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1 SeASOnAL COCKTAILS + HOUSe FAVORITeS bartender s roulette ask your server or bartender for today s selection flannel pj s 12 house cider-spiced vodka, local root elixirs ginger beer, apple cider molasses, lime, spiced pear liqueur speaking spanish 12 cimarrón blanco tequila, pomegranate liqueur, blackberry cordial, lime, bar keep apple bitters grand royal 12 moscato, grand marnier, lillet rosé blackberry cordial, grapefruit bitters sour citrus, sparkling rosé yaass queen 12 lavender re:find vodka, strawberry puree, aperol, house lemon cordial sour citrus alpine kine 16 st. george terroir gin, lillet blanc green chartreuse, pear shrub, lime regan s orange bitters, rosemary pacific standard 15 bacon fat buffalo trace bourbon, toki japanese whisky, house pineapple tepache, bruto americano, local slo bitter co. chicory-coffee bitters ken-tiki derby 12 four roses bourbon, brovo lucky falernum, orgeat, lemon, apple cider molasses, regan s orange bitters, mint nuts and bolts 13 rittenhouse rye, don ciccio walnut liqueur, bitter truth allspice dram apple cider molasses, angostura bitters paradisiac 13 house rum blend, pear shrub, spiced pear liqueur, lime, allspice, gosling s black rum float, soda water tepache traditional fermented pineapple beverage with cinnamon and clove made in house served with ginger liqueur, citrus juice, soda water, tajín seasoning, and your choice vida mezcal 15 cimarrón blanco tequila 12 buffalo trace bourbon 13 house tiki rum blend 13 tito s vodka 13 fords dry gin 13 fizzy lifting drink vodka, pink bubbles, josie raspberry liqueur, citrus, mint, strawberry puree 11 glass / 33 pitcher PITCHeRS + PUnCHes sangría roja malbec, la caravedo pisco, citrus local root elixirs ginger beer, fruit juice 8 glass / 24 pitcher sangría rosita hibiscus blanco tequila, cava, organic blood orange liqueur, cranberry citrus, mint strawberry puree 11 glass / 33 pitcher *Warning: Consuming raw eggs may increase your risk of being held in high regard by the bar

2 STANDARDS + RIFFS tequila verde 12 cimarrón blanco tequila, jalapeño cilantro, lime, agave nectar cucumber collins 12 square one cucumber vodka, lemon cucumber, house lemon cordial, mint soda upstate whiskey sour 14 rittenhouse rye, clear creek apple brandy, amaretto, apple cider molasses lemon, egg white, angostura bitters mai tai 12 house rum blend, giffard orgeat and triple sec, vanilla, lime, mint shifty/50 martini 12 fords gin* stirred with vya dry vermouth, la guita manzanilla sherry regan s orange bitters, lemon twist castelvetrano olive *substitute tito s vodka hoppy paloma 14 siete leguas blanco tequila, grand hops amaro, grapefruit, lime, agave nectar soda, salt blackberry-ginger mojito 12 caña brava white rum, blackberry cordial, ginger liqueur, lime, mint soda lemon cosmo 13 st. george california citrus vodka limoncello, lemon, cranberry black gin fizz 13 local bixby gin, blackberry cordial lemon, egg white, soda, rosemary sazerac 12 sazerac rye, black pepper cognac peychaud s bitters, demerara, absinthe rinse, flamed lemon twist non-alcoholic strawberry lemonade 5 pomegranate cucumber-mint soda 6 apple cider-ginger soda 6 pear vanilla-cranberry soda 6 strawberry chile-cilantro soda 6 root elixirs cucumber elderflower 12oz 6 root elixirs ginger beer 12oz 6 badoit sparkling water 750ml 7 evian mineral water 750ml 7

3 WHISK(e)Y + RYe whistlepig rye 10yr canada 18 re:find rye paso robles 16 old potrero straight rye california 16 michter s single barrel rye kentucky 12 woodford reserve rye kentucky 12 high west double rye! utah 10 rittenhouse rye bonded kentucky 9 sazerac rye kentucky 9 nikka coffey grain japan 18 redbreast 15yr ireland 18 redbreast 12yr ireland 13 toki japan 12 pendleton canada-oregon 9 jameson ireland 9 jack daniels tennessee 9 BOURBOn booker s cask strength kentucky 17 basil hayden s kentucky 13 few illinois 13 maker s mark 46 kentucky 12 smooth ambler contradiction west virginia/tennessee/indiana 11 e.h. taylor bonded kentucky 11 four roses small batch kentucky 11 maker s mark kentucky 10 henry mckenna bonded kentucky 9 evan williams single barrel kentucky 9 four roses kentucky 9 buffalo trace kentucky 9 elijah craig small batch kentucky 9 SInGLe malt lagavulin 16yr islay 19 the balvenie 14yr banffshire 17 oban 14yr west highland 17 bruichladdich 10yr heavy peat islay 16 kavalan distillery select taiwan 15 benromach organic speyside 15 talisker 10yr isle of skye 15 macallan 12yr highland 15 bruichladdich port charlotte islay 15 craigellachie 13yr speyside 13 stranahan s diamond peak colorado 12 BLenDeD SCOTCH compass box story of the spaniard 15 compass box peat monster 15 great king street artist s blend 12 great king street peated glasgow blend 12 johnnie walker black label 12yr 12 monkey shoulder 11 VODKA grey goose france (winter wheat) 11 ketel one holland (european wheat) 9 re:find paso robles (grape) 9 st. george california (pear + grain) 9 tito s texas (corn) 9

4 TeQUILA don julio 1942 añejo 30 clase azul reposado 24 fuenteseca cosecha 2013 blanco 18 don julio double cask reposado 15 casamigos reposado 14 don julio blanco reposado añejo pasote añejo 13 suerte añejo 12 FLAVOReD VODKA hangar one rosé blend california 9 st. george california citrus california 9 st. george green chile california 9 square one cucumber idaho 9 square one botanical idaho 9 square one bergamot orange idaho 9 charbay pomegranate california 9 ketel one citroen holland 9 siete leguas blanco reposado añejo tequila 123 organic blanco reposado añejo maestro dobel reposado claro 11 fortaleza still strength blanco 13 fortaleza blanco reposado añejo purasangre blanco reposado 9 10 GIn fever tree indian tonic water available 2 martin miller s westbourne england-iceland 12 ki no bi kyoto 12 the botanist islay 11 bixby san luis obispo 10 hendrick s scotland 10 anchor junípero california 10 mezcal del maguey san pablo ameyaltepec 20 del maguey san josé río minas 20 mezcal ilegal reposado 16 del maguey chichicapa 16 del maguey minero 16 montelobos 16 del maguey vida 12 bombay sapphire england 10 st. george botanivore california 9 st. george terroir california 9 barr hill raw honey vermont 9 tanqueray england 9 russell henry malaysian lime california 9 fords london-california 9 bols genever holland 9

5 RUm ron zacapa 23yr guatemala 12 diplomático reserva exclusiva venezuela 12 mount gay extra old barbados 11 paranubes agricole oaxaca 10 caña brava panama 9 sailor jerry spiced 9 diplomático mantuano añejo venezuela 9 gosling s black seal bermuda 9 avuá cachaça brazil 9 BRAnDY + COGnAC courvoisier cognac vsop 14 clear creek apple brandy 2yr oregon 10 maison rouge cognac vsop 9 la caravedo pisco peru 9 ABSInTHe + PASTIS stirred with ice and sugar and served up vieux pontarlier france 16 st. george california 16 pacifique washington 14 RARe + ALLOCATeD 1oz. pours available at half listed price booker s 30 th anniversary kentucky straight bourbon blend of 70% 9yr and 30% 16yr, proof 40 van winkle special reserve kentucky straight bourbon 12yr, 90.4 proof 35 orphan barrel rhetoric 25yr kentucky straight bourbon 25yr, 91 proof 34 st. george single malt whiskey, lot yr blend, california 32 george t. stagg kentucky straight bourbon 2018 release, 15yr, proof 32 thomas h. handy sazerac straight rye whiskey kentucky 2018 release, 6yr, proof 32 old fitzgerald bonded kentucky straight bourbon 2018 spring edition 11yr, 100 proof 28 old rip van winkle kentucky straight bourbon 10yr, 107 proof 25 nikka whisky from the barrel no age statement, proof, japan whisky advocate s 2018 whisky of the year 21 herbsaint new orleans 11 pernod france 9