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1 Dine Out Your guide to dining in Central New Jersey Special Mctlon Instate Familiar name Mark Hobbie continues successful family tradition! Sports, pafls B-1 Fun on the farm Cook College hosts annual Ag Field Day Sss WssksndPlus The^festfield Record Vol. 5, No. 17 Thursday, April 28,1994 A Forbes Newspaper 50 cents Briefs Bike-a-thon As the culmination of a safety program, The Westfield "V Children's Center will hold a Bike»Trik-a-thon. tomorrow to raise ftinda for St Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Dance week Hie Westfleld Dance Company will hold its spring concert, "Dance in the Park," 2 pjn. Saturday at Mindowaskin Park, in honor of National Dance Week. Scholarship concert The Musical Club of Westfield will feature local artists at its Scholarship Fund Concert 3 p.m. Sunday in the First Baptist Church. Call or Russian talk "Russian Aristocrats Decide to Kill Rasputin December 1916" will be discussed by Dr. Barbara Bari at the next First Wednesday Dutch Treat Luncheon of the Westfleld Historical Society, noon, May 4 at Wyckoff s Restaurant. Sold out show All tickets for the Westfield Bicentennial US. Army Field Band concert have been distributed. The free concert is 5 p.m. Sunday at the high school. At 4:50 p.m. people without tickets will be allowed to take any vacant seats. Composting class The Town of Westfleld is offering a backyard composting class 10 am-noon Monday at 425 E. Broad St, in the community room. The $10 fee includes a composting bin and a handbook. Player's benefit The Westfield Business and Professional Women, Inc. will sponsor a benefit performance of the Westfield Community Player's "A Sting in the Tale," May 6, 8 p.m. Call days or evenings. WSF Hour Tour The Westfleld Symphony Friends' Hour Tour is set for May 7. The fundraiser benefits the Westfield Symphony Orchestra and its educational outreach programs. Rake & Hoe The Rake and Hoe Garden Club will sponsor their annual plant sale May 7, 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. at the corner or Elm and Walnut streets. For sale will be perennials, annuals, vegetables, hanging baskets and "home-growns." Senior trip There are still openings for a seven-day, six-night trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina. The Friendly Place Senior Citizens at the Westfield Community Center vacation trip includes hotel, meals, n dinner cruise, and guided tours. Call ». Little birthday shop The Littiti Shop on the Corner nt 113 Elm St. is now home to the Westfiekt Blcentenninl Shop, featuring custom-made Kills whoso sale will benefit hicvntrnniftl programs, Art exhibition The Westfield Art Gallery is honoring local artists in group exhibit through May 20. Artwork is for B«le to \*mefit the Westfk'kl Workshop lor the Arts scholarship fund. The gallery In open weekdnyh 3-fl p.m. and weekends 1-4 p.m. Nixon's death stirs memories of visit here y meoii A. OAVINO THE RECORD Westflelders Joan Buhrendorf and Emerson Thomas will never forget the day Richard Nixon came to town. "We were in front of the Methodist Church and it was a very pretty day," Mrs. Buhrendorf recalled. "The sun was shining because it was mid-afternoon." It was Tuesday, Oct. 4, Then-Vice- President Richard Milhouse Nixon stopped in Westfield while campaigning in the presidential election. Rolling through town in a white convertible, Nixon's motorcade stopped unexpectedly amidst about 6,000 Westfielders. Gardener extraordinaire "I don't remember him saying anything," Mrs. Buhrendorf said. "It was an amazingly large crowd." Indeed, the cheers of the crowd made it difficult for Mr. Nixon to make himself heard over the small, handheld microphone he was given. Nixon asked about the schools because he saw so many young people in the crowd. The motorcade came later than expected; it was 3:30 in the afternoon when it finally arrived Mrs. Buhrendorf and a delegation of young West Berlin children, who were visiting in Westfield, presented Pat Nixon with a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums. "We had to pass them through the Secret Service. You couldn't give anything directly to them," she recalled. "They were both very AUGUSTO F. MENEZES/THE RECORD Flortnc* "Laurie" Schilling potes In h«r noted back yard garden which won a prize in a Parker Greenhouse contest But It ha* won much more, too. Details are on Community Life page, A-7. Summer start is seen for sipping, supping at cafes jy NICOLE A. OAYTNO THE RECORD Residents will soon be able to sit on the sidewalks of downtown Westfield and sip on an ice tea, have an espresso and Italian pastry, or even have a full-course dinner. Members of the Westfield Town Council said that they are well on the way to enacting an ordinance which will allow for outdoor cafes. "Clearly, we're all in favor of it," said Councilman Michael Panagos. "We want to get it done as soon as possible." Last summer residents and downtown business owners appealed to the town to allow them their outside tables. Particularly, Lucca's Coffee placed two tables on the sidewalk in front of the shop. Less than a week later, the town came in and said they weren't allowed. Lucca's put the outdoor tables and chairs away, but the hopes of downtown business-owners and shoppers stayed. Residents said that Westfield should keep up with the times, and outdoor cafes are "in." They offer an atmosphere that is not available in many places locally and that will keep downtown Westfield "in the competition." "I think it's a very popular idea," said Michelle Picou, downtown manager of Westfield MainStreet (Please turn to page A-2) Bailey stumps for aid squad As the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad annual fund drive continues, current and past members encourage their neighbors to donate generously. Mel Bailey, who served as an active member of the squad for 15 years and is a past president, vice president and treasurer, spoke recently about the importance of the rescue sqund to the Westfield community. He encouraged his neighbor!) to support the squad's annual (und drive. "It takes an incredible amount of money to run the squad," ho said. "Whnt In moat places is a municipal service Ls provided free of charge in Westfield. Kven though all the members' time is contributed Rrntis, the expenses are more than people realize." Mr. Bailey, now an honorary member of the squad, explained the seriousness of the work volunteers do and why people should give. "I think the rescue sqund is a very important service to Westfield," he said. "It's hard work. The squad members have a real serious mission, and they do a darn good job. I think the people that give their time need the support, not only financially, but psychologically for whnt they nre doing." The Westfield Rescue Squad is nn all-volunteer organization serving»nd one of the few resident squads In the state. Tax-deductible contributions can be made to: The Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad, 335 Wntterson Street, Westfield, N.J warm and smiling. Of course, they were very formal people. She wore a hat; we all wore hats at that time." The motorcade came from the Winfield Scott Hotel in Elizabeth where the Republican Party had held a reception for Mr. Nixon. Then-Mayor Emerson Thomas was on the committee which handled the event. "We had to work with the Secret Service. They knew who was allowed to get close to him," Mr. Thomas said. "Some of us took him to dinner that night, I can't recall where it was. But he held a general-type conversation tied to politics. I do remember he was also talking about the value of America in the world." Mr. Nixon was later noted for his foreign policy, opening up contacts with other countries. Mr. Emerson will never forget that night, that day, that time of his life. "It was an exciting time, we helped mold a good future for America," he said "His picture is still on my wall here in my office." Mrs. Buhrendorf was a Westfield Volunteer for Nixon-Lodge at the time, campaigning for his presidency. "I think back now on that event," Mrs. Buhrendorf said. "I think how hard he had worked to become president He had a great deal of drive and desire and finally was successful. He had been a fine president, in spite of Watergate, and there are a lot of things he will be remembered for." Council shuffles to school budget trim-or-cut task y MIOOLJ A. ttavino THE RECORD Last week, 55 percent of Westfield voters rejected the school budget, sending a message to local government that they will not stand for a 14-cent tax in- Mayor Garland 'Bud' Boothe and Westfield Town Council members will meet with school board mem-,to bagln dtacusalng "The voters are expressing an unhappiness with real estate taxes, many have said that they'd even like a decrease," Mayor Boothe said "What we need to do is to find point between their unhappiness and our obligation to find a budget which will satisfy the legal charge to educate our children." like other council members, Mayor Boothe declined to say how much of a cut in the tax levy he feels is necessary to satisfy the "no" vote. "The Town Council should not be guided into making decisions based on what will keep the novoters happy, because that's playing politics with the school system," said Councilman and mayoral candidate Anthony LaPorta. "What we should do is to make cuts where we think they are needed. I don't think the town council should go into this with a predetermined amount to be cut. We have to scrutinize every item and see if each dollar is being spent well." The Town Council and the school board canceled Monday's meeting because the state has given them an extension to May 19. By that date, the council must have a tax levy amount certified by the county Board of Taxation and the school board must soon after decide whether to accept or appeal that tax levy amount. The two government groups have tentatively set next Wednesday and Thurmday to meet, 8 pjn., in the community room at 425 E. Broad St. At this point, members of the two finance committees have already met briefly to discuss basic elements of the budget. Although the school board has provided council members with the information required by law, the council has asked for more detailed information. Mayor Boothe said that the school board is being very cooperative. "The voters expect us to look into that budget very carefully and I intend to, " said Councilman Gary Jenkins, "but we can't do the job on the budget the voters have asked us to do without the details." Mr. Jenkins had hoped to get the detailed information sooner so that he could fully take advantage of the extra time given by the state. Following next week's meetings, council members hope to make a final decision at its May 10 meeting. The school board will then discuss and consider the council's recommendation at its May 17 meeting. Pepper, Jacobson lead board again y NICOLE A. OAVINO THE RECORD Susan Pepper and Susan Jacobson were unanimously re-elected to lead the Westfield Board of Education at its organization meeting Tuesday. Ms. Jacobson nominated Mrs. Pepper for board president noting her leadership ca K»bi)ities. Mrs. Pepper was re-elected last week to serve a one-year term on the school board. She has served nine years thus far, seven as president. Board member Eileen Satkin nominated Ms. Jacobson as vice president. Mrs. Jacobson chairs the Finance and the Negotiations Committees. Next week's meeting will take place at Tamaques School at 8 p.m. In other business, the board accepted the retirement of Edison Head Custodian Donald Cassett, High School English Teacher Cal Connolly, Roosevelt Basic Skills Teacher.leun Grabowsky, Elementary Music Teacher Muriel Northover, and Roosevelt Spanish Tencher Lynn Ziobro. the exfwnses nre more than people realize." Wnlterson Street, Westlleld, N.J dent. Tcncner Lynn iiiooro. Townsfolk stop short of advocating caning in U.S J..1MM* nnrl In. Mi<< mmtahment." Hnumlnwn eountrv. itoing c By NICOLE A. OAVINO and he knew the punishment," downtown crime law in this country. What's going on in thin country because of the nature of the TUB ammo An American mother made n llmil plea to Singapore officials this week I".'Hive her mm from IM'IMK caned, a punifihmeht for MM van dalitun which experts hiive snid will leave him uiicomfldoiih from pain und permit - nently srnrrtnl. Tlw Iteciml thin week found WeMtfieltleni held ti spectrum of jktsprh'tiven nn the "In hid Ritiifition, he committed «crime employee Tiimar Halti-I Haiti. "Caning is a little harsh. I don't think it'n very humnne, but it's a different country. He did It he's got to pay." Ml Haltel Raid caning is OK for Singapore, but the lawn do not IICMMI to ctiiinfjc herr, Cathy Amen ngnvcl the youngster do- Nerves the punishment but added there should U 1 more physical ptinlfthment in thta country, "I think It would stop some ofthene kids," Mrs. Ames unltl. "There nernu to b» a better now Is ridiculous," Some believe more phynlcal punishment Is needed here, but others say it would never work. "Overall, I don't see it happening," snid ex resident Darren Tletsworth. "Maybe in an open forum, where other potential criminals ciin nee the punishment." But Mr. TIetsworth mild just because It works in one country doesn't mean It will work here. Resident and Ireland native Soon Me* Carthy agreed, "I don't think it would work culture here. 1 think it would probably make matters worse. People won't stand for It" Mr. McCarthy said In Ireland, children are hit when they step out of line in school and he believes it works there. He said in the U.S., people will call it child obune. "1 think this country's very soft too soft on kids In general," he snid. "I don't think there's anything wrong with kids being slapped. Justice is a very cloudy tort of thing here, people don't know what's right and wrong any more,"

2 A-2 April ! Man, 18, is charged with offering teens beer Westfeld Police arrested 18-yearold Michael O'Hire and charged him with offering alcoholic beverages to underage teens after a young girl reportedly came home sick from beer. On April 16, police received a 911 emergency call which stated that a 16-year-old female was having a seizure. When police arrived on the scene, the teen's condition had improved and she reflised medical treatment According to police, the young girl said that she was at Michael O'Hare's home with another 15- year-old girlfriend and they both drank about two beers. When the 16-year-old returned home, she was shaking and her parents believed she was having a seizure, police said Memorial Day parade is shaping up The Westfield Memorial Day Parade will be held Monday, May 30. Co-chairmen Norman Sprague of American Legion Martin Wallberg Post No. 3, and Joseph Sisto. or the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Mountainside Memorial Post No ; and Linda Maggio of the Westfield Bicentennial Committee will meet 8 p.m. Monday, May 9 to complete arrangements. All groups and individuals who wish to participate in the parade are asked to attend. Call Norman Sprague at or Joseph Sisto at for more information. There is a need for many bands and floats, Members of the Westfield Fife and Drum Corps of Westfield will be marching. After investigation, police arrested Mr. O'Hare at his home on Saturday, and charged him with serving alcohol to minors. He was later released with a summons. The two teenage girls were also arrested and charged with consuming alcohol. They were both turned over to their parents. OTHER ARRESTS Noelk Iieber, 27, of Scotch Plains was arrested and charged with shoplifting from Lord & Taylor April 21. She was released on $275 bail. Milton Griffin, of Scotch Plains was arrested on a Westfield warrant and held on $2,500 bail April 19. Peter GianqulnU, of Highland Avenue was arrested on a fugitive warrant out of Holmdel and released to those authorities April 20. On April 20, resident Vicki Garthney was arrested on a Westfield warrant and released on $100 bail. *» Gilberto Velazeo was arrested April 20 on a Westfield warrant and released on $625 bail. Carmine Rotella, 67, of Pienon Street was arrested April 22 on a Westfield warrant and released on $750 bail James Haddon of Colonia was arrested Sunday for his third offense of driving on the revoked list. He was held on $1025 bail. BURGLARY AND THEFT, A Tremont Avenue resident reported the theft of a tool box and a change purse from his kitchen last Wednesday. He said that April 7, a man came to the door and told him Lightning strikes Breeze Knoll house A home on Breeze Knoll was hit by lightning during last Tuesday's storm, leaving the house barely scratched. According to fire officials, the family was sitting at home at about 9:45 p.m. when "they heard a sound like an explosion." The fire alarm in the house went off and the Westfield Fire Department responded The family was Cafes (Continued from page A-l) "It'll add a lot to the general homey atmosphere and enhance the ambiance." y MainStreet volunteers researched the possibilities and came up with ordinances from other towns which allow the cafes, such as Summit and Morristown. They have drafted an ordinance, using the other town's ordinances as models, which the Town Council is now reviewing. Some featured requirements include the need for a 4-foot minimum pass-through between the tables, tables no larger than 21 inches in diameter and the use of permanent utensils and dishware. "We don't want any paper or plastic on the streets, flying around," Mr. Panagos said. "We also.flaw* that If the customers are using ceramic plates, more attention will be given to them." "Paper and plastic cheapen the atmosphere," said Councilman Anthony LaPorta. One issue of concern, however, is a proposed license fee of $100 which will need to be renewed each year. Mr. Panagos explained that it will cost the town to have "some local bureaucrat to look at the plans, inspect the site and handle paperwork." He said the $100 is meant to defray some costs. Mr. LaPorta, however, feels that there should be no Tee at all in order to encourage businesses and support the downtown. But Councilman Norman Greco said a fee is necessary so the taxpayers aren't paying for il "If a businesses are going to make money, they are willing to invest," Mr. Greco said. outside waiting when firefighters arrived.. Fire officials said that the lightning hit the outside brick of a chimney on the house near the family room roof. The explosive sound was explained as the lightning bursting a small amount of bricks off the chimney and shingles off the roof area. There was no fire or no damage to the structure of the home or to the electrical system. Fire officials said that this type of incident is not uncommon. April block of Central Avenue - refuse fire behind garage. 100 block of Park Street - odor of smoke in the area. 100 block of Central Avenue underground transformer explosion. 200 block of East Dudley Avenue alarm activation caused by power failure. 300 block of Elm Street - alarm system trouble signal. 500 block of Westfield Avenue - motor vehicle accident * Apr block of Elm Street alarm system trouble signal. 500 block of Springfield Avenue extrication of maintenance worker whose hand was caught in a lawn mower. 100 block of Brightwood Avenue alarm system malfunction. 700 block of East Broad Streethazardous material spill. 100 block of Marlboro Street - water condition in basement 1000 block of Central Avenue - arching power line. 100 block of Breeze Knoll Drive house struck by lightening. April block of North Avenue - alarm system activation. 300 block of First Street alarm system malfunction block of Irving Avenue smoke detector activation. 600 block of North Avenue accidental alarm system activation. 100 block of Cacciola Place - illegal open burning. *** April block of Cacciola Place - illegal open burning. 200 block of Elm Street oil spill in parking lot» April block of Prospect Street transformer malfunction. April U 300 block of North Scotch Plains Avenue refuse fire. 700 block of Cranford Avenue smoke condition caused by unattended cooking. Jay's Cycle Annual MADNESS SALE 4 DAYS ONLY, THURS thru SAT. MAY _, S i ±->-~ WIN A S500 SCHWINN MOUNTAIN 2nd Prize - $ 100 Store Credit 3rd Prlze - Blke Helmet ($40 Value) loot' In Specials 500 Bikes JtMdVTQ ^ ^ Drawing Held May 8, 1994 Stop In And Pill Out Your Entry Form 227 North Ave. E. Westfield Hours: M, Th 9:30-8; T, W, F 9:30-6; Sat 9:30-5:30; Sun 1-4 WILL IT EVER BE THE SAME? COLLISION DAMAGED CARS CAN BE RESTORED TO PRE-ACCIDENT CONDITION, he WH doing work in the resident's back yard The resident went with the man into the back yard and believes that at that time a second man entered his home and stole the items. A Sterling Place resident reported the theft ot 2S on April 20. He claims that while visiting a friend on Cacciola Place, his friend took the money out of his pocket and reftised to give it back. An East Broad Street resident reports the theft or a ladder and garden equipment from his garage April 20. On April 20, a Barchester Way resident reported the theft of about $3,000 in jewelry from her home. She believes that moving van workers may have taken the missing gold ring and her gold diamond wedding rinit. * A Park Street resident reported j car burglary April 21. Ttvs driver side window was smashe out on his car and about $2 $bo stereo equipment was taken..; A Watchung resident rejjjor the theft of various car parts fn a vehicle he left parked behind hi; Elm street workplace since The back seat, the carbgratorj chrome and tools were missing. CRIMINAL MISCHIEF Police reported that a pile jrf rub-1 bish was lit on fire by someone! unknown on North Scotch*Plains Avenue Saturday. A Harding Street resktat re- ported that his car windshiatt wasl damaged while it was parted all the train station Saturday. Check Your I Icadlight & Do Your Winers Work! ffosch WIPERS _ iflltv MB* * anavbtwawaanwa ^ g Discounted Price! J ' Already Discounted Price! J limnwws man) # nam) sj B annj man) nmn) niajnaama ariia* ni nmm maai ana* ni L & N Imported Auto Parts Ave. Westfield Confirmation and Communion Portraits Specially priced at Never a sitting charge 27 E. Broad St. Westfield (908) Toe nation'! leading weight management program;*. for children A teens as seem on the OPRAti t* Wintery Show (April, 29th). Unlike other weight J* loss programs, SHAPEDOWN is designed speci- 3? tically tor children A teens having problems with.;*.poor se(f esteem negative peer pressure %.binge eating. negative body image K poor grades. excess weight K ** These negative effects can persist into adulthood < causing emotional pain for your child for the rest of their lives. Contact BARBARA POTASHKJN M.S., recognized nutrition professional who is your localshapedown PROVIDER AND ~. increase self esteem -,. have a positive body image.. create a new thin lifestyle J for you and your famity (908) SOUTH AVE., FANVt OOP, NEW JERSEY Was your car damaged in an accident? Many consumers believe their car will never be the same. Choose a quality repair shop and your car can be restored to its pre-accident condition. Here's what to look for: TRAMNO Look for decafo, certificates, or other indications that technician* have received advanced training or certification from organizations such as I-CAR or ASE. EQUIPMENT. Ask questions and take a tour of the shop. Look for a three dimensional unibody measuring system and a unibody and frame straightening system. With the right equipment, training and skills, technicians can identify hidden damage and proper repairs can be made. Ask whut type of welding processes are used for structural repairs. All wculirtg must be done in accordance with the car manufacturer'!) recommended procedures. Set if the shop ntntr-of-tlir-iirt painting systrrns lint) spraying equipment. Proper nppliciitioi) of nrw ImnrcoHt/c.lrnrcoul finish rrtjuirrh special blending and r< uipm«nt to obtain it satisfactory mulch, CLEANLINESS An imjtortunl fnrlnr In A body shop. It t'mii nay a lot about the technician*' altitude*. WAMtANTICS/OUAKAKTIES The shop should offer a written warranty or guarantee on work performed. Ask what they offer. At Prestige Auto Body in Garwood, we're committed to providing the highest quality repairs using the most sophisticated repair systems and equipment available. We can restore your car to true pre-accident condition ana give you proof, not promises. We employ I-CAR trained and ASE certified technicians. We are also a certified PRESTIGE AUTO BODY 7 South Avenue, Garwood (90S) (600) NllfciimMt.O0itl» mil WNTAl CAR WITH THIS AD DuPont Assurance of Quality Reflnisher. Using DuPont Paint Systems, our technicians will restore the original appearance and durability of your car's finish. Our paint warranty ia backed by both our facility and the DuPont Company. Our Genesis Electronic Measuring and Damage Analysia System was the First in New Jersey and is till the only one in the Union/Middlesex County Area. It measures the structure of your car using computer, laser and electronic scanner technology. A printed report compares actual dimensions with factory specifications. We will also assist you in handling your entire insurance claim. We can file your claim for you, negotiate a fair price to restore your car to pre-accident condition, perform the repairs, and follow your claim through to final settlement. We can also arrange a low cost rental car for your convenience. We are a full ervtoe collision repair center. Clark^mLanes FULL AUTOMATIC QOORIN 140 Central Ave. f Clark Take Advantage of our Qummer League! - Casual Friendly Atmosphere - Short Bowling Season - No Averages Required All Bowlers Weloomel Mixed Women - Men - Youth or Youth Adult For Information

3 .ftprit Wactftold Record A-3 Today's second 'take daughters to work' day y HtCOU A. OIWIHO.TUB RECORD Jen-yev-oW mident Rachel Mokwhok 'w^nts to be a wildlife photographer when she grows up, a far ay from her mother's career at a psychology professor and researcher. Nevertheless, both mother and daughter anticipate sharing a wonderful ahd educational day together today on 1 *?ake Our Daughters to Work Day." ' 'For the second consecutive year, girls across the nation are heading to the offices, the stores and shops, the classrooms wherever their moms or dads are hard at work. Initiated by the Ms. Foundation for Women, the program is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of providing role models for young women. For Rachel and her mother, Judy Hudson, the day means this and much more. "This is an important part of my life and I can share it with her," Dr. Hudson said. "She can gain some greater awareness of what I do all day long when she doesn't see me and she can appreciate me and my day." Dr. Hudson is a professor at Rutgers University, which entails both teaching and research. Her area of expertise lies in childhood development and she is currently conducting research on the memory skills of lb-month-olds. Dr. Hudson plans to take her daughter to a regular "day-inthe-life" and more. ITie two will observe the infants in the lab, visit a regular classroom, and also visit the Douglass Daycare Center which Dr. Hudson supervises. "It will be a smattering of what being a researcher in developmental psychology might be like," Dr. Hudson said. "I'd like her to see that work isn't just something you have to do to take a paycheck, but there are interesting things that people can do Tor work things that motivate them intellectually and that they can enjoy." "I'm also curious," Dr. Hudson added. "I hope to see my work through her eyes, to see what questions she will ask given the opportunity." Rachel already has an idea of what her mother does. She knows that her mom teaches psychology at college and tests children's memories. Although Rachel knows that her mom has even studied Rachel's memory when she was younger, she doesn't really remember what it was like. Watching the children in the lab is the part Rachel is looking forward to most "I've seen the lab and everything but I've never actually seen her test any kids," Rachel said. "It's probably interesting because I've never done it. I guess her job would be hard." But the one thing that Rachel is sure of is that she is going to have a good time. "I'm excited because it's fun to be with my mom and I get to miss school and everything." Heart Association cites Katie for exemplary attitude to life MMSfkU A. AAMNffe It sixth-grader Katie Hiehas a heart big enough to.., on the world. >;;XKatle is a regular 11-year-old, hates gym class, loves reading cooking and wants "to take a p around the world." "What most may never realize about Katie is that she was diagnosed with a congenital heart disorder when she was less than six L months old. She has had heart surgery and been hospitalized for,' heart problems at least four times, and she and her family must keep close watch of her condition. Indeed, 11 years ago Susan Hieman was not so sure she would be "blessed to have Katie around today. When she and her husband, Ed, found out that their first child had a congenital heart, they also found out that although there had been other babies with the same condition, none survived. Katie was first sent home as a healthy baby, an oversight later explained by the fact that the holes in infant Katie's heart were so big that there was no heart murmur to be detected "I was fortunate that the doctors were concerned enough," Mrs. Hieman said. "That they realized that I was not simply a hysterical, worried mother but they took me seriously and acted. If they hadn't, Katie, more than likely, wouldn't be here." They were fortunate to reach the right doctors who could direct them to help and they were fortunate that help was so close. Katie was brought by ambulance to Columbia Hospital where her "walnut-sized heart" was operated on. Her heart now functions adequately, but it was not totally repaired and the Hiemans are keeping watch. But none of this fazes Katie. She is just Katie and that is more than enough. "I don't really mind," Katie smiled. "It makes me happy that I'm alive." Going to the doctor, having to eat right, and not being able to run as fast, as far as her friends is just part of who Katie is. Her mother explained, "If her friends were running the length of a Held and Katie got tired, she would just sit down and smell a Oower or something." Although Katie's heart condition sometimes slows her down, it never stops her. For instance, Katie currently spends about hours a week at the YMCA working out with her synchronized swimming team, the Westfield Y Aqua-ducks. Last year Katie won the gold medal in the Garden State Games. The American Heart Association recently honored Katie for being a child who has gone beyond the limitations of her illness. As Katie put it, "I was just honored for being me, I guess. It was nice." Just being Katie is what makes her so special. "We've never put Katie's medical condition as our primary focus," explained Mrs. Hieman. "We focus on her being a child, being part of a family, and living life. We like to think of Katie as a regular kid." Before she was honored by the AHA, Katie did not talk much about her condition with her peers, because she didn't want to be stigmatized as different. Some of the children at her school have teased her and at her age, this can be traumatic. But even this experience has influenced Katie in a positive way, adding to the part of Katie that is so special. "She's very sensitive and caring," Mrs. Hieman said. "She has a big understanding towards other people and other situations." And so does her 7-year-old brother, Chris, who is very protective of his sister. Katie Hieman manages to be a regular kid, and more. When the AIIA asked to honor her, Katie said yes because she wants "to help other children and adults who have heart problems just like me." She will soon begin volunteer work with pediatric cardiologists at a Katie Hieman, 11, keeps heart baby's hospital. attitude toward living. Police warn of downtown traffic woes during Central Ave. bridge repairs By NKOil A. QAVWW 3«E RECORD expect that traffic in town will be a mess throughthe month of May. Beginning 1, Central Avenue will be t North and South "I anticipate that it's going to be a monumental headache and a major traffic congestion in town," Chief Scutti said. "Everything is going to dump onto North Avenue and Broad Street. I anticipate major tie-ups." The railroad overpass on Central Avenue will undergo renovation}, including repainting. Westfield Police Chief Anthony J. Scutti said that the project should take about three or four weeks. Chief Scutti explained that if NJ Transit was to paint the bridge piecemeal, leaving one lane open for traffic, the job would take at least six weeks. Thia project has 1 already been nut off in due to the inconvenience. Mayor Garland "Bud" Boothe Cict a I rec Summer On Honda! \loih\\ (lo\\ II. InU'ivsl i mil <Ki I\lYMK'nls I ittii The Honda Harmony. Easy-start Honda 4.5hp OHV engine Exclusive twin-blade system for superior 6- Step Mulching 2-speed self-propelled model 21" durable, resilient, Xenoy deck Blade brake clutch said, "We should just bite the bullet and do it We want to just get it done and having one lane open would triple the time." Additionally, Mayor Boothe said that unlike the bridge near the South Avenue circle which was way on Central Avenue under the bridge is not broad enough to safely be able to route traffic through one lane. In anticipation of major traffic problems, Chief Scutti is planning to provide more officers on the roads to direct and control traffic, and warning signs will be set up all the way down Central Avaima and Mountain Avenue'aown t&'houte 22. condition at bay with a sunny YOUR^ EXISTING 'CABINETS RESTORED WE STRIP & REFINISHYOUR CABINETS LIKE NEW f REE SAMPLING «rflt fmter TOP «M trt 10% Senior Citizen Discount Age 62 or better? 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4 Commentary.*«; II Budget barons How much of a cut is enough to satisfy voters who killed school spending plans? Nearly half of school budgets facing voters last week were defeated statewide, including four of the six in Forbes Newspapers suburban Union area. Cranford's and Kenilworth's budgets passed. The township was quite open with its budget building and a strong financial team of board members led the "brand new" process this year. Hard decisions and hard work convinced the taxpayers of the credibility of the spending plan. Kenilworth voters have historically supported their K-8 board's budgets. The quick budget Scoreboard among the four defeated proposals looks like this: District/Budget No/Yes vote Westfield, $41.3M Scotch Plains, $40.2M Garwood, $2.8M Rgl. HS, $37.4M These defeated budgets now must go under the cutting knife of the town fathers of the towns in each school district That's six governing bodies hulking over the regional high school's budget and two scrutinizing the Scotch Plains-Fanwood spending plan. The town fathers have a copy of the school budget and a figurative blue pencil with which to scratch off recommended areas for cutting the school expenditures. Once the bottom line on cuts has been reached, the towns report the sum to the school boards which have a choice: accept the sum and make the cuts, or, appeal the cuts as unworkable to the state Department of Education. Die state has the power to restore all or part of the towns' recommended cuts. Hie whole twisted chain of events and options is touchy: * The school board is cringing, because it failed to match the voters' will on how much is enough f Thetownfathers are sweating because they don't really understand the school budget, face the risk of "hurting programs for the children", and are right at the peak of creating their own voter-proof budget How can they slash the school budget and then enact their own higher budget a week or two later? w Voters are cranky because their "no" vote can be negated at least twice along the way, allowing their school tax to saor to the level they rejected in the voting booth. The way out is for the "no" voters to follow up with the town fathers. Letters, phone calls, attending budget cutting meetings are necessary. One goal might be to shoot for a penny reduction in the school tax rate. Give the town fathers guidance and forewarning about their own pending budget. Lack of such resolve or follow-through makes it easier to do the easy thing: nominal cuts and eventual restoration by the state. Or, tolerate a meaningless budget voting process and pay ever more for local services. D-Day rumors were rampant as summer of '44 approached By CHERYL HUM. FORBES NEWSPAPERS One of the most difficult problems facing the homefront during World War II was handling the death and destruction that brought the people of the Allied Nations together at the outset of the war. Although no one knew when D- Day would be, news that there was to be a major united invasion KKnmtfMn j n&m p*«n a d from the air waves to local papers such as 77K Citizen and Chronicle. On April 27, when the paper hit the doorsteps of families who had no knowledge of the blows of the Luftwaffe; the magnitude of the rationing of food and household goods that English housewives felt; or seen mobilization on the homefront as in Europe, where every individual desperately is giving his utmost to the war effort in factories and in swiftly organized armed home guards composed of old men and young boys. As pre-invasion air attacks on Europe in April of 1944 took an increasingly heavy toll of American airman, those on the homefront began to realize the price they will pay for victory, not in danger to their homes but in broken families and broken hearts. As the united forces of the Allied Nations advanced tot he final battle front of victory on the western front, Cranibrd, Westfield, Garwood, Kenilworth Scotch Plains and Fanwood residents together with citizens of every community in the United States waited to be notified that the major invasion had taken place. Townspeople were asked to gather in their churches of worship and pray to God that "the price we pay for freedom be not too high and that we be granted the strength to face the future with wisdom and understanding to rebuild a war-torn world." Also announced were additional plans to notify residents that the European invasion had taken place by the sounding of even blasts of the fire siren at five-second intervals for a period of three minutes. If received after 9 p.m. the siren would be sounded the next morning. In addition, all churches were to open for prayer services within a half hour after the siren is sounded. Townspeople were also urged to go to the church of their faith to participate in a half hour quiet service as soon as they heard the siren. At the conclusion of the service, arrangements were also made for members of the clergy to go to various school where brief assembly programs would be held. The programs were to include the singing of the national anthem, salute to the flag, silent prayers, the reading of scripture and a talk by a member of the clergy. Aa n a y Amnfccui waited for news that tht invasion had taken place, the war raged on. No one was protected from the harsh realities of war, least of all children, many of whose fathers were serving on the front But kids grew up fast during wartime. No one was sheltered from what had happened or what was to come. And Cranford youth were indicative of youth across America. They pitched in and carried the load. Sometimes the extraordinary merely became part of the effort everyone was displaying. A tiny announcement on the bottom of page eight announced that Cranford High School students purchased $ in war bonds and stamps on Tuesday, making their total purchases during the school year $73, There were 20 home rooms with 100 percent purchases recorded and 85 percent of the pupils participated. But they still need another $32,1M,15 to their goal, which was to purchase a P-51 fighter plane for the Army Air Force. Bill would foster economies among towns Assemblymen Richard H. Bagger and Alan M. Augustine recently introduced legislation that would make it easier for municipalities to Edward F. Carroll Executive Editor Kip Kuduk Sports Editor enter into interlocal service agreements in the interest of saving taxpayers money. The Bill, A-1378, would remove The\ftfestfield Record Forbes Newspapers, A Division ol Forbes Inc. Richard McComb Advertising Manager Qeorg* Gannon Circulation Director Malcolm S, Forbes Jr. Editorln-Chlef Lou Baraony Publisher Nicole Qavlno Reporter Alsn M. Churchill General Manager Heather Wyman Advertising Representative BHIli M. Davla Contfollor Chfryl Panika Chief Copy Editor- Special Sections Editor William Wtsthovvn WeekendPlus Editor Doug Baum Classified Advertising Manager Kttly Zullo Classified Tolephono Sales Manager IheWeatflelclftocord (USPS005-(MS) ispubllshbcl on Thursdays by PorbBB NowspnpBlfl.fldlvlslonolFurboalne. 10? Walnut Avfl.Cranford. NJOfOW (0O8?7fl BO00 Seuond daa»position paid nl Crarilord, NJ0701 MA!i f KM plnnse sonfj chnngestoforbaa Nflwwpminrt, rulllllrnerilowcfl.f'ohoxool), Soimtrvlllu. NJ 0B87Q, Subscription mlos by mnil onn yenr within Union Oourily $1/. out of i:»nn y $ZO, out olstfltdh 1 '! f olubscnbfi cull t-boo 300 B3?l Writ* Ui: 102 Walnut Avenue Cranford, NJ07O1B Phone (908) FAX: (906) the requirement that municipalities must adopt ordinances in order to enter into such consolidated purchase agreements. "The ultimate impact of this legislation should be to help avoid some of the expenses, as well as the time delays, associated with going through the ordinance process to approve such agreements" Mr. Bagger said. The cumulative impact of the bill should save municipalities throughout the state in excess of $100,000 a year. "Measures that ore approved through the process of ordinance must be advertised in the form of a legal notice in the municipality's official newspaper of record, nn expense that con be tremendously costly," Mr. Augustine said. "In addition, ordinance proposals cannot be approved until they have been given a first rending by the governing body and placed on second rending for the purposes of holding it public hearing." "Klimlnntlntf the ordinance requirement Hhould help promote In rreiihed adoption of Interluca) service agreement!) by county nnd municipal governments, rtntultlng In Improved coat t»ffklcniry for coopcrtitlng local agcrwlra," Mr. Hug ger rtflld. The legislation in now pttndlng action In the Assembly's 1-ocnl Government Committee, A new beginning AUOUSTO F. MENEZES/FOftBCS I This week's warm tomptratures marktd the tnd of winter's rough wtathtr. Letters to the editor Greco leaves no i eaf unt urne4 To The Record: On Nov. 22, 1993, during leaf removal, the department of public works (DPW) damaged a 30-foot section of our front fieldstone retaining wall. The DPW stated that they would repair the damage as soon as possible, but would not give further details. This wall had just been rebuilt approximately one year earlier. My husband and I had interviewed several contractors and had selected a contractor that had given us a guarantee on the stability of the wall. A letter and photographs of the wall were sent to Mayor Boothe along with the pertinent details. As of this date, we have not received a reply to our letter. The DPW did send unannounced a contractor to Correction policy The Record will promptly correct errors of fact, context or presentation and clarify any news content that confuses or misleads readers. Please report errors to Record Editor Ed Carroll by phone at , or by mail at P.O. Box 626, Cranford 07018, or at the drop box at the Westfield Y. All corrections and clarifications will appear on this page under this logo as a convenience to our readers. The Superior Court hearing date set for the case of Democrats Wiiam Bremen and John Walsh against The Town of Westfield and Westfield Town Cteffc Joy VreeJand is May 4. The democrats wish to run for Town Council seats next fall aid hope to reverse the decision made by Mrs. VreeJand to reject their election petitions. repair the damaged wall. However, the contractoi would not give us a guarantee on the repair. J In our frustration, we contacted our councilmanj Mr. Norman Greco. He in turn spoke with the town engineer and within 24 hours had resolved our probj lent by assuring us that our original contractor would, repair the wall. Due to the early Inclement weatheri the repairs were delayed to the spring. The wall has; just recently been rebuilt { We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Greco for his expeditious handling of this situation. We-Bf*' predate his concern. '~j ANTHONY VUDO 'My pal's no incompetent To The Record: I noticed the Democratic candidate running against my friend Gary Jenkins said, "he was the competent one for the job." Does this imply Gary is incompetent? Let's not let the tax-and-spend Democrats, who control our school board and who are trying to lead our country to socialized medicine, question the competency of a hard working, honest and totally capable executive like Gary Jenkins. If this Democratic candidate wants to do something worthwhile, let him tell us if Democrats could be trusted when the president and Mrs. Clinton can't be trusted on disclosing the most basic facts of their personal finances? Die issue faring voters of witfield is one the country will face in 1WW, ; Tax-and- spend liberals vehitts Republican values ;! Socialism versus Republican ft** enterprise The Clinton's lifestyle versui family values Florio tax increase versus Whitman's tax cut *i» For as long as I remember, SfTe Town Council was run for the betoefit of the citizens of Westfield, not to help launch political careers. Let's keep it that way and re-elect Gary Jenkins. ' DAVID M. QOLUStl WcstfleW Mayor clarifies the policy on curbs To The Record: 1 wish to clarify the town's policy for reconstructing existing streets including curbs, and the separate policy for replacement of old, damaged or missing curbs. The Town Council voles to reconstruct streets, including improving grading, installing Belgian block curbing on each side, fixing driveway cuts, etc., only if there is an affirmative vote of a majority of the property owners fronting on the section, Many streets have been improved on this basis in the past 15 years, including Ayliffe, Bradford, Coolidge, Harding, Sherwood Parkway and Westfield Avenue. Assessments to property owners have varied, depending on project costs and whether state or community development grants have been available. Such aid has brought down costs dramatically in some projects. A petition is circulated to all affected property owners that makes it clear that they will have to pay part of the costs and our best engineering estimate of those costs is set forth. The rest of the cost is paid by the town as a capital project. Pearl street, the subject of discussion at our last public meeting, was a project that went through this process. j There are streets where some council membersbelieve rebuilding would be desirable, but because fc majority of the property owners do not consent, the curb-tocurb rebuilding never becomes a project. The council, in my experience, has never rebuilt a street over the opposition of the people on the street. ' Curbs are an entirely different matter, with a different history. For many years curb replacement was ah ongoing budget line item of $50,000 or so. SectionsZbf curbing were replaced, with the decisions as to where to work left to the town engineer's professional judgment. This practice had several drawbacks: First, the repaired areas looked like patchwork, wi^h new Belgian block mixed In with old but serviceable poured concrete and/or granite curbing. Second, repairs were done only to the extent trie money held out, and there was never enough to do all that was and is needed. '. (Please turn to page A-5) J Vo-Tech backs daughters-to-work dayj The second annuiil Take Our Daughters to Work Day will take place throughout the nation toduy, April 28, nnd the Union County Vo catlonal-technlcal Schools will again he taking an active role. Sponsored by the M.S'. I'oundntiori For Women, Take Our Dmifthkra Tn Work is gonml to crr>iitiiif{ an environment in which the public, the media, tnichera find parents throughout the country can no knowledge girls' Intelligence luui desire for itiiorimitiom. It ntao CM iihlen yiiimgr.trm to sec the roulitlrs of thn workplace fur wornon. The agenda at the vocnlioiuiltechnlcnl schools will Iwgln fl',lf> H.rn. with n hrcrilihist orientation, including nn overview nl 1 the workplace along with a question and answer period. Workshops for mothers and daughters are scheduled throughout the day. Among the special guest speakers taking part is Giiil Inmmatteo, president or the UCVTS Board of Education, An active civic leader, Ms. Inminntten ia n member of the Union County Republican Finance Committee, a member of the Scotch PlnlriH Republican Club and n delegate from Scotch Plains to the Union County Ilepublicun Club. Also apenklng will IK* Judy Bnhlnnki Esq., n cum Imulo griidunte of the University of Wyoming. Sho Is with the low firm of Bivono, Cohen, Kunzman, Coley, "Yospln, Bernstein and DIFrancesco. Workshops will cover a variety of! subjects and be conducted by expe-; rienced lecturers. The programs; begin 0:30 a.m. with subjegts! Beared to thu interests of the moth-; ITS. They will run concurrently; with workshops created Hpodficailyi for the duuhhtcrs. Tlie schedule follows. ; l'w mothers < O:3(Mftl0ii.m. - "Women's 1e I nues." Hally Abbott, author of the; sutirlcal cxpoae Ttte War fhettttim; Men awl Women) Continue* and' publisher of V/omm'n Harpoon, ni nationally distributed humor mug-; l for women,, 10:10-10:fi0a.m. - "The Road to! (Please turn to page A-G)

5 28,1994 ftocoitl A-5 Ml. - : It takes time, fellas T* The Record: I am writing in response to Joy Vreeland's refusal of the petition* of Mr. Bicnnan, Mr. Walsh, and Mr. Wolski for Tom Council due to not having satisfied the two-year residency requirement. " ~ would appear that candidates who are truly Invested in the weubeof Westfiekl would welcome this legislation as an opportunity to man about the community prior to running for Ttown Council, than jump into an election after only one year. As a 14-year it of this town, I can honestly say that I am still learning about that concern my fellow residents, and I would And it difficult to the motives of candidates who do not welcome such a learning '. At the very least, such motives could be construed as idio- Mayor Boothe's tenacity on this matter. It seems dear that i tndy reflect our town's best interest, since this matter has previously addressed in the refusal of a petition by a Republican VtCTOfUA L. CIFAJtATTl Westfleld m delighted to serve ) Record: > delighted that the taxpayen of Westfleld voted to provide me a to serve them on the Board of Education. I appreciate the tint they and those who supported my candidacy showed in admit that it is the first time I have been given a job to do ; any money to do itt However, the message from the taxpayers is and it wid be up to the board to determine how to do more with This was an unavoidable challenge to those of us thinking about ft. With yesterday's vote, the future is now. ise to serve the children, parents and taxpayers of Westfleld to t of my ability in the next three years, 'H.PLAST Westfleld Letters to the editor Mayor clarifies curb policy (Continued from page A4) Third, doing bits and pieces lost efficiencies of scale that result from replacing long runs. Several years ago, before arrival on the council of the critic of the present policy, the curb repair issue was revisited and after much discussion, including the "fairness" issue, council agreed that the only way significant curb repairs would take place would be if the town got financial support from interested property owners. We recognized that these property owners would be paying for curb replacements whereas others in the past had gotten replacements without assessment On the other hand, requests for replacement had become so strong from some residents who were willingto contributeto the cost that the current policy was adopted, I add that this policy coincided with the economic downturn of a few years ago and our diligent effortsto keep the increases in the municipal budget and tax rate as low as possible. The current situation: For 1994, as several past years, there is no appropriation for fill-in curb replacement Residents that want curb replacement can ask the council, through any council member or myself, for consideration. They will be given a petition to circulate which, like the street reconstruction petition, clearly indicates that, provided there is a majority response, we will tryto get work scheduled. An estimated cost is provided. Again, the resident pays part and the town pays part An example: A study was done of the entire length of North Chestnut Street, and while a few sections voted affirmatively, most did not Hence, this work is not in our plans for In this era of tight money, tight budgeting and resident concerns over taxes, we are reducing or eliminating many items that would be desirable. We would all love to fix every curb in town, but nobody wants that expense in their tax bills. I hope this answers any further questions residents have, but if anyone has further questions, they are welcome to leave a message an the Mayor's Hot Line, , and I will get backto them, or they can contact the chairwoman of our public works committee, Councilwoman Peggy Sur. OAKLAND "BUD" BOOTHI Mayor of Town of Westfleld SHOPPING SPREE $100 Gift Certificate To Be Awarded To A Lucky Contestant To Be Redeemed At One Of The Participating Merchants Advertised Below Bam [gtrament Rental Rent Now For A Receive An Additional Month With This Ad. Renul Fees start as low as $35.00 for 3 rnos. inc. insurance. All repairs Free Durin Rental Period Student is Never Without Intiument. OMS MONTH M l MNTiU. WITH THIS AD WNa you Han up far 3 or monto mm LUSICAL DISCOUNT CENTER 350 North Avenue, v Garaod, NJ 789*1939, Craftg J&ttdtj en Complete Craft Supply Shop Workshops All Year Round. &. All Kinds Of Craft Supplies a^ip-i^s-. 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Inspection Center 50 North Avenue, Oarwood Hours: Mon-Fri 8-6; Sat 9* Appointments Requested LUBE; OIL &"FILYER" CHANGE SPECIAL ^ ^ ^ ^ $4Q95 ^af ««>».S24.t» ServIoJlncludes: Change oil (up to 5 quarts, 10W-30, Quaker State), change oil, filter, check all Iluld levels, lubricate fittings. Available lor most cars... ^ ^ ^,. ^ ^ ^M_ ^mm aaibb anm aaaai avaai BaV abm tabjb IMP BUB BaaV BaV BW I $100 SHOPPING SPREE ENTRY In order to be eligible please complete and either drop It off at one of the participating merchants or mall to Forbes Newspapers 102 Walnut Ave. Cranford, N.J Gift certificate oan only b«uaedfit mirohint of your choice advertised above & cannot be combined with another merchant. Vo-Tech backs (Continued from page A-4) Success is Always Under Construction", Dr. Dorothy L. Zufall, direc- Chuan," Marsha Rosa received a tor of Community Health Educa-bachelor'tion at Somerset Medical Center. degree in science from Author of articles in Health Value, Public Relations Journal, The Journal of School Health and Health Marketing, 11:10-11:50 a.m. - "Women's Issues and Domestic Violence," Joan R. Sulzmann, adjunct professor in the Department of Social Work at Monmouth College, has trained and instructed in issues relating to domestic violence for the Monmouth County Police Academy and DYFS. 11:50 a.m.-12:30 p.m. - "The New Nutrition and Labeling", Dr. Karen M. Ensle, an extension home economist for Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service of Union County and a registered dietitian and certified home economist. 12:30-1:30 p.m. Luncheon in BaxelHall. 1:30-2:45 p.m. - "Assault Prevention", Dr. Robin Boudette, a psychologist and clinical supervisor of Outpatient Services at the Carrier Foundation Center for Counseling in Bell Head, specializes in the treatment of addictions and women's issues and is currently an instructor in training with Prepare Inc., a full-impact, self-defense training program based in-new York City. 2:45-3:30 p.m. - "Women's Financial Issues", Denise M. Matejic is a specialist in Family Resource Management with Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service of Cook College. As a certified financial planner, she provides assistance to faculty and other professionals in developing, implementing and SINCE 189)1 -THE STANDARDOF QUALITY FOHI00VEARS- SPRING PLANTS VARIETIES OUR M6IN PRICES ANNUALS * VEGETABLES 411 4PACKS SHU. 991 tmshmmkhmimksnowready 1 techpitt Sttiiini Viriititt inch pots- HeirloomVirelies oriromcutimgv Ht HERBS tk PERENNIALS 1 "'i MI ptfi im<ti»t vw itutt 99» imeti pott VvMn (mm Catlings or SivUtwis- 1.4f evaluating educational programs in family financial resource management. For daughters 9:30-10:10 a.m. - "Tai Chi Rutgers University. She has beer* studying the art of Tai Chi Chuan for 20 years and is an instructor at local adult education classes. She has competed in and in Tai Chi competitions. 10:10-10:50 a.m. 'Teen Health and Self Exam" will be presented by Kathy Arvay, manager of the Radiation Therapy Department and the Breast Health & Mammography Center at Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center. 11:10-11:50 a.m. "Teen Dating Violence," Christine Heer of the Program of Education and Training, Resource CenterforWomen and Their Families, provides individual and group counseling to victims. 11:50 a.m.-12:30 p.m. - "The New Nutrition and Labeling" by Dr. Karen M. Ensle (see mothers' workshops). 12:30-1:30 p.m. Luncheon in Baxel Hall. 1:30-2:45 p.m. "Self Esteem", Dr. Rena Grasso, founder of the Career and Ufe Counseling Center at Bergen County Technical Schools, has developed a program that has integrated equity into a range of adult and secondary school programs. 2:45-3:30 p.m. John Crowiey, instructor of Business Data Programming at UCVTS,received his bachelor's degree in economics/ business administration from Villanova University and an master's degree in business education from Seton Hall University. Mr. Crowiey is a member of the Eastern States Business Educators Association. 69 IMEW JERSEY BOTANICAL GARDENS PLANT SHOP More! on Top Quality.Baseball 8 $ojt all Gear SLOVl SPECIALS 195' RBG36 JMValu*,*56* feature a huge selection of gloves for Fielders, Basemen, 8 Catchers Right 8 Lefthanded models available ALL DISCOUNT PRICED! Thousands of [awllngs basebi A soflball unl- ^/ forms In stocky N^otteHng provld ^ d. 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6 W«stfMd Record,1994 «. ^'W r it Mom Deserves The Best, *.<*. atinber Mom On Mother's Day May 8th. fl?'ik" ««fl'bli'v, -'I \ Fords Jewelers Always Provides The Best! (Always Fine Jewelers Quality Always At A Price That Will Please You!) There's Only One Fords Jewelers New Jersey's Legendary Jeweler^ Barry Berman - Graduate, Diamond Masters of America 449 New Brunswick Ave., Fords NJ Open Weekdays; 9:30-5 PM, Friday till 8 PM, Closed Wednesday & Sunday sv «h/\o n YOI i; JI: n ///;/.'

7 April 28, 1994 WMtfMd Record Community life A-7 Sharing Thi* column Mohlfehto the accomplishment* and omen otity 0/ Bubutban Union uotunteen and the aeruices of the charitable organization* they support Free PAP tests set for Saturday ELIZABETH Free cervical cancer screenings (PAP tests) will be held 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, April 30 in the Oncology Treatment Center of Elizabeth General Medical Center-West, 925 East Jersey St. The screenings are cosponsored by Elizabeth General Medical Center and the Elizabeth Cubanos Lioness dub. Appointments for screening are necessary. Call (BOO) Elizabeth General Medical Center's Oncology Treatment Center, in cooperation with the American Cancer Society, will offer a free breast cancer detection, education and screening program 9 a.m.-4 pjn. Saturday. May 7; and 10 a.m>l p.m. Sunday, May 22 at Elizabeth General Medical Center-West For more information and to schedule an appointment, call the number above. AIDS Quilt on display CRANFORD - A portion of the AIDS Memorial Quilt will be displayed 9 a.m.-4 pjn. Tuesday in the gymnasium of Governor Livingston Regional High School in Berkeley Heights. Sponsored worldwide by the NAMES Project Foundation, this showing is being presented locally by the Governor Livingston chapter of the National Art Honor Society. All area residents are invited to see this profound and moving display. For more information, call the NAMES Project New Jersey at , or Paula Ehrich at the high school at Overlook treats Dominican boy SUMMIT German Gonzalez of the Dominican Republic underwent ear surgery at Overlook Hospital in Summit under the care of ear specialist Dr. Jed A. Kwartler. German was identified by Healing the Children, a nonprofit, voluntary organization that helps children around the world receive medical care they otherwise couldn't afford. Walk your dog; fight cancer ROSELLE - A Paws Walk against Cancer, a noncompetitive dog walk-athon in which dog owners walk with their dogs and collect pledges, will be held Sunday, May IS, in the stadium at Warinanco Park. limit is two dogs per walker and each human walker must collect $50 in pledges. All participants receive a free T-shirt and doggy bag. Proceeds go to the Union unit of the American Cancer Society. Registration begins at 10 a.m.; the walk at 11. Home Share will be meeting PLAINFIELD - Those seeking housing and those Interested in sharing their home con come together through the Home Share Program of Union County, nn alternative housing option. The program is available through Community Access Unlimited which will liont 11 one-hour meeting nt iv.'m p.m. April 2» at 132 E. Front St. For more information, call Sophia Smith at Gardeners who won basket trophlaa in Parker Greenhouse's contest gather In the greenhouse during awards presentation ceremony last week. From left are Florence Schilling, Loretta and Don Widdows, Carmella and Joe Papvano, Mary and Malna Mlllonnot and Steve Parker, president of Parker Greenhouses. FORBES NEWSPAPERS s/xecia/ Pakrer Greenhouse of Scotch Plains is a diverse business that counts customers from the White House to Trump Castle, but there is alwauys time for a "Best Garden" contest for local residents. Last week, the winners of last summer's contest came together at Parker Greenhouses to receive their awards. Holding hefty baskets filled to the brim with a variety of gardening supplies and a plaque for their gardens, the winners chatted about their gardening talents. In the Forbes Newspapers coverage area there were several winners including Cranford resident Loretta Widdows of Park Drive who won for best beckyeni garden; Florence "Laurie" Schilling of Washington Street In W«tneM, best front yant garden; and Fanwood youngsters Mary and Malena MUonnet who won for best children's garden. The stories behind their gardening achievements are told here: e e e y CMKRYLHEtH FORBES NEWSPAPERS y CHCRVLHEHL FORBES NEWSPAPERS ROBERT YOUNG/FOH9ES NEWSPAPER j thyme flies in their lives\ When Loretta and Don Widdows bought their home they wanted to do something special with the backyard. Little did they know it would lead them to "The Edge of Thyme." Although they have lived in Cranford 25 years, they moved to the Park Drive home 10 years ago. The grounds cried out for attention. While Don filled time with his longtime hobby of building, restoring and collecting antique clocks, Loretta literally dug into the arduous job of turning the back yard into a garden retreat Although it took time, eventually everything came together. But both were at a loss as to what to call their new found respite. "We wanted a theme around our two hobbies, gardening and clocks, but I was stumped as to a name. Finally I came up with "The Edge of Thyme," Loretta said. Explaining that her research revealed that the herb thyme had more varieties than any other herb, she decided to make the plant the focus of the garden. It also solved the problem of a name for their abode. A highlight came when a neighbor suggested they restore an old fish pond that had been filled in years before. Surprised and excited, they set to work immediately to remove the gravel that filled the ponii, and surround it with a beautiful rock garden. Todjjy the pond is filled with Koi and goldfish, which "kne^v our footsteps," claims Loretta, who gets help feeding the fish from her grandchildren, Matthew, 12, ar)d Julian, 8, who also live in Cranford. A sundial greets those who walk through the arbor to the lush gardens where deer wander in and take up residence. But the deer are not the only ones who find the garden restful. In many ways the retreat has become a secret garden for Loretta who spends an abundance of time there. ' And tucked in among the greenery and flowers are very special memories such as the tree stump that the Widdows son Tim, who lives in Illinois, artistically carved into the likeness of a little man called "Woody."! And then there's the plaque that stands by their pond, the one that brings tears to Loretta's eyes j^o matter how many times she reads it: '>, There is always music amongst the trees in the garden; but our hearts must be quiet to hear tt Schilling garden's warmth has spread far For years Florence "Laurie" Schilling's garden on the corner of Rahway and Washington Street in Westfield has brought joy, comfort and serenity to many. Mrs. Schilling calls it a labor of love and a memorial to "all my darlings," who have passed away, including her dear husband, mother and sister. But more than that, Mrs. Schilling's garden has been a respite for friends and strangers alike for close to 40 years. She remembers planning the garden shortly alter her marriage. Her goal was to create a showplace. Little did she know that the seeds she would sow would bring not only an abundance of flowers, but friends to fill a lifetime. They came hesitantly at first, standing outside the fence to look at the garden that flourished so beautifully each and every year. Some stood shyly across the street, quietly gazing at the hundreds of tulips, primroses and pansies that lined the yard, while others came right to the gate and were welcomed by a most unusual guide, Mrs. Schilling's golden Labrador Retriever. "Pern had a fan club," she laughs, crystal blue eyes sparkling with the memory of the dog everyone seemed to love. "She was very dignified. When someone would come to the gate she would stand there as if to say 'come in, you are welcome.' And then she would escort them around the garden." One couple never missed a week in the spring and summer for 28 years. One day they came to the gate and they had a special reason. It seems that 28 years before they had to put their 5-year-old autistic son in a home. It was a heartbreaking situation that left both in agony because it was the only child they would ever have. but driving home after one of the first visits they made to him they came upon Mrs. Shilling's garden. "They said that had it not been for my garden they never could have made it through the anguish of leaving after every visit They would come and park outside my yard and just stay for an hour. After a while one or the other would say, 'shall we go.' When their son died decades later, they decided to move away, but not before paying me a visit to thank me sisters share rocks, flowers and hard work By CHEKVL HEHL FORBES NEWSPAPERS Mary and Malena Milonnet of Fanwood have the world's best rock garden, literally. Although Mary is only 11 years old and Malena is just 9, they found common ground when they decided a few years ago to make use of a 40-foot narrow strip along the side of their house. Using a variety of rocks they have collected on vacations all over the world, including a very special one that came from the Riviera, they fashioned a theme of flowers surrounded by rocks. "Each year we like to pick out flowers that we have never seen before," explains Mary, while Malena shyly shakes her head in agreement. "That way we learn about all types of flowers and the garden has variety." Mary said. The Rirls spend considerable time tending the garden, and Morn, Donna, is quick to point out they are very good gardeners. Mary is the planter, while Malena is adept at weeding. for the great deal of inner peace they had found after each visit with their son," said Mrs. Schilling, her voice catching with emotion. There are many other stories, all touching reminders of how much joy and happiness the garden has brought to so many. In fact, ope gentleman who later developed Alzheimers disease, forgot just about everything, but on occasion he would remember Mrs. Schijling's lovely garden. ; "He would say to his wife, 'brirjg me to my friend with the gardeft.' After he died his widow asked iif she could place a memorial plaque in the garden he loved so much]." And she did. j "I never knew how much j y and comfort my garden gave Jo people, but I've learned that it is indeed a very special gardert," Mrs. Schilling says with a wink. I "To give joy to someone is tfke most priceless gift of all," she adis with a brilliant smile. "Not maijy people get to sow a garden in lifqf" The clique that echoed over many decades of life Earlier in my life I was a whipping boy for those who thought they were so much better than I. Being an immature kid who didn't know which end was up, 1 continued to hold these people in high regard, despite the fact that they didn't deserve it. They were the "In crowd," the popular ones, the kids everyone looked up to. Bill when I look back now I renlly can't figure out why. They didn't do nnythlng extraordinary, and they certainly were? not very nice human beings. In fact they wore jerks. Still, wt> nil idolized them. Anil created ourselves In their Image. We walked, talked and tried to dies;) like them. Dut most of all we Ijelleved anything they said because they wen; "(he clique." No one ever even considered that them* teenage icons writ 1 anything hut perfect. Then we all graduated atul went <»i to live our lives. We found out that in order to succeed you had to stand on your own Shenanigans By Cheryl Hehl merits. Being In the "in crowd" couldn't help you hold down n Job, misc your family or help you whvn tragedy struck. Unfortunately, I wns reminded recently that cliques didn't <lle after high school They tend to rise from tin* grave like zoni hies In bad "IV movies from the IDHOs. It nil started when I ran into otic of (he "In crowd" from high school. Not thai I recognized her nt fintl, but ironically she rernetnliereil me. She hud IK-CM homecum IIIM queen, it cheerleader tuid hod gone sternly with the star quarterback I wiw tin* nerd they spent four years making fun "f and torturing. I would hove done anything short of pledging my soul to the devil to get into that group, though. Even on prom night they couldn't cut me a break. They laughed, ]H>inted and ridiculed my homemade dress in stage whispers. I heard all their comments, my face burning with humilation and shame. Hut that's the react ion they wanted. I left high school 11 few weeks later and never looked buck. She had changed. In fuel, like i said, I didn't, recognize her. Kvcri though her innrringe to Die star quarterback had failed, and the "in crowd" tuid gone their separate ways, she seemed In i.lill IM< living buck in high school She never menl toned bring of (he 1'. 1 (> 111 > that lidneiilcd mi' that night, mid neither did 1. Itut I wondered why :sh' % wan ncknowleilitif; my existence. Then she luiid she liked to keep in touch. I almost Implied out loud. Hut 1 didn't need to go Iwiek, I WIIR too busy living in the present. When I said gimklhyi* 1 knew I'd never see her again. * Recently a second incident reinforced the fact that cliques have n wny of coming back to haunt you. Fortunately, though, oh the night in question, I didn't cry or ruft^ for cover as I did the night of the prom. \ hekl my head tip and did what I shoul^ have done 2i> years ago: I wondered if they knew how immature and childish thejf acted. Anil even though my face bume< with embnissment as they riclculed an<^ taunted me, 1 ignored them. Rut I wori) dered why these grownups had not prijj greased further than the day they left higrj school. Or why they had to feed off an} other in order to feel powerful. It may hav^ Ix'en awe-inspiring at 17, but it seemed pathetic now. J The only thing I'd like to know in whj* no one else run see wlmt I see. Or mnybi, they do. Not everyone la caught in a timd warp, right? ]

8 A-8 VfostftoM Record April 28, create quilts for AIDS infants 1 Rel g ion More than 200 volunteers from church, community and service Mroupt banded together April 16 to 'assemble crib quilts for at-risk ba-, We*. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Westfield hosted its second annual AIDS Babies Quiltathon aa a Lenten project.... Volunteers measured, cut,.finned, tewed and tied their way it create 179 colorful quilts in a ««ne>day marathon which changed Ihe parish center into a factory as- asmbly line. Under guidelines (Al-risk Babies Crib) Quilts, a national non-profit organization, 'the quilts were made specifically for babies bom with the HIV/AIDS 1 **rus, fetal-alcohol syndrome, ad- '>«Bcted to drugs and "boarder ba- 'biet n who are abandoned also in hospitals. A special preschool was also set up for youngsters 2-7 years old to color in their own squares which were later stitched into six hand-designed quilts. ' On the following day, the Rev. Alexander G. Leondis, pastor of Holy Trinity, blessed all the quilts before the congregation with a special prayer. The Ladies Philoptochos, the philanthropic group of the church, provided all materials free of charge. Angela Slappas, president, asked only that volunteers give their time. Participants, however, did bring in baby items for a special collection which the Youth of Holy Trinity (the teenage group) delivered along with some of the quilts to St. Clare's Home (for HIV/ AIDS babies), Elizabeth, and to Project Babies (for babies born with drug addictions), Newark. The quilts were distributed to University Hospital, Newark; Children's Hospital, Newark; Children's Hospital AIDS Program (CITAP), Newark; St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Elizabeth; Elizabeth General Hospital, Elizabeth; DYFS, Elizabeth; and Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, Plainfield. Choir team Studants from the Confirmation class of Temple Emanu-EI In Wastfteld volunteer weekly to lead a Sabbath service and Ing each Friday afternoon at Meridian Nursing Home In Weatfleld. From left are Shari Gersch, Lauren Rosenblatt, Kenneth Diamond. Adam Welland and Emily Laderman. Winners Holy Trinity Interparochial School has two recent first place iwnners among Its students. Eighth-grader Jason Myer won )ft«union County spelling bee. Katie Behr, sixth-grader, won the> Respect Life essay contest., Weekly Crossword Name Games" fl y ACROSS 1 Prod S Vaulted 10 Th«grMitHt amount 14 Barking mammal ISZMl 16 Mime 17 Mi. Adimt 18 SlngwPatar 19 Stir up ap Suthfltnd & Dock 22 Boon* * Wttalmr M Negative rnponses 26 Million 26 Spanish built M Blunder 30 Mimicking bird 34 Brewer 35 Gotforfl. 39 Upper house 37 Word with cup 38 Bimateln or Suo" Rty 'm Hotp. term 41 Slnfjer Frtnkle 43 SrtarKay't rank 414 Ooofctd U* Baauty parlor H6 Broadcast \Ul Marchandla* V4I Angler* naadt *M Aulo ;ISi Qorm t ln»taln 04 Victor or Hoovnr 5«NtvyracruH "±9 Daapltad «1 U 8 citizen B2 Prtpafi tor publication ^«3 Ptorre'i achod 'B4 Gat up 396 eichhcrn or SttnstlaM M Ta!>B7 LawytrAbrev. :* DOWN If 1 Employed -" a Change the decor.* 3 ProfH!r 4 flooaave/l or Pcmmll " 5 Touehee down 0 Cupkl 7 Fins 8 Dollboralo B Halloween goal 10 Monroe or Home 11 Ron Howard role 12 Market 13 Very In France 21 Angela* 23 isppolnled 2! Ann of Connie 20 English goodbye! 27 Singer John SB Pertaining to thn kidneyt 29 PrldB 31 Consumer advocate 32 Mnko nrnnntli 31 Warm* 3fl Writing HrrmdwnY nl( l> HO On» who avoids other* 4?.'iw/f or Young 44 Waltnts tir Bimh 40 1'rnncb mglun 47 Prolongwl ltgtitlri(j 49 AiiBBlhollc ; c!<»< AllrlaJiUiwrvfilCKR BttlStMtadx, NV I1J0I ISI ft 4 st, Abdicates 51 Cain'* victim 52 City In Italy 53 do Doulogng 54 Potsaiaed 55 Give oh 66 Break 67 Card with throe plpa 00 Cargo unit 57 "No nlanl can /ilntcn (no lutiirn" hnwl so chillingly in n ixitlixl tit Urn rlytit tntuttntu" tinno nnbnl Three generations of quilt makers at April 16 event are, from left, Michelle, Julia and Georglanne Spanellis. Obituaries Florence Goldbach Yager Nurse, 82; involved with Red Cross Florence Goldbach Yager, 82, a retired nurse who was involved with the American Red Cross for 60 years, died April 24, 1994 at Overlook Hospital. She was bom in Winfteld Park, N.Y, and moved to Westfield in 1954 from SomerviUe. From Mrs. Yager was a registered nurse at the Ganvood and Edison plants of the Aluminum Co. of America. She graduated from the nursing school at what is now Somerset Medical Center, SomerviUe, and was a past president of the school's alumnae association. She also organized the RSVP group for seniors at the Westfield senior citizens housing in A Republican Party committee- Marie McPhillips Cullen, 94 Scotland native; once of Westfield Marie R. McPhillips Cullen, 94, a Scottish native and former town resident, died April 22, 1994 at Community Medical Center, Toms River. Mrs. Cullen was born in Edin- OUIBII, SooflHuwlt and wnictbtou to the United States in She lived in Brooklyn and Westfield before moving to Whiting in Her husband, Thomas J. Cullen, is deceased. woman in Westfield, Mrs. Yager Thursday Sanctuary Choir, was a vice chairwoman of the7:30 p.m. Westfield Lions Club veterans council and received the Republican Congressional Order of Liberty. Her husband, Ernest Yager, is deceased. Surviving are a son, E'Paul Yager of Oak Ridge; two grandchildren; a brother, Ernest Condell of Lansing, Mich.; and two sisters, Evelyn Bell of Elyria, Ohio, and Dorothy Weiss of New Hope, Pa. Services were held yesterday at Dooley Colonial Home. Burial was in Rosedale Memorial Park, Linden. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the American Red Cross, 321 Elm St., WeftAeld, Surviving are two sons, John T. Cullen and William T. Cullen; six grandchildren; 13 greatgrandchildren; and a sister, Beatrice Catapano. A funeral Mass was offered Tuesday at St Elizabeth Ann. Seton Roman Catholic Church, Whiting. Burial was in St Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale, N.Y. Arrangements were by Manchester Memorial Funeral Home, Whiting. Dorothy H. Powers, 93 Had lived in Westfield since 1982 Dorothy H. Powers, 93, who had resided in this community for the past 12 years, died April 26, 1994 at Rahway Hospital. Mrs. Powers was born in Newark and lived in Kenilworth before moving to Westfield. Her husband, George W. Powers, died in She is survived by a daughter, Doris P. Kerken of Fanwood; a son, Education Fun donates $2,942 in mini-grants for teachers Under the leadership of William Jeremiah, President of the Board of Trustees, the Education Fund of Westfield, Inc., presented a check for $2,942 to the Westfield Board of Education for six teacher minigrants. The Education Fund was established in 1991 as an independent agency dedicated to providing supplementary funding for the Westfield Public Schools. Lawrence A. Goldman, Chairman of the Grants Committee of the Education Fund, uwnrded the minigrants to teachers to support smull Innovative projects thnt would benefit the greutest number of students in as many schools aa possible. The teachers receiving the avvutdh wore: Claudia Andreski and Diana Collins, fourth gnuic touchers, JefferHtm School; Carol Gerson, HubflUmct* nwurenesh coordinator/student assistance counselor, Itoofu'vell Intel mediate fvhoril; Klaa Malm, mimic tenchcr, KrtinUlln School; Kathleen Zippier, foii'ltfn lanjcna&e teacher, ftltnon InUrmi'dliilp School; llobort F.yre, imnlsuint principal; and Maureen Mtizzwrese, henlth educntor/ntudent fibhistiitjce tfkirtllniiuir, Ml«h School. George W. (Bud) Powers of East Brunswick; four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 10 a.m. today at Memorial Funeral Home, 155 South Ave., Fanwood. Burial will be in Hollywood Memorial Park, Union. Contributions may be made to the Westfield Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 356, Westfield, Children, communion in Sunday liturgy "And Children Shall Lead Them," a celebration of children and Holy Communion, will be held during the worship service 10:45 a.m. Sunday at First United Methodist Church, 1 E. Broad St. Each Sunday there is church school for all ages 9:15 a.m. Continuing education classes for adults are Disciple Bible Study 8:30 a.m. and "The Church Family Celebrates the Lord's Supper," 9:15 am. Fellowship time in the fellowship room, an informal gathering of the community and visitors, begins 10:15 a.m. The schedule for next week is: Sunday Confirmation class, 6 p.m.; Youth Fellowship, 6 p.m.. Monday Property Management Committee, 7:30 p.m.; Wesley Singers, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday Crafty Ladies, 9:30 a.m.; Disciple Class, 12:30 p.m.; Primary and Wesley Choirs, Kids Discover and Create, 3:15 p.m.; Fife & Drum, 7 p.m.; Staff Parish Relations Committee, 8 p.m. Wednesday Career Enhancement Group for the unemployed has been discontinued. Youth Choir, 8 p.m.; Handbell Choir, 7:30 p.m.. Fellowship Day is to be marked May 6 May Fellowship Day, sponsored by Church Women United, will be 1 p.m. Friday, May 6 at the Presbyterian Church in Westfield. All are invited. The theme, "Go, See, and Act in Community," invites participants to pause and see the community with new eyes; listen to the people Frances W. Smith, 86 Active in Baptist church in the town Fiances W. Smith, 86, who was active for more than 60 years in the Bethel Baptist Church on Trinity Place, died April 22, 1994 at Runnells Specialized Hospital of Union County, Berkeley Heights. A native of King William County, Va., Mrs. Smith lived in Westfield from 1939 until she moved to Plainfield in She sang in the gospel chorus and Celestial Choir and also belonged to the women's fellowship at her church. Surviving are two grandsons, Albert Smith of Plainfield and Kirk Smith of Chicago, 111. Funeral services were held Tuesday at Bethel Baptist Church under the direction of Plinton Funeral Home. Send us your news Forward community and religious news to The Record at 102 Walnut Ave., Cranford 07016, or fax it to us at who make up the community; and discover how they minister to each other. Guest speaker will be Heleh Beglin, Director of Christian Education at church. ] Dessert will be served and babysitting will be available. < Good Samaritan day this Sunday at church ; Sunday, May 1 is Good Samaritan Day at the First Baptist Church of Westfteld, 170 Elm St. The Rev. Dr. Robert L. Harvey will preach at the 10:30 a.m. service, and th Lord's Supper will be observed. < Members of the congregation who assist at the Interfaith Council for the Homeless will be recognized. Among the duties performed by the volunteers are preparing meals, hosting at dinners and sleeping overnight at the various churches providing temporary residence for Union County's homoless. Church school for all ages begins at 9 a.m. Adult education includes the pastor's class on "Case studies in Bio Medical Ethics," the Journeys Class on the Gospel of Luke, and the Adult Forum on ABCUSA Statements of Concern. : The nursery is staffed 9-11:30 a.m., and includes stories, songs and visual aides about God's crey ation. A full religious curriculum of activities is offered children ages Z- 5. : The church is also conducting a clothing drive through May 1. Donations will be delivered to the Bowery Mission to the homeless in New York City, the Battered Women's Shelter in Elizabeth and the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children that serves New Jersey.! Rounding out the church's active schedule, the weekly Pot Luck Dinner 6:30 p.m. Tuesday will be followed by continuation of the sejries, "Parenting: An Affair of the Heart." ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE OF NEWARK CATHOLIC CEMETERIES MEMORIAL MASS SCHEDULE GOOD SHEPHERD CHAPEL MAUSOLEUM Saint Gertrude Cemetery, Colonia, NJ Friday, May 6th ; 9:30 a.m. Mass ; GATE OF HEAVEN CHAPEL MAUSOLEUM Gate of Heaven Cemetery, i East Hanover, NJ Tuesday, May 3rd 9:30 a.m. Mass HOLY CROSS CHAPEL MAUSOLEUM Holy Cross Cemetery North Arlington, NJ Wednesday, May 4th 9:00 a.m. Mass The Catholic Cemeteries A Heritage of Caring FOR INFORMATION & FUTURE MASS DATES PLEASE CALL Union Count? Pace* >i Worship Advertise In fcrbes Newspaper* $10 per week Is all it costs to advertise your religious services Reach ove( 25,000 homes throughout Union County Call , ext, 6256, ask for Russell St. Theresa's Church 541 Washington Ave, Kenilworth Pastor: Rev. Joseph S. Bejgrovvtcz Sunday Masses: Sat. 5:30pm Sun. 7:30-9:00 -' 10:30-12 Noon Weekday Masses: 7-9am Miraculous Medal Novena Following 7:30 pm mass St. Judes Perpetual Novena Wednesdays at 12 noon & 7:30pm Novena Holy Hour CRANFORD ALLIANCE CHURCH 7 CHERRY STREET Phono Sunday Hdioul Miindiiy WorHiilp Him<luy An vnnkolihil rtnifrli lu»<hlli(l iimi«hl fmm tin U)l)l«1*: 15 nm loiik) nm t United Church or Christ 213 Center Sl. Garwood Rev. Frederick Rogers Worship and Sunday School 9:30 am Child Care Available ti hi TERRILL ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH imotfi'illl Hil. txouli I'IRIIIH ass-7inj Rev. Michael Seaman, Pastor Sunday: 9:45am - Sunday School 11:00am - Morning Worship 6:16pm - Church Training 7:15pm - Evonlng Worship Wednosday: 7:00pm - Prayer Meeting Wiimiv Cimrm Pmuldma ST. BERNARD'S CATHOLIC CHURCH 368 Sumner Ave. Plainfield Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:30pm Sunday: 8:00, 9:30 11:30am Rev. Joseph F. Barbone, Pastor KENILWORTH GOSPEL CHAPEL NtwarK Av«, A 23rd St, Kenilworth Sunday Services: 11am Family Bible Hour and 7:00pm Evening Service* Monday, 7:00pm - Boyi Brigade WtdntKtoy, 7: JOpm - Pray* and Bible Study Friday, 7:00pm - Youth Mt«tlng Friday Night Children'* Club 7-«:30pm (Orada School Ag«) Call For Mora Information The 1 at Baptist Church of Weatlleld l> cetebrotlve worship, 10 30» church school, nil ogos, f>:00» Inspiring rnuslc 5 cholrr,» active youtti group» adult Bible ntudn'r, e> fellowship gnthi?rlr); Fi Wo're here for you! 170 Elm Street i'l i! 1

9 AprH 28,1994 Chalk talk Two Scouts reach Eagle rank Evening of dance Kent Pbee School is having an fine Evening of Dance in the choci'i Art Center theater, 42 Norwood Ave., Summit, Friday at 8 pjn. Student and Wcstfidd resident Elizabeth Aiheroff will participate in featured perform- Kindergarten round-up Tamaques School will hold ita Honor roll honorees Westfield residents and Morrison-Beard School freshmen Elizabeth Hanscom and Jeannette Yudes achieved academic honors during the second trimester. Elizabeth was named to the kindergarten roundup May 13. headmaster's list and to the effort honor roll. Jeannette was Call 78*4580 to regiaier kinder* gartenera or new Ont-traden. named to the effort honor roll. Fundraising Fair Scientific process The 2nd annual "Galore and McKnley School parent and More" spring market and fair Merck & Co. scientist, Larry fund-raiser will be held May 14 Hampton, did a hands-on activity at WHS. To volunteer services or with Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade make a donation to the Chinese class as part of a program whkh Auction, call gives students a first hand look at the scientific process. Blooming tunes This month a brass trio from the Westfield Symphony will present "What Can You Do with a Tune?" for grades K-3, courtesy of Bloomingdale'a. Rainforest benefit The Children's Rainforest Workshop at Roosevelt will hold an outdoor craft fair and garage sale to benefit the group, 9 am-3 pjm. April 30 at the school. The event will feature a bake sale, pony rides and games for children. For information, call Annie at Edison The popular musical "Annie" is coming to Edison School May 5-7,8 p.m. Call Stravinsky expert Virginia Mickulick, WHS English teacher and a graduate of Kean College of New Jersey, was recently named a winner oft Phi Kappa Phi graduate research paper contest award. Her topic was "The Early Musical Work of Igor Stravinsky." Earth Day Earth Day presentations in the schools last week included visits from Town Engineer Ken Marsh, who discussed the importance of recycling; and Karen Blair who charmed students with Earth Day storytelling. International flavor Roosevelt's Wolverine Team recently completed a study of tea -in literature, in history, as a medicine and how and where tea is grown. Members of the Japanese women's Club demonstrated their tea ceremony. Filled with glee Kenneth Kei Sham, a Watchung Hills Regional High School senior, won the 1994 Westfield Glee Club Music Student Scholarship Award to be presented May 7,8 p.m. at Roosevelt School. He will play piano selections by Beethoven, Bartok, and Chopin. Call I I i VI Mi Ml 11 HI % Wa^ ihmhajbjrv PMQF w* \O\II A'S/ / 10 Hamilton St. {90S) flams fpoqiia (R) Friday 8, T;l», Bi38 p-m. Saturday. Sunday: 12:45, 2:50, 8, 7:15,9-M p.m. Monday- Tftwtday: 7:15, 28 p.m. The ftody Horn*- Pktum Shorn m Friday. Saturday; BUN STAR flouts 22, Wat cru* <9M) FCU(«J13)Frtday- Ttamday: 2,4, 7:15,0:15 p.m. HKJi Honor* IPO-13) Frtday- Thunoay: 2:30, 4:45,7:30, 9:48 p.m. Brainaowi <R> Friday- Thunday: 2:15, 4:30,8:45, 0 p.m. NoEKapa(R)Frtday- Thunday: 1:45, 4:15, 7, 9:30 p.m. / \l(>\ CtMPiMX OMON CRANFOao 2$ North AM. Wast (908) 'SehknUtf* U*» (R) Friday, Monday-Tnunday: 8 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1.4:43, 30 p.m. Ha) ftfitr (ft) Friday, Morv 5:30, T:48,lOp.rn. 980 ttupaaant Ana., Unkm (9C«eW-43T3 MNr) Honor* (PQ 13) Friday, Morday-TTwnday: 7:45, 9:45 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2, 4,0.8,10 p.m. *Vm Favor (R) Friday, Monday-ihurtday: 8, 10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2:05. 4:05,6:05,8:05,10:05 p.m. FMPOMTSCIMMA 32T Chawnut St., Unton (90S) CM ttamr Ibr thowumet. UNOCNFWEPUX 400 North Wood Ave., Undeti (806) Vbu So Owy (not rated) Friday. S, 10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1, 2:45, 3:30, 5:15, 8,10 p.m. Monday-Tnundty: 7:45, 9:45 p.m. Thf *** # (R) Friday. 7:45. 9:55 p.m. Saturday, Sunday. 1:10,3:10,5:10. 7:45, 9:55 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:40, ft 40 p.m. No Etaapt (R) Friday. 7:25. 9:45 p.m. Saturday, Sunday. 1,3:05, 5:10, 7:25, 9:45 p.m. Monday-Thunday. 7:25, 9:35 p.m. PCU (PQ-13) Friday. 7, 8:30,10:10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7, 8:30,10:10 p.m. MondaynjSylvan Learning Center Helping kids be their best Boost your child's grades. Build self-esteem. Programs in rmrfbif, math, olfffera writing, SATIACT cooeg* prtp, study skwi, hmtwrk support and tint*- fflflfhif tffltffit EDISON Serving the Union Area CLINTON MANOR (t'tltrtvtvt The New Clinton Manor" H WtM*«Qwaatty la MIMM* pm war Man, Hi torctcf tmwll" We Offci M«ny limning lull" ' if* ('Inuffriir ililvm Holll Rnyir I n-r Mikliil tullr M unmiit ffir ihr wnkllng jwrty AlijmM Scrvlcr Cnmj>ltm*nl«y Sundiy hrrtkfiwl A ninth mot*... J.t7«HiHitf 11 Wwihmmd llnton NJ ffhmm (MS) M7-MM x a or (*N) MI-MMI Thursday: 7:30, *30 p.m. finftscan (R) Friday, Mow day-ttwmday: 0 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 7:30. * 4S p.m. *D2: Tha Mtfiry Ducfct (PG) Friday. Monday-Thursday: 7 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1, 3, 5 p.m. LOST nctvrc SHOW 2399 Sprln^Wd Aw., Union (906) Cad ttwatar lor showtlmat. 23WMtWasttoMAM. Rosalia Park (90S) S CaH theater tor showumas. UNtlEO ARTISTS MALTO 250 East Broad St (906) CaH theater tor ahowtimas. WCtTFICU) Vtm CINEMA 138 Central Ave., WntfleW (908) Tna InKwaH (R) Friday, Manday-Thuraday: 7:25,9:50 p.m. Saturday: 1:15, 3:45, 7:15,9:50 p.m. Sunday: 1:15, 3:45, 7,9:30 p.m. BecMwat (R) Friday: 7:45, 10 p.m. Saturday. 7:30, 9:45 p.m. Sunday. 7:15, 9:40 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:35, 9:45 p.m. 02: The Mlgtty Duck* (PQ) Saturday, Sunday. 1:30, 4 p.m. Your Guide to the Perfect Wedding Contact Yole at CXf.6257 Troop 72 of the Presbyterian Church held an Eagle Scout Court of Honor March 11. Scouts Anthony Bosda and David Treut were awarded Eagle rank. Anthony has also received a Bronze Palm in addition to his Eagle. Anthony, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bosda of Arlington Avenue, has been a Scout since The positions he has held over the years include assistant patrol leader, patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, and junior assistant Scoutmaster. For his Eagle project, Anthony organized, equipped and led work teams to remove non-native plants from the Green Trail at Watchung Reservation. The non-native plants were choking out the native growth. At the ceremony, Anthony chose his brother, Joseph, an Eagle Scout and senior engineering student st the University of Dayton, to present him, as well as to describe his Scouting career and personal history. In addition to Scouting, Anthony is a senior at St Joseph's High School in Metuchen. He is a member of the Math League, has served as a peer tutor in geometry and is on the art staff of the literary magazine. He has been an altar server at Holy Trinity Church for 10 years. This fall, Anthony will enter The University of Scranton. David, the son of Mr. and Mrs. dition, he had to block off two paths that were used by trespassing bikers. David chose Robert Rietzke, music director at Edison IntermeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaP^^^aaataaaaaaaaaam Nawly Inducted Eagla Scouta Anthony Boacla and David Trent. William Treut of New England Drive, has been a Scout since The positions he has held over the last three years include patrol leader, scribe, den chief, and assistant senior leader. For his Eagle project, David renovated a trail at the Trailside Nature Park. He was responsible for \& l^he^al, - ^^aaaaaa^taaal BBflKoL^LaaaaaaaH ^ fl Baaaaaaaaaaa^aaaaaafl BaaliaaaaaaCft^Baaaaaal ^BI^Hl^BaaaaaalK^^iBaaSk organizing work teams to reset tree slabs and line a set of overused trails with gravel, stone and woodchips to allow for drainage. In ad- aaaaaaaal Laaaaaaaaaaafla^aaaaaal ab aabl am*a BB a^a^k wtmsb L^^aV 1 _ T^^*' ^ aaaaaaaaaaal It's only a week away Lisa Vlllalobos, cantar, aa Annla, rahaaraaa with claaamataa for Edlaon Intermediate School's spring production of tha musical Annlm. Evening performances are May B-7 at 8 at the school, 800 Rahway Ave. Tickats are $6; cah Scholarship concert is this Sunday The Musical Club of WestfieM's special Scholarship Fund Concert will be 3 pjn. Sunday in the First Baptist Church of Westfield. The concert will feature local artists whose musical backgrounds began in Westfield. Drude Sparre Roessler, mezzo soprano, was the first Westfield High School student ever allowed to take musk: for full major subject credits. She went on to receive her undergraduate and graduate music WEIGH LESS FOR LESS! Ol It (MM I'ltiUlltAMS AM 1 > I III I'HH 101 MOST utwniimd \VIK.ll I ( OM'KOI. (IMIItS degrees from Northwestern University. Matthew Sklar, son of Dr. and Mrs. TA Sklar of Tice Place, is a junior at the Gallatin Division of New York University, and is currently rehearsal pianist for the Broadway productions of Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and Tommy. Tickets may be purchased from any musical club member. For more information, call Mar QUICK RESULTS r WlTH PERMANENT SUCCESSf PROFESSIONAL NUTRITIONISTS NQI WEIGHT CONTROL COUNSELORS "REAL" FOODAQrrRE-PACIAGED MEDICALLY SAFE fiflt FAD DIETS PERSONAL COUNSELING tfqt PUBLIC MEETINGS LIFESTYLE CHANGES AQITEMPOMKY WEIGHT LOSS OIL T0MYABOVT0UK SINCE I N I THESTANDARDOFOUALrTYFOR 100YEARS' SPRING PLANTS I r> 0 () VAHIITII5 O U n MAIN f l( IC t mrnrn^!«ivaa aa aanqr^il NMUHNMaWl Mt! (*amaw fewmavas^blalaimi wv Mki naaat sasaaaat H0MW I OMMINQ WIBK SPICIALS 1 numtx *»«H. ai GERANIUMS n*o tat HERBS t PERENNIALS,i M *, ViM Iliiu Mi» I. tim Ort»W)(Ml a*t tl»i o*i «not H i«hm CHEAT PKOGRAMS < «) Barbara Potashkln M.S. I Dietitian/Nutritionist I 1346 SOUTH AVE., PANWOOO, NEW JERSEY 0703 J AIEW JERSEY BOTANICAL GARDENS n i l II W A Y W l "il *.<>fv1l M V H I I. M.( (Ill II /I. cia Cohen at or Kathleen Cuckler at When someone you love dies, it feels like life will never be the same again. In many ways, il won't but in time will be able lo get back lo the business of living. First, you must go through the stages of mourning. rhc first reaction is numbness. Many people can only go through the mo- Ions, even beyond the funeral. But when the numbness wears off and Feelings return, there's a sense of Jenial no, it didn't happen! ind then anger. Fear and emotional diate School, to be his present the Eafte Ceremony. At David won (he Louis Arms Award for Excellence in Music J' Rietzke has become an ins. to David to pursue his interest' 1 music. David is currently playing the drums in the Westfleld MaMftin«Band, the Concert Band attfd the Jazz Band at Westfield School under the direction- 1 Linda King. He studies percusoieyi under Barry Lazarowitz or -Ithe. Peter Duchin Orchestra. ;.' In addition to scouting, Delifcl was a member of the 1994 Conftrmation Qass of the Presbyterian church. He lettered in band a d the swim team at Westfield Hjfh this year, and is currently on tfee Track and Field Team where, Jj e throws shotput and discus. also on the honor roll. In addition, David organic pancake breakfast and car raising funds for The Ben Arnold Campership Fund in memory fellow Scout who died tragically { : ; David has been to the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia; the High Adventure Sea Base th Key Largo, Fla.; to Canada with 1 hi troop; and on numerous campirte trips. In 1991 and 1993 he- iv*; voted the Outstanding Scout tjf Troop 72 and in 1992 he wasjthrunner-up for Scout of the Year; : Both boys were recently honsrdd by the Patriot District as Outstanding Scouts. ;! Single Pursuits \ \ meets Saturday \ \ Single Pursuits, a felb»w hjjb group for singles ages 25-45, twi^) meet 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the; j»j ish house of the Presby-tejiafe Church in Westfield. Registralidj is $2. ' ; I A slide presentation of the seeni Yangtze River Gorges in ChinaV t be given by Dr. Yuan Li. Dr. ty! resident of Westfield, has lived.a China, Taiwan and the TJrtitet I States and is a noted landsctfp: photographer. He is active in 'tfe i photography clubs, has had exwlj its in New York and New Jersey? J author of two books featuring lann cape photography, and present^; travel programs that integrate visui al and philosophical images. For more information, call 23^ * \\ lirltrr Days The Stages of Mourning ^ turmoil are constant companions..., A period of depression may last for some time. Though the primal sense of loss is not as raw as it was at first. the bereavement is left with ch ronic discouragement, hopelessness add loneliness. Slowly the depression lifts a little still there, but not 1 constantly. Memories of the lovc$ one become heartwarming rnihert than heartbreaking. '' Time is a great healer, bm li's nkvt enough. This Is a time when itiji support of an experienced muiisc--' lor can help you cope, y '- Presented V» n romtnunlly aervice by T. KUhboin, ACSW, l»(l),'' [icenaed Marriage and F»mil> Therapist., v: ASCII Certified Hypnolherapial Speciallain*; In Pain Mnnwiiu-nt,'. Hours by Appointment :1.041*7'.' Publish Your Business Card For $20.00 per week in the: TheM'festfield Record This feature will begin the week of May 5,1994 ami run weekly. Promote your business or service and make a tunic for yourself send business card and payment to: "Here'* My Card" Attni Classified Department ^^ Forbes Newspaper* BHtf" P.O. Box 699 M\ Somervillc, NJ N B W 8 r A F Deadline: April 27th, 1994 (HIMIIHIW unk will he pumkhcd *M la", mnyy <r»npr«<* MMilMx*)

10 A-10 WtstftoM Record April 28, 1994 LANA and DR. GORDON C. YANEY Lana Leinbach is married to Gordon Yaney in Nutley ; i Milestones Andrea Steiner, David Good are married in Temple ritual Andrea Carol Steiner, daughter of Iris Fein of Long Island City, New York, and the late Leonard Steiner, was married Sunday, March 6 to David Fredric Good, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Good of WestfieJd, New Jersey. The Rabbis Arnold S. duck and Jay Chaim Shoulson performed the ceremony at Temple Israel in Lawrence, New York. The bride and the groom graduated from Rutgers University. Mrs. Good is a senior marketing coordinator for Scholastic Book Clubs at Scholastic, Inc. in New York and is currently pursuing a masters of science in publishing at Pace University. Mr. Good, a 1986 graduate of Westfteld High School, is an associate direct mail manager at Cahners Publishing Company and is currently enrolled in the Diploma Program in Publishing at New York University. After a wedding trip to Italy, the couple will be residing in Little Ferry, New Jersey. Laura Halpin, John Chinchar married in St. Helen's ritual Lana Leinbach of Westfield, Louis, Mo. daughter of Joseph K and WUida The readers were the bride- sister, Paula Y. Gambill, offered by Father William Morris at Leinbach of Mountainside, wasgroom's married Sept. 4, 1993 to Dr. Gordon and Anne M. Hegeman of St. St Helen's Church in Westfiekl. fc. Yaney of Boston, Mass., son oflouis, Mo. Christy Halpin, sister of the Peter and Marion Yaney of The reception was held at The bride, was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Joan Halpin, sister-in- Manhasset, N.Y. Manor in West Orange. The bride was given by her father during a double-ring cer- the bridegroom's parents at Lastep-sister of the bride; Melissa A rehearsal dinner was given by law of the bride; Donna Varano, emony performed by the Rev. Fontanella Restaurant in Bloomfield. The day after the wedding, a and Cathy Halpin, sister-in-law of Campo, step-sister of the bride; Wade A. Renn at Grace Episcopal Church in Nutley. post-wedding celebration brunch the bride. ' She wore a traditional gown with cruise aboard the World Yacht was Best man was the bridegroom's a v-neck, long sleeves, and bodice given by the couple for the out-oftown guests. were the bridegroom's friends: cousin, Douglas Chinchar. Ushers decorated with Alencon lace, pearls and sequins. Her full-length cathedral train was adorned with cutouts Westfield High School. She re-james Blackford, Thomas Brauss, The bride is a 1982 graduate of Louis Madden, John Gudoski, and appliques of lace, sequins and ceived her bachelor's degree in pearls and the coordinating fingertip veil was handmade by theuniversity in Nashville, Term. nursing in 1986 from Vanderbilt She bride. She carried a cascade of white and pink roses. -' The bride's sorority sister and college roommate, Sherri F. Wines of Houston, Texas, was maid of honor. She wore a pink lace overlay gown with drop waist and pearl clusters on the bodice, and carried a bouquet of stargazer lilies. Bridesmaids were the bride's sorority sister, Deborah D. Yost of Raleigh, N.C.; and Candace C. Dauphinais of Portland, Ore. The bridegroom's niece, Jane V. Gambill of Brooklyn, N.Y., was junior bridesmaid. All were costumed the same as the matron of honor. The junior bridesmaid's dress was made by the bride. Dr. Frank Smith of Lexington, Mass., was best man. Ushers were David A. Gray of Upper Montclair and Dr. Colin G. Nichols of St. graduated in 1991 from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, receiving a master's degree in nursing/anesthesia and is a certified registered nurse anesthetist at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, Mass. The bridegroom graduated from Manhasset High School on Long Island, N.Y. He received his bachelor's degree from Rollins College in Florida and master's degree in cell biology from Boston (Mass.) College. He earned his doctorate in physiology from Tufts University in Boston and is a research associate in the Diabetes Metabolism Unit at Boston University Medical Center in Massachusetts. The couple took a honeymoon trip to Florida. They are living in Weymouth, Mass, CAROL-TEIQUE and JONATHAN THOMAS WILSON Laura E. Halpin, daughter of Mr. Kenneth J. Halpin or Westfield and Mrs. Barbara A. Campo of Bridgewater, was married October 30, 1993, to John D. Chinchar, son of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Chinchar of Garwood. The bride was given in marriage by her father during a ceremony and the bridegroom's uncle, John Predelli. A reception was held at the Echo Lake Country Club in Westfield. The reh rial dinner was hosted by the groom's parents at the Ramada Inn, Clark. The bride is a 1986 graduate of {Catherine Gibb's, Boston, MA, and is employed as an administrative secretary for the Township of Cranford, Police Department The bridegroom is a 1985 graduate of Union County College, and is self-employed general contractor. The couple resides in Cranford. Send us your news ANNAUSA MUNARI and CHRISTOPHER DALTON Annalisa Munari is betrothed to wed ANDREA and DAVID GOOD Christopher P. Dalton of Westfield LAURA and JOHN CHINCHAR News of your engagement, when they are sent with a wedding or anniversary may be stamped, self-addressed envelope. Wedding and engagement sent to The Record at 102 Walnut Ave., Cranford We do forms are available from The our best to return photographs Record upon request. Carol-Teigue Thomas is wed to Jonathan Wilson of Dallas Carol-Teigue Thomas, daughter of Mrs. Jean Massard of Mountainside and Mr. John Thomas of Toms River, was married Aug. 28, 1993 to Jonathan Wilson, son of An evening reception followed Mrs. Gillian Wilson and Mr. at the Grand Summit Hotel in Michael Wilson of Dallas, Texas. Summit where guests were entertained by a harpist and the musi- The Rev. Marc Trister performed the ceremony at the First Congregational Church in Westfield. Ms. Thomas Wilson is an atcal group, "Brightside." The bride wore an off-theshoulder, candlelit white gown of Bratcher, Boston, Mass. She gradtorney with Kennor, DaDalt & raw silk accented by a bodico ofuated from Westfield High School white crochet with seed pearls. Her headpiece was made of fresh flowers with a chapel-length veil designed by Christoffer's of Mountainside. She carried a bouquet of white flowers, also by ChristofTer'a. Cheryl Wmxls Marti of Vienntt, Va., served as matron of honor. She wore a white gown accented by a bouquet of whitt? roses. Attired identically wt?ro the bridnl attendants, Christine Corcoran of Summit, Janet Hal) of Nushville, Tenn., Linda Miiraicano of Fairfax Station, Vti.; mid Caroline Proble of Fairllclcl, Conn. Kenneth TolTel of Fishkill, NY., Mfrvcd us the Nmt man. UHIUTH won; the bridegroom's brother, Chrlntophrr Wilson of New York City; thn hridrkroom'm Ifc'rek PcrrlorWilson of England; Timothy Fisher of Phil lufotphln, F*a.; nml Michael Greonspnn of Harrison, N.Y. The Summit Strin«Ensemble provided the ceremony mimle. As the bride and groom left the church, they were showered with fresh rose petals which were given to guests. in 1986, Bucknell University in 1990, and received, her law degree from the New England School of Law in Boston, Mnss. last May. Her mother is vice president of Bur^dorfT Realtors in Westfield. Her father it; a marketing representative in Toms River. Mr. Thomas; Wilson \u an accountant with GiiU'.siaii Accounting, Boston, Mas.",,, and a law student at the Southern New England School of IJIW, North Dartmouth, Mans. He ^radiuited from White Mains (N.Y.) Hi ',h School in 10R4 and Temple University In twin. Ili.H la I her i4 vice president anil diit'clor of TcliToiniiHiitiuitlorm for AX'.. Penney HiininrsiH Sorvicc:!, I )al]ji?i, Texan. IIi;i mother in projerl manager for Ninlmrti MniUHIni! ({(".rarcli, a Dun & MradHtreet company. The etui pie look n wedding trip to Jamaica. They urn living In Boston, MHBS. Mr. and Mrs. Renzo Munari of Fayetteville, New York have announced the engagement of their daughter, Annalisa, to Christopher P. Dalton, son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dalton of Westfield. The bride to be is a 1985 graduate of Fayetteville-Manlius High School and a 1989 graduate of C.W. Post College, Long Island University, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. She is currently employed by Calvin Klein, Inc., in New York City. The ftiture groom is a 1983 graduate of Westfield High School and a 1988 graduate of C.W. Post College, Long Island University, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. He is currently employed by Ernst & Young in their Healthcare ConsuJting Practice in New York City. The couple plan a June 1994 in Fayetteville, N.Y. Tracey Ann Rettino to marry in summer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rettino of Westfield have announced the engagement of their daughter, Tracey Ann Rettino to Brian Patrick Mochnal, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mochnal of Clinton. Miss Rettino graduated from Westfield High School in 1986 and received a Bachelor of Science degree with high honors from Rutgers College, New Brunswick, in A finance major in the School of Business, the bride to be is now an officer with Chase Manhattan Bank, managing a bonds and securities department Her nance graduated from North Hunterdon High School in Annandale in 1986 and completed his undergraduate studies with a double major in English and Economics at Rutgers College in Mr. Mochnal is the general manager of Bennigan's Restaurant, Florham Park. The couple plans to be married this summer. Union County FOR jmt '^J ^ kijn ' UnidJlYnifk-ii in Orilupjt'ilii.' Siirpi wilh Addiltntiii] CVnifkalion in Vk-Hint'Ut M-i-l I(KI lidlwm TRACEY ANN RETTINO and BRIAN MOCHNAL YOUR HEALTH Andre.t ( K.u/ M I), I A A I 1 IVdlsilrk's! i n I lie I'ric mi nl Adii <cut 2tl c III Sulli ( VI,111 lil<il ( M (ft Mil) (t)llltl -1VKIIJN II AM) tunnelsyn- Vt'hat is f/rrmu: > A.. 'Carpal" means wrisi. There is a tunnel in your wrist containing the nerve which gives feeling lo your thumb, index anil middle fingers Whenever the pressure in the tunnel gels too high, the nerve is eiimpressed or pinched andean lead to, painful numb or tingling feeling in your hand (especially at mglu) and a clumsy, weak Jceling Some causes of increased pressure in the tunnel include diabetes, thyroid conditions, arihnliv pregnancy and overuse oi your hand Alter the underlying cause is corrected, larpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with medication and splinting. II symptoms persist. surgery may be necessary. IM 1)1 VTRICS Q.»,., A. Ht' t)i\t'tt\t' in ('hilttr til Illi 1 l\ swnploms ol I.vine 1)isr,isc arc teier. bullscye rash ( a small, round nil rash whose hinders ilu- i cnicr i Ic.irsi hc.ulai In s. < >nil p.uns lii;ln headeilness i\ si in tin 'Mi ( Inl drcn III.IS ak< > h.m vague in n> S p C I i l l! *, S 11V 111 M i l '. I l k l l. l l l l ' I H I I I I C X j l l. l l l l l < I I I I I I I I I I I I l ( M l '. dlllit llllv (i mi () 111.Hini' i III i >it l< III.II I.II Ins I \ me disease In iliaj; III i S I ' l l I IV M M II ( l l >( li U n l i I il t in); (lie i ash. i ir mini ', ii i ilu,i Iv In sending.1 H<n >ii 11, 1 ni I win disease I Mne dl'ie.isi is.1 in aumi dis ease w Illi.iniibn ilu.,, f 111 vrill I Mllr dtscise ple.ise i liri k UHII ihlldii n '.skiii(\ II.III <l.nh (or lit ks

11 April 28,1994 WestfieM Record B-1 fti You said it: 7 really believe we're as good as anyone we've played this year and the only thing we have to do is prove it.' ' Bob Bnwster, MfosrffeM High b»*«b»ll coach Union seniors The Union County Senior Softball League is preparing to begin its fifth year. The league has grown each year in the number of players and the caliber of competition has since expanded to include a league for 6O-ptus players. The UCSSL is a slow-pitch league and has attracted players between the ages of 50 and 84. New players and sponsors are being actively recruited to participate and help to expand the middle age boys of summer and interested former and present ballplayers over 50 can join by calling Ray Meyer at (908) Golf benefit The American Cancer Society, Union County Unit will hold its 11th annual Golf Tournament on Monday, May 23 at the Echo Lake Country Club in Westfietd. This year's special guest will be none other than Westfield's own Dave Brown, the New York Giants' quarterback. Don't miss the chance to meet Dave while enjoying a day of fun, sun and golf. The Union County tournament will qualify at least three teams to go to the state finals Sept. 19 at the Forsgate Country Club. Golfers can participate by playing for an entry fee of $ which includes 18 hole-event, green fees and cart, open bar, all meals, all gratuities. You can sponsor a tee or green for $ Companies are also encouraged to participate. Contact the Unit office at (908) for a registration brochure. All funds raised at the Golf Tournament support valuable programs in cancer research, education, and patient services. More WTA news The Westfield Tennis Association is holding its fourth annual season-opener in Tamaques Park Saturday, with the rain date being Sunday. Registration for the children's carnival begins at 9 a.m. and programs will be held from 9:30-11 and 12:30 p.m.-2. An informal adult round-robin will be held from from 10 a.m.-noon. WTA pro Nancy Harter and associate Jeanette Perrotta will assist Wilson Racquet Sports staff member Bob Bynum in managing individual court activities. WTA volunteers will also be available to assist the children and answer questions concerning the organization. To pre-register call Mountainside Indoor Tennis at or pick up a flyer at Kehler's Sporting Goods or MITC. For more information call The WTA has also announced (ts 1994 program of lessons for youths (grades 2 through 12) and adults. The spring series begins on May 2 and ends in late June. The summer series bogins in late June and ends in mid- August. All lessons will bo hold at Westfield's Memorial Park tonnis courts, adjacent to tho pool complex, Applications nro currently available at tho Wostfiold Memorial Library, tho Wostfiotd Recreation Commission oflico, tho Mountainside Indoor Tennir. Contor and Tonnis Be. Please call Gordon Vickors al for additional Information about tho program. Inside ] Wfi-.lflokl M.S. roundup H-2 Got a score to report? Cill Nnh Ditotio >il }?<< f.000 t» /,(< III J/d (<J.'i> Oil) III/I/M-M />. I0J W.ihml 4!'<>., Ctriiifnitl, N.I, 0/Olfi. Bomba's booming bat leads Devils to victory Westfield Softball team wins third straight THE RECORD After starting out on a bumpy road to start the season, the Westfleld High School softball team is cruising on smooth streets after making some minor repairs. The Blue Devils, who are 5-4 after a 17-5 thrashing of Elizabeth on Monday, won only two of their first six games but are now carrying a three-game winning streak. "We struggled a bit in the earlier part of the season," said Westfield Head Coach Maggie McFadden. "But we've done a lot of improving in the last few weeks and the important thing is to keep it up." Abby Bomba had a strong day at the plate against Elizabeth as she went 3 for 5 with two singles, a double and four runs batted in, while Lauren Cafaro had a big triple in the third inning when Westfield scored four runs to jump out ROBERT YOUNG/THE RECORD Westfield catcher Taryn McKenna slaps the tag on a Kearny runner for the out during Thursday's 9-5 Blue Devils' triumph. to a 7-3 lead. Cafaro showed up at the mound as well for the Lady Devils as she pitched a complete game with six strikeouts, one walk and nine hits allowed. "I feel we're starting to come together as a team and the players seem to be picking it up," said Mc- Fadden. "In the early part of the season we weren't playing with that much emotion but now everyone is really playing with a lot of enthusiasm." Dana Fizzel) also had a big hitting day as she was 2 for 5 but it was the work of the entire Westfield team which made it possible to score 17 runs in the easy win. "There are a lot of players that played well for us in this game," said McFadden. "But it was a collective effort and I'm proud of all the players on the team after a win like this because everyone gets to play a part." On Friday, Westfield was able to doughnut the opposition as it gave Linden a 12-0 beating at Westfield High. Liz Kozub was the big gun for the Devils as she smashed a triple in the first inning that got the first runs on the board. Cafaro also played well as she threw a twohitter against the Tigers. Westfield, which finished last season with a record, is hoping for big things to happen in the post-season but the Devils are taking things one game at a time in hopes of flourishing. Westfield started the winning streak Thursday against Kearny with a 9-5 victory over the Kardinals at Westfield High. Liz Devlin got two RBI on a couple of singles when the Devils jumped out to the early lead. Kozub also two singles. Hobbie continues family's long history of excellence THE RECORD When Mark Hobbie walks across the street to Westfield High School, the 18-year-old takes on a bit more than your average high school student. Hobbie, who comes from a basketball-oriented family, branched out and excelled in a couple of sports that are not usually associated with the Hobbie name. "When I was younger I felt the pressure to play basketball and baseball," said Hobbie, who's narrowed his college choices to two schools. "But my interests were in other sports like golf and swimming and after I got into those sports things began to fall into place." In golf, the Westfield resident was able to win the Union County Medalist Tournament as a sophomore with a 78 and was a member of last year's 16-0 team that won the state championship. In swimming, Hobbie finished with a 5-1 record in dual competition and finished second in the MARK HOBBIE counties in diving. "This was my first year that I went out for swimming and I had a great time doing it," said Hobbie. "When I was younger I really enjoyed gymnastics, which helped me adjust to swimming very easily." Outside of athletics, the youngest of three children is the real thing when it comes to academics as he's a member of the National Honor Society and ranks 41st of 310 in his class. His solid academic and athletic background makes the 5-foot-10 senior a fine candidate for college. "I'm excited about going to college and I feel it's a very important time of your life," said Hobbie. "The hard part is stepping away from your home but the good part is that you get a chance to face a new experience and challenge." But the Hobbie family knows all about challenges. Mark's father, Edward, was a member of Dartmouth College's basketball program over three decades ago, his brother Ted was a first-class scorer at Westfield High and went on to play baseball at Lafayette College, where he was a contributing pitcher after some fine years on the mound for the Blue Devils in the late 80's. Cousin Jerry was a big scorer for the Rams (Please turn to page B-2) r MI NF/Ffl/mr. Ryu Salto sets his nights on the Incoming pitch during n recent Westfleld High contest, The Devlin have suffered several tight losses and entered the week with a B-5 record. Scoring combination AUGUST0 F. MENEZESfTHE RECORD. Westfield High's John Keiser, left, and Charles Salzman whoop it up a bit after the Blue Devils scored Saturday against Ridgewood. However, Westfield didn't find the net often enough and suffered a 15-7 setback. For the WHS roundup see B-2. t Grid all-star game will include Union The first All-Star high school football game between Union County and Middlesex County will be held Thursday evening, Jury 21, at Union High School. Scotch Plains- Fanwood High School Head Coach Steve Ciccotelli will be the head coach of the Union Sports Matters by Al Lies County team and one of his standouts, senior Sean Roberts, has been selected to play. The Raiders' Tom Patterson would also have been another selection, but a commitment to the U.S. Naval Academy forced him to decline. Nick Brown, Cranford's football coach, will be an assistant, along with several other Union County coaches. This historic first game was conceived in March after joint discussions between Ciccotelli, Union High School coach and AD Lou Rettino, Bob Taylor, the coach at Johnson Regional in Clark, and John Wagner, coach of Roselle Park, all representing the Union County Coaches Association, and Marcus Borden, head football coach at East Brunswick, representing Middlesex County. There are 16 high school football teams in Union County and each will have at least one player on the All-Star team. Other selections will be based on position needs, for a total of 40 players. The same criteria will be used for the Middlesex team. No player chosen for the State North-South All-Star gamp will be eligible for selection to the Union County team. Proceeds from the game will be donated to a charity yet to be selected. Tickets may be purchased at each participating school or at the gate on game night. Practices will be held at Union High School July and Ciccotelli, who's coached Raiders football since 1991, comes from a football family. His father, Sam, played for Scran ton University. Steve and his brothers, Mike and Mark, all played football for Johnson Regional High School. Steve graduated in 1967 and was All- County, All- Conference and All- State and captain of the team. As a senior he was awarded the John F. Kennedy award for academic ahd athletic achievement. All three brothers also played football at Trenton State College. Steve graduated in 1971, and wi\3 a four-year starter and co-captain of the team. He and his wife Ginny have two children Jim, a senior football player at Johnson Regional, and Jamie Ann, an eighthgrader. "I'm really excited to be involved with a game like this," said Ciccotelli. "It's for a good cause and will showcase Union County football, and the players and coaches will have a lot of fun. "I'm also honored to be the first head coach for what we hope will become one of the most prestigious games for Union County athletes to play in." Westfield copes with tight baseball losses By NICKWIORIO TIIK games but one of the positive things is that the teams we've lost to all have gtxx! records." Tough losses are something that Against the Miruiteinen, West plnyera nnd coaches ore sun 1 tofield was held to only one hit on come to terms with in their athletic the day. endeavors. "We just slnicp.led al Hie pli te But not all at one time. but we were in position In score," The Westlield High School biisebnll (cam has experienced its.shun 1 hitting the ball mid tlwifs sonie said Ilrewstor. "We had a hard liiiie ol 1 touch losses in the past three thing we haven't really r.tmgl'.lf'd weeks ntul in fuming off a I) 0 setback!o Kli/iilx'tli. Hut Westlielil received ii.':n(id with this season." The!?lue Devils, who air (J-I>, pitching contribution from Kfi:; have been involved in ( very game Williams ngainst Kli/nhelh. Iliis season its any could have gone Williams, who m 1!','. on the year, either wiiy. had eight strikeouts, nave tip live "We've Ixvn in every gume hits and only two walks in a eoijrv we've played all seimon-lonjj," snitl plete HCVIMI intiiiihs for the I4l(ie Weslfield Mtuid Couch Bob Bivw Devils. uter. "Tho hnrd pnrt In the fact that "WIlllnmB pitched n Rrent we could hnve won mont of those (I'IOBHO turn to pn«n B-2)

12 B-2 April 28, 1994 Westfield runners win four events at Holmdel Relays BLUE DEVIL CALENDAR FRIDAY. APRIL 29 Volleyball East SHJO at Westfiotd 4 Baseball Easl Side HI WcslllBki 4 Sodball Wesifieldat Easl Side, 4 Westfield netmen continue to roll By IVYCHARMATZ THK HRCOftl.) Westfield High continued its success in track and field this week as both the boys and girls teams proved lo be full of tough competitors. Alter ;i victory over livington last Tuesday, the boys team traveled to the Holmdel Relays Saturday, where they finished in fifth place with 48 points. The distance medley team of Lawrence Ho (2:01.6), Erwyn Lyght (53.3), Ted Kilcommons ( and Matt Elmuecio (4:35) crossed the line first in 10:49.3. Ho (2:05.5) and Elmuecio (2:03.9) then joined John O'Brien (2:03.8) and Jim Nicoli (2:02.5) in the 4x800 meter relay to finish first in 8:15.5. In the sprint medley, Marcus Cognetti (23.8), Lyght (23.6), NicoU YOUTH SPORTS WESTFIELD TRAVELING SOCCEfl Wesltleld Chargers 1, New Providence Bulls 1 - The Westlield Chargers played a great game and earned a tie with an evenly matched New Providence team. The goal was assisted by Kevin Doyle. Goalie, Paul Johniton kept it 1-0 al the halt with two spectacular saves. The defense by Hlchit Rowe, Brendan Maher, Kieran Miller and Seth Fisher was also outstanding in (he second halt ol tho game Ihe passing ot halfbacks Jack Kane, John Henry Flood, Ted Brown and Matt Slmone was excellent. Gavlin Shulman. Hyan Hogan, Tim Carroll and David Seilgman kepi the pressure on the Tight losses (Continued from page B-l) lor us ;nicl Inc loss has nothing to do with the pitching." said Brewster. "Tho key for us is thai we h;ivc to stop making mistakes and we have to learn to keep our errors to a minimum." And those errors proved costly Siilurdiiy lor (lie Dovils ;ts I hoy losl lo llohok(mi8-7. "Ajjainsi Ilobokoti we got off to a slow sunl and it hurt us early in Hie "lime,' siiid Hrcwsler. "But wo also had ;t near-perfect oll'ensivc sixth inning which proves to me thai wo ;ne capable of playing hotter tfiaii wo it re right now." Brian Cicinintcki rocked a grand slam when Wesliletd jumped out to ;t 7-5 lead before the Redwings rallied lo score three in tho bottom of tho sixth. "You cither do it or you don't and if you don't you're not good enough," said Brcwstcr. "Hobokcn was able to get it clone because they hit two singles, a double and a triple in the last inning to earn their victory and we shouldn't have let it happen." On Friday, the Devils were able to cruise to a 10-2 victory over Linden as Chris Vogel threw a thrcehitter with seven strikeouts and one walk. Ron Nobile, the captain of the team alonj> with Vogel, smashed a solo homer and Steve Cheek blasted i\ three-run shot as the Devils played one of their belter games of the season. "1 really believe that we're as fjood as anyone that we've played this year and the only thing we have to do is prove it." said Brewslor. "All of our losses have come against very good baseball teams but we have to keep plugging away bi-lore the state cutoff comes around." Hobbie continues (Continued from page B-l) ol KordiKiin University and his niiile, Krtne, is an active "shot doctor" and works with biisketball players al Hie lnj'h school, college and professional levels I played basketball in my freshni.ii and Miphoinoir years bill it u,i nl sotnelhint'. Hurt was goiiik ;jmv\vli(tr " aid 1!nbl>le "I really lim k Ih.ii.uiiimniu'.ir!<I i'.oll are ' i mil -. Hit i',.mil are,i 1 ilme* differ ) I! I III II,I' I I I I - til,iii I).! ] l i l l i l l I " Mil K 1 is also something Hdbhie v very uiii'ieslcd in ;r; he's played tli, vhila '.iwrv lie was mite and ]\i In < (! ;i mi 'tuber nf Die New,IIT.C\ \ 'itiib Syin»lt()ny for the I> i.l luiii vrats I M.IIIV iiii'i', 1'lavui'. 1. IIIIIMC JIIIII I \e been worl.lll! VCiy hard v,11, i>i!h''i [,, l ;ni llolilni'. who'll ahoml I,il.i',c!li' or I 'uli'.ale in lite Whiii I'm 1 eallv exciled abmil j>. I'ellint 1. Ihe ehanee lo play at I jiiiri'.ir Hall iii'\l mouth" In ;i inalli'i- of weete. Mark I 1 ', llolibx- v ill I'.radtuile ('nun Wrsl *ii' i Ih'd wilh some nice ae ( 1 mipli.lioienl'. alirj iticiniii ir, hilt IIM IMI I I",:,M) I he'll Imvi' lei? Ml lln III'.VM nl WesHicM Will lint he liiii'ollon Inr yefir*. to fiitni' '^nitelmw, HUN IKIM hecottlo ll'h lihiin in llnlihie I'lUlilly (52.4) and Kilcommnns (2:01.3) gave Westfield its third fust-place finish of the afternoon in 3:41.3. The 4x400 relay of Lyght (53.3), Kilcommons (53.6), O'Brien (54.3) and Nicoli (53.2) was also first (3:34.5). In the end, Westfield proved victorious in each of the lour varsity track events it entered. On the field, the pole vault relay of Paul Hayes and Amit Magdieli was third (21-6), and the javelin relay combination of Chris Hanas and Jason Albertson wasfifth (257-7). The only recent meet for the girls team was last Tuesday at Gary Kehler Siadium where the Blue Devils won 10 of the 14 events, outscoring Irvington Westfield swept the top three positions six times throughout the meet. One sweep occurred in the 1600 run when Xanda Martins (13:41) and Terry Milanetle (13:42) followed Kellie Goncalves (13:08) across the finish line. "It was a hard, but it was the best I've ever run the two-mile," said the sophomore, who led another sweep in the 1600 (5:52.7) Junior Shi-Kia Carter, who was recently ranked second in the state in discus, placed first in both the shot put (29-9) and discus (110-6). Freshman Suzy Kozub had another outstanding meet, placing first in the 800 (2:33.9) and 400 (1:01.5). Kozub's finish in the 400 places her fourth on the all-time Westfield list in that event. The girls will send their 4x400 relay team along with three of the boys teams to Philadelphia for the Penn Relays, which begin tomorrow. LOCAL SPORTSCENE New Providence goalie and preserved the goal. Dlvlion S Weitileld Untied 5, Roxbury Racktra 0 - The Westlield United Division 5 soccer team systematically wrecked the Reckers by dominating play with speed and power. United continued its reputation as one o! the more dangerous teams in the Mid Jersey Premier Flight Condi Thiam, Din Caprarlo and Dan McAnally set the pace early on with solid midfield play and midway through the first half McAnally out-hustled the Roxbury defense and won a ball at the end line and passed back to David Sanloriallo who lofted a high bail into the box where Josh Ludmer raced in from ol a stunned goalie for Ihe 1 0 lead In the second halt Sal "Ihe hit man" Fazlc led the midfield charge with aggressive play and sharp passing and Umteci's lamed "wall" defense ol Duffy "the terminator" Lau, An thooy "tough guy' Tomasso, Adam Hash' Yoltic. Rob "the enforcer" Larsen and Fazio punished the Rockers offensive end Wcstfiold's pieseure paid o'f when Thiam took a ball through center using slick footwork and found G.rrltl III on the left wing. The spoedy III crossed to Ludmer who trapped and spun lor a beautiful low cannon that resembled a world cup goal. Mike Nahaczewski was outstanding in goal when the RecKers put on a charge he stopped a high shot Irom 25 yards-out and made a brilliant sliding save on a point blank to preserve II ic shutout Division 4 Wesllield United 0, Rihway Youth Rage 0 Weslfield 5 Division 4 traveling soccer loam opened ihe 94 season with a tie against Pahway last Sunday. United had Ihe best opportunities and mainly dominated play lor most ol Ihe match. Mike Debrossy had Wcstliold's first chance with a long cmry and a bit) booming shot that sailed above the crossbar. Joih Ludmar had tour shots on goal including a header from a fine corner kick tram David Sanloriallo, which was just knocked away by a good goal save. Anthony Tomasso was very strong on defense as well as Duffy Lau who played su perbly at sweeper Goalie Tim Mansfiald made Ihe save of the day on a very strong short angle hick near the end ol the first hall. Adam Yoffie, Sal Fazio and Andrew Odachowski each made solid plays to keep Rahway or! the board Mike Nahaczowskl made his usual strong throw ins lo keep the ball movmg away Irom the Wostfield goal Rounding out tho solid play contributions from Dan Caprtrlo, Gerritt III Robart Larson, Griffin Maloney, Condi Thiam and Tommy Wada. The game was played in very strong gusting winds and showed WesHield's ability to play well on an away field in some adverse conditions. RUNNING WESTFIELD 5-MILE RUN Phil Gibbons, 33, ol Westfield was the second-placo finisher in Ihe Westfield Recreation With 1/2 price bag purchase Mod.1 R11400 Five-Mile Run Saturday. Gibbons' time was 26:38 Four other Westlield runners placed in the top 10 overall. Skip Moore, 37, was seventh in 28:28, Adam Barcan was eighth in 28:36 and Geoffrey North, 17, was ninth in 28:46. The first masters runner and 10th overall was Tom Cusimano, 42, finishing in 29:20. Overall winners were Tim Ensign, 31, of Middletown who finished in 25:39, and Jennifer Buccino, 28, of Washington in 32:59. WESTFIELD RECREATION S-MILE RUN Saturday, April 23 Local Finishart Place Runner Name, Town, Age, Time 2. Phil Gibbons. Westfiold, 33, 00:26:38 7 Skip Moore, Westlield, 37, 00:28:28 B Adam Barcan. Wostfield :28:36 9 Geoffrey North. Westfield :28:46!0 Tom Cusimann. Westfield, 42, 0029:20 12 James Colvin, Westlield, 45 00:29: Bueben Gamoran. Wcsrficld, 33, 00: John Ricca Westfiold : Don Kelly, Wostfield. 3«. 0031: Dan Morgan, Westfield. 31, 00: John Hutchins. Westfield, 30, 00: Chuck Dashiell lii. Westfreld, 32, 00:31:35 37 Rick Bolos, Westfiold :49 39 John O. North, Westfield, 44, 00: Ryan Walsh, Westfield, :32: Ed Me Kiernan, Weslfield. 24, 00:33: Fred Best, Weslfield 58, 00:33:50 46 Michael Eagan. Wesltmld : Brian Mulvoy. Westfield :34: Alberto Roig Westfiold. 43, 00:34: Brian Granstrand. Woslfield :35: Lee Albanese, Westfield, 37, 00:36: John Seybold, Weslfield, :36: Mark LipschuU, Wesllield, 34, 00:38:36 87 Richard Bucci, Westlield. 44, 00,39:12 88 Marc Porter, Westlield, :17 89 Robert Green. Westlield. 41, 00.39:24 91 Stephen Bohlinger. Westlield, 30, 00:39:33 94 John Murray. Westtield, 31, 00:39:38 95 Michael Klein Wesllield, 53, 00:39:40 98 Ann Skudlark. Westlield. 38, 00:39: Jim Wick, Westfield, 43, 00:41: Bruce Gladstone, Westfield, 46, 00:41: Mike Me Glynn, Westlield, 44, 00:42: Dale Morgan, Westfield, 27 00:42: James Gildea. Westfield. S3, 00:42: John Oeult, Westfield, 54, 00:42: Leornia Whack, Westfield, 59, 00:42: Robert Zavaro, Westfield, 33, 00:43: Charlotte Lee, Westiield, 29, 00:44: Paul Gillespie, Westfield, 29, 00:45: Georgianna Gladstone, Westlield, 45, 00: Cathy Adamek, Westfield. 40, 00:46: Wendy Gross, Westfield, 33, 00:46:50 SPORTS BRIEFS Rad Croaa Golf Outing The third annual Golf Outing, hosted by the Westfield/Mountalnside Red Cross and the Westfield Jaycees. will be field on Monday, May 2, at the Plalnfleld Country Club. The goll committee is recruiting volunteers, golfers, sponsors and donated prizes for the fund rais- SATURDAY. APRIL 30 Gtrit Track Newark Academy Tourney, 9 am. VoHayoall Daylon Regional Tourney, 4 LacrotM Westfield al Clark. 11 a.m. MONDAY, May 2 Goti Weslfield vs. Summit at Echo Lake CC, 3:30 Tmwla WeslfieM at Scotch Plains, 4 Okls Track Minutemen Games in Elizabeth 3 Volleyball WestlieW at East Brunswick, 4 SofaMH Westfield at hvtngton, 4 Irvington at W«*tfkt(d, 4 TUESDAY, Maya oya Track WastlieW at Plainfiekj, 4 WEDNESDAY, May 4 Goll Westtiald at Plngry, 3:30 Tat IMilal ShabuzatWestfieid, 4 Volleyball Rahway at Wattfield, 4 Lacroiaa LawrenctvlKa at Wattf laid, 4 ar. Interested persons may contact the Westfteld/Mountainside Chapter at Tannla Mambarahlpa Being Sold The Westfkild Recreation Commission has bagun selling tennis memberships for the 1994 tennis season. Use of the courts is restricted to only Westfiakd residents of Tamaques and Elm Street courts. Use of courts at Memorial Park is open to all membership holders The fees are: lamily ($35 00 for residents, $7000 for non residents.), adult (18 and over - $25.00 res non-res.), junior ( $7.00 res. $14.00 non-res.), 12 and under ($5.00 res non-res), guest lee ($5.00 res., 5.00 non-res). For mors information, contact the recreation office at y WCKDMOMO TUB KECORD The Westfield High School ten nis team continues to put opponents away WFSTF IFLD as it stomped over Union Catholic 5-0 Monday, losing just nine games on the day. Dan Matro, who plays at first singles for the Blue Devils, cruised to a 6-0, 6-0 victory to start the match. At second singles Brad Jankowski won 6-1, 6-1 and third singles was won by Steve Lehman 6-2, 6-1. The Westfield doubles teams had the same result as Marc Spirn and Chris O'Connell won 6-0, 6-0 and Ken Diamond and Chris Cumuto triumphed 6-1, 6-3. "I'm happy with the way things are going and the players are doing a good job against most of the teams we've played," said Head Coach George Kapner. "We've gotten some great singles play from our top three but I'm extremely proud of the doubles teams as well because they've helped us nicely in a lot of our tougher matches." Before the UC match the Blue Devils displayed no mercy on Cranford either as they walked away with a 5-0 conquest. Matro won 6-0, 6-0, Jankowski 6-1, 6-0, and Lehman 6-1, 6-0 to round out the singles play. Doubles was the same story us well with O'Connoll and Rich Cohen winning 6-3, 6-3 and Cumuto and Diamond were victorious in a 6-1,6-1 romp. "We are 6-0 in conference play and we have to continue to be successful in the conference," said Kapner. "But we'll face some teams out of the conference as well so we'll need to maintain our competitiveness." LACROSSE Westfield is off to its usual test start with a 6-2 record after going 1-1 on the week. On Saturday, the Blue Devils faced the Maroons of Ridgewood at Tamaques Park but lost the contest by a 15-7 score. Ed Joffe had four goals and a pair of assists and Charles Smlzman put in a goat and two assists in the game. On Thursday, Westfield played better on its home field as it walked all over Voorhees in a 10-6 success. Liam Wertheimer was good for half of the Blue Devils scoring with five goals and Joffe put in four goals for Westfield. VOLLEYBALL The Blue Devils had a tough week against some of their Watchung Conference foes as they dropped 2-0 decisions to Summit on Monday and Cranford a few days earlier. Both games were on the road for Westfield and the Lady Devils are 4-3 with East Side on the schedule for tomorrow. fithlete OF THE WEEK ABBY BOMBA WESTFIELD On Monday, Bomba went 3-for-S in a 17-5 victory over Elizabeth as she smashed two singles and a three-run double In the decisive third Inntng when the score was 3-3. 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13 .April 28,1994 B-3 Ji/ f GEORGE PACCIELLCVTHE RECORD Christine O'Brien shows off a key component of her nationwide service net. Child search service now features electronic power By CHCRVLHEHL -,THE RECORD u More than 1,000 children are abducted every year. <\ Christine O'Brian is hoping she can do something to '; reduce that number. As a mother of three children ages 4 to 13, Mrs. ; O'Brian understands what it is like to worry about the safety of children. So when she heard about Guardian ^Electronic Recovery Service's up-to-date, digitized 'Sphoto and descriptive data program, she investigated. jp According to Mrs. O'Brian, the most crucial element fa finding a lost or abducted child before any harm occurs is speed. The faster the search can begin, the better the odds that a child will be found safe. Guardian electronically stores an up-to-date, digi- Uzed photo and pertinent descriptive data of a child, everything needed by the police and volunteers to accurately begin a search. No critical time is wasted rummaging for a recent photo. Facts about height, weight and complexion aren't jumbled or garbled by I dazed or frightened parents. Crisp printouts of infor-! mation replace guesswork, and sharp photos can re- place fuzzy photocopies used on posters. 1 Bearing this in mind, Mrs. O'Brian decided to regis-! ter her own children and sign on as a representative for the company. With three children to take care of, a home-based business was perfect, i "I spent a month evaluating it," said Mrs. O'Brian,! "and then I thought, 'this is something every parent! should have." Benisch is elected panel vice chairman Stephen B. Benisch Esq. has been elected to serve as vice chairman of the Education Committee, of the New Jersey Business and industry Association (NJBIA). Mr. Benisch has been active in education for several years. He has provided legal opinion on education, at the request of the New Jersey State General Assembly. He also served two years as the chairman of the Legislation Committee, of the Parent-Teacher Council of the Westfield school system. In addition, he served on the Education Committee, of the Union County Chamber of Commerce. NJBIA is the nation's largest stathevel employer association, with more than 13,000 member companies. It is the premier government affairs organization in Trenton, representing business interests before the State Legislature and State agencies. Its board of trustf.-es includes directors and chief operating officers of some of New Ji'i-soy'a major corporations. NJBlA's Education Committee works with slate government, to RoofinK * SldlnK & Coinplele Home Improvements No Sub Contractors All Work UiiHrnnteed I'rt'c Kstlniales Fully Insured Call STEPHEN B. BENISCH improve the educational system and to develop positive roles lor business within that arena. Mr. Benisch practices commercial and matrimonial law at 100 Walnut Ave., Suite 100, Clurk. He can be reached ot DICKS Although she admitted that available statistics are "very subjective," Mrs. O'Brian did say that the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children "say the pictures have helped." Parents pay a one-time fee of $49.95 for the service. If their child should ever be abducted or missing, the Guardian Recovery disc is given to the police. Meanwhile, she said, Guardian gets to work the moment the call is received. The data file and picture of the missing child are immediately transmitted along the "data highway," available to millions of people who may spot the victim. Included is police departments, schools, and hospitals nationwide. Electronic bulletin boards, many specially dedicated to finding missing children, or that have special portions of their service reserved for the effort, are also sent the files for immediate posting. "No one can assume it won't happen to them," said Mrs. O'Brian. "The threat to our nations's children cuts all across ethnic, racial and economic boundaries. No one is immune to it" "I believe that Guardian is just one more Way to protect our children." Three years ago the likelihood that this could happen was very foreign to Mrs. O'Brian. She lived on the upper East side in New York City, and considered herself safe from such things. Until one day in the park when a man grabbed a baby from a mother and said "Give me your money or I'll take your kid." "We moved right away, but I realized from that day there is a danger out there and none of our children are safe." Print Tech's hours grow to suit patrons Print Tech, at 361 South Avenue East in Westfield, has expanded business hours. Print Tech will be open 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Mondays-Fridays and 9 a,m.-5 p.m. Saturdays. This addition of more than 21 hours of service per week will provide customers access to the full range of printing services even after the regular business weekday and on the weekend. To staff the expanded hours, Print Tech has hired Lisa Weaver. Ms. Weaver holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. She has an extensive background in graphic arts and customer service in the printing industry. Ms. Weaver will provide continuity to the new schedule. She will be available every evening and every Saturday. She will be joined by current members of the Print Tech staff, who will be placed on a rotational schedule, iroofinol Prrsml t.'niitmin After Estimate Is SERVING THE AREA FOR OVER 20 YEARS r'sbctoo orrl ftoo'.oo OFF] r« OFF] [\5b5T00 OFF! r* OFF 11*200.00'OFF I I ANY COMPLETE. ANY COMPLETE M? "* * \ «DmO JOB! ANY COMPLETE! "IHKTID I BATHROOM ADDITION II*'7 J^II DECK 11 J S r I I JOB JOB QORMER InnrtPINin JOB "inlmumjmsfluiitirmi Minimum 10Window " With IhiinoHpoiil IWIIh This Coiiponl IWIth Thli Coupon fflffi-fi'^counonl WHh This Coupon VWlh Thta Coupon)! I:MAt» 8/31/M _!" E«plr» 0/31/94 J " EKplm 5/31/64 ' Exnlre 5/31/04.. EjcRJ Sgjgl J b.^p^ii 1^ j Landes new officer at Dames & Moore Joel B. Landes has been named an officer of Dames & Moore, engineering and environmental consultants. Mr. Landes, who is an associate and senior consultant, is based in the company's Cranford office, Being named an officer of the company means the recognition of outstanding professional achievement and provides a special ownership status. Mr. Landes is one of 11 newly appointed officers, bringing the company's total number of officers to 98, Mr. Landes, who joined Dames & Moore in 1985, is a specialist in chemical and environmental engineering and hazardous waste management, with more than 20 years of experience. Mr. Landes received a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and a master's degree in environmental planning and management from the Cooper Union, New York. He also pursued graduate studies at Union College in New York. JOEL B. LANDES Parker is senior VP at Brooklyn Union WALLACE P. PARKER JR. The board of directors of Brooklyn Union has elected Wallace P. Parker Jr. to the post of senior vice president, with responsibilities for the company's human resources division. Since joining Brooklyn Union in 1971, Mr. Parker has served in a variety of management positions. He was named assistant vice president for marketing and advertising in 1987 and in 1990, he was elected vice president with responsibility for sales management. Mr. Parker is a cum laude graduate of Lehigh University, and lives in Westfield with his wife and three children. He is active in many industry organizations and has held a number of key positions in the American Gas Association. Locally, Mr, Parker has coached in the Westfield Baseball League and Westfield Soccer Association, is a member of the board of trustees of the First Congregational Church in Westfield, and has taught business management at Kean College. Peterson carries new DuPont carpet care line Eardly T. Petersen, of the Eardly T. Peterson Co., 224 Elmer St., has announced that the Cello Corp. of Maryland, in a joint eftort with DuPont, has introduced a revolutionary new line of carpet care products. "DuPont's SwiftVac technology tremendously advances a carpet's abilities not only to resist soiling but also to be vacuumed clean," said Mr. Peterson. John Pino and Keith Pettrsen of the Eardly T. Petersen Co. have just returned from a two-day seminar on this and other Cello products in Havre de Grace, Md. "We're more than a bit excited about this new carpet product line," said Keith Petersen. "The YOU COULD WINA SHOPPING SPREE! Just look for our special promotion coming up in May! Fill out the coupon, jot down your favorite store, and you could be the winner of a $100 shopping spree at that store! Courtesy of Forbes Newspapers ability to remove twice as much soil from a carpet on one vacuuming pass is almost unbelievable advantage, especially for the commercial facility with considerable carpeting. The carpet literally 'empties itself or soil.' "In addition, unlike other carpet protectors, Du- Pont's SwiftVac will not be removed by cleaning procedures such as extraction (steam) cleaning, shampooing, ect.," he continue!. "It can only be removed by being chipped away by abrasive material such as silica (sand). In testing, carpet treated with SwiftVac looks almost new after 250,000 trafficking*." For questions on any cleaning need, contact Keith Petersen or Mr. Pino at

14 WestfwMfl Reootv April 28,1994 Forbes IN-COLUMN RATES On* Insertion 4 lines, $2.00 s-ach additional line Five Insertions 4 lima, $1.60 each additional line per weak $18.00/Ws»k $14.40/We*k Merchandise) Special $ linos, runt 2 waeks. $2.00 each additional line. Non-Commercial Automotive Special $ linea, runs 2 weeks. $2.00 each additional line. Non-Commercial Garage Sale $ lines. $1.25 each additional line. Frea Ads Lost & Found, Frea To A Good Home. Adoptable Pets CLASSIFIED HOURS Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30am-5:00pm Thursday & Friday 8:30am-8:00pm Closed Saturday & Sunday EMPLOYMENT CUSTOMER SERVICE In-Column Advertisers Outside New Jersey Legal Advertisers x AUTOMOTIVE 4O1O-423O REAL ESTATE O MONDAY 2:00pm In-Column Classifieds THURSDAY 5:00PM Real Estate Tab AD DEADLINES FRIDAY 5:00PM Auto/Classified Display MONDAY 5:00PM Camera Ready Ads INTRODUCTIONS Central New Jersey's best choice for meeting some-1 one close to home. See Weekend Plus GENERAL POLICIES & SERVICES ladvartlalngplacadinforbaanawapapanliaubtact to Una) approval by tha PubHahar. iva raaarva tharightto cometv ad*, or claaahy copy, to njact or cane* any advartlaamant at any tlim. dafimitlftnil Accepted up to 2p.m. Monday prior to publication. Your M f n npraaantattna will / I I U* you numbs? at tha ttim oftha eancattatlon of a claathiad ad. Thla la your neon/ ot cancellation. AdjMBtflUilta; Plaaaa ehack your ad tor anon tha FIRST WEEK It appaan. Foroaa Nawapapan win NOT ba naponalbla hr Ineormct adt altar tha lint. waak. ForbaaaaaumaanotlnarKialrmtponalbllltyforanonorhrthaomlaaion ol copy. Error liability thatt not axcaad tha coat ot that portion of apaca occupied by auch arm. Major ad/uatmant claim* mutt ba mada wmmn 30 daya of tmoica, otharwita auch clalma will not ba conaktarad. f jymtlw IP 4tiYWMf f Qaraga Salma, Employment Wantad, Wantad to Rant, HouaalApartmanta to Shara, ada whan moving and adt to addmaaaa outalda oinawjaraay, < fcrtf Chartsaa: Blind Ada -SI 5.00 lor 30 daya bom rantal and mailing charga. All capital or bold lattan 50a par Una, par waak Aaannr Inf" ** «" ClaaalHad rataa an commlaalonabm to mcoonliad aoanclaa at 15%. BUSINESS & SERVICE DIRECTORIES Appears every week in Classified To Place An Ad Call Outside New Jersey Call O30 Loat* Found 1O tO fjlbsjhs OffMItMfl «m* tmmaa 1030 Lest«Fowls' 1M0 Personate 10W Coming Events lovo A 10O0 ALLOW ME TO GIVE YOU \hm gilt ol a lasting relationship. Peraonalized. 19 yn. wperlence. Call Juay Yorlo's Compatible tos-707-to MATCHHAKIH INTSRNATIONAl The lirgeit ft most selective psreonal Introduction strvlcs In the nation. For fit* Info. 80S-21J.9OS0 PATH'S PARTY Buffet, Dessrt 4 Coffee. 3/26 «4/30,6PM S2S4 Cow Ml» > Mingle- 10M UatiFamd * $500* * REWARD * LOST CAT Vary»hy, black with orange aplashei on lace I body, orangs tip ol r>d ot Mil. Pleais chtck you( garagis and iheda! Picas* call- ( 08) Atfwtlw In tfmctospri9bi CHILD'S lyiblawkt (PRESCRIPTION) FOUND- In parking lot of King Farmi about 3 wfci ago. Cover aay* "Somerssult" Plesse call 272-MS4, or atop In. LOST- Malt Tabby, Dark on top, whit* on bottom, wh, f«tt, Big head ft pawi. Lut aem Oavldaon St.. Franklin 4/9. Friendly. Any Info call Ma , 6BS- 2325: tvtt MULTI-COLORID ADULT CAT- found In Rosalie araa. home tralnad. 29B A WONDERFUL FAMILY EXPERIENCE- Scandinavian, European, South American. Japanese High School exchange Students Arriving Augutt. Become Hoat Family/ AISE. Call Kathlatn (M») Mt-334««r 1-tOO- StlLINO. A CLASS ESCOHTS M/F, Ptnthouaa play* mat*i, Collect etudents, Role playing ADOPTION"' Caring, well-educated, paychologlat and artist longing to idopt a nawborn-lnfant. Wi hava the tlma to devote to tha raiting of your child. Looking forward to becoming psrenit and sharing our Lova, Laughter and Ufa Elian and Mike *7007 HomMludy approved adoption consultant- Dlir»a 1-8O TAROT CARD READINGS SISTER SUZAN Lova? Succan? Health? Difficult declilons, look Into your future. SPECIAL 1/2 PRICE PSYCHIC READINGS. CALL FOR ONE FREE QUESTION. 30 yra. In Cranford.MM Advrtlf SPRING CLEANING WiVi GOT A BIG DIAL FOR You* LITTLI THINOS -GlMIRAL MlRCHANDISI 2 lin»i x 3 wgt»kf Use this coupon for: (Please check one) Your ad cost is: Dlf the item you are selling is $50 or under.,.$frli$ DO YOU BEUBVE? Your Ufa It rultd by tht ataral Horotcopa updatad daily B S0/Mln Touch phone raqulrad. JJQ, 80 Jan* Straat Naw York, NY ELECTROLYSIS- by Michala, CPE. Disposable, atarlla probaa, parmanant ratultt. 1/J price flrat visit. So. Edlton araa. For appt For mora Info FIND OUT WHERE TO GET A MASSAQE ANY- WHIM IN THf U.S. In thm if the item you are selling is over $50 but not more than $1O0...$2.O0 if you are giving away the item...$frie$ Sulla 193, Fort Lee, NJ n'"-sasllv. Oh, Star of tha aoa, h»lp ma and haar m«, harain you ara my REE PCRSONALITY mothar. Oh, Holy Mary, TEST Your personality Moti., of Qod, Quaanot determines your happiness? Know why? Call t- humbly beseach you Heaven and Earthl I UFE. from tha bottom of my heart to succor rnt in this NCW CREDIT BREAK- naeaaslty. Thara ara THROIMHI Create a new nona that can withstand Credit file. 24 hr. your powar. Oh, show hotline Name- Address _ FIRST LINI -- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l TT1 SlCOND LlNi -- I I 1 I I I I 1 i I 1 I I I I I I I Send H2.B5 tor Maataoe Directory, or write for Information to: Working Press Inc. 177 Main St.. PERSONAL PSYCHIC MRS. D * Halp and guidance In lovt, rttalth and financial problems. If confuted In any matter of life, one vltlt will help to bring you trua contentment. 3S yri xperlanca. 'FREE* HOMES THROUGHOUT PSYCHIC READING with THE STATE. CALL any type of other reading. FORBES CLASSIFIED AT * Call aot>7m>3o43 * , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN PHAYERTOTHI U>KD VIR0IN Navar known to fall). Oh, most baaullful lowar ot Ml, Carmel, fruitful vina aptandor 01 Haavan, Blaaaad Mothar et lha aon ol Qod, Immaculate Virgin, aaslat ma In my ma harain you ara my mothar. Oh Mary, concalvad without sin, pray for ua who hava racoursa to ihea (3x). Holy Mothar, I placa this causa In your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solva all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goal. You who gave ma tha divine gift to forgive and forget all avll against ma and that In all Instances In my Ufa you ara with m», f want In this short prayer to thank you for all things ai you confirm once again tnat I never want to ba asperated from you In atamal glory. Thank you lor your mercy toward ma and FreaioQood Home mine. The paraon must Furniture say thla prayar 3 con-2120secutive daya. Attar General March Oarage Sales daya, the request will be Office Furniture granted. This prayar end Supplies must be published attar 21 SO- Software the favor Is granted. 2ISO- Wanted to Buy PSYCHIC MADINOS By Dorothy Lova, Health, Buslnass SPECIALiTarot readings $S w/ad. For appt.can Bound Brk 3SS-4004 PSYCHIC READINGS * * 1Y * * **MUNA* + Palm and Tarot oard readlnga. Advice an all preblama of life. Consult thla gifted lady today tor halp and tovies, call naw, MS-ST With thla ad ape alal raadlnaa t10 off. YOUR CLASSIFIED AO CAN 81 PUSUSHE0 IN f 2 NEW JPHSEY NEW*- PAPER! WITH ONE EASV PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AO NETWORK. "YOUR DAILY MMOSCOM" Call Nowl ext.3241, J2.99/mln, Must be 18 yrs. old. Procall Co., 1618 E. Ball Rcf. Pho. Kz,, \ 2O00 FOR SALE n Antiquea MM. Aapiiancaia Art 2040 Auctions 2060 Clothing 20M - Coltacttbie* 2070 Computers HMO Farm A Garden 20*1- Firewood 2MQ-Flea Markets, tale* and) Bazaars 2010 Antiques Somervllla araa, call 241- snuff bottles, Eng & oa3b/beaper BEHNARDSVILLE sterling silver, oil lamps, JOMM DEERE Riding orientals, oriental rugs, DEPRESSION & ART mowsr 72"; Bobcat JEWELRY: 14K s/c QLASS. Sals, Sat. April mower 4B" \ iv'\ Troybllt rotolii'er. Call 90S- watch, rings, sterling. 30th, 10am, 450 Rt.202 COINS: GOLD A Silver eves. MAIN ST. ANTIQUE coins, silver dollars, CENTS;" Main St. Indian Heads p., Hibornla MULCH- Topsoll, Flemlngton, collectible coins, S7S7 2 tlr.s sq. ft, old paper & fractional 85 dealers, open dally currency. Brass buckets, 10-5 pm, WALTHAM POCKET WATCH- Lecoultre wfla watch; Hope Chest, twin beds, odds A ends. SOMEFJVIU.E CENTER ANTIQUES 17 Division St. Opan 7 days, Central N.J.i bargain apot, 40 daalera, Furniture, toys, lewtlry, Porcelain, glata, Military & political, SOB RECONDITIONED Wathers, Dryers, TVs, Microwave ovens, Ranges- Never Used COOKtops-ovans-disposais. Low prices. All warranteed. MeVSII-SMU. yer, $65. Stove, S75. Refrigerator. $170. Can deliver. Color console TV $100. Pla call MfCtfOfM QUALITY ESTATE AUCTION Elwood Q. Nailer ftson Auctioneers me. will sell the estate of Edna C. Smith 3t TOAD LANE RINQOES, NJ BAT. APRIL 30, 0AM FURNITURE: Oak round, table, server, bow fr. china closet, cherry stand, pine tables,oak stands, 2 high back beds, oak dressers, washstanda, pine dresser, walnut vanity, oak d/f desk, 3 pine blanket chests, oak platform rockers, pine cupboard, jam cupboards, pine toed bin, hooser cab., cane-seated chairs, water bench, dry sink, sleeper sofa. QLASS: Depression, flint, cranberry, case, pattern, Dresden, Royal Bur., china 3«rvlce-12. OLD LINENS: QUILTS, homespun, old clothes, spice box, pictures, oil painting, bisque doll, cradle, CHHISTMAN u/r piano, school bell, GUNS: Oerman Mauzer, Harrington-Richardson Trooper 20g., H/fl Trooper 12g,. Remmlngton 22. Assorted hand & garden tools, Troy-BHt 7h. roto«ll»r, Simplicity 7110 riding] mower w/carl, vac, snow blade, aluminum laddara, U/R iraeieu, refrigerator, h/h items, much more. DIRECTIONS: From Flemlngton Circle- Rt.202/31 South to Toad Lane Turn right. Watch for alone. ROMP.TI.HELLIR *0t>23»-aiM BTATIAKTION 0^0 AM SUN. MAY 1 lafcau-emaidwooo M EASTERN AVL SOMBWUyWJ rmesl,«m^t cyander front sanetaty. im>ni**roci saetalaiy. several oak pieces, pine lam cupboard, t spool eaunets. Flow am* service tar 1J, over 300 sat (tee end a law pea. of jewalry. Stamp Collection (Sootm #1. #15. #17. #230-2*0, 10S1M knpsns, fancy eanceaaitana, etc.) Com Cot (action <1 S44QuerterEaal». Bested liberty dlmee. quarter dol.,lialvss.3knaoana), tasi saver Scent pe. ISM hatioam. etc.) Mnercan nyar wwd-up nmi«kionab<mlscoukr«clock, postcards, playing cards A more. Terma: Cast) or QOOO Cheek HeM Outdoors Rein or SMns. Preview S-10 AM Food truck AUCT.KMKOfY.CAl IBM COMPATIBLE $2S5. We also buy and repair computers, monitors, printers and boards laomtrni FREE FILL DIRT- delivery can be arranged, Stone. Pickup or prompt del. Retail or Wholsale. EAQLE FENCE B2S-577S TOPSOIt Screened farmland soil Bark mulch p/up or del. soa-soo-moo Advrtlf PIMWOOD-eeaeoned. split, hardwood, * Ira* OSllvary. (SOI) ». CRAPT SHOW «SALE-'- Sat. 4/30, 10am-3pm. 260, Mlnford Ava., So. Plain-< field, oft ol Oakland Ava. Bargains galorat " MAY 1st, PISCATAWAY - LAKE NELSON SCHOOL * S. RANDOLPHVILLE HD. ; POOD FESTIVAL, CRAFT < PAIR * FLEA MARKET VENDORS WANTED BIS > SUING OWN TABLE CALL MOTHER'S DAY SPP.INO BOUTMUE Frl. May 6 a Sat. May 7 amaaa 0S-7B7-37M SOMERVILLES 1st ANNUAL FLEA MARKET May 14, lam-dpm Refleter by May 7 Only non-food vendors/ crafters please $20/space Davanport Straat municipal lot. tob-a2s-34tt Of VttOfv OvtsillA To raserve-sand name, address, phona, SASE a check payable to SBPA^IMW. MalnSt 2100 Fraatoa Good Hum CHESTNUT TRIES- FREEl, lor families living on Chestnut St In Westfield. 6 available from 3 ft to 10 ft high. Call S2. COUNTERTOP QAS STOVE- 4 burners, sll working. Vary good cond FumHura ANTIQUE BAR Dark mahogany. $ B-8405 BEDROOM SETwashad oak w/bad wall, S700/BO; microwave & cart,bo;carpet BED Braaa, queen complete with Ortho mattrese set. Unused In box. Coat si 000 sell 1300, in thm Clmttltimdl Phone #. Instructions: Print one jl) letter in each space. Allow one (1) space between words and one (1) spaea for appropriate punctuation. All ads for items priced S51 $'0 0 must be prepaid, please enclose $2.00 payment. All ad& -nusl include price and phono number. Individuals only qualify for this rote; no businesses. No cnncollaiions or refunds Forbos rnnervns the right to limit quantity ol FREE ads. Mail tot Forbes Newspapers, "Spring Cleaning", P.O. Box 699, $om«rv!tl«, NJ J7 OOufid f Kf f mil will hit <n<t»r>lrt(t by imi ir»n only. Nuphuiw cininn, [ilnnw * Coupon urn olvi nvniliibln til ihn ClnsKiflnH Onpl n( Uniijiie Q^it Ideas For MotlW's Day This ia tho place for Sterling Silver Jewelry and American Indian Jowolry and Craft8 72 South Street Now Providence, NJ ^ Professional All Breed Don Grooming '1'1,'uui'c i iikni n l)()(i(,li:ih I r* ~~ ~~ ~~ ti (ut ()KF Any Full 428 K. Miiln SI. 'i" 1 ', 1?,*' lor iippoinimcut I HI I II I A DII'WIIM ANY OUOUMINU 1 lorna 's Corner Ceramic Classes Save Money Give Custom Made Gilts Chll<lrt'M> illrtlxliiy I'urllci "(ilvr Mom A (ilfi (Vriilli-itic I'tir (Irnntiir f.liwsc's (or Moihrr's Day" >OH l'.li/.nl»eili Avviiiic.SnttiCfNVt ^ J

15 April 28,1994 WostfwM Itocofd B *0 NOTICE: AH OARAGE 5/1. tom-spm. Fum, HH, FawWia. Tafca Rt.27 to Iwataii Ava.t 4/30-9/1, 9- «PAYABLE IN AD-radio, gamat, loya, etoth- Stony Rd. (Flrat Fldalrty 4pm. Mulll-lam. aala. WNCC by cub, Ing. Wain or ihlna. Bank) 4 Mocks to ufaeyda, axar. bika, starso componanta/cabinat, oiwok, VISA or Matter Walnut. Fiatndata 8/1. RiDQEWAnfl- For a quota en TOP NOTCH OFFSHORE Cornar Rt. at * Milltown H4., sat. 4/30; 9-4. OuHak Ct (Routa 206 to AT AUCTION 9AM, AUC- HtLLSBOROUOH- «FI8HINQ QEAR (SOLO BIMM call 1ji00-MB-» FAMILIES. (3 mi. watt Triangk* Rd-naar K-M«rt, TION INSPECTION ot Somarvllia Clrcla). follow alona) Sat. 4/ :30AM}, ukaboxas/ VIDMIN DMINSTCII- t4 Antlqua*, chlldran a 4pm. Ralndala: Sun, a/1. mamorabilla/collactiblas, BhiviaraMQ itama, a llttia bit clothing. HH, much *t*t-m, t*tm 10<4pm, Erttira of avarytrtingi MILLMOROUOH- tt C. mora. NO EARLY BIRDS! wntanta, 70 yr. Aceum., Maimtalw M.; (off Amwall) tat. only, 4/30. Hrti Haroai». loola,, Furn. ~ 8am-2pm. HH Itami, WHJMWVILU- 193 computer aoftwaro, baby fltaiamanl Mirti AJmoat Itama, toyaftturn. naw- Clothing, Jtwalry, nifl, AeC*U0rlM- Flna (fiamy hem* fumlahinga, aptlquaa, collactlblta torn comlgnnmata & * lactdaalara, t d l MO Off porehaa* of MS or moral ' INCOM QUALITY J CONMONMINTS naalar co-op apaca avail. Tua-F 104. Thura. til 8 Sat RANCHiuna no CONBKMMENT SALE 9)ony Brook School, 136 Oadar Qrova Rd. Sit. 4/», 0-2, 1/3 prlca aala 2- i4s. HUai Mlactlon of Infant to taan chlldrtn'i alothlng, toy a. book*, porting gooda, baby aqulp. Over 110 tamillaa participating. MANCHBUItO- 38+ HMMLY Sal. 4/30 & Sun. afi7«-3. OLDC TOWME. Rta. 22 to Raadlngton Rd. 1.5 ml. to Narraganaat or D'Angalo on rtam. Mao right at Countf Una off Ma. 22 a. Laft 41 Arapaho (1.5 ml.) fol- IOW yallow algna. No pyblrdal RIOaiWATIR- MB wawrwmii IM. 4/30 A RIOQIWATIH- Palmouth PI. (Batwaan Qraat Hills t Short Hill* Rd) Sat. 4/30, 9am-3pm. MultMamlly. Baby ft ehlldran Itama, toya, houiahold, homa-mada Amarlcan gtri ctethaa, CRANFORD- 7 Blah* Ava. Saturday, April 30; 9-4 pm. A llftla bit of ayarythlnpl CDISON- 14 Naw York hrd. (off Navaky SI) Sat. 4/30. 9:30-3pm. Rain/ ahina. Fum. mattraaa ft box aprtnga. booka ate. MSON- 3 Condw Clj 4/30, 10-2PM, Naw Dovar to Stacay 8t. To Corrina Ct. Odda ft anda, blkaa, Man'a ault, Air cond., Frpl. aceaa., lamp*, toya,.. DID YOU KNOW... This tirtla ad can ba raad by mora than raadaia in 22 publications throughout Somaraat. Mlddlaaax and Union Countlaa? It caught your attantlon, didn't it? Call YOUR ad in today! 1-MO-ISt-MM Wa Qat Raaultal Advertise In the Classified! IDItON- Walnut «t. Huai RUMMAOB SALI 4/30, 9-2pm Wartfiaw-Hartrldga Lowar School, 1040 PIM.ava, Plalnflald MANVIIXE- 134 Bo. 4th Ava. Sat. 4/30, 8-4pm. Furnltura, mlcrowava, 28" TV UIDOLCSIX- 310 Daeatur Ava; 4/J0-6/1, 9-4pm, Kit, itama, book ahalvaa, books, rsfrig., VCR w/camara, Plctura tramat, gamai, sporta aqulp., bika, racord albums, consols stsrao, apaakara, alactrlc typawrltar, dahumldlfiar, art auppllaa, lota moral Rain or Snlnsf MIDDLESEX- 321 Nigh St.; 4/2B-3O, g-3pm, H/H Itama, clolhat, book*, misc. P8 AP ACK/QLAO- STONE- Community wlda garaga tala, April 30th, Sam, lat Aid Squad building, St.Lukas Ava, aala map providad PISCATAWAV- 19 John flam Ctj off Rlvar Rd. 4/ 30, BAM-3PM, Clothas, tools, H/H Itama, toya, act. PISCATAWAY- IMA CarNaa Ava.(a4i Waah- PISCATAWAY 17N9 W. 4th St.; 4/30, ioam-4pm, rain or shin*. 4 famlllas gatting togalhar. Coma and hava funl PISCATAWAY ft Silt Baatty St.; 4/30, 9-4. Blua print mach. Orafting labla, BR aat, starao, cotfaa tablaftmoral PISCATAWAY- 98 Buana Vlata Ava; otf Rivar Rd., 4/30-5/1, 9-2PM. H/H Itama, Tandam Bika. Moving. Must SaMl PLAIMPIBLD Darunarti Rd.,Sat. 4/30; 9am-1pm. Rain or Shlnal Trsah ft Traasura Irom a 90 yr. old housa in lbs Ouaan City. SO. SOUND BROOK- 121A Madlaan St. (acroia from Mamodal Park) Frl. ft Sat. 4/29 A 30, 9-4pm. Muttl-famlly. Salt ft pappar collactlon, larga piciurat, lampa, TV, Furnltura, Housahold llama, clothing Including larga womans topa, infant clothing ft toya and much mora. SO. PLAINPIELD- 211 Naw Markat Ava.; 4/30, 9-4. DR labla. rug, car. lamps, watar flltars. HH itama. ate. PISCATAWAV- (Laka Nalaan araa) 130 South WE8TFICLD- 108 LakaaMa Dr. Sat, 4/30 ftfraxa* Ct.; corntr Csn- Sun, 5/1. All dsyt Somathing for avaryortai tral. 4/30ft 5/ Rain data 5/8. B/R Mis, L/R sactional, naw toys ft books, office suppllaa, HH, clothing, T.V.'s. Afffl9ftf#9 HI trlo CMMlMof BR BET- wood, boya/ taan, 2 chaats with hutchas, daak ft hutch, haadboard. Alao larga wood daak (hutch avail.) Qood cond. Z DAVBBD- Whiia Iron braaa complata with 2 ortho matlraaaaa. Unuaad In bo*. Coat 9800 sail DIN SIT- 3 piaca Ethan Allan, axe. cond. w/matching cotfaa tabla. t DINETTE SET- Glaas top, whltawaah rattan w; mauva cushion*. J200 Navar uaadl DR BET- Hanradon dbi padaatal, walnut tbl w/3 iaavaaft8 armchair* and larga Austrian crystal chandahar. BO , UVINa ft DtNINO SETS LRi WM a-pc. aaciionainaw, glaaa/braaa cocktail ft and tawaa. (2) SUKal lampa. (2) Burg.laathar chalra w/matchlng ottoman. Small Chippandala tabla. DRi Paean, mirrortop tabla, 6chrs. Qlasi andoaad BraaMront:mlrror-top, fully lit. Both axe. cond. SSOOOaa or 85000/ both aata MOVma SALE- Mspls draaaar/nlght atand 8350/aat. Pa. Houas charry and tabla 8275; 2 ctiarry and tablaa $100/ pr.fnaad ratlnlahing); sofabad SOFA ft CHAIR- Colonlal; Rockar. Asking 8200/all. HAMMOND ORQAN w/banch, dbl. kaybd. ft padal keybd. Excal. cond. Asking SOPA ft LOVESEAT- Cont«mporary style ohwhlta w/strlpas. $650, vary good cond STEINWAY GRAND PIANO- Mod.A ratad "vary good". Include* storaga Bench. S11.OO Ati» in C/8$i/«ed dont cost Thay payl 14" VIOLA A vlolln, 8200; clartnat, 820O; Brother al*c. typewriter, IB* ORUMHAN nave an assortment of CANOE- $250; 1100carpal laft over Including Watt port. gen. 8128; STAINMASTER, Craftsman lawn mower and commercial carpet 840; Shp rototiller 8178; for Other baiter antique caah register carpet* at tremendous 8180; exercise bika $25; discounts. Can Eddie. bicycles. 28"man'a, 24"boys, 24"glrl'a $35/ as.; keroeene heater $15; plnball machine 195; CEMETERY PLOTS Pachinko machine $25; 2 aida-by-slde, Clover Wurlltzer uke box $550; Leaf Memorial Psrk, IBM port, computer $30; Woodbrldge. Valued at 10X10 port, screen tent selling for B-75S-S ; hammock w/ frame ABOVE GROUND POOL- Mini-deck Included, 30 ft. round, approx. 6 yr. old, $700, APRICA Dbt. stroller, like new 8150; DP Qym from Seara $25. Call Sat. at noon ATTIC PAN- $50 AC wndw unit $ BAHAMA CRUISE S days/4 nights. Underbookedl Muat still Limited tickets. 8279/couple. (407) , Eat. 884 Mon.-Sat, 9AM-10PM BILL'S- "TRADING POST"" HOUSE OF A MILLION ITEMS -ANTIQUESft USED FURN ANTIQUE* CHAIRS and* ROCKERS* 500 ANTIQUE- PLATES and- FRUIT BOWLS' ' BMX BIKE- good cond. SbO/others DID YOU KNOW... that an ad in this local paper also goes into 22 other local papera? Reach over 380,000 readers with one cam SS9-949S CARPET WHY BUY RETAIL? Juit completed another lerge development and OININQ ROOM SETparfect cond. 6 chairs, tbla w/2 leaves & china cab. $ DRYER- Whirlpool, gas Runs well. Kitchen set, glsaatop tbl, 4 cane chrs or ENCORE QUALITY CON- SIGNMENTS- Clolhlng, jewelry, (urs, antiques, collectibles, home furnishings. 123 Claremont Road, Bernardsviiie, T-F 10-fi, Thurs. 8, Sat FP PORTA CRIB/PENlike new, $ IF INTERESTED IN RAC- ING- USAC or CART, indlanapolis type, I have a g reat amount of Memora- Illa-newspapert, magazines, programs dated from the 1950s through 1983, Call JOHN DEERE- reding mower, SRX75 with rear bagger attachment. Used one season. Asking $ LAWN TRACTOR- Wheel horse 12HP w/ snow blower, $1600. Refrlger«tor:Westing house. S1SO LAWNMOWER- Snap. per rider. 8HP, mcl grass catcher ft ihalchar- "ier.$450/bo LT GRAY LR SET- 7lt sofa, love seat, chair, Ig oil painting, $700. Oak china cab., lighted, w;3 S lass doors & storage, Mmffia M tfta Claiirffadf MOVING- 23" Zenith Color TV, Magnavox Stereo, Reclining chair, Z entique chairs, 4S sq. yds. carpet, tools, 2 matched LR lamps, Norltake china leaset, oil paintings, bowling ball, costume jewelry. Currier & Ives pictures Beit offer NATURAL BEEF Pure Slack Angus beel from local larm. ALL natural, no steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. Tander & delicious. $2.39 Ib. No hidden charges. Cut, wrapped ft labeled tor your freezer. This Is NOT freezer plan. Glenview Farm, Leave name & Tel#. NEW 8MM SHARP CAM- CORDER- with 10 + t a p e s. $ 6 7 5, ORIENTAL KARASTAN CARPET- 9X15', $650. Chinese hand-tied oval rug, 61/2'XB1/2', $265, PICNIC TABLES- $80.00 Spruce, S1OO.0O Wolmsniie. ask for Brian SEWINO. MACHINE Mads In Germany. Circa treadle type. Oak cabinet 8250-Besi Offer , 9am-6pm SHEDS, GAZEBOS, PLAYSETS, Lawn Furn. & More. Sunday- Warren Flea STEEL BLDOS- Factory Spaciaia. Must sell by 4/30. Many sizes lo choose from. Will design & erect. For storage, P arage, and shop. Call or prices. ATS CONSTRUCTION TBL- drp If. 48 Deacn tmch 2 chr $ WALL UNIT- Contemporary, white, 3 piacaa. Exc. cond. $ WEDDING GOWN- Sz. 12. Peach Qown Sz,14. Flowarglrl gown Si.5. BO. Call WEIOHTS- Weight bench w/leg raise, 320lbs. ot weights, 5 bars, B/O, MOVING SALEI- Like WOLFF TANNING Clocks * Toya * M irrors new, pine sola bed & BEDS- Nsw Com-ESTATmercial-Home Units Fiom Can I LKMIDAT1OMS matching rocking chair, $200; Gym sel 175; & $ Lamps-Lotionmore. Call Accessories. Monthly Payments low as $ ALL LIONEL, IVEB, Call Today FREE NEW AMERICAN FLYER- Color Catalog YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE PUBLISHED IN 92 NEW JERSEY MEWB- PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY $ YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. AdVSnTM Afl 018 CJf 9MadJ 214O Oflfco FlMflHl** a\ 1 SET GLASS DOORSaluminum frame. B3" H x 72" W, 2 pneumatic door closers. 90&E32-659B COMPLETE] MODULAR OFFICE- fabric ft Glass walla, exeat, cond. 20"x40' deaks. Call Ray or Alex or *+USED** OFFICE FURNITURE Desks, files, chaira, etc ; evsa 7S2-S057. 4dv*rtfB9 In Uf CtttiHIattl 8AAA AUTO BUV1NO8 < INSTANT CASH DEAL ' paid on the spot. Inter- ( esiad In buying your car/ truck. Foratgn/domeetlc. Specialising In high mi. ft damaged care. For plckup caneos- 8-soia. AABACUS ANTIQUES ANTIOUB BUYINO SERVICE Wa Ara PwchaadHj Furniture * Paintings Oriental Ruga * Statues and other toy trains, Collector paya highest prices. Call or20143v2098 AMERICAN FLYER LI- ONEL TRAINS ft OLD TOYS- Pla call , leave mesaage or. call after 8pm ANTIQUES WANTED Furniture, china, porcelain, oil palntjnga, military name, glassware. One Item or an entire estate COINS WANTED- Pay caah, tea arioae! Paper money, foreign, atampa, scrap gold, old )ewelry ft sterling. Eetttee and Collections. gob Raab Coin, 4 Bloomfield Ava,, Flemlngton, ,000- Paid for Antlqua Oriental ruga. James Proctor. (301) FORTUNE TELLERS Juksboaes ft Plnball, Slot, Coke, baaaball machines OUHI, SWONOB, KNIVES, MJUTAMA-NJ 4 Fed. lie. Top caah paid. Houae calls made. Ban HIOH PMCSB PAID- for poaicarda. ahaat mualc, old toya, baaaball Kama, camaraa, military, TVa, Worlds Fair, fountain pani. Call HOUSE WANTED Partial or All. Call aob-sm-m13 AvWftfM M PM Foibes Newspapers Business Professional DIRECTORY Serving: Westfield, Scotch Rains, Fan wood, Cranford, Garwood, Kenilworth AIR CONDITIONING FEATURING: DRIVEWAYS GAS STATION All IMIASI Air Conditioning Heating Installation and Service Residential Commercial In Bu9lne88 Since 1973 FREEEST. FULLY INS. AIR CONDITIONING LANDSCAPING GREEN PASTURE LANDSCAPING Commercial Residential Complete Landscaping & Lawn Service Paving RESIDENTIAL COMMEnCtAL INDUSTRIAL 0RIVEWAYS ' a PARKINS LOTS a SEAL COATINO a BELQIUM BLOCK CURBING RAILROAD TIES a STUMP GRINDING* "SEIIVINQ YOU*. AREA FREE ESTIMATES FOR OVER 40 YEARS" FULLY INSURED FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED Scotch Mama DRIVEWAY & ROOFING Mina & Kyrlllos Auto Service Centennial Exxon 464 South of Centennial Ave. Cranford Foreign & Domestic Complete Auto Repairs Brake Service & Exhaust Electronic Work, Computer Diagnostics, Cooling System, Tires, Front End Specialist N«w J«fMy Inspection Station Written Warranty on All Services GENERAL CONTRACTING Htatlng/Air Conditioning Residential A Commercial Central Air Systems Service & Installations Sodding Seeding Shrubs, _ Clean-Up Fall Clean-Up Mulching FREE ESTIMATE CALL DOM The Driveway & Roofing Company Driveway Paving Sealcoating Paving & Alt Types of Repair Recondition after this winter's severe storm damage Roofing Rubber, Shingles, Hot Tar, Etc. Patchwork NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL Same Day Service FREE ESTIMATES! Barthet Contracting Est Kitchens Bathrooms Additions Siding ^. windows. Electrical Plumbing certified Anderson Window Specialist FREE ESTIMATES AIR CONDITIONING BUILDERS DECKS DRY WALL CONTRACTING nouwno QUALITY SmiCf. KIR OIM."I YUKS\ Heating and Air Conditioning Sales & Service tiyork Humldlflara Elaotronlo Alr-Claanara ClocN Tharmoataia Attic Pana Blown-ln Intulmllon Westfield BRAND BUILDERS Waatflald N.J, General Contracting Lowall Br<ind PECKS UNLIMITED We build all sizes and shapes! 10 year guarantee Ail our wolmanized & Cedar lumber guaranteed. FREE Estimates Fully Insured Spring Special Discount 20% off Sheetrocking & Spackling Custom Homes to Plaster Repairs Clean Insured Quality Drywall and Finishing MEZZY CONSTRUCTION CO. "Building & R«mod«llno" Siding & Roollng Additons & Add-A-Levels Kitchens & Bathrooms Windows & Decks "Wo handle the complete job with personal service at ttie right price" ALTERATIONS/ADDITIONS CARPENTRY DRIVEWAYS FUEL O I L HOME IMPROVEMENT her IM '.IliMI WltllltlW 1 )i it i An ill Illlri II till ( <IOH >/<> -KHH 1 illy I CRAFTSMAN CARPENTRY DO Tur r N rirr JOH KfrCIIINS IWfUS MAM MINIS CIIUNdS WINDOWS 'WOODWORK DOCIRS I'OKtlllS [IRKS WINOVA1IONS ADDITIONS KtXJrS SPRING SPECIAL 10% in* ALL YEAR SERVICE Hcmik-nlml.V (niimini inl A< >lnilt Work IHivi'wiiy.' I'mkmj! Anns Srnlmg i MiiliiiiliB ( iiit'inn' StitrwiilU A ('(iiuii'tc 1HIXK A IIA< KIKtl III NTAI I'liv Isihiiiih". hilly IMMIICII Vrtviii(i I liihiii l Vi inly ( All IMH 1 It/ IK Call For Service or Fuel Oil Reel-Strong Fuel Crotiforcl.S'i'ilinU Ail ()j 1 'ninii ( niiiih.since 1'!.''< Save Money with Skyline Developing Co., Inc. All Wlthtn Your Budget CofwMarwMona i\i)(i'li!ii>s Q Cuitom Ditctii Altai RIIIIMI New Cnmtrucllon rinithtd Sa>im*nti Don't W««te Time mni Money... Call Todty (908)

16 2190 Wmntmd to Buy IIICORDI- Audio c^mpormnii 4 ipmkxi, Irom SO's 1 eo't. Warsnii, Macintosh, Tannoy, JBL, * «h«l. 90»-272-0CTe WANTIOi Stalnway Grand Plane. Any Ag«or Condition will pay Cash 4 Pick-up. Call Now Toll F.r 1-S0O BS Leave Phone* Firtt with aras cod*. woo PETS AND LIVESTOCK smis 9030-Cati 90X-DOM 3040-Fltib HOTM* 30*0 Uveeteck OthwrfWa v_ TffliftlfM A Qrootnlvifl Uldl sow VETERINARY HOUSECALLS PUPPIES: N.J.'s largatt Healthcare lor your pet Selection from $50. All at horn*. My name, DVM lypts. Open April 30, Maithew Panarelio. May 142. hr». 1Q-4 MCI Hours by appt Vila. J.P. O'Neill Rennals, U.S. Hwy #1, Princeton, NJ across 4O00 Irom Hyatt Hofl. SERVICES ROTTWEILERS- pups, *KC regli«ar*d. Shots, wormed, OFA home raised YORKSHIRE TEIMIER- Male, 5 Ibi., 2 yrs. old, floor length silk coit YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE PUBLISHED IN a NtW JERSCY NEWS- APEMS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY $ VOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THHOUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT f «495, ASK OR JOYCE OR KRISTIN EOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. DACHSHUND- 314 yn old. miniature, fsmale, ten, free to good home, call aft 6pm B83. QIVE SOMEONE A MILE Somerset Regional Animal Shelter has puppies, kittens, dogt and cata. Adoption reasonable. Miaslng a pet? Call HAPPY PAWt OBEDI- ENCE SCHOOL- Registration night Is April 28, 5-Spm. Cfatees atari May a 11. Ail level* of training. Tuea & Wad ever Photostat proof of current shots required. PLAZA PENCE- stockade, cuatorn wood, errlth Civil Defense Bldg, Manvllle NJ or and chain link, all type* of fence)*. Fully Insured. Free estimate chesrfully given. Call Pete at MOO «010 Adult Day Care Bualneaa 40*0 Cleaning 4070 Electrical 407S Quttars 40eO Handyman 4088 Hauling A Cleanup 4O*0 - Hewtth Care Hem* Improvement 410* Inceme Tax Iwetmctton/ 4ias< Forbes Newspapers Business Professional 4137 KHttient 4130 i exielif anlnfl ft Tree Cera 4140 Li 41SO Loan* A Finance 41S0 Maaonry 4170 Miscellaneous 41M - a>atnuna 41*0 Party A Entartelnment Service* 4tOQ HwilM, HeotMf * Cooling 4210-Preleaatonal 4210 Rooflfif 4221 Soaaonal YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN SB PUBLISHED IN 12 NEW JERSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY $ YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. AFFORDABLE.'I AM..." ACADEMY, Piacateway. Summer camp, agea 5-12, field trips), swimming, esteem building activities. Now avail., 2 l/t slota ages AU PAIR/NANNIES- Llve-ln European child care, legal for 12 mos. Average Si75/wk. Call CHILD CANE- in my Bridgawaler home. CPR certified. Rale, avail. Loving atmosphere & fun activltie*. MS-72S-11S9. CHILD C A R!- Loving ft warm environment. State Certified. Have openings. Res*, rates. Piscataway. S0S-S1S4SH CHILDCARE- Quality care provided In my So. Plfd. home. Certified. Call for Appt DWWLLEN MOM will babysit in my home, F/T, P/L908-7S EXPERIENCED MOM Will provide loving atmosphere for your child In my No. Edison home, Flex nrs. Devel. activities. Snack provided. Call MMUM-STM IN HOME CHILD CARE Uve In/Live Out Part Time/Full Time Alao Summere Call or LOVING EXP. CHILD CARE- giver will care for your child In my Piscataway home. Reasonable MOM OF 2 OIRLSwants to provide safe, fun child care for your toddler or school age klda. FT/PT In Brldgewater PRIVATE HOME DAY CARE FOR INFANTS A PRESCHOOL Educational 4 Developmental Program In a home environment. N.J. licensed & Insured. Call now for free registration at the QUALITY CARE DAY CARE CENTER. Located In Plecataway. 90S-8SS-11S7 Advertise In the CftsaMetff ART OP CLBANtNO Biweekly, weekly, home* A small offlcee. Let me meet your Individual need*. Diana rtt-mis A* MOUS* ATT. * OF- FICE CLEANMQ- Very reasonable prices, at your conven. 7 daya/wk. pleaae call M A+CLBANINO SER- VICE- Free eat. Trained prof. Good reft. Somerset Cty. pleaae call CLBANma DONE WITH CARE- by hornet reliable woman, call: eVtm flood refa, trained profaaalonala will do your cleaning, Somerett Cty. 7 day*?wk at your corv van. Call SOS-WS-SM*. CLEANING BRVICI- Houtea ft office*, trig or small Joba. Refa. avail. Reaeonable price*. Katla 3S6-MSB CLEANINQJ- Do you need someone to clean your home, Apt., or office? Call ua today. Wo will clean weekly, biweekly orjuet 1 time, S day*/wk. Quality aervlce guaranteed. Free **t CLEANING Profss- Honai, with a peraonai touch. Reliable, references, Free estimate*. Commercial A residential 10% off first cleaning. Call The Pollehed Look 808-7SS4 COUPLE LOOK FOR Apt*. A houae* to clesn Experienced, References available. tos-241-emt HOME CLIANMO CARE For people on the go. Supervlaed-lnaured. Saturdays TO HOUSE CLEANINO 9 yr. exp., Ref.s/Bonded. Free Estl. 1 time cleaning avail HOUSE CLEANINOdone by Polish lady Offfeea tool 90eV78S-1»73 POLISH 0IRL- w/rala. will clean houae It apia. Satisfaction granted ^232 Joanna, AT LAST VatuaMe InfermeMen Discover, fuaianteeal, proven technique on: how to get free medical an* dental care ANO free III* Inauranee and penelon. RUSH S3.00 F+ BASE) to: ANerick 8. Davenport P.O. Boa 1120 CO. NJ UMtTED OFFER 4110 ART CLASSES- children/adults, beginner*/ advanced. Exp'd artial/ teacher. 90S-4S MOTIVATION PLUS* Wkshpe.lnsirM.Parteal "The Power of a Thought" Tues. eve, May 10, 7-9:30pm "Procrastination and Dealructlve Human Eme)tlena"-Wed.. eve May 1S, 7pm-»:30pm. PIE: S1S/wkahp. To reg: Send lee along w/name, phono a wkahp/a to 18 HimlHon St., Bound Brk, NJ oasos-no later than 3 diya prior to wkahp. PIANO INSTRUCTION- Dlane Olaen Qalvacfcy. available for teaching 9sm-2:30pm, Mon-Fri ft Sat. Call 69*0636 PIANO LESSONS- In your home. Branchburg, Whltehae Sla. Hlllsborough.CaH 3SS-4OT. 4U0 PRIVATE TENNIS INSTRUCTION- lor all agea. Adidas trained prof. 12 yra exp. Very reasonable rate*. Pleaae call»08-m-1992 PVT. SINO.INQ LES- SONS- beginners to advanced, develop range, power 90S M SPANISH TUTOR- Private cteaaet. Avail, afternoone or eve*. Cert'd in Mexico, Call 3S«-7«92 Btwn3-10pm"e10-20/wK, TUTORINO: Reading, math in yr. home. 10 yr* public achool eip. C*rt.K-6 S H.S. Math;MA degree. Call FRANK A. CICERALE Professional Income Tax Preparation, Individual/ Bualneaa, Federal/State. 20 yra. Taw A Financial experience. Year round ATTORNEY MOUSE aervlcea. Plecateway. CALLS: Wills, Living Trusts, Powers of Ally, Living Wills. Call tor exact fees; other services. J. PoMarttno. Eaa.»06-S74-t616. ESTATE SETTUIMBNTS 39 Year* Meae A Iwglaae, Attya Metuchen Prof. Bldg 406 Main St. Metuchen 4190 ANY CREDIT OKI Real Eatala ReFlnance* Only. 7 Day*, 9AM-9PM. Fatt S*rv NEED A CAR? CANT OEjT A l-oan? <90S) TJ2-9H CUSTOM SUPCOVERS Draperlea reupholstery. Formerly at Stafnbacha A Hahnea. 44 yri. exp. Senior dlac. Free Shop at home aervlce., W. Canter S. Advrtlf CtmttlmdU 4170 LAKES A PONDS- New pond* dealgned, conatructed. ExiMing pond* cleaned, reehapod. Dam* repaired. Owner/ operator, SO yra experience. Anywhere In NJ. Ralph McOIHan Enavatlng(609)«S»a2l1. * PSYCHIC* * For a reading by phone, call $ or aend a aelf-addreased stamped envelope A 18, with data of birth, color of eyes a hair to: 16JO Hwy. 3», Sayervllle c/o Nina's Psychic Studio. For best resutta in Tarot card reading ft paychic aura ft aplritual*. PAUMIEIII MOVERS SOS'SSt-SW 1 Piece Itema eapta. epianoa aofflcta *Home*-7 rma. or lea* 4170 TOM'S LAWN MOWER Sa«vkw.-AII makes ft modela.weedeaters.trlmmers.chainsaws.frae **t,p/u.dollvory.s TRANSPORTATION For anyone In need to employment, babysitter, ate. Call M. Johnson (900) M BIRTHDAY PARTIES- Magic Show a balloon animals. Call Conatantine I CAN DRAW ANYTHING! Portraits, Character akalchea for partlee. Reaeonable ratea * PUDDINS y r 9 w Reputation apeaka for Itself all occaalona comedy magic and more. Pteaae ean Ml Ill readers' More than any other newspaper In Central New Jersey Forbes NEWSPAPERS April 28, LOOKING FOR A PHO- TOORAPHER7 For doing your Wedding or Family Group Photos. Cafl Charles Moor* m, 9M»»I 1-aOO<l71-BT9f REOIBTERED ARCHI- TECT- NJ, NY ft PA. Consultation by appt. only. Resid. new alter, or add. Call Feea Reaaonable. SHOE REPAIR/DRY CLEANER- 15 off any solas. $1 off any heels with this ad. Open Sam- Sam, 5pnv7pm, M-Th, Frl. only 6am-9am. Train station, wemtieid WORD PROCESSINO- Oft-slte. fast ft accurate w/reaaonafale rate*. A Zillion WPM.2O O33. Ad* In don't cost Th*y pay! It's a fact! In DIRECTORY Serving: Westfietd, Scotch Rains, Fan wood, Cranford, Gaiwood, Kenilworth HOME IMPROVEMENT PHARMACY PAINTING LANDSCAPING PROFEMIONAL CARPENTERS, INC. Hom# R Ntw Dvcfcs tathroemg Mitdism Doms Windows e Rooftng, 'AUrWrWrOUAJMrVTTfD" Free Estlmstss CsHiw24Hrs. FuHy Insivsd Rtctwrd Dsgnost MI Se or FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY Phone For Details 210 South Ave. Westfield, Ph: R1NALDI PAINTING CONTRACTORS Residential - Commercial Interior Exterior Union County Chamber of Commorc* f «4-4s301 We accept M/C, Visa, Discover LANDSCAPINO Commercial Residential Complete Landscaping & Lawn Service Sodding f cj Spring Clean-Up Seeding J J Fall Ctean-Up Shrubs ^Yj hj Mulchir> 9 FREE ESTIMATE CALL DOM PAINTING PLUMBING ROOFING SIDING TV REPAIR IAVITOL PAINTING Exterior Interior Expert Preparation * Free r^timate * Fully Insured * Carpentry "Wrr Still Working Our Way Through Town and Wt do the ben Work Around" SAVE ENERGY... We install Vinyl Replacement Windows e Cherk our Reetsiton Proof Prices Hoofing Leaders and Gunen CHAPMAN BROS. Lie. #1428 Plumbing Heating - Cooling Alterations Repairs Air Conditioning NORTH AVE. E CRANFORD D&RFUCHS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Owner/Installer Roofing Siding Replacement Windows Fully Insured Free Estimate* CRANFORD Specializing in: SALES & REPAIRS (30 Years in Business) CENTER TV 907 Wood Ave. Roselle PAINTERS PLUMBER TREE/LAWNSERVICE INDEPENDENT PAINTERS Beat Contractors Prices! We Specialize In Ext prior Painting All Types Restore Natural Cedar Shakes Pressure; Washing Fully Ins. Ail Work GnuruiiUTil Krcc Estimates IHyrs. Ex[i. Westfleld fwr AIMI Dei Inlrrli.i 1'iil.illnn i\ WnII I';I J<TW U LENNY'S PLUMBING HEATING Heating Sewer Cleaning Plumbing & Heating Repairs Hot Water Heaters Sump Pumps Free Est. State License #6249 Lenny Grtoco PREDATOR TREE SERVICE 70 Ff. Buckir Tnuck Scnvfcc TnlMMinK) & RCMOVM SiUMf> Tn«CoMplcit LAWN Sittvlce Bnick WMk & PATIOV FINCC INITAIUIION Fullv intumd F 0 1J I " C! i fnt E,ilu Rnldt«l»l Wt RtTVt* All CAIU CAU Foil Tht Bttt Pnictil WINDOWS "WINDOW REMODELING" CAN ADD DRAMATIC RESULTS AND VALUE TO YOUR HOME AND ON A MODEST BUDGET a* i f H M '6-! 515 i WINDOW a DOOR CONTRACTING 'MAiVtiiAwrniri >cu9tourite^ercrerrtrievrwihtnw$ > mwn JiYLUiocHoose r«im*ind0w t/aimimmtvtomiimikmt TILTINrrATLUCSroltEASfCLEAhlNti ' urttimt HANtirAainir uwamwn 'IVTEKHIRANfirWTMNrCPtiCRSTSTtMS 'IIIW»»raivr«tk«(flCIIIM«>IDE0DOfllU Why Wtl. CM >«Ur fa * FlM Carv^tVai knd Lll IJl Tlfca HwM Darh M Idiu ind Pul 'h.m In i WhcM Ua bjhl { ' Tuty jntuiad Cil Anyllnw t IMyl A V/ttX PAINTING PLUMBER SERVICF WINDOWS EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING SPICIAUZ1NC) IN CtDAR SHAKES A ALL TYPES OP WOOD I OLD ALUMINUM 8IDIM0 TO LOOK LIKE flew POWER WA8HIN0 CALL NOW FOn A FRBB E8TIMATB NORMILE PAINTING Donald S. Rockefeller PLUMBINQ & HEATING INC. Complete Plumbing Healing Services State Lie Roisigh Ave. Cranford WOODSTACK TREE SERVICE INSURED Low, Low Rates tsnlor Citizen FREE ESTIMATES Window IC»»et*tw [Barthes [Contracting O8 1st Quality Vinyl Replacornenl Windows Pnr Window Thermal pnnn ulnss up lo lot UI

17 April 28,1994 WeMfftoM Record B-7 Advertise Your Service In... MAKE YOUR HOUSE A HOME Let over 380,000 readers know what service you specialize in by placing your ad in Forbes Classifieds. Q Carpentry Q Electrical Q Handyman RATES FOR A FOUR LINE Ad 5 INSERTIONS $72.00 E*ch Addiitorwl tint $8,00 15 INSERTIONS $ Each Addlitowd lint Slfc.29 Choose One Of These Classifications Interior Roofing Decorating G Hauling & Cleaning Q Painting Q Landscaping & Tree Care YOUR HOUSE A HOME 4030 Carpentry Seasonal Services Q Wallpapering 0 Home Improvement Q Plumbing, Hearing & Cooling Q Windows Fill IN (1) ONE ckamcteft per box, AtlOWiNQ for SPACES ANd PUNCTUATION AS r ness Ill ChY V1SA/MC # NECESSARY. REMEMbER TO inclllde pltone NUMBER wlih check OR MONEY omjiit rat AU. ASPECT*- Interior, Exterior Home Repair, Gutter*, Siding, Doors, Window*, Kitchen*, etc. Im. Dan CARKNTIR LEAD FINISH nwdi truck & tools. Call CARPBNTRV/MA- 8ONHY- Inl./Ext., Slaps, walls, decks, of John DON'T CALL US! Until you've called lha others. Then call C* CONTRACTING lor lha highest quality carpentry & home improvement* at the lowest price. We mean III Free Bit., fully Insured, rets MATUS CUSTOM WOODWORK Furniture, Wall units and Cabinetry, formica countertops at CENTURY ELECTRICAL INC. Ina ft Bonded Lie hrs. Middlesex area ( 08) ALK ELECTRIC- r**id., comm. A indust, avail, days, weekends, nights, FREE ESTI Fully Ins., reasonable rates, Lie. 9732, tos-7bb-4030 ASPEN ELECTRIC- All residential needs: house fans, smoke detectors, lighting, telephones, etc. Quick rsspons*. Lie. #7534. Call ; ELECTRICAL WORK Security 1 recessed llohts, healers, fans, phones, 240 volt service changes, etc. Problems solved, quick response. Lie. # Free ests. Please call David at 3ai-69BSor 48t-M14 ELECTRICAL WOHK- Commerclal, residential and Industrial. Licensed, No. 9141, and Insured. Free estimates. Call Vines Santonastaso Electric BBS-160S Outtw* GUTTERS REPAIRED and Installed. Gutter cleaning and screening. All roofing repairs, Call John at NED STEVENS GUTTERS Thoroughly cleaned & flushed $35 - $75 Screening Repairs New Quttorn'Rools Free oat Opin 7 days Fully lni.»esl.'d ALB HANDYMAN SERVICE Gen Home repairs Decks stained & l Free osllj 1 "! 1 7ZS-9200 "APPLIANCCi REPAIR All major brands, nil rnn nr n[) )llnni.ot. HOB lonnblu, experienced, roliable. Sninn clay lorvltn J»ll (908) 30» 107B HANDYMAN Elaclrlcnl, t'nlnhnd. I'lcmililHu Cnrpsnlry. F'tr; OOnH/OOtflnn HELPFUL HANDYMAN limklo fliilfllilncjikl ol>«ynfi.iiiii»<iiiry-r«mcjeii- Cnltillng (;n» H"itry No Jul) Ion (111) <ir too I Itils You immtt II Wo du It CALLCHHI USE EXTRA IINES if NECESSARY. Exp. DATE, CtusffiisJt Fink* fltw«mht» P.O. Bu Iff SwMRvHk, Nl Ott74 MAII VOUR coupon, OR PUCE youw Ad by CAUIUKJ... ODO JOM A QBNIRAL REPAIRS- LI. hauling, brush cleared ftremoved. Expert Inl/eit. carpentry, painting, replacement windows A decks. Tree work, log splitting, gutters cleaned. No lob too . Why break your back? If you don't see H, esk. Call us today for a FREE estimate. Our 21 et year. UOtUB " PAINTINO INTERIOR A EXTERIOR Deck and Fence Bleach* Ing, Staining and Waterproofing. Driveway sealing. Odd lobe -Reasonable A Reliable- Can Pe*e. sse-sits TINKERING TOM HOME MAINTENANCE A REPAIRS. No Job too small APFORDASLE JUNK REMOVAL Rasonable rates. Free Estimates. (SOS) *3 CLCAN UP- Rick's Qar.s attic* bsmnts 10 15, 20, 25, 30 yard dumpstere/rent CLEANUP A LIOHT HAULING- of all types. Free estimates. Insured. Low rates. We work weekends. Call Tony ** DISPOSAL* * Yard wastes, construction demolition, etc. For prompt, reliable, service, reasonable prices, call * JUNK REMOVAL * ATTICS BASEMENTS BACKYARDS CALL JOC AT 187-1H1 NILLA'S CLSANINO A CARTING SERVICE Attica, basements, garages, Junk removal ol all Kind*. 90S Horn* DECKS 110 SHED/DECK EXPERTS Decks only $10 Free est ABRA-CADASHA HOME IMPROVEMENTS ADDITIONS * CARPEN- TRY Roofing, dormers, kit. design, Sheetrock, design help, Good prices. Int., Ed 90B-7B7-B911 ADDITIONS DID YOU & ALTERATIONS KNOW... Kitchens Bathrooms thai an ad In this local Basements Deck! paper also goes Into 22 other local papers? Ceramic Tile *>ETC. Reach over 380,000 Competitive prlcei readers with one calll Fully Ins'd Free est.s B FOR DEPENDABLE, HIQH QUALITY WOftK, DOORS RAY LAEYT-827-e«33- DOORS DOORS DOORS AFFORDABLE Inslatl & repair all lypea. HOME REMODELINO Int/Ext Call Bath, basement, decks, custom tile Installation, DRIVEWAYS A FENCING wnllpaperlng nnd Int. & BY CATENA OKI. painting. Free Eit. Call Tom 90B-76G-fl5'11 Driveways, Curbing, All or 1-B00-30O-6B41 types of fencing. Fran Estimates. Will beat any prlcel 8O FENCE DRIVEWAYS- Parking ALL COUNTY FENCE CO. All lypea Wood ft Chnlnllnh Pence, Froe out. Ynar ruurul Inalnllnllan, r: n 11: B08-6B4-ie2B or FENCE Advrtlf 4100 Nome Improvement At 1 * CARPET SERVICE epeciallilnq In repairing, antique, oriental a hook rugs. Removal of Wrinkles, bucklee. Stretching A relnstallatlon of new I used Carpet. Since ALL PHASE REMODELING enmmenhal Commerdel Industrial In Business Since 1973 Sldlng(vlnyl a wood) Painting Int. a Ext. Renovations Alterations ekitehens/bathm Heating A Air Cond. ree Estimate* MI-TIM (908) ANTirt CARPET Sele*-8ervlc* Inetallellon No Job Too Small Free Est. Fully Im. Call alter 5pm 60aV S BASIL CONTRACTING Kit, Baths. Basements. Decks, for all home Improvement. Fully Ins., free est BATHTUB A TILE RE- SURFACING- S year warranty, free estimates. Call CARPENTRY a ROOF- ING- repair. Celling a floor porches, steps, paint. Call CARPENTRY BY QUELI CONSTRUCTION CO.- Weided vinyl replacement windows a steel doors. Custom decks, additions, dormers, kitchen & bath remodeling, basements, drywsll A taping. NO JOB TOO SMALL" Fully insured, free est CERAMIC TILE A MARBLE CONTRACTOR 11 yr*. experience, long lasting quality work. Fully Ins., frse estimates, ref'i. John DeNleola, Jr. SOS S3 CERAMIC TILE Remodeling, Installation and repair. Free estimates DECKS DECKS SPECIAL SPRING PRICES. Limited lime. Build now and save SIS, Fully Insured. Unlimited references. Color portfolio. CALL DECKS- Offering Cedar & CCA at super prices. Your design or ours. Fully Ins. Tlmberllne Construction lols. BUck lop peri, (toned, sealed. Also lop noil delivered IIB? DRVWALL INSTALLATION ft FINISHING Sriaclall/Ing In AdrilllniiA, Heriovnllons ft tlnsnmonli Fron Fsllmnlcin EXCAVATINO Titicklnu, concrete work, demolition, low rnloi. FREE EST, BO8-972-B907 In th9 Cla*9lfl9dl General Centraetlnej No lob to We do It all We beat all eat./flnancing Insured with 20 yrs. exp HOME Alterations and Additions Prompt end Courteous Service* "Qusllty at Its Best" WALLACE CONSTRUCTION JPK CONSTRUCTION Crenfors), 90t-a7«-10ia All work guaranteed. One contractor for all your needs. Lerge or small, we do It all) MILLER'S PAVINQseal coating on driveways, commercially used product. Dries within 60 mine. Paving ft gravel, residential ft commercial. All work guaranteed. 10% discount with this ad. IInenctng avail * * MR. DO-RIGHT * * Sailing? Renting? Moving? Call me Tor an your work, exp. painter, spackuler, Tile, porch & screen repair, Storm or.s installad," Master ol the small job" MR. HANDY We do Everything One call does It atn Insured, References, QUALITY CARPENTRY Spsclslltlng In renovations. Residential. Bathrooms, Custom kitchens. decks, ft finished basements. No Job too small. Free est. Work guarenteed. 17 yts. exp. Call Mike STEVE BUHLER CONSTRUCTION Resident al/commerclal Quality work at competitive rates. We do it ALL from basement to roof, Office Interiors. Fully Insured. References available TONY'S CARPETING Sales, Installation ftrepair. Fully Insured, Residential ft Commercial. Call after 6: Please leave message WINDOWS BY BOB Quality craftmanshlp for 28 years Puttying broken glass repair Caulking & washing Window repfacemenl Free Est. ftfuily Ins. Stelnman ft Daughter Jnfavfor Osconrtlng AESTHETIC INTERIORS Norma Scloacln Past presldsnl of the International Society of Interior Deslgnsrs (NJ Chapter) Residential ft commercial dealgn. 401 Morris Ave, Sprlngllsld, NJ (201) CUSTOM REUPHOL- STERY- Excel craftsmanship, reasonable prlcei, shop at home srvc. Cl«ary Interiors, H * KITCHEN SAVER* Total remodellng/retno- Ing: Inrmlce, Curlan, A hardwood caljlnsls. Onl? Butch Adt In don't ooel Th*y ptyt ** A-SCAPE ** AH phaeee Of land A lawn care. Maintenance, landscape design, Installation, construction. Topsoil, mulch, atone, tree work. Reliable, professional eervice. Fully Insured. Free est. 80S' 8SE-WS/SOS 366 THE. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST Lawn maintenance, landeeaplng, mulch, fertlllier, thatching, clean-tips. Commercial/residential. Insured. Call Vlelene ef 0 t S M ALAWNMAINT. AD phases of landscaping and lawn malnt,, Free Eet.e, Owner operated, Satisfaction guaranteed, TRIE SERVICE ALSO AVAIL, ALL AROUND GROUND- KEEPER*- S.C.U.- W.L.M.-AII Mnda of treatmenta. Designing A Planting, maaonry, lawn sprinklers A Etc. Free eet. Call HUBBARDS'S ARBORIST TREE EXPERTS Retnovajf Trimming, Stump Grinding, Cabling, Pertlliiing, Rets I Fully Ins. JOHNSON'S T M w e w W Area Celt: MsV6M*9M0 Mfrlafwii Area Calls ARMB1 VINO Lawn maintenance ssrvice. Stump grinding, Interlocking brick paver, patios A walkways, backhoe digging, grading A york raffing, ig, " rototilltng, * retaining wail*, lawns In stalled, sod/seed. Call Joe B A Q LAWN SERVICE Cleanups, Thatching, Fertilizing, etc. Now booking for '94 Season, Metuchen/Edlson Area BROOKSIDE FARM LANOBCAPINO Lawn Care, Mulching, Dealgn, Backhoe rental. Quality work ftreason able priceat Free est, fully Ins. CLEAN UP8 LANDSCAPINQ LAWN MOWING Prompt, professional service et down to earth prices, call: sottts^sia LANDSCAPE SERVICES Spring cleen-ups, weekly maintenance programs, replacement planting*. MS-ITSO D.J. LAWN SERVICE A ROTOTILUNG- Lawns cut and trimmed, gardens rototllled. For free est. call DAN'S THEE SERVICE 10% discount to new customers Plainfleld area. DAVIS- Grass cutting, Lawn service, Free Est., EXECUTIVE LANDSCAP. ING- Cutting, leading thatching, fertilizing Comm/reeidantlal. D<s count rates FULL LAWN SERVICE Sodding, seeding, top soil. Lawn renovations Dependable S55 O. MURPHY TREE SRVC 23 yrs. exp. All tree care ft slump removal. Quality work at low rates) Fully Insured ft free estimates 463-TREE/ OBNBRAL LAWN MAIN TRNANCE- Spring clean-up, affordable rates, Call GRABS CUTTING- free estimate. Vi acre or lees Inquire only. Low ratesl HUNTER LAWN CARE Free eat., lowsst prices Lawn malnt., Shrub care Fert.lng, 908-7B JU8T STUMPS INC Tree ft Stump Removal la your stump a pain In Free Est. Fully Ins Senior Cltien Disc. Call 24hre K ft T LAWN CARE- re liable service for PIsc So. Plfd., Edison ft Colo nla areas B LANDSCAPING Lawns mowed for as little as $20. Thatching, seeding shrub trimming, install*' tlons. CallJeft LANDSCAPING- award winning designs to fit todays lifestyle, complete profesilonal Installation and maintenance, call for no obligation, FnEE CONSULTATION! NORTH RIDQB LANDSCAPINO *O8-3B*-141B LAND8CAPINU- We do It ulll Malnt., clean-npi and related service*, cnl 90B3B3-B34fi_ LAWN CUTTING duns by ownnr/opsrntor rtm, Frae esl. Very ran soiimhls rates. B72-702U LAWN MAINTENANCE IIIWII cutilnu, CIBBM itps rnulcli A shrubs, Insured frmt nut, BOB KIH-7/nt LAWN MAINTENANCe Opting ulean-ups, ihruti rrlitimtng, nuilch, Hnd lawn ratiovnllnns Joe's Landscape Service oe-419-eooi 41*0 p _ mndtrmmcmrm LAWN MAINTENANCE ***** Recession-proof prices. Free eat. Lou S LAWN MAINTENANCE Clean up, lawn cutting, thatching, good prices LAWN SERVICE Prompt. Reliable, Ins. Spring Clean-up Fertilization programs Serving Somerset Cly. For Over 8 yrs. I Call Clem: 1418 LAWN SERVICE- Quality work, affordable prices. 10 yrs. experience. Call Guy LAWNS CUT Reasonable Call 9O8-276-S220 A aak for Jim or leave meeege LUSARDI SAPINOA LAWN MAINTENANCE We aleo remove trees, trim shrub* and hedge*. Senior citizen discount. We travel anywhere * MARIO'S LANDSCAP- ING Spring clean-ups A rototllllng. Please call after 8pm. MIKE'S TREE SERVICE Tree removal, pruning, brush.. chipipping, loo splitling. (90ef 72S32M. Landscapes Selective prunnlng. Garden Ponde. Design t plent selection. Shade garden* PLAZA LAWN CARE- Complete (awn maintenance, patios ft walkways, railroad tie*, prlng clean-up. Call Peter at ROSE GARDEN LANDSCAPING Specials on Spring Cleanup ft Monthly lawn maintenance. Land- caping detlgnt, sod. eed, HR tie walls. Fully Insured. Free estimates. (SOS) 786-7M3 **R0T0TtLUNG«* (Troybllts.) Established. Garden* a* low as $25! Free est*. Call ROTOTILLINO- Gar den* expertly tilled with Troy-Built, Est. gardens,60/sq. yard., SPRING CLEANUPS- Lawn cutting and fall clean-up*. Call Stuart at SPRING CLEANUPS Thatching, Fertilizing, Mulcfi, Topsoil. toa Sunrise Lawnacapet* Mowing, thatching, seeding, mulching ft cleanups. Insureol356j3786 TATTREE EXPERTS A Complete Tree and Shrub Service <O» Me lint to all Sr. Cltitene A new Cust 7ft3-aSS4 or 389-T727 Fully Ins Free Esl TIMBER TREE EXPERTS INC Tree removal, Trimming topping ft stump grinding. Free est. Fully Insured. Call TREE AND LAWN CARE Heron's Tree Service Free Est., Ref.s avail Tree Removal VENIS BROS. Tree Experts 3SS-S1SO FULLY INSURED LAWN CARE * Quality work done lor a fair price. 1*1 mow tree. Please call Jason or Josh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DEAN KOEP ftson MABON CONTRACTORS Specializing ln:st*pe sldewslks, patios, at Brick and block, Free est. Fully Ins.. Same location 27 yr.s exp eoo AA TAURUS MASONRY Steps, sidewalks, pstlos all types of brick ft block Foundations ft Interlock' ing pavers A-1 WAYNE P. 8COTT- Ouallty masonry ser vices. Free estimate Referencee. Insured. 40 yrs. a family business Every job a specially BILL WILKINS PAVING AND EXCAVATING Asphalt and concrete repair. 764-B6B3 JP MASONRY REPAIR Repairs On All Masonry. No Job Too Smslll Free Est./flsf (90B)704-B213 AdVert/ae In Irie Ctattlfltdt A Summer Swim Club Facility I Afml til on 14 Ittautlfut A rrtt on Talamlnl Hd., nridgrwattr Memorlnl Oty NIHIII B i in HHymnlc Stir SIKIII I'IKII lumliimv KUMH- I'IKII -NO Howl l)lvln Atf< Tennln ( outl Htmrk Am I'luyinnimli full time t'tml Minifrt n «Am H ATM IN, (All on 72JW994 41«0 MASON CONTRACTORS Specializing in all type* of maaonry: Brick work, block work, concrete, etc. Fully Insured. Free estimates. NO JOB TOO SMALL 908-S26-3S00 MASONRY Steps, Sidewalks. All concrete A brick work S-90M MASONRY- All type* of work: Fireplaces, sidewalks, step*. Concrete work, brick ftblocks. 35yrs exp PETER DtNIZO Maaen Contractor All maaonry work. Free estimate ANTHONY'S PAINTING nterior/exierlor. Roofing, gutters cleaned/installed. free est ATTENTIVE-CAREFUL Interior Painting Wallpapering. eoe>334-04i' PAINTING BY BOB Quality eervice for 25 yre. Interior A exterior Free est. A Fully In*. Paperhanglng also avail. Stelnman A Daughter S2S-US9 C ft M PAINTING ft RESTORATION Interior Carpentry Exterior eshsetrock Popcorn epissterlng Wallcoverings eceramle Tile *P1re,Water, Storm,> Insurance Claims FULLY INSURED* ewrittene GUARANTEE* -18 YRS EXPERIENCE. Dependable, Quality Workmanship by a Master Craftsman, not a A Guide To Loco) Professionals Servicing Your Needs For: 4160 Masonry 4070 Electrical 4180 Painting 40S0 Handyman Services Mumtoing, 4100 Home Improvement Heating Cooling 4130 Landscaping ft 4220 Roofing Tree Care 4230 Waipoparing 4190 CARNEVALE PAINTING 35th Y«ar Interior/Exterior Custom Work Reasonable References Fully Insured J ft J PAINTING Int./ ext. Meticulous work. Free est. 10 yrs exp. Rets available. *0*-7S7-M22 JK'S WALLCOVERING' INSTALLATION ' and Interior Painting Quality : Workmanship Call: : Joe Klingebiel , Free Estimates JOHN MACNAMARA PAINTING- Interior painting a wallpapering. Free estimates. Fully Insured. Recommended by Interior Decorators. 8OS-7O9-O18O NINA KALLAS- Painting A Paperhsnglng, Repairs. Plsster/Sheetrock. 27 yr*. e»p PAINTING* ROOFINQ SIDING 20yra «xp. Very high quality, very neat & dependable. Lowest prices. Super refs Oat In touch before you pay too much) Call Spencer McLelsh *90B *4* PAINTINQ A WALLPA- PERING- Exterior/ interior, custom work. Com- contractor. Excellent Retereneee and mercial/residential. Reaeenable Rataa. FULLY INSURED. Nick SO. PLAINFIELD PAINTING BY JOHN o CUSTOM PAINTINO and Personalized, meticulous, qusllty painting & WALLPAPERING- Int. ft repair work. 10% disc, on ext. Remodeling of baths all lobs. Free Estimates. and kitchen*. Decks Installed. FREE ESTIit i> 80S-7S1-S41S a a MATES. Call Tom, 755-PAINTING-WHY PAY 6541, MORET- Apt*., Condos & homes. Interior 170/ room. Jim PAINTING- Let a woman do your painting. Neat, clean quality work. Insured. Free estimates. Call Maryann PAINTING- Paper Hanging, Powerwashing. Int/Ext. Will beat any astimatel Csll PAINTING- sheetrock, yardwork, other srves. Manny's Helping Hand* Service , pager PAUL A. MILLAR PAINT- INQ- Meticulous Int/Ext Svcs. 12 yr* exper. Fully In*. Free est. ExceUent ret*. CeH Paul S8 R. ANORECHICK- Palntlng A paper hang- TOM HANSON PAINTERS Interior e Exterior Wallpapering Free Estimates. Please Call Tom, WHY PAY MORET Painting for apts., condos, homee 870/rm; Wallpaper $20/roll; spackling. Neat A Clean! 707-SST BaH^MBBafhaBBUaff BaaWaBat COPPERHEAD Plumbing l> Heating Inc New Construction Boiler Installation* Drain Cleaning Water Heatera Expert, Neat, Friendly Service. Uc Call 78S-6B0S/«47-8M1 EMERGENCY SERVICE Sewer & drain clsanlng, water heattrs, Ol* Sell' er*, Bathroom*. All plumbing repairs. Truppl Plumbing WMlam Truppl Plumbing Ue. Number S707 Call 9M-7M37S0. PLUMBING A HEATINO Low rates. Good service. Drain cleaning. Free estimates. License #6481. Call John WWM 4M9 P.M.C. PLUMBING AMD HEATINO- Don't b«afraid to call a plumber again. No K»b too . Sewer and driln cleaning a epeclality. Free EetK mate*. Fully Insured. Lie:. #9468. " 80S S0EM AFFOROABLB ROOFING A PAINTINO- Reliable, dependable. No r h " main FREE eat. Aak for Bill MILLER'S HOOPINGresidsntiai A commercial. Alum, and rubberized coating. All types of roofing. All work guaranteed. 20X20-S99 with this ad, ROOFING-ALL TYPES P. Dannuccl, Fully Ins., 20 + yrs.exp. Free Eel! 90S-9M-S4S A BEAUTIFUL JOB by Feminine Hangups. Neat, professional, free estimate*. Cell Joan )251 "A DELICATE TOUCH' Shop et home wallpaper tore. 100's of current name brand pattern*. PRBE browse et home eervice. Certified paper hangers, Y^fafeiek -^ As^SMbBMRl * - ~ MBVtW BJIBJ la^a^ewbb*v tb"j 80S-S91- WALLPAPtPMNO BY PEM4MNE TOUCH Reasonable rates. Prompt service. Frae at* tlmatee. No Job toe small. Call 9M-M1> REPLACEMENT ** WINDOWS** STORM DOORS A WINDOWS Save energy.low price* ; 4VS-S870 To Subscribe Call KID5' ACTIVITY Dl RECT ORY STYFTC OP TDC O«TS «f>«nrrc INSTITOTO 6 Weeks FREE Uniform Call For More Information Stelton Rd., Piscataway (Across from Fairway Golf Center) FUNNY BONZ Entertainment for all occassions llcra Hoeh Star Vmrtyi timttvrhertm ' McnaaliU Pirate* lluaaty VlaturiM Tva 1'arlr" lilaahhir (ilrl t'linrn fr'ana Animal I'.rin Cnwlmy* Crafl 1>«H1«K * More I'lTVI! Birthday parties, School Programs A Corporate Picnics CAMP HOOVER Sleep Away Camp for Girls Entering Grades 2-12 Swimming, Sailing, Creative Studios, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Gymnastics, Performing Arts For complete brochure, call Washington Rock Girl Scout Council "Non-Gtrl Scouts Welcomed 4 * Pony Rides Carousels Hayrides Petting Zoo FULLY INSURID CLOVERLAND (908) or 2984 A Division ol C Bar 6 Ranch, Inc Call (901) S14-UI7 MEN- WOMEN CHILDREN SHAOLIM KUHG-m TEACHES S Lf-DEFENSE AfipMc*j oni, r o w imuno SELF-HEALING IftCrMrM FfMtt, HMHh (Mind, Vxhf SELF-aSCOVEBY TftLftWINI PreSchool Camp Ages 3-5 Day Camp Grades 16 Bridgewater Richard Shcllo Camp Director 14 benutiful acres Olympic & kiddle pools Non-dcnominatiorml Session I June 27-July 22 Session II July 25 August 19 I ;uly/l mi 1 Sliiy t)p(ions K or PINGRY DAY CAMPS The Pinery Srhool. Mailinsvillt' ' AMI' PROGRAM IM IVDIiS: Twu Nwiliis IVr I lnv WIKHI Mnilrl (Yr;iimc - "* I I.I Shops ( ixnpiih'i &(iiilnr UIMMI^ Ai iviiu I ill Uimur Ol Oiitiloni Spoil ( linn v i (i.i l>('l)('lllllllfl <MI A 'i- Swim Mrt'li IVI I ii'lil Oiiy 1 * Air Sc in AIH C'iimpus July 5 - Any list 12 NlllM'IV t!mii > (Apc'S I <l /2) hmmi c iu»i i(/\jje<. '11/.' l> M2) SCIIIIH ( iuii i (A firs ft I.' 14) Omii'M'tt hy (liiult* I i,in, n>!uiioii Aviiilnlilc. I.mult Itniudcd for All r ^(ii N-is, Aimkinii l'to riim Available ):M) AM <:(H) PM, * or 0 Week Sessions Cull I'or Information

18 B-8 WestfleM Record April 28,1994 Employment Guide Job Opportunities in Our Circulation Department Part Time Circulation Assistant 2115 hours per week Ej $7 per hour plus mileage Work in our Circulation department supervising adult carrier delivery. Call Nordine Kasmi at (908) ext Part Time Telemarketing Sales Representative Somerville and Cranford locations. Sell subscriptions over the phone. $7.00 per hour plus excellent commission structure. Saturday and/or evening weekday hours available. Call John or Glen at or (908) ext Part Time Single Copy Assistant Responsibilities include store collections, deliveries to vending machines and light clerical duties. Reliable vehicle necessary. Call John D'Achlno at or (908) ext OOO EMPLOYMENT Career Training ft Services S020 Child Car* Wanted BOM Agendas 5040 Domestic 5080 Qanarai S080 Health Cara 5070 Managerial S080 Part-Tim* Employment Wanted 5100.Career Investments & Opportunltlai 5030 CfilM Cmn Wmttd BABYSITTER NEEDED- F/PT, M-F, to cats tor 3 yr old daughter in my Bedminster home, Must also like dogs and horses Donna days; 90B eves. EMERGENCY a WEEKEND BABYSITTER WANTED- Seeking maluro, kind, patient woman to care for 2 toddlars. Plid. area. Needed for we ekend eves., school closings & sick days. Call {906) , MON.-FRI. FOR 7 MO. OLD non-smoker, experienced and relerences. Your home or mine. Br i dgewator NANNY WANTED- in my homo. 1rom 2:30-5:30pm, Mon.-Fri., lor 2 men old inlant, Ref, exp & background chock req., N/S only, PI s call 90B-96a-9114 PflOF. MILLINGTON COUPLE- seeks live-in nanny, 6 yr boy, also It. H/W 4 Inundry; roq driver rels Salary nog. (201) 606-2E06 WESTFIELD COUPLE SEEKS NANNY- for daughter B yrs. & son 4 y r 9 FT summor carp load i n cj to P T a 11 (i r school c;im r.l.irt inul Juno PlfMfio hnvo rofs nvtiil. U<j(i-!;mokur, diiv- Iny is o'jsoctiiil C ;i11 (90(1) /O'l?W)7. nit 7 pm YOUH CLASSIFIED AD CAN lit" PUBLISHED IN 92 NEW JERSEY NEWS- PAP ERS VVIIH ONE HASY I'MUNf: CAI I AND ron ()Nf tow PRICE f O Fl O It I Y S ;> 1 t) () O YOUM AD Wit I. RI ; ACH OVLII I V M II L K) N MOHfj mnouohour i H i r. i /* 11. (.ALI roiuti'. <;t ASJ.II ir i) AI t ft (> r> i ' > ' l. ' I 1 ' l 'i, A S K i on joy.i i»t KHIMIN I"nn AI i l ill [)i A H O II f S (': A N- SIAI r.wiur r.i ASSII ir i) AO Nf IWOHK svnu-snoo WPTKLYI AiiS'Tnbli' jti>(l(li:t*>.il homo l.iiflyl No nofllny. You 1 'n inl(t (iiroct fully < imr.i'ltunm Nu n«i niim'tifiry I did i)'i I»();". I 'I Ml Mill ;'! he. Dlt) YOU KNOW.., Ilils Mill",i'l > I ho rn.'kl tiy M'IIO ihiin ;n!o,i)i)n I l.'l'i It) ;V llllhllr M I, ttimnujhni i! 'Witintl- '.i'\ Mlcfdln>m«mill llnl'ill ( pimllniv II i:nu<jhl ymii iiil«i<ll<in, illdrti It? (nil YOtJII ml Inloclnyt IHOO-B99-B4HB Wf> tiel flitmillst Forbes NEWSPAPERS A Dtvisum i>fl-'t»his Inc. Emptoymm Qtmrrni >sst Drlvart Tractor Trallsr/OTR $5,000 More a Year Call Today DlfttCT TRANSIT, INC. nactutmra on Dirty ( 00) S23-7SII Sun (800) 33S-S2I* M-F 7-5/Sat. 8-Noon Auto AUTO TECHS Busy repair shops Unlimited earnings! Looking for lop producers. Salary plus commissions. O.T. available. Co, paid mechanic education, Excellent work environment Oppt'y (or growth in mgt. Full fringe benellts tool. SUBURBAN TIRE CO. Qra«n Brook Somervllle, Metuchen Call (908) Auto COUNTER SALES AND SERVICE Auto Service and Tire Center seeking energetic salesperson w/managerlal skills. Must have Auto Parts or Svc, background. Salary, Bonuses plus Full benellts package. Advancement SUBURBAN TIRE CO. Call (KM) S26-42O3 AUTO BODY Collision person. Must have 5 yrs exp Frame & rack measuring. Benellts AUTO MECHANIC Auto prep/"c" mechanic, needed for cleaning & It. mechanical for ma or car & truck rental Co. Call: John Forta lor appointmant, («oa) 782-MOO. AUTO New Car Prep Person. MALOUF, Rt. 1, North Brunawlck. Please call Keith Roberston B626 Ext. 157 BANKING-TELLER POSITION AVAILABLE- In Ho. Plalnfield office. Salary commensurate with experience Call Michael Rlcclo et First Community Bank, EOE, M/F. BOARD SECRETARY/ BUSINESS ADMINIB- TRATOH- Walchung Borough School District Salary *45,000-$!JO,000. Must ho Hints Cortlllnd fli*fn1 rogurno to"!>ii iiir imloruianl's Olflro, '>() Vnlloy Vlow Hond, Wntohuny. NJ 0V0B0 or call»clo-75ti-b121. D»adllna E./I3/94 CAMERA PERSON, pi ntd-itinhsr, compoailrjf nootind for Composing Honin <1f) tun, some ovonlntjg I'flyiminKer or Curel B» ibtlnnnb hajpfut Gnll.Jfinnl Rnvlsn :i(m)li ox I I11, 1 II lor H > JI>IM1'H(>MI or mn\\ or l,t" rr>ntjn>n lit f nrlinn N»)W'((in inri, 'I't Vnlninnq M <>m nil nl I) r I vtt I, Snillliivlllll. N.1 ll'in/'i I nn (ikhi) -'.II I'.'U Forbes N V. VV S l» A l» K k S A ttivi%iax of Ft*krt M Advmrtf In thm Cliailffdt 8080 AR«R/HAIR8TVLI«T Expsrlancad prafsrrad, Full/part Ilmt, busy frlandly thop. Pltatt call M8-35«-Zi73 and laave mttaag* CHILD CARE Ara you Intaraitad In providing quality child cara In your homa? Raaourcaa for Child Cara Managamant, a nationally rscognlzad consulting and mansgamant Him, saaka car- glvsrs In tha Brldatwa. lar, Somtrvllla and Now BruntwicK ar»ai for an mploytr sponsored family child cars system. RCCM offtrs compatltlva companaatlon, banafiti, aqulpmant, back-up, training, supervision, ft support E.O.E. Staptianla (201) 2S7-S1O0 RESOURCU FOR CHILD CAR! MAHAaiMENT CHILDCARE- Earn monay providing quality chlldcara for 1 or more children In your own homa. MONDAY MORN- ING INC, offers free insurance, rafsrrals, equipmant, back-up & more. Union County 90B ; Somarset County 90B-526-4SS4 CLERICAL OFFICE A8ST Major corp located In Plscataway la looking for a solid parformer with dlvtrsa skills. Position Involves support duties, phonas, data entry and light bkpg, Work on a team In a fast paced d«pt. OPPTY TOP PAY CALL NOW 9OS-MS-9120 TARGET HUMAN RESOURCES COOKS- Day shift and night shift positions avail. Apply In person. FRIENOLV'S Restaurant 1080 StaMon Rd., Plseatawsy, (Across Irom Mlddlassx Mall.) CUSTOMER SERVICE- Rapidly growing catalog co. seeks bright, friendly & motlvatsd person, Salary to 1BK +attractive benefits. We'll train (sos) wsoaoo» DENTAL ASBT./RECEP- TIONI8T- pleasant Cranlord office, TUBS- Sat, FA, No eves, axp., benefits, call DID VOU KNOW... This little ad can bo rend by more than 380,000 reader* In 22 publlcnllons throughout Somerset, Middlesex and Union Counties? It cbiigttl your attention, didn't It? Call YOUR ad In todnyl 1-S0O-BBB-949S We Oet DRIVERS Experlanced drivers niterind for # 1 11 mo Co. FT/PI positions flvnll Knowiflduo of Trl Stnta nrnn n rt.ijiil Mrofesslonnl drlvnni iinnd only np jly Mini -Ilnirn flnm IV unitn. STATE LIMO n No. Arlington, NJ. (201) ««r-7mi xt. nai, Tony DRIVERS Slraluht ft Iraclor, r/t fur locnl work Dlapalchail fmrn narnnn hnritni Clfmn CIJI racfrl. 'i yrl In Metro afen aai-mte. FLOATING TELLERS. MIDDLESEX COUNTY If you're looking for part time work, give us your full attention. FIRST FIDELITY ii seeking individuals interested in working 20 hours a week (including Saturday roomings) to join us as FLOATING TELLERS in MIDDLESEX COUNTY. Applicant! mutt be available to work mid-dayi (approximately 10AM-3PM) and have an excellent customer service and sales orientation, strong figure aptitude, and access to reliable transportation. Candidates will be based in South Plainfield or Metuchen and must be flexible to travel within Middlesex County. We offer a competitive hourly rate ($7.50-S9/hour depending upon experience plus 15% differential), paid vicalions and holidays, tuition assistance and mileage reimbursement. To find out more, call our Human Resources Department, at (908) or stop by our offices at 100 Fidelity Plaza, North Brunswick (at the intersection of Route 130 South and Route 1 North). Equal opportunity employer. i It's all about commitment 5050 DRIVERS/ OWNER OPERATORS Tractor Trailars, straight truck. 2 yaara oxpenenca, good driving record required. Call (BOS) M ELECTRICIAN/HELPERS Commercial/Industrial Mechanics, full lime. Reiidential mechanics/ helpers, lull time. Work out of Brancfiburg Twp ELEMENTARY SCHOOL >RI NCPAL'S SECRETARY- (Wriittier School - GradSB K-2) Etfscttv* September 1, 19B4., Salary Range: S15.BBO to 528,137 Annual Salary (10 Month) Application Procedure: Intereatad qualified canletates are requested to mail resumes to: Dr. Arlane Hartman. Principal. WhIIUer School, New Market Rd. and Whlttler Ave., Ounellen. New Jersey, An Equal Opportunity Employer EQUIPMENT OPERATOR/LABORER - Backhoe, excavator experience a must, CDL A req., Tank work a + I FENCE PEOPLE- Sales, Installers, Subcontractors. Exp. only. Well est. Co. Benefits EAQLE PENCE MM-S26-577S. FOSTER FAMILIES- Ol all races & religions are needed for young people. Ages 5 to 17 years. Training. 24 hour support line, financial compensation provided. For additional info call: Catholic Charities WM-M4-SM2 QAS ATTENDANT- Full time, female/male needed for immediate employmanl. Call Liberty Corner Service Center GIRLS WANTED- Irom New Jersey, between 7-19, to compete In this years fourth annual 1994 Newark Pageants, Over 20 thousand dollars in prizes & scholarships, call today, Pageant ext 4005 (1-B0O B) QROUNDSPERS0N- for seasonal work. Must have valid driver's license, HAIRDRESSERS- no following neccesdry, will condor good boglnnar, for vary busy salon, grsal pay, call Sue INSURANCE COMM. OR PER. CSR Fast growing, nggresslvo company needs an experienced parson who Is n sell sidrtor. Poalllon roquires dealing with client? and curriers nllko Modemlzad ofllca with Intost statn of Iho ml oqulpmenl. Oannftts include vour own parklruj spneel Gail Hanry n't B0B-B26-4B0O LABORER FounctnlloriB to foiif. rnsldantlnl work. Cnll Eld nfiar o pm, oou-nni Law Enforcement Jobs NO rxc. NEcrssAnv Now hlrlny. U!l Customn, Olllnurs, nlr: Tor Info roll ^1!l-/f>Hf)C)lr) nut, >'l);ir> (lam-ioi'm, 1 ilnys. MACHINE OPERATORR r.uuunl tin CtXI'flf IOttC«l FHII.'flti. iiuy Wo will Irnln yuii nn I ho Vitc I tlult (.1 l() )in tvltm) wllh t'm pniiri.i nnfit punllkin <nt ihn lirl hilt (l)iiin-; :i(l/iiiil VON mint hn ijrgnnl/n<l nml wllllnti It) wmk llmmltii A vncnhrin InullKlml It In tnunlod, npply nl' Mlcrnttjim rnlitiunloio. Im: /r,[> I.achlantl Mi, Mltfdl 8080 LIFEOUARD/POOL MANAOER For small quiet neighborhood pool. July thru Labor Day. Life guarding & CPR certification essential. Flexible hours. Send Letter to: Oak Hills Association, 18 Beach Lane, Edison NJ, or call MAINTENANCE WORK- ER Repair & maintenance of buildings & grounds at County Stables in Basking Ridge. Call (hearing Impaired 9P ) EOE MANAaEMEHT TRAINEE- Growing Wholesale Co., Seeks 12 aharp people, for our fun, fast Co.. No Exp., nee, paid training, must like travel, Casual dress, If not earning $500 + / week, call ext.s MANAGER ROCK * ROLL ATMOSPHERE 8 Sharp People needed Immed. for fun & fast pacad poster arts Co. No exp. nee, will train. If not earning $500/wk. 18 yrs. +. Ext. 7, (908) MECHANIC WANTED- Auto, tight truck exp. req'd. Apply within, Barker Bus Co Rt. 22 E.. Bridgewater, or call ext MEDICAL ASSIST. Cardiology practice in Edison. PR flex, hrs., exp. a must. Exc. sal. Pleasant working environment, 2S7-2ISB, MOVERS For our client, a major domestic/commercial moving co,, May-Sept. Is their busy season. They will need temporary help for packing, loading and unloading. Hours will vary. Exp. preferred. Call for appt. BRYANT TEMPORARIES 255 Old New Brans. Rd. Plseataway, NJ 0S884 (90S) OWNER OPERATOR- Tandem Traclor for New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania/Connecticut. Flatbed work, weekly settlements, yoar round work. Call PAINTER'S HELPEfl- FT/PT. Must have own transportation. Some experience preferred PART TIME- oarn $7/hr promoting my business. No selling, flexible schedulo. Call BB or todny for details. POOL SALESMAN- Full lime/part tlmb. Experience with Pools holplul Cnll Steve Pelican Pools , 9-Sprn POSTAL JOBS $ 12.20/lir. to start i benoflta. F'oulnl carriers, O'.uiors cintkn, mnlnlofinnctr lor nn ri[>f]lk;allon nnd GHitm Inlormnllnri cnll : S oxt.pzfll/ Onin-Opm, / tliiyn PRESS PERSON BOE, M/F! «i DM Hnrriiidn (Illll, Iwo color prnfld, Crtinorn work, iln!niniiklii( imd nlm pin I lo 1 'culur ulnrinr. iiir!iom whi.i wilt tnofft <lomlllit<)!i mill i u; a 111 y * n ( ii i rit in (i n I» ri fi n <l ni'iiniki HI Ii y in urhiis Nntfiaiinfinrn. Alln Noll Mr;(llliloy, lldx I1IIU, ' Ii i innrvll I rt, NJ IWIi fox (linn) v:u 11 w n r Butlnats Dtv«lopm*nt R t t i otontiol to awn IIS.OOflMWaOOOtboae salary, commission 1 quortorty bonus, working In In* fotipoceo ftiorriorkon nq oodonnisfti at wws copiejf oooior. To qualify, you must be OQQreativ. motrvotad and toiet-ofientedotyoww>hber»abanaiblafefseww>9up apfmintmantt for our oukids) sates rapt, IMs ison < ideal opportwni V (or those free to work mornings or ms in our Springfield heooauorters. For gppeinhnstnt, p p, coll Vines at: , «K Gordtn Start* Buiinass Mochiius yrfcy" THINK YOU'VE SEEN IT ALL? n nit walk 1-8WM IASJ0CU1B EBrUZA..MeTMl MUTUAL OP NEW YORK OSTALJOM Start $i1.4i/hr. For exam & application Info, call ext. NJSS9. 9-9pm. Sun-Frl. PRESSCR Dryclaanar looking for shirt presser, part/full lima. In Clinton. (90S) , aik for Charlie or Jaaon. PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Oxford Health Plant, one of the leading managed care organliatlona In the region, Ii currently seeking a Production Assistant to work In our Edison office. Ideal candidate mutt be a team player with good organizational skills, and posatss trie ability to handle multiple tanks Including the diilrlbutlon of mail, procetslng request forms, and assisting with projects, Ws offer a competitive salary and pleasant work environment. Please atnd resume to: Human Resource! - PA OXFORD HEALTH PLANS 800 Connecticut Avenue Norwalk, CT An EOE m/f/h/v REAL ESTATE SALES Experienced preferred, but will train. Excellent training program, great Income potential, company bonuses, no franchise fees. Take the moat important stsp for your career, call now to learn how to Increase your Income and earn what you are worth! Call Aden Zitlintki, Mgr. for a confidential Interview eves: BEDMINSTER OFFICE WM-7S1-10O0 WEICHERT REALTORS RESTAURANT NOW HIRING for lunch & daytime positions. Flexible scheduling, advancement opportunities. Excel, for homemakers or sludsnts. Wendy's, 1010 Station Rd., Plaeataway. (tos) SSI RESTAURANT INNIOANS of South Plalnfield Is looking for experienced people to join Ita team winners. Apply in parson; 4901 Stelton Rd., (Hadlay Centsr). RETAIL MOT/SALES Exciting ett'd lady specialty stores seeking exp'd incflv.ln retail. Mln. 1-2 yrs exp. In merchandising A customer serv. Positrons avail for mgr, assis. mgr, sales assoc, FT/PT InNo. Edison, Plscataway & Somerville. Mr. Martin, RN'a/LPN's (Private Duty) Home Health Aides Must have NJ State' Board ol Nursing Certification. Also need Spanish speaking Aides. IM- MEDIATE positions In Union, Middlesex, Hudson & Essex Counties. Own Transportation net essary. All hours A shifts available. Competitive starling rate, FREE medical and vacation pay if qualified. For more Info call Carol or Maria lor nppt, & dlrectllons: PERSONAL TOUCH Horn* Health Service C. Orange S77 Linden E.O.E. CLERICAL Monday thru Friday, SI'M-OPM, NO Saturdays. NO Suntlnya. Duties Includa Dnla Entry, Clerical rind Monvy Telephone work. Cfill Phyllis or Jan, MOM -Frl, (O0B) 412-AJBO. BEARS PRODUCT SERVICES 333 North Drive North Plalnflad, NJ O70A0 An»i iul apply, smployw Ada In Ctaultltd don't coif They piyt SALES BBwHBPOjrWfsWfl* ARM EXTRA S1000 Per mo. selling designer fashion Jewelry from horn*. No Investment. Call 906-SO6-00M. SALES/SALES MANAGEMENT IMMEDIATE OPENING. Are you ready to earn bltwtin S30.0O0- SSO.000 your first year and 150, ,000 your second year; then wt'd Ilk* to apeak to you. The leading NATIONAL REAL ESTATE office In NJ II looking tor 2 CAREER minded people for residential, new hornet ttlet, commercial Investment aalea ft leas- Ing. In Central Jersey area. WE WILL GET YOU LICENSED and TRAIN YOU. For confidential Interview, call Ken Worden ai: Century at Warden A Green SOS-S EAMSTMSS- experienced. Small uniform factory, Plscataway. Call aos-eos-0459 SECRETARIES W/W.P. High Power Tempt needs Dependable, Qualified Temporary Employees to fill (ob ordert from our client companies in this area. HIOH POWER TEMPS tot East Unton Ave Bound kvook, NJ 0SS0S iss SECRETARIES WORD PROCESSORS DATA ENTRY CLERKS Wt have Immediate opening In Hunlerdon A Somerset County. Short and longterm openinga. Some with perm, potential. WordPerfect s.1/5.2, Wlndowa, MS Word. Exparlance helpful. Competitive Pay Group Health ft Ufa Int Vacation * Holiday Pay Free Computer training Cortege students encouraged to apply. Call MS S Temporary Service* 50 Division St. Ste 403 Somerville, NJ SECRETARY SENIOR LEVEL International health care Corp It In need of a SR exec secretary for their corporate offlcea near Princeton. Thlt SPECIAL long term temp assignment Involves Admlnistratlve and Support duties. Report to Top Level Execa in a PLUSH ENVI- RONMENT. They require tolid WordPerfect ft Lotus, profetalonal presentation. Corporate experience It a plut. EXCELLENT SALARY SOSSM-S120 TAROET HUMAN RESOURCES SECURITV POSITION AVAILABLE- FT/PT in Somerset, Mutt be flexible to work all shifts 4 weekends, up to S7/an hour plut benefits. H.S. Diploma or Equivalency. Car, home phone, verifiable background a muat. Apply Bam-Spm, M-F, Lanadell, Building $51, Rm 213. Newark Airport. SERVERS- dlehwaihert, Hottt/hoateaaea, Now hiring, apply In ptrton, O'Connor* Beef ft Ale, 70S Mountain Blvd., Walchung, NJ SERVICE TECHNICIAN A APPRENTICE- Air cond./heatlng/refrlgeratlon service technician for est'd company. Tech mln. 3 yra. exp./apprentice tome exp. neeettary. All benefits t SHEET METAL MECHANIC A APPRENTICE- for est'd company. Mechanic mln, 3 yrs. exp./apprentice some sup. necessary. All benefits SUMMER CUSTODIAL HELP The South Bound Brook Board of Education Is seeking summer custodial help from June 27, 1994 to August 31, The hourly rate I* S6.25- SB 50. Applications are available In the Board Office, 125 Madison Street, South Bound Brook. EOE. SUMMER JOSS- Colleoe pro-manager look- Ing for palnlert lo work In Sooloh Plalns/Westfleld area B40 TELEMARKETING- PT telemarkeler with sorno experience In financial services telemarketing. Flax. lire. Clark location. Contact Mr. Sieln, E.OE M/F/V/H THI CRANPORD RECREATION- t> Pnrks department It accepting nppllcatlons for Iho following position*: Playground Leader* Maintenance Person For further Information call B/O/E/M/F7V/M SECURITY OFFICERS (FULL APART-TIME WEEKEND* VARIOUS SHIFTS) APS.»»leader in iheael M tor SOMERSET/ BRIDOEWATER. EOMON.AaSherareoaln NJ. To Find oul more s\innaiuii, pleaae apply in person-bam-3pm AMERICAN PROTECTIVE SERVICES. INC 24^ femelut Avenue CSkn,NJ TOW TRUCK ORIVERS Full time and part time positions available lor growing towing companies, In the Somerset and Watchung Hills araat. Dependable, honest persons with clean driving record needed. Call: SARDY FARMS TOWING TS3-O13S TRACTOR TRAILER DRIVEN- Somervlllt baae co. needa exp. driver for trlatate area deliver let, Ctll TRACTOR TRAILER DRIVERS Growing Co. seeking tor good C dependable drivers. Steady work all yr. round. Receive uniforms, Paid vac. ft medical bits. Alto avail., 30% bonut for wkend runt. Mutt have CDL ft Abttract avail, flat bad exp. req'd. Call SSS TRACTOR TRAILERdrlvert, Immediate full time openings for LTL and driver/dock posttlont, applicant mutt have one year Tractor trailer experience, mln. 23 yr.a old, tale driving record, CDL clats A, able to pat* phytciai and skill req., 5 days per week, Mon.-Frl., no weekends, A.Dule Pyle. a growing carrier offering excellent wage + benefits! call (800) stk for Tom Turner TRAINEE OR EXPERI- ENCED- for metallizing platma shop. Opportunlty to learn trade. welding experience a plua. Steady work, good pay, benellts. Apply In person, AftA Company, Inc., 2700 South Clinton Ave., So. Plalnfield, NJ. TRUCK DRIVER/LA> SORER For paving contractor. Must have CDL. Call for Interview WAITER WAITRESS Full Time/Part time. Nights and weekends. Flexible hours. Apply In perton. Friendly's Restaurant, 1060 Slelton Rd. Pitcataway (across from Middlesex Mall) WAITER/WAITRESSES Experience necestary. Ask for Heather, or 7B2-214B WAITRESS/WAITER Full ft part time, Bridgewater area. Also, Delivery Person nseded with car WAITRESS- Restaurant In Kenllworth wants experienced hard worker, Advance, opportunity for the right perton, Call David at WANTED: 100 VOLUN- TEERS ABSOLUTELY FREE- to try diet and energy product with chormlum pictanate and thermo chrome SOOO. Diet craie of the 90's. Send SASE to C.A. P.O. Box 70, Schooley't Mtn., NJ aooo Cmn HOME HEALTH AIDES Needed lor long and short term private duty cases. Full time/part time oslllons available In g omervllte area Immediately. Must be certified with current certificate and physical Call 9a-5p, Mon-Frl Dependable Health Care HOME HEALTH AIDES Receive your Slate Certification through AMSERV HEALTH CAHE. Our training program Is scheduled lor May 16 through Ihe 27th, from 9am-4pm. Experience preferred, car nnd phone necessary. Call lor details and appointment. AMSERV HEALTH CARE Edison, NJ Nursing CERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AIDES Immediate wofk. Interim" Hoallhcaie Is recruiting Ceilllled Home Health Aides lo join Us professional nursing tenm. Wo oflor: Excellent Pay Desirable Work Flexibility ol hours Convenient locatlorm Optional heatlh plnri Cm rind totophonn n nniiil (900) (90fl) 72S-HW.Q (009) I H t i N C l l l 36 So. Main St. Edison, NJ 0S637 tqusl opfhy fmployw ANTICIPATED VACANCI The Brsnchburg Township School g Somerset County, N.J., is seeking applicants for the following positions for Ihe $ school year: OM York School - Grafes K-2 (2) Reading Recovery/Supplemental Teachers. St«Qr Brae* Scfcool - Grates 3-5 Principal (12-month position) Art Teacher Third Grade - Teacher Bnadatori Cctsinl Schtcl - Grades t l Industrial Arts Teacher ' Instrumental Music Teacher ' Language Arts/Language Skills Teacher Library/Media Specialist Mathematics Teacher (2) Special Education Teachers Appropriate NJ Ctniikation kreqeircd. Application* able from Ihs Office of the Superintendent. 140 < Grove Road, Branchburg, NJ 0B876,orby calling (WB) tm- 326&OimpleuapplicaiiomniuMscfllednolaierilianM\y 3ft I9M, Tne BraocMMrg Township School District n an Eaeal Opportunity Employer. soeo Employmmnt- HiMC NIEDED IMMEDIATELY GortlfwQ Hovn#iv Uvt In/out Union, Middlesex, Somerset Count lea Prior experience a plus for our home care clients. Please call Marge or Theresa at ANSWER- CARE, (t0*> Ma-7173 for Immediate interview and placement. Antwercare, la located at 1701 Hue Star hopping Center, Rt. it Weal, Waiehung, New Jersey (In the Nursing Needs Slore,. RN'S/LPN'S Recently signed contracts have made several positions available in the Middlesex county area. For immediate consideration please call Marge at Anawercare (90S) for immediate Interview and placement, Answercare, la located at 1701 Blue Star Shopping Center, Rt. 22 Weal, Watchung, Now Jersey (In the Nursing Needs store). PaYt'TlffM) ADMIN. AS«T.- for Plscataway Educational Telecommunications Consultant. Must have computer exper., good communication & writing skills. Mothers hours some work can be taken home flex. hrs. per Wk. $e/hr. S0a-752-S144. CLERICAL- Part Time, Answer phones, process orders, invoicing, 9am- 1pm, Monday thru Frlday, , CUSTOMER SERVICE Interior Decorating Co. Flex. hrs. Detail oriented a heavy follow-up, self motivated DELIVERY PERSONneedtd for evenings and weekends, Heavy lifting, DENTAL ASSISTANT/ DESK PERSON- Mature perton, exp. pref. but will train, hrs/wk,, Including Mon. A Thura. evenings, 4-9PM, A Sat. B-2PM, Send Resume to Dental Asst., 125 Livingston Ave, Edison, NJ DENTAL NYQIENIST Wednesdays. Excel, working environment. Middlesex 90S-SM-4S44 DIRECTOR- Teacher, Asst. teacher & Music Teacher, Preschool, P/T, call FASHION ADVISOR Wear & show ladies Jewelry 2 eves. $125. No investment, 908-7S6-306B QARWOOD DEPT OF PUBLIC WORKS- is hiring P/T seslonl help. Please apply In person. DPW, 15 South Ave. Garwood N j NEED SOME HELP- Earn up Ii $5000/month P/T or F/T, no meeting, never leave your home, call hr.a, for free Info & tape, THIS IS FOR REALI NEWSPAPER RACK SERVICE PART TIME Tha Star-Ledger hns early morning parttime work sorvlclng newspapers In vending machines. Rontos are nvallablo In Ihe CRANFORD A QARWOOD area9. Earn $<100,00 lo $500 O0 por month, A reliable enr la a must. Call or PART TIME EARLY MORNING Newspaper routos am nvallablo In thti BASKING R I D O E, BERNARDSVILLE BEDMINSTEn, PEA- PACK, A FAfl HILLP, nrnnn Parn $400 fn $500 n rrmnlh, pluti ennh rionnllvcfl A rnllnhlo nu I s n in it > I. Cull PART TIME- Csk. decorator. Flex, houri [ Somerville ares, call PROGRAM ASSIST- Assistt at scheduled weeknlght/weekend actlvltits and programs for people with disabilities. Mutt be 18 yrt. old--, over and have a valid." Drlver't Llcente. more information csl 90B-52e-ses0 (hearing impaired ) EOE. CUSTSVCREP AD#134 PT pottuoni available in New Brunswick area hoipltala with the TV Rental Co. Must bs responsible and have a neat a pi pearnance. Extenaivv walking, colleetlons, and record keeping. Flex days, 9am-3pm or 4pm- 8pm, incl. 1 wkend day. I te.50/hr to start, paid ;. holidays and vacation: i. For a local lntorvl*wi! call wkdaya «2316, ext ' MAILING FABRICA-! TOR musi be able to t layout and weld, call Steve at ' RECEPTIONIST, Weekend recepiionfst for real estate offiiey Some typing. Sat: 9AM«I 5PM; Sun: 10AM-4PMI Call Mrs. Luertsen at SCHOOL BUS ORIVERwlth CDL He, P/T am &, pm route, + athletics' trips, + addsd tine,', cleaning buses, imbm tloua perton to start Immed.. call V VET. TECHINICIAM-. May Employment, Exporl ence neccetsary, 2 prf to closing, tome Sat.s r<* quired, call < 5100 Some ail litttd in ihn cits sificjtion may remtirt t fe to purchati informativi and/or mtleriall regardhi career invctlmentt and/o opportunitui. AVON SALES ^T All areas 'J For Information call. «soossaaasa DO YOU SPEND VOUl SUMMER IN LON/ BEACH ISLAND? Ca Currents Marketing 'to the Ideal tummer job ii advertising DRIVERS COME F0I THE MONEY STAV FOI THE STABILITY- J.B HUNT, one of America' largest and most sue cestful transportatioi companies, pays its drlv ers some of the best al arlet In the business.,lr experienced peraoh call: C> parlenced drivers callr.1 8OO-3SB-6538 J.B. Ht)N The Beat Run For HI Money. EOE. Subject?^ Drug Screen.. ORIVERS-No-Down Payment lease opti» plan allows you to tfc come an owner opernl^ for 1he top truckload IJE frelgerated carrier ) America, 1300 mile plu average length of h» (solos sverage 3000 nil wk). Outstanding pa package i guaranim Load/unload p«y, tirof off pay, layover pay, Vyl LOVE TEAMS I Can ct anyday 6-5. Prime, hie BO0-Z24-45-BB Dopl CA 5. DRIVERS Get on Imaii with Ihe nislng Stiir OT R/9 horthau I op porlunltlos, homo wookl (shorthaul), no slin suiiii Ing. excellonl pny/tywi DfTtS. BUHLINQTtJr MOTOR CAHRIEMB- ' UOU-JOIN-DMC COL EARN UP TO $7o»> WFEKLV- No OKDoriJ enco, Own (iniifs Purl* tinio or full tinl(j Prn[;pi mortgagb refunds, 1-E)(] ]« » FRIENDLY HOME PAIt] TIES nriw linn o iniilik t lor clnr!!ori?itrnt(ir>i Nil cn»h Iriv 11 n11r nr I \',w\ lime hnuis wllh lull!i,'i,* pny. two rnlnlnu'i, <>vii /On Itomi Cull I IHJIK 40II-4Q75. PRESS OPERATORS PRIVATE CONPCFlENCr FACILITY»««klll(l pnrsaf!nbln liuhvlifunl In nflnst, dpeclflrnlly <\ FKporlnficsd In w ' it woik In frmnciillvfi r inlllri( Urlmrilln nnrl Cuininm OullOlt III! luclli Wlllllll'i', C(jiii inllllvn '"J nnrvlcn, innnilmf) nnt-i^1 ^ to: Hun Ihniiiri, clnanlnii Will Irnln Dun l.nrxlrnntk Commiinlii eflls iivnll Please nend apern, I 1 u Ho! letters to BON 314, 3411, Vfidlmihilni, M(> Forbes Newtpnpers, yiiri P.O. Bon 090, Stxitarvllle, NJ, 0B878. Advertlio In tht AdVcjffts In tht CltuHttdt 3

19 April 28, 1994 WestfieM Record B9 Si- Automotive Guide HOOO MJtOMOHILLb Mio UM*T nam M0OUmry.4M's.SMftand UfMTVucfce 000) Trucks and Vans 100 Financing 110 aria, Aeeee- KEMPER PONTIAC - 5 miles from Bridgewater Commons Route 22 East at Route 287 Overpass BrkJgewater (906) KEMPER CADILLAC 5 miles from BrWgewater Commons Route 22 East at Route 287 Overpass Bridgewater (908) ROYAL CHEVROLET/GEO Route 28 Just East of Rtt. 23 & Rt. 287 Intersection Bound Brook (906) 356*2460 BELLE MEAD GARAGE Route 206 Belle Mead (908) CLAYTON AMERMAN DODGE ' ' "74 Years of Sales and Service" Main Street, Peapack (908) PONTIAC KEMPER PONTIAC 5 miles from Bridgewater Commons Rt. 22 East at Rt. 287 Overpass Bridgewater (908) ' imdartlooo UICK- 82 Century. 4dr, V6. auto, AC, ruaf proofed, 112K, 1 ownar. S70O. 90B-M1-M03 * * * * * CHIVY 77 Impala Sadan, 350 ang., H*H, AC, automatic, low ml., showroom cond. BO. 90B409-00B1 CORD- '78 T-BIrd, aok. orig. ml., cltan Int. Body lair. S750/BO. Sandy 00« fl3 WIiZSi TOURING AUTOMATIC FORD- 79 Mustang. Ysllow. Good thapa & runs wall. Atklng $1000. CIIQO«> -04. OLDS- B4 Clara. Needa motor work. Beet Otter. Call attar S PLYMOUTH- 77 Grand Fury, $1000 B/O, Int. cltan, runs good, 908-6B-3757 undmrtasoo CHRYSLER- 87 La Baron, «dr. 4cyl. 2.5L all options, 9SK. orlg.ownar, axe.cond.$1w5,356-6b32 MERCURY- 82 Grand Marquis, 75K, good cond. Runt grtatf AC. AtMngSiaOO NISSAN- 83 Stanza, 4 cyl., 4 *pd.. ac, am/tm/ cass, 92k, runs good, $900 B/O, PONTIAC , 6 cyl. Pwr. W/L, auto, AC, AM/FM Cass. 62K mi. SZ100/BO CADILLAC- B9 Sedan Devillo. Z8.500K. exc. cond.wt w/lt.gray carr rt, Hhr int.$ s mo $ AUTOMATIC 85 BMW 325i mo t Cyl, WC, (toner SlMringMBS BnHei/Wnttmur LEATHER, 4-Cyi, /VC. Por. StwrintfABS Brakes/ L.oduft*fmn/S«*t mm. Driver 1 * Mf Bag VM WMmAMfct/Minvt/Swrnof» mm. Ower-i Av PQD230W: MSRP S42.16S; DEMO:,240 Mm. Bag. VIN PFL MSRP 133,790. DEMO ma M M ; *3,M0 M dtuvwy Indudn K, WO mi. 30 mo km; $3,900 M dttvtry includes $2,850 up COM reduction plus S350 S4S0 «p cost reduction f*af4s0bu* fee.fsoorel sec bankfeeltnt Mymtnt; 42 payments total CHEW 91 Cavalier, good cond., 4 dr., AC, MAZDA- 93 RX-7, Montego blue, with tan leath- Red, AC, atereo/tape, 44k, am radio B/ O, er, garaged. 9K ml. Sap, 44K mi, ml nt. $8, CORVETTE- 76. PS, PB. AC, auto, radar, excellent concfitloni $ AnUqi* and Classic dep.*lir»tpjym«nl;mp«yiiwni5lo!«l*8.99rj;en<ja $*4.700; ant e< EMM puicntmopton SI mtapurchna option $16,147. Closed end leasesforqualified lessees. Lessee responsible for maim, excess wear & tear, and at the end of the lease lor mileage over 10,000 miles/year at 15 cents/mile. Prices include all costs to be paid by a consumer except for lie costs, teg, tees & taxes. Not responsible tor typographical errors. 731 (908) Route #1, Edison, New Jersey DODGE- 93 Gran Caravan. Auto, aland pkg. 7 paaaar, 10K. Aaaum* lo lease FORD- 89 Taurus. V6, O/D, auto, 35K, nawbaas S, excel. tires, PB, PS, P-mir, H- body, heated driver's dsl. Am/Fm, burgundy. aeat, elec. mirror, AC, Bus/homa aunri. r.defroa. Orig. HONDA- 87. Accord LX. 4DR, 64k ml..loaded, orig. ownar. JflOOO/BO. 90S-7G4-«3e9 HYUNDAI- 91. Sonata QLS. WhHa w/navy raglop.4dr,auto.all pwr,35k, asking $ $24, MERCURY 88 Marquis. 50k mi., PW, AM/FM caaa, AC, new Urea, S NISSAN- 90 Maxima. Excel, cond. Loaded. Asking $10, NISSAN- 92 Stanza XE. 5sp, am/lm cass., PS, PB, PW, Gold warranty, 31K, 810, OLDS- 81 Cutlass wagon. VS, all pwr, AM/ FM Caas. good iransp. J1000/BO owner, approx, 80k mi., Rose qtz., $885C. Call Stave TOYOTA- 87 Camry Sedan, 4DR, auto, AC, very good cond. 57k ml., asking $ TOYOTA- 90 Cellca ST INTEGRA 990 JAGUAR- 81 XJ6. 78k mi., Jaguar maintained, good condition. $3500/ BO RANGE ROVER- 67. Fully equipped. Excellent condition. 26K mi. Call Jim, FmmHyVmns DODGE 83 Conversion Van. Good condition. High-top. Capt's chrs. $ x4m, Sport mod UgMftvcfcs FORD- 54 Pick up, F-FORD 64 Bronco II. 100, A classic in fireengine red! orig. eng. re- $3500 firm *p w/oo. excel, cond. cently fe-built. Wish my TOYOTA- 87 Shortbed Body looked this good at pickup. AM/FM cass, 401 $4200 B/O, ap, 145K ml, S Ivmsg. '189. 3O MO LEAS, _ RS», 30f.4-Cyl., $, S 5-Spd... ^ S*.No.758S; t, O O amrso11338;msflp$15785pkn*mat.uc p t d u a, $ «,»t395t«l^il$16mos22«^ik^t1soodai$250( sec. dap.«first payment. 30 f*fr*r.h total $6,970; 30,000 milw Included; End of leaw pufthase option $10,446. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 1984 VIG8R $ 3O MO LEASE CS4Dr.5-Cyl., Auto..SIX No.7654;VINHCO02O81;MSRP$29485 S2^44aldelivery includes $t,995 cap. reduction, $350 ref. sec. dep. 4 first payment 36 payinents total $10,764; milei ndoded; End of lease porchaie option $14, MO LEGEND LESE L, 4Df. V-6, Auto., LEATHEH, Stk. No. 7862; VIN RCOOCTi7; MSRP J $2,823 at delivery includes $1,999 cap. reduction, $425 re), sec. dep. a first payment. 36 payments total $14.365:45,000 mites included; End of lease purchase option $18,607. AI vehicles have NC, AM/FM, St Cass, PS, PB. Closed end leases for credt-qualfied lessees; lesseeresponsbefar maim, wear and tear, and ai end ol leasetorexcess mleage at 15 cents per rrite. Price includes al ooststobe pod by a oonsumer exceptforfcoooste, reg. tees, and laws. Not response*tortypos. ACUR..,,. of sqnnerville A/eiv Jersey's volume Acura Dealer (908)j Route 22 West, Bridgewater \ Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm Saturday 9am - 6pm i ATV's CHEVY- 75 C-6S, 23 ft 220 Mopeds bed w/rolloff & winch, 427 V8. Auto. $6000 or BO ask for Tony. DODGE- 77 Van, V-8, 16 passenger, Min. quote- $500 or best offer. The Green Brook Bd. of Ed. is selling the above surplus property. Submit quote in a sealed envelope to: Patricia G. Shinal, Green Brook Board of Education, 132 Jefferson Ave.. Green Brook. NJ B-B Deadline: 5/11/94-10 AM Airtomotfv* Parts, and ABSOLUTE AUTO Wa pay S2S & Up For Any Complete Car FREE Pickup-Local Area With This Ad Good Until 3/31/94 1-SO0-B JAQUAR- XJS wheels. 1963, Excel, condition $700. also fits XJ6 Eves JUNK CARS WANTED Late model wrecks & trucks. Top $$$ Paid SUN EMISSIONS MA- CHINE. Fawn vending machine). Dual axel towing wheels. Stage II pump hoses & nozzels, S100/SBI X30 Autotnotiw $$$«$ AAA S$$$$ St FREE HCMOVAL $S Of Any Junk Car 24 Hr Towing Service beeper 9O6-B AAA NORTHEAST Buys lato model feeps, trucks, cars. (201) or (908) ALL AUTO- acquired, Cash for cars a trucks any sz., or beeper YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE PUBLISHED IN 92 NEW JERSEY NEWS- PAPERS WITH ONE EASY PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY S YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1.2 MILLION HOMES THROUGHOUT THE STATE. CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT OO MOTORCYCLES 230 Off-Read U40 On-Roaa Parts,.Accesorles Service UH Mlseellaneoua 220 MOPED Motomarlna, excel, cond. Helmet incl. $450/BO OfMVojKf ATK 90, 604ES, Motorcross, never used. $7000+ new sacrifice for $4500. Call O0 RECREATIONAL VEHICLES 410 Campers ind Trailers Motor Homes 8430 RV Parts, Aecesorlea A Service 8440 Mlsc RV ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE 6 wheel, brown w/roll bar, seats 4, 18 hp, Kohler ang. $2000 or BO. Call 90B-78B «S SM 8700 aeoo BOATS Boats Power Boats Sailboats Motors Marinas Rentals A Charters Slip Rentals Storage. Suoptlee > Parts and Accesaortea 8710 Mlac Boating 8620 Power Boats 16FT. SPORTSCRAFT BOAT A TRAILER- w/ 65HP Mercury outbd. S1100/BO SEA RAY- 20ft. OMC outdv, Was sunk, S between 6-10pm. SEARAY- 84, 19' with cuddy cabin, In-board/ out board, trailer. Many extras. Exc. cond. Asking $ I In /\\<(n \ith> I In Ryan \ut<t W HONDA U HOND most attractive. Lease right now for only 4 tax per mo. for 36 mos. Our Construction Is Over YOUR CONTINUE! 1994 HONDA ACCORD LX In Our Newly Renovated Showroom 1994IIUIV TROOPER S AUTO NEW 1994 HONDA ACCORD LXA WAGON with AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION & ABS. Auto., 4-Cyi., P/S, P/B */ ABS, Dual AJrbags, A/C, P/W, P/L, Tilt Wheel, Cruise, P/Mrrors, AM/FM Stereo Cass., MSRP- $20,230, Stk# V1N«RA Based on a 36 mo. ckaetland lease with $275 refundable security deposit, first month's payment of $269 plus lax and $1,500 cap cost reduction (cash or trade) duqat least signing. Total cost of tease- $ plus tax. lessee H reeponsmhe lor exceea wear A tear and 15tpermUeow15.C)OOmilesperyearaiendotlwa.CptkmiopurctoMvet\k*tor$ii,12e.Mmntableetmdo!ktue A disposition tee of $400 la due at end of lease It purchase option la not exercised. See ZAW Honda tor Ml details. 1 link»wclow)mdlimimimfiiqubimhimm.ji.i««idhi«< mtwii fiwni lie MO.IHiitqirtdiw lit 1 hnlnimni,sopijimnlihuiimu LttinrttponnWtlor nwnl, iictn nil t tut,»mf ilindil Imi Wimliiji "i mill ol 12.W inmnir n IS nrtimi End o'l)iii pu'thiit ojlion i' V mirktl filu) pl f mcludfi il) com lo b< pud if :mi<rt' in<pl loi k lollt,'») ltd 1 III*I Nil rupontilili lo' l)poguph<ci! t"on 1994^por.-utiiity PASSPORT 4x4 ll *M;FM SI. CHI. mi BriltDSItlimg. Ml WMH. R Dell. fl %pts. VIN R79H?D1. 58 mo cloud (M Itllt to*dtdil-quililnd Klllll 13.H4 il j. K,» mdudrs l; CM :); SO ill lit «tp, t<j5[ nli»irillpi iti nl Jtpiimjnlslcll SI3O< Itsstt liipcnsibfl lor rniml, ixtii wit I!ui, md H iftd m Itm lor mlnoi in mill g! I7.C0O n>l<kie9< ai K EInls/rmlt Erd ol Kit) pinliiu Dp-lian ll].](s PHEI mtiudu Hi coili 111 In il pud ty I coniumgi eicipl lo> I-: coiti <ig l«lil l*i*i Nol illp«n ii)i loi iipcjnf-u' ("on s 17 NEW 1994 HONDA CIVIC DX 4DR Auto., 4-Cyl.. P/S, P/B, I Lease right now for only FREE Service Loaner Cars With Uiiii'Or I'uri-hnw NO REASONABLE OlW.K RFiFUSED! FREE Service Loaner Cars Wild I r-iiir Or 1'un.linsi- NO REASONABLE OFFER Rlil-'USFiD! MSRP- $12,850 + A/C ($1,200) + AM/FM StefOO Cass. ($450) - $14,500. Stk#094t497, VIN# RL Based on a 36 mo. closed-end lease with $300 refundable security ctopcilt, tint month's payment of$t 79 plus tax and $500 cap. cost reduction due at lease signing. Total cost of lease- $6,944 plus tax Lessee is responstoto tor excess wearh tear and tsepermlto ovor miles per yoar at end of lease. Option to purchase vehicle for $10,440 or tnir markut value available atendolleam.a disposition toe of $40O is due at end ol lease If purchase option Is not exorcised. Son ZH W Honda tor hill details Price includes all costs to be paid by a consumer except licensing, registration and taxes, Qualified customers subject to credit approval by primary lender. Subject to avaiiablillty. All prior deals excluded. Not responsible tor typographical errors HONDA get the most top your money. 987 State Rd., Princeton, NJ. On Rte. 206, just south of the Princeton Airport. 908/ " 609/

20 B-10 WestftoM Record April 28, 1994 Automotive Guide LOOKING TO DROP YOUR TOP? (Soft top, that is) See the new and used convertibles for sale, inside The Passport marks Honds's entrance Into the North American Sport/Utlllty Vehicle market. Honda stamps its Passport for entry into SUV market By TOMHAOJN FORBES NEWSPAPERS With the sales of Sport/Utility Vehicles (SUVs) due to reach more than one million units by the end of 1994, no one can bjame Honda for wanting to launch a quality SUV in a hurry. The company moved quickly with the introduction of its new SUV from an initial agreement between Isuzu and Honda in 1992, to the appearance of its Isuzu Rodeo-based Passport fourdoor SUV for the 1994 model year. Isuzu will provide 20,000 Passports for 1994, with a goal of 100,000 units by According to company research, current Honda owners will likely return to their dealer when new car time arrives. With twice as many dealers and a reputation for reliability, many new Passport owners feel good about the Honda logo on their SUVs grille. EXTERIOR Built in Lafayette, Ind., the Passport relies on rounded lines to lower wind resistance and noise. A sloping hood gives way to an angled windscreen and across to finish down raked rear glasswork. A small air deflector up top at the rear deflects dirt and moisture from the rear window. Flush halogen headlamps and a large central air intake distinguish passport from its fraternal sibling. Our EX model came with 15-inch alloy wheels, although optional 16-inchers with oversize tires give a more rugged appearance and would offer a more compliant ride. The rear hatch is a two-piece design. INTERIOR The large amount of available interior room make the Passport a truck in SUV clothing. With the rear seats folded flat, over 74 cubic feet of cargo can be loaded, while with four passengers in place, 35 cubic feet of storage is available. We found the radio is located low in the dash and tough to reach, and the wiper controls are dated, but with the tilt wheel dropped down, we could read the conditioning, alloy wheels and a tachometer. The front bucket seats reclined fully, use textured cloth upholstery and the center console houses the shifting lever. It also houses the parking brake handle and contains a small storage compartment. ENGINEERING The ride of this new Passport is as comfortable as any SUV on the road, TEST DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS rf>tii TOIUH'I'l (IVIIJSJ: '1000 rpiu 1»» fr( BASE PRICK: $23,900 I'ltICK AS TESTKI): $24,3fi<l KNGINK TYTK: SOMC.'J.2- liter VOw/MPKI KNGINK SIZE: HJMail/. r J 105 iv IKJItSKPOwKIl: 17 r» f c. r )2()0 WIIKKIJtASK: 10H.ri7«ll.r»" TIIANSMIKSION: Kivoiipcrtt tnanuul and a variable-assist steering system provides adequate road feel and steering response. The Passport comes in three configurations: DX LX and EX, with only the DX offered in two-wheel drive form. Power is provided by a 3.2- liter all-aluminum V6. It's good for 175 horsepower, and the 188 foot-pounds of torque it provides gives Passport good middle-range pulling power. Each cylinder uses four valves, while a distributorless ignition system provides a hotter spark and less maintenance. Off road, the Passport offers eight inches of ground clearance to crawl over rocks, boulders and extremely rough terrain. The vehicle is civilized inside, but there's a rugged four-wheeler under its skin. We liked its 21-gallon fuel tank and used it to provide a full tank range of around 350 miles on one of our last ski trips. HANDLING We climbed everything in our path, including some seriously rocky and steep terrain. The Passport features part-time four-wheel drive, which means the driver must stop and pull the engagement lever to get the front wheels pulling. Automatic hubs mean the driver doesn't have to get out to "lock 'em in." Our test vehicle's allseason tires gave average grip. The EX model's standard dual powered and heated mirrors melt ice and snow quickly, while its undercarriage is protected by skid plates under the radiator and transfer case. Its spare tire is carried on the tailgate, and the EX comes with a removable tilt-up moonroof. All Passports are factory-backed by a three-year/36,000mile bumper-tobumper warranty. SAFETY Rear anti-lock brakes, front and rear crumple zones and side impact door beams assist in the safety department. Rear doors feature child proof locks, while all outboard passengers use three-point safety bolts. SUGGESTIONS Apparently the only option available? on our EX Pnssporl is a set of floor mats at an cxtni $79. It..seems that this new Honda sports/utility vehicle is truly "fully loaded." CUItlt WKKiHT: '\M4 lbs FUEL CAPACITY: 21,0 uals. TIKKS: rari/tfikir) ItRAKICS(F/lt): Fnmtnnd rear Diiic/ABS DKIVKTHAIN: liont cii^itic/roui' WIIIM'I drivr VKIIICLKTYPK: Klvc piisstmif ;i a r/l'i v«door PlCRICHtlYIANCM: i:i'a K(;onoiiiy, nips. ei.y/l i i>; hwity/ii veni^i 1 ; 10/IIVI Mril: Hl.ri seconds GET ANY 1994 MITSUBISHI G A L A N X L/S Auto.. 4 cyl., p/s. p*. dual sir bags. ABS, p/sun (I. AWFM ctss, pf cruise, log lights, alloy whla, MSRP $20,787, VIN #RE PICKUP PER MO. FOR 42 MOS LNHnnm MHdgn «TO OMttntlMH Mn Inn. wmt, HC MtttooMM laom in in a* a* * *» b i TottfoTpFitt HUD 10.IWirt TT HU fr 4 cyl., 5 spd., p/s, p/b, mats 2 dr., 5 spd., 4 Cyl., m/s, m/6 radio agcom, pkg,, VIN# a/c, AM/FM cass,, mats, air HP006919, MSRP bag, MSRP $11,010, VIN# RU BRAND NSW 1094 MITSUBISHI Base model, auto., 4 cyl., p/s, p/b, a/c, AM/FM cass., mats. whl. covers, MSRP $14,650, VIN# RE Auto.«c*l. p/1 prt! AM/FM ut bag*. */D. B'w/lckl, May whit. VIN*nrt)3IO33 «I M J n*m.almnc«l INpwirri tw. PER MO. FOR 48 MOS. Ltuopyims buecjcn JBmo cbmdtndtettl 111 moftymrt L KOOtilHC «p IKTObirt'Hamlrcwton IIDOOdmn >M m ToWcfpyitiu ITU0 locoomv ibmnct. tliptt ml nimlv Auto., 6 cyl., p/s, p/b, air bag, ABS AM/FM cab3, CD, rl rack, alarm, alloy whls.. p/w/lcks., cruisa, MSBP$26,130, VIN*» PE0CM444. V 250 New Mitsubishis Available 75 Quality Pre-Owned Cars Prices includo all coots to be paid by conaurnqr oxcept for lie, rog, & taxes, Fternincrtori m m M I Ba^atfia -^^ MITSimiSHI Rts. 202 & 31, Flemington, NJ

21 Vol. 3, No. 36 April 'V *4 WH'iS, b * '- 0 ' A Forbes Newspapers guide to your quality time International Festival at RVCC 4 Folk series begins in Watchung 5 Events Music Stage Movies and 'Backbeat' 12 CLOTHING WITH GENUINE ATTITUDE. When you put on Genuine rm Harley-Davidson MotorClothes, you're wearing more than the most functional leathers on the road. You're carrying with you 90 years of style, heritage and riding experience. Come in today. See all the latest jackets, vests, chaps, casual clothing and riding accessories. HARLEY-DAVIDSON OP 1DISON OINUINI HARLIYOAVIDSON* MOTOKLOTHIS* Clothes Accessories Collectibles 299 ROUTE 1, EDISON, NEW JERSEY (SOUTHIOUND IANE ITWfEN PLAINMILD AVI. A RT. 1 FLEA MARMT)

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23 WootondPlus Cover photo by AUGUSTO F. MENEZES Get the feel of life on the farm during the Cook College Ag Field Day Saturday in New Brunswick My I, V, 10 PY MOTHIKS DAY, MAY 8TH AUHfegenDaz Ice Cream Bars $1.59 Frozen Yogurt Burs $1.09 Buf 2 qf M? AM w4%t\ omfnt. CHOCOLATE ROSES & TULIPS Buy A Single Chocotale ROM or Tulip In A Clear Oin Box For Only $5.00 Wt Ado Hov* Arailabte Uniqu* Chocolota Motdi COFFEE SPECIAL 2? * "^* C*ll akom of cmonvdetttwl bidtcu: 20I-76I-5IM FAX 30I-76I-SM0 r Ofdh Cadi Acccnwd T«M.-SM. 'NEW DISCOUNT PRODUCE ITS worn THE run 231*9300 Di.I'llUUI Cover story Dining Introductions. Movies Music Stage \/s IfllOMIIIB 111!,11 I! It! Ill! ffltlmiimiiibiiiiiiliaitmiiiii ItllllMIMaM* II I ItI lirt «DIRK Open Daily Til WPM R ATHJs MUQllJwIlS «ttifltiiaiimiaii «flff?j wlud IYIlA«iiiflifliiiiiiiBiiii*a«isiiiiiain«i I Fm RIDES vuiiqiri wcllls iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimii9 l#0llvv ^ i 9 rllltl C3pSUI6St «i X* \9CIII(JI Iwdi «!! JL JL 111 VfUllvtJl I tiiiitai f\iu Olvll I lain! iittitaiiiiii iinaii W JLw Xv WEEKENDPLUS is a feature of Forties Newspapers, a Divtewn of Forbes Inc., and appears in the HillsBedminster Press, Somerset Messenger-Gazette, Franklin Focus, Bound Brook Chronicle, Middlesex Chronicle, (New Brunswick) Focus, MetDchen-Eoison Review, Piscataway Review, South Pialnfiekl Reporter, Holland Park Herald, Warren-Watchung Journal, Green Brook-North Ptolnflekl Journal, WestficW Record, Scotch Plains-Fanwood Press and Cranford Chronicle. Utter* to the editor, press releases, photographs and announcements of upcoming events should be sent to: William Westhoven, WeekendPlus Editor, 44 Veterans Memorial Drive, P.O.Box 699, Somerville, NJ The fax number is (908) To subscribe to your local Forbes Newspaper, call Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Louis S. Barsony PUBLISH KR William Westhoven WEEKKNDPI.US EDITOR Rich McComb ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Next Week in WeekendPlus: * NIGHTUFE..,Racllo's Hub City Spoke Repair live In New Brunswick * DANCE...Danco Compass comes to RVCC * EXCURSIONS...Golfing for golfers and hackers alike Save On Family Fun Every Day Thru May '94 U Monday is ^W Tuesday 1$ MTLE TYKES DAYTSENIOR GOLFOAY"\ PAY-WE-PRICE *5.0Q PER PERSON I MJ0PER6JUHE Wednesday Is All RWes Only 2 TicketfI 6PM th dosing Thursday is ^Y Friday is ^^ Saturday & Sunday Are "MimOLFDM" I u PV2k NIGHT" M SI/PEfl/CIDPIEDAYS" PAY-ONE-PRKE h.50 PER SAME I PIZZA-M.99 $ 5,00 PER PERSON Jnm Piiu Pakot 5to9PM < Parties! i Croup flafesj Fundraisers! ' R All ACE! Attention Scouts, PTA'i, Civic Groups, wilnl U r r Celebrate! Associations,, t gorganizations! ycxjr next birthday at Bowcratt! I Bowcraft Is the perfect location for your next outing. Sm wtfft this coupon onty, I For rates & Fundraising information, call today!!\ RIDE TICKET SALE! i $ 7 perporson any day thru 5/31/94. FN ^ ^ t S S FN Use this coupon to purchase a!»»»r»ji Use this coupon to buy 1 day unlimited ride pass lor I 36 TICKetS TOr $10 Or every member of your family, I 70 Tirlrote frtr ^90 ROUTE 22 SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ ml.westofG.S.P.Exit140A April; ; 7 29,199*1 Forbes Niws ui>ir. Weokond Plus 3

24 tmmi^mimim^^mm^mm^^^^^-^^ Down on the farm in the big city Cook College Ag Field Day adds rural charm to Hub City AUGUSTO F. MENEZES/WEEKENDRilS Students from an East Brunswick elementary school leam about farm equipment during a program at the New Jersey Agricultural Experimentation Station at Cook College in New Brunswick, which will host Its annual Ag Field Day Saturday. By JOSHUA BAUUNG WfeetendPfus Miter Take a trip back in time on Saturday by checking out Cook College's annual Ag Field Day at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Experience 19th century farm life at the New Jersey Museum of Agriculture or bring a blanket and lounge on the lawn of the Douglass College campus for a full day of folk music at the 20th annual New Jersey Folk festival. The Cook-Douglass campus promises to team with humanity all day. Ag Field Day weekend has in recent years become one of the hottest outdoor gatherings for sun worshipers and good time seekers from the university and surrounding communities. The museum will feature authentic life-on-the-farm demonstrations throughout the day. Rob Flory of the Howell Living History Farm is bringing a team of oxen to plow the museum fields in preparation for spring planting. After the plowing, scheduled for around 11 am, Flory will give driving demonstrations throughout the day. "If you've never seen these animals work, it's truly incredible said the museum's lisa Hamm. "They are huge. The power they generate rivals today's tractors. A word of advice: it's worth the walk from the New Brunswick side of the campus. The museum will also offer ; demonstrations of spinning and weaving techniques by the Princeton Weavers Guild. Museum volunteers will set up a large rug loom "for supervised public use," Hamm said. "We strive for as much hands-on activity at the museum as we can. We like making everything interactive." Broom maker Sam Moyer will also demonstrate the art of handmade broom making. 'This is just our third year working in conjunction with Ag Field Day," Hamm said. "We think all the demonstrations fit in with the entire theme of the day. Each demonstrator brings back memories of a simpler time." Children will have plenty to do at the museum, too. "We have all kinds of activities for kids going on the entire day," Hamm said. "We tried to orient the activities around the farm chores children did back in the 1800s." Youngsters can try their hand at candle dipping, corn grinding and seed necklace-making. The museum is offering free admission all day Saturday. Guided tours will be offered from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Hamm expects more around 2,000 people to wander around the museum's spacious grounds by afternoon. (Please turn to page 6) International fest climaxes Sunday at RVCC i weeks' worth of international art, dance and music events at Raritan Valley Community College in North Branch will hopefully close with a bang Sunday, when the college's 14th annual International Festival celebration is expected to draw a crowd of up to 10,000 people. The day-long celebration, which kicks off at 11:30 a.m., will feature everything from tradtional dance and music to martial arts demonstrations, story tellers, crafts, clowns, children's activities and, of course, lots and lots of food from all over the world, Musical offerings at the festival's main stage include the 20th Century West Indies Steel Band (1 p.m.), the popular bluegrass ensemble Point Cross (2 p.m.), Frccura Antique's Andes Music (3 p.m.), the Arawak Mountain Singers (4 p,m.) and Bemie's Umpa German Orchestra (5 p.m.). Chris Yu's Korean Martial Arts Show (11:30 a.m.) and the Asian Indian Folk and Traditional Dance Company (noon) kick off the main stage doings. The festival's side stage, meanwhile, offers an eclectic mix of events, including musician Elaine Silver (12:30 p.m.), Bob Lloyd's "More Than Magic Show" (12:45 and 3:45 p.m.), an Andes music demonstration (1:45 p.m.), Jamaican fire-eater Derek Walker (2:45 p.m.) and the Chinese Ribbon Dancers (4:45 p.m.). Silver, who performs music and story programs in schools throughout the state, will also be featured during story-hour programs. She'll begin at 12:30 p.m., followed by the "Delaware Valley Early Settlers" (12:45 p.m.), Silver again at 1:45 p.m., "The Mayflower Story" (2:45 p.m.) and "Heart Tales" (3:45 p.m,). The school is also planning several related activities during the weekend, including an 8 p.m. Friday performance by the Chicago City limits comedy troupe at the Edward Nash Theatre. Tickets are $12.50, or $10 for seniors and students. Saturday, the world-famous Ballet Folklorico "Quetzali" de Vera Cruz, a traditional Mexican company of singers, dancers and musicians, will perform at 8 p.m., Tickets are $15,12.50 for seniors and students. For more information, call the box office at (908) The RVCC Planetarium is also, offering special showings of its current program, "Native American Sky Legends," Sunday at 2 and 3 p.m. Admission is $3 per person. Admission to the International 9mm m ^ ^ ^ o m Festival is $5 per carload. For more mu8(c from ^ AndM during informationn, call Dr. Tulsi Mahar- the RVCC International Festljan at (908) , val Sunday In North Branch. Fast Facts The New Jeveey Museum of Aajtouluit His scheduled thiee dewonsbetiontfor Af Reid Dey. The ptowln& weavlnf and bwww held at 11 am. end lp,m The museum is open for free folded yfi^^r-'- tojo-luo ft * <>»» Joe wsenie 11:18.11*5 am Jim Naafeen WSW'W'TV Piiitt BBiceBey enmm 1236*1:40 PM Ihs Ptneooiwi 1:40*140 pjftmawmlt pneenuman 14* 2* 0 pmmk* Motoney, tuf M t ODoflow, John Jonninei 2: pmhungeria to* Dona Entembts 3:40-4:20 pmkathy D. and the Until Soup 6oyt 4*0-5:15 p.m.frtrty Morning with aptciatfjest Nancy 5MH Mktttagi Schedule: 11-11:40 a.m Joe Steame 11:45 a,nvi?;2s p.m Greg Sttef 12:30-1:10 p.m Jim Nbertion 1:15-1:55 p.m,, Edectlb% Brother* 2*2:40 p.w * Maya Htnli 2:45-3:25 p.ffl... < Ftoety Mominj 3304:15 pmmwt Motoney, Eu- ^ne O'Connor John Jonnin0i 4:20-6 pmhuneje* Rft Dane* En- Omm% ataje: 10:45-11:15 a.m. liao-lfcwamtheplneoonen lift* ajn.-12:25 a m Jot eteama 12:30.1 pm. Maya Hania 1:40 2:10 p,m. Che* fc*«2:15*2:48 pm Kathy 0, and the LantHSoupeoya 2:50-3:20 p,m, Jhn Mbtrtaon 3:25-3:51" p.m. Shirley Kattr 4-4:30 p m Bob KWtan Weekend Plus rortxis Newspapers April 27-29,1994

25 WoctondPtus Music Folk series begins at Watchung Arts Center Singer, songwriter and Solid Brass member Liza DiSavino goes 'unplugged' Saturday The Watchung Arts Center joins the "unplugged" generation Saturday, when singer-songwriter-instrumentalist Liza DiSavino inaugurates the Center's new folk series. DiSavino, a resident of Towaco, has a full musical life, performing on her own as well as teaching music to young children at the Nishuane School for the Gifted and Talented in Montclair. She also serves as an arranger and French horn player for the awardwinning New Jersey chamber ensemble The Solid Brass. During her solo concerts, DiSavino also demonstrates her abilities on guitar, piano, zither and even tin whistle while singing her original songs, which reflect her interest in such uplifting themes as personal growth, faith and hope for a better world and concerns for the environment. "It's because of performers like Iiza DiSavino that folk music is flourishing/' said an article about DiSavino in the national folk magazine Dirty linen, "Her songs are memorable, meaningful and welcoming." Tickets arc only $10, but seating is limited, so advance reservations are advised. Reservations can be made by calling (908) (leave a message). The Watchung Arts Center Folk Series continues on May 28 with a concert by Elaine Silver, known to many as the Queen of the New Jersey folk scene. Also an accomplished and versatile instrumentalist (including guitar, banjo and the rarely-heard Appalachian dulcimer). Silver has a large following among both adult and children's audiences. UZA DiSAVINO 8 p.m. Saturday, April 30, at the Watchung Arts Center, 18 Stifling Road, Watchung. Tickets $10. (908} LIZA DiSAVINO Singer goes Hard Choral Bobby McFerrin and band to play in New Brunswick If voice is your music of choice, then the place to be on Friday is the State Theatre in New Brunswick, where the versatile vocal chords of Bobby McFerrin and his vocal ensemble Hard Choral takes the stage at 8 p.m. While a large portion of the public knows him for the smash hit "Don't Worry, Bo Happy" and a string of television commercials, McFerrin is one of the music world's most respected performers. In addition to his talents as a mostly jazz singer, which have earned him 10 Grammy awards, he's also a prolific composer and in recent years has gained recognition for symphonic conducting. Bill Cosby helped to launch his career in 1980, when he arranged for McFerrin to make his debut at the Hollywood Bowl during the Playboy Jazz Festival. His self-titled recording debut on Elcktra Records was released two years later, while Cosby later had him record a scat vocal that became The Cosby Show theme. Over the years, he's also collaborated with a variety of talents, including Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis, Garrison Keillor, Jack Nicholson, the Manhattan Transfer, Chick Coreu, Robin Williams (featured in the 'Don't Worry, Be Happy" video) and Yo-Yo Mo. His "one-man band" vocal style is unique among musical BOBBY MCFERRIN performers, as he uses his fiveoctave range, microphone effects and even his body (which Incomes a percussion instrument) to add "instrumental" accompaniment to his singing, Hard Choral, which features the voices of Rhiannon, David Worm and Kristen Falke, will add to the vocal gymnastics, making for what promises to be an unique and improvisationni musical evening. BOBBY McFERRIN AND HARD CHORAL 8 p.m. Friday, April 29 at the State Theatre, 15 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick. Tickets $35-$19. (908) D O W N H O M E B L U E S The Down-Home Blues Festival moves from the Roosevelt in Bound Brook to Plainfleld Sunday, when the third installment of this popular showcase for both local and national blues acts will take place at the Plainfield Elks Lodge, 1357 West Third St. Bobby Radcliffe (right), a smokin'-hot guitarist and singer, and Bo Diddley, Jr., sporting a new horn section, will headline a bill that includes local favorites Johnny Charles (with harpist Rob Patarozzi of Cranford), Nasty Ned and the Famous Chili Dogs (below) and South Plainfield's Dave Runyon and Hot Sauce, The doors open at 4 p.m. for this semiformal event, which gets under way at 5 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance or $17 at the door. There will be food, drink, and a cash bar available. For more information, call conceil organizer Floyd Jones at (908) April 27-29, 1994 Forbes Newspapers Weekend Plus

26 Weekend In concert WILLIAM ANDERSON 4 p.m. Sunday, May 1 New Jersey State Museum 205 West State St.. Trenlnn (609) Guitarist performs in a gallery setting. Free admission. DAVID BROZA 7 p.m, Sunday, May 1 Temple Neve Shalom 250 Grove Ave., Metucnen (908) Israeli singer performs in a benefit concert. Admission $10. COMPOSERS'ENSEMBLE AT PRINCETON 8 p.m. Tuesday, Msy 3 Taplm Auditorium. Princeton University ( New music by Arnold Sctioenberg, Gyula Csapo. Chnstonhcr Rowland, Matt Wuoile. and Peief Velikonja. Freo admission. CONCORD SINGERS 7:30 p.m. Sunday, May 1 St, John's Lutheran Church 587 Springfield Ave., Summit (201) Performing works by Kirke Mechen, Charles tves, and other composers. Donation, CONTRA BANDITS 8 p.m. Saturday, April 30 Madison Community House 25 Cook Ave., Madison (908) Not a Nicaraguan splinter group, but a band that plays music from the 18th century. Admission $7; bring clean donee shoes, THOMAS GANDEK 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 4, Princeton University Chapel (609) Organist performs in a solo reciial. Free admission, HUNTERDON SYMPHONY 8 p.m. Saturday, April 30 Hunterdon Central High School Route 31, Remington 1908) , Grieg's Peer Gynt suite and Piano Concerto in A minor; the Sinfonie Sfngu/iere by Berwald, Adults S10, senior citizens and students $5. MILTON KEYNES CITY ORCHESTRA 8 p.m. Friday, April 29. Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University IG09) British symphony performs works by Mozart. Haydn, and other composers. Adults S25- S15, students $2. MEUSSA MANCHESTER 8 p.m. Saturday, May 7 State Theatre, 19 Livingston Ave.. New Brunswick (908) Pop songstress appears in benefit concert for George Street Playhouse. Tickets $ THE MARRIME OF FIGARO 8 p.m. April 29, May 1 Westminster Choir College Playhouse. Princeton (609) Mozart's opera ol love and marriage, sung uncut and in Italian by the Westminster Opera Theatre. Adults S1O, senior citizens and students $8, BOBBY McFERRIN 8 p.m. Friday, April 29 State Theatre, 19 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick (908) Ja?j! singer famous for "Don't Ag Field Day (Continued from page 4) "If the weather holds, we could see even more people," she said. "In the past we got a pretty good crowd coming off Route 1." The museum, founded in 1986, is open year round. It offers a unique collection of farm implements and a collections of memorabilia chronicling the rise of commercial farming in New Jersey, The museum is located on College Kami Koad. just off Route 1 South on the campus of Cook College, For more information, call (908) This year's Ag Field Day marks the 20th annivcrsaiy of the New Jersey Folk Festival. It will feature some of the region's top folk, bluegrass and ethnic musicians. This year the festival boasts two stages, an enlarged (bod area and a retrospective photography exhibit Artists on the main stage include Irish natives Mich Moloney, Eugene O'Donnell and the Garden State's own John Jennings offering traditional Irish music and step dancing and Jim Albcrtson playing folk songs and telling stories from South Jersey. Admission for the festival is (Vee. It is held rain or shine 10 a.m,-5 p.m. on the grounds of the Eagleton Institute on the Douglass College campus, For more information, call (908) Worry, Be Happy" performs with his group Hard Choral. Admission $35-$19, MOZARTS CONCERT ARIAS 4 p.m, Sunday, May 1 Westminster Choir College Bristol Chapel, Princeton (609) Sung by the college's voice faculty with accompaniment by Glenn Parker. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $8, MOZART'S OPERAS 8 p.m. Saturday, April 30 Westminster Choir College Playhouse, Princeton (609) Arms from Bast/en wid Basilenne, La flnta sempwce, La ftnta giardin/era, and Ins other operas. Adults $6, senior citizens and students $3. NJ. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 8:30 p.m. Friday, April 29 Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank B p.m. Saturday, April 30 State Theatre, New Brunswick 4 p.m. Sunday, May 1 Symphony Hatl, Newark (800) ALLEGRO New Jersey premiere of Silver Ladders by Joan Tower; also works by Haydn and Nielsen. Admission $39-$10, discounts available. NEW YORK THREE 3 p.m. Sunday, May 1 Watchung Arts Center 18 Stirling Rd., Watchung (908) Jazz tno performs in a gallery setting. Admission $10. PIAINFIELD SYMPHONY 8 p.m. Sunday, April 30 Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church, 716 Watchung Ave. Plamfield (908) For Mother's Day find an enduring expression of love from Suburban Jewelers Select from a truly impressive grouping featuring OverlfiOO LLADRO 1 FIGURINES Plus many other fine collectables Woofcend Plus Forbes Newspapers April 27-29,1994 ARMANI 8WAROWSKI TOM CLARK HUMMEL ALL GOD'S CHILDREN PRECIOUS MOMENTS ROCKWELL Plus many more It's worth a trip from anywhere Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor; Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, Admission $17, discounts available. PRINCETON WEST AFRICAN DRUM ENSEMBLE 8 p.m, Saturday, April 30 Arts Council of Princeton 102 Witherspocn St. Princeton (609) Music played on hand drums from Mali, Senegal, and Guinea. Free admission, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY WINDENSEMSLE 8 p.m. Friday, April 29 Nicholas Music Center George St., New Brunswick (908) Performing works by Mussorgsky, Clifton Williams, Percy Grainpr, and Elliot Del Borgo. free admission, ST. LAWRENCE STRINQ QUARTET 7; 30 p.m. Sunday, May 1 NJ. Center for Visual Arts, 68 Elm St., Summit (908) 232-U16 Performing works by Respighi, Mozart, and Mendelssohn w/ Anne Marie Hoover, mezzosoprano. Admission $16, discounts available. A SERIOUS AFTERNOON OF HUMOROUS MUSIC 3 p.m. Sunday, May 1 Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University (609) Sung by Judith Nicosia Civ!- tano. soprano, with piano accompaniment by Benton Hess, Free admission, SOMERSET HILLS CHILDREN'S CHORUS 4 p.m. Sunday, fvtey 1 Stouten jente & GEMOLOGISTS The Collector's Place 126 East Front Street, Plainfieid, New Jersey Tel Toll Free NJ Only Open Mon.-Sat, 10-5 Bernards High School 25 Otcott Ave., Bernardsvilla (908) Performing with trie New Jersey Youth Symphony's string ensemble. Adults $10, students $5, SOMERSET VALLEY ORCHESTRA 3 p.m. Sunday, May 1 Bound Brook High School Route 28, Bound Brook (908) World premiere of the Chromatic Fantasy by J.P. Sweelinck; also works by Schubert, Gmndman, and Duro. Adults $3, children under 12 free. VOORHECS CHOIR 4 p.m. Sunday, May 1 Voorhees Chapel Chapel Dr., New Brunswick (908) All-woman chorale from Douglass College sings traditional, ethnic, and sacred works. Free admission. WESTMINSTER CONSERVATORY FACULTY 7:30 p.m. Sunday, May 1 Westminster Choir College Williamson Hall, Princeton (609) Works of Schubert, Mourt. VaughanWIIUmi, Donald W«- man, and Hlndemith, performed by an all-woman ensemble. Free admission. Cc lo!;ys MnhQLK WESTMINSTER SHOWCASE 8 p.m, Saturday, April 30 Fine Arts Theatre. Rider University, Lawrenceviile (609) Chamber music, show tunes, and other works performed by the Westminster Choir College faculty. Admission $16. YOUTH VARIETY SHOW TCP 10 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 30 St. Luke's Episcopal Church 17 Oak Ave., Metuchen (908) Music, dance, and other entertainment from youth of seven Episcopal churches. Admission S5, HRR RI R*j FWP IOTMWM ^^V It mm a ^H^UbM Mttrin. fihutf Toys Plants Household WARREN FLEA MARKET EVERY SUNDAY»ro< HOOIINS NURSERY AUCTION SUNPAYS11A.IW. Washington Valley Vol. Fire Co 146 Washington Valley Re Warren Books Toys Pi,mis Household Jewelry Crafts Clothing Getting In stapejahes ft takes Lean line. At Loan Uno you don't havo to roly on a hoavy otorolso program to mako you look Tho font Is Loan Una's all Inoluiivt Moaram that is 10WIHIW, UQIIR nsir and nutritionally balanood. CALL LEAN UNI TODAY FO* A CLASS NIAIYOU. I-NM24-SIN won win nil u riy (My Tn WMA HflNMMf H IWfllMflflf i Only T wmny Mmnif < Qood «my L w Un» tint Cwnol bi oomttmtf wffli my ofrw dncount FN

27 Club mix BIRCH HILL NIGHT CLUB Route 9, Old Bridge (908) Male revue, Saturdays, Kix. April 29. The Nerds, April 30. IOURBON STREET CAFE OM Bay RtiUurant 61 Church St., New Brunswick (908) Lulhef (Guitar Junior) Johnson, April 29. Rhythm & Babs, April 30, CLUBIENE Route 35, Sayreville (908) Bobby (Blue) Bland, April 29. Joy Behar, April 30. Freddie Jackson, May 4. The Yellow jackets, May 5. THICUWWUIE 116 Watchung Ave., Piamfield (908) New Life Crisis, Wednesdays. Rich Meyer, April 29. Big Plum, April 30. CORNERSTONE 25NewSt. t Metuchen (908) Traditional jazz. Terry Blaine Quartet w/wark Shane, April 29. Laird Jackson (vocals w/quartet), April 30. COURT TAVERN 124 Church St. New Brunswick (908) Hardcore matinee (all ages), Sundays. The Frtggs, Si( 'n Spin, The Insomniacs, April 29. Raging Lamos, Ff, Hippie Killer, April 30. FREDDYS 1 Mill St., Bemardsviile (908) Greed, May 5. HEADQUARTERS CAFE 229 William St., Piscataway (908) Live comedy, Saturdays, JACK O'CONNOR'S 1288 Route 22. Bndgewater' (908) Gladys Richards (piano), brunch Sundays. Willie Lynch Trio, Thursdays. Rhythm & Babs, April 29. Cross Cut Saw, April 30. KINO GEORGE TAVERN King George Post Rrj., Fords (908) Hard Country, April 30, KING'S TAVERN 181 Mount Bethel Rd., Warren (908) Open-mike, May 1. MELODY IAR 106 French St. New Brunswick (908) Proletkutt Poetry Circus, May 2. MINE STREET COFFEEHOUSE First Reformed Church 9 Bayard St., New Brunswick (908) Jim Albertson (singerstoryteller), April 30. ORPHAN ANNIE'S 1255 Valley Rd. ( Stirling (908) Open jam, Sundays. Audition night, Wednesdays, Kings m Disguise, April 29. lay Cellar, April 30. PHEASANTS LANDING Amwell Rd., Belle Mead (908) 3b Stolen Hearts, April 29. Down to Earth, April 30. Soul linger Freddie Jackson will be melting hmtii with his romantic hits Wednesday at Club Bene In Sayreville. STONE PONY 913 Ocean Ave., Asbury Park (908) Outcry, Parity April 29. Motorhead, May 6. STRESS FACTORY Hyiti Rtfency Hotel 2 Albany St., New Brunswick (908) Live comedy Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Paul Verier, through April 30, T.J.'S HIDEAWAY 605 Tompkins Ave. South Plainfield (908) Open blues jam, Wednesdays. Acoustic rock, Thursdays, Trash Mavericks, April 29. Hot Sauce, April PARK AVENUE 2000 Park Ave., South Plainfield (908) The Silvertones (oldies), April 29,30. WATER TOWER 900 Bordentown Ave. Sayreville (908) Hard Country, April 29. Singles ADVANCED DEGREES AND ENTREPRENEURS (201) Brunch and discussion at Marriott hotel, Princeton, and Basking Ridge Country Club, 11:30 a.m. Sunday. ALADDIN DANCE PARTY (201) Ballroom dance (jacket required) at Knights of Columbus hall, Rahway, 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Cost 15. Ballroom dance (jacket required) at Town & Country Inn, Keyport, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Cost $5. Ballroom and line dance (jacket required) at Don Quixote Inn, Matawan, 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Cost $5. UCKTIE PROFESSIONAL SINGLES (Am*ft»n.Atlan- European tlngta, 25*55) (908) Jacket required for men; no jeans or sneakers. Must reserve in advance. Buffet brunch at Holiday Inn, Somerset, noon May 1 Cost $20. BRANDIS DANCE THEATRE (908) Ballroom and Latin dancing at Ricochet Health and Racquet Club, South Plainfield, 9 p.m. Friday. Cost $5. CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS (201) Social at Governor Morris Hotel, Morristown, 8 p.m. Saturday. Brunch and discussion at Basking Ridge Country Club, 11:30 a.m, Sunday. CROSSROADS ttpirittd and divorced) (903) , Self-help group at Centenary United Methodist Church. Metuchen, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. JERSEY SINGLES ACTIVITIES CLUB (908) Country & Western dance lessons at Clinton Community Center, 7:30 p.m. Friday through May 27. Cost $8. MASH (ttparattd and divorced) (908) Discussion group at First Baptist Church of New Market, Piscataway, 7:15 p.m. Monday. Cost $3. SINQLEFACES (908) Dance and buffet at Scanticon- Princeton, 9 p.m. Saturday. Cost $10. Dance (jacket required) at Short Hills Hilton, 8 p.m. Sunday. Cost $12. Dance and buffet at Clinton Manor, Union, 9 p.m. April 30. Cost $10. SOLO SINGLES (90S) (7-9 p.m.) Bridge at Cen- tmi Presbyterian Church, Summit, 6:30 p.m. Sunday and 7:15 p.m. May 5, Cost 53. TOWN & COUNTRY SINGLES CLUB (908) Social ai Old Mill resluurant, Bernarcisviile p.m. Wednesday, Cost SB. YOUNG SINGLES' SOCIAL CLUB (professionals, 26-45) (908) Open mmer (jdckei required) at Me Alters, Somerset, 9 p.m. April 29. Members S10, norv membeis $12; no sneakers or jeans. Brunch at Basking Ridge Country Club, noon May 1,8. Cost $20; must reserve by the day before. Business card exchange at Hemingways, Bndgcwaler Manor, 5 p.m. May 3. Cost i5. World of Cards Comics Convention S ^ I Sunday, April 30f»& M M 1* MIDDLESEX MALL, SOUTH PUUNFIEID MM HT - MM MMtot R«M I» - MM (HMiMH IM tout* M Ml) *wl m Iran *. ll«*t HI H - Ma «HtorHmM IM Hn a^a ILkM oari irwdsn SPEED WAY Rutgers Preparatory School Summer School Advanced Credit, Enrichment & Review (for grades 2-12) Ultimate Recreation- Sports, Games, Arts & Adventure (for ages 6-14) Summer Fun A loving & caring place for your little ones * (for children who have completed Pre-K or Kindergarten) Extended Day 8:00 to 5:30 for ages 4 to 14 Call the Summer Programs Office at (908) for more information or write to Rutgers Preparatory School, 1345 Easton Avenue, Somerset, NJ WINSTON prmnto OPENING DAY AT FLEMINGTON SPEEDWAY SATURDAY *** APRIL 30 *** 6:00PM NASCAR MODIFIEDS plus...flemington MODIFIEDS plus...daytona LATE MODELS plus...great AMERICAN STREET STOCKS ADMISSION: Ariults $13.00 KIDS 12 AND UNDER FREE Flemlngton Speedway 1 mile North ol Rt. 31 Circle (908) Genuine Dm ft Hilliborough Metuchen (Rt.206) (Central Ave.) New Brunswick (61 Commercial Ave.) Hopelawn Union (next to (at Union Bradlee's) Market) WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS COUPONS Regular price $5.42 plus lax with Ihis coupon Only WP One Brushless Exterior Cor Wash MM P' US tax $ Offer expires 5/8/94$ April 27 29,1994 Forbes Newspa^rs Weekend Plus

28 Steinbeck at George Street on stage Circle Players to present classic 'Grapes of Wrath' Half-price 'Home' CnasfBaos ihaabf) in Naw tomkk la oftmnf a SO paroant dakount plan few tha BUNMMQ cfcirtj tattay)««be a* at NM MM vnupt May *«ruf fnovs wmrmbjaai Mi The cast of John Sttlnbtck'i The Orapti of Mfratft rohtanot at the Circle Playhouse In Hacitaway. Although The) Grape* of Wrath is one of fabled author John Steinbeck's greatest triumphs, it is probably better known in its classic movie version, directed by Oscar-winner John Ford and starring Henry Fonda. But the story also makes for a memorable and moving theater experience, and if you never have, HOW'S the time to make your way to the Circle Playhouse in Piscataway. The Circle's production of Gropes, which features a cast of 18, opens Friday and continues with Friday and Saturday evening performances (8:30 p.m. curtain) through May 21. Then will also be one matinee performance 2 p.m. Sunday, May 8. Additionally, there will be open forum discussions about the play following the May 6,7 and 8 performances. The playhouse also warns patrons that the production contains adult subject matter. Tickets for Friday-Saturday performances are $10, while Sunday tickets are 8 or two for $15. For more information, call the box office at (908) 968*7555. 'Other People's Money' taking over Villagers Celebrate the greed of the 1980s beginning Friday in Somerset, where the Villagers Theatre will stage its production of the comedy John Hickson, who directed last year's Lend Me a Tenor, will again be at the helmfor this clever story about a ruthless takeover specialist who sets his sights on an old family business. Performances are 8:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p.m. Sundays through May 22. All tickets are $15. For more information, call (908) new pvyii ma on vie news BwiswCK* OIO^I Sfrett Ptey* f wflbn wd elwm by Mkhnl MMs\ 9 pass} pmanoin conv H i HI Wfw WWOUP i MMty Of MNn^ era d & atm wffi Wpn^ dayaat w w jataint aaoniio^an famoisiy noc* oonojpt fa OTwjpjf on $ev is MM Of Mte/lMfflpl. IPi pwh ew^sw "' wwst ejw^^fi ^^wi www* on entirely too long. KMMMn Marshal's hk*y ehoi* opaphy help* thlngt a W t but Lwdt's lackluster stagr«fttfrtsher work tvsry step of the way. Tha awnln^s brightest spot Is Ka% FtegeraW, an effects w- d a n ano a lernnc cornc scniss wiho don siflwrb bhi as a fchy among ouienj* inemow alao benaftts from tho pfasonoa of IpSySii S^Sr*^BjTi SJf ^^^BfVBjBB^BJVVSf WSjBf^^e^ dawraian%andwjybumi,ataj irwmn acroas Iha fttsja* imqft nao SWSWTWIOQ na) pnr duchon, If ho lost tha flatuianco johat, Ifwtas camalsi and uo«naoaomiy oostuma ohanfati Iha show packs tha Qaoffi Stfoat so Johrtiy Burka oaan fati taat In tha nihk Tho tonix ^a pirlo and aomo daw dbctlon Burl's musical canon, OELMAHON OF JOHNNV IURKI toou$\ May 15 at tha Qaorp Stftet Ptayiouaa, 9, NSW.»V»^.TW«ts (906) electrolysis Clinic SPECIAL OO off NtwCUtrtOilr Disposable Probes Tor over 12 years, your comfort and satisfaction has been my goal." KimCP.E. Fret wmullalion men A women tkst motifs in short time! ff 50 S. Brldw SI. 5MMM04 71MH4 proudly announces their OPEN FORUM DISCUSSIONS. PRI SAT SUN MAY 6th 7th 8th For further tnformaakm regarding subscriptions, membership, auditions or tickets, please cih Victoria Avenue, Plscatsway, New Jersey lfmtqpfumrxl GOLF LESSON WHhTtwPurchaMoiStlol Woo«lst3)orlron>(8) tohr IfflaMrBajVajti iffaw. CitefMici hclwk: Lotkr, Bttketo, WOMI, Cenuria, I m FknilD«jlfii,WiitNMMi,FibrkIlMM,Jtwth7, if Caidln, Piiited GotUag, Phi Much Moth More!! Shop Mall Hours Sponsored By: H;7ftop Crafts ^B^ff TSJBM ^B^B^ ^SnV l^b^bw ^^^^Bji I^NiS/7/H. rjw "WiSj lmsn ^W l^i^w vfs^b7i Weekend PHJI Forbes Newspapers April, 27-29,1994

29 WOCNDIKIPIUS Curtain calls NOW PLAYING CIRCLE HAYEKS 416 Victoria Ave,, Piscataway (908) The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck's novel adapted for the stage by Frank Galati. April 29- May 21, Admission $10, discounts available. CRANFOAD DRAMATIC CLUB 78 Winans Ave., Cranford (908) The Most Happy Fella, British musical. April 29-May 21. Admission $12. CROSSROADS THEATRE COMPANY 7 tivin^ston Ave. New Brunswick (908) Home, one-act drama by Samm-Art Williams, Through May 8, Admission $30-$20, discounts available. QEOROI STREET PLAHOUSE, 9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick {908) Swirling on» Star, Johnny Burtte's songs in a world premiere revue. Through May 15. Admission $ WHUM.UVW THEATER Geor t St., New Brunswick (906) A Midsummer Might's Dmm, ShakNpMrt't standard adapted for tht stage by Jonas Jurasas. Throufl Miy 1, Admission $14, discounts tvthabfe. IDWARD NASH THEATRE RwiiM VsHay Route 28, North Branch (908) Chicago City Limits, comedy and improvisation troupe. 8 p.m. April 29. Adults $12.50, senior citizens and students $ MIU INN Route 202, Bernarcisville (201) A Deadly Brief C.ise, murder mystery in a dinner theater setting. 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday Ihrough May 14. Admission S39. PAPER MILL PLAYHOUSE Brooke Dr., (201) South Pacific, the Rodgers end Hammerstein musical adapted from James Mlchener's writings. Through May 28. Admission $42- S27, RAMADAINN Raman Center, Edison. (609) Murder-mystery dinner theater, 7;30p.m. April 30, Admission $39,95. ST. JOSEPHS HIOHSCHOOL 145 Plainfietd Ave.. Metuchen (908) , Ext. 0 The Music Man. Meredith Willson's musical about the good people of River City. 8 p.m. April 29-May 1. Adults S7, senior citizens and students $5. SHERATON AT W00MR1DQE PUCE Route 1, Iselm (908) No/r Suspicions, murdflr mystery in a dinner theater setting. 8 p.m. Saturday. Admission $40. SOMERSET HILLS HOTEL 1-78 Exit 33, Warren (908) The Vfaidini, an Italian marriap ceremony held in a dinner theater. 7:30 p,m, April 29. Admission 149. SIUM01HUTER MMUMmCMMtyCttofa Routo 514, Edison (906) The Good Oottw, Neil Simon comidy of a wittr v^o dotsn't Heep secrets, April 28-May 1. Adults S6,s«fllor citizens $5. VULAOCRSTHtATM 475 DeMott Lane, Somerset (908) Other People's Money, Jerry Slerner's Wall Street comedy on which the movie was based. April 29-May 22. Admission $15, discounts available. WESTFtELD COMMUNITY PLAYERS 100O North Ave, West Westfield 1908) A Sfiojj in the lale, mysterycum-comedy by Brian Clemens M?<: w # ' and Dennis Spooner, April 30- May 22. Admission $12 evenings, $10 matinees. COMING UP McCARTER THEATRE 91 University PI., Princeton (609) Changes of Heart, world premiere adaptation of The DouWe Inconstancy by Pierre Carlet de Manvaux. May Admission S30-S14, discounts available. Dance BAUETFOLKLORICO 8 p.m. Saturday, April 30 Edward Nash Theatre Raritan Valley Community College, North Branch (908) A "Quetzali" troupe from the Veracruz area of Mexico. Adults $15, $12.50 seniors/students, NAI-MCHCN 8 p.m. Saturday, April 30 Union County Arts Center 1601 Irving St., Rahway (908) Dance troupe whose roots are in Taiwan and ancient China. Admission $15 (ticketstorfab. 13 ww bi honoftd)i MNCtNnWOMV TIAMWORK DANCf 8 p.m. Saturday, April 30 Somtrstt County Vo<Tich School, Voft Dr., Bridpwater (908) Two troupes perform works by Sheila Buttermorv, Janet Danforth, and Mary Pat Robinson. Admission $10. NEW JERSEY SAUCT 8 p.m, Saturday, April 30 Wilkins Theatre, Kean College Route 82, Union (90S) Assorted works from the company's repertory, Admission $17, discounts available. HELP FIGHT PARKINSONS DISEASE Join Iht AmtrUan Parkinson's Distast Ass*ciatUn/MI<htl Monnol WALK-A-THON LoanoNt SUNDAY, MAY 1,1994 RUTGERS UNIVERSITY INDOOR BUBBLE (ACROSS FROM FOOTBALL STADIUM) BUSCH CAMPUS, SUTPHEN RD., PISCATAWAY, NJ Auditions PRINCETON OPtRA Westminster Choir College Library, Princeton (609) For the role of The King in August production of The King and J, Auditions May 3 by appointment only. CENTRAL JERSEY MASTER CHORALE 7;3O p.m. Monday Arts Building, Rattan Valley Community College Route 28, North Branch (908) , Choral ensemble affiliated with the college. Most vocal ranges needed, tenors and basses especially. CHORAL ART SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY 7:30 p.m. Sunday Catary Lutheran Church 108 Eastman St., Cranford (908) Union County chorus of varied votes, from tarty Romantic to moff modtm. 7:45 p.m. Monday Eta tod*, 545 Bound Brook (908) , Ail-milt chorus skfcni barbershop humony, \('U Jersey Symphony Orchestra ITATION Kithy FHzgirald and Ltwls Citato star In Sw/nf/n* on a Stav; A Music*/ C$hbnthn of Johnny Burk* at tht Gtorgt Street Playhouse. NATHANIELItOSEN.cello UWIENCE LEIGHTON SMITH, conductor Tower,^/i tr ludtkn Haydn Cello Concerto in I) Nielsen Symphony So. 4 THURS. APRIL 28, 8 PM HARMS CENTCR, ENGLEWOOD Fill. APRIL 29, 8t.^O PM COUNT BAS1E THEATRE, RED BANK SAT. APRIL M>, 8 PM' STATt THKATKt NEW HHl NSWICK SUN. MAY I, 4 PM*. SYMPHONY HALL, NEWARK Ticket*.: *39,29.26,17,10 Sludent/Scnior rush mllablt CALL 1800 ALLEGRO ( ) '(l^iul wnu-raiun I (if JIIJ li mm ku>n h Marlboro (908) Mountainside (908) or nil lome and enjoy an evening of music and entertainment. Select the music that suits your Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Anniversary, etc. The Landmark Inn Rt.l&9lnWoodbridge Wednesday, May 4,1994 I I pg ndpmonhmunfon Ungtrii Nfftt 4i IJLikftMM«MM RV. 202,315 Main St., Mmliuttr, N J. M-Thurs. 10-5:30 Fii. till 6 Sat 10-5 (908) SCUBA Classes start at tht following locations: HitMMdhfkYMHA nona no Ennniy May2 NJ TURNPIKE, EXIT 9 OR 287, EXIT 5 FOLLOW SIGNS TO RUTGERS STADIUM 11AM 12 NOON TO 4:00 PM ACCORDING TO ABILITY 01 MINI MINO LAW* *3 MOVING 25% - 70% off Sale Ends May 21 Cards Gifts Decorative Accessories 1944 Washington Valley Rd., Martinsville Hours: Daily 10-5; Closed Sunday & Monday MQKfl rwfil TUCA TunftTlmnfrMlfig Jyml JUMl OCEAN EXPLORERS < AQUATIC CENTER < 871 Rt. 1., Edison Pl.ico Edison * ' April 27-29,1994 Forbes Newspapers Weekend Plus 9

30 Ww%^^^«^^ Wi WL IWKyl ENOUIHCMMY Lewis Morris Park Route 24, Momstown (908) , Triumph, Jaguar, MG, Rolls- Royce, and other cars from trie U.K., 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. May 1. Free admission. GIGANTIC GARAGE SALE 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday, May 1 Westfield Armory Rahway Avenue Westfield (908) Huge assortment of items all under one roof, to benefit Westfield Day Care Center. Free admission. MEATCR NEW JERKY STAMP EXPO Holiday tnn Route 22. Springfield ( New Jersey's largest event for stamp collectors. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. April 30, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. May 1. Adults $2, senior citizens and children free. STAMP, POSTCARD, AND BASEBALL CARD COLLECTORS OPEN HOUSE Aallstamps 38 North Main St.. Milltown (908) For collectors. 10 a.m. 4 p.m. May 1. Free admission. WATERLOO ARTS ANO CRAFTS ntnvm. I-SO Exit 25, Stanhope (201) Held at the 19th-century his* tone site, 10 a.m,-6 p.m. April 30, May 1. Adults $6, children under 16 free. Kid StutT 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 4, Plainfield Public Library 800 Park Ave.. Nainfield (908) His adventures coming tru«to twe for Wndfftwtenmde 6. Frtt admission. KAUfVANDINCKAST 1p.m. April 30, May 1 Club Bene Route 35, Sayrevilie (908) The love story on which the Oscar-nominated movie was based, Admslslon $5, GUITAR M l 11 a.m. Saturday, April 30 emm Child tun** Cent«, 302 South Branch.River Rd.,Neshdrtc Station (201) Songs and ActMltestorBest, Best Fnends performed by Bob Messano. Admission $5. HEROES UNDER FIVE FEET 12:30 p.m. May 4,5 Morris Museum, 6 Normandy Heights Rd., Momstown (201) SPRING SOMERSET Everyone from torn numb to HtkK to The m Prince. Admission $6.25, discounts available. UDDERS TO THE SKY 11 a.m. April 30, May 1 Paper Mill Playhouse BrooKside Dr., Millbum (201) Folk tales from Germany, Russia, Sicily, and the West Coast of America. Admission $7, $6, THE MAGIC TOY SHOP 2 p.m. Sunday, May 1 Wilhins Theatre, Kean College Route 82. Union (908) An excerpt from Coppelia, performed by the New Jersey Ballet Company. Admission $7. SPRING ARRIVALS! OUTLET STORE Solid T-Shirts W/Pocket Solid Chlno Shorts Solid Knit Polo Shirts Suggested Our Prict $26.50 $14.99 $36.00 $24.99 $42.50 $ TRUMAN DRIVE (OFF KILMER ROAD) EDISON (908) MON. THRU SAT: 10 A.M. TO 8 P.M. SUN: NOON TO 5 P.M. Recruitment Tin Clinton Hlttorioel Muatum and The 3rd Ntw Jemj Voluntetr Infintry ftmnto Civil War LMnf History Encampment Bat. k Sun. April 30th fc May 1st 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. A view of oamp life will be open to inepceuon of the famiuee tod toted onw of the noruite. for the Ladies, atotwill be held in honor of President Lincoln. For the ourioui, the Nuree from the Sanitation Commlaslon will oomfort the faint hetrted and woman with epellt ti the Surgeon will dleouh the lateet medical prooeduree. For young children, a mock drill will be organised to prepare all for the glory of the field. For the uneohooled, leuont will be given In the Bunker Hill Bohoolhouee, The 3rd New Jeney Volunteers will conduct the Company Drill at the Parade Ground. (908) Clliton.NJ AdulU: Settlors: ei.m Children; 11,00 MAY 13,14,15 Garden State Exhibit Center! SOMERSET NEW JERSEY SHOPPING AT ITS BEST Enjoy 300 booths filled with fascinating creations. Each artisan is present to discuss their work and help with your selections. SELECTION LIKE NOWHERE ELSE Choose fiom a wide variety of quality fine arts and crafts including leather, wood, glass, pottery, jewelry, paintings, silk-screens, clothing, photography, weaving and much more! QUALITY BY SUGARLOAF For 19 years, Sugarloaf shows have set the standard for quality. Exhibitors are selected on the basis of originality of designs, quality materials and superior workmanship. Daily Admission $6.00 Under 12 & Parking FREE Fri.-Sun Attracting Artisans from 50 States! NSGM ADMISSION COUPONS Directions: Take Exit 6 to NJ 527 North, Left on Davidson Ave., Left on Atrium Dr. to Exhibit Center SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN WORKS, INC. (800) Weekend Plus Fortes Newspapers April 27-29,1994

31 Museums BLACKSMITH MUSEUM River St., Millstone (908) Blacksmith shop that was m operation from the middle of the 18th century to the 1960s. Open Sunday from 1:30-4 n.m, through June 26. COOMB MIU Routes 24 & 513. Chester (908) Restored grist mill with lours showing how corn and wheat were ground in the 19llt century. Open Saturday and Sunbay Irom 10 a.m.-5 p.m. beginning May 1. Donation, LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER N.J. Turnpike Exit 14B Jersey City ( "Where Science Fun" i «ith exhibits thai reach out and touch you, Open every d;iy frnm 9:30 a.m,-5;30 p.m. Admission $9 for the center. 57 (separate admission) for the Omni Theater. Discounts available. "Sun Shadows," 2 p.m. April 30. May 1. A "Bug's Eye View" of insects. through May 1. MILLER-CORY HOUSE 614 Mountain Ave., Westiield (908) Farmhouse built in 1740 on the West Fields of Elizabethtown. Open Sunday lexcept May 8) ffom 2-5 p.m. Adults SI. children 50 cents. May Day celebration, May 1. MORRIS MUSEUM 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Momstown (201) Monday through Saturday from 10 a.nv-5 p.m., Sunday from noon-6 p.m. Free admission for members. Non-member admission: adults $4, senior citizens and children S2. "Backyard Monsters: The World of Insects," through May 15. NEW JERSEY MUSEUM Or AGRICULTURE Cook College Route 1, New Brunswick (908) Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.. Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Admission S3. discounts available Ag Field Day. Ariril 30, Free admission, OSBORN-CANNONIAU. HOUSE Front St.. Scotch Plains (908) Historic house from c Open the first Sunday of each month from 2-4 p.m. Free admission. DR. WILLIAM ROBINSON PLANTATION HOUSE 593 Madison Hill Rd.. Clark (908) th-century farmhouse built on what once was a plantation. Open the first Sunday of each month from 1-4 p.m. Free admission. SCHERMAN-HOffMAN SANCTUARIES Hardscrabble Rd., Bernardsvilfe {908} Wildlife sanctuary open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Nature walks at 8 a.m. Friday and Saturday. SOURUND MOUNTAIN RESERVATION Hileyville Rd., Rmgoes (609) , Guided walks through the reservation, 9 and 10:30 a.m. April 30. Registration required. TRAILSIDE NATURE AND SCIENCE CENTER Coles Ave. and New Providence Rd.. Mountainside (908) Open daily from 1-5 p.m. Registration required for programs. Pet fair, May 1. Admission $1. TK'N BSEAMESMRFIROALLEIW 6 North Second Ave. Highland Park (908) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Thursday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Paintings and drawings by Felicia van Bork, through Ma/14. CLARENCE DILLON UMARY Lamington Rd., Bedminster (908) Open during library hours. Works by lee Ramsey, through May 5. Somerset Art Association group show, through May 5. CREATIVE SPACE M C E 10O Jersey Ave., Building D, New Brunswick (908) , Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday by appointment, "Seasonal Celebration," through April 29. GALLERY AT CROUIWAM THEATRE COMPANY 7 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) Wednesday through Friday from 7-11 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 2-11 p.m. "Art as Metaphor" in works by loitayo A. Ojomo, through May 8. JAMES HOWE GALLERY Route 82, Union (908) Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; Friday from 10 a.m.-noon, Also open by appointment. Master's thesis exhibition. through May 5. MORTIMER GALLERY QHI-St. Btrntrd't School Mendham Rd,, Gladstone (908) Thursday and Sunday from 2-4 p.m. Also open by appointment. Somerset Art Association members' juried show, April 28-May 31, Reception from 3-5 p.m. May 1, NEW JERSEY CENTER FOR VISUAL ARTS 68 Elm St., Summit (908) Palmer Gallery open Monday through Friday from noon.-4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 2-4 p.m. Members' Gallery open from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. when classes are in session. "Interiors," works by J. Brian Townsend, Members' Gallery, through May 26. Free admission, "House Sweet House," Palmer Gallery, through June 5. Gallery tour at 3 p.m. Mayl. Free admission for members; nonmember admission $1. RARtTAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Route 28, Noah Branch (908) Tuesday through Thursday from noon-3 p.m. Student art exhibit, through May 5. TOMASULO GALLERY Union County College 1033 Springfield Ave, Cranford (908) Monday through Thursday from 1-4 p.m. and 6-9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 1-4 p.m. "Intimate Images" m photographs by Susan Puder, through May 22. WALTERS HAU GALLERY Rutgtn Arts Center Chapel Dr., New Brunswick (908) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Free admission. Silk-screen punts by Kristen Justesen, through April 29 "Public Interest" an, through May?. WATCHUNO ARTS CENTER 18 Stirling Rd.,Watchung (908) Daily (except Sunday) from 1-4 p.m. Free admission, Works by four New Jersey photographers, through April 29, Paintings by Assunta Sera, through April 29. Works "under glass" by DetrdreMcGrail, May Reception from 7-10 p.m. May 14, Plaiuiariums NEW JERSEY STATE MUSEUM 205 West Stale St.. Twto<i (G09) 'Laser planetarium sho.vs, Friday. Saturday, and SurdDy inroufth May ] 5. Admi«:on SO. discounts available; call for showtime s. 'Duncan the Driigoiuni Solar System," land 3 Saturday am! S'jntt-jy in July 3. Admission SI. RARITAN VALIEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Route 28, North Brant!; IOO81? Native American sky the- 1 anil 4 p.m. Saturday \-MQ\fti May 21; also ai2and3p.-i.- May I. Admission $4 (or Saturday (jjroltp roles availably, S3 on May ]. "Foli'iiv i.'ic Drinking Gourd," 2:30 n t;;. Sdiyrrjay throjtfi May 21. Admission $4, group rates amiable. TRMLSIDE NATURE AND SCIENCE CENTER \ t w Provictmct- Ha. and Coles Ave, Mountainside (908) Adults S2 50, semor citizens Children under 6 not ad nutlet), 'Jupiter,.the dart, 2 and 3:30, Sunday from May 1- June SHES, PAINTINGS, LINKNS, BUFFET? TS, CI STICK IYSTA am ARDS beautiful unique used home furnishings IATC JREA,HEA (HAS flbsts, BASKETS, BENCHES, PLANT PC 171 main street flemington Encore QUALITY CONSIGNMENTS Clothing, Jewelry, Furs, Antiques, Collectibles Home Furnishings and much, much more,.. 2 Huildinp of Quality Merchandise from Consignments and select dealers 123 Claremont Rd., Bernardsville ( *0 Spring S<\lc Consignmcnl 'Boutique Selling Fashions for Women Now accepting your "Nearly New" Women's Clothing on Consignment 2107 Oaktree Rd. Edison Hours: 11-6 Tucs., Wed,, & Fri., 11-7 Thurs., 10-3 Sat. Buys & Sells Quality Prc-Owncd MATERNITY & INFANT CLOTHING Best Quality Late Hours New Items Daily 184 ML Bethel Rd.» Warren (908) Diamond Spring Rd. Dcnviilc, NJ (201) Consignment shops offer bargains on used merchandise. Call it Reselling or Recycling, the prices are fantastic! INCOGNEM ANTIQUE BOUTIQUE NT'*. VINTAG E CLOT HI NG J E W E L R Y NEET STUFF TV metal lunchboxos ) <J W M A I N i 1 t i S O M E R V I t l f E B U Y A N D S R L L _ THE BEST OF THE 40's 50's 60's and 70'a' $ 2 OFF (with $10 «more purchase) MIS TO K M Secrets A VERY SPECIAL CONSIGNMENT SHOP 438 Rt. 513 Victorian Square* Califon, N) mam (908) fothycook -k Mens ft. Womens Apparel + Vintage Clothing k Antiques ewelry Unique Home Furnishings * CfAftS Prom Gowns, Mother-of-the-Bride Dresses, Wedding Gowns Apnl V-29, WA I ntl)rs Weekend Plus 11

32 0 Off the Beatle track 'Backbeat' abandons Beatle bio in favor of secondary love story By JEFFREY COHEN WeetendWus film Critic were, at this point, chiefly a bar band covering material recorded by other artists, but they were writing and performing much of their own material, as well. Due probably to contractual reasons, we never hear one note of Lennon- McCartney music in Backbeat, nor do we ever see John and Paul writing together, which even Lennon, in his later years, admitted they were doing frequently in Hamburg. And the singer dubbing Paul's vocals just doesn't sound like McCartney, The movie may have you looking for your old Beatle albums, rather than its own soundtrack. Also, the movie's insistence on winking at Beatle jans every once in a while gets a little annoying. When somebody asks George Harrison if he'd like a drink and he replies "I'd be quite prepared for that eventuality," we are reminded not only that George had a mordant wit, but also that Alun Owen, the screenwriter of A Hani Day's Night, hadn't written that line for him yet. In fact, the title of that film is " «... *. L, UL.,. m.....*** invoked by John at one point to The unusual relationship between original Beatle bassist Stu illustrate how hard the band is Sutcliffe (Stephsn Dorff), lover Astrid Klrchherr (Sheryl Lee) working, and we can be reminded BMkbeat, the new film about the very early Beatles, should have been a glimpse into the genius that drove the group to heights of popularity and achievement unequalled before or since. Instead, it's a movie about Stu Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe, a friend of John Lennon's in Liverpool, was the band's first bassist, and accompanied the Beatles to Hamburg, Germany, where they honed their craft playing countless shows a night, seven days a week (one band member actually makes a joke about playing "eight days a week," and that's one of the problems with this film). A very promising painter, Stu wasn't much of a musician, and stayed in the band only because John wanted him there, much to the chagrin of Paul McCartney, who knew he could play bass about five times as well as Stu (the parallels to another friend of John's, Yoko Ono, are obvious). Then, Sid met and fell in love with avant garde photographer Astrid Scherrer, and after a while, he left the band to be with Astrid. The story was not to have a happy ending; suffering from intense headaches and dizzy spells, possibly brought on by injuries suffered in a fight, Sutcliffe died of a brain hemorrhage just as the Beatles were gathering momentum in England. As dramatized here, Stu was the object of a struggle between John (played by Ian Hart, looking more like Julian Lennon than his father) and Astrid (Sheryl Lee of Twin Peaks, looking less like Astrid and more like Madonna). As portrayed by Stephen Dorff, however, Stu is so passive we can't figure out what they're fighting over, Hart does an impressive job with John's character, who could have been so overbearing and obnoxious we wouldn't have wanted to spend 20 minutes with him. In fact, whenever the movie strays from John and the Beatles to concentrate on Stu or Astrid, our attention wavers. There are interesting choices made in the music: yes, the Beatles Film capsules Capwlt ravfewi bywmkwtdhuftiuff Quito; 4 - Strongly ncontmtram OPENING THIS WEK fthefavm "Elizabeth McGovern and Hatley Jane Kozak star are best friends whom relationship changes wnen one asks the other for an unusual favor regarding an old boyfriend IWi- Sflguy star Ken Wahl, back from self-imposed retirement). (R) NOUCAK Ray UotU (Unlewful Entry) stars in this futuristic action yarn about a Marine captain who escapes from a prison colony in the year (R) WHIN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN Dramatic love stony starring Andy Oarcia and Meg Ryan ns a loving couple whose Idyllic life is threatened by a hidden secret that explodes Into crisis, (QJ' and John Lennon (Ian Hart) is the backdrop of Bactoeaf. CURRENT FILMS BACKSEAT The Berlin club scene is the backdrop for this look at the prefab early days of the Beatles, with an emphasis on the relationship between John Lennon and original bassist Stu Sutcliff. (R) BAD GIRLS Madeleine Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson. Andie MacOowell and Drew Barrymore star as women forced to become gunfighters in the Old West. (R) BRAINSCAN Computer effects ore the star of this sci-fi thnlier about a teenager (Edward Furlong of 12 who commits a series of murders while playing a virtual reality game. (R) CLJFFORD Martin Short stars as a precocious 10-year-old wlio drives Ins guardian uncle (harried Charles Grodrnl crary. With Mary Steenburgen, Dabney Coleman. (PGI COPS AND ROBBERSONS A suburbanite (Chevy Chase} and his family play host to a crusty cop (Jack Palance) staking out a neighboring criminal. (PG) FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL Appealing romantic comedy stars Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant as a couple who carry on an intermittent affair after meeting at the funeral of a friend. (R) MAJOR LEAGUE 2 Charlie Stieen, Corbin Bernsen and lorn Berenger return for another comic episode about a fictitious group of misfit Cleveland Indians. (PG) THE CAPER Director Ron Howard's look at the day in the life of a fictional New York City tabloid trying to avoid bankruptcy and break a big story. Standout cost includes Michael Keaton, Clenn Close, Robert Duvall, Marisa Tomei. Randy Quad. (R) SERIAL MOM it's a Ringoism (the movie makes you realize exactly what Ringo brought to the band - self-deprecating humor, and it's missed here), and wonder why he'd be quoting Ringo when Pete Best is still the Beatles' drummer. Or why Pete would have accompanied the Beatles back to Hamburg at the end of the film when he was, in fact, no longer a Beatle, These may be small points, but they add up when dealing with a subject as well documented as this, and a movie that relies so heavily on its authenticity for its currency. If we're looking at the Beatles before they know they're going to be a cultural phenomenon, they shouldn't act like a cultural phenomenon. And if the story of Stu and Astrid is really more interesting than the Story of the Beatles, why do our minds wander whenever John is off the screen? Paul McCartney is seen here as a whining complainer who sees Stu as a threat to his relationship with John. George Harrison is merely window dressing, and Pete Best is so anonymous that when he actually gets mad at somebody, even George is moved to shout "he spoke!" Director/co-writer Iain Softley (what a name for a movie about the Beatles!) does his best to make us care about Stu and Astrid, but he hasn't made the definitive Beatles movie yet. In fact, it was made by the originals, and called A Hani Day's ^Offbeat director John Waters (Ha/rspray, Pink flamfrtfos) goes relatively mainstream once again with this comedy starring Kathleen Turner as a "perfect" housewife who gpts to murderous extremes to keep her family happy. With Same Waterson, Rick! Lake. (R) SIRENS A controversial artist and his nymph-like models draw a young cleric and his wife into their sensual inner circle. (R) SURVIVING THE QAME A group of hunters get more than they bargain for while stalking human prey. Starring Rutger Hauer and F. Murray Abraham. (R) THREESOME Lara Flynn Boyle, Stephen Baldwin and Josh Charles star in a comedy about the confusing jelationship that develops between throe hormonal college roomatos. (R) WHITE FANG II: MYTH OFTHE WHITE WOLF Disney adventure about ii young prospector whose titular half-dog, half-wolf companion is seen by Alaskan Indians as the embodiment of an old legend. [PG) RUTGERS CO-OP FILM FESTIVALS BLACK MARIA FILM FESTIVAL * Festival director John Columbus will present highlights from the 1993 Thomas Edison Black Maria Film and video Festival for independent filmmakers end animators. 7 p.m. Friday, April 29, at Mllltdoler Hall Room 100, Rutgirt Cotleg* {near corner of Qtor * SI. and Seminary Place, Colli e Avenue campm, New Bruniwfck), Part of "Nottalgia" spring 1994 film program apontorad by the Rutgers Film Co-op, Admlialon $3 ($2 Co-op memben). (901) Video rewind 'Bopha!' Dfeectod by Motgan foofnarv 0optof» support to be Seraflhaf without tht ffluk (appar* onby iwlifflition potto am central to IMMN etam South Artct), but I n * up* sadly, M I wrimtminln^ wet*actod bore* BAWytNnf hippini very vomftyt often In the dark, snd Dmny Nmrtfout 'The Story of Qiu Ju' Ri unrtmt thow ftf* TTte Story of Qki A eon- QOTI KNet Wnh (hi tnvftl Oil ^AfcllBlafeAA UMhJHhAaA frit ^fjb^fr IftiJkfjlAek twit unawei women w BjaijuBuoe wr h* husband, who has ton Motad In IN gain, Quito posomy ttn moot itptotm tin of tht yee?t It oonsjete of wi of people uytnf "heshouldn't haw Mohed Mm" mdqiu Ju trevelnf tarn piece to ptoct 'Malice' Mafce Is «ttrt *» ** the IMtft tmmf In yiavl, Vnn W inpiftnilion whose oompwlty Offlm ononpoon tm pinumr moil noro MM SHOMI,nxoov KMnun wd M Puflnwii unonj othnii indlmrtinf thtyri in i M» on SKurtty N0t lat. wo D W rnumnn. 'Another Stakeout 9 MMt OMcrlptive tide of the week: Another Stakeout, That's It. Richard Dreyfuss, Emilio Estevez and, just to add spice, a vwy badly miscast Rosie OI)onn«M. Everything etoe Is exactly thi same. Jifllfty Cohen Top 10 video rental! I Mother Stakeout 7.0wito'ii% w» h flwin raft -UttoourtoeyofEMyVkteo 12 Weekend Plus fortes Newspapers April 27-29,.1994

33 Country dining New owner restore original rustic charm of Cokesbwy Inn By NAOMI KOOKER Wfeetencfflifi Writer Nearly 200 years ago weary stage coach travelers welcomed a drink from the well found on the premises of the Lebanon Inn, Today, thirsty, hungry travelers and locals come to the same place known as the Cokesbury Inn for more than a drink of water. Amid the pumpkin pine floors, original tin ceilings and fireplace omitting heat enough to take the chill out of a cool * spring evening, the Cokesbury Inn offers fine Italian and American food and plenty of drink. Owner and president Nicholas Germak bought the inn three years ago, and since then has worked steadily to restore its original beauty and retain its rustic charm. Cedar wood from a barn taken down in Tewksbury was brought in to refurbish the pub with its open beam ceiling and antique coal stove. The study now has custom-designed floral carpeting and Windsor chairs, a slightly more formal dining area than the main dining room with its 1899 tin ceiling, Wedgwood-blue trim and bare wood table tops. Casual, country dining is how Mr. Germak describes what you will enjoy when you come to the Cokesbury Inn, "We're upscale in certain areas, but we don't want to charge high-end dining prices," said Mr. Germak. A good example is Thursday night's Lobster Fest when diners can sup on a whole Maine AUGUSTO F. MENEZES/WEEKENDPLUS Floral carptting and Windsor chairs turn the "study" of the Cokesbury Inn Into an elegant country dining room. lobster for $9.95. Sunday, a buffet brunchis offered for only $ A la carte specialties include poached Atlantic salmon with tomato dill cream sauce and the New York strip steak and filet mignon. Among the many Italian dishes, for which the Cokesbury Inn is known, there is tortelinni carbonara, shrimp and scallops "Napolitan" (see recipe). If you're arranging a romantic evening, a bottle of wine goes nicely with the Fromagia Frittura, a petite wheel of brie coated with almonds, lightly fried and served with a raspberry sauce, fresh fruit and crackers. As the weather gets warmer, you can dine on the inn's wrap-around porch. COKESBURY INN, 69 Main St., bebanon. (908) This ootumn Is Intended to Inform readers about dining opportunities In the area. It Is not a review....or dine in Chef Gene Keller's Shrimp & Scallops 'Napolitan' Ingredients (for two) 8 shrimp, peeled and deyeined; e6 sea scallops; #1 cup sliced red and green peppers; e'/2 cup artichoke hearts, sliced; evi cup sundried tomatoes; el tbsp. chopped garlic; el tbsp. fresh lemon juice; eto cup olive oil; e3 oz, white wine; basil; oregano; flour; salt; white pepper. Preparation: Season flour with salt and white pepper. Dredge shrimp and scallops in seasoned flour, shaking off excess. Heat skillet over medium-high heat, add half of olive oil and heat. Place shrimp and scallops in skillet. Add red and green peppers and saute for 2 minutes, turning occasionally. Add chopped garlic, artichokes and sun dried tomatoes. Season with basil and oregano, continue to saute for 1 more minute. Add white wine and lemon juice and allow to reduce. Add remaining olive oil. Cover and simmer until seafood in just done. Reduce liquids to form a light sauce. Serve immediately. CiUri'i in Bound Brook serving Moths* Day noon-8 p.m. wfth many tat ciad» wal as their menu. Book early, (908) ,; obby ft Mary's Is hokftft i Socfc Hop Saturday, May 7, p.m.-l a,m, AM proceeds luff benefit thi Outturn Woods oonv munity. (908) , * * SUMS ki Pncat* away plans a "Bountiful Moth* vti Day Bnjnch" Sunday, Miy 8. Seatings are 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. (908) * * Ctntrt on Main Street In Bound Brook is offering Mow her cnnnor five on Mother 1! 0iy> CeJ for detail, itttmtfont. (908) * * * Ptsoe at the American Grii Pu)> at 515 Route 1 South and 01 Lane, Iseiin, feature* jaa hid every Wednesday 7:3041 pint Ado, Sunday Bmnch coots $14.95 plus tax (908) 834* 3600, * The large, 201 Front 81, Perth Aroboy, terfront from the Intimate oook* tan lounge. Business parson luch steak and chops. Dins on tits (908) «All Entrees.. Sandwiches $2 Meals to Go For the Week of May 2,1994 Mnn mn * Fuselli w/sausage, Tomato & Cabbage (or) Broiled Fish Tues Veggie Parmesan w<lj Arroz Con Polio (or) * Pasta w/peas & Mushrooms Tim inurst Yankee Pot Roast (or) Seafood Pita c r i 1 rh Apple & Almond Stuffed Chicken (or) Poached Salmon Salad Platter 62 % Main St., Somerville , t Adirondacks decor, spectacular cooking kitchen where your can see your food prepared on our imported rostiserie. New menu where entree pricing begins at $10.50 The PUB is always open for lunch & dinner & visit our Gourmet Gift shop where antiques abound., The Black Horse Inn experience, still the tradition for family dinni 19:..._,'V THE BLACK HORSE INN Route 24 Mendham, NJ (20D For a variety of dwni; stop by Nofdstnxn at Menio IvH MaJL YouifN ihtmonthsflnpt floor behind the men's dopant* mentf Tnt oaifswii VSMR NtlbMirinl on the second floor (featuring salads, specials and sandwiches. The third Hsor contains C«fe Mortttrom, with emphasis on salads, l^rtef fare. The Espresso tar can be found on the ground floor, outside the main entrance in the atrium and serves a ume variety of coffees, sparwing waters, juices and teas. Cakes and pastries are also available. (908) * * * Mom's,, 1984 Route 27, &* Ison, a casual restaurant Is fsmous for Its large portions and moderate prices. A fsmfly-fun buskms for the last 26 yean* the Fototti family serves ctssajc t authentic central Kalian food for lunch end dinner-take out or eat in. (908) * * The) Ptffyvtw imif Rouw 1-78 Exit 12, has planned s special day for that very ipecw mom May 8, with special prices, (908) April 27-29, 1994 RiibosNrwspiiix'is Weekend Phis Ul

34 2-Wfc & RESTAURANT gtt 1 r SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET AU.-YOU- # 4 A AC CAN EAT 1D:30AM-2PM LOBSTERFEST SRFEST _ ThwdtyNlgNi WHOU MAINE LOBSTER C $095 ^. I*I AFFORDABLE LUNCHES DIHNER* CATERING ! "*S^*? Circa 1793 Ifs Mom's Day Makelt TheBestf SPAIN INN RESTAURANT Voted3TlmeBestRestaurant Nsw Jenty Monthly Magazine -NVTim«t Call For Reservations Now! W. 7th St. & Rock Ave. ( Pteataway. NJ fcsfr* BMqutli NMM ftr Al OcMMim M Rt 1-73 HmtofW4niMiaiCMMni K'SDU I1K1 \< II RESERVE NOW FOR MOTHER'S DAY BRUNCH ll:3o-l:30pm ADULTS $ 13" CHILDREN»T MOTHER'S DAY DINNERS 12 nooa-6pm Holiday Menu Historic Colonial ifatms! 1745 Amwell Road, Somerset-Middlesex, NJ COUIH' PUDOCS [* VMdingi BanquMi Pidin For AH OccuHora ' * 86 W Hamotoni 4 m, Festival Saturday, May 21st 7:00-11:30 OOM-PA MUSIC DANCING SINGING CONTESTS PRIZES AUTHENTIC GERMAN FOOD Featuring the Walter Grollcr Orchestra IA Gtftrwn fend «nd donmri wi tnlwioin. Colorful coihimn ond old Gtrmon tunti wl NgMight tin Bovorion olmojphtri. II youvi wondtrtd I what * HOflWU IN MUNCH it I**, stop in during our total lor an i you worrt forflm. Col For Irfamotbn. Restaurant ITALIAN AMERICAN. CHINESE LUNCHEON BUFFET Monday thru Friday \«**W* Hong Kong Cuisine IAN.1 \ $C East Main St. Bridgewater * A* akc an extra special mother to an extra special dinner at Colonial Farms. Mom will love being treated like a queen, while the whole family will enjoy casual dining at comfortable prices, In celebration of mother's day, we will offer a special package dinner, with special thanks to mom.. Chioce of Appetizer: Fruit Cup Soup - Fettucine Alfredo Garden Salad and Fresh Baked Bread Choice of 8 Delicious Entrees: Prime Rib Shrimp Scampi Stuffed Lamb Chicken Charlemagne Roast Duck Filet Mignon Bonaise Roast Turkey Stuffed Flounder And For Dessert, Our Fabulous Ice Cream Bar and Dessert Buffet^ Cal, f()r Reservations!m T;inks Full of Fresh Seafood Live Dunqenous Cmbs Live Lobster - Live Shrimp Large Vnnely of Fresh Fish We're hero to introduce n new typo of Chinese Cuisine to Hie Amoric.m Pooplc Specializing in Hong Kong Cuisine, Dim Sung every Sat., Sun. & Holiday Visit us & enjoy the beautiful new decor Children's Menu (12 and under) $5,W 14 Weekend Plus I orbos Newspapers April 27-29,1994

35 Time Out Sporti Cafe -Manvitle, Under Ground -Bound Brook, Cedar Restaurant -New Brunswick, M* Trattoria Fircnie -Green Brook, Kcadington Roadhbusc -Whitehouse, t * Spain '92 Rarltan, «** EbbeU "Crossings" Whitehouse Station, Cokesbury Inn - Lebanon, **** Redwood Inn - Bridgewater, it** Cryan's Metuchen, Coach & Paddock * Hampton, Perryville Inn Perryville, Bay Street - Metuchen, Rcadington's Roadhouse -Whitehouse, Chan's Garden - Dunellen, The Hearth North Brunswick, ** * Grand Fortune - South Plainfield, II China Light Wcstficld, **** Martells Menlo Park, Ridkchk) - Highland Park, The Benard Inn Bernardvlllc, Cafe Emilia Somerville, First Place Bridgewater Commons, Ferraro's - Somerville Espo's Raritan, * Golden Corner - Bound Brook, ** la Cucina - Somerville, * Pizza & Pnsta Mnnvlllc, Middlesex, , Give A Special Thanks To Mom With A... PRIME RIB DINNERJ12 95 Mother's Day May 8th I -10 PM Reservations Suggested A Gift for Every Mom BOBBY & MI'S 318 William St., Piscataway Treat Mom To Sunday Brunch At: In The Embassy Suites Hotel Sunday May 8th Serving! 11:30am-2:30pm Reservations Suggested Enjoy our Mother's Day Brunch totvtd In our lush Tropical Atrium. A vavwty of latttiwnptlng tmto for thtwhote family. Including: Baked Virginia Ham, Vermont Turkey, omelettes, waffles and pasta to order, assorted salads and baked goods, Chocolate Fondue Station, Sundae Bar and Morel Adults *21«Children (UundtrFREE) 'WCINTENNULAVlJ NICATAWAY EMBASSY SUITES- 980*0500 Celebrate Mother's Day Regional Italian Cuisine Featuring a Special Ala Carte Menu Seating at 1:30-3:30'5:30 ******** FREE $10.00 Gift Certificate for all Mom's Compliments of Cafe Repetti Restaurant (Redeemable May 9 thru Aug. 9) ******** Reservations Requested 572 Boulevard Kcdiorth 908/ Dance tc the Scund cf our Live Bands Bvtry Frfoy Night April 29th Bud Beaver & Elaine May 6th A! Elefonte Trio COSCK IT BUM OpwTOiyi (906) Lunch tdlnn#f»coclculli t Wttttlngi Btnqutt* PvtottorW Occuloni 66 Rt. 1-73, Hampton (4 ml, Wwtot Clinton).^ Q' 3 An American Restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Offering full scale corporate & private catering. MOTHER'S DAY Serving Breakfast & Lunch 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Accepting reservations for Mother's Day Dining 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. Mother's Day Dinner Menu Includes: Lobster Bisque, Roasted Rack of Lamb, and Honey Lemon Salmon to name a few, along with our regular ala carte menu. Feel free to bring your favorite beer, wine, or champagne. Rt. 206 and Washington Valley Road Pluckemin Fax Remember MOM Mi on May 8th Mother is a very special person to us at The Somerset Ramada Inn. Our chef will prepare buffet delights for her dining pleasure. Bring the whole family and enjoy MOTHER'S DAY BUFFET For your dining pleasure we present a carving station of top round of beef and ham, pasta station, featuring penne ala vodka/fettuccini carbonara/cavatelli primavera, chicken franchaise, pork loin Espanol, beef burgundy, seafood Mediterranean, turkey w/dressing, salad bar with an array of crisp vegetables and delicious desserts. Complete Buffet Children 8 yrs. & under $i!<95 $795 A " Children Under 4 Eat FREE ' Seating from 12 to 5pm. Please make reservations early. We Will Present Each Mom With A Special Gift And Complimentary Bloody or Virgin Mary With Her Meal On Her Special Day SOMERSET RAMADA INN Rt. 287 & West Canal Road, Somerset, NJ mmta April 27 29, IW'l lorlw.- 1. Weflkond Plus 15

36 MOTHER'S DAY AT PATULLOS.Family Priced Menu 12-8 Many Fine Mother's Day Specials BUDDYROCCO 44 FOR YOUR DINING PLEASURE COMING IN MAY FRIDAY* SATURDAY NIGHTS JOE ROCCO & LEGACY BWSTDTF?AT $1001 * WINGS* PIZZA* BARBEQUE FREE DINNER Every Monday Purchase One Dinner at regular Price and the Second of Equal or Lesser Value Is FREE* FREE PIZZA Tuesday Buy one ptaa at regular price, get one FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS $-* ^^^ Wednesday / Saturday 4-7 pm One Child Per Adult Children's Menu L T US TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEDtT BUSINESS FUNCTION Executive Braikfttt Dinners Meetings FtcNNiNi PtQfMMNf dmmftf puwtti HCi 1or up to 2S to 260 people Customize your event We can catena your needs Sock.Hop Saturday, May 7th, 9PM to 1AM M at* Bob & Mary's 318 William Street Piscaiaway featuring Sheer Magic Lonf Island's Top Oldies Group lfs0 l ll96 thti gnat 7 piece bud. I, but ecoun ed) AU proceeds to Benefit the midtnts of the Durham Woods Community affected by the March Gar Blest in Edison, NJ Donation: $10 Cash Bar MM Ryland Inn - Whitehouse, **** Rackley's - Piscataway, Patullo's - Bound Brook, Michael Anthony's - South Plainficld, What's In The Ice Box - Somerville, Scotty's Springfield, * Thirsty's - Branchburg, Bucky's Bridgewater, 1 [ Spain Inn - Piscataway, K's Catering South Plainficld, MM Wang's Kitchen - Franklin Park, Aranka's Franklin Park, McAtccrs Somerset, MM O'Connors Watchung, MM I Does not a ppty to other I promotions MUM present ad Centennial Ave. Piscataway, NJ * (908) m OAK TREE FARM! Farm Fresh Country Market Lettuce ^T y y head Red Delicious Apples 49c Ib. Fresh Green Peppers 390 Ib. Idaho Potatoes kivv'j Yellow Onions 19' Ib. Yellow or White AmerteanCheese.99 Our Home Made RoastBeef ^$4.99 Baby Swiss Reg. $399 *>$2.99 Cube Steak $2.79 Ib. Flat Ribs or Country Style $1.79 Ib. Chuck Burger $1.69» 3ormorelb&. Filet Mlgnon $2.99 f)08) OJU Ircc Kodd South Plainficld v»i Ib. PHOHE ORDfR$GUDLY ACCEPTtD it ACCEPT CRH CMOS Extra Large Eggs 79C Ib. Troplcana Orange Juice $1.99 We Also Carry Organic Milk We Accept Orders for Holiday or Parties The Best Way Ib Show Mom You Love Her! The Bridgewoter Manors 1 Mother's Day Brunch Buffet 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. Sunday, May f 1994 Served in The Imperial Ballroom torturing: * Carving Station, Pasta Station, Omelette Station Assorted Chafing Dishes, Viennese Table Make Rettrvatlom Early! AduN $ l l. t l Children under 12 yrs. $ 10.9S, n«m odd N.J. Solti Toi & Grotuity UaMM*t*a It I Fortes Newspapers April 27-29,1994

37 ( ' #,.. * * Italy Exprtsi - Garwood, Somerset Hills. Warren, Colonial Farms - Somerset, Caffe Pinncone - South Plainfield, **** Main St. - Bridgewater, **** Mom's - Edison, **** Jasper's - HillsboroughJ Ebbets * WhitehouseJ Somerset MirrioU SomerscrtJ 908-S6(M)500 Basking Ridge Golf Club Basking Ridge, Evtry iru It LAWK mom Timmy Rice Is back as DJ1 2 for! ladies Drinks THE EXCHANGE 645 Rt. 202/206 ' Bridatwtttf 526*7090 G. PARKWAY, EXITIM CRWfOflO.NJ SPECML : $8.oo: : OFF :. YOUR,. DINNLR. CHECK : CALL FOR RESERVATIONS x n OrCUAL (fr 3HM Weekend Dinner Specials SeafOOd Cavatelll Brocolli t Shrimp,Scallops e ) <*(»»«MMIIIII» Spedd$tf>dude:Soup,SaladintTeeXo«ee/Iea&D^seft Country Western Night Tuesdays -7pm-11pm 318 William St., Piscataway $ 8 9S Ivery Thunday and Friday Party at M Tht Asylum Oanot Club and Us* Your Hindi HEADQUARTERS CAPE 229 MMtaM Strati * Pttcitiwty 9M-7S FAX w Carpaccko - Middlesex, * * The Union drill at Bound I Brook Inn -Bound Brook, 9O8* Red Cafe -Itridgewutcr, Max's -Raritan, * Newsroom Somervillc, La Catena - Somcrville, *# Mugs. Raritan, **** Jack O'Connors Bridgewater, Frog & Peach - New Brunswick, SmtflnourGmdBittroom Noon VI7 PIS Featuring: Fresh Shrimp Roast Duckling Loin Of Pork Roast Spring Lamb Baked Virginia Ham Seafood Thermidor f Chef Carved Roast Turkey An abundance of the other delicades PLUS A Sumptuous Dessert Table and Beverage. 46 $195 1 ChlWftn undtfio iuperb Banquet Facilities Weddings Showers Dinners Persons i Fine Dining Moderately Priced A Chef Yang, Gold Medal Winner" Banquet Facilities up to 250 Cocktails A Luncheon Specials /\1?T? v i r r Your RED CAFE Dinner Check of $30or more ; ^ A Route 22 West, Bridgewater At»0LT CHILDREN $ 7.95 ^.r u ntdl DO HOT MUM T«t QUAWn Choose from a buffet brunch featuring Eggs Benedict, Roast Leg Lamb and Prime Rib with an assortment of other entrees and desserts. Or, if you prefer, lh holiday menu served in the tradition which have made The Ironwood renowned for it's presentation and quality. Either way, your Mother's Day celebration will Ironwood restaurant's special 4~course prix fixe be one to remember. Brunch seating from U :$0am-1:30pm. $12.95 adult and $9.95 for children under 12 The Ironwood prix fixe holiday menu sealing from I2:30pm-5:30pm. Prices range from $24M$)1.50 Reservations are Required ^ B A S K I N G R I D G E Convenienty Located Vi mile from Rtc. 287 Exit 2GA T C O U N T R Y C L U B (909) OMELETrt STATION W CONDIMENTS CARVING STATION SALAD STATION FRUITftCHEESE STATION URGE VARIETY OF HOT & COLD ENTREES coupon SUNDAY HIIUI THURSDAY COUPLES MITE!!! TRIAI AIN I F TO DINNER 11 i WhIIVI THftR TWO I it : i: 2991 Hamilton Blvd., So. Plainfleld (OH Rt. 287) 90W April 27-29, 1994 forties Nuwbpii H'5 Weekend Plus 17

38 Corllnn's Cranford, Hunan Garwood, Konumclli's Scotch Plains, FAMILY RESTAURANT AAAi AFFORDABLE ALA CARTE FAMILY RESTAURANT i>intlnirc's Restaurant Weslfiekl, *0344 Slcfnno's Fanwood The Armory - Perth Amboy, The Barge - Perth Amboy, Black River Care - Bedminster, La Strath - Warren, Coachman Inn Cranford, Bobby & Mary's > Piscataway, *** K.C.'s Corner South Plainfield, Headquarters Cafe - Piscataway, The Rusty Nail - North Brunswick, **** Catari's Bound Brook, MM Spain '92 Raritan, ?r Kids Ca\ Fo»> 99t n- Wed Reduced Prices Animal ChiracUrs Balloont ChUdrtnl Menu Birthday Parties GREAT MARGARITAS Kt. H2 Wesf, AJoHh PUnfieU (906) Mother's Day at Catari's is like going home, You and your family will be greeted and served by Catari's family of cooks, servers, and management. Our family atmosphere, great service, and thefairest prices in the area are just afewreasons for spending Mother's Days at Catari's, We will be featuring seafood, meat, chicken and pasta specials, from old family recipes. There will be flowers for the Moms, and Frankie will be there to sing for you. Please make reservations. We will be serving between 1:00-8: West Union Ave. Bound Brook or YOU CAN WIN! Dinner for 4 on Mother's Day McAteer's RestourantWwte To Invite Your Mom and 3 Guests To Our Place For Mother's Day Dinner on May 8,1994. Ifs Easy...Just Fill Out The Coupon Below and Mail ASAP or Bring to McAteers. All Entries Musi Be Postmarked Prior to The BEBU I YES...I Want My Mom To Win A FREE Mother's Day I Dinner for 4 and Let McAteers Do The Cooking. I Mom's Name_. I Address: State Return Your Entry To: McAteers 1714 Enton Av». Sonwmt, NJ 0M73 (908) lit EARLY BIRD Is EXPRESS M SUPER LUNCHES ICHILIMENS 1 DINNERS *5 95 $495 $195 DAILY SPECIALS not $ 6 95 WEDDING DREAMS COME TRUE... - $3495 IVthourOptnltr- 7 Coww DtoMr fbmn mi CanMNbn BBW^BI^^ i^i^^^^b ^^w ^W ^i^i^i^i^^^ww All 1M.liters Inclixlr Apprti/cr S,i!,»<l Ilai Blegant Mother's Day Buffet CM CMVMI Turiny, Prim* RHM, Limb Shrimp t CIMS VtannNMTaMt Fiwh Prult RESERVE EARLY (.tkr 'Mtll DllllH'l K Park & Mountain Aw., Scotch Plains '""III Ekgut Hum O'CONNORS BEEF N ALEHOUSE 708Mountain Blvd.- Watchuncj, NJ BUFFET BRUNCH Featuring an extensive array of foods M A " M O " from fresh omletts to fresh baked goods, ADULTS MINORS hot casseroles, fruit juices and our Famous Salad Bar t t f t f t t f f / f f f / Join Us For Dinner Fiaturlng Unlimited Trips To Our Famous Salad ft Braid Bar Childrens & Seniors Menu Available L - COUPOM - ^SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET 1 -! ' ~7lor'$«.95, f n V / 18 WMkandPJui Forties Newspapers April 27-29,1994

39 .' /..' /.' / / f t / / /. / / / < / / ' / / LUCCA'S ESMKSSC AND f INE CCf f EE KLEY' the only place for MOTHER S DAY ^Complimentary Glass of Champage Will Be Given To All Moms /. / /. / ' / / ' / / / ' / / ' / V / / * / / ' / / / >, / /...' /,.' 1 // /// / ' / / ' 1 / «/ M / /.* / /.». w / /. /. / / // // IH ir I liuuls ii I rl«i\ <MMI I nil 4ie Haln Street n CIM Street Metuclten WestfleM JJ 9ft> C ijjwj*jo Mon.-Thuri.HQ m m 1776 South Washington Avenue Piscataway, NJ (908) CATERING TAKEOUT DELIVERY AVAILABLE. /. ' ' / / > / / / / / / /. '. / /, / / / / / /. / /.- s Just hi or Mod OPEN SUNDAY MOTHERS DAY MAY 8TH SPECIAL MENU With Complimentary Special Dessert for Mom Lunch Served Daily 11:30-3 pm SeatingS at :30 pm Dinner Special Nightly m li with the purchase of 3 regular price dinners For Mother s Day Specialflours 2-8 Limited SealM Reserve Early Good Sunday 5/8/94 Only! ^- -. Whole Lobster Special 426 E. Main St. Bound Brook "" AT MEDIEVAL TIMES PAY LESS BY THE PAIR! FINE NORTHERN ITALIAN CUISINE 2243 Hamilton Blvd. So. Plainfield. N) (908) Couples are only $49.95 (plus tax) at Sunday shows through June. Save almost $141 When Dining Out Look To Forbes Newspapers For The Best Selection Of Restaurants In The Area MOM'S THE WORD Treat Mom To A Very Special Complete Dinner Including soup, vegetable, dessert & coffee or tea $1495 EVERY MOM WILL RECEIVE A MOTHER'SDAYGIFT Live Background Music For Reservations, Call Rt. 523 (Main Street) Whitehousc Station It's get-together time for adults at Medieval limes. Pair up with with friends and relatives. At Medieval Times, you'll enter a fully enclosed, climate-controlled castle, you'll feast on a four-course dinner, see spectacular pageantry, dramatic horsemanship and dangerous swordplay add experience an authentic jousting tournament. It's the show that's become a legend, or Tickets also available al al Scott's Record Shops and Sound-a-Rama COUPLES ARE ONLY $49.95 With this coupon, couples are only $49.95 (plus tax) on Sunday shows through June. 1 tttlts DINNER I TOURNAMENT * Hr dlfml Tliws IHnnn ft Tournampnt Limit 6 couples per coupon. Not valid for groups of 15 or more, not valid with or for gift certificates, Hay not be combined with any other discount offer, Coupon valid only at Hew Jersey castle, txpires June 26, Poitto Avc. Lyndtmrat, M Route 3 to 17 South, Ow mme west of Gtanto CORBrs WHN& April 27-29,1994 Forbes Newspapers Weekend Plus 19

40 "The first time I called to retrieve my messages from my 'Introductions 1 ad, I had 18 responses! I still haven't retrieved all my messages and I've had a total of 35 so farl- DM Somerset County "I sold my car the first night the ad rani I had to turn people awayl- KM No. Plalnfleld, NJ -My warmest thanks to Forbes Newspapers for writing and publishing my ad in their newspapers. Short and precise, it sure brought quick results for the sale of my crib- 50 or more responses." BMcN Westfield, NJ "My house rental ad was more valuable In your papers than in big city newspapers and at a fraction of the cost. My advertising money has never been better spent - value received was enormous!" f DR Neshanic Station, NJ "I put my ad in the paper and it worked great! I've gotten every job I've bid onl N KS Cranford, NJ H A week ago I ran a Help wanted ad in Forbes Newspapers and the response was tremendous. Over 50 people answered the ad. Everytime I advertise with Forbes the response seems to get better! H EL Plscataway, NJ 20 Weekend Plus Forbes Newspapers April 27-29,1994

41 am O-Pta 60 pint it part of Forks Newagpen Imnductiont. it it intended for me by people lowing for otbtr people with whom to establish nutionthipt. Far more information rdlovitomktmb.riohti Amirlcin widow seeking mala companion between g«t ol love dinclng, the beach, long walks, good dinners, ind going to the moviii, Write mi a letter and let's talk...! would love to meet you! THIS ADverniten HAS ALSO CHOIEN TO M- CIIVE MAIL.»LEAU SEND LETTER AND KIOTO TO; INTIIOOUCTIONt IOX 4724, FORMS NEWSnnnt, PO IOX <W, SOMERVILLE, HJ 0M7t, ITALIAN AMERICAN WIO0W I would love tomeel Mr. Right, (Age: 60-early 70s,) I! you love to socialize, go outto dinner, visit the shore, go on long walks and genefally KEEP BUSY-1 would LOVE to meet voul Please reply sxt THIS ADVERTIlM fhvtki TO MCI1VI MAIL. PLUM SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: INTRO. DUCnONI MX 4111, FORMS NtWIPAKM, W> IPX»ft, tomehville, NJ 0*178. UNBAR MVORCEO WHITE FEMALE- Late M' I, active, employed, se>*klng tingle dhfereed wmte female (linear only) in Mstuchtn or Edison, but not confined to thai area, intewted In fitness exercising, crafts, flea marketing, day excursions, movies, local theater and general socializing. Please call Ext, LOOKING FOR A TALL HAN0I0MIIENKM CIT1- UN... For companionship only. I am a senior cltiien, S2", 106 lbs. I play a taw instruments, at present I enter* tain at Somerset Manor. I am a retired RN and IIcensed In New York and New Jersey, Please reply tit. 1729, IrMQU, WHITE, WIDOWtO PIMAU Early «0'i, interested in SWM, middle 60s, who likes old movies, good cooking, bua tripe, dancing, long wslks or just hanging out. Ext TMtt APVERTI1ER HAS CHOIEN TO RIC1IVE MAIL PLUM tf NO LETTEM ANO PHOTO TOi»N- THOOUCnONt BOX 4574, FORBEI NfWIPAPfM, PO IOX IH, IOMERVILLE, NJ0M7I. - CUP AND SAVE TAPE THIS AD TO YOUR COMPUTER I am a PC expert ready and willing to help you w/ your computer problems. I can help decide which computer and software is best for you! Call today, PLEASE CALL EXT. 4)881, Business Contacts is <i wilt citnsilicatian and is part of Forbes Newspabvrt' introdiiftinm, It II intended fur use by people looking for ntlm firoplt with whmn to discuts business. For mure infn phwt mil I-HOQ-1 $ WHITE MALE- Seeking female partner wilh experience in craft marketing to work with serious artist/wood worker, Making and selling high end crafts and custom children's furniture, THII ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: IN- TRODUCTIONS BOX 4923, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO IOX «W, SOMERVILLE, NJ Teto tomt tm«towrite down aomt oharacterttilct about yourieri, ind your prattnnom about tot type of penon you would levto mtfi Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close To Home Exercise Nrtwrt is part of Farlm Newspapers' Introduction. It is intended for use by peoplt looking for other people vith whom to excn-iie or play tports. For more information please call I-80Q-SS9-949S. ATTENTION: PENTE PLAYERS! Yes...this is not a misprint, There are so lew of us. II you play Rente or anyone you know ol plays Rente* please give me a call. (P.S. Robin Thompson, if you read this, please calll) Please reply ext Game Plttym & llobbyifts is pan of Forbes Neuapapvri Introductions. It is intended for n>e by people looking for other pp people with whom to phy p giuim g or enjoy jy Hobbies. F For more information i f i plcml mil il i-hqo-s)~9-9v95. ihqos~99v95 YM0W- Younger Men/Older women, an organization dedicated to age differenc? relationships, looking tor men & women (or Ball Room dancing, please call ext,4768. OATLEII- Neophyte boatman with lots of USPS classroom training, but no practical experience will help you maintain or operate your power boat in return for experience. Please respond to ext Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting People Close To Home 'Introductions" is a great way to meet that special someone, find a tennis partner, a fourth for bridge or another model trail buff. Whatever your interests, you should be ableho find someone to share them Voke Extension Only-Your Ad Is Free To Receive Photos and Letters - Your Ad Will Cost SLOO/Line Per Week. Clip and Mail To: Forbes Classified* P.O. Box 699 SomcrvUk, NJ Attn: Introductions Name:. Address: Phone Number: PLACE A FREE AD Please Call With Any Questions 3. Deadline to place your FREE introductions id Is Friday by 5 pm. Your ad will run for six weeks and can be renewed at any lima. 2. You can piece your FREE introductions ad 4. To retrieve rereve your messages, g, cah ust by calling 1MO-5S S0OS899 Our and fallow to voice prompts specially-trained staff will help you. Any foradvhtisafi Tha cost ft $2.00 per minute. personal Information we may request will be kept strictly confidential. CUSTOMER SERVICE: p ^ vv^tomeetpeoplejndastmispartw.a fourthfarbridge, or atw^cttssted music lover. Whatever your interests, you should be j HI SWF- 52 taking an early retirement to gel out of the "THE RAT RACE' 1.1 am slim attractive, person* able and easy going- adventurous and affectionate as well. Want to travel the US with a tun loving and decent male who has a great desire to do the same, Female responses are welcome-strictly on a friendship basis, Please reply to Ext. 4539, THIS AOVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER ANO PHOTO TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4539, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ OM76. Traveling Companions u nan of Forbes Nevispaptrs' Introductioni. It is intemkv foi mr l>v people looking for other people with whom to tuwcl. lor more information plate tall I-800-H9-WS. SOU 1142 MODEL VINTAGE 4DR FAMILY IEDANrum on regular fuel only, no additives required. Assimbled oveniss, imported Into USA 1M4, riant hand drive but handles well on local roidi. Well maintained and In excel, cond., all original equipment is Hill Intact mcept lor ashtrays ana tip ol radiator owrttow hose. Paintwork worn a bit thin on roof and double headlights fitted. Usually parked it aporti club, restaurants, theaters, movies, dancehilli, museums, around New York City, airport, ski areas ft often In own garage in Edison aria. Prev. ownership arrangements terminated due to dispute about garaging ft operating conditions, II you are In the market for a reliable, nigh performance, good quality used vehicle by a reputable m1r this fine example inks a compatible slim 40-45ish nonsmoking Lady owner who would like to savor il and Is prepared to Invest sufficient TLC to keep it in tiptop running cond. In a LTR. Please don't reply if you think this ad should be In the used car section. Ext J?R.0LDIWF- Non-drinker, non-smoker, but not boring ISO a LTfl with single or divorced white male who enjoys movies, dining, dancing, having Inn and sharing new experiences. No game players, please. REtPOND TO BJT.4I11. ANtCELADYWF Bookworm, Good sense, at 44 would enjoy similar gentleman w/yesteryear manners, great converse* lions, classical quiet times. Required a clear con* science and promises kepi. Please call Ext A PIRATES LOOKS, A SEERS EYES, A HEALER! HEART, A MAN; Swordsman, singer, writer, poet, builder, comic, Ne> trunner, historian, and artist- wilh a taste tor Gothic elegance seeks a Valkyrie intellectual In her 20's with a goofy streak, who's cynical facade shields a romantle soul. PLEASE REPLY TO EXTO4W2. A TOUCH OF CLASS, A TOUCH OF BRASS!,. 37 yr. old professional SJF. Independent, Intelligent, sensual and pretty. Let's cook dinner together,..go to Ihe gym...or lake in a movie. Are you bright, Intuitive, adventurous, and have a good sense of humor? I'm looking for someone who is under 42 and is looking to build a friendship into a "real relationship". Please call call ext.4804 ALEXIS 1 MOM PLEASE CALL OLIVIA'S DAD- We met in January in T.J. Max's, we talked of Monlessori and ol Alexis' birthday in August, PLEASE RESPOND TO EXT, TO ANSWER AM AD $2 FOR THE FIRST MINUTE, $2 FOR EA. AODTL. MINUTE 1. Note the extension numbers at Ihe end ol the BOX RENTAL ads you would Hike to answer. 2. To respond by phone call 1-90O226-10O3 from a Touch-Tone phone and taitowthe voice prompts and reoord your messages. The oost Is $2.00 per minute. You must be 18 years or older to use this 900 line. not contain language that is overtly sexual, suggestive and/a offensivetothe general public, The Publisher reserves therighttoreject any ad. This publication assumes no F o r «> «1 H w p mai rmpoma in addhton tovoice responses, you can rent a mel box tor $5 per week, Box rentals must be paw In advenoe before receiving your responses. Torespond by mail.looktar ads that mspecialy merited hi BOLD PHNT. Mai wcewed for edwlaen who have not requested mail boxes wh not be forwarded. responsibility or liability for the content or reply ai a personal advertisement. You must be 16 years or older to uso this service. April 27 29,1904 Foibcs Newspapers Weekend Plus 21

42 Blond, blue eyes, 510, tllrn, mat, dun & honesl. No drugs or drinklnq. Snking attractive woman bttwhn who bilitvti ont on on* It 1h«btit way to t quality (tlatlonihlp. Also btlitvit In Mom I Dad, pick-up trucki and puppies, apple pit and the 4th ol July. Pleiit call tit ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ONE OOOD IINQLE WHITE FtMALE?- Your starch tndt hart it you an a till SWM, 3CM0 veers old who tnloyi dancing moviai and dining out. ert, ATTRACTIVE S W M,U- Blond hair, blut-tyti, sexy, well built, good hurt and lull of laughs. Staking attractive female who is hontit, itmitivt, carlno and atftctionatt lor ponlblt LTB.Mmt tike hugilll Ext BUCK UNOLE FEMALE- 25, 57, fit, attractive, calm nalured, down to earth, optn minded & sincere. Non-smoker or drinker w/ good values. My interests are Indoor/outdoor activities, seeking tall employed SBM/SHM w/same interests who desires a good friend whom he can spend quality time with. Please call Ext BORN AGAIN SWM- 31, attractive, good sense of humor, sincere with much to ofter to the right woman, looking lor attractive SWCF, 24-34, who puts God first. Must be honest, affectionate and likes having fun. Call If you're the special lady I'm looking for. Pltast call t i t. BROWN EYED QIRL- 28 seeks the same. Blue, Green, speckled eyes ilso welcome. I enjoy sunsets on the beach, softball, running, football, reading Maupln & King, movies, quiet evenings at home A my cat. I'd Ilka to hear Irom A QWF who tnjoys this and more. For friendship or possible relationship. Please call Ext CARING, HONEST SWM- From Nantucket, 26, energetic, seeking WF who enjoys long walks, beaches or just a nlgtit out. Please reply ext COLLEQE QRAD 25-yr. old SJM who enjoys sports, music & movies & the shore seeking SJr, 20-25, with similar interests. Please call Extension COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP-THAT'8 WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR- SWM, 41,6' tall, 175 lbs. Non-smoker, secure, cleancut, home owner, t like travel, cruises, flea-markets, Imus, hugs & kisses, fine dining, quiet times at homt, and more. I am seeking a WF for committed relationship. I'm willing to put the time and effort Into it and will be committed and loyal to the right tady. So, Plalnfield area. Please reply ext DANCING ANYONE? SWM, 44. Loooking lor educated, female dance partner, preferably someone In exc. physclal cond., over 5'6", who likes oldies & C & W music, please call 8K1.47B0 1 I' ' ' Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close To Home DEAR TALL, SMART, SINGLE AND HANDSOME, I'm a very attractive 37 year old tall, funlovlng redhead adventurous and full of life. I like a man with a great sense of humor, rugged, down to earth, and must be financially secure. Someone who likes anything from fine dining to getting lost In the woods. II you're looking lor Cindy Crawford, keep looking. If you're looking for a genuinely attractive sincere woman to have a relationship with please respond to ex DETERMINED TO FIND ONE NICE GUY- Not looking for stew type Bimbo. Me-SWF, wheelchair, Brn. eyes/hair S-Mom, Intelligent, independent, active, shy, actress. Into RenFest, loves red carnations, music, parties, quiet nights, romantic, sensitive. ISO S/DWM, age? Similar Interests, honest, sincere, outgoing, patient, non-smoker. No head games. Please call Ext DHWF.WRNAOAIN- 37,57", 135 lbs., attracts, brown hair 4 tyts, profeisloml, no children, seniitive, caring, affectionate, ithlttlc, in good physical shape, committed, health conscious, fbttlavt In traditional values and I bailcally enjoy the simple pleasures ol life seeking 57 6'2'\ white malt, 33-41, broad shoulders, weight according lo height, emotionally stable, financially M- cure, honest, sincere, attractive, considerate, in good health and good physical shape, norvtmokar, free alcohol I disease If you art unhappy or disgruntled and set tht negative things In lift, no need to rt* spond. I Ilka to laugh, lift It too short. Art you willing to give 110% to a relationship? PHtaat eaw tat, 4M1 DIVORCED FIMALE 33, 5 9, pretty, ISO SM 511 A over, 30-36, handsome, ract unimportant, likes kids, party, dance, R4B music, Rapp, fun loving It light drinker. Please call Em DIVORCED FEMALE Big blue ayes, blondt, 40-something, pretty, nice, Interesting lift, hardworker, successful career and a good friend. Looking lor an intelligent, kind, educated man for companionship and fun and whatever develops. Love black tie, tht beach, boats, hikes, exploring, adventure, museums and Brigantine. Pitase call Ext. 3049, DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE 43, slim, attractive seeking single/divorced white malt , trim and good looking, who is phsically and emotionally free to build a relationship with the right women 11 he were to find her., and also have time for fun, dancing, dining and just being with somtone special. Pieast rtply txt DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE- 55, 5'10, average weight, Blonde, green eyts, nlca looking, smoker. Newly divorced & lonely. ISO companionship & friendship for now. I enjoy reading, TV, movies, walks, (fining out & flea markets. I'm successful, caring & easy going. Only tall, honest & sincere need reply. Ext. 4550, DIVORCED WHITE FEMALE- 40, 5'5, blonde hair, brn. eyes, pleasant lo the eye, physically & mentally. I am honest, secure, independent, witty & outgoing w/a great smile & sense of humor. Staking handsome 5'10 to 6'2, fit, financially secure, S/DWM who Is confident, sensitive, romantic, honest & able to build a lasting relationship. Alcoholics, drug users, gambler & head gamers need not apply. Pltast reply Ext DIVOflCED WHITE MALE 44, professional, 8', 180 lbs,, Catholic, Seeking SWCF, 35-40, 5'2-5'6, good build, for serious relationship & whatever develops. Sense of humor a +, but must be attractive, outgoing & good conversationalist to en oy movies, dining out & the occasional rainy day. Please no fanatics or people with little time on their hands. Please reply Ext DIVORCED WHITE MALE- 46, 5' 10, fit. Enjoys all sports as participant & spectator. Appreciates the "simple things" in life. Believe In values & giving lo othtrs. Strong Catholic but not "Holy Roller Type". Interested In meeting attractive, fit F who likes to chat & enjoy wide variety ol activities. Please call Ext DIVORCED WHITE PROF. FEMALE- Prttty lady-looking lor the right man to compliment me. If you like a spirited, intelligent, independent lady very lamliy oriented, caring-giving, who ran the gamut from wife/mom to Politician, comfortable in any setting. S/DWPM 40ish + call me & decide if we are compatible, Ext.4541, DJPF- 45, youthful, NS, attractive, outgoing, creative, secure. Enjoys music, theatre, travel, outdoors ISO special JM for warm, loving, committed relationship. Pltast call txt. 4tO7. It it tht policy of thii nn^pupvr uot to publish any penonttl advetttttntnt that mt>y!>e overtly texual, ttmetlive and/or ofjemive to the general public Tim itrvuc h intended witty {or personal ad\ for singla who would like to establish a rr!ation$hip with other\inglci, TO PLACE A FREE AD Tata aonw tin*to wtte down some characteristics about youraeh, and your prtfcranon about the typa ol parson you would liketo meet 3. Deadline to place your FREE Introduction!, ad Is Friday by S pm. Your ad will run lor six weeks and can be renewed at any time. 2. You can place your FREE introductions ad 4. To retrieve your messages, call just by calling Our and tallow the voice prompts specially-trained staff will help you. Any for advertisers. Tha cost is $2.00 per minute. personal Information we may request will be kept strictly confidential. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Weekend Plus forties NiwspnpGis April 27-29, :I9<)< DWCF- 39, hard working professional, attradlvt, sincere and sensitive, non-smoker, lota of travel, 1 school agtd child. Enjoys tht outdoors, tennis, short and mountains and viluts family times. Seeks SOWCM, nonimoktr, 37-45, with similar Intertsli for rtlationthip bated on friendship, companionship with mutual reiptct and love. Ext 4635, OWF- In starch of SDWM «', trim, ovtr 55, nonimoktr and no drugs w/ a senst of humor, likti dancing and going lo the movies. Eit 4646 DWM- 30, fhvhandsomt, ilnctrt/hontit, enjoy exercise, music, movies, outdoor museums, tie. ISO S/ DF, 40-55, w/slmllar Inttrtsts for fun, romance ft sharing special times. Pltast call txt I- 49, 57", 160 lbs., prof, warm and affectionate seeking attractive) white lemale, 40-49, up to 55 who ll open-minded, affectionate, caring, sharing, likes conversation and dining out. If you're interesttd please call A send letter to: txt. 4121, Introdut- Hona, F.O. twin, SomwvHH, HJ, otwa. DWM- I am a warm, sincere and gentle man. I am also friendly, intelligent and financially secure. I am 3B, 5' tall and an adorable romantic. I've been married before, 7 yrs. ago, but to the wrong woman. I now know what my future wife is; you are feminine, conservative, educated and enjoy tropical travel and dining out, You are between the ages of and take pride in your appearance. Kids O.K. since I have them. Pltast respond to tut, 4120, DWM- tall, slim, active, professional, 40 plus. Caring romantic with many varied inltreits. Seeking sensual romantic female, slim to average build wilh or without children. If you like candles and fireplaces pltast respond to txt This advertiser has also optioned to receive mall Please send letter lo: Introductions, Box 4633, Forbts Newspapers, P.O. Box 699, Somerville, NJ DWPF- 46, 57", Red hair, Green eyes, Trim & fit, seeks educated.male up to 60 yrs. old., to share my interests in outdoors, reading, environment, animals, travels & folk music, I am a political & religious liberal N/S, who also enjoys the tradltloanl dining out, movles, beach, romance, ect. Please reply ext.4530 DWPF- 50, 57, Pretty, dk. hair, dk. eyed lady. Financially & emotionally secure, honest, fun loving, good sense of humor, socially active, enjoys the liner things life has to offer. Seeks M counterpart for same. Please call Ext, EASY GOING MALE Hi! 35 yr. old white male, 5'9, 175. II you're like me, I'm seeking a fun and fantasy loving female, adventurer, age who is attractive and very aggressive. Any companion status is OK. Must be open minded, sensual, sense ol humor and enjoys being pampered. Must be discreet* like me. No drugs or head games. Please call ext This advertiser has also chosen to receive mail. Mail to: Introductions, Box 4906, Forbes Newspapers, P.O. Box 699, Somerville, 0BB76 EDUCATOR- DWM, attentive, sincere, honest, 50's, 150tbs., 5'8", enjoys reading, travol, theatre & dining out., Seeks a Slim, caring, understanding woman, yrs.old, to share time together & possible LTR. Please call ext.4769 FEMALE- Separaled but available. Average but unique, professional but intelligent, science oriented but artistic In search of male, similar, prepared but not scared, 30's lo fit 40's, 5'9"+ and please write! THIS ADVERTISER HAI CHOIEN TO RECEIVE MAIL ONLY. PLEASE SEND LETTER TO: INTRO- DUCTIONS IOX 4S02, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, P.O. IPX tit, tomehvilu, NJ FIT, WHITE, PROFESSIONAL MALE- 35, who tikes children, coaching football and summer vacations; Is seeling a special long-haired white or hlspanlc woman, S or D, for a long-term realtlonship! Please reply ext OI0OLO40ISH- Monogamoua, verbose, jaded, stlktottrtd, cruet, egotistical, grotesque, drunk and eclectic- earned typt A personality- who is at times tngtrtd. Impoverished DWM- artltan, smoktr, recluse, secretive, nonsupportive, denying-one-track-mlnd... who attempts no Improvement, starching like ftmalt counterpart, 19-55; no children, affluent, obnoxious, financially secure, offensive, stnsual, erudite, humorous, omnivorous- who can be manic, obstssivt & stductlvt. Craving smwts, cuddles, tenderness, thtrapy, romance, hofltsty, Intimacy, rtclpts, Mwsrt I capucclno. Saqutl. (will ust your crtdlt card) in favor of superficial, long term contractual relationship. Knock Kntt commitment. Adv MORE. Facts happens. PS.., No Lawytrettes, Cardboard professionals Public servants, New Yorktri, drugs. ASAP. P U A I I REPLY TO OX47«7. OOOO LOOKING, COLLEGE DEQREED- Prol,, DBM (w/no children), 40, 5*9.165 lbs. stake a good woman to spend time with. I am sincere, hontst, A considtrate, & I look tor that in others. I enjoy skiing, music, Scl-Fi, going to movies, dining out, dancing & good conversation. I also enjoy quiet times at home, watching movie while snuggling on tht couch w/someone special. If you're a S/DF bet who la: fun loving, yet down to earth; have a healthy sense of humor; a nice disposition & appearance; honest, reliable, A emotionally secure; & believes that romance should begin with good friend- Ship & shirtd values please give me a call right now, (NO smokers, drug users, or heavy drinkers, please.) Race is unimportant. I hope to hear from you soon. Pltast Call Ext HANDSOME, ATHLETIC, SUCCESSFUL SWM- Very good looking, intelligent, physically fit, financially secure, romantic, sincere, active, multi-faceted Individual. Have many interests which include skiing, golf, tennis, outdoors, sports, music, fine dining, movies, quiet evenings and travel. In -atarch of very attractive, trim, athletic 57" or less, NS female (30-39) who is affectionate, caring and en oys sharing all that life has to offer. II you are look ng for an LTR based on friendship, companionship, mutual respect and love with a clean-cut wonderful man, then PLEASE CALL EXT HANDSOME, FUN LOVING, SJM- 38 yrs., 5'8", muscular. Enjoys traveling, rock concerts, comedy clubs, indoor/outdoor sports, and quiet, romantic times at home. In search of likeminded woman, physically fit, good sense of humor, w/a spontaneous nature.pleise respond to Ext HANDSOME, WPM, 49 Upbeat, successful, trim and healthy. I'm happy, enjoy lite and having fun. ISO WF counterpart lor loving but discreet friendship. Please reply exi. 4716, HOW CAN I ATTRACT- responses from the ladies I'd like to hear Irom? What are the qualities that I either don't have, or haven't thought to lell you about? Are the calls not coming because I'm seeking a MUCH younger woman?(30-40), Or because I'm seeking a cute, sexy, petite woman? This JPM, settemployed, just turned S3, attractive, separated but available, has a lot to offer. My interests range from reading a book to spending some lime in Vegas. Most people see me as a thoughtful, caring, affectionate, reasonably bright man who gets along with kids and dogs. And speaking of kids, it wouldn't be so bad to have a couple more! Maybe I shouldn't say I hate acid rock & rap. Or maybe I shouldn't say that I have a sense ol humor that sometimes turns bizarre. Or maybe I shouldn't say lhat my beliel is thai kids should not be raised on junk lood.or maybe I shouldn't say that I was raised in a house filled wilh love, Or maybe I shouldn't say that I'm a touchy-leely guy. But I'm willing to risk letting you know these things about myself and am hoping you will be just as honest and open. I'm seeking a long term relationship that will grow stronger year by year, By Ihe way, I'm a non-smoker and VERY light social drinker, So If you fall Into the right group, listen, to my audio message and give us both a chance. Who knows what could develop from a simple phone call! Please call ext TO ANSWER AN AD $2 FOR THE FIRST MINUTE, $2 FOR EA. ADDTL. MINUTE 1. Note the extension numbers at the end of the ads you would lilke to answer.. To respond by phone call from a Touch-Tone phone andfollowthe voice prompts end reoord your messages, The oost 13 $2.00 per minute, You must be 18 years or older to use thto 900 line. BOX RENTAL For advertisers who would like the option of receiving mail responses in addition to voice responses, you con rent a mail boxfor $5 per week. Box rentals must bo pfiki In advance before receiving your responses. To respond by moil, looktoreds that ore specially marked in BOLD PRINT. Moil receivedforadvertiser; who hove not requested mail boxes will not be forwarded.

43,. t, J-J-t. 4 -t-l-i-.=...f _-.i-i-'. HONEST, HANDSOME, SINCERE, SHY DWM- 30, desires to meet woman for a very LTR. Very open to activities, life and enjoyments, Other than'an honest desire lor a caring man all I ask is thai you're under 30, under S'B" and under 140 lbs. Please respond to «t. 4S17, I AM A VOUNG, ENERGETIC GUY- 6'2", 28, looking lor a partner for a long term relationship. My Interests are dancing, hiking, traveling, movies, dinner parties; I love swimming, If you have the same hobbies, l il trt I AM AN HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY, KIND, CARING, GENEROUS PERSON I am creative, love all kinds of music, song, dance, hike, nature, gourmet cook. Seeking similar values in a divorced or widowed man years old. Ext IF YOU ARE A SLENDER KOREAN FEMALE- 25 to 40 yrs, please repond to this ad, Nice-looking, athletic, 40lsh DWM w/patienco, passion and own home* would like to meet you for dating, friendship and maybe more. Ploase reply ext LOST IN NEW JERSEY- Recently transferred by a Co. in tht Mid-west. SWM, 25, 5'IV blond hair, blue eyes, film to medium build, good looking (will exchange photo). Looking (or a female to help find my way out of this loneliness, I'm a well rounded Indfvldual. I enjoy country music to alternative music, skiing, camping, fishing, the Arts, exploring NYC, Seeking female for definate friendship or possible dating. A person whose personality & character are more attractive than her looks. Someone who knows how to cut loose and have fun and knows when to be serious. I appreciate sincerity, romance, kindness, sweetness, but what I respect and am attracted to most It a woman who Is unafraid to be completely open & honest. Please call ext This advert!wr hat also chosen to receive mall. Please send letter and photo to: Introductions, Box 4930, Forbes Newspapers, P.O. Box 699, SomervlHe, NJ. MARRIAGE MINM07 Want a child? I want a wife: Let's make a deal. H- ardworklng SWM, 28, very fit, 6' 4. Very Intelligent, suave looking, Prof, needs mousy Country Girl, Corporate Lady, ot In-between, or so, to share walks, movies, dinner, cuddling, beach, love {a business together?) Sacrificing (or Bountiful life. Ext NEWLY GRADUATED MEDICAL CAREER- Just graduated as an EKQ technician. I'm a 23 yr. old, SWM, short blond hair, blue eyes, 5'11,180 Ibl. who doesn't get a chance to mingle due to school & work devotion, Formal Black Belt in Karate is in search of (marriage minded), single while college educated female, who enjoys what I do (dancing, dining out, horseback riding & working out in gym). Cannot dial the 900 number for message retrieval so please let's exchange photos and letters. (Medical career college educated & brunettes would be a plus.) (LETTERS & PHOTO ARE PREFERRED BY ADVERTISER.) THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO; INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4110, FORBES NEWS- PAPERS, PO BOX W, 8OMIRVILLE, NJ 08*76, NICE GUY 5*9", 160 Ibt., I enjoy the simple things In fife; Ice cream conti, movies, good eonveraatlon, good books, great dinners, dancing and good taught. I'm a WIM, responsible, non-drinker, financially secure, with a wicked sense of humor. I would like to meet someone who It comfortable with them* self, ' pretty-plaln- ane", yean old, 57" A under, no little kldi, and SLENDER build, moderate drinker, non/light-amoker, easy-going, Intelligent, compaatlonate, strong- (but not domineering) and feminine, Not looking for a one night atand but a aerloua contender. Lv. phone number I Til call you bickl (Brldgowater area, please.) Reply eit ONE AVERAGE POOR BOY- 140 Lbs,, 5'10", Brown hair/eyes, 40's, SWM, who Is working on old motorhome to go camping & fishes when his kids come visit this summer, Would like to meet average, friendly, slim, goofy girl, who looks good in a Baseball cap for friendship, Companionship, Bookworm & Tomglfls welcome. Pleaso call ext PRETTY OJF 5'5" slender intelligent, nurturing & aesthetic. Seeking attractive, cultured, financially secure male, for caring, long tasting relationship. Ext S B P M- 33, 59 1/2", 175 lbs,, very sucesslul real Estate broker/investor, Christian, Goal oriented, Single parent, ol bright, well mannered 12 yr. old son, Looking to love & be loved by an attracivo SPF, slim lo medium build, 23-27, down to earth, Intelligent, with good values, Southern Hospitality, adaptable. We share common Interests Including travel, sports, fine dining, concerts, dancing, and romantic evening al homo, Looking for my Quoon to Shme the Throne on Hie mounlmn top. No smokors ploaso, and only tho ready and serious noocl respond, Pleaseo call e*m7g1 Central New Jersey's Best Choice For Meeting Someone Close To Home S i F- 29 looking for tall SBM lor a serious relationship. Loves dancing drawing, crosswood puzzles and photography. Very affectionate & caring. Please call ext, 4936 SOW, PROFESSIONAL MALE 51, 5'11", 187 lbs, Interested in dining out, movies, music, slhgtseeing, sports, etc. I wish to meet an attractive woman, 3B-5Oyears old, 5'2"-5'6", who Is educated and has compatable interests, Please reply ext SDWF- 34, blue eyes, brunette, single mom, financially secure. I enjoy camping, dining out, movies, plays & museums. I'm looking lor a down*to*earth SWM, yrs. old- who enjoys the same things as myself. If this sounds good to you, then call ext SEEKING AFFECTIONATE, PLAYFUL WOMAN- Singte-parent father, DWCM 47, S'9", stocky but dieting. I am looking for a woman who is sincere, social drinker lor LTR. Please reply ext, SEEKING SINCERE S/OW FEMALE- Petite to medium build, 24*30 years old- for a long term relationship. No head games, please. I am a single, white male, 27, S'B, brown hair & eyes, 145 lbs. I am very sweet, sincere, & romantic. I love movies, dinners, spending time together and cud* tiling. Please reply ext SINGLE SUCK FEMALE LOOKING FOR NO ONE IN PARTICULAR- 25,5'5. Exotic dancer, ISO someone who is interesting 4 likes to go out & have lun, If this is you just give me a call at Ext. 4547, SINGLE WHITE FEMALE very attractive, 30, 110 lbs., 5'5 w/1 child, nonsmoker, non-drug user, sincere, honest, organized & neat, secure about myself, Wishing to meet SWM, must be very attractive, 26-36, 5'9"-6'1", in shape, 34 inch waist or small, 0-2 kids ok, non-smoker/drug user, honest, polite, not a slob or lazy, must be secure about yourself yet not sell centered, for a meaningful relationship & possible marriage, If you fit all ol the above, thin please call out 4294 SINGLE WHITE FIMALE- 25 yra. old. 5', Br'h. curly hair, Brn. eyes, 110 lbs. Affectionate, honeit 4 outgoing w/good sens* of humor. I enjoy anything from Comedy Clubs to picnics on tht beach ft skiing or just staying home A renting movies. Looking for SWM, mid 20's-earty 30's w/a good heart, old fashion morale t good sense ol humor. If seeking possible relationship piaase call E)H. 4816, SINGLE WHITE FEMALE- 25 yrs. old, 5', Brn. curly hair, Brn. eyes, 110 lbs. Affectionate, honest A outgoing w/good seme of humor. I enjoy anything from Comtdy Clubs to picnics on the beach & skiing or lust staying home ft renting movies. Looking for SWM, mid 20 i-eariy 30's w/a good heart, old fashion morals 4 good sense of humor. If seeking possible relationship please call Ext SINGLE WHITE MALE, 20 6'1", short brown hair, brown eyes. Workout every day, college student, humorous-yet romantic. ISO pretty, thin-yet shapely, SWF with a good personality, honest, communicates well, Please reply ext SINGLE WHITE MALE-22- Thln, dark hair, loyal, honest who Iove9 the outdoors and quiet romanllc nights. Seeking SWF who Is thin, sexy, loyal, honest for LTR. No head games. Ple«w reply ext SINGLE WHITE MALE- 25, Brn, hair, hazel eyes, slim, athletic, enjoys the little things, Sports, Beach, Books especially children. Seeking SWF w/slmilar interests. Please call Ext, 4540, SINGLE WHITE MALE- 25,140 lbs, honest & sincere, seeking a SWF, under 160 lbs. with simlliar interests which are (lining out, movies, walking, listening to music, or spending a quiet evening at norm Seeking a friendship or a long term relationship in Somerset County. Only serious need reply. THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. PLEASE SEND SHORT NOTE AND PHONE NUMBER TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 3932, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 699, SOMERVILLE, NJ oara. SINGLE WHITE MALE- 32, lbs. Good look- Ing, honest w/good sense of humor, I like sports, the outdoors, movies, etc. ISO woman 28-38, attractive w/good sense of humor w/simllar interests. If this Is you. This advertiser has chosen to receive mall also. Send letter A/or photo to: Ext, 3039 Introductions, Forbes Newspapers, P.O. Box 699, Somervllle, NJ, SINGLE^ BUCK, JAMAICAN FENIALE- Divorcod, 3B yenrs old I havo been singlo lor over <1 years and I am looking lor a Black, singlo, Christian man. Ho must bo in Tils 40-50, and love God nml Kids. I nrn looking lor Mr Right and I nm vory loving nnd kind. Ploaso roply ext SPECIAL UDYWANTED- This 48 DWPM is looking lor a special woman. She should be between and very open-minded and enjoy living an alternative lifestyle. I like all the regular activities, dining, dancing, etc. and all the activities NYC has to offer. She may be attached or unattached. I am disease and drug free in Somerset County. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS ALSO CHOSEN TO RE- CEIVE MAIL PLEASE SEND LETTER TO: INTRO- DUCTIONS BOX 4tOO, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, P.O.BOX Stt, SOMERVILLE, NJ SPOUSE WANTED- White widow in her 70s. Real home body, If interested write to: Introductions, Box 4934, Forbes Newspapers, P.O. Box 699, Somerville, NJ 08B76 STARLIT! STARBRIGHT- WINTER DREAMS SEEKS SUMMER LOVE- SWJPM mid 40's 5'10,165 lbs. ISO attractive, warm, affectionate, intelligent, generous, spontaneous, well proportioned independent woman w/inner beauty, thin to med. build, give or take, for meaningful LTR. No Princesses please. Hold true to your Dreams tho' phantoms at best, no other goal Is worthy the quest. I'm well educated, well mannered, a self-made man of merit. Must be adventurous & very affectionate. I'm willing to try anything once, except skydiving. Can we talk? Please Ext SWCM- Thls lonesome, nice appearing, trim, college educated executive seeks the companionship of an attractive personable lady In her 50's or 60s Irom or near Somerset County for possible LTR. Call ext.45bb and please leave your name & phone no. Thank you, SWF- 39, independent, earth mullin. turned alternative, punkett, equally a home at clubs or beach. Seeking honest SWM, be something to believe in or somebody to shove. Lets get closer to the stars. No negativo crops. THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL PLUM SEND LETTER AND PHOTO (OP- TIONAL) TO: INTRODUCTIONS BOX 4M0, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 619, SOMERVILLE, NJ oattt, W - 40lsh, prof., petite, auburn hair, w/cultural & artistic interest!, I enjoy going to NYC, also smart men, fast cars & slow hands, woks a SWM who is financially ^ emotionally secure, for living happily ever-after. Plmocall«rt.47C2 SWIMTTRACTIVE- 33-Tall, sensitive, honeit, funny likes romantic dinners, Village, day trips, seeks S/DPF cute, sweet, Independant, soulmate for a committed sensual LTR. THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL ONLY. PLEASE SEND LITTER TO: INTRO- DUCTIONS BOX 4717, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO SOX Stt, SOMERVILLE, NJ SWM- 27, 57", overweight, sensitive, caring, considerate & honest, I like laughuing, talking, renting movies, walking, & would try almost anything wiolh the right person, I'm looking for a SWF, 18-35, to share the good & bad times with. Someone who shares some of the same qualities I have am is looking for a relationship with a really nice guy. Please call exi 4770 SWM- 34, 5'fl", 140lbs, brown hair. Honest and caring. I enjoy biking, fishing, the beach, traveling, movies and comedy clubs, Seeking SWF, yrs old, physically fit and non-smoker. THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL, PLEASE SEND LETTER AND PHOTO TO: IN- TRODUCTIONS BOX 4717, FORBES NEWSPAPERS, PO BOX 69t, SOMERVILLE, NJ S W M- 35, 6 ft., dark hair & eyes, good looking & trim, seeks pretty, petite & caring SWF, 21-29, who loves Harleys for possible LTR, please call ext.4773 SWM- 41, brown-haired, blued-eyed professional, 6'2 tall I have a very dry sense ol humor, I have my Doctorale and am successful, I en oy the beach in the summer. Looking for a female in Ihe yr. range for a permanent relationship. Pis call ext SWM- 41, tall, rugged, rascal, athletic, no previous arrests {OK, detention once in H S.) diverse interests. Seeks attractive, affection female of substance for romance. Share a drink? With chemistry sevoral drinks? This advertiser has also choson to receive mall. Please send letter to Introductions, Box 4927, Forbes Nowspapers, P.O. Box 699, Somgmllo, 0BB76 S W M- 43, I'm quiet, sonslivo, intelligent, physically lit & handsome. I'm Inloroslod in a physically fit s/ DWF, 33-16, 5'B" or loss, who enjoys the outdoors, goh tennis, dining out, movies, quiet nights at homo and the simpler things in life. This advertiser has chosen to rocivo mnll: Introductions Box <1782. forbos Nowspapors, PO BOX 699, SomorviHe, NJ SWM- Hock 'n roller, 5'8", 160 lbs., 37 yrs,, non-smoker, into fitness, fun, rock clubs, travel, comedy clubs & cuddling. ISO fit & fun woman with no children & good sense of humor I'm zany but also sincere, looking towards a LTR Please call em, SWM- Rock n roller. 5'B", 160 lbs., 37 yrs., non-smoker, into litness, lun, rock clubs, iravel, comedy clubs & cuddling. ISO III & fun woman with no children & good sense of humor. I'm zany but also sincere, looking towards a LTR. Please call ext SWM- Searching for one of a kind SWF. I am a successful, SWM, 27, who is tired of head-games & what the bar scene has to offer. I am goal-oriented and easy going. My activities range from NYC lo the staying in and reading a good book. If you are a SWF 22-30, who has the similar above qualities & Interests. Please call ext. 4772, $WPM- 25, 6"3", brownhair, blue hair. Seeks tall, n/ s, humorous, SWPF, age 20-30, interested in sports, music & movies. Ext 4629, SWPM- 45, Business owner, type A personality. Boating enthusiast seeks classy SWPF, counterpart for caring/sharing possible LTR. Ext THIS ADVERTISER HAS CHOSEN TO RECEIVE MAIL. 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Pleast reply ext 4713 THE GUY YOUR PARENTS WARNED YOU ABOUT' Nol still loading? SWM-31 (looks 24-25). 5'HO, med, build (nol thin-but nol fat either!) Shoulder length Brn hnir, groon oyes, cn oys hfes simple pleasures. Blue Joans, Rock & Holi. Comncly duns, camping, Shoo. Down to twin w sense of humor. Fun loving, Adventurous & ;t hopeless Romantic seeks samn in nn alimciivr VVF I M-M W snmc interests for Fun, Romance Atlvuniwn & possible long term relationship. I a"i n smokur Plunsn r.nll Fxt ' l-nitvs NIWSU Weekend Plus 23

44 r ^ '.,( Make Yourself Comfortable One glance can say a lot. About quality. And comfort. About clothes for real people. Woolrich has enough experience- over 160 years of it- to bring you all that. You'll know after one glance that you'll want to take a closer look. Sometimes its taking the time to look back that lets you know how far youve come. At Woolrich we can look back over 160 years at a classic tradition that continues today, in comfortable clothes for the way you really live. Take a look. Its good to pause and take a look back now and then. IVoo/r/ch mens and womens shorts, knit and woven tops S-JQ99 &Up s MOM Tucs Wed f"n flnirs Sun 12OO5OO 24 WWwndPhis Forbes Newspapers April 27-29, Bound Brook Rcl. (Rt. 28) Middlesex ' '

45 Forbes Newspapers APRIL 27, 28, Homeowners shopping for Insurance? Take a few tips... INDEX House tour Realty notes Property sales

46 : ' * ' : ' ' ' ",.. ' ' -. ' '.? : ' i : ' -... ' '... > * * ' ' ' " ".. ' '.» ' ;? -, *,. ' '?. ' -,. i, i,. 2-ApriL27,28,29,1994 Real Estate A Forbes Newspaper Supplement Forbes Newspapers Real Estate C O N T E N T S Cover house Cover story House tours New homes Property sales Realty notes ^'^'0/i-^' : -. ' >. ' H - v -. ' -.. i,., -. * '.,.., ' ' ' ^ v v r V -. - '. :'.;,v: :.- v. :., i ^.., :,?. v v '!-: - - '. - k t '.' X V y.... >. 1: --^-'V '. V ',-. ^ ^ " v! ; V. - :'. ^ A. J v ^ ' i t ^ ^ M # ' ^ ^ -. ** S T CtaylFenske SfMGWSiOioni Editor- Cm Copy Editor NsontiKookw JVMlSlMhlf ClMrtltdAccouniEncmtw A F F Douglas Baum KaHyZuHo ClMiMedTiltpbont SatMManiofr Connie Mahoney CltMi«dT<iiphont SUM RaprMtnMivt Malcolm S.Fortw* Jr. EdtoHnOtWof Fort* HAiQazint ind Foibti Nmp^wra Louis S. Bartony PuMWwr Rchifd A. McCofnb Advirtliiny Min^w QeorgeQannon UcuWon Dkector On the cover: Tftsfour<b«droom Colonial in Piscataway U b ^ is listed with Witched ^ ^ H Realtors in Metuchen. SB; K Iff Forbes Newspapers Somerset Messenger-Gazette, H»Hs*edminster Press, Bound Brook Chronicle, The Chronicle, Metuchen-Edtoon Review Piscataway Review, South Plainfield Reporter, Franklin Focus, Green Brook-North Plainfield Journal. WarrervWatohung Journal, Highland Park Herald, Focus Cranford Chronicle, Scotch Plains Fanwood Press, WestlMd Record, Buyers Gukto To Subscribe to Forbes Newspapers call: To advertise call: J :.. *fc, v-v; OUR DOOR IS OPEN! OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY 10-3:30 I & 2 BR Models Owner Financing To Qualified Buyers Starling As Low As $95,500 Located Close To Downtown &N.Y. Transportation Other Hours By Appointment 3 Acre Estate Grounds Refinancing?...Smart Move, Now make another one Choose MARIANO &COIRO, PC. as your Real Estate Attorney! Purchase Condo/Townhouse Single family Refinance $ak $ $ WS.0O $ Dlrecilons: Wesifleld or Noith Ave. lo light )usi before Paiiy Queen (Elizabeth Ave.) Go I block past blinker \o Prospect, left onto Prospect, 21/4 blocks 10 English Village on right, CONDOMINIUMS 217 Prospect Ave., Cranford, NJ (908) ATTORNEYS AT LAW Tel fax NcwSruniwkk/Someriet 844 Easton Avenue Somerset, NJ Somirville/Hllliborough 20S Omni Drive at Rt. 206 Somerviile, NJ 08876

47 A Forbes Newspaper Supplement April 27,28,29, For 104J SOMERVILLE $179,900 QUALITY AND SPACE ThU 2 ikyy home offer* both. 48R, 2 baths, Ml-in kitchen. 2 Ffl, fenced m backyard, ga raje^ CAC end grmt lamily rwghbortwod iter OFFICE Mt BRIDQEWATER $1,495,000 EQUESTRIAN FARM locmd m B«dmio«Mr Hunt Country. 24 stalls, Indoor/outdoor arenas, Fodinoj SUM, also on wemim 3 Bflrara*. fireplace. 2 gar attached garage B03210 (OFFICE MI-TIMOOO SOMERSET $169,900 SPACIOUS RANCH Three bedrooms, 2 full r«modat«d baths, iky l^newfoof.turrm, central atf,2car garage fencedyart Dontmiesit! BO336B I OFFICE HI-7IMOO0 NESHANIC HILLSBOROUQH TV/P. $299,900 ATTENTION BUILDERS... LandtobuMtincomttool 2-family. 3 bdrmt dwo, 2bdrms up. 2-car garage POM. S U M- yi»onlor3lctt, Seeittoday. B LWANCHBURQOFFICE «*52S-5444 For 811 Mo.: MILFORD BORO $139,900 Side by side income product ngduple» inexcellent location Exterior completely renovated Steam frontage, Mult* joned BRANCHBUftG OFFICE 908SH-M44. MIDDLESEX $157,500 HOME SWEET HOME olleni 3/4 Bfl, fur) b»mt, garage, vinyt edg., ineumed window*, dose to train, hwys, bus, FORDS $109,900 GROWING PAINS? Spread out in tht«spacious expanded home Fealuretindude 4 BR, 2 baths, second kitchen Ideal lor Mother/Daughter Quiet residential aree, # LOOK NR LOW WMKNTSIN Record low interest rates are your chance-of-a- IHetime to afford more. TLF UOBJOP AM **5% SftnwT ""js&ffisyw Foe purdmw prtoh upto $261,137, monthly mortgage paynwnts (prirttrpilt intwnt) quoted In our ads art to quimtd buyw, based upon a 20% downpaymant and a convention*! 30-year lixed rate loan at 7.250% witti 3 points, APR 7,595%. Asanexempie, a $100,000 loan would mean 360 monthly payment* of J For pwchaat prtcea from HUAJm lo, tha monthly payments are to quewted buyers bawd upon 20% downpaymant and calculated at 7.375% witti 3 points on a "Jumbo" 30-year tixad rate mortgage with an APR ot 7.723%. An example of a $500,000 loan would mean 360 monttily payments of $3,453,38. ee 1»%I Figures harein are approximate and do not include property taxes, hazard insurance, or homeowners association dues for a condominium purchase. Intwnt rates quoted are as of March 1,1994, and subject to change. Not responsible for typographical errors; while information is bejieved accurate, we request that me payment be validated with a mortgage provide/ prior to purchase. For 891 Mo.' Ill HOPELAWN $149,900 BRICK TUDOR Three bedroom home wttitotiotcharadtr. Oik woodvrarii and doors throughout. Ontcargai, Ml bavnem and more tofflce For 769 Mo.: New EDISON $130,900 RENT BEATER Enjoy a change ol place in this 2 bedroom, 1 '/> bath condo Sliders to a patio overlooking all,0/esa # EDISON OFFICE 90M, 83? Mo: $139,942 RUN DON'T WALK TO.. Well maintained 3 bedroom, 2 bath Bi-level ex Mother/Daughter. Hardwood floors, new furnace, lovely neighborhood EDISON OFFICE 90M Fui b// IERSET $126,900 HERE'S A HOT ONE j This 2 bedroom, Vh bam lownhome has a master bedroom with a silting room, an eat in kitchen, seperatediningroomandalivingroom wtrrmd by acoiyfireplace, youcan'tgo wrong 1 I HB7131 I OFFICE NM7U1ML l 1383 Mo'- r «HILLSBOROOGH $259, S COLONIAL Historic area, center-hall coiomal, large rooms, fireplace, wide board floors, freed and open biook, all on 4+acres HB7075 LHILLSBOROUGH OFFICE NM7M100, IHILLSBOROUGH $160,000 THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS IA single family duplex with a lownhoute price Two bedrooms plus loft, garage, basement and 12,6 baths Call today, wont last 1 HB7158 IIUSBOROUGH OFFICE 90M7M1 EDISON $144,900 Customranch Lowe1y2BR. 1 bath starter ranch with LR/DR combo. feik. fireplace in LR a linisn&d basement Musi see" JETUCHEN OFFICE 9M PISCATAWAY $162,000 SPRAWLING RANCHII Dynamite ranch on large lot with Id's of room for growing family Priced below market value L for quick tale :HEN OFFICE or 1270 S r h elk ^** EDISON $219,000 COOL PRICE, HOT ITEM Live m popular North Edison for a realistic price Two story I three bdrm 2 5 baths, GruiePool METUCHEN OFFICE WKM Mo' 19. $249,650 MAINTENANCE FREE! I fl yr old colonial m move in condition Laige rooms, private backyard Low tax area with [ good schools k recreation near by Q CK OFFICE 90M3127 ami 2081 _ (..!..!..: Mo.: ^ ^ rewksbury $379,000 COUNTRY LIVING AT ITS BEST j Meticulously care lof Victorian, proletsionally I landscaped w/greai views 2,BOO sq ft c/a, irg I deck' LDWICK OFFICE U GLEN GARDNER $232,000 MOVE W TODAY...ENTERTAIN TOWGKTI Immaculate 4 bdrm colo on cul-da-aac Fla rm, fplc CIA. dock, patio porch, bsmt 2 car i gar. 1 acre LDWICKOFFICE 90MM.2777 Mo.: NORTH PLFO $259,900 3 STORY VICTORIAN COLONIAL Neslled on 62«??5 spacious and secluded lot t lireplaces and nvor 1rtrooms Ltsl a couple o ttit nmenillbs tins house oders Possible in-lrw or 2 family arfungemenl G i DR. 3 hath, 2 enr gorage Call lor delmls WA?'i4e LWARREN OFFICE , WARREN TWP. $899,000 MBymficRnt 5 Bn, 4'// bath, custom cralted Colonial himelornhon.btoosq ft,3ltreplnces 3 enr ynr, much more 1 WA3643.WARREN OFFICE M761 Mo.' MILLINQTON $299,900 DREAM HOMEI Beautiful newer Tudor, A Bfis, Tl, baths on v, acre prof landscaped Greal neigtiboihood 1 Comoseert today' WCII596 VATCHUNG OFFICE J 1814 WATCHUNG $309,000 RIGHT LOCATION! PfllCEDFiOll HIGHf NOW 3ffflhnrk spin cornplctely uprlaied kitchen, hnths fool filed h mom mgrountt pool 2 rfw at1 yfirnyn Im i5hed basement WCIHI'PW WTCHUNG OFFICE MI All Offices Open Until 9PM Weichert Realtors We Sell More

48 4 -April 27,28,29,1994 RealEstate A Forbes Newspaper Supplement Luxury highlights Bridgewater home DIANE MATFLERD/FORBES NEWSPAPERS Set in the new home development of Stony Hill in Bridgewater, this two-story colonial home is situated on.75 acres of land. Neighboring other beautiftil new homes, this three year old home is surrounded by welllandscaped grounds with a private fencedin backyard. There is a patio around the inground pool, one of the many extras you will find with this property. The exterior of the home is made of clapboard with composition roof. Insulated windows provide energy* efficient environment. The two-car garage with automatic door opener provides direct entry into the house. Seven rooms occupy the first floor, where there is the 18-by-16 living room and dining room sized at 16-by-12. The 18-by-12 eat-inkitchen features a 14-by-ll dinette area for casual dining and pantry. The kitchen is equipped with dishand electric stove * The A 14-by-11 dinette area offers casual dining in the kitchen, which overlooks the family room femily or recreation room, sized at which features built-in book shelves and cabinets. 26 * bv features a fire lace and P provides plenty of room for play and entertainment. There is a separate laundry room with washer/ dryer hookups, One full and one half bathrooms arc both located on the first floor. The 21-by-16 master bedroom has plenty to stay home about: there is a Whirlpool in the private master bathroom and i\ fireplace in the bedroom itself. A changing area provides plenty of space as do the two walk-in closets. Three additional bedrooms, sized at 16-by-l3, 15-bv-13 and 13-by-12, are located on the second floor. One lull bathroom adjoins two bedrooms, while the third bedroom has its own full bathroom. Skylights allow for natural light throughout the house. If you're thinking of an in-house gym or just a place to exercise, the full finished basement has a room just for that puijjose. Other incidentals include u wet bar and an attic with plenty of storage space. Utilities include gas water heater, forced hot air, central air conditioning, public water and sewer. This new, immaculate home in Bridgewater is selling for $549,000 and is listed with Prudential Rose Realtors in Watchung. For further information or to arrange a tout, contact Susan Powers at The Prudential Rose Realtors, DIANE MATFLERD/FORBES NEWSPAPERS In this Bridgewater colonial, the master bedroom has Its own fireplace and a _,...,. 1(_., J( P jane MATFLERD/FOHQES NEWSPAPERS A vlaw from the MCond floor lh0w8 the Whlrpool in the private master bathroom. formbl <* lnln 9 room and tiled foyer.

49 A Forbes Newspaper Supplement RealEstate April 27,28,29, REALTORS Is Your Home In It? Real estate's most powerful tool is simple to use. Call HOME Enter the 4-digit code for a particular property or Follow the Phone's easy directions. till f I. l n n i," in" i. ft If :$,\ 'IM 1 1-' r'» KIi \»rll C.3 Brldgtwattr W7747 CONTENTED CHARM Locatad in a quiat reaidential neighborhood and accessible to all highways. Family toom with sliders to patio, 4 BR, 1.5 baths, LR, OH, EIK, garage. $215, North PlalnfMd I f 7710 CHARMING EXPANDED CAPE Immaculate 3 BR, 3.5 bath expanded cape w/many updates localedon quiet tree lined street. Vinyl sided w/fieldstone, spacious eatirvkltchen, DR, LR w/cozy fp, cac, enclosed porch, 2 car garage. $154, Cranford CROSS THE BRIDGE over a sparkling brook and enter the era of gracious tum-omhecentury living updated to 1994 convenience. This impressive 5 BR, 3Vi bath home features Palladian windows, skylights, new roof, 2 new baths and central air. $469, Brldgiwattr IT 1457 CONVENIENCE, COMFORT AND CHARM dttcribt thla home in dttlrablt Mahinivilla. 3 Bfii, 1.5 baths, ipmloua country kitchen w/ieperett dining araa, tap-down LR w/ (pk», (ormal OR. Amuatiut $229,000 90IB North PttlnitoM RECENTLY REDUCED! Gracioui 4 BR, 1.5 btth Colonial in the beautiful Meedowbrook aection, Dan, tiraptaca, cac, liniihad bate, dinette and so much mow. Ready to mow in! 9177, Scotch Plains SUGAR AND SPICE This house really haa everything nice. Charming cape with 3 bedroomi, new bath, updated kitchen with new stove, dishwasher and disposal. Finished basement, new furnace, central air and all windows have been replaced. $179, Bnnchburg It 1562 CUL-DE-SAC COLONIAL 8 year new home, move-in condition with 4 BRs, 2.5 baths, bonus library. A large deck and walk-out basement plus a lovely family room with fireplace make this a must see. $259, North Plilnfltld I T 1251 PERFECT BUY Can you believe this cozy Colonial has 3 BR's, 15 baths, new kitchen with tile floor and a screened porch? And, that it can be yours for only $132,900, Call now $132, Cranford tti03o FAMILY PORTRAIT Imagine yours by the stone fireplace of Ihts All American 4 bedroom split level home in Cranford Quiet neighborhood and alluring curb appeal invite you to experience a grandeur life style featuring an eat-in notty pine kitchen, formal dining room, living room, panelled family room, enclosed porch and 3 lull baths. $289, BEDMINSTER/BRIDGEWATER OFFICE 271 Route 202/206 Pluckemin, New Jersey (90B) WARREN OFFICE 61-C Mountain Blvd. Warren, New Jersey (908) WESTFIELD OFFICE 600 North Avenue, West Westlield, NJ (908)

50 6-April 27,28,29,1994 RealEstate A Forbes Newspaper Supplement Purchasing homeowners insurance Looking to purchase homeowners insurance? To begin with, find out how much it would cost to rebuild your home. The amount of insurance you buy should be based on rebuilding costs, not the price of your home. Hie cost of rebuilding your house may be higher (or lower) than the price you paid for it or the price you could sell it for today. According to Doris Zampella, president for the Independent Insurance Agents of Somerset County (HASC), '"Your independent agent generally can calculate rebuilding costs for you or you can hire an appraiser to do the job. In addition, your local real estate agent will be able to give you the names of appraisers." The cost of rebuilding your house is based on local construction costs and the kind of house you have, including the type of exterior wall construction - frame, masonry O)rick or stone) or veneer; the square footage of the structure; the style - ranch or colonial, for example; the number of bathrooms and other rooms; the type of roof and the materials used; and whether it was custom built. Other factors that affect the rebuilding costs are an attached garage, a fireplace, exterior trim and a home's special features, like arched windows. A good way to get a ballpark estimate of the cost of rebuilding your house is to calculate the square feet for your type of house. For example, suppose your home is 2,000 square feet (1,200 square feet on the ground floor and 800 on the second) and the building costs in your community and for your type of house are $80 per square foot. The cost to replace your home would be approximately $160,000. You can ask a real estate agent or appraiser for average building costs in your area. If you already have homeowners insurance, make sure you have enough. Most insurance companies recommend you insure your home for 100 percent of the cost of rebuilding it. Make sure your independent insurance agent knows about any improvements or additions to your house since you last talked about your insurance policy, If you don't increase your limits to cover the cost of rebuilding the new deck, a second bathroom, a larger kitchen or other improvements that have increased the value of your home, you may save a little money on your insurance but you risk being underinsured. Ms. Zampella suggests, "You call your independent agent, and get the information you need. Because, that is what an independent agent does - serve you, their client So good luck and best wishes on your insurance purchase." I1A of Somerset County is part of the Independent Insurance Agents of New Jersey, the largest agents association in the state, Its members offer a roll range of insurance products for personal and business use, Weichert offers health insurance Weichert Insurance Agency has made available the Principle Health Insurance Plan marketed through Old Northwest Agents Inc. Principle Health Insurance is the leading writer of small group and individual health insurance in the United States, According to Lee Nestel, executive vice president, "The addition of Principle to our agency expands our product line in include one of the most customer servici 1 driven health insurance carriers in the industry." For additional information, contact Weichert. Insurance Agency, (201) MILLION DOLLAR WINNERS These Rorden Realty, Inc. Sales Associates have qualified for the "1993 New Jersey Association of Realtors Million Dollar Sales Club." Legal newsletter offered to realtors "Real Estate I-aw" features articles on real property issues and is written for the real estate professional. Subscription to the newsletter is complimentary. Earlier issues arc nvuilnble upon request. Contact Mariano & Coiro P.G, (10, for information, Prudential i\?,:4 jii Sheila Parizeau Silver Award Joyce Taylor Silver Award w>* Vicki Bekkedahl Silver Award Sandy Miller Bronze Award Jeanne Monaghan Elaine Demyen Ellen Troeller Joan Karl Bronze Award Bronze Award Bronze Award Bronze Award Each Salesperson must actually sell property worth multiple millions (o be eligible for the award.., We honor them for their hours of service and dedication to our clients. MAlKM* CJV MAk.TV.4M. X Celebrating 23 Years of Landmark Service Realtor (908) w ELM STREET. WESTFIELD CRANFORD Charming Dutch Colonial Freshly painted: 3 BRs, new large Country Kitchen, fireplace in Living Room. Located on quiet cul-de-sac street in nice neighborhood. JUST REDUCED $205,000 Rock solid In m l estate." «19M H» PrudtmM AMI EtUttMtaM, kt WqwdMly Omd md OpiM,.1 t

51 A Forbes Newspaper Supplement April 27,28,29, STn Ask For The Best By Name: kumi.vnkmj.v RflilT NJAR Milliiiri r>4ljrcluh lnitm.ui.kijl MVtilU(iNtfMM.H.V MiHit>nl>>t VlurLui V A L MAIM AKI NIAR SlItlT ll'kl'l lnivrn.tinti IVuk-nt\( in MIAR Million Ckh SISAND'AKItCA MAR f id NIAR Milliim»>tljr('luh w \im A MAII Will, fll^h,r(hh r.i'.s. MAR M:lli..i- IkJI.ii- ( L.f. Muh. M.Hi.n!* luh Mulii Mnli KI D..lhi < HUttWMJt NlARMiiiinn CliiN WSVItllNKCMH IIHIIKHUP.K.I. (,HIK(,U I IK AS IIHOXrH.IIMI. MAH Million 1»JI if luh,hm.s.,(,n.h.s. NIAK M II. r II,.11,T [ lu Uf.*lA L Million ll.-ll.iil lul \<\\ ii u iis C.H.S., >nlk.h..f(iuh III Jl/i Uut Mull VI n Lk.iLjf < luh CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ONLY REAL ESTATE OFFICE THAT QUALIFIED 26 AGENTS FOR NEW JERSEY'S "93 MILLION DOLLAR SALES CLUB To all 26 we extend congratulations for their superb achievement. And to all of you we extend our heartfelt thanks for helping them achieve their unsurpassed level of excellence. Westfield Office 264 East Broad Street coidweu SCHLOTT REAU0R3* HNHISNTCUk-oklschl.pni4 4/2H HM real csiaic

52 8-April 27,28,29,1994 RealEstate A Forbes Newspaper Supplement Live it up in Highland Park, contemporary style When you drive up the two-car driveway to this ranch style home with brick and wood exterior, it's clear what sets this place apart - its contemporary design. Located on North Ninth Avenue in Highland Park, this threebedroom home?ot on 85-by-100 feet of land offers many amenities. Step into the entrance foyer where a sunken conversation area with parquet floor and tree-standing stone fireplace sot the style. All this overlooks the sunny atnua:. The living room combines with the dining room to create a great room with built-in teak wood breakfront and a full glass wall covered with shoji screen. The gallery kitchen has walnut cabinet panelling and is equipped with a sub-zero refrigerator, dishwasher, disposal, seven-burner electric range and double wall oven. The 15-by-20 master bedroom, with full bathroom, features a 19-foot walkin closet. Two additional bedrooms are located on this level, where there is also a marble powder loom. The 18-by-36 family room, located on the lower level, has bookcase? built into its Vermont barnsidintj. Sliding doors open on to the backyard and patio..also on this level is a 12-by-15 librarybedroom. 12-by-15 laundry room. 18-by-25 storage workshop and a utility room. There is a full bathroom on this level. Tliere is an attached two-car garage with automatic garage door opener. The house comes complete with a pressurized hot water system, filtered exhaust fans and central air conditioning, Forced air heat is fueled by natural gas. A burgular alarm system and smoke alarm are also assets to this property. Listed for $495,000 by Coldwell Banker Schlott. Realtors in Metuchen, this home can be seen by calling Honey Levine at '"7 This contemporary Highland Park homo comti complete with atrium and stone fireplace. Experts in Residential Sales Over $60,000,000 in closed sales. Kate Lund, crs Broker-Owner Mary Lupini Broker-Owner This team is working together to serve you better, combining years of success with hundreds of satisfied clients and customers. They sell houses and plenty of them! We've just listed your dream home-here in North Edison nestled on a gorgeous park-like half acre! Luxuriously large rooms are not easy to come by. but you'll find plenty nt them here. Three spacious hejrooms, 2.5 baths, a completely refinished kitchen with while cabinetry, ceramic tile baeksplash and dinette area, master bedroom with full bath, large living mum and dining room, ground level family room with brand new sliding glass doors out to patio, basement with workshop & office & one car attached garage with automatic door opener. This home also features plush neutral carpeting throughout, forced air gas heat and central air & much more. All situated on a park-like yard in an excellent neighborhood! Truly a dream home! Offered at $264,850. Cull Kate or Mary today for a private showing m$ each nflke imlepemk'mly "mini * upciain Realty Center nl Metro Park 75 Linenln Highway (Ri.27) Isclin. NMWK30 Mary Lupini Kate Lund, crs Broker-Owners ^ RANALD C. BROWN 1934 Washington Valley Road, Box 68 MARTINSVILLE, NEW JERSEY "MINT" COLONIAL $162,700 North Side Somerville! Pristine! 1 Central A/C - 3/4 Bedrooms - Full Attic- Formal Dining Room! 3 Car Garage!l First Time Offered. SOMERVILLE $249,700 ZONED P-2 Beautiful, well-kept colonial residence suitable for office use! Generous oversized rooms! deep lot! All city utilities. Call for convenient appointment! PEMTOfl* (908) T- r- r,,^ :T^: BOUND BROOK $114,900 TOWNHOUSE 6 yrs. young! Ceramic tile foyer; eat-in kitchen; sliding doors to rear deck. Family room + workshop, central A/C. Convenient to Routes 287,22 & 28. Imme-, diate occupancy. ACREAGE BASKING RIDGE 2,76 acre approved lot! Spectacular secluded wooded setting. All approvals! First time offered! $229,000. MARTINSVILLE COMMERCIAL 3/4 acres! Approved 7400 sq. ft, building. City sewer! Convenient to Exit #33, Route 78. Priced to sell $259,700.

53 A Forbes Newspaper Supplement April 27,28,29, VMWI *lwf»rw Brick ranch on a cul-de-sac features 3 bedrooms, living/dining roomcombo, a huge new it in kitchen, Maintenance tree exterior, ncad yard. Driveway parks 6, enclosed porch, new healing system. CLK 5322 * vnmmv fir wiwwi Charming & spacious custom built colonial, close to school & transportation. Features 3 bedrooms,modernkttcrwn.w/dishwasher and dividing island. 2 full baths, 2 car detached garage CLK 5320 OJUW j I100JOO 8 years yound horn* in Inman Heights, features 3 bdfooms, 2 baths, family room, large at in kitchen, formal dining room, garage ExtenorboasUmaint«nancafrwsiding,dtck, lanod in yard. CIK ,100 Wake up each morning with 15 mile view of the countryside this 2 BR home has a large eat in kitchen, dining room.woodburingstove, soaking tub, 2 car garage and large deck Don't miss this great value. HIL1658 ma a ujimahmu ;ai naiin fymw (Ht)l?4441 Thts lovely 3 BR cape cod sits neatly on a njoaly landscaped lot with mature trees, flowering $ftrut»4 outdoor BBQ pit Delightful screened proch jutl wailing lor the sun to shine Fireplace in LR & altrgi kitchen/breamasl foom walkout base 4 i car gi< le HIL1635 AMAOfHtt (HHI7444t. \ Your dream is home here! The soft flowing exterior affirms the warmth you'll feel inside. It speaks of 4 BRs plus 2 bonus rooms, spacious Lfl, DR. FR with fireplace, breakfast room. 11 rooms in all. A cul-de-sac too. It's's yours.jt'swaiting!! HIL1662 AMAOfmi (000)074441, %\um Neat as a pint! lovely well kept 3 bedroom ranch w/woodburning stow, hardwood firs, din area, e-i-k, full fin osmnt. Excellent location MET4429 m mmnm Lovely home designed for gracious living. 5 bedrms, 3,5baths, wooded yard, 2(ireplaces, minutes from NY transportation. MET4398 ro,ooo 4 bedrm cape with FDR, sliding doors to large deck, full finished basement, new heat! Won't last. Call now! MET 4419 t\hjm Beautiful colonial with huge rooms, 2 full baths, new deck with above ground pool off country kitchen. Located in family neighborhood. MET 4506 MHUCHM/IMOOH SCOTCHMAN* «,ooo 10 room charmer. Enjoy a glorious summer in your own swimming pool in presttous location. 3V 3 baths, 2 fireplaces, deck, 2 car parage, centra! air & more RDT 2017 IIOMOO This 5 bdrm home has 3 lull baths, 2 bdrms. have private baths, rooms are handicapped accessible 2 yyr. addition w/2 furnaces, water h heater, rool, l home h has h adjoining building bild lot lt needingsubdivision. RDTJOOj mi,ooo This 2 bdrm ranch w/1 car garage is a great starter home Eat-in kitchen, washer/dryer, laundry rm,, pantry, maintenance tree exterior, wall to wall carpeting Great access to major hwys. RDT 1973 Move right m this lovely 9 yr. young center hall colonial located in an executive neighborhood 4 bdmns, 2'4 baths, skylights in mst bdrm &balh,convenienltoris 22.78&202 RDT 1962 SCOTCH HAMS 1100,000 Prime location Center Hall Col featuring 3 brms. 1.5 baths, living rm w/frplce, formal dining rm, large eat-m kit, 2 car garage & more. Tree lined street in family neighborhood!! SPL 1914 SCOTCH HAMS Aiuoma MJUNI $471,000 You can see lor miles' Sitting on top of the Walchung Mountains a rare home awails the discriminating buyer. A sun drenched kit. living rm w./marbie Iplce. 4 brs. 3 5 baths Special ular. SPL1919 KOTCH NAINI ( 0H31M101 UOTCNMAINI $»t f fh Spacious 3 brm, 2 full bath Ranch in prime Homestead Village area Features include large lot, hardwood firs, lormal dining rm, lee im and much more Walk to school & lianspoitalion SPL1912 SCOTCH HAINS WAMIN 1)11,000 MOUNTAIN MAGIC! Don't miss this immacu late brick L-shaped Ranch with 4 BR, PR with raisedhearth fireplace,nestled inthewatchung Mis" MANY EXTRAS 111 SPF1232 IOUTH MJUHWILO UU OPNCI («l)«i.wld SCOTCH PLAINS $»0.000 A Dream Come True 1 Move right in to this Custom Built Center Hall Dutch Colonial with eidra large rooms 4 BR. 2 5 hnth^ EIK. Sep Dining Area Sliders to deck. Japanese Garden w/fishpond and more SPF 1237 SOUTH PIAINHILO imk Of nci Explore the Possibilities 1 Beautiful, totally upgraded Colonial w'2 car del gar, 2nd outbuilding w Garage & work rooms Lg lot til possiblepfoi landscaping,etc. Must see 1 SPf l?38 SOUTH PUIHFIILD AlU OmCI IfOHMt-HM SOUTH HAINNILD $10f r 000 WHY RENT? Own this 2 BR ranch featuring 2 yr. old Country Kitchen, 1 car detached gar Vinyl siding, fenced yard. Call for details SPF 1230 Clark Area (908) Hillsborough/ MonlgDincry Area (908) KIASMY t1s4 f f00 Only $8750 Down and $900 p/mo After rend from tenant, can put you into this Mint Cond. 2 (am. spe ittil CAC, lender will pay escrows on special FHA Program for qualified buyers Owners pay closing SPF 1195 Aiuomci Scotch Plains Area (908) Rcadinglon/ Branclibiug Area (908) $154,W YOUNG RANCH HOME w/3-4 BR, 2(ull baths, 20x12 EIK, F/R & Den w/seperate Ent. Great lor home office located on Cul-de-sac. Don't missthisone! PUUNPIILD 2 Family great income property Well maintained 2 family 3 car detached garage, oversized lot. 2 bdrms apartments, sperate utiliies Owner Motivated SPF 1194 SOUTH HJUHPIIU AIIAOfflCI tooshm South Plainficld Area (908) Mctuchcn/ Edison Area (908) THE HOME YOUR FAMILY DESERVES 'You (ove living in this quality 4 br, 25 bath horn overlooking the park This beauty reflects lots of care & pride of ownership. A top note home you'll cherish. SPF1213 SOUTH PUIHMLft AIIAOfflCI (Ht)4H-HH colouiea BANK6R SCHLOTT REALTORS*

54 :*>» ;, 10-April 27,28,29,1994 RealEstate A Fwbes Newspaper Supplement Weicheit Realtors again affirmed its solid leadership in New Jersey real estate as a record 661 salespeople from Weichert offices throughout the.state achieved membership in the prestigious 1993 New Jersey State Million Dollar Club, Weichert's record number of, qualifiers represented 18 per- cent of the 3,608 real estate salespeople in the state who attained million dollar club stature in * * * MaiyAnn Corcoran, a sales associate with Weichert Realtors' Westfield Office, has qualified for membership of the 1993 New Jersey Association of Realtors Million Dollar Club. Office Final Phase! NESHANIC STATION MILL ESTATES Only S homes lefl, 3 lo 6 acres, from $299,900 A bedrooms 21/2 baths Anderson Insulated windows Family rooms witti floor to ceiling brick Crown & dentil moulding in dining room fireplaces 2 car garages Ceramic tile Floor in foyer & baths Extensive Views 'Pull basement plus much more Optit Sal., Sun,, 12 ID S or by Appoinlmrnl QntuiK WORDEN& GREEN REALTORS !n>tn Wi-fMlkTiMc T Hi uri (War time i.) fhiun AirwIIKil.S mtt\tunphi as- sociate of the month in July 1993, Ms. Corcoran also earned membership of the New Jersey State Association of Realtors Million Dollar Sales and Marketed clubs, Previously an aerobics instructor at the WestAeld YMCA, Ms. Corcoran is now an eight-year resident of Westfield. * # Holly Cohen earned the ambassador's club award for 1993 which, her Westfield office of Weichert Realtors say, places her in the top 1 percent of realtors nationally. Ms. Cohen, who is licensed in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, is a member of the Westfield, Greater Easter Union County, Middlesex and Somerset county board of realtors and the New Jersey Association of Realtors Million Dollar Sales Club. Lauveldale Sena applauds associates Sena Realty of Somerville has announced their sales associates who have earned membership in the New Jersey Association of Realtors Million Dollar Club. These associates have earned the bronze award which requires listings and sales of $2 million or more during Honored were Melissa Horncr, a member of the Somerset Hi 4sV ^k^hra&bk^k^k^k^k^k^k^kv committee. Honored was and Hunterdon County Boards Ghetto. Ms. DcGhelto I is a of Realtors, mcmijcv ot ^ ^ Ms, Horner is the Somerset JHfc also a mem-county Board of Realtors and is cur-.^^^ tor of the K membership I^HKVP^HK: and oricn- JHMSK : / ^HM in prestigious Belle Mead by Sourland Associates 4 bedroom Colonials side entry garage 1 & 2 a lots all utilities $289,900 Rnjnv gracious living in this n, estate like setting, secluded and private, yet convenient to shopping, transportation and all amenities., Open Fii, Sit, Sun., Mon or by appointment Phone Directions: From Somerville Circle. Ri. 2(16 South to left on Amwell Rd. to right on Willow Rd, to Salt's center on left, f Hilishorounh Township) WORDEN & GREEN Realtors mittce of the Somerset Board. rently chairwoman of their library committee. Tcrri Opie was also honored. She is a. member of I the Somerset Boaixl of Re- 1 altois and currently is I chairwoman 1 of their focus iilso Sue I)v> L^LHk^H. A- :. ^fc:: U Bendall honored at realty banquet John Bemlall, sales associate of Weitlel Realtors' Bridgcwuler office, was honored recently ut the Weide) Realtors Annuiil Awards Danqucl for ;iuhk:vinji the designation of top lister, tnp unit producer and top volume producer in lf)!)3. Mi 1. Bendall believes in u "team concept" approach to giving his clients the best possible service. Members of Mr. Bendall's team include his assistant Rhonda Douglass, financial advisor liob Hart and relocation expert Bi'th Travis. Mi 1. BcndnlPs team concept is also instrumental to his "Client For Life" philosophy. He maintains an on-going relationship with each of his clients and has many repeat customers. WESTFIELD COMMERCIAL PROPERTY tllujlti lllllif It mmmm 1,950-2,800 sq. ft homes on I acre lots 3 &4 bedrooms, 21/2 baths Fireplace, CAC Landscaping package, city water/ps Convenient location HurryfTMi opportunity ww I ROT mlkii Wl? n nfcoi front thslttw 200,000'$ i :-. ROTAL SPACE FOR OFFICE/MEDICAL/RETAIL USE«.FIrst floor t 2700 sq. ft. + basement storage. Great "high visibility" location! Central air conditioning! Off- lreetparking!$l5.sq.ft.+nnn.availawemay 15,1994. Sow Center Sotuiftjf tnw Montiy noontoj p*wi Celebrating 23 years of Landmark Service 'REALTOR ELM ST., WESTFIELD, N.J. John Bendall with his assistant, Rhonda Douglass

55 A Forbes Newspaper Supplement RealEstate April 27,28,29, SOMERSET BEDM1NSTER Laurel A. Davis to Richard B. Miller, 62 Fieldstone Road, $120,500 Joseph A & Patricia M. O'Neill to Patricia M, Fishman, 15 Gatehouse Road, $379,000 Hills Development Co. to Rieko Batka, 60 Pheasant Brook Court, $149,000 Glenn E. & Randi T, Lystash to Ciaudette C, Canki, 8 Village Green Drive. $71,500 Lori Frize k Annette Kanter to Barnes W, Gray, 5 Wentworth ttoatl $95,000 Leroy & Ann Promise to Isha McLaughlin, 102 Berger St., Somerset, $147,500 At ^ 1 ^ ^ I ^ Robert F. k Linda Devine et ai. to Micha- U&lcS I el Ferraro et at., 54 Canterbury Circle, Som- W«M%T1P erset. $113,500 K. Hovnanian to Anand S. Gadre & S, Schraddha, 163 Columbus Drive, Franklin Park, $79,950 K Hovnanian at Somerset to Robert J, ^ Partner3nip to Jonas R ^ Q ^ Bird, 8 Arthur Gtock Blvd., Franklin Park, Easton Ave.. Somerset, $2,650,000 Bunker Hill Estates inc. to Edwin T. k Jill L. Kubicki, 27 Golf View Drive, $297,631 Ann Umar to Dayslar Home Builders Inc., Griggs Street, Somerset, $40,000 Robert W. k Diana Cavallo In Chunyen Chiang & Ke-Chi Chou. 233 Ilarlech Way, Franklin, $14^,001) K. Hovnaniiin to John M. Kerckes. 1(1 Hudson Court, Franklin Park, $111,085 Ry-Nic Inc. to Ryck /V k Donna Jean Suydam, 1 Hunters Crossing Itoad, Somerset, $264,000 BOUND BROOK Raymond F. Fetters III et ttc. to James K. McGlashan Jr., 553 Church St., $185,000 Frank B. Momrock Jr. to Debbie E. Momrock, 390 W. High St., $140,000 R. Walter Schlcsinger to Steven C. k Josanna Mornssey, 802 Meadow Drive, $185,000 BRANCHBURG K, Hovnanian at Branchburg to Robert S. Keller, 516 Azalea Terrace, Somerville, $107,912 TMG LP to Lawrence W. & Ana P. Greenspan, 305 Kelly Drive, Neshanic Station, $332,500 TMG LP to David C. k Joan Mirande, 208 Kelly Drive, Branchburg, $323,000 Jean Maier k Douglas Casncr to Diana L. Fanders, 101 Red Crest lane, Branchburg, SCHLOTT REALTORS BRIDGEWATER Agonore k Mary Martini to Philip Weiseman k V, Little, 2103 Ackman Court, $151,000 Rol>crt H. Lund to Citicorp Mtg. Inc.. Birdsall Lane, $100 Citicorp Mtg. Inc. to Robert Cassio, 93 Bond St., $170,000 Paul Garvcy to Keith CiatTgu, 2(»08 Doolittic Drive, $109.00(1 Ardmacr Construction Inc. to Anun Tilak, 26 Forest Ave., $204,500 Ardmacr Construction Inc. to Marc D. k Marjorie A. Gellcr, (lateshead Drive. $235,000 Joseph P. k Eleanor Russo to Theodore W. & Johanna P, Ark, 547 S. Glen Ridge Drive, $305,000 Jeanne K Andrews to Wilson J. Andrews Jr., 16 Heather Hill Way, $12G,262 AJ Doycc Inc. to Manuel A. k Carol L, Perez, 6 Houston Court. $438,190 Running Brook Joint Venture to William G. & Mary Lou Burnett, M Newland Court, $502,000 Gary W. k Tcrri L. Ascoleso to Gary Budncy & Lydia Lopez, 1(36 Southbrook Drive. $290,000 K. Hovnanian at Rnd^cwiitcr to Tara A. & Ana O'Neill, 411 Strull Court, $H5,00l) Rocky Road Development Corp. to Debra Kosslcr, 42 Stryker Court. S1G3.000 East Hill Partnership to Scott J. k Kathleen J. Janolli, Vaiulerveer Road. $196,500 FAR HILLS Far Hills Development Inc. to Edward H. k Phyllis A. Kiopp. 9 Ashington Club Road, $302,9119 Ftir Hills Development Inc. to Stephen F. k Judith A. Drngos. 11 Ashington Club Road, $275,775 Far Hills Development Inc. to Linda I. Vanusse, 13 Ashington Club Road, $248,000 FRANKLIN Thomas E. k Lynn C. Rainey to Richard S, Zinn, 1R4H Amwell Road, $218,900 $M»,000 Maintenance Iree duplex in pristine condition on quiet street. 12 rooms in all and 2 car garage. Walk to all schools & transportation. Call tor details. WSF462B WIITNILD $311,500 Charming colonial in beautiful location. 3 bdrms, 1.5 baths, new kit w/skylight, rec rm, porch. Beautiful, large property. WSF48O7 MOUNTAINSIDE $411,000 Quality custom built home in etioice location. 4 bdrms, 3.5 baths, gourmet kit w/bay dining area, lam rm w/lplc, deck and much more. WSF4804 SCOTCH rums sirijoo Charming cape w/professional possibilities. Kit & oth on each floor, fully finished basement. Immediate possession. WSF4621 WIITFIILD 4»t,000 Beautifully updated 4 bdrm colonial. New cherry kit. w/ center island, fam rm, rec rm, 3.5 bths. Great family neighborhood. WSF4835 WIITFIILD WESTF1ELD The West field Office Is the 264 E. Broad St. #1COLDWELL BANKER OFFICE NORTH AMERICA 01 Wl loldwcll Hauler HfMik-niul Kal huto An l.i Oppmltiwiv Coiiip.iiH. Smiu 1 (Dlitev ltnv Viuk'iill\ 0*wA,ntil (> vi,iiod $39t,tO0 Beautiful 4/5 bdrm home. Designer kit w/skylight, cathedral ceiling, center island. Spacious din rm, liv rm w/lplc, rec rm.cac, deck. WSF4889 COLOUieiL BANKjSRQ SCHLOTT REALTORS'

56 12 - April 27,28,29,1994 RealEstate A Forbes Newspaper Supplement I HAVi A WAY 10 SHOW YOUR HOUSi TO HOUSANDS Of- POft NTIAL UUYf US Ml KINEJ midqiwatir WKI00 YISTMDAYS ILIQAMCI WITH TODAYS LUXURY Pit ctvil war 5 OR, 2.S bath historic Colonial. MuKipit au1hinticfirtplac#srrwkithi»irml collectors iitm. Enjoy spring days on your 1.6 ftcrts of landscaptd propirty. Must be saon to ba appraciatad. Call today. IRA AMEfMCAN DRUM, RULTORI (Mt) IITMOO ONI OF A KIND JustliiitdandgoingiaatlKaat! Thiiuniqut Cotonial WM thdftscli'honcapacod Tht fttturtt includt random width ptggtd floors, bttutrlul buih-int round thi ovtrtiztd liraplaca, dutch doors throughout tht 1*1 floor, 1 V4 btths. 3 bdrms, and much mort. Don't miu out, cah immtditttly. IRA RONIAKOWIKIAOINCV, INC. (Mt)9N4700 Sales Somerset Franklin Norene E. Powell Salawu to Duune S. & Frances D. Royal, 28 Kinpbridge Road, Somerset, $158,000 Gordon D. & Laura L. Cates to Jonathan Best, 76 Laurel Ave, $149,500 Donald Johansson to Michael Keating, 61 Oswestry Way, Somerset, $95,000 Somerset County Sheriff to Citicorp Manufacturing Corp., 229 W. Pointe Ave., Somerset, $100 Barry K. & Linda B. Gold to Jayson E. & Anne M. Brown, 9 Tracy Court, Franklin Park, $105,000 Michael L & Karen A. Mallek to Casper & Patricia Piersanti, 133 Winchester Way, Somerset, $115,000 HILLSBOROUGH Crestmont Hills Inc. to Trevor & Mala Goveas, 5 Cromwell Road, $234,131 Carl J. & Patricia W. Minnis to Robert J. & Diane L Bianchini, 3 Flagg Way, $265,000 John R. & Marsha M. Hcrrling to Thomas J. & Susan E. Iiw,. 13 Hiland Drive, Belle Mead, $232,000 Agnes M. & Stephen King to Abbe Brown, Gfft-F Marshall Road, Somuville, $103,500 Arbal S. & Surckha Hunjan to Kevin F. & Susan M. Benz, 28 Meadowbrook Drive, Hillsborough, $168,500 Millstone Estates Inc. to Mark S. & Michelle S. Parisano, %% Theodora Drive, Somerville, $287,100 Robert & Margaret A. Maglies to William F. & M. Lissctte Stncad, 18 Updike Ave, Somcmlle, $210,000 Millstone Estates Inc. to Robert S. k Beth Ann Moron, % Wilson Cove, Hillslwrough, $287,760 MANVILLE Paul M. O'Connor to Sherri & Anu GREEN BROOK Kunze, US. Fifth Ave., $117,500 Louis R. & Mary P. Notte to Thomas P. & Glenn F. & Helen M. Marshall to Harry T. Carol B. O'Donnell, 39 Blue Ridge Ave,, k Kathleen Frezzo, 1123 St. John St., $239,900 $146,500 LUXURIOUS NEW HOME I CusloniRometobebuiNonftnoi«2v«y private woodedkns.the builder wih work ftomyourplwt or our wchiteclwidesipiyoui dream house. Startlnflal S6SO.O0O. CaH RANCHiURQ $207,000 OKN HOUSIS/1/M 1 TO 4PM Pictura Pariact Homa! Immaculata 3 BR r/ 3 bath homa on cul-da-iac. Larga family room ovarlooking scinic t:rt.202s,,rightonrivarrd. l la(ioncadarqrovard., ( NonFrawtfitosignonlifi IRA CLAMrCUV WO MALTY (NOI SOMIRVIUI $310,000 ITITHICLIAVIR NOUSIIIll Juna, Ward, Wally ft Tht Baav that is! 5 bdrma wilt lat Baav & Wal*y hava Lumpy & Eddia Haskall tpand tht night. Juna win hava dirmtr avtry night in tha largt OR 1 Willy will bring Ward his slippers ft papar in tha Library upon rttuming homa from work. AndLaavaHToBaavartoba in tha {410* dtap) yard galling into Mschtaft IKAWCUCHUN, INC. ( *3100 mi 245 SmHh Avt. N J. VJMS CRANPORO $224,100 Immaculata 4 BR Raised Ranch features nawar Eat-in Kitchen ft appliances. Central air, fenced yard, t 5 bathj, familyrm&dr t carpating& HWFIoors. 1 YearERABuyar Protection Plan included Just listed exclusively thru our office! IRA VILLAOIQRIIN MALTORS, INC. (NO) NORTH IDItON $220,000 JUST UITIDI Tri-lavel Grand* Wood's Tovmhome bright ft sunny location, back wooded area and babbling brook. All new carpatlngthraughout.allroomsfrashty painted, Call Peggy ai lor a private viewing now! I IRA VIUAQI QRIIN REALTORS, INC. (003) ERA AMERICAN DREAM, REALTORS ERA BONIAKOWSKI AGENCY 99 Ruiilv 20b 929 Washington Ave Hillsborinu h. rjj OHU/fi Green Brook, NJ (908) 253-9(100 (908) LRA MCLACHLAN, INC.?0',r M.nnSt SoiUfftflllc. NJ DIIH^i ERA CLASSIC LIVING REALTY %2 Houlo202So. SOIIHTVIIIC, NJ OfilWG (908) ERA VILLAGE GREEN REALTORS 3b tlr.iiult Avf f,,(, (sjj (908) (908) Wl-7477 IlK 1 IfUicpcrxii'Mtly Ownnd,irul Opcr.ih'tl House of tht week Mountainside $335,000 Entertaining is made easy by the spacious cathedral ceilinged living room, dining room & great room that surround the gourmet kitchen. The great room's sliding doors overlook the deck & Inground pool that Is set in park-like property. 4 bedrooms, 2'/* baths, grade levelfamily room & new central air. The exterior was just painted in Double side entry garage has extra parking area. On a quiet street. Call us today for your tourl REALTOR- CdebrnHng 23 years ofiandmarhservice QQ

57 A Forbes Newspaper Supplement RealEstate April 27,28,29, Seniors benefit for owning $600,000 home Transamerica HomeFirst today announced a new feature in its reverse equity after receiving monthly income for 10 years, if he or she mortgage plan, the fixed an- elects the fixed annual ap- nual appreciation premium, that preciation premium. The same allows seniors with homes valued homeowner would retain only over $600,000 to retain more of the about $480,000 if appreciation was equity in their property. shared with the lender. Both scenarios Under Transamerica Home- assume a 3.5 percent annual First's plan, borrowers can elect a home appreciation rate over the fixed annual appreciation premium course of the loan. of 1.75 percent on a maxi- "Some of our customers with mum loan amount of $600,000. In higher valued properties general, fixing the appreciation at wanted to know the exact percentage of appreciation they this level allows seniors with properties worth more than $600,000 to would give up in our reverse retain more of the equity in their mortgage program," said home than would be possible if Peter Mazonas, president and they shared appreciation with the C.E.O. of Transamerica lender. HomeFirst. "So we introduced For example, a senior with a the option of a fixed annual home valued at $ 1,000,000 at current interest rates will retain ap- the needs of these senior appreciation premium to meet proximately $572,000 of the home's homeowners." Transamerica HomeFirst's reverse mortgage also offers the sum advance, reserve account, or matured and is now available to be cent of the loan value as a lump- homes as an investment that has unique feature of providing lifetime income whether or not se-take out reverse mortgages for averse mortgage products are de- combination of the two. Seniors used. Transamcrica HomeFirst reniors remain in their homes, In variety of reasons. Most significant signed for individuals 65 years of most other available reverse mortgage is the vast majority of retirees' age and older in California, New plans, this income stops strong desire to remain in thejersey, and Pennsylvania who when the borrower leaves the home. homes where they have spent a large portion of their lives. have a home valued at $100,000 or more. In addition to monthly income, Many seniors also view the equity that has accumulated in their able by calling Additional information is avail* borrowers can receive up to 25 per B CENTRAL JERSEY MORTGAGE RATES Ltnder, City, Phono APPl 30 YRFIXEO 15YR FIXED [EDI FEE RATE PT8APNRATEfT8 APR OTHER RATE PT8 APR MORTGAGES SOURCE MORTGAGE CO., INC. Purchasing a Home or Refinancing? WE HAVE THE BEST SERVICE AND THE MOST COMPETITIVE RATES Cm for a FREE Consultation & Credit Check Over 150 Mortgage Programs, to Choose Ffom Many with NO POINTS&No Closing Costs "Get to the Source" (908) (800) N. Guton Ave., SonwvUle, NJ UnraM Mr, N J. Sw Dw * bring MORTGAGES Refinance or Purchase. ^ oroint AIMIMS i Avon! I 'miens nun* 1, ()u t i!iti(\i(ion ILissk's -AHSOLL'lhLY NKW JLRSKVS ikuihikstmorllialil-.hanrkrs 1 jworco AL SERVICES tnen AJA Financial, MtdtNtfttx tot Amboy National Bmk.Otd Bridge M I Amtrlcan Ftdtral Mtge, Union MI ARCS Mortgage, Totowa Bay City Mortgage Haztet Capital Fundlng,Paraippany Cmlar Ftd'l Savinga.Prirxaton Charter Ftdl 8aving8 t Rart4olpti Ml Choice Mortgage, Morris Plaint MO Collective FecTI Savfogs,Ed*9on M I Countrywide Mortgagt.WettHeld MI CmtntontFidMSavtogs,Clarfc MI Dlvtrilfied Mtg Svcs.MMdtetown MI Emp*» Mortgage Ca.SomtfvHIt MO Firet Fidelity Bank MO FPMC/FInt F«d'l,Cadar Knolli 101 Fktt Swinge Bank SLA, Edfton MI GtneeloMtgeSvct.EBruntwtek MI Huntington Mortgage, Cheater 000 Imperial Credlt,Parelppany MO Ivy Mortgage.Bolle Mead 0 too Jersey Pacific Mtge.OW Bridge MI Key Corp Mtge.Laurence Hafbor MO I King Mortgage Corp., Clifton MO Mam Financial Svcs, Btoomfield» i Manor Mtge Corp, Paraippany 101 Metropolitan Mtge SvcJFreohold M I Monarch Svga Bank FSB.CItrk too Morgan Cartton Fin'l, Matawan 100 Nafcmt NJ too NJ Home Funding Group.Editon 000 NJ Savings Bank,Somerville M I R & J Mortgage.Ledgewood IOO Royal Mortgaged Brunswick NO Royal Mortgage, Morristown 100 Source Mortgage, Somerville 100 Source One Mtge Svci.Cranford 100 Summit Mortgage,Bridgewater to«united National Bank, Plainfield M I Watohung Hill* Bank.Warren MI Worco Financial Svc, Warren MI MI-4O7O Ml W-IMO III-11H IM-t700 MI-I7N ttt-1117 IM-IIM I44-WI1 MI-4MI 7M-MII U7-0«00 7M-1IO0 7M-M41 M1-MI7 Iff-MM III-44M ltl-1111 Ml-MM Ml SSI-5552 IM-1IM 7U-S SOB (A)1 Yr Aim (B)30 Yr Jumbo (C)5/25 (0)7/23 (E)10 Yi Arm (F)10 Yr Fix«d (0)15 Yr Biwokly H)15 Yr Jumbo (1)1 Yr Jumbo (J]5 Yf Balloon <K)BiwatMy (L)7 Yr Balloon {M)5/25 Balloon (N)S/1 (O)10/1 Jumbo (P)MFA(Q) 10/30 Yr (R)VA (8)5/1 Arm (T)6/2 Arm (U)7 Yr Arm (V)20 Yr Flxad (W)FHA-30 Yr Fixed (X)7/30 Balloon *-rtfundat a-!3o0appfaa for 30 yr flxad b-rata sjuarantai c-wilvtd durlny April,M«y,Jun«AP.R-Conlidl««ltn to calculated Annual ParcanlagaRatat MINIMUM day rait lock flit* art tupplm by tht l*nd«r«and art praatntad without guarantm. Raiaiandlitmiartiubjadtochanflt Ltnd*ilnrta»Mttd In diaplaying irtrcrrwton ihould contact Cooparatka Mortgaga (201) 782-W13 For mort (ntamaton.bor rowari ahould Mil (hi larcjarv Contact Itndari for Information on othar mortgaga producti and aarvbatcoqwatr* Mortgiga Infot ration mumti no llabhftytortypographical arrari or omlailona. Ratal Wad waraiuppliad by foaltndart on 4/20-4/22. N/P~-NotProvWad by mttftution C Cooparativ* Mortgagi Information 19W- All Rlghta f»a«rvad SOO a.oo W kis M , W N/P 0, , e.i I4C-I7M MOO N/P SI0-M7I N/P 722-MOO W S60-22H N/P N/P MB-0100 SOO as D (0 A T B H B E N res H A A N/PJ O.OO N/P N/P N/P N/P A N/P N/P O.OO A 7.48 U 8.83 B 7.46 A N/P 6.85 A N/P A A W B J A A N/P A N/PB N/P 7.32 A 6.16 S 4.75 A N/PD P 42O-2O2I O.OO 7 19 A 5.48 A A 7M-SIS B.50 BOO N/P*\

58 14-April 27,28,29,1994 RealEstate A Forbes Newspaper Supplement SOMI RSI I. MIDDLISI X,V IM()N( 270 VjKWOf? fftffws POCONQS- Siw Crotk. 3 BRi, Din Pool, ttnnli, gotl. 1250/weeksnd, 906* after 8pm. UASIOEHflOHTt* Atfjacant to Orttay etach. Modern condo; 2BR-tlaapl 6, mbath, AC. W/O, carport, etavator, Indoor pool/sauna. Viblock beach. 4 beach badges. S695/wMk, June & sipt. rates avail. Arlini, days; ,IV«:W tlaiim HT8- Ocian block, condo, ilnpi 6, all smeniies, $700/wk., call Iv. mig. IT. MAARTEN- Escape to our beautiful 2 BR, 2 bath bfachfront villa all aminltitt, including maid A car, call Owner (or brochurl , 9400 RENTALS MuHi-Famlry 490 TownnouMV and 6440 Apartments MM*ltoemi MTO-AaartmtMato Share 460-Hamaa to Snare 9490 Wanted to Rent MOO Mite ftonutt BRANCHBURQ- 6 Ig. room Cotoniil, Frplc, laundry rm, gar,, $950/ mo. OWN TO IUY S4039 BIDMINSTER- 2BR, 2 bib Condo. Avail 8/ /mo +util. Incl. use olalmacllltlti METUCHEN- 2 8R, 2 bath, fin. bsmnl., LR, DR, Kit., laundry w/w/d, shop w/work bench, CAC. D/W ft disposal, attic storage, gar., walk to train, $95,900, call SOMERSET - Quailccttl. Avail. 6/1.2BR,2Mt bath. AC. $1150. Walk to Rutger's Plaza. Private patio TIME 0FFE $450 1 BEDROOM APTS: $550 2 BEDROOM APTS: Includes^kat & Hot Water BROOKSIDE GARDEN APTS. 129 Mtrcer St., Somcrville N.I *Qn t \2 rro Lease hi 3 MM $450 last 9 mos Wl or SC77 (irxjn 1) *0n 12 mo Lease - 1st 3 MM IBM last S mo». %Hl %/65, $779 (? bdrm) For new ; lenanis only. Ad (i, 1: be presented at signing of rental iffliraton Other Apts. 1 Bedroom plus loft, llv* ing rm, klichtn, largt laundry room and Kar attached fitraga, upper unit "The Hllti" It250/mo. ThePrudentiall tnd owned A opar 606 a 666 a 430O BOUNO BROOK UNUSUAL AVAHABHJTYI Don't wait! Magnificent 2 6R In beautiful garden sitting. Ranovated kitchen A modem conva* nlancss, clou to all major highwaya S.8U5 BOUND ROOK- 2rma: Large kit. ft brdrm/lr. Large backyd. Off-street parking. No pats. S525/ month includes heat 4 hot water. Call DORCHESTER HOUSE Luxury High Rise Elevator Apartments Studio 1 ft 2 Badrroms DUNELUN- Lovtly 1st II, 3rm apt. In prlv 4-lam. house, Beaumui yard, dead end st. Near tram. S425/mo futil. Call (201) , HIUSIOROUQH- Qnden Apt; Modern, newly decorated one bedroom-large living room, air conditioned, laundramai, swimming pool, lennls, playgrounrj Ample parking, heat lurnlshed. J750,00/mo. Ret. reqd, No pels. Call Mr. Ro»l >venlng» LARGE It*- Qarden Apl, Avail 8/1 to share or takeover. $401 M/1 ulli or $815 > uti!. Easy ace to 22,78 ft or days. MANVILLE- 1st fl. 2 tarn,, 2 BR, bsml, yard. S725 plus ullis & m Sec. Avail. 6/1. 65B-423B after 5pm MANV1LU- 3 rm. 1lt fir, apt,, N/8, $550/mon,., 9M725-19M or MANVILLI- 3 rooms. $575/mwn1tu utilities. No pits. Adult* pralirrid. Call MANVIUI- up-atalrs 1 1/2 BR, inckt.a rafrlg., W/ D, hut A yard, no pall, 1625/mon., avail. 5/ M PttCAUWAY-prlv. entsrance dup., 3 BR, 2 bith, EIK, Spacious LR, tinnanti pay utllt. $900 plus 1 mo. sec Rtt. req'd BAHWAV- Studio Apt with no kit, ctosa to train station. Heat/Hot water Inc. No Pats. S3S0/S or 38M 355 RARITAN- 2-3 BR, LR, Kit.Prof prtl'd.non pets h $950/mo.AvBil Immid ftoselle- 1BR, 4 rms In Victorian mansion, Nice area. 2 tplc, WftD, S7S0/mo. (201) ROtlLLI- Srms.Newly dacoratid, H/HW. 1 prot.parson. No pats. Sac.retaiSaOMHiai. ROULU-4 large modern rms, heat incl. Bustneii couple, no pals, ft sec 24MW7. tomimet COUNTY- So. Bound Brook, 2BR/ Ba $850. 5/1; Hillsb/1 Br/LR/DR 70O, Immad.; H'llib 3BR/DR/LR $075; Sr3nchburg/2BR/2ba. $1,100,5/1; call details CIAS6IC LIV1NO HLTY fol BOMIRVILU- Beautiful location, lovely 4 rooms w/cirpetlng, AC, 1BR, new Kit. w/appli, Btmt. $75O/mo t ulils. 90B lomiitvlue- In town, totally renovated, 2 BR, 2 full bath, lg. LR, W/W, EIK, Pvt. deck, off si, prkg., No pets, $875/ mon. Heat incld., 90B In (hi OARWOOO- lurn. rm., Lg. rm. in pvt. home, resid, araa, pvt. entrance, near bus/train, prof., stable, HIS, mala, no cook- Ing, Long term only, 906* or or9O6-7»3087 MHO HILL! EITATl- 3BR apt. 2 people lo share. WftD, 1/3 util. Avail 5/ NOTICE: AH HOMES TO SHARE tdvwiimirwnti art PAYABLE IN AOVANCE by caih, check, VISA or Maitar Card. For 1 quota on cott, plmtt call 1-B00-S59-94B5. IRIDOEWATER/WOOD- ED LOT- Room w/ prlv -bth ft entr. Female/NS. isoo.days, ROOM MATE WANT- ED- to share home. S350 or 375 w/balh + 1 1/2 mo sac. Util incl. No pets. Bridgewater. Women prefd NOTICE: All WANTED TO RENT advertise mtnti ira PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by cash, check, VISA or Mailer Card. For «quota on coat, plane cat 1-BOO APT, FOR RE9PON- 9IILe- refined lady, with golden retrlver. Walk to town, will pay up to $B50/mo. Call Pascals Realtor, CRAN'OHD AREA- 2 BR apl, needed by 6/1. Prol. tamale with no children or pots / (H) or (W) LOOKINO >OR COMOOI, APT.I, Hotmt, o* ftootntor eotltga intarna, Fum7 Unlurn,, for May thru Aug.. Call M643MB37 erokaf.nofh MILLITONI A«A- Apt. Of im. house Mo. to Mo, or lease starling 6/ NOTICE: AH MISCEL- LANEOUS RENTALS an PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by catb, dwell, VIM or Maatar Can). For i quota on coat, ptoaot call BOUND BROOK- 4-bay garaga for rani or storaga. 1ttmo sec,+ 6275/mo COMMERCIAL RFALfSMTf t6io<bualnaaspraa«r> lies MM-Prataaatonal. H30 Ratall Praparttaa H*Q.Ofnce Rentals Rantala H70 Reiiil Rinials 6880-Warahouat RarMala MM'CommarclalRaal Batata Warrtwl OfnCt) MRfavB FARHILLB INQLEKEC8UITE8 In the Far Hills Cantar offering shared sacreiarlal sarvicaa. Call Philip Smith, CB Commarclal, 90e-9BH655. HIGHLAND PARK- 2,300, on 2nd fl,, new building, space divisible. Will finish lo suit. Free prkg, elevator, ADA accmlbr«.90t' HIU8BOR0U0H Pnme location Rl. 206, (1) BOO sq.ft. $675/mo. negot, Avail, ImmerJ.; f2) 600 $500/mo, , MANWUI- 1,600 Hit, Excallant cond. New wood floor. Ground (I. of* ftcabtdg, FIICATAWAY- Olllca or Ratall. 6,000 ^. ti. Will divide. Arto dentlit offtca. Rt. 267 ft SttHon Rd OOMBRVILLI AREA aq n. Commerclsl space avail. AC-200amp service, 3 phata. $975/ WO.Tom80i-7a6't02f. OMIRVILLE/M10- DLESIX 480iq ft, downtown on Rl 26. EKC loc. Parting. 52V3M1 HIOHUND PARK- Approx. 7,000 aq. ft. Uont manutactuflng SOUTH PUUNFIILD Otlices and/or warehouse. Office 400 sq.ft. ft up, Warehouse, light manulacturlna., 1000 aq.ft. and up. Mina. from 287. Conveniently localad. Affordable rant, O YOUR CUB8WB0 AO CAN N PUtUSNBO IN 61 NiHK JUIStY NCW8> MPIRS WITH ONE EASV PHONE CALL AND FOR ONE LOW PRICE. FOR ONLY $216,00 YOUR AD WILL REACH OVER 1,2 MILLION HOMES THROUOHOUT THE STATE, CALL FORBES CLASSIFIED AT , ASK FOR JOYCE OR KRISTIN FOR ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT SCAN- STATEWIDE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORK. DROO RUS/NFSS OPPORTUNITIES M10-Businesses for Bale 9620-Franchise Opportunities Uetnsas for Sale 840 Investments/ Opportunities BUILD YOUR FUTURI...wHh MATCO TOOIBI Aa a mobile MATCO TOOLS Distributor, you have the worldclass tools your custom- ri want and tha support you nead to build 1 solid business oi your own. We can show you howl For Detain call: 1-6)00* MATCO TOOLS Allan Road, Stow, Ohio (216) 92M64A [tavettmant r*> quired) (FrancMsa Offarad by Proipactui Only) HIOH PROFIT- low atartmp. Huga MarNit, Coat undar 850 (Not MLM). Money-Back Quarantaa. EKcapiionil Value: CflC, Dept. O86AP, Box , DalllS, TX HOMB BASED BUII> NEBS FT/FT- 11 yr old Health 1 Nutrition Co. Ask about our Fraa Car Program & 3>5 yi retirement plan. Call , OWN YOUR OWN APPAREL OR SHOE STORB, CHOOU: Jon/ Sportawaar, Bridal, illngarla, Waatirnwiar, : Ladles, Msn'i Large Sizes, tniant/pratien, Petite, Dancawssr/ 1 Aerobic, Matarnlty, or,accessories ttota. Ovar 2000 Nama Brands, 124,600 to $36,600: Invantory, training, fintursa, grand optnlng, etc. Can open 15 day*. Mr. Loughlln (612) RAPIDLY GROWING N.J. BA8ID RIAL IBTATI IHVI6TMINT CO.- seekt intnprtnaun. Buy ml eittte risk fmt Uia our casht Split profits] Immediate Income and tralnlngl Free Info, pkg, #* ** AdttnCtMliitd don't coif - They papf

59 A FortMS Newspaper Supplement RealEstate HN i W t^swsnsj lwt^p»awjw In this newspaper It tubioct to tho Fewera* Paw Housing Act ot 1«S wmoh rflakot H wagw to advertite any onfonnco HnHaMor) or diionfninev tlon bimd on rica, ' color t rahslon* MK or na> ttomi ortpjln, or an Inltn* tton to rmka any such fcttttt or ntwtpapw ere available en an aqual opportunity biiit, CompWntiofdlscrlmlna- (Ion In housing on the basil ol net, color, CTMd, ncettry, marital status, M I or handicap should I N made to Naw JKMV Divlilon on Civil Ngfitt, 363 W, Stall St., Trtftton, NJ Phone (600) oludatf. Meed 1141, Juit Raduoadl Ccmfortsbia 2 ft t atory colonial ftaturn malrrjtnanct frit ixtariof, Kfoanad porch, Ml oasmffwn and attic, ttovfrki condition, excel* dot nalflnborhood, don to tvarything Importantl ERA Horn protection Inleadto till CLASSIC UVH8QRUV B0>7tM1N Ctwmtag 3 Bft, 2 bath Cape, bordtnd by farmland boatti ovtraliod Kitchen, hardwood floors, tl x 12' Dining Room and 30x7' c ova rid front porch. Ooni mlia out! t1m,«m TMi Mwapaper pp wih not kwwtotfy y accept p y ThePrudential vortislng til ttor ml aitatt wncti 18 In violation ol tm law, Our fiadoriatt tnat an owan* inga advtrtiatd In mu HiUs-G MANVHU- By ownat. 3 BR, flnithod bimt. Cloit to park. Aiding H35.WO *31, PttCATAWAY ATTIWTWW WRIT TlHf We hiva Hated tht parled Starter Homo with abiolutaly nothing to do axcept movo in ind n oy thli coiy 2 BR Capo with expansion attic, oariga I fun bimi, with ttautlful family room, nlca ilia back yard. Spaclal Financing Pranged. 1118,800 14/1% final Hate to HIOWAlTY.IItC. UNION- BY OWNER. Convalescent cut torcta ifflmod. stit) of 3 BR. am brick capo In 81. Mlchaali aactlon, fin. btmnwattle., 1 car alt. oar,, quiet na*rtborhoo<l, yet dose to Wofl Can* ( r 1 QS*,rt7l/28.a»Mrfl m tha 11401, nag., NO REALTORS PLEASEI CaH days toi-341-mk or tvat.b7s.71u *for HOME BUYERS* In i Wed.Apr.27,7:fM:15pffi UsWED SEATING R8Vf»byTuea-Apf.2«h artwiia BtMWt AMOROASII LAN- Custom Homes. ERIC Asaoc offer* Ngh quality cutomtiad hornas, deckiandoreenhouaas that are Word- III A BVIMABMABUBI AtJatflV ama to ouairfwbuyers wifss-iir BEDMINSTER Gatehouse location, spectacular sunset views, soaring ceilings, boasting 5500 s.f. with 4 BR t 3! >t baths, 3 frplc, 3 decks, w/o fin. lower level & 3 car gar. $595,000 BDM 3522 BEDMINSTER Sun filled rms& carefree living at The Hills-Gatehouse, Ig kit/frw/frpic, deck, 2 story DR, 4 BR, 4 baths, lower level w/media rm, & office s.f. total living. $459,900. BDM 3525 coiouieu Bedminster/Bridgewater Area SCHLX3TT* REALTORS April IILLt MIAO/HILLS- IOROUOH- Sptcloua 14yrold4BR,Zi/abth COl, LR, DR, FAM RM, Ig EIK, bsmt, 2-car oar 1239,900. Owner lanj lie Rltr «-M22.0o«A hauaasalitwii-tbfw. CUHTOHTWF. JUSTMINS. PROMTS Impeccable large A ipaclous 7 yra. young 4BR Colonial w/dan, NB w/ jacuzii, CAC, Firlshed bsmt., 2 car garac garage, 3.6 wooded acras. An All i for only tltl,qq0. CaH I ^^W'W^T'WWI W0 YOU WWWii tmi tn *d in thit local pwtr tlto gon into 22 other local paptn? RllCh OVtr 310,000 nidtri with OM calli MITUCHIM- CNrmlng 3 BR, EIK, finlihtd bimt, walk to downtown & lfana. 1M,M0. Wt4l4V4litly0iw>aff MOOUIEXft OMIMnCOVNTlIt lit tima biiyw and currant homa owmr proyam avahabh. To an it NtSHAMC IklOANCB Coma a n this coniamporiry buildara modal with many axtrai. 3BRSi, «tkltcr*n,toyaf 4 bathrooms. Qrial location, Backi to opan spact WIU NOT LAST, Oiltrad at 1219,100. Amaftcafi Otaain, M8VH»-90O0 NO.IDIION-4Bn,21/ 2 bth, formal OR/LR, la EIK, Ffl w/cathadral calling!, akyllohii * tplc, danormhbrlgyd*/ daclt ft pool Appt.only B-O739 dava,90b avaa. NORTH >UINFIILD 3 STORY VICTORIAN COLONIAL Nestled on 62X225 spacious and secluded lot. 4 fireplaces and ovar 14 rooms-jusl a couple ot the amenities this house otters. Possible in-law or 2 family garage. Call lor details. $259,900. WA3646 Warren Township Office, Weichert WStHMm Ikwttse VklkMm NORTH PLAtNFIELD EXCLUSIVE MEADOW- ROOK DISTRICT! East nd ol town, elegant Colonial awaits your approval, Spacious lot, on quiet cul-de-sac. Family/ Sun rm added w/atrlum. French doors to deck, completely remodeled kitchen w/solld cherry wood cabinets & morel Dressing room off Mflfl malnt-free ext, prestigious Indsadl $169,900. WA3B45. Warren Township Office Weichert Realtors Yk Ihi \ton 'TON- For aala by ' ownar, Elegant Brick Colonial: central hallway. Lg LR, Ofl, FR, 4BR, 3'Abath, 4 frpla. Maid's qtra & M/MI ALMi Brick cottage w/2 rantala. Barn, pool, gas, hot water, AC on 12 acras. Spectacular viaw. Near hosp,, school, church, temple, $701, SOUTH HAINFItlO- SPACIOUS CUSTOM BUILT HOME Nestled on 75x150 secluded lot In attractive residential neighborhood. EIK, 3 BR, Itt bath, (am, rm. fin. baaemant, LR, OR, at-1 baths, full wall brick lireplace, ancloaod patio, tached gar., CAC, e,v 1attic, cuatomiztd clouts cloaad porch. Walk to I tmanyaxtrm. school, taka and park, I Amuslaaa!...$121 l SM. Snooze you loaal $159,900. WA3513 Warran Townahip Office ThePrudentiall Weichert Realtors IOUESTMANIITATE A charming replies Farm home consisting of 9 ipacloua rooms, 2,2 Oaths and a 10 alalt Barn with 6 acraa of fenced pastures, many aminitlaa, axtrai, located on almost 10 acres near Bedminttar (Millionaire's Row) S43MM. H«Q MALTY. INC. y-aja. IfaflMA Mai Loft NO. BRANCH- 2BR, 1S'XSS\ CAC, WID. $18, / Condominium H1LLIIOH.OUGH- W\< llamsburg Sq., spacious 2 BR, 1 1/2 bath, Frpl,, CAC, full bsmnt., yard, pool, tennis, club house, $120,000, $95,000 RARITAN BOROUGH "BEST BUY" Spacious 6 room colonial featuring very Big Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Roompiusenciosec porch. SECOND FLOOR-2Big Bedrooms plus TV Room. \n\ Town Location McGee Realtors 1035RI202 Bran chburg C04SON- Co-Op, unuiual offer, 1 BR end unit., fully turn,, bslcomy, pool, tannls, $45,000 or make offer, Malnt. fee Incld heal/h/w, RE taxes HIUSSOR0U0H- 38R and unit. Spacious LR w/ cath calling t fplc. EIK. Oft, den, 2 t/2 bth , B-2B ISCATAWAV- Oeluu Townhome in private let* ling offers 2 BRl, 2 1/2 Tht Pnadantlal RaaalltaKara PUIMfllLO Incame-lwome-lneomt Invastors beware! Approx 165,000 grots income w/l 16,000 axpensas. i rantal units w/ two atof* fronts. 58X167 lot, 2 car gar, mainmree ext; parking lor a doien carslwaw36. Warren Township office MB-7S Weichert Realtors IkmstWrlhtMm SOMHW1LU-tai shiltar, 2 & 4 unit buildinoi, prime location, all 2 BR apt.a, off at. or kg, S109,000 a $349,000, PrIncpUl only, SOMIRVILLE- Vacant lot plus 2 family house. Pascals Realtor Lots itld Awmff 6.3 ACRES IN CATSKILL MTt.- Town of Tusten, county of Sullivan, NV. $26, Q729, HIUSSOROUQH Approved bldg. lot, Neshanic River {145k. 4 acres negotiable AFFORDABLE TIWKMUBY- Baaullful woottad ft partly wooded lott with vlawa ft good access to Rt. 71. OS-tSS-tSU IU0 AUORDAaUl- Bright and clean on Long Beach Island. 7th from ocean 2 bedroom, VA bath, ranch with oil heat. Asking 1149,900. Call Lackey Realty, M0 CNCSTWOOO- (ADULT 5S+) 7500 homes, 40 KylM, 130, , Clubhoims, 15,000 active reafdenta. Shopping, transportation, Broehura/vldao S509, HEARTLAND RE- ALTY ASSOCIATES, Realtors, P.O. Box 0, 480 Rt. 530, Whiting, NJ Asking $124,900 BRIDGEWATER GREAT STARTER LONQ SUCH ULAMO- An island paradise wihtin an easy drive. For triandly, profatalonai service. Call HCH Inc. Realtora Call lor tha liteatinfo. WANTED-4 BR, 2 bath, houm, LR, DR, FR, EIK, North-side of Crantord, daya, ANNA MARIA ISLAND** Ra,, Plan your vacation NOW Four 2 BR coodoe w/gull viaw, fully furhd9o89m0i9 INVESTOR SIIKS- Real Estate notes & mortgagaa. Turn monthly paymantt you are receiving Into CASH you can uae now! Call 21M36-27OO for quota. Cost of call refunded, Excellent potential. 2 BR Ranch on dead-end street. Low taxes. SOMFHSF 1 Hf Al f SUH Ai,F N( y tlf Al TOMS., \& ^ 1140 SANK FORECLO- SURE!- 1,000 HI homea listed. Reports. Save to S0%. Bank direct. Low/no down, Also, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida & 17 States. 7 Days 8anvMldnight (Fee) 27,28,29, WOO VACAIION PROPERTY ttio-hemat For tale tuo-pecattea M46* MO*TlmaltiarM no'vasauanranlaia M90 * Weakens) Ramata HOUYWOOO, PLOfWA Fully furn, wall-ttabt double-wide moblit homa;!m, 1V4bath L w/ w, W/0, CH/A, Fla-Hrn. Car port, uw.rm. Located in lovaly rahrament park. Clubhta/pool facliftlei, accaaa id), golf couraa. Settling aatata, aiding $25,000.90fr752-02»4. VACANT LAND IN MM- WVlLU-Pa«aleRealtor, L.S.I.- apt., 1 block beach, 2 BR, bath, ranaonable aeaaon, monthty, vmkly, Wa>35H2t6 L.B.I.- Deluxe 3 SRfl bath, ocaanaide, Memorial Wk.end, HM/nrte, 3 ntta mln., waekly t sec, avail, to 7/ 16*fr0fn8/20;23l-4S09 LAKI PUCID/WWTI' FACI- 3BR. 2Bath, atpa 10, VCR, atareo, pool table. Nancy LAVAUITTt 1 Bedroom Condo. Ocaan block. Ptaasa call MT SNOW- Summer In VI. Warm daya, eool eves, Beaut, new home, near, lake, music, and golf, 8525/wk PALM VILUI4ISNIV ORAND OPENING SPECIAL 5 mln. to Maingate. New 2,3,4 bedroom condos. Spacious matter suites, lounge and dining, full kitchen, balcony. Enjoy pool, Jacuzzi, tennis, golf. Starts 469 sleeps six. Resort room Neighborhood $89,900 BRIDGEWATER Opportunity ol a Lifetime 3 BR CONDO upstairs in Beacon Hill, income restricted. Call Lana for details and qualifications eves, IE/MAX la«haffi fn)sm-hm

60 16 April 27,28,29,1994 A Forbes Newspaper Supplement Proffle of a Champion Marsha Malberg A customer recently wrote of Marsha Milberg/..Jhanks and heartfelt appreciation for your incrtdimc pttience and tout professional iun." II is not surprising to heir such worts because of the attitude Mirsha hu, doing her job with enthusiasm and dedication. Serving customers andctienu with sensitivity is Minna's specialty. A member of the NJ. Million Dollar Sales Club for 1992 and I993 t Minna consistently assists buyers and sellers through their transactions with a minimum of inconvenience to them, For the finest in personalized real estate service, call Marsha Milberg at the BridgewatcrOffice of Weldel, Why Rent When You Can Own? f p f y ot pnncibil and (H Ml M M ptftnh M immd upon I t M l M p p p <fl) MM, m FwMMpH, 11150,000 loin m n to NO ptyimf* ot prmdpn and q to II,0*/month Io qmmd t^ mm, Fwywchm p*m from 1225,7$) to tni ISC AT A WAY $153,250 MOVE RIGHT IN! Look no funhcr this kit! 1 This bright»id ;iiry ranch will dclighc tven the most critical buyer, 3 bedrooms, full finished basement w ith wood burning siovc. Rear pm io. lovely yard and double width paved driveway CALLWEIDCLBRIDGEWAifR M M * LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!! Seven Oak center lull colonial in one of MiAT AND COZY! This coty 3 bedroom, I Vi bath home nests on * beautiful lot inn quiet neighborhood. New kitchen, vaulted cetl«f* wa a two car attached gunge complete the picture. CAUWEIOaiMOCEWATER MUftMM $151,000 BrMgewuierSrentierrwightoftmk 3car Three bedroom home located in quiet resigarage. 2 story foyer, family rootu. lilcwy. dentiiil coflimunhy. Wafk to food and hardware Mores. Priced for quick wle. loft, gourmet kitchen with morning room. 2 staircases and much more, located on over 1.2 acres. CALLWEIKLBRtDGEWATEM VLX I AM A CHARMER! I will not disappoint you. My owners take good ewe of me and I am big eitough for a young family; 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, full basement, new deck, updated kitchen, double lot und * great locitlioii. CAUWEIMLMIDGEWATEI «# I J I SOUTH BRUNSWICK $177,000 } bedroom. 1 Vi bath ranch on private street, lurgedeck overlooking spacious yard, Hardwood floors. Owner showscureof this house. Lovely wooded view. Easy access io public transportaiion. Custom built. INVESTORS, BEWARE.,, You an missing out on a prime moneynuking opporiuimy. Once you've wen this 9+ acre lot, with u 4 bedroom colonial, and two other bwinesi-ofiemcd buildings, you will know what we mean. CAUWEIKLMIDGEWA1EB W 4 M M GLENBROOKE! Dramatic 2 bedroom townhome in desirable Glenbooke! Privme locution. Watch the KIK set ihrough2 Mory Palladium windows. Muny upgrades. CALLWEIDELIUDGEWATER m m m llf,5m RARITAN 149,tM MOVE IN CONDITION INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY California-style townhou*; 2 bedrooms. Vh baths. I-car garage, toft ovtrlooking living Three bedroom colonial on subdividawc lot. room, swnrfced fireplace, sunken DR with All cky utilities. Family neighborhood. parquet, large kitchen. Appliances and verliculs included, Wiirnmly. For Jetails, 'Junbo* lotn at I,2S% w«h 3 p f, MMH UMIi NO ptyfnwtt of princtod wd mm**m* HiM/month. TN l pirn* latui nmm MMMIM, Nnflfjl nmfmn, F M H l MM ^am M of4/»/m'hwrwd fnortojtgi IMMr, PMU DottrtMnt of knun, BRIGHT WITH SUNLIGHT Bmlunit inquailbrook/c'imiegie Model with ^ bedrooms, Vh ktths, 140.S sq, ft. of neuiral decor, upgrudedcurpet, cusiom window treat merits. See the pride in ownership in this move-in amdition home, RARITAN T WHONEEDSAVmilON? When you can relw by the lovely inground pool of the sprawling ranch. This home will fill the needs of your growing family, Don't inisstrvofportunkyofowniitgahomemone of Unman Twp.'s loveliest neighborhoods. -Aisoujmy BKTI>:R THAN HIT Totally imaculihet'okxii.ilciipfdii IMIIKTI'S. 4 bedrooms, central uir, security sntein (k A lone list of I yt.old updjrtes, wnich inilmk's roofa vinyl skiing. heatj!iftill>rick(ircpl,ht'. Eorgcous lot withjiwe\pme yearround v iews. Minutes from 7K & Clinton. Ready to move EAST AMWKLL $259,000 ROOM FOR MOM & POP TOO! 8rootmok>iiialwiih.lroomirt-liwap;inmeiil on }J iicres. 2cargarage, large family room. 2 firepliiri's. wet bar, large screen porch & deck. All well positioned on u gorgeous well liffldsciipni wooded lot and featuring u limg lisi of sought ufter amenities. CALL um.i HonweiL tmm- \m WKSTAMWELL $249 t 900 BEAUTY - LOCATION - SPACE 4bcdriK)iiHoljiiij vtiih 2'. bulhs wvlkiiuju'dyna I lot IIXJS 2 mre selling Iculuiini; nil i k \ouyht ullcr Igoodics as pencil cwk liourin^. uihcjntl telling, Ifarpc Jed. tanustk 1 tiicplaic unj so niuih marc! The warmihimiil presence ol itiishonv shouts " %! lomc Home"! Be tttm% the lirvi io sec this home. '«' in! New to market! It will not list! CALL WHHL PUMINGTON m>ttt4l«cauweidcl CLINTON CALL WEIML HOKWKLL «M**-!114 Weidel. Don't Make a Move Without Us. Wtldtl Ntlghborhood Offlct Locations BRIDQEWATER (90%) 6B5-82O0 672 Route 206 North, Bridgewater, NJ HIUSBOROUGH/ MONTGOMERY AREA (905) Route 206, Triangle Road, Hillsborough. NJ FLEMINQTON (906) Route 202, Flemlngton, NJ 24 OFFICES SERVING NEW JERKY ft PENNSYLVANIA CLINTON (90S) Route 173, Clinton, NJ MORE CUSTOMER SERVICES MoripM LOMB (600) US.M77 We can htlp you pre-qualify for a loan before you look! IftBuranct Ittvten (BOO) 15*1500 Get the fight coverage at the right price! NatkHMl R^octttor Btrvtcn (BOO) 2I68OLD Free housing information locally and nationwide inu ttouitttg Caratr CounitHnB (BOO) WEIDEL1 We can help you determine if a real estate sales career is right for you! OfnCtHOUfBI Bt30«m-9pm

61 SPRINGf EST VALUES The rnce BAR & RESTAURANT Delicious New Dishes at Special Pricesfora limited Time Only Sizzlin' Chicken Fajitas Sliced marinated chicken breast with sweet red peppers, onions and tomatoes wfrh fresh guacamole, salsa, sour aeam and tortillas, Perfect with a Corona beer, ISaludl Offer Ends May 31,1994

62 Buffalo winos By The Bucket Q of Scorcher, by tie pound, ii Uond4Pound Septan Starters Trio Hatter Ouritwemoet CNckenFbutoi NeotNoowrt GiedChlcken 99 BAR&RESTAURANT Ctiwrasoo Beef TenderMK Chicken Stir Fry Gtatoastflftal* / rbe Even better wtth a TsirgtaobeerXhlnCNnl Chicken Qullle Penne itkiirxited chicken «breast and fresh martncrted v#i red peppers and onions, grlted and served YtctMcMsayca CelebrateatTheOFFICE jj d month wltii great Margarita yi i % SUNDAY B^JNCH. x^newselectlorttindudingroasteclslrioiri of beef, poached salmon along with our regular bountiful buffet. TNO CMdcen sabd CrispflourtatlafledwithrniKed :en with Jcfsco ranch i Smoked turkey Reuben Smoked turkey breast slices UK Great Steak onions and choice of Ranch bakedbeansjwlsterfrles, rice Plaf a baked potato

63 EXPRESS LUNCH Unit fltofffffy - Fridif 11:30 im - 3:00 pm All Entrees include our complimentary "Veggie Bowl," Sandwich of tha Day $4.95 Check the blackboard. Tha OFFICE Exproii Stir-Fry $5.45 Check the blackboard. Qrlllad Vogatabla Salad $5.45 WthFeta Cheese & Olives Chickon Parmasan Haro $5.95 MhMouarelia Cheese Pinna Paata Salad $5.95 Topped with Grilled Chicken Now Orlaini Po' Soy Flih Sandwich $5.95 l/wfft Cajun Mustamalse WtthSouporSifidtddtiM BURGERS Juicy 6 or troth ground boofitoak, grlilid to your pnforonco. Burgor $3.95 Mhlettuce.onion&tmato. TurkoyBurgir $5.95 Lam ground turkey brent served with cranberry salsa and choice of WSTER fries or Ranch Baked Beans, Biifoatar Chmiburair $6.45 Served on an English mum with red onion and horseradish sour cream. Served with choice of WISTER fries or Ranch Baked Beans, Clinic Burgar $4.95 Lettuce, onion, 6 tomato. Served with TWISTER frits or Ranch Baked Beans. Bacon I Choddirburgar. $6.25 Crisp bacon, Cheddar cheese draped om ourluicy burger. Served with TWISTER fries or Ranch Baked Beans. Sldoordir of Twlitar Frill $1.95 Twlatar Frdi with Choaao. $2.50 SUNDAY BRUNCH KIDS$4.95 From 11:00am Brunch not awlfafrie In mrrhtmn. SEASONAL BURS Weiss Beer Beer brmd with wheat to give a pale color, ' 'Weiss'' in Herman, is a refreshing summer thirst quencher. It is characterized by a light body, slightly fruity taste and great sparkle. It is usually served with a slice of l$rt\on. CalliWhtti 3.95 Belgian style brewed in Austin, Texas. Gold medal winner, Great American Beer Festival. Paulanar Hala Wolzon Bur, voi 5.95 German Classical Weiss Beer Aylngor UR Wolzon, t7oz 5.95 Fuller bodied and more potent, very refreshing. Grant's Wall Baar 3.96 Light and refreshing wheat beer, nice tartness. Buffalo WIIIII BNr 3,50 Styled between Berliner Welsser and Bavarian Welzen* bier beers. QreH with lutltlo Wlngi by thi Iwkitt OFFICE SPECIALTIES Entrm ixcludlng pittat, la lta 4 itlr-fry iirvad with choleo of Ranch Bakid Buns, Twlttir Frln, Rid Pllit or Bakid Potato (after 4 pm) Thi OFFICE Fittuclnl...$6.95 Pasta with tomato 4 basil sauce. HEW! Bakid Laiigna $7.25 Combination plate of vegetable lasagna and traditional meat lasagna. Chlckan Flngin Plattar $7.95 The original classic in a bigqer portion! Fittuclnl Prlmavara $6.60 Pasta tossed with marinated vegetables, crtam and Pammn cheese. HEWf Coconut Shrimp $10.50 Crisp shrimp roiled in coconut ftakes. Served with our special dipping sauce. Tha OFFICE Crib Cakai $11.95 Hand-made lightly seasoned cakes of lump crabmeat. Fraih Ftah of tha Day Check our Blackboard for today's fresh preparation. Chlckan Fajlti $8.95 Served with sautied sweet red peppers, onions, and tomatoes, salsa, guacamole and sour emm with tortillas, Stickid Chlckm Plattir $6.95 Grilled whole chicken breast basted with BBQ sauce, topped with sauttod mushrooms, Mouarella and Swiss cheeses. BHfiitor London Broil $9.95 Served or} garlic toast, Fllot Mlgnon $ aged USDA Choice. Sirloin Stoak. $13.95 I2oi aged OSDA Choice. BBQ Baby Back Rlba Vi Rick $9,95 Stow cooked with our own BBQ sauce. Served withcornbreadandranchbakehbeans, LIVE Full Rack $12.95 ENTERTAINMENT Thursdays from 9:30 pm SANDWICHES Sirvid with Ranch Bakod Bum or Twlitir Frlu. VflV/BMloniWIck $7.25 Sliced flank steak an jus on a Kvmmelwlck silt roll with horseradish sauce. M M Chlckan I Mouarolli Focaccla $6.75 Grilled marinated chicken breast with fresh tomatoes and Uonareiia slices on Focaccla bread, HW! Chlckan FiJIti $4.95 With Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses on French Stick bread, Stickad Chlckan $6.75 Grilled chicken breast basted with BBQ sauce, topped with sauteed mushrooms, Mouarella and Swiss cheeses. NEW Smokod Turkay Raubon $6.45 Smoked turkey breast slices with coleslaw, Russian dressing & Swiss cheese, grilled on rye bread. HWI Italian Naro $5.50 Garlic flavored crispy Italian bread stuffed with ham, provolone cheese, salami and turkey. Sandwich with soup if ttia day or Noun Salad Add $1.00 DESSERTS Chacolato-Chocolati Rrownlo $3.96 Topped with CAPPUCCINO ICE CREAM, whipped cream and hot fudge. Niw York ChMiKikr $3.50 With strawberries add 5O> Salaetlon of Ico Crum & Shtrbot $1.95 Vanilla Bean, Swiss Chocolate, Cappuccino. Cinmil Nut Fudge Flo $4.25 Crushed Snickers* candy with vanilla ice cream, layered with fudge and caramel swirls in our crushed Oreo* and peanut crust, topped with hot fudge. Hot Fudge Sundaa $3.25 Toppeowlth whipped cream and walnuts. Tha OFFICE Appla no. $2,95 Flaky crust filled with apples and spice and freshly baked in our restaurant. Alamtoi4675* HAPPY HOUR Mon.-Frl. 4:30 to 6:30 SPECIALTY BIERS & ALBS FROM AROUND THE WORLD DIxH Blickanid Voodoo Catamount Ambar Ala...S3.95 Llndimin'i Riipbirry BNr $9.75 Tilngtao Morottl La Roua $3.95 Motion lei $3.50 Mi'iWIckodAlo^o/ $4.95 Brooklyn Lagar $3.50 Orant'i India Pala Ala $3.95 BEERS ON DRAUGHT Pint Vi Yard Pint ViYird Bui Ala $3.95 $5.95 Ktlllan'a Rad....{3.50 $4.95 Coon Light $2.95 $3.95 Roiling Rock....{2.95 $3,95 Buftilo Wllui.$3,50 $4.95 Slarra Novada fall Mi $3.50 Hilnakin 3.50 Pllmar UrquaH, $5.96 Corona 3.60 Gulnnui Pub Draught $4.95 Back's 3.50 Chlmiy Ala Cinq Cinti, ftom/$14.95 Samual Adimi 3,50 Cornndonk Monki Palo Mo Budwolur. $ oi $10.35 Millar Light $2.95 Corundonk Monk! Pali Ala Zlma Claar Malt $ liter $65.95 AlcoholFrt* Amitol Light 3.50 O'Douli or Bucklor'i $2.95 Most items Available ToCo Gift Certificates knmie ive Offer A Kid's Menu Ask About ftrt/is AndftrtyPitttm The FFICE BAR & RESTAURANT BRIDGE WATER Rt. 22W 728 Thompson Ave RIDGE WOOD Chestnut St. intersection of Chestnut ft Rldgewood Ave MONTCLAIR 619 Bloomfield Ave. Between Midland ft valley CRANFORD 17 South Ave. At the Intersection of South Union MORRISTOWN 3 south street, On the Green SUMMIT 61 Union Place Across from the train station 908* i B A Will

64 1 l-'-t' HL 0-&!AV..-_^i \0B M 1 l«-*' Guide To \ * \

65 UNION COUNTY Snuffy** Pantagis Cafe Repetti HUNTERDON COUNTY Coach & Paddock 4 Cokesbury Inn 4 MIDDLESEX COUNTY Adam's Cafe Applebee's The Barge Bobby S Marys Brunswick Hilton Carpacoio The New Chan's Garden Grand Fortune Garden/ China Light Mom's Ristorante RackleVs Radiccnio Sheraton at Woodbrldge 13 MORRIS COUNTY Black Horse Inn 13 SOMERSET COUNTY tonka's 14 tasking Ridge Country Club The Ironwobd) Joomerz Sound Brook Inn 3ridgewater Manor (Hemingway's) Bucky/s Catan's Colonial Farms Espo's First Place Golden Corner Jack O'Connor's Main Street MoAteer's Mug's Pub 24 O'Connors Beef & Ale 18 Red Door 25 Rosina's 24 Shogun Somerset Hills Hotel (Christina's) 26 Spain *92 26 Toscana Trattoria 27 Valentino's 27 Verdi's 28 Werner's Lake Edge 28 Willie's Tavern/ Readington Roadhouse 29 Willows 29 TAKEOUT George's Hard Rock Deli 31 Soriano's Deli 31 Whafe In The Icebox 31 Scampi's Fish Market 31 Somerset MMMrHMr-Guffttt Bound Brook Cftrontcte * Crawford Chronicle * Franklin Focus Qreen Brook-North PtaWfceW Joucntl H*gW*ixl Per* Herald HiHe-Bedmirwtef Prew Metuchtn-Edison Review Mtddletex-OoneHen Ovontejer *»" «ew ew Scotch PttinsFarwoodPrew SouthPtainfletd Reporter Warren-Wslchung Journal * W*etAeWRecoitf SomersetCounty GuWe ContnlGoW* MMdlmxCounty Quid* Snuffy-Pantagis Renaissance Park & Mountain Ave, Scotch Plains (908) or more than 40 years, Snuffys has been a fixture in Scotch Plains, When the Pantagis family purchased the old steak house that was originally a garage more than 40 years ago, they added marble floors, stained glass ceilings and spiral staircases. In recognition of the renaissance created by these renovations, the family lent its name to the restaurant, creating Snuffy 1 s as the banquet facility and Pantagis Renaissance as the restaurant. Owners James, George and Nicholas Pantagis had owned several other New Jersey establishments before purchasing Snuffy's but turned the Scotch Plains establishment into their Mediterranean pride and joy. They describe Pantagis as basically a steak and fish house but note they also feature daily specialties, chicken, and veal, as well as an extensive salad bar and a large variety of pasta dishes., Luncheon prices begin at $5.95, with dinners be ginning at $9.95. The average ftill-course dinner is $ Snuffy*s banquet department provides extensive service in eight banquet rooms. A regular feature is a seven-course dinner and white-glove service. Hours: Monday-Thursday noon-10 p,m; Friday, Saturday and Sunday noon-11 p.m. MasterCard, Visa, American Express accepted. Handicapped access.

66 iprit 27-29,1994 DINE OUT Cafe Repetti 572 Boulevard Kenilworth (908) r* afe Repetti boasts over 28 types of pasta and a ^delectable array of regional Italian cuisine that's sure to be popular with all the family. 41 We pride ourselves on our food and service," said Laura Estrada, banquet-coordinator of the family-run business. Formerly Repetti Fine Dining, the Vizzoms have owned and managed the restaurant for 10 years, balancing an exquisite but casual menu that includes veal, chicken, seafood and gourmet pizza. And the meal won't burn a hole in your wallet most entrees average between $9.95-$15,95, Great restaurants pride themselves on a speciality, and at Cafe Repetti that moans veal fantasia, tender scaloppine veal, mushrooms, capers and olives in a white wine sauce topped with sliced tomatoes, mozzarclla and prosciutto. Or why not try Fettuccine alia Piemontese asparagus, black olives and sun*dried tomatoes in a pink vodka cream sauce. Customers keep coming back to the relaxed Cafe Repetti for dancing, fun and entertainment in the lounge, on Wednesday and Friday evenings karaoke and keyboard singers. Throw a wedding or banquet party in the newlyrenovated garden room, which caters to guests. After all the foot-tapping, sit back and savor the menu in the pastel ambience of the restaurant, where owner Pat Vizzoni and his dedicated staff will be ready to offer recommendations if needed. Outside dining in the warm summer months is available. Reservations are recommended. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners. Handicapped* accessible.hours: Monday-Thursday 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m., Friday am - 11 p.m, Saturday 5-11 p.m., Sunday 3-9 p.m.

67 DINE OUT ( ( > Coach N' Paddock Route 78 Clinton (908) Coach N* Paddock has become well known for its quality food and service. Its menu featuring Continental cuisine is served in the atmosphere of an old rustic country inn. The facility can seat 550 customers in its eight dining rooms, which 1 are available for a la carte dining or private parties^! in rooms that can accommodate affairs of The a la carte menu has well-rounded selections of appetizers, soups, salads, pastas, international dishes, fresh seafood entrees, and many veal, chicken and steak choices. In keeping with its German/Continental theme, the restaurant offers excellent German sauerbraten] served with tasty burgunder cabbage and homemade potato dumplings as well as several Schnitzel dishes with Spaetzle. "Family Style" servings include a small cottage cheese and herb appetizer, salad, potato (or starch), vegetable, bread and butter. Don't miss the exten sive dessert menu, which includes German special ties like Black Forest Cake, German Chocolate Cake, or Chambord Tort. The wine list is also wellrounded and reasonably priced. All major credit cards accepted. Non-smoking area Handicapped access. Hours: Lunch Moa-Sat 11:304; dinner Mon.- Thurs. 4*9, Fri.-Sat. 4-10, Sun, noon-8; Sun. brunch noon-3. Cokesbury Inn 69 Main St. Lebanon (908) A perfect retreat for casual, country dining, the Cokesbury Inn boasts four fireplaces and a coal stove in the pub. Steeped in a tradition of conviviality, the Inn was an old stagecoach stop on the Elizabeth-Easton run along what was the New Brunswick Turnpike. Today, strictly a restaurant, the 1834 Georgian Colonial building was completely restored by owner Nicholas Germak. Original pumpkin pine planks, named for their orange-yellow hue, are the flooring of the pub. The tin ceiling is circa Cokesbury Inn chefs are Johnson and Wales of Rhode Island graduates. Their Italian-American cuisine is both superb and affordable. Your favorite pasta dishes are available in half-portions, and a children's menu is available. L On Thursday nights, feast on whole Maine lobsters and house salad for $9.95. But plan ahead; first come-first served. Also try the shrimp scampi for $14.95, linguini with white clam sauce for $9.95. Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Non-smoking area Hows: 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. daily, until 10 p.m. on weekends.

68 April 27-29,1994 DINE OUT 1 i > i H \n Adam's Cafe 619 Bound Brook Road Middlesex (908) five months now, Adam's Cafe owner, Ahmed Zaher, is pleased with his success. Head chef when the restaurant opened, he now employs full-time kitchen workers so he can attend to the other responsibilities of running the cafe. Mr. Zaher. however, still keeps a close eye on the menu, of which ho is rightfully proud. The intimate atmosphere of the cafe, which Mr. Zaher describes as "casual elegance," is enhanced by small marble-topped tables, fresh flowers and candlelight. Customers can pick from an appetizing and creative assortment of Italian cuisine. The reasonably priced menu boasts 16 handmade pastas, eight appetizers, two soups, four salads and a number of entrees, which are complemented by daily lunch and dinner specials. Lunch specials start at $6.95. while dinner specials, which include veal, chicken, fish, and seafood dishes, arc $12.95-$15 t 95. Zaher said customers particularly enjoy his toasted shrimp ravioli with sun-dried tomato sauce, as well as a spinach and porshina mushroom ravioli with tarragon cognac cream sauce. No one should overlook dessert. Adam's Cafe boasts from homemade temptations. Two particularly mouth-watering treats are a raspberryalmond torte served with raspberry puree and garnished with peach and pear sorbet, and a creamy cheesecake rolled with fresh coconut saute and served with a raspberry-mango sauce. Look for our special menu for Mother's Day, including rack of lamb, grilled salmon, medallions of filet mignon with jumbo shrimp, milk-fed veal or baby chicken, to name a few. Hours: 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. weekdays, and until 11 p.m. Friday* On Saturday the restaurant is open 1 p.m.-mldnight, and from 1-9 p.m. Sunday, The restaurant remains open between lunch and dinner. Alt major credit cards accepted. Handicapped accessible - no steps.

69 April DINE OUT Applebee's So. Washington & Centennial Piscataway (908) A pplebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar, known nationally as America's Favorite Neighbor, is located in the Piscataway Towne Center at the corner of Centennial Avenue and South Washington Avenue, and it's only two miles from Rutgers. This casual dining restaurant offers delicious food and outstanding values with no item on the menu over $9. The restaurant decor is filled with an astonishing array of local memorabilia saluting the history of the area as well as local high schools, colleges, and professional sports teams creating a fun neighborhood atmosphere. The owner, Ed Doherty, is certain you'll eryoy Applebee's menu items including assorted Munchies like Supreme Nachos, healthy Super Salads, tasty Sandwiches like Bacon Cheese Chicken Grill, savory Burgers, the very popular Applebee's Riblet Platter and the Sirloin Steak Dinner including potato and vegetables for only $8.79. Reservations are not needed and all facilities on the premises are handicapped accessible. Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Handicapped accessible. 11 am,-1 am Mon.-Ttiurs.; 11 a.m.-2 am. FrL & Sat,; 10 ammfdniflht Sun. The Barge 201 Front St. Perth Am boy (908) charming Perth Axnboy restaurant has been *- completely remodeled, and patrons now dine in a serene, light blue decor. The Barge has a proud 61-year history. Because The Barge is located next to the bay, seafood is the obvious specialty. The restaurant justly boasts of its delicious lobster specials, including stuffed, broiled or baked lobster, and Lobster Newburg. The menu alsq includes juicy steaks,, chops, chicken, veal and Italian dishes and daily early-bird specials. Dinners include potato, vegetable or salad. Dinner entrees range from $10.95-$ The Barge offers old-fashioned seafood prepared expertly in sizable portions. Prices are reasonable, and the service is friendly and informal. For a seafood dinner at the north end of the Jersey shore, The Barge is the place to go. And don't forget to enjoy a walk along the waterfront. The. Barge has a full liquor license and cocktail lounge. For Mother's Day, The Barge has a full course meal, with soup, salad, vegetable or potato, coffee/ tea, dessert. Select from prime rib, stuffed lobster, broiled seafood combo, surf and turf, stuffed flounder, broiled lobster, roast turkey arid more, Seatings are at 1,3, 5, and 7 p.m. Reserve now, Noon-10 p.m. seven days a week. American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover Weekend reservations suggested.

70 April 27-29,1994 Page 7 DINE OUT 1 I I > 1 M I,1 N Bobby & Mary's 318 William St. Piscataway (908) TXl&nt a bit more than just a meal out? Then Bobby " & Mary's is for you for although the cozy 150- year-old building is an ideal backdrop for a friendly dinner, owners Robert Giarretta and Mary Fitzpatrick want to make sure you have ftin too. With that in mind, the Pavillion alongside the res* taurant provides an excellent function room for a variety of popular events country and western dancing lessons Tuesdays and Thursdays, weddings, banquets, parties etc. A featured singer and accompanist lead the Saturday night sing-alongs that begin 7 p.m. These songfests concentrate on "Golden Oldies" and patrons receive sing-along sheets. The cozy family restaurant, decorated in warm green tones, offers a moderate-priced variety of made-to-order American and Italian specialties, including fresh veal and seafood dishes, and an impressive 18-inch pizza. Banquet facilities are also available. No reservations are needed. With desserts and a full liquor license, Bobby & Mary's has everything to complement your meal Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30 am-10 p.m., Saturday noon-10 p.m., Sunday 2-10 p.m. Bar hours: Monday-Saturday 7-2 am., Sunday noon-2 a.m. American Express, Visa, MasterCard. Senior citizen discount. The Cafe in the Brunswick Hilton & Towers 3 Tower Center Blvd. E. Brunswick (908) 828*2000 *D y coupling casual elegance with outstanding American cuisine, The Cafe in the Brunswick Hilton and Towers has become a favorite gathering plai e for business or pleasure, Award-winning Ex* ecutive Chef Daniel LaGarde has created menu offerings that will satisfy virtually any palate, ranging from fresh salads, and entrees designed for fitness, to rich linguine with Grilled Scallops served with Thyme Beurre Blanc and Cheese Torteilini, accented with Asparagus, Wild Mushrooms and Gorgonzola Cheese. There are daily menu specials. An extraordinary Sunday Brunch served from 11 a.m>-2:30 p.m. has won wide acclaim throughout the area. The Cafe's Premium Wine Bar serves a variety of fine wines. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club. Handicapped accessible. 6:30 &m,-10:30 p.m. Mon.-FrL; 7 a.m-io:30 pm Sal.-Surv

71 April 27-29, 1994 DINE OUT N I II >l >l I X V»< M Chan's Garden 372 North Avenue Dunellen (908) nr new and exciting Hong Kong cuisine, The New Chan's Garden is the place. Chan's Garden prides itself on its Hong Cong cuisine "the Chinese cuisine for the '90s and bovond!" Chan's Garden chef Cheng Wah specializes in new Chinese flavor two in-house tanks full of lobster, iish. crab, eel and shrimp ensure the best :resh i'">cl Featured on the menu arc such delicious taste treats as honey walnut jumbo shrimp, black pepper filet mjgnon and steamed shrimp with garlic, Saturdays and Sundays 11 a.m.-3 p.m., Chan's recently-renovated restaurant offers Dim Sung, Chinese tea-lunch. We are the only restaurant in the area to specialize in authentic Chinese cuisine, not American- Chinese." says owner Robert Chan. "We're here to introduce a nvw type of Chinese cuisine to the American people/ 1 The New Chan's Garden also has a cocktail lounge. For reservations, call (908) Takeout is available. Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Handicapped accessible. Major credit cards accepted. The next issue of DINE OUT will be published on NOVEMBER 1O, Space Deadline - October 25, 1994 To reserve your space, call (908)

72 April 27-29,1994 Page 9 DINE OUT Carpaccio 651 Bound Brook Road Middlesex (908) nearly two decades tins fine Italian restaurant has served a growing band of loyal area customers. By offering n variety otexquisitcly-cookcd pasta dishes, in addition to expertly-seasoned veal, seafood, beef and lamb entrees. Carpaccio has earned its reputation for the best Italian food you could hope to taste. And if you don't believe us. just ask one of our many satisfied customers. For a first visit, why not reserve a table on a Friday or Saturday evening, when our piano player adds that little extra class to your evening out. With a full liquor license, Carpaccio prides itself on its friendly service, carefully-chosen meals, and hard work, Tt is that combination which keeps our customers coming back after 20 years. Reservations are recommended, particularly on weekends. American Express, Visa, Diners Club, MasterCard, Handicapped-accessible. Lunch hours' 11:30 am-3:30 p.m. Mondays-Fridays. Dinner served 4-11 p.m, Mondays-Fridays. Dinner served 4-11 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Smoking and nonsmoking sections available.

73 April 27-29,1994 DINE OUT Grand Fortune Garden 716 Oak Tree Ave. So. Plainfield (908) China Light 102 E. Broad St. Westfield (908) hese two fine Chinese restaurants, under the proprietorship of Victor Chen, offer a wide variety of dishes to please the palate. A new Chinatown style dim-sum is now being offered at both locations, at Grand Fortune Saturday and Sunday noon-3 p.m. and at China Light seven days. Discount coupons are available at the reception desk, Also being offered is a new healthy food menu featuring cuisine steamed in a bamboo steamer, with no cholesterol, no oil, no salt and no sugar. Decorated in an appropriate traditional Chinese motif, both Grand Fortune Garden and China Light are handicapped-accessible and have private baby-changing stations, The restaurants do not have separate non-smoking facilities, but every effort is made to seat non-smokers away from smoking patrons. Customers can bring their own alcoholic beverages. The dishes on the extensive menus are available at moderate prices, generally ranging from $8-$10, Reservations are not needed but are advisable during weekend dinner hours. Hours: 10 am-10 p.m. weekdays; 10 am-11 p.m. Fridays- Saturdays; noon-10 p.m. Sundays. Major credit cards accepted. Mom's Ristorante 1984 Route 27 Edison (908) or the last 26 years, the Poletti family has been serving classic, authentic central Italian food at Mom's. "My father arrived in 1955," says head chef Antonio. "Then my brother came in 1956, My sisters came with my mother in was the last to come, in We came for opportunity." It was seven years in NJ before he was able to buy a pizzeria. Two years later, the family expanded to the current restaurant. With the help of brother Joe, sister Anna and nephews Roberto and Johnny, Antonio prepares fresh veal, chicken and fresh seafood as well as daily specials served in traditional and contemporary fare. Food is prepared to eat in or take out. Pizza is served in the dining room every day, 5-9 p.m. The restaurant is available for private parites of Mom's, a casual restaurant, is famous for its large portions and moderate prices. Pasta dishes are under $11. Daily lunch specials include a main course, salad and dessert. American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club. Handtaapped accessible. Hours: 11 am-iop.m. Sun.-Thurs.; 11 am.-11 p.m. Fri; 4*11 p.m. Sat.

74 April 27-29,1994 Page 11 DINE OUT N I I I >! > I I ' > I \ ( * < >! Garden Court The Pub Espresso Bar Cafe Nordstrom Menlo Park Mall Edison (908) Garden COUlt; "Cosmopolitan" and "internationally representative" are words 'that describe the varied menu at the Garden Court, which offers a variety of salads, specials and sandwiches. Part of the Nordstrom's family of restaurants, the Garden Court's elegant, airy atmosphere adds to patrons' eryoyment of tempting salad plates that include delicacies such as Thai Shrimp Salad and Salad Nicoise, soups and their famous Portobello sandwich, grilled and chicken arrugala sandwich. House' specials include potato-crusted salmon. The Garden Court has a full liquor license, and is justly proud of its wine list, which includes red and white imported wines from Australia as well as the best California and Washington State vintages. American Express. Visa, MasterCard, Dining Out Club, Nordstrow's cards. Handicapped accessible, Smoking, non-smoking areas 11 p.m. Monday-Friday. 11 cun.-d:30 p.m. Saturday; 11 am -5 p.m. Sunday. ESpreSSO Bar: Set amidst the cordial ambiance of \hv. atrium at Menlo Park Mall, the Espresso Bar completes a quartet of Nordstrom's restaurants serving patrons at the Menlo Park Mall. In ackiiunn to espresso, the bar serves a wide assortment of coffees (including their own Star- I bucks label), sparkling waters, juices, and teas. A full complement of cakes and pastries accompanies the beverage offerings. Highlights include fancy lemon, zucchini, and banana nut breads. Italian pastries, brownies, bagels, freshbaked muffins and carrot cake, as well as sugarfree and dietetic itoms I A/Mfnani f^r/m 1. 1 :;;. Yisu MuxtvrCanL Noixlxtrom's cards. Handtcappvd ncowib!;*. U n ui.-u jj.m. Non-amoking onhj, Cafe. NOrdStrOm: The emphasis is on light fare at the Cafe Nordstrom, which features delicately flavored salads, sarfdwiches and healthy beverages, sue!) as thirst-quenching bottled waters. The Cafe Nordstrom has, a locally acquired reputation for its desserts, muffins, bagels, cookies and pies, and its frozen yogurt treats are a special favorite. A most welcome favorite is "Senior Tuesdays" which highlight half-price specials for senior citizens on their "blue plate soupers" half a tuna, chicken or turkey sandwich accompanied by a bowl of New England clam chowder or soup de jour. Nestled in a casual, welcoming atmosphere where people can meet to talk and share a leisurely meal, the Cafe Nordstrom's natural lighting sets off the surrounding lush greenery, American Eocpress, Visa, MasterCard, Nordstrom's. Handicapped access. 9 am.-9 p.m. daily, till 10 p.m. Saturday. Th Pllb: Fashioned in dark green and wood tones after the style of a traditional, intimate English sports pub, The Pub at Nordstrom's features a wide range of specialties in the best American tradition. Appetizers include Buffalo chicken wings t baked potato skins, and bruschetta with pesto. Burgers, pizza, pasta, salads and sandwiches comprise the balance of the savory menu. Highlights include New York-style pizza, famous English dishes such as bangers and mash (grilled English sausage served with mashed potatoes, sauteed onions and honey mustard) or mixed grill (grilled breast of chicken, London broil and English sausage served with fresh vegetable and mashed potatoes or seasoned Pub fries), and pasta delicacies such as chicken zinfandel. Micro-brew beers, especially those brewed locally, are a specialty of The Pub, which has a fall liquor license. Lave entertainment is offered Friday and Saturday nights by an acoustic guitarist who specializes in the music of the 1960s and '70s, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Nordstrom's cards. Handicapped accessible. Hours JO am.-9 p.m. Monday- Saturday, 11 a.m.-5:30 pin. Sunday.

75 April 27-29, 1994 DINE OUT Rackley's 1776 So. Washington Ave. Piscataway (908) TD ackley's, which is truly "the only place for ribs " is now famous for its unique salads, rotisserie chicken and fresh seafood. If you like ribs, wait till you try our new menu items, featuring some very special Southwestern dishes. People can er\joy a hearty meal as they relax in an authentic Southwestern atmosphere and choose from steaks, ribs, fresh fish and a variety of dishes priced between $ ,95. Check out the nightly specials for deals on meals - Mondays and Thursdays 5-9 p.m^u You Can Eat Ribs; Tuesdays 5-9 p.m.^steo/c Night a 22 oz. steak for only $9.95; Wednesdays and Sundays 5, p.m., Toto the Magic Clown entertains all the family* Relax at Rackley's and view the world via bigscreen TV, Call-ahead seating is available, as are banquet facilities. We also offer takeout, delivery and catering facilities for up to 50 people. Hours: 11:30 am.-10 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays; 11:30 am-11 p.m. Fridays noorv11 p.m.; Saturdays 2 pm-11 p.m; 2 p.iu-10 p.m, Sundays. Radicchio 217 Raritan Ave. Highland Park (908) "p adicchio has begun its third year since its remodeling and a change in venue and owner Frank Perger has been very pleased with its acceptance as an upscale Northern/Southern Italian restaurant in the heart of Highland Park. Headwaiter Michael S. Wade's impressive background includes working on the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, and Mauretania, as well as other luxury cruise liners, There are two dining rooms, mixing the old with the new. Radicchio's menu includes appetizers (S for antipasto for two), salads ($ ) and soup at $2.50, For entrees ($ ), there are pasta. veal chicken t meat and seafood dishes. Radicchios 44 specialty" homemade ravioli with a delicate filling and a special sauce is served daily, There are also daily dinner specials. Reservations are recommended on weekends, Radicchio's also caters to small dinner parties. Dinner is served Monday-Thursday 5:30-10 p.m., Friday- Saturday 5:30-11 p.m, Closed Sunday. Parking is available in the public parking lot across the street. Liquor license. All credit cards accepted.

76 April 27-20,1994 Page 13 DINE Allen's Fine Dining Sheraton Woodbridge Place 515 Route 1 South Iselin (908) OUT TWTany restaurants may claim it, but Allen's Fine Dining really does offer the finest food available in Central New Jersey and if you don't believe us, ask the experts Allen's Chef Jim Younie recently collected the coveted Chef of the Year trophy 1993 at an annual awards dinner in Princeton, voted best by his fellow professionals of the Central New Jersey Chefs Guild. Born and raised in New Jersey, Jinn has worked all over the country before settling down in the wood-panelled splendor of the Sheraton Hotel's newly-renovated restaurant, A fireplace, new carpeting, chairs, linen, the works have greatly enhanced the restaurant's handsome ambience. With Jim's formidable skills, Allen's can boast truly global cuisine, allied to the best table-side service. Ask for a salad and see it chopped up fresh in front of you. A typical evening meal, including drinks and dessert, runs out to around $45, dinner entrees averaging between $ , Seating for private parties up to 70 is available. For reservations, call 634:5407, Alt major credit cards accepted, Including Entwttinment card. Handicapped access. Reservations accepted. Monday-Friday, noon-2:30 p.m., 6-10 p.m.; Saturday p*m. M Black Horse Inn 1 W. Main St. Mendham (201) TIThether you're looking fora relaxing cafe, an intimate lounge, or a lively restaurant, The Black Horse Inn, a landmark stagecoach stop (circa 1742), offers it all. The Main Inn has been recently renovated in the style of an Adirondack hunting lodge, offering prime ribs, live lobsters, fresh tuna and swordfish and featuring roasted chicken and ducks from our imported rotisserie cooked in an open kitchen. A fun bar with piano music nightly will add to your dining pleasure. The Pub T located across the courtyard in the original bam, serves up great burgers, designer pizza, barbecue ribs, steaks and daily specials. Entertainment is featured on Friday and Saturday nights. Below the Pub, our Gourmet and Gift shop is always fun to visit for take-out food and antiques. Valet parking is available. We are located in the heart of old Mendham on Route 24. Come visit us soon.

77 i M Aranka's 3185 Route 27 Franklin Park (908) A ranka's is pleased to annouce plans for a new *" outdoor deck serving a light summer menu. Known for its Old World charm, Aranka's Hungar ian-american Restaurant offers fine European dining, specializing in Hungarian, American and Continental dishes. Those who want to make Mother's Day plans will want to try Aranka's fresh roast duck, veal and chicken paprikash, Hungarian ghoulash and stuffed cabbage are some of the other offerings on the menu. Banquet parties up to 140 people, starting at $15 per person, are available. The peach, white and teal decor is accented with fresh flowers and live plants. The restaurant offers a pianist and strolling violinist on weekends. Famous for its Hungarian pastries, Aranka's offers the usual favorites, such as apple strudel, walnut and poppy seed roll, as well as a seven-layer chocolate mocha cake with caramel icing, a chestnut cake and a walnut tone with fresh berries. Aranka's is happy to fill requests for special dishes, including requests for omitting certain ingredients, such as sour cream. All major credit cards accepted. Handicapped ooosafole. Nonsmoking section available. Iron wood 185 Madisonville Road Basking Ridge (908) T ronwood Restaurant in Basking Ridge is dedu ^ icated to the concept that American cuisine can appeal to traditional and progressive diners alike. The award-winning executive chef directs a team of dedicated professionals with an eye toward satis* fying the requirements and varied tastes of their clientele...a diverse selection of fare that is both healthful and a good value. Dinner selections include grilled boneless Griggstown farm-raised quail with gargonzola polenta as pan-seared tuna with fennel and sun-dried vinaigrette. The restaurant, on the grounds of Basking Ridge Country Club, features a glass-walled dining room which offers a spectacular view of the lush golf course in the foreground and the dramatic vistas of the Watchung Mountains in the background. Diners can experience creative American cuisine that tempts the palate in a country club setting that soothes the senses. Dress is country club casual Ironwood is located a half mile from exit 26A of Route 287. The club offers private catering for business meetings and parties; a ballroom accommodates up to 200 people. American Express, Visa, MasterCard. Lunch: 11:30 a.m>2:30 p.m. Mon.Sat. Dinner: 5*10 p.m. Tues.-Sun. Brunch: 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Sun.

78 April 27-29,1984 Page 15 DINE OUT The folks at Boomerz know that a casual, comfortable meal is often the nicest way to end a long day of work. They have recently renovated the restaurant, removing walls to create a more open atmosphere, and placing the grill behind the bar so customers can watch meals in preparation. The tables still seat 100, and the expanded bar now seats 55. The menu boasts burgers, steaks and a variety of hearty fare, ranging in price from $3,50 to $15,95, Daily lunch and dinner specials generally range from $10 to SI 1, offering some sauteed dishes, chicken, seafood and beef. Boomerz 2 Main St. So. Bound Brook (908) Realizing that some customers would like to eat at home without having to cook, owner and manager Bob Konz is planning to offer home delivery this spring. A separate phone line will be installed for delivery orders. Boomerz is open 11:30 am-1 a.m. Monday- Saturday, and noon-1 a.m, Sunday. The ftill menu is available is always available until closing time. The restaurant caters to all; some patrons may socialize at the bar, while families eat in the dining room. The restaurant also sports video games to entertain the children. Alt major credit cards accepted. Ramp to dining foom.

79 DINE Union Grill at Bound Brook Inn 227 W. Union Ave. Bound Brook (908) v «A little of everything" attracts a lot of satisfied regulars to the tjnion Grill at the Bound Brook Inn on West Union Avenue, Bound Brook. With its tried-and-trusted American favorites such as steak, chops, fish, pasta, veal and port, the Grill also boasts a full liquor license. Lovingly restored to its original pristine elegance, the century-old building has been an inn since the 1920s and still features diamond-pane windows perfectly set off its delicate gray-blue/ white color scheme. And for the warm months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the restaurant's real character starts to flourish outdoor dining featuring a special outdoor menu turns the Union Grill into a popular summer attraction. But people who prefer their air-conditioning can, of course, still get the regular menu indoors. And on Fridays and Saturday evenings, a piano player entertains guests. Alt major credit cords accepted Handicapped aocesejbte;'' Hourt: Lunch: Mondays-Fridays; 11:30 a m p.m.; Dihntr daily 5-10 p,m Hemingway's Bridgewater Manor Route Bridgewater (908) 658 XJ emingway's newly-reftirbished restaurant * * holds its own within immense Bridgewater Manor. With a traditional bar on one wall across the room and a working fireplace across the room, the cozy atmosphere is pub-like, There are American, Italian, Mexican and csyunstyle dishes on the eclectic menu. Appetizers run the gamut from shrimp cocktail to nachos to toasted ravioli or pan-fried dumplings with ginger sauce. There is an entree to satisfy every taste, even those preferring vegetarian fare* Grilled fish of the day is popular, as is Havana pork tenderloin with a spiced applejack sauce. There are six pasta varieties. Hemingway's serves homemade Maryland crab cakes and 16-ounce New York strip steaks. Chicken pepperoni Monterey, a breaded chicken breast covered with slices of pepperoni and four-cheese mix topped by Monterey Jack sauce, is popular as well. Dessert choices are as varied as the entrees. A slice of amaretto raspberry cheesecake is a wonderful way to end a meal, especially when accompanied by a mug of coffee, Hemingway's has a full liquor license, so diners can enjoy coffee enhanced with a liqueur, or an after-dinner beverage. Hours: lurch 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m, Monday-Friday; dinner 5-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 5-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Hemingway's is also open on Sundays, as well.

80 April 27-29,1994 Page 17 DINE OUT Bucky's 609 E. Main St Bridgewater (908) the buffet enthusiast, Bucky's Restaurant provides a dynamite deal: a buffet lunch is offered 11:30 &.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and the cost is only $5.25. Bucky's also offers a Sunday buffet for $9.95, which includes dessert bar, coffee and tea, 3-9 p.m. For sports fans, Bucky's Restaurant has three TVs always playing your favorite games. And reduced drink prices with a free buffet of hot and cold hors d'oeuvres are available every Monday through Friday during Happy Hour from 4-7 p.m. "We! iave the unique ability to serve from two authentic kitchens,* 1 said manager Ken Persing, explaining Bucky's unique menu offering complete Chinese and Italian cuisine. "We are-an amiable family dining establishment, as Well as a comfortable bar." Persing also touts Bucky's pizza, famous in the area for a number of years. A family-style restaurant where dress is casual, Bucky's has a liquor license and accepts most major credit cards. Parties of up to 50 can be accommodated for both lunch and dinner. Call manager Ken Persing for information. Kitchens are open till 1 a.m. every night except Sunday, when they close at midnight. MasterCard, Visa, Diners and American Express. Non-smoking section available. Open until 1 a.m. nightly. Espo's 10 Second St. Raritan (908) T^spo's remains a neighborhood favorite, some twenty years after it opened. With a commitment to quality service and consistently tasty food, Espo's is always busy catering to its varied clientele. Espo's Restaurant & Bar, as it is properly known, is a casual pasta house with a pub-type atmosphere, It does, not have a menu the size bf a phone book, but its offerings include Southern Italian cuisine, with the pastas, sandwiches and grilled meats served in generous portions. Espo's full liquor license means you can accompany your rneal with the beverage of your choice. Best of all, despite the sizable servings, prices at Espo's are very moderate, Credit cards not accepted. Lunch: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday- Friday. Dinner 3-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 3*10:30 p.m. Friday; 5-10:30 p.m. Saturday; and 4-9 p.m. Sunday.

81 DINE OUT Colonial Farms 1745 Amwell Road Somerset (908) Colonial Farms, a 200-yearoid converted farmhouse, has been serving generations of families. Balanced with historic charm, Colonial Farms offers traditional American cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere with emphasis on casual family dining. Colonial Farms' lunch menu features a halfpound burger, grilled chicken sandwiches, crois* sant sandwiches and a variety of crisp salads. Along with its regular entrees, Colonial Farms also offers six lunch specials priced under $6. Another feature is the extended lunch hours, 11:30 a.m,-4 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Colonial Farms 1 dinner menu features charbroiled steaks, fresh seafoods and tasty pastas on its diversified menu. Each evening the restaurant also offers 10 specials prices under $10, with their slow-roasted prime rib heading the list. A late night Grille Room menu, children's menus priced at $195 and Early Bird specials from 4:30-6 p.m. Monday-Friday complete Colonial Farms' extensive dining opportunities. In addition to its casual family dining, Colonial Farms has facilities for private parties of all sizes, up to 180. They offer special packages for parties or gatherings, and feature weddings with an adjoining outdoor patio for cocktails. Vita, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Dub, Carte Blanche Handicapped accessible. Beef 'N Ale House 708 Watchung Blvd. Watchung (908) perating as a steakhouse under various names since 1888, O'Connor's offers a sense of history with its hearty menu. An old farmhouse that has been renovated and added to over the years, it has served the likes of Mae West and Laurel and Hardy, and was once an old stage stop and hotel Well known for its prime rib, O'Connor's also offers a wide steakhouse menu as well as an extensive salad bai\ a fresh catch in the restaurant every day and fresh ground burgers in the pub, Senior citizen and children's menus are available. Price specials are offered Monday through Wednesday, and a $7.95 early bird prime rib special is available weekdays until 6 p.m. A senior citizen special, alsq featuring prime rib, is available noon-5 p.m. Sundays. The bar boasts a wide variety of imported beers, and offers a sandwich menu. A butcher shop and deli is located on the premises, featuring Boar's Head products. Open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. daily, the butcher shop also freshly cuts all meat for the restaurant. The building has retained its cozy, casual atmosphere, making it a great choice for family dining. Expansion has also created banquet facilities for weddings and large groups. Hours; 11:30 a.m.-1 a.m. Monday-Saturday. Sunday: brunch 11 a.m,*2 p.m., dinner begins at noon. All major cfwit cards, Handicapped accessible.

82 April 27-29,1994 Page 19 >MI \<^\ \ ( < >l I * Ferraro's of Someryille 18 W. Main St. $6merville (908) FerraroVf Somerville's slogan "Your satisfaction isa" main concern** is not just meaningless rest/rant jargon. This restaurant truly cares about typatrons from the quality produce it buys tt*he professional wait staff it employs, The pasta /all homemade on the premises and the sauc/are made fresh to order. The menu is flexowing you to choose from 11 different made pastas and combine them with any of i fferent sauces. Veal or chicken can be enjoyed different ways. Any of five seafood dishes can prepared 6 different ways and» if this does not ve you enough choices, then the restaurant will you your favorite dish (providing* of course, they have the ingredients). The service is both professional and friendly* The restaurant employs the traditional European system of captain, server, food runner and busboy. The captains and -servers never leave the floor, ensuring attentive; friendly, service. The staff is knowledgeable about f(>od and mdre tjiain Willing to assist you with your,choices^ ; :/ '*.';.' '. t\, You will have to go a long way yi> find a restau* rant as accommodating tofterraro'sqfsomerville, - The owners, Joseph Bonfajitino ahii Jdhn Hrirido, care. Both are lifelong- restaurant professionals. Joe inherited his love of restaurants from his fa v ther, who has been in the business for>50 years. John had an inherent love of cooking from an early age,".. ; They met at Ferraro's of Westfield where they worked together, and, when Joe wanted to improve and upgrade the food at Ferrartfs of Somerville, he invited John to become the chef and, partner. The partnership has blossomed. Their willingness to go that little bit extra sets them apart from other restaurants. The restaurant offers exceptional food, generous portions and good value. There is not an item on the lunch menu over $10, The daily specials are priced at $5.95, and include salad and pasta. The most expensive item on the dinner menu is $14.95 Frutli di Mare which includes shrimp, scallops, clams and flounder ion a light marinara sauce. The dinner specials are creative and imaginative, reflecting the flair of John, such as Polio Ripiene, breasts of chicken, stuffed with fontana cheese and proscuitto, then baked and topped with a fresh roasted pepper cream sauce served with the house salad or chefs pasta of the night. The wine list offers 20 selections, very moderately-priced, in addition to the house selections. The house wines, offered by glass or carafe, include a Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet and Chianti. The restaurant is open seven days a wsek - Monday- Thursday 11 am-10 p.m., Friday 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Saturday 4* 11 p.m., and Sunday 2-10 p.m.

83 Page 20 April 27-29,1994 i. OUT First Plac* 400 Commons Way Brid&water (908) First Place has taken the concept of a sports dub and improved on it. As a spot to cool your heels after a long day of shopping at the mall, a convenient getaway from work, or a place for an evening out, First Place offers superb lunches and dinners as well as super sports action. If sports are your thing, there are 22 televisions plus a large screen TV. But the sports theme is subdued enough that no one will be overwhelmed. The restaurant has several dining areas, including a no-smoking area: each is well appointed and cozy. A new menu with a dozen or so appetizers including baby-back ribs and a vegetable platter, features sandwiches, burgers, blackened C^jun chicken, and entrees of chicken, steaks and seafood. A full expanded selection of enticing Mexican ^dishes and vegetarian platters completes the \nouth-watering array. First Place also has a full W>r license. There is live DJ music entertain- Jfent Wed-Sat. nights with New York WABC radio D\Chuck Leonard, NJ FM radio DJ Jay Soijnsen, club man Steve Bando, Mystery Man Joe 3ag-A-Donuts and others. All msyor sporting evenc are carried live. Call the club hotline at for complete details on special events. MasterCai. Visa, Diners and American Express. Handicapped aocessibtevtours: 11-2 am, Monday-Saturday, 11 am-10 p.m, Sunday. Jack O'Connor's 1288 Rte. 22 East Bridgewater (908) a gooaevening out at a reasonable price, you won't findanywhere better than Jack O'Connor's, th«family-run Irish restaurant. From the size of the atfad bar to the size of the bar. the staff at Jack O'Connor's know how to have a good time. The imaginative array of changing hoi and cold selections at tie salad bar items like two kinds of home-mad* soup, quiche, pasta, tacos, fresh fruit, pierogics - arc matched only by the challenge of 16 different draft beers including Guinness, Harp, Bass. Sarn Adams and Pilsner Urguell. Best known for its steaks and seafood, the restaurant offers an attractive and extensive dinner menu of meals averaging M0.95-$ Free entertainment on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights has made the lounge popular, with The Willie Lynch Trio cranking out the best of the Emerald Isle for more than a decade of Thursdays, Friday and Saturday is blues, jazz or rock night plus every third Sunday is Big Band Night. With two balconies and seating for 500, this warm, cozy restaurant revels in private parties, wedding rehearsals, dinners and the increasinglypopular Sunday morning baby shower brunches. Major credit cards. Handicap access. Non-smoking section. Reservations accepted. Mon.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-1,1:30 p*t>: Fri. and Sat. 11 a.m.-midnight: Sun 10 am.-10:30 p.m

84 Epril 27-46,1&94 Page 21 DINE OUT Golden Corner 313 W. Union Ave. Bound Brook (908) /"golden Corner, an old favorite of family dining, ^ now boasts a fax machine for take-out orders. Owner Nick Bonis said the fax number is , and he hopes this will help make take-out meals easier for the customers. For those who prefer to have an evening out, Golden Corner offers a variety of American, Greek and Italian cuisine in its family-style dining room. Customer favorites include the spaghetti and tortellini dishes. Greek salads, and freshly made sandwiches and green salads. A full breakfast menu is also available, boasting eggs, omelets and pancakes. Dress is casual in the dining room, which seats 120, and a non-smoking section is available. Hours: 6 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Handicapped accessible.

85 Page 22 DINE April 27-29,1994 I Main Street 600 E. Main St. Bridgewater (908) Main Street Bestaurant features an impressive variety of American and Mexican dishes on its revamped menu. General Manager Jon Serra noted new items include Caesar salads; vegetable, chicken and shrimp stir-fry; turkey cutlets; new varieties of nachos; and chicken or beef fsgitas. Also featured are new varieties of pastas, shrimp scampi and choice cuts of T-bone steak. Main Street features special themes for each night of the week. Monday features a dinner buffet special from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m., for $8.95, Tuesday night is Pasta Night, giving patrons the opportunity to create their own pasta dishes. Wednesdays is Prime Rib Night with salad bar for $ And Thursday is Mexican Night, featuring Main Street's impressive Mexican menu, including the wildly popular f^jita, with chicken, shrimp or beef. Thursday nights patrons can eryoy $1 Margaritas. The new management at Main Street is looking forward to a busy summer season with its versatile new menu. Always a popular lunch spot* Main Street offers dinners and Sunday brunch (10 am-2 p.m,) for $6.95. Main Street's salad bar features more than 75 items. The restaurant can seat private parties up to 100. Visa, MasterCard. American Express, Diners Club. Hours: 11:30 a.m-11 p.m. Mon.-Thurs.,noon-mkirright Frl.-Sat, 10am-10 p.m. Sun. Shogun US Highway 22 West Green Brook (908) he menu at Shogun 22 doesn't combine Asian dishes for a Chop Suey effect. Instead, Shogun prides itself in preparing the purest and freshest of Japan's best dishes. The aura of tradition suffuses a Sushi bar and Tatami rooms where shoeless patrons sit on cushions to dine. Kimonoed waitresses serve with customary Japanese politesse in a quiet interior furnished with private booths. Manager Albert Eng says its like going back to Japan. Servers arc courteous to everyone. In fact, he holds giving customers prompt service in his highest regard. Entrees range $10-$25. There are many Sushi bar dishes and Sushi a la carte. Ternpura is available with chicken, $12.96, shrimp $14.95 and Knkiturai, breaded fried oysters, $ Kaiscki Bento, ix dinner of sashimi, shrimp tempura, tonkatsu, salmon teriyaki and pickled vegetables, is $19,95; Broiled Eel, $9.95. Specials offer the freshest ingredients, a hallmark of Japanese cuisine. Shogun 22 was one of the first of it's kind when it opened 10 years ago with people coming from as far as Pennsylvania for Japanese cuisine. It continues to bring in people from miles around. Dinner reservations are recommended. Your dinner order can also be prepared for take-out. Major credit cards accepted. Handicapped access. Lunch: H:30am-2 p.m, Dinner: 4:30-10 p.m. Mon.-Thurs,, 4:30-11 p.m. Fri.-Sat., 2-9:30 p.m. Sun.

86 DINK OUT McAteer's 1714 Easton Ave, Somerset (908) P elix Prontos has owned and operated this Central Jersey landmark for the past 22 years. Known for its banquet facilities, which were recently expanded and remodeled to hold up to 500, McAteer's is open seven days a week. Tuesday and Thursday nights are popular for Country and Western dancing. Piano music is offered in the main dining room Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. McAteer's continental menu is large and features early bird specials, featuring full course dinners of beef, veal, chicken or fish for S10.95 Monday to Friday from 4:30-7 p.m. and Sunday 1-5 p.m., as well as specials of the day. In addition to seafood, specialties, meat and foul dinner entrees, McAteer's offers "dinner for two served tableside" selections of rack of larnb and Chateaubriand McAteer's welcomes group bookings for weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, business functions, all-day seminars in our special beautiful banquet rooms. Please call for an appointment to make arrangements. Diners in the main dining room find themselves surrounded by stained glass windows, low ceilings with exposed beams and spindled partitions for intimate dining. Linen-covered tables in green and mauve add to the warmth and sophistication at McAteer's. Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Handicapped 11 a.m-1 am. MorvThurs,; 11 am-2 a.m. Frl. & Sat,; 10a.m midnight Sun.

87 Page 24 April 27-29, 1994 DINE OUT Mugs 53 Somerset St. Raritan (908) TToted best Mexican food in Somerset County for ^ the past four years by an area publication, Mugs restaurant lives up to its kudos and more. Owner/Manager Steve Manser just celebrated nine years with the casual, family-oriented restaurant offering 99 items, such as over-stuffed sandwiches, juicy burgers and barbecue specialties, along with award-winning Mexican food. "We're known for giving good portions of food for a good price/' said Mr. Manser, who adds.everythirig is fresh and made on the premises, including the spicy salsas. But it's not too spicy. "We get people who come for Mexican and people who come who wouldn't touch Mexican with a 10-foot pole," said Mr. Manser, Mugs features steak, veal and seafood specials on weekends and $4.95 lunch, specials, such as sort shell tacos served with rice, beans and soup, every weekday. Dinner specials include a Thursday night 12-ounce prime rib dinner for $ Appetizers are also a big hit, such as the Nachos Supreme or outrageous Buffalo Wings. Amid southwestern details, sip a 16-ounce coke or 13-ounce Margarita, typical of Mugs' hearty servings. Hours: Tues.-Thurs. 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m.; Fri. 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m.; Sat p.m. Closed Mondays. Handicapped accessible. Major credit cards accepted. Rosina's 440 W. Union Ave. Bound Brook (908) HTiis tastefully appointed, family-owned res- ^taurant features steak, chicken, veal, and tish as well as a wide range of exquisite Italian specialties and pastas. Customers may enjoy the same great food in three different settings: the cafe-style cocktail lounge, the more formal back dining room, or, in warm weather, the fully licensed outdoor cafe. Co-owners Joe, Dominick and Sammy Todaro have been serving their Italian cuisine since 1989 Specialties include homemade spinach ravioli in a pink brandy sauce with fresh tomatoes and shallots, and Chicken Rosina (chicken breasts sauteed with artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms in a pink cream sauce with fresh mozzarella). Appetizers range in price from $ ; entrees run from $9, Rosina's Ristorante accommodates parties up to 60 people and has a full liquor license. Reservations are recommended for parties of six or more on Friday or Saturday nights. American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover. Hours: 11 a.m. 10:30 p.m. Mon.-Thurs.; 11 am-11 p.m. Fri.; noon-11 p.m. Sat.; noon-10 p.m, Sun.

88 April 27-29,1994 DINE Page 25 OUT S( >l 1 ( >i )l N- I ^ Red Door Grille 500 W. Camplain Road Manville (908) Known as the ultimate Italian grill. Red Door combines tine Italian cuisine with an American grill. Owner Lou Di- Matteo has created a very casual atmosphere, but don't lot that tool you. Executive chef Andrew Pantano and assistant chef Rick LaBrake, both graduates of the Culinary Institute of America, have created innovative combinations of healthy modern Italian soups, appetizers and fine entrees. Many of the Italian dishes are complemented by the homemade pastas (made by Mr. DiMatteo's mother, Carmehu cavatelli. linguine, fottucine, parpadelli. cnpeilini, ravioli and many more. The menu also features fresh seafood, pork, veal and steaks. The amount of food per serving is tremendous and everything is reasonably priced. Whether you are ordering from the regular menu or the nightly specials, the Red Door has a lot to offer. The combination of an American grill menu with homemade Italian fare done in such an innovative style has made the Red Door a popular place for dining. Hours a.m.-2 a.m. daily. Full liquor license. Catering is available on and oil the premises. All major credit cards accepted. Fax orders to (908)

89 'age Aprli 27-29,1994 DINE OUT Christine's Somerset Hills Hotel 200 Liberty Corner RcJ. Warren (908) C onny D t the former private chef for Frank Sinatra and co-founder of the landmark Sonny D Ristorante, has found a new home at Christine's. Within the confines of the Somerset Hills Hotel in Warren, Christine's features exquisite Northern Italian cuisine. For starters, sample the large assortment of superior cold antipasto or the fabulous mushroom caps filled with prosdutto and pimento stuffing flavored with herbs. Relax and enjoy the intimate ambiance, while the skillful staff serves your entree. From the 2Vfe-pound lobster fra diavolo and shrimp alforno baked in butter with ground hazelnuts and garlic and herbs to the veal scaloppine Zingarella with tomato sauce, peppers, porcini mushrooms, oregano and herbs, each of Christine's dishes is an exceptional culinary treat* The combination of the classic Mediterranean decor to the sounds of the ebony baby grand piano over lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch, a meal at Christine's is an experience which will not soon be forgotten> AH m^or credit cards accepted. Handicapped access. Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:30 &m.-10 p.m.; Friday & Saturday 11:30 am-11 p.m.; Sunday 10:30 am-2:30 p.m. Spain Thompson St. Raritan (908) O pain 92 brings the flavor of Europe to you. *^ Explore Spanish food and savor what has been a mystery to many, at Spain 92. Here you will find a small, cozy restaurant with Spanish music playing softly in the background a place that lets you relax, take your mind off your troubles and take in all the flavors of Spain, Also, it is the right place for your family celebrations. Start your meal with a different daily homemade soup served FREE before your entree. The menu contains 10 appetizers which include selections of shrimp, clams, mussels as well as Spanish chorizos or stuffed mushroom caps, 12 meat entrees T 4 fresh fish dinners, 15 seafood choices as well as vegetarian specials. Try the Matiscada en Salsa Verde or Paella Valenciana. Accompany your meal with the house-made SANGRIA or select from the wine list. If you have room for dessert there is homemade FLAN, rice pudding, as well as unique fruit sorbets imported from Spain, served in their skin. And don't forget the "Spain 92 Coffee" or Cappucnino. For more information call and ask for Sergio or Chef Manny. Major credit cards accepted. Handicapped access. Ample parking. Daily lunch and dinner specials. Lunch: MorvThurs. 11:30-3. Dinner: Mon.-Thurs. 3-10; FrL 3-11; Sat. 2-11; Sun. noon-10

90 April Page 27 DINE OUT Toscana Trattoria 141 Main St. Peapack (908) "VTestled in the picturesque country hamlet of Peapack ^ is an authentic taste of Italy Toscana Trattoria. In the past two years, partners Marcello Ameti and Salvatore Gombali have become well known for delicious cuisine matched by attentive service. Luncheon favorites include fresh t homemade fettucine with diced Norwegian salmon and fresh peas in a delicate cream sauce, Asparagus topped with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella placed briefly under the grill makes a delicious light lunch. Spring means the return of soft-shelled crabs, which may be prepared fra diavolo unless you would prefer that spicy mar in ara-type sauce over red snapper and poached clams. Veal chops are a dinner specialty, served with vinaigrette, peppers, mushrooms and onions, sauteed with shallots and red wine, A traditional chicken bolognese mates a breast with prosciutto and fontina cheese t white wine and lemqn juice. Salads and soups, all homemade* are flavorful and varied. For diners who have special needs, the staff "more than welcomes'* your request. But make sure to leave room for dessert. The homemade tiramisu is heavenly a difficult choice between that and the authentic Italian ricotta cheesecake or fresh berries with zabaglione. Toscana Trattoria will prepare meals for take out or for thoir private dining rooms (up to 50). Lunch: 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. and dinner 5-10 p.m. weekdays, 5-11 p.m. weekends. Closed Mondays. Major credit cards accepted. No liquor license; diners are welcome to bring their own. Valentino's Ristorante Corner Chimney Rock & Washington Valley Road 1982 Washington Valley Road Squires Corner Mall Martinsville (908) Valentino's Ristorante is a family-run restaurant that gives Italian dining a good name, Owners John and Robert Cardaci and their team of culinary chefs have earned three stars for the* Italian specialities they have bwij serving for the past 2\ A : years. Tho dining room, elegantly decorated, is the setting for both power lunchts and romantic dinners. Pasta is a socially, with more than 17 preparations and all homemade. Seafood is a favorite and fresh is the order of the day. Soft-shelled crab is prepared a la francese or scampi. Poached salmon served in a dijon cream with dill is a favorite. For n light lunch, broccoli iabe with shrimp and pen no pasta is popular, as is red snapper. The restaurant offers hmch specials at $4.95, which include dishes from the dinner menu accompanied by soup or salad and coffee or tea. Lunch and dinner specials change weekly. The rack of lamb dijon is always popular. And roasted rabbit served in a sweet vermouth with braised leeks, roasted poppers and fresh rosemary is popular with game lovers. Valentino's is noted for stuffed artichokes and lobster ravioh. For dessert try their famous tiramisu, eannoli or banana-chocolate truffle. Valentino's prepares to your take-home order any time, and also will do on-preimse or outside catering. The restaurant is available for private parties Sundays. Open seven days. Lunch: 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Dinner daily from 4 p.m. Major credit cards accepted, induing Transmedia. BYO.

91 Pag 28 April 27-29,1994 DINE OUT < > v 11 I v 1 ( ( Verdi's Italian Ristorante 63 Mountain Blvd. Warren (908) wner Sal Gramaglia and manager Vito Buscetta opened Verdi's three years ago and have made it a fine restaurant whose decoration features the best of the traditional Italian style. Verdi's is looking forward to opening its new outdoor cafe in May weather permitting and reservations are a must. Old world charm graced with beautiful and quiet decor, Verdi's attracts the sophisticated diner. Classical Italian cuisine is prepared to your order with hand-selected herbs and choice meats and seafood- Verdi's delights in its innovative dishes such stuffed artichokes, a misto table, tropical salmon, polio cardinale, veal or gnocchi sorrentina, linguine sassi which is prepared with fresh arugola home-made bocconcini and fresh diced tomatoes, and daily fish specials. Verdi's famous pasta is made with fresh diced tomatoes, garlic, basil and tossed in Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and extra virgin olive oil. Prepared in keeping with classical Italian cuisine, the meats are always top quality. The assortment of appetizers or Misto is quite varied and changes daily. For dessert, there is flourless chocolate cake, chocolate hazelnut truffle, Italian cheese cake, fresh cannolli made with their own cannolli cream and fresh fruit flambe. A private room is also available. At Verdi's, you will always find fresh and unique fish Arctic chard, escolar, Dover sole, fresh prawns, fresh taylor-based scallops, fresh sardines. Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Handicapped access. Hours: Morv Thurs. 11 am-10 pm. Fri. 11 am.-11 p.m., Sat 5-11 p.m., Sun a.m. Werner's Lake Edge 141 Stirling Road Watchung (908) Tpor that special summer evening, what better * way to relax with a friend, family member or that special someone than a delicious meal by a lake, watching the sun go down? Good company and good food may be the more important elements of a good meal out, but location is what makes it truly memorable. And at Werner's, they guarantee at least two of those required elements the rest is up to you. Owner Ralph Stamm first fell in love with the lake edge in 1962* when his late parents Herma and Alfred Stamm moved there from Forester's Rendezvous, 86th and Lexington Avenue, New York City. His parents may be gone, but Mr. Stamm and son Randy still keep the family tradition alive with an extensive German/American menu, and a new improved, larger dining room, overlooking the lake. The restaurant business is in their blood for 32 years, the Stamms have worked hard to perfect their family restaurant and their reward is the regular customers who return for popular favorites the sauerbraten, potato dumplings, and red cabbage and pot roast, duck or fish. The secret of getting a good seat is to make a reservation. American Express, Visa, MasterCard. Non-smoking area. Handicapped access. Tues.-Fri. 11:30a.m.-2 p.m., 5-9 p.m.; Fri. 5-9 pm, Sat p.m., Sun. 1-8 p.m. Closed Mondays,

92 April 27-29,1994 DINE O MANY II VIS ROAD UOUSE RESTAURANT S BAR - Whitohouse, NJ 908, andrkkttan ORYCOObANO SUNDRIES IAT tfw THFSTCRE Basking Ridge. NJ ^53 -ASFOHT3BA1- \ growth catering BE A GUEST ATYOUR NEXT PARTY. Basking Ridge, NJ positivelypi great picnics to suit any occasion! Kid^e. \! The Willows 1013 N. Washington Ave. Green Brook (908) T n business for more than 14 years, the Willows A succeeds in doing what it does best and what it does best is provide its customers with good food and good service at good, affordable prices. The oozy English Tudor interior creates the perfect atxx\i sphere for a comfortable family dinner. The dining room is large, but intimate dining is available at one of the booths along the front wall or at the corner tables in the bar area. Lunches start at $4.50 and the various specials make it a great place for business meals. The diverse menu makes ordering a mouthwatering pleasure, featuring a large variety of dinners, desserts and cocktails. There are 30 different items, with Early Bird specials starting at $7.95, Dinners prices range from $9.95 with a large variety averaging $ Complimentary flaming fruit balls are served after meals. Banquet facilities are available and can accommodate private parties for people, specializing in weddings. The Willows also boasts live entertainment Thursday through Sunday nights. Sunday night is "Oldies 1 ' night. We make every occasion special for you, but you don't need a special occasion to eat here. Major credit cards accepted. Open 7 days a week.

93 April 27-29,1994 LOOK TO YOUR LOCAL FORBES NEWSPAPER WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT Vi RESTAURANT INFORMATION, r -. ORDER TODAY! CLIP AND MAIL! K- MAH. TO: FORBES NEWSPAPERS Circulation Department P.O. Box 699 Somerville, NJ Ptoase send the newspaper checked to the address below I I Fortes Newspaper D Somerset Messenger-Gazette D Bound Brook Chronicle D Green Brook-North Plaintield Journal Warren-Watchung Journal D Franklin Focus D Scotch Plains-Fanwood Press DCranford Chronicle Q T h e Chronicle - serving Middlesex and Dunellen Piscataway Review South Plainfield Reporter DMetuchen-Edlson Review Highland Park Herald Enclosed is my check lor $. My charge card 1 Year $28.00 D $25.00 D $21.00 $15.00 $10.00 $17.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $21.00 In-county rates only 3 Years $56.00 $50.00 $42.00 $30,00 $20.00 $34.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $42.00 In Amount of $ I Expiration Date Name Address Apt# Zip. For out-of-county or out-o1*fttate rales Calk I

94 April 27-29,1994 Page 31 I". I '::.:.-. :«.: m L'-ijftv.. : x- A.j ma saj t&l m m m Fvy.V t;,vv-- Why Cook Tonight? Get Hooked On F Eat In Or TakcOul Ml \1 s IM I Entree Planers Tax Included 1/4 tb. Sandwiches Salads, Desserts & Beverages Senior Discounts Available Entrees By The Pound Small Parties Our Specialty Open Monday-Friday 9:30am to 7:00pm W. Main Street Somerville :*1 sa Ush Market & Restaurant I98W. Main Street Socnerviite FAMILY FISH COMBO DELIG1 M Vc*V Plus 3 Morel! An Unconventional Delicatessen 26i Mountain Blvd., \Nutmn N.J. We're Cooler Than Othtr DallcatMsans, It* As Simple At That TIME S p o r t s C a f e Eve/yone deserves a //We 7?me Ouf/ Great Food at Great Prices Smrying LUNCH DINNER COCKTAILS MONDAY - Dollar Draft Nit* TUtSDAY. $2.00 TlMtOty WEDNESDAY - Udto* NHa THURSDAY WofM Boor Party Importo ft Shot f FRIDAY Corponta Powor Happy Hour 52 So. Main Smt Manville (9O8J2&B8M m v -SEASONAL PICNIC PACKAGE «Grilled Cheeseburgers, Grilled Hamburgers, Grilled Hot Dogs Com on the Cob Chips APretzete, adult Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Cote Slaw Condiments; mustard, relish, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles SSSSu Brownies Mixed Iced Beverages: Poperware *ncbdes skirted ice tea, sodo, lemonade w^q tobias J CUSTOMIZE YOUR PICNIC Traditional Picnic Menu Additions Weed help? Quesftons? Coil out catering mgrs. CLASSIC PICNrC. SPECIALTY ITEMS FOOD ITEMS DELUXE SALADS SWEETS ADESSERT RENTALS BEVERAGES PERSONNEL 21 Division Street, Somerville, NJ (9Oe)722-44U FAX (90S) I-^i-Yv;: :;*

95 Page 32 April 27-29, 1994 DINE OUT For eight years, Catari's has been serving fine Italian food in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Patrons may select from a wide range of original-recipe specials and regular menu offerings large portions, always at reasonable prices prepared by an experienced kitchen staff that includes Jaimie Alfero, Chef Louis Rivera (more than 30 years of experience) and saucier Fredrico Alfredo. Owner Tom Miano boasts 16 years of experience in all aspects of banquet, a la carte and catering. The authentic Italian menu has been expanded to include a larger selection of always-fresh seafood. The dining experience at Catari's is topped off by personal service (it's not unusual to Catari's 266 W. Union Ave. Bound Brook (908) have the owner visit your table), often accented by a performance by Frank Bozzomo, the "Singing Owner." Patrons now find it easier to mark that special occasion with Catari's distinctive catering. The restaurant*s new banquet room complete with dance floor seats up to 75 people. In addition, Catari's also has banquet facilites off-premises with the ability to serve , the perfect setting for everything from small parties, funeral repasses, rehearsal dinners, showers and going away parties to christenings, weddings and business luncheons. You can arrange to have your meal ready when you arrive at Catari's just fax your order to 469*4920.


SPONSORSHIP BENEFIT PACKAGE On behalf of the Straight from the Bayou Crawfish Festival producer Exquisite Impressions Special Events, and the Committed 100 Men a Non-Profit Organization, we would like to express our gratitude for

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AMERICAN REVOLUTION VOL. 1 Stamp Act AMERICAN REVOLUTION VOL. 1 Stamp Act No one likes being told what to do. The British tried to control the American colonists. It did not go well. First, they tried to make the colonists pay special taxes.

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Today we will are talking about healthy fundraising!

Today we will are talking about healthy fundraising! Today we will are talking about healthy fundraising! 1 Last summer, the USDA published Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards for all foods and beverages sold to students during the school day, as

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RESTAURANT PACKET. Join Us April 28, 2018 at Hillgrove High School

RESTAURANT PACKET. Join Us April 28, 2018 at Hillgrove High School RESTAURANT PACKET Join Us April 28, 2018 at Hillgrove High School Dear Restaurant Owner/Operator, The Hillgrove High School Bands cordially invite you to be a part of the eleventh annual TASTE OF WEST

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Executive Summary. N.C. Customers Give Their Local ABC Liquor Stores High Marks, Identify Ways to Improve Customer Service.

Executive Summary. N.C. Customers Give Their Local ABC Liquor Stores High Marks, Identify Ways to Improve Customer Service. April, 212 N.C. Customers Give Their Local ABC Liquor Stores High Marks, Identify Ways to Improve Customer Service Executive Summary Nicholas M. Didow Jr Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC Chapel Hill

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You are receiving this digital package from Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) to welcome you to the 2017 Teal Pumpkin Project!

You are receiving this digital package from Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) to welcome you to the 2017 Teal Pumpkin Project! You are receiving this digital package from Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) to welcome you to the 2017 Teal Pumpkin Project! Launched as a national campaign by FARE in 2014, the Teal Pumpkin Project

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Georgia Online Formative Assessment Resource (GOFAR) Milestones Monday 1

Georgia Online Formative Assessment Resource (GOFAR) Milestones Monday 1 Milestones Monday 1 Name: Date: Copyright 2016by Georgia Department of Education. Items shall not be used in a third party system or displayed publicly. Page: (1 of 5 ) 1. Please read both selections below

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*****Special note: On 11/06/18 St. Anthony School will be in session but Winsted does not have school so buses may be early!*****

*****Special note: On 11/06/18 St. Anthony School will be in session but Winsted does not have school so buses may be early!***** SAS-WINSTED.ORG *****Special note: On 11/06/18 St. Anthony School will be in session but Winsted does not have school so buses may be early!***** *****Special note: On 12/06/18 There will be no After School

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First Permanent English Settlement

First Permanent English Settlement First Permanent English Settlement Name: Section 1 Section 2 STUDY GUIDE SECTION: Why did the English want to establish a colony in America? What did the English think they would find in America? What

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Old Town Street Festival 2019 Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center PO Box 556 Leander, Texas

Old Town Street Festival 2019 Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center PO Box 556 Leander, Texas Old Town Street Festival 2019 Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center PO Box 556 Leander, Texas 78646 512-259-1907 Dear Old Town Street Festival Vendor: The 5th Annual Old

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M A K E A D I F F E R E N C E MAKE A DIFFERENCE Serve Day Project Guide We re so glad you re leading a Summer Small Group! One of our favorite things about the summer semester is that it ends with Serve Day, an exciting and impactful

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How to Implement Summer Food Standards of Excellence in Your Community

How to Implement Summer Food Standards of Excellence in Your Community How to Implement Summer Food Standards of Excellence in Your Community As an anti-hunger advocate, you understand the clear link between the food served at summer food sites and participation rates. Simply

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of Mondavi Center MEMBER HANDBOOK

of Mondavi Center MEMBER HANDBOOK of Mondavi Center MEMBER HANDBOOK Revised August 2018 Welcome to Friends of Mondavi Center Friends are Mondavi Center annual fund donors who have also chosen to become active volunteers in support of the

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VENDOR APPLICATION PACKET Page1 52 nd ANNUAL COON DOG DAY FESTIVAL Saluda NC Saturday, July 11, 2015 VENDOR APPLICATION PACKET EVENT INFORMATION Saluda NC is a brief drive from downtown Hendersonville NC and is in close proximity

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RAISE THE BAR Progress Report

RAISE THE BAR Progress Report 2016 Progress Report RAISE THE BAR A progress report on activities since the Raise The Bar report card on provincial liquor policies for restaurants and bars in November 2015. 2 2016 PROGRESS REPORT RAISE

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Town of Fairview Art Show Friday, April 21, 2017 through Sunday, April 23, 2017

Town of Fairview Art Show Friday, April 21, 2017 through Sunday, April 23, 2017 Town of Fairview Art Show Friday, April 21, 2017 through Sunday, April 23, 2017 Entry Instructions All entrants must read and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Art Show Agreement contained

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ENGLISH LANGUAGE UNIT 3 Reading and Writing: Argumentation, Persuasion and Instructional

ENGLISH LANGUAGE UNIT 3 Reading and Writing: Argumentation, Persuasion and Instructional GCSE NEW 3700U30-1A S17-3700U30-1A ENGLISH LANGUAGE UNIT 3 Reading and Writing: Argumentation, Persuasion and Instructional MONDAY, 12 JUNE 2017 MORNING Resource Material For use with Section A 3700U301A

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2018 FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION 2018 FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION Event Details: Location: Dates: North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex 150 Citizens Circle Little River, SC 29566 Friday, March 23, 2018 6:00 PM 10:00 PM Optional setup Saturday,

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All the Fun of a Country Fair with Live Music & Fresh Seafood In Historic Everglades City on February 10/11/12, 2017

All the Fun of a Country Fair with Live Music & Fresh Seafood In Historic Everglades City on February 10/11/12, 2017 All the Fun of a Country Fair with Live Music & Fresh Seafood In Historic Everglades City on February 10/11/12, 2017 telephone: (239) 695-2277 fax: (239) 695-2299 email:

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Bertrand Chemel [Photos: Gerry Suchy/]

Bertrand Chemel [Photos: Gerry Suchy/] Welcome to One Year In, a feature in which Eater sits down for a chat with the chefs and owners of restaurants celebrating their one year anniversary. This time, Eater's trying something a little different,

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Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival Backyard Cooks P. O. Box Owensboro, KY 42304

Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival Backyard Cooks P. O. Box Owensboro, KY 42304 Since 1979, the atmosphere surrounding Downtown Owensboro, KY has been permeated with the sights, sounds, smells and the taste of good ol Daviess County KY Bar-B-Q. This year marks the 40 th celebration

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Darjeeling tea pickers continue strike

Darjeeling tea pickers continue strike www.breaking News Ready-to-use ESL / EFL Lessons Darjeeling tea pickers continue strike URL: Today s contents The Article 2 Warm-ups

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60 th Annual Castroville Artichoke Food and Wine Festival June 1 &

60 th Annual Castroville Artichoke Food and Wine Festival June 1 & TASTING VENDOR APPLICATION Name of Organization: Name of Contact Person: Organization Address: City: State: Zip Code: Telephone Number: ( ) Cell Number: ( ) Fax Number: ( ) E-Mail: ABC Sellers Permit #:

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There s More Than One Way to Serve Breakfast

There s More Than One Way to Serve Breakfast There s More Than One Way to Serve Breakfast TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST SERVICE How does Traditional Breakfast Service Work? Traditional breakfast service is the original service delivery method used in the

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Language Book samples

Language Book samples 5 This is the beginning of a mystery story. Daeng is a fisherman in Thailand. He goes fishing every day. At the moment he is in the harbour. He is getting ready to go out in his boat. Daeng was worried.

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Town of Fairview Art Show

Town of Fairview Art Show Artist Entry Packet 2018 April 28-29, 2018, Noon - 4 p.m. All entrants must complete the Artist Information and Artwork Submitted forms by the entry deadline. Entries must attach

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Friday, July 17, 2015 Saturday, July 18, 2015 Sunday, July 19, 2015 There are no rain dates or refunds in the event of a cancellation.

Friday, July 17, 2015 Saturday, July 18, 2015 Sunday, July 19, 2015 There are no rain dates or refunds in the event of a cancellation. 2015 The Locals Food Vendors The Stillwater Log Jam LOCATION Stillwater Log Jam produced by The Locals will be held in Downtown Stillwater. DATES TIMES Friday, July 17, 2015 Saturday, July 18, 2015 Sunday,

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Food delivery training 101 The complete training guide for delivery excellence

Food delivery training 101 The complete training guide for delivery excellence Food delivery training 101 The complete training guide for delivery excellence Table of contents Designing your training manual 02 How-to: Taking orders online or by phone 03 Post order submission: Delivering

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FOOD ALLERGY CANADA COMMUNITY EVENT PROPOSAL FORM FOOD ALLERGY CANADA COMMUNITY EVENT PROPOSAL FORM We appreciate that you are considering organizing a community event in support of Food Allergy Canada and appreciate the amount of time and energy that

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RULES & REGISTRATION FORM 1 st Annual Christmas on the River Gumbo Cookoff Sponsored by 5701 Highway 90 Milton, Florida 32570 RULES & REGISTRATION FORM Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce Relay for Life Fund Raiser December 1,

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UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH FAIRTRADE PLAN UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH FAIRTRADE PLAN 2014 2020 Date Section Page Issue Modifications Approved (Print name) December Issued. 1 First issue Linda Morris 2012 09/07/2014 All All 2 Updated from original Policy

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Vendor Opportunities 2014 Application

Vendor Opportunities 2014 Application Gourmet Food Truck Festival 15954 Woods Valley Road, Valley Center, CA 92082 * 760-749-3333 * Saturday April 5 th 12-6pm August 23 rd 1-9pm Lucks Media Group and Bates Nut Farm are

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Kool-Aid Days FAMILY Parade. Saturday, August 12, 2017 Step off at 9:30 AM Lineup 8:30 9:25 AM

Kool-Aid Days FAMILY Parade. Saturday, August 12, 2017 Step off at 9:30 AM Lineup 8:30 9:25 AM Kool-Aid Days FAMILY Parade Saturday, August 12, 2017 Step off at 9:30 AM Lineup 8:30 9:25 AM Kool-Aid Days is pleased to announce the annual Kool-Aid Days FAMILY Parade. Our goal is to create a colorful

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YAKIMA VALLEY TOURISM ANNUAL REPORT YAKIMA VALLEY TOURISM ANNUAL REPORT 17 20 LEADERSHIP MESSAGE On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Yakima Valley Tourism, we are proud to present our 2017 Annual Report. Tourism means economic

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A Very Messy Tea Party W.M. Akers

A Very Messy Tea Party W.M. Akers A Very Messy Tea Party A Very Messy Tea Party W.M. Akers If you know anything about English people, you probably know that many of them love tea. Ever since tea was first imported to Great Britain from

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Old Town Street Festival Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center PO Box 556 Leander, Texas

Old Town Street Festival Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center PO Box 556 Leander, Texas Old Town Street Festival Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center PO Box 556 Leander, Texas 78646 512-259-1907 Dear Restaurant/Food Service Owner/Manager: The 3rd Annual

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FAIR TRADE = DIRECT TRADE Understanding supply chains and how they affect pricing.

FAIR TRADE = DIRECT TRADE Understanding supply chains and how they affect pricing. FAIR TRADE = DIRECT TRADE Understanding supply chains and how they affect pricing. Many people are confused by the difference between Fair Trade and Direct Trade, but in most cases they are one and the

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CHISHOLM TRAIL ROUNDUP BAR-B-QUE COOK OFF APPLICATION 2015 JUNE 5 & 6, 2015 CHISHOLM TRAIL ROUNDUP BAR-B-QUE COOK OFF APPLICATION 2015 JUNE 5 & 6, 2015 LOCKHART CITY PARK, LOCKHART TEXAS Dear Cook, It s that time of year again! Time to fire up the pit and cook that barbecue your

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WORD CHECK UP. Patios. Barista. Purchase

WORD CHECK UP. Patios. Barista. Purchase DAY 96 No purchase needed to sit in Starbucks cafes The cafe chain Starbucks has made a new policy about who can use its cafes. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has announced that anyone can enter a Starbucks

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35 th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival Food Vendor Application

35 th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival Food Vendor Application 35 th Annual North Carolina Oyster Festival Food Vendor Application Brought to you by: BRUNSWICK COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PO BOX 1185 SHALLOTTE, NC 28459 (910) 754-6644 PLACE: DATE & TIME: SET-UP: ELIGIBILITY:

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Medical Conditions Policy

Medical Conditions Policy Medical Conditions Policy Background: Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction. Up to two per cent of the general population and up to 5 percent of young children (0-5yrs) are at risk.

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Chisholm Trail Roundup Bar-B-Que Capital of Texas BAR-B-QUE CHAMPIONSHIP COOK OFF. Lockhart City Park, Lockhart, Texas June 2 & 3, 2017

Chisholm Trail Roundup Bar-B-Que Capital of Texas BAR-B-QUE CHAMPIONSHIP COOK OFF. Lockhart City Park, Lockhart, Texas June 2 & 3, 2017 Chisholm Trail Roundup Bar-B-Que Capital of Texas BAR-B-QUE CHAMPIONSHIP COOK OFF Lockhart City Park, Lockhart, Texas June 2 & 3, 2017 Dear Cook, It s that time of year again! Time to fire up the pit and

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How to host a Garvan High Tea

How to host a Garvan High Tea How to host a Garvan High Tea Thank you for choosing to host a High Tea in the month of September to raise money for medical research at the Garvan. Not only are you making a real difference towards the

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Then their world turned upside again. In February 2013, one month after the birth of her first child, Mike's daughter Becky was diagnosed with MS.

Then their world turned upside again. In February 2013, one month after the birth of her first child, Mike's daughter Becky was diagnosed with MS. Grape 7TH ANNUAL SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE BENEFITING: FIELDSTONEWINE.COM/CRUSH FACTS ABOUT THE EVENT Fieldstone Winery is holding the 7th annual Grape. People from all over the metro Detroit and beyond attend

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ANAPHYLAXIS POLICY. This policy was last ratified by School Council on March 2014

ANAPHYLAXIS POLICY. This policy was last ratified by School Council on March 2014 ANAPHYLAXIS POLICY This policy was last ratified by School Council on March 2014 RATIONALE Anaphylaxis is a severe rapidly progressive allergic reaction that is potentially life threatening and requires

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LEAN PRODUCTION FOR WINERIES PROGRAM LEAN PRODUCTION FOR WINERIES PROGRAM 2015-16 An Initiative of the Office of Green Industries SA Industry Program and the South Australian Wine Industry Association, in association with Wine Australia South

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Other titles in the Pong Family Series: My Friend Stinky. Also available for free download from

Other titles in the Pong Family Series: My Friend Stinky. Also available for free download from Stinky's Christmas Surprise Other titles in the Pong Family Series: My Friend Stinky Also available for free download from When I went out that December morning, it was

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Liquid candy needs health warnings

Liquid candy needs health warnings www.breaking News Ready-to-use ESL / EFL Lessons Liquid candy needs health warnings URL: Today s contents The Article 2 Warm-ups 3

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Understanding Anaphylaxis in Schools

Understanding Anaphylaxis in Schools For some parents and guardians, sending a child with potentially life-threatening (severe) allergies off to school can feel like a daunting task. Successfully transitioning a child into school requires

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Fair Trade C E R T I F I E D

Fair Trade C E R T I F I E D Fair Trade C E R T I F I E D Every Purchase Matters. Apparel & Home Goods Program What is Fair Trade? Safe Working Conditions Guarantee of safe factory working conditions Advancement of People Direct mechanism

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Name: Monitor Comprehension. The Big Interview

Name: Monitor Comprehension. The Big Interview DAY 1 READ THE PASSAGE Think about what is happening in this scene. The Big Interview Charles sat in the cafeteria with five other students, waiting for Ms. Swanson to interview all of them. Ms. Swanson,

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BBQ Cook-off April 29 & 30, 2016 At Waller County Fairgrounds, Waller, Texas

BBQ Cook-off April 29 & 30, 2016 At Waller County Fairgrounds, Waller, Texas BBQ Cook-off April 29 & 30, 2016 At Waller County Fairgrounds, Waller, Texas How would you like to help grant some wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions? If so, please take a look

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16th Annual Oodles of Noodles Festival & Pasta-Cook Off June 3, am to 6 pm Historic Downtown Dayton, Nevada

16th Annual Oodles of Noodles Festival & Pasta-Cook Off June 3, am to 6 pm Historic Downtown Dayton, Nevada Hello!!!!! 16th Annual Oodles of Noodles Festival & Pasta-Cook Off June 3, 2017 9 am to 6 pm Historic Downtown Dayton, Nevada On behalf of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors,

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DAY191 French fries will be 3cm shorter SYNONYM MATCH. GIVE YOUR BEST ANSWER Tim Berners-Lee conceived of the Internet 50 years ago.

DAY191 French fries will be 3cm shorter SYNONYM MATCH. GIVE YOUR BEST ANSWER Tim Berners-Lee conceived of the Internet 50 years ago. DAY191 French fries will be 3cm shorter The founder of the Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has spoken about his creation 25 years after he helped to conceive it. He said it has been a force for good, but

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Private Events PACKAGE 1455 WEST 3RD AVE. GRANDVIEW, OH GRANDVIEWCAFE.COM Private Events PACKAGE 14 WEST 3RD AVE. GRANDVIEW, OH 614.7.1077 GRANDVIEWCAFE.COM A ND A VIEW C F G R E 1 The History Since 1 Grandview Café has occupied the corner of West 3rd and Grandview Avenue, watching

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What Is This Module About?

What Is This Module About? What Is This Module About? Do you enjoy shopping or going to the market? Is it hard for you to choose what to buy? Sometimes, you see that there are different quantities available of one product. Do you

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BBQ Cook Off Guidelines and Entry Form

BBQ Cook Off Guidelines and Entry Form BBQ Cook Off Guidelines and Entry Form You re a good barbeque cook. You care about how your BBQ comes off the grill and onto the plate. You ve practiced and perfected your craft. Your friends and family

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COUNTRY GARDENS 2018 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Fri Apr 27 Sat Apr 28 Sun April 29 Sat May 5 Fri May 11 Sat May 12 Sun May 13 COUNTRY GARDENS 2018 CALENDAR OF EVENTS APRIL Campground roads open to traffic and water system on. Open House 10am-5pm Come

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Pavilion Organizer - BRAZIL

Pavilion Organizer - BRAZIL Pavilion Organizer - BRAZIL With the new comers or those who are looking for a Japanese partner so that promotion can be more adequate, I think that Foodex is important. It is the best place for our food

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GREENFIELD CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL COUGAR NEWS Aug 5, 2016 GREENFIELD CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL COUGAR NEWS Aug 5, 2016 PARKING If you need a parking pass you must go on line and fill out the electronic Rank One form. Print out the parking form from the website to be

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March For Meals a la Beloit!

March For Meals a la Beloit! March For Meals a la Beloit! Award Winning Community Support Beloit Meals On Wheels was honored to receive a top award for the 2012 March For Meals campaign! Due to incredible community support! Hope to

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The Urban Bourbon Trail Information & Application Packet

The Urban Bourbon Trail Information & Application Packet The Urban Bourbon Trail Information & Application Packet What Makes a Bourbon Bar? The Urban Bourbon Trail (UBT) is an experience designed to showcase Kentucky s signature product in an authentic setting.

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MARSHALL TERRACE MINUTES h MARSHALL TERRACE MINUTES APRIL 2017 Concerned Citizens of Marshall Terrace, P.O. Box 18180, Minneapolis, MN 55418, (612) 568-7422 Marshall Terrace

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Private Events Guide

Private Events Guide Private Events Guide Guarantee Policy General Information An approximate guest count is required at the time of booking. Confirmation of the number of the guests attending must be made no later than seven

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IWC Online Resources. Introduction to Essay Writing: Format and Structure

IWC Online Resources. Introduction to Essay Writing: Format and Structure IWC Online Resources Introduction to Essay Writing: Format and Structure Scroll down or follow the links to the section you want to focus on: Index Components of an Essay (with Structural Diagram) Essay

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Comprehensive Restaurant Inspection

Comprehensive Restaurant Inspection Inspection Services Report Comprehensive Restaurant Inspection Sample Restaurant November 4, 2006 Sample restaurant Report November 4, 2006 Staff Performance Summary Job Performance Attitude Anticipates

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In house ladies group of the Hawthorn Football Club

In house ladies group of the Hawthorn Football Club In house ladies group of the Hawthorn Football Club Number 2 April 2018 FASHION PARADE On Tue 1 st May we are holding a fashion parade at the Black Pepper store in Knox City Shopping Centre starting at

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People know it s not healthy, but is easy, quick and cheap

People know it s not healthy, but is easy, quick and cheap People know it s not healthy, but is easy, quick and cheap People want to buy food that is quick and convenient. I know healthy food is the best and it's good, but fast food is fast. Boy, 14 years old

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When Western Carolina University in Cullowhee. N.C.

When Western Carolina University in Cullowhee. N.C. Branding UNC Charlotte Students Enjoy Wendy s As profiled in the August 2009 issue of On-Campus Hospitality, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte s new Student Union features a number of new choices

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WORD CHECK UP. 1. Barista. 2. Various. 3. Sufficient

WORD CHECK UP. 1. Barista. 2. Various. 3. Sufficient DAY 231 'Selfieccino' is the new art in making coffee A cafe in London has started a personalized way of making coffee. It is a new form of barista art called the "selfieccino". A barista is someone who

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All food & beverage functions are subject to a 15% Service Charge, 6% Administrative Fee for a total of a taxable 21% and applicable Sales Tax Prices

All food & beverage functions are subject to a 15% Service Charge, 6% Administrative Fee for a total of a taxable 21% and applicable Sales Tax Prices Contents. Breakfast 3 Breaks 4-7 Meeting Package 8 Lunch 9-11 Dinner 12-14 Hors D oeuvres 15 Beverage & Bar 16 Audio Visual 17 General Information 18-20. 2 20 23 29 6 per person 6 per person 44 per dozen

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La Taqueria, the Mission s most famous taqueria, finds its future in doubt with controversial building sale

La Taqueria, the Mission s most famous taqueria, finds its future in doubt with controversial building sale La Taqueria, the Mission s most famous taqueria, finds its future in doubt with controversial building sale Oct. 19, 2018 Updated: Oct. 19, 2018 5:04 p.m. Matt Seiter, of Charlotte, North Carolin, checks

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PENNSYLVANIA & TAVERN ASSOCIATION LICENSED BEVERAGE PENNSYLVANIA LICENSED BEVERAGE & TAVERN ASSOCIATION Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Ta~~n Association Testimony Presented to the House Liquor Control Committee and the House Gaming Oversight Committees

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Loaf N Jug Boats, Bands and BBQ May 19-20, 2017 Pueblo, Colorado on the Riverwalk APPLICATION DUE BY MAY 5,2017

Loaf N Jug Boats, Bands and BBQ May 19-20, 2017 Pueblo, Colorado on the Riverwalk APPLICATION DUE BY MAY 5,2017 Team Name- Loaf N Jug Boats, Bands and BBQ May 19-20, 2017 Pueblo, Colorado on the Riverwalk APPLICATION DUE BY MAY 5,2017 Winning Check Payable to (MUST MATCH INFORMATION ON W9): Address City/ State-

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35 th ANNUAL Electra Goat BBQ & Craft Show


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Geographical Indications (Wines and Spirits) Registration Amendment Bill Initial Briefing to the Primary Production Select Committee

Geographical Indications (Wines and Spirits) Registration Amendment Bill Initial Briefing to the Primary Production Select Committee Geographical Indications (Wines and Spirits) Registration Amendment Bill 2015 Initial Briefing to the Primary Production Select Committee 5 May 2016 1. Introduction 1. This briefing sets out the purpose

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Allergy Management Policy

Allergy Management Policy Allergy Management Policy Awareness in the Classrooms All Saints Catholic School 48735 Warren Road Canton, MI 48187 734-459-2490 Information and Guidelines For School and Parents All Saints Catholic School

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Missoula Downtown Association 2019 Guest Vendor Application

Missoula Downtown Association 2019 Guest Vendor Application Missoula Downtown Association 2019 Guest Vendor Application Each year, the Missoula Downtown Association (MDA) hosts five major events that aim to bring our vibrant community together in the heart of Downtown

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Camden Daffodil Festival 18 th Annual Championship Steak Cook-Off March 10, 2018

Camden Daffodil Festival 18 th Annual Championship Steak Cook-Off March 10, 2018 Dear Cooks: Our plans are well underway and this letter is to let you know that this year s event will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2017 in conjunction with the Camden Daffodil Festival. We invite you

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Shopping on a Budget Schools Group Activity

Shopping on a Budget Schools Group Activity Shopping on a Budget Schools Group Activity 1 in 10 people in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties rely on food from Second Harvest Food Bank every single month. Nearly 40% of those people are children.

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Short Business Plan Outline and Sample- Score Southern NH

Short Business Plan Outline and Sample- Score Southern NH Short Business Plan Outline and Sample- Score Southern NH Your Business Main Street, Home, NH Tel 603- Proposed Owner & Operator: March 11, 2009 Executive Summary: What kind of business? What is the specialty

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2018 Annual ISW Bazaar Sunday May 6

2018 Annual ISW Bazaar Sunday May 6 DSFUN FTS CRAFTS KI NG JEWELRY HENNA GI FOOD CLOTHI 2018 Annual ISW Bazaar Sunday May 6 #H1 #H2 #H3 #H4 #H5 #H6 #FD1 #D1 #D2 #FD5 #S1 #S2 #S9 #S10 #F2 #S3 #S4 #S11 $ #S12 #F6 #F3 #S5 #S6 #S13 #S14 #F7

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Melissa Dykstra Senior Catering Sales & Banquet Manager

Melissa Dykstra Senior Catering Sales & Banquet Manager CEDAR RAPIDS COUNTRY CLUB BANQUET POLICIES Melissa Dykstra Senior Catering Sales & Banquet Manager 319.200.7112 550 27 th Street Drive SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403-1698 Clubhouse:

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Interview with Deborah James, Fair Trade Director at Global Exchange 01/29/02 by *Sebastian Gallander

Interview with Deborah James, Fair Trade Director at Global Exchange 01/29/02 by *Sebastian Gallander Interview with Deborah James, Fair Trade Director at Global Exchange 01/29/02 by *Sebastian Gallander *Sebastian Gallander was a visiting graduate student from the Free University of Berlin whose work

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Upon Centerplate s Approval Following are the Alcohol Sampling Requirements

Upon Centerplate s Approval Following are the Alcohol Sampling Requirements Upon Centerplate s Approval Following are the Alcohol Sampling Requirements 1. A Formal Letter to the General Manager detailing your special request. 2. Sample Food Request Form has to be completed. 3.

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Fairfield Market on the Green Summer 2017 June 11, 2017 Sunday (10am-4pm) Rain or Shine

Fairfield Market on the Green Summer 2017 June 11, 2017 Sunday (10am-4pm) Rain or Shine Fairfield Market on the Green Summer 2017 June 11, 2017 Sunday (10am-4pm) Rain or Shine For office use only: Accepted: Not accepted: Space # Application for Registration: New Returning Chamber Member Business

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St. Martin Hospital Grounds

St. Martin Hospital Grounds 4th Annual St. Martin Hospital Grounds Saturday, October 11 th, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm St. Martin Hospital in partnership with United Way of Acadiana is proud to host the 4th annual St. Martin Hospital Gumbo

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Standardized Guidelines & Procedures

Standardized Guidelines & Procedures As the exclusive food and beverage provider at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center, Aramark is committed to bringing you and your guests the highest standards of quality in food, beverage and service.

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Thanksgiving in Wine Country

Thanksgiving in Wine Country From: ForFriends Inn Subject: Thanksgiving in Wine Country Date: October 20, 2017 at 8:35 AM To: Thanksgiving in Wine Country View this email in your

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Dining Room instructions


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SAMPLE PAGE. The History of Chocolate By: Sue Peterson. People from all over the world like the taste of

SAMPLE PAGE. The History of Chocolate By: Sue Peterson. People from all over the world like the taste of Page 12 Objective sight words (refreshment, grab, groceries, continues, arranged, apprentice, caramels, expand, convention, equipment, focused, afford); concepts (Hershey, Pennsylvania; successful business,

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GROUP & TICKET INFORMATION SKEETERS 2014 HOME & COMMERCIAL SERVICES Pest Pool Lawn A/C Heating Security GROUP & TICKET INFORMATION NEW WEEKLY PROMOTIONS #Winning Wednesdays All fans in attendance on Wednesdays will be guaranteed

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UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH SUSTAINABLE FOOD PLAN UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH SUSTAINABLE FOOD PLAN 2014 2020 Date Section Page Issue Modifications Approved (Print name) 28/03/2011 Issued. 1 First issue Procurement 09/07/2014 All All 2 Updated from original

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News Ready-to-use ESL / EFL Lessons

News Ready-to-use ESL / EFL Lessons www.breaking News Ready-to-use ESL / EFL Lessons 1,000 IDEAS & ACTIVITIES FOR LANGUAGE TEACHERS The Breaking News Resource Book NYC

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39 Th Annual Newport Pig Cookin Contest. April 7 th and 8 th 2017

39 Th Annual Newport Pig Cookin Contest. April 7 th and 8 th 2017 39 Th Annual Newport Pig Cookin Contest April 7 th and 8 th 2017 Mail in Entry Form and Payments to: Newport Pig Cookin P.O. Box 1265 Newport NC 28570 COOKS FORM (Complete Information Required) Chief Cooks

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