks to beach. W/ D, cable TV, gas grill, beech badges, $500 to $600/ per wk , LUDLOW, VT.~ Okemo ties. Local phone and cable TV, double bed, eat n kitchen, shower and bath, Sundeck, 1 mile to the beach and fishing! Secluded! 0S-JS ORTLEY BEACH oceanview, 1 BR luxury condo, all amenities, beach badges, $625-weekly. Call Mike POCONOSLake Front- New 3 BR, w/amenities, private lakes, boat, sports, etc. $190/wkend., $525-$595/summer wk. No pets CUSTOM MODULAR HOMES BETTER QUALITY EACH HOME IS BUILT INDOORS IN OUR CONTROLLED FACTORY ENVIRONMENT. REASONABLE COST COLONIALS, RANCHES, CAPES-SAVE ON YOUR PLANS OR OURS. I II III WffTMP] CALL TO SEE OUR MODELS 210 Cfwtflw POCONOS-fllS: DABS LAKl- Spring/Summer, 3 BR lakefront, cable, VCR, boat, fishing, lodge, pools, beaches, free tennu.wk/wknds.sprlng/ Summer. Low Spring Rates: Summer week- $576. (201) POCONOS- 3 BRs, Den, fireplace, skiing, Indoor pool A tennis. $250/ weekend POCONOS- Laka Wai' A PROFESSIONAL REALlenpaupak. Twnhse. 3BR, TOR will help you obtain 2 baths, fully equipped home, townhome or plus WAD. Private boat ondo rental. Rental fees slip. Swimming A tennis. paid by landlord. Call John $675/wk. Call today at RE/MAX PART NERS REALTORS, 908- POCONOS Mountain Chalet. Enjoy spring getaway wkend in the woods TOR will help you obtain A PROFESSIONAL REAL* or make plans for summer home, townhome or vacation condo rental. Rental fees StASlOE HIIOHTS- Ad. paid by landlord. Call John oday at RE/MAX PART- luxury, ocean-front condo. Spectacular views, AC. Sleeps 6. $689-$ ST. MAARTKN Ocean front luxury 2 bedroom, 2 bath Villa, for rent by owner, perfect va- ST. MAARTEN- 1 BR condo, sleeps 4, luxurious vacation resort, 8/29-9/5 $450/wk A 1/30-2/6 $650/wK TIME SHARE UNITSand campground memberships. Distress salescheap!! Worldwide selections. Call VACATON NET- WORK U.S. and Canada or Free rental information TOPSAIL ISLAND, NX. 10 Area Golf Courses 3 BRs, 21/2 baths, pool, ocean, photos available VERMONT lit Summer 7BR Chalet - Okemo Mt., Ludlow, Vt. Reas ; Advertise in the Classified! FLEXIBILITY CHANGE ROOMS, WALLS, EXTERIORS, SIZES, LAYOUTS! FAST OCCUPANCY YOUR HOME, BUILT TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS, ARRIVES 90% COMPLETE, WE NEED JUST 6 MORE WEEKS TO FINISH. 270 Vacation ffiwttete WILDWOOD NORTH* Oceanfront condo, effeciency or 2 BR, fully furnished, pool. Weekly rental iOO ftenials 11/2 bath, now kitchen, den, Ig. yard w/6 ft. privacy fence, W/D. Rent or sale. Price reduced HIOHLAND PARK Custom 3BR plus Super den v/everythlng. Near everyhlng. $1275/mo. plus, kvnll. now MANVILLE- cozy 2 BR on large lot, LR w/fplc, uil basement. $800/mo >lus util HILLSBOROUtH/SOMER- VILLB- 2 BR, kit., dining A living area, walk-up attic, garage, close to all convinces. $850 plus util. After S pm PISCATAWAY- 4 BR, 2V4 bath bilevel. dead end, EDISON- 2 BR condo, W/W carpet, DW, WAD. auto gar. w/w, CAC, Near RR station A all fenced 3 acre V* lot, major hwys. $850 + utils. major appl. avail Immed. IVt mo. sec, 1 yr. lease. $1300/mo. prof, couple Call pref. Joan FRANKLIN PARK- 1BR, PISCATAWAY- Duplex, CAC, w/w carpeting, DW, nice area, 2 BRs/finished balcony, tennis, $800 + attic, W/D hookup, deck, utlls. +1 mo. sec backyard, bsmt., AC. No pets. $795+utils HILLSBOROUOH- 4 yr. old Contemporary SO. PLAINFIELD- 3 BR Townhse. The Glen. 2 duplex, residential area, BRs. 2V2 baths, loft,dr, $90 0 +U11 Is LR w/fplc, cath. celling, El Kit, CAC, laundry rm, WARREN TWP.- a ranch att. gar., full bsmt. Pool A in quiet neighborhood. Tennis. WAD, Refrig., ceil- 430 EDMINSTER 'The Hills" new 2 BR, bath, wall to wall, AC, WAD, garage, avail. May 1, $1200/mo Adnrtln in trie 9430 rown/iouses and Condominium* 430 fown/iouaec mnd Condominium* CLARK/EDISON OR- SOMERSET- Townhouse, 2 BRs, 2Vi baths, DER Immac. TH, 3 BRs, 2VJ baths, garage, CAC, CAC, deck, storage attic, $1300/mo. + utlls. + Sec. util. room,, $950 + utils Avail. 7/ MIDDLESEX- 2 BR, lvi bath, full bsmt, CAC, avail immed. $925 possible rent/option PISCATAWAY- Society Hill, 2 BR, 2 bath condo, W/W, AC, appl., WAD, pool & tennis, $925/mo SOMERSET/QUAIL- BROOK Condo, 2 BR, 1 bath, all appl. $ Apartments BOUND BROOK- 2 bdrm 2nd fl, off-st-prkg, near town, $650/mo. May 1. BOUND BROOK- large 1 St. floor, LR, DR, 2 BR, Laundry, screened porch, BOUND BROOK- 2 BR, gar., heat incl., $950/per couples only, avail. month, / immed., $8OO/mo + util sec BOUND BROOK Studio, BOUND BROOK- 2 BR, immaculate, near town & fenced yard, heat inc., $700/mo. Refs. req. June availability after ROUND BROOK 2 BR, half duplex, Avail. 5/15/ 92. $800/mo+ util. Sec. A refs BOUND BROOK 2 room efficiency, large kitchen, off street parking, heat/ hot water incl. $ Apartments BOUND BROOK 3 rooms, 2nd floor, heat & water inc. No pets, middle aged person preferred. Security A lease required. Call BOUND BROOK 5 rooms 1st floor, wall to wall carpet, refs., avail. May or train. $450/ mo. Available now BRIDOEWATER QRANDVIEW GARDENS 1 & 2 Bedroom Townhouses. Central air, individual storage. Walk to park & tennis courts BRIDOEWATER- FINDERNE- Cozy 2BR in BOUND BROOK- 2-family home. Quiet 2nd.floor. Quiet 4 room neighborhood, 1 or 2 mature adults. Well man- apt., gar./heat Incl-, couples preferred, $725/ nered pet welcome. month, / $6B5/mo. + utils. + sec BOUND BROOK 3 CRANFORD/ROSELLErooms, 2nd floor, heat & 3 rooms, carpeted, DW, water Inc. No pets, middle aged person preferred. bright & sunny, nonsmoker, close to NYC Security & lease required. Call transp. No pets. Call BOUND BROOK- 3 rooms and bath, 1st floor CRANFORD- 2 BR apt apartment, Talmage Ave., 1st floor of 2-family. Offstreet parking, yard, landlord on premises bsmt. storage & W/D avail. Heat incl. Walk to NYC transp. & town. Advertise in th» Classified! BUBGdOBI REALTORS Nobody Works Harder For You Than Burgdorff. MARY KACHOOGIAN The unique waterfront property pictured at right was listed by Mary Of the WestftBld office. A Cranford resident lor more than 20 years, Mary Joined Burgdorff In 1990 because she shared the company's commitment to Integrity, professionalism, quality and service. $775/mo. Avail. 6/ II ENJOY THE VIEW from this riverfront home on a quiet cul-de-sac with 3/4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a largo family room with a stono fireplace and cathedral ceding, and CAC. This home has both location and potential Call today for your own private viowlng Offered in Cranford for $319,900. Westfleld office, NOnniS TREAT MODULAR HOMES & ADDITIONS OFFICE 15 EAST MAIN ST., CLINTON. NJ Spring Inventory Clean at NATIONAL HISTORIC REGISTRY... Historic homo In Edison on private lane, centor hall, 5 BR's, 2 fireplaces 3 rone central air, modernized kitchen interior and exterior, recently painted. $429,000. Call Fanwood Office * > SUSAN CALLENDER This tovely home pictured to the left has been listed by Susan CaJlender of our Fanwood office She has been a life-long resident ol the Plainfield-Westfield area Among the many award Susan has earned are the New Jersey Slate Million Dollar Sales Club in 1987 and 1989 and the Sales Awaro Dollar Volumo for Please call her to discuss any ol your real ostale needs. Call Fanwood Office, CONDOMINIUMS 217 Prospect Ave. Cranford Our way to freshen up our available inventory The following units have been reduced to the "Insider Price" plus the cost of renovation in most cases. Our absolute lowest prices on some of these units!!! SUPER RECREATION PACKAGE!! English Village Condominiums can now boast available year round amenities such as complete health club, indoor & outdoor pools, tennis & sand based volleyball courts. This fabulous option is our gift with every new E.V.C. purchase during April & May Call for details.... PLUS.. FINANCING & LEASE PURCHASE PROGRAM ON SELECT UNITS Flexible owner financing at competitive mtcs to f/iialified buyers, 5-2A 9-3 li 10-2A 12-3A COME BACK TO ENGLISH VILLAGE! NOW $115,000 NOW $105,900 NOW $104,900 NOW $117,500 NOW $165,500 NOW $114,900 12A-IB 14-1A 14-3 A I4-3C SATURDAY - OPEN HOUSE 10-4 WEEKENDS, SUNDAYS O EVENINGS BYAPPT. NOW $102,900 NOW $96,900 NOW $95,900 NOW $97,000 NOW $99, CONNIE BURKE Connie BurKe, Manager of our Fanwood Office, has been a real estate professional lor ovor 25 yoars covering Union, Somerset and Middlesex counties. She has won every conceivable award Including New Jersey Gold Achievement Awnrd ($10 million of business within one year). Please call Connie regarding this property pictured to the right or any other real estate need you may have Fanwood Office CHARMING CAPE Central air, 3 bedrooms, breakfast room ovotlooknu] a 1fni6 deck and park-tike yard. Jalosled broozoway. new rcc room nnd half bath In Scotch Plains for $189,000 Wostlleld ulflro.?m-oo65 MM M A Union County Forbes Newspaper WESTFIELD OFFICE 600 North Avenue West Westfield, NJ (908) GRACIOUS COLONIAL This spacious, magnificent homo rosls in (he honii of Iho Sleepy Hollow section of Plalnfiold, 5 BR's, 3 full and 2 hall baths, formal dining 2 fireplaces, butlers pantry, enclosed scrponed poich overlooking private setting. 1274,900 Call Fanwood Office, WALT JEBENS After a 30 yoar caroor wilh Exmn. Wnit has boon in rpnl estate since 1986, and holds Ms GUI-Brokers nnd CR5 clt'siu'tiitions A long time residents of Wnstfir>kl nnd Scotch Plnins. it'cetntly listed the homo pirtuinri tit Ml FANWOOD OFFICE 256 South Avenue Fanwood, NJ (908) HOMEQUITY. RELOCATION CE N1TR

26 U-4 / Forbes Newspapers Real Estate April 29, 30, May 1,1992 >- 2 BR. 2nd floor, 2-family house. Separate intranet, UH of yard, off-st-parkinf. Ctosa to shopping * transp. $778Ano., utu. paid. Call OIIANrOIID- 3 BR, 2 bath. In two-family house, fenced backyard, drlvaway, HT and watar garbaga du. Inc., $916/ month, 1 month «ac. raq. CMMPQIID 4 rooms, 2nd floor, 2 family, hot furnished, cloaa to all trans., $850/mo+ util. IVi mo. sacurlty. Avail. Immad. Call or DORCHISTER HOUSI Luxury High Rise Elevator Apartments Studio 1A 2 Bedrooms * * * * ASTON, ML- 1, 2 & 3 BR apts, * Townhouse*, Luxury garden apts w/aasy acceas to Rt. 22 A mins. from N. J. Low, low, Pa. rants. Call * * *» BISON- 4 rooms * bath, 2nd floor of private home, adults preferred, no pets. $650 par month, 1 month security. CAU.S4t.t012 > Free rant on apartment in exchange for baby sitting services, plus paycheck, weekends off. Call before 6pm, INMIUUIB M*K- 1 BR, heat A HW included, $950. Call Advertise In thtctammmtf Apartments BMJMLU- Itt fl. 4 rm apt. BR, LR, DR, Kit. jmntt., Oar.. Sec. No pets. $648+ utlis BR, hect 4 hot water, no pets, 1 mo. security, $600+ util. Cell MANVILLI- 3 Br, V* basement, garage, private entrance. No pets. $775 per month, MAMVILU 4 rm apt. off St. parking, 1 mo. sec. $675+ util. Please call after 6PM i 4 rooms, 1 bedroom, 2nd floor. 2 yr. lease. 1V4 month security, references, credit report required. $750 + tec. Catl _:- 2 BR, w/ DR, heat & HW Included, AC, $675ymo. Avail June 1. Call before 8PM MIDDLIBIX- Middleeex Village. Spaft MW. NO MfS. Peel NIW BRUNSWICK- 2 BR, Suydam b/w Livingston & Lee st.'s, wav carpet, d/w, laundry, fenced yard, $750/month +. Avail May 1st, sect. 8 OK NO. PLAINMBID- 2 BRs, 1 car garage, facing NoJfainfield High School $675 plus util*. Sec. & Lease. Avail. 5/ NO. PUUNFIKLO 2 BR apt. Somerset St. $650/ mo. plus utils. Call RARITAN BORO- 3 roomi, 2nd floor, utils. furnished. No pets. M or F prof. Avail. May 1. $600/ mo. 1/2 mo. Sec. req. Offstreet parking. Call after 5pm, Apartments RAJIITAN- 1 BR, private house with private entrance, yard, $800 per month and $600 security; Availsbe Immediately. Call (908) RARffAN- Prtv. resident, very spacious 1st fir. apt., newly decorated. Off-stpartdng. $ RQMtU PARK- 1 BR. $625/mo. Plaaae call R08ILLI/CRANP0RP- 4 room apartment In 2 family house, heat and hot water supplied, Call (908) rms, HAHW Inc., $475/rno.+ sac., no pets, adults pref. Avail May 15, close to all trans. Call SO. BOUND BRO0K- Lge. 5 rooms, 2BRs, Uke new. quiet area, w/w carpeting, No pets. $750 + utils # * * SOMIUVILU- Spacious 1 & 2BR garden apt. Free heat & HW, mins. from Brldgewater Commons. $200 move-in rebate. Call * * * * SOMERVILLE LUXURY APTS Top area, 1, 2 & 3 bdrms, air conditioned. Heat, hot water and cooking gas Included. Balconies, country setting, walk to town. Storage. Cable TV optional. $620 when available SOMIRVIUB- 2 BR, kit, LR and bath, no pets, parking, heat supplied. $675 plus security. Call after 5 pm BOMBRVNXB- 4 rooms Full bsmt. No pets. IV* mos. security. $760+ utils. Avail. May 15-June , S-Spm. or , after 7am j on farm, furnished mobile home on acreage WISTFUL*)- 1st floor 4 room apartment, noor RR A town. Large rooms A off-st-perking, kitchen with OW, stove A refrigerator. $85O/mo. + utilities. Call , tv. msg. WISTPIBLD- walk to NYC trains, no pets, no fee, 1V4 months security. 1 Bedroom, $795; heat supplied. Call BRANCHBURS- PINE MOTEL. Room A kitchenette. Reasonable rates Include services A utils SARWOO0 Sunny, spacious, furnished room In private home, residential area. Private entrance. Professional, stable, nonsmoking male. Call MANVlUt- 2nd floor, priv. entrance, nice area. $85/wk. Includes util. 2 wk sec., ran A«VMMM fei NO. PUUIiniLO- Male, non-smokar,$s5atft. Call before 7:3Oanvaftor 6pm $-Leave message SOMBRVILLI Furn rooms SSO-up. 8m. apte. $138/wk. Call manager S-7PM. located attractive let floor 2 BR eat., LR A DR, ample parking, SBBO/mo Nicely Avail July 1. Call 725 furnished room w/refrig days or Non-smoker, male prer. Sec. $7S/Up SOUTH FlAINPatl*' WARR8N COUNTY Room, Board, TLC for ac 3 ROOMS, PRIVATE tlve Senior Citizens. ENTRANCE. S62B/MONTH $8OCMo INCLUDES ALL UTILITIES. 1U WATCNUNO- Furnished room with private bath A kitchen privileges for responalble Business woman. Available April. Pis call la) dmnpore Female to share 3 BR, LR, TV rm, IV* bath, DR, WAD, offst-pafkmg. $400/mo. with tt util. A Vi security. Call FEMALE, non-smoker, mid 20's looking for same to rant Condo with In the Bedmtneter Hills area, if Interested pleass call (H); (W). FRANKLIN PARK- female non-smoker to share Condo, own BR A bath, $400 plus util SOMERSET- Professional female to share 2 BR apt. $500 all util. Included. 1/ 2mo. sec. refs. Call BBOMIN8TBR- Share beautiful 4 BR, furn. home In Hills all ammenities, deck, poo) A tennis.»s60/mo.+ util eves. COLDWELL BANKER ^S t SCH LOTT Kl \l TORS» * WESTFIELD $937,000 WESTFIELD $359,000 Enjoy rich qualityl Magnificent English Tudor, 7 BRS, 4Vi Bths, new gourmet kit, 2 fplcs, stainglass windows, exercise rm., CAC, resting on almost an acre! WSF3774. Custom built quality home. Master bedroom with cathedral celling, oak kitchen with adjoining family room. WSF3781 WATMt- Work- Ing woman wanted to share If. ranch, 2 Ig. rooms avail., 1 w/prlv. bath-*400, i-$375. Incl, util., 1 mo. sec., quiet atmespheie. Call non smoking, female prof, to share luwiry 2 Sft townhouse, private bath, k>ft + allamentties. W25 + 1/2 utll PSAMCK- prof., M/F, to share 2 BR, 2 bath Mm. house. *578/ mo inc. utll leave msg * i» f OMIRSIT LARGE HOUSE TO SHARE COMFORTABLE A CLEAN *325/month utilities. Non-smoksr preferred. y CALLSTS'USS * AakferOavM SOMIRSBTT- quiet prof female non-imoker 2 BR 2 bath condo W/D $460 plus V2 utll WISTFIILB- Enjoy pri vats MB w/att. full bath, m spacious Split, CAC, cable. Full use of home. WltTFIILO- prof, non smoking, female to share spacious 2 BR lto baths twnhse., CAC, DW, $525+ utll. Call Lsura days SCOTCH PLAINS- Fan wood area, family of 4 looking for a house in the McGinn Sctiool District. Call Seeking Non-smoking prof, female. $525 Inc. utils. Please call Iv msg. WISTVIKLD ARIA- House with 3 BH+, professional couple, Infant son and the most wellbehaved Labrador (5 yr. old) In the world. Low U.000. Lease with option to buy of interest. Please 'call: Fraa Braaier, Weieaert neanera, SSS4JS4-T7T7. CAR STOMAOt SPACES $50/mo. Owner lives on premises. Near Whitehouse Station FANWOOD garage and/ or storage (pace, near station, $55/mo (garage) $25/mo (storage) or INTROBtlCTfONS A way for people to meet people, every week in your local Forbes newspaper. The ad li free, then one call does it all! 1-SSO-SI0.S49S 'WOO COMMfllCtAL REAL i:state to MMIRStf- Profession ale, Doctora, Lawyers, Professional Center office condos. for sale/ lease from sq. ft. 100% financing to Qualified buyer Call for details HEROUX REALTY Broker (eo»)87»-as77 SOMgRVILLI- Near hospital, 6 rm colonial. New sidlng.zoned comm'l. Reduced $165,900.Buyer has 1st option on adjacent 2-family. Great potential. 72t-2eS». MINDHAM sq ft neighborhood office building, no retail. 61 W. Main St. $399,900. Pis call CRANFORD- 2 private rooms, entrance off South Ave,, paneling, AC, Avail. May 1, $450/mo all utilities Included. Respond to bet. 9AM-6PM HISHLANB PARK- 500 sq. ft. office on the Main Street (Rarltan Ave.) of Highland Park. New focll Ity with parking in excel ent location. Available immed. Call ext ask for Bll lie Davis. HILLSSOROUSN- Pro fesslonal office building sq. ft. Rt "riangle Rd. at traffic Ight. Available Immedlately ** * * MITUCHCN- 2-3 room offices, prime location, near train & bus, off street prkg. M MtTUCHEN- Newly decorated office bldg. 2 blocks to conrail station. Walk to everything. 240 sq. ft. to 5800 sq. ft. Call MIDDLESIX BORO- Rent/Share, 4O00 sq.ft., roomy 2nd floor loft. AC days. MIDDLESEX/eOMER- VILLI- 200 & 50O, in Rt. 28. Excel, location, II PISCATAWAY Office or tall. 6,000 sq. ft. Will llvlde. Also dentist office, ft. 287 & Stelton Rd. J REASONABLY PRICIDoffice space on Main St. in Someretlle. AC & heat Ing Included. Apply or OMIRVIUI- 2 Offic< Professional Suite. Panel ing, AC, Carpeting, Private Parking. Call WATCHUNS- Appro* sq. ft. in pro fesslonal bldg., ample parking, easy access to routes 78 & 22. Avail Immed. Call , WISTFWLD Pvt. Exec. Suite FREE xerox A fax CALL 90S-U2-SS17 CRANPORD- S60O aej fi. Offlee apaee/ Wareheuse, light mfg. IxeeHeat area centrally leeaieel with parking. AvallaMe Immediately. Cell, M-F, (S09) PLAINFIILD Shea): Zened heavy Industrial, clean, 1SI0 square feet, overhead door, effiee, anal lavatory. Off street perking. Available Immediately. Ashing $87* per month plus utilities. Mi-lllt. SO. PLAINFIILD- Near Rt SOK sq. ft. 1 story, heavy power, TB & drive in loading. Call ERNARDSVILLC- nurs ery-flower business, 6.5 acres in exc. location, 5 BR, 3 bath house, ga rages, green house with option to buy. $3,800/mo. Weichart Realtors, ARWO0D MINI MALL sq. ft. good for retail or office, maybe divided. Call Advertise In t>y Clmiflod! SOUTH PLAINFIELD- Up to 5000 sq. ft. warehouse apace with Inside loading dock & option of offices or offices only. Minutes from 287. We cater to the small business person. Call !>8O0 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES MIDDLESEX E SELF EMPLOYED Lucrative established caterlng/deli being sacrificed for owner's health reasons. Fixtures, book of business A inventory being included. Call at once for detailsl Asking $49,900. CENTURY IX BRANDT REALTY tos MIDDLESEX Highly visible 180O sq. ft. building with 2 overhead doors, owner financing, $225,000 call for details. Heroux Realty Broker Opportunities 00 WEEKLY- Home 37 ways to CASH. $1.00+ stamp- Box 717, Middlesex, NJ CAPITAL WANTID Experienced wealthy investor to partner w/young experienced business man like yourself. For opportunity call Mr. Weiss 201-SI1-331C CRAFTS INTO CASHI- Easy, fun, Free details, write: Allen, 125-A Edison, NJ EXCELLENT INCOME * POSSIBILITIES * with THE PULLER BRUSH CO. No door-to-eoer FAST FOOD- owner fl. nanefng, near College. Great business. Joe 248- BRIINUROOK- Busy Rte sq. ft. avail. Great co-tennantsl Immediate occupancy. Owner or NO. PLAINFIELD- Used NEED CASH FAST?- car lot, location high traffic, Rte 22. Immed oc- tnfo. Hotline. Confidential, quick. No waiting cupancy. Great terms hrs. Live 9 Other potential usages. m to 9 pm Mon.-Frl. Owner NEW OPPORTUNITY RETAIL STORC CON- Easiest & surest STRUCTION- remodel; way to extra cash. new; demolition. Over 20 Free Info yrs exp in retail store construction. Call me last! You won't be Call Paul eves. disappointed. HOUSE OF THE WEEK WESTFIELD $169,900 Immaculate Split Level with a cathedral ceiling in the spacious living room & dining area. Large dine-in kitchen + family room. 3 bedrooms & l'/4 b.iltis New front steps, walk & driveway. Maintenance free siding, a fenced yard & garage. Call us today fot your tour! WESTFIELD A lining loom fireplace e, two ccrrwr ublrwti In tht dining room enhance ihn i bedroom, 2 belh harm. Second floor jfudy, cen rral air + recfntly painted Interior & refinished noon. $275,000 "** it* i WESTF1EID Coma condominium iltiw '.. town St transportation! 2 tiedioomi, 2 bathj. livinq room fireplace t dining aiim & frcnth drs lo private putlo & garden Wlihlpool lub. "Inurwln 1 do»l", garage J] OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS 'urn your Crafts into your iwn business! Catl 90S- IOIOI or 90S- HHII OWN A COMPUTCRt Make money at home. Free details. Write: Allen 125 Hana Rd. Edison NJ OWN AND OPERATE- a route of Arnrica's leading snack machines. Training from local route owners. Many locations still available. $ investment required. Main office RAHWAY- 2 family, great Main Street location, good income, convenient to transportation. $149,900. Call today tor 1 appoint B8. STAY HOME!- and make up to $100 a day or more. Over 400 companies need homeworkers/ distributors NOW! Call for amazing message, Dept. 11 TWO MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS POR SUCCESS ARE:- Attitude and the right vehicle. If you have the right attitude, we have the vehicle. Please call ^_^ Cs'.cbraZmq 2.0 years SCOTCH PLAINS $238,500 CRANFORD Mint condition colonial. 7 rooms, 3 bdrms, (2 are huge), 2 full baths, 2 partial bths and Florida room overlooking beautiful yard. WSF3735 FANWOOD Delightful 3 bdrm storybook colonial schools & trans. Sundtlod fam rm garden. WSF3457. WESTFIELD 264 E. Broad St $179,900 Close to shops, wonderlul flower t U«1 ri>l(wjjfl*nl<rrpriii<fenlkal NMJ EtUW An Equal Opportunity Comtany SnitirOSkrri lnik OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. $209,000 Lovely homo In levels. 3 bedrooms, 1 vs baths, living room with cathedral ceiling, hardwood floors Oulet street WSF379B. MOUNTAINSIDE $325,000 Spacious 4 bdrm home on quiet culde-bac. Formal din. rm, oat-ln kit, (am. rm, roc rm. CAC, pool and so much more. WSF3184,» MIMIU w Ml tun mucui HIT awn COLDWeiX BAN^GR L] SCHLOTT REALTORS* REALTY,^ NC REALTOR* «6CM ST. WE5TFI6LO.N.J, Every real estate company promises great results. Your ERA broker/ puts it in writing. T \ When you Nsl you house with an ERA broker, you get something very unusual In return: You get our signalure on the ERA Commitment To Service. This written document assures you of access to all of tho excluslvo sales and marketing services thai make ERA "1st IN SERVICE." 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D'AGOSTINO REALTOR Office: BRANT AVENUE Cl ARK, NJ liarh office Indeptmltnify ownnl oml o/irmrrr/ 'Coltt, Lonclltlum mill limiraiioru n;iply Sec innrimi!nr inmplrlc irtnw nr i nircirnnic Realty Atuxlaltt, I in niul lit Mtiriili-iiic "Certiin cdfnlilirini ami Ifmiiatlnnt Apply liu tlciail% jiik m ter d Lupv nf ihi: Sclln cunlrtn fmm your parlklp«iln flka limkcr' 1 I'WI llnimiik Realty /Vtvmurrs, Im A iii«li...of poiltlon and career li advertised In clawlfled, When you're ready to make a move, get (he classified habit, Phone In Fax In Mail In P.O. Box 699 Somerville, NJ Walk In 44 Franklin Street Somerville, NJ To Advertise In (ho all-new Fofbes Newspapers Classifieds A Union County Forbes Newspaper

27 April 29,30, May 1,1992 Forbes Newspapers U-1 AutomotiveGuide Advertiser Index Remington Car & Truck Acura of Somervllle 2 Country 1,4 Harley-Davidson 2 VIP Honda 2 Crystal Motors 3 Thomas Lincoln-Mercury...4 Our Real Estate Guide appears with the Classifieds this week GOT A CAR TO SELL? NEED NEW WHEELS? Forbes Newspapers Automotive Guide is all you need! Drive Home A Quality, Late Model ALEStOe SERVICE/PARTS Mt-7tt4330 SALES/SERVICE/PARTS $17,409 isss mini TROOMIR n 4M * *rvi,~japa man Iran, p/i/b. AWFM m<.awl irni. airy whit. 'ajm.vatwrbw n o»(.lnl tun, rt nek, VW KJWfflo. STK M4M*..MJaQioanarml $10,490 I BIMCK RBOAL LTD Waal U bmtn, VI, Auio^jVtA), I, Rr bw ftf, rr <Mrf. vinyl Mo.«r», B*. Cr*. arvftncaai, «ty fc.we.nfairtiaain Ht.rdaiog me*. cnaatrm, If «* 30l/.4 mi. VlK $17,990 1BS1 CMCVROUT ASTRO VnVt4 *.. auto «*M. an. pft. p/b, n/m caaa rato arti. a/c. p/iwi. BcM tt.cruajajiii. rfncn.dmp img lad MM T M, VW fcavowkv. #9729 $15,890 SALES PARTS t 1MB NISSAH MO SX FMBack. B,ip<) man Irani, 4-cvl ang. par Mrnrj /brm. rr dal. ipri whk, AwMnarao VIN«KMD(M2e Slk to 1 Au», 4-cyl VI hit b ArVtrMucHl ,411 m IMaMOKW* Auto tiani B cyl ang, pw iimg^irla AM/FM tura call. par *na rftl. a>. Votil. c.u.i. tiding n tmnd VIN»MKA2a636 SS fcaon $8890 INi OHIVMOin MMTTA 2 a. aulo a/00, 8 cyl. prt. p/t, am/fm fttr im c* M. Ipl rn. p/, a/c I grl, rr dar I ah cruat gauoai, b> 240 $6990 1M0 rord F dr, luto ajm, «cyl. p/i, p/b anvtm! > call.cllh mt. p/wrat, K/CJ git 1 w*i crulm. gaugril, XLT Inm, J9412mi VIN ONAM177,fFI?o!lA $13,990 m 1t«T ISUIU TROOMR 4 dr, <Jkra«. 4 cy». 6 tp. p* o*. anyim cait.alwn* ajc.buaa). rdhoswu. ft rck, 3S.31S mi. VIN H64I331I itk $7990 1M1 FORD F-1B0 PICKUP 4a4 v«,5100 man Irani,prt/rj.AM/FM t-caii, all-taa Ml bait 'aa. ar. s/wtu. ckxh banch ttt tl rr and, cruta. Mt. running boardt Tannaau crjwar, bad railt VINr*BP076,SJK.i6«6«. t2.j50mi $13,990 K21O>. muu> «d, MO V-t. prt. p/b. am/tn CM* guti.andaci,^c.pmi.cln brch th.rim.cnimcnll lt.2lona Iraki pack, dm hi Dl. run bda, paw. UHjt.«?7i.VlN r*1ih«?. #»7Z2 $22,990 Bik.V6 auto OD Irani. p/t*j.amrfm Itcan. SB rad. alloy aunt, air, tiwlna,rr dal, tit arlpan, cruat. tilt, fog iar*t conu P»0.VIN K0 US9».STK $9990 1M1 0MnN«.«T MVAIMR ry «rmt. a/c. belt itt, r daiog. ig rck' in anet. trip ad, tp nv WramT, ramt In rail, tn gl, bam, 1 \.9CM mi VIN wimh.awti $ M0 NISBAM 300ZX 3dr rilch, S I pa man. ryi. olb. «cyt, anyfm tlar tp. crcri tnl, bcu tti, PM/ic ktrnk. I lp«, a/c. I gu. ir d«l c r j i. i l aaugat. atlm ami X,M! mi VIN LXOI 13*2. ID0)6fA $21,490 I N I FORD AIKOSTAR WSQ, Buiow/od. p/i. [Vb. 4 cyi. sm.imip cih *il, pf*ffict&, mumf lg fck rtrck Urn fc/ctol* /r dsf,1 *hl cruis* M±a56m VIN KTB2T81B $11,990 1«B7 NISSAH MOZX? t*. Stprt, 6 cyi. prt, pflj, 4VtvTmc««. V.IW - JXKMflM $10,490 iflm FORD MUBTANO LX Heir halcmjack, aulo Irani, 4 cyl ang, pan i1mg/biki, A^VFM tlaiaoc an, p«rr windtliu. *r rw a«l. tmlil c«k4», VIN IKI9WMI 4U.140mi 1MB FORD TAURUS WAOOJ Aulo 1t*n*, 6 cyl *nu. p,*>r tifng/brk, rai', «i d«l, tajn. AiVV^M «!ajfbo, VlfJ li\alooi?ci1 UK 10 ifil $9490 _j OMO VAMBUIIA a/4 TON casoovanwni yttso pnv». AMJFMatarao.aaaaa SSrad av HI-DackvlnyibM «, lutl- d $9990 J»Vt3, ajoodtrant. p/t/b. AMFM t-cat«.air. pfarfcl.damplitbanchil if daf. int aeari cruta. BU, par «it, VIN LHSS»OO. SrKaS75S-» I _ ojariar ml $12,490 1M0BVI0KMVIIIU «U*«wn. V8. aub 00 iran«, pnvt>, AFAfMtt^ail,«/*l.clahblS ill n <al. cuiat. Ill, Flcadflaf pta. 6-arav p«r ai H.VINLO«2?27J. 34JS0M $13,990 SIKHmb. 1t*O«MOK-1MO«I.C <»»» vt. auto OO Irani. p/vb. MrVf U rt caai. SB rad, aaoy «Ni, w, pmha, cttn bencfl an, iviona MKU. int man. cruiaa, t«, VIM USOjotf. STKtU21'A V.*a0 1 Oanafrr. $13,1 itt a OHIVMM.IT ASTMO EXI <« V 6. p/l. (*J, anvm II, r«fy Mi. a/c. p«, bcm «, cruw/lt. Blualutona. e,m( rni. VIN N6n?B?8 t»730 $16,990 MO CHIVY OAVAtIM ay, 4<yl, auto. pith>. AMifM IKUI. SB rad ar cwl b<9 HI, rr im, STK «?IB *. t 1M1 OIO TtUOKIR LSI «JW»»!! bkja, a, 4cyl. 4 cyl. aulo. auto.. fc. *WFM AM/FM itca.i. al Ml SB raa.. alloy whit, air. rr Dane nil, c loin DM tit, LSI aauio.comr lap Vlhl ME908SU STKI433O-A inwrwrt. $9990 1W1 CNaTVMHXT Ca\ VAUOI STATION WMOM aniirijai.avtbai >.» $10,490 4<TL 1 H* PONTIAO mijhmiio vt>. aulo. p/t/d. AH*f M it can,*i4aa Tl ban rad. ajkry «N>. air, pa* rki cldri 6*1 IK rr da>. cut*. Ill VIM jlm«ii. STK t6? J»A. WStOmi $7990 int UICK eintuny. p. p/. p. V4, aulo. 31 po p/i. p,».»tv*ti ilr. rally t. ipl bnch, r dalq, crum/vt. am, ant. ipl bnch, dalq crum/vt am 71.4U 14U mt, tvin VIN MQ4690e6 t97s $12,490 I»M OLDS aim. 4-Or, auto Iran* t4-cyl ang. nwr ttma /trk., AMta tlarto can, wra util cvrt VIN toqai toqari*?? $ cr, auto tram, 4-cyl ana, pat tlmg/trra, AwVFM «a«kj, pwr au, air, l»a»,rarj»l Ul«td VlN»jfext72 SK 3 OWTIAM M i i. a>r. si&t&tfe $ N t VOLKSWAQIM JKTTA 4 dr, a JO trtna, 4-cyl. p/vb. AW/fU il can. ar ir» at, oai «ni cvn, VIN M/Hnit STVMIttM n.lwmi P9 IBM DOOOB DAKOTA L I 4a4i tpo man tranri,4oni drnm 6 c>1. ortlt, AM*M tt'upa, ( Mb. air. til. om. c... arnoh nin. BSm. rasmaa, «i,cor»ow. VIN LSniMU. STKJJC44r)V WWL (rat. 36,107 m 1MT DOOOI AWIS 4-dr, auto uani, 4<yl tna. p«f ttma»*a AMFMt«nKi.alrUgk, r* daf VIN «XHf Slk (2C272A. $3995 IMS romd TAURUS OL 4-0f,aulo irant,6-cyl ana.p*r tlrno Ititt. AU/m HaraocaH. par,vrjlt.rwdal.cniaa Ona ownai-ii»jrni«i ViHaoai»/54i 3k -$4995 1S8T SUBARU OL OoU 6»pa man Irani. 4-cyl - turbo, paack 1 pnim ttmj /b, 4-ahl dnva, AMf M It-caai. p/witt, air, trv an, rr OaT, VIN H04«rKi42STK KCSlZA, T3.TITm ml $ w, 5 led nun rana, 4-cyl ang. par irmg /rjrkj, AM>M naiao caaa, air, van. n«dal 2*2rrtar. dalunurt inhri V1N "BlMaT vomim LANMU 4-dr. auto trant,6-cyl ang, parr ttmg /brm AKrVFM ttarao can, parr Und/lkl /art ratali. air. l/gll. rw rjat, MONTH/ 1 2,000 MILE WARRANTY AT NO EXTRA CHARGE ON EVERY USED CAR WE SELL!* SALES/; PARTS sj BM FONTIAO FIREBIRD 2-dr, aulo Irani, 6-cyi ang, par llrng /bikt air lit rr dal, ipn nktirt«i VIN ilj3m97 Slk *D'W 2(.3IOmi $8490 1M7MIMCUIIY ORANOMAHQUIt 4*, MiCOlim, B-ty, A Lamb. Mt/U CM) iv^a «W If Ml ftt $7990 1M1 FORD F-ROBS OL 5 lad man Irant. 4 cyl aro prvr icrrtg/, par mrrt. tf dar, va\t AM/fM llaiaocati wmm>\ltbs3 Stk O3R3 l(!l«i«$10,690 I N I POMTIAO BONNIVH.Lt 4 df, ula. 6cy1, p/i. aamjim nr cmt. h 4 // th/ v «i. s/c. t gli, ft d*l f 3/300mi VIN $9,490 IBM MKRCURY SABLI 4 dr, auto *yod. p/», p/b. 4 cy<, «T»/Im csii. cm int. pmrtcvtrnh. turn, we, I f (T d«f. cums/r, uugti,, ** MMM «l bu fad, J8, $9990 IBM FORD MUBTANO 3 dr HB. aulo, i-cyf. p/i/b. AM/FM IIcatt,.v, irl git, rr dal. tin, crtila gaugai. cuk in, BSM, niroinp.. iad<ali. tlylad a N i, VIN IK STK «T>374, $7990 1MT (rtommmj CUTLAM?di.»iio. S cyl. iviit. AM/FM II can, p/w/lkt/tlt. av. Inl QH, ir dal. cruna. Ctalh int all-iaa 111 bad rad.try* rj whll. VINHZ)44lja,5IK»F.94ftA. fl.iosir, $6490 1MB PONTIAC BUNBIRD eomvawtaia.!, tpd nan tiani. 4-cyl lurrjq. par tirng /6rM, ArAFM l call. p*f wind /IKl. air, tmn ctuna VIN f75«4o'r fj75«4o.'r!a mi B UMOOLN TOWN CAR iltifl 4 /brh* or. aulo, mm. B<yi tng. p*r Aiff pwr wtnd/iba wtnd/ila/i ciuii* i( da' da' lajlt lajlt AI^Mil AI^Mil darim m«$6490 CAR & TRUCK Where You Expect To Pay SALES SERVICE/PARTS 908-7* BBO MAZDA PROTIOI 4 dr, rstpd man nan., 4 cyl. p/racm pinion ttmg/tjkrt, AHi/fM r/tanto, (m gal, rr Mi. > III baliad, VIN L0I0BSI2, STK W1222A 400Mml $6995 IBM SUBARU LOYAL! 4-dr, Me* Ruby, auto 4-cyl. PS/e. AM/FM t can. PW/l, AIR, l/g. rr dal. HI tuoji,, ck*«i. buc hall, h all laat at Had INU STK ta2tma $5995 1BB1 SUBARU LIOAOV MM.*. autood irana. 4 cyl. PS/BWl. AiWFM It tw, A/C, vg* " daf, lilt. cm«a, gaugai, ABS brki, cldh Inl, buek- H, crptd matt.rl rack, ailiaai RM VIN fm79iega? STK «.3'» l U X n $13,995 4 dr, 1 JO OD Irana 6 cyl. P/i»c» f. pnv ton tlrng/bikt. AM/FM It-call. pmlkt air int g«. ir Oaf, lit. crulta. oaugtl VlrJ NlJlrJOMjSTk a4l73ajseom, $17,995 1MSISUZU TROOMR Blus. 4 dr, *U\Q. 4 wa, A cyl, (VB, p/b c Bh inl, ticm its, corm\, ip mi *Jj rck, n rck. btm. M it bu r«d si MI ** tf }'V fmfafq 11 X?C $9995 IBM SUDAMU OL 3 DM Ma> Aulo. 4-cyl. rackl pnenitrng. pwr firm.amfmttarat!.tnl gli.rr on,hi. gaugat cldh Inl, bkt in, al-aaa tit bad rad. VIN KC i 34 «M $5495 IBM BUBARU OL 4WD STATION WAOON t. rjki aa. <«rp*(«" VNJMIM4I. 9T $6995 'M IK>HTIAC QPUNO AM Diu# 2 di. 4 cyl, *ulo, PSfl, A^Vf'' si can, AIH. tytfi. " dffr. p*i>s»«. iom int. buckbii, crpl rrati, VIN #KC6* 1 6S53 $5995 1BB1 BUBARU LBOACV POUTWrUa Sadan W. lulooo Iran*, 4-cyl, PMJAV/U*NT. AM/r M It call»ir. \JD*I ^ dal. li*, ruiia. gaugat. A&S bihi ^lahinl b'jchats. tunrt. VIM fuh6(u*347 SI'. *M3A W, 'SI mi f 13,995 S1 FONTUC ORAND PRIX M«f Don A'M.*uia 00 Him. frcyt, AM/fM il CMI. AJH. t^)i, i! jiia, gbcvyat^torth int, b*nch n m»lt, *ll li*t ft«d VIN T,995 1SBT DOOOS SHADOW 4^dr, ft4pd man Irani, tcyl ang, pwr imp Ana, APAFM inrao, «IAM, nr aat.aaayant VINajsiMCM stk ISM VOLKBWAOBN FOX S-ud man Iram. a<yl. p/wb. AMlFM IIc atl. «MnJ Jl» j oai_ «rn cyr. 2-Or.auK Irara tcyi ang, pan ttmg nvw, AM*rj Wrao/cata. par rind Aa/aaati. air. Vtarl, rw Oaf. ln«ni, lewvv 3-or nalctiback, auto rrani,l-cyl ang. ma/iu. ar, rardal, l/«hl,alarm tyilam. phona, ttytarj «tm VIN Se.t61 rr» $8995 oat.wm.m mi, DM HI. 1MB M>NTIAC SOOO VPaf«4s auto Iran*, 6-cyl ang, par itmo/brm, Akyf u raw can. ar, mil rack Vtrl af»2s6622 S6.492m, $4295 I N T TOYOTA COMOLL* Lt 4-dr,S-tpd man Irsr*, 4 cyl unfl p*r Mrng /brks, AM^M rtereo,air, rwdat t/wtil VIN HH3Sr$442?2 678 mi $5795 1tM TOYOTA COROLLA 4-dr. auto trani, 4-cyl ang, p*l timg /erta. AW/FM Harao cats. ". lalt. r» da<. nylm htt»i(01l940 AuOUant.4,,.. ' "' I. ajr. atoy *«. VIN KQI?»34. 1M1 DODOB ORAN CARAVAN Airto tmm, $<yi tng, pwr»rng /brtcs. AKVfM #r*o, air, iun*cr««nolaif VIN FLEMINGTON I SUBARU SALES 90S SERVICE/PARTS BBB DODOI OOLT VISTA IM1 FONTIAC L»MANS 4 dr, ajro, 4-cyl. onvt, AfcVFM Ilirto, dtf wtoflbi n l, DU I $7995 1BBB FOHTUC ORAND AM 2-di «Jo. 4-cyt, PS^, AiwfM it can AIR. AR l/gll /gldt, rr rjarr. urt. gaugat cbth r- ^Iwlit, i/l taat Had VIN akc " Slk «78B " rn rr. $6995 -S1 FONTUC TRANSPORT M Whrla. T PA&SENOER VAN Kito. r> cyl. PIVB/WfL. ArWFM tt cut, AIR, Vga., IT -f'. til, cruaa. cw» in, buckali. VIN amr224'7b Slk aifo* 6736 IT. $14,995 1MB FONTIAC BUNBIHD COrw Blun, auto, 4 cyl PS/&WA. ArNVFW tl.alr, /nn gtioat ckth ml nucliw. WIHfjTtJOli; SIH I1SBA 49.9Urr. $9995 IBM PONTIAO FIMO SB i'-dr OoU auto f>cyt tmckjpir, ilrng PRrW, Akfi/M tl, AIR. l/pll, oaugtl, c Olh tnl. bucktti VIN agp2470ci4 Slk PI16SA 64^431 g STKIIS2-A 332 mi $7995 *B1 FONTIAC ORAMOFflM 4-dr, aulo OD trana, 6-cyl. p/rack t pirv on tt IBfNK *i«. al ta«rad.rr datr. nl, enma VINtMF21S441 stk PI247A l2m8mi $13,995 1M7 BUBARU RX FT4WD nun rail *-ov" - wtm. p**» 1 MWto, PMM. M $6995 t m SUBARU OL4WD MB *-«pd man trtn%, 4-cyi. racki pin on ttmg. DAI. AM/TM llbfto, (r* g «rf c** 1 P tji, g»ug, e'eth mt. DM ill, I I M I tl) bait r«d. ify»a wfki VIN OEH 1369 STKSD STK It9DA m. $ S«HONDA CIVIC dr. auia 4-cyi. p/l/p. AW^M dcut, '.IN g»i ft cf*f VINjAoiaaee STK #P 130? A 47 59'mi OVER 300 QUAUTY USED CARS & TRUCKS IN STOCK- FAST AFFORDABLE HNANCING...FLEXIBLE TERMS PRE-OWNED CARS & TRUCKS RTS 2O2 & 31 OR RT 31 ACROSS FROM THE FAIRGROUNDS Prices inc.! all cosk to bo paid by a consumfli except for lie costs, rof) tetfs & taxer, *Soe dealet foi details and limitations EldK 4x4's 8. 'AS ts vehicle pricing at customer request,

28 U-2 / Forbes Newspapers Guide April 29,30, May 1,1992 Ford's elegant Crown Victoria Touring Sedan RyRttlRUM FORBES NEWSPAPERS Font's 1992 Crown Victoria is almost completely new. both inside and out In it* first major design, engineering and powertrain change since 1079, tha Crown Vic still remains as one of just a handful of full-size, front engine, rear drive American-built 6-passenger, 4-door sedans. It also retains the body-onperimeter-frame construction which increases rigidity and reduces noise and vibration. Another majtir feature is the new 4.6 liter "modular" V-8, which is the first U.S. made, mass-produced overhead cam V-8 which develops 50 more horsepower than the 5.0 liter vintage push-rod engine It replaces. The Touring Sedan is the latest edition of the Crown Vic, and its specialties are tighter handling, a bit more power, anti-lock brakes with traction assist, alloy wheels and performance tires, as well as some upholstery and convenience upgrades in the interior. We came to these conclusions after a week in the driver's seat: APPEARANCE: The new design is in sharp contrast to earlier Crown Vic models. The old "three-box" design has been replaced by allnew sheet metal with smoother aerodynamic well rounded lines highlighted by discrete side sculpture and some bright trim. The hood, greenhouse and rear deck retain the length and volume that made this model famous. Most glass is flush, the front and rear lights wrap-around, and the bumpers are integrated with the 8000 AUTOMOtllLl S FORD- 85 Tempo. Good transportation. High mileage. $975/BO. After aprn, call NIS8AN- 84 Stanza, good condition, 5-tpd., air. $300 or bast offer. Call i On 010 umhrtlqoq SUBARU 85 6L WAGON- 4WD, AM/FM eats, 103K ml., needs body work. I drlva at Is, pasted intpaction 1/92. $850. Call oVart/i«in the Cl»$*iflod! 1HONDA 1 ~4.-«' BUICK- 83 Regal, 4 door, AC, anvtm ttarto, fully powered, very good condition, asking Call (908) CHIVY 81, Malik* Claeale, Cream, AC, PB, PS, PW, small V-8, excel, cond. S2300/B > ACCORD EX Black * Green Red More >92 PRELUDES Black Red All-New 4W Steering Model 1992 CIVICS VTEC Hatchback Mote Immediate FREE GIFTS Delivery! Just For Coming In.of'ly onftqrtt [* lamily, plpase *hrle Supc 1 VIP'S NEW FLEX PRICING Ultra-Save Leases Collage Grad First-Time Buyers Program On tha Spot Credit Approval Savings Others Can't Duplicate Get It Low Loase/Finance Rates /\ _ _ Auto Insurance Available On Prem At V.I.P. * f-'ree Service Loaner Cars ODII Mono ron n YTARS VIP STANDS FOR Vf RY IMPORTANT I'FOPLE - OUR CUSTOMERS! adults. Our test vehicle was fitted with optional leather upholstery, powered split bench front seats, a JBL premium sound system that provides excellent tone and selectivity, and a combinatiftn lock keyless entry system. All controls are well located, the heater/air conditioner is quite effective and windews and mirrors are powered. The deep trunk is spacious and has a low leftover. ROADABIUTY: To give the Crown Victoria in general and the Touring Sedan in particular firm, controlled and confident handling with better ride balance and no "float," the suspension geometry was consider- Tha Ford Crown Victoria it a combination of tha traditional larga Amtrlcan car and modarn technology. body. ably reworked. The handling and cam, 32-valve multiport fuel injected 4.6 liter V-8 engine from 190 COMFORT: The Touring sedan performance package includes new has a spacious interior, with good larger gas-pressurized shocks, larg- stabilizer bars, stifler spring power. This completely new to 210 smooth and quiet horse- head and leg room for uptosixer pow- toao under $2500 CHCVY- 82 Mallbu Station wagon, AM/FM, AC, runt food, $1100. Call ooaai- as Daytone. Silver, exc. cond., 4-spd., PS, PB, am/fm cast., $2200. (908) CMc Wafwi S «pd., AM/FM, AC, PB, roof rack, on* owner, pampered. Must sea. $ NI88AN- 83 Pulaar Hatch, 8-ipd, 2DR, AC, PS, PB, AM/FM can. Mat new clutch. Plmlll tires. 1 owner. Excel, cond O8-7S3-1O94 OLDS- 83 Clara Brougham, PW, PB, AC, clean IntVext. $1895/ / PONTIAC- 81 Trans AM, 350 V8, 4 BBL., Auto, Hooker header*, Hyjackert In rear, p/s, p/ 4 whl disc brakes, 10 bolt posl-rear, p/w, tilt. I NEED SASH FASTI I was asking tl85o--now asking (1550 b/o, last year of the om version, irs DES- TINED TO BECOME A ClASSICtt call between 5-10 P.M., BUICK- 88 Park Avenue, high mileage, tip-top condition, loaded. $50O0/BO. Please call SUICK- 86, Skylark, 4OR, PS, PB, auto, AM/FM can., 56k, Asking $ or CADILLAC- 87 sedan Devttle, 4 dr, sunroof, fully loaded, exc. cond., blue wavhlte top and blue leather Interior, 56 k, CHIVY- 83, Camaro windows. Asking $1500. Call MICH- 79 Lesabre Umited, loaded, new motor w/spun barren, S250/B0. Advertise in tht Clattilitd! Call908-21B-8913 rates, a load leveling rear air sus-erplanpension system, a higher rear axle nological features that contribute has many advanced tech- ratio and larger specially designed to increased horsepower from reduced displacement, with better Goodyear Eagle GA all-season touring tires. Also included are anti fuel efficiency and lower emissions, and quieter and smoother lock brakes with traction assist which allows the ABS to function power. In concert with Ford's 4- during acceleration especially on speed automatic overdrive transmission plenty of power is deliv- slippery roads, and speed-sensitive variable-assist power steering ered to the rear wheels for competent driving. which minimizes the steering effort required for parking and lowspeed driving. grab handle assist bars for pas- SUGGESTIONS: Add overhead or PERFORMANCE: As a part of the sengers. Delete the automatic door handling and performance package, the Touring Sedan gets a dual ECONOMY: EPA averages are 18 locking feature. It's a bother. exhaust system which increases city/25 highway. I averaged 20.3 the output of the single overhead mpg. i- 89 Colt, 4 Spd, 4 cyl, white, 60K miles, AM/FM cast., well maintalned, body in excellent shape, $2900. Call After 6pm. FORD-86 Crown Victoria. 2 DR. Loaded ml. Exc. cond-lnslde 4 out /Offer Torino, 72K ml., 1 owner/driver. Clean, excel, cond. $2200/ Mustang SVO, 82K miles, leather, moonroof, $3800. Call Berilnetta. excel, cond. in A out. New tires A Inspection. $3100. Call , after 5pm CMSVY- Baeatnii, FORD- 90 Festive L, 4 DR, Sspd, Mr, hatchback, 2-dr., 5-tpd., 79K mi., very good cond. UK ml., like new. $3450. $2600. Call 90 8 Call Probe Turbo CMBYY- 89 Cavalier Z- GT, fully loaded, mint condition, 43k milei, $ , conv., fully loaded, exc. cond., S spd, asking w/alarm & phone- Call $6,750, sfter 6PM CHRY8LM- 85 Laser, HONDA- 87 Prelude SI. 64k ml, PS, PB, P/witv Auto, AC, 87K mi. Garaged. Exc. cond. $6500. dows, cruise, tilt wheel, AC, garage kept. Asking Eves ft wknds HONDA- 88 Accord LX, enhtbur 89 LeBaron 4-dr., auto, AC. fully loaded, 66K hwy. ml. Convertible, Turbo, auto, ere- AC, PS, PB, P/Windows, ampuff, $7800. Call 908- AM/FM east., $10,200/ BO. Call CMc SI, like ORB LTD, 97K new, only 30K miles, miles, PS, auto, AC, P/ loaded w/many extras. $ JBIP- Cherokee 84, Red, fully loaded, auto, ac, 75k, S55OO b/o, AUTOMOTIVE MM DIRECTORY ME:V\' CAR SA MDawealJM. far Bills. NJ. ftkeafenlm TO rtovf mist To See Your Auto Ad Here Call Ext. 6251»CURA\ somerville Jersey's Volume Acuro Dealer DON'T BUY UNTIL YOU TALK TO US! Large Stock Of 1992 Li'tjf'nds Viqors Into(jr<is With PRE-INCREASE Stickor Prices PURCHASE OH LEASE A 1992 NOW AT THE OLD PRICE! ACURA OF SOMERVILLE Routs 22 Wast Brldgewatar.MON-FRI 9-9 SAT 9-6 (908) A Union County Forbes Newspaper 030 AutomobUeB INTRODUCTION8... A way for people to meet people, every week In your local Forbes newspaper. The ad is free, then one call doea it all) MAZDA- 91 MXB, Full power, 5 speed, anvtm cassette, 6,000 miles. Asking $11,500. Please call (908) O, 4 spd, brown/tan int., am/ fm, ac, ps, pb, good cond., 139 k, $ Mercery 86 Cougar Black, fully loaded, 72K, excellent condition $4,200 or best offer (908) M8NCUNT- 87 Cougar, gray, automatic, PS, PB AC, am/fm, $4,300 oi best offer. Please cal (908) or ( MIHCUIIY- 88 Sable Station wagon, 55K miles auto, AC, all power, cruise. $8500 or best offer. TOYOTA- 85 MR2, 80K, 5 speed, AC, cruise, am/fm radio, sunroof. $3500. (908) MITSUBISHI- 87 Con quest TSI, 5-spd., fully loaded. Exc. Cond. 51K, CONCLUSIONS: With the redesign of the Crown Victoria and the addition of the Touring Sedan to the lineup, Ford is continuing what it started with the introduction of the highly successful Taurus in That dramatic and somewhat risky decision was a major factor of the favorable turnaround of the fortunes of Ford Motor Company. The latest Crown Victoria not only retains its interest to the older automotive buyers, but with the Touring Sedan opens the field to a younger group. PRICE AS TESTED: $26,221 with preferred equipment package 115A. BASE PRICE: $23,1832 with standard Touring Sedan equipment OBIL- 59. White 3000 ext.6256 anytime, convert, 361"* eng. Bigleave message. auto trans. Show car. $18,000/ BO VW- 89 JETTA Gil, 16 v, asking $ pw, pdl, sunroof, abs FORB Falcon, brakes, recaro seata, garage kept, pert, cond., low PLYMOUTH- 90, Laser, 289 V8, rebuilt automatic black, fully loaded, lowtrans., 2 door, 46K miles. miles, asking 10,900, mileage. Bast offer. Call $500/B0. Calt ^ after 5PM PONTIAC- 82 Trans AM, JAaUAR- 71 XKE Roadster, serious 070 auto, t-top, cruse, P/W, Inquiries tilt, AM/FM. Runs exc. 74K. I250O/B PONTIAC , sll ver, 4 dr. exc. cond. new tfres, muffler A brakes. $ after 5. SAAB Turbo conv., low miles, garage kept, loaded, asking $18, SUBARU- 88 Justy, FWD, 5 spd, exc. cond., am/tm/cass, new tires/ brakes, $2950 b/o, SUZUKI 90 Samaurt convertible, 4WD, AM/FM cats, 21K ml., alarm/lo Jack. $8200. Call TOYOTA- 83 Cellca GTS, 5spd, sunroof, PS, PB, tilt, cruise, AC, Allle wheels, new tires, brakes & ClUtCtl, 78K, $2995. Call TOYOTA 88 CAMRY, 4 dr, 5 spd., PS, AM/FM, AC, orlg. owner, 80K. $5, TOYOTA Runner SR-5, 4WD, AC, power, 62K, sliver, exc. cond., $10,500/ TOYOTA 88 Camry LE, manuf. warr, auto, loaded, exc. cond., add't snow tires w/rims, $7400 b/o, TOYOTA- 88, Cellca GTS, 5spd, auto, all options. Excel, cond. 1 owner. Ask- Ing $ VOLVO GLE, AC, auto, 4-dr., sun roof, AM/FM cass., 55K miles. $4500. Call VW- 86 GTI AM/FM stereo, PB, PS, AC, black w/ black Int., exc. cond. $3800/B0. Please call Autofflo*!/ea YOUR ARCH IS OVIR Custom built Chevy Suburban, loaded with extras, meticulous cond., $17,995. Call VW 86 Jotta GL, 4DR, soil but will miss It. 5spd., Air, sunroof, 78K$11,000. Coll 908- ml. Great on gas. Asking $399S/BO DODO.E- 87. Sholby Chnrgor, Turbo, 5 ipd, PS, PB, Air, AM/FM nss.. sunroof, louvors, Advertise In the Classified! 5K ml., risking $3800. OB-BOO evening*. CNBVY- 60 Impale, 348MAZDA- 86 RX7 2x2, Big Block, TurboJHde, ps, PS, PB, 5 spd., AM/FM fully restored, $10,000 b/ cass., 60K miles. $3950. o or trade, 908 MO-8413 Call CHBW- 62 Impale, 4 dr, NISSAN- 90, 240SX auto, 2S3 VB, PS, runs treat, needs paint work or BO. 766-S435 CNBVY 72 Corvette Stingray, good cond Black w/blk. leather Int. T-top, 4spd, new tires must sell. $8,000/B , Iv. msg. OATBUN Z, exc cond., many new parts and extras, MUST SEE! calf aft. 10 am, Dart GT 67, 6 cyl, auto, all orlg., no rust, $1800 FIRM, only. Call PONTIAC 69 Firebird, conv., 27k on 250 OHC, auto, ps, pb, am/fm/cass, $4000, E, blue with blue leather Int., car phone, CD, all options. $12,900 neg. Please call days or eves. BUICK- 84 Regal, automatic, 2DR, 59K ml., excel, cond. $ LINCOLN- 83, Town Car Cartier Series, excel, cond. like new. Orlg. mi. 1 owner. Won't find another like III $6600. Call paper also goes Into 16 that an ad In this local PONTIAC- 81 Trans Am, 350 V8, auto, 10 Bolt osl, headers, rty-jackers, ps, 4whl disc brakes, pw, tilt, was asking $1850 but I NEED CASH FAST-so $1550 or b/o, (908) , call between 5-10.M. CNBVY 80, Trans Am, 350 engine, Holly carb, too much to list. Must elll Need rear fender & TLC, $500 takes It eves. CHRYSLER- 89 onquest TSI Loaded, mint cond., low mileage, xt. warranty, must sell. Asking S9200. Please call , eves. CHNYBLIR- 90, LeHron Convertible, Silver, urbo, loaded, extended 'actory warranty, must ABU- 90 Talon TSI 4 wheel drive, 27k ml., sun roof, alarm, 7 yr. ant, warranty, 5 spd, fully loaded A gorgeous. Asking $13,995. Call Scott days at , at FORD- 90 Mustang IX Convertible, Limited edition, fulty loaded, Call hatchback, red w/grey Interior, 34K miles, auto, AM/FM cass. stereo, sunroof. AC, PS, PB, P/Mndows, P/antenna, new brakes, asking $9300. Cail and and Iv. msg. PONTIAC- 81 Trans Am, reblt. 350 V8, 4 bill., Hooker Headers, T-350 auto, 10 bolt posl-rtar, Thrush turbo mufflers, Moroso air-cleaner, WS6 suspension pkg., ps, p/4 whl. dlsc/b, tilt, pw, re/ defog, many new parts, I was asking $1880- new $1550 b/o, call DODaa- 89, B-250, Conversion Van, 39K mi., full conversion. Excel, cond. $10,750. Call VOLVO 88, 780, loaded, low milage, mint, asking $10, k«s, Sport and icjgmthmrs CHEVY- 89, S10 Blazer 4x4, extended warranties, 22K ml., alarm sys., $13,500/B0. Call Iv. msg. MO YOU KNOW... other local papers? Reach over 400,000 readers with one call! l-s00-ist.m9s FOND- 80, F-100 PICK- UP, 8 cyl. auto., solid drive train, new tires A brakes. $900. Call FOND- 85 ranger XL, 1 owner, V6, auto, PS, new brakes ft tires, tool box Like new. 49K miles, $35SO/BO. Call FOND- 87 Pickup F150, 4x4, 302, V8, XLT Lariat, loaded, 46K ml, cap A bed liner, sharp. Asking $ INTRODUCTIONS... A way for people to meet people, every week In your local Forbes newspaper. The ad Is free, then one call does It all! 1-SO0-SS9-94M IIP- 81 CJ7, 4X4, 6 :yl, auto, PS, PB, hard op, 70K ml, great shape, sklng $3200/B JEIP- 89 Wrangler, 43k, 4x4, llft-klt, soft-top, never been off-road, many ixtras! $6000, Advertise In the ClaisHladt

29 April 29,30, May 1,1992 Forbes Newspapers / U-3 TOO LOW TO PRINT TOO LOW TO PWNT 92 CAMRY (NOOSE FROM OVIB INI racus, cowius, awunrs, CUSSIMS, PHVUS, PASIOS, ««, aucas, sunus, TWOS Mil, WOTWB, (Ml, UTS, Nt-ft, MWS, MUMS, WWIXTSNAiUOSTWaB TOO LOW TO PRINT 92 PREVIA SEU. OFF TIMES: Tounr onr 9AM-I0PM TOO LOW TO PRINT SELL Off LOCATION: 220 RT. 22 WEST GREEN BROOK 92 MPV TOO LOW TO PRINT 92 4X4 PICKUP -m TOO LOW TO PRINT 92 LEGACY TOO LOW TO LANDCRUISERS< SCELICA CONVERTIBLES IN STOCK MMUIILE for PURPOSE: In order to meet our CRYSTAL TOYOTA/MAZDA/SUBARU Quota, a 3-day only Sell-Off will take place this weekend. CRYSTAL TOYOTA/MAZDA/SUBARU, one of the largest retail TOYOTA/MAZDA/SUBARU dealers is hosting this incredible AU.-OUT SELL-OUT!. This is the only location in the East Coast... NO MODELS WILL BE HELD BACK! Additional personnel will be on site to assist with parking and crowd control. Used car and truck buyers will be on hand to get you top-dollar for your trade. Bring your title or your payment book. Finance representatives will be on the premisesto arrange your financing andto allow for immediate delivery. SPECIAL INCENTIVES HAVE MADE THIS YOUR CHANCE TO PURCHASE NEW TOYOTAS, MAZDAS AND SUBARUS AT PRICES YOU DIDN'T THINK POSSIBLE. USED CAR BUYERS ARE INVITED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OVER 100 USED VEHICLES, SPECIALLY PRICED FOR THIS EVENT. ffwtkmuamm hr RX MX-6 IN STOCK HMILMLffM TOO LOW TO PRINT 92 PICKUP TOO LOW TO PWNT 92 LOYALE 00 LOW TO t' 220 RT. 22 WEST GREEN BROOK (908) \BBfii TOYOTA SALE HOURS: MONDAY thru FRIDAY 9:00am - 10:00pm SAT. 9:00am - 8:00pm Prices include.ill costs lo Im (Hid by this consumer except lor licensing, registration. & taxes prices include all rebates and incentives where applicable Prices and terms supersede all previous oilers Oilers not available in combination 01 conjunction with any other offer or incentive Ad cars sold cosmetically as Is Not responsible lor type eitnrs or omissions lo bo carried over on new car piircliasi- N» down [uymnnl will) approved credit No payments, 90 days deferred from Ford Motor Credit; dealer to subsidize balance lo buyer's llnancing source until Jan, 1,1993. $5000 below on '01 Mazda RX-7 VIM M

30 U«4 / Forbes Newspapers AutomotiweGuide April 29,30, May 1,1992 Introducing...the six-minute racer engine overhaul Drag ndnf It often overlooked U being sort of sport of dinosaurs big V-4s pumping out enough powertorotate the earth a tick faster than it already goes, and guys who know their cars intimately because they are, perhaps, anfrsodsl. One of the biases road racers have about drag racing comes from the fact that it is not really a gentleman's sport. Unlike Grand Prix or sports car racing where tradition says the driver gets out of the car and lets the crew dirty their hands on something as disgusting as working on the engine, drivers of draggen usually do their own work. If they dont actually put their hands into the oil and carbon, ymwhaon KffiBB NEWSPAPERS Q: I am resent colege graduate who is seswng to break into automotive jaumatam. Cars, and especially sports can, are the things I love most In He and f know that auto Joumafism is too fteu I would Nee topursue. I would fte more than anything to wrte tor an automotive pubiostfon of some Mnd, I am not as quailed as most Jconalsm majors but I know I have ths knowteoge of more than just one subject which ft important In writing. I dd write an article for my colege end two articles for my one of which was on Cajwmaj Cars In Old Lyme, they at least know how to do it Now it's a big production around my house to do a minor job on any of the cars we own. It takes me three hours to do an oil change, and I cant seem to do it without getting my knuckles bloodied I can replace a set of brakes and F11 look like I did an engine change and it usually takes me as long. I have no patience, coordination or interest Drag racers regularly tear down engines and build them back up in time for the next run. Remember that every drag racer worth his weight in salt actually rebuilds their engines pistons, rings, CT. Are there openings in the auto Journalism field? MM. Storr.CT A: There's always openings in any l a i d- if you know where to look for them and doni mind tots of doors being slammed in your face. Most auto magazine witters that I know or know of started in other «ems. too,but they were in automated Jobs. Most found that they wereni qusmsd tobe topnotch racers and learned that they could stay Involved by learning to write. Jean LJndamood of AutornoMe Magazine was some sort of autorelated engineer, I'm told. Leon Mandel of AutoWeek started by setng Morris Minors In CeJHbmla, Joe Rusz crank and everything else between each pass of the quartermile. That means usually twice a day; sometimes four times a day. Impressive. I was even more impressed when I heard about the Castrol GTX N14RA Pit Crew Challenge winners, what they did and how quickly they did it Let me set the stage: for the 1091 season Castrol and the NHRA offered a total of $50,000 in awards for the team which was Judged to be the fastest crew over the entire year. There were eight rounds of competition, the finals of the competition taking place at the season finale at Pomona. The goals were simple. The teams were required to overhaul an engine as quickly as possible. That meant beginning the exercise with an engine that actually could be started and which actually ran, then removing the supercharger, the manifold and both cylinder heads. After that, the eight pistons and connecting rods had to be removed, whereupon the whole enchilada had to be reassembled and started. Now this is obviously not an easy job. True, there are no smog controls. No engine cowling to get in the way. In fact not even any cooling system. But there are a lot of parts that need to be disassembled and replaced. The finals were held at an NHRA career fair before a crowd of 4,000 high school students. The idea was Automotive Q&A of Road & Track sent "transomsubmission" photos of drag races to a drag race magazines unh they flnaly bought one. I was (and stm am) an auto mechanic who tret wrote a to take it apart, put it back together, and fire it up for 30 seconds. The winner was Ed McCuUoch's team, which replaced the motor and all those little parts in just over six minutes. Right. Six minutes. To put this in perspective, in the time it would take you to order a McDonalds hamburger and fries and sit down and perhaps take a bite out of the burger and sneak a few of the fries, Ed's crew would have finished taking the engine out of the Funny car, replaced all the pistons, put it back together and back into the car. Remember also that these things are very delicate. With so much nitro-methane running through the weekly auto racing column for our local paper 30 years ago. Enthusiasm heel (round) side of the camshaft. miles, I found that the air filteranddirty air won't make the valve clearance tor the subject comes Urst to be fol-sparlowed plugs had never been changed. tighten up as it's a normal oc- by dogged determination and a lot of pestering of publications. Write something onoa a week and send It When I adjusted the valve clearance I found they had tightened up considerably. Could a dirty air filter causa currence as the parts bed in. Triumph and Mercedes recommended valve grinding on new cars after the first to the magazines that you find in thethis? I adjusted the valves at miles of service to make sure current issue of Wrter*s Market Three tries aren't enough. Also always incuoe inches and the engine runs pretty wei. There is more tappet noise than things were seated property but a saa-aoaresseo stampeo re- before but I'm hearing-impaired so it turn envelope. doesn't matter. Q: How much dmsrsnos is tners, in menes rnsasursmsfn, Detwean a cow and hot sating when adjusting valve clearances? If.011 inches hot setting is caled for what is the clearance when the valve is cold? My car is a 1986 Nissan Sentra and I use a Chiton's Repair and Tune-Up Guide. When I bought the car at A.S Germentown, OH A: It's been my experience that valve clearances tighten up about.002 inches from a cold to a hot clearance check. Checking valve clearances on an overhead cam engine is easy: do it when the vafve or rocker is on the cylinders the cars are pronetoexploding, and adjustments are crucial. But they were done correctly. More important, they were done very quickly. Indy Car teams talk about quick pit stops; stops in the 10 second range. In Formula one they can get a four-tire change in six seconds. But when it comes to replacing an engine the drivers all have stories about how... "the guys stayed up all night putting a new engine in." Like everything else in drag racing most of which is misunderstood or unknown these mechanics have it downtoa science. Put in a new engine, Ed? No thanks, we're busy right now. Let's do it during the coffee break. that was more than 30 years ago. A lack of regular oil changes could cause valve clearances to loosen up, however, broken-down oil will let the camshaft lobe toe and the rocker face wear very quickly. You better hope your Sentra never throws a rod bearing: you might not hear it start to go. Q: I want toget into the auto restoration hobby and begin with something simple like the MG midget that I've found for sale cheap near my home. Where can I find the necessary new parts when I need them? J.R. Los Angeles, CA A; Good choice for a beginner. Midgets and Sprites are small and easy. The advertising section of most enthusiast magazines list dozens of businesses that supply parts for them and there are several owner's dubs. A good source is British Car, a magazine devoted toold Brits. Cuet. Low rider, oust. int) 'uaaaa autfh tlam UaM emjhff M«* w pfw wvf MnrooTp um wind. Much mortl 45K mis. SSSOO/BO. Pteese caueffms-trse Use Your Card., ickand 'Convenient! NEW CMC TRUCKS CLEARANCE specialized truck todies, Pickups, Vans, Suburbans, Jimmy's, Dump truck*, 4WD's. Most models A Mad. duty chassis up to 54,600# QVW. Used trucks, low priced leftovers, discounts, rebates, Leasing, or e.9% GMAC financing on selected models. No Mies comm. Top CSI ratine for Sales 4 Service. COLONIAL MOTORS ROUTS la WIST CHIVY pick up, 283 V8 4BL. 4-spd., vary 283 engine, can be re-faststored or for parts. Best $1900/ ultimate sleeper, offer! Celt ask for Paul after 8PM CMIW- 88 Beauvtll van, New tires and brakes, tune-up, air, PS, PB, 42,000 miles. Clean, $8,500 or best offer. Call Trucks and Wans CHIVY- 88, S-10 pickup, 4 eyi., S-spd., 40K miles, no celts after 10PM :- 89 Pick Up, 8 ft. stepelde pickup. 380, 4- spd. classic with rotlbar. $2250 or BO MAZDA- 74 pick-up, Ada In C/ess/ffecf don't cott Th yp»yt A-AUPOMMNAUTO- Top dollar, buying cars. Foreign parts for sale Tow truck, We pick-up. Hotline hr. service ABSOLUTE CA8N»Of«TOimCAf«WE B4JYAU. METALS ALL OARS WANTED - any car old, new or junk Towing avail. NEW SUBAftU LEGACY..71WANTED- AMtenwMlee, MJO DONATE YOUR CAN, TRUCK, MOTORHOMEto Foundation serving the Blind. I.R.S. Tax Deductible. Free towing. Need not run HONDAS, NISSANS, TOY- OTAS WANTED- also all foreign autos. Pis call anytime JUNK CARS WANTED Late model wrecks & trucks. Top $$$ Paid JUNK CARS/TRUCKS WANTED- any cond., 7 days, flat bed service. Call PMONE'S AUTO SAL- VAOB- cars 4 trucks wanted. Highest prices paid. Free pick up. Container service available Trucks, A Machinery DEAD OR ALIVE. TB4-91S0 130 AAAAA-1 ALWAYS TOM- MO Cars & trucks wanted. Running or not. 24 hr, pickup. Cash waiting. Call aol oob-an-isss 8130 M/scei/«neovs Automothm UNDSCAK OR UTIUTY TRAILER- 7X12' with loading ramp, like new, S800. Call OO MOTORCYCLES MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE For Many Types Of Motorcycles Also Personal Watercraft Insurance A Complete Selection of Clothes, Collectibles and Accessories. Harley-Davidson ofediton 299 Rt. 1, Edison (908) «aio ATVs I M S ATC asor RACINO TRIKB mint condition, $700. Call S2JO NONDA- 81 CB 050, good condition, S700/BO. Call PM- 9 PM HONDA- 85 Cft 125, Needs engine work. Must sell. Best offer. Call KAWASAKI- 84 QPZ 1100, excellent cond., new tire, 7K, Asking $2375. Call RECREATIONAL VEHICLES CAMPER TRAILER Shasta 10'. $500/ BO. Call after 5PM CAMPER VAN- AM/FM, cruise, air, capt. chairs, refrig, sink, stove, toilet, sofa bed, 68K mi., $ KART- with 4 HP- $255 or new 5 HP-$385. Artie Cat snowmobile, runt good. $ S MININAWK- 80, XT, Shorelander trailer, $250 or BO. Please call 90S Adi in Cfais/ffstf don't coal They pay/...of position and career Is advertised In classlfled. When you're ready lo meke a move, get the classified habit. JUST LOOK WHAT YOU GET FOR THIS LOW PRICE M Door Modsl 'Powtr windows ft Locks 'Automatic Overdrive Transmission *AJr Conditioning *4«Cylnd*r Engine Tkitsd Glass 'Power Rack l> Pinion Slasring 'Roar Dsfoggsr *Powsr Disc Brakes Tilt Whet) VWFM Sisrs>Cssssna with ~ " *Crutoo Control 'Gaugss Cloth Interior 'Bucket Seats 'Carpet Mats Mr Bag 'All Season Ststt Belted Radlals HAND NEW 1992 LEGACY 4 DOOR,,7S» SAVE *5310 LOYAUi PRICES LOWER BRAND MaTW 1908 LOYALE WAQON AMo Man*., 4-eyt, r» mo, p/m**, a*. M. pinion Mrn^tufct, AM/FM. it. <*».«,o*ugm.ctohw. ) brttwirnc4ib3m ^^(?- ^^^V- wer^^w FTW^^^WI e^v*w>l ^Pw B^^n STK.Mi.t7(7MMIPf»a,OI7, «IOM *10,923 SALES SERVICE/PARTS RAND NEW 1092 LOYALE 4 DOOR Auto umnt, 4-cyl. p/>kk pinion irng/brtti. AM/FM iww. p/w/fci. a*, im ah. rr <*<. W, oaugm efcxh kit, bfct *n evmimm, ( IFM* b«hi«cf. VINNC2O9301, 3TH*^U3HPilll7B B. «1000 dtodto dmtord UOd lackxy Across from The Fairgrounds Prices incl. all costs to be paid by a consumer sxcopttorite, costs, reg. lees & taxes. 'BRAND NEW 1992' SVX2DR Aulo OD Irint, eyl., plrtck I pinion lin^dim b*i, lull Ikn* 4-wM 4rhw. ABS briu, AMfM -<*». pmfctfrunvtm, kwn jntam, air, M. tf>, n em., I*, ciulw, gaugm. cmh IM, bm m, *port rum, at-*m. Mt brt ctd, atoy whh.. VINNM T K M M M M3RPt28,«M LEASE FOR THBfiAFREEOOMLEASEr Ua*«pymnl I* batad on 4t mo. ctoudand lataa wyta mo. pymnl. MM mf. MO dap. dua auncaptlon. ll»,l»7«0iot otpymnlt ml/yr rionncv, IS eanlt a mha lharaalla, Option to pwchaaa al laaw and lot Fleminqton CAR & TRUCK COUNTRY LEASE BRAND NEW 1992 MERCURY TRACER 4 DOOR Hed, aulo OD trans., 4-cyl., p/racfc S pinion strnfl/dlks brk»., AM/FM st-casa., air. rr. det., bkt. its., all-bea. sil. bolt rad., VIN. #NR , Stk. #3J14, MSRP 12,774, $1491 lactory n 4 IN STOCK AT THIS PRICE! PER MO* Prices Incl. all costs to be paid by a consumer except for lie. costs & reg. fees. 'Lease pymnt Is based on 36 mo. closed-end lease w/$250 ret. sec. dep. & 1st mo. pyment. due at inception. No cash down. $7774 total of pymnts. 15,000 mt./yr. allowance, 11* a mile thereafter. Option to purchase at lease end for $5700. Pymnt. does not Incl. sales tax. THE FORD MOTOR COMPANY'S CHAIRMAN'S AWARDS 4" TIME! The Ford Motor Company's prestigious Chairman's Award Is presented to those select few Lincoln-Mercury dealers nationwide (only 36) recognized by you the buyer for outstanding customer satisfaction. Owned By The Same Family Since Years Of Integrity A Reliability. _ ^ ^ _ WERE VERY PROUD OF IT I LINCOLN MERCURY I f{ A Union County Forbes Newspaper

31 Voti.No.36 A Forbes Newspapers guide to your quality time Movies 'The Player,' 'The Babe,' the reviews 40 Events 'psychiatric Classical evenings Music Dining Eating around A gourmand's guidebook

32 ART... April 30th 8 P.M. RUTGERS ARTS CENTER Thru June 6f/i HOM ACUO MUKCU: THEAtTWtHCWHfOlTWS 1W5-IHS Hfif COMES THfCATt THE ARTISTIC POSTCARD AND POPUAR CULTURE IN (901) ZMMERU ART MUSEUM Saturday. May 2, 7992 V AM. A PLAY FOR THE KIDS! A unique chlwrw'f comedy about fntndihtp and accepting dlfftftnt cultures* Ml Tldnto: $5.00 Call GEORGE STREET PLAYHOUSE Jhursday, May 2)»7PM DETTA Famed Folk Singer State Theatre New Brunswick $8, $10, $15, & $35' 'Palwn seating in the Loge with reception before porfotmance. Ticket Central (908) AMERICAN Proceeds to benefit DANCE POWER, an an; education program berating ftmeno! New Brunswick REPERTORY BALLET Friday, May 15 8 P.M. THE JIMMY DORSEY ORCHESTRA Direct* by Jim Mlllir Quest vocalist: Carol Sheahan "Big land! IrMgeTheOap * * i They're coming back to stir old and young" Thi Ntw York Timti, July 8,1991 to benefit Planned Parenthood League of Middlesex County M< )1 L M ICl TICKETS 12,50 to (MB) PatronSMtB 910 * * 7fi * THE STATE THEATRE May 13 -June 7 Richard Wakyj THE TALENTED TENTH Directed By Harold Scott I'taturhtg: A very UrooL llrmvn David Wolos-Fnntcno Matthew IiijMtn IVtronij I'jlty Phyllis Yvon nc Si it k nty Pamata Tyjon Don't Miss Our Season Finale Box Office (908) Group Sales (908) cxt. 17 CROSSROADS THEATRE COMPANY "let us take you back in time to a turn of the century New Orleans French Quarter Bistro." Featuring: SEAFOOD STEAKS GOURMET FRENCH CREOLE CUISINE Served in an elegant but casual atmosphere, Church Street, New Brunswick Reservations Suggested (908) Award of Excellence The Wine Spectator Lt MM. tar l$mr't prmkn tm tor f 120 Albany Strttt, Ntw Bruntwtclt, NJ 0*901 OI-24I.7IO0 Chinese Restaurant Steps Away From The State Theater, Crossroads, and The George Street Playhouse 3 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick f DO The Frog and The Peach "Glorious Contemporary American Fare" Excellent N.Y. Times New to the Hyaci in New Brunswick NJ 908/ COMING THIS MAY TO 5 LIVINGSTON AVE. 000 AN AMERICAN CAFE DISCOVER NEW BRUNSWICK Whether youye looking for a great dining experience, a spectacular show or both, New Brunswick has it all. Come discover all the culture, excitement, and convenience we have to offer. You'll be very glad you did! O Casual Elegance and Fine Fresh Seafood Are The Hallmarks Of The Raritan River Club Dinner ServedTM Mldnlte Frl. & Sat. Evenings Reservations Suggested 85 Church St. New Brunswick (908) Bistro Style Dining Where Preparing Food Is An Art With No Details Overlooked STARS DON'T JUST FALL FROM THE SKY THEY ARE EARNED Panico's Is the place for Fine Kalian Cuisine - Home News, August Church St. New Brunswick, NJ (908) Jv-M5.,i/l*?i'i. f Forbes Newspaper April 29-May 1,1992-

33 Wcotond DEPARTMENTS lover story Dine Out Guide Events Movies/Video Music Nightlife Cover Illustration by QISBERT COMBAZ l a Libre Esthetique' (1906) lithograph from 'Homage to Brussels: The Art of Belgian Posters/ Picture courtesy Zimmerii Art Museum. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMI» IIIIII! I til! Itllfl DIRECTORIES Advertiser index Auditions Club mix Curtain times Dance... Galleries Kid stuff Museums. Singles Speakers. I «* «I tiaiiiiitttit* «* itiaii I I in I WEEKENDftJUS is a feature of Forties Newspapers, a DMskrn of Fwbes Inc., and appears In the Hifte-Bedmtaster Press, Somenet Meseengw-Gawtte, FranWIn Focus, Bound Brook Chronicle, Middlesex Chronicle, New Brunswick Focus, Mrtuchen-Edtson Review, Ptscataway-Dunetten Review, South Plainftetd Reporter, Highland Park Herald, Warrcn-Watchung journal, Green Brook-North PlalnfleU Journal, Westfield Record, Scotch Plains-Fan wood Press and Cranford Ctoonlde. Letters to the editor, press releases, photographs and announcements of upcoming events should be sent to: Stewn Hart, Weekend- Plus Editor, P.O. Box 699, Someivite, NJ The fax number Is (908) To subscribe to your local Forbes Newspaper, call Hours: Friday 12-9 Saturday 10-9 Sunday 10-7 QUAIMOAK mmm U.S. #1 Flea Market Route 1 (South) New Brunswick, N J. Delivery And Layawav Available Amenti* i?i*ea Sdti 0*k Idta Also Featuring American M a d e Chairs, China Hutches, Curios, Roll-top Desks, Entertainment Centers, Bookcases, Bedroom Furniture, and Occasional Pieces A Onu,<r for Presents: A Comedy By NEIL SIMON Steven Hart WEEKEND1H.US EDITOR Micki Pulsinelli ENTERTAINMENT ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Barry Rumple GRAPHIC ARTIST Rob Paine CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER Malcolm S. Forbes Jr. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Charles A. Lyons PRESIDENT and PUBLISHER Kathleen Lanini VICE PRESIDENT, EDITORIAL Jim Hayden VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING Roger Silvey VICE PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS Fridays & Saturdays 8:30 pm NOW SHOWING APRIL 24 - MAY 17 Sunday Evenings April 26 & May 10 7:30 pm Sunday Matinees May 3 & 17 2:30 pm FOR RESERVATIONS CALL (908) When a simple dinner party among N.Y.'s well-to-do turns into a night of twisted tales and chaotic events, 8friends unite to protect their friend from a scandalous outcome Pass it on! Villagers Theatre, P.O. Box 6175,475 DeMott Lane, Somerset, NJ April 29-May 1,1992 Forbes Newspapers


35 WHEN A BELGIAN CRITIC GROUSED in 1896 that "The poster has become the modern obsession; Our cities are entangled with them," he was responding to the visible evidence of intellectual change and upheaval. European society at the turn of the century was being altered in ways no one could have forseen, and its art was changing as well. FREE ESTHETIC THE ART OF BELGIAN POSTERS hat time of ferment and innovation is chronicled in Homag* to initmlti flit Art of Stlglwi 1IM-1915, an exhibition on view through June 6 at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick. Traveling under the auspices of the Belgian embassy, the show combines the work of almost 20 artists and designers - Gisbert Combaz, Privat Uvemont, Theophile Van Rysselberghe, Henri Meunier, among others - with related periodicals, vintage photographs and exhibition catalogues to create a picture of a period and a place. That place and period - Belgium in the late 19th and early 20th centuries - was part of the international poster movement that swept across Europe at the turn of the century, fostered by breakthroughs in printing techniques and sustained by a healthy economic climate, Though posters in the form of placards announcing events or sales go back well before the invention of the printing press in the mid 15th century, the modern poster did not appear until the invention of lithography in 1798 by Alois Senefelder. As Jane Block explains in the exhibition catalogue, lithogiaphy - which reproduced marks made by the artist on a piece of limestone - was faster and simpler than the steel and copper engravings of earlier times. "Unlike the wood block or metal plate, the greased stone did not wear down, making editions virtually limitless," Dr. Block writes. "As the popularity of lithography spread through Europe and the United States, artists who were primarily painters such us Theodore Gericault, Eugene Delacroix and Honore Daumier were increasingly drawn to the new medium. In 1837, Godefroy Engelmann perfected the method that added color to lithgraphy and spawned the nourishing market for cheap, jxipular color images." France was the loader in poster-making, with recognized artists such as Jules Cheret and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec producing images well above the standard of simple commercial advertisements. Cheret in particular was a pacesetter for the budding movement; with the patronage of perfume manufacturer Eugene Rimmel, Cheret became famous as the man who helped develop what amounted to a new art form blending words and images. While Cheret was building his reputation in France, nemhborm^ Belgium was bein^ rucked by jvlitical and social upheavals, a situation rellbeled in the country's art. Its proximity to Franco, and a shared language made it possible for Belgian artists to respond to the poster movement quickly. While, their w >rk relected the French influence, Belgian poster artists created what amounted to mass market art in a tremendous range of styles. Art. Nouveau. Symbolism. Impressionism, NVo-Impressionism and Pomtillhiu are anion^ the artistic schools reilectod in the posters on display here, The. subject matter of the poster.; reflected the sophisticated culhiral and industrial climate of the time. New products, businesses, CIVIC expositions and books \nv all advertised through the posters, Not all reactions to the posters were as grumpy as the one quoted above,. One reviewer called Cheret "the decorator of Joy," and the Belgian poster movement was helped Jilting by literary and cultural societies such as U's XX (IJTS Vintf or "The Twentv"i and U\ Libre Rsthctiqtie ("The Free Esthetic"). That last name was most appropriate: the poster movement was freeing itself of old esthetic standards. "The. very definition of what constituted art had changed to embrace all objects of everyday life. <md tin? poster was now naiiiiutf the status of line art," I Jr. Block notes in her essay. Timed to coincide wilh the 1!)!)^ celebration uf Brussels as an integral part of the new European Economic Community, Jiormifjr (o HniwcLs celebrates a time when Belgium was part of an international artistic movement that helped change the way art was viewed and judged. HOMAGE TO BRUSSELS: THE ART OF BELGIAN POSTERS Through Juno 6 at ttie Jane Voortices Zimmerli Art Museum, George and Hamilton streets, New Brunswick. Open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. ( Ws/stWrf&W April 29-May 1,1992 Forbes Newspapers W e e k e n d

36 Wbctond Singles AttCT VAUEY vmumtm (908) Novtce-levet hikes, 11:30 a.m, Sundays, Meet in rear parking lot of Holiday Inn, Garden State Parkway Exit 105. Tinton Falls. Cost $5; bring lunch. CATHOLIC ALUMNI CLUB Of CENTRAL NEW JERSEY Volleyball at St. Mary's School #m ( Perth Amboy, 7 p.m. Wednesdays. (908) foftun FOR DNQLES First Presbyterian Church 320 North Main St. Hightstown (90S) (609) Discussion group (not churchaffiliated), social hour and dancing, 9 p.m. Fridays, Doors open 7:30 p.m. Cost $6. BOiFROSTT (ages 39-over) (201) Big-band dance at The Willows, Green Brook, 9 p.m. Tuesdays. Free admission. JERSEY JEWISH SINGLES (ages 30-55; I.D. required} Dinner at Flame and Ale restaurant, Edison, 6;30 p.m. Wednesdays, (908) , Dance at Ramada Inn, Raritan Center, Edison, 9 p.m. May 2. Cost $8. (908) Champagne brunch buffet at Holiday Inn, Raritan Center, Edison, 11 a.m, May 3. Cost $15. (908) , Italian buffet, game night, and social at Holiday Inn, Raritan Center, Edison, 7:30 p.m. May 23. Cost $15. (908) NEW EXPECTATIONS (201) Call venue for directions. Discussion group (nonsectarian) at Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, 8 p.m. Fridays. Cost $6, SHORE UNCLES (908) Hike at Jockey Hollow, Morristown, 11 a.m. May 2. Meet in commuter lot at Garden State Parkway Exit 120. Members $3, non-members $4. SINGLE FWENOt (ages 30-over) (908) Dance party at McAteers, Somerset, 7:30 p.m, Thursdays. Cost $6. SOLO SINGLE! (ages 40-over) (908) , between 6-9 p.m. Events held at Central Presbyterian Church, 70 Maple St., Summit. Rap or bridge, 6:30 p,m. Sundays. Cost $2. Bridge night, 7:15 p.m. May 7, Cost $3. SOPHISTICATED SOCIALS (professionals 30-50) (201) Party at Aspen hotel, Parsippany, 8:30 p.m. Thursdays. Cost $5; casual attire, no sneakers. To place an announcement in WeekendPlus, send your release to; Steven Hart, WeekendPlus Editor Forbes Newspapers, P. 0. Box 699 Somerville, NJ Include a telephone number for more information. Fax transmissions go to: (908) Itmes should arrive no later than Thursday of the week before an issue. No telephone submissions, please, Locations: BEDMINSTER VHlMt ) Btdmlnitir (908) EDISON ImwriOrevtCMMr (908) FRANKLIN PARK PrmkHnTowntCtnttr (MM) WSCATAWAY Pltcttmrty Town Ctr (906) SOMERSET Cedtr Orov* Stop. Ctr (906) A masterpiece of EAST BRUNSWICK CMeCtnMr RueeLiMtCnnbtiryRd (906) Other Locations: EATONTOWN VwtOfw COflWWtt FREEHOLD today Squirt HAZUT K*MH1 CVfttff RtUftouth LAWRENCEVILLE MetMf MW) MANAtAPAN btyvmeahea MATAWAN Town law* Cwttr MIDOLJT0WN QAM UraQII CMMT comic tone -Siske! & Ebcrt It's a wonderful film, -Joel Slcgcl, WA13C TV MARIO KASSARr *, t RENNY HARUN h.^m * MARTHA COOUDCEr*. WURA DERN DIANE LADD LUKAS HAAS w ROBERT DUVAU «\m RAMBUNG ROSE JOHN HEARD(*».&*«JANE ROBINSON Mu,^ElMFJl BERN5TEIN w* ^Sl PAHffPANY Troy Httti ttiopptnf, Certer EDGAR J. SCHEKJCK M. 11. M ^CALDF.R W1LUNGHAM V ^ ^ CALDER WIUJNGHAM RENNY HAKLIN hmm b, MARTHA COOLIDCE PLAINMORO Tom Cantor IOWUSGOSON*..K X W t t. MCRSQ V9KBIT6MKNM CATALOG NUMBER , COLOR, APPROX. 86 MINUTES qclosed CAPTIONED BY NCI DOLBY SURROUND HI-FI STEREO TOMS RIVKR IndlM Head Mut Hours: Sun. TIIUJS Frl. 4 Sat Available on PIONEER* LawrDlw 'Acadtmy Award*" and "Oscar" are irw registered trademarks and service marks ol Ihe Academy of Motion Pidure Arts and Sciences CAROLCO HOME VIDEO litiuithlfdiitributtibf COMING SOON Branchburg Town & Country Shopping Center r I I inas&uk" 1 INTERESTED IN OWNING Rent 1 - Get 1 AN EASY VIDEO FRANCHISE? Sun.-Thurs; only FN TODAY Not lo b«combined wllhoih«forfor. lom-f_ mm J Frwbes Nswsrtaoere,. ADh[^9

37 WootandPl Galleries ADOBE EAST 329MIHbumAve.,Mlllbuni (201) Specielliing Inline art of the American Southwest. Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Works by Amato Maurllio Pena Jr., through May 9. I M W M M FINE ARTS 2 Monument Square New Bruntwick (908) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday from 10 a.m,-8 p.m. Ado by appointment "Artists of New Jersey, Part irthrov#may23. LfttAMUDtfftRQAUIffV 6Nortt)StconrjAve. Highland Park (906)249^971 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Tnundey from 10 e.m.-8 p.m.; Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Also by appointment. BSMennjfgiw,, iwon^ornery (908) Open to ttiepubfc Saturday and Sunday from noom p.m, Fine arts show of foundation auilhwy, edmmtretion buhd- Ing, May 2,3. fwlf tftlllwt lit. m JkJJ^ AAj^M woooonqpi uensw Routes 1-9, Woodbridge (908) Open during mail hours. Erie centennial show w/his lithographs and seriographs, through May 25. ooimtoaunv 233 Rahtan Ave. Highland Park (908) Monday through Thursday from 10a.nv5p.rn., Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oil paintings by Estelle Lebowitz, April 30-May 30. Opening reception from rtoon-4 p.m, May 3. urromimv Brookskte Df., Millbum (201) Open to the public Friday from noon-3 p.m, Also open one hour before theater performances and at Intermission. Mentors'show of NJ. Water Color Society, through May 10. OAUfJTYAT Routs 208, Princeton (609) Mondayt Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Thursday from 9 a.m,-9 p.m.; Saturday end Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Free admission. "A Loving Uteness." 19thcentury American folk portraits, througimayl7. MASON M O M SCHOOl OF THE ARTS 125 New St., New Brunswick ' (908) Open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m, Free admission. MFA thesis shows by Michael Longford and Elizabeth Stephens, through May 1. MFA thesis shows by Jennifer Ozarow, Rae Staeseson, and Benjamin Akrong, May 4-8. MMUHOWQALLERY New CeNeaM Vaughn-Earnes Hall Morris Ave,, Union (908) Monday througfi Thursday from 10a.m.-2p.m. and 5-7 p.m., Friday from 10 a.nvnoon. Alto by appointment Matter's thetis ennbttion, throufimay21. HUNTWDON ART CV4IM 7 Center 5t, CHnton (908) Trtursday and Friday from 12:30-4:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m, Adufts 13, eartof crtom S1.90, ctihdren 6-18 ll.cmdrtd under 6 Landscapes and seascapes by Joseph WGwrgw, Mty 6-June 7. Reception from 3-5 p.m, May 3. Black-and-white photofapbs by Joufre Itjesias, May 6-June 7. Reception from 3-5 p.m. May 3. 'Works by Al Beckerman, May 6-June 7. Reception from 3-5 p.m. May Court St., Hoboken (201) Thursday and Friday from noon- 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon-4 p.m, Atn by appointment. "Garden and Gomorrah," paintings about the Garden State, through May 15. THUMfMCALCOrtlR ATffHNCCIvN 253W)therspoonSt. Princeton (609) Exhibit open during dining htn hours. WMercolofibyUndeJ.Bratf. shew and Smart Suits Ewwt thtouf) May Beyert Lane, Princeton (609) DhWtopen during Hfanry noun. tpiirrtingibytlmglowsu, timugt June 18. NEW JEHSEY COfllR FOKVMlMLMn 68 Dm Si, Summit (908) Monday through Friday from noon-4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday >Vom 2-4 p.m. Free admission. "Figurative Sculpture" by Marisol, through June 6. Public tour at 3 p.m, May 17. Oil portraits by Carol Dakake, May 1-June 4. flit Minor Imafr, a painting by Estate Lebowtti, Is part of her show "Expressions of Solitude" on vtew April 30 through May 30 at Coster's Gallery, 233 Rarttan Ave. in Highland Park. 65 Church St., New Brunswick (908) Monday through Saturday from noon-6 p.m. Free admission. Craft workshops, May 2,9. Call for information. 103 Bayard St. New Brunswtck (908) Wednesday through Friday from 4*8 p.m., Saturday from 11 a,m.-3 p.m. Photography by Jonathan D. MM*. Joy LMishWn, and Joseph A. Sricott trough May 8. pumwum 1775 Oak Tree Rd., Edison (908) Sunday through Thursday from 9 am-10 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday from 1-5 p.m. Paintings by Mikel Frank, through June 2. Opening reception from 2-4 p.m. May 3. HIAUSVUU MK1S Route 29, Stockton (908) Open every day from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Donation. "Design '92," decorative arts on sale and for display, through May 10. NIINTMAKING COUNCIL OFNEWiERUY Ralph T. Reeve Culture! Center 440 Rivet Rd., Branchburg (908) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday from 1-4 p.m. "Small Impressions '92," The Gartens of SMmouth, a miniature oil by Margl Cochran, is among the works on display at the Renee Foosaner Gallery of the Paper MHI Playhouse in MIHbum. prints from American artists, through June 1. RAJWTAN VALLEY COMfiMJWTY COLLEGE Route 28, Branchburg (908) Open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from noon-3 p.m, Student art show, throuaji May 9. SWMN«tUIMES (908) Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m,-5:30 p.m., Saturday from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. MCOHRAffOAiURY UnHenen Chufcn of wnrnn 4 Watdron Ave,, Summit (201) Gallery hours Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m.-noon. Drawings and paintings from the Exhibitors' Co-Op, through May 10. UPSTAIRS GALLERY Peddler's Village, Shop 74 Routes , Lahaska, Pa. (215) Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Acrylic paintings by Miriam Wameld, through May 15. WALTERS HALL MLLERY Rutgers Arts Center George St. and Chapel Dr. New Brunswick (908) Open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m, Works by Parren CoDety and Edward Brenckman, through May! MFA thesis show by Moiry Blieden and Sam Hoyt. May Chambers St, Princeton (609) Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. "Computer Age Fine Art," through May 16. Aquariums NJ.8TATE AQUARIUM Camden (609) Seals, sharks, and other wonders of the water. Open every day from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; closed April 19. Adults $8.50, senior citizens and students $7, children 2-11 $5.50; parking $4-$7. Group rates available. Directions: N.J. Turnpike to Exit 7, then South to North. Planetariums NJ. STATE MUSEUM 205 West State St., Trenton (609) Laser concerts with recent hits and classic rock, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through May 17, Adults $5, children under 1213; group rates awliabie, Call for shows and times, Stargaring Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m, and 3 p.m. through June 28. Admission $1; children under 2 not admitted, fuwtah VALLEY COMMUNITY COilief Route 28, Branchburg (908) Adults $4, senior citizens and children $3.50. 'The Uttie Star That Could," 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Saturdays through May 23. "Hubble: Report from Orbit" on the space telescope, 2 p.m. Saturdays through May 23. TRAILSIDE NATURE AND SCIENCE CENTER New Providence Rd. Mountainside (908) Adults S2, senior citizens $1.70. Children under 6 not admitted. April 29-May 1,1992 Forbes Newspapers ' 7

38 Wbotond Speakers (600) Qaltoiy tahtt Frtdcyt at 12:30 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. thfm# May 17. FIM admitlion. Btbett Uewin on Augustus Saint-Gaud**' Werw, May 1, 3. MargrBt Kenrwd Johnson on color«a visual force, May 8, 10. Dora Chinf on Chinese catfcpyy AMMIIMMMA Saturday, May 9,7 p.m. Matgaret WHiamt Auditorium, Jersey City State College (301) Poet and social critic reads from his works alongside three other poets: Man Evans, HaW Madhubuti, and Sonia Sanchez. Free admisiion. JOHN MttMHMV Apnl3O.May3 Ramada Renaissance hotel Route 18, East Brunswick (609) Therapist famous for his TV series. Lecture on "Intimacy; Learning to Nurture and Accept Ourselves," 7:30 p.m. April 30; admission $20. Workshop on "Creating Healthy Relationships," 9 a.m.-4 p.m. May 1; cost $105. Workshop on "mother issues," 9 a.m,-4 p,m. May 2,10 a.m.-4 p.m. May 3: costino. Saturday, May 16,10 a.m. Morris Museum 6 Normandy Helfhts Rd. Morristown (201) New York University professor will discuss how to determine the value of American antique furniture. Museum members $15, norvmemben $18. TMtMAUST VISION OfUKX/KONfttO Morris Museum 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown (201) lecture series In conjunction with retrospective of the artist (see Museums). Tours of exhibit at 3 p.m., program at 4 p.m. Admission $20; includes reception. Matthew Baigelt, urban images of 20th-century America, May 17. JOYCE CAROL M T U Saturday, May 16,12:15 p.m. Ramada Hotel Route 1, Princeton (908) Renowned novelist will address a luncheon meeting of the American Association of University Women. Tickets $25: reservations by May 4. ANNMHALM Sunday, May 3, 2 p.m. Hunterdon Art Center 7 Center St., Ciinton (906) Author of children's books will speak to the Artists and Writers Group of Flemington. Members $3, non-members $5. HAMffftOMNSON Friday, May 8, noon County Administration Building 20 Grove St.Somerville (908) Wood sculptor discusses his work on the building steps, In case of rain, program will be held indoors. Free admission. THOMAS MlUAMSIMPtON Saturday, May 2, 2 p.m. Encore Books 977 Valley Rd., Gillette (908} Author will sign copies of his first novel, fh/s Way Madness Ues. Free admission. Kid stuff MR. COLUMNS? Saturday, May 16,11 a.m. Forum Theatre 314 Main St., Metuchen (908) Musical writtentorthe 500th anniversary of Columbus' voyage to North America. Admission $6. THE ART MUSEUM Princeton Univenlty (609) Gallery talks for children 6-12, Pleate turn to page 13 COMMUNION Portraits Times Worth Remembering Times Worth Sharing Packages Available By Appointment Only For Details Call MMMOerTeJFree 1-M0-7M-M North Avenue, Duneilen tej- INSTANT DELIVERY NEVAMAfo uiilsonnrt LIQUIDATING INVENTORY! We specialize in custom furniture and provide every day low prices! > : [FORMICA* ^-*i SEAFOOD INCORPORATED WHOLE LIVE LOBSTER 1 lb.-1v«lbs. $7 99 Ib. THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS LITTLE NECK CLAMS From Certified Waters $2 89 Dozen SEAFOOD SALAD WITH SHRIMP $1 09 Ib. FREE Vi Ib. Coleslaw With $10.00 Order 135 Lincoln Blvd. Monday is Senior Citizens Day MlHHlne»v KI I Take 10% Off Total Order! Miaaiesex, NJ Hour : ^ TuM Wtd 10 AM^ PM Thurs, Frl. 10 AM-7 PM Sat. 9 AM-5 PM, Sun. 10 AM-3 PM Closed Sundays Salt thru April 22,1992 BAKERY OUTLET J theatre Summer jbsf Minutes Away.' Entenmann's Bakery Outlet 2120 Rt. 27, Edison GET 1 FREE /Equal or Lesser BAKERY Value Free) OUTLET Not valid with «ny other offer coupon. Redeemable only at Entenmann'e Bakery Outlet.. Coupon Valid */ij ttiru 5/8/92 WP AKERY OUTLET NEW Hours: Sun., Mon., Tues Wed., Thurs., Fri. 8-6; Sat. 8-5 With This Coupon Purchase Any Entemnann's Cake For * j BAKERY * 1 BOX OUTLET (LM» (Excluding Fresh & Specialty Items) I Not valid with any other offer coupon. Redeemable only at Entenmann's Bakery Outlet. Coupon Villd 5/10 thru 5/23/92 WP jpon nin */* inru viwi* nr ^aupun Vina D/1U inru D/ZJ/V2 WP t j I program '92 < Two-three week sessions designed for talented students ages 6-18 yrs. dance actingg music 6-8 yrs. half day 9-noon f yrs. full day 9-3:30*485 Encore care available until 5:50pm per session im i; tagecraft (908) Fortes Newspapers April 29-May 1,1992

39 Weekend Museums MUSEUMS IWARTMUMUM (600)25*4786 from 10».m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 1*5 p.m, Museum shop domi 4 p.m. Wettem EuropNfl parting*, sculpture and dtconttve art ftom 19th and 20lh centurlee; also pre- Columbian art and wt of the Anwlcw. Ranty-MM drawings by Jack- on PoHock, throutfi June 14. lwvcantuty still lift paintinn "Ju*G«ntr»d, M through Aug. 9. River $t, Millstone Borough (908) Blacksmith shop from the 18th century, open Sundays from 1:30-4 p.m. through June 28. Free admission. CUKTON MITONCAL MUSEUM 56 Main St., Clinton (908) Dairy (except Monday) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Adults $3, senior citizens $1.50, children 6-12 $1. "Mr, Audubon in Hunterdon," illustrations by the famed naturalist, through July 5, (MAKE HOUSE MUSEUM 602 West Front St., Plainfield (908) House built in 1746 and furnished with articles of the period. Saturday from 2-4 p.m. Donation $1 for adults, free to children. EAST MUNSWICK MUSEUM 16 Maple St., East Brunswick (908) Saturday and Sunday from 1:30-4 p.m. Tree admission. EAST JERSEY OtOITOWNE Johnson Perk River Rd., Piscataway (908) Villaaji composed of relocated 18th century structures at near the headquarters of the county park police, No tours offered at present. Gift shop open Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m,-3 p.m. EMWN NATIONAL MSTOMCtrn Main St, West Orange (201) Workshop with inventions of Thomas Alva Edison, open every day from 9 a,m,-5 p.m. Adults $2, children and senior citizens free. HUNGARIAN HERITAGE CENTER 300 Somerset St. Mew Brunswick (908) Museum open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m.-4p,m, "Budapest 1900: in Photographs," May 3-Jiin Opening reception from 3-6 p.m. May 3. MACCUUOCH HALL HISTORICAL MUSEUM 45MaccullochAve. Morristown (201) Gardens opon daily from dnwn until dusk Museum open Sunday and Thurtday from 1-4 pm Adults $3, senior citotfit and students $2. "Ron W e * * * of flower nd garden irt, through June River Rd., tttcttaway (908) , Piacataway Township historic museum. Weekday tour* by appointment Riw Rd., Piacataway (908) Sculpture by Donald DeLue, throu#ijulyl2. 3 South Mountain Ava. Montclair (201) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday and Thunday from 2-5 p.m.; second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 2-9 p.m. Free admission for members. Non-member admission: adults 14, senior citizens and students $2, children TRADES AN CRAFTS 9 Main St., Madison (201) Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a,m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 2-5 p.m. Adults $1, children 50 cents. NJ.CmMENI MUSEUM 599 Industrial Ave,, Paramut (201) Fantasy castle, a 50s fire engine, and more exhibits for Wds to touch. Friday from 9 a.m,-8 p.m., Saturday through Thunv American Child," family program, 1 p.m. May 17. "Nature and the Decorative Arts," ongoing, Exhibition of works acquired in 1991, through April 26. Works by James Seawright, throu^mayl?. Gnat mammals of the Ice Age, through Sept. 5. Adults 14, senior citizens and children $2.50, school groups $2 per child. Related program (free admission) at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. May 3. The fmpoiter Series (1989), one of the works by Pateraon artist James Andrew Brown that will be on view through August 2 at the Montclair Art Muuum, 3 South Mountain Ave. Daily (except Monday) from 1-4 p.m, Free admission. "Home Front USA," life in New Jersey during World War II, through July 14, MUM-CORY HOUSE MUICUM 614 Mountain Ave., Westfteld (908) Furnished farmhouse started m 1740 by Samuel Miller: originally part of 100-acre farm. Sunday from 2-5 p.m., weekdays by appointment. Closed May 10. Adults $1, children 50 cents, "Sheep to Shawl Day," producing woven cloth from wool fiber, May 3. Indian lore, May 17. MINIATURE KINGDOM Route 3 1, Washington (908) Daily (except Monday) from, Adults $4.50, senior citizens $4, children 5 18 $3.50, children under 5 $1.50. MONMOUTH MUSEUM Newman SpnngsRd. Uncroft (908) Mam gallery open Tuesday through Saturdiiv Irom 10 am-4:30 p.m, Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Bnckor Children' 1, Wing open to the public Tuesday through Friday fiom 2-'1:30 p.m,, Saturday from 10 am.- 4:30 p.m., Sunday from 1-D p.m. Adults $?, senior awens and children $1. under IB free. Free admission for all on Thursday. "James Andrew Brown: An Installation," multi-media works by Paterson artist, through August 2. "Highlights from the Native American Collection," through June 7. "From the Collection: Realism," through June 28. Sculpture from the museum's collection, through Aug. 23. "The American Landscape" from Cole to Blakelock, through Nov. 22. MORRIS MUSEUM 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown (201) Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m,, Sunday from 1-5 p.m. free admission (or members. Non-member admission: adults $4, senior citizens and children $2. Permanent gallery exhibits: dinosaurs. Irve animals, five senses (for children 3-5), mammals, model trams, history, North American Indians, Woodland Indians, IOCKS and minerals. Glass sculpture by Lucartha Kohler, ongoing. Rptrospcciive of Realist paintings by Adolf Krxiwd, through May 24. Lecture series May 17 isue Speakeis), "500 Years of Discovery: Hi in Columbus to Space," through Oct. 18, day from 9 a.m.-5 p.m, Admission $6 weekdays, $7 weekends; children under 1 year old free. NJ, HISTORICAL SOCIETY 230 Broadway, Newark (201) Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m,-4 p.m., third Saturday of the month from 10 a.m,-4 p.m. Guided tours by appointment. Admission free for society members, $3 for m>n-memberi. lender in Vears: Childhood In 19th-century New Jersey," ongoing N J. MUUUM OFAOMCUITURC Route 1 & College Farm Rd. New Brunswick (908) Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m,-5 p.m,, Sunday from noon-5 p.m, Adults $3, children 4-12 $1, children under 4 free. Drawings and photographsby Rtck Mitchell, through May 17. NJ. STATE MUSEUM 205 West State St., Trenton (609) Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-4:45 p.m, Sunday from noon-5 p.m, Fret? admission (except where indicated). "Litter-acy Day," children's symposium on thy environment. May 1. "A Day m the Lilucf u Native "Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration," through Jan. 3,1993. NEWARK MUSEUM 49 Washington St., Newark (201) Wednesday through Sunday from noon-4:45 p.m. Donation. Largest museum complex in the state. Permanent exhibits Include "Africa-The Americas-The Pacific," "Design in Native Amencan life," "American Painting and Sculpture," Numismatic Gallery, Asian Galleries, Ballanbne House and the Mini-Zoo. "The Artist as an Outsider," throutfimaylo. Portraits from the museum's collection, through May 17. Textiles from sub-saharan Afnca, through Miy 31. "Stepping Into Ancient Egypt," through Dec OLD MRMCKS MUSEUM Barrack St., Trenton (609) Revolutionary War museum. Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Donation $2 for adults, $ 1 for students and senior citizens, 50 cents for children under 12. "Of War, Lew and the Third Amendment," through June 1. "Hospitable Quarters: The Building of the Barracks at Trenton," through June 1, 0SIORN-CANN0NIAL1 HOUSE Front St., Scotch Wains (908) Historic house from c Open the first Sunday of each month from 2-4 p.m. Free admission, KEVES-MCOAMONCTVM 165 Hobart Ave,, Summit (908) Gardens open daily from dawn to dusk, M. W1WAM ROBINSON PLANTATION HOUSE-MUSEUM 593 Madison Hill Rd., Clark (908) Farmhouse built in 1690 as part of a 750-acre plantation. Open the first Sunday of each month from 1-4 p.m. Free admission. RUTGERS QEOLOOY MUSEUM Rutgers Unberttty Hamilton St. near College Ave. New Brunswick (908) Monday from 1-4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m.- noon. Free admission. ST. HUMRTS GtRALDA 575 Woodland Ave., Madison (201) Anima! art from the collection of Geraidine R. Dodge. Open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission $3. TRAILUDC NATURE AND SaiNCE CENTER New Providence Rd. Mountainside (908) Open every dayfrom1*5 p.m. Registration required for programs. Pet fair, May 3. Owl Prowl, 7:30 p.m. May 20. V1UAQE OF WATERLOO Allamuchy State Park 1-80 Exit 25, Stanhope (201) Restored farmstead from c. 1825, a life-size Lanape village, towpaths of the old Morris Canal, etc. Open daily (eicept Monday) from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Adults $6.50 weekdays, $8 weekends; senior citizens $4.50 weekdays, $6 weekends; children 6-15 $4, WALLACE HOUSE 38 Washington PI., Somerville (908) George Washington's headquarters when he was stationed in Somerville in Open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m, Free admission. JANEVOORHEESZIMMERU ART MUSEUM Rutgers University George and Hamilton streets New Brunswick (908) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Free ad* mission. Japanese postcards from the earty 20th century, through June 6. "Here Comes the Catl" book illustrations by Frank Asch and Vladimir Vagn, through June 6. Rare tum-of-the-century potters from Belgium, through June To place an announcement in WeekendPlus, send your release to: Steven Hart, WeekendPlus Editor Forbes Newspapers, P, 0. Box 69 Somerville, NJ Include a telephone number for more information. Fax transmissions go to: (908) Itmes should arrive no later than Thursday of the week before an issue. No telephone submissions, please, 6. Lf*tfa MM- *P~ Hk *ftp* «*bt t Krt«i i n iirm Mwmi JLIPJ '.cisawiwi wmr 8

40 Weekend Curtain times NOW PLAYING CMCUPUMM 416 Victoria Aw., Piscatmwy (906) me do*!** Door, Tom Grtflln's play about tour men in a foup home and their social MQrtw.May Admission t9fmayiandsaturday».$8 Sunday*; Mounts available. BUCKS OOUfflrnMHQUK 70 South Main St. (215} MM Sfcte Slay, or Romeo art JMfarcfMitd with gang warfare In New YorK around May Admission $ COMPORT SURE Hamilton BW. AUamovm,Ps. (215) Rock W You Drop, murder mytfttytft In tha 1960s. May 9,23. Admission $28.50, indude* dinner. 0MAMZATWN George Street Playhouse 9lMig*tonA#. New Bfunswlcfc (908) Two plays, Befrut by Alan Bowie and Savage Low by Sam Shepari and Joseph ChalWn, 8 p.m. April 30-May 2. Adulti $25, senior citiwis and student* $15. HUNRROONNIUS KAVHOUK Route 173, Hampton 1-80O-HHP.7313 Three Men on a Hone, comedy by John Cecil Holm and George Abbott, Through June 30, Admission $38 Saturday evening and Sunday, $31 weekdays; group rates available. Edison Valley Playhouse 2196 Oak Tree Road Edison (908) Edison Valley Playhouse hosts the Newark-based Ironbound Theatre's season closer, Some Things You Need to Know Be fore the Wb/W Ehdt (ftfinif satire on rsligon. May 1,2,8, 9, 15, 16 at 8:30 p.m. Tickets $15, $12.50 for students and senior citizens. MoCMTERIHCATM 91 University PI., Princeton (609) Princeton Triangto Club Show, this year a parody of life amid modem media. April 30-May 3, Admission $ MQMCUM STATE COUEOI Upper MontclaJr (201) A Cno/us line, Michael Bennett's long-running saga of life in the theater, April 30-May 9, Adults $7.50, senior citinns $6, OFF-MOADSTRCET THEATRE 5 South Greenwood Ave. Hopewell (609) The Mfstr, farce concocted by Jean Baptlste Moliere. May 1- June 6. Admission $17.25 Saturdays, $15.75 Fridays and Sundays; discounts available. PAPER MILL PLAYHOUSE Brookside Dr., Milbum (201) Oklahoma! the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical set in the Sooner State. Through May 10. Admission $38-$24, group rates available. PAXAMKUS CA6TIE THEATRE Lake Shore Dr., Budd Lake (201) Co/umbus Sa//s,' musical comedy, May 2,3. The Phantom of (he Opem (not the Andrew Uoyd Webber version), through May 24. PHIUTHAUANS Carriage House Watson Rd., Fanwood (908) The Fow/gner, comedy by Larry Sfiue. Through May 9. Adults $6, senior citizens $5; group rates available. Plea* turn to MfeU Raven Petretti, Deniie Perrotte, Pat Hickton and Debbie Fell appear In the Neil Simon farce Rumors, on stage through May 17 at the VWagert Theatre in Somerset. May lst-may 14th 20% OFF ALL BRAS and Lingerie All Sizes 315 Main Street Bcdminster (901) M-Thun,IO-5;3O Fit till 6 Sat 10-5 mat Illlllt Ilti!'1 NOBODY A BETTER BIKE. Tlir TEE Krfiomeler Set* the 1 I'uce fur Kxereisc Cycles. TIH-iirigiitul i-^iriiriirr- klyli* bill 1 riililt'ii IIMHT m i K by mm<-(«'<> >k in ninri* HHintric* llwn any other in llic woim..hutu li\ Tunturh. CMIUMU 1 10-yrai Limited VKiminly. nummck FITNESS STORE PITNISS STORE U.S.A. Mart Ctnttr Franklin Town Cmter 455 Route 9 South 3417,Roul«27 J TUNTURI. * V"*± LAST OUNCE Junior & Missy Apparel & Sportswear ' Now Selling... AT COST RIZZON'S CYCLE 553 Lincoln Blvd. Eat mi Middlesex, NJ Performance Specialist! Authorized Dealer of DUCATI SEA t DOO LASER JET Cylinder Boring Head Porting Valve Work Dyno Testing In-House Test Tank SALES e PARTS SERVICE Used Motorcycles & Jet Skis Financing & insurance Avaiiable PARTS & ACCESSORIES FOR ALL JAPANESE BIKES & JET SKIS First Come First Serve Fantastic Savings expectations Rt. 22 E. Greenbrcok (Across From Uccanfe Motorc) HOURS PHONE Pick-Up & Tues.-Wed. & Fri. gno *A t Delivery Available 9AMto6PM *»*'WW0 ' Thursday 9-8 FAY UPS Snipping Sat r) DUCATI 10 Forbes Newspapers ' April 29-May 1,1992

41 Weekend Curtain times Continued from pat PUYNOUSE Dunhams f East Brunswick (908) J": The Sound: Rodgers and Hammer/- r,<jsteal about ;fie "rape r-. "r-- Austria, Thr^i* May."' >'<; 's $10, senior cw* & ;-. students $?. RED OAK MUSIC THEA7R: Strand Theatre Clifton Ave., Lakewood (908) Anything Goes, musical by Cole Porter. Through M.w 2, Admission $17, S14. RUTGERS A*T I CENTER Uvln ThMttr George St, and Route 18 New BrumwicH (908) Becfcef, Jean Anouitiu, drama about Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas a Becket and Y^vp, Henry II. Through Miy 3 M- mission $14, discounts available. SHERATON AT W0ONR1DQF Route 1 South, Iselin (908) M OMtfry Btvfronment, murder mystery set at a country club. S p.m. Saturdays. Admission $39, includes dinner, IHOCSTWtM PlATtHS Rutpft Arts Center GeorgB Street near Route 18 Doutfess CoilegB NewBnjntMck (906) from the Unds o'flre and toe, folktales from around the world. May 2,3 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Tickets $10, $8; group discounts available. ShnwKldl INVITATIONAL YHEATRE North Hunterdon High School Route 31, Annandale (908) Hie Sound erf Music, the Rodgefs and Hammerstem mux a l (win all-student cast) about the Trapp family ol Austria. Ihrouflh May 3. Adults $8, senior citizens and children $6, VILLAGERS THEATItt 475 OeMott Lane, Somerset (908) Rumors, farce concocted by Neil Simon, Through May 17, Admission $12. WESTHELD COMMUNITY PLAYERS 1000 North Ave. West westfleld (908) Cofe.' musical biography of Cole Porter. Through May 16. Admission $12. WYtKOfFS RESTAURANT 932 South Ave,, Westfield 1908) A Deadly Environment, murder mystery set at a country club. 8 p.m. Fndays. Admission $39. includes dinner. COMING UP COMPANY Fairieigh Dickinson University Becton Theatre, TeanecK (201) Horn flres, world premiere of Linda Thorsen Bond's musical about American life during wartime. May 6-31, Admission S22-$14,diicounts available. CRMMMMTHCATRt COMMJff 7 Livingston Ave. Showtong Playtra wm perform From th* Unds of fire tmdtee,i cohtctlon of folktales from wound tf» wortt, May 2 and May 3 at the Rutgers ArU Center In Now Brunswick. New Brunswick (906) Trie Tafented Tentfi, Richard Wesley's drama about tfte midlife crisis of a Howard University graduate. May 13-June 7. Admission t36-$17. SIM AVENUE PUYtM Reformed Church 687 Laurel Pi. North Brunswick <908) Godspef/, musical based upon the Gospel According to St. Matthew. 8 p.m, May 8,9,15, 16. Adults 16, senior citiwns and children under 12 $4. nivum THEATRE 314 Main St., Metuchen (908) Borscht Belt revue brought to Central New Jersey. May 13-Jure 7. Admission $24-$18, discounts available, McCARTER [IIUTRE 91 Univenity PI., Princeton (609) Penn and Teller, humorists wrw have appeared on stage and TV. 8 p.m. May 8. 7 and 10 p.m. May 9. Admission $3O-$2O. MOHTCUIR STATE COLLEGE Memorial Auditorium Upper Montclair (201) Pie Best of Broadway, preview of revue to be performed in Europe. 8 p.m. May 16. Admission $10. SOUTH PUINFIELD HIGH SCHOOL 200 Lake St., South Plamrleld (908) Murder at the Wcarage, stage adaptation of a Dame Agatha Christie mystery. 8 p.m. May 8, 9. Adults $5, senior citizens and students $3. WEEKENDPLUS SUBMISSIONS Theater poue* Mnoundn perfonnertomt eudnlont nw paclal event* should send their rekteee to: Steven Hart, lei CM N j. DH7e do not uy to moms vest, though color CMN new IT me nwpe mi wp "~ M ht. Our Ftx numberto (Ml) S26-2S0I. electrolysis Remowl SPECIAL 00 OFF Yout First Visit New Clients Only Certified Electrologlst 11 Years Experience t Sterile Disposable Needles Used Call For Free Consultation oir Middlesex SonervUle 550 Union Ave Bridge St CLOCK REPAIR MANDFATIIKR CLOCKS,1V/; Til'ES OF CLOCKS Professional Service Tree Estimates BRANCHBURG CLOCK SHOP (908) PEEDWA Regular Season Grand Opener Saturday May 2nd 6 PM Holiday Inn of Clinton Rt. 173 W. off 78 West (908) MA Super Modifieds 50 Lap Championship Race Rain date, next Sunday May 3rd 1 PM Modifieds $2,000 to win 30 Lap Feature Great American Street Stocks $500 to win Sunday May 3rd 2 PM - WCTD Day Nascar - Type Asphalt Modifieds $2,000 to Win - 30 Laps Sponsored Late Model "Daytona" Series $1200 to win Tar Cars - $600 to win Late model Rookie race Flemington Speedway 1 mile North of Circle on Rt. 31 North (908) Summer Session I May 26-July 2 Registration for ALL Summer Sessions - May 19 r 20 A 21 Summer Session 9 June 1 - July 30 Registration - May 27 & 28 Summer Session II July 6 August 13 Registration June 30, July 1 A 2 Students who are Interested in picking up electives or course requirements, ranging from Science and Math to the Humanities, will find what they're looking for at Raritan Valley! join the other s'udpnti from more than 200 colleges and universities fcfio wilt be taking classes at RVCC this Summer. For more information call: Raritan Valley Community College Route 28 & Lamington Road, North Branch, NJ Serving (he residents of Hunterdon And Somerset Counties

42 WeetaendPlus Dance QONC0T ON OHMI Tueadey. May 5,3:30 p.m. Rutjnfcti Center GeofpSt, m OhtM, Surftm, and Cfcwdsi - plumtifcbyunlwrtyof Miiylind pimmof Jwwi Roma28,Branchbu(g (908) Pertormlnj wtrtti by Ruth St. Danii, Tad Shawn, and (Nhar ttts, Aduto 112,50, wtor cnansinditudemslia Monday, May I t 8 p.m. Montclair Stilt CoJIcgB Upper Montctair (201) EnaamMa whoaa rood an In AfHcari'A/narican fomdort. Adminion $10. >*(?>. «-x- 1. f ' Wf, TLj Efts lodge Washington Aw, East Brunswick (906) Ail-male chorus ilrtglnk barbershop harmony. fijfouqe KMUtt MtJiOa>At6AHO Tuesday, May 12,8 p.m. Hamilton BM., South PtainfWd (906) Traditional band that performs in parades and concerts. New members welcome; no experience necessary. wuinad COMMUNITY Mondays, 7:15-8:30 p.m. ROOMVIK School, Westfietd (908) For adults and young people who play string instwrnentt. Must be able to read music and play first positions. y, Iny 4,8 p.m. MT ihmtfv Bl unntfity n., PnowlQfi imm*xx> JofrMumidtnupiftom SltUr*y,M«9,8p.m. Rponwd Church 23 South SioondAve. HiftadPrt (908) , dancen; no partner matted, inttmction at 7:30 p.m. Adminion $5; drew CMUSI and NW jmcv conn MNCfCQUECnVE Friday, May 15,8 p.m. Them «Rar1tan Valley CommunttyCoNegB ami Satwday, May 2,8 p.m. Theatra at Rarttan Valley Community Coleji Route 28, Bnnctibuig (908) fcimad by a troupe *om Vu >. MmWon $15, $ Auditions JUMM MUSICAL WaMWd H# School 550 Dorian Rd., WettAeM (908) for July production of Tfte Jungfe BooJc ttt^ml by 6th-9th grade children. Auditions at 3 p.m. May 11,12,13. Call for requirements, PUYSWTMCPAIW Roowvett Park Amphitheater Route 1, Edison (908) The Hufcbefd Sliest Dmot Company vsftor llm8nn m PnOOWOO. Summer theater uriei. Audi* tiom for UMe Shop 0/Honors and *v* Get tour Gun Meyl, 2;audittontfor(>acu<aMey3. CaH fernquwements. Hendanon Theatre 85ON«manSprin»Rd. Uncroft (906) , Summer theater serin. Audifont tor Pfepfo, Alan of LJ (children 13 end under on May 13). Call for times and requirements. MoCartar Theatre 91 Univtnity PI, Princeton (609) «t 6166 Introducing teen-am to * Bard. Auditions from 3-6 p.m. May 5,3-5 pm May 6. Participanu should pnpan a Shahetpeeiten monotogw. CaHforan appointment. TMADAftTStNUMOI (908) , For summer production of The Mtriage of Bent end Boo and New Jersey premiere of Assass/ns, Auditions at Pumetl School, PottersviHe, 7 p.m. Miy 4 it thi Me* May 6,7; PotteraviUe Reformed Church, 10 a.m. May 9. Can for requwements. TletOOVUfPldTOflY Ubeity Corner fnhouse Church St., Liberty Comer (908) , For July production of dye Bye Bkm. Auditor* at 7:30 p.m. May 11,12,17. Large cast; people of all ages needed. Can for requirements. Rehearsals OCAJtSOfHAAMONY Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. MNTAftVAUfY Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m. HiiisborDugi Hitfi School Raider Blvd., HillSDorough (908) Community orchestra */75 musicians, amateur and professional. OMfWfTVAlifY (MCHUTIU Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Bound Brook Hitti School West Union Ave,, Bound Brook (908) Community orchestra w/60 musicians, all amateur. SWEET AOCOHM rtecmawejy ChonM Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Reformed Church Main St., South Bound BrooH (908) , For women who enjoy singing, GETTING YOUR NEWS INTO WEEKENDPLUS WRV youf Faxed (ranemtstiom ce«e«sent to (#O«) 52* 29v*i IMUMB a leneanofie nufflterfer rtaders to cam for imfe) NWBffMRiOfti Your rewase shauld arrive no Mar than nwnetoy of the wtttt before an ( M M comae out: for the May U*tt leave, for example, thedeadmoekmayt.nciub- Car Wash Brushless Hlllsborough (Rt. 206) Meiuchen {Cen\ta\ Ave.) New Brunswick (61 Commercial Ave.) Hopelawn (next to Bradlee's) WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS COUPONS $ Ono> Bruthless Ext«rlor Car Wash Ik Only $ 4 87 plus tax $ Offer expires 5/12/92$ ARIES (Mirth tl-airil 19) Get more Insight. Do lome Koul-setrchtntf before you rev into high ear. You are "jwrionality-plus" nd can make some real headway in ilie direction you so choose. You are most indulgent this weekend, Life improves rapidly all wetk long. TAURUS (April to-may Ztl You're still on that roller coaster. Make sure you like where you are heading rather than get involved with the ups and downs Solid choices make a big difference in the outcome. You peak during the weekend, when all you need to do is just "with upon start." GEMINI OMiy 21 June») Accept twine in the limelight this week, but don't count on this as forever situation. You do have renson for celebrating, but remember, what goes uu, must come down. Plan on a retreat la IOIIK one) this weekend and you'll be okby. CANCER (June M-July 22) Slay cenlerfd on your drums and fanuilrs this week, in whatever realm you choose. There's» strong puisiblllty you can make them happen faster than ycu Imagine. Hook up with friend* or» loved one, or both, Tor weekend celebrations. You'll grin all weekend lone LEO (July U-Augusl 22) You may no! he as in command of your ship as you'd like Nearly (.'veryone I'ise seems to Ix 1 holding Ihf strong suit, With a litllt' brnmstormms, ymi du cume up with a solution tlial works.ill around Yes, take that bnw in the spotlight this weekend You deserve all the applause VIRGO (Augtitl 23-Sfptemhrr Z2)-I>o )iuk> and let others reveal their personal iiyendas You 11 feel «lot better if ytnj listen bvfoie ymi talk. Close contact, nne-lo-one rleatirik fulfilling one uf yuur dreams make this an cxuii'mliniiry week Don't ho u prudish Virgo now. MBKA (September 23-Ortohcr22)- Drmonstrate your high efficicnty.ind potential at work. You may get what you want and reverse the course of action, if you let others play things uut Plan on some quiet downtime with a loved on this weekend. Yes, you'll look like the Cheshire cat with your ear-to-ear grin SCORPIO (October ISNovfntier II) Creativity and ingenuity, spark and fire to make you the zodiac winner as far as charisma goes this week. Find time to do some work, or maybe consider using your animal magnetism to affect your work in a positive way. This weekend, be at another's disposal. You'll love the results. SAGITTARIUS (November Keep centered, get down to Ihr bailea, and move nul lo acrompliih whatever II li you want. Fun and creativity merge and you could joil makr the Impossible, possible. Share a very, very favorite paillmt with a loved one this weekend. And when you're done stutriii^, share some more CAPRICORN lunembt-r Ti January IS) Take the initiative when dealing with others this wwk Anchor in ;md you could very welt KCt exactly what vuu want. Bo more creative with the pluses, in your lift 1, iind make the most of each moment. Helish the weekend and iiiijny the (><>thirik hi'iit of a spring day /WJlARIt S (January ZO-Februiry 18) Watch expenses <md fiel nuitlcrs hundlwi. Reach out for iiiinthi-r and fm dnwn tn the busies. Nicotian 1 titi' terifi*; you want and exjwet Ui make Ihu most ut your fio(xl timing. You rimy want In hill the wckenit way willi hilliilni^ and dreams or belter yet the "ri'ji!" PISCKS (Krhruat> 19-March 20) He playful mid let vnur real self out. Yuur personality breaks linwn barneiti, and ynu'ro very likclv tn make hajijicn whglevcr yon desire He more it'alislic nboiit hnw much you really do offer This weekend, you reciinnect With ill) nlil Hinne Starcast!!H)' per minute <!4 hemrs a day! Musi he 18 i Touch Tone or Rotary Hmik's Daily Monthly - Com >util>llity Horosco H. i s Plus the spoken liirol powerful 4 A enr reading TALK 11VI i'vee. inlroduetion Itv plain cost #2.i)n hours (i (Inv! Toiieh tnnr or Rotary I'hones Speak Id Astrolijer t I inol Render Musi In H Yi'tiisdrOlrli-r,\ Si'nii'i iij' limnmfilm liu You're Invited!I 3rd Anniversary-Summer Kick-Off BAR^-Q SATURDAY MAY 9TH» 10 AM Enjoy FREE Samples Of Your Favorite Foods!. *> Entertainment e Bring The Kids ;* '/ WCTC LIVE Radio Broadcast! ' Watch The Local Papers For More Details,:* SALE DATES; APRIL 27 - MAY 3 TAVLWS OOODH MRK BOLL $1.89LB SABRETT NATURAL CASING BUYONEBOKOET M2NDNK FRPP $2.69 BEEF Lfl SHWC TIME RJUY COOTD REAOEO FRYING CHICKENS ^ DRINKING STRAWS 99 $22.95 CAUFORNM 59* $11.95 PtR MM W< CAW OF M >«AOS CASA Dl BEflTACCHI FROZEN ITAUAN PRODUCTS STWEJSHEliS MANCOTTl O ESE RAVKJU $6.95 fru 3 Lfl> WU SOYBEAN SALAD OIL $10.95 KLB CONTAINS H6INZ PORTION PACK KETCHUP $14.95 BOX OF 1000 MM R6ADSIDE FARMS PEANUT BUTTER $5.98 MA'S 2 LITER SODA GRAPE JELLY $2.98 STRAWBERRY JELLY $4.98 WMLB "A Warehouse Of Savings" L0CATl0N i Wed 86 Thu's 4 C A U FOR EASY DIRECTIONS goo Uncoin Bivd Z "Z- 1 '^ " ddesexnj WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS VISA & MASTER CARD Tlf

43 Weekend Kid stuff Continued from page 8 Saturdays at 11 a.m. through May 9. Children under 7 must be accompanied by an actutt. Free admission. LaVeme George on hair. May 2. Millie Harford on the Putnam sculpture run, May 9, FROM fflt LANDS OF M l AND ICC May 2,3; both days at 1 p.m., 3 p.m. New D o u a» Theater, Rutfrn Arts Center Geoff) St., New Brunswick (906) Shoestring Players perform folk tales from Iceland, Finland, Ireland, and the Pakite Indians. Admission $10, $8; group rates available. NfWNO Saturday, May 2,11 a.m. Qeorgi Street Playhouse 9 Uvinpton Ave. His Birthday? Your Anniversary? We can Capture Your Beauty anytime,,. New Brunswick (908) "Dennis Foon's play a&out Nikki,.i sikth-^rade student and recent immigrant. Admission $5. PETER FAN May 2, 3; both days at 2 p.m. Club Bene Route 35. SayrewHe (908) Frying onto the stage with Captain Hook, tr* Lost Boys, and all their cohorts. Admission $5. PINOCCMK) Saturday, May 9,11a.m. Forum Theatre 314 Main St., Metuchen (908) The famous story of the puppet with the very long nose. Admission 16. THE THREtNUYQOATS MUFF Sunday, May 17.1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m. Theatre at Raritan Valley Community CoileflB Route 28, Branchburg (908) An unsung fairy tale told wlh poppets. Admission $5. THE WIZARD OF OZ May 2,3, 9; all at 6:30 p.m. First Presbyterian Church 270WoodbndgeAve. Metuchen (908) Saturday, May 16,2 p.m. Count Baste Theatre 99 Monmouth St., Red Bank (908) Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and all the others. Metuchen performances played by children 8-12, Adults $4, children $3 in Metuchen; adults $10, children, $7 in Red Bank. ZBK1K HOflVTEUIR Waterloo Arts and Crafts Festival May 2, May 3 Waterloo VM&ge Concert field Stanhope (201) ristorywier torchildren pert orms during two-day crafts fair. Festival admission $5, children under 16 free. SUBMITTING ANNOUNCEMENTS TO WEEKENDPLUS To alec* your announcement In WetfcMdPkitt sent i typed of nwny wntwi steweit N J. QSJSJrSj f and submissions should be sent to (908) Submissions should arrive no later than Thursday of the week before an Issue. Include a telephone number for readers wishing mom information. We use black and white 0ossHs or dear, crisp and lifit color photos. Submissions and announcements will not be taken over the telephone. U3)P The Dental Plan For the 90's Everyday thousands of smart people are joining the fastest growing dental plan In America and saving up to 60% on alt dental work Including FREE x-rays and oral exams with NO deductible* limitations; waiting period; or forms to complete. CaH: United Dental Plan 01 America to find out why we bring back America's smile. UDPA UNITED DENTAL PLAN OF AMERICA 1(06) or (908) BILL'S TRADING POST JMfP Used Furniture and Antiques ONE million Items 10% to 20% OFF Buyers Wanted! 459 Somerset St., HOURS: Somerset ioao-i:00. ZHk tht StoryttHtf ww ptrform May 2 and May 3 at th* Wattrloo Arta and Crafts Fastival in Stanhopa. Spring Clean Upi Liwn Maintenince Sod A Seeding Shrubs Mulch Top Soil 1096 OFF Sprint. CleirrUpi' M0ND0R0 LANDSCAPE (908) Commercial and Residential 10% Senior Citiicn Discount' First Lawn Cut With Annual Maintenance* f\rw CftM Onlf-WHh This Ad} FREEESTMATES FVU-Y INJURED FAMILY fff COUNTRY FOLK ART SHOW & SALE Ml Tics Stone Walls Design Services Tluitching Hedge & Bush Trimming Hedge A Buih Trimming* Studb LINGERIE PHOlWiRAIW lMEAVE. COLONIA Ask about Our Free 11x14 Offer &» ** * **** HAPPY> il T9P N9TCH ARTS &CRAFTS SHOW AND SALE SAT. & SUN. - MAY 2 & 3-10AM TO FREE ADMISSION Over 75 juried profmlonils displaying and idling fine handmade arts and crafts. LIBERTY dwlll FACTORY OUT) Visit our 65 outlet stoics. Pottery Dcmonttntkmt by Annie Mills, Hilbhttm Musical Entertainment by Win Mkhacb FREE Drawings for Am & Crafts Gift Certificates FREE Balloons for the Kids! Church Street, Nemmgton, NJ Take Ric. 202 to the Flemington Circle (908) Prexntcdby T^P N9TOI OUFTt, WC (908) PM FlBBM* POTTEM* WOOD* AITWOIKS* JEWBUIY* STAINED GLASS* CEHAMICS* MflY Morristown, New Jersey Facility of the Morris County Park Commission 1 From G.W. Bridge take B0 W. to1-267 S. to exit *32. Right onlt) Rktgedals Ave, to First tradic signal. Loft to 161 E. Hanovor Ave. From BL 21 h Somerville Area; 2S7 N. to exit «32B. Follow Hdpdale Ave. Lett it 2nd signal to 161 E. Hanover Ave. THI UriDIMQ FOLK flrt SHOW IN THE NATION FMTUWMO I OVER ISO OUflUTt FOLK flrtlwfis FROM ACROSS TMICOONTKY Friday evening, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Adm. $6.00 (Early Buying Prrvlltgei) Sat. 4. Sun. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Adm. $4.00 Children under 10 Adm. $2,00 NO STROLLERS PLEASE) Country ft painted furniture; pierced & stencilid lamp shadta; ttddy bears; spongaware; salt glue stoneware; baskets; SchiwiKhnitti; Windsor chairs; samplers; linware; blacksmith; doll) & toys; Qfainad Iramei; tola painting & stenciling; rag, braided S hooktd rugs; cuvingt; country clothing & ttxtiles; theorems; calligraphy; wtatliarvanti; decoys; Shaker boxes; folk art paintings; whirligigs; floorcloth); dummy boards; quilts; tireboards; dried florals; candles; gourmet delights; French Country, Victorian, Southwest & Country-Western Hems. All Country decorating needs for sal*. *» **<» BETTY LONG (313) 'Country* Folk Art Shows, me PO.BoiH I Oflonv*»,!** *«RHONDA BLAKELY (313) &3441S3 ApH'29-May 1,1992 Forbes Newspapers -ts

44 r 44ne limit 1 THIS SPECIAL ON MERCHANDISE FOR SALE ONLY Want to getridof that bike the kids have outgrown? How about that chair that doesn't match your new furniture? Or thai trumpet you haven't picked up in ages? tf you're eeing...wa can connect you with a buyer and even better, we've got a bargain for you? Now you can run a 4 line For Sale ad in Fortes Newspapers for 2 weeks for only $7.50. Your ad w i appear ki 17 publications and reach more than 400,000 potential buyers. Remember - someone it lookingtorwhat you doni want. We connect buyer and seller. USE YOUR CHARGE Additional lines, add $1.00foreach Fill In 1 character per box, allowing for spaces and punctuation as necmsary. Remember to Include phone number No abbrenadonsi please! Name Address Phone _ City State Zip, VISA/MC # Exp. Date: e Must be paid in advance - cash, check, VISA, or MasterCard (no refunds) No copy changes t Otter limited to noncommercial ads Selected merchandise from our For Sale classifications only. No Real Estate or Automotive ads. No Garage Sales, ffea markets, sates and bazaars, or pets. Offer valid only with this coupon Mall whh check or money order to: Forbes Newspapers P.O. Box 699 Somerville, N J ,».«vmwf t* P.uro: OfcreiejaieMW I avaiaaai eaavaai evaeaett awewaaat ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^_^^^ ^^^_^_ ^^^^aat t^aaaai aa^^aaat aa^^^m ^^^^m ^^^^m ^^^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B ^^^^_ ^^^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^J PEHTM AMBOY / HUNTERDON COUNTY 1,Coke8burylnn 2 bbrts MIDDLESEX COUNTY 3.The Armory 4The Barge 5.Bay Street Restaurant 5a.BJ Ben's 6.Bobby& Mary's ZBuzzy's S.Clarion Hotel 9.Crystal pome lo.dominic's Ristorante 11.Hub City Restaurant 12.MexdefiCafe 13.Mom'8 Restaurant 27.Cafe Emilia 14.Pina & Pasta (2 Locations) 28.Catarfs 1 S.P1aza Diner 29.Cotonial Farms ie.racmey'8 30.Costa Del Sol 17.Raritan River Club 31.The Exchange 1 S.Sheraton 32.Ferraro's 1 Q.Spain Inn 33.Rrst Place 2O.viHa Piancone 34.Qolden Comer 21.Vincenzo's 35.Ground Round SOMERSET COUNTY 36.Kahn's 22Aranka's Hungarian Restaurant 37.LaCucina 23.Basking Ridge Country Club 38.Main Street / Bucky's 24.Bemard's Inn 39.Max'sCusina 25.Boomerz 4O.McAteer's 26.Bound Brook Inn 41.McCormick's Restaurant 42,0'Conner's Beel & Ale 43.PAScnapps 44.Somerset Hills 45.Sunset Diner 46.Verdi f s 47.Wefner's Lake Edge 47aJhe Willows UNION COUNTY 48.Brianna's 49.Caruso's SO.Ferraros 51 Xo Shing LaViet Restaurant 54.Romanelirs 55.Snuffy's


46 HUMTERDOn COUNTY COKESBURY INN 69 Main St.,Lebanon The time is Hungry travelers arrive by horse and buggy for a nourishing meal at the Lebanon Hotel. The inn keeper extends a warm welcome to the group and offers them to come inside. The time is The hotel is now the Cokesbury Inn and Restaurant. The day manager greets the customers with a menu and shows them to their table. Things really haven't changed much in the past 154 years. Nicholas Germak and Joseph Fornaro, owners of the rustic Colonial style restaurant, located in the center of Lebanon Borough, have preserved the natural character and charm of the 19th century building. This one-ot-a-kind eating establishment; with its unique collection of antiques is a favorite with history buffs. The turn-ofthecentury tin ceiling, pumpkin pinewood floors, stained glass and many fireplaces are beautiful reminders of its earlier days. Today, Iheir menu enjoys the laj- EBBETS Rt. 523 (Main Street) "Ebbets is on the right track. LITERALLY! The sports decor and warm fieldstone interior gives a warm welcome to your night out. Once you ea! at Ebbets you can't help but come back over and over!" This is one commenl from among thousands of satisfied Ebbets customers. Since changing to its current menu 6 months ayo, "Wo have gained so many segular customers...people come two and three times a week just to enjoy our atmosphere and food," says Manager Maggie Hatton. Chef Ed Stockwelt, a Hyde Park N.Y., CIA. graduate comments, "The food my kitchen prepares is outstanding. We are starting a new menu thai will feature even more pastas and salads than we are ottering now. Summer menus are lun. I'm very ents of Peter Klepchick, a culinary graduate from Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. Klepchick's specialties blend Italian-American tastes together for a wonderful menu, including Orecchie di Elefanle (thinly pounded veal cutlet sauteed and served with beurre noissette and cavatelli with a pink lomatoe sauce complete with mascarpone Italian cream cheese. Additional entrees such as Rigatoni Fileto d'pomodoro and sauteed Norwegian Salmon are among the choices ranging from $10.95 to $16.95 for dinners, while lunch, Sunday brunch and daily blackboard specials are all offered at affordable prices. Special affairs with up to 50 people can also enjoy the Cokesbury Inn style and service. So step into the charming and airy atmosphere of an old style country inn with a relaxing ambience, and an outside dining patio, delicious food and comfortable prices. Step into the Cokesbury Inn. (908) Whitehouse Station pleased that my food has become so popular, I want to thank alt our customers. We appreciate you!" Ebbets 1 bar has undergone changes in recent weeks, also. To give customers more value (or their money, they have improved the wine and drink selections, while pricing them more avoidably. This attitude is "Ebbets wide". The service staff is smiling and knowledgeable about the food and extensive fresh seafood specials. Ebbets is open for lunch and dinner 7 days, featuring live music Friday & Saturday nights. Weekday Happy Hours 4:30-6:00, with live music on Friday and tree appetizers. Banquets and parties welcome. Where Friends Gather for Good Food & Drink- Casual Dining for the Best Value & RESTAURANT Now Accepting Reservations for Mother's Day Open Tues/rtiurs. 11:30-9:30, Fri. 9;3O-!O PM, Sat PM Sunday Brunch 10:30-2:00, Dinner 4-9 PM 69 MAIN ST. t LEBANON A Unique Eatei% Spirit Merchant Great Food, Great Price *" GREAT PUCE "* Thursday Kareoke Sports Memorabilia on Display Daily Fresh Seafood Specials (908) P.O. Box 343 Rt n IN Tracks) Whltehoute Station, NJ t MIDDLESEX COUNTY Exciting i\c\v C/3 Restaurant ft 200 Front Street Perth Amboy, K. J (908) STRIPES KW AMERICAN SEA C R f U AT IK ARMORY Where Fun Just Happens "On The Waterfront 94 "Arjrit 29-1M3ry"t.f 1992~~~'

47 COUNTY THE BARGE (908) Front Street, Perth Amboy, N.J. The Barge Restaurant in Perth Amboy has a lot ol things going lor it. Not only dots H serve excellent seafood which is delivered daily (shipped trom Maine to distributor in tha Highlands), but it is located across the street from the revitalized waterfront. A night of dining at The Barge should include a walk along the wateriront It is a splendid view of Raritan Bay, and a romantic interlude as well. The restaurant has been in existence lor over 60 years; the, last 10 years by owners George and Tom Nickolas. George's wife Delores, who is also the hostess, told us that it was once a floating barge, but a fire destroyed it, and was rebuilt at the present location, If you want to know more of the history ol the Barge, I suggest you stop in and visit with Alex Voclnakhas the bartender and son-in-law of George. He has been working there longer than the present owners and knows the history. Raritan Bay is a natural resource that has been neglected lor years. I'm glad to see that some towns, like Perth Amboy, recognize this and are doing something to dean it up. The restaurant has dark wood paneling, green carpeting, captains chairs and laminated tables, There are several game fish hanging trom the walls that add to its old-fashion seafood establishment look. To take advantage of the view, there are three large bow bay windows in front. Ask lor a table with a view ot the water; it will put you in just the right mood tor seafood, Because The Barge is located next to the bay, seafood is the obvious specialty. Seafood entrees can be broiled. The menu also Includes Kalian dishes, steak, chops and London broil, Dinners include potato, vegetable or salad. The Barge offers solid, old-fashion seafood, prepared expertly in sizable portions. Prices are reasonable, and the service is friendly and Informal. For a seafood dinner at the north end o1 the Jersey shore, the Barge is the place to go. And don't forget the walk along the waterfront. BARGE mmmmmmmmm 201 Front St., Perth Amboy Ont th* iviterfrwi! Quifof CocfcMf Loungt OPEN 7 DAYS - CALL FOR RESERVATIONS Major Credit Cards Recommended by CUE BAY STREET 61 Highway 1, Metuchen WELCOME TO BAY STREET Our goal at Bay Street is a simple one: to provide you with a dining experience that is unequaled in quality, sorvice and value. We pride ourselves in creating a wide variety of menu Kerns, prepared with only the highest quality ingredients.,the freshest fish,the lines! USOA Choice boel, aged to perfection and tiand-cul.the bost skinless chicken breasts,.pastas made with FRESH FISH...OUR SPECIALTY the best #1 semolina. All of our soups are made from scratch, and our salads are toppped with dressings made in our kitchen and fresh baked garlic parmesan croutons. We also grind premium coffee beans for the freshest cup ol coffee in town. Unique food, served by friendly, upbeat people in comfortable, contemporary surroundings...that's the Bay Street experience. To catch Ihe freshest fish, you'd have to travel around Ihe world. and wo do. Via air express everyday 1 Depending upon availability, our daily Iresh sheet includes everyone's fa vonlos delicate solo from tfie North Atlantic main mahi and tuna from tropical waters...salmon and hearty steak-like swordfish from cold Atlantic waters (arm raised rainbow trout or catfish filets And we piepare it the way you like it,,.whether it's blackened, sautefid, grilled, fried, baked or broiled We also create unique specials everyday lor you to enjoy. Have your ever tried Voo Deo Tuna..Teriyaki Mahi Mahi..Southwest Swordlish? Totally uniquet Nobody does seafood better than Bay Street, SUNDAY BRUNCH AT BAY STREET A buffet (or all lovers of brunch, with both traditional and seafood items. Seafood Restaurant wedneedey Alwf 4 pjr* Snow Crab bap Mm* GirDc Shrimp on Petti CNften/SMnp 61 U,S. Highway 1, Mttuchen, (U ml. North of Mento P«* NMD Fresh Ftsh Selector) Crawfish Etoufoe Dinner Indudei: Salad, Vegetable, Potato and Hot Bread I Butter ALL *9.99 B.J.BERIS (908) Centennial Ave., South Plalnfleld (acrost from Mdlix. Mall) This restaurant has been under new management since March of General manager Maria Vitale has been working hard on revisions and improvements. mirror the changing attitudes of customers. Special desserts for chocolale lovers are available, Death by Chocolate and Beri Amore are guaranteed to satisfy the sweet Using fresh ingredients along with daily fish and meat Buffalo wings cost only 20 deliveries is making g the cent s during happy hour, Mon- difference and has given B.J, day, nru Friday 4. 7 p m Berls a reputation lor excellence, Ou SJ(Je ^ Some ol BJ.'s favorites inon the P^' 0 s also available. dude Fettucini Beri, Pasta Bert. Th ey are happy to cater special Steak Roberto and Shrimp P af1ies - showers, birthdays, an- Scampi, niversaries and any special occasion. They have included more B.J. Beris is open for dinner pasta and fish, which they feel is Sunday to Thursday 11:30 a reflection of what the public A.M.-10 P.M. Friday and wants. With new management Saturday to 11:00 P.M. The bar comes an updated wine list with is open Sunday to Thursday more name brands. Flavored 11:30 A.M.-11 P.M. and Friday iced teas aro stilt popular and and Saturday till midnight. Specializing In: Birthday Parties t Weddings Showers Christenings Call our banquet manager to schedule an appointment and custom design your menu now. AARP SENIOR ADVANTAGE 25% off ALL Entrtti plui compjimtntary coffflt or In 4:30-6:00. 15% off intlrf chtck 6:00 to dom. ' CORPORATE CONNECTION with all our lax lunchn. Prtetd undtr Why not F«your ordtr to us? Wi cart hive II rtidy for you wntn you arrive. "April 29-May l \$2 ' Kr^s'Wewspapers

48 MIDDLESEX COUNTY BOBBY AND MARY'S 18 William Strwt, Bobby and Mary'e has something lor evtryon* Sandwiches for the crowd coming or going to the movies, Italian food as a specialty of the house, traditional American food such as steaks, roast beef, turkey, pork chops and fresch seafood - almost any way you can think of, and last but not least there is its 16- inch diameter pizza for the whole family. Mary Fitzpatrick and partner Robert Giaretta point out that the 100-year-old building is actually a historic site. Recently they renovated the pavillion located on the property with its own kitchen, bar and dining area and are now able to host many other functions such as weddings, showers, private parties and retirement dinners, ( people). (201) Piscataway, N.J. Mary prefers her restaurant be known as a "non-fast food family restaurant." The chef, Willie Notoli, has been cooking since he was 13. Willie's dad, who is from Sicily, taught him much of what is knows. Mary instructs her waitresses to inform patrons that the portions are very ample and the prices are discounted for children. All dinners are available for take out. Visa and Mastercard are gladly accepted. They also have special corporate rates for both breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bobby and Mary's is open Monday through Thursday; Friday and Saturday, 2-10 on Sundays. Bobby and Mary's are taking reservations now for Mother's Day. 318 WffiUm SL, Ptecatunqr WeAreAvaMAe For A!L Your Peaty Needs Septnte Citarinf FhdllttN # Pcopk Private Putin The Bemt Prices In The Area Coroorats J Rites " A & Lunch Make Your Mother's Day Reservations Now < omin- -I..K (lilt "1*14. HO AM BUZZY'S RESTAURANT AND PUB (908) SMton Road, Pltcataway, N.J. Buzzy's Restaurant and Pub, has new additions hanging on owned and operated by tho Bus- the far wall, a hand-carved siere Family wu once a tavern scene of the docks at Nantucket, and bar that hat been converted R,l. and famous wood signs ghvinto a family restaurant and pub. ing the dining room a nautical The bar has Its own gril and theme. serves the full dinner menu at The dinner specials always the bar. The bar also has four cover Italian, seafood, pasta, TVs and a satellite dish for sport- pork, steak and chicken. There ing events and run daily happy are always a wide variety of hour and drink specials. soups, salads, appetizers and The name Buzzy's is a family entrees. All entrees are served nickname attributed to the broth- with salad, choice of rice, baked ers who were Involved In sports potato or steak fries. A great finat Edison High School. Joseph ish to your evening is Buzzy's and Michael Bussiere do all the most popular dessert, Toll cooking while managing the House A La Mode. The brothers kitchen, David manages the bar plan to keep prices reasonable, and the dining room. portions large, quality food and The room is done in restful the absolute best and friendly shades of burgundy and beige service. with wainscoting on the lower Join the brothers at Buzzy's half of the walls. The table setting is very informal with bur- Hours: 7 days a week for a special evening out. gundy paper napkins, fresh flowers and a menu of the nightly 11 A.M.-1 A.M. Monday thru Saturday specials. Buzzy's dining room Sunday 4-mldnight CAFE ON THE SQUARE (908) Clarion Hotel 4 Towers 2055 Lincoln Hwy., Edison, N J. Gate on The Square, located In tw Clarion Hotel & Towers invites you to dine in our unique greenhouse setting featuring Continental Italian Cuisine. It's been often said that Cafe on The Square is the "Best Kept Secret in Edison" because of rts elegant atmosphere yot surprisingly affordable monu. The dinner Cafe on The Squaro features 'Groat Beginnings" like flakod Stufled Musltrooins with Sausage & Herbs $4 25 or Homemade Minostrono Soup $325 Choose Irom these "Pastabitoies" a delectable past.i entree tike "Holini Orlean" - shrimp and vegetables in a cajun UO;«TI sauce - $13.95 or try one vt Cafe on The Squaro's own creations "Chicken Cafe" chickon snutecd with prosciutln and wjgptant in a white wine sauce topped with mozjarolla $14.95 Seafood lovers will enjoy Scallops Alii Freda - stuffed with cr;ibmoal and topped with rmunrelia C;ile on rhe Square also offers a (me selection of Beef & Voal ontroos sure to tanlali/o yuur taste budo For tho perfect ending to a poifoct mtial choose n ««** dessert from our dessert trty featuring our homemade cheesecake along with a cup of Capuccno or Expresso The Cafe offers a delightful selection of wines to compliment any of our delicious entrees. Lunch hour offers a beautiful hot & cold buffo! compteto with soup, salads, entroes and desserts all for only $7.95. A value thai can't be passod up lor nny business luncheon or social rjattinring After a gieal dinner, stop into Chiistio Struct Sports Loungo, also k) catod in the Clarion, (or a game of pool, a relaxing cocktail or a beer Irom uur boor menu featuring ovor 127 Items Item fuound Iho wofkj II you nood a good In ugh don't miss N.J.'s htotlost Comedy Club, Ggglos & Bits foatunng tho hottest comedians around Fri. showtime 10:00 p.m. Sat. showtime 10:30. Dinner A a sltow right arourkl tho corner nt the Clarion Holoi Caft* on Tho Squaro - Breakfast 7 days 6.30 am-11 am. Lunch Mon Fri, 11:30 am p.m. Dinner Mem S;it 5 30 pm.-10:00 p.m. Ik BMtkrc Faailf IMto IM TO FbdO*WWEwi7ostt'iTaIki«gAbotri! BUZZTS RESTAURANT &PUB NIGHTLY BAR SPECIALS SUN.-Potato Skins Extravaganza! $2.50 'Skins Bud Light Bottles $1.10 Bud Light Drafts $.99 MON.-AII-u-Can Eat Buffalo Wings $4.95 Foster's Drafts $1.60 Bud Light $.99 TUE-Nachos Night, $2.50 Nachos Domestic Drafts $.99 WED.-Bar Pizza Special, S2.0O Bar Pics Imported Drafts $1.60 Bud Light $.99 THU.-Crab Mcllaway Madness I $2.50 Mcltaways Bass Ale $1.50 Bud Ught $.99 All Specials Begin.After Happy Hour and Continue Until Closing 200 Stttten 111 Ptettiiwin (908) NOttfc 0 THE^SQUA 20 % OFF DINNER ENTREE With this coupon Not valid on nowdays or in conjunction with any other offer Limit one coupon per party. Exp, 12/30/92 HOT & COLD LUNCH BUFFET Mon -Fri.»7 Cafe on the Square is available for private parties & corporate functions CLARION HOTEL & TOWERS 2055 Lincoln Hwy, Edison, tynl 2

49 MIDDLESEX COUNTY CRYSTAL DOME Park Ave., South PlalnfieM Diners from morning to served with soup, salad, night will find something bread and butter all for to their liking at the Crystal Dome. The contempoera, $11.95, is festooned $8.95. Seafood Primavraiy decor is a perfect with fresh vegetables and backdrop to their many pasta, served in a special dishes. You can creamy garlic sauce, start your day with a Other dinners range from SPECIAL BREAKFAST $6.95 $ priced right at $1.95, No liquor license. Then later in the dayhandicapped accessible. choose many LUNCHEON SPE- CIALS starting from $3.50. In the evening you could be served Chicken Oreganato, prepared like from one ofall major credit cards accepted. All baking done on premises. Hours: Sunday thour Wednesday, 6 nowhere else. Sauteed with fresh vegetables, it is AM - Midnight, Open Thursday untitt 1 AM. Open Fridays and Saturdays untril 3 AM. DOMINIC'S RISTORANTE Hamilton St., New Brunswick, NJ. It its old-fashioned elegance you're looking lor, Dominic's Rlstorante is the place to go. Located lor nearly 25 years in another part ot town, Dominic's has relocated to a mid-victorian mansion which the DeFrank lamily has lovingly restored to its former elegance. This gracious restaurant ptovides atmosphere to accompany its robust southern Italian cuisine SautDGd soft shell crabs aie ono ol the most popular items on Ihcir ex tensivo muriu. This item is market priced lo (jivy the palruns Iht* host price possible in a llucliiimnif] fish inaikct Soaloocl lovers wilt t>e interested lo know thai uthor specialties do la maison nt Dominic'o ificludi! Iri'sh bay scallops in the shell with a de.lic.'im sauce, as well as fresti clams ami mus:;e.l:; Ono ol Dominic's founding principles is that any sauce should not overwhelm tho tastt* til th«tisti Veal and OIIHM meals am also well lefxesenlcd on Donniuc'i; menu. Another housi? specialty is pdtnmi' tie VLMH. All the her! used at Dominic's is bought Iron 1 the western stales, WIH.'H; it is (pain l(>d Fresh tftiits i'i 'j(ias(in -vv always ii fixture on the menu, as is tiramasu made with Imported mascarpone cheese and assorted delicate pastries. This coming summer will be (he first that Dominic's is located on Hamilton Streel (near the Somerset border). The new location permits the DeFrank family to add an outdoor dining area on the spacious veranda, thus adding to its present sealing capacity ol nearty 150. Private parties can easily bo accommodated on the upstairs floor ol the restaurant Dominic's is a popular place lor corporate gatherings and the menu can ho adjusted lo suit the patrons' tasles Individual service is a hallmark ot the restaurant, and it is "never a problem" to cook a dish (o order for large meetings or the individual. Customers should note Itial while Do mime's usually is closed on Sundays, they will tie open on Mother's Day from? 0 pin Patkuuj on tho premises, bquor lirense. Handicappt»d accessible Hours: Lunch M F i m ' p m.; dinner M- F 5 10 p m, Saturday 5-11 p m. Ptanist Fridays and Saturdays, 8 p.m -midnight, Closed Sundays. Dinner reservations suggested. Dominic's Ristorante Fine Southern Italian Cuisine Elegant Dining in a 200 year old Victorian Mansion Every Monday Is Senior Citizen Day 10% OFF All Entrees 0lLr Lunch Always lots of free parking on premises Live Piano Music Friday and Saturday Evenings Open Mon.-Fri. for Lunch & Dinner Dinners Sal. storting at 5:00 PM Closed Sunday 276 Hamilton Street New Brunswick, NJ (908) Rcsensiiions S HUB CITY RESTAURANT (908) George Street, New Brunswick, N.J. Hull Uty, a new H'.Miiuranl turned after New limnswick's riickivirm!. it: mind:, nip of n Idin ol the century sa louii You entei ItiU'U'ili HH. 1 linrjo tiar aica wluiii? yuu ri.iv ;i choice of (j.itirii] iht'tc or in,i 'null ilmini] mom lo Hie kill ItiiMr ittc!,mit' liont ',vin (low. wihi hiiiss lailini] 1,.iivl i iiii^in 1. Kit 1 irxwunt \'.< ihli'iiiml. willi udk talik; 1 ; ;iml )<i(h'! [JI.ICO Minis, lull (Mi:h Link 1 tins a v.tiit! wilti,i live lii'wiif. H;iti( im() tin \\\v wjll arc various iidiiii!s i.iftpti'tiini Hulijor;; spoil MHj!; i!vt](l S rtluil 1 'ivuil 1 llllfil" ll'!(,'viin this room ;ind cadi W«IG a (lillorutil S[H)i1ni(i own! iimi\ biisetiall and tk)t:i«ii'icituj) \\wn> tifi* rrumj tolovisions in thn lui, imcludiiui ;i kircji 1 sc.ioon IV Like Iho nty itsuh, lltih City has sutnctlitmt] (joiiiij on IMCII nujhl of the wook Tvoiy day Monday Itmi I'mJay, Happy Houi is 4 (3 pin. with troo tiers d'ouuvfos and $2 drinks. Hut) City 'i menu i'i.i grnuruus sizy wild livi;.ippt'ti^cts ($1 95 lo S'l'j'j), two soups, fom s.ilmls ($2 y) to $0 9')), iunn saiictwicthi:; [$475 to $7 % loi a chaibioiltkl lop sirloin). You liiit alsn Didi'f k'uiibiii(]crs fw l.iittcf!!;. mno in.ill, includo scviiiiil choices ol diiekoii {$1 % la $11 %\ r.u;ah (SKV9S), vt:a! riursali ), thioo :u:iif(iod unitdos ol oi '.cilkips or j comhmatkjii ol both $1 ; <.)!.) in %\3%) and one pasl.i of li'llunrii Alfredo ($4.9S for UIH\ J6 % Int two: ilio dist is heing L'noucjh fuf two) Tho menu is also su[>plt!inunu!(j with nightly {ipecinls I.UOIIOLJ othinn porch ($8.95) and a stvilood combination ($11.95). l,K)ui:'. Utirl Sichol and h.ivo boon in tho d'staiiranl tiusmcss must ol thoir livos, mcludint] many yoars at tho old Woudon Mirkcl I would say that they and Ihoir teslaurant are batting George Street ^New Brunswick, New Jersey (908) Fax (906) RKSTAURANI The Sesf New Place in Town 1. Great Food Daily Specials Excellent Valus 3 Blocks from the Theatre District Receive 10% OFF FOOD BILL PLUS FREE PARKING After 6 P.M. Just I'rvsent Your Show Stub! All J&J Employees Show I.D. and Receive 10% Off Food Bill ANYTIME! Private & Corporate Holiday Parties Food Served till 11 P.M. Happy Hour 4-6 P.M. FREE Buffet I

50 MIDDLESEX COUNTY CAFE 400lttiSL,NMuchin tt usad to team t i i g tonalfare tor pleasing comto be abfetosample cuwne binahom such as a ohoas torn drorent ounum. Mod- MftNfc bunto, or a twn, em times and tamel pot- eggandoheaeabuifao. dbfltiea have changed fll A new house spadsmy to Ms and to to good, chlmichangas mads for bacaiba paopta can sp- deaeert. Thaae torfta hawe predate lie Ine menu si afcuys been hometovegme MQMQBI v«n. awe wigs (mon popunr There, fractional Mexican wit) ubgstariare) but now foods such as tostadas and are (bund in tandem wkh taoos are found alongside delicious ioe creams and newer oisrings such as feji- Herahey's syrup, tas and burritos, which are Mexican and part of what is known as Southwest earth tone Tex/Max cuisine. decor addsto tie flavor. The restaurant also features something new glasses and ice gladly No liquor license, but pro- Del/Mex. Owner Henry vided if you BYOB. Handi- Naraviez has taken items capped accessible. Seating: from the deli counter, such 35. Hours 7 am.-9 p.m. as ham and cheese, and Mondays to Saturdays, combined them with tradi- noon-8 p.m. Sundays. MOMS RISTORANTE (908) Rt. 27, Edison The black & white ambiance you won't be disappointed. Into of the recently redecorated seafood? Fresh red salmon, Mom's Ristoranto, oilers quality snapper or halibut steak are food and style in an just a few of the house seafood atmosphere of charm and style, offerings. Pasta selections are Mom's has been in business for plentiful with such selections as 24 years. tri-color pasta, linguini pescalore, and pasta with a pink sauce (vodka and cream}. Lunch is a treat when you order Scallops Fra Diavolo or A unique combination is found in the owner Antonio Poletli who has also been the chef for?4 years. The Poletti Family prides itself in the quality Stuffed Calamari both under $10. of food Moms offers fine businuss lunches along with Veal of course is a specialty, early bird and dinner specials. How about trying our Veal Early bird dinners are offered in H o in a n o 11 with fresh over 40 entrees Irom veal, mushrooms, artichokes, chicken, seafood, beef and covered with melted nwzarella pasta specialties. Having a and light brown gravy. A special event or family party? delightful rneal in a first class Mom's will give attention to atmosphere awnits you and evury detail. Ask for one ol our special dishes, Chicken Antonio or Pork Chops Champagniola and your family at Mom's! There's no better place then Mom's for fine dining Rt. 27, Edison For reservations, call (908) A Piece of Mmico In the Heart of Mctachea WELCOMI-AMIGOS! jennets «OMAINST.*MEIUCHEN (NOnOTHtiMINITAIIM 90(4505 QPlUfOU (i 1AM Ail. LL\CHflO NNU SAWRDAYSItAWk't tbqsm- Jhlfki utla Now Open oa Sundays FaJHt Dinur Enchilada Dinnar»7.50 Chicken FtUd Steak $ LUNCH SPECIALS M-F 11:30-3 P.M. Chicken Antonio Stuffed Calamarl Pork Chops Campagniota many more EARLY BIRD SPECIALS Over 40 Entrees $795 Mon.-Fri. 3:00-5:30 P.M. i (Inc. Soup Or Salad, Pot. or Pasta, Veg.) Catering jor Family Parties Rehearsal & Shower Parties MOM'S RISTORANTE 1984 Rt 27, Edison (90B) PIZZA & PASTA 930 S. Main St 701 Uncoln Blvd. Manville Middlesex This excrjllont rtr.uifant, operating now iii tw) locations to acconimiodiittj aistonior dwvmd, prides itself en rt;. tore. Dioro ;«o duly pi/at Sj.u'idJs, bukoii by gourmot plv;i i,hc!s who uso wood-btifninrj ovt;n:> to t>rm(j oul tho twsl in thoir cnvitkjns Their piz/as tvwe a variety of unusual toppings such.'is ;irtis,hoke:; and si if imp, m fiilkin to Urn usual Citstomef:; arn welcome to 'fuate thoii rv/n puv.i toppiiig to Ihcir iaslo p / ( ) & PiLSiii uses n Uiin oust in its pies so they are re.ujy iti?.-[> mimites a real boon lo workers on tli', i ir lunch hoius Rviif fresh, hodujnutlij fwsta is worth all thn tufto. Tim Mnnville bilo sells ri retail, too, for thoso wlx) want to try their pasta witri tlieir own sauces. Tho pasta comes in several varieties, including ravto*. lolluoino, manicotti, angel luir and (jfkkdii Arxt, ol course, ttie pasta i:; fnaturorj in ilm diily sptvials, frbquently in ixmihiiintion with veal tk chtt;kt j n. And iiftor a tluliciaus meal, patmns ran lound out their (jxpefirnco with a selection from Pi//a & Pasta'5 ciosseit ntemi, which features cream puds, chocolate mouv-ifi, strnwt>ernes with wtiippod cream, canndir., cheusocakes and a variety ol Anioriciin and Italian n;u creamy Liquor- license. Handicappod aca i ssible. Prrvato rooms avaifcitjlo in Mnrwille. Hours: Mondays Thursdays, 11 '30 am-930 p.m; Fridays-Saturdays, 11:30 a.m.- 10:30 p.m.; Surxlays, 3:00-9:30 p.m. Sealing: Mnrwille, 175; Middlesex, 100. Reservations suggested (or parties of eight or moro. Affilialed with Pizza & Pasta, Doylestown, Pa Wood Burning Oven Homemade Casual Dining, Cocktails & Our Unlimited Menu at our Regular Prices As Well as Mother's Day Specials Are 4 Reasons To Dine With Us This Mother's Day HOURS: MON.-SAT. OPEN 11:30 SUN. 3:00-10:00 Ctiildron's Menu Available Reservations for Any Size Party 930 So, Main St. Manville, NJ (908) Lincoln Blvd. Middlesex, NJ (908)

51 THE PLAZA DINER Rt. 27 (Talmadge Rd.) Edison, N.J. The Plaza Diner welcomes you with an elegant open dining atmosphere of a skylight and marble foyer. Renovated in rose and silver, the Plaza Diner has served the Edison area for over 15 years. Large U-shaped booths which seat 10 people are available and a large dining room for up lo 125 people. Conveniently located on Rt. 27 at the intersection of Taltnadge Road, there is plenty of parking with handicap facilities. This is not your usual concept of a diner. The name implies convenience, however, the meals speak tor themselves with the finest quality and selection of restaurant fare. A large selection of dally specials are offered including fresh seafood. Specialty chefs on the premises share with the customers their expertise in areas oi grilling, sauteing, broiling, and seafood preparation. The dessert chef who comes to The Plaza Diner from New York City also prepares from scratch all of the breads and rolls served. Imagine the French Test made from freshly made bivddl Tne Plaza also offers an Express Lunch which includes soup or juice; beverage (coffee, tea or soda) and pudding, ice cream or danish, 5 different salads ($5 95-$6.95). Choice of 4 fluffy omelets, served with lettuce, tomatoe and toast ($5.95). Also, 6 different Pita sandwiches with a greek salad ($6.50). Also 6 American sandwiches served with FF ($6.60). The owners, Spiro and Gus, stress they personally pick all meats and vegetables served daily. You can tell by trying the Plaza that the owners' food reputations speak for themselves. Entrees include soup, salad and FREE DESSERT. You should expect large portions at fair prices and you'll probably find yourself with a carry-out bag. Entrees available to please the dieter to the hungry man. Whatever your taste buds clamor, the Plaza Diner can serve it up in style with ambiance Perhaps seafood, roasts, hellenic. Italian, desserts and children's meals give you just a sampling of the offerings. You're in for a great meal Plaza style! Open 7 days 6:00 a.m.-l:0o a.m. AMX, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, Visa & MC are accepted. RARITAN RIVER CLUB (908) Church Street, New Brunswick, N.J Tha city's strategic location and easy access lo routes 1.9, 16, 27, 267, the Parkway and trie Turnpike, makes dining out a pleasure, and ono ol Ihe city's treasures is the Marian RN«Club Only Ihfce years old, the restaurant rtsolf is short on history. Last November, coowncrs John Lleberman and John Risley bought the business, located at 85 Church Si and lurried it into ono ol Central Jersey's lavorites lor fresh fish More than 15 varieties ol (rush tish are available daily, says Mr. Risley "Primarily, wore a seafood restaurant, but we always have diet mignon, lamb chops and meat specuildus' Currently, lite talk among those who enjoy dining oul pays homage lo The Rarilan River Ctub's special 3Vi pound lobslor, their most popular Hern. Mr Risley adds The Hainan River Club is also known lor its specialty dishes prepared by ctiol Tom Birdsall. Another lavorite dish is iheir red snapper jarnbalaya. with sausage, speed Tasso hani, diced chicken, pep pore, onion, tomatoes and spices Another popular sauce is made of sweet red poppers with garlic and is served over fish or meal, such as rib eye sloak or pork chops Still another sauce Mr Birdsall says tie's proud ol is made with portobollo mushrooms and gailic The Rarhan firvoi Club's sourdough breads and "outrageous desserts' are baked on pro rinses, listing black and while chocolate niousso pie, trash fruit in season Bavarian pie and tresh iruit crisp But oven those with a sweel looth want rnoru than dessert, and ono cannot Irvo on bread a(ono So why is The Rarilan River Club so popular? Mr. Risley points to generous portions, modorale prices and outstanding quality. "People tell us we give a lot of food," he says) and moderate pricing Entrees range generally from and include satad and potato. "We lind were doing a lot ol icpoat business, and we feel really good about that,' Mr Risley says Other attractions at The Raritan River Club include live piano music on Friday and Saturday with dancing on Friday niles til 1 A.M. 'Wo also havo a beautiful bar with an excollent wine list," Mr. Flisloy adds Happy Hour is Monday to Friday from 4 306:30 p.m.. with live music Friday Dress at the Raritan River Club is casual and comfortable, ranging Irom jeans to shirt and tie. The decor is elegant but casual, spoiling a tile and wood floor, allowing an ambiance that is modern and classy, with lots of brass A fireplace and n greenhouse add to the effect The best menus often suffer because of service Michael Mento General Manger has a well trained slafi, explaining that the servers are mostly college students and "very upbeat" Many ol them wortied at ttio restaurant when it was under previous management. Lastly, he nolos that The Rarilan River Club "docs a wonderful job (or weddings and is open for private parlies Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday A banquet room is also available." Trio Raritan River Club is open am-il i(ti. Monday lo Thursday, until midnight on Friday On Saturday, Ihc restaurant is open from 4 30 pm midnight FREE wfthvny dinrw John Risley For An Extraordinary Dining Experience in Elegant Surroundings... MOTHER'S DAY SPECIALS Open All Day Surf & Turf Lobster Prime Rib* Seafood Combination» Baby Lamb Chops * And More! EARLY BIRD SPECIALS 7 Days Till 9 on Sunday (Exec. Holidays) Starting at $ P.M. (Inc. Soup, Salad, Dissert & Btverigf) Ftel Fret to Bring Your Own Wine or Beer 2066 Route 27 (Talmadge Rd.) Edison Hindlcip FICIIHIH Available Jon Lieberman You are invited to join us for the premier of our Dinner Dance Club Enjoy Dinner and Dance the Night Away At the Raritan River Club Reservations Available from 9:00 p.m. Every Friday Nile Music Performed by: "Miracle" Bring this invitation and receive a complete Dinner and first Coctail for just %\ l )})5 per person After 9:01) p.m. If you miss dinner, join us for an evening of Dancing! Bring this invitation to receive Free admission and a Complimentary cocktail AMERICAN GRILL RESTAURANT & PUB(908) Sheraton at Woodbridge Place, 515 Rt. 1 So,, Iselin, N,J. American Grill Restaurant & $12.95 or try a taste of the orient Pub is conveniently located in Shrimp Beijing Shrimp with the Sheraton at Woodbridge Broccoli, Gariic and Onions, Place across Irom Woodbfidge Sherry, Ginger, Soy Sauce and Center Mall, The newly Honey $ For those decorated American Grill has the calorie conscious Blackened appearance ol a European Pub Chicken Breast served in a with a lively American Accent. The Pub features n relaxed Spicy Green Chili Salsa - $7.95. A! the Grill you simply cannot atmosphere g r e a I for forget one of our decadent conversation or perhaps a game desserts like the Hanson Delight of pool!! Prices have been rolled Vanilla Ice Cream in a Fried way back in the American Grill Cinnamon Tortilla topped with Restaurant featuring a variety filled menu to please EVERYONE!!! Relax with a cocktail and some munchies like our Famous Potato Skins loaded with loppings lor only $4.25 or some Hoi, Hot, Hot Buffalo Wings with Bleu Cheese for dipping $4.75. If your appetite gets the best of you our menu will surely please your taslo buds with selections like Sleak Gatsby panned soared N.Y. Strip, Mushrooms, Spinach & - -ftatiied- wttv - pemod Hot Cinnamon Apples and Chopped Walnuts - $3.25. Our Sunday Brunch is the Best Value in town!!! You'll enjoy Omelette Stations, Wattle Stations, an array of hot entrees and our never-ending dessert table - ONLY $13,95 for adults, $11.95 seniors and $5.00 children under 10, American Grill Restaurant & Pub hours: Open 7 days Breakfast 6:30-11:30, Lunch/Dinner menu 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m., cocktails served 11:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. The American Grill Restaurant and Pub ALL NEW MENU!!! 20% OFF Any Entree Lunch or f IT'S Dinner With this Coupon, f ALL Not Valid on Holidays WVEH AND or in Conjunction f TOO GOOD with Any Other f TO MISS! Offer. Limit 1 Coupon Per Party. Exp. 12/30/92. ^SUNDAY BRUNCH $ Adults $11.95 Senior Citizens $5.00 Children under 10 Sheraton at Woodbridge 515 Rt. 1 South, Iselin, N.J (908) OS 21

52 MIDDLESEX COUNTY SPAIN INN (908) West Seventh St., Piscataway II it's Spanish cuisine you Meat selections include sirloin crave, Spain Inn is the place. ($17.95), filet mignon prepared Owners Manny Kouroupas with wine, brandy and mushand Luis and Pepe Rodriques room sauce ($17.95), and chickpurchased the business in 1975, en in garlic ($10.50). Other but changed the name and food choices include veal chops seven years ago. It is now a lull ($17.95), veal scaloppine fledged Spanish restaurant spe- ($12.95) and pork chops in a cializing in seafood. garlic sauce ($10,50). Spain's menu consists of 12 Like most Spanish restaurants, appetizers at $6.95 each. Most the Spain Inn also serves pitchof them are seafood such as ers of homemade sangria (small squid, shrimp, mussels and pitcher for $7.95, large for clams, but you can also order $11.95). Spanish style sausage or stuffed If you like Spanish cooking, I mushrooms. Soups, three of suggest you try the Spain Inn. It them $2 to $2.50, include gazpa- serves good tood in large quancho andalus (cold tomato soup) titles, at reasonable prices, with to $2.50. excellent service. Entrees selections include 12 Spain Inn has banquet faclliseafood choices ($13.50 to ties available to accommodate $22.95 lor broiled lobster tails or from 15 to 300 people and Is surf and turf), four choices of handicapped accessible, fish ($11.95 to $13.95) and 10 Spain Inn is open Sunday meat selections ($10.50 to through Thursday from noon to $17.95). The average entree 10 p.m. and on Friday and Satcosts between $14. and $18. urday Irom noon to 11 p.m. fexce&u nil/jit e&tau/uutt Reservations for Mother's Day Recommended Prices for Banquet & $ 1 Parties Starting at H per person Weddings Rehearsal Dinners Showers Confirmations Bar Mitzvahs Business Luncheons From 20 to 300 People Join Ui Fur Dinner A La Carit VILLA PIANCONE RISTORANTE Hamilton Blvd., South Plainfleld, N.J. /Villa Piancone in South Ptaintield offers a "Grand Bufiot" on Friday nights from 6 pm lo 9 pm. General manager Sal Venzio explains trial the butict Is indeed "Grand" with over 35 items to choose from items included are four pasta dishes from stuffed shells to tortellini in a pink sauce; lour seafood ilems such as sluiled flounder with crabmeat and mussels fra diavlo, chicken cacatori, or in a lemon sauce; two eggplant dishes; veal with sausage, onions and poppers; sausage and peppers; salads; Irush made moziarella; raw shrimp, a carving station of roasl beel or ham and turkey; and desserts, too! All this, mind you, lor only $10.95 per person (children under 10 to $5.50). You can, however, eat in Ihe main dining room and choose items from Ihe menu. Everything about the Villa Piancone is lirst class The main dining room has cane chairs in tho lower level and black leather booths in the raised section Each lablo is adorned with peach & white tablecloths, white china with gold trim and live pink and white carnations. The tuxodoclad waiters are very professional and unprentontious. They know the menu and will answer all of your questions. Silverware is never a problem; they replace it after every course. Prices today remain as reasonable as they were last year. Appetizers, 11 in all, are from $5.50 for fried calamari to $6 25 tor a hot antipaslo. I suggest you try an appetizer with mozzarella, which is made daily at the Villa. Tfiore are two soups and two salads (tn color for $4.50). Entrees include 14 pasta dishes from $10 to $11, seven seafood ($14 to $17), seven veal ($14) and four chtcken or meat dishes ($14 to $17,95 tor liloi mignon). The regular menus is complemented with daily specials. II you have never oat on at the Villa Piancono try the "Grand Buffet" on Fridays or scloct something from the menu, you won't be disappointed. f\ RISTORANTE <*A-.,C U\ \ ' \\i > I HI K i i H I 1 \M U I 1(1 I I KM FRIDAY NITES M P.M. 'GRAND BUFFET Uvo Entirtalnminl Talk of Ifu Tom (CMMron 101 UmJir I5.S0) (908) Hamilton Dlvii. S-- I'IJIKIIH.I.' 1 i 1Bn ^^H If* ^H m... '«m f? i VINCENZO'S 229 Bound Brook For fine Italian dining in a casual setting visit Vincenzo's on Bound Brook Road in Middlesex Tho interior is vory appealing Hcd uwnings over full length windows give tin; effect ol an "inside" sidewalk cafe A combination of wood and otdied tjlnss divide!!; and live plants help bwak up Ihe room for inlimak; dtnuu] F'tittiruj amhiiince a;;idt\ Ihe musl appciilintj thing about Vin tx'ivo's is its tut'iiu It olft.'is a wide sl'li.'dion ol Kalian lood with sdino ol IIK; lowoiil pnciis in IIid mva. Vincotvo's iiujnu is IIIOM; Ihati r(!aw)n;il)l(>. I ho mosl Rd., Middlesex, NJ tufo on the menu with more than 35 items to choose from including ravioli with cheese or spun fine in cream sauce, lasagna, (jnocchi, toftellini and angel hair pasta. All pastas are freshly made and served with a salad which range Irom $79!) to $9.%. Vincenzo's menu also in eludes six chicken entrees ($9.95) six veal ($12%) and cighl soafood ($9.05 $12 9b) All cnlmes are all served with salad and side ol pasta [hero are daily specials lhai ate original creations of lino diols Alloivio Biisso and Vincent liiumo TREAT MOM TO A SPECIAL DINNER AT Homemade Northern ^Sc Southern Italian Cuisine MOTHERS DAY SUNDAY OPEN 1:00 Come Enjoy One Of Our Many Specials or Choose From Our Regular Menu Call For Reservations J rxpnnsive items on the monu.lie $ I ;'9'j while mosl everything el:,t: riiiu (!!, from $fi l J'i on \\\\ ad* 1»,is!,i is a hu let Id (,ofti jletu your meal at Vim cn/o's tiiere is an ris'.oitment ol lint; Immomade iluv.erts. 'i jotlk htin( tlujir specialty lnam.isu 229 Bound Brook Rd, Middlesex, NJ Ciisual Italian Dining EAT IN OR TAKE OUT 22 Ufaolconri

53 SOMERSET COUNTY AHANRA 5 (90B) Rt. 27, Franklin Park, N.J. 08B23 Aranki Dohanycn' provms in th«kitchen WM Itgendary. 23 years ago, wilt) the encouragement of her family and friends and the help erf her husband Andy, she decided to share her gift (or Hungarian cooking with the public. Lucky for usl Today, The New York Timas Best Dining Guide 1992 has rated Aranka's one of the top New Jersey restaurants. Eleanor Reiss, Manager {and Aranka's daughter), axplainj why: Our menu appeals lo many different ethnicities. Many people In mis atea are of eastern european origin, and have strong familial ties lo our style ot cooking, Indeed, Aranka's menu contains some all-time classics in ihe just like mama used to make category: stuffed cabbage, dumplings, and homemade pastries, to name a tew. $11 95 to $17.95 will buy a generously-sized entree, a tossed or cucumber salad and bread. Coupled with a fresh soup ol the day, or a kielbasa with hot horseradish sauce appetizer, (appetizers run from $2,95 to $5.95) you've got a hearty repast that would meet with any mama's approval. Eleanor's recommended list Includes chicken paprikash, made with nokedii, or hungarlan dumplings, covered in a sour cream sauce; roast duck with brandied peach sauce served with a side of rice; gypsy pecsenye, a roast pork dish also served with nokedli: and ol course, stuffed cabbage, stuffed with pork beef and nee filling and served with mashed potatoes. Respectful of their diverse clientele, Aranka's often goes above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate a customer's unique dietary needs. Case in point: Jewish customers mindful of mixing meal and dairy can enjoy chicken paprikash without the sour cream. Qrven advance notice, Aranka's also honors special requests tor fnh, which is purchased fresh and cooked in accordance with the customer's express tastes and requirements. After dinner, enjoy a delectable and varied selection of nunganan pastries. There's dobos torta, a 7-layer mocha-chocolate cake with carmelized sugar on top, Or palachinta, hungarian crepes tilled with apricot, prunes, or fresh strawberries. Possibly a chestnut cake or walnut tort served with Iresh strawberries or raspberries may strike your fancy; or some killis or ruggelen. fruit or nut filled cookies made with a melt-m-your-mouth cream cheese dough. Of course, there's a traditional fresh apple strudei, walnut, or poppy seed rolls as well. Cent decide? You can always take some home from Aranka's pastry shop at the front of the restaurant. Aranka's two dining rooms can handle a tola! ol 140 people, 100 and 40 respectively. A peach and while decor, detailed with paintings and plates ol eastern European origin, lots ol greenery, and fresh (able flowers surround you as you dme. On the weekends, a violinist and pianist will entertain you with authentic gypsy music. Planning a banquet 9 Aranka's unique faro and atmosphere has much to offer in the way ol a truly memorable affair, (The musicians are available during the week tor private panics upon request.) Aranka's is open lor luncn 11:30 am lo 2:00 pm Tuesday through Friday; dinner Irom 5 to 9 pm Tuesday through Thursday, and Irom pm Friday and Saturday. Sundays from 1 to 6 pm. Closed Mondays. Their dress code is casual, but neat -jackets, although not required, ere often worn. Children are welcome, with children's portions available. Reservations are requested, particularly on the weekends, but not required. Be sure to check out one ol New Jersey's Culinary shining stars. And bring your mother! ARANKA'S Hungarian American Restaurant Make Your Mother's Day Reservations Today! Intimate Fireskle Dining Ofl Premises Catering Live Gypsy Music Table Side Take-out Gourmet Available Private Dining Room tor Parties, Holidays, Birthdays & Wdddings 15% Entire Dinner Check or $20.00 or ntort Tues.-Frl. - No Holidays Not to be combined with other offers Exp. 6/30/92 For Reservations call (908) Rt. #27, Franklin Park, N.J IRONWOOD RESTAURANT (908) at the Basking Ridge Country Club 185 Madisonville Road, NJ The setting of Ironwood Restaurant at Basking Ridge Country Club is stunning and Ihe view overlooking Itie golf course and the mountain ranges beyond is just Lieathiakmg Ironwood Restaurant and Iho Fairway Lounge are open Monday through Sunday for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch They luature creative American cuisine such as Veal Ironwood and Skillet Seared Maryland Crabcakes. The menu selections change with the season and several daily specials are ohoied The kilchon is headed by Cueculrve Chet Victor Bruno, an award winner in soveral national and international culinary competitions His skills and latent an> evident throughout The restaurant itself has dehghtlul ambr once, Inaluring eitrawdinary views of the manicuidd fairways arid the Watchung mountains beyond, plus the warmth o) a country club atmosphere During the summer months you can also opt for outdoor (inimj on Ihe expansive patio Ironwood, which is located in the lower level d the Basking Ridgo Country Club clubhouse, offers a lunch menu lecturing everything from a traditional club sandwich, lungers and <i d.nly pasta special lo warm toco salad and mouthwatering scalood A daily luncheon buttul (Tuesday (908) IRCNWD Ihiough Friday) is also a popular luncheon selection. Their lamous Sunday brunch includes both traditional and contemporary snleclions such as Eggs Benedict, Belgian Style Waffles, Skillet Seared Maryland Ciabcake;; and Curried Chicken Salad with Grapes to name just a lew tantalizing Hems. All brunch entrees include unlimited visits lo the "Brunch Board" where an array of fieshly baked pastries, bagels and muffins augmonl a selection of fresh Irurts, yogurt, choeso, grains and more. Itio upper level of the BRCC clubhouse is designed to accommodate social and business functions. The Edgewood Ball loom rs ideal for groups from 125 to 200 and Ihe KKige Room is a period spot lor gioups up to 100 All looms loaiure the same beautiful views as the restaurant. And, again, Chuf Bruno's crealrvity and skills aio evident in Ihe vast array ol selections and items available on the banquet menus Nol everyone can atad momborship in a prrvalo country club, however, Ironwood Restaurant and the catering facilities at frisking Ridge Country Club bring Ihe luxury of private dining tu the public A visit to Irnnwood, with its moderate prices and fabulous sutiing is definitely the nexl host thing lo being a member. RESTAURANT AT BASKING RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB Creative American cuisine to tempiyourpalateand a Country Club setting to soothe your senses. Serving Lunch Dinner. Sunday Brunch and Cocktails. M o Dining in season. Reservations always recommended (90S) Madixmlk Road Conveniently located Basking Ridge. HI a mikfwmtoe887 "N Open year round banquet and meeting facilities avoifabk THE BERNARDS INN 27 Mine Brook Road, Under Iho direction of partner:; Alice rtochat and Chef l : dwarrt Stone. loniiorl/ of Maurice in Manhattan, The Lk'rnaicls Inn has enjoyed an imptev..ive reputation lor outstanding fti'vj, gracious service and hospitality Located in Iho heart o' Bern.msv vtl'i. 1 thn luxurious country inn a' 1-1.! restaurant his succeeded :n pieseuinq the old-work! charm that was vo prevalent at the lum of the-cenhiry Otjinaly Unit in 1907, "Thu Bernards Inn was (.-.omplpldy a fe.v short years ago unciw the direction of Ms Rix-hat, also a well-known interior dcsirjnfy Chef Stoin.?, known lor his excrp tioikil culinary talents, brinqs In The Bernjids Inn restaurant n fresh and cieative appfoach in the pieparation and presentation ol progressive American cuisine His lunch, dinner Ciilions with four-star ratings Ust year, Ihc Bernards Inn enjoyed the distinction ol hnno mimed "Best Hotel Heslaurnnt" by M J Monthly Magazine. (908) Bernardsville, N.J. For Musine:; 1 ' soda 1 aiv.i tuidai tiii'dicn 1.. Tli" Inn offi?rs 21 tastcfu'iy aporiinted [ ue:;t rnoni^ m add-on lo niohinij ;ii'(! tian< iiii facilities Ihr lr;n :. r;e tm'whelrninq dunce Ipr " 'arv rneetini'! ijiiiiicft 1 ;,i i ; an ii!t(.'f n..ili; r (! t'i!iir ; i." ''lore crnifiierci^l ho If 1 '; f "i the hruial ctiupif Ihe Inn ' :. siti,il!i'i. ninre intimate :;pttir,(j The h.'iihv. wt'h i s mannilicenl life iil'ice.'iiiii i'.iridiiki rnahnciany ami banquet menus have been favorably te.cogniml by many ma or puttli- slai'- i.:>i i.e is itften tiie nlace whoh' many bridal ciiiiple:; choose? to '^rtiancie their vi.iws I'IC Bt'tnards Inn is open Monday throuuh Saturday for tjnth lunch and dinner You can e.nioy reduced dnnk price:; m The lounqe Irom 5-7 PM. Mon Sal v/ilh entertainment Wednesday throuqh Saturday evening:; Fvery Thursday evonirig is "Corporate. NK]ht". Alt ma or cards accepted, reservations are suggested am! tin; restaurant offers n non-smoking section V "' H-*v IMKHI'I I IM. I'nr J r~1 Four Sur Fxprcss Lunch litpuif tmu'iir iliimc»li[ Iwcf, t,n mcl pr IMIH\ tun iniliiiicil SdUil it Im -ml) -HtMlliMII NISIU'MVl- M I M Ilu<Mik Km ii.nj ONLY $10.00* M>MII4 iv-fri.ljv 'n-'iii II H) I IM CKABtmS, Ji)ilt 1 lie S, S,U.U», Dint mlh i - ir.t lutuli ' titius i >,l i riyltlli luiuli nun in (ill fnt ilcljils h<'\. H Mr- i.!'! Weekend 23

54 OMERSET COUNTY BOOMERZ Main St., So. Bound Brook Boonwz, long a mainstay on Miln SUMt in South Bound Brook, hat changtd Hi fact and method oi operation, One* i tavtm that twvad drinks and undwichts, the Inn hat comptottd a major facelift, both ktttde and out. The outside, once ah brick, hat betn covered with unpatnted wood ptwki, apputd obtitjuely to give the building a new uncluttered look. The inside, once a combination of restaurant and tavern, is not two dining roomt completety separited from the bar. The rooms are paneled with the same unpainted wood ptanka that blend in nicely with the lavender and pink colors ol the interior. Brass chairs with pink, upholstered cushions, long individual windows that go from ceinng to floor, hanging plants and mauve carpeting, everything is so Ireah, new and bright In the dining treat I noticed In one of the dining rooms there were several paintinga by one artist. Owner Mary Elizabeth Konz Informed us that in the future they plan to exhibit other local artists for customer purchases. The Inn, known for its seafood because its owner, Robert Konz, once owned a charter boat, still maintains that tradition. Daily trips art made to the shore to meet boats at the dock for the purchase of fresh seafood. Boomerz serves everything from Nachos and Burgers to Broiled Seafood Platters ft their famous King A Queens cut Prime Rib, starting at $4.95. Along with the above items, there are over 25 other entrees to select from a 4 to 5 Daily Specials as well ai a special chudrens menu. For a more relaxed atmosphere, one can dine In the "lounge" at Boomere. Which serves from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM. Boomerz accepts visa, Master- Card, American Express, ft Diners Club. Stop down ft give Boomerz a try - you're sure to become a steady customer. 2 Main St. So. Bound Brook Hosts; Robert Mary FJizabeth Konz A SAMPLING OF OUR MENU Pining Room Our Famous Prime Rib Chicken Picatta Honey Glazed Scallops Broiled Seafood Combo Shrimp Fra Diablo Veal Parmigiana Lounge Grilled Cajun Shrimp Club Sandwiches Grilled Clams Cajun Steak Sandwich 1/2 Ib. Burger Buffalo Wings And Much, much more! BOUND BROOK INN (908)35* W. Union Avt., Bound Brook Bound Brook Im at 227 W. Union Ave. changed hands last year and alter extensive renovation by new owners Msriyn and Louis NacamuK of Hawke, Inc., reopened in November. The historic Southern-style mansion dating back to the tum-of-the-century has two dining rooms and a bar on the Irst floor and a large banquet room with a dance floor and adjoining bar on the second floor. Continental Cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Charles Bush Jr., formerly of Ryland Inn, is featured, as wed as daily specials. Whiskey steak, a popular menu item, might even tempt the legendary friendly Ghost' perceived to inhabit the Inn. The Inn offers a pleasing variety of continental and Ameri- can cuisine, including steaks, chops and seafood. One of his new house specialties is flounder stuffed win shrimp and scaflops, accompanied by a garlic and leek cream sauce, This is offered for $15.95, Steak lovers w i want to try his new T-bone steak, which is served with mushrooms and onions in a whiskey cream sauce. A casual relaxed atmosphere as wefl as stately charm and elegance are what diners will find at the Bound Brook Inn. liquor Kcense. Handicapped accessible. Off-street parking. Hours: Lunch M-F, 11:30 a m- 2:30 p.m. Dinner MS, 5-10 p.m. Closed Sundays, but open for all types of private parties. Pianist Fridays and Saturdays. inuni Srook 3nn Just To Tempt You... A Few Ittms From Our Menu Appetizers Shrimp in gariic sauce $$,95 Angel Hair Pasta in a shallot cream sauce Entrees Flounder stuffed with shrimp <t scallops in a garlic A leek cream sauce $15.95 Pan Roasted Salmon Steak on a fad of assorted lhibyf>ims with a %/i( lemon sauce $15,95 Bdlsamk Chicken boneless breast ofchkkm sautecd with mushrooms $13,95 Stuffed Pork Chop on a bed of sattieed fresh spinach and mushroom $13,95 Roasted Rack of iamb with butpmdy garlic herb muce, $17.95 The Bwnd llrwk Inn's T-Hone Steak Sptrial in a whiskey cream sauce with onions and mushrooms $15.95 AH cnlrtr.v <im»ii/hmi«l htf ti hwsc st\liut, \nttutwfi uml A SEtmiOti 01' DESSERTS AND SPMM/.N COWERS 227 W. Union Ave, t Hound ttrook, NJ. CAFE EMILIA (201) West High & BridgeSt., Somerville, NJ. Cafe Emilia's monu stales "elegant id Northom Italian & Continohial Cui sino." 'Elegant' it is, not just in its menu, but in its atmosphere as well! What a pleasant restaurant this is. The lop hall ol Iho walls is done in a plaid wallpaper with burgundy and grey borders that match (he table sotting Tho bottom half is beautiful wainscoting. The table setting, complete with liner, tablecloth, ted candle and wino glasses are ait part ot the 'eloganco' of Cafe" Emilia. Add to this sotting an attentive waitress and efficient busboys and you hnvo dining al its best 1 Cafe Emilia has won many awards, the latest being the Gold Medal Award. This is trie Groat Chef Competition in Northern New Jersey. The champion was Venl Renata, winning the Best Veal Dish category. Cafe Emilia's manu has 14 hot and cold appetizers, two soups, sauteed vegetables and 5 salads. The menu has B pasta dlsltes ($10.50 lo $10.95) with appetizer portions available, 6 steaks and chops ($19.50 to (21.95) including steak chamwa (steak' sauteed onions, mushrooms, peppers and potatoes lor $19.95), 13 seafood entrees ($15.95 to $2? 95) with something as diverse as seafood poscatoro (king crab legs, \h lobster tail, ciilamail, mussels and clams in a mannaia wino sauce ovor tinguine). There are the traditional veal dishes, 9 in total ($15.50 to (16.95) but also some items not so traditional such as veal & shrimp Giovanni, Flamed in Grand Marnier with ocosciutto and shallots, in a light cream sauce ovor fettucclnl ($19.95). The menu also includes 8 chicken entrees (13.50 to $14.50). Seafood and meat entrees are served witti a salad and a side order of lingulno. All entrees are servod with house salad & pasta. In addition to tho desserts listed on the menu, your waitress brings to your table a tray of assorted cakes from which to choose. Cafe Emilia has a lot going for it Including an inviting atmospheie, good service, and a creative menu selection You can't go wrong by adding it to your list of special occasion restaurants. Elegant Northern Italian & Continental Cuisine Wednesday Pasta Night selection of featured pastas, salad, coffee or expresso Cocktails & Business Lunches Daily Complete Luncheon Specials plus Fresh made burgers, salads, pastas, veal, chicken & seafood Clottd Sundays Forbes Newspapers "April 29-May 1,1992' \v. Avv.*

55 MERSET COUNTY CATARI'S (908) W. Union Avenue, Bound Brook, N.J. There Is something special months. Since opening day it about eating at a local Italian has been presenting new, restaurant, especially when there onginal recipes lor specials with are abundant quantities at great superior quality, at very prices, Patrons are usually from reasonable prices. Catari's has the same or surrounding areas, also been catering off premises so It's not uncommon to see and in its private rooms, and neighbors or old friends. Also now has expanded its catering because of Hs wonderful reputa- capabilities. The kitchen at tion, a flow of new faces are Catari's is a wealth of experience always present. The owners are with chef Frank Marone (30 recognizable to everyone and a years experience), Chef touts visit to your table is the rule Rivera (30 years experience), rather than the exception. Catari's is Bound Brook's local Italian restaurant. It carries this warm tradition a step further. owner Tom Mlano (15 years in all aspects of banquet, ala carte, and catering) and Fredrico Alfero, saucier. Tom and Frank Frank Bozzomo, known locally praise their entire staff: Nancy as the "Singing Owner", pro- Ryan, manager; servers; vides customers with songs of their choice. Mis partner, Tom Miano, informs patrons of the ingredients Momma in the kitchen, and the clean-up crew, "They are all part of a well-run team." in all the daily spe- cials, and makes sure the kitchen Is in fine tune. to making anything they do Catari's owners are dedicated for Catari's will be celebrating its sixth anniversary in a tew their customers the best possible. RESERVE NOW FOR MOTHER'S DAY (dta t Optn 'k 12 Noon* P.M. GREAT ITALIAN FOOD RESTAURANT DELI e CATERERS Whm Your Aft At Involvfd In TN Food MlnMt AiWtAralttEuyToBtThttESTI Weddingi Rehearsal Dinntre Business Luncheons Birthday Parties Showed Christenings Picnics Piui Parties t Going Away Parties Casual Dining Funeral Repass OH Premise Catering t Private Room THE BIGGEST PORTIONS AT THE FAIREST PRICES "Our Deli Is Full Of Imported Products At Prices You Will Low" I CASUAL DIHING AND HOME COOKING An ExcaflMt Experience You W»Wsni To Rtpeat Again indaoiin We Utt Only The Freshest and Highest Quality Foods To Insure Anything We Prepare For You Win Be Just Right. RESTAURANT NOW OPEN SUNDAY DELI AT 12*0 NOON COLONIAL FARMS (908) Colonial Village, 1745 Amwell Rd. (Rt. 514) Middlebush/Somerset, N.J. What a chiming restaurant this is! The restaurant, located In a historic colonial (arm building, circa 1790, has something for everyone. There are banquet tachlties tof 10 to 190 people, lunch, formal dining, and the new grille room lor early and late dining. The interior is impressive, but there is so much to talk about thai one column would not do it justice, I'll start by describing the enclosed porch, overlooking the spacious front lawn. Your first thought, when seated, was whether this room would be too cow and drafty, I'm happy to report that it isn't and in fad quite comfortable. There is a nice cozy inner room with a fireplace as well as several other intimate rooms on the ground level. The upstairs, perfect lor small parties, consisted of three small rooms and a bar. The banquet facility, separate from the dining room has as a patio lor summer parties. Then there is the grille room, a large room with the restaurant bar lounge, consisting of a stone circular fireplace and several tables for dining. In the grihe room, one can order snacks such as potato* skins, buffalo wings, salads, burgers, chicken sandwiches. They also otter grilled specialties pork chops, New York Strip Steak & pasta dishes. All entrees Include salad, potatoe and vegetable. The grille room Is a perfect spot for theater goers before or after the show, families with small children, or summer golfers from the two county golf courses nearby. Head Chef David Young, a graduate ol the Culinary Institute of America adds some interesting touches to his food. The management under Eric Holt makes it their business to visit each table, several times to ask if the evening is going well. The waiters are attentive and friendly. The food is delicious and the atmosphere conducive to fine dining. Our Historic Inn Dinner with Your Family Occasion j\ Gatherings to Dining and Partie ffq Jtataurant & flotklail Jounge ^ Authentic Srwish i Portuouese - American Cuisine ENJOY A GREAT LUNCH AT AFFORDABLE PRICES Just a Ftw of Our Se/tcl/gns: SEAFOOD SPECIALTIES Shrimp In Qarfic - $5.50 Shrimp Itobita - $5.50 Scallop* A UMarinafi-$6.50 Fried Shrimp - $fl.5o Broted Snapper - $5.25 Scallops in Qmn Saucf - $6-50 Pasta Uwtnara (anvn t*o) - $2100 OMELETTES Shrimp-$6.00 SpanHh- $5.25 Mushroom - $4.00 Cheew - $400 MEAT t POULTRY ENTREES HOUM Steak - $«.T5 \M M «* - $" $"» BMtAPortugum'-IMn Poto AJ Pajmgim SANDWICHES Hamburg* - $4 400 Ctotttav- *U0 CNckanSalad - $395*TurkeySandwich - $3.95 Open Seek S a n d**-$ 5 S 0 lunch Served :30 Tuee.-Fri. COSTA DEL SOL 600 W. Union Ave., Restaurants that serve ethnic lood are generally overlooked in central Jersey. When one speaks of Chinese lood, they invariably talk about Chinatown in Manhattan or Italian food in Little Italy. When one wants to try Portuguese, Newark is always mentioned. But at the Northwest edge ol Bound Brook on Route 28 is a Spanish-Portuguese restaurant called the Coasta Del Sol. Costa, with its extensive menu ol Spanish-Portuguese, seafood and American cuisine, offers something tor everyone's taste. Add to this its friendly atmosphere and informative waiters and you have a local ethnic restaurant that is well worth visiting. The present owners have been there for six years, but their chef, Victor Brtera, who trained In Portugal, has been at Costa lor 14 years. We were Informed, that most ot the waiters Bound Brook, N.J. are long-time employees. Une oi their waiters, Carllos, who trained al several large hotels in Portugal, is very ffiendly and extremely informative, Every questions asked is answered not mechanically, but with enthusiasm and knowledge. His French service displays the mark of a trained waiter. The interior of the Costa Del Sol Is unique. Imbedded in the walls are polished dam and mussel shells, literally thousands of them, to form a pattern. Spanish paintings are hanging throughout the building. There are two large dining rooms and a sizeable bat and ioungo. Friday nights patrons dance between courses and many request their favorite tunes to be played. The music begins at 6:30 and ends at 1:00. For good authentic Portuguese food and entertainment, give this restaurant airy. ^ Ktstnuran! 8c tforktatl JGoumje * 7 Authentk; Snannh & Portuguese American CiMnt Treat Mom Special This Yeat WITH ONE OF OUR SPECIALS THIS YEAR SEAFOOD SPECIALTIES FIHet De Paroo Al Champagne Sim* Burnt m CDf*qm S*uc» Paella Marlnara AilttlK* SMtotf (Kl. LctMtol «* Sifton flic* Ctmaronn Frlto Camronta Al Cantonal Entfecote A U PtrriHe Temeri Marsala VW Scatytw Orttw. Polio AHaPortuguen MEAT AND POULTRY ENTREES ChHdren'a Menu - UK Itngnt rtwdwvtr cwrtwt * ftw - LIVE EMTERTAINMENT - tt 113,00 $15.75 $13.79 HITS HITS 913JO HIM April 29-May 1,1992. Forbes Newspapt' > 2S

56 THE EXCHANGE Route 202/206, Bridgewater, N.J. The Exchange in Bridgewater is one ol the most casual, unpretentious, and least expensive restaurants in the area. There is nothing fancy about this place. What it does is to serve good food at reasonable prices in a pleasant atmosphere. The dining room, which is separate trom the large bar, has about 18 tables with attractive planters with live plants hanging over skylights and wood tables with paper placemats. The medium size menu consists of two soups, nine appetizers including a dozen steamers of little necks, four salads, 12 hot sandwiches, pizza, six entrees and lour pasta dishes. In addition, the blackboard specials usually include several appetizers and entrees. All grilled entrees are served with a Iresh garden salad, bread and butter and a choice of baked potato, trench fries or rice pilaf. Pasta entrees are also served with a garden salad and garlic bread, Specialties include Chicken Savoy, Caesar Lamb Chops, Smothered Steak, Grilled Sliced Caesar Chicken over Spinach Salad and Swordtish Scampi. Prices for pasta range from $6.95 for stuffed shells, mantcotti and linguine with red clam sauce, 1o $8,95 for shrimp scampi, The Exchange has two sizes of pizza, small (9 in.) for $2.95 and large (12 in.) for $4.25. Prices ol hot sandwiches range from $3.95 for a pork roll with melted cheese and hot peppers to $5.75 for a Reuben. Peter Sullivan informed us that he and his partner, George Demos, have owned The Exchange for 10 years. They are contemplating expanding the dining room, but nothing has been formalized yet. Peter said there is good lunch trade and that Friday nights, the night we dined, were always busy. I can see why. With the prices they charge, how could you go wrong? Show your day's receipt and receive $1.00 drafts and '/» price appetizers. I It Route 202/206 Bridgewater 7090 FERRARO'S RESTAURANT W. Main St., Somervllle, N.J. Joe Bonfantlno, owner ol Fenura's in SomervWe, is back in the town in wtiich he first started. As a youngster, Joo worked for his (aider in downtown Somerville making pizza. Prom there ho made stops at Ferraro's In Westfieid and at his lather's ptzzetia in Bclmar, Not content with just making pizza, ho opened his first Italian restaurant last summer in Belmar. After a successful venture (two, he assumed ownership ol Fetraro's in Somervillo. The original Ferraro's in Somcrvillo never got oil the ground. After extensive remodeling last summer, the restaurant closed alter being open tor only a lew weeks. Under Joo's ownuiship, the now Forraro's is flourishing; if the number ol customers is any indication, I would say that Ferraro's is finally here to stay, The inlonoi is plain, simple and clean with beige wallpaper, Formica table lops and paper place mats.11 has small 1a bios in tho entrance way and a waiting area lor people ordeiing pi//a to <)n A wall divider separates that area from tho main dining room which has been extor additional seating. Ferraro's doesn't have a liquor license but you can bring your own wine» beor. It you decide to go there on a weekend, I suggest you make reservations. Feitam's menu has nine cold appetizers ($4.95 $8.95) and 10 hot ones ($1 95 $11.95 tor a hot antipasto for two). There are three soups and 10 salads ($195 $5.95 for Caesar salad for two). Entrees include seven veal ($950- $10.95), 12 chicken ($7.95 $10 95), 15 scaioods ($9.95 $11.95) and 24 pasta dishes (15.60 $9.95). In addition, there are several nightly specials of botti appetisers and entrees. All ol the onlroes aro served with choice of salad Of the p.istri of the day. Most ol Ihc cake desserts are purchased form "Confections by Jon" in Middlesex. Try their new creative lunch specials starling al $3.00. Ferraro's may be new in Somervillo, but it is acting like a seasoned veteran in the highly competitive ruslatifanl business Good lood, good service with ox collenl prices will tio it.ill Hie time L ERRARO'S OF SOMERVILLE Restaurant & Pizzeria Authentic Italian Cuisine & Many Creative Specialties Come in & try our comfortable atmosphere & very reasonable prices. We've expanded our dining room to serve you better CALL FOR OUR LUNCH & DINNER SPECIALS DAILY OPEN 7 DAYS BRING YOUR OWN BEER OR WINE (908) OR (90B) W. Main St., Somerville Fax (908) FIRST PUCE RESTAURANT & SPORTS BAR (908) Bridgewater Commons Mall, Bridgewater, N.J. f : ir.,l Place? has sevdtai dining arc;! 1 ) includinci a non-smoking level We ate in an area over tanking Iho hilt Ihere are oilier mums away Irom Hit: bat thai aie innie ;i ).m> >ii;il(j lor lamily ilinilk) oi intimacy Except lor lhr fact thai one entets via the mall, one would never know lhat it is a mall restaurant I hi; ruslaurant is known as a spoils bar, it Inn; 22 ti j li!vir>inns, and Hie walls art; filled with pie turns ol :;porlmg ovents. And, because it is a?;porls bar, the menu leatures a bevy ol appetisers, salads and sandwiches (ihfwi pilfjus). I bo lood isn't this usual "lasl lood" one would normally find in a '..ports bat Tho menu features delicious sandwiches, salads, pw.i, a variety ol notices and humi^tyle lamily spocials al affordable lamily price 1 ; I its! i'lai.i' ultiiii, Mjinethinu new lor Hit* undi'i V\ * invvd Teen Scene Every Sunday evening teens can dance lo their favorite Pop tunes in a sale environment Pn/os are awaided in dance i.nnte<;tr> and snack food and soft drinks arc available. 1 p.m 10 Wednesday evenings beginning al l J p.m is Sing a long night (tee adims Sinn until 10 p.m. and there's a 1-HF.i-. Hnl & Cold fuillet On In day (iveniiujg you can enjoy a late niqbi Happy Hour beginning at 1 i p in There are reduced drink specials and a frfrf Bill let, DJ begins at 10 p.m Chinking ol seeing IIID latest movie 7 Purchase VIP Movie Tickets al a special rate ol $4.00, Hull are good at nil General Cinema;;. f iisl Place Rt.:s!aiifanl is well worth the stop whether you're shopping at the mall, interested tn (jood food at reasonable pne us, or looking lor tho best spoils Lll rllilulll) A WKKKLY KNIKKrUNMKNT ("ALKNDAR III N SCl littiil \* Soil Dunks 7IHI >.m.- ll.lhi p.m. \OIII l.ivnnk' '^' ' '^' MI'SK' Ki'liix iiiul cnjuy ;m evening witli i-xivlk'th Inoil ;tiul live eittcrtainmt'iit v SIN(i A-ION(i *i:llll p.m. ] ico ailinissinn unlil 1(1 p.m.! ADIliS NHillT ' '.»ia- drinks Ini ladies DaniT In Ilu- iulms'llntii-st Dl's" Atliviiifs sliiit at 'I p.m. IIAI'I'VIIOUK II p.m.- I'KII-llullct Sini)I)i.ilivS S(iw ( l! Hi inks D l St.llIS III jl.lll. iiter ('oiiiiitmis Mall 218* t----'.''...:m., 1

57 COUNTY GOLDEN CORNER (908) W. Union Ave, Bound Brook, N.J Some of the great diners Health & salad platters are known for their great $4,75-$6.75. home baking, and the Gold- Seafood, Italian specialen Corner is no exception, ties, steaks, chops and, of The diner is known for its course, burgers $2.15 to chocolate cheese cake, $ which can be ordered to All of the Golden Corner's take out if customers call a entrees inc!ude S0U P or day or so ahead. salad, potato, and vegfhis family restaurant.,..., A specfe in Medrterranean ectal chlldrens P menu is also available cuisine. One of its best $4.25-$5.50. dishes is seafood lasagna. There are over 50 breakfast items on the menu. A wealth of American dishes rounds out the extensive It's no wonder that a menu, A variety of fresh salads is available for those be added a year ago to new dining room had to wishing lighter (are. accommodate its many This menu has something customers. for all: Over 40 hot & cold sandwiches $1,55-$8.95. No liquor license. Handicapped accessible. Hours: 6 am-10 p.m. daily. MOTHER'S OR ANY DAY... Bring Your Family To Dine With Our Family On Mother's Day Open 6 A.M.-10 P.M. A Rose For Every Mom Many Mother's Day Specials & Our Reg. Menu Children's Menu Available BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER Diner Restaurant 313 West Union Ave. ^ - Bound Brook, N.J. (908) THE GROUND ROUND (908) Route 22 West, Greenbrook For a tun filled time with the prepared for Sundays, starting at entire family, there's no place 1 pm, is a thick cut 10 oz. porelse like The Ground Round, tion ol Prime Rib for only $9.95. Featuring value days like Tuesdays and Thursdays, where kids eat o«the children's menu tor on ( f y J* a Trl, L T with Bingo thecbwn, it certainty gives mom and dad a great deal and an enjoyable place lo relax. TV is "here so no one m.sses a sporti1e y cocktaj Come ] J n f n br Aṫ MQ Adjus men, Hour ^ The Ground Round has a work Monday thru Friday 4-6 menu wide in variety to please pm, where you gel 99" drafts, every patron, as well as the $2.00 baskets of wings and 2 management with the attituded tacos for $1.00. A new Lightning that "If you don't see it, and it's Lunch menu has been develpossible we can make it tor you The ^» remind customers that ' oun? R und * a we will!" Great appetizers and P>f e '«lunc ; h w ' ha snacks, a touch ol Italy and Mexico, hot sandwiches, burgers, value. Choose from 8 items include a beverage for only steaks and ribs are some ol the $4 95. fare otfered. All You Can Eat Wings is a "HOT" special on From toddlers to sports buffs, Mondays for only $7.99, while The Ground Round offers something Wednesdays and Fridays feature for everyone it is truly a an All You Can Eat Fish Fry for place where only $5.39 A blackboard special "KMs Can Relax... and Grown-ups Can Have Fun!" Route 22 West Greenbrook, NJ (908) i BUY ONE ENTREE i 1 GET THE SECOND ENTREE J HALF PRICE*! f 'Equal or lesser Value I I per party. Not to be used with ottief coupons or ohors ' Valid only at participating restaurants Exp 5/(8/92 Jj KHAN'S PALACE (908) Route 22 and Rock Ave., Green Brook, NJ. You're in lor a treat il you go to Khan's Palace in Green Brook and decide lo Iry their Mongolian barbecue. I guarantee it's not like anything you have experienced notore. Il is a combination ;;alad bar, Chinese bulfct, iirui barbecue. In fad, all throe separate; stations can be considered a nioal in iboll It is your opportunity to tiy a multitude ol diflemnl ChinesL 1 dishes and sauces You art 1 only limited to how much you can cat! UIIIIINJ al Khan':; Palace, which opimied Ins! December, is in- (](KMI t\ unique experience Even the pastel color:, of oil white, (itnk and k]ht green, aie not wha! you normally :;n? in,i like tin:;. I lie ileuor also iruliult':; bt'autilully Irameil win tlow;. lanjt' biiruimg plants, iincl rnali luru) pink ;in(l gtcen till? in the baibecue kitctum area Waiters can make the diflerence between a pleasurable and an unpleasant dining experience. At Kahn's Palace they try to help you each step ot the way, suggesting how much sauce to use on ynur barbecue, which one is hot or mild, and what mixes bcsl with your choice of vegetables and meat Rut Ihe real story here is the popular Mongolian barbecue and thoir voiy authentic Chinese dishes. Khan's now serves cocktails including the most delicious Polynesian drinks, Besides their popular Mongolian liar H Q, Khan's also serves the most authentic Chinese dishes. They are open seven days a week and now have live entertainment on I riday and Saluid.iy nights They seal up lo 200 people and are popular lor many large corporations BUY 1 DINNER GET *** tit! FHE SECOND it'll FREE mo 1 " ^1 <iiih KHAN'S PALACE Live Entertainment$t$-11pm We Now Serve Cocktails *2.00 (HI any takeout order ovet S10 00 SUNDAY BRUNCH 1 i 00,tm 1 Oil [im rntt m Classic Authentic Chinese Cuisine 19 Route 22 East, Green Brook, NJ (corner of Rock Ave & 22) *6556 April 29-MnyV W? t-nrtxr Nmvr-nrnrn- 27

58 COUNTY LaCUCINA 125 W. Main The lanniello family has worked hard in the last 11 years to make LaCucina an award-winning restaurant while offering an elegant setting in which to enjoy both Northern and Southern Italian cuisine. LaCucina has accommodations for every occasion, from people. Intimate dinners for two are also available in the wine cellar. The finishing touches are now being completed for the new spring and summer menu which reflects the demand for healthier and lighter fare; a few favorites from the (908) St., Somerville old menu will remain. In addition, the new luncheon menu will feature individual pan pizza as well as gourmet sandwiches. The outdoor cafe, which has been successful for the past two years, will be opening in May for both lunch and dinner, weather permitting. Every Tuesday evening throughout the summer, LaCucina will be offering an additional menu highlighting American Regional cuisine. We recommend reservations, especially on weekend evenings. LaCucina accepts all major credit cards. RISTORANTE Exquisite Northern & Southern Italian Cuisine In A casual yet Charming Mediterranean Setting. We are pleased to present a sampling from our Spring and Summer lunch and dinner menu, Lunch Dinner Pasla ul Bnscu ftlliicine Mwgcllliw t'tislu in it rich biown sauce of wiki I'^ta in a "cam snure of shrimp, miishrcmmiis, proscitilln, shallols. M-«llops,_ white wine garnished plum mnuilii ;tnd sherry. Polio Knincesanu willi caviar. Saltiinboaa Desltile (iriilnt iniiiiiiiilctt thicken hrciim Mcifcilliuns of veal topped will) saved over ;i cold canncllini bean stiwl proscuillti iind hmiscsnuikil inozakclb served ID a h 8 nl sa f Cl m!iisilla winc llcmi " OrilW?!*. fed '* - -*" 1 " * fresh UMiwincs, onions and olive Sulmonc alia briglii oil, served on individual llnlian Grilled Norwuftian siilmon filcl loaves, served over a diced fresh Jersey tomato, caper, and gactu olive salsa. Now optn, Tht Cajt at UCucm, Eunpnn tftxodin'mx atiubtst West Main Street, Somerville (908) Restaurant SUNDAY BRUNCH 10 am-2 pm Including Our Award Winning Green Grocery Salad Bar Seafood Entree Confetti Eggs Bucon & Sausage Assorted Muffins French Toasl Adults $ t Assorted Juices Eggs Benedict Home Fries Pasta Entree Chicken Entree Coffee, Decaf, Tea Children under E. Main St., Bridge water MAIN STREET RESTAURANT BUCKY'S RESTAURANT 600 E. Main St. 609 E. Main St. Brldgtwater Bridgewater The Best of Both Worlds - And Only Across the Street! Bridgewater (Fincterne) at the intersection ol E. Main Street and Finderne Ave. ofters two great restaurants within a ''one minute walking distance" and both have a world class menu, Main Street, with it's award winning salad bar ofiers authentic Mexican food including Burritos, Macho Platters, Quesadilla and Chicken with Guacamole Salad. A casual but elegant atmosphere mixes the best burgers with the best steaks; healthy lifestyle ollerings including Steamed Vegetable Platters, Vegetable Lasagna and Chicken Pesto. Prices range Irom 5,25 to Bucky's. a combination ol a sports bar setting, and lamily restaurant specializes in Chinese, American and Italian cuisine. We're a popular local pub that offer bar pies, homemade soups and the corporate lunch. Our all you can eat lunch buffets (4.95) and Sunday dinner buffets ($0.95) features great variety, is always an inspiration to a food connoisseur's imagination. A full menu is always available till 1:00 a.m., 6 days a week, Leisure time (Mon.-Friday 4-7 p.m.) offers drink speciats and a variety ot exciting hors d'oeuvres like Buffalo Wings and Fried Ravioli. Our restaurants orler the best variety possible, a place to meet good friends and indulge in good food. And, we have rooms for your next function! Most major credit cards are accepted. 65th Anniversary "East Meets West" Dinner Buffet Sunday, 3 pm-9 pm featuring In Flaming Chafers ITALIAN Si CHINESE SPECIALTIES Assorted Salads Breads & Butters Adults cm under 12 Plentiful Desserts Coffee, Decaf, Tea 609 E. Main Si. rijgcwalcr I Now thru May 8th flan A N A Northern Italian Cuisine "Stmpto Perfection" Celebrating Our New Menu. Experience lunch m You Never Have Before" 63 W. Somerset St. Raritan Your Lunch Check MAX'S 63 W. SOMERSET ST. With This Coupon Uncle Vlnnie's Clam Bar Every Nite Except Friday 20 % os One Dinner 5 E. SOMERSET ST. 5 E. SOMERSET ST. till 5/15/921 f Hot or Sweet Fried Obnuri Fried Shrimp 7JS US Sbrinv Marinin S 6, ScuiHfilli Salad 6.96 Grilled Chicken 7.95 Stuffed Muihioonu 4.50 Fried Zucchini 2.75 French Frks 2.25 Claim Clam MUK V> ShtD Steimert OuMONfKlto* ChmsCatino tt Dona 42$'Dow* 7.50 U*nlM with OiUCarlk.7.25 UnguiM Pomodoro 7.25 Lingulnc with Red or 7.50 White Clam Sauce Ravioli 6.25 Manlcofl! 6.25 CINCM Piiu Per Uno 4,25 Sauu c... Ptppcfoni 4,95 Muihfoom Pcsto 4.95 Onloni, Artkhok«4.95 Shrimp... m»f i Daily Specials Tnke-oiit Ent-in 5 E. Somerset St. Raritan jukebox ,95 4.<J5 595 Cnfu Kulax oo«*w^. 001,1. v?s Newspapers April 29-May 1, 1992

59 MCATEER'S PHONE (906H Esston Avonuo, SonwMt ki 1714 a small firm home also Into the interior design of the was buw ntar the comer of Eat-neton Avenue and Cedar Grave coral and teal carpet was snipped banquet hal. The rich Lane. Today Kit a restaurant from Goorpja and Vw many that can accommodate almost chandaban are made ol Italian 1,000 people at any given time. crystal. Solid oak wood and da* Recently completed and op-taileened to the odbvc was a bat-the ballroom are just a few of Ihe momaigi on the wana ol room abletoaccommodate up tomany attributes of the addition. 500 people. Felix Protos has DespNt *w new addilion, Protos does not want anyonetofor- owned the restaurant since 1972 with his brother John and get about the elegant dining that brother-jivlaw Nick Papadakis. has always bean a trademark at "We started out small and grew McAleer's. The American conti- cuisine at McAteer's is rea- through the years. It was a lot olnental work," said Protos. But thesonably priced. Lunch is served work has paid off, for McAteer's between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Entrees are priced between $5 and is one of the few restaurants that has people making reservations $7. The dinner menu has a tor well into the new year. wide selection of Items ranging Protos and his partners began from lobster to blackened salmon their expansion plans about two to prime rib or veal Oscar. These years ago and put their efforts well-portioned entrees run between $16 and not only into the construction but $21.» Pnmtiin TOTHCIJFICCCMGIAND* FEMALE SINGER RECREATING THE SOUNDS OF BASIE e GOODMAN ELLINGTON e DORSEY and Others... 7:<10f>m tilt l*;oo Jfidny/ti CAU FO* KFMKWIONS: MeAteers Restaurant & Caterers 1714 Easton Avc. Somerset, NJ Tele; (908) a Fax: (908) McCORMICKS (908) West Main St., Somerville, NJ Lawyers, shopkeepers, secre- Menus conlain lore about the taries and bureaucrats can sit site's early days: "Between the down to a lunch of stuffed Revolutionary Battle of Princeton shrimp or prime rib on the same and Morristown, George Washspot where General George ington's soldiers were quartered Washington is said to have at Tunison's Inn. Though the sipped claret al McCormick's general himself stayed at the Restaurant in tho historic Hotel Wallace House (on Somerset Somerset, Street), some say that Tunison Grillod cheem sandwiches for and Washington often split a $1.95, lobster totis (or Si?.db, bottle of claret there. 1 The and many dishu? ;il pi ices in menu includes primarily fresh between grace the lunch'ime seafood entrees, but also tho traditional menu at whal ih«mccormick's say i: the oldest continually operated inn/restaurant in the Unit 9d States, elating OtXk to when Cornoliub Tuni^on choso thd wte to erui'! liaison s Tavern pasta and steak to appeal to all guests. As is the case with The Chowder Pot, the menu also features meals approved by Elizabeth Medical Center as being low in cholesterol rind inn. McCormick's features a lunch- "1 think it's nodt, said ewnor eon special for $3.95 Monday Terry McCormr,l<. a Somerviile through Friday i.e., stuffed native who also owns the Chowder Pot in Rahway "It's extra salad on Mondays, shrimp, chef's rice and a tossed special that (the r«si;-iurant) is in McCormick's, at the corner of trie oldest continuous hotul in West Main and Grove streets, tho country. Thai is cno of the will bo opon from 11:30 a.m.-10 main reasons I came ba^k here. p.m. Monday through Friday, Because it's not an ordinary restaurant." and and 4-10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday Holidays. 1 Your hosts,,. Jm Judy & Terry McCormick offer \ t i*u a choice of two: OR Restaimont ;i Corner ol Grove 1 Miln, Switivii, P I W-!K -' Rt. 27, Rihwiv/CttMil, (tq» (Jrcal lvc*h ScaftNNl I UIMIIOII^ S*cakA & Mor«:! O'CONNORS BEEF 'N ALE HOUSE Mountain Blvd., Watchung, NJ O'Conmn i WcT. i" i! il iln> liij :.'t!9k hihisl's in UM'MI J'"i.y rimy U :\w tit-fii o;-.cii ( i«; j 0 ypais now Many IHV.I t['ciott SIMCU IIH'II. (ml iiul,ill ti.ivi 1 Miivivt'd O Coinifir ^ tirr. :>i'i»iv>-.] ;,>> M>'' li'.jy uin lituii 1 W) & wh.rt Ilii'y ilu licit, JUI 1 Hud i-i r,t".t.(i ii'v m,.k,:',.ii* ',ii',:i, ;Minj'. al allotithl' 1 (irirfs Ihfro IT: iiiithitty fancy.n Ih^ir r nt":ii MI yuu wool lint) IKMJVI'IIC uwiuw Itt'iu aboul c;i on JI I riiiirti i.uokit>ij. Itwy lo i«avc Iliiit lypo ul couktiuj lu otlnib Ihu l'i Ill'tf IV!i illajy 1, I.N>I1II I'll l)ooll nii nrnl liusfmc'ii Tht> Mc.iks il i:; ' [> Bif (>ii-(riist-s. iiiii llw l".li i'j AllKllll'f,l1tM(.ll". Illil! It f. VMt!i'.1(Hl(l lll( I us* il IIMM: is ttitm!j0 IIHIH'1 bumit Kit lluil I'J 'KIU'IIMI wild si ilinnir(;> flic tniimmq rt'icll is j r,utvni»r tj.itmfl twet* lu Km mi.lillc HH'ij', it st.irlri) M J ii'slduiijiil.util inn IJI i p ii i::liiinri:;».mt> lid vuktil l» :IIII liiiin New h*m Ciisl vhikni'. iix.ludthi ilio ^urtiii 1 Itvini kl idiiict iinil (billy. Mih> Wi!!il ;im himvyacujlil eti-un \w*\ Jiich lv)in jsey, lo mitniion,\ lew A story m Uw mt'ini Iclh lh;il wlion Itiu ipsl.nii.ini was lifiiiy hul, "da/ens ttl Colonial inuskciibafc, wagoo wheels and tiii ul stone lor campluos were Managof Dwgdl IJowoll once lom mp undergrfxinj Uinntls used iluniit) piohibi Itun aie still intact Tho present tmiklint} M;is ;.'< ilmmq icx.*ftis JL> nccmnuiodili! Uiryu ).),iit«.s, \w\,i On (Hie wall is IMo IHKJIIIJI txr.k MC.KIO ifvtiimiscont of Ihu 19th Liinliiry i«flnl<h;tuie Tim olfit'r w>ils an 1 diiiped *i!ti tiqlttcoloiwl wnupafjtr and m\ till with,i clum (iml ;uauuil Iho ontuo ifkwn A ht iss with i;i»'t>ii valance v,( (Wi.tti". lli«u'liii'iy Mvln menu ti,r,»'ii th ji ii)f-ti/tms liwn K)l.»to skms ($41"")) lu ii <b/(hi Ittlli' iict.k Menniers (Jfiai) Sml md iml lin $'.'t''i)!i. tivo CIMICIIS n! ftniaeii ($11 i>!) It) in')')). parnicsaii [SI J?.b) Hit 1 lioliincc itl ltn> midiu r. i!i!vt»ii'il lu bciil llil'ie at«11 dilli'ionl diem;<.'!, II you iitc ronlnsnd dnxit tlw dirli>rei<l cuts ol IKHM. ilicm js a (Jispliy m'.n in (tie fnynr lint rtispliiys. raw, Ific rlrms.ivatiblo on ll.o, Wtuiltinf you'ro tlmitig wlh you) S(>ouse or dale, l*n«y or gfoup ol friends, O'Connor's is the place lo try, particularly II you urs in tho mood for good beel 1 * lejl*. L.i_ H " c lsii.y 70fl Mountain Blvd., Watchung (908) EVERY FRIDAY IS (OMFDY NIGHT Join (is For Our Dinner Mum ;i 8:0(1 (OnK Sni/IVr) Itiiuu'i stub ;it 7:11(1 Dinner ('finer Prime Kib Chicken I'otilon Bleu Shrimp Sumpi UnSiniilcitin[i iiumi UIJII, bjkd wiait». wffce or lea (Ul,1 f'lhllll Mil llk,llll!al 10:30 COCKTAIL SHOW Call for Details OPKN ^X)R LUNCH M< )N.-SAT. DINNER 7 DAYS A Wl t>. SUNDAY BlFTETBKl'NOH I-?M Kcscr\;ilions tknquet Facililks Available Call for Information BUTCHER SHOP & DVU Open 7 Days a Wa-k from l J-fi pm (908) i. ( /' V 29

60 PA SCHNAPPS 7224)222 Route 202, BrkJgewater Those lockingtora great meal in a casual atmosphere wi want to experience toe new PA Schnapps in Bridgewater. Its several lovely dining rooms and bar enable patrons to relax and forget their cares. "Our thrust is casual family dining; 1 notes part owner Paul D6908. The wide menu offers everything from pasta to chicken to prime ribs. Mondays are pasta nights at PA Schnapps. For $595, patrons select from several varieties of fresh pasta, including pasta primavera, pasta bolognese, tricokxed tortehw, and pasta alfredo. Prime rib is featured on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with a regular cut priced at $ Prime rib gourmands will want to try the restaurant's''monster cut of primerib.tbose wanting rther steak cuts will be tempted by PA Schnapps's 24-ounce rib eyestor $ Late-night patrons will enjoy the grih area near the bar, which features a 60-inch television. The grin is open until 2 a.m, and oilers such tasty items as savory gritted chicken and burgers. Hours: Lunch Monday-Friday, 11:30 am-3 p.m. Dinner 5-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 3-9 p.m. Sunday. Grill open the same hours. Entertainment Thursdays oxl Fridays. Banquet facilities available. Liquor license. Handicapped accessible. All I.\. Ml NAI RESTAURANTtfcGRILL Grill Open till 2 AM? Day* 908/ Casual Dining In A Relaxed Atmosphere 793 Rt. 202 BrkJgmater (2ttMltiSo.ol SomatvitOrcti) 24 Oz. Rib Eye Steak $10.95 Monday's Pasta Nite Choice of 5 Dishes $5.95 ea, Wednesday & Thursday Nights Monster Prime Rib Also by our Chicken, Pasta A Fresh Fish Dishes LUNCH - DINNER -BANQUET FACILITIES Entertainment Thurs. & Fii. 60" TV Screen Lunch - Dinner Banquet Facilities Daily Specials Happy Hour Mon-Fri CHRISTINE'S AT THE (908) SOMERSET HILLS HOTEL 200 Liberty Corner Road, Warren, N.J. Sonny D, the former private chef for Frank Sinatra and co-lounder of the landmark Sonny D Ristorante, has found a new home at Christine's. Within the confines of the Somerset Hills Hotel in Warren, New Jersey, Christine's features exquisite Northern Italian cuisine. For starlets, sample the large assortment of superior cold antipasto or the fabulous mushroom caps filled with prosciutto and pimento stuffing flavored with herbs. Relax and enjoy the intimate ambiance, while the skillful staff serves your entree. From the 2Vi pound lobster fra diavolo and shrimp alforno baked in butter with ground hazelnuts and garlic and herbs to the veal scaloppine zingarella with tomato sauce, peppers, porcini mushrooms, oregano and herbs, each of Christine's dishes is an exceptional culinary treat. The combination of Christine's classic Mediterranean decor and the sounds of the ebony baby grand piano over lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch create a dining experience which will not soon be forgotten. "Zfc Finest in Northern Italian Dining-Done My Wayl* -Sonny D. Xbt) to the Stun* IChWINES at \k Siwwwt HUh Hotel 200 Liberty Corner Rmii at Exit V) off1-18 Wamn, NJ, For PMiwtunu, call (908) , v cli U:0Oam~2:Wpm, Duwrr W}»ft-I0:00pm Saturday - Often for Dinner Only, HWpm~W$Qptn Sunday - Open for Hrumlt Only, IO:Waitt'2:WpiH SUNSET DINER Route 22 East, Greenbrook With the variety of food establishments available today, there is still a place for the traditional diner. The Sunset Diner stands out as one of the finest. First opened 20 years ago, the Sunset Diner is still a full-line diner, complete with counters, mirrors, marble and tables - all in a bright, inviting atmosphere. Plus, it is still oepn 24 hours a day, seven days a week - a joy to the late-night traveler, early bird or someone craving a tasty meal at any hour. Although the average menu price is $4, owner Nick Drakos explained, the Sunset Diner offers early bird specials Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m., when 10 different choices, including soup, salad, entree and potato, are available for the bargain price of $6.95. The Sunset Diner is handicapped accessible. Dreaklast Lunch Dinner r U.S. Highway 22 Green Brook, NJ Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week Don't Ejf III/ you gof to Sunsef Colonial Diner, Homily Ih'u Fiidij ffom J 00 pm to (00 pm MONDAY IHRU FRIDAY FROM 3 00 PM TO COO P.M. I. Roast Chicken with Dressing 7. Breast ol Chicken Parmigiana and Gravy wild Lmqinni 2. Bee) Live! Sautec wild Mushrooms and Onions 3. Chicken Marsala Ovei Linguim 4. Zill Parmigiana 5. Chopped Steak Charcoal Drolled with Onions 6. Seatood Mannara wilh Linguinl a Slutled Kilel flounder f lofcniine 9 Unguim with Clam Snuco 10 Moast Fiesh Ham with Dressing \\. Friod Chicken wi!h French Fries and Onion Rings 12. Chicken Scampi Ovw Rice ALL ADOVE SEIWLD WltH SOUP, SALAD, POTATO, PUDDING. JELLO, COFFEE Ofl TEA! Your Choice

61 COUNTY NORTHERN & SOUTHERN ITALIAN CUISINE Come Enjoy a Wonderful Selection of Fine Italian Cuisine from Some of These Items on Our Menu ANTIPASTI Caprese 6.50 Tomaliws, RuuMcd Peppers, Mozzarcllu MuzurclU in Carrozui 6.50 Kollantine di Meleiuane 6.50 filial with Riccni;i & PASTA FISH Filelto di Dcniice Uvornew Kcd Snapper in Onion, Olives, Mwediiafa Sauce Vongole Posillipo Pan iicamed claim in a light nuriiiara Gamberi Francew Baiter Dipped Shrimp, uulctd in Icimxi & wine VEAL Capcllinl Sinatra, Scaloppini Sorreniina Clams, Shrimps, Sullups, (Jaeta olives RupUni Prusciutlo ft MittMrclla Fusilll Marec Monte ***,! «* RfflW ~r- ;;<«Val CavaielH Provinciate Toppeil *" h Prwciu " * ***** Shrimp, Broculi, Tomatoes, Shallots in a ^TT^T r** "" ""7"^ -' Q nav Sauce * mushroomi. pepper, Buolo Wine Sauce Relax & Enjoy a Romantic Candlelight Dinner ftncrvhiomneccsuryforpifilaofiwmort Catwin AvaitaMt On «Ad Off Prtmtaw Proper Attire Required - AH Major CrtdM Car* Accepted GRILLED Filcllo di Cenlro Filei Mignun (12 uz.) uulccd muirirooms Twin 7 oz. Lobster Tail Market Cmtntc di Agnello Baby Limb Chops Coailate di Vitello Veal Chop CHICKEN Petto di Polio Dijon Sauce Ikcasl of Chicken Oijun Clean Siuce Polio Vesuviana Bft»il of Chicken chunks uulctd in Oirlk, rkbink Vinegar, Artktofces A Sundry Tom»l<*( 63 Mountain Blvd., Warren (908) WERNER'S LAKE EDGE Stirling Road, Watchung NJ It's hard to decide when is the best time to dine at Werner's Lake Edge. Is K at lunch, during daylight, when you can drive through the beautiful countryside of the Watchung Mountains and see the restaurant alongside Waictiung Lake 7 Or is it in the ovening, while silting next to a window, overlooking the lake on a bright moonlit night? Either time is more than acceptable - In tact it Is positively romantic, The mood and almosphere are like dining in Europe In some mountain chalet. Pic lure yoursett in lite Black Forost of Germany, dining in a chalet along the Rhine. Roy Stamm and lamiry has owned the Lake Edge tor 30 years. His son Randy tokj us lhat the star) averages over 15 years of service. Another interesting story low by Randy is about the customers. It seems that the oldest customers pteler eating in the first dining room, next to the old wood bar. The next group like the second dining room the best, forward ot the bat, while the newest customers prefer the newest dining room, built 10 years ago, the one that runs parallel to the lake. Whether it's customers or staff, you will find a dedicated group thai has made the Lake Edge a fixture in Watchung. The setting is rustic and comfortable. There are exposed beams, mahogany wood paneling and large windows overlooking the Watchung Lake, The table setting consist of while linen, white china wrth a burgundy trim, small lamps and fresh flowers, The menu is Continental with a small section devoted to Geiman specialties, Appetuers, 15 in all, include chopped chicken liver, head chqese vinaigrette, and smoked Nova Salmon. Prices range from $1.75 to $625 There are at least three soups and three types ot salads. Entrees include seafood (12 choices from 1275 to SI7.75), beel and chteken (10 choices from $16.75 to $23.75 tor filet mignon or sirloin), and German specials which include sauerbrilen ($19.25), wiener schnitzel ($21.75) or roulade ot beet ($1875). Dinner Includes appetuer or soup, dessert and coffee or lea. There is an extra charge for some ot the appetizers served with the dinner All Hems can also be ordered a la carte. It's hard to decide what is the best time to dine at the U*e Edge, daylight or night. I guoss It's because boti are enjoyable times. Good food, pteaunt service and an attractive atmostjhere ate the ingredients tor a pleasurable dining experience. LUNCHEON COCKTAILS DINNER ' SUNDAY DINNER Some of the items on our menu consist of: Hungarian Goulash, Saurbntm, Weiner Schnitzel, RoulKfc of BHf Fresh Seafood platters Light entrees Homemade soups Delicious desserts and much morel 141 STIRLING (Ml) WATCHUNG, NJ. Q7W0 (Ml) MS-9759 BRIANNA'S (908) East Second St., Scotch Plains, The foods of northern Italy and alpine France are unique, mysterious, and steeped in history. Ancient legionnaires grew fond of the staples of the region lhat fueled them on the road to conquests which slrulched lo Great Britain Brianna's restaurant on East Second Street in Scotch Plains offers a splendid selection of this region's best and most well-known dishes Brianrui's opened three years ago with a menu ol over 40 entrees with northern Italian and Fre nch cuisine Bnaiina's has done an outstanding ob sorving many satisfied customers far and wide Owner S executive chef Mike DeVita, along with his wife Leslie's background includos 8 years as "The Personal Chef Catering Sor vice" and?0 years in Iho culinary profession They provide a professional service stall, butler style sor vico, your custom menu and the finest rentals available Iho menu oilers daily homemade paslrts, fresh meat, and pou llry dishes A few ol Ihe selections include Penns Rigale Brianna, Veal Gruyere, Chicken Veronique, and Veal Chops. Our seafood dishes such as Dover Sole and Mako Shark are among the fresh sealoods that arrive daily. Meals are complimented by garden salads, Ifosh bread and a variety of appetizers Bring your favorite wine to accentuate your meal. To top off your meal. Brianna's offers a wide selection of homemade desserts. They are especially known for their customer's favorite Tira Misu Prices range from $14.95 to $19 95 (Seafood Fra Diablo $24.95) the decor is classical trench accented in pale blue and champagne with lace curtains and Queen Anne chairs Wo have two dining rooms lhat are equipped lo hold up to 30 and 60 people Brianna's offers catering son/ices, too 1 Dinner Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 5:00-10:00, Friday and Saturday 5:00-11:00. Sundays 5:00-9:00 Major Credit Cards

62 union COUNTY CARUSO'S (908) South Ave., Plainfleld (near Finwood borttr) Owners Marie and Pasquale have been at this location for years. Marie is the hostess while Pasquale does the cooking in this fine and sophisticated Italian eatery. Entrees include veal (nine at $12.95 to $16.95), fish (nine from $15.95 to $20.95), chicken (two at $13 each), and beef (three from $15.95 to $18.95). Appetizers such as Cozze The restaurant's ambience Verdi al Sambuca (green is subdued with a black, burgundy and white color mussels sauteed with Sambuca and cream) are an excellent starter. Highly recom- scheme. Black lacquer chairs, a black ceiling with mended is the Veal Caruso. recessed lights and black Tender pieces of Scaloppine smoked mirrors add to what Veal Sauteed in Champagne will certainly be a very elegant, memorable dining ex- and Gorgonzola Sauce was absolutely great. Chef Pasquale Caruso takes great perience. Caruso's menu has 10 hot pride in his food preparation, and cold appetizers ($6 to using only the freshest and $8.95), two soups at $4 andfinest of ingredients. Alt of three salads ($6 to $7.95). this will be very evident to There are four pasta dishes anyone who dines at Ca- making it a very en- ($10.95 to $14.95) and tworuso's, sauteed vegetables ($5). joyable night out, Caruso s Hot Appears Gambtrl All Grlfllla $8.95 (Marinated GriltedShrlmp) Pitta Ctpflllnl SOT nwno (Pasta with Arugula and Shrimp * in Garlic and Olive OH) VMl Vrttllo Buooguitalo $14.95 (Veal Sauteed In Garlic, Wine and WHd Mushroom and Artichoke Hearts) Fltettl CHSogllola Farcrtl $16.95 (Filet of Sole Stuffed with Crabmeat, Lobster, Shrimp and Scallops) Itottrvatlons Suggested M»kt Your Mother's D$y Amngement With Vs! *, *, * * * ' " FERRARO'S (908) Elm Street, Westfield you've gol a data thai you realty be found al ftimawra in Slitting Be It betrothals or bar mluvahs, Primaveta's newly bu«lactitta can handle parties ol up to 250. Inquiries may be directed lo Ron Chtm, Banquet Manager. Aflet the wedding, don'i think thai once Ihe kids come along that your visits lo Fenaro's *itl be letogalod lo special format occasions There's a wtiote other side to this mott vorsalile eatery that caters lo casual, family style dining Reasonably priced, casual dining pasta dishes range trom $6 75 lo ; ctitcken. veal and sausage, S995 lo $1295. and seafoodineals are $1095 to $13 95 Tomato and white cheese pizzas.lie also availably Actually, Ferraro's humble beginnings o«- emplify casual In 1969, Anna and Patnmo FOTIID'S namusake began as a small store- Ifout ()i/ erin They eveniualfy rxpandod upon Ihcir success, Itrsl as a more casual iint nnd then into formal dining Two wanl to imprest, The (Me lovet Italian cuisine, but tht jury's sm out on you Ferraro's formal dining area oflm the perfect rimosphere (of i very special {Mnkig experience. Sod K9M1 tovety tnencovered tables nestled in awy bakrmiei oftet prtmcy and romamic imbtence You kke northern Italian lood, your dale peters southern? No pfoblem Ferraro's lias botti regions covered to everyone's satisfaction. Specialties o< the house include Shrimp Ferrate, sautcwi in wlno with garlic, mushrooms, piosciutlo. and shallots; FussiNi a la Forraro, a home made pasta in a marinaia sauce with pro sciutlo and onions Veal aficionados will love the ScaHopini Plwaiola. covered in marinata and mushrooms, or Ihc Veat Choji Giambofta, a double cut boiled and topped with potatoes, mushrooms, >op(»etb iwnl onions Can't decide bctweun pasta or poultry. seafood or veal 7 Fennro's bruadtlt of choico won't make your decision any easi Of Jeff Bcchdel. Fcnaro's Din-ctni ol Mai keling and PubNc Rolalions, rebates that a "groat deal of our business is re «al busi ness, Many ol our customers dme with us laflhtulfy on a regular basis They ve been with us fa so many years that they don't even use the menu they know what thoy want belote they get hoie." Before you know H, you may be the gueil) of honor al art engagement party in one ol Ferraro's other formal dining areas. Oi enjoying your friends and lamhy in one of Ferrafols private rooms al Ihe allimportant wedding rehearsal dinner Although Ferraro's does not handle large banquets, catering on a grand scale can acjo a new. lanje SIOIPIIOIII was to thu (^isiiiil side, which now lolals loui large loans with a seating capacity of 200 Foriiuo's is open for dining 11 ain to 11 pm Monday through Saturday and Sunday t pm to 10 pm Formal dining is open lor lunch am through 2:30 pm. Monday through Friday; Saturday trom 5 pm lo 11 pm and Sunday fiom 3 pm to 10 pm. On Ihe loimal side, jackets are not requied, but are typically worn. Reservations are strongly recommended, particularly on weekends and for larger parties anytime Casual Family Style RESTAURANT Formal Fine Dining "We Offer You A Choice" 8 Etan siren (908) Formal WMtfltkt Ca«ial KOSHING Route 22, Scotch Plains mm r I lllllk*nillf ^ DIM HIM BKttNCH EVERY SAT.- SUN. I H0UWW ra ' Those who know about authentic Chinese cuisine wh want to try KO Shing. The restaurant specializes in fresh lobster and other types of seafood, including Hunan shnmp, Dim sums, a small casing ot dough filled variously with min ced meat, vegetables, etc, and steamed, is available on weekends, KO String's has another location in West Caldwelt which features Szechuan cuisine. Among the house specialties are Szechuan fried shnmp with broccoli, and a variety of tempting, spicy chicken dishes. The dishes at both locations are "Chinatown style," meaning they tend to be hot and spicy. Prices are in the $9-$10 range, with specials being somewhat more. The decor is modern Chinese in style, with Polynesian overtones and effects. KO Shing also has a giant television in its bar for the convenience of sports fans. Not handicapped accessible. Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 11:30 a.m -11 pm; Friday and Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-midnight, Private parties welcome. CHINESE RESTAURANT China Town Cuisine Featuring Live Lobsters & Dim Sum Brunch Every Sat. & Sun. & Holiday 11:30-3:00 pm 2377 Route 22, Scotch Plains r^ " 1 I Eat In Only Minimum $20.00 Fvn 1/1 7IQ") I L r I Take Out Only j Minimum $18.00 Exp. 5/17/92 32 Forbes Newspapers April 29-May 1,1992

63 union COUNTY LA VIET (908) East Front Street, Plainfleld, NJ Central Jersey's taste buds are certainly leaning more and more in an Asian direction. The growing number ol Chinese, Japanese and Indian restaurants in the area certainty attest to this. La Viet Restaurant, 129 East Front SI. in Ptainfield is a little gem of a find, specializing in Vietnamese cuisine. Actually, La Viet is not a new restaurant at all. Having just celebrated it's 10th anniversary with a completely refurbished interior and exterior and the result in wonderful, Chinese red awning distinguish the renovated gourmet restaurant, which is located on the second floor of the building. As you enter the newly remodeled eatery, you're greeted by a beautiful, gently trickling waterfall. Mirrors and handcrafted Vietnamese art (some of it for sale) adorn the walls. La Viet is small enough to be intimate yet large enough to cater a Vietnamese wedding reception (their specialty!) Highly recommended is the barbecued beef, pork and shrimp over anget noodles. Fondue is a specialty that is prepared and served at your table, usually for two or more. With Mother's Day approaching, treat mom and the family to a Vietnamese classic, seven courses of beef. Lean slices of beef are prepared seven very different and special ways. The Vietnamese Spring Rolls are a delight, served cold with a rich thick brown bean sauce with crushed peanuts. Egg rolls, smaller than the traditional Chinese style, are served with a langy, pungent fish sauce. La Viet is a very enjoyable dining experience and one that certainly should not be missed, SPECIALTIES House Suhul...Shrimp, pork over cabbage & carrots. Vietnamese Spring ami Summer ft?j//... Delectable treats, wrapped in rice paper filled with succulent shrimp, pork and seasonings. Soups...A (rue Vietnamese classic! Prepared with sliced London Broil over rice noodles. Known us Pho Bo. Seafood soup is the house specialty. Sewn Courses of lied., lean, slices of Beef prepared seven different ways.,.seafood or Ueef prepared at your talbc in flaming charcoal. l /Jci'f Sato...Special curry, prepared pickles and giner wrapped in sliced tenderloins to perfection on an open flame. Resenations Suggested MAKE YOUR MOTHER'S DAY ARRANGEMENTS NOW (Bring in this ad ami Receive FREE Spring Roll) Visa, MasterCard, Amex accepted. ROMANELLI'S RISTORANTE Brookview Commons, 1985 Route 22 West Scotch Plains, NJ Frank Calandroa. the owner ol RomanclN's Rtstorante in Scotch Plains has brought a slico of Italy to Amonra It, not Italy, certainly the lower rv,l side ot Now York As you walk through the restaurant and discover the ceramic floor, tho neon sign spelling 'HO MANF-LU'S or tho north wall covered willi marble, you realize that this restaurant is dillerenl from most olhors. Wo were escorted to a raised dining area with greenhouse stylo windows, white oak fioor and pastel colors Our table top was granite, and tho table sotting consisted ot irosh pink carnations, rose cloth napkins and while china wilh green Inrn Everything looked so new, so fresh and so light and airy. Later in the evening Mr. Calandroa had tho opportunity to visit our table. He told us that he's been in tho restaurant business lor more than ovur L'O ytuis and his chef. Aldo Scotto. has been cooking lor?6 yours Aldo learned Ins trade the traditional way belore coming to America Aldo's training may be in tin. 1 Itaditimuil way but Ins menu ti. a niirture nl both ciwivc'iitilhial aii'l not su ton ventional recipes. Among the appetizers is a dish called vongole alia viageggina ($6 95). which is clams with oil, gartic, wtiiie wine and parsley. One ot the pasta dishes is fottucini alia Toscana ($9.95), lettucinl with rnqat sauce and mushrooms Tosainy style Roiiianelli's menu consists omb appetizers and salads wilh prices ranging Irom $4 tor moziarclla in carrozia to $7.50 tor a scatood salad and shrimp, scungilli and calamari. There are 19 pasta dishes ($9.50 to $16.95) for a sealood mixture.wilh an average cost ol an assortment ol veal and beef (10 items Irorn $12,95 to $17.95) The menu also includos 11 scatood entrees ($13 50 to $19.95 tor lobsler (ails, cataniari and shrimp). Add to this an assortment ol specials, Item appetizers to pasta and veal entrees, and you have a wide selection Irorn which to choose. To lop everything oft, order one of their imported special desserts Romance's is an appealing restaurant ihat sorves good Italian lood in an attractive si'tiiruj at puces Ihat are reason able lor the portions served. SNUFFY-PANTAGIS RENAISSANCE Corner of Park and Mountain Avenue, Scotch Plains Kor more limn 40 years, SnulTy s hits been a fixture in Scotch i'tilins When HIP PantaKis family purchased the old steak house thai was originally a canine more thiin 40 yenrs a#>, thoy added marble floors, stained Ulass fellings and spiral staircases. In recognition of I ho renaissance created by these renovations, the family its name to the restaurant, creating SntilTy's as the banquet facility and Pantatfis Itenaissance. as tho restaurant. Owners Jane, George and Nicholas Panlagis had owned several other New Jersey esi a hi ishments before purchasing Snuffy's hut turned the S c o 11' h Plains establishment into their Mediterranean pride and joy. They describe Pantuyis as tiasically a steak and fish house l>ul note they also feature daily specialities, chicken and veal, as well as an extensive salad bar. Luncheon prices befjin at $5.!l. r >, with dinners I at $lt i). r ). The average full-course dinner is $ Snufly's banquet department provides extonsive servico in ei^lit banquet rooms. A regular feature is a seven-course dinner and white-glove service. Snuffy-Pantagis Restaurant is open Monday through Thursday from noon to 10 p.m.; Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 11 p.m. Hour T Vimnv Dinnfr Tirrrti ('indtjibr** «nh K Kltming Jiihilr* Shim. I'nviir Bridal Hoomi. While Clove Strvic* fc. ill HI

64 MIDDLESEX COUFiTY RACKLEY'S (908) South Washington Avenue, Piscataway Hartley's lamhy style restaurant was voted to have the best baby ribs in N J by their customers. Ridley's advertises as "the only place for ribs," has responded to the demanding 4ms placed on today's business person by establishing a "Fax Pack" ordering system. Sieve Dauermon, Operations Manager at RacMev's, tells us that by using the "(ax pack", customers can select their order and have It taxed In directly to Rackley's. When they arrive, the order will have already been processed, and a reserved table wmi be waiting for them. "When the customer arrives they can give us their fax number, and before they are ever sealed, we can begin to prepare their meal. The entire process takes much loss lime than the conventional method of being seated, reviewing trie menu and placing your order." Although Hackley's "fax" ordering system is most widely used lor the placement of lunch request, many customers transmit take out orders for both lunch and dinner. Rackley's, which is owned by the Mabel & Muniord Organization of Hazlet, N.J. specializes in blackboard entrees of every variety and size. The menu otters baby back ribs and special cut spareribs, barbecue chicken, shrimp and shredded barbecue sandwiches. A wide variety of taste-tempting dishes of all types fills the menu. In addition to chicken, fish and beef, a potpourri of southern style cuisine is offeered in appetizers, main courses and combo platter selections. Rackley's otfers many special during the weekend on Sunday. Monday 5:00 9:00 All you can eat fibs for $13.95 Tuesday 5:00-9:00 15% Off entire check, Thursday 5:00-9:00 All you can eat chicken (fried or barbecued) Monday thru Thursday and all day Sunday kids eat tree (oil the children's menu) plus "Toto" the clown is thoro, Saturday & Sunday 12:00 3:00 all entrees are hall piice (on menu), Steve tells us that they will nave a delivery service before long. Rackley's also oilers banquet facilities tor up to 50 people, Handicap access & all major credit cards. Barbecue Time Is Here! Do > inn H.ti lijrti'i lit' (it t Hi >, y i I > r, WE AINT JUST RIBS! Salad Appetizer Chicken Prime Ribs Shrimp Hamburgers Ruebens t Clubs, etc. We Deliver to Home and Office tax RvCKLEYS SOMERSET COUNTY THE WILLOWS (908) N. Washington Ave., Green Brook, N.J. The Willows believes In that old axiom "if It ain't broke, don't fix It." In business for over 12 years, Willows succeeds by doing what it does best. And what it does best Is provide its customers with good food, good service and all at good prices. This is not haute or nouvelle cuisine. It is your basic continental menu with the emphasis on solid cooking and large quantities. Specialties of the house are beef and chops and a mixture of veal, liver, capon and roast turkey. Thcro is also a largfe selection of seafood items, 17 in total, ranging from broiled, fried, or newburg and fra diavolo. The average price tor a dinner is $13.00 to $14 00 with the lowest $9.95 lor broiled flounder and the highest $23.95 for broiled Alaskan king crab legs. All entrees are served with a tossed green salad, or Greek salad, vegetable and choice ot potato or rice pilal, The dining room is large, but Intimate dining is available in one of the booths along the front wall, at corner tables or in the bar/lounge area. The clientele dining the night we were there consisted of small and large families, couples and what seemed like steady customers because the waitresses knew them by name. The mood was very lestive, Patrons are ushered to a table by a mattre'd who informs them ol the specials ol the night and surprisingly, the prices of each special. The piece dc resistance is the flaming fruit Iray. This Item, consisting of slices of melon, bananas, watermelon, orange and pineapple, served on a bed of ice with a flame ot brandy, comes with the entree, at no extra cost. There are other dosserts such as parfails, peach melba, Ice cream and homemade choesocake, but probably ordered only by the hearty caters. A visit to The Willows is not only inviting but can be entertaining as well with the top 40's tunes being played tor your listening and dancing pleasure Tuesday through Saturday, and golden oldies on Sunday. The bar remains open until 2 a.m. seven days a week, and a special light bar menu is available until closing. TREAT MOM SPECIAL... DINE WITH US! MOTHER'S DAY DINNER STARTS AT 1240 SPECIALLY PRICED DINNERS CHILDREN'S MENU AVAILABLE 021 Under) Etch Mom Witt ftetto A Comptlmnttry C$mtiton On for SptcM D*yt EVENING DINERS WILL BE TREATED TO THE SOUNDS OF THE SILVERTONES STARTING AT 8:30 WE MAKE EVERY OCCASION SPECIAL BUT YOU DON'T NiBD A SPECIAL OCCASION TO EAT HERE! The Wlows Ma/or Credit Canto Accapltd (908) N. Washington Avr (on RL 22 E.) Orwn Brook, N.J. Olde Time Air Show Family Trade Show Festival of ISUIOOMM, D1STUBVTED B Y UK REACH GROUP NuoMdon County Dement lot, gcorder Pubtithing Co., F a t a Nempue D on't miss the chance to reach over 110,500 households. Be part of the Festival of Ballooning Advertising Supplement & Official Program Guide. ntes miltme for euly jptce rcsemtioni. Ull youi ntes representitive for advertising and iponnnhip information. Publication Date: Thursday, July 16 Early Deadline: March 31st Deadline: June 18

65 RffltctinfKe distinctive, danctamt sound. On the rise with Native Sun By WIWAM WESTHOVEN WeetendPte Wter Roger Apollon, Jr. is one lucky guy. As lead singer of the New Brunswick-based band Native Sun, he's been able to perform on the same bill as many of his greatest influences. Reggae artists Yeilowman, Burning Spear, Jimmy CM and rappers De l& Soul have all topped bills at which Native Sun has played Along with them is his favorite group of all: Hie Selector, a multiracial band which helped to popularize ska, an uptempo predecessor to reggae that fit in well with new wave music of late 1970s England. But the band's rise to the A-list of clubs up and down the East Coast hasn't been easy. Native Sun would appear to have a promising future, but they have plenty of history, too. like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Native Sun was produced by the combustion of another local act, Bigger Thomas. Apollon and Native Sun manager Derek Thomas - another key figure in the story - didn't want to go into the gory details, but the end result found Appolon and saxophonist Steve Meicke, both of whom were looking for more of a full-time commitment to touring, heading in one direction, while Mark Wasserman and Steve Parker continued with a revamped Bigger Thomas lineup. "We were at City Gardens last September to play with Special Beat, which was a crowning achievement for me because they are the closest thing you can get to the English Beat, a band that I loved," said Appolon, "We had 12 more shows scheduled for that month, but at the show, Steve and Mark said it was going to be their last" The first order of business, then, was to try and fulfill some of those Bigger Thomas commitments. Somehow, Appolon, Meicke and Thomas put together a new group within a week and debuted at a benefit concert for the Hyacinth Foundation on the lawn of the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers University. "Steve knew Steve Calandra (bass), who knew Rob Meehan (guitar) and Frank Parcnte, and so on," Appolon explained. Eventually, the band grew to eight members, including Andrew Maroko on trumpet, Kevin Sztam on trombone and Joaquin Perez on percussion. "We were a little rough at first, but right from the beginning, people were into it and its been getting bigger and bigger ever since." Originally billed as Bigger Tliomas International, the band changed its name to Native Sun to avoid subsequent confusion, since Parker and Wasserman continue to play out as Bigger Thomas {named, incidentally, after the protagonist of Richard Wright's classic novel, Native Son, which chronicled the doomed existence of a black man in Chicago during the 1920s). Nevertheless, Native Sun quickly established its own identity and a network of clubs booking them from Virginia to New England. Organized by Thomas, an energetic, positive promoter who probably has a great future as a Hollywood agent, most of the musicians must still work day jobs, but they are committed enough to drive up for a onenighter in Rhode Island and be back home in time for work the next morning. "We're still in the paying-dues stage," said Appolon. "It's great, but it's definitely hard work. I've lost jobs, not entirely because of the band, but when you're playing in front of 2,500 people one night and the next day you have to file papers or something, it's hard. I wanted to sing when I was 3-yearsold. I didn't want to be working a fax machine when Iwas3-years-old" At the age of 25, Appolon is a passionate fan of the ska and other danceable, world-beat sounds that he first heard while growing up in a Haitian-American household, But the multicutural mix of the band members brings countless other musical influences to the stage. A quick Local heroes Native Sun, a ska- and worldbeat-influeneed band that igtows musical and racial boundaries. listen to their five-song demo tape reveals Latin and rock leanings as well. Solos from guitarist Meehan, for one, reflect a devotion to Carlos Santana. "He (Meehan) is incredible. He can play anything," said Thomas. "And Steve Calandra is into heavy, hard rock. In fact, his brother plays with Monster Magnet, which is opening a show in Portland for Soundgarden. Other guys in the band have toured around Europe and the Soviet Union with various groups. These guys are serious musicians." "In Bigger Thomas, I learned a lot about ska and reggae," said Appolon. "But in this group, I'm learning more about music, scales and progressions and that sort of thing, because now I'm dealing more with musicians. I still don't consider myself a musician. Luther Vandross can sing. I'm not there yet, but I'm working on it." According to his manager, though, no one can get a crowd on its feet like Roger Appolon. "You can ask anyone who has seen Bigger Thomas or Native Sun that Roger puts on one of the most incredible stage shows I've ever seen - stage-diving when it's crowded enough, running around, grabbing people and making them dance. They (the band) has fun, they feed off each other and more so than anything they feed off the crowd." And that audience should expand soon to the farther points of the eastern shoreline as Native Sun commits its summer to exposure and the promotion of an LP they plan to release in CD form by the end of July. NATIVE SUN Saturday, May 16, at the Court Tarcm, 124 Church a in New Brunswick. (908) Up from the Dregs FommDt* Die* futon* Stive Morse wl tako thi stafi Fftt*. May 1,M the Oub Bent, Route 35 in Sprite. AfterftoofCNninine album wfth the Dm* Mom I)** on st toed 0Jitarist of Kansas, then set out on his c w with the Steve Morse Band. OpeningforMorse wm be former Dreg T. Lavta. Tickets am $15,125 wnh dinner served before the show. For mom information, cal (906) Good clean family fun NoK Coito, one of Show* May 5, «**# Sunday, May 10, at Cat* A M * Star, ityatt ffajsnoy Prinoeton, 103 vono) who OHjptaey panned to be an onejnoo?\ hat the de> a bed* he wean proufty wme doing m unei onrwi nvn ne> nnan rvr ta» and tarn* it Showinw aai luaaday ttwdupi Tnunday and Sunday at 830 pj% Mday at 8:30 pm and 11pm, Saturday at 7 pjtt, 0:15 pji and 1130 pjn. rw moiv wrnwoon, Phllryhero, local venue tonne Saudajif May 2, at eia avpn Hi^pasub tn Old hhn a taot as tie Mt aot on ttie Mm MaJ chanty oonoafl Anril 90-Mau 1, 1QQ?

66 Weetend ALOKUJ't 1096 Cwwry Blvd. P«fthAmboy (908)826*428 Uw ntirtainment t*0nnmg 9 p.m. No cow. g Kit?bridp Rd,, Ptscitaway (90S) MCHNUMttffCU* ROM 9 Sou*, 0«Brio* (909) Dtnoe pvty, SMurdiyi. dayt *Jonf) toot, My 2< MUMONI1MIT CAffi Ouch St NtwBnirttitefc (906) Breton AM. Long Bunch (901) Stnnfi HoWty, *Qod spnd, Tftotdi, Tftniytvii, Htim Shapiro, aftamoon May 2. X-Aft,DutttMud,t*r*if May2. MayS. 9w R00HMD AMIII CMtMt (90D9BH515 _ AudWon nf^it, Watfrttdayi, Thundayt. MTOHAMMfTM Hot* (609) HatdNna eomady awry nlfft wpt Monday, GoRaji rij^tt Sundajn and CNMUniMCU throu^i (906) UwoomidyFM^andSatur- 548AmbayAM..PirthAmboy (90S) Hoivy nwm qumh Dmgtr Dang* - ttw Mtf-Mlltd "IIKMOUI boys of rock" - will Rock danct ni^rt, Asylum Choir, May C*lhounSl,T»nton (609) Ail-^s d m n party, Fridays. 95-ctnt dmce m^tt, Saturday*, Thursdays. Mojo Nixon, May 1. Hypnctw, Tht ScofHaws, May 15. Route 35, Sayrtwlie (906) Stew Mow, T. Lavttz, May 1. Dtnftf DanijK, May 2, Joy Bthar (comedy), May 8. Back m Black <«VX tritwfc), Mryl Boulevard S*aUde Hetfits (906) Clauic-rockclut). Kansas, May 8. Tht Outlaws. May 29. D M Mason, June 5. (906) Ra*tft#it, Thursdays. 51 Main St., South River (906) Slaves of New Brunswick W Glen Burtnfck), May 15. John Eddie, May 16,21. CORNtMTONC 25 New St., Metuchen (906) Traditional Jan. COURT TAVERN 124 Church St. New Brunswick (906) Reuse nifctt, Tuesdays. Showcase n#it, Wednesdays. "Love Shack" dance party, Thursdays. THCCOVl 106 Chestnut St., Roselle (908> Dave URue, Mondays. Open coffeehouse, Tuesdays. Voo], Bart Ass Cananes, Rumour H«It, May 1. Projector Head, Frankie Mob, Lament, May 2. CMCNETCUJB 41516th Ave., Irvmgton (201) Main room: Live dance bands, Fridays. International rock acts, May 2 at ttw Club B«na In Sayftvlllt. Saturdays. Techno dance night, Thursdays. Fantastic (Elton John tribute}, Mayl. Basement: Alternative rock. Acoustic night, Sundays. Sweet Uiard llttet, Scooby Groove, In Between Blue, May 1, The Play Trains, Janata, Wrffongwens, May 8. E2 Access, Belle Sky, Brother Brother, May 15. UMX MANOR 41 Broutfiton Ave., BloomMd (201) Desolation, May 6. TtffiOCMANQI Routes , Brldgewater (906) Open blues jam, Tuesdays, THE FA* SIM 789 Jersey Ave. New Brunswick (908) Open-mlke nltfit, Mondays. FAST LANEH 207 Fourth Ave., Asoury Park (908) cent dance mtfit, Thursdays. FtNMtumt9iaf»37 How Lucky Can You Get! STARTS FRIDAY Cousin Call Theatre lor Show PARKING SPRING FESTIVAL Saturday, May 2, am - 4 pm Downtown Metuchen, NJ free admission For More Information Call (908) Art Show Antiques Show Crafts on the Green Rain or Shine Food Court/Live Music $ 12iitnaiyaim 4 pm through Friday Off hj The week's best bus dealtoatlantic City's only Casino and Entertainment Resort!,* EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 2,1991 When you warn the belt, call White Dui Co, far your next charier. 60 years of experience goes Info every trip. 762-I ()fftf'iiihjfi-( litiliin^e nltliuul miii>r MUM he 21 )tiifi tif nliltr, Olfir applltt tp tcktdultj bui arrkili IliU&. If ynu m tihittom wnt knm< lun 3 y>amhlln pffibltni ind winli hilp tall 1-MO-GAMHtER NATALIE'S DELI 1523 Bound Brook Rd. Mlddlf MM, NJ. COUNTRY SQUIRE RESTAURANT 20 ML Btthtl Rd. Wtrrtn, N.J. MOUNTAIN LAKE OEU 461 Witchung Avt. Watehung N J. SAMMY'S RESTAURANT 207W«itfl«tdAvt. Rottll* Park, NJ. There's more to TropVforld Tk)PWORLD. CASINO AND ENTERTAINMENT RESORT SUNNYS1OF. STATIONARY 903 Wood Avt. Roulta, N J. PUFF-N-STUFF 21 North Avt. Crinford, NJ. April 29-May,1,1992

67 Club mix HypncUM, Miy 1 (w^ativt Son), 23. Gndw, Miy 18. So* Owl, Miy 22. SpmOodori,M«24. mmmwn 2099Nouto27,Ediion (90S) 3t7-39OO UwcorMdyFrtdiy and Sutura*. UOBoulMri (008) (908) Comidy fllfn, TuMdiy. Thund*. J. (908) dayi. Hub CityJim, Sunday*. Q«y Ho (linir), Mondays. Powif w Thw# ( Miy 6. Mosaic, May 7, Point of View, May 13, MWiaPilttgwiky Trio, May 14. Off Ramp, May 20. Pandora's Bo*, May 21. "06«ZoppJTrio,May27. O.C. Project, May 28. CH O^OONM 1288 Rout* 22 East (908) Piano brunch vtflidyi Richaids, Sundayi. Gary Ofcywi, Tuaadayi. wm Lynch Trio (Irtah), Thursday*. 96 Sou* Man St. NawHopa,Pa. (215) FfM adminton Saturday and Sunday Opan-mika nitfit, Mondays. Ubarty BkM Jam, Tuaadays. Mountain John, Wadnaadays. Routt 206, (908) Uve antortilnmant Wadneaday thfouaj Saturday. Uvacofnadyavwy Sunday. UVE10M0HT 125Wtthir*onSt. Hoboton (201) Tfw Gaftens, Play Trains, May 1. Catttordatailt,May2. SwwtUiardlHtet,M»y9, MMNTASCANIINA Albany St., New Brunswick (908) John Rapn Quartet w/chattia Roma Jr., Tuetdayt, MNQftUI (201) Triba, Sonata A-Co-Go, She NaverBlinltt.Mayl. Ina Unmt, BntmoNe, Call, May 2. Staff UBeef, Pink Slip Daddy, May 8. Clawhammer, Vartigo, Sax Pod, May 9. Butch Hancock, Stave Younf, May 16. dicker, May 17. ThaMekont,May25,26. Sonny Bunjess, May 29. The 30s, Velocity Girl, June 12. Tne Ritinc Storm, The Lyiw, June 15. NEST AT PMMNffl' Amwtt Rd,, HtHaborougti (908) Mirage, May 1,2. Leftovers, May 8. Elan, May 9, Stolen Hearts, May 15. Pedestrians, May 16. TheThnD < May22. Home Brew, May 23. O'CONNORS 8ECTN ALE 706 Mountain BM.,W«chimg (908) U«comedy, Fridays. ORPHAN ANNaTS 1255 Valley Rd,, Stirling (908) Open jam, Sundays. Oaeaic movies, Mondays. Auaftwnlft Wednesdays, THEOSMEV 201F)retAve. Manasquan Baach (908) PuMc Notice, May 1. Tramps Uhe Us, May 2. Paradise Alley, May 8. Fantastic, May 9. Bums in the Park. May 15. Tumatyias,Mayl6. The Nerds, May 22. Voices, May 23. The Party DoHs, May 24. Decaces, May 29. j^wjd, May 30. KTEYS SPORTS BAR 1001 West CamplainRd. (908) LM bands Fridays and Saturdays. Nasty Ned A The Famous ChUi Dogs, May 1. CurbsideB.B.Q.,May2. Marty Masters, May 8. TheBlueSnakers,May9. Tne Party Masters, May 15, 29. Chapter 11, May 16. DogEatDogWJoeyPula), May 23. Crossroads, May 30. THEWEUNE 841 Broadway, Newark (201) All afhadmtttad Fridays, Sundays. "Club Trash" dance niflt, Wednesdays. fuvpenlmiimc Route 35, SaymvUte (908) DJ. dance nifx Fridays. won Route9,Woodbnd B sun (908) Uvt comedy every Sunday starting8 30p.rn. TMIRrVERfMMT 11 Mam St., South River (908) THE ROW NORSE Second A Kinftlsy AsburyPark (908) Hard-rock niajt, Wednesdays. Techno dance nitfit, Thursdays. Bad Btscut, May 1. Howe II, May 2. Sex Farm, Quick Trigger, May 8. Edfjar Cayce, Sirt City Rebels, May 9. mcimxv 95 French St., New Brunswick (908) industrial/techno dance nitftt, Sundays. MrMI Route 34, Aberdeen (908) "Unplugged" ntftt, Thursdays. SAM'S flmue 777 Route 202, Raman (908) 70M777 Morris Nanton Trio (jazz), Tuesdays, SCANDALS 3793 Route 1 South South Brunswick (908) Teen dance nitfit, Sundays. Ladiea' nftt, Thursdays. Dreamer, May 1. StraW Face, May 2. SHQ8AM Route 27, HendaH Park (908) Uve comedy Friday and Saturday, 10 p.m. SOUIM MVtR PUB 66 Main St., South River (908) Backstreets Duo, Wednesdiys, John Eddie (acoustic}, May 12. THCSTAOeATTHCINN 366 Park Av«., Scotch Plains (908) SIUW Verona Ave., Newark (201) Penny Lane, Cloud Nine, May 1. Dot; Eat Dog. May 2. Wipattraction, May 15. Routfi House, Teeza, May 16. T-fJMSCAFE 707 Main St., AsburyPark (908) Audition showcase, Wednesday!. T AMI CAFE Route 53, Denville (201) Grover Kemtte, Wednesdays, West End^javtew, Thursdays. TKAOCMflNOS 1331 Ocean Aw., SeaBrlf* (908) Rshbone, May 1. Ynfwe Malmstaen, May 2. The Remakes, May 3. Trw Smithereens, May 8. John Eddie. May PARK AVENUC 2000 Park Aw. South PiamfleW (908) live oldies bands Wednesday through Saturday. wummtrs 386 Hoes Une, Piscataway (906) COED SNORKEL and SCUBA CUSSES ^aw " " FREE FIRST NIGHT Vj.:ev YMCA Wednesday May 6th / 00 PM Somerset Hills YMCA Bernardsville Pool Tuesday f.liiy 19th 7 00 PM CALL for more information Whitehouse Aquatic Center 6 Hwy. 22 West Whitehouse Station (across Irom Bishops Thrlftway) JEFFREY S. MINTZ ESQ. ATTORNEY AT LAW Real Estate * Personal Injury Debt Collection & Defense * Wills Divorce * Commercial Litigation Traffic Offenses * Municipal Court 894 Green Street, Suite A Iselin, New Jersey (908) SG * (fax) FREE CONSULTATION REGISTER NOW 'FOR A SUMMER OF CREATIVITY, FRIENDSHIP AND FUN at toe WESTFIELD WORKSHOP FOR THE ARTS Summer '92 June 29 July 31 Music Dance t Drama Fine Arts Crafts Communication Arts Special Interests Open to ail New Jersey residents Pre-school - High School Half Day and Full Day Available Early Morning Drop-off and Late Pick-Up Calibrating rts 21st season! FOR A FREE CATALOG, CALL (908) A nonprofit program ol the New Jersey Workshop lor tho Arts P.O. Box 507, Wfisllioltl, NJ 0/091 Dr. Ihuotloru K SchlosbtMQ, Oirnctor REE SERVICE & LANDSCAPING PRUNING LANDCLEARING ELEVATING STUMP REMOVAL REMOVAL SPRAYING & FEEDING CHIPPING CABLING COMPLETE FIREWOOD SALES 155 Washington Valley Road (Wood Yard Opposite Bandy Farms) Warrm NJ (908) irior CAR WASH Gift Certificates COUPONS AVAILABLE 5 EXTERIOR WASH ULTRA MODERN-BRUSHLESS. STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT SELF SERVICE VACUUM SYSTEM AVAILABLE LOCATED: Hwy.tfE NrttoHeit Station Dally 8 to 6pm*Sun: 8 to 6pm

68 Weekend Soundings HARRY ALLEN Friday, May 1, noon County Administration Buiior^ 20 Grove St., Somervilie!906 v Jan musician performs witn his trio on the building steds. Hi case of rain, concert wi'i De held indoors. Free admission. ANONYMOUS 4 Saturday, May 16,7:30 p.m. lamington Presbyterian Church Route 523, laminflon (908) Dolce StiJ Nuovo, vocal seitclions from 14th-century Italy. Adults $12, senior citizens arm students $9. AIMOSKRCUftSION QUARTET Saturday, May 9,8 p.m. Watchung Arts Center 18 Stirling Rd., Watchung (908) Four classically-trained drum' mere perform with violin and flute accompaniment. Admission $8, ARON BENSHUSHAN/ AVI AL8RECHT S..noay, May 17, 7 p.m. Tempie Neve Shalom 250 Grove Ave., Metucnen (908} 'Singers from Morocco and Israel, respecuwly. Admission $10. Y1F1M MONFMAN Monday, May 11, 8 p.m. McCarter Theatre 91 University PI., Princeton 1609) Piamst performs works Oy Scarlatti. Beettiov«n, Prokofiev, and Brahms, Admission $22, $20. (Tickets for Feb. 24 Andras Schiff recital will be honored.) GREGG CAGNO/ SPOOK HANDY Friday, May 1, 8 p.m. Six Mile Run Reformed Church Route 27, Franklin Park (908! Folksingers perform in a coffeehouse setting w/ace Darden and the Feisty Penguins. Adults $5 with a food donation, $6 without; children under 12 free. COLLEGIUM MUSKUM Friday, May 1, noon Sunday, May 3,8 p.m. McEachern Recital Hail, Montclair State College Upper Montclair (201) Performing Josquin's Missa pange /ingua and other works. Free admission. DAISY JUG UNO Sunday, May 3,1 p.m. Princeton MarKetFair Route 1, West Windsor (609) Jugband music brought to a mall setting, Free admission, To place an announcement in WeekendPlus, send your release to: Steven Hart, WeekendPlus Editor Forbes Newspapers, RO. Box 699 Somerville, NJ Include a telephone number for more information. Fax transmissions go to: (908) limes should arrive no later than Thursday of the week before an issue. No telephone submissions, please. Black and white photographs are welcome RUBY DEE Sunday, May 3,7 p.m. Ramada Renaissance hotel Route 18, East Brunswick (908) Actress performs in a dinnertheater setting, Admission $50, includes dinner. DEL8RAT0N BAROQUE ENSEMBLE Saturday, May 9,8 p.m. St. Mary's Abbey, Delbarton School Route 24, Mwristawi (201) Chamber quartet performs won\s by J.S. Bach, Tetemann, Handel, and Vivaldi, Admission $6. JIMMY DOmEYOMCHESntA Friday, May 15,8 p.m. State Theatre 19 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) Big band performs music "So Rare." Admission $ , EMIONSTMNG PLAYERS Tuesday, May 12,8 p.m, Edison High School Blvd. of the Eagles, Edison (908) Performing works by J.S. Bach and other musicians, Adults $10,»nkycitWf.Jindstudints $5. WALTM ERMSION Saturday, May 16,7:30 p.m. Sons of Norway hall 80 Boundary Rd., Marlboro (906) Accordion virtuoso performs */ Kevin Carisen, tenor. Admission $10. JtHOMAFAH Friday, May 15, 8 p.m. Somerset County Library North Bridje St., Bndgwater (908) ext. 119 Tenor performs operatic and other selections. Free admission. ROBERTA FLACK Saturday, May 9,7 p.m. George Street Playhouse 9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) Pop singer who "Set the Night to Music" last fall. Admission Jan planted Ramify Uwfs and BWy Taylor will ptrform a duo piano conctrt May 2 at Monti KnoNi High School In Dtnvillt. S35-I1T.SO. MEAN COLLEGE CHOW Friday, Miy 1,8 p.m. WMns Theatre fean CottegB, Union (908) ariis by PurceH, Bruckner, and Vaufian Williams. Free admission, MEAN COLLEGE BANDS Thursday, May 7,8 p.m. Wiltons Theatre fean College, Union (908) Spring concert of the college's concert band and jazz band. Free admission. NJ.CHAMBtt MUSK) SOCIETY Sunday, May 3,3 p.m, Morris Museum 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown (201) Performing wtxka, by Chavez, Rachmaninoff, and Beethoven. Admission $12. NJ.SVMmOfff ORCHESTRA ALLEGRO Friday, May 8, 8 p.m, State theatre, New Brunswick Finals of the symphony's Young Artists Auditions. Free admission; reservations required. Fnday, May 15, 8:30 p.m. Count Base Theatre, Red Bank Saturday, May 16,8 p.m. State Theatre, New Brunswick Sunday, May 17,3 p.m. Symphony Hall, Newark The prelude to Khovansnchfna by Mussorgsky; Bruch's Concerto No. 1 In G minor; Shostakovich's Symphony No. 10 in E minor. Admission S38-S10, discounts available. MICHAEL NEWMAN Saturday, May 9,7:30 p,m, Stanton Reformed Church Route 629, Stanton (908) Solo performance by a guitarist normally half of a chamber Pttate turn to pt» 39 SCUBA Classes start at the following locations: I -Scotch Mains YMCA Junt 10 -HfwBfunswickYMCA Juni 16 -MituchwYMCA May 13 LOOK! Sensible Dental Fees OR. KENNETH M. KUCHARZ 3 West Union Ave., Bound Brook IVe Treat the Entire Family 21 YEARS IN BOUND BROOK Additional charges may be incurred for related services which may be required In some cases. EXAMINATION $35.00 (Includes Oral Cincoi Screwing A X-flays) CLEANING (includes scaling) $35.00 EXAM i CLEANING * X-RAYS $60.00 FILLINGS $16.00 (oitvw amalgam pei Surface) CROWNS $ (Pofct'lain (used to melal) full DENTURES $«5,00 (Uppci or lower) PARTIAL DENTURES $ (Up tf( Of luwol) SIMPLE EXTRACTIONS $40.00 I -Highland Park YMCA May 13 -Westfleld YMCA May 21 W OFF Course Fee with this adll OCEAN EXPLORERS AQUATIC CENTER 871 Rt. I. Edison Place Edison mmpa OAftOINO TRAINING INSTRUCTION Showing Clinics Larger Indoor Arena il f Dtossago 3 Outdoor Rings f l f l l Huntors and t Cross-Country Course Trails ^fck' fc^,_- jumpers Beautiful Fnciliticsjlomey AtmosphvrvJ'motuiHzctl Caw Dressage Clinic with Anne (iribhons Wnl May filh 10 r, PM Ree BrOchure 104 HarTan School Road»Branchburg Juried Craft Show with May Poll 1 dances and music... Children's activities {crafts, face-painting, gnrund weaving, and more)- Children's games (3-k'figed race, tug-of-war, and more)... Raffles... Flower sale... Hay Rides.,. Food... Folk Talc Puppets... SATURDAY, MAY 9th 9:30-4: Cherry Hill Road, Princeton Admission Free (609) >{ " iwv ' -

69 Classical evenings A weekend's worth of fine music set in Momstown, Somerset By WtLiiAM WESTHQfVEN U S I C New Philharmonic of New Jersey has a special treat in store for the conclusion of its orchestra season - famed pianist Richard Goode, who will perform on Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and May 3, at the Morris Museum in Momstown. Saturday's performance is sold out, but plenty of seats are still available for the Sunday show. Philharmonic spokcwoman Patricia Lawlor indicated there may even be tickets for sale at the door, but recommends advance purchase just to be sure, Another bonus during the program will be the premier a new work by Arnold Black, The Phantom Toliboolhi which is based on the classic children's story by Norton Juster and will also serve as the precursor of a future theater piece. Black, who has composed for the concert hall (his Laments and Dances premiered recently at Lincoln Center), television and theater {Serenade for the Grand Canyon was used as the background score for the prize-winning film River-Song), will serve as the narrator of The Phantom Tollbooth, a musical description of the adventures of the story's hero, Milo, as he passes through the phantom tollbooth into a land of fantasy. Goode, one of America's best-known performers, needs less of an introduction to classical music fans, In the past year alone, he's l)een featured with three of the Big Five Orchestras: Boston, Chicago and Cleveland, and has appeared at both the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall, where his standing-room only debut recital was described as "best of the year" by the New York Times. Completing the presentation will will be Haydn's Symphony No, 83 in G Minor, "La Poule," one of the celebrated Paris symphonies composed in 1785 and The symphony was written about the same time as the Mozart Concerto and promises to provide an insightful comparison of works in minor keys by the two familiar masters. MOZARTS PIANO CONCERTO NO. 24 M C MINOR Performed by Richard Goode. Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3, at the Morris Museum, 6 Normandy Heists Rd., Momstown. Tickets $15. $13 for members and seniors. (201) Classical music buffs who prefer music of a more recent vintage than Haydn and Mozart are also in luck this weekend. The Meadows Foundation of Somerset continues its 12th season of the highly acclaimed "Candlelight Concert Series" on Sunday, May 3, when flutist Miriam Lynn Nelson and painist Alexander nuuk Rim lyrei ranon wt ym foimmiy3*tta it SOfltOTMti Ponarovski are featured during a program of Romantic and 20th century compositions, including the works of Reinecke, Gaubert, Prokofieff and Copland. The unique setting for the performance will be the historic Van Winkle House on Easton Avenue in Somerset. A reception will follow the concert and will provide an opportunity for the audience to meet the musicians. Guided tours of the Van Wickle House will also be available to newcomers. Nelson, who also serves the artistic director of the Meadows Foundation, is a graduate of Douglass College who went on to recieve her Master's Degree and the Graduate Fellowship For Excellence from Temple University before pursuing post-graduate studies at the Julliard School. Her career as a performer includes appearances as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra member at such prestigious venues as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center and the Philadelphia Academy of Music. Her extensive list of awards and honors includes her prize-winning entry in the prestigious New York Flute Club competition in 1977; a Fellowship Award from the National Endowment for the Arts; and inclusions in the 1984,1987 and 1989 editions of the "International Who's Who of Music and Musicians Directory." Nelson was also selected for two world premier flute concerto performances of works by Eldin Burton and Alexander Tcherepin, along with several pieces written for and dedicated to her. Working a little further from home, Ponarovski emigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union in He holds a doctoral degree in piano performance from the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) Conservatory. Following his formal debut in Leningrad with the Novosibrisk Symphony Orchestra, he appeared extensively as a concerto soloist in major Soviet cities before coming to America. Among the honors Ponarovski accrued during his career in the Soviet Union are the Award Gran-Prix for Piano Performance and the Chopin and Prokofiev Prizes for Finest Performances from the Leningrad Conservatory and the Lvov Piano Performance Award. Future Sunday Eveing Candlelight Concert Series performances include violoncellist Alejandro Bacelar and pianist Rcna Fruchter on May 17 and the Meadows Chamber Music Society gala benefit performance for the Hageman Center for the Arts and the Meadows Foundation on June 14 (location, time and ticket prices will be announced at a later date. Admission to Sunday's show is free but donations of $5 or $3 for students and senior citizens are suggested. MIRIAM LYNN NELSON and AlfXANDER PONAROVSKI Sunday, May 3, at the Van Wickle House, 1289 Easton Awe., Somerset, (908) or (908) , Music notes In the spring ^fe^h ^^MI^^^^^A ^^^t ^^ft ^^ttl It** «$13, $18 It *» dor. Doon opn at 7:30 pm, win tht show ithv^sts pjn. Ftf IftOflt MmWNNOft, OH (908) Accompanist I and honoree Sot otrtataranf pttfoffflut wi hntmnc a Sunday, May 3, uviivm COflGJH OMDrNnl fmr M*HoppartiOthyiar«it*. Atao ffftral fflaniajw of to k»*^^^jii* A^-^L^^ Jfc^ L ^^^^ wabqwa sympnony unmtra, nbbvw fmwm fm W vm IWr fend aooompanifi at tha 7 pjph, oonont Iha avanhi Inaup crow janabunnal, amadoporan Opan nabhopfanoi Mnk t Ruckar, a Naw York GNy Optra baritone; flubat Katharina Ma* nofst Prioa; obom DaNa Mon* tontfo; trumpet* DougM Hatalp) and wonniat Anton Mir r. Tha proajam \Ml offaf Ba* ropua mmlc for breit and organ; arias by Rossini and Vard; Bwtok'i fflww Hun&r* im flaisant So/**; Schumann's fanmces for oboe and piano; and the sainvsaant WrodUctfon and fondb Caprtocfoso. Deaiart and towages v i b a sarvod at a poftconcoit n> caption. Tkskati am $10. (906) , Soundings Continued from pagi 38 music duo, Adults $12, senior citizens and students $9. ORCHESTRA Of ST. PETER BY THE SEA Saturday, May 2,7 p.m. War Memorial, Trenton (609) Sunday. May 3,4 p.m. State Theatre, Now Brunswck (908) 2B3-38O0 Saturday, May 16,8 p.m St, Helen's Church, Westfiold (908) Performing works by Sibelius, Beethoven, and other composers. Admission $25 in Trenton, $100-$25 In New Brunswick, $ in Westfield. REQUIEM Saturday, May 2. 8 p.m. United PresbytenatChurcn 525 East Front St., Plainfiekl (908) Verdi's music for a funeral, performed by the N.J. Schola Contonjm with orchestra. Adults $10, semot citirens imd students $5. RESONANCE Saturday, May 2. 8 p.m Nicholas Music Center, Rutj;eis Arts Center Georflu St., New Brunswick (908) Compositions by Gerald Chenowetn, a composer based at Rutgers University. Admission SB, discounts available. MDERCOUEOE CHOIR Monday, May 4, 7:30 p,m. Gill Memorial Chapel Rider College, Lawrencevilte (609) Anas, show tunes, and other songs "Celebrating That Glorious Choral Sound 1 " Free admission. RUTGERS JAZZ ENSEMBLE Fndny, May 1, 8 p.m. Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers Arts Center George St., New Brunswick (908) Tribute to Fletcher Henderson, Jimmie Luncetord, and Chick Webb. Admission $8, discounts available. RUTGERS STUDENT JAZZQUINTET Wednesday, May 6, 7:30 p.m. Zimmerli Art Museum George St., New Brunswick (908) Ensemble performs wrks by Cote Porter. Admission $18. THE SEASONS Saturday, May 9,8 p.m. Theatre at Raman Valley Community College Route 28, Branchburg ( Oratorio wntten by Haydn and performed (in English) by the Central Jersey Symphony Orchestra and Master Chorale. Lecture precedes concert at 7;15 p.m. Adults $9, senior citizens and students $6. SETONHAU.MAMIGAL ENSEMBLE Sunday, May 3, 3 p.m. Selon Hall University Bishop Dougherty Student Center. South Orange (201) Renaissance-era music, show tunes, and other songs performed by choral students. Admission $5. DEREK SMITH Friday, May 1, 8 p.m. Welpe Theatre, Rantan Valley Community College Route 28, Branchburg (908) Jan musician performs in a cabaret setting. Adute 17.50, senior citizens and students $5 STUDENT JAZZ ENSEMBLE Thursday, May 7,8 p.m. Welpe Theatre, Rantsn Valley Community Collejp Route 28. Branchburg (908) Featuring musicians from the college's student body. Adults $6, senior citizens and students M. BILLY TAYLOR* RAMSEY LEWIS Saturday, Mey 2,8 p.m. Morris Knollt High School Denville (201) Jan pianists give a duet piano performance. Tickets $25, J20. $16. MARION WILUAMS Sunday, May 3,4 p.m, Galilee Baptist Church 444 Martin luttwr King Blvd. Trenton (201) Acclaimed gospel singer, Admission $10. April 29-May 1,1992 Fortes Newspapers

70 \ - ; V I E S Rims about a slugger and a slagger "The Babe' and The Player' take a crack at different targets By STEVEN HART IMntodflto fitter ThtPtaftfissocloseto Robert Altman's films of the 1970s that it's almost spooky. The clever opening sequence - a long tracking shot that wanders all over a studio lot, introducing characters and establishing relationships in artfully random fashion - seems loose and rambling, for all the intricate planning that went into it, and the feeling of revealing conversations overhead by chance reminds you of M*A*S*H and Nashville, Altman made some marvelous pictures in the '70s; he also made a lot that were bad and a few that were terrible. But that sense of a filmmaker exploring and testing his limits has pretty much vanished from American movies because people like Robert Altman have pretty much vanished from American moviemaking. S S S S ^ An lntbrwtd * Ruth (John * *" "> wantl t0 Out and Play * formakingtove-patsout'o was brought about partly by his <*e«ptt«* objection! of Jumping Joe Dugan (Bruce Boxleltner). own excesses (check out A Wedding or Quintet to see how smug and insular Altman could get), but it's beyond dispute that the mainstream has grown too shallow and constricted for big, unwieldy talents like Altman. The Player, adapted by Michael Tolkin from his own novel (he also made the unjustly neglected The Rapture), is a filmmaker's revenge on the men who made it that way. The protagonist Griffin Mill CTim Robbins) is a studio bigwig whose days are a whirl of deals, power lunches and inattentive sessions with desperate screenwriters, all of whom are vying to come up with story ideas dumb enough to hold Griffin's interest ("It's Ghost meets Ti RThe Manchurian Candidate"). Two specters suddenly loom over Griffin's comfy world: a hungry newcomer (Peter Gallagher) out for Griffin's job, and an anonymous correspondent who seems literally out for his head. None of this is really new: Hollywood movies have been taking satiric shots at Hollywood moviemaking as far back as Sunset Boulevard in after that you have everything from The Bad and the Beautiful to the legendarily awful The Oscar. Just how deeply this film cuts can be gauged by the fact that scores of real-life stars, near-stars and even superstars rushed to appear in bit parts, with none of them the least bit worried about career repercussions. The use of celebrities gives the film its air of authenticity; it also accounts for Altaian's only serious misstep. Many celebs appear as themselves, often in amusing ways: thus Buck Henry, co-screenwriter of The Graduate, appears hawking an idea for The Graduate //. Other celebs play characters, and a scene can be well underway before you've sorted out whether someone is appearing as himself or a role - thus Whoopi Goldberg turns out to be playing a detective investigating the Film capsules murder of a screenwriter. Even here there's a nice joke, though: Goldberg, a recent Oscar-winner, is first seen gushing over an Oscar statuette and asking if she can pick it up. The Player is a fun movie but there's something cozy about this would-be satire; there's just a faint whiff of hypocrisy in the air. After all, most of the stars helping Altman slag the Hollywood establishment are card-carrying members of that establishment, and a good many of them have appeared in some of the worst movies of recent years. Is Julia Roberts, star of the odious Pretty Woman, in any position to hurl stones? If Whoopi Goldberg is so worried about the quality of American films, what was she doing in Ghost? For that matter, is Robert Altman, never a man overly respectful of scripts (look at the shambles he made of Beyond Therapy), an appropriate paladin for slighted screenwriters? Hollywood's penchant blows is such that I wouldn't be surprised if Altman ends up getting his very own Oscar night welcome-back gesture. Will the iconoclast remember the lesson learned by the heroine of The Nasty Girl, another muckraker tempted with an ugly statuette? Anything's possible, but my money's on the establishment. tr a good accounting of the innumerable factual liberties Ihe Babe takes with the life of baseball icon George Herman Ruth, look no farther than Stephen Jay Gould's April 26 New York Times piece. But even if it had hewn closely to Ruth's life, The Babe would remain a dull and nondescript piece offilmmaking. The script by John Pusco {who should have been cast out of civilized society for Crossroads several years back) moves through Ruth's life like a tour bus, making the occasional brief stop but never getting closer than the concession stand; Arthur Hiller, a maker of slack commercial fare (anybody here remember Author! Author!? How about Nightwingl love Story 1!), directs like a man with no clear idea of where the movie's going - or, for that matter, any idea of why he should be directing. The halfhearted stabs at debunking baseball mythology (mostly scenes of Ruth behaving like a rutting pig) clash with the flat-out celebrations of it, Once again we get heavenly choirs and slow-motion crowds gazing in awe as a baseball soars over the stands - you half expect to see Jehovah himself waiting with a celestial catcher's mitt. As Ruth, John Goodman delivers a wearisome, one-note performance; he starts Ruth off as an overgrown, blubber-enfolded boy and stays that way for the entire film. Even the great cinematographer Haskell Wexler delivers substandard work. Too sordid for basebal buffs and too dim to hold the interest of anyone else, The Babe might be Griffin Mill's idea of a sports movie, Video rewind Northern exposure b not to much about a dash of cuilunt m a footing tfloountor Mtwttn two muiuaiy uncomprenofmng CMnation*. Tto story, adapted by ttw Canadian nowrst Brian Moore from Ms novh, centers on Father Laforgw (Lothato Btuteau), a Jesuit missiotwy wtw antes in Quebec in 1634 (when K was sti "New France") to take charge of a Huron mission In the northern w/hdemess. Winter is coming, the Algonquin Indian guides are reluctant to proceed and the mission Itself may no lonfl&r atet, but Laforgue, despite his flowing doubts, Is an example of almost unfathwnawe commitment The missionaries ("blacfcrobes" to the nettos) annt above using hocus-pocus to win souls; they bring to their work a blend of selflessness and chicanery. The rougi Algonquin* (lumped wtth other tribes under the epithet "savages" by ttie Jesuits) aren't sugar-coated Native Americans; they regard the missionaries wtth astonishment and contempt, considering them inferior both intellectually and physicatty. Moore's subject here, as wtth his other novels (The lonely Pass/on of Judith Heame, Catholics, OoW Heaven), is spirituality at Its most demanding and apparently least rewarding, Bruce Beresford, reclaiming his artistic credentials after scoring bfcvm the hackwork DrMftf Miss Daisy, conveys this theme with the utmost respect Peter James' cinematogaphy captures the landscape's icy beauty and endless danger; the cwh In Laforgje's soul is more than matched by the scenery. August ScheNenberg is superb as the Algonquin leader, a thoutfitlul man who Insists they keep their promise to the missionaries even thou^i he has more than an inkling of the trouble they wfrl bring. -ItmnHart OPENINGS POLKS 'Comedy about a stockbroker accused of insider trading, With Tom SeEleck and Don Ameche. (PG-13) LEAVING NORMAL It actually went into production before Jhelma and Louise was released, so this rood movie about a housewife and a cocktail waitress kicking over the traces can't be considered a knockoff of same With Chnv tine Lahii and MPJJ Titly, (R) K2 An adiiptiition til l\iirii.k Mr, V... ers" piny about alpinists trying to climb the second-highest mountain in Ihe world. (R) THE UNGUINI INCIDENT Comedy about ii New York rwiiumnt.ind it; (iddtxil! staff. With Rosannn Arquntte, Marine Mii'hit WH) D.ivirJ Howie \U ] CURRENT FILMS AMERICAN ME *\ iflo/ttli'v :, v!..>r -irit! \;> oir'rff 'I!''!I.F iit< i tifi>'iin<> of h<;.', v 1!'!'" ( I'IIII t\ Ihri'c (Vn-»'M'HH:', id i : ',]* U< f.lmhiy IM East Los Angeles. Directed by and starring Edward James Olmos (Stand <incf Del/ver). With William Forsythe, Pepe Sema, Oanny de In Pa; nnd Evelina Fernandez. (R) THE BABE John Goodmiin stars m i\ dim bawd on the hie ol bitsehall Irfiend Odhe Ruth. With M y MCGIHIS iind Druce Bw dieted Uy Arthur HIIIIM. BASIC INSTINCT fh f, ice-cold eiploitritior piclurtf nbout ;i imrder investigation centred i>n a hirpnul novelist ilc-cr.n't niti!i(',ri homoany more than it maligns writers, cops, men, women or the human race. It does, however, [wove that Joe Ewtuihas can produce incoherent scripts with (he worst of them; that Paul Verhoeven, once an (ntewsting dweitm 'The Fourth Man), is now a hack distinguished mainly by Ihe empty nnstinoss of his effects; that Sharon Stone Is a perfect B-movio trashy blonde; <vid that Michael Douglas 10. the only mon who cold look miserable ilufiiij{ sex scones with Shanm Stoiiu - there are petrified forests with more expressiveness than this guy shows. Memo to Verhoeven: avoid references to ver bj>o unlesb your movie's as good as Vertigo.!P) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ;. Unliko The LifHe MormaW, this Disney entry has a source that doesn't need tampering and a treatment with the right mix of jokes for young and oltt. Tho blond of old (ashlonot! animation and coniputcr-fjpnernlcil visuals is splendid: tho oticnmf, shot (ind thu ballroom would so old Walt proud. Wtth the voices of Robby Benson (I) as the Beast, Angela tansbury as a talking teapot and Paper Mill Playhouse regular Richard White as Qaston, the handsome Cro«Mag ("I uso antlors In all my decor!' 1 ) with his cyo on the heroine. (fi) BEETHOVEN A ((irmly (tnd f > its tinny! and life tiikpn nvpr by a hi {, slopuy St. l.<r.'m<ltd. With r,ti;»flo r, dro tin i. Hunnip Muni iind Dean Jnrrs. ipg) (MAIN DONORS Ihfi 1 *, 1 ',oolhiill!i try to form n ballet company, With John Turturro, Mel Smith and Bob Nelson. (PG) CITY OF JOY Patrick Sway;e stars as a doctor who rediscovers his idealism working in the slums of Calcutta, R) THE CUTTING EDGE Hoymwisgtrl. boy and pjr! hate each others' guts, boy ami gift ton m love practicing for the Olympic iterating competition, li'oi (House turn to page 41) nil i. i

71 Weekend Film capsules DEEP COVER Larry Fishbume stars as a police detective tying to bust up a drug rint With Jeff Goldblum and Clarence Williams III. (R) FERNGUUttM LAST RMN FOREST Animated musical fantasy about the elfin denuens of a rain forest. With the voices of Robin Williams, as a friendly bat, and Tone-loc, as a hungry lizard, (G) JfK Your response to this ttiree-hour rant will depend on your patience with the notion that the CIA and the military conspired to murder John F, Kennedy, who according to Oliver Stone was about to magically shed his Cold Warrior mantle and ushor in the liberal millenium. This disgraceful mixture of evasions, gross distortions of the record and outright fabrications deals with Kennedy assassination the way B/rtfio'a Nation dealt with the Reconstruction. Rubes, conspiracy buffs and sensation-seekers will find much to please them, With Kevin Costner, Gary Otoman, Sissy Spacek, Donald Sutherland, etc. (R) THELAWNMOWtRMAN Tht short story In Stephen King's rvlfitswft collection maket for ont scent In this movit, tht rait of which is devoted to the computer-enhanced world of "virtual re»lity." With Jeff Fahey and Pierce Brosnan. (A) THE MAMM KINGS This extremely fret adaptation of Oscar Hijueios' novel The Mambo Wrtgs PtaySoW of Lowe. directed by art dealer-turneddirector Ame Glimcher, comes out of the gate ftst and noisy: even if it's going to be a bad Juicy, entertaining bad movie. Unfortunate^ tfit story of two Cuban musicians who seek fame and fortune in America loses steam halfway through, though there Is a great scene documenting the high point of the Mambo Kings' career: a cameo appearance on I Love Lucy «cousins of Desl A m u. With Armand Assante and Almodovar regular Antonio Banderas as the bandleader brothers; Tito Puente and Cella Crux make frequent appoarances as well. (R) MY COUSIN VINNY Two college students are framed for murder In a small Alabama town and call on a Brooklyn relative (Joe Peso), an inept personal injury lawyer, to represent them. With Ralph Macchio, Mitchell Whitfield. Fred Gwynne and Marisa Tomei. (R) NEWSIES A musical about the New York newsboys strike of 1899, when paperboys went on strike against tho Now tor* Worfd and The Journal, W/frt Chrfst/an Sale, David Moscow, Trey Parker and Robert Ouvall as Josep/i Puliner. (f>g) PASSED AWAY A weird family is brought together by its patriarch's demise. With Bob Hoskins, Blair Brown, Tim Curry, Frances McDormand and William Petersen. (PG-13) THE POWER Of ONE A young Englishman encounters racial tension in South Africa during the'30s and'40s. With Morgan Freeman, Stephen Dorff and Armin Mueller-Stahl. (PG-13) ROCK-ADOODLE Animated fantasy from Don Bluth (Pie Land Before Time, Trie Secret of NIMH) about Chanticleer, a rock-and-roll rooster. (G) SHADOWS AND FOG Woody Allen stylistic nod to Expressionist filmmaking, a comedy about a hapless intellectual caught up in the search for a strangler who strikes when a circus comes to town. With Mia Farrow, Kathy Bates, John Cusack, Madonna and Jodie Foster. (PG- 13) SLEEPWALKERS An original script by Stephen King about a monstrous mother and son team searching for victims in an Indiana town. With Brian Kraitse, Madchen Amick and Alice Kiige. (R) SPUT SECOND Action movie starring Rutger Haw, With Kim Cattrall, Neit Duncan. (R) STRAIGHT TALK Comedy about a radio talk-show who becomes a national sensation. With OoHy Parton. (PG-13) THUNDERHEART An FBI agent finds his loyalties torn between the agency and his Indian heritage. With Val Kilmer, Sam Shepard and Graham Greene. Directed by Michael Apted, (R) WAYNE'S WORLD This big screen inflation of the popular running skit on Saturday Ni&hWve bodes not well for the future of movies: Paramount's head bigwig used to be the head bigwig of NBC, and the success of this flick will only further his goal of making films that look and act liko inflated TV shows. But Wayne's World is such an amiable, inoffensive little thing that it's hard to stay mad at it. The "Bohemian Rhapsody" car scene, even if It has boon played to death on MTV, is pretty funny stuff, as Is the slangy almost-languago spoken by metalheads Wayne and Qarth, It also givos a career boost to Penelope Spheoris, director of the two Decline of Western Civilization- documents ries, who deserves one even if it contributes to the decline of western movies, So go see Wiym'i World, just so you can tell your grandchildren you were there when Paramount Pictures cocked a pistol in the ear of that busted'down nag called American filmmaking. With Mike Myere, Dani Carvey and Rob Lowe. (PG-13) WHITE MEN CANT JUMP a Ron Shelton's third feature film is two-thirds as good as his first, Buff Durftim, which means It's twice as good as anything else in the theaters right now. Again the subject Is men and sports, and again Sherton focuses not on athletics as character* building but on athletics as sheer boyish pleasure - he puts across the delight of honing and using skills that are completely useless except In play, Since the sport here is inner-city playground basket* ball, the skills include getting under your opponent's skin with volleys of hilarious insults. Tht plotlimloqmmtobtfomv test - at ont point rt dips Into flat-out silliness - but tht east Is so good, and tht basketball action so enthralling, that you See your local Forbes Newspaper for movie theater times get caught up In the gooflntss. With Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Tyra Ferrell and RosltPtreMR) WHITE SANDS ThrHer about a sheriff who finds a corpse and a suitcase full of money, then decides to impersonate the dead man so he can find out where tht money came from. WithWiltemDafoe, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Mickey Rourke, (R) YEAR OF THE COMET A valuable bottle of 1811 wine Is sought by several would-be thieves. A caper comedy from William Goldman, screenwriter of Butch Ca$si<fy and the Sundance Kid and Marathon Man. With Penelope Ann Miller. (PG-13) REVIVALS EIROPA EUROPA (1991) ftagniesaa Holland's picaresque World War II story is based on one of those believe-it-or-not yams that are the stuff of historical footnotes: the life of Salomon Perei (Marco Hofschnelder), a young Jewish boy whose family fled to Poland just es the Russians rolled In. Trained to be a good Communist and sent to help figfit the Nazis, Solly is captured by the Wehrmocht and, incredibly, taken for a fellow Aryan. The bulk of the film is an astonishing black comedy in which Solly, enrolled in an elite Hitler youth academy, is admired and showered with sexual attentions from his elders and schoolmates - all of whom he must fend off lest his circumcision, the mark of his Jewishness, be revealed. Unlike Una Wertmutier's Seven Beauties, another film about an unlikely survivor, Holland's movie has encouraging things to say about the immutability of human Identity - Solly's soul is strained but remains intact. The real-life Salomon Perel appears In the doting scene, speaking a prayer for those less fortunate. With Julie Oetpy, Andre Wilms, Halina labomarska and Rene Hot- Schneider. In German and Russian with English subtitles. Through Sunday, May 10, at tht FonimThtatrt ( 314 Main St., Mttuchtn. Fridays and Saturdays at 7 p.m., 9:15 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. Admission 16. (90S) , LOS OLVIDADOS (1990) <A After making tht savage documentary Land Without Bread in 1932, tht erratically brilliant Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel wandered a long spelt in the wilderness, watching one project after another crumble beneath his feet and living virtually handtu-mouth. It was not until 1947 and a move to Mexico that he once more began making films, starting out in a commercial vein and gradually working back to his obsession with anti-religious satire for Nazarfn in Along the way, Bunuel released this bleak, hard-nosed film about feral street children In the slums of Mexico City, a blend of fiction and documentary that works as a companion to Land Without 8/ead, The story will not surprise anyone who's seen Pfxote and Salaam, Bomoayf - it's a story played out in any and every inner city, though seldom dramatized this powerfully, With Alfonso Mejia, Miguel Inclan, Esteia Inda and Roberto Cobo. In Spanish with English subtitles. Friday, May 1, at 7 p.m. In Milledoler Hall Room 100, College Avtnut campus of Rutgers University (between Hamilton Street and Seminary Place), New Brunswick. Admission S3. (90S) or (908) Review revue Critics take a swing or two at The Babe' Richard Schickel Witting in Time, Schickel called The Babe a "remarkable - and in its way quite daring" film that "is both antiheroic and antiepic, and thus a departure from the generally undistinguished tradition of the sports movie/' He praised "the always likable John Goodman" for "a marvelous acting achievement" in his portrayal of Ruth. "Goodman is every inch the arrested adolescent ~ all appetite and no regrets until they are too late - that the Babe was." Goodman, Schickl wrote, "nicely balances force-of-nature rambunctiousness and a shadowed befutddtement about the mysterious requirements of civilized behavior. Mis Ruth is vigorous and vulgar but somehow not boorish, poignantly sweetspirited at times but never self-sentimentalizing." Schickel also praised the "brave, hard-nosed performance" of Hetty McGilHs as Claire Ruth, Babe's second wife. "The Babe rings true - that is, sad and a little tawdry/' Schickel concluded. Georgia Brown "What becomes a legend most?" asked the Wffa# Voice secondstring crttic."not this tinny, cartoonbh portrait of a loutish ol'big baby Ruth. John Goodman mlgrt as well be playing Fred Rintstone. Bad for adults, worse tor kids." Owen Gleiberman "Despite a few attempts to present Ruth's "dark side" (, women and booze) it tidies up his more disreputable adventures and gives him a hert of gold to boot," Gtoiberman wrote in Entertainment WeeWy. "Yet as The Babe went on, I found myserf utterly charmed by it" likening it to "a PG-rated, fairy-tale Racing Bull," Gleiberman said Goodman's performance remains "pure" throughout "Without un*, dercuttfng Babe's larger-than-life presence, he beings us dose to the soul of this one-of-a-kind showman-athlete, revealing the desperation - and cockeyed splendor - of someone who soared so far above his fellow players that his entire life became a game of crash-and-bum/ 1 The film, Gteiberman wrote, is "a crowd pleaser in the best sense" in that it "understands the rich comedy of Ruth's appeal, the fact that the grandest athlete of the 20th century was, in one sense, barely an athlete at all. He was, instead, a kind of carnival showman, a big, soft, dumpling-shaped guy who knew how to perform one trick of genius, and who did it over and over again." Stanley Kauffmann "Tne screenplay apparently touches just enough facts to keep it from outright fantasy," wrote the film critic for The New Republic. "Much of the rest of the picture seems hoopla." Kauffmann questioned the film's scamping of Ruth's prowess as a fielder to emphasize his home-run hitting. "John Goodman, who was impressive as the maniac in Sarton Fink, is made up to resemble the Babe closely and gives a good enough hearty performance. Arthur Hiller directs adequately." SUPER S?WG SHAPE-UP SERVICE SPECIALS FOR K0W CAW [w i0\\}f"brake""j["coogng" 1, AUGNJJBTT SWM*SSSS wthz KEMPER SALES (908) PONTIAC ROUTE 22 EAST PADTC SERVICE 1 AT 287 OVERPASS, rahio ocnviuc SERVICEHOURS: \f -,-,«#»», «-«(908) (908) *» * «1 BRIDGEWATER Apnl 29-Moy 1,1992 FoitK-s Newspapers W t e H B I W l

72 A state of mind Jackson Pollock's 'psychoanalytic' drawings shown An exhibition of a famous but seldom shown series of drawings by Jackson Pollock, made while the artist was undergoing psychoanalysis, are on view at The Art Museum, Princeton University. Organized by the Duke University Art Museum, the exhibition will remain on view at Princeton through June 14,1992. It will then tnvel to the San Francisco Museum of Modem Art The works in "Jackson Pollock: 'Psychoanalytic' Drawings" were produced by the artist during the two yean (193940) he was undergoing psychoanalysis, years before he made his historic breakthrough with poured, or "drip," painting and became one of the leading figures of the Abstract Expressionist school Rendered in color and in black and white, the forty-four drawings on view in the exhibition were among 83 completed by Pollock while he was seeing the Jungian analyst Dr. Joseph Henderson, and then given to Dr. Henderson by the artist Drawn from nine public and 30 private collections in the United States and throughout the world, the works range from quick doodles to highly elaborate drawings of complex subject matter including anima], human and fabulous composite creatures, Cubist-inspired sketches, and abstract forms, According to Claude Cernuschi, assistant professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Duke and curator of the exhibition, these early works offer insights into the artist's development, revealing the influence of other artists. The drawings also provide special insight into Pollock's creative process. They raise questions about the effect of psychoanalysis on an artist, Pollock's interest in the theories of Jung, and the psychoanalytic method of interpretation of works of art in general. Jackson Pollock is one of the best known American artists of the 20th century. Bom in 1912, he studied with Thomas Hart Benton at the Art Students League in New York City from 1930 to In the late 1930s he changed from a figural to an abstract style. By 1947 Pollock developed the poured or "drip" technique of painting, an important innovation in the style that came to be called Abstract Expressionism, or Action Painting. When the time he died in an auto- Happenings TNs unwod pwit pond drawing one of stwral mado by Jackson P* * In 1*39 and mobile accident in 1956, at the age of 44, Pollock was a leading member of the New York School, and one of the most influential artists of his generation. When the drawings were first published by G L Wysuph in 1970, there was controversy and, ultimately, a lawsuit in which the artist's widow, Lee Krasner, sued Dr. Henderson for having violated his patient's privacy. The court ruled against Krasner in The drawings have been sold and are dispersed in various public and private collections. Two of the drawings are in the collection of The Art Museum. The exhibition is the occasion to reassemble a substantial number of them and to reconsider their implications. Claude Cernuschi describes the exhibition as an opportunity to re~ view key historical and interpretive issues raised by this body of work, such as "why and under what circumstances did Pollock offer his drawings to his therapist? What was their intended purpose? What function did they serve?" Despite the origins of the drawings, Cernuschi sees them as a part of Pollock's regular artistic production rather than a function of the artist's neuroses or as the expression of complex Jungian iconography. Hie drawings are rendered in colored and lead pencil, ink and crayon, and vary from sheets with images reminiscent of Pablo Picasso, Andre Masson and other artists to those composed of a series of small, seemingly haphazard symbols, and others with more abstract, all-over compositions. Many reveal a recurrence ofimagery that appears blocked out or hidden, a characteristic that can also be found in Pollock's later, fully developed paintings. An illustrated catalogue of the exhibition by Claude Cernuschi, published by Duke University Press in association with the Duke University Museum of Art, is available at the Princeton Museum shop for $ Tuc Art Museum is open to the public without charge. Free highlights tours of the collection are given every Saturday at 2 p.m. Gallery talks are given by faculty, docent, and graduate students every Friday at 12:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 3 p.m. from late September through early May. JACKSON POliOCK: "PSYCHOANALYTIC 1 DRAWINGS Vmi& June 14 at the Art Museum, Princeton University. Tuesday througi Saturday from 10 a.m.to5 p.m. and on Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Monday and major holidays. Picasso's "Head of a Woman" stands in front. (609) Mark your calendar This way lie autographs rotterfmt auaiof Tnomai OOOJat of Ml fpm iwl MAy Valiy toad In QBMav MR BMjpl II Wf afl UfMflMg : ;* : $~.r v '<. :': *> writersotaks 'fcai^^mam' ^^^gj^i^p '^M flfc^a ^^^^^~, WOfMII OR HUH ff MLty 10* at 12:15 pmhf»ftmdi wt author of aunt 20 MMM at wal at flumnui ihojt at> tm **- Ifeai* not luiakritd At«H W7 nmwt flmj nmmmmv Iw Haf booja) M u t ibkhi a cyuab of IHMII in lha Gone nioda andftbook an boring t*~-~^ «-«im«* M--. Wr IwI mmjf flllpf Iff 1w Smooth Talti L^M«^UI am^t BtuL y y u fm npw nnm\mmm nubft nonmi to fia mamh ajt $2Sandmuatbar»iMVidby May 4, njr mm imnnmbni OBI (90DS4M61& Broad St., Summit (906) Outdoor ihow to taneittttw N J. CentartorVisual Arti t 10 m-4 p.m. Miy 16. Rain date May 30, fm attmlstion. CMVUMANDWJLMJR WT MOW AND SALE Environmental Education CentBf, 190 Lord Stifling Rd. BasWng Ridge (908} 766*2469 Birds, mammals, fauna, and flora, on display and for purchase, 10a,m.-5:30 p.m. May 9,10, Fme admission. COUNTRY FOIX ART SHOW Mennen Arena 161 East Hanover Ave. Mornstown (313) Folk art from around the country, on display and for sale, 10 a.m-5 p.m. May 2,3. Adults $4, children 10 and under $2. Preww from 5-9 p m, May 1, admission $6 CVCLEFEST Prudential Business Campus Route 10, Pareippany (201) Fundraising event with a bicycle theme, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. May 3. Free admission. FIRST SATURDAY IN MAY Westfield and Scotch Plains (908) Tour of homes to benefit tt* Wwtfteld Symphony Orchestra, 10a.m.-3p,m,May2. Cost $16. FlfMINGTON CRAFT FESTIVAL Turntable Junction, Fleminflon (908) Crafts, gifts, and other collectibles, 10a.m.-5:30p.m. every day. Free admission, INTERNATtONAl FESTIVAL Rantan Valley Community ColtegB Route 28, Branchburg (908) ext. 312 Food, crafts, and performers from around the work), noon-6 p.m, May 3. Free admission; parting $5 per car. UONI CLUB FlEA MARKET Market grounds Route 206, Chester (201) Operated by Chester Uons Club with proceeds to area chanties, 9 a.m.-5 p.m, Sundays from May 3-0ci. 25. Free admission. MARCH FOR PARKS Mahlon Dtckerson Reservation Weldon Rd., JflfTereon (201) Walkathon and related events aimed at preserving parkland, 10a.m,-4p.m. May 3, Free admission. MAYINMONTOOMERY Montgomery (908) , Tour of historic homes ~ including Rockingham. site of George Washington's farewell address to his army - 10 a.m.-4 p.m, May 2. Adults $8, Children 2-10 $4, children under 2 free. SPRING ART FESTIVAL OuCret School of the Arts 1030 Central Ave., Platnfieltl (908) "Art as play"torkids and grownups, 10 a.m.-4 p,m. May 3. Free admission. WATERLOO ANTIQUES FAIR Waterloo Concert Reid 1-80 Exit 25, Stanhope (201) Featuring more than 200 dealers, 10 a.m.-6 p.m, May 16, 17. Adults $3, children under 16 free. WATERLOO ARTS AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL Waterloo Concert Field 1-80 Eitt 25, Stanhope (201) Featuring more than 200 artists, 10a,m,-6p.rn. May 2, 3. Adults (6, children under 16 free. WORLD Of CARDS AND COMICS Hilton hotel 200 Atrium Of., Somerset (908) Comic book and trading-card show, 10 a,m.-4 p.m. May 3. Admission LAURENCE YOUNQ %4 West Eighth St., Plalnfield (908) Exhibit of his art to benefit the Hyacmth Foundation, 2-5 p.m. May 3. Free admission. 42 Forbes Newspapers April 29 May

73 HAPPY Conca Doro Italian Restaurant DIWI Kktll V M Slur,\ Mother's l)ii\ with us! Mothers Day at Cataris is like going home. You and you; family will be greeted and served by Cataris family of cooks, servers, and management, Our family atmosphere, great service, and the (airest prices in the area are just a few reasons for spending Mothers Days at Cataris. We will be featuring seafood, meat, chicken and pasta specials, from old family recipes. There will be a flowers for the Moms, and Frankie will be there to sing for you. Please make reservations. We will be serving between 12:00-8: West Union Ave. Bound Brook or othr s On The 'Waterfront Our Mother's Day Buffet is more than a carvery of turkey and beef... a pasta station... a savory assortment of delectable hot and cold entrees... and exciting desserts, It's more,.. It's much more!!! It's a stroll nfamj "Harbor Walk" and tlwfishing pier. It's sparklittfi mtur, imtssituj ships and yachts, It's soj) bay breezes. It's a triv into the mist, in our nautical viuseum. It's all waiting for you Mother's Day at the Armory." Adults $ 24.1)5 Children 5(0 12 $1.00 per year Children under 4 Free Vie Jersey Shore Begins At "Tfw Armory" 64 Somerset St North The KcwUumnt You've Ilicn Waiting lor! piam(lcld To make Mom feel special! BUFFET BRUNCH SUNDAY 8 SEATINGS <$- U ± T r 11 a.m.; 1:30 p.m.; 4 p.m. I'MM ***"*!-'*" Giitiu licl^ian Wifllcs Made to order with Many dilvcri'iu toppings Kntrccs: Smikvd Oilcltcti I'k-utlu SlutTcit Leg olunih'miiil.icily SlulTcd Flit oi Sole 595 Morris Ave. & Basltursal Way Springfield (201) Open 7 Days W» Honor RtntrvaHont IM Mijor Credit Cards THE HISTORICAL 1 llrcast w Sirloin of Hid \v;rc<l Wine Sauce A\i Orating whivasi of Chicken Conee T«r Sanka Selection ot Desserts EMffVILLE INN built in 181} "ESPECIALLY FOR MOM" Sunday May 10th, Mothers Day Pamper her with affection and treat her to a luscious dinner at the Perryville Inn Full Course Dinner featuring North Dakota Buffalo with wild mushrooms anil Norwegian salmon Ala carte menu available! Seating begins at 12 PM Reservations requires Major Credit Cards Closed Mondays Except for Parties 1-78 Exit 12, Near Clinton ; J. ' 200 Inmt Sttrvt, Pmh Amhoy, SJ, OHHdl %H-HM-MM S muiutrs from FOR MORE INFORMATION flegaroing THESE RESTAURANT PACES CALL MICKI PULSINELU AT EXT ftpfil '29-May 1:

74 MARILYN CORMACK Wine With Reason I was having a bit of fun with my win* class. Everyone had two glasses of white wire in front of th#m, marked simply A and B. All they needed to do was tell me which wine they liked better, and why. The comments were diverse. "A is too tart, B seems smoother." "Yea, A is very acidic, 8 has more round flavors." "I think B doesn't have any distinguishing flavors at all, A is more interesting". Sides were very definitely taken wtitn I unvtued the bottles. A was Robert Mondavi Woodbfidge Chardonnay B was Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Chardonnay Everyone looked baffled. Then, I eked them to feel the bowl of the glassts One was chilled, one wtsn't. The smiles started ikwly across the faces. Temperature ruses are some of the okjcft trk*s in the book to mike a wine more palatable. In fad, we do ft wtth just about every beverage, Cold milk, cold beer in infinitely more appetizing than luke warm tea or coffee. The fact is that the flavors are exactly the same, but certain taste* can be enhanced or masked when you piay with the temperature. Acidity can be lessened In a wine that's too tart by a good ohwng. (As proven by the experiment above.) That's why people who won't usually drink Beajolais Noveau think it's a different creature when they try If cold. I also sense a change In the harshness of tannlne In red wine when chilled. Could this be.why so many peopto appreciate an ice cube in their glass of Cabernet? Lower temperatures also numb some of the sweetness in wines. If a guest doesn't like your German Spallase, try sticking it in the freezer for a bit I promise they won't call it Sangria anymore. Serving a wine room lemp. can enhance or intensify flavors that all but disappear. A mehot that is flat would do well to be served warmer, because the acidity will be porceivod and will perk up all the berry flavors. A Sauvignon Blanc could taste like absolutely nothing when you first bring it out of the fridge You may have to let it warm up to find all the herbal, melony flavors. Try this at home, and be ready to use this trick If you dinner wine isn't quite what you expect. You'll be auprlaed what a difference a degree makes. Sponsored by KINGSTON Wine & I!<iu< rs FRANKLIN TOWNE CENTER (nexllo f-oodtown) Highway 27 Franklin Park, NJ /* «t. *.. S>4» if., i,,':;.. H,... t,; J; 318 William Si, Plscataway WEEKEND DINNER SPECIALS Stuffed Breast of Veal $7.95 I-:-Ay \m. ivivirpiiy ianiiixiiii nit 'K... *'.. >:,v,... = ;. - The Fiesta Fun of <> > < >«< > ^«/*«i«7 MAY 1ST-MAY 5TH t Mariachi Band Tijuana Teddy Raffles/Prizes t Denny the Magical Clown Call lor details! Party in our Canlina Fri. & Sal. Night tdj & Dancing Limbo Contest Givc-Aways Coachman G.S. PARKWAY, EXIT 136 CRANFOHD.NJ I ^., Rt. 22 W., North Plainfleld SPECIAL Mother's Day CALL FOR RESERVATIONS ! Served In our Grand Ballroom Noon ill 7 PM Featuring: Fresh Shrimp Roast Duckling Loin OF Pork Roust Spring Limb Baked Virginia Ham Seafood Thermidor f ^ Chef Carved Roast Turkey /] And Roast Beef I AW An abundance of the other delicacies PLUS A Sumptuous Dessert Table and Beverage. Adults $795 / Children under 10 Now Appearing In Our Lounge "EXPRESSWAY" Comincj Next Week "DAYBREAK" i m\ y} BRING MOM OUT TO MOM'S on Mother's Day Complimentary Flower To All Mothers Filet Fiorentino Sicilian Steak 0 t Seafood Pescadoro Chicken Pie ' Chicken Antonio And Many More Complete Dinner (Incl. Salad, Potato or Pasta or Vcg.) MOM'S Special Sorrentino (1 Pork Braccioli. 1 Sorri'iitino, 1 Stuffed Mushroom w/crabmeao - REGULAH MENU AVAILABLE - Children's Menu (Under 10 years) Reservations Recommended Parties Ouer 5 Serving 12 Noon-10 p.m. MOM'S RISTORANTE 1984 Rt. 27, Edison (908) 287*2778 KM MODE INFORMATION REOARDINa THESE RESTAURANT PAGES CALL MICKI PULSINELLI AT EXT Every Monday and Tuesday at Cryan's ALL SPECIALS * Ji ^ 660 Middlesex Ave. Metuchen, NJ $7.95 Roast Turkey with Stuffing Broiled New England Cod Sliced Roast Beef with Gravy Honey Dipped Fried Chicken VA AYWSJ Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast Chicken Parmesan with Pasta $8.95 Sliced London Broil Chicken Francaise Stuffed Breast of Veal Scallops Scampi Chicken Cordon Bleu Prime Ribs of Beef Thursday Night is STEAK NIGHT at Cryan's Sizzling New York Sirloin r 13,95 T-Bono (16 Oz.) with sherriccl mushrooms 10,95 Ribeye Steak Murphy 9.95 Sliced London Broil 8,95 Filet Mignon 12,95 Prime Rib of Beef All Entrees include Salad, Rolls nnd our Frozen yogurt dessert bar fi 9 1 >( 44 Weekend ' I ' - I I J I!'

75 < :.. '!#*"* '. : ' ' Index of advertisers ACJVW NNMHl M CNkktn't The^re BOUMWQ ro0ob» t«t» «m«mt«>«t«mtt«m«n < 36 Country FoK Art 13 Mtrfyn Conntek Wine Column One Out Section Eiey Video 6 Dectrolyils 11 Entenmann'i 8 FHnwt Store 10 milwhwi q iuouiyqy*m «** tank's Seafood 8 Kemper Pontlec. 41» <..< IIIIIHIHIIIIIIHM Df. It nuqfmfz mm H <W Ubefty VMifiii 13 Metuchen Chamber of Commerce.36 JtflTey MWtt.l. HIM IMIIHI.lJl Mondoro LAfldecapInC 13 NetMhi's Store 12 New Brurmriek Cultural Center 2 NJ. Workshop 37 Oak Street USA. 3 Ooean E^torers.. Paurs rwwwoo «.«.. ** ftnonriy Yours 10 Pine HI Farm 38 Rarltan VaJey Community Cotafe.11 nestaurani wepm...u...».. x*? Restaurants (Mother's Day and More) United Dental«. VlCtOf J SMI.M* VMMJSfS TnSeVSt.u Iktmlitttml Bnhnnl u liiiiiliillkllllmimill ifi «f VI mmhlfl VMHMIf m.t «wet moto inn. i.».».!...»»..,..,. ; ;, ' " f " Happy Mothers Day from Season MSMMAffltlOUftOC Featuring our Unlimited Sunday Brunch Buffet $ 14 M per person S 6 95 children under 6 Sunday Dinner from 3-6 pm Choose from Our regular Dinner Menu featuring Prime Ribs of Beef s 10 9S or Our Mother's Day Dinner Buffet including our full salad bar, unlimited dinner entrees and a variety of sumptious desserts *16 95 per person Childrens menu available 1270 Route 28 North Branch : ; ; it'--;* SS& EdEFT jaswtfswasii COACH K PADDOCK ROJTEtt (HIT 12) 4 Mln Wnt jawtoim E LUNCH-DINNER-COCKTAILS BALLROOM DANCING Sat v May 2nd 7 pm-ll:30 pm MUSIC OF THE BIG BAND ERA featuring VINCENT JOSEPH Orchestra^ 1940's Big Band Music Dinner-Dance $26.95 Per person. (Plus Ibx, Gratuity & Cocktails) Brunch - Lunch Buffet 11-2 P.M. Adults s l4 w Children. s? ; Dinner Served 12-6 C.IKMANMAV Sat., M a y 30th 9 TOWWK teierratlonr Appreciated l)a\tlnk, May 1st Bud Beaver & Elaine Mav 8th Jim Hoffman SUNDAY We're a Tradition! 7:30-11:30 I Brunch Buffet with Frank Hanner &. $1-195 The Pannv Sisters II Noon til 3 pm 1 1 Tivilight Dining 1 Specializing in Weddings, Banquets^ FourCoursc $1195 II Parties for All Occasions Dinner 1 1 I Accommodating Private Mon.-Fri. 4 pm-6 pm ' Functions for 10 to 200.,.r::-..,A--:>. VmRS BUS imimm....i. <JO WMshouse Aquatic 37 1 ;. i RISTORANTE -COUPON---- Couples MtdU niwi!ui I May 10 MOTHER'S DAY 1 P.M.-6 P.M. -Children under 10 $7.95 OR Ala Carte Menu Starting al $11.95 Children's Menu Also Available Make Your Reservations Now! TALK Or THE IOWTJ GRAND BUFFET RICHIE AI PIANO Suggested Hamilton Blvd., So. Plainfield (Off Rt. 287) Our Mother's Day buffet will feature everything from Roast beef, baked Ham, Eqgs benedict and an assortment of other delicious entrees to a dessert table covered with cakes, tones and creamy mousses. Adults Children 12 $19.95* *""* and under 'Tax and Gmtulty Not Included * ^ M ^ M ^ ^ M ^ ^ : ^ ^ ^ : $9.95 mil also be offering o Holiday Dinner Menu in Ironwood Restaurant featuring appetizer, salad, your choice of entree and dessert. Wll make sure Mom's Celebration is the best ever. Children Holiday under 3 Dinner Menu Free $19.95" and up Searings from u:30 am-sioo pm Reservations Required (908) (mmtny (Huh 185 Madisonville Road Basking Ridge, HJ Conveniently located >/» mile from Rte 287 k 'ChiidrWsMenuAmUQbie ^ ^ ' '.'.-.: ' " : - : 1^1 P& :iii"i April 29-May i, 1992 Forbes Newspapers

76 Wt*n ewrrone's fterof 40 varieties of subs I! cheese steaks I gourmet burgers sub-in-a-tub salads-soups Aik For Our, PINK SUBMARINE SPECIAL TiHtay IriMl $ 2 95 fltg EAT-IN 0 1 TAKE-OUT OR FAST SERVICE CALL North Union Ave.,'Cnnford R&CKLEY'S (the only place for mother's day) 1776 South Washington Avenue Piscataway, N J (908) CATERING TAKE-OUT DELIVERY AVAILABLE Rcsuurant k Lounge VILLA NUOVA RESTAURANT Northern Italian Cuisine Open 6 Days A Week AMX only Lunch & Dinner Strolling Musicians Saturday Evenings Tony and Bernice welcome you! 1482 Main St., Rahway >* or X / * COACH & FOUR Restaurant & Cocktail: MOMS! II, MOTHER DESERVES THE BEST BRING HER TO 2000 PARK AVENUE SPECIAL MENU? RESERVE NOW! DINE IN A SPECIALLY DECORATED MOTHER'S DAY DECOR & ENJOY THE TUNES OF ALEX ON THE PIANO COMPLIMENTARY FLOWER FOR ALL LADIES DINNERS FROM $ CHILDREN'S MENU SEATINGS FROM 12 Noon-9 P.M. ASK FOR OUR MAYEARLY BIRD SPECIALS $ Tf 95 STARTING AT / Complete Dinners Soup Snlad Kntree Cofft'e Dessert Mon. thru Sot. 4-6 Mother's Day Not Applicable 14 PM SPRING FEVER FESTIVAL DINNERS $ Q95* 'No coupons Hi not vnm Mothm Day ^^ Show Mom You Cml Her To Dinner Coach & Four OPEN SEATING Our Usual Delicious Menu & Children's Menu Regular Hours: 11:30 am- 10 p.m. Catering Por All Your Needs! ( mi i-hi NU AVAH AMII CALL WMi: m Wed. & Thun. ALEX ON THE PIANO "ILLUSIONS" Frl. & Sat PARK AVF.(Kr.531).SO.PL\lM'IKLDAJ«(90H) l.. r -AV V, Cl.ll 1 AM) IN.KA 1 RI K t OH II EDISON FAMILY RESTAURANT 1900 OAK TREE RI). EDISON v it..... Restaurant - Catering - TAKE OUT ORDERS EDISON MIT1UKAKT ml OPEN 7 AM-3PM WKN 7 DAYS Great Food! Great Prices! And Free Coffee, Too!** Clip this ud dud slop in, let us Ircjl you In <i fri'f (up of our dtlinous (.'ol(vc! M Double Im Siiiutwicli on J roll or b;i!t:l W* Three (ioldcn Rmwn I^nrakn $1.95* American (,'h«se Omrlctlr witli home frits ami tu,isl $1.95* Egg Ilrcjkfdst-Ciiffte, twoc^x, home fries, loasl $2.25* "We make the best hot cooked oatmeal in the HWW" Great breakfast & lunch specials available daily Coupon Kxp, 5/15/92 Iinjoy a Delicious Cup of Homemade Soup FKlii: with iill lunches! Nut Valid on Mother's Diiy CI.II'ANDKN.IOYFREKCOH'KI-: I Cborf 0 ' ^V Take >2 0ff Any Order of $10,00 or More I Chicken Ribs Seafood 691 East Main St. CALL Ahead for Speedy Pick-Up Bridgewater-Finderne (2 blocks East of A&P) FAX Your Order: OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 11 am - 9 pm We Cook to Order for You! PICK PACK Dinner for 2 20 PCS, Chicken 2 lbs. of Salad of Choice 12 Rolls W 75 I 8 P<». Perdut chicken I * Slnglt Order French Fries or Maihed Potatom I Gravy I to Ib. Satad of Choice $Q 75 I f«g. $22.75 Wlrel.4 I reg Chicken Jubilee I e Trielt Or««r rnndi Frlea or I 1 MiMPoUtoNlflravy ' Qood at Bt!dgewii»r Location only. May Hay no! nolbtusad b» used wilh any oihar " "MVV MBV not b»'uitd *Hh any other' " W«ynolb«"uwdwKharaolhtr' " ^taw' ^ff^^^tnlirj'" " I coupon. Exp. May 30,1992. I coupon. E«p. Miy I coupon. Exp. May 30,1992. I, cou^e»pj*ay»tt9w. I! 1 rag. I20.S5I I 46 Fortxs Newspapers April 29-May 1,1992

77 Guide Restaurants Caterers Forbes Newspapers ikkki 51 Route 22 East, Greenbrook, NJ (( twmn WMhlngton ft Reek Avt.) "Come In and Check Our Daily Specials." Finally Central Jersey has an authentic Spanish Restaurant. You don't have to go to the city for Fiesta flavor! Open 7 days a week Ample Parking Menu in braille conveniently located right off Rt, Thompson St, Rariftan ithe CRYSTAL DOME Presents Early Bird Dining bui/f on /aim respecf For the low price of $7.45 you get a cup! of Soup, Salad, Bread and Butter, Entree Selection, Coffee or Tea, and your choice Monday thru Saturday 3-6 PM of pudding, Jello ortee Cream. and on Sunday 1-5 PM ENTREES Some Entrees come with Potato or Vegetable If a H ' s sf]om n0 Pofafo Of Ve 9 efab ' e (S {ncmb0-1. Broiled or Breaded Pork Chops 2. Roast English Cut Prime Rib 3. London Broil w/mushroom sauce 4. Yankee Pot Roast 5. Roast Fresh Ham w/stuffing 6. Baked Meatloaf w/mushroom sauce 7. Roast Half Spring Chicken w/stuffing 8. Sauteed Chicken Breast Marsala, Francaise or Parmigiana 9. Chicken Croquettes 10. Broiled Filet of Bluefish 11. Broiled Boston Scrod 12. Fried Filet of Sole 13. Broccoli Rabe w/cavatelli* 14. Stuffed Shells Parmigiana w/meatball* 16. Spaghetti Carbonata* 17. Spaghetti w/broccoli* 18. Spaghetti Marinara w/meatball* 19. Baked Italian Lasagna w/meatball* 20 Baked Greek Style Moussaka w/small Greek Salad 21 ', Baked Greek Style Pastichio w/small Greek Salad* 22. Authentic Athenian Spinish Pie w/small Greek Salad 23. Grilled Chicken Breast 24. Eggplant Parmigiana w/spaghetti* 25. Baked Ziti Parmigiana w/meatball* 26. Baked Manicotti Parmigiana w/meatba!i* 27. Broiled Filet of Sole w/crabmeat stuffing 28. Chefs specials of the day Open: Everyday 6 AM Close: Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed. 1?Mid. Close: Thurs. 1 AM Close Fri., Sat. 3 AM 2002 Park Avenue South Plainfield SPECIAL BREAKFAST $1.95 Potatoes (Any Style) Toast, Coffee and Tea LUNCHEON SPECIALS Start fron OAK TREE FOODS J Produced by Patrick Gaynor Entertainment Reservations suggested - Limited Seating (908) I Buy One Comedy Show Admission at Regular Price I i FN Second Ticket is Ha " Prlce Exp.6/30/ Route 27 KHNMI Park EDDIE GAMBINO Also Appealing Eric McMailon Polor HoHcrnenJ PRODUCE Lettuce 79* a hood Tomatoes $400 2 lbs. lor I Peppers 2 lbs. for 00 DELI Galser's German Style Cold Cuts: Black Forest Ham $599 lb,{by the pound) Boar's Head Bologna $999 lb. <by Ihe pound) Domestic Swiss Cheese Hours: Mon.-Frl. 9-6, Sat. 8-6, Sun, B-2 (908) MEAT Our Own Store Made Chuck Hamburger Patties $ lb. (5 lb, box) Ham Slices $199 Skinless/Boneless Chicken Cutlets $299 $049 lb. (by the pound) lb. SALE RUNS THURS. THROUGH SUNDAY We Now Accept Visa MasterCard & Discover Cards Phone orders gladly accepted GARDEN SHOP Full Lint of Annual Vegetable Plants & Flowers $129 6 plants for I + tax $Q60 48 plants for 9 + tax Hanging Baskets $599) each + tax Beautiful Planters with Impatlens & more $999 and up + tax Located on Oak Tree Road Next to Drug Fair icroii from Poit Office In So. Plainfield April 29-May Forbes Newspapers Pirn ** 1 m im

78 MOTHERS DAUTPATVLW'S HaktdllatH VJ" Prim Rib '/6* t1 Stuffed Flomukr $ tt vl I'tal(mm. kith yt%lutn *13 M Stuffed Chicken llrcmi.. 73" /.UIM/IT Tail W Stv York Siifum Sttak U4" Assiiihil Ap idia'n, Smijii & Dmi-rU Available S iaitil ('ItiMrcii'* Menu All Dittiurs SirvciMilli SalmU'nliHoc A CQMPUMHNTAKY 1LOWEK FOR MOM COMING SOON MRRY CHANCE & THE EARLS Live Enlertaimnciii l ; ri, & Sal. Nilcs 1 NORTH VOSSELLER AVE. BOUND BROOK * t A Piece of Mexico In the Heart of Metuchen WELCOME AMIGOS! EMU HOMEMADEMEXKANP0OD WOMMNST.'METVCHEN tnexttothituinstahom Now Open on Sondayt GRAND OPENING CHINA SEi AUTHENTIC SZECHUAN CANTONESE CUI$JfJE FINE DINING IN A RELAXED AND ELEGANT ATMOSPHERE LUNCH - DINNER - TAKE OUT SOMERSET SHOPMNQCINTEIt (NEXT TO GRAND UNION) WMERVIUI TRAFFIC CtNCU (RT 202, 20$, 121) MIOQEWATCfl t N.J. 0M07 «ON,.THURSJl:30im-10:00pm;FRI. ISAT. 11:30 OT-HiMp SUN, 11:30 pm-1000 pm I i Any Purchase Of f Or More ExpirM 5/15/92 O'Connors- So Many Ways To Blake Ton Happy It 7. J\ V A v (OMH)V SHOWS DlMtr Show SiMfecktiU Show 10:30 Dinner «iarti at 7:00 OntyiOHfftttm litcludtt cholct of: Prim* Rib, Chlcktn Cordon Bleu, Shrimp Scampi, unllmhtd trip* to our ulad bu, bakvd potato, coffti or Ha. (TAX & gratuity rot Included) SPORTS PUH Offering frethly ground burgers & landwichei along with your favorite beverage and watch your favorite teams on one of our four TV s, SUNDAY BRUNCH An extensive array of foodi buffet style, from fresh omelettes to pasta, fresh cinnamon rolls & much, much more. BANQUETS WEDDINGS Ves we have excellent facilities - call for more information, BUTCHER SHOP Our on*premisc retail butcher shoppe offering our quality beef and full-line Boar's Head Dell. Open 7 days a week 9-6 p.m. (908) SUPERB DINING Last but far from least our lunch & dinner menus - featuring our quality mid-weitern beef but with a variety of other tasty selections. 708 Mountain Blvd. Watchung (908) i I 1 Ss ; :; m i.1 SATl'KDAV MAY 2.!< 1 ilk 1 P>alu'<l (mods SU>p In And Sample Our Miuiu line luikcni Items, pm OFF ANY PURCHASE I W OF OR MORE Saturday May 8,1998 Only \Fresh Baked Breads, Rolls, Croissants, Danish, Buns, Pastries & Cookies As Always... Our Specialty Line of Cakes For All Occassions Birthdays Anniversaries Weddings &More fla-l kdfi 1 KV Tucs.-Fri. 7AM-7PM sat.«am 736 Union Ave, >Middlesex:> \L v Sun - 6 AM 4 PM OEEF H 1 ALE HOUSE 'Wi 48 Weekend Forbes Ncwspapeis April 29-May 1, 1992

79 TO R 0 M WMTR1250 AM

80 Enter our listena 1 contest, and you could wh IM»iif i i i i (W ta, (mi him h KNfw M ifh life of Ik il\ Jfl'j, diirf (Sfl't, (w rf (li Ik First class luxury cruise on the Queen Elizabeth 2... Malk link Airfi Hftframi, AI ine dining at top New Jersey restaurants.,. f s is on f^brmaffchi youran mr, drs ntorr ('(iin^kjiif Ato /m(j fa, and hjmy hfit h\ m kjm! iiikifltat OM mi ID pi IJmjji pr rf(i),., kb i k (odillat EldoiDtJo m\ k 71 years ol W m ik d m Q volid ben license, lit is iplle Ii» I I b f f J i f l d l i. I L I



SPONSORSHIP BENEFIT PACKAGE On behalf of the Straight from the Bayou Crawfish Festival producer Exquisite Impressions Special Events, and the Committed 100 Men a Non-Profit Organization, we would like to express our gratitude for

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RESTAURANT PACKET. Join Us April 28, 2018 at Hillgrove High School

RESTAURANT PACKET. Join Us April 28, 2018 at Hillgrove High School RESTAURANT PACKET Join Us April 28, 2018 at Hillgrove High School Dear Restaurant Owner/Operator, The Hillgrove High School Bands cordially invite you to be a part of the eleventh annual TASTE OF WEST

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EVENTS. Pike Run Country Club P.O. Box 81 Jones Mills, PA Reservations: (724)

EVENTS. Pike Run Country Club P.O. Box 81 Jones Mills, PA Reservations: (724) Pike Run Country Club P.O. Box 81 Jones Mills, PA 15646 Reservations: (724) 593-2444 end Friday, June 30 th Tuesday, July 4 th EVENTS Grill Night Saturday, July 8

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Executive Summary. N.C. Customers Give Their Local ABC Liquor Stores High Marks, Identify Ways to Improve Customer Service.

Executive Summary. N.C. Customers Give Their Local ABC Liquor Stores High Marks, Identify Ways to Improve Customer Service. April, 212 N.C. Customers Give Their Local ABC Liquor Stores High Marks, Identify Ways to Improve Customer Service Executive Summary Nicholas M. Didow Jr Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC Chapel Hill

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Town of Fairview Art Show

Town of Fairview Art Show Artist Entry Packet 2018 April 28-29, 2018, Noon - 4 p.m. All entrants must complete the Artist Information and Artwork Submitted forms by the entry deadline. Entries must attach

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Town of Fairview Art Show Friday, April 21, 2017 through Sunday, April 23, 2017

Town of Fairview Art Show Friday, April 21, 2017 through Sunday, April 23, 2017 Town of Fairview Art Show Friday, April 21, 2017 through Sunday, April 23, 2017 Entry Instructions All entrants must read and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Art Show Agreement contained

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St. Martin Hospital Grounds

St. Martin Hospital Grounds 4th Annual St. Martin Hospital Grounds Saturday, October 11 th, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm St. Martin Hospital in partnership with United Way of Acadiana is proud to host the 4th annual St. Martin Hospital Gumbo

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AURORA TURNERS NEWS January AURORA TURNERS NEWS January 2016 email Valentines day Saturday February 13th Tickets Now available Dinner 6:00 to 7:30

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of Mondavi Center MEMBER HANDBOOK

of Mondavi Center MEMBER HANDBOOK of Mondavi Center MEMBER HANDBOOK Revised August 2018 Welcome to Friends of Mondavi Center Friends are Mondavi Center annual fund donors who have also chosen to become active volunteers in support of the

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60 th Annual Castroville Artichoke Food and Wine Festival June 1 &

60 th Annual Castroville Artichoke Food and Wine Festival June 1 & TASTING VENDOR APPLICATION Name of Organization: Name of Contact Person: Organization Address: City: State: Zip Code: Telephone Number: ( ) Cell Number: ( ) Fax Number: ( ) E-Mail: ABC Sellers Permit #:

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How to Implement Summer Food Standards of Excellence in Your Community

How to Implement Summer Food Standards of Excellence in Your Community How to Implement Summer Food Standards of Excellence in Your Community As an anti-hunger advocate, you understand the clear link between the food served at summer food sites and participation rates. Simply

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Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival Backyard Cooks P. O. Box Owensboro, KY 42304

Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival Backyard Cooks P. O. Box Owensboro, KY 42304 Since 1979, the atmosphere surrounding Downtown Owensboro, KY has been permeated with the sights, sounds, smells and the taste of good ol Daviess County KY Bar-B-Q. This year marks the 40 th celebration

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Lithgow Produce Markets

Lithgow Produce Markets Lithgow Produce Markets Market objectives Lithgow Produce Markets have been established to achieve the following outcomes: Provide access to quality local and regional produce Provide local and regional

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Indiana Garden Club 42 st Annual May Mart

Indiana Garden Club 42 st Annual May Mart Indiana Garden Club 42 st Annual May Mart Friday, May 19 2017 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Saturday, May 20, 2017 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. S & T Bank Arena White Township Recreation Complex 495 East Pike, Indiana,

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GENERAL INFORMATION FOR NICRA S: National Ice Cream Retailers Association 743 Spirit 40 Park Drive, Suite 121, Chesterfield MO 63005 636 778 0297 Fax: 636 898 4326 Toll Free: 866-303-6960 GENERAL INFORMATION

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Short Business Plan Outline and Sample- Score Southern NH

Short Business Plan Outline and Sample- Score Southern NH Short Business Plan Outline and Sample- Score Southern NH Your Business Main Street, Home, NH Tel 603- Proposed Owner & Operator: March 11, 2009 Executive Summary: What kind of business? What is the specialty

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M A K E A D I F F E R E N C E MAKE A DIFFERENCE Serve Day Project Guide We re so glad you re leading a Summer Small Group! One of our favorite things about the summer semester is that it ends with Serve Day, an exciting and impactful

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. Baked Fish Hamburger Chicken Nuggets Burrito

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. Baked Fish Hamburger Chicken Nuggets Burrito February Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Plate Lunch with Milk or Juice Snacks Popcorn Sides 3.75 Items ala Carte 1.75 Baked Potatoes Garden Salad 2.00 Fresh Fruit 100 30 31 1 2 3 Baked Chicken

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( AN ALL AMERICAN FLAIR AT THE WASHINGTON COUNTY FAIR.) To: Exhibitors of Washington County Fair From: Henry Snodgrass - Outside Exhibits Mike Overstreet - Food Vendors Vickye Hall - Inside Exhibits Irene Meade - Inside Exhibits The Washington County Fair will

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Camden Daffodil Festival 18 th Annual Championship Steak Cook-Off March 10, 2018

Camden Daffodil Festival 18 th Annual Championship Steak Cook-Off March 10, 2018 Dear Cooks: Our plans are well underway and this letter is to let you know that this year s event will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2017 in conjunction with the Camden Daffodil Festival. We invite you

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Welcome to the Iowa Culinary Institute 2019 Spring Gourmet Dinner Series

Welcome to the Iowa Culinary Institute 2019 Spring Gourmet Dinner Series Welcome to the Iowa Culinary Institute 2019 Spring Gourmet Dinner Series The Iowa Culinary Institute is very pleased to announce our 2019 Spring Gourmet Dinner Series. Our dinners are intended to introduce

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Feeding The Soul, The Community

Feeding The Soul, The Community Feeding The Soul, The Community June 9 New Erwin restaurant providing income, skills to those in recovery. By SHAUN SAVARESE Of The Record Staff The next time you re hungry and in the area of Erwin, stop

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Private Events Guide

Private Events Guide Private Events Guide Guarantee Policy General Information An approximate guest count is required at the time of booking. Confirmation of the number of the guests attending must be made no later than seven

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We will assign duties depending on your comfort level and background. In exchange for a shift, Volunteers will receive:

We will assign duties depending on your comfort level and background. In exchange for a shift, Volunteers will receive: VOLUNTEER GUIDE WELCOME TO THE SPOKANE BREWERS FESTIVAL! Spokane Brewers Festival will feature nothing but the best local craft breweries in the region. The Festival will be a craft beer tasting experience

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PENNSYLVANIA & TAVERN ASSOCIATION LICENSED BEVERAGE PENNSYLVANIA LICENSED BEVERAGE & TAVERN ASSOCIATION Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Ta~~n Association Testimony Presented to the House Liquor Control Committee and the House Gaming Oversight Committees

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ARTICLE 8 C-H, COMMERCIAL-HIGHWAY DISTRICT ARTICLE 8 C-H, COMMERCIAL-HIGHWAY DISTRICT SECTION 8.01 INTENT The Commercial-Highway District is established to accommodate those businesses offering a broad range of goods and services, including both

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Doylestown Township Parks & Recreation Ice Cream Truck Vending Policy

Doylestown Township Parks & Recreation Ice Cream Truck Vending Policy Doylestown Township Parks & Recreation Ice Cream Truck Vending Policy Approved: 6-1-10 ISSUANCE OF PERMITS Each Ice Cream Vendor wishing to solicit in the Doylestown Township Park System is required to

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OLD BUSINESS (FROM LAST MONTH) Resident Council Meeting 11/30/2017 @ 1pm Staff Members Leading: Sarah Pedretti, Life Enrichment Coordinator Tammy Atkinson, Nutritional Services Coordinator Phillip Davies, Environmental Services Coordinator

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VENDOR APPLICATION PACKET Page1 52 nd ANNUAL COON DOG DAY FESTIVAL Saluda NC Saturday, July 11, 2015 VENDOR APPLICATION PACKET EVENT INFORMATION Saluda NC is a brief drive from downtown Hendersonville NC and is in close proximity

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Hosted by SENC. Dear Newf Lovers,

Hosted by SENC. Dear Newf Lovers, Hosted by SENC Dear Newf Lovers, Have you ever dreamed about being in the mountains for the holidays with the anticipation of snow and Santa? SENC would like to invite you and your Newf(s) to start off

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The Coffee Press. The Coffee Talk: October 17th

The Coffee Press. The Coffee Talk: October 17th ROTARY CLUB OF KONA SUNRISE The Coffee Press Wednesdays, 7:00 am Old Kona Airport Makae o Pavilion P.O. Box 2343 Kailua-Kona, HI 96745-2343 THE WEEK

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Happy Thanksgiving. The Country Club News November Thanksgiving Buffet. Highlights This Month

Happy Thanksgiving. The Country Club News November Thanksgiving Buffet. Highlights This Month The Country Club News November 2017 Highlights This Month November 10 Fall Music Lounge in the November 17 Tim Kellar in the November 23 Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Buffet Carved Prime Rib Apple Butter

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FOOD ALLERGY CANADA COMMUNITY EVENT PROPOSAL FORM FOOD ALLERGY CANADA COMMUNITY EVENT PROPOSAL FORM We appreciate that you are considering organizing a community event in support of Food Allergy Canada and appreciate the amount of time and energy that

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Westsider. Westside Elementary School. April 27, 2018

Westsider. Westside Elementary School. April 27, 2018 Principal Ponderings. Westside Elementary School 1007 W. Pine St. Phone: 715-425-1815 River Falls, WI 54022 Fax: 715-425-1805 Westsider April 27, 2018 Important

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BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF GREATER GREEN BAY EVENT SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF GREATER GREEN BAY EVENT SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL And have fun doing it. O U R G O A L FOR 2017: $250,000 IT S A WIN WIN. Sponsoring A Taste of Wine & Cheese provides you the unique opportunity

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PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES 2018 PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES 2018 Orange Reginal Museum thanks the following sponsors and supporters Major Partner CATALOGUE SPONSOR ORANGE REGIONAL ARTS FOUNDATION PROGRAM SPONSORS EVENT supporters Orange

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2015 SPECIAL BAKING CONTESTS INFORMATION PACKET 2015 SPECIAL BAKING CONTESTS INFORMATION PACKET ACTION NEEDED! 1. Give this Information Packet to your Baking Contest Coordinator. 2. Return the attached Intent To Participate Form by February 15, 2015

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Jump Rope For Heart. French Road Elementary School (#1) Rick LaPaglia Mark Salerno Krystal Forsyth Jenn O Brien

Jump Rope For Heart. French Road Elementary School (#1) Rick LaPaglia Mark Salerno Krystal Forsyth Jenn O Brien 1 Jump Rope For Heart French Road Elementary School (#1) 1999-2014 Rick LaPaglia Mark Salerno Krystal Forsyth Jenn O Brien ! What Is Jump-Rope- For-Heart? ! It s A Fund- Raiser for the American Heart Association

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Thank you Jim Jennings General Manager CELLULAR PHONES

Thank you Jim Jennings General Manager CELLULAR PHONES The following Rules and Regulations apply to all members and guests. We appreciate your cooperation in upholding the standards of the Club and ask that your guests be informed of the Club policies prior

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news Letter from the CEO Hoppers Club

news Letter from the CEO Hoppers Club e Issue news 71 March 2015 New friendships, fitness and fun! Recognising that sport and recreation are an essential part of Australian life, the offers a number of sub clubs in which members can get involved,

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LEAN PRODUCTION FOR WINERIES PROGRAM LEAN PRODUCTION FOR WINERIES PROGRAM 2015-16 An Initiative of the Office of Green Industries SA Industry Program and the South Australian Wine Industry Association, in association with Wine Australia South

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The Clubhouse Connection

The Clubhouse Connection The Clubhouse Connection The Haverhill Clubhouse March 2016 Birthdays Saroun C. 03/01 Barry M. 03/06 Diana V. 03/07 Anthony M. 03/07 Helen H. 03/18 Daniel T. 03/18 Mark B. 03/23 Jen H. 03/24 Robert M.

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Fair Trade C E R T I F I E D

Fair Trade C E R T I F I E D Fair Trade C E R T I F I E D Every Purchase Matters. Apparel & Home Goods Program What is Fair Trade? Safe Working Conditions Guarantee of safe factory working conditions Advancement of People Direct mechanism

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Welcome to the Iowa Culinary Institute 2018 Fall Gourmet Dinner Series

Welcome to the Iowa Culinary Institute 2018 Fall Gourmet Dinner Series Welcome to the Iowa Culinary Institute 2018 Fall Gourmet Dinner Series The Iowa Culinary Institute is very pleased to announce our 2018 Fall Gourmet Dinner Series. Our dinners are intended to introduce

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Chisholm Trail Roundup Bar-B-Que Capital of Texas BAR-B-QUE CHAMPIONSHIP COOK OFF. Lockhart City Park, Lockhart, Texas June 2 & 3, 2017

Chisholm Trail Roundup Bar-B-Que Capital of Texas BAR-B-QUE CHAMPIONSHIP COOK OFF. Lockhart City Park, Lockhart, Texas June 2 & 3, 2017 Chisholm Trail Roundup Bar-B-Que Capital of Texas BAR-B-QUE CHAMPIONSHIP COOK OFF Lockhart City Park, Lockhart, Texas June 2 & 3, 2017 Dear Cook, It s that time of year again! Time to fire up the pit and

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Iola Roberts Elementary School

Iola Roberts Elementary School State Board of Education School Report Card 2006-2007 Iola Roberts Elementary School State Board of Education Members Gov. Bob Riley, Board President Randy McKinney, President Pro Tem, District 1 Betty

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VR-Business Partnership Profile

VR-Business Partnership Profile VR-Business Partnership Profile + STARBUCKS INCLUSION ACADEMY: NEVADA ROASTING PLANT View the Starbucks Edition of the Vocational Rehabilitation- Business Partnership Profile to learn more about how the

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Nueces County Junior Livestock Show Alumni **********************************************************************************

Nueces County Junior Livestock Show Alumni ********************************************************************************** Nueces County Junior Livestock Show Alumni ********************************************************************************** November 10, 2017 Dear Friends and Cook-Off Teams, On behalf of the Nueces

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Entry Form August

Entry Form August Entry Form August 12-14 Competition Cost Chicken, Pork Ribs, Brisket $150.00 Jack Pot Items Jack Pot Pulled Pork $20 Jack Pot Chili $10 Electricity 20 amp 1 cord $30.00 Electricity 2 cord $65.00 Electricity

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CHISHOLM TRAIL ROUNDUP BAR-B-QUE COOK OFF APPLICATION 2015 JUNE 5 & 6, 2015 CHISHOLM TRAIL ROUNDUP BAR-B-QUE COOK OFF APPLICATION 2015 JUNE 5 & 6, 2015 LOCKHART CITY PARK, LOCKHART TEXAS Dear Cook, It s that time of year again! Time to fire up the pit and cook that barbecue your

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Candidate Agreement. The American Wine School (AWS) WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines & Spirits Program PURPOSE

Candidate Agreement. The American Wine School (AWS) WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines & Spirits Program PURPOSE The American Wine School (AWS) WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines & Spirits Program PURPOSE Candidate Agreement The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that all WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines & Spirits candidates

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GROUP & TICKET INFORMATION SKEETERS 2014 HOME & COMMERCIAL SERVICES Pest Pool Lawn A/C Heating Security GROUP & TICKET INFORMATION NEW WEEKLY PROMOTIONS #Winning Wednesdays All fans in attendance on Wednesdays will be guaranteed

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Summary Report Survey on Community Perceptions of Wine Businesses

Summary Report Survey on Community Perceptions of Wine Businesses Summary Report Survey on Community Perceptions of Wine Businesses Updated August 10, 2018 Conducted by Professors David McCuan and Richard Hertz for the Wine Business Institute School of Business and Economics

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Allergies and Intolerances Policy

Allergies and Intolerances Policy Allergies and Intolerances Policy 2016 2018 This policy should be read in conjunction with the following documents: Policy for SEND/Additional Needs Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy Keeping Children

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CASTRO VALLEY WOMEN S CLUB CASTRO VALLEY WOMEN S CLUB FEBRUARY 2018 NEWSLETTER (510) 461-7692/E-mail: Presidents Message: February is turning out

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Loaf N Jug Boats, Bands and BBQ May 19-20, 2017 Pueblo, Colorado on the Riverwalk APPLICATION DUE BY MAY 5,2017

Loaf N Jug Boats, Bands and BBQ May 19-20, 2017 Pueblo, Colorado on the Riverwalk APPLICATION DUE BY MAY 5,2017 Team Name- Loaf N Jug Boats, Bands and BBQ May 19-20, 2017 Pueblo, Colorado on the Riverwalk APPLICATION DUE BY MAY 5,2017 Winning Check Payable to (MUST MATCH INFORMATION ON W9): Address City/ State-

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Terms and Conditions Corporate:

Terms and Conditions Corporate: Terms and Conditions Corporate: Daily services: Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:00pm Weekday Breakfast Minimums: Cold 15 people / Hot 25 people / Hot Beverage Only 50 people Weekday Lunch Minimums 10 people boxed

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~ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Make Rt. 66 history and be creative in the process! The Route 66: The Road Ahead Initiative Name & Logo ~ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ~ The Route 66: The Road Ahead Initiative announces a Name & Logo, designed

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*****Special note: On 11/06/18 St. Anthony School will be in session but Winsted does not have school so buses may be early!*****

*****Special note: On 11/06/18 St. Anthony School will be in session but Winsted does not have school so buses may be early!***** SAS-WINSTED.ORG *****Special note: On 11/06/18 St. Anthony School will be in session but Winsted does not have school so buses may be early!***** *****Special note: On 12/06/18 There will be no After School

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YAKIMA VALLEY TOURISM ANNUAL REPORT YAKIMA VALLEY TOURISM ANNUAL REPORT 17 20 LEADERSHIP MESSAGE On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Yakima Valley Tourism, we are proud to present our 2017 Annual Report. Tourism means economic

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Helen Keller Festival, Inc. P.O. Box 28 Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674

Helen Keller Festival, Inc. P.O. Box 28 Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674 Helen Keller Festival, Inc. P.O. Box 28 Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674 February 9 th, 2015 Dear Interested Food Vendor: The Helen Keller Festival Board, Inc. is now accepting applications for the food sales

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In house ladies group of the Hawthorn Football Club

In house ladies group of the Hawthorn Football Club In house ladies group of the Hawthorn Football Club Number 2 April 2018 FASHION PARADE On Tue 1 st May we are holding a fashion parade at the Black Pepper store in Knox City Shopping Centre starting at

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Madera Vintners Association Grant Program In Honor Of Dr. Vincent Petrucci and Professor Ken Fugelsang

Madera Vintners Association Grant Program In Honor Of Dr. Vincent Petrucci and Professor Ken Fugelsang Madera Vintners Association Grant Program In Honor Of Dr. Vincent Petrucci and Professor Ken Fugelsang Madera Vintners Association P.O. Box 697 Madera, CA. 93639 2018 Dr. Vincent Petrucci and Professor

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Founders Day 2019 Dripping Springs, Texas. Arts & Crafts / Business Vendor Information

Founders Day 2019 Dripping Springs, Texas. Arts & Crafts / Business Vendor Information Founders Day 2019 Dripping Springs, Texas Arts & Crafts / Business Vendor Information Table of Contents 1 Introduction... 4 2 Festival Layout... 4 2.1 Mercer Street... 4 2.2 Old Fitzhugh Road... 5 2.3

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UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH FAIRTRADE PLAN UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH FAIRTRADE PLAN 2014 2020 Date Section Page Issue Modifications Approved (Print name) December Issued. 1 First issue Linda Morris 2012 09/07/2014 All All 2 Updated from original Policy

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March For Meals a la Beloit!

March For Meals a la Beloit! March For Meals a la Beloit! Award Winning Community Support Beloit Meals On Wheels was honored to receive a top award for the 2012 March For Meals campaign! Due to incredible community support! Hope to

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JULY 2012 NEWSLETTER STEIN SENIOR CENTER Jane Barry, Executive Director Bob Doxsey, Deputy Director Interim Location The East End Temple 245 East 17 th Street Between 2 nd & 3 rd. Avenues (Closer to 2 nd Avenue) New York,

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Jennings Street School

Jennings Street School Anaphylaxis Management Policy Anaphylaxis is a severe, rapidly progressive allergic reaction that is potentially life threatening. The most common allergens in school aged children are peanuts, eggs, tree

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Medical Conditions Policy

Medical Conditions Policy Medical Conditions Policy Background: Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction. Up to two per cent of the general population and up to 5 percent of young children (0-5yrs) are at risk.

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Saturday, June 09, 2018 GENERAL INFORMATION and FAQ s

Saturday, June 09, 2018 GENERAL INFORMATION and FAQ s Saturday, June 09, 2018 GENERAL INFORMATION and FAQ s Door & Show times Doors Open: 6:00 PM Game Starts: 7:00 PM Game Ends: approx. 9:00 PM Venue Location Commonwealth Stadium is located at 11000 Stadium

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Kool-Aid Days FAMILY Parade. Saturday, August 12, 2017 Step off at 9:30 AM Lineup 8:30 9:25 AM

Kool-Aid Days FAMILY Parade. Saturday, August 12, 2017 Step off at 9:30 AM Lineup 8:30 9:25 AM Kool-Aid Days FAMILY Parade Saturday, August 12, 2017 Step off at 9:30 AM Lineup 8:30 9:25 AM Kool-Aid Days is pleased to announce the annual Kool-Aid Days FAMILY Parade. Our goal is to create a colorful

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Understanding Anaphylaxis in Schools

Understanding Anaphylaxis in Schools For some parents and guardians, sending a child with potentially life-threatening (severe) allergies off to school can feel like a daunting task. Successfully transitioning a child into school requires

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2018 FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION 2018 FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION Event Details: Location: Dates: North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex 150 Citizens Circle Little River, SC 29566 Friday, March 23, 2018 6:00 PM 10:00 PM Optional setup Saturday,

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2017 Festival Market Vendor Form

2017 Festival Market Vendor Form 2017 Festival Market Vendor Form The Mountain Harvest Festival (MHF) invites you to participate in the 2017 Festival Market, September 22 nd 24 th. We are looking for vendors who live and produce their

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How to host a Garvan High Tea

How to host a Garvan High Tea How to host a Garvan High Tea Thank you for choosing to host a High Tea in the month of September to raise money for medical research at the Garvan. Not only are you making a real difference towards the

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FEBRUARY 9, 2018 Private Reserve - 5:30pm to 6:30pm General Admission - 6:30pm Executive Chairs: Julie Barber Nichole Simpson

FEBRUARY 9, 2018 Private Reserve - 5:30pm to 6:30pm General Admission - 6:30pm Executive Chairs: Julie Barber Nichole Simpson FEBRUARY 9, 2018 Private Reserve - 5:30pm to 6:30pm General Admission - 6:30pm Executive Chairs: Julie Barber Walmart US Nichole Simpson Walmart, US OUR MISSION The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

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What s Happening At Wayne Lodge # Ridge Road, Ontario, NY August 12, Golf Tournament was a Big Hit!

What s Happening At Wayne Lodge # Ridge Road, Ontario, NY August 12, Golf Tournament was a Big Hit! What s Happening At Wayne Lodge #416 1932 Ridge Road, Ontario, NY August 12, 2018 Golf Tournament was a Big Hit! Thank you to those who supported our First Annual Marshall Francis Memorial Golf Tournament

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Release #2461 Release Date: Thursday, February 20, 2014

Release #2461 Release Date: Thursday, February 20, 2014 THE FIELD POLL THE INDEPENDENT AND NON-PARTISAN SURVEY OF PUBLIC OPINION ESTABLISHED IN 1947 AS THE CALIFORNIA POLL BY MERVIN FIELD Field Research Corporation 601 California Street, Suite 900 San Francisco,

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Vendor Opportunities 2014 Application

Vendor Opportunities 2014 Application Gourmet Food Truck Festival 15954 Woods Valley Road, Valley Center, CA 92082 * 760-749-3333 * Saturday April 5 th 12-6pm August 23 rd 1-9pm Lucks Media Group and Bates Nut Farm are

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The cost of entry is $40 per entry for PWA dues paying members and $50 for nonmembers. If you

The cost of entry is $40 per entry for PWA dues paying members and $50 for nonmembers. If you December 19, 2018 Dear Pennsylvania Wineries, The PWA is happy to announce the 2019 Pennsylvania Wine Competition. This year s Pennsylvania Wine Competition will be held on February 2, 2019. The results

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16th Annual Oodles of Noodles Festival & Pasta-Cook Off June 3, am to 6 pm Historic Downtown Dayton, Nevada

16th Annual Oodles of Noodles Festival & Pasta-Cook Off June 3, am to 6 pm Historic Downtown Dayton, Nevada Hello!!!!! 16th Annual Oodles of Noodles Festival & Pasta-Cook Off June 3, 2017 9 am to 6 pm Historic Downtown Dayton, Nevada On behalf of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors,

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Food Drive Toolkit & Registration

Food Drive Toolkit & Registration Food Drive Toolkit & Registration 107 Walter Davis Drive Birmingham, AL 35209 Phone 205-942-8911, ext. 105 Fax 205-942-8838 Thank you so much for hosting a food drive to benefit

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3. Permit hotels/resorts with a liquor primary to provide a free alcoholic drink to guests in the lobby/reception area at check-in

3. Permit hotels/resorts with a liquor primary to provide a free alcoholic drink to guests in the lobby/reception area at check-in Date: October 20, 2016 To: Re: All LCLB Staff All licensees All industry associations All local government, First Nations and police agencies Liquor primary licence policy changes Please note: These policy

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Out of State Executive Council Meeting

Out of State Executive Council Meeting Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section Out of State Executive Council Meeting Sofitel Chicago Water Tower Chicago, Illinois September 17-21, 2014 Sponsors Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section

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Hot on their Heels! Have an awesome weekend! Harper Middle College High School. September 15, 2017 Volume 13, Issue 3. From the Desk of Dr. Nelson..

Hot on their Heels! Have an awesome weekend! Harper Middle College High School. September 15, 2017 Volume 13, Issue 3. From the Desk of Dr. Nelson.. Hot on their Heels! Harper Middle College High School September 15, 2017 Volume 13, Issue 3 Important Dates ASVAB Interpretation Night: 9/18 Family Game Night & Bake Sale (sponsored by the PTSA): 9/27

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Al Salam Festival 2018

Al Salam Festival 2018 Al Salam Festival 2018 Food Stall Application Stallholder Terms & Conditions Application Form 1. Purpose In 2015, ISSA initiated a new annual tradition titled the Al Salam Festival (Festival of Peace).

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THE WEEKLY APPROACH Photo Contest Winner-Fall Colors near Golf Course Nancy Rothmiller

THE WEEKLY APPROACH Photo Contest Winner-Fall Colors near Golf Course Nancy Rothmiller Photo Contest Winner-Fall Colors near Golf Course Nancy Rothmiller Aprill, 2016 Featuring Kenny James The Club is presenting a special Dinner and a Show featuring Kenny s full band! Chef Matt will have

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The Performance dates are March 11 th and 12 th.

The Performance dates are March 11 th and 12 th. Putnam Valley Elementary School along with the Putnam Valley PTA Arts in Education Committee is proud to announce that this year s 3 rd and 4 th Grade Musical will be Annie Kids! The show will once again

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2018 Orange County Black History Cultural Faire Non-Profit Food Vendor Information

2018 Orange County Black History Cultural Faire Non-Profit Food Vendor Information 2018 Orange County Black History Cultural Faire Non-Profit Food Vendor Information To: Cultural Faire Food Vendor Participants - Nonprofit Organizations From: Orange County Heritage Council and the Orange

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The 2006 Economic Impact of Nebraska Wineries and Grape Growers

The 2006 Economic Impact of Nebraska Wineries and Grape Growers A Bureau of Business Economic Impact Analysis From the University of Nebraska Lincoln The 2006 Economic Impact of Nebraska Wineries and Grape Growers Dr. Eric Thompson Seth Freudenburg Prepared for The

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Friday, July 17, 2015 Saturday, July 18, 2015 Sunday, July 19, 2015 There are no rain dates or refunds in the event of a cancellation.

Friday, July 17, 2015 Saturday, July 18, 2015 Sunday, July 19, 2015 There are no rain dates or refunds in the event of a cancellation. 2015 The Locals Food Vendors The Stillwater Log Jam LOCATION Stillwater Log Jam produced by The Locals will be held in Downtown Stillwater. DATES TIMES Friday, July 17, 2015 Saturday, July 18, 2015 Sunday,

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A. CALL TO ORDER B. STATEMENT OF THE CHAIR C. BYLAWS D. ADJOURNMENT TOWN OF OLIVER Public Hearing Meeting Agenda October 10, 2017, at 7:00 PM Council Chambers Page A. CALL TO ORDER B. STATEMENT OF THE CHAIR C. BYLAWS 1. Zoning Amendment Bylaw 365 Zinfandel Avenue - Contract

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PRIVATE DINING & EVENTS. Chapel Hill PRIVATE DINING & EVENTS Chapel Hill WELCOME Thank you for considering Tobacco Road Sports Café for your next private party or event. We offer a comfortable atmosphere, amazing food and unmatched event

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Grandview Elementary School

Grandview Elementary School State Board of Education School Report Card for 2003-2004 Grandview Elementary School State Board of Education Members Gov. Bob Riley, Board President Sandra Ray, President Pro Tem and Presiding Officer,

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