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1 Tandoors Muthu s Curry Singapore 1

2 What are Tandoors? Traditional Indian & Middle Eastern style of cooking Langham Hotel Melbourne Manufactured to withstand high combustion temperatures of wood or charcoal Can be operated at high temperatures Charcoal operation is traditionally popular however Gas & Electric operation are widely used also Spectacular façade finish as a centre point of the restaurant. 2

3 Beech Tandoors Used By Beech Tandoors are the oven of choice for luxury hoteliers, consultants & chefs around the world because they look great, cook great & boast the world s longest guarantee. 3


5 Beech Ovens Design Significantly different to traditional clay designs 75mm minimum wall thickness twice that of traditional Indian pots Fully insulated 50mm stainless steel bands to reinforce the inner pot minimises cracking Analogue thermometer included KEY SELLING POINT- Superior refractory material & manufacturing technique used ensure the longevity of Beech Ovens Tandoors. Pots have been proven to last 15 years without needing replacement. The construction is the same for round, square & barrel tandoors. Analogue Thermometer 50mm Stainless Steel Bands High Grade Industrial Insulation Minimum 75mm 5

6 Shapes Round Beech Ovens round tandoors come in 2 sizes: mm mm (Internal Diameter) Mandarin Oriental Geneva 6

7 Shapes Square Beech Ovens square tandoors come in 2 sizes: mm mm (Internal Diameter) 7

8 Shapes Barrel Beech Ovens barrel tandoors come in 2 sizes: mm mm (Internal Diameter) Shangri-La Jakarta 8

9 Tandoor Specifications MODEL INTERNAL DIAMETER mm/inch EXTERNAL DIAMETER mm/inch HEIGHT mm/inch TRN0500 (Round) 500mm / mm / mm / 36 TSQ0500 (Square) 500mm / mm / mm / 36 TBR0500 (Barrel) 500mm / mm / mm / 36 TRN0700 (Round) 700mm / mm / mm / 36 TSQ0700 (Square) 700mm / mm / mm / 36 TBR0700 (Barrel) 700mm / mm / mm / 36 9

10 Firing Types 3 firing types available Approved canopy flue/ducting 1. Gas Gas element under the pot Piezo ignition (easy & clean to light) Reheats tandoor quickly No charcoal is needed Higher airflow through pot; slightly more difficult to cook with greater variations in pot temperature hottest near burner. Gas heat input 60Mj s. (56,000 BTU)1/2 connection required. 2. Charcoal Place charcoal in tray under the pot & ignite 3. Electric Electric element under the pot Separate space for control panel is needed V 3Ph (no neutral) All 3 systems are easily interchangeable. The old element can be pulled out & replaced with the new element! 10

11 Design Selection Criteria Beech Ovens offers 2 styles of tandoors 1. Mild Steel Cooking Surface (Pot) Heats up quickly Lightweight 2. Ceramic Cooking Surface (Pot) Ideal for cooking traditional breads Amari Putaya Thailand 11

12 Variety of Finishes Copper Kempinski Shanghai Patterned Stainless Steel - Sofitel Brisbane Terracotta Stainless Steel Shangri La Singapore Mother of Pearl Saint Geran Mauritius + Any colour or finish you can think of! 12

13 Accessories & Extras Trolley Clients are able to order portable tandoors. Placed on a trolley Easy to transport between & around venues Create different focal points within a venue Disney Land Hong Kong 13

14 Accessories & Extras - Legs Optional Legs Round & Square tandoors ONLY Come with castors & brakes included 14

15 Accessories & Extras Bench Tops Custom made Common bench top Multi unit installs Amaya London 15

16 Accessories & Extras Sarj / Romali Sarj / Romali cook tops Park Hyatt Dubai 16

17 Installation Installation (& removal) is very easy. Remove from crate using forklift or suitable pallet trolley Ready to operate immediately No further construction work required NOTE: Tandoor must be installed on a flat non-combustible surface. Shangri-La Pudong 17

18 Beech Ovens Guarantee Beech Ovens offer the longest unconditional guarantee in the world! 4 year limited warranty on the Tandoor Body 1 year limited warranty on the Gas System NOTE: Beech Ovens tandoor pots do not need replacing for more than 10 years! Radisson Berlin 18

19 Certifications CE RATING EUROPE The gas equipment used in Beech stone hearth ovens adhere to all CE directive requirements UK SMOKE FREE ZONE EXEMPTION Beech Ovens full range can be used anywhere in the UK UL RATING USA Please contact Beech Ovens head office for separate UL Rated Specification Sheets. All ovens have UL & EPH approvals. Armani Hotel Dubai 19

20 Rotana Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi Kempinski Dubai Questions? InterContinental Dubai Sheraton Royal Orchid Bangkok Beach Rotana, Abu Dhabi 20