ALSAFLOOR 2018 COLLECTION ENGINEERED WOOD. Furniture, Flooring, Worktops

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1 ALSAFLOOR 2018 COLLECTION ENGINEERED WOOD Furniture, Flooring, Worktops

2 industrial activities Edito Alsapan is a French company, founded by Alsatian carpenter Joseph Strub, in He was one of the first to understand the potential of mass-produced furniture Joseph s grand-daughter, Cécile Cantrelle, took over as head of the company in Millions of kit-furniture units, splashpanels and worktops and millions of square metres of laminate flooring are manufactured in the company s plants each year and exported throughout the world. Key to Alsapan s success and the efficiency of its three business lines is the ongoing investment in innovation and production facilities. In 2018, the company will be taking delivery of a new vinyl flooring production line, which will help broaden and increase our market presence worldwide. The 2018 version of our Alsafloor catalogue features 6 new patterns, in both contemporary (59 Sand, 541 Coco oak, 542 Aronia oak, 54 Honey oak) and original (58 Batik, 540 Inside, 544 Wood stain oak) styles. You will find there the full range of our laminate flooring and parquet products and we are sure you will also enjoy looking at our 2018 vinyl catalogue. We hope we will soon be able to include you among our favoured customers. Cécile Cantrelle, Président / Antonio Clemente, CEO Laminate, Vinyl & Engineered wood Worktops and splashpanels Furniture

3 Made in France Manufacturer since 1972 Ongoing innovation An ecologicallyresponsible French laminate manufacturer. All Alsapan flooring products are PEFC certified. The wood used in our flooring is sourced from sustainablymanaged forests - we never use exotic woods or wood from tropical forests. Our production facility is geographically close to our raw material suppliers and retail outlets, which allows us to reduce shipping distances and CO2 emissions. A+, for a healthy habitat! Introduced on 1 January 2012, the health safety labelling on product packaging gives consumers details of the amount of volatile substances released into the interior air by flooring and is ranked on a scale from Class A+ (very low emissions) to Class C (high level of emissions). ALSAFLOOR is ranked A+, with a formaldehyde emission rate of under 10 μg/(m² x h), based on tests performed by an independent laboratory. Our Marlenheim facility is exemplary in its environmentally-responsible actions, which help maintain our planet s natural resources: Its roof is fitted with solar panels. Employees are actively seeking to reduce paper consumption. While the plant uses production waste products as an energy source for heating the buildings and the machines. HEALTH SAFETY LABEL * * Information as to emissions of volatile compounds in the indoor air, which might be harmful to the health when inhaled, on a scale from Class A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions). 1

4 Engineered wood Collection A famously good-looking and hardwearing flooring, Alsafloor parquet adds immediate warmth and elegance to any room. Contact with the wood is an undeniable pleasure throughout the year. Alsafloor parquet has excellent insulating properties and comes in 14mm thickness, with a groove-and-tongue clip system. ENGINEERED WOOD CONTENTS Page... SURFACE-APPEARANCE CLASSES Pages 4 & 5... PATTERNS Page 6... TECHNICS 2

5 Surface-appearance classes Our collection of multilayer parquet features several types of finishing. Some patterns have a more rustic appearance than others and so the collection is divided into separate grades: Few knots (max. width 15-20mm), Planks with no cracks, slight variations in colour. Plain planks, non-rustic. 2 Maximum knot width : 5-40 mm Small puttied cracks apparent Fairly rustic look Knots 0 to 50 mm wide Puttied cracks apparent, to 25 cm long Frequent variations in colour Rustic look

6 CC01 Hot coffee CC02 Smoky coffee CC0 White coffee 1 CC04 Light coffee 2 4

7 CC05 Ground coffee CC06 American coffee CC07 Shaken coffee CC08 Iced coffee 2 5

8 14MM THICK ENGINEERED WOOD, with a mm oak surface-layer and 11 mm poplar core LONG, WIDE PLANKS, with micro-bevelling along the 4 sides. EASY INSTALLATION, WITH CLIP SYSTEM TECHNICS TECHNICAL FEATURES Total thickness Core Top layer CC01 to CC08 14 mm Poplar 9 mm Oak mm Backing Poplar 2 mm Assembly Clip system Micro-bevelling Yes, on the 4 sides Texture Fractions CC01 to CC07 : UV Oiled CC08 : Matt varnished 1% maximum TESTS Fire resistance Formaldehyde rate Bfl S1 E1 Health safety labelling A+ LOGISTICS Dimensions 1900 x 190 mm 1 kit 8 planks = 2,89 sqm Sqm/pallet 115,6 sqm 1 pallet 40 kits HEALTH SAFETY LABEL * * Information as to emissions of volatile compounds in the indoor air, which might be harmful to the health when inhaled, on a scale from Class A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions). Kit weight Pallet weight 18,5 kg 740 kg 6

9 CC01 Hot coffee CC08 Iced coffee 7

10 Collection Vinyle This year, Alsapan is installing a brand-new production line for rigid 5.5/0.0 vinyl flooring. Vinyl has the same rigidity as laminate flooring, and shares similar features and benefits to flexible vinyl flooring, but with a number of additional advantages: underlay built into the plank highly durable pleasant feel excellent walking comfort heightened acoustic insulation very good thermal insulation low maintenance compatible with rooms with a high moisture content This new product, a central part of our collection, is more rigid, lighter, easier to fit and features a plastic compound base. The wide range of patterns for our flexible and rigid vinyl flooring make the Alsapan collection a genuine focal point for your home decoration. V15 CLOUD V02 PIONEER OAK V20 ASHES Our vinyl products benefits: WATERPROOF COSY REALISTIC DECORS BUILT-IN UNDERLAY RESISTANT UNDERFLOOR HEATING OK ALSAFLOOR 2018 COLLECTION VINYLE VINYL COLLECTION - COLECCIÓN SUELO VINÍLICO 8 Explore our 2018 Vinyl catalogue to see the full range.

11 The accessories Don t forget the accessories, essential for laying down Alsapan floorings! Necessary for installation, we offer underlays to level the base floor and for acoustic and thermic insulation. Coordinated with each flooring design, squirting and profiles bring the finishing touch that will make the difference. Additional accessories: They ease the installation process. Les accessoires The accessories - Los accesorios For more information please see our accessories catalogue. 9

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