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1 O E R O E R

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4 Q Q


6 STARTERS FAMOUS FAITAS OUR QUIC & EARLY NACHOS (V) Our hot sizzling skillet of house-seasoned onions & peppers, with a choice of the following: boxes. Tables must be booked and ordered before 7pm & vacated by 8pm. CHICEN & PRAWN TENDER BEEF CHICEN VEGI (V) 9.95 ING PRAWN LAMB, BEEF & CHICEN BBQ PULLED POR & CHICEN FAVOURITES Cooked corn tortilla chips loaded with our salsa de gallo, chilli con queso, melted cheese, SWINE FRIES A mix of skin on & sweet potato fries. Topped with house smoked pulled pork, cheese & chipotole sour cream Large 8.50 GRINGO S CHICEN STREET TACO Chicken chorizo chipotole with sour cream guacomole All served with Sour Cream, Salsa de Gallo, Cheese & Soft Flour Tortillas. BBQ RIBS Gringo s home hickory smoked BBQ ribs WI CHILLI BEEF Our nachos loaded with homemade ground beef chilli Large 9.50 CHEESY ALAPENOS (V) Spicy sweetcorn & jalapeño fritters with chilli con queso UMBO SMOED BBQ / HOT WINGS GRINGOS HOUSE CHILLI & RICE 9.50 Rolled corn tortillas, baked in a tomato sauce topped with cheese & served with rice CHIMICHANGA STEA BURGERS & DOGS LA STREET BURRITOS 12OZ RIB EYE CALIFORNIA BURRTIO (FULLY LOADED) BBQ smoked pulled pork & chicken with onions, peppers, grated cheese, rice and guac. All loaded Home made steak burger topped with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, dirty sauce & pickle. Served with skin-on fries, onion rings, slaw or corn. Single 9.95 Double THE LAMB BURGER 2 WAYS Lamb patty & cumin topped with smoke house pulled lamb, fetta cheese melt, peppers, tomatoes, gherkin & dirty sauce. Served with sweet potato fries & slaw or corn THE UICY POPPER Double steak patty with a spicy cheese centre. (Warning hot lava inside). Served with bacon, dirty sauce, pickles, sweet potato fries & slaw or corn THE PIT BURGER Home made steak burger with pulled pork, smoked cheese, bacon, brisket, tomato, dirty sauce and pickle. Served with skin-on fries, onion rings & slaw or corn CHICEN BUFFALO BURGER Free range chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon and BBQ sauce or piri. Served with skin-on fries & slaw or corn THE BOSS HOG DOG, IN A SLEEVE House smoked sausage with smoked pulled pork and cheese. Served with skin-on fries, slaw or corn THE BITCHIN CHILLI CHEESE DOG House smoked sausage topped with chilli cheese. Served with fries & slaw or corn Served with wedges, refried beans and salad CLASSIC BURGER GRINGOS FEASTING COMBO PLATTER Half a BBQ or piri piri chicken, BBQ ribs, jumbo wings, smoke house pulled pork & brisket nachos. Served with 2 sides & fries corn taco shells, topped with cheese, salsa, sour cream & guacamole. Served with refried beans & a choice of wedges or rice. - Slow cooked BBQ - Pulled pork Spicy pulled lamb Chicken Tender beef Spinach, goats cheese & chick pea (V) ing prawn Three cheese, onion & med veg (V) day, dry age, British steak. Served with skin on fries, onion rings & slaw or corn Add peppercorn/hot sauce for 1 SMOE HOUSE MIXED MEAT COMBO 6oz rib eye steak, half BBQ chicken, ribs and pulled pork. Served with onion rings, skin-on fries and slaw or corn FILLINGS HAVE A #GRINGOSGANDER With celery & bluecheese dip Large 9.45 COMBO PLATTERS TACOS refried beans & a choice of wedges or rice. FROM THE SMOEHOUSE BBQ Folded soft tortilla, topped with cheese, salsa and then baked. Served with refried beans & a choice of wedges or rice. ENCHILADA Deep fried jalapenos with a sweet chilli dip HUSH PUPPIES (V) BURRITO TIUANA STREET BURRITO (ALL IN) Tijuana, slow cooked beef, chorizo, smocked spicy sausage, peppers, onions, rice and salsa. All banged beans and salad QUESADEILLA S MEAT FEAST Slow-cooked pulled pork, brisket, spicy lamb & chicken served with sour cream, guacamole, salsa mexican rice & salad basket SURF AND TURF ing prawns, chicken & chorizo served with sour cream, guacamole, salsa, mex can rice & salad basket SIDES 1.95 NON MAYO SLAW ONION RINGS SEASONED WEDGES SIN-ON FRIES CORN ON THE COB BBQ PIT BEANS SWEET POTATO FRIES SLAW GUACAMOLE TORTILLAS BBQ SAUCE SALAD BASETS HOUSE SALAD 3.50 CASER SALAD 3.50 ICEBERG WEDGE With crispy bacon, blue cheese dressing & croutons 3.50