(punctuation mark - 1. used as punctuation in symbol sentences; 2. international mathematical symbol) - Character 8486 punkt 8486 punktum 8486 piste

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1 8483 exclamation_mark WHITE (punctuation mark - 1. used as punctuation in symbol sentences; 2. used to indicate that the symbol statement that follows it is in the imperative form) - Character 8483 utropstecken 8483 utropstegn 8483 huutomerkki 8484 percent,percentage,% YELLOW (international mathematical symbol) - Character 8484 procent, % 8484 prosent, % 8484 prosentti, % 8485 question_mark YELLOW (punctuation mark - used as punctuation in symbol sentences) - Character 8485 frågetecken 8485 spørsmålstegn 8485 kysymysmerkki 8486 period,point,full_stop,decimal_point WHITE (punctuation mark - 1. used as punctuation in symbol sentences; 2. international mathematical symbol) - Character 8486 punkt 8486 punktum 8486 piste 8487 comma WHITE (punctuation mark - 1. used as punctuation in symbol sentences; 2. used to divide component parts of compound and combined symbols, in order to clarify meaning) - Character 8487 kommatecken 8487 komma 8487 pilkku 8488 colon WHITE (punctuation mark) - Character 8488 kolon 8488 kolon 8488 kaksoispiste 8489 apostrophe WHITE (punctuation mark) - Character degree WHITE (punctuation mark) - Character zero_(digit),0 WHITE (Arabic numeral 0) - Character 8496 noll, null, nolla, one_(digit),1 WHITE (Arabic numeral 1) - Character 8497 ett, en, yksi, two_(digit),2 WHITE (Arabic numeral 2) - Character 8498 två, to, kaksi, three_(digit),3 WHITE (Arabic numeral 3) - Character 8499 tre, tre, kolme, four_(digit),4 WHITE (Arabic numeral 4) - Character 8500 fyra, fire, neljä, five_(digit),5 WHITE (Arabic numeral 5) - Character 8501 fem, fem, viisi, six_(digit),6 WHITE (Arabic numeral 6) - Character 8502 sex, seks, kuusi, seven_(digit),7 WHITE (Arabic numeral 7) - Character 8503 sju, syv, seitsemän, eight_(digit),8 WHITE (Arabic numeral 8) - Character 8504 åtta, åtte, kahdeksan, nine_(digit),9 WHITE (Arabic numeral 9) - Character 8505 nio, ni, yhdeksän, zero_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 0 - small) - Character 8510 noll (indexsiffra) 8510 null (indekstall) one_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 1 - small) - Character 8511 ett (indexsiffra) 8511 en (indekstall) two_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 2 - small) - Character 8512 två (indexsiffra) 8512 to (indekstall) three_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 3 - small) - Character 8513 tre (indexsiffra) 8513 tre (indekstall) four_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 4 - small) - Character 8514 fyra (indexsiffra) 8514 fire (indekstall) five_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 5 - small) - Character 8515 fem (indexsiffra) 8515 fem (indekstall) six_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 6 - small) - Character 8516 sex (indexsiffra) 8516 seks (indekstall) seven_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 7 - small) - Character 8517 sju (indexsiffra) 8517 syv (indekstall) eight_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 8 - small) - Character 8518 åtta (indexsiffra) 8518 åtte (indekstall) nine_(index_number) WHITE (Arabic numeral 9 - small) - Character 8519 nio (indexsiffra) 8519 ni (indekstall) a_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter a) - Character 8521 a (lilla) 8521 a (liten bokstav) 8521 a (pieni kirjain) 8522 b_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter b) - Character 8522 b (lilla) 8522 b (liten bokstav) 8522 b (pieni kirjain) 8523 c_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter c) - Character 8523 c (lilla) 8523 c (liten bokstav) 8523 c (pieni kirjain) 8524 d_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter d) - Character 8524 d (lilla) 8524 d (liten bokstav) 8524 d (pieni kirjain)

2 8525 e_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter e) - Character 8525 e (lilla) 8525 e (liten bokstav) 8525 e (pieni kirjain) 8526 f_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter f) - Character 8526 f (lilla) 8526 f (liten bokstav) 8526 f (pieni kirjain) 8527 g_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter g) - Character 8527 g (lilla) 8527 g (liten bokstav) 8527 g (pieni kirjain) 8528 h_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter h) - Character 8528 h (lilla) 8528 h (liten bokstav) 8528 h (pieni kirjain) 8529 i_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter i) - Character 8529 i (lilla) 8529 i (liten bokstav) 8529 i (pieni kirjain) 8530 j_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter j) - Character 8530 j (lilla) 8530 j (liten bokstav) 8530 j (pieni kirjain) 8531 k_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter k) - Character 8531 k (lilla) 8531 k (liten bokstav) 8531 k (pieni kirjain) 8532 l_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter l) - Character 8532 l (lilla) 8532 l (liten bokstav) 8532 l (pieni kirjain) 8533 m_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter m) - Character 8533 m (lilla) 8533 m (liten bokstav) 8533 m (pieni kirjain) 8534 n_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter n) - Character 8534 n (lilla) 8534 n (liten bokstav) 8534 n (pieni kirjain) 8535 o_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter o) - Character 8535 o (lilla) 8535 o (liten bokstav) 8535 o (pieni kirjain) 8536 p_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter p) - Character 8536 p (lilla) 8536 p (liten bokstav) 8536 p (pieni kirjain) 8537 q_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter q) - Character 8537 q (lilla) 8537 q (liten bokstav) 8537 q (pieni kirjain) 8538 r_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter r) - Character 8538 r (lilla) 8538 r (liten bokstav) 8538 r (pieni kirjain) 8539 s_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter s) - Character 8539 s (lilla) 8539 s (liten bokstav) 8539 s (pieni kirjain) 8540 t_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter t) - Character 8540 t (lilla) 8540 t (liten bokstav) 8540 t (pieni kirjain) 8541 u_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter u) - Character 8541 u (lilla) 8541 u (liten bokstav) 8541 u (pieni kirjain) 8542 v_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter v) - Character 8542 v (lilla) 8542 v (liten bokstav) 8542 v (pieni kirjain) 8543 w_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter w) - Character 8543 w (lilla) 8543 w (liten bokstav) 8543 w (pieni kirjain) 8544 x_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter x) - Character 8544 x (lilla) 8544 x (liten bokstav) 8544 x (pieni kirjain) 8545 y_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter y) - Character 8545 y (lilla) 8545 y (liten bokstav) 8545 y (pieni kirjain) 8546 z_(lowercase) WHITE (Latin English lowercase letter z) - Character 8546 z (lilla) 8546 z (liten bokstav) 8546 z (pieni kirjain) 8551 A_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter A) - Character 8551 A (stora) 8551 A (stor bokstav) 8551 A (iso kirjain) 8552 B_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter B) - Character 8552 B (stora) 8552 B (stor bokstav) 8552 B (iso kirjain) 8553 C_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter C) - Character 8553 C (stora) 8553 C (stor bokstav) 8553 C (iso kirjain) 8554 D_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter D) - Character 8554 D (stora) 8554 D (stor bokstav) 8554 D (iso kirjain) 8555 E_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter E) - Character 8555 E (stora) 8555 E (stor bokstav) 8555 E (iso kirjain) 8556 F_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter F) - Character 8556 F (stora) 8556 F (stor bokstav) 8556 F (iso kirjain) 8557 G_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter G) - Character 8557 G (stora) 8557 G (stor bokstav) 8557 G (iso kirjain) 8558 H_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter H) - Character 8558 H (stora) 8558 H (stor bokstav) 8558 H (iso kirjain) 8559 I_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter I) - Character 8559 I (stora) 8559 I (stor bokstav) 8559 I (iso kirjain) 8560 J_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter J) - Character 8560 J (stora) 8560 J (stor bokstav) 8560 J (iso kirjain)

3 8561 K_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter K) - Character 8561 K (stora) 8561 K (stor bokstav) 8561 K (iso kirjain) 8562 L_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter L) - Character 8562 L (stora) 8562 L (stor bokstav) 8562 L (iso kirjain) 8563 M_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter M) - Character 8563 M (stora) 8563 M (stor bokstav) 8563 M (iso kirjain) 8564 N_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter N) - Character 8564 N (stora) 8564 N (stor bokstav) 8564 N (iso kirjain) 8565 O_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter O) - Character 8565 O (stora) 8565 O (stor bokstav) 8565 O (iso kirjain) 8566 P_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter P) - Character 8566 P (stora) 8566 P (stor bokstav) 8566 P (iso kirjain) 8567 Q_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter Q) - Character 8567 Q (stora) 8567 Q (stor bokstav) 8567 Q (iso kirjain) 8568 R_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter R) - Character 8568 R (stora) 8568 R (stor bokstav) 8568 R (iso kirjain) 8569 S_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter S) - Character 8569 S (stora) 8569 S (stor bokstav) 8569 S (iso kirjain) 8570 T_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter T) - Character 8570 T (stora) 8570 T (stor bokstav) 8570 T (iso kirjain) 8571 U_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter U) - Character 8571 U (stora) 8571 U (stor bokstav) 8571 U (iso kirjain) 8572 V_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter V) - Character 8572 V (stora) 8572 V (stor bokstav) 8572 V (iso kirjain) 8573 W_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter W) - Character 8573 W (stora) 8573 W (stor bokstav) 8573 W (iso kirjain) 8574 X_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter X) - Character 8574 X (stora) 8574 X (stor bokstav) 8574 X (iso kirjain) 8575 Y_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter Y) - Character 8575 Y (stora) 8575 Y (stor bokstav) 8575 Y (iso kirjain) 8576 Z_(uppercase) WHITE (Latin English uppercase letter Z) - Character 8576 Z (stora) 8576 Z (stor bokstav) 8576 Z (iso kirjain) 8993 indicator_(action) GRAY (action [quarter-sized]: placed above a symbol to create (1) the infinitive form of a verb, and (2) the present tense of a verb) - Character (indicator) 8993 operator (handling, infinitiv) 8993 indikator (infinitiv, handling) 8993 toiminnan merkki 8994 indicator_(active) GRAY (action indicator [modified], turned on its side and pointing forward: placed above a symbol to emphasize that something is acting on something else. The symbol is logically related to about.) - Character (indicator) 8994 operator (handling aktiv form) 8994 indikator (aktiv form) 8994 aktiivin merkki 8995 indicator_(conditional) GRAY (question mark [quarter-sized]: placed above a symbol to indicate the equivalent of the English present conditional form) - Character (indicator) 8995 operator (konditionalis) 8995 indikator (preteritum futurum) 8995 mahdollisen toiminnan merkki 8996 indicator_(description_after_fact) GRAY (description indicator + dot: placed above a symbol to indicate meanings equivalent to an English past participle, usually with an -ed or -en ending) - Character (superimposed - indicator) 8996 operator (värdering efter faktum) 8996 indikator (vurdering etter fakta) 8996 kuvailu tilanteen jälkeen -merkki 8997 indicator_(description_before_fact) GRAY (dot + description indicator: the dot comes before the indicator: placed above a symbol to produce meanings equivalent to English words ending in -able) - Character (superimposed - indicator) 8997 operator (värdering före faktum) 8997 indikator (vurdering før fakta) 8997 kuvailu ennen tilannetta -merkki 8998 indicator_(description) GRAY (evaluation [quarter-sized]: placed above a symbol to show that it is describing or evaluating something. This indicator produces meanings equivalent to English adjectives and adverbs.) - Character (indicator) 8998 operator (värdering, adjektiv, adverb) 8998 indikator (vurdering) 8998 kuvailun merkki 8999 indicator_(future_action) GRAY (future [quarter-sized]: placed above a symbol to indicate future action) - Character (indicator) 8999 operator (handling framtid, futurum) 8999 indikator (presens futurum, handling framtid) 8999 tulevan toiminnan merkki 9000 indicator_(future_conditional) GRAY (conditional indicator + future action indicator: placed above a symbol to indicate the future conditional form) - Character (superimposed - indicator) 9000 operator (konditionalis framtid) 9000 indikator (presens futurum perfektum, i framtiden) 9000 tulevan mahdollisen toiminnan merkki 9001 indicator_(future_passive) GRAY (passive indicator + future action indicator) - Character (superimposed - indicator) 9001 operator (passiv form framtid) 9001 indikator (passiv presens futurum, passiv form framtid) 9001 passiivin ja tulevan toiminnan merkki 9002 indicator_(future_passive_conditional) GRAY (passive indicator + future conditional indicator) - Character (superimposed - operator (konditionalis passiv form i indicator) 9002 framtiden) 9002 indikator (passiv presens futurum perfektum, passiv form i framtiden) 9002 passiivin ja tulevan mahdollisen toiminnan merkki 9003 indicator_(passive) GRAY (action indicator [modified], turned on its side and pointing backward: placed above a symbol to emphasize that something is being acted upon. The symbol is logically related to by.) - Character (indicator) 9003 operator (passiv form) 9003 indikator (passiv form) 9003 passiivin merkki 9004 indicator_(past_action) GRAY (past [quarter-sized]: placed above a symbol to indicate past action) - Character (indicator) 9004 operator (handling i förfluten tid) 9004 indikator (preteritum, handling fortid) 9004 menneen toiminnan merkki 9005 indicator_(past_conditional) GRAY (conditional indicator + past action indicator: placed above a symbol to indicate the past conditional form) - Character (superimposed - indicator) 9005 operator (konditionalis i förfluten tid) 9005 indikator (preteritum futurum perfektum, i fortiden) 9005 menneen mahdollisen toiminnan merkki operator (konditionalis passiv form i 9006 indicator_(past_passive_conditional) GRAY (passive indicator + past conditional indicator) - Character (superimposed - indicator) 9006 förfluten tid) 9006 indikator (passiv preteritum futurum perfektum, passiv form i fortiden) 9006 passiivin ja menneen mahdollisen toiminnan merkki 9007 indicator_(past_passive) GRAY (passive indicator + past action indicator) - Character (superimposed - indicator) 9007 operator (passiv form i förfluten tid) 9007 indikator (passiv preteritum, passiv form fortid) 9007 passiivin ja menneen toiminnan merkki 9008 indicator_(present_passive_conditional) GRAY (passive indicator + conditional indicator) - Character (superimposed - indicator) 9008 operator (konditionalis i passiv form) 9008 indikator (passiv preteritum futurum, passiv form i framtiden) 9008 passiivin ja mahdollisen toiminnan merkki

4 9009 indicator_(thing) GRAY (thing [quarter-sized]: placed above a symbol to represent a concrete object) - Character (indicator) 9009 operator (konkretisering) 9009 indikator (konkretisering) 9009 esineen merkki 9010 indicator_(things) GRAY (thing indicator + plural indicator) - Character (superimposed - indicator) 9010 operator (konkretisering i plural) 9010 indikator (konkretisering i pluralis, flertall) 9010 esineen ja monikon merkki 9011 indicator_(plural) GRAY (multiplication [quarter-sized]: placed above a symbol to indicate a plural form) - Character (indicator) 9011 operator (flertal, plural) 9011 indikator (plural, flertall) 9011 monikon merkki a,an,any WHITE (diagonal line suggests an index finger pointing at something unspecific. The diagonal line has the opposite orientation to the one used in the, this and that.) - Character en, ett en, ei, et eräs, joku, jokin, mitä tahansa, mitään ability,capability,capacity,potential YELLOW (dot + evaluation: evaluation beforehand of one s potential to do something) - Character (sequenced) förmåga, kapacitet evne, kapasitet kyky abortion_(induced) YELLOW (to cause + miscarriage,abortion_(spontaneous)) abort abort abortti, raskauden keskeytys about,concerning,in_relation_to,of,on WHITE (relation [half-sized], pointing forward: used to mean on when the symbol refers to time, e.g. on Wednesday) - Character om, på om, angående, på jostakin (asiasta) absorbent_material,sponge YELLOW (material + into) absorberande material, tvättsvamp absorberende materiale, svamp imukykyinen aine, pesusieni celibacy,chastity,abstinence YELLOW (to decide + without + sexual intercourse) avhållsamhet (sexuell) seksuell avholdenhet, sølibat seksuaalinen pidättäytyminen, sukupuolinen pidättäytyminen abuse,assault,violence YELLOW (force + intensity) misshandel, våld mishandling, overfall, vold väärinkäyttö, väkivalta accessory YELLOW (thing + plus + clothing: something added to one's clothing) accessoarer tilbehør somiste, lisävaruste accident,chance_event YELLOW (event + without + to expect: unexpected event) slump, tillfällighet tilfeldighet sattuma account YELLOW (paper [modified] + container: written (financial) record of something held) - Character (superimposed) konto konto tili, laskelma ache YELLOW (pain + to continue: pain that goes on and on) värk verk särky acne YELLOW (many + pimple) acne, finnar, utslag akne, kvise akne across WHITE (a vertical line with two horizontal lines [half sized] across it: CKB says this is a small road crossing a main road) - Character tvärs över tvers over poikki, yli action,act,deed YELLOW (symbol suggests the shape of a volcano cone, which CKB says represents "one of the primeval actions of our earth". The Action [full-sized], is used primarily as the source of activity - action [half-sized]) - Character handling handling toiminta, teko activity,male_gender_(in_combinations) YELLOW (action [half-sized]) (Also used as part of other characters to indicate male gender) - Character aktivitet, hankön (i kombinationer) aktivitet toiminta, puuha, tekeminen active,actively GREEN (activity + description indicator) aktiv, verksam aktiv aktiivinen Adar YELLOW (month + megillah: month of Purim (Hebrew)) Adar (Israel) Adar (Israel) Adar, adár add,gain-(to) RED (addition + action indicator) lägga till, sätta till, addera addere, legge til laskea yhteen, lisätä addition,gain YELLOW (based upon the international mathematical symbol) - Character tillägg, vinst, addition addisjon, tillegg yhteenlasku, lisääminen adolescence YELLOW (limited time + adolescent) tonåren ungdomstid nuoruus, teini-ikä adult,grownup BLUE (flower + big: CKB suggests that an adult is a person reaching "full flower") - Character (superimposed) vuxen voksen aikuinen adult,mature GREEN (adult + description indicator) vuxen, mogen voksen, moden (person) täysikasvuinen, kypsä advance,go-(to) RED (forward + action indicator) See also: go,depart,leave-(to) 14449, and walk,go-(to) gå, gå framåt gå framover, avansere, gjøre framskritt edetä advertisement YELLOW (page + attention: paper that attracts one's attention) annons, reklamblad annonse, avertering mainos, ilmoitus advice,counsel,recommendation YELLOW (suggestion + to help) råd råd, anbefaling neuvo advise,counsel,recommend-(to) RED (advice + action indicator) råda råde, anbefale neuvoa afraid,frightened,scared GREEN (fear,fright,concern + description indicator: sad about the future because of its uncertainties) rädd redd peloissaan oleva, pelokas after,behind WHITE (reference line + dot: dot comes after the reference line. This symbol refers to both time and space.) - Character (sequenced) efter, bakom etter, bak jälkeen, takana afternoon YELLOW (day + after + 12: the part of the day after noon) eftermiddag ettermiddag iltapäivä

5 12350 again WHITE (dot is repeated: it appears once and then again) - Character (sequenced) igen igjen taas, uudelleen against,opposed_to WHITE (opposition [half-sized]) - Character mot mot vastaan, vasten ago,then_(past) WHITE (past [half-sized]) - Character förut, då før, da, tidligere aikaisemmin, silloin, sitten agree-(to) RED (agreement + action indicator) hålla med, komma överens enes, være enig i olla yhtä mieltä agreement YELLOW (two parallel arrows: to be in harmony) - Character (superimposed) enighet avtale, enighet sopimus aid,device,support YELLOW (help + thing indicator: concrete thing that aids or supports a person. The symbol is the concrete form of help.) - (character with thing indicator) hjälpmedel hjelpemiddel apuväline air,atmosphere YELLOW (sky + nose: one breathes air from the sky) - Character (superimposed) luft luft, atmosfære ilma, ilmakehä airplane,aeroplane,plane YELLOW (wings + wheel) - Character (superimposed) flygplan fly lentokone airport YELLOW (building + airplane) flygplats flyplass lentoasema alcoholic_drink,alcoholic_beverage,liquor YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a wine glass) - Character dryck med alkohol, sprit drikk alkoholholdig, sprit alkoholijuoma all,every,everything,total,whole WHITE (multitude + enclosure: symbol reminds us that all can only refer to some restricted multitude) - Character (superimposed) all, hel alle, alt, hel kaikki, koko all_gone WHITE (all + to take away: all taken away) borta, slut, väck borte, vekk kaikki on lopussa alligator,crocodile YELLOW (animal_(water) + snake + teeth: combination of water animal and reptile + teeth) krokodil (etc) alligator, krokodille alligaattori, krokotiili alone,just,only,solitary GREEN (to be description indicator: to be only one) bara, endast bare, kun yksin, ainoa, vain along_with WHITE (and + and: in addition to) dessutom sammen med, i tillegg lisäksi, yhdessä jonkun kanssa alpana,rangoli_(decoration) YELLOW (design + floor: decoration used on special occasions) (India) alpana (Indien) alpana (India) alpana alphabet,letters_(lowercase) YELLOW (a_(lowercase) + b_(lowercase) + c_(lowercase): first three letters of the English alphabet, representing the entire alphabet) - Character (superimposed) alfabetet, bokstäver (gemener) alfabetet (små), bokstaver (små) aakkoset (pieniä), kirjaimet (pienet) although WHITE (three arrowheads: one arrowhead moves forward between and beyond two opposing arrowheads) - Character fastän, även om selv om vaikka always,ever,forever GREEN (time + all + description indicator: all the time) alltid alltid aina ambulance YELLOW (car + medical) ambulans sykebil, ambulanse ambulanssi, sairasauto amenorrhea YELLOW (without + menstruation) mensbortfall amenoré, menstruasjon manglende kuukautisten puuttuminen amphibian YELLOW (animal + water + earth: animal adapted to life in water and on land) amfibie amfibie sammakkoeläin amuse,entertain,please-(to) RED (to give + happiness + action indicator: to give happiness or pleasure) roa, underhålla more, underholde huvittaa anal_intercourse YELLOW (to combine + erect penis + anus [contraction]) analsex, analt samlag analsex, analt samleie anaaliseksi and,also,plus,too WHITE (addition [half-sized] with the crossbar located in the midline) - Character och, också, plus og, pluss, også myös, ja, plus angel_(old) BLUE (angel_(1) + God: winged person sent by God) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See angel_(1) and angel_(2) ängel (FD) engel (OLD) enkeli (vanha) angle YELLOW (international mathematical symbol) - Character vinkel vinkel kulma angry,angrily,mad GREEN (much + feeling + opposition + description indicator: having strong feelings against someone or something) arg, ilsken sint vihainen animal,beast YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a creature with four legs) - Character djur dyr eläin animal_(bovine,ovine),bovid,bovine YELLOW (animal + horn(s) pictograph) - Character (superimposed) ko, tjur, nötboskap ku, okse, hornkveg nautaeläin dog,canine_(animal),canid YELLOW (animal + curved line (representing a tail): the waving tail being characteristic of a dog) - Character (superimposed) hund, hunddjur hund koira deer,cervine_(animal),cervid YELLOW (animal + horn(s) pictograph: horns are raised to signify that males shed their horns annually) - Character (superimposed) hjort, hjortdjur hjort, hjortedyr hirvieläin

6 12382 domestic_animal YELLOW (animal + protection: animal that is cared for in a domestic setting) husdjur husdyr kotieläin cat,feline_(animal),felid YELLOW (animal + small curved lines (representing claws): the claws being characteristic of cats) - Character (superimposed) katt, kattdjur katt, kattedyr kissa kangaroo,marsupial_(animal),pouched_mammal YELLOW (animal + pouch) känguru, pungdjur kenguru, pungdyr kenguru, pussieläin animal_(protected) YELLOW (animal + protection + description after the fact indicator) fridlyst djur dyr (fredet) rauhoitettu eläin rat,rodent,gnawer,gnawing_animal YELLOW (animal + teeth: animal that gnaws to file its continuously growing teeth) råtta, gnagare rotte, gnager rotta, jyrsijä animal_skin,hide,pelt YELLOW (protection + animal: protective covering of an animal) djurhud, skinn skinn, dyrehud nahka, vuota lizard,reptile_(snake_like_animal) YELLOW (animal + snake: snake-like animal) ödla, kräldjur firfisle, krypdyr, dyr slangelignende, reptil matelija, lisko, sisilisko animal_(water) YELLOW (animal + water [modification, under earthline]) - Character (superimposed - modified) djur (i vatten) dyr (i vann) vesieläin animal_(wild) YELLOW (animal + open: untamed animal that lives in the open) vilt djur dyr (vilt) villieläin ankle YELLOW (kneeling person + pointer, to ankle joint) - Character (superimposed - pointer) ankel, fotled ankel nilkka anniversary YELLOW (year + again: occasion that comes again every year) årsdag årsdag vuosipäivä answer,reply YELLOW (question + enclosure (combination): an answer "closes" a question) - Character (superimposed - combined) svar svar vastaus answer,reply-(to) RED (answer + action indicator) svara svare vastata ant YELLOW (insect + work + intensity: industrious insect) myra maur muurahainen anus YELLOW (opening + buttocks) analöppning anus, endetarmsåpning peräaukko anxiety YELLOW (upset + future_(uncertain): upset about an uncertain future) nervositet, oro nervøsitet, uro levottomuus, huolestuneisuus anxious,anxiously GREEN (anxiety + description indicator) nervös, orolig urolig, nervøs huolestunut, jännittynyt, ahdistunut anyone,anybody,somebody,someone BLUE (any + person) någon, vem som helst noen, hvem som helst kuka tahansa, kukaan, jokainen, joku anything,something WHITE (any + thing) någon, något, vad som helst hva som helst mikä tahansa, mikään, jotakin anytime,sometime WHITE (any + time) någonsin, när som helst når som helst milloin tahansa, jonkin aikaa anywhere,anyplace,someplace,somewhere WHITE (any + earth,ground,land: can be interpreted as a combination of any and place) - Character (superimposed) någonstans, var som helst hvor som helst, et eller annet sted missä tahansa, missään, jossakin apartment,flat,unit YELLOW (house + inside + house: dwelling inside a larger building) lägenhet leilighet asunto, huoneisto apologize,apologise,regret_(express)-(to) RED (to speak + comma + to regret + action indicator) be om förlåtelse, be om ursäkt be om forlatelse, be om unnskyldning pyytää anteeksi, pahoitella apple YELLOW (pictograph of apple with stem) - Character äpple eple omena appointment YELLOW (time + to meet: time agreed upon for a meeting) avtalad tid avtalt møte sovittu tapaaminen approach YELLOW (forward + reference line: advancing arrow approaches the line but does not reach it) ankommande ankomst tuleminen, lähestyminen approve-(to) RED (evaluation + correct + action indicator: to evaluate as correct or good in a rational sense) godkänna, godta godkjenne, godta hyväksyä apricot YELLOW (peach + small) aprikos aprikos aprikoosi April YELLOW (month + 4: fourth month of the year) april april huhtikuu apron,coverall,smock,overall YELLOW (protection + clothing: protective covering worn over other clothing) förkläde, overall (etc) forkle, beskyttelsesklær, overall esiliina, suojapuku architect BLUE (person + to plan + building: person who designs buildings) arkitekt arkitekt arkkitehti argue,dispute,quarrel-(to) RED (argument + action indicator) diskutera argumentere, drøfte, diskutere väitellä

7 12414 argument,dispute,quarrel YELLOW (discussion + intensity) diskussion argument, drøfting, diskusjon väittely arm YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests an arm bent upward) - Character arm arm käsivarsi, käsi armchair YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a chair with support added for the arm) - Character fåtölj lenestol nojatuoli military,armed_forces,armed_services YELLOW (group + war: group trained for war) militär, väpnade styrkor væpnede styrker armeija, intti, asepalvelus around WHITE (curved line + dot: half circle is around the dot) - Character (superimposed) omkring rundt, omkring ympärillä, ympäri art YELLOW (man-made + feeling: process of making or producing something that inspires emotion in the beholder) konst kunst taide art_gallery,gallery YELLOW (building + work of art + thing indicator: building where works of art are displayed) konstmuseum, konstgalleri kunstgalleri, kunstmuseum taidehalli, taidegalleria artificial_insemination YELLOW (aid + medical + conception) konstgjord befruktning befruktning kunstig keinohedelmöitys artificial_respiration YELLOW (to cause + to breathe) konstgjord andning åndedrett kunstig tekohengitys give_artificial_respiration,resuscitate,revive-(to) RED (artificial respiration + action indicator) ge konstgjord andning gi kunstig åndedrett antaa tekohengitystä ashes YELLOW (waste + fire) aska aske tuhka ashtray YELLOW (container + ashes) askfat askebeger tuhkakuppi ask,inquire,question-(to) RED (question + action indicator) fråga (verb) spørre kysyä asleep GREEN (sleep + description indicator) sovande sovende, i søvn nukkuva, unessa oleva astronaut,cosmonaut BLUE (person + rocket: person who goes up in a rocket) astronaut, rymdfarare astronaut, kosmonaut, romfarer astronautti, kosmonautti at WHITE (position [half-sized]) - Character (sequenced) vid, bredvid, hos til, ved, i, på, med luona, kohdalla atom YELLOW (pictograph of an atom with inner nucleus + pointer showing the movement of a circling electron) - Character atom atom atomi attack_(of_illness) YELLOW (of illness) (illness + limited time) anfall, attack anfall sairaskohtaus, kohtaus attention YELLOW (eye + intensity + intensity: using the eyes intently) uppmärksamhet oppmerksomhet huomio, tarkkaavaisuus August YELLOW (month + 8: eighth month of the year) augusti august elokuu aunt BLUE (sister + parent: the sister of one's father or mother) - Character (superimposed) faster, moster tante täti autumn,fall_(ckb) YELLOW (sun + 3: third season) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM höst (CKB) høst (CKB) syksy autumn,fall YELLOW (sun leaf + down: third season when the leaves fall) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM höst høst syksy Av_(Hebrew_month) YELLOW (month + church_ruin,temple_ruin,wreck,wreckage_(church,temple,mosque)_(1): month of the Tisha B'Av, the destruction of the Holy Temple (Hebrew)) Av (Israel) Av (Israel) av avocado YELLOW (pear + pit) - Character (superimposed) avocado avocado avokaado awake GREEN (wakefulness,alertness + description indicator: state one is in when one's eyes are open) vaken våken valveilla, hereillä away,at_a_distance,off_(old) WHITE (reference line [half-sized] + arrowhead: full square between reference line and arrowhead emphasizes distance. This symbol is a simplified form of departure.) - Character (sequenced) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See away,at_a_distance,off iväg, bort (FD) bort fra, bort, på avstand (OLD) pois, poissa (vanha) baby,infant BLUE (child, turned on its side: child too young to stand) - Character baby baby vauva baby_boy BLUE (boy, turned on his side: boy too young to stand) - Character baby (pojke) baby (gutt) poikavauva baby_carriage,buggy,pram,pushchair,stroller YELLOW (wagon + baby: carriage for a baby) barnvagn, sulky barnevogn lastenvaunut, rattaat baby_clinic YELLOW (clinic + baby) barnavårdscentral barneavdeling lastenklinikka, lastenneuvola baby_girl BLUE (girl, turned on her side: girl too young to stand) - Character baby (flicka) baby (jente) tytövauva

8 12608 babysitter BLUE (person + to protect + child: person who cares for a child) barnvakt barnevakt lapsenvahti, lastenhoitaja back_(body) YELLOW (standing person + pointer, to back) - Character (superimposed - pointer) rygg rygg selkä back_and_forth,backward_and_forward,to_and_f ro WHITE (backward [modification, on earthline] + forward) - Character (superimposed - modified) fram och tillbaka til og fra, fram og tilbake edestakaisin backpack,rucksack YELLOW (sack + back) ryggsäck ryggsekk reppu back_up-(to) RED (backward + action indicator) gå tillbaka, gå bakåt, backa rygge, gå tilbake, returnere perääntyä, peruuttaa backward,back WHITE (arrow, pointing backward) - Character tillbaka, bakåt bakover, tilbake takaisin, taaksepäin bacon YELLOW (pork + linear thing + thing indicator: pork in strips) bacon, fläsk bacon pekoni bad,wrong GREEN (feeling + negative + description indicator: felt to be negative or bad in an emotional sense) See also: immoral,bad,wrong,morally_wrong and incorrect,bad,inaccurate,wrong dålig dårlig huono, paha badge,shield YELLOW (pictograph: symbol is shaped like a badge) - Character märke, sköld merke, emblem (o l) tunnus, merkki badminton_(activity) YELLOW (activity + shuttlecock: game played with a feathered shuttlecock) badminton (aktivitet) badminton sulkapallo baggage,bag,luggage,suitcase YELLOW (pictograph) - Character väska, bagage veske, bagasje, koffert, bag matkatavarat bake,cook,roast-(to) RED (to cook + enclosure + action indicator: to cook inside an enclosure e.g. oven) baka, grädda, steka (i ugn) bake, steke i ovn leipoa, paistaa balcony,porch,veranda YELLOW (room + outside) balkong, uterum, veranda balkong, veranda, uterom, terrasse parveke, kuisti ball YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a small stitched ball) - Character boll ball pallo balloon YELLOW (pictograph) - Character ballong ballong ilmapallo banana YELLOW (pictograph with stem: crescent-shaped fruit suggesting a banana) - Character banan banan banaani band,orchestra_(old) BLUE (group + musical instrument) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See band,orchestra orkester, band, musikkår (FD) orkester, band (OLD) yhtye, orkesteri (vanha) bandage,dressing YELLOW (cloth + protection + medical) bandage, förband, plåster bandasje, forbinding, plaster side bank YELLOW (building + money) bank bank pankki bar,pub YELLOW (public room + alcoholic drink) bar, pub bar, pub baari, pubi barber,hairdresser BLUE (person + hair) frisör, hårfrisörska frisør parturi, kampaaja barbershop,beauty_shop YELLOW (public room + hair) frisersalong frisørsalong parturi, kampaamo barn,stable,shed YELLOW (building + animal: building for animals) ladugård, stall fjøs, stall navetta, talli barrier_(contraceptive) YELLOW (sperm + vertical line: combination of sperm and stop (to)) - Character (superimposed - combined) preventivmedel prevensjon ehkäisy baseball_(activity) YELLOW (activity + ball + corner: the corner character here represents the baseball diamond with the pointer to a base in a corner: ball game played on a diamond) baseboll (aktivitet) baseball baseball, pesäpallo base_camp YELLOW (place + to gather) samlingsplats møteplass kokoontumispaikka basketball_(activity) YELLOW (activity + ball + container,basket_(high): game in which a ball is tossed into a high basket) basketboll (aktivitet) basketball koripallo bat_(sport) YELLOW (linear thing + ball + thing indicator: linear thing used to hit a ball) slagträ balltre maila bat_(animal) YELLOW (animal + wing(s): flying animal) - Character (superimposed) fladdermus flaggermus lepakko bathroom,washroom YELLOW (room + bath) badrum, tvättrum baderom, vaskerom kylpyhuone, pesuhuone battery YELLOW (container + electricity: receptacle that stores and generates electricity) batteri batteri patteri, paristo be,am,are,is,exist-(to) RED (to live [half-sized] + action indicator: the "little meaning" of to live) (See Note p. II-30 in BRG) vara, finnas være, eksistere olla, olla olemassa

9 12640 beach,bank,coast,shore YELLOW (earth + water_(ground_level): place where land touches water) - Character (superimposed) strand, kust strand, kyst ranta, rannikko beach_tennis_(activity)_(old) YELLOW (tennis_(activity)_(old) + beach) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See beach_tennis_(activity) strandtennis (aktivitet) (FD) strandtennis (OLD) rantatennis (vanha) bean YELLOW (pictograph: cross section of bean in a pod) - Character böna bønne papu bear YELLOW (animal + bear's_head: animal + pictograph of a bear's head) björn bjørn karhu beard YELLOW (face_with_beard + pointer, to beard) - Character (superimposed - pointer) skägg skjegg parta beautiful,attractive,good-looking,handsome,pretty GREEN (beauty + description indicator: pleasing to the eye) vacker, snygg, söt pen, vakker, søt kaunis beaver YELLOW (water_animal_(big_tail) + teeth: can be interpreted as a combination of water animal (with a big tail) and rodent, a large, flat-tailed rodent that makes its home in water) bäver bever majava because WHITE (cause [half-sized] + what,question_mark. CKB points out that this symbol is the reverse of why, and reminds us that the question mark remains to show that not all answers beginning with "because" are complete or satisfactory.) därför fordi, derfor siksi että, koska become-(to) RED (to advance + to be + action indicator: to come to be) bli bli tulla (joksikin) bed YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a bed with a pillow at the head) - Character säng, bädd seng sänky, vuode bedroom YELLOW (room + to sleep) sovrum soverom makuuhuone bee,bumblebee,hoverfly YELLOW (fly + flower: flying insect that obtains nectar and pollen from flowers) bi bie ampiainen, mehiläinen beef YELLOW (food + bovine: food that comes from a steer or cow. The symbol also can be explained as: combination of meat and bovine) nötkött oksekjøtt, storfekjøtt pihvi, naudanliha, häränliha beer YELLOW (alcoholic drink + gas: alcoholic drink that has bubbles or foam) öl øl olut beet,beetroot YELLOW (vegetable (large-leafed) + red: vegetable with a red, edible root) rödbeta rødbete punajuuri beetle YELLOW (insect + pictograph of wing cases [hard shell]) - Character (superimposed) skalbagge bille kovakuoriainen before,in_front_of,prior_to WHITE (dot + reference line: the dot comes before the reference line. This symbol refers to both time and space.) - Character (sequenced) före, framför foran, før ennen, edessä begin,start-(to) RED (beginning + action indicator) börja, starta starte, begynne aloittaa, alkaa, lähteä liikkeelle beginning,start YELLOW (reference line + forward: advancing arrow begins at the reference line) - Character (superimposed) början, start start, begynnelse, innledning alku behaviour YELLOW (action + creature + thing indicator: action of a living being) beteende, uppträdande adferd, oppførsel käytös, käyttäytyminen belief YELLOW (feeling + hypothesis,theory: where hypothesis,theory represents truth [contraction], what one feels to be true, without needing proof) tro (subst.) tro usko believe-(to) RED (belief + action indicator) tro (verb) tro (å) uskoa bell YELLOW (thing musical note: thing with one musical note) ringklocka, klocka klokke, bjelle soittokello, tiuku belongs_to,of_(possessive) GRAY (addition [half-sized, modification, with the crossbar located on the earthline]) - Character (modified) tillhör, hör ihop med tilhørende (eiendomspronomen) kuulua johonkin belt,sash YELLOW (linear thing + waist + thing indicator: linear thing worn at the waist) bälte, skärp belte vyö bench,pew YELLOW (seat + long) bänk benk, sittebenk penkki berry YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a berry with a curved stem, in the position it would have if protruding from a bush) - Character bär bær marja best GREEN (most + good + description indicator) bäst best paras better GREEN (more + good + description indicator) bättre bedre parempi between WHITE (two reference lines + dot, between them) - Character (sequenced) mellan mellom välissä beyond,past_(old) GREEN (outside + limit(s),limitation_(old) + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See beyond,past bortom (FD) bortenfor (OLD) ulkopuolella, entinen (vanha) bib YELLOW (protection + chest: protective covering for the upper body) haklapp smekke leukalappu, ruokalappu

10 12834 bicycle YELLOW (2 + wheel: two wheeled cycle) cykel sykkel polkupyörä big,large GREEN (bigness,largeness + description indicator: the vertical line extends to the biggest possible size within the symbol square) See also: little,small stor stor iso, suuri bindi,tika_(decoration) YELLOW (dot + colour + forehead: spot worn on the forehead of Hindu women) (India) bindi, tiki (Indien) bindi, tiki (India) kastin merkki bird YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the wings and feet of a bird) - Character fågel fugl lintu bird_(domestic) YELLOW (bird + protection: bird that is cared for in a domestic setting) tamfågel fugl (tam), tamfugl kotieläin (lintu) bird_(protected) YELLOW (bird + protection + description after the fact indicator) fridlyst fågel fugl (fredet) rauhoitettu lintu duck,bird_(water),waterbird,waterfowl,seabird,se afowl YELLOW (bird + water [modification, under earthline]: aquatic bird) - Character (superimposed - modified) and, anka, sjöfågel and, sjøfugl, vadefugl vesilintu, ankka bird_(wild) YELLOW (bird + open: untamed bird that lives in the open) vildfågel fugl (vill) villilintu birth,giving_birth,partuition,delivery YELLOW (fetus [modification, opening in body] + down,downward [modification]: combination illustrating the birth of a baby) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) födelse, födande forløsning, fødsel syntymä birth YELLOW (protection,shelter + star: someone new under the roof. CKB points out that newspapers often use a star to denote a birth.) - Character (superimposed) födelse fødsel syntymä birth_control YELLOW (to stop + conception) födelsekontroll befruktningshindring, fødselskontroll, prevensjon syntyvyyden säännöstely, ehkäisy birth_control_pill,pill YELLOW (pill + without + egg: pill that prevents the release of an egg) p-piller p-pille, prevensjonspille ehkäisypilleri birthday YELLOW (day + birth: day of one's birth) födelsedag fødselsdag syntymäpäivä bite-(to) RED (teeth + action indicator) bita bite purra bitter GREEN (taste + down + description indicator: unpleasant taste) besk, bitter (smak) bitter, besk, sur (smak) karvas, kitkerä black_(bci) WHITE (colour + night) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM svart svart musta black_(ckb) WHITE (colour + zero: the absence of colour) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM svart (CKB) svart (CKB) musta blackbird,crow,raven YELLOW (bird + black) kaja, koltrast, korp (etc) kråke, ravn, svarttrost (o.l.) mustarastas, varis, korppi blackboard,chalkboard,whiteboard,writing_board YELLOW (enclosure + to write: panel on which one writes, usually with chalk) skrivtavla tavle liitutaulu bladder YELLOW (container + urine) urinblåsa urinblære virtsarakko blanket,duvet,quilt YELLOW (cloth + protection + bed) filt, pläd, täcke ullteppe, dyne, sengeteppe huopa, peite, peitto bleed-(to) RED (blood + action indicator) blöda blø vuotaa verta blind GREEN (blindness + description indicator: unable to see) See also: visually_impaired blind blind sokea blissymbol,bliss-word YELLOW (world + pen: writing for the world) - Character (superimposed) blissymbol blissymbol bliss-symboli blissymbol_part GRAY (part + blissymbol: used with a compound symbol to produce a new meaning, represented by one of the component parts of the compound symbol) del av blissymbol del av blissymbol bliss-symbolin osa blissymbolics_resource_centre YELLOW (resource_centre + blissymbol) blissymbolcenter ressurssenter bliss bliss-symboli resurssikeskus block,brick YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a three-dimensional block. It is half the size of box.) - Character kloss kloss palikka, noppa blood YELLOW (liquid + life: body fluid that sustains life) blod blod veri blow_(wind)-(to) RED (wind + action indicator) blåsa (vind) blåse (vind) tuulla, puhaltaa blow_(mouth)-(to) RED (mouth + wind + action indicator: to use the mouth to make a wind) blåsa blåse puhaltaa blue_(bci) WHITE (colour + sky) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM blå blå sininen blue_(ckb) WHITE (colour + 5) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM blå (CKB) blå (CKB) sininen

11 12866 blueberry YELLOW (berry + blue) blåbär blåbær mustikka bluebird YELLOW (bird + blue) blåmes blåmeis, blåstrupe "lintu sininen" board_(material) YELLOW (table + pointer, to underside: the top of a table is frequently made of boards) - Character (superimposed - pointer) platta, skiva (material) plate, planke (materiale) pöytälevy boat,ship YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a boat with a mast and also incorporates container.) - Character båt, fartyg, skepp båt, skip vene, laiva body,trunk YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the trunk of the body, without head and limbs. The symbol may be used for body in a general sense.) - Character kropp kropp keho, vartalo boil_(food)-(to) RED (fire + water + intensity + action indicator: to bring water or a liquid to a boil) koka (mat) koke (mat) keittää boil_(liquid)-(to) RED (fire + water + intensity + action indicator: to cook in boiling water) koka (vätska) koke kiehua, kiehuttaa bone YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a bone shaft with ends) - Character ben (skelett-) bein, knokkel luu, ruoto bonfire,barbeque,campfire YELLOW (fire + happiness: a fire to enjoy) brasa, bål, lägereld bål kokko, nuotio, takkatuli book YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests an open book. It can also be explained as: two page symbols.) - Character bok bok kirja boot YELLOW (protection + leg_and_foot) stövel, stövlar støvel saapas, saappaat borrow-(to) RED (to receive + limited time + action indicator) låna låne lainata, saada lainaksi boss,supervisor_(old) BLUE (person + to guide + work: person who directs work) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See boss,supervisor chef, arbetsledare, föreståndare (FD) sjef, arbeidsleder (OLD) johtaja, työnjohtaja, esimies (vanha) both WHITE (2 + all: two of all) båda begge molemmat, kumpikin bottle,flask YELLOW (pictograph: suggests bottle with body and neck) - Character flaska flaske pullo bottom,base YELLOW (enclosure + pointer, to bottom) - Character (superimposed - pointer) undersida bunn, underside alapuoli, pohja bow_(knot) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character rosett (etc) sløyfe, rosett (o.l.) rusetti bowel,intestine_(old) YELLOW (tube + bowel movement) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See intestine(s),bowel(s),gut(s) tarm (FD) tarm (OLD) suoli, suolisto (vanha) bowel_movement,defecation,shitting,feces,shit,p oop YELLOW (waste + buttocks) avföring, bajs avføring, bæsj kakka, uloste bowling_(activity) YELLOW (activity + ball_field: sport in which a ball is rolled along the ground) bowling (aktivitet) bowling keilailu box,cube YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a three-dimensional box) - Character låda, kub eske, kasse laatikko boxing_(activity) YELLOW (activity + fight) boxning (aktivitet) boksing nyrkkeily boy,lad BLUE (child + male (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) pojke, pojk, kille, grabb gutt poika bra,brassiere YELLOW (clothing + breasts) bh bh rintaliivit medical_aid YELLOW (support + medical + thing indicator) hjälpmedel (medicinskt) hjelpemiddel (medisinsk), medisinsk hjelpemiddel tuki bracha,berakah,prayer_(small) YELLOW (prayer + comma + little (Hebrew)) bracha, liten bön (Israel) bracha, liten bønn (Israel) rukous Brahma BLUE (god + creation: Hindu god for the creator) (India) Brahma (Indien) Brahma (India) Brahma, luojajumala brain YELLOW (mind + thing indicator: organ of the body. The symbol is the concrete form of mind.) - (character with thing indicator) hjärna hjerne aivot branch YELLOW (tree + pointer, to branch) - Character (superimposed - pointer) gren, kvist grein, kvist oksa bread,loaf_of_bread,loaf YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a loaf of bread) - Character bröd brød leipä break,crack,fracture,tear-(to) RED (break,fracture + action indicator) gå sönder, ha sönder, bryta ødelegge, brekke katkaista, rikkoa, särkyä breakable,fragile GREEN (break,fracture + description before the fact indicator) ömtålig, skör skjør, ømtålig särkyvä

12 12898 breakfast YELLOW (meal + 1: first meal of the day) frukost frokost aamiainen breast(s) YELLOW (body + two pointers, to breasts) - Character (superimposed - pointer) bröst bryst rinnat, rinta breath YELLOW (nose + mouth: mouth and nose are both used in breathing) andedräkt, andning pust, åndedrett hengitys breathe-(to) RED (breath + action indicator) andas puste, ånde hengittää bridge,overpass YELLOW (earth [modification; half-sized] + bow,arc + earth [half-sized]: the symbol suggests a bridge between two banks of a river) - Character (superimposed - modified) bro bro silta bright GREEN (light + intensity + description indicator) ljusstark, bländande, lysande, skinande lys, lysende, lyssterk kirkas bring-(to) RED (to carry + forward + reference line + action indicator: to carry toward a given location) flytta, hämta, komma med bringe, flytte viedä, tuoda broccoli YELLOW (cabbage + flower + green: cabbage with green flowerets) broccoli broccoli parsakaali broil,barbecue,grill-(to) RED (to cook + intensity + action indicator: to cook with intense heat) grilla grille grillata, paahtaa broken GREEN (break,fracture,damage + description after the fact indicator) trasig, sönder, avbruten ødelagt, i stykker, brutt rikki, särkynyt broom YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a broom) - Character kvast kost luuta brother BLUE (son + 2: a son considered in relation to another child of his parents) bror bror veli brown_(bci) WHITE (colour + earth) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM brun brun ruskea brown_(ckb) WHITE (colour comma + 0: combination of red and black) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM brun (CKB) brun (CKB) ruskea brush YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a brush in an upright position) - Character borste, pensel pensel, børste harja, sivellin brush-(to) RED (brush + action indicator) borsta børste (å) harjata brush_teeth-(to) RED (toothbrush + action indicator) borsta tänderna pusse tennene harjata hampaat brussels_sprout(s) YELLOW (cabbage + little) brysselkål rosenkål ruusukaali bubble YELLOW (gas + pointer, to bubble) - Character (superimposed - pointer) bubbla boble kupla, pore buffalo,bison YELLOW (bovine + hump) - Character (superimposed) bisonoxe, buffel bøffel, bisonokse biisoni, puhveli bulb_(flower) YELLOW (bulbous_plant + pointer, to bulb) - Character (superimposed - pointer) blomsterlök blomsterløk kukkasipuli bull YELLOW (bovine + male) tjur okse, tyr härkä, sonni bull_(fighting) YELLOW (bovine + to fight) tjur (för tjurfäktning) kampokse, tyr härkä (taistelu-) burn-(to) RED (fire + action indicator) brinna, bränna brenne palaa, polttaa burned,burnt GREEN (fire + description after the fact indicator) bränd brent palanut, poltettu burning GREEN (fire + description indicator) brinnande brennende palava, hehkuva burp,belch-(to) RED (wind + out_of_body_(upward) + action indicator: to expel wind from the stomach) rapa rape röyhtäistä bury_(person)-(to) RED (grave + action indicator: to lay to rest below the earth) begrava (person) begrave haudata bus,coach YELLOW (vehicle_(long) + pictograph of a steering wheel: suggests a bus with many wheels and a steering wheel) - Character (superimposed) buss buss linja-auto, bussi bus_stop,bus_bay_(old) YELLOW (platform + earth [modification, extended] + bus) - Character (superimposed - modified) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM and SUPERSEDED CHARACTER See bus_stop,bus_bay busshållplats (FD) bussholdeplass (OLD) linja-autopysäkki, bussipysäkki (vanha) bus_driver BLUE (person + bus) busschaufför bussjåfør linja-auton kuljettaja bush,shrub YELLOW (pictograph: small tree growing close to the ground) - Character buske busk pensas

13 13093 business,economy,commerce,trade YELLOW (money + to hold: money is taken into the till) - Character (superimposed) handel handel liiketoiminta, kaupankäynti but,except WHITE (CKB likens the but that halts a free flow of speech to a vertical line that stops a horizontal flowing line) - Character men men, unntatt mutta, paitsi butter YELLOW (spread + cream: spread made from cream) smör smør voi butterfly,moth YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a butterfly or a moth) - Character fjäril, mal sommerfugl, møll perhonen buttocks,bottom,bum,rear,ass YELLOW (standing person + pointer, to buttocks) - Character (superimposed - pointer) stjärt rumpe, bakende pakarat, takapuoli, pylly button,gripper,snap YELLOW (disc + clothing) knapp knapp nappi, neppari buy,purchase-(to) RED (money + thing + action indicator: first you must have money, which you can then spend to buy something) köpa, handla kjøpe, handle ostaa by,by_means_of,of WHITE (relation [half-sized], pointing backwards) - Character av ved, av, hos joltakin, jostakin (asiasta) cabbage YELLOW (pictograph incorporating leafy vegetable) - Character (superimposed - combined) kål kål kaali cabin,cottage,hut YELLOW (house + little) stuga hytte mökki, maja, tupa caesarean_section,c-section YELLOW (to remove + medical + fetus) kejsarsnitt keisersnitt keisarinleikkaus cafe,coffee_house,snack_bar YELLOW (public room + snack) kafé, konditori kafé, kaffebar kahvila cage YELLOW (enclosure + pictograph of a barred window: enclosed space with bars that prevent escape) bur, cell celle, bur häkki cake,bread_with_sugar YELLOW (bread + sweet) sockerkaka, mjuk kaka, kaffebröd kake kakku calculate-(to) RED (calculation_(mathematical,in_mind) + action indicator: to think using numbers) beräkna, räkna ut beregne, regne ut, kalkulere laskea, arvioida calculator YELLOW (machine + to calculate) räknare regnemaskin, kalkulator laskin, laskukone calendar YELLOW (page + day + month) almanacka, kalender kalender, almanakk kalenteri camel YELLOW (animal + pictograph of head and neck and two humps) - Character (superimposed) kamel kamel kameli camera YELLOW (enclosure + light: box that uses the sunlight to record what the eye sees) - Character (superimposed) kamera fotoapparat, kamera kamera camp YELLOW (gathering + countryside + limited time: temporary gathering in the country) läger leir leiri camper,caravan,mobile_home YELLOW (vehicle + house [modification, high position] (combination)) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) husvagn campingbil, campingvogn, bobil asuntovaunu can,be_able-(to) RED (ability_(half_sized) + action indicator) kunna kunne, være i stand til kyetä, osata, voida cylinder,can YELLOW (pictograph) - Character burk, rulle, cylinder kanne, sylinder tölkki, purkki, rasia, rulla, kannu Canada YELLOW (country + maple leaf) Kanada Canada Kanada candle YELLOW (linear thing + fire + light + thing indicator) stearinljus stearinlys kynttilä candy_(old) YELLOW (food + sweet + intensity) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See candy godis (FD) godteri (OLD) karamelli (vanha), makeinen (vanha) cane,stick,walking_stick YELLOW (linear thing + to walk + thing indicator: linear thing used to help a person walk) käpp stokk, gåstav kävelykeppi cannon,gun YELLOW (pictograph incorporating wheel and to destroy) - Character (superimposed) kanon kanon tykki car,automobile,motor_vehicle YELLOW (vehicle + pictograph of a steering wheel: suggests a car with a steering wheel) - Character (superimposed) bil bil auto cards,playing_cards YELLOW (paper + to play + plural indicator) spelkort spillkort pelikortit careful GREEN (observation + intensity + intensity + description indicator: also a combination of to observe and attention) försiktig, noggrann forsiktig, omhyggelig varovainen, huolellinen carrot,vegetable_(wedge-shaped) YELLOW (vegetable below ground + pictograph of wedge shape (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) morot, rotfrukt gulrot porkkana

14 13125 carry,move,transport-(to) RED (transport,transportation + action indicator: to move something by vehicle). See also: take,bring,carry,move-(to) förflytta, transportera bære, transportere kantaa, siirtää, kuljettaa carrycot,bassinet YELLOW (container + baby: holder for a baby) babykorg (etc) babykurv vauvan kantokassi cart,carriage YELLOW (transport,transportation + forward [modification, short arrow, high position]: can also be interpreted as a combination of transport and to pull) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) kärra, vagn kjerre, vogn kärryt, rattaat cassette,audiocassette,videocassette YELLOW (pictograph) - Character kassettband, videoband kassett, videokassett kasetti, äänikasetti, videokasetti cast_(medical) YELLOW (enclosure + medical + body: medical enclosure for the body) stödkorsett (gjuten) støttekorsett (støpt) kipsi catch,grab-(to) RED (hand + to receive + action indicator) ta, fånga gripe, fange ottaa, ottaa kiinni caterpillar YELLOW (worm + butterfly: larva of the butterfly) larv larve toukka cauliflower YELLOW (cabbage + flower: cabbage with flowerets) blomkål blomkål kukkakaali cause YELLOW (wedge shape that incorporates relation: the wedge presses into the thing on which it has an effect). - Character See also: effect,result orsak årsak aihe, syy cause-(to) RED (cause + action indicator) orsaka forårsake aiheuttaa be_caused_by-(to) RED (cause + passive indicator) orsakas av bli forårsaket av aiheutua, johtua cave YELLOW (hole + mountain: hole in a mountainside) grotta hule, grotte luola cavity,caries YELLOW (teeth + dot) - Character (superimposed) hål (i tand) hull (i tann) reikä hampaassa ceiling YELLOW (room + pointer, to ceiling) - Character (superimposed - pointer) tak, innertak tak, innetak katto celery YELLOW (vegetable above ground [modified] + pictograph of a cluster of stalks (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) bladselleri selleri, bladselleri selleri celibacy,chastity YELLOW (without + sexual intercourse) kyskhet, oskuld sølibat selibaatti, siveys cemetery YELLOW (place + grave) kyrkogård, begravningsplats kirkegård, gravplass, gravlund hautausmaa cent YELLOW (international symbol for cent) - Character cent cent sentti century YELLOW (100 + year: period of one hundred years) århundrade, sekel århundre, sekel vuosisata cereal YELLOW (dish + grain) - Character (superimposed) flingor, müsli kornblanding, kornvarer murot certain_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + to doubt + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See certain,sure säker (FD) sikker (OLD) varma (vanha) cervix YELLOW (part of + uterus) livmoderhals livmorhals kohdunkaula chair,seat YELLOW (pictograph) - Character stol stol tuoli, istuin challah YELLOW (bread + Sabbath: traditional bread eaten on the Sabbath (Hebrew)) challah (Israel) challah (Israel) challah-leipä chameleon YELLOW (lizard + to change: lizard that is able to change colour) kameleont kameleon kameleontti change,alteration,conversion YELLOW (weather [modification]: CKB says that weather is ever-changing. Can also be interpreted as; life + water, ever-changing in state. The symbol represents change in a general sense.) - Character (superimposed - modified) förändring, omväxling forandring, endring muutos change,alter,convert-(to) RED (change + action indicator) ändra, växla forandre, endre muuttua Chanukah,Hanukkah YELLOW (holiday + light: holiday of lights (Hebrew)) Chanukah (Israel) Chanukah (Israel) hanukka, valon juhla charity YELLOW (help + needy person + feeling) hjälpverksamhet, välgörenhet veldedighet hyväntekeväisyys, lähimmäisenrakkaus cheap_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + expensive + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See cheap,inexpensive billig (FD) billig (OLD) halpa (vanha) cheek YELLOW (face + pointer, to cheek) - Character (superimposed - pointer) kind kinn poski cheese YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a wedge of cheese) - Character ost ost juusto

15 13158 chemical_product YELLOW (pictograph symbol suggests the outline of a chemical retort + thing [modification, lower position] (combinaton)) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) kemisk produkt kjemisk produkt kemiallinen tuote cherry_(cherries) YELLOW (fruit + pit,stone [modification,lower position] + fruit [modification] + pit,stone [modification,lower position]: pictograph of cherries combined in a cluster) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) körsbär kirsebær kirsikka Cheshvan YELLOW (month + beginning + rain: month when rainy season begins (Hebrew)) Cheshvan (Israel) Cheshvan (Israel) hesvan, hešván chest YELLOW (body + pointer, to chest) - Character (superimposed - pointer) bröstkorg brystkasse, bringe rinta, rintakehä chest_of_drawers,bureau,dresser YELLOW (pictograph) - Character byrå kommode lipasto chew-(to) RED (many + to bite + action indicator: to bite many times) tugga tygge pureskella chicken_(bird) YELLOW (bird + food: bird commonly used for food) höna, hönsfågel høne, hønsefugl kananpoika chicken_(food),poultry YELLOW (food + bird) kyckling, höna (mat) kylling (mat) kananpoika (ruoka) child,kid,youngster BLUE (flower + little (combination): CKB writes: A child is like a "little flower". The symbol also can be explained as a pictograph showing the head, arms, feet and body of a child.) - Character (superimposed - combined) barn barn lapsi child_abuse YELLOW (abuse + child) barnmisshandel barnemishandling lapseen kohdistuva väkivalta, hyväksikäyttö chimney YELLOW (building_with_chimney + pointer, to chimney) - Character (superimposed - pointer) skorsten pipe, skorstein savupiippu chin YELLOW (face + pointer, to chin) - Character (superimposed - pointer) haka hake leuka chipmunk YELLOW (rodent + stripe) jordekorre jordekorn maaorava chocolate_(old) YELLOW (food + powder + brown) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See chocolate choklad (FD) sjokolade (OLD) suklaa (vanha) (drink + chocolate [contraction]) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See chocolate_drink chocolate_drink_(old) YELLOW choklad (dryck), O'boy (FD) sjokoladedrikk (OLD) kaakao (vanha), suklaajuoma (vanha) chocolate_flavouring,cocoa,cacao_powder_(old ) YELLOW (adding,additive + chocolate [contraction]) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See chocolate_flavouring kakao (FD) sjokoladepulver, kakao (OLD) kaakaojauhe (vanha) (spread + chocolate [contraction]) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See chocolate_spread_(old) YELLOW chocolate_spread choklad (pålägg) (FD) sjokoladepålegg (OLD) suklaalevite (vanha), suklaatahna (vanha) choice,selection,election YELLOW (comparative_more + eye [modification, low position]: combination of eye and to divide [half-sized] and many: the eye makes a choice among many things) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) val, urval utvalg, valg valinta, valikoima, vaali choir,chorus BLUE (group + to sing) kör, sånggrupp kor, sanggruppe kuoro choke,gag-(to) RED (to swallow + negative + action indicator: to swallow badly ) sätta i halsen sette i halsen tukehtua, yökkiä choose,pick,select-(to) RED (choice + action indicator) välja velge valita chop-(to) RED (to cut + intensity + action indicator) hacka, hugga kutte, hogge hakata, pilkkoa christian GREEN (cross + description indicator) kristen kristen kristillinen, kristitty Christmas YELLOW (birthday + Christ [contraction]: day of Christ's birth) jul jul joulu Chumash,Pentateuch YELLOW (5 + book + Torah (Hebrew)) Chumash (Israel) Chumash (Israel) humaš church,mosque,temple YELLOW (building + God: building devoted to the worship of God) kyrka, moské, tempel kirke, moské, tempel kirkko, kappeli, temppeli cigarette YELLOW (smoking_(cigarette) + pointer, to cigarette) - Character (superimposed - pointer) cigarett sigarett tupakka, savuke circle_(shape) YELLOW (shape + circular shape [as of sun]: circle, a geometric shape) cirkel sirkel ympyrä circumcision YELLOW (to remove + foreskin) omskärelse omskjæring ympärileikkaus citizen YELLOW (earth + man + woman (combination): man or woman having a relationship to a country or territory) - Character (superimposed - combined) invånare innbyggere asukas, kansalainen town,city_(small) YELLOW (many + many + building: a large group of buildings comprise a city) stad, småstad by kaupunki luokka class YELLOW (group + to learn: group of people who come together to learn) klass, studiegrupp klasse, studiegruppe 13352

16 13353 classroom YELLOW (room + to teach) klassrum, föreläsningssal klasserom, forelesningssal luokkahuone claw_(animal) YELLOW (feline + pointer, to claw) - Character (superimposed - pointer) klo (djur) klo (dyr) kynsi (eläimen), eläimen kynsi claw_(bird) YELLOW (bird + pictograph of claws + pointer, to claw) - Character (superimposed - pointer) klo (fågel) klo (fugl) kynsi (linnun), linnunkynsi clean_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + dirty + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See clean ren (FD) ren (OLD) puhdas (vanha), siisti (vanha) clean-(to) RED (to remove + dirty + action indicator) städa, göra ren gjøre rent siivota, puhdistaa, siistiä clear,transparent GREEN (clearness,clarity,transparency,transparence + description indicator) genomskinlig, klar klar, gjennomsiktig kirkas, läpinäkyvä clerk BLUE (helper + business: person who helps in a business) affärsbiträde, expedit ekspeditør kauppa-apulainen, kassanhoitaja, liiketyöntekijä climb-(to) RED (to walk + up + action indicator) klättra klatre, klyve kiivetä clinic YELLOW (public room + medical) klinik, vårdcentral klinikk klinikka, vastaanotto clitoris YELLOW (part of + female genitals+ intensity: part of the body that produces intense sexual excitement) klitoris klitoris klitoris clock,timepiece YELLOW (time + thing indicator: object for telling time.the symbol is the concrete form of time.) - (character with thing indicator) klocka klokke kello close,enclose,shut-(to) RED (enclosure + action indicator) stänga stenge sulkea cloth,fabric,material,textile,net YELLOW (pictograph: symbol looks like woven threads, suggesting cloth) - Character tyg tøy, tekstil kangas clothing,clothes,garment YELLOW (cloth + protection) - Character (superimposed) kläder klær vaatteet, vaatetus cloud YELLOW (water + sky: formation of water droplets in the sky) - Character (superimposed) moln sky pilvi cloudy GREEN (cloud + description indicator) molnig overskyet, skyet pilvinen club YELLOW (gathering + interest: gathering of people sharing the same interest) förening, klubb klubb, forening kerho biomass,biofuel YELLOW (fuel + plant: fuel derived from plants) biobränsle biobrensel biomassa, biopolttoaine coat,jacket,jumper,sweater YELLOW (clothing + over: clothing worn over other clothing) ytterkläder, jacka, kappa, rock (etc) ytterklær, jakke, kappe (o.l.) takki, päällysvaatteet, jakku coconut YELLOW (fruit + palm tree) kokosnöt kokosnøtt kookospähkinä coffee YELLOW (drink + bean: drink made from coffee beans) kaffe kaffe kahvi coin YELLOW (disc + money: money in the form of a disc) mynt, slant mynt kolikko, lantti cold GREEN (coldness,cold + description indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM kall kald kylmä cold_(opposite_hot) GREEN (opposite meaning + hot + description indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM kall (FD) kald (motsatt varm) kylmä colour YELLOW (eye + earth [half-sized]: what the eye receives from things on earth) färg farge väri comb YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a side view of a comb) - Character kam kam kampa comb-(to) RED (comb + action indicator) kamma gre, kjemme kammata combination,connection YELLOW (circle [half-sized] + circle [half-sized]: two interlocking circles) - Character (superimposed) kombination kombinasjon yhdistelmä combine,connect,link-(to) RED (combination + action indicator) kombinera kombinere, binde sammen yhdistää, liittää yhteen liittyä combine_marker GRAY (circle [quarter-sized] + circle [quarter-sized]: two small interlocking circles ¼ space above skyline, used before and after a novel multi-character Bliss-word created by a user to represent a new meaning. This signals that a Bliss-word is not contained in the published Blissymbol Vocabulary.) - Character (superimposed) operator (kombination) indikator (kombinasjon) yhdistelmän merkki come,approach-(to) RED (approach + action indicator) komma, närma sig komme, nærme seg tulla, lähestyä comet YELLOW (star [modification, on earthline] + curve,curved_line: pictograph that suggests a star with a curved tail) - Character (superimposed - modified) komet komet pyrstötähti

17 13385 comfort,console-(to) RED (to give + peace + action indicator) trösta trøste lohduttaa comfortable,restful GREEN (rest + description indicator: feeling at rest) behaglig, bekväm, skön behagelig, bekvem, komfortabel mukava, rento commandments YELLOW (pictograph of two tablets of the laws: two tablets on which the ten commandments were inscribed) - Character budorden bud kymmenen käskyä communicate-(to) RED (communication + action indicator) kommunicera kommunisere kommunikoida, keskustella communication YELLOW (exchange,substitution + meaning) kommunikation kommunikasjon kommunikaatio compare-(to) RED (to observe + same + action indicator: to observe the similarities between two or more persons or things) jämföra sammenlikne verrata, vertailla compete,race-(to) RED (race + action indicator) tävla konkurrere kilpailla, otella composer BLUE (person + tune: person who creates tunes) kompositör, tonsättare komponist säveltäjä computer_(old) YELLOW (machine + mind: machine that works like a mind) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See computer dator (FD) datamaskin (OLD) tietokone (vanha) conception,fertilization,fertilized_egg YELLOW (sperm + egg (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) befruktning, befruktat ägg befruktning, befruktet egg hedelmöityminen, hedelmöitys concert_hall YELLOW (building + music: building where music is performed) konserthus konserthus konserttitalo concrete,cement YELLOW (material + stone + man-made: man-made material that can be used like stone) betong, cement sement, betong sementti, betoni condom YELLOW (barrier contraceptive + male) kondom kondom kondomi conductor_(music)_(old) BLUE (person + to lead + musical note: person who leads or directs musicians) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See conductor_(music) dirigent (FD) dirigent (OLD) kuoronjohtaja (vanha), orkesterinjohtja (vanha) cone YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the outline of a cone) - Character kägla, kon kjegle kartio conscience YELLOW (mind + mind [modification, at a higher level]: another level of consciousness superimposed on the rational mind) - Character (superimposed - modified) samvete samvittighet omatunto considerate,thoughtful GREEN (consideration (mind + other) + description indicator: mindful of others) omtänksam hensynsfull, omtenksom huomaavainen, hienotunteinen container,bowl,holder,pouch,basket YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the outline of a bowl) - Character behållare, skål, korg (etc) bolle, beholder (o l) astia, kulho, säilö continue,pass-(to) RED (continuance,continuation (forward [extended] + reference line [half-sized]) + action indicator: the arrow passes a reference line and continues on) fortsätta, passera fortsette, passere jatkaa, jatkua uterine_contraction YELLOW (work + uterus) sammandragning, värk (i livmodern) sammentrekning av livmor, kynner kohdun supistus contrast-(to) RED (to observe + different + action indicator: to observe the differences between two persons or things) jämföra, särskilja kontrastere, bryte asettaa vastakkain, verrata control_oneself-(to) RED (self-control + action indicator) behärska sig beherske seg kontrolloida itseään, hallita itsensä cook-(to) RED (fire + food + action indicator: to use fire (heat) to prepare food) laga mat varme mat keittää cookie,biscuit YELLOW (disc + sweet: sweet, disc-shaped food) kaka, kex kjeks, småkake pikkuleipä, keksi cool,chilly GREEN (cold + little + description indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM kylig kjølig viileä, kalsea cool,chilly_(opposite_warm) GREEN (opposite meaning + warm + description indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM kylig (motsats varm) kjølig (motsatt varm) viileä, kalsea copy,duplicate YELLOW (to repeat + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) kopia kopi, duplikat kopio, moniste, jäljennös corn YELLOW (vegetable (cylinder-shaped) + dot + dot [modificaton, higher] + dot [modificaton, lower]: dots suggesting kernels of corn) - Character (superimposed - modified) majs mais maissi corner_(room) YELLOW (room + pointer, to corner) - Character (superimposed - pointer) hörn, hörna (rum) hjørne (rom) nurkka cornmeal YELLOW (powder + corn) majsmjöl maismel maissijauho correct,accurate,good,right GREEN (correctness + description indicator: thought to be correct, good, or right in a rational sense) See also: good,well,fine,ok,okay,all_right and moral,good,right,morally_right rätt, riktig riktig, rett, korrekt oikein, hyvä cost,price YELLOW (money + for (in exchange for) + thing) pris, kostnad pris, kostnad maksu, hinta

18 13418 costume,disguise YELLOW (clothing + make believe) maskeraddräkt, utklädningskläder kostyme, utkledningsklær naamiaispuku, valepuku couch,chesterfield,sofa YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a couch with a reclining back) - Character soffa sofa sohva cough-(to) RED (to blow + intensity + action indicator: to blow air forcefully from one's mouth) hosta hoste yskiä counsellor,adviser BLUE (person + suggestion + to help: person who makes suggestions in order to help) konsulent, konsult, rådgivare rådgiver, konsulent neuvonantaja, neuvoja count-(to) RED (number + action indicator) räkna telle, regne laskea, luetella country,state YELLOW (flag + earth: territory identified by a flag) See also: countryside,country,nature Character (superimposed) land, stat land, stat valtio, maa countryside,country,nature YELLOW (tree + earth: place where trees dominate the landscape) See also: country,state Character (superimposed) landsbygd, landet landsbygd, på landet maaseutu couple_(heterosexual) BLUE (man + woman) - Character (superimposed) par (heterosex.) par (heteroseksuelt) pari, pariskunta couple_(two_persons) BLUE (person + person) par (två personer) par (to personer) pari family,couple BLUE (man + protection + woman: a man and a woman living under one roof) - Character (superimposed) familj, makar, sambopar ektepar, ektefeller aviopari court,field_(old) YELLOW (place + sport_(old): place where sports are played) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See court,field idrottsplats, idrottsplan (FD) idrettsplass (OLD) kenttä, urheilukenttä (vanha) cousin BLUE (offspring + sibling + parent: child of one's uncle or aunt) kusin søskenbarn (fetter/kusine) serkku cow YELLOW (bovine + female) ko ku lehmä craft YELLOW (man-made + hand: production of things by hand, e.g. quilting or wood carving) hantverk, slöjd, pyssel håndverk käsityö cramp,spasm YELLOW (pain + muscle: pain caused by muscle spasm or contraction) kramp krampe, muskelsmerte kramppi, suonenveto cranberry YELLOW (berry + bog: berry that grows in marsh land) tranbär tranebær karpalo crane YELLOW (machine + up and down: equipment to raise and lower) lyft, lyftkran heisekran, kran nostolaite, nosturi crash_(forward) YELLOW (to stop + intensity) SYMBOL SYNONYM kollision, krock kræsj, kollisjon törmäys crash_(downward)-(to) RED (crash (downward) + action indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM krascha, störta kræsje, styrte rysähtää, romahtaa crash_(air),plane_crash,air_crash YELLOW (crash_(downward) + airplane) not yet confirmed by BCI Board flygplanskrasch flystyrt lentokone onnettomuus, lentokoneen maahansyöksy crash_(car),car_crash YELLOW (crash_(forward) + car) not yet confirmed by BCI Board bilkrock bilkrasj, bilkollisjon kolari crash_(forward)-(to) RED (crash (forward) + action indicator) kollidera, krocka kræsje, kollidere törmätä crash_(downward) YELLOW (bump,press,pressing + intensity: an intense fall and hit onto the ground) krasch kræsj, styrt rysähdys crawl-(to) RED (kneeling person + forward + action indicator: to go forward on one's knees) krypa, gå på knä krabbe, krype ryömiä, kontata crayon,coloured_pencil,marker YELLOW (pencil + colour) krita, färgpenna fargeblyant, fargestift värikynä, väriliitu cream YELLOW (milk + intensity: the intensity symbol suggests that cream is rich milk) grädde fløte kerma create-(to) RED (creation + action indicator) skapa skape luoda creation,nature YELLOW (equal-sided triangle: CKB points out that the Greeks considered the equal-sided triangle to be the simplest and most harmonious geometrical creation, and proof that the world is not chaos, but organized according to harmonious lines) - Character skapelse, natur skapelse, natur luonto, luominen, luomakunta creative GREEN (creation + description indicator) kreativ, skapande skapende, kreativ luova creature,being YELLOW (life + thing indicator: a living creature. The symbol is the concrete form of life.) - (character with thing indicator) figur, gestalt, levande varelse levende vesen, skapning olento, luontokappale, eliö crescent YELLOW (shape + crescent shape) månform måneform kuunsirppi, puolikuu crochet-(to) RED (to make + cloth + hook + action indicator: to make cloth with a hook) virka hekle virkata

19 13612 croquet_(activity) YELLOW (activity + ball + hammer: game in which a mallet is used to move a ball) krocket (aktivitet) krokket kroketti cross,christianity_(in_combinations) YELLOW (pictograph, of a cross: symbol for Christianity) - Character kors, kristendom (i kombination) kors, kristendom (i kombinasjon) risti cross-(to) RED (across + action indicator) gå över, korsa krysse ylittää, risteillä, kulkea poikki crotch YELLOW (body + pointer, to crotch) - Character (superimposed - pointer) skrev, underliv skritt, underliv haarat, alavatsa crush,squeeze-(to) RED (compression,compressing,squeezing + action indicator: to crush a thing by pressure from two directions) pressa, trycka, klämma presse sammen, trykke sammen rypistää, musertaa crutches YELLOW (tools + medical + to walk + plural indicator: medical devices for walking) kryckor krykker kainalosauvat cry,weep-(to) RED (eye + rain + action indicator: to have water falling from one's eyes like raindrops) gråta gråte itkeä crystal YELLOW (thing + pictograph, of the plane facet-like faces of a crystal) - Character (superimposed) kristall krystall kristalli, kide cucumber YELLOW (vegetable (cylinder-shaped) + long) gurka agurk kurkku mug,cup YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a cup or a glass with a handle) - Character mugg, kopp kopp, krus muki, kuppi cupboard,closet,wardrobe YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests double doors of a cupboard/closet) - Character skåp, garderob skap, garderobe kaappi currant(s) YELLOW (pictograph of cluster of currants) - Character vinbär rips, solbær viinimarja, herukka current GREEN (now + description indicator) aktuell, nuvarande, på gång nåværende, aktuell nykyinen, ajankohtainen, tämänhetkinen current_events YELLOW (event + now + plural indicator) aktuella händelser, nyheter aktuelle begivenheter, nyheter ajankohtaisia tapahtumia curtain(s),drape(s) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a curtained window) - Character gardin, draperi gardin verhot curve,curved_line YELLOW (pictograph) - Character båge, krök, kurva bue, kurve kaari, kaarre cut_(scissors)-(to) RED (scissors + action indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM klippa klippe (å) leikata saksilla cut_(knife)-(to) RED (knife + action indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM skära skjære leikata cutlery YELLOW (generalization + knife) bestick bestikk teräaseet dance-(to) RED (dance,dancing + action indicator: to step to the rhythm of the music) dansa danse tanssia danger YELLOW (creation + intensity: CKB says that this symbol implies that we must take care that we do not harm ourselves or others, since we are all part of a divine Creation) - Character (superimposed) fara fare vaara dangerous GREEN (danger + description indicator) farlig farlig vaarallinen dark_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + light + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See dark mörk (FD) mørk (OLD) pimeä (vanha), tumma (vanha) date_(man_woman) YELLOW (to meet + man + woman: a man and a woman meeting each other socially) SYMBOL stevnemøte (mann kvinne), date (mann SYNONYM träff (man kvinna) kvinne) treffit date_(two_persons) YELLOW (to meet + person + person) SYMBOL SYNONYM träff (två personer) stevnemøte, date (to personer) treffit date_(fruit) YELLOW (plum (fruit + pit) + palm tree: fruit that grows on a palm tree) dadel daddel taateli daughter BLUE (protection + female: female born under the family roof) - Character (superimposed) dotter datter tytär day YELLOW (sun + earth: sun appears above the horizon; it shines on the earth during the day) - Character (superimposed) dag dag päivä daycare YELLOW (protection + day) dagvård dagtilsyn päivähoito day_care_centre YELLOW (building + day care) daghem (etc) daghjem päiväkoti dead,deceased GREEN (death + description after the fact indicator) död (adj.) avdød, død kuollut deaf GREEN (deafness + description indicator: unable to hear) See also: hearing-impaired döv døv kuuro

20 13644 dear GRAY (feeling + toward: symbol showing affectionate or friendly feelings toward someone. It is used as a salutation in letters.) kära kjære rakas, hyvä, kulta death YELLOW (life + to cross out: life destroyed) - Character (superimposed) död (subst.) død kuolema decade YELLOW (10 + year: a period of ten years) årtionde, decennium tiår, decennium vuosikymmen December YELLOW (month + 12: twelfth month of the year) december desember joulukuu decide-(to) RED (decision + action indicator) besluta, bestämma beslutte, bestemme päättää decision YELLOW (to think + to arrive: arrival at a rational position) - Character (superimposed) beslut beslutning, bestemmelse päätös decoration_(old) YELLOW (thing + plus + beautiful: thing added to beautify) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See decoration,ornament prydnadssak, dekoration (FD) dekorasjon (OLD) koriste (vanha), kunniamerkki (vanha) decrease,reduce-(to) RED (little + action indicator: to become smaller) minska, förminska forminske, redusere vähetä, vähentyä, vähentää, pienentyä deep GREEN (depth + description indicator: the pointer points downward to the bottom of a relatively deep space) djup dyp syvä deep-fry-(to) RED (to fry + intensity + action indicator: to fry at a high temperature) fritera fritere paistaa, friteerata Denmark_(OLD) YELLOW (country + three_danish_waters_(old): country divided by three channels of water) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Denmark Danmark (FD) Danmark (OLD) Tanska (vanha) toothpick YELLOW (linear thing + teeth + thing indicator) tandpetare, tandtråd tannpirker, tanntråd hammaslanka dentist BLUE (doctor + teeth) tandläkare tannlege hammaslääkäri deodorant YELLOW (chemical product + against + odour) deodorant deodorant deodorantti departure YELLOW (reference line + forward: advancing arrow departs from the line) avresa, avgång avgang, avreise lähtö, poistuminen depression YELLOW (mood + fall-(to): also a combination of mood and sad + intensity) depression depresjon masennus descend,go_down-(to) RED (down + action indicator) gå ner, sjunka dale, synke laskea, alentua, laskeutua describe-(to) RED (to say + state_of_mind + action indicator: to say what you think exists) beskriva beskrive kuvailla, kuvata desirable GREEN (to want + description before the fact indicator) efterlängtad, åtråvärd ønskelig, ønsket toivottava, tavoiteltava desk,worktable,work_table YELLOW (table + work) arbetsbord, skrivbord pult, arbeidsbord, skrivebord työpöytä, kirjoituspöytä, pulpetti dessert YELLOW (food + end: food that one eats at the end of a meal) efterrätt, dessert dessert jälkiruoka destroy,annul,cancel,cross_out,delete-(to) RED (deletion,cancellation,destruction + action indicator: diagonal line used to cross out förstöra, stryka ut, stryka, radera, sudda, something) ta bort, utplåna slette, stryke ut, annulere yliviivata, poistaa, pilata develop-(to) RED (development + action indicator) utveckla utvikle kehittyä, kehittää, edistyä development YELLOW (change + forward [modification, short arrow]: change through progression) - Character (superimposed - modified) utveckling utvikling kehitys dhoti,lungi YELLOW (clothing + around + man) (India) dhoti, lungi (Indien) dhoti, lungi (India) dhoti diamond_(shape),rhombus,rhomb YELLOW (shape + diamond_(character)) romb rombe timantin muotoinen diaper,nappy YELLOW (absorbent material + buttocks_and_genitals) blöja bleie vaippa diaphragm_(contraceptive),pessary YELLOW (barrier_(contraceptive) + female) pessar pessar ehkäisyväline (naisen) die-(to) RED (death + action indicator) dö, avlida dø kuolla diet YELLOW (plan + to eat) bantning, diet diett dieetti, ruokavalio diet-(to) RED (to eat + plan + action indicator: to eat according to a plan) banta, hålla diet slanke seg, være på diett olla dieetillä, olla ruokavaliolla different,other,difference WHITE (to cross out + same) - Character (superimposed) olika, annorlunda, olikhet ulikhet, forskjellig, annerledes erilainen, eri

21 13676 difficult,hard GREEN (difficulty + description indicator) svår vanskelig vaikea dig-(to) RED (digging,excavation + action indicator) gräva grave kaivaa digest-(to) RED (digestion + action indicator) smälta maten fordøye sulattaa ruoka (elimistössä) digestion YELLOW (food + through: food passing through the body) matsmältning fordøyelse ruuansulatus, ruoansulatus dining_room YELLOW (room + to eat) matrum, matsal spisestue, matsal, spiserom ruokahuone, ruokailutila, ruokailuhuone, ruokasali dinosaur_(old) YELLOW (reptile + past: extinct reptile) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See dinosaur dinosaurie (FD) dinosaurus (OLD) dinosaurus (vanha) direction,cardinal_point YELLOW (generalization + forward) riktning retning suunta dirty,soiled GREEN (many + spot + description indicator: having many spots) smutsig, fläckig skitten, flekket likainen disability,handicap,impairment_(old) YELLOW (ability + limits: limited ability) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See disability,handicap,impairment handikapp (FD) handikap, funksjonshemming (OLD) vamma (vanha) disc,disk YELLOW (pictograph: simplified three-dimensional drawing of a disc) - Character skiva, platta skive, plate levy, kiekko disco YELLOW (gathering + record: gathering to listen to recorded music) disco diskotek disko discomfort YELLOW (comfort + to destroy) - Character (superimposed) obehag ubehag epämukavuus discuss,converse,debate-(to) RED (discussion + action indicator) samtala samtale, drøfte, diskutere keskustella discussion,conversation,debate,chat YELLOW (to speak + back and forth: talk that goes back and forth) samtal samtale, drøfting, diskusjon jutteleminen, keskustelu dish,plate,platter YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a dish) - Character tallrik, fat tallerken, fat, asjett, skål lautanen, vati dislike YELLOW (feeling + negative) motvilja, ogillande motvilje vastenmielisyys dislike-(to) RED (dislike + action indicator) tycka illa om, ogilla mislike halveksia, vihata divide-(to) RED (division + action indicator) dela, dividera dele, dividere jakaa, suorittaa jakolasku division YELLOW (based upon the international mathematical symbol) - Character division, delning divisjon, deling jakolasku, jakaminen divorce YELLOW (marriage + division: legal division of a marriage) skilsmässa skilsmisse avioero divorce-(to) RED (divorce + action indicator) skiljas skille seg erota avioliitosta do,act-(to) RED (action + action indicator) göra gjøre, handle tehdä, toimia doctor,physician BLUE (person + medical) läkare, doktor doktor, lege lääkäri doll YELLOW (child + man-made) docka dokke nukke dollar YELLOW (international symbol for dollar) - Character dollar dollar dollari dolphin,porpoise,water_mammal_(with_tail) YELLOW (pictograph: the shape contains water_creature + pictograph of a tail fin) - Character (superimposed) delfin, tumlare delfin, nise delfiini, pyöriäinen donkey,mule YELLOW (horse + work: animal that resembles a horse and is commonly used to assist with work) åsna, mula esel, muldyr aasi, muuli door YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a doorway) - Character dörr dør ovi dot YELLOW (pictograph: often used to create a meaning based on the relationship between the dot and an associated symbol) - Character punkt, prick punkt, prikk piste doubt-(to) RED (doubt,uncertainty + action indicator) undra, vara osäker tvile, undre epäillä, epäröidä down,downward WHITE (arrow, pointing downward) - Character ner, nedåt ned, nedover alas, alaspäin downward_and_backward WHITE (arrow, pointing downward and backward) - Character nedåt bakåt nedover og bakover alas ja taakse

22 13871 downward_and_forward WHITE (arrow, pointing downward and forward) - Character nedåt framåt nedover og framover alas ja eteen drain,sift,strain-(to) RED (sieve + action indicator) sila, filtrera, tömma sile, filtrere, tømme siivilöidä, valuttaa draw,sketch-(to) RED (pencil + picture + action indicator: to use a pencil or pen to make a picture) rita, teckna tegne, skissere piirtää drawer YELLOW (chest of drawers + pointer, to drawer) - Character (superimposed - pointer) byrålåda (etc) kommodeskuff, skuff laatikko (lipaston) dream-(to) RED (to think + to sleep + action indicator: to think in one's sleep) drömma drømme uneksia, nähdä unta dress YELLOW (clothing + woman) klänning kjole mekko dress,wear-(to) RED (clothing + action indicator) klä på, ha på sig kle på seg, ha på seg pukea, riisua dress_up,disguise-(to) RED (costume + action indicator: people "dress up" to imagine themselves as someone or something else, e.g. at Halloween) klä ut sig kle seg ut pukeutua naamiopukuun, naamioitua, pukeutua naamiaisasuun dressing_gown,housecoat,robe YELLOW (clothing + comfort) morgonrock, hemmadress morgenkåpe, kosedress aamutakki, kotiasu dried_bean_(old) YELLOW (bean + dry) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See bean_(dried),chickpea,kidney_bean,pinto_bean torkad böna (FD) bønne tørket (OLD) kuivattu papu (vanha) drink,beverage YELLOW (liquid + food) - Character (superimposed) dryck drikk juoma drink-(to) RED (drink + action indicator) dricka drikke juoda drive-(to) RED (car + action indicator) köra bil, åka bil kjøre bil ajaa autolla, ajaa autoa driver,chauffeur BLUE (person + car) bilförare, chaufför sjåfør, bilfører autonkuljettaja dromedary YELLOW (animal + pictograph of head and neck and one hump) - Character (superimposed) dromedar dromedar dromedaari drunk GREEN (weak person + alcoholic drink + description indicator: when drunk a person s knees may buckle) berusad, full beruset, full juopunut dry_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + wet + description after the fact indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See dry torr (FD) tørr (OLD) kuiva (vanha) dry-(to)_(old) RED (to cause + dry + action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See dry-(to) torka (FD) tørke (OLD) kuivata (vanha) duck_(food) YELLOW (food + duck) anka (mat) and (mat) vesilintu (ruoka), ankka (ruoka) dump_truck,dumper,tipper_lorry,tipper YELLOW (truck + out of (downward)) tippbil, dumper lastebil med tipp, dumper jäteauto, kippiauto Durga BLUE (goddess hand: Hindu goddess) (India) Durga (Indien) Durga (India) Durga during,while WHITE (limited time + dot (in position above sky line): occurring at a time limited by reference to another event) - Character (superimposed) medan, under tiden mens, i løpet av aikana, kuluessa, sillä aikaa kun each,every WHITE (1 + all: one of all) varje, var och en hver, enhver, hver og en jokainen, kukin ear YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a side view of an ear) - Character öra øre korva ear_mold YELLOW (thing + ear: part of a hearing aid that fits into the ear) - Character (superimposed) öroninsats ørepropp, øreinnsats korvakappale early GREEN (before + time + description indicator: before the appointed time) tidig tidlig aikainen, ajoissa earmuffs_(protection) YELLOW (protection + ear) öronlappar ørebeskyttelse, hørselsvern korvalaput, kuulonsuojaimet earn-(to) RED (to work + for (in exchange for) + money: to work in exchange for money) tjäna, förtjäna tjene penger ansaita rahaa earphones,headphones YELLOW (earmuffs_(general) + electricity) hörlurar hodetelefoner korvakuulokkeet earth,globe,world YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the planet rotating on its diagonal axis) - Character jorden, jordklotet jorda (planet) maapallo, maa earth,ground,land YELLOW (horizontal line, on the earthline of the symbol drawing area) - Character mark, jord jord, mark maa, maaperä east YELLOW (sun + pointer, to east) - Character (superimposed - pointer) öster øst itä

23 13903 easter YELLOW (day + to rise + Christ [contraction]: the day of Christ's rising from the dead) påsk påske pääsiäinen eastern GREEN (east + description indicator) ostlig østlig itäinen, itä easy_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + difficult + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See easy,easily enkel, lätt (FD) lett, enkel (OLD) helppo (vanha) eat-(to) RED (food + action indicator) äta spise syödä edge YELLOW (table + pointer, to edge) - Character (superimposed - pointer) kant kant reuna, särmä education YELLOW (to exchange + knowledge) utbildning utdannelse koulutus eel YELLOW (fish + snake: snake-like fish) ål ål ankerias effect,result YELLOW (greater_than_(relation) + pictograph, of imprint: the effect is the imprint left by the wedge-shaped cause) See also: cause Character (superimposed) effekt, verkan virkning, effekt vaikutus, seuraus, reaktio egg,ovum_(1) YELLOW (seed + life) SYMBOL SYNONYM ägg (1) egg, eggcelle (1) muna egg,ovum_(2) YELLOW (pictograph) SYMBOL SYNONYM - Character ägg (2) egg, eggcelle (2) muna eggplant YELLOW (vegetable (cylinder-shaped) + purple) aubergine, äggplanta aubergine munakoiso either WHITE (relation [half-sized], pointing forward + dot: altered form of position in order to represent the meaning the first alternative. The dot is within the relation symbol because, as CKB writes, "We have not decided where to place it.") - Character (superimposed) antingen enten joko ejaculation YELLOW ejaculation (erection + sperm + intensity) utlösning utløsning siemensyöksy elbow YELLOW (arm + pointer, to elbow) - Character (superimposed - pointer) armbåge albu kyynärpää electric,electrical GREEN (electricity + description indicator) elektrisk elektrisk sähköinen electricity YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a lightning bolt) - Character elektricitet elektrisitet sähkö electric_light,lamp YELLOW (light + electricity + thing indicator: object that provides light by means of electricity) lampa lampe sähkövalo, lamppu electric_wheelchair YELLOW (wheelchair + electricity) elrullstol elektrisk rullestol sähköpyörätuoli electric_wire,electric_cord,cord,cable,lead YELLOW (linear thing + electricity + thing indicator) sladd, ledning ledning, kabel sähköjohto electromagnetic_radiation YELLOW electromagnetic radiation (derived from electricity) - Character elektromagnetism elektromagnetisme sähkömagneettinen säteily elephant YELLOW (animal + nose: animal distinguished by its nose, i.e., trunk) elefant elefant norsu, elefantti elevator,lift YELLOW (room + up and down) hiss heis hissi Elul YELLOW (month + before + shofar: month before Rosh Hashana (Hebrew)) Elul (Israel) Elul (Israel) elul, elúl embarrassed GREEN (embarrassment + description after the fact indicator) generad forlegen, brydd, flau hämmästynyt embarrassing GREEN (embarrassment + description indicator) pinsam pinlig, flaut hämmästyttävä embarrassment YELLOW (discomfort + up_and_down: also a combination of uncomfortable and upset) pinsamhet forlegenhet, flauhet hämmennys, pulma, tukala asema embryo YELLOW (body + existence,being_(2): an embryo is a potential living being, which cannot live outside the mother's body) - Character (superimposed) embryo embryo, foster sikiö, alkio emergency YELLOW (danger + limited time) nöd, nödläge krise, nød hätätilanne empathy YELLOW (feeling + understanding,comprehension) medkänsla medfølelse, empati empatia, myötätunto empty_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + full + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See empty tom (FD) tom (OLD) tyhjä (vanha) empty-(to)_(old) RED (empty + action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See empty,evacuate,throw_away,void-(to) tömma (FD) tømme(old) tyhjentää (vanha) enclosure YELLOW (pictograph: an enclosed space) - Character sluten enhet avlukke, sluttet enhet rajattu kokonaisuus, aitaus, suljettu tila

24 13935 end,arrival,stop YELLOW (forward + reference line: the arrow arrives at the line and stops) - Character slut, stopp, ankomst ankomst, slutt, ende loppu, saapuminen, perilletulo energy YELLOW (sun + electromagnetic radiation: potential energy, as received from the sun) - Character (superimposed) energi energi energia engaged GREEN (before + marriage + description indicator) förlovad forlovet kihlattu, kihloissa oleva enjoy-(to) RED (happiness + action indicator) glädja more, glede nauttia, iloita enough GREEN (minus + more + description indicator: no more needed, i.e.,the right amount or number) nog, tillräckligt nok, tilstrekkelig tarpeeksi, riittävästi, kyllin enter,absorb,insert,penetrate-(to) RED (into + action indicator) gå in, komma in, sätta in (etc) gå inn, komme inn, trekke inn mennä sisään, tulla sisään, saapua envious GREEN (to want + comma + other + to have + description indicator: wanting what another person has) avundsjuk misunnelig kateellinen environment YELLOW (earth + water + sky: complete physical world that surrounds us) - Character (superimposed) miljö, omvärld miljø ympäristö equal-(to) RED (equal + action indicator) likna, vara lika med likne, være lik med olla samanlainen, olla sama, olla yhtä suuri erection,erect_penis YELLOW (standing_(standing_person) + pictograph, of erect penis) - Character (superimposed) erektion, stånd ereksjon, erigert penis erektio eternal_life,immortality_(after_death) YELLOW (life + after + death) evigt liv evig liv kuolemanjälkeinen elämä etrog YELLOW (pictograph: citrus fruit used as a Jewish ceremonial object (Hebrew)) - Character etrog (Israel) etrog (Israel) sukaattisitruuna, etrog evaluate-(to) RED (evaluation + action indicator) värdera vurdere arvioida appreciate,value,treasure-(to) RED (to evaluate + good + action indicator) uppskatta verdsette, sette pris på arvostaa evaluation,value YELLOW (symbol represents a cone balancing unsteadily on its point, reminding us that our evaluations are variable and unreliable) - Character värde, värdering verdi, vurdering arvio, arviointi, arvo evening YELLOW (moon [modification, upper half] + earth: the moon begins to appear above the horizon) - Character (superimposed - modified) kväll kveld ilta evening_before_holiday,evening_of_sabbath YELLOW (evening + before + Sabbath,day_of_rest) afton, kväll före helgdag kveld før fridag, kveld før helg lepopäivän aatto event,happening,occasion YELLOW (to be + earth [half-sized]: occurrence on earth) - Character (superimposed) händelse hendelse, begivenhet tapahtuma, tapaus ever,whenever GREEN (anytime + description indicator) någonsin noen gang, noensinne milloin tahansa, koskaan evergreen_tree,spruce,fir,fir_tree YELLOW (tree + pictograph of spruce branches: pictograph symbo that suggests a spruce or pine tree. The symbol can be used for any tree that does not lose its leaves annually.) - Character (superimposed) gran, tall, barrträd bartre, nåletre, eviggrønt tre havupuu everybody,everyone WHITE (all + person) alla alle jokainen exchange,substitute,trade-(to) RED (exchange,substitution + action indicator) byta bytte, veksle vaihtaa ecstatic GREEN (ecstasy + description indicator) extatisk, exalterad begeistret, ekstatisk, opphisset haltioitunut, hurmioitunut, ekstaattinen ecstasy YELLOW (feeling + three intensity symbols: experiencing very intense feelings) extas begeistring, ekstase, opphisselse ekstaasi, hurmio, hurmos exclude-(to) RED (outside + action indicator) stänga ute, utesluta utelukke, unnta, ekskludere sulkea pois excuse YELLOW (to allow + after: condoning of something after it has occurred) förlåtelse, ursäkt unnskyldning selitys excuse-(to) RED (excuse + action indicator) förlåta, ursäkta unnskylde selittää, antaa anteeksi exercise,work_out-(to) RED (exercise_(physical) + action indicator: to work in order to maintain health) träna trene, mosjonere harjotella, työstää exhibitionism,immodesty,indecent_exposure YELLOW (to cause + to see+ genitals) blottande blotting, ekshibisjonisme itsensäpaljastaminen exit-(to) RED (out of (forward) + action indicator) gå ut, komma ut gå ut av poistua, mennä ulos expect,anticipate-(to) RED (expectation + action indicator) anta, förvänta anta, forvente odottaa, aavistaa expectation,anticipation YELLOW (mind + future_(uncertain): thinking about an unknown future) - Character (superimposed) antagande, förväntan antagelse, forventning odotus, aavistus

25 14129 expensive_(old) GREEN (much + cost + description indicator: costing a lot of money) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See expensive dyr (FD) dyrt, dyr (OLD) kallis (vanha) explain,give_a_reason-(to) RED (to say + understanding,comprehension + action indicator: to say something in such a way that another person understands it) förklara forklare selittää explode,blow_up,detonate,burst-(to) RED (explosion + action indicator) explodera, spränga eksplodere, sprenge räjähtää explosion,detonation,blowup YELLOW (thing + four arrows [modification, short arrows], moving outwards) - Character (superimposed - modified) explosion eksplosjon, sprengning, detonasjon räjähdys eye YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests an eye with a pupil in the centre) - Character öga øye silmä eyebrow YELLOW (eye + line [half-sized] + pointer) - Character (superimposed - pointer) ögonbryn øyebryn kulmakarva eyebrow_pencil YELLOW (pencil + eyebrow) kajalpenna, ögonpenna øyebrynsblyant, kajal kulmakynä eyelid_(upper) YELLOW (eye + pointer, to upper eyelid) - Character (superimposed - pointer) ögonlock (övre) øyelokk silmäluomi eye_makeup YELLOW (colour + plus + eyelid(s): colour added to eyelids and eyelashes) mascara øyesminke, mascara silmämeikki face YELLOW (head + dot [modified, higher position] + dot [modified, higher position]: pictograph, suggesting a face with mouth, nose and two eyes) - Character (superimposed) ansikte ansikt kasvot, naama fact YELLOW (mind + real: something that one thinks is real) - Character (superimposed) faktum faktum tosiasia factory,plant YELLOW (building + to make: building where things are manufactured) fabrik, verkstad fabrikk, verksted tehdas falafel YELLOW (food + ball + bean: Middle Eastern food made from chick-pea meal and shaped into balls) falafel falafel falafel fall-(to) RED (fall,drop,spill,tumble + action indicator) falla, ramla, tappa falle, miste pudota fallopian_tube YELLOW (tube + egg) äggledare eggleder munajohdin family_(traditional) BLUE (man + protection + protection + woman: a man and a woman join their roofs to create a family unit. The symbol also can be explained as husband + wife.) SYMBOL SYNONYM - Character (superimposed) familj, släkt familie (tradisjonell) perhe family_(cohabiting) BLUE (person + protection + person: caring people, i.e., people joined together to protect those in their care) SYMBOL SYNONYM - Character (superimposed) familj, makar, sambopar (könsneutral) familie (samboende) perhe police_force,police BLUE (group + protection: group of caring people) (Note: The similarity between police and parent, and the lacking aspect of law enforcement, can be seen as problematic.) polisstyrka, poliskår, polismakt, polis politistyrke, politikorps poliisivoimat family_planning YELLOW (plan + conception) familjeplanering familieplanlegging perhesuunnittelu family_planning_clinic YELLOW (public room + family planning) mottagning för familjeplanering klinikk for familieplanlegging perhesuunnitteluneuvola fan YELLOW (pictograph) - Character solfjäder vifte (bildelik) viuhka far,distant_(old) GREEN (farness,remoteness,farawayness_(old) + description indicator: a full space between the two lines, the lines are relatively far apart) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See far,distant långt bort, avlägsen (FD) fjernt, langt borte (OLD) kaukana, kaukainen (vanha) farm YELLOW (protection + field: place where the fields are cared for) - Character (superimposed) bondgård, lantbruk bondegård, landbruk maatila, maatalo, maalaistalo farmer BLUE (person + farm: person who farms) bonde, lantbrukare bonde, landbruker maanviljelijä fast_day YELLOW (day + without + food) fastedag fastedag paastopäivä fasten,attach,join,append,connect-(to) RED (together + action indicator) sätta ihop, sätta fast feste, sammenføye, sette sammen liittää, yhdistää fastener,gripper,velcro,zipper YELLOW (thing + to fasten + clothing) dragkedja, kardborrband, spänne (etc) spenne, hekte, glidelås solki, hakanen, vetoketju fat,thick_(old) GREEN (fatness,thickness_(old) + description indicator: the pointers point inward to the widest space bounded by the reference lines) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See fat,thick tjock, fet (FD) tykk, fet (OLD) lihava, paksu (vanha) father,dad,daddy,papa,pa,pop BLUE (protection + man: man who gives protection to his family) - Character (superimposed) pappa, far pappa, far isä favourite GREEN (to choose + first + description after the fact indicator: one's first choice) favorit-, älsklings favoritt, yndlings suosikki-, mieli-, lempi fear,be_afraid,dread-(to) RED (afraid + action indicator: to feel afraid of the future because of its uncertainties) vara rädd frykte, være redd pelätä feather YELLOW (part of + wings) fjäder fjær sulka, höyhen

26 14161 February YELLOW (month + 2: second month of the year) februari februar helmikuu feed-(to) RED (to give + food + action indicator) mata gi mat, mate, fore syöttää, ruokkia feel-(to) RED (feeling + action indicator) känna føle tuntea feeling,emotion,sensation YELLOW (symbol is the familiar heart shape: traditionally one's feelings are supposed to come from the heart. In a few cases, this symbol is used to represent sensation.) - Character känsla følelse tunne female,feminine_(person) GREEN (woman + description indicator) kvinnlig, feminin feminin, kvinnelig naispuolinen, naisellinen female_(gender) YELLOW (woman [modified], and also creation [half sized]: this form of woman is used only in compound symbols to specify gender or sex) - Character hona, honkön hunkjønn naaras fence,wall YELLOW (building_with_yard_and_fence + pointer, to fence) - Character (superimposed - pointer) staket, häck (etc) gjerde, hekk (o.l.) aita, seinä fertile GREEN (conception + description before the fact indicator: capable of conception) fertil, fruktsam fruktbar, fertil hedelmällinen fertility_counselling YELLOW (help + conception) fertilitetsrådgivning fruktbarhetsrådgivning, fertilitetsrådgivning hedelmöitysneuvonta fetus YELLOW (body + baby) - Character (superimposed) foster foster sikiö few,little_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + much/many + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See few,little lite, få (FD) få, lite (OLD) vähän, harvat (vanha) fidelity,loyalty,solidarity YELLOW (feeling + attachment) trohet, samhörighet, solidaritet lojalitet, troskap uskollisuus field YELLOW (grain + earth: ground covered with grain or crops) - Character (superimposed) fält, åker jorde, åker pelto field_hockey,hockey_(activity) YELLOW (activity + sport stick and ball: game played with a stick and a ball) landhockey landhockey maahockey, nurmipallo fight,combat-(to) RED (fight + action indicator) bråka, slåss slåss, bråke tapella, taistella fill-(to) RED (filling,fill,fullness + action indicator) fylla fylle täyttää, täyttyä film YELLOW (cylinder + camera) filmrulle filmrull filmi finally,at_last GREEN (time + last + description indicator) slutligen, till sist endelig, til slutt lopulta, viimein find-(to) RED (eye + hidden thing + action indicator: to see something on the earth) hitta, upptäcka finne, oppdage löytää, huomata finger YELLOW (hand + pointer, to finger) - Character (superimposed - pointer) finger finger sormi finish,complete-(to) RED (to do + all + action indicator) avsluta avslutte tehdä loppuun, päättää Finland YELLOW (country + sauna) Finland Finland Suomi fire YELLOW (symbol looks like a flame, suggesting fire) - Character eld ild tuli firefighter,fireman BLUE (person + extinction,extinguishing (fire): person who puts out fires) brandman brannmann palomies fireplace YELLOW (fire + open: opening in which a fire can be built) - Character (superimposed) öppen spis peis takka, tulisija fire_truck,fire_engine YELLOW (truck + extinction,extinguishing (fire): truck used to put out fires) brandbil brannbil paloauto first,primary GREEN (1 + decimal point + description indicator: the dot indicates an ordinal numeral) första, först først, første ensimmäinen, ensi, ensin fish_(animal) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a fish) - Character fisk fisk kala fish_(food) YELLOW (food + fish: food obtained from a fish) fisk (mat) fisk (mat) kalaruoka fish-(to) RED (fishing + action indicator) fiska, meta fiske kalastaa fishing YELLOW (receiving + fish) fiske fiske, fisking, fiskeri kalastus fix,mend,repair-(to) RED (fixing,fix,mending,mend,repair,reparation + work + action indicator: to make something work again) laga, reparera reparere, fikse korjata, kunnostaa

27 14193 flag YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a flag) - Character flagga flagg lippu flame YELLOW (part of + fire) låga flamme liekki burnable,combustible,ignitable GREEN (fire + description before the fact indicator) brännbar brennbar tulenarka, syttyvä flashlight,lantern YELLOW (light + hand + thing indicator: portable lamp) ficklampa, lykta lommelykt, lykt, lanterne taskulamppu, lyhty, salamavalo flat GREEN (without + mountain + description indicator) platt, plan, flat flat, plan litteä, tasainen, laakea flavouring,condiment,seasoning YELLOW (addition + taste + thing indicator) krydda, smaktillsats krydder, smakstilsetning mauste flea YELLOW (louse,stinging_insect + to jump: stinging insect that jumps) loppa loppe kirppu float-(to) RED (floating container + action indicator: container appears to float on water) flyta flyte kellua flood YELLOW (much + water on ground (flooding)) översvämning oversvømmelse tulva floor YELLOW (room + pointer, to floor from underneath) - Character (superimposed - pointer) golv golv lattia floor_covering,linoleum YELLOW (room + pointer, to floor from above) - Character (superimposed - pointer) korkmatta, parkett (etc) golvbelegg, parkett (o.l.) lattiapinta flour YELLOW (powder + grain: powder made from grain) mjöl, gryn mel, gryn jauho flower YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a flower) - Character blomma blomst kukka flower_(from_bulb) YELLOW (flower + bulb + pointer, to flower) - Character (superimposed - pointer) lökväxt løkblomst kukka (sipulista) flower_(protected) YELLOW (flower + protection + description after the fact indicator) fridlyst blomma blomst fredet, fredet blomst rauhoitettu kukka wildflower YELLOW (flower + open: uncultivated flower that grows in the open) vild blomma villblomst, blomst vill villikukka fly,flying_insect YELLOW (insect + to fly) - Character (superimposed) fluga flue kärpänen fly-(to) RED (wings + action indicator) flyga fly (å) lentää flying GREEN (wings + description indicator) flyg-, flygande flyende lentävä, lento fog YELLOW (sky + water: formation of water droplets below the sky) - Character (superimposed) dimma tåke sumu fold,pleat-(to) RED (fold,folding,pleating + action indicator) vika, vecka brette, folde taittaa, taittua follow-(to)_(old) RED (opposite meaning + to lead + action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See follow-(to) följa (FD) følge (OLD) seurata (vanha) food YELLOW (mouth + earth [half-sized]: what the mouth gets from the earth) - Character (superimposed) mat, livsmedel mat ruoka food_ball YELLOW (food + ball: food shaped into a ball) matboll ballmat pyörykkä foot YELLOW foot (legs and feet + pointer, to foot) - Character (superimposed - pointer) fot fot jalkaterä, jalka football,soccer_(activity) YELLOW (activity + ball + legs and feet: game in which legs and feet are used to move the ball) fotboll (aktivitet) fotball jalkapallo for_(in_exchange_for) WHITE (to exchange [modified]) - Character för, i stället för, i utbyte mot for, i stedet for sijasta, asemasta for_(the_purpose_of),in_order_to WHITE (purpose [half-sized]) - Character för, för att for, for at puolesta, varten, vuoksi forced,compelled,obliged GREEN (must (a) + description indicator) tvungen tvungen pakotettu forehead YELLOW (face + pointer, to forehead) - Character (superimposed - pointer) panna panne otsa foreskin YELLOW (protection + penis [contraction]) förhud forhud esinahka forest,bush,wood,woods YELLOW (many + many + trees: large group of trees) skog skog metsä

28 14387 forget-(to) RED (forgetting,amnesia + action indicator) glömma glemme unohtaa forgive,pardon-(to) RED (permission,allowance_(moral) + after + action indicator: to give moral permission for a misdeed after it is done) förlåta tilgi antaa anteeksi fork YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a fork. The diagonal orientation of fork is the same as that of spoon and knife.) - Character gaffel gaffel haarukka forward WHITE (arrow, pointing forward) - Character fram, framåt fram, framover eteenpäin, edelleen foster_mother BLUE (woman + similar + mother: woman who acts as a mother) fostermamma, fostermor fostermor kasvatusäiti foster_parent BLUE (similar + parent: unrelated person who cares for a child like a parent) fosterförälder fosterforeldre kasvatusvanhemmat four_o'clock_eating_break YELLOW (food + time + 4: break for eating at four o clock) four o'clock eating break (Israel) four o`clock eating break (Israel) kello neljän ruoka fox,jackal,coyote YELLOW (canine + little + open: small, wild animal similar to a dog) räv rev kettu free,freely GREEN (freedom + description indicator) fri fri vapaa freedom,liberty YELLOW (feeling + open: feeling of being unconfined) - Character (superimposed) frihet frihet vapaus freeze,solidify-(to) RED (freezing,hardening,solidifying + action indicator: to convert water to solid ice) frysa, stelna fryse til is, stivne jäädyttää, jäätyä, pakastaa French_fries,chips_(OLD) YELLOW (potato + linear thing + plural indicator + thing indicator: potatoes cut in strips) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See French_fries,chips pommes frites (FD) chips, pommes frites (OLD) ranskalaiset perunat (vanha) fresh GREEN (taste + new + description indicator) färsk fersk tuore, raikas Friday_(OLD) YELLOW (day + 6: sixth day of the week - based on the convention of Sunday being the first) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Friday_(day5) 25064, Friday_(day6) 25065, Friday_(day7) fredag (FD) fredag (OLD) perjantai (vanha) friend BLUE (person + to like: person whom one likes) vän, kamrat, kompis venn, kamerat ystävä frog,toad YELLOW (amphibian + to jump: amphibian that hops) groda, padda, groddjur frosk, padde sammakko from WHITE (reference line [half-sized] + arrowhead: the arrowhead departs from the reference line. This symbol is a simplified form of departure.) - Character (sequenced) från fra jostakin food_(frozen) YELLOW (food + ice) djupfryst mat mat frossen, frysemat pakaste fruit YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a piece of fruit with a curved stem, in the position it would have if hanging from a tree) - Character frukt frukt hedelmä fruit_juice,juice YELLOW (drink + fruit) juice, saft juice, saft hedelmämehu, mehu fruit_yogurt,fruit_yoghurt YELLOW (yogurt + fruit) fruktyoghurt fruktyoghurt hedelmäjugurtti frustrated GREEN (frustration + description after the fact indicator) besviken, missräknad frustrert, skuffet turhautunut frustrating GREEN (frustration + description indicator) frustrerande frustrerende, skuffende turhautunut, pettynyt, turhauttava frustration YELLOW (feeling + adversity,hardship,setback) besvikelse, missräkning frustrasjon, skuffelse turhauma, pettymys fry,saute-(to) RED (to cook + oil + action indicator: to cook with oil or fat) steka steke, fritere paistaa fuel YELLOW (energy + enclosure: energy that can be put into an enclosure and used to power something) - Character (superimposed) bränsle brensel, drivstoff polttoaine full GREEN (filling,fill,fullness + description indicator) full full täynnä, täysi funny,humorous GREEN (laugh,laughter + description indicator: causing laughter) rolig morsom, humoristisk hauska, hassu, huvittava fur,coat_(animal),hair_(animal) YELLOW (furred_animal + pointer, to hair: hair protecting the skin of an animal) - Character (superimposed - pointer) päls pels, skinn turkki, karva furniture YELLOW (generalization + chair + table: two common pieces of furniture stand for furniture in general) möbler møbler huonekalu future YELLOW (outline of parabolic mirror focused on what lies ahead of it) - Character framtid framtid tulevaisuus, tuleva aika game YELLOW (competition + to enjoy) spel spill, lek peli, kisa

29 14419 Ganesh BLUE (god + elephant: Hindu god) (India) Ganesha (Indien) Ganesha (India) Ganesha garage YELLOW (building + wheel + wheel: the two wheels representing a modified vehicle, building for vehicles) - Character (superimposed - modified) garage garasje autotalli garbage_can,rubbish_bin,trash_can YELLOW (container + waste) - Character (superimposed) papperskorg, soppåse, soptunna (etc) søppelkasse, avfallsbøtte jäteastia garden YELLOW (flower + earth: place with flowers) - Character (superimposed) trädgård hage puutarha garlic YELLOW (onion,vegetable_(bulb) + smell + intensity: bulb vegetable having a strong odour) vitlök hvitløk valkosipuli gas YELLOW (up + pictograph of a bubble: symbol suggests a gas bubble rising upward) - Character (superimposed) gas gass kaasu gasoline,gas,petrol YELLOW (liquid + wheel: liquid that powers machinery and vehicles) bensin bensin bensiini, diesel, petroli gather,assemble-(to) RED (gathering + action indicator) samla, samlas samles, møtes kokoontua, kerätä, koota gathering,assembly,meeting,conference YELLOW (four arrows [modified], pointing inward towards each other, i.e., gathering together) - Character samling, möte samling, forsamling, møte kokous, keräys, kokoaminen gender,sex YELLOW (male + female: having either a male or female gender) - Character (superimposed) kön kjønn sukupuoli indefinite GREEN (a + description indicator) obestämd ubestemt epämääräinen generalization YELLOW (mouth + many: what one says to characterize many things: CKB describes this symbol as "a saying about a multitude".) - Character (superimposed) kategori, generalisering kategori, generalisering yleistys genitals,sex_organs YELLOW (standing person + pointer, to genital area) - Character (superimposed - pointer) könsorgan kjønnsorgan sukupuolielimet genitals,sex_organs_(female) YELLOW (genitals + female) könsorgan (kvinnligt) kjønnsorgan (hunkjønn) naisen sukupuolielimet genitals,sex_organs_(male) YELLOW (genitals + male) könsorgan (manligt) kjønnsorgan (hankjønn) miehen sukupuolielimet gerbil,guinea_pig,hamster YELLOW (rodent + feeling: combination of rodent and pet, rodent often kept as a pet) hamster, marsvin hamster, marsvin marsu, hamsteri, gerbiili get,acquire,receive-(to) RED (receiving + action indicator: to draw into what one holds) få, ta emot få, motta vastaanottaa, saada ghost_(old) BLUE (person + transparent: person that you can see through) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See ghost,phantom ande, spöke, vålnad (FD) spøkelse (OLD) aave (vanha), kummitus (vanha), haamu (vanha) gift,offering,present YELLOW (thing + giving: thing that is given) present, gåva gave, presang lahja giraffe YELLOW (animal + pictograph of head and long neck) - Character (superimposed) giraff giraff kirahvi girl BLUE (child + female (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) flicka, tjej, tös jente tyttö give,offer,provide-(to) RED (giving + action indicator: to draw from what one holds) ge gi, tilby antaa, tarjota glass_material YELLOW (material + glass: material of which drinking glasses are made) glas (material) glass, glassmateriale lasi glass,drinking_glass YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a drinking glass) - Character glas (att dricka ur) glass, drikkeglass lasi, juomalasi glasses,eyeglasses YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a pair of glasses and incorporates two eye symbols) - Character glasögon briller silmälasit glassware YELLOW (generalization + glass) glasvaror glasstøy lasiastia sports_glove,glove,mitt YELLOW (glove + receiving: combination of glove and to catch, glove for use when catching a ball) handske (sport) sportshanske urheiluhansikas, räpylä glove(s),mitt(s),mitten(s) YELLOW (protection + hand: protective covering for the hand) handskar, vantar vott, hanske, vante käsine, lapanen glue,adhesive,paste YELLOW (chemical product + attachment: chemical product to fasten) klister, lim klister, lim liima glue,paste,stick-(to) RED (glue + action indicator) klistra, limma lime, klistre liimata go,depart,leave-(to) RED (departure + action indicator) ge sig av, lämna gå, forlate mennä, lähteä pois goal YELLOW (door + ball: also a pictograph where the symbol suggests a goal with a ball in it) - Character (superimposed) mål mål maali

30 14451 God BLUE (creation + creation [modification, on a higher level]: above our created world is a higher Creator) - Character (superimposed - modified) Gud Gud Jumala goldfish,guppy,pet_fish YELLOW (fish + feeling: fish frequently kept as a pet) akvariefisk akvariefisk kultakala, akvaariokala golf_(activity) YELLOW (activity + sport stick and ball + container_(low): game in which a stick is used to propel the ball into a hole) golf (aktivitet) golf golf goodbye,farewell GRAY (mouth + parting: what you say when you part from someone) hej då, adjö morna, farvel, ha det hei!, näkemiin! Good_Friday YELLOW (day + death + Christ [contraction]: day Christ died on the cross) långfredag langfredag pitkäperjantai goodness YELLOW (feeling + positive) godhet godhet hyvyys goods,contents YELLOW (container + thing) - Character (superimposed) innehåll, varor varer, gods, innhold tavarat goose_(bird) YELLOW (water bird + big) gås gås hanhi goose_(food) YELLOW (food + goose) gås (mat) gås (mat) hanhi (ruoka) gopher,ground_hog YELLOW (rodent + hole: rodent that lives in a burrow underground) mullvad, sork (etc) muldvarp (o.l.) myyrä govern,rule-(to) RED (to lead + country + action indicator: to lead a country) regera styre, regjere hallita government_(old) YELLOW (group + leadership + country) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See government regering (FD) regjering (OLD) hallitus (vanha) good,well,fine,ok,okay,all_right GREEN (goodness + description indicator: felt to be positive or good in an emotional sense) bra, god, fin, OK god, bra, fin hyvä, mieluinen, hyvin grain,cereal YELLOW (grass + grass: pictograph where symbol suggests two stalks of grain.) - Character (superimposed) säd korn vilja grandfather,granddad,grandpa BLUE (father + parent: father of one's father or mother) - Character (superimposed) farfar, morfar bestefar isoisä, ukki, vaari grandfather_(maternal) BLUE (father + mother: father of one s mother) - Character (superimposed) morfar morfar isoisä, ukki, vaari, äidinisä grandfather_(paternal) BLUE (father + father: father of one s father) - Character (superimposed) farfar farfar isoisä, ukki, vaari, isänisä grandmother,grandma,granny BLUE (mother + parent: mother of one's father or mother) - Character (superimposed) farmor, mormor bestemor isoäiti, mummo grandmother_(maternal) BLUE (mother + mother: mother of one s mother) - Character (superimposed) mormor mormor isoäiti, mummo, äidinäiti grandmother_(paternal) BLUE (mother + father: mother of one s father) - Character (superimposed) farmor farmor isoäiti, mummo, isänäiti grandparent BLUE (parent + parent: the parent of one's father or mother) - Character (superimposed) farförälder, morförälder besteforeldre isovanhempi grape_juice YELLOW (drink + grape(s)) druvjuice druejuice viinirypälemehu grapefruit YELLOW (citrus fruit + big) grapefrukt grapefrukt greippi grape(s) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a cluster of grapes hanging from a stem) - Character vindruvor druer viinirypäle grass YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a blade of grass) - Character gräs gress ruoho grasshopper YELLOW (insect + to jump) gräshoppa, syrsa gresshoppe heinäsirkka grave YELLOW (earth + reclining,lying_(person_lying_down) [modification, under earthline]: place of rest below the earth) - Character (superimposed - modified) grav grav hauta gray,grey WHITE (colour + night + snow: combination of black and white) grå grå harmaa great_experience YELLOW (good + intensity: intensely good feeling) upplevelse (stark) opplevelse (sterk) huippukokemus green_(bci) WHITE (colour + grass) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM grön grønn vihreä green_(ckb) WHITE (colour + 4) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM grön (CKB) grønn (CKB) vihreä greenhouse,glasshouse,hothouse YELLOW (building + plant: building for cultivating plants) växthus drivhus, veksthus kasvihuone

31 14644 green_onion,scallion,spring_onion YELLOW (onion + little) smålök (etc) småløk (o.l.) pikkusipuli grocery_store,food_store,supermarket_(old) YELLOW (store (OLD) + food) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See grocery_store,food_store,supermarket livsmedelsbutik (FD) matbutikk, supermarked (OLD) ruokakauppa (vanha), marketti (vanha) group_(people) BLUE (group of + person: a number of people considered together) grupp gruppe (av mennesker) ryhmä group_of,much_of,many_of,quantity_of YELLOW (multiplication [half-sized]: used before another symbol to create a collective or quantitative meaning) - Character mängd, grupp av, mycket, många mengde av, mye, mange, meget joukko, ryhmä grove YELLOW (group of + tree) dunge skogsholt, lund metsikkö, lehto grow-(to) RED (growth,growing + action indicator: to come up as flowers do. CKB says that this symbol applies primarily to agriculture and horticulture, but that it may be used in a general sense, such as "children grow up".) växa vokse, gro kasvaa guard_duty YELLOW (limited time + person + to watch) bevakning, vakt vakt, overvåking vartio, varuillaanolo guess,estimate-(to) RED (doubt + plus minus + action indicator: to reason on the basis of information of uncertain accuracy) gissa gjette arvata guilt YELLOW (judgement + negative: the mind weighs something and judges it to be negative) skuld skyld syyllisyys guilty GREEN (guilt + description indicator) skyldig skyldig syyllinen gull,seagull,sea_gull YELLOW (water bird + waste: water bird that feeds on refuse, a scavenger) mås, trut måke lokki gun,firearm YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a gun with a trigger area) - Character skjutvapen gevær, skytevåpen tuliase, ampuma-ase gym,gymnasium_(old) YELLOW (room + activity + health: room for activity that keeps one healthy) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See gym,gymnasium gymnastiksal, gym (FD) gymsal (OLD) voimistelusali (vanha) gym_mat_(old) YELLOW (floor covering + sport (OLD): floor covering used for sports) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See gym_mat gymnastikmatta (FD) gymmatte (OLD) voimistelumatto (vanha) Haggadah YELLOW (book + Passover: book used at Passover ceremonial meal (Hebrew)) Haggadah (Israel) Haggadah (Israel) haggadah hail YELLOW (ice + down: ice particles that fall down from the sky) - Character (superimposed) hagel hagl raesade, rae hair YELLOW (pictograph: used only in association with a body part or animal symbol) - Character (sequenced) hår hår hius hair_(head) YELLOW (head_with_hair + pointer, to hair) - Character (superimposed - pointer) hår (på huvudet) hår (på hodet) hiukset, tukka Halloween_(OLD) YELLOW (day + ghost (OLD): day for ghosts) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Halloween Halloween (FD) Halloween (OLD) halloween, pyhäinpäivä (vanha) halva,halvah,halwa YELLOW (food + sweet + grain: Middle Eastern sweet) halvah halvah halva hamburger_(old) YELLOW (roll + meat) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See hamburger hamburgare (FD) hamburger (OLD) hampurilainen (vanha) hamentasch YELLOW (cookie + ear: cookie shaped like an ear, eaten on Purim (Hebrew)) hamantasch (Israel) hamantasch (Israel) hamantash, hamentasch hammer,gavel,mallet YELLOW (pictograph: symbol looks like a hammer ready to strike) - Character hammare, klubba, yxa hammer, klubbe, øks vasara hand YELLOW (pictograph: symbol reproduces the shape formed by the thumb and the index finger) - Character hand hånd käsi handbag,shopping_bag,carrier_bag YELLOW (container + pictograph of top with a handle: pictograph that suggests a handbag with a handle) - Character (superimposed) handväska håndveske käsilaukku, kukkaro handball_(activity) YELLOW (activity + ball + hand) handboll (aktivitet) håndball käsipallo handgun,pistol YELLOW (gun + small) pistol pistol, revolver käsiase, pistooli handkerchief YELLOW (cloth + nose) näsduk lommetørkle nenäliina handmade_object,handicraft YELLOW (craft + thing indicator: handmade object produced by a craftsman, e.g. a quilt or a plaque) hantverksprodukt produkt håndlaget käsintehty tuote, käsityö hang,hook-(to) RED (hook + action indicator) hänga henge ripustaa happen,occur-(to) RED (event + action indicator) hända, ske hende, skje tapahtua happiness,fun,joy,pleasure YELLOW (feeling + up: uplifted feeling) glädje, lycka glede, lykke onni

32 14676 happy,glad,gladly,happily GREEN (happiness + description indicator) glad, lycklig glad, lykkelig onnellinen, iloinen harassment YELLOW (group_of,much_of,many_of,quantity_of + disturbance,unrest: harassment is destroying peace of mind) mobbing, trakasserier mobbing, trakassering ahdistelu, häirintä harbour YELLOW (protected_water + boat) hamn havn satama hard_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + soft + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See hard,firm hård (FD) hard (OLD) kova (vanha) harmony,harmoniousness,concord,concordance YELLOW (feeling + agreement: feeling of agreement) samförstånd harmoni, enighet sopusointu, yksimielisyys, harmonia harvest YELLOW (knife + grain: cutting of grain) skörd innhøsting, skuronn elonkorjuu hat,cap,hood YELLOW (protection + head: protective covering for the head) hatt, mössa hatt, lue hattu, päähine, myssy, lakki hate-(to)_(old) RED (opposite meaning + to love + action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See hate- (to) hata, avsky (FD) hate (OLD) vihata (vanha) Havdalah YELLOW (end + Sabbath: ceremony to mark the end of the Sabbath (Hebrew)) havdalah (Israel) havdalah (Israel) havdala have-(to) RED (holding + action indicator: to have something in one's possession without necessarily owning it, hus the half-size of own,possess-(to) 15950) ha ha olla (jollakin), pitää hallussaan hawk,eagle YELLOW (bird + up + intensity: bird that soars) hök, örn (etc) hauk, ørn (o l) haukka, kotka he,him,himself BLUE (male + 3: third person (m.sing.) han, honom, sig han, ham, seg hän (mies), hän (mask.) he,she,him,her,one BLUE (person + 3: third person (sing.), unmarked for gender) man, sig man, seg hän head YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a human head, with two lines indicating nose and mouth) - Character huvud hode pää health YELLOW (person [modification] + arm: symbol suggests the outline of a person, arm bent, as if exercising to maintain health) - Character (superimposed - modified) hälsa helse terveys healthy,well GREEN (health + description indicator) frisk, kry sunn, frisk terve, terveellinen hear,listen-(to) RED (ear + action indicator) höra, lyssna høre, lytte kuulla, kuunnella hearing_aid YELLOW (aid + ear + electricity + thing indicator: electrical aid for the ear) hörapparat høreapparat, hørehjelpemiddel kuulokoje, kuulolaite hearing-impaired_(old) GREEN (limit(s), limitation (OLD) + to hear + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See hearing-impaired hörselskadad (FD) hørselshemmet (OLD) kuulovammainen (vanha) heart YELLOW (feeling + thing indicator: organ of the body. The symbol is the concrete form of feeling, emotion.) - (character with thing indicator) hjärta hjerte sydän heat YELLOW (pointer (left) + fire + pointer (right): suggesting radiation of heat) - Character (superimposed - pointer) värme hete, varme lämpö heat-(to) RED (heat + action indicator) värma varme lämmittää heavy GREEN (weight + down + description indicator: causing the scales to go down) tung tung painava, raskas hedgehog_(old) YELLOW (animal + obsolete old pictograph of spines) - Character SUPERSEDED SYNONYM ans SUPERSEDED CHARACTER See hedgehog igelkott (FD) pinnsvin (OLD) siili (vanha) heel YELLOW (legs and feet + pointer, to heel) - Character (superimposed - pointer) häl hæl kantapää helicopter YELLOW (wheel + propeller,rotor_(blades): pictograph derived from airplane) - Character (superimposed) helikopter helikopter helikopteri hello,greetings GRAY (mouth + meeting,encounter: what you say when you meet someone) hej, goddag hei, hallo, goddag hei! Terve! helmet_(old) YELLOW (hat + intensity: reinforced hat) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See helmet hjälm (FD) hjelm (OLD) kypärä (vanha) help,aid,assistance,support YELLOW (diagonal line + person: the person symbol appears to be helping the leaning line) - Character (superimposed) hjälp, stöd hjelp, støtte apu help,aid,assist,serve,support-(to) RED (help + action indicator) hjälpa, stödja hjelpe, støtte auttaa, avustaa, tukea helper,aide,assistant,personal_assistant BLUE (person + help: person who gives aid) assistent, medhjälpare hjelper, assistent auttaja, avustaja, apulainen her,hers BLUE (she + belongs to: third person (f.sing.) possessive) hennes, sin, sitt, sina hennes, sin hänen (naisesta)

33 14708 here WHITE (about,concerning,in_relation_to,of,on + two dots: the "of,on" arrowhead pointing to the right to the first and closest one of two dots, indicating the "here" relationship to certain points in space) - Character (sequenced) här her täällä, tässä heterosexuality YELLOW (feeling + couple_(heterosexual): intimate sexual relationship between a man and a woman) heterosexualitet heteroseksualitet heteroseksuaalisuus hide,conceal-(to) RED (to make + minus + to see + action indicator: to make invisible) gömma, dölja gjemme, skjule piilottaa, kätkeä high,tall GREEN (height,tallness + description indicator: the space between the reference lines is the highest possible within the symbol square) hög høy, høyt korkea hill YELLOW (mountain + little: small mountain) kulle ås, haug kukkula, mäki, kallio hip YELLOW (legs and feet + pointer, to hip) - Character (superimposed - pointer) höft hofte lantio, lonkka hippopotamus YELLOW (animal_(water) + horse (combination): taken from Greek, "horse of the river", an animal that spends much time in water) - Character (superimposed - combined) flodhäst flodhest virtahepo his BLUE (he + belongs to: third person (m.sing.) possessive) hans, sin, sitt, sina hans, sin hänen (miehestä) his,her,hers,one's BLUE (he,she,him,her,one + belongs to: third person (sing.) possessive, unmarked for gender) sin, sitt, sina sin, sitt, sine hänen hit-(to) RED (to touch + intensity + intensity + action indicator: to use the hand forcefully) slå slå lyödä hobby,pastime YELLOW (activity + interesting) hobby hobby harrastus, ajanviete hoist,lift YELLOW (aid + up and down + thing indicator) lyft heiseapparat, lift nostolaite hold,contain_(1)-(to) RED (container + action indicator) innehålla, rymma (1) inneholde, romme (1) sisältää, pitää sisällään hole YELLOW (earth [half-sized] + container_(low) + earth [half-sized]: symbol suggests a hole in the ground) - Character (superimposed - modified) hål, håla, grop hull, grop kuoppa, kolo, aukko holiday,festival YELLOW (day + happy: day for happy activities) helgdag festdag, fridag, festival lomapäivä, vapaapäivä home YELLOW (house + feeling: house to which one is emotionally tied) hem, bostad hjem koti home_run YELLOW (4 + corner: a run around all four bases in baseball) home run (Am) home run (Am) kunniajuoksu, kunnari homosexuality_(female),lesbianism YELLOW (feeling + couple_(female): intimate sexual relationship between two women) homosexualitet, kvinnlig homoseksualitet (hunkjønn) homoseksuaalisuus (naisen), lebolaisuus homosexuality_(male) YELLOW (feeling + couple_(male): intimate sexual relationship between two men) homosexualitet, manlig homoseksualitet (hankjønn) homoseksuaalisuus (miehen) honey_(spread) YELLOW (spread + flower: spread obtained from the nectar of flowers) honung (pålägg) honning (pålegg) hunaja honey_(food) YELLOW (food + flower: food obtained from the nectar of flowers) honung honning (mat) hunaja hook,hanger YELLOW (pictograph) - Character hängare, krok krok, henger koukku, ripustin hop-(to) RED (1 + foot + action indicator: to go on one foot) hoppa på ett ben hinke hypätä yhdellä jalalla, hyppiä yhdellä jalalla hope-(to) RED (hope + action indicator: to have a happy feeling about the future despite its uncertainties) hoppas håpe toivoa horizon YELLOW (early morning + pointer, to horizon) - Character (superimposed - pointer) horisont horisont horisontti, taivaanranta trumpet,horn,cornet_(1) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character SYMBOL SYNONYM trumpet, kornett (1) trompet, kornett (1) torvi, puhallin horn(s) YELLOW (animal_(bovine),bovine,ovine + pointer, to horns) - Character (superimposed - pointer) horn (på djur) horn (på dyr) sarvi, sarvet horse YELLOW (animal + pictograph of horse's head and neck) - Character (superimposed) häst hest hevonen horseradish YELLOW (vegetable (wedge-shaped) + hot,spicy,peppery: wedge-shaped vegetable with a hottasting edible root) pepparrot pepperrot piparjuuri hospital,clinic YELLOW (building + medical: building where medical services are available) sjukhus, vårdcentral sykehus, klinikk sairaala hot_(temperature) GREEN (heat + description indicator) varm, het varm, het kuuma, lämmin hot,spicy,peppery GREEN (taste + fire + description indicator) kryddstark krydret sterkt vahvasti maustettu, mausteinen

34 14902 hot_dog,frankfurter YELLOW (roll + meat + long) varm korv varm pølse hot dog, kuuma koira, nakkisämpylä hotel,motel YELLOW (building + person + to travel: building where travelers stay) hotell, motell hotell, motell hotelli, motelli hour,o'clock YELLOW (time + degree, to indicate an hour) timme, klockan time tunti house,building,dwelling,residence YELLOW (foundation + protection: pictograph of the outline of a house.the symbol can also be explained as: combination of enclosure and protection.) - Character (superimposed) hus, byggnad hus, bygning talo, rakennus how WHITE (who,that,which-(relative) + action) hur hvordan kuinka, miten how-(question) WHITE (what,question_mark + action: interrogative) hur (fråga) hvordan (spørsmål) kuinka?, miten? how_much,how_many WHITE (what,question_mark + quantity) hur mycket, hur många hvor mye, hvor mange paljonko?, montako? hug,cuddle,embrace-(to) RED (hug,squeeze,embrace + action indicator) krama, hålla om klemme, omfavne halata, syleillä humble,meek GREEN (feeling + inferior + description indicator: lacking a feeling of pride) underlägsen, ödmjuk underdanig, ydmyk vaatimaton, nöyrä hummus YELLOW (spread + bean: Middle Eastern spread made from chick-peas) hummus hummus hummus hungry GREEN (feeling + minus + food + description indicator: having a feeling caused by the lack of food) hungrig sulten nälkäinen hurt,pain_(feel),suffer-(to) RED (pain + action indicator) göra ont, ha ont gjøre vondt, ha vondt, lide, smerte sattua, särkeä, tuntea kipua husband BLUE (man + protection: this symbol, joined to the symbol for wife, produces family) - Character (superimposed) man, make ektemann aviomies hysterektomi (bortoperation av hysterectomy YELLOW (to remove + medical + uterus) livmodern) fjerning av livmor kohdunpoisto I,me,myself BLUE (person + 1: the first person singular) jag, mig jeg, meg minä I,me,myself-(feminine) BLUE (female + l: first person singular (f.)) jag, mig (fem.) jeg, meg (hunkjønn) minä (nainen), minä (fem.) I,me,myself-(masculine) BLUE (male + 1: first person singular (m.)) jag, mig (mask.) jeg, meg (hankjønn) minä (mies), minä (mask.) ice YELLOW (water + thing: water transformed into a solid thing) - Character (superimposed) is is jää ice_cream_(old) YELLOW (food + sweet + ice: sweet frozen food) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See ice_cream,sherbet,sorbet (and ice_cream_(cone) 14921, ice_cream_(bar) 22370, and ice_cream_(lollipop) 22366) glass, sorbet (FD) is, sorbet (OLD) jäätelö (vanha) ice_cream_(cone) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character glass, glasstrut is i kjeks jäätelötötterö, jäätelötuutti ice_hockey_(activity) YELLOW (activity + sport_stick_and_puck,hockey_stick + ice: game played on ice with a stick and a rubber disc) ishockey (aktivitet) ishockey jääkiekko Iceland YELLOW (country + ice + fire: country characterized by ice and fiery volcanoes) Island Island Islanti ice_skates YELLOW (legs and feet + pictograph of two curved lines, suggesting skates) - Character (superimposed) skridskor skøyter luistimet icy,frozen GREEN (ice + description indicator) frusen, isig, djupfryst frossen, iset, dypfryst jäinen, pakastettu idea,thought YELLOW (mind + down: a thought issuing from the mind) - Character (superimposed) idé, tanke idé, tanke ajatus if WHITE (what,question_mark + either) om, ifall hvis, om jos immoral,bad,wrong,morally_wrong GREEN (bad_conscience + intensity + description indicator: morally wrong or bad) See also: bad,wrong and incorrect,bad,inaccurate,wrong orätt, omoralisk urett, umoralsk, forkastelig paha, väärä important,significant GREEN (importance,significance + description indicator: of intense interest) viktig viktig tärkeä improve-(to) RED (to cause + more + correct + action indicator: to cause to be better, in a rational sense.) See also: improvement förbättra forbedre parantaa, edistää in,inside,interior,internal WHITE (enclosure + dot, inside the enclosure) - Character (superimposed) i, inne, innanför i, inne i, innafor sisällä, sisäpuolella, -ssa, -ssä incest YELLOW (sexual intercourse + relative) incest incest insesti, sukurutsaus include-(to) RED (inside + action indicator) innesluta, omfatta, vara inne omfatte, inkludere sisältää, pitää sisällään

35 14935 incorrect,bad,inaccurate,wrong GREEN (incorrect_thinking + intensity + description indicator: thought to be wrong or bad in a rational sense) See also: bad,wrong and immoral,bad,wrong,morally_wrong fel, oriktig galt, urett väärä, väärin, virheellinen, paha increase,enlarge-(to) RED (big + action indicator: to become bigger) förstora, öka øke, forstørre kasvaa, lisääntyä, suurentua Independence_Day_(Israel) YELLOW (day + Israel) (Israel) Independence Day (Israel) Independence Day (Israel) itsenäisyyspäivä indigo WHITE (colour + 6) (CKB) indigo (CKB) indigo (CKB) indigonsininen infertile,sterile GREEN (without + fertilization + description before the fact indicator: incapable of conception) steril, ofruktsam ufruktbar, steril hedelmätön infinite,limitless_(old) GREEN (infiniteness,boundlessness,limitlessness_(old) + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See infinite,limitless obegränsad (FD) ubegrenset (OLD) ääretön, rajaton (vanha) injection,inoculation,shot YELLOW (pictograph of hypodermic syringe) - Character injektion, spruta injeksjon, sprøyte ruiske, pistos, rokotus injure,hurt-(to) RED (to cause + pain + action indicator) skada, såra skade, såre satuttaa, loukata, tuottaa tuskaa insect,bug YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a creature with six legs) - Character insekt insekt hyönteinen insect_(pest) YELLOW (insect + negative: undesirable insect, a pest) skadeinsekt skadeinsekt tuhohyönteinen instruction,teaching YELLOW (to give + knowledge) undervisning undervisning opetus, koulutus instruction(s),direction(s) YELLOW (page + to use: paper that tells one how to use something) bruksanvisning bruksanvisning ohjeet, käyttöohjeet intensity WHITE (exclamation mark: used following another symbol to enhance meaning in a qualitative way) - Character uppmaning, förstärkning intensitet, forsterkning (utropstegn) käsky, kehotus, tehostus, vahvistus interesting,interested GREEN (interest + description indicator: engaging the mind) intressant, intresserad interessant mielenkiintoinen, kiinnostava international GREEN (country + all + description indicator) internationell internasjonal kansainvälinen intimacy,closeness YELLOW (feeling + close) förtrolighet, närhet intimitet, fortrolighet läheisyys, intimiteetti intimate,close GREEN (intimacy + description indicator) förtrolig, intim, nära intim, fortrolig, nær läheinen, intiimi into WHITE (forward + enclosure: the arrow is entering the enclosure) - Character (superimposed) in, ingång inn i, inn sisään invent-(to) RED (plan + first + action indicator: to plan for the first time) uppfinna finne opp keksiä, oivaltaa Ireland YELLOW (country + shamrock) Irland Irland Irlanti iron,smoothing_iron YELLOW (pictograph) - Character strykjärn strykejern silitysrauta iron-(to) RED (iron + action indicator) stryka stryke silittää silitysradalla ironing_board YELLOW (table + iron) strykbräda strykebrett silityslauta island YELLOW (water_(ground_level) + earth + water_(ground_level): land surrounded by water on ground level) - Character (superimposed) ö øy saari Israel YELLOW (country + Star of David) Israel Israel Israel it,itself WHITE (CKB says that this symbol is derived from small. The symbol also looks like the top part of the symbols for man and woman minus the specific gender parts. It refers to things rather than to people.) - Character den, det (pronomen) den, det (pronomen) se apparent(ly),clear(ly),evident(ly),obvious(ly),plain(l y) GREEN (understanding,comprehension + through + description indicator) självklart selvfølgelig ilmeisesti, selvästi its WHITE (it + belongs to: refers to things rather than to people) dess, sin, sitt, sina dens, dets, sitt sen intrauterine_device,iud YELLOW (birth control + uterus) spiral (prev) prevensjonsmiddel kierukka Iyar YELLOW (month + Israel: month of Independence Day) Iyar (Israel) Iyar (Israel) Ijjár jam,jelly,marmalade,preserves YELLOW (spread + fruit) marmelad, sylt syltetøy, marmelade hillo, hyytelö, marmeladi January YELLOW (month + 1: first month of the year) januari januar tammikuu

36 14967 jealous GREEN (to resent + other + to have + description indicator) missunnsam, svartsjuk sjalu, misunnelig mustasukkainen Jerusalem_Day YELLOW (day + city + first) (Israel) Jerusalem Day (Israel) Jerusalem Day (Israel) Jerusalemin päivä, Jom Jerušalajim Jesus_(of_Nazareth),Jesus_Christ,Christ BLUE (man + cross: a man regarded by Christians as being the Son of God, who died on the cross - biblical figure) Jesus, Kristus Jesus, Kristus Jeesus jet,jet_plane YELLOW (plane + out of: plane driven forward by expelling gas) jetplan jetfly suihkukone jewel,gem,gemstone YELLOW (stone + to shine) juvel, ädelsten edelstein, juvel jalokivi Jewish GREEN (Star of David + description indicator: having to do with Judaism, for which the Star of David is a symbol) judisk jødisk juutalainen joint YELLOW (bones with joint + pointer to the junction where they meet) - Character (superimposed - sequenced - pointer) led ledd nivel joke-(to) RED (to say + comma + funny + action indicator: to say something in order to be funny) skoja, skämta spøke med, tøyse med pilailla, laskea leikkiä July YELLOW (month + 7: seventh month of the year) juli juli heinäkuu jump_rope,skipping_rope YELLOW (linear thing + to jump + thing indicator) hopprep hoppetau hyppynaru jump-(to) RED (jump + action indicator) hoppa hoppe hypätä, hyppiä June YELLOW (month + 6: sixth month of the year) juni juni kesäkuu Kabbalat_Shabbat WHITE (greeting + Sabbath: ceremony to welcome the Sabbath) Kabbalat Shabbat (Israel) Kabbalat Shabbat (Israel) hyvää vapaapäivää Kali BLUE (god + black: Hindu goddess) (India) Kali (Indien) Kali (India) Kali keep,preserve,save-(to) RED (to hold + future + action indicator: to hold for the future) behålla, spara beholde, spare pitää tallessa, säästää, säilyttää key YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a key) - Character nyckel nøkkel avain kibbutz YELLOW (village + to work + to live + together: collective settlement ) (Israel) kibbutz (Israel) kibbutz (Israel) kibbutsi kick-(to) RED (leg_and_foot + intensity + action indicator: to move legs and feet forcefully) sparka sparke potkia, potkaista kiddush,blessing_over_wine YELLOW (prayer + wine: blessing over wine) kiddush, välsignelse av vin (Israel) kiddush (Israel) kiddush kill,murder-(to) RED (to cause + to die + action indicator) döda, mörda, avliva, dräpa drepe, avlive tappaa, murhata kind,kindly GREEN (feeling + help + description indicator: feeling of wanting to be helpful) hjälpsam, vänlig hjelpsom, snill, vennlig kiltti, ystävällinen Kislev YELLOW (month + happy + light: month of Chanukah) Kislev (Israel) Kislev (Israel) kislev, kislév kiss YELLOW (mouth + mouth: two mouths touching) - Character (superimposed) kyss, puss kyss suudelma, suukko, pusu kiss-(to) RED (kiss + action indicator) kyssa, pussa kysse suudella kitchen YELLOW (room + to prepare food) kök kjøkken keittiö kite YELLOW (pictograph) - Character drake drake leija kitten_(old) YELLOW (cat + baby) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See kitten kattunge (FD) kattunge (OLD) kissanpentu (vanha) knee YELLOW (kneeling_(kneeling_person) + pointer, to knee joint) - Character (superimposed - pointer) knä kne polvi kneel-(to) RED (kneeling_(kneeling_person) + action indicator) stå på knä stå på kne, knele polvistua knife,sword YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a knife or sword. The diagonal orientation of knife is the same as that of fork and spoon.) - Character kniv, svärd kniv, sverd veitsi, puukko knit-(to) RED (to make + cloth linear thing + thing indicator + action indicator: to make cloth using two linear things, i.e., knitting needles) sticka (kläder) strikke kutoa, neuloa know-(to) RED (knowledge + action indicator) veta vite tietää

37 15162 knowledge,class_(in_combinations) YELLOW (combination of mind and enclosure: store house of the mind) - Character kunskap, skolämne (i kombinationer) kunnskap tieto koala YELLOW (marsupial + tree: marsupial adapted to living in trees) koala koala pussikarhu eyeliner,kohl YELLOW (colour + plus + eyelid_(lower): eye make-up,traditionally used by women in African, Middle East, and Eastern cultures) eyeliner eyeliner rajausväri, kajaali labour YELLOW (work + birth) förlossning forløsning synnytys ladder YELLOW (pictograph) - Character stege stige tikapuut, tikkaat Lag_B'Omer YELLOW (night + comma + bonfire) Lag B'Omer (Israel) Lag B'Omer (Israel) lag baomer lake,pond YELLOW (much + water: body of water) sjö sjø, innsjø järvi Lakshmi BLUE (God + money: Hindu goddess) (India) Lakshmi (Indien) Lakshmi (India) Lakshmi, Laxmi lamb,mutton YELLOW (food + sheep: food that comes from a lamb or sheep. The symbol also can be explained as: combination of meat and sheep.) lammkött fårekjøtt, lammekjøtt lampaanliha landing,airplane_landing YELLOW (airplane + downward and forward) landning landing laskeutuminen (lentokoneen) language YELLOW (mouth + ear: what is spoken and heard) - Character (superimposed) språk språk kieli, puhekieli last,final GREEN (opposite meaning + first + description indicator) sista, sist sist, siste viimeinen, viime last_night YELLOW (night + ago,then_(past)) igår natt i går natt viime yö last_week YELLOW (week + ago,then_(past)) förra veckan forrige uke viime viikko last_year YELLOW (year + ago,then_(past)) förra året forrige år viime vuosi late GREEN (after + time + description indicator: after the appointed time) sen, för sen, försenad for seint, forsinket myöhäinen, myöhässä laugh-(to) RED (laugh,laughter + action indicator: to express happiness with the mouth by laughing) skratta le nauraa laundromat,launderette,laundry YELLOW (public room + bath,washing + clothing) tvättinrättning vaskeri pesula lawn,meadow YELLOW (grass + earth: land covered with grass) - Character (superimposed) gräsmatta, äng gressplen, eng ruohikko, heinikkö, niitty lead,direct,guide-(to) RED (leadership,guidance + action indicator: to use mental powers to carry events or persons forward) leda, styra lede, styre johtaa, ohjata, opastaa leader,director,guide_(2) BLUE (person + leadership) ledare (2) leder (2) johtaja, esimies, työnjohtaja, opas, ohjaaja, manageri leaf YELLOW (pictograph) - Character blad, löv blad, løv lehti learn-(to) RED (to receive + knowledge + action indicator) lära sig, studera lære, studere oppia fewest,least GREEN (opposite meaning + most + description indicator) minst minst, færrest vähiten leather YELLOW (material + animal skin: material made from an animal skin) läder, skinn lær, skinn nahka-aine left GREEN (left_turn,left_(position_or_direction) + description indicator) vänster venstre vasen, vasemmanpuoleinen leg YELLOW (legs and feet + pointer, to leg) - Character (superimposed - pointer) ben bein, ben jalka legs_and_feet YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a side view of a pair of legs and feet) - Character ben och fötter bein og føtter, ben og føtter jalat lemon YELLOW (pictograph: suggests a lemon with stem) - Character citron sitron sitruuna lemonade YELLOW (drink + lemon) citronsaft sitronsaft sitruunajuoma lend,loan-(to) RED (to give + limited time + action indicator: to give for a limited time) låna ut låne ut lainata, antaa lainaksi length,longness YELLOW (horizontal line bounded by two reference lines [half-sized]: the horizontal line extends full length within the symbol square) - Character längd lengde pituus

38 15194 leopard YELLOW (feline + spot: feline with spots) leopard leopard leopardi fewer,less GREEN (opposite meaning + more + description indicator) mindre, färre mindre, færre vähemmän let,allow,permit-(to) RED (permission,allowance + action indicator: CKB says that the symbol represents a thought that is allowed to pass through a mental barrier) tillåta, låta, få la, tilate antaa, sallia let_us,let's RED (command + to let + us + action indicator + plural indicator: the first person plural imperative of "to let") låt oss la oss päättäkäämme letter,mail,post YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests an envelope) - Character brev, post brev, post, mail kirje, posti letter_carrier,postman,mailman BLUE (person + letter) brevbärare postmann postinkantaja, postimies lettuce,leafy_vegetable YELLOW (earth + outline of leaves: symbol suggests a leafy vegetable with the grass-like edible portion above ground) - Character (superimposed) sallad, spenat (etc) salat, bladgrønnsak lehtisalaatti, lehtivihannes, lehtivihreä library_(building) YELLOW (building + book: building that contains a collection of books) bibliotek (byggnad) bibliotek (bygning) kirjasto library_(room) YELLOW (room + book: room that contains a collection of books) bibliotek (rum) bibliotek (rom) kirjastohuone lie_(old) YELLOW (opposite meaning + truth) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See lie lögn, osanning (FD) løgn (OLD) valhe (vanha) lie-(to)_(old) RED (lie + action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See lie-(to) ljuga (FD) lyve (OLD) valehdella (vanha) lie_down,lie-(to) RED (reclining,lying_(person_lying_down) + action indicator) ligga ligge maata life YELLOW (sun + person, in combination: energy produced by the sun supports life on earth) - Character (superimposed) liv liv elämä lift,raise-(to) RED (up + weight + action indicator: to raise a weight) lyfta løfte, heve nostaa light YELLOW (sun + eye: we see by the light of the sun) - Character (superimposed) ljus lys valo lightning YELLOW (sky + electricity: electricity that comes from the sky) - Character (superimposed) blixt lyn salamointi, salama like-(to) RED (goodness + action indicator: to have a positive or good feeling toward someone or something) tycka om, gilla like pitää jostakin lime YELLOW (citrus fruit + green) lime lime limejuoma limited_time,interval,period,awhile,for_a_while YELLOW (time + limit(s)) - Character (superimposed) begränsad tid, period, stund periode, begrenset tid ajanjakso, rajattu aika limit(s),limitation_(old) YELLOW (two reference lines on the vertical boundaries of the symbol for enclosure, limiting what lies between them) - Character (sequenced) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM and SUPERSEDED CHARACTER See limit(s),limitation,restriction begränsning, gränser (FD) begrensning, grenser (OLD) rajat, rajoitus (vanha) line,stripe YELLOW (symbol is a full-sized vertical line) - Character linje, rad, rand, streck linje, strek, rad, stripe viiva, suora, juova, raita linear,straight GREEN (line + description indicator) rak rett suora linear_thing,pole YELLOW (line + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) rak sak, sticka, strå (etc) rett ting, rett sak suora esine lion YELLOW (feline + mane_(lion_etc): male of the species has a mane) lejon løve leijona lip(s) YELLOW (mouth + pointer, from above + pointer, from below: the pinters indicating the lips) - Character (superimposed - pointer) läppar lepper huulet lipstick YELLOW (colour + plus + lips: colour added to lips) läppstift leppestift huulipuna list,inventory YELLOW (paper + many + thing: written record of many things) lista liste lista, luettelo little,small GREEN (vertical line [half-sized] bounded by two horizontal reference lines [half-sized] + description indicator: the vertical line is relatively little) See also: big,large liten liten pieni, lyhyt live_(life)-(to) RED (life + action indicator) leva leve elää live,dwell,reside-(to) RED (house + action indicator) bo bo asua living_room,lounge,sitting_room,front_room,parlo r,parlour,waiting_room YELLOW (room + chair: room where one can sit) vardagsrum, dagrum dagligstue olohuone, oleskelutila crab,shellfish_(with_claws) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a crustacean with pincers) - Character hummer, krabba, kräfta, skaldjur hummer, krabbe, kreps, skalldyr hummeri, rapu

39 15227 lock-(to) RED (key + action indicator) låsa låse lukita lonely,lonesome GREEN (feeling + minus + person + description indicator: feeling of being without companionship) ensam ensom yksinäinen long GREEN (length + description indicator) lång lang pitkä longer GREEN (more + long + description indicator) längre lenger, lengre pitempi longest GREEN (most + long + description indicator) längst lengst pisin lose_(fail_to_keep)-(to) RED (opposite meaning + to find + action indicator) förlora, tappa bort miste hukata, kadottaa, kadota lose_(fail_to_win)-(to)_(old) RED (opposite meaning + to win + action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See lose_(fail_to_win)-(to) förlora (FD) tape (OLD) hävitä (vanha) loss_(emotional) YELLOW (feeling + to take away: emotional response to the loss of someone or something) saknad savn kaipaus, puute loud,noisy GREEN (noise_(loud) + description indicator) hög, högljudd, ljudlig bråkete, høylytt kovaääninen, meluisa, äänekäs lovable GREEN (love + description before the fact indicator) förtjusande, älskvärd elskelig, elskverdig rakastettava love,affection YELLOW (feeling + arrow [modification; prolonged and as if partly hidden]: feeling as if an arrow is piercing one's heart) - Character (superimposed - modified) kärlek kjærlighet rakkaus, kiintymys, mieltymys love-(to) RED (love + action indicator) älska elske rakastaa low,short GREEN (lowness,shortness_(height) + description indicator: the space between the reference lines is relatively low) See also: high,tall and short låg lav matala luck,fortune YELLOW (feeling + addition: having a "big plus" or advantage) tur flaks, hell onni lucky,fortunate GREEN (luck + description after the fact indicator: feeling one has a "big plus" or advantage) lyckosam, tursam heldig onnekas lulav YELLOW (3 + branch + Sukkot) lulav (Israel) lulav (Israel) lulav-oksakimppu lunch,dinner YELLOW (meal + 2: second meal of the day) lunch lunsj lounas machine,appliance,engine,motor YELLOW (sun + wheel: the sun provides the energy that drives the wheels of machinery) - Character (superimposed) maskin, apparat, motor maskin, motor kone magazine,journal YELLOW (book + often: book that is published at frequent intervals) tidning, tidskrift ukeblad, magasin, tidsskrift aikakausilehti mail,post-(to) RED (mail + action indicator) posta poste, maile postittaa mailbox,letterbox,postbox YELLOW (enclosure + letter) brevlåda, postlåda postkasse, mailboks postilaatikko, kirjelaatikko make,manufacture,produce-(to) RED (making,production,fashioning + action indicator: imperfect version of creation, represents man-made) göra, tillverka lage, produsere valmistaa, tehdä, laittaa make-believe,pretend,imaginary GREEN (fantasy,phantasy,imagination,illusion + description indicator: to let one's mind soar into the sky, or up into the clouds) overklig, på låtsas på lissom, på liksom kuviteltu, epätodellinen maker,manufacturer,producer BLUE (person + to make) producent, tillverkare fabrikant, produsent valmistaja, tuottaja makeup YELLOW (colour + plus + face: colour added to the face) smink sminke, make-up meikki, ehostus male,masculine_(person) GREEN (man + description indicator) manlig, maskulin mannlig, maskulin miespuolinen, maskuliininen man,male BLUE (person [modification] + action (combination): CKB says man embodies the action principle in society. The symbol also looks like a stick figure of a man wearing trousers.) See also: activity,male_gender_(in_combinations) 12335, and male,masculine_(person) Character (superimposed - modified combined) man, karl, gubbe, farbror mann mies male_genitals_(man_with_penis) BLUE (standing_(standing_person) + pictograph of penis: used as the base character for penis) - Character (superimposed) manligt könsorgan (man med penis) mann (med penis) mies manager,secretary BLUE (person + to plan + work: person who organizes the work) chef, direktör, föreståndare sjef, direktør, arbeidsleder johtaja, manageri mango YELLOW (pictograph, mango with stem + pit) - Character (superimposed) mango mango mango man-made,produced GREEN (making,production,fashioning + description indicator) tillverkad laget, framstilt, tilvirket valmistettu map YELLOW (paper + earth: graphic representation of the earth) karta kart kartta

40 15422 maple-leaf YELLOW (pictograph) - Character lönnlöv lønneblad vaahteranlehti March YELLOW (month + 3: third month of the year) mars mars maaliskuu margarine YELLOW (spread + oil) margarin margarin margariini marriage YELLOW (protection + combination,connection: joining together and living under one roof) - Character (superimposed) äktenskap ekteskap avioliitto marry-(to) RED (marriage + action indicator) gifta sig gifte seg mennä naimisiin, avioitua mash,crush,squeeze,squash_(food)-(to) RED (mash,mush,pulp_(food) + action indicator: to crush food) mosa mose soseuttaa, puristaa mask,false_face YELLOW (face + fantasy,phantasy,imagination,illusion) ansiktsmask ansiktsmaske naamio, naamari masturbation YELLOW (genitals + to touch + pleasure) onani masturbasjon, onani masturbointi, itsetyydytys match YELLOW (linear thing + fire + thing indicator) tändsticka fyrstikk, lunte tulitikku material,raw_material,stuff YELLOW (thing + earth [half-sized]: thing that you get from the earth, i.e., raw material. The symbol is also used for material in a general sense.) - Character (superimposed) material materiale materiaali, aine mathematics,arithmetic,math_(2) YELLOW (science + digits_(computer): science of numbers) - Character (superimposed) SYMBOL SYNONYM matematik (2) matematikk (2) matematiikka maturation YELLOW (to advance + adult: advancing toward adulthood) mognad modning kypsyminen matzo YELLOW (bread + low: unleavened bread eaten on Passover) knäckebröd, tunnbröd (etc) knekkebrød (o.l.) matsa-leipä May YELLOW (month + 5: fifth month of the year) maj mai toukokuu possibility YELLOW (existence,being_(2) + what,question_mark: expression that indicates doubt or uncertainty) möjlighet mulighet mahdollisuus congratulate-(to) RED (congratulations + action indicator) gratulera, lyckönska gratulere, lykkønske onnitella meal YELLOW (group of + food: group of foods served and eaten in a single sitting) måltid måltid ateria mean,cruel GREEN (feeling + sharp + description indicator: sharp or cutting in one s manner) elak, ond ond, grusom ilkeä, häijy, julma mean,signify-(to) RED (meaning + action indicator) betyda mene, bety tarkoittaa, merkitä meaning,sense,significance YELLOW (to think + to say + to write: significance the mind attaches to what is spoken or written) - Character (superimposed) betydelse betydning, mening merkitys measure-(to) RED (measurement + action indicator) mäta måle mitata, arvioida measurement,measure YELLOW (length,longness + shortness_(ditance,lenght): combination of long and short) - Character (superimposed - combined) mått, längdmått mål (lengde), lengdemål mitta, mittaus meat YELLOW (food + animal: food that comes from an animal) kött kjøtt liharuoka, liha meatball YELLOW (meat + ball: meat shaped into a ball) köttbulle kjøttbolle lihapyörykkä medical,medically GREEN (medicine,medical_practice + description indicator) medicinsk, sjuk medisinsk lääketieteellinen medical_insurance YELLOW (insurance + medical: protection against unpredictable future medical expense) sjukförsäkring sykeforsikring sairausvakuutus medicine,medication YELLOW (chemical product + medical) medicin medisin lääke meet,encounter,see-(to) RED (meeting,encounter + action indicator) möta, träffa treffe, møte tavata, kohdata meeting,assembly,conference YELLOW (gathering + discussion) konferens, sammanträde konferanse, debattmøte kokous, konferenssi Megillah_(Book_of_Esther) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a scroll on one post) megillah (Israel) megillah (Israel) Esterin kirja, Megila melon YELLOW (pictograph: fruit with stem [modified], showing thick rind) - Character melon melon melooni menopause YELLOW (end + menstruation) klimakteriet klimakteriet, menstruasjonsopphør vaihdevuodet

41 15454 menorah YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the nine branched candelabra used on Chanukah) - Character menorah (Israel) menorah (Israel) menora menstruation,menstrual_period,period YELLOW (liquid + uterus + month) mens, menstruation menstruasjon kuukautiset mental,intellectual,rational,thinking GREEN (mind + description indicator) intellektuell, tänkande, mental intellektuell, tenkende, mental henkinen, älyllinen disabled,handicapped_(intellectually,mentally)_(o LD) GREEN (limit(s),limitation_(old) + mind + description indicator: having limits to one's mental abilities) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See disabled,impaired,handicapped_(intellectually,mentally) förståndshandikappad, utvecklingsstörd (FD) psykisk utviklingshemmet (OLD) kehitysvammainen (vanha) merry-go-round,carousel YELLOW (to circle + happy + thing indicator: thing to enjoy by going around and around) karusell karusell karuselli metal YELLOW (material + metal_bar) metall metall metalli (mouth [modification, up in the sky] + flower [modification, longer stem] + earth [halfsized] metaphor (combination): "flowery speech", a signal that what follows should not be taken YELLOW literally) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) bildlig betydelse, metafor, liknelse (allmän) metafor, billedlig betydning kuvaannollinen ilmaus, vertaus, kielikuva mezuzah YELLOW (part of + Torah + door) mezuzah (Israel) mezuzah (Israel) mezuza microwave-(to) RED (microwave oven + action indicator) använda mikrovågsugn, mikra bruke mikrobølgeovn, mikre käyttää mikroaaltouunia, valmistaa ruokaa mikroaaltouunisssa microwave_oven YELLOW (enclosure + electromagnetic radiation) - Character (superimposed) mikrovågsugn, mikro mikrobølgeovn mikroaaltouuni middle,centre YELLOW (enclosure + pointer, to centre) - Character (superimposed - pointer) mitt midten, sentrum keskus, keskusta midsummer YELLOW (day + most + sun) midsommar midtsommer juhannus military_plane YELLOW (airplane + war) militärplan militærfly sotilaslentokone military_reserve_duty YELLOW (limited time + soldier: service as a soldier for a limited time only) militärtjänst militærtjeneste asepalvelu milk YELLOW (drink + life: drink that sustains life) mjölk melk maito milkman BLUE (person + milk) mjölkbud melkekjører maitomies milkshake YELLOW (milk + to shake) milkshake, mjölkdrink milkshake pirtelö mind,intellect,reason YELLOW (symbol suggests an outline of a skull) - Character förstånd, tankar forstand, sinn, tanke mieli, järki mine YELLOW (mountain + dot: dot locates the position of a mine deep within the mountain) - Character (superimposed) gruva gruve kaivos minister,pastor,preacher,priest,rabbi BLUE (person + to teach + God: person who gives us knowledge about God) präst, pastor prest, pastor pappi minus,no,without WHITE (subtraction [half-sized]: the small meaning of subtraction. The symbol is used before another symbol to create a negative meaning, e.g. (minus + sound) to represent silence.) - Character utan, minus uten, foruten, minus miinus, ilman, paitsi, pois minute YELLOW (time + apostrophe, used in astronomy to indicate a minute) minut minutt minuutti arrow_(bent) YELLOW (pictograph: arrow bent into another direction as if reflected) - Character pil (böjd), reflex pil (bøyd) nuoli (taipunut), nuoli (taittunut) miscarriage,abortion_(spontaneous) YELLOW (miscarriage,abortion_(general) + woman: cancelled human pregnancy due to the natural death of an embryo) missfall spontanabort keskenmeno, abortti miss,lose-(to) RED (loss + action indicator) sakna savne kaivata, tuntea puutetta mistake,error,fault YELLOW (action + incorrect) fel, misstag feil, feiltakelse erehdys mite,tick YELLOW (spider + little: tiny spider-like insect) fästing, kvalster (etc) midd punkki mix,blend-(to) RED (mixture + action indicator) blanda blande sekoittaa, sekoittua recreation_room,moadan YELLOW (room + happiness: room for social gatherings) (Israel) sällskapsrum rekreasjonsrom leikkihuone Monday_(OLD) YELLOW (day + 2: second day of the week - based on the convention of Sunday being the first) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Monday_(day1) 25113, Monday_(day2) 25114, Monday_(day3) måndag (FD) mandag (OLD) maanantai (vanha) money,cash YELLOW (symbol suggests a modified rod of Mercury, the traditional symbol for trade and commerce) - Character pengar penger, kontanter raha monkey,ape,gorilla,primate YELLOW (animal + similar to + person: animal that resembles a person) apa, gorilla ape, gorilla, apina, gorilla

42 15486 monster YELLOW (creature + strange + thing indicator: creature that is strange or unusual) monster, seriefigur (etc) monster, uhyre hirviö, mörkö congratulations,best_of_luck,mazel_tov GRAY (command + luck) grattis, gratulation gratulerer, til lykke onnea, onneksi olkoon, onnittelut month YELLOW (moon [modified, as of half-moon]) - Character månad måned kuukausi mood YELLOW (state_of_mind + feeling: state of one s mind and emotions) humör, sinnesstämning humør, sinnsstemning mieliala, tunnelma moon YELLOW (pictograph: crescent shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first quarters) - Character måne måne kuu moose,elk YELLOW (cervine + big) älg elg hirvi moral,good,right,morally_right GREEN (good_conscience + intensity + description indicator: can also be seen as a combination of conscience + positive) See also: correct,accurate,good,right and good,well,fine,ok,okay,all_right rätt, moralisk moralsk, riktig, rett, korrekt hyvä, moraalisesti oikein more GREEN (comparative_more + description indicator: much/many on a higher level) mer, fler mer, fler enemmän, useampia morning_(before_noon) YELLOW (day + before + 12: part of the day before noon) förmiddag formiddag aamupäivä morning_(early) YELLOW (combination of sun and earth: time when the sun appears above the horizon) - Character morgon morgen aamu mortal GREEN (death + description before the fact indicator: pertaining to beings who must eventually die) dödlig dødelig kuolevainen moshav YELLOW (village + to work + together) (Israel) Moshav (Israel) Moshav (Istrael) moshav Muslim,Moslem,Islamic GREEN (star + crescent moon + description indicator: the star and crescent are traditional symbols for Islam) muslimsk muslimsk muslimi, islamilainen mosquito,gadfly,horsefly,cleg YELLOW (insect + to fly + to puncture: flying insect that punctures the skin) mygga mygg, moskito itikka, hyttynen, sääski, moskiitto most,maximum GREEN (superlative_most + description indicator: much/many on the highest level) mest, flest mest, flest eniten, useimmat mother,mom,mommy,mum BLUE (protection + woman: woman who gives protection to her family) - Character (superimposed) mamma, mor mamma, mor äiti mountain YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the side view of a mountain slope) - Character berg, fjäll fjell, berg vuori, vaara, kallio mountain_berry,cowberry,lingonberry YELLOW (berry + mountain: berry that grows in uplands) lingon tyttebær, fjellbær puolukka mouse YELLOW (rodent + little: rodent that is smaller than a rat) mus mus hiiri mouth YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a round open mouth) - Character mun munn suu move-(to) RED (move,movement + action indicator: the wheel moves by rolling over the ground) förflytta, flytta, köra kjøre, flytte, forflytte liikkua, siirtyä, kulkea move_bowels,defecate,stool,shit,ca-ca-(to) RED (bowel movement + action indicator) baja, bajsa, ha avföring ha avføring, bæsje ulostaa, kakata movie,film YELLOW (cylinder + projector) film film elokuva, filmi movie_theatre,cinema YELLOW (building + projector) bio kino elokuvateatteri much,many,very GREEN (quantity + description indicator) mycket, många mye, mange paljon, monta, monet, useat mud,clay YELLOW (earth [modification, extended line] + water_(ground_level): mixture composed of more earth than water) - Character (superimposed - modified) lera leire, søle muta, lieju, savi multiplication YELLOW (based upon the international mathematical symbol) - Character multiplikation multiplikasjon kertolasku, kertominen multiply-(to) RED (multiplication + action indicator) multiplicera multiplisere, gange suorittaa kertolasku, kertoa multitude YELLOW (multiplication + thing indicator: large number of people or things. The symbol is the concrete form of multiplication.) - (character with thing indicator) mängd mengde, masse joukko, paljous muscle_(old) YELLOW (arm + pictograph of bulging biceps + pointer) - Character (superimposed - pointer) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM and SUPERSEDED CHARACTER See muscle muskel (FD) muskel (OLD) lihas (vanha) museum YELLOW (building + thing + interesting + plural indicator: building where interesting things are displayed) museum museum museo mushroom YELLOW (pictograph) - Character svamp sopp sieni

43 15679 music YELLOW (ear + musical note) musik musikk musiikki musical_group BLUE (group + musical note) musikgrupp musikkgruppe musiikkiryhmä musical_instrument YELLOW (instrument + musical note) musikinstrument musikkinstrument soitin musical_note,music_(in_combinations) YELLOW (international symbol) - Character ton note nuotti musician BLUE (person + musical note: person who makes music) musiker musiker muusikko muskrat YELLOW (combination of water animal and rodent: rodent at home in water) vattenråtta, bisamråtta bisamrotte piisami must,have_to,be_forced_to-(to) RED (must_(a) + action indicator) - Note, original derivation in BRG is: (to force + passive indicator: to be forced to do something) måste måtte, bli tvunget pakottaa my,mine BLUE (I + belongs to: first person singular, possessive) min, mitt, mina min, mitt, mine minun my,mine-(feminine) BLUE (female belongs to: first person singular (f.), possessive) min, mitt, mina (fem.) min, mitt, mine (hunkjønn) minun (nainen), minun (fem.) my,mine-(masculine) BLUE (male belongs to: first person singular (m.), possessive) min, mitt, mina (mask.) min, mitt, mine (hankjønn) minun (mies), minun (mask.) nail YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a nail. It is twice the height of the pin symbol) - Character spik spiker naula nail_polish,nail_varnish YELLOW (colour + plus + finger: colour added to fingernails) nagellack neglelakk kynsilakka name,label,term,title YELLOW (pen + mouth: something that can be spoken or written) - Character (superimposed) namn, titel navn, tittel nimi, termi napkin,serviette YELLOW (cloth + to eat) servett serviett lautasliina narrow GREEN (opposite meaning + wide + description indicator) trång, smal trang, smal kapea, ahdas naughty GREEN (bad + comma + little + description indicator) olydig ulydig, uskikkelig tuhma, tottelematon, pahankurinen naughty,not_nice GREEN (feeling + incorrect + description indicator) otrevlig utrivelig, uskikkelig ilkeä, paha navy YELLOW (group + war + water: group trained for war at sea) marin, flotta (militär) marinen merivoimat near,almost,close,nearly GREEN (nearness,closeness,proximity + description indicator) nära, nästan nær, nesten lähellä, melkein, lähes necessary,necessarily,needed GREEN (need + description indicator) nödvändig nødvendig tarpeellinen, välttämätön neck_(head) YELLOW (head + pictograph of neck + pointer, to neck) - Character (superimposed - pointer) hals hals kaula neck_(body) YELLOW (body + pointer, to neck) - Character (superimposed - pointer) nacke nakke kaula, niska need_(needy_person) YELLOW (person, leaning, as if in need of support) - Character behov (behövande person) hjelpetrengende tarve need-(to) RED (need + action indicator: the leaning person needs support) behöva trenge, ha behov for tarvita needle YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a sewing needle with an eye) - Character nål, synål synål, nål silmäneula, neula hypodermic_needle YELLOW (hypodermic_needlepoint + thing indicator: or semantically more reasonable; syringe + pointer, to needlepoint) - (character with thing indicator) injektionsnål sprøytespiss injektioneula neighbour BLUE (person + to live + near) granne nabo naapuri neither WHITE (minus + either) varken verken ei nephew BLUE (son + sibling: son of one's brother or sister) brorson, systerson nevø veljenpoika, sisarenpoika Netherlands_(The),Holland YELLOW (country + low) Holland, Nederländerna Holland, Nederland Hollanti, Alankomaat never_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + always + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See never aldrig (FD) aldri (OLD) ei koskaan (vanha) new GREEN (newness,novelty + description indicator) ny ny uusi

44 15711 New_Year's_Day YELLOW (birthday + year: day that a new year is born) nyår nyttårsdag uudenvuodenpäivä news YELLOW (eye + ear: information received through the eye and the ear) - Character (superimposed) nyhet nyhet uutiset newspaper,bulletin,newsletter YELLOW (page + news) dagstidning, bulletin dagsavis, nyhetsbrev sanomalehti next GREEN (first + after + description indicator: coming directly after) nästa neste seuraava next_week YELLOW (week + then (future)) nästa vecka neste uke öljy next_year YELLOW (year + then (future)) nästa år neste år ensi viikko nice,pleasant GREEN (feeling + correct + description indicator: felt to be socially "correct") trevlig hyggelig, koselig, trivelig ensi vuosi niece BLUE (daughter + sibling: daughter of one's brother or sister) brorsdotter, systerdotter niese mukava, hauska, miellyttävä night YELLOW (moon + earth: the moon appears above the horizon; it shines on the earth during the night) - Character (superimposed) natt natt oliivi nipple(s) YELLOW (part of + breasts) bröstvårtor brystvorter veljentytär, sisarentytär Nisan,Nissan YELLOW (month + unleavened bread: month of Passover, the first month of the year) Nissan (Israel) Nissan (Israel) päällä, -lla, -llä no-(exclamatory) GRAY (not + intensity: strong negative response) nej nei (utsagn) yö no_one,nobody BLUE (minus + person) ingen ingen kerran, kerta nocturnal_emission,wet_dream YELLOW (ejaculation + to sleep) utlösning i sömnen utløsning i søvne nännit none,nothing_(old) WHITE (opposite meaning + all) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See nothing,none ingen, inget, ingenting (FD) ingen, ingenting (OLD) sipuli (vanha) nonsense YELLOW (meaning + deletion,cancellation,destruction: something that has no meaning) - Character (superimposed) struntprat, nonsens tullprat, nonsens, tøv nisan, nisán nonsense-(exclamatory) GRAY (nonsense + intensity symbol: exclamation) dumheter tull (utsagn) ei nonspeaking GREEN (no_speech,anarthria + description indicator: unable to speak). See also: speech_impaired stum stum, talehemmet ei kukaan nor WHITE (minus + or) eller, varken eller eller, hverken eller siemensyöksy (yöllinen) north YELLOW (sun + pointer, to north) - Character (superimposed - pointer) norr nord ei mitään (vanha), ei kukaan (vanha) northern GREEN (north + description indicator) nordlig nordlig hölynpöly nose YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the side view of a nose) - Character näsa, nos nese pötyä! not,negative,no,don't,doesn't WHITE (minus + intensity: also used before a verb to create a negative sentence) inte, negativ ikke, negativ puhumaton, puhekyvytön notebook,writing_book YELLOW (book + to write) anteckningsbok, skrivbok skrivebok, notisbok eikä November YELLOW (month + 11: eleventh month of the year) november november pohjoinen now WHITE (ago,then_(past) + then,so,later: present [half-sized]) - Character (sequenced) nu nå pohjoinen, pohjois nowhere,no_place WHITE (minus + ground: a combination of minus and place) - Character (superimposed) ingenstans ingensteds nenä nuclear_energy YELLOW (energy + nucleus: energy released by a nuclear reaction) kärnkraft, atomenergi atomenergi, kjernekraft ei nuclear_fallout,radioactive_dust YELLOW (dust + nucleus) radioaktivt stoft radioaktivt støv muistikirja nuclear_radiation,radioactivity YELLOW (pointer (left) + nucleus + pointer (right): suggesting radiation of radioactive particles) - Character (superimposed - pointer) radioaktivitet radioaktivitet marraskuu nucleus_(atom) YELLOW (atom + pointer (small), to inner nucleus) - Character (superimposed - pointer (small)) atomkärna atomkjerne nyt number YELLOW (international symbol) - Character nummer, siffra tall, antall, siffer ei missään

45 15905 nurse BLUE (person + to care for + medical: person who gives medical care) sjuksköterska sykepleier ydinvoima, ydinenergia nut YELLOW (seed + tree: edible seed from a tree) nöt nøtt ydinlaskeuma obey,comply-(to) RED (to do + by + to guide + action indicator: to do something by the rules) lyda lyde, lystre ydinsäteily observe-(to) RED (observation + action indicator: to look at something thoughtfully) lägga märke till, observera iaktta, observere atomin ydin ocean,sea YELLOW (much + much + water: large body of water) hav, ocean hav, osean numero, luku October YELLOW (month + 10: tenth month of the year) oktober oktober sairaanhoitaja office YELLOW (room + work + pencil: room where work is done) arbetsrum, kontor kontor, arbeidsrom pähkinä offspring,child BLUE (protection + male + female: male or female born under the family roof) - Character (superimposed) barn, avkomma avkom, barn totella, noudattaa often,frequent,frequently GREEN (many + time + description indicator: on many occasions) ofta ofte tarkkailla, tehdä havaintoja oil,lubricant YELLOW (water,fluid,liquid + water_(ground_level): two parallel liquid symbols, suggesting oil that floats on water) - Character (superimposed - modified) olja olje meri, valtameri old_(opposite_new) GREEN (opposite meaning + new + description indicator) Also see old gammal (FD) gammel (OLD) lokakuu (vanha) old,elderly GREEN (opposite meaning + young + description indicator) gammal, äldre (motsats ung) gammel (motsatt ung), eldre toimisto olive YELLOW (pictograph: fruit [oval shaped] with stem) - Character oliv oliven jälkeläinen on WHITE (earth [half-sized] + pointer: refers only to space, e.g. on the table) - Character (superimposed - pointer) på på usein once GREEN (1 + time + description indicator: on one occasion) en gång en gang vanha (vanha) bulb_(plant) YELLOW (pictograph + earth) - Character (superimposed) lök (allmänt) løk (plante) vanha open GREEN (opening + description indicator) öppen åpen avoinna, auki, avoin open-(to) RED (opening + action indicator) öppna åpne avata, aukaista opening YELLOW (enclosure, open at the top) - Character öppning åpning avaus operation YELLOW (to cut + medical) operation operasjon leikkaus opinion YELLOW (mind + mouth: expression of what one thinks) - Character (superimposed) åsikt, mening mening mielipide opossum,possum YELLOW (marsupial + night: marsupial that comes out at night) opossum, pungråtta pungrotte, opossum opossumi, pussirotta opposite_meaning,opposite_of,opposite GRAY (combination of up and down: up is the opposite of down. The symbol is placed before a second symbol to create an antonym or meaning that is the opposite of that of the second symbol.) - Character motsatt betydelse, motsats motsatt mening vastakohta opposition,counter_purpose YELLOW (less_than_(relation) + less_than_(relation), pointing in the opposite direction from the purpose symbol) - Character (sequenced) motstånd, motsatt avsikt motstand, opposisjon vastustus, vastarinta or WHITE (by,by_means_of,of (relation [half-sized], pointing backward) + dot: the second alternative, the reverse of either) - Character (superimposed) eller, antingen eller eller, enten eller tai, vai, eli oral_sex YELLOW (to combine + genitals+ mouth) munsex, oralt samlag munnsex, oralsex suuseksi orange_(bci) WHITE (colour + mouth + sun: combination of red and yellow) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM orange oransje oranssi orange_(ckb) WHITE (colour + 2) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM orange (CKB) oransje (CKB) oranssi orange,citrus_fruit YELLOW (fruit + pictograph of segments) - Character (superimposed) apelsin, citrusfrukt appelsin, sitrusfrukt appelsiini, sitrushedelmä orchard YELLOW (grove + fruit) fruktträdgård frukthage hedelmätarha organize,arrange-(to) RED (to plan + many + thing + action indicator: to make a system from many things) ordna, organisera organisere, arrangere järjestää, oraganisoida orgasm YELLOW (ecstacy + genitals) orgasm orgasme orgasmi

46 15937 ostrich YELLOW (bird + to walk: bird that walks or runs but does not fly) struts struts strutsi other,another_(person) BLUE (person [modified] + 2: referring to a second person) annan (person) annen (person) toinen our,ours-(feminine) BLUE (female belongs to + plural indicator: first person plural (f.), possessive) vår, vårt, våra (fem.) vår, vårt, våre (hunkjønn) meidän (naiset), meidän (fem.) our,ours-(masculine) BLUE (male belongs to + plural indicator: first person plural (m.), possessive) vår, vårt, våra (mask.) vår, vårt, våre (hankjønn) meidän (miehet), meidän (mask.) our,ours BLUE (we + belongs to + plural indicator: first person plural, possessive) vår, vårt, våra vår, vårt, våre meidän out,exterior,external,outside WHITE (enclosure + dot, outside the enclosure) - Character (sequenced) ute, utanför ute, utenfor ulkona, ulkopuolella out_of,exit_(forward) WHITE (enclosure + forward: the arrow is moving out of the enclosure) - Character (superimposed) ut, ur, utgång ut av, utgang (forover) ulos, pois jostakin out_of,exit_(downward) WHITE (enclosure + downward) - Character (superimposed) ut, ur, nedgång ut av, utgang (nedover) alaspäin, ulos outing,excursion YELLOW (legs and feet + out of) utflykt, utfärd tur, utflukt ulkoilu, retki oval,ellipse_(shape) YELLOW (shape + oval) oval, ellips oval soikio ovary YELLOW (container + egg) äggstock eggstokk, ovarie munasarja over,above,superior WHITE (dot + horizontal reference line: the dot is over or above the line) - Character (superimposed) över, ovanför over, ovenfor yli, yläpuolella, yllä owl,night_bird YELLOW (bird + night) uggla, uv ugle, nattfugl pöllö own,possess-(to) RED (ownership,possession + action indicator: CKB writes "an addition, a gain, a plus of some very earthly (material) thing ) äga eie (å) omistaa ox YELLOW (bovine + work: horned animal commonly used to assist with heavy labour) oxe okse härkä, juhta oyster,clam,mussel YELLOW (pictograph of shell + water) - Character (superimposed) mussla, ostron musling, østers osteri, simpukka pail,bucket YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a pail with a handle) - Character hink, korg, spann spann, bøtte, kurv sanko, ämpäri pain,suffering YELLOW (feeling + sick: discomfort that makes one "draw up one's knees". The symbol usually represents physical pain but also can be used to represent emotional distress and suffering.) smärta smerte, lidelse kipu, särky, tuska painful,painfully,sore GREEN (pain + description indicator) ont, smärtsam vond, smertefull tuskallinen, kipeä, sairas paint,dye YELLOW (chemical product + colour + liquid) färg (målarfärg etc) maling maali paint,dye-(to) RED (paint + action indicator) måla, färga male, farge (å) maalata painter BLUE (person + paint [contraction]) målare maler maalari pair YELLOW (2 + thing indicator: two items) - (character with thing indicator) par (ej mänskligt) par pari palm YELLOW (pictograph: the symbols suggests a tree with curved fronds) - Character palm palme palmu pants,jeans,slacks,trousers YELLOW (clothing + leg: clothing that covers the legs) byxor, jeans bukser, jeans housut paper,card,page YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a sheet of paper or a page of a book) See also: book Character papper, sida papir, side, ark paperi, sivu parakeet,budgie YELLOW (parrot + little: small bird that can be trained to talk) undulat (etc) undulat, parakitt papukaija, undulaatti parallel YELLOW (line + line: international mathematical symbol) - Character parallell parallell yhdensuuntainen paratrooper BLUE (soldier + from_sky: soldier trained to jump down from the sky using a parachute) fallskärmsjägare fallskjermjeger, fallskjermsoldat laskuvarjo-sotilas parcel,package YELLOW (pictograph) - Character paket pakke paketti pardon,what_did_you_say GRAY (what,question_mark + to say + action indicator) hur sa, vad hva sa du, hva (utsagn) mitä sanoit? parent BLUE (protection + person: person who gives protection to his or her family) - Character (superimposed) förälder forelder vanhempi

47 15969 park YELLOW (flower + earth + tree: place with flowers and trees) - Character (superimposed) park park puisto parrot,myna,talking_bird YELLOW (bird + to talk: bird that can be trained to talk) papegoja papegøye papukaija parsnip YELLOW (vegetable (wedge-shaped) + white: vegetable with a long, white, edible root) palsternacka pastinakk palsternakka part,bit,piece,portion,part_of GRAY (division [half-sized]: a part is created when something is divided) With the gloss "part of", the symbol is used before another symbol to create a new meaning, which is part of the meaning of the original symbol, i.e., part of + language = word. See Note p. II- 106 in BRG - Character del, bit, stycke, del av del av, bit, del osa, pala, viipale party,festival YELLOW (gathering + happy) fest, kalas fest, selskap, party juhla, juhlat, kutsut Passover YELLOW (week + bread + low: the week when unleavened bread, matzo, is eaten) Passover (Israel) Passover (Israel) pesah, pesach, pääsiäinen past YELLOW (outline of parabolic mirror focused on what lies behind it) - Character förfluten tid fortid menneisyys, mennyt aika patience YELLOW (ability + to wait) tålamod tålmodighet kärsivällisyys be_patient-(to) RED (patience + action indicator) ha tålamod ha tålmodighet, være tålmodig olla kärsivällinen, malttaa paw YELLOW (animal + pointer, to paw or hoof) - Character (superimposed - pointer) tass, labb (etc) labb, pote (o.l.) tassu, kavio, käpälä, sorkka pay,spend-(to) RED (to give + money + action indicator) betala betale maksaa peace_(opposite_war) YELLOW (opposite meaning + war) fred fred rauha peace,peace_of_mind,serenity YELLOW (feeling + world: feeling of being at one with the world) - Character (superimposed) frid, ro, lugn fred, ro i sinnet, ro rauha, mielenrauha peaceful,serene,calm GREEN (peace + description indicator) lugn, fridfull fredelig, i fred rauhallinen peach,nectarine YELLOW (pictograph with stem + pit) - Character (superimposed) persika, nektarin fersken, nektarin persikka, nektariini peacock YELLOW (bird + fan: bird with a tail that opens like a fan) påfågel påfugl riikinkukko peanut_butter YELLOW (spread + seed) jordnötssmör peanøttsmør maapähkinävoi pear YELLOW (pictograph with stem) - Character päron pære päärynä pea(s) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a cross section of two peas in a pod) - Character ärtor erter herne, herneet peel YELLOW (protection + fruit) skal skall kuori peel-(to) RED (to remove + peel + action indicator) skala skrelle kuoria pelican YELLOW (water bird + pouch: water bird with a pouch-shaped bill) pelikan pelikan pelikaani pen,pencil YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a pen or pencil in writing position) - Character penna penn, blyant, kulepenn kynä penetrate,go_through-(to) RED (through + action indicator) gå igenom gå gjennom lävistää, tunkeutua, mennä läpi penguin YELLOW (water bird + to walk: water bird that walks) pingvin pingvin pingviini penis YELLOW (male_genitals_(man_with_penis) + pointer) - Character (superimposed - pointer) penis, snopp penis, tiss penis, siitin pepper_(vegetable) YELLOW (pictograph with stem) - Character paprika paprika pippurikasvi, paprika pepper_(seasoning) YELLOW (adding,additive + taste + fire: combination of seasoning and hot + thing indicator) peppar pepper pippuri perfume,fragrance,aroma,scent YELLOW (smell + happy: pleasant smell) parfym parfyme hajuste, aromi, tuoksu perpendicular YELLOW (line,stripe + ground: international mathematical symbol) - Character (superimposed) lod loddrett, vinkelrett, perpendikulær kohtisuora, pystysuora person,human_being,individual,human BLUE (symbol suggests a human being standing, with feet turned out) - Character person, människa person, menneske henkilö, ihminen kneeling_(kneeling_person) BLUE (person [modified], showing knees bent) - Character knäböjande (person på knä) person (knelende) polvillaan oleva henkilö

48 16163 reclining,lying_(person_lying_down) BLUE (person [modified], lying on his back) - Character liggande (liggande person) person (liggende) makaava henkilö illness,disease,sickness_(sick_person) YELLOW (person [modified], lying on his back with knees drawn up as if sick or in pain) - Character sjukdom (sjuk person) person (syk) sairaus, sairas henkilö seat,sitting_(sitting_person) YELLOW (person [modified], in sitting position) - Character sits, säte (sittande person) person (sittende) istuva henkilö standing_(standing_person) BLUE (person [modified], in standing position) - Character stående (stående person) person (stående) seisova henkilö weakness_(weak_person) YELLOW (person [modified], buckling at the knees as though weak) - Character svaghet (svag person) person svak, svakhet, veikhet heikko henkilö pet YELLOW (animal + feeling: animal for which one has feeling) sällskapsdjur kjæledyr lemmikkieläin photograph,photo,pic YELLOW (paper + camera) foto, kort fotografi, foto valokuva disabled,handicapped_(physically)_(old) GREEN (limit(s),limitation_(old) + body + description indicator: having limits to one's physical abilities) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See disabled,impaired,handicapped_(physically) rörelsehindrad (FD) funksjonshemmet (fysisk), bevegelseshemmet (OLD) liikuntavammainen (vanha) picnic YELLOW (food + outside: food eaten outside) picknick piknik retkieväs picture,image,icon,painting YELLOW (eye + enclosure: what the eyes see in a frame) bild, tavla bilde, maleri, ikon kuva, taulu pie,tart YELLOW (food + protection: food with a crust covering it) paj pai piirakka, piiras pier_(old) YELLOW (platform + combination of boat and to float) - Character (superimposed - combined) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM and SUPERSEDED CHARACTER See pier brygga, kaj (FD) brygge, kai (OLD) laituri (vanha) pig YELLOW (animal + pictograph of curly tail) - Character (superimposed) gris gris sika, porsas pill,tablet YELLOW (disc + medical: medicine in disc form) tablett, piller pille, tablett pilleri, tabletti pillow,cushion YELLOW (bed + pointer, to pillow) - Character (superimposed - pointer) kudde pute, sengepute tyyny pillowcase YELLOW (cloth + pillow) örngott, kuddvar putevar tyynyliina pilot BLUE (person + airplane) pilot flyver, pilot lentäjä pimple,blemish YELLOW (face + dot + pointer, to dot) - Character (superimposed - pointer) finne, utslag kvise, blemme (o.l.) finni, näppylä pin YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a pin. It is half the height of the nail symbol.) - Character stift (etc) stift nuppineula, nasta pineapple YELLOW (pictograph with stem and leaves) - Character ananas ananas ananas table_tennis,ping-pong_(activity)_(old) YELLOW (tennis_(activity)_(old) + table: game like tennis, played on a table) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See table_tennis,ping-pong_(activity) bordtennis (aktivitet) (FD) bordtennis (OLD) pöytätennis (vanha) pink_(bci) WHITE (colour + mouth + sun: combination of red and white) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM rosa rosa vaaleanpunainen pink_(ckb) WHITE (colour sun: combination of red and white) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM rosa (CKB) rosa (CKB) vaaleanpunainen pipe,smoking_pipe YELLOW (smoking_(pipe) + pointer, to the pipe bowl) - Character (superimposed - pointer) pipa pipe piippu pipe,hose,tube_(1) YELLOW (pictograph: horizontal orientation) - Character SYMBOL SYNONYM rör, slang (1) rør, slange (1) putki pit,stone YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a pit or stone) - Character kärna kjerne (frukt) siemen, kivi (hedelmän) pit,stone-(to) RED (to remove + pit + action indicator) kärna ur kjerne ut poistaa siemen pita YELLOW (pictograph: Middle Eastern bread, the line in the middle suggests that the bread is hollow inside) - Character pitabröd pitabrød pitaleipä pitcher,jug,kettle,pot YELLOW (pictograph with handle and spout) - Character kanna, tillbringare kanne, mugge kannu, pannu pizza YELLOW (food + pizza_slice(s),sector(s),circle_sector(s)) pizza pizza pizza place,area,location,space YELLOW (earth + pointer: place on the earth) - Character (superimposed - pointer) plats, ställe plass, sted paikka, sijainti plan,design,method,system YELLOW (mind + man-made: rational way for making something) - Character (superimposed) plan, metod, mönster plan, metode, system suunnitelma, menetelmä

49 16195 plan,design-(to) RED (plan + action indicator) planera planlegge suunnitella plant YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a flower with a leaf) - Character växt plante kasvi plastic YELLOW (chemical product + many + shape: chemical product that can be formed into many shapes) plast plast muovi stop,platform_(vehicle)_(old) YELLOW (platform + earth [modification, extended] + vehicle) - Character (superimposed - modified) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM and SUPERSEDED CHARACTER See stop,platform_(vehicle) plattform (FD) perrong, plattform (OLD) asemalaituri (vanha) play,recreation YELLOW (activity + happy) lek lek, spill leikki, huvi play-(to) RED (play + action indicator) leka leke, spille pelata, leikkiä play_football-(to) RED football,soccer_(activity) + action indicator) spela fotboll spille fotball pelata jalkapalloa playground YELLOW (place + to play) lekplats lekeplass leikkikenttä playroom,family_room,recreation_room YELLOW (room + to play) lekrum lekerom leikkihuone please GRAY (command + feeling: polite command) var snäll, var så god vær så snill (utsagn) ole kiltti, ole hyvä pliers,tongs,tweezer(s),pincer(s)_(pair_of) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a pair of pliers in an open position) - Character tång tang pihdit, hohtimet plough YELLOW (knife + earth: heavy blade that cuts the soil in preparation for planting) - Character (superimposed) plog plog aura plug YELLOW (into + electricity + thing indicator: fitting inserted into an electrical socket) elkontakt stikkontakt pistoke plum,drupe YELLOW (fruit + pit) - Character (superimposed) plommon plomme, steinfrukt luumu pocket YELLOW (container + clothing: container sewn into an article of clothing) ficka lomme tasku poem YELLOW (page + poetry) dikt dikt runo poetry YELLOW (metaphor_(winged) + feeling: "winged speech", which appeals to the emotions) poesi poesi runous point,tip,peak YELLOW (knife + pointer, to tip) - Character (superimposed - pointer) spets spiss, tupp kärki point,indicate-(to) RED (pointer + action indicator) peka peke osoittaa point_of_view YELLOW (mind + position: rational position in regard to something) ståndpunkt synspunkt, standpunkt näkökanta, näkökohta poison YELLOW (chemical product + death: chemical product that kills) gift gift myrkky polenta YELLOW (food + cornmeal: dish made with cornmeal) mat av majsmjöl, polenta maismelmat, polenta polenta police_officer,policeman,policewoman BLUE (person + protection) (Note: The similarity between police and parent, and the lacking aspect of law enforcement, can be seen as problematic.) polis politi poliisi pollution YELLOW (waste + environment: waste products that spoil the environment) förorening, miljöförstöring forurensning saaste, saastuminen pool YELLOW (foundation,base,fundament + water: could also be interpreted as a combination of enclosure and water) - Character (superimposed) bassäng, pool basseng lammikko, allas poor_(little_money) GREEN (without + money + description indicator) fattig (utan pengar) fattig (uten penger) köyhä, rahaton popcorn YELLOW (corn + to jump: corn that jumps as it cooks) popcorn popcorn popcorn porcupine_(old) YELLOW (hedgehog_(old) + teeth: combination of rodent + pictograph of spines (OLD)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See porcupine piggsvin (FD) pinnsvin-(old) piikkisika (vanha) pork,ham YELLOW (food + pig: food that comes from a pig. The symbol also can be explained as: combination of meat and pig.) fläskkött flesk, svinekjøtt, skinke sianliha, kinkku position YELLOW (greater_than_(relation) + dot: forward pointing relation to a certain point in space) - Character (sequenced) läge, position posisjon, stilling sijainti, asema positive WHITE (plus + intensity) gärna, positiv gjerne, positiv positiivinen maybe,perhaps,possibly GREEN (possibility + description before the fact indicator) kanske, möjligen, eventuellt kanskje, muligens ehkä

50 16227 postcard YELLOW (enclosure + stamp (combination): pictograph, which suggests a postcard with a stamp in the upper right corner) - Character (superimposed - combined) kort, vykort kort, postkort postikortti post_office YELLOW (building + letter: building where mail is processed) postkontor posthus, postkontor postitoimisto pot,pan YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a pan with a handle) - Character kastrull, stekpanna (etc) gryte, kjele, stekepanne kattila, pata, pannu potato YELLOW (vegetable below ground + white: starchy, white tuber) potatis potet peruna potato_chips,crisps_(old) YELLOW (potato + disc + plural indicator: potatoes cut in disc shapes) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See potato_chip(s),chip(s),crisp(s) chips (FD) potetgull (OLD) perunalastut (vanhat), sipsit (vanhat) pound_sterling YELLOW (international symbol for British pound sterling) - Character pund pund (eng. pund) punta powder,dust YELLOW (three powder-like dots: located at the corner points of the stone symbol) See stone,rock Character (superimposed - sequenced) pulver, damm, korn, stoft pulver, støv pöly, jauhe, tomu power_(physics) YELLOW (action + electromagnetic radiation: energy in action) - Character (superimposed) kraft kraft voima practise,practice,drill,exercise,rehearse-(to) RED (to work + repetition + action indicator: to work at something repeatedly) öva øve, drille, praktisere harjoittaa, toimia, harjoitella pray-(to) RED (prayer + action indicator) bedja be rukoilla prayer YELLOW (to speak + to + God: talking to God) bön bønn rukous prayer_book,siddur YELLOW (book + prayer) bönbok bønnebok rukouskirja preceding_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + next + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See preceding,previous,former,earlier föregående (FD) foregående (OLD) edellinen (vanha), edeltäjä (vanha) pregnancy YELLOW (conception + woman) graviditet, havandeskap graviditet raskaus pregnant GREEN (pregnancy + description indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM gravid gravid raskaana oleva pregnant_(ckb) GREEN (before + birth + description indicator: woman's condition before she bears a child) SYMBOL SYNONYM gravid (CKB) gravid (OLD) raskaana oleva premature_birth YELLOW (birth + early) för tidig födsel for tidlig fødsel, prematur fødsel ennenaikainen syntymä prepare,set,set_up,ready,gear_up,fix-(to) RED (preparation,readying,readiness,preparedness + action indicator: to do something in order to be ready for the future) förbereda forberede valmistella, valmistautua prepare_food,cook-(to) RED (cooking,cookery,preparation_(general) + action indicator) laga mat, tillaga lage mat laittaa ruokaa, valmistaa ruokaa present YELLOW (past + future: time between past and future) - Character (sequenced) nutid nåtid nykyaika, nykyisyys pretend,make_believe-(to) RED (fantasy + action indicator: to let one's mind soar into the sky, or up into the clouds) låtsas, fantisera late som om, fantasere olla olevinaan, kuvitella, uskotella prison,jail YELLOW (building + barred window: building where people are put behind bars) fängelse fengsel vankila private GREEN (to close + public + description indicator) privat fortrolig, privat yksityinen probable,likely,probably GREEN (to doubt + plus + description before the fact indicator: in doubt, but tending towards the positive) trolig, tänkbar sannsynlig, trolig todennäköinen problem YELLOW (question + difficult: difficult question to solve) problem problem ongelma projector YELLOW (camera + forward [modification, short arrow]: device that projects the picture produced by a camera forward onto a screen) - Character (superimposed - modified) projektor filmapparat, prosjektor diaprojektori, projektori, kuvaheijastin promise,pledge-(to) RED (promise + action indicator: to say that something will be done in the future) lova love luvata prostitution YELLOW (sexual intercourse + money) prostitution prostitusjon prostituutio protect,cover,shelter,take_care_of-(to) RED (protection + action indicator) skydda, beskydda beskytte, ta vare på, passe på suojata, suojella, huolehtia protection,shelter YELLOW (symbol looks like a roof, suggesting the protection provided by a roof) - Character skydd, beskydd beskyttelse, skjul suoja, turva protest,object,oppose-(to) RED (to say + against + action indicator) protestera, säga emot protestere, si imot vastustaa, sanoa vastaan proud GREEN (feeling + above + description indicator) stolt, överlägsen stolt ylpeä

51 16423 province,county,region,state YELLOW (part of + country) landskap, län landsdel, fylke, region osavaltio, maakunta, lääni prune_(old) YELLOW (plum + dry_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See prune katrinplommon (FD) sviske (OLD) kuivattu luumu (vanha) puberty YELLOW (awake + sexuality) pubertet pubertet puberteetti, murrosikä pubic_hair YELLOW (hair + body + pointer, to hair) - Character (superimposed - pointer) könshår kjønnshår karvoitus (alapään) public_(of_the_public) GREEN (public + description indicator) allmän offentlig, allmenn julkinen, yleinen public_(not_private) GREEN (open + public + description indicator) offentlig offentlig julkinen, yleinen public_(the_public) BLUE (many + many + person: large group of people) allmänheten, folk allmennheten, folk kansa, väki, yleisö public_room YELLOW (ground + room, room with extended floor line [adaptation]: room opening out onto the street) - Character (superimposed - adapted) offentlig lokal offentlig rom julkinen tila pull,drag,tow,tug-(to) RED (pull,pulling + action indicator: the forward moving arrow seems to be pulling the thing) dra dra, trekke vetää puncture,prick-(to) RED (point + action indicator) sticka, sticka hål, punktera punktere, stikke pistää puppet YELLOW (doll + hand: doll manipulated by the hand) handdocka hånddukke käsinukke puppy YELLOW (dog + baby) valp valp koiranpentu Purim YELLOW (holiday + megillah: the holiday on which megillah or story of Esther is read) Purim (Israel) Purim (Israel) purim purple,violet_(bci) WHITE (colour + mouth + sky: combination of red and blue) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM lila lilla purppuranpunainen, lila purpose YELLOW (greater_than_(relation) + greater_than_(relation): the forward pointing doubled symbol stresses a purposeful relationship) - Character (sequenced) avsikt formål, hensikt tarkoitus, aikomus purse,pocketbook,wallet YELLOW (container + money + person: personal container for money) plånbok, portmonnä portemoné, lommebok, pung lompakko push,shove-(to) RED (push,pushing + action indicator: the forward moving arrow seems to be pushing the thing) knuffa, skjuta på skyve, dytte työntää put,locate,place-(to) RED (place + action indicator) lägga, ställa, sätta legge, sette panna, asettaa jigsaw_puzzle YELLOW (picture + piece: picture made from many pieces) pussel puslespill palapeli pyjama(s),nightgown,nightie,pajama(s) YELLOW (clothing + to sleep) nattdräkt, nattlinne, pyjamas pysjamas, nattdrakt pyjama, yöpuku pyramid YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a three-dimensional outline of a pyramid) - Character pyramid pyramide pyramidi question YELLOW (what,question_mark + open: the question is open-ended. This symbol is also used to introduce a question.) - Character (superimposed) fråga (subst.) spørsmål kysymys quick,fast,quickly,rapid,rapidly GREEN (quickness,rapidity,speediness + description indicator) fort, snabb hurtig, rask nopea, nopeasti quiet,quietly GREEN (minus + loud + description indicator: absence of noise) tyst, ljudlös rolig, lydløs hiljainen rabbit,hare YELLOW (rodent + ear: animal known for its long ears) hare, kanin hare, kanin jänis, kaniini rabies YELLOW (illness + animal + comma + to bite: viral nervous system illness of animals (including humans), usually spread by bite of infected animal) rabies hundegalskap, rabies vesikauhu raccoon YELLOW (animal + mask_(disguise): animal with a dark band across the eyes, which resembles a mask) tvättbjörn vaskebjørn pesukarhu race,competition,contest YELLOW (forward + forward [modification, lower position]: two forward arrows, one overtaking another, appear to be competing) - Character (superimposed - modified) tävling, match konkurranse, kamp kilpailu, ottelu racket,racquet YELLOW (pictograph) - Character racket racket maila, tennismaila radio_(1) YELLOW (enclosure + ear + electricity: box for hearing by means of electricity) SYMBOL SYNONYM radio (1) radio (1) radio radish YELLOW (vegetable (large-leafed) + hot: large-leafed vegetable with a hot-tasting, edible root) rädisa reddik retiisi rain YELLOW (water + down: water that falls down from the sky) - Character (superimposed) regn regn sade

52 16456 rain-(to) RED (rain + action indicator) regna regne sataa raincoat YELLOW (clothing + rain) regnkläder regntøy, regnklær sadetakki rainy GREEN (rain + description indicator) regnig regnfull sateinen raise,grow,bring_up,cultivate-(to) RED (to cause + to grow + action indicator) odla dyrke kasvattaa, viljellä, kasvaa raisins_(old) YELLOW (grape(s) + dry_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See raisin(s),currant(s) russin (FD) rosiner, korinter (OLD) rusina (vanha), korintti (vanha) rake YELLOW (comb + garden) kratta rake, rive harava rape YELLOW (assault + sexual intercourse) våldtäkt voldtekt raiskaus raspberry,blackberry,compound_berry YELLOW (pictograph) - Character björnbär, hallon, hjortron bjørnebær, bringebær, multe vadelma raw,uncooked GREEN (without + to cook + description indicator) rå, okokt rå, ukokt raaka, keittämätön read-(to) RED (reading + action indicator: to see and perceive what is written on the printed page) läsa lese lukea ready,prepared GREEN (to prepare + description after the fact indicator) förberedd klar, forberedt valmis real,really GREEN (event,happening,occasion + description indicator: existing on earth) verklig virkelig todellinen recent,recently GREEN (past + near + description indicator: in the near past) nyss, nyligen nylig äsken, hiljattain, äskeinen recipe YELLOW (page + to prepare food: written instructions for cooking) recept oppskrift resepti, ruokaohje CD,record YELLOW (recording_disk + ear: represents music or sound in general, recorded on any kind of disk medium) cd-skiva, grammofonskiva CD-plate, grammofonplate äänilevy, CD-levy CD_player,record_player,stereo YELLOW (machine + record) cd-spelare, skivspelare CD-spiller, platespiller levysoitin, CD-soitin rectangle,oblong_(shape) YELLOW (shape + rectangular shape [as of card]: rectangle, a geometric shape) rektangel rektangel suorakulmio rectangular,oblong GREEN (rectangle + description indicator) rektangulär, avlång rektangulær, avlang suorakulmainen, nelikulmainen red_(bci) WHITE (colour + mouth) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM röd rød punainen red_(ckb) WHITE (colour + 1) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM röd (CKB) rød (CKB) punainen refrigerator_(old) YELLOW (cupboard + ice + electricity: electrically powered ice box) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See refrigerator,fridge kylskåp, frys (FD) kjøleskap (OLD) jääkaappi (vanha) regret-(to) RED (sorry + action indicator: to feel sorry about something that occurred in the past) ångra angre, beklage katua, olla pahoillaan reindeer,caribou YELLOW (cervine + north: animal common to Northern regions) ren (djuret) reinsdyr poro, peura less_than_(relation) WHITE (symbol is derived from the mathematical symbol for smaller than. This symbol in halfsize is the basis for against, by, and there.) - Character mindre än (relation) mindre enn (relasjon) pienempi kuin greater_than_(relation) WHITE (symbol is derived from the mathematical symbol for "greater than". This symbol in halfsize is the basis for about, at, for, here and on.) - Character större än (relation) større enn (relasjon) suurempi kuin relative,relation BLUE (protection + person + protection: two adjoining roofs are used to mean person who is related) - Character (superimposed) släkting, släkt slektning sukulainen who,that,which-(relative) WHITE (double commas, apostrophes or ditto marks in a sentence [modification, on the midline]: This symbol is equivalent to a relative pronoun or a conjunction used to introduce a relative clause. - Character (sequenced modified) som som joka, mikä, jossa, jolloin religion,naturalism_(old) YELLOW (feeling + creation: feeling in relation to creation) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See religion,naturalism religion (FD) religion (OLD) uskonto (vanha) religious_(old) GREEN (religion + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See religious religiös (FD) religiøs, from (OLD) uskonnollinen (vanha) remember-(to)_(old) RED (opposite meaning + to forget + action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See remember,recall-(to) komma ihåg, minnas (FD) huske (OLD) muistaa (vanha) remembrance_day YELLOW (day + to remember) minnesdag minnedag muistamispäivä repeat,copy,duplicate,reproduce-(to) RED (repetition,copying,duplication,replication + action indicator: the line is repeated) upprepa, kopiera gjenta, kopiere toistaa, kopioida, monistaa, toistua

53 16488 reproduction YELLOW (conception + to cause + baby) fortplantning formering, forplantning lisääntyminen request-(to) RED (to ask + please + action indicator: to ask politely) be om, begära be om pyytää harmittaa resent-(to) RED (feeling + against + action indicator: to harbour feelings against someone or something) ta illa upp ergre seg, ta ille opp resident BLUE (person + house: person who lives in a house) boende, bofast person beboer asukas residential_institution,group_home,hostel,resident ial_home YELLOW (house + many + person: house in which a group of people live) gruppbostad, elevhem, internat internat, gruppebolig, hostel asuntola resource_centre YELLOW (building + for (the purpose of) + to exchange + knowledge: building where knowledge is given out and received) resurscenter ressurssenter resurssikeskus respect,admiration YELLOW (feeling + about + person + superior: feeling one has about a person who is superior) beundran, respekt respekt, beundring kunnioitus, ihailu rest,comfort YELLOW (feeling + earth: feeling at rest on the earth. CKB points out that poets use the earth as a symbol for rest.) - Character (superimposed) vila (subst.) hvile lepo rest-(to) RED (rest + action indicator) vila (verb) hvile (å) levätä rest_period,break YELLOW (limited time + rest) rast, paus hvilestund, pause tauko, välitunti restaurant,cafeteria YELLOW (public room + to eat) restaurang, matställe restaurant, kafeteria ravintola return YELLOW (reference line + backward: the arrow, moving backward, returns toward the reference line) - Character (sequenced)?? återkomst retur, tilbakekomst paluu return,come_back,reverse-(to) RED (return + action indicator) komma tillbaka, återvända komme tilbake tulla takaisin, palata rhinoceros YELLOW (animal + pictograph of head and horn: animal with a distinctive horn protruding from its nose) - Character (superimposed) noshörning neshorn sarvikuono rhyme YELLOW (similar sound + end: the effect produced when words have a similar sound. The symbol applies particularly to ends of lines of poetry.) rim rim riimi rhythm_method YELLOW (birth control + month: birth control based upon a woman s monthly cycle) säker period sikker periode varmat päivät ribbon,tape YELLOW (linear thing + cloth + thing indicator) band, remsa bånd nauha (kangas) rice YELLOW (grain + water_(ground_level): grain that grows in water) - Character (superimposed) ris ris riisi rich_(taste) GREEN (taste + intensity + description indicator) läcker smakfull (mat) herkullinen, täyteläinen rich,wealthy GREEN (much + money + description indicator) rik rik rikas, varakas rickshaw YELLOW (cart + person: cart pulled by a person) ricksha rickshaw riksa ride-(to) RED (ride,drive + action indicator: to go forward in a sitting position) åka kjøre ajaa rifle,shotgun YELLOW (gun + long) gevär gevær, rifle kivääri, haulikko right GREEN (right_turn,right_(position_or_direction) + description indicator) höger høyre oikea, oikeanpuoleinen angle_(right),right_angle YELLOW (international mathematical symbol) - Character vinkel (rät), rät vinkel rett vinkel suorakulma ring YELLOW (pictograph) - Character ring ring sormus rise,ascend,go_up-(to) RED (up + action indicator) gå upp, stiga ese, stige nousta, kohota river,stream,current YELLOW (water_(ground_level) + forward: water that flows forward) - Character (superimposed) flod, å, älv (etc) elv joki, virta road_(1) YELLOW (road_and_car + pointer, to road: place where cars travel) SYMBOL SYNONYM - Character (superimposed - pointer) väg, körbana (1) vei, kjørebane (1) tie roadrunner_(bird) YELLOW (bird + to walk + little: small bird that walks or runs but does not fly) roadrunner, tuppgök (fågel) road runner (Am) maantiekiitäjä rocket,spaceship YELLOW (projectile,rocket,spacecraft + upward) raket, rymdskepp rakett, romskip raketti rocking_chair YELLOW (chair + to rock: chair that rocks back and forth) gungstol gyngestol keinutuoli, kiikkutuoli

54 16682 rocking_horse_(old) YELLOW (horse + to rock) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See rocking_horse gunghäst (FD) gyngehest (OLD) keinuhevonen (vanha) roll,bun YELLOW (bread [modification, half-sized]: pictograph of a bun) - Character (modified) bulle, småfranska (etc) rundstykke pulla, sämpylä roller_skate-(to) RED (roller skates + action indicator) åka rullskridskor gå på rulleskøyter luistella rullaluistimilla roller_skates YELLOW (feet and legs + wheel [modification, low position] + wheel [modification, low position]: wheeled skates) - Character (superimposed - modified) rullskridskor rulleskøyter rullaluistimet roof,cover YELLOW (protection + thing indicator: thing that provides protective cover. The symbol is the concrete form of protection.) - (character with thing indicator) tak, yttertak tak katto room YELLOW (enclosure, open on the left side) - Character rum rom huone, tila root(s),rootage,root_system YELLOW (earth + pictograph of roots: symbol suggests two roots below the ground.) - Character (superimposed) rötter, rotsystem røtter,rot,rotsystem juuret Rosh_Hashana YELLOW (day + horn + Jewish: Jewish New Year, the day on which the shofar or ram's horn is blown) Rosh Hashana (Israel) Rosh Hashana (Israel) Roš hašana, rosh hasana, uusi vuosi rotera, cirkulera, snurra, kretsa kring, rotate,circle,circulate,wind_up,orbit-(to) RED (rotation,circulation,orbit,lap,circle,round + action indicator) vrida, veva dreie, rotere, gå rundt, sirkulere pyöriä, kiertää roti,chapati,flatbread YELLOW (toast + disc: disc-shaped toasted bread) roti, chapati (Indien) roti (ristet brød India), chapati roti rouge,blusher YELLOW (colour + plus + cheek: colour added to cheeks) rouge rouge poskipuna round,circular GREEN (circle + description indicator) cirkelformad, rund rund, sirkelformet ympyrän muotoinen, pyöreä rub,massage-(to) RED (hand + back and forth + intensity + action indicator) gnugga, gnida, massera gni, massere hieroa, hangata rug,carpet,mat YELLOW (cloth + floor covering) matta teppe, rye matto rule,regulation YELLOW (page + to guide: written guidance) regel, föreskrift regel, forskrift säännöt, sääntö, määräys ruler,measuring_stick,tapeline,tape_measure YELLOW (measurement + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) linjal, måttband (etc) målestokk, linjal, målbånd mitta, viivain run,jog-(to) RED (to walk + fast + action indicator) springa springe, løpe juosta Sabbath,day_of_rest YELLOW (day + rest: day for resting) vilodag hviledag, sabbat pyhäpäivä, lepopäivä sack,bag YELLOW (pictograph: the sides of the symbol for container are extended) - Character påse, säck, kasse pose, sekk laukku, säkki, kassi sad,sadly,unhappily,unhappy GREEN (sadness+ description indicator: having a downhearted feeling) ledsen, olycklig trist, lei seg, ulykkelig surullinen, onneton sadness,sorrow,unhappiness YELLOW (feeling + down) sorg sorg, sørgmodighet, tristhet suru, surullisuus safe,safely,secure,securely GREEN (safety + description indicator) säker, trygg sikker, trygg turvallinen, varma safety,security YELLOW (feeling + protection: feeling of being protected) säkerhet, trygghet sikkerhet, trygghet turvallisuus, varmuus sail_(old) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a sail on a mast) - Character SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See sail segel (FD) seil (OLD) purje (vanha) sailboat_(old) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the outline of a sailboat.the symbol also can be explained as: combination of boat and sail) - Character SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See sailboat,sailing_boat,yacht segelbåt (FD) seilbåt (OLD) purjevene (vanha) sailor BLUE (person + boat) sjöman matros, sjømann merimies salad YELLOW lettuce + dish (combination): used in a general sense for all salads) - Character (superimposed - combined) sallad salat salaatti saliva,spit YELLOW (liquid + mouth: liquid contained in the mouth) saliv, spott spytt sylki, kuola salt_crystal YELLOW (crystal + sea) saltkristall saltkrystall merisuola, karkea suola salty_(old) GREEN (taste + sea + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See salty salt (adj.) salt (smak) suolainen same,equal,equality WHITE (international mathematical symbol) - Character lika, samma, lika med, likhet lik, samme, likhet sama, samanlainen, yhtä suuri same_sound GRAY (same + sound: used before a second symbol to create a meaning that is a homonym of the second symbol) låter lika, låter som høres ut som, låter som kuulostaa samalta kuin, samalta kuulostava kuin

55 16715 sand YELLOW (powder + rock: powder made from a rock) sand, grus sand, grus hiekka sandal(s) YELLOW (shoe(s) + comma + open) sandaler sandal sandaalit sandbox,sandpit,sandtray YELLOW foundation + sand: could also be interpreted as (enclosure [modified] + sand) sandlåda sandkasse hiekkalaatikko sandwich YELLOW (food + between + bread) sandwich, smörgås, baguette sandwich, smørbrød kerrosvoileipä sanitary_napkin,sanitary_towel,tampon YELLOW (absorbent material + woman) binda, tampong bind, tampong terveysside, tamponi sari YELLOW (clothing + around + woman) (India) sari (Indien) sari (India) sari satisfaction,contentment YELLOW (mind + full: CKB quotes the Chinese phrase to describe a contented man: his rice bowl is full ) tillfredsställelse, belåtenhet tilfredsstillelse tyytyväisyys, mielihyvä Saturday_(OLD) YELLOW (day + 7: seventh day of the week - based on the convention of Sunday being the first) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Saturday_(day6) 25164, Saturday_(day7) 25165, Saturday_(day1) lördag (FD) lørdag (OLD) lauantai (vanha) sauce,gravy,relish,dressing_(old) YELLOW (spread,paste + liquid: liquid served on or to accompany food) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See sauce,gravy,relish,dressing sås (FD) saus (OLD) kastike (vanha) sauerkraut YELLOW (cabbage + sour) surkål surkål hapankaali sauna YELLOW (steam bath + rock) bastu badstu sauna sausage,frankfurter,hotdog,hot_dog YELLOW (meat + long) korv pølse makkara saw YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a saw and incorporates teeth) - Character såg sag saha say,speak,talk,tell,express-(to) RED (mouth + action indicator) säga, tala, prata si, snakke, fortelle kertoa, puhua, sanoa scales YELLOW (machine + to weigh) våg (apparat) vekt (skala) vaaka scarf YELLOW (clothing + neck) halsduk, scarf skjerf, halstørkle kaulaliina scenery,landscape YELLOW (generalization + countryside: general term for the countryside, which is characteristic of a particular area or region, e.g. a prairie landscape) landskap landskap maisema schach YELLOW (roof + tree + thing indicator + plural indicator: material used in making roof for Sukkot) schach (Israel) schach (Israel) puukatos schedule,timetable YELLOW (paper + time: paper that gives the times of events) schema, tidtabell skjema, timeplan, tidtabell aikataulu, lukujärjestys school YELLOW (building + to teach: building used for teaching) skola skole koulu science,body_of_learning YELLOW (mind + nature: reasoned approach to nature) - Character (superimposed) vetenskap, kunskapsområde vitenskap, kunnskapsområde tiede scissors YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a pair of closed scissors) - Character sax saks sakset score YELLOW (number + competition) poäng poeng, skåre pistemäärä, piste scorpion YELLOW (spider + to puncture: spider-like insect with a poisonous sting) skorpion skorpion skorpioni screw YELLOW (line + wavy line (as of fire) + line: pictograph that suggests the path made by the thread of a screw) - Character (sequenced) skruv skrue ruuvi screwdriver YELLOW (tool + screw) skruvmejsel skrutrekker, skrujern ruuvimeisseli scrotum YELLOW (protection + testicle) pung pung, testikkel kivespussi search-(to) RED (to watch + intensity + action indicator: to watch very intently) leta, söka lete, søke etsiä, tutkia, tarkkailla second_(time) YELLOW (time + two apostrophes, used in astronomy to indicate a second) sekund sekund sekunti second_(ordinal) GREEN (2 + decimal point + description indicator: the dot indicates an ordinal numeral) andra (ordningstal) andre toinen secret YELLOW (enclosure + mouth: the mouth is closed) - Character (superimposed) hemlighet hemmelighet salaisuus secretary BLUE (person + secret: historically, a person who keeps the boss's secrets) sekreterare sekretær sihteeri

56 16747 see,look,watch-(to) RED (eye + action indicator) se, titta se nähdä, katsoa see_you_again GRAY (to see + again + action indicator) vi ses på gjensyn (utsagn), vi ses (utsagn) nähdään seed YELLOW (earth + two dots below, to represent seeds) - Character (superimposed) frö frø, såkorn siemen seem-(to) RED (state_of_mind + what,question_mark + action indicator: can also be interpreted as mind + maybe + action indicator: to give the impression of being) verka, förefalla synes, virke som näyttää (joltakin), tuntua (joltakin) seesaw,teeter-totter,teeter_board YELLOW (slanted line (as of a diagonal of a horizontal rectangle character of Unicode draft, missing here) + small triangle (as of female_(gender)): pictograph, slanted line on top of triangle, suggesting a seesaw) - Character (superimposed) gungbräda vippehuske keinulauta self,oneself,ego_(person) BLUE (1 + person [modified]: referring to oneself as person number one) själv, ego selv itse self-harm YELLOW (abuse,assault,violence + self) självdestruktivitet selvplaging, selvskading itsetuho self-control YELLOW (to lead + self: guidance of oneself) självbehärskning, självkontroll selvkontroll itsehillintä, itsekontrolli selfish,self-centred,selfcentered,egoistic,egoistical,egocentric GREEN (selfishness,egoism + description indicator: thinking only about oneself) egoistisk, självisk egoistisk itsekäs sell-(to) RED (thing + money + action indicator: first you must have something, which you can then sell for money) sälja selge myydä semen YELLOW (liquid + sperm) sädesvätska sæd siemenneste seminal_vesicle YELLOW (container + semen: pouch in which semen is produced) sädesblåsa sædblære kivespussi send-(to) RED (to carry + departure + action indicator: to carry away from a given location) skicka, sända sende lähettää sentence,clause,phrase YELLOW (group of + word: a group of words considered together) mening, sats setning, mening, frase lause, virke September YELLOW (month + 9: ninth month of the year) september september syyskuu several WHITE (greater_than_(relation) + 2: greater than two) flera, åtskilliga noen, flere, adskillige muutama sew-(to) RED (needle + action indicator) sy sy ommella sewing_machine YELLOW (machine + to sew) symaskin symaskin ompelukone sex_drive,sexual_urge,libido YELLOW (fire + gender,sex: sexual desire) könsdrift kjønnsdrift sukupuolivietti sexual_abuse,sexual_assault,sexual_violence YELLOW (abuse,assault,violence + sexual) sexuellt våld seksuell mishandling väkisinmakaaminen, seksuaalinen väkivalta, sukupuolinen väkivalta sexual_arousal,sexual_excitement YELLOW (excitement + gender,sex) sexuell upphetsning seksuell opphisselse sukupuolinen kiihotus, seksuaalinen kiihotus sexual_harassment YELLOW (harassment + gender,sex) sexuella trakasserier seksuell trakassering sukupuolinen ahdistelu, seksuaalinen ahdistelu sexual_intercourse,intercourse,copulation YELLOW (to combine + gender,sex) samlag samleie, parring yhdyntä, seksuaalinen kanssakäyminen, sukupuolinen kanssakäyminen sexual_pleasure YELLOW (pleasure + gender,sex) sexuell njutning seksuell nytelse seksuaalinen tyydytys sexuality YELLOW (feeling + gender,sex) erotik, sexualitet seksualitet, erotikk seksuaalisuus, sukupuolisuus shake,jiggle-(to) RED (up and down + action indicator) skaka riste ravistaa shallow GREEN (shallowness + description indicator: pointer points downward into a relatively shallow space) grund grunn matala greeting,shalom,salam_(etc) YELLOW (mouth (to say) + meeting_and_parting: a combination of hello and goodbye, expression of greeting, either when meeting or parting) hälsning hilsen tervehdys, shalom shame YELLOW (sad + wrong: feeling of sadness about one's wrong behaviour) skam skam häpeä shampoo YELLOW (soap + hair) schampo sjampo shampoo shamrock,clover YELLOW (pictograph) - Character klöver kløver apilanlehti shape,form YELLOW (eye + thing: how the eye perceives an object) form form muoto

57 16941 share-(to) RED (to have + together + action indicator) dela, ha tillsammans dele, ha sammen olla yhteinen (jonkun kanssa), jakaa (jonkun kanssa) shark YELLOW (fish + teeth) haj hai hai sharp_(knife) GREEN (knife + description indicator) skarp, vass skarp terävä sharp_(taste),acid,sour GREEN (taste + sharp + description indicator) sur, skarp (smak) skarp (smak), syrlig hapan, kirpeä shave_(beard)-(to) RED (to cut + beard + action indicator) raka, raka sig barbere seg, barbere (skjegg) ajaa parta shaver,razor YELLOW (knife + beard) rakapparat, rakhyvel barberhøvel partakone shaving_soap,shaving_cream YELLOW (soap + beard) rakkräm, raktvål barbersåpe, barberkrem partavaahto Shavuot YELLOW (day + commandments) Shavuot (Israel) Shavout (Israel) Šavuot, viikojen juhla she,her,herself BLUE (female + 3: third person singular (f.)) hon, henne, sig hun, henne, seg hän (nainen), hän (fem.) sheep YELLOW (ovine + cloth: animal whose fleece is used to make cloth) får sau, får (subst.) lammas sheet(s),bedclothes,bed_linen YELLOW (cloth + bed) lakan sengetøy lakana shekel YELLOW (money + shekel_(character); the Israeli currency shekel) shekel shekel (israelsk valuta) sekeli shelf YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a shelf) - Character hylla hylle hylly shell,crust YELLOW (case,casing + pointer, to enclosure: a crust or shell surrounds the thing) - Character (superimposed - pointer) skal, hölje skorpe, skall kuori shelter,refuge YELLOW (room + protection) skyddsrum tilfluktsrom suoja, turvapaikka shine,beam-(to) RED (sun + action indicator) lysa, skina skinne, stråle aurinko paistaa shirt,blouse YELLOW (clothing + chest: clothing that covers the upper part of the body) blus, skjorta, tröja (etc) skjorte, bluse, trøye paita, pusero Shiva BLUE (god + destruction: Hindu god) (India) Shiva (Indien) Shiva (India) Shiva shoe YELLOW (protection + foot: protective covering for the feet) skor sko kenkä shofar YELLOW (horn + Jewish) shofar (Israel) shofar (Israel) Šofar, shofar shopping_centre_(old) YELLOW (many + public room: group of stores) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See shopping_centre,mall,plaza center, köpcentrum (FD) supermarked, kjøpesenter (OLD) ostoskeskus (vanha) short GREEN (shortness_(distance,length) + description indicator: horizontal line is relatively short) See also: low,short and long kort kort lyhyt shorts YELLOW (trousers + comma + short) kortbyxor, shorts kortbukse, shorts shortsit shoulder YELLOW (body + pointer, to shoulder) - Character (superimposed - pointer) axel, skuldra skulder hartia, olkapää shout-(to) RED (to say + two intensity symbols + action indicator: to say forcefully) skrika skrike huutaa shovel,spade YELLOW (pictograph) - Character spade spade, skuffe lapio show,demonstrate-(to) RED (to cause + to observe + action indicator: to cause to be seen) visa, demonstrera vise, demonstrere näyttää, osoittaa shower YELLOW (room + water + down: room where water pours down for bathing) - Character (superimposed) dusch dusj suihku shower-(to) RED (shower + action indicator) duscha dusje olla suihkussa, käydä suihkussa, suihkuttaa exhibition_hall,showplace YELLOW (building + to see: building in which to see shows) utställningshall, galleri kino, teater, utstillingshall messuhalli, näyttelyhalli Shevat,Shvat YELLOW (month + birth + tree + plural indicator: month of Tu B Shvat) Shvat, Shevat Shvat (Israel) sevat, sebat sibling(s) BLUE (offspring,child + 2: male or female family member considered in relation to another child of the same parents) syskon søsken sisarus, yksi sisaruksista

58 16973 sick,ill GREEN (illness + description indicator) sjuk syk sairas, kipeä side_(body) YELLOW (body + pointer, to side) - Character (superimposed - pointer) sida (på kroppen) side (kroppen) kylki side_(enclosure) YELLOW (enclosure + pointer, to side) - Character (superimposed - pointer) sida side sivu sieve,colander,strainer YELLOW (container + downward [modification, low position]: container through which something can pass) - Character (superimposed - modified) sil, durkslag, filter sil, dørslag seula, siivilä, sihti sign,advertisement YELLOW (enclosure + attention: large square that attracts one's attention) SYMBOL SYNONYM signal, skylt skilt, varsel merkki, ilmoitus sign_(old) YELLOW (to point + thing: the hand points to the thing) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See sign,signal tecken (FD) tegn (OLD) merkki (vanha), opastin (vanha) signature YELLOW (to write + name: writing of one's name) namnteckning signatur nimikirjoitus, allekirjoitus signature_stamp YELLOW (tool + signature) namnstämpel navnestempel nimileimasin silence,quiet YELLOW (minus + sound: absence of sound) tystnad stillhet hiljaisuus, äänettömyys silent GREEN (silence + description indicator) tyst, låg, lågmäld stille hiljainen, äänetön Simchat_Torah YELLOW (holiday + Torah) Simchat Torah (Israel) Simchat Torah (Israel) simhat tora, Tooran ilojuhla similar,like,alike GRAY (near + same: nearly the same) nästan samma som, liknande nesten samme som, liknende melkein sama, noin, samankaltainen, melkein sama kuin similar_looking,looks_similar GRAY (similar + eye) ser nästan ut som ser ut som näyttää samalta, melkein samanlainen kuin, näyttää samalta kuin, näyttää melkein samalta kuin similar_sound,sounds_like GRAY (similar + sound) låter nästan lika, låter nästan som høres nesten ut som kuulostaa melkein samalta kuin, melkein samalta kuulostava simmer,poach-(to) RED (to cook + water + action indicator) sjuda småkoke kiehua, kuohua sin YELLOW (wrong + God: something wrong in God's eyes) synd synd synti sin-(to) RED (sin + action indicator) synda synde tehdä syntiä sing-(to) RED (song + action indicator) sjunga synge laulaa singer BLUE (person + to sing) sångare, sångerska sanger laulaja bath,washing YELLOW (container + water) - Character (superimposed) bad, tvätt bad, vask (i kombinasjon) pesu, kylpy sinner BLUE (person + sin: person who sins) syndare synder syntinen ihminen sister BLUE (daughter + 2: daughter considered in relation to another child of her parents) syster søster sisko, sisar sit-(to) RED (seat,sitting_(sitting_person) + action indicator) sitta sitte istua Sivan YELLOW (month + commandments: month of the holiday of Shavout) Sivan (Israel) Sivan (Israel) sivan, siván skateboard YELLOW (vehicle + ski,runner [modification, high position]: pictograph, combination of vehicle and ski) - Character (superimposed - combined - modified) rullbräda, skateboard rullebrett, skateboard rullalauta, skeittilauta skeleton YELLOW (structure + creature + thing indicator: supporting structure of a living creature) skelett skjelett luuranko, luusto ski_boot(s) YELLOW (boot(s) + ski) kängor, pjäxor skistøvel, skistøvler monot, hiihtokengät ski_pole(s) YELLOW (2 + linear thing + ski + thing indicator) stavar skistav, skistaver suksisauvat, suksikepit skin YELLOW (protection + body: protective covering for the body) hud, skinn hud, skinn iho, nahka skirt YELLOW (clothing,clothes,garment + woman_(below_waist): can also be explained as dress + pointer, to skirt) kjol skjørt hame, mekko, leninki skis_(pair_of) YELLOW (2 + ski) skidor ski sukset skullcap,kipa,yarmulke YELLOW (hat + Jewish: head covering for religious purposes) kalott (Israel) kalott (Israel) kipa

59 17005 skunk YELLOW (animal + to smell bad: animal that gives off a disagreeable smell) skunk skunk, stinkdyr haisunäätä, skunkki sky YELLOW (horizontal line, on the skyline of the symbol drawing area) - Character himmel himmel taivas sled,sledge,sleigh,toboggan YELLOW (thing [modification, on earthline] + ski,runner_(sled_etc): pictograph, symbol suggests a sled, a snow vehicle to carry things) - Character (superimposed - modified) kälke, pulka, släde slede, kjelke, pulk kelkka, pulkka sleep YELLOW (eye + to close: one's eyes are closed in sleep) - Character (superimposed) sömn søvn uni sleep-(to) RED (sleep + action indicator) sova sove nukkua sleeping_bag YELLOW (sack + to sleep) sovsäck sovepose makuupussi slide YELLOW (downward and forward + thing indicator: thing for sliding) - (character with thing indicator) rutschbana rutsjebane liukumäki slip,petticoat,half-slip,underskirt YELLOW (dress + under) underkjol, underklänning underkjole, underskjørt alushame slipper(s) YELLOW (shoe(s) + comma + house: shoe(s) worn mainly indoors) tofflor, inneskor tøffel, innesko tossut slow,slowly_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + fast + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See slow,slowly långsam, sakta (FD) langsom, sein (OLD) hidas (vanha), hitaasti (vanha) smart,bright,clever,intelligent GREEN (smartness,brightness,cleverness,intelligence + description indicator: having striking mental abilities) klok, begåvad, förståndig smart, lur, skarp, klok viisas, etevä, nokkela, älykäs smash,grind,shatter,splinter-(to) RED (to break + many + piece + action indicator) mala, krossa knuse, male murskata, särkeä, särkyä, pirstoa, jauhaa smell,odour YELLOW (nose + earth [half-sized]: what the nose gets from the earth) - Character (superimposed) lukt, doft lukt, duft haju, tuoksu smell-(to) RED (nose + action indicator) lukta, nosa lukte tuoksua, haista, haistaa smell,give_off_odour-(to) RED (smell + action indicator: to give off a smell or odour) lukta dufte haistaa, haista, tuoksua smell_bad,stink-(to) RED (to smell + negative + action indicator) lukta illa, stinka lukte vondt, stinke haista pahalta, lemuta smile,grin-(to) RED (happy + face + action indicator: to make a happy face) le smile hymyillä smoke YELLOW (cloud + fire) rök røyk savu smoke-(to) RED (smoking_(cigarette) + action indicator) röka røyke tupakoida smooth GREEN (hand + glass + description indicator: feeling like glass) jämn, slät glatt, jevn sileä snack_(food) YELLOW (meal + comma + little: small or light meal) mellanmål (litet mål) mellommat välipala snail YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a snail) - Character snigel snegle etana snake YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a snake) - Character orm slange, orm käärme water_snake YELLOW (snake + water [modification, low position under the earthline]: snake that spends much time in the water) - Character (superimposed - modified) vattenorm havslange rantakäärme, tarhakäärme sneeze-(to) RED (nose + to blow + intensity + action indicator: to blow air forcefully from one's nose) nysa nyse aivastaa snow YELLOW (water + down [modification] + star [modification, on earthline] (combination): water that comes down from the sky in star-shaped flakes) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) snö snø (subst.) lumi snow-(to) RED (snow + action indicator) snöa snø sataa lunta snowball YELLOW (snow + ball: snow shaped into a ball) snöboll snøball lumipallo snowflake YELLOW (snow + pointer, to star-shaped flake) - Character (superimposed - pointer) snöflinga snøfille, snøfnugg lumihiutale snowman YELLOW (snow + man: snow shaped like a man) snögubbe snømann lumiukko snowshoe_(old) YELLOW (snowshoe + legs and feet + snow: special shoe for walking over snow) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See snowshoe snöskor (FD) truge (OLD) lumikenkä (vanha) snowstorm YELLOW (storm + snow) snöstorm snøstorm lumimyrsky

60 17199 snowsuit,winter_clothing YELLOW (clothing + snow) vinterkläder vinterklær talvivaatteet soap,detergent YELLOW (thing + to wash) tvål, tvättmedel såpe, vaskemiddel saippua social_worker BLUE (worker + to help + person: person whose work consists of helping others) kurator (etc) kurator, sosialarbeider sosiaalityöntekijä soda_pop,pop,soft_drink YELLOW (drink + gas: carbonated drink) läskedryck, dryck med kolsyra brus, drikk med kullsyre limonadi, limsa, virvoitusjuoma soft GREEN (hand + imprint,depression + description indicator) mjuk bløt, myk pehmeä soldier,warrior BLUE (person + war) soldat, militär soldat, militær sotilas solid_thing YELLOW (thing [modification, low position] + thing [modification, high position]: simplified three dimensional drawing of a solid object) - Character (superimposed - modified) fast föremål fast stoff, fast form kiinteä esine solve-(to) RED (to answer + difficult + action indicator: to answer a difficult question) lösa (problem), klara løse (problem), oppklare ratkaista, selvittää some,any GREEN (part + description indicator) endera, någon, en del, vissa noen, noe, litt, delvis joku, muutama, vähän, hiukan, jokin, kukaan, mikään sometimes GREEN (part of + time: part of the time, i.e., sometimes) ibland av og til, noen ganger, i blant joskus son BLUE (protection + male: male born under the family roof) - Character (superimposed) son sønn poika song YELLOW (mouth + musical note: vocal music) sång sang laulu songbird,finch,thrush YELLOW (bird + song) sångfågel sangfugl laululintu soon GREEN (future + near + description indicator: in the near future) snart snart pian wound,cut,sore YELLOW (to break + skin) sår sår haava sorry GRAY (sadness + about + past) förlåt, ursäkta beklager, unnskyld (utsagn) anteeksi sufganiya YELLOW (disc + Chanukah: traditional sweet eaten at Chanukah) soufganiya, Chanukah kaka (Israel) soufganiya, Chanukha kaka (Israel) sufganiyot sound YELLOW (ear + earth [half-sized]: what the ear receives from the earth) - Character (superimposed) ljud lyd ääni sound-(to) RED (sound + action indicator) ljuda, låta lyde kuulostaa, kuulua soup,broth YELLOW (dish + liquid) - Character (superimposed) soppa, buljong suppe keitto, liemi south YELLOW (sun + pointer, to south) - Character (superimposed - pointer) söder sør, syd etelä southern GREEN (south + description indicator) sydlig sørlig, sydlig eteläinen, etelä space,dimension YELLOW (three coordinate axes drawn in perspective, illustrating the three dimensions of space) - Character rymd, utrymme, dimension rominnhold avaruus, tila spaghetti_(old) YELLOW (food + flour + linear thing + thing indicator: long, thin pasta) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See spaghetti spagetti (FD) spaghetti (OLD) spagetti (vanha) special,particular GREEN (feeling + interesting + description indicator) särskild spesiell, særskilt erikoinen, erityinen specific GREEN (the + description indicator) bestämd bestemt täsmällinen, tarkoin määrätty speech_impaired_(old) GREEN (limit(s),limitation_(old) + to speak + description indicator: having difficulties to speak intelligibly) See also: nonspeaking SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See speech_impaired talskadad (FD) talehemmet (OLD) puhevammainen, puhehäiriöinen (vanha) sperm YELLOW (pictograph) - Character spermie spermie siittiö spermicide YELLOW (chemical product + sperm_destruction) spermiedödande medel sæddrepende middel ehkäisyaine spice_box YELLOW (container + seasoning) kryddburk (etc) krydderboks maustepurkki spider YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a spider) - Character spindel edderkopp hämähäkki spiral,curl_(shape) YELLOW (shape + spiral) spiral spiral spiraali

61 17231 spit-(to) RED (spitting + action indicator: to expel from one's mouth) spotta spytte sylkeä splash-(to) RED (to hit + water + action indicator) plaska plaske loiskia, roiskia, roiskuttaa spoon YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a spoon. The diagonal orientation of spoon is the same as that of fork and knife.) - Character sked skje lusikka sport_(old) YELLOW (activity + healthy) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See sport sport, idrott (FD) sport (OLD) urheilu (vanha), voimistelu (vanha), liikunta (vanha) sport_stick YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a hockey stick) - Character klubba kølle maila, jääkiekkomaila spot,mark YELLOW (eye + dot: dot perceived by the eye) fläck, märke flekk, merke tahra spouse,cohabitant,partner BLUE (person + protection: person who shares one's roof) - Character (superimposed) maka, make, sambo, partner ektefelle, samboer aviopuoliso spread,paste YELLOW (food + on (combination): food that is put on something else) - Character (superimposed - combined) pålägg pålegg tahna, leikkeleet, päällysteet spread_(cover_with_spread)-(to) RED (spread + action indicator) bre på smøre päällystää, voidella, levittää spring_(ckb) YELLOW (sun +1: first season) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM vår (CKB) vår (CKB) kevät spring YELLOW (sun flower + up: first season when flowers begin to grow) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM vår vår kevät square_(shape) YELLOW (shape + enclosure (with a square shape): square, a geometric shape) kvadrat firkant, kvadrat neliö square_(description) GREEN (square_(shape) + description indicator) kvadratisk, fyrkantig firkantet, kvadratisk neliön muotoinen, neliömäinen, neliskulmainen squash,pumpkin YELLOW (vegetable above ground [modification] + pictograph of thick rind) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) squash, pumpa gresskar kurpitsa squirrel YELLOW (animal_(bushy_tailed) + teeth: rodent with a bushy tail) ekorre ekorn orava staff BLUE (group + to serve: group of people working to serve others) personal, vårdpersonal personale henkilökunta stairs,steps YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a side view of a flight of stairs) - Character trappa trapp portaat, rappuset stamp YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a stamp in the upper corner of an envelope) - Character frimärke frimerke postimerkki stand-(to) RED (standing_(standing_person) + action indicator) stå stå seisoa stander YELLOW (support + medical + to stand + thing indicator: medical device for standing) tippbräda, ståstöd ståstativ seisomateline star_of_david YELLOW (symbol for Judaism) - Character davidsstjärna Davidstjernen Daavidin tähti star YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a star giving off rays of light) - Character stjärna stjerne tähti starfish_(old) YELLOW (fish + star) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See starfish sjöstjärna (FD) sjøstjerne (OLD) meritähti (vanha) stay,remain-(to) RED (without + to advance + action indicator) stanna, stå stilla stanse, stå stille jäädä, pysyä steam YELLOW (water + up: when water is converted into steam by boiling, it rises) - Character (superimposed) ånga (subst.) damp höyry steam-(to) RED (steam + action indicator) ånga (verb) dampe höyrytä steam_bath YELLOW (room + steam) - Character (superimposed) bastu, ångbad badstu, dampbad höyrykylpy steel YELLOW (material + knife: the material of which knives are made) stål stål teräs stem,stalk YELLOW (flower + pointer, to stem) - Character (superimposed - pointer) stjälk stilk varsi stepfather BLUE (husband + mother: husband of one's mother) - Character (superimposed) styvfar stefar isäpuoli, äidin mies stepmother BLUE (wife + father: wife of one's father) - Character (superimposed) styvmor stemor äitipuoli, isän vaimo sterilization YELLOW (to cause + infertile) sterilisering sterilisering sterilointi

62 17263 stick,log YELLOW (linear thing + tree + thing indicator) bräda, pinne, stock (etc) stokk, pinne tikku, keppi stocking(s),sock(s),pantyhose,tights YELLOW (clothing + leg_and_foot: clothing worn on legs and feet) strumpor, strumpbyxor, sockor sokk, sokker, strømpe, strømper, strømpebukse sukat, sukkahousut stomach,abdomen,belly YELLOW (body + pointer to stomach) - Character (superimposed - pointer) mage,buk mage vatsa stone_(material) YELLOW (material + stone) sten stein kivi stone,rock YELLOW (mountain [half-sized]) - Character sten, klippa stein, klippe kivi stop,arrive,end-(to) RED (end + action indicator) sluta, stoppa, komma fram slutte, stoppe, ankomme lopettaa, loppua, pysähtyä, saapua store_(old) YELLOW (public room + business: public room where money is exchanged for goods) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See store,shop affär, butik (FD) butikk (OLD) kauppa (vanha), liike (vanha) storeroom YELLOW (room + to hold) förråd lagerrom varasto, varastohuone gale YELLOW (much + wind) See storm and hurricane kuling kuling myrskytuuli story,report,tale YELLOW (page + mouth: spoken narrative. The symbol is used for story in a general sense, whether spoken, written, or printed.) berättelse, historia, saga fortelling, historie kertomus, tarina, satu, selostus stove,furnace,heater,oven YELLOW (fire + enclosure: enclosed source of heat) - Character (superimposed) spis, ugn ovn, komfyr hella, uuni strange GREEN (feeling + what,question_mark + description indicator: characteristic of someone or something about which one feels doubtful) konstig, okänd merkelig, eiendommelig outo, vieras, arvaamaton stranger BLUE (person + strange: person who is strange, unknown) konstig person, kuf fremmed muukalainen, vieras strap,string,velcro,rope,cord YELLOW (linear thing + to fasten + thing indicator: linear thing that fastens or joins) snöre, tråd (etc) reim, stropp, tråd, velcro nauha, naru, hihna straw,drinking_straw YELLOW (linear thing + drink + thing indicator) sugrör sugerør pilli, juomapilli strawberry YELLOW (berry + pictograph of seeds showing on the outside) - Character (superimposed) jordgubbe jordbær mansikka street YELLOW (street_with_building + pointer, to street: ground, next to a building, used as a public thoroughfare) - Character (superimposed - pointer) gata, väg gate katu, tie string_bean,green_bean,runner_bean,wax_bean YELLOW (bean + long) skärböna (etc) belgfrukt, bønner (o.l.) palko stroke-(to) RED (hand + back and forth + action indicator) smeka, stryka, klappa stryke, stake, gni, klappe silittää strong,powerful GREEN (strength + description indicator: symbol suggests the outline of a person, arm bent, biceps flexed, showing strength) stark sterk vahva, voimakas structure,construction YELLOW (enclosure [modification, formed of lines and dots]) - Character (modification) konstruktion konstruksjon rakenne student,pupil BLUE (person + to learn) elev, studerande student, elev opiskelija, oppilas stupid,dumb_(old) GREEN (opposite meaning + smart + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See stupid,dumb dum, obegåvad (FD) dum (OLD) tyhmä (vanha) subtract,remove,take_away-(to) RED (subtraction + action indicator) dra ifrån, förlora, ta bort, subtrahera ta bort, fjerne, subtrahere vähentää, ottaa pois subtraction,loss YELLOW (based upon the international mathematical symbol) - Character avdrag, förlust, subtraktion subtraksjon, tap vähennyslasku, vähentäminen succeed-(to) RED (success + action indicator) gå bra, ha framgång, lyckas lykkes, ha framgang onnistua success YELLOW (opposing_forces,counter-forces + forward: the forward arrow moves forward through the two arrows of topposing forces, i.e., it has success in overcoming the opposing forces) - Character (superimposed) framgång suksess, framgang onnistuminen, menestyminen, menestys suddenly,abrupt,sudden GREEN (time + lightning + description indicator: occurring as suddenly as a bolt of lightning) plötsligt plutselig yhtäkkiä, äkkiä sugar,sweetener YELLOW (adding,additive + sweetness + thing indicator: combination of flavouring and sweet) socker, sötningsmedel sukker, søtningsmiddel sokeri, makeutusaine suggest,propose-(to) RED (suggestion + action indicator) föreslå foreslå ehdottaa suggestion,proposal YELLOW (opinion + purpose) förslag forslag ehdotus, esitys suit YELLOW (clothing part: two piece clothing) dräkt, kostym drakt, dress puku

63 17457 sukkah YELLOW (house + roof + tree + thing indicator + plural indicator: house for Sukkot) sukkah (Israel) sukkah (Israel) lehtimaja, sukaa Sukkot YELLOW (week + roof + tree + thing indicator + plural indicator: week-long holiday when a ceremonial hut is built from branches) Sukkot (Israel) Sukkot (Israel) sukkot, lehtimajajuhla, lehtimajanjuhla summer_(ckb) YELLOW (sun + 2: second season) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM sommar (CKB) sommer (CKB) kesä summer YELLOW (sun hot: second season when it is hot) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM sommar sommer kesä summer_day_camp YELLOW (gathering + day + summer) dagläger sommertreff kesäleiri sun YELLOW (pictograph) - Character sol sol aurinko sunscreen,sunblock,sun_lotion YELLOW (chemical product + against + sun) solkräm solkrem aurinkovoide Sunday_(OLD) YELLOW (day + 1: first day of the week - based on the convention of Sunday being the first) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Sunday_(day7) 25182, Sunday_(day1) 25180, Sunday_(day2) söndag (FD) søndag (OLD) sunnuntai (vanha) sunny GREEN (sun + description indicator) solig solfylt aurinkoinen sunrise YELLOW (morning_(early) + up: half sun going up) soluppgång soloppgang auringonnousu sunset YELLOW (morning_(early) + down: half sun going down) solnedgång solnedgang auringonlasku supper,dinner YELLOW (meal + 3: third meal of the day) middag, kvällsmål middag, kveldsmåltid päivällinen support-(to) RED (to help + with (the help of) + money + action indicator: to provide financial support) ge bidrag, finansiera finansiere, støtte økonomisk tukea taloudellisesti, rahoittaa, avustaa surprise-(to)_(old) RED (feeling + two intensity symbols + action indicator: to produce an intense emotional reaction) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See surprise-(to) överraska (FD) overraske (OLD) yllättää (vanha) swallow-(to) RED (down + drink,beverage + action indicator: combination of food and liquid going down) svälja svelge niellä swamp,bog,marsh YELLOW (water_(ground_level) + earth [half-sized]: more water than earth) - Character (superimposed) mosse, myr, sankmark myr, sump suo, räme swan YELLOW (water_creature + pictograph of swan neck and head: symbol also incorporates water) - Character (superimposed) svan svane joutsen sweat,perspire-(to) RED (sweat,perspiration + action indicator) svettas svette (å) hikoilla sweat,perspiration YELLOW (liquid + skin) svett svette hiki, hikoilu sweet_(metaphor) GREEN (metaphor + sweet + description indicator: "sweet" as in "a sweet child") söt, gullig elskelig, søt suloinen, söpö sweet_(taste) GREEN (sweetness,sweet + description indicator: pleasant taste) söt søt (smak) makea sweet,confection YELLOW (food + sweet) sötsak søtsak makea ruoka sweet_potato,yam YELLOW (vegetable below ground + sweet) sötpotatis søtpotet bataatti, jamssi sweetheart,lover BLUE (person + to love) älskling kjæreste kulta, mielitietty swim-(to) RED (swimming,swim + action indicator: to move through water) simma svømme uida swimming_pool YELLOW (pool + swimming) simbassäng svømmebasseng uima-allas swimsuit,swimwear,bathing_suit YELLOW (clothing + comma + to swim) badbyxor, baddräkt badebukse, badedrakt uimapuku swing YELLOW (swing,swinging + thing indicator: thing to swing upon) - (character with thing indicator) gunga (subst.) gynge, vippehuske keinu swing,sway,rock-(to) RED (swing,swinging + action indicator) gunga (verb) svinge, gynge (å) keinua, heilua handle,switch YELLOW (thing + hand: thing operated by the hand) handtag håndtak, hendel, bryter kädensija, kahva, katkaisija switch-(to) RED (handle + action indicator) sätta på sette på, skru på käynnistää, avata, sytyttää symbol_display,symbol_board,symbol_chart YELLOW (paper + plus + Blissymbol) blisskarta, symbolkarta symboltavle symbolikartta, symbolitaulu

64 17490 synagogue YELLOW (house + commandments: building for Jewish religious services and instruction) synagoga synagoge synagooga syringe YELLOW (injection + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) spruta sprøyte lääkeruisku table_game YELLOW (to play + table: enjoyable activity that uses a table) sällskapsspel bordlek, selskapslek pöytäpeli table YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the side view of a table) - Character bord bord pöytä tablecloth YELLOW (cloth + table) duk duk pöytäliina, pikkuliina tahini,sesame_seed_spread YELLOW (spread + seed + white: Middle Eastern food, used rather like peanut butter) tahini, sesampasta tahini (sesammasse) tahinilevite tail YELLOW (canine + pointer, to tail) - Character (superimposed - pointer) svans hale häntä take,bring,carry,move-(to) RED (portability + action indicator) bära, ta med bære, ta med viedä, tuoda take_away,remove-(to) RED (hand + to take away + action indicator) ta bort ta vekk viedä pois, ottaa pois takeoff,take-off,airplane_take-off YELLOW (airplane + upward and forward) start (flyg) flyavgang, take off lähtö, lentokoneen nousu talcum_powder YELLOW (powder + body) talkpuder talkum talkki tallith YELLOW (clothing + comma + to pray + Jewish) tallit (Israel) tallit (Israel) tallit Tammuz YELLOW (month + summer: month that is the heart of summer) Tamuz (Israel) Tamuz (Israel) tammus, tammúz tangerine,clementine,mandarin YELLOW (citrus fruit + little) klementin (etc) klementin, mandarin mandariini, klementiini tank YELLOW (bus,coach [modification, prolonged] + cannon [modification, higher position]) - Character (superimposed - modified) stridsvagn stridsvogn, tanks panssarivaunu, tankki sound_recorder,tape-recorder YELLOW (machine + to reproduce + ear: machine to reproduce material for listening) bandspelare båndspiller nauhuri taste YELLOW (nose + mouth: the nose and mouth are both used in tasting) - Character (superimposed) smak smak maku taste-(to) RED (taste + action indicator) smaka smake maistaa, maistua taxi,cab YELLOW (car + limited time: car hired for a short time) taxi, hyrbil taxi, leiebil taksi taxi_driver,cab_driver BLUE (person + taxi) taxichaufför taxisjåfør taksinkuljettaja tea YELLOW (drink + leaf: drink made from tea leaves) te te tee teach,instruct-(to) RED (to give + knowledge + action indicator) lära ut, undervisa undervise, instruere opettaa teacher,instructor BLUE (person + to teach) lärare, instruktör lærer, instruktør opettaja team BLUE (group + to work + together: group that works together) arbetslag, team, arbetsgrupp arbeidslag, team joukkue, työryhmä tease-(to) RED (to act + upset + action indicator: to act in a way that upsets someone) reta erte kiusata, härnätä, ärsyttää teenager,adolescent,youth BLUE (child + adult (combination): person between childhood and adulthood) - Character (superimposed - combined) tonåring, ungdom tenåring, ungdom nuori (henkilö), teini-ikäinen teeth YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests two teeth) - Character tänder tenner hampaat telephone YELLOW (language + electricity: electrical device for speaking and listening) telefon telefon puhelin television YELLOW (enclosure + eye + ear + electricity: box for seeing and hearing by a means of electricity) tv TV, fjernsynsapparat televisio, TV temperature YELLOW (scale,measurement + point [low position under earthline]: symbol suggests a thermometer and incorporates measurement in a vertical position) - Character (superimposed) temperatur temperatur lämpötila ten_o'clock_eating_break YELLOW (food + time + 10) (Israel) ten o'clock eating break (Israel) ten 0`clock eating break (Israel) kello kymmenen ruoka tennis_(activity)_(old) YELLOW (activity + crossed_racquets: game played with racquets) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See tennis_(activity) and tennis,racket_sport,racquet_sport tennis (FD) tennis (OLD) tennis (vanha)

65 17523 tent YELLOW (house + cloth: shelter made of cloth) tält telt teltta termite,wood_destroying_insect YELLOW (insect + tree_or_wood_destruction: insect that destroys trees or wood) termit termitt termiitti, tuhohyönteinen terrified GREEN (terror + description indicator) skräckslagen, vettskrämd forferdet, vettskremt kauhistuttava terrorist BLUE (person + terrorism) terrorist terrorist terroristi terrorize-(to) RED (terrorism + action indicator) terrorisera terrorisere terrorisoida, pelästyttää test,assessment,exam YELLOW (question + for (the purpose of) + evaluation) prov, test prøve, test testi, koe testicle YELLOW (container + sperm) testikel testikkel kives Tevet YELLOW (month + winter: month of rain, typifying winter) Tevet (Israel) Tevet (Israel) tebet, tevét tefillin YELLOW (2 + box + part + Torah: two boxes with part of Torah) tfillim (Israel) tfillim (Israel) tefillin thank-(to) RED (thanks + action indicator) tacka takke kiittää thanks,thank_you GRAY feeling + to give: polite phrase used to express gratitude to another) tack takk kiitos thanksgiving YELLOW (day + thanks: day for giving thanks) tacksägelsedagen høsttakkefest kiitospäivä that_(there) WHITE (dot [low position] + the: the diagonal line has the same orientation as the one used in the and this) - Character (superimposed) den där, det där den der, det der tuo too_bad,i'm_sorry,i'm_so_sorry GRAY (sad + about ) tyvärr beklager så mye (utsagn) olen pahoillani, mikä vahinko thaw,melt-(to) RED (thawing,melting + action indicator: solid ice turns into water) smälta, tina smelte, tine sulaa, sulattaa the WHITE (diagonal line suggests an index finger pointing at something specific. The diagonal line has the same orientation as the one used in this and that.) - Character den, det (bestämd form) den, det (bestemt form) se their,theirs-(persons) BLUE (they + belongs to + plural indicator) deras, sin, sitt, sina deres, sin, sitt, sine (personer) heidän their,theirs-(indefinite) WHITE (its + plural indicator: refers to things rather than to people) deras, sin, sitt, sina (opersonligt) deres, sin, sitt, sine (ubestemt) niiden their,theirs-(feminine_plural) BLUE (female belongs to + plural indicator: third person (f. pl.)) deras, sin, sitt, sina (fem.) deres, sin, sitt, sine (hunkjønn) heidän (naisia), heidän (fem.) their,theirs-(masculine_plural) BLUE (male belongs to + plural indicator: third person (m.pl.)) deras, sin, sitt, sina (mask.) deres, sin, sitt, sine (hankjønn) heidän (miehiä), heidän (mask.) then,so,later WHITE (future [half-sized]) - Character senare, sedan da, seinere, siden, så sitten, myöhemmin therapist_(old) BLUE (mutual aid + forward + person: person working cooperatively with another person to produce one free-standing person) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See therapist terapeut (FD) terapeut (OLD) terapeutti (vanha) there WHITE (two dots + by,by_means_of,of: the "by" arrowhead at the right hand end pointing to the left to the last one of two dots, indicating the furter away "there" relationship to certain points in space) - Character (sequenced) där der tuolla, tuossa, siellä therefore,so,so_that WHITE (cause [half-sized]) - Character så, alltså derfor, så, altså siksi, sentähden, niinpä thermometer YELLOW (temperature + thing indicator: The symbol is the concrete form of temperature) - (character with thing indicator) termometer termometer lämpömittari, kuumemittari thermos,cooler,flask YELLOW (container + same + temperature: container that keeps food or drink at a constant temperature for several hours) termos, kylväska (etc) termos termospullo, termosastia these WHITE (this + plural indicator) de här, dom här, dessa disse, de her nämä they,them,themselves-(indefinite) WHITE (it + plural indicator: refers to things rather than to people) de, dem, sig (obestämd plur) de, dem, seg (ubestemt) ne, niitä they,them,themselves-(persons) BLUE (person plural indicator: third person plural) de, dem, sig (plur.) de, dem, seg (personer) he they,them,themselves-(feminine_plural) BLUE (female plural indicator) de, dem, sig (fem. plur) de, dem, seg (hunkjønn) he (naisia), he (fem.), heitä they,them,themselves-(masculine_plural) BLUE (male plural indicator) de, dem, sig (mask. plur.) de, dem, seg (hankjønn) he (miehiä), he (mask.), heitä thin,slim,narrow GREEN (thinness,narrowness + description indicator: the pointers point inward toward the narrow space formed by the reference lines) smal, tunn tynn, slank ohut, laiha

66 17717 thing,object YELLOW (symbol suggests the two dimensional outline of a crystal) - Character sak, föremål ting, objekt tavara, esine think,reason-(to) RED (mind + action indicator) tänka, tycka, tro tenke, tro (å), synes, mene ajatella, järkeillä thirsty GREEN (feeling + minus + drink + description indicator: having a feeling caused by the lack of drink) törstig tørst janoinen this WHITE (the + dot [high position]: the diagonal line has the same orientation as the one used in the and that) - Character (superimposed) den här, det här, denna, detta dette, den her, det her tämä this_week YELLOW (week + now) den här veckan denne uka tämä viikko this_year YELLOW (year + now) i år i år tämä vuosi those WHITE (that + plural indicator) de där, dom där, de, dom de der nuo through WHITE (forward + reference line: arrow is passing through the reference line) - Character (superimposed) genom gjennom läpi throw-(to) RED (hand + to give + intensity + action indicator: to discharge into the air with a swift motion of the arm) kasta hive, kaste heittää thumb YELLOW (hand + pointer, to thumb) - Character (superimposed - pointer) tumme tommel peukalo thunder YELLOW (ear + lightning: sound that accompanies lightning) åska torden ukkonen, ukonilma Thursday_(OLD) YELLOW (day + 5: fifth day of the week - based on the convention of Sunday being the first) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Thursday_(day4) 25193, Thursday_(day5) 25194, Thursday_(day6) torsdag (FD) torsdag (OLD) torstai (vanha) ticket,pass YELLOW (paper + to enter: piece of paper that allows you to enter) biljett billett lippu, matkalippu, pääsylippu tie,necktie YELLOW (linear thing + neck + thing indicator) slips slips solmio tiger YELLOW (feline + stripe) tiger tiger tiikeri time YELLOW (symbol looks like a clock face, suggesting time) - Character tid tid aika tiptoe-(to) RED (toe + action indicator: to walk on one's toes) gå på tå, trippa gå på tærne, liste seg kävellä varpaisillaan tire,tyre YELLOW (wheel + pointer, to tire) - Character (superimposed - pointer) däck (till hjul) dekk (hjul) pyöränrengas tired,exhausted,weary GREEN (rest + to need + description after the fact indicator: feeling in need of rest) trött trøtt, sliten väsynyt Tisha_B'Av YELLOW (day + temple_ruin: day of temple destruction) Tisha B'Av (Israel) Tisha B`Av (Israel) tiša be'av Tishri YELLOW (month + shofar: month of Rosh Hashana) Tishrai (Israel) Tishrai (Israel) tisri, tišri tissue YELLOW (paper + nose) pappersnäsduk papirlommetørkle paperinenäliina to,toward,towards WHITE (arrowhead + reference line [half-sized]: the arrowhead approaches the reference line. This symbol is a simplified form of approach.) - Character (sequenced) till, mot, fram mot til, mot luokse, jonnekin, kohti toast YELLOW (bread_surface + fire: bread browned on both sides) rostat bröd ristet brød paahtoleipä toast-(to) RED (fire + bread_surface + action indicator) rosta bröd riste brød paahtaa leipää toaster YELLOW (machine + to toast) brödrost brødrister leivänpaahdin tobacco YELLOW (leaf + to smoke: leaf used for smoking) tobak tobakk tupakka today YELLOW (day + now) idag i dag tänään toe YELLOW (legs and feet + pointer, to toe) - Character (superimposed - pointer) tå tå varvas together,attached,appended,fastened,joined GREEN (attachment,appendix,annex + description indicator) tillsammans, ihop sammenføyd, vedlagt, isammen, tilsluttet yhdessä toilet YELLOW (seat + water_(ground_level): water closet) - Character (superimposed) toalett do, toalett vessa, WC toilet_paper YELLOW (paper + toilet) toalettpapper toalettpapir vessapaperi, WC-paperi

67 17749 tomato YELLOW (vegetable above ground + red) tomat tomat tomaatti tomorrow YELLOW (day + then (future)) imorgon i morgen huomenna tomorrow_night YELLOW (night + then (future)) imorgon natt i morgen natt ensi yö tongue YELLOW (part of + mouth + up and down: the part of the mouth that moves up and down) tunga tunge kieli tonight YELLOW (night + now) inatt i natt tämä yö too_much,too_many GREEN (over + much/many + description indicator: over the amount or number needed) för mycket, för många for mye, for mange liian paljon, liian monta, liikaa tool,instrument YELLOW (thing + hand: thing used by the hand to extend its capabilities) - Character (superimposed) verktyg, redskap verktøy, redskap työkalu, väline toothbrush YELLOW (brush + teeth) tandborste tannbørste hammasharja toothpaste YELLOW (chemical product + brush + teeth: chemical product for brushing teeth) tandkräm tannkrem hammastahna top YELLOW (enclosure + pointer, to top) - Character (superimposed - pointer) översida topp, overside huippu, yläpuoli dreidel_top YELLOW (pictograph) - Character snurra snurrebass hyrrä Torah YELLOW (pictograph of a scroll on two posts: the Torah contains the Old Testament) - Character Torah (Israel) Torah (Israel) toora touch,feel-(to) RED (hand + action indicator) röra, beröra, känna røre, berøre, kjenne koskettaa, koskea towel_(old) YELLOW (cloth + dry_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See towel handduk (FD) håndkle (OLD) pyyhe (vanha), pyyheliina (vanha) toy YELLOW (thing + play: a plaything) leksak leketøy, leke leikkikalu, lelu toy_animal,stuffed_animal YELLOW (animal + man-made) leksaksdjur lekedyr leikkieläin tractor YELLOW (car [modification, full sized back wheel]: pictograph of a tractor) - Character (modified) traktor traktor traktori traffic YELLOW (many + car) trafik trafikk liikenne train YELLOW (many + railway car: many connected railway cars) tåg tog juna trampoline YELLOW (platform + to jump) studsmatta, trampolin (etc) trampoline trampoliini translate-(to) RED (bridge + language + action indicator: to form a bridge of understanding between languages) översätta oversette kääntää, tulkita transvestite_(female) BLUE (woman + to dress + man: woman who dresses like a man) transvestit (kvinna) transvestitt (hunkjønn) transvestiitti (nainen) transvestite_(male) BLUE (man + to dress + woman: man who dresses like a woman) transvestit (man) transvestitt (hankjønn) transvestiitti (mies) travel-(to) RED (trip + action indicator) resa (verb) reise (å) matkustaa tray YELLOW (pictograph) - Character bricka serveringsbrett, brett tarjotin treat YELLOW (thing + special: a thing or occurrence that causes special pleasure or delight) nöje, upplevelse, belöning belønning mukava yllätys tree YELLOW (pictograph, of tree with trunk and branches) - Character träd tre (subst.) puu triangle YELLOW (shape + triangular shape: triangle, a geometric shape) triangel trekant, triangel kolmio triangular GREEN (triangle + description indicator) trekantig trekantet, triangulær kolmion muotoinen, kolmikulmainen tricycle YELLOW (3 + wheel: three-wheeled cycle) trehjuling trehjulssykkel kolmipyörä trip,journey,travel,voyage YELLOW (wheel + earth: movement along the earth) - Character (superimposed) resa (subst.) reise matka trouble YELLOW (feeling + opposing_forces,counter-forces: feeling of being beset by opposing forces) See also worry besvär besvær, plage, trøbbel hankaluus, vaiva

68 17781 truck,lorry YELLOW (transport,transportation + car: large motor vehicle for carrying things) - Character (superimposed) lastbil lastebil kuorma-auto, rekka-auto true,truly,truthful,truthfully GREEN (truth + description indicator) sann sant totta trunk,tree_trunk,bole YELLOW (tree + pointer, to trunk) - Character (superimposed - pointer) stam, trädstam stamme runko trust-(to) RED (trust + action indicator) lita på stole på luottaa trust,confidence YELLOW (feeling + certain) förtroende, tillit tillit luottamus truth YELLOW (mind + hypothesis,theory: the mind believes itself to understand the nature of things, but it may be in error) - Character (superimposed) sanning sannhet totuus try,attempt-(to) RED (attempt,effort,try + action indicator: to move forward with difficulty) försöka, pröva prøve, forsøke yrittää, koettaa Tu_Bishvat YELLOW (day + birth + tree + plural indicator) Tu Bishvat, Tu B'Shvat Tu B`Shvat (Israel) tu bišvat, puiden uusivuosi tubal_ligation YELLOW (operation + fallopian tube) sterilisering (kvinna) sterilisering (kvinne) munajohtimien katkaisu Tuesday_(OLD) YELLOW (day + 3: third day of the week - based on the convention of Sunday being the first) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Tuesday_(day2) 25203, Tuesday_(day3) 25204, Tuesday_(day4) tisdag (FD) tirsdag (OLD) tiistaii (vanha) tune,melody YELLOW (plan + musical note: planned sequence of notes) melodi, musikstycke melodi, musikkstykke sävelmä, melodia turkey_(bird) YELLOW (bird + food + big: large bird used for food) kalkon kalkun kalkkuna turkey_(food) YELLOW (food + bird + big: turkey as a dish) kalkon (mat) kalkun (mat) kalkkuna (ruoka) turn,play YELLOW (time + activity: person's time to do something) tur, turordning tur (din tur, min tur) vuoro turn-(to) RED (turn,turning + action indicator) See turn.turning svänga, vända snu, vende kääntyä, kääntää turnip,rutabaga,vegetable_(large-leafed) YELLOW (vegetable below ground [modification] + leaf (combination): large-leafed vegetable with an edible root) - Character (superimposed - modified -combined) kålrot, beta (etc) kålrot, nepe, turnips nauris turtle,tortoise YELLOW (animal + pictograph of head and protective shell) - Character (superimposed) sköldpadda skilpadde kilpikonna twinkle,shine,sparkle-(to) RED (star + action indicator) lysa, stråla, blinka blinke, tindre, stråle loistaa, välkkyä, tuikkia type,kind,sort YELLOW (mind + division [half-sized]: the mind s division of things into categories) - Character (superimposed) sort, slag, typ slag, type, sort laatu, tyyppi, laji printer,typewriter YELLOW (machine + to write) skrivare, skrivmaskin skrivemaskin, skriver kirjoituskone, tulostin ugh,yuk-(exclamatory) GRAY (to speak + bad + description indicator: expressing a bad or negative feeling about something.the symbol does not have a specific word equivalent: it can represent ugh!, yuk! or similar negative expressions.) urdålig, botten (etc) æsj, uff (o.l.) (utsagn) yäk! (negatiivinen tunne) ugly,unattractive GREEN (eye + sad + description indicator: displeasing to the eye) ful stygg, lite tiltrekkende ruma umbilical_cord YELLOW (tube + fetus) navelsträng navlestreng napanuora umbrella YELLOW (protection + pictograph of an umbrella handle: symbol suggests an umbrella) - Character (superimposed) paraply, parasoll paraply, parasoll sateenvarjo uncle BLUE (brother + parent: brother of one's father or mother) - Character (superimposed) farbror, morbror onkel setä, eno uncomfortable GREEN (discomfort + description indicator) See discomfort obehaglig, obekväm ubekvem, ubehagelig epämukava, epämiellyttävä under,below,inferior WHITE (horizontal reference line + dot [low position]: the dot is under or below the line) - Character (superimposed) under, nedanför under ali, alapuolella, alla bomb_shelter YELLOW (shelter + under) skyddsrum under jord tilfluktsrom under jorden väestösuoja underpants,briefs,panties YELLOW (pants + under) kalsonger, trosor truse, underbukser alushousut, kalsarit undershirt YELLOW (shirt + under) linne, undertröja undertrøye aluspaita understand,see-(to) RED (understanding,comprehension + action indicator: to enter into one's store of knowledge) See understanding,comprehension förstå forstå ymmärtää underwear,underclothes YELLOW (clothing + under: clothing worn under other clothing) underkläder undertøy alusvaatteet

69 17975 unemployment YELLOW (without + work) arbetslöshet arbeidsløshet työttömyys unfold-(to)_(old) RED (opposite meaning + to fold + action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See unfold-(to) veckla ut, vika upp (FD) brette ut, folde ut (OLD) avata (vanha), kääriä auki (vanha) unidentified_object_(suspected_explosive) YELLOW (explosive + maybe) oidentifierat föremål (misstänkt bomb) uidentifisert objekt tunnistamaton esine, tunnistamaton kohde unit,example,sample,for_example,e.g. YELLOW (1 + thing indicator: a single item) - (character with thing indicator) exemplar eksempel, utvalg, eksemplar esimerkki, mallikappale United_Kingdom YELLOW (country + Union_Jack_pattern) Storbritannien Storbritania Iso-Britannia university YELLOW (building + to exchange + knowledge) högskola, universitet universitet yliopisto unless WHITE (but + or) utom uten at jollei, ellei until,till,to WHITE (arrowhead + reference line [half-sized]: the arrowhead has arrived at and touches the reference line. This symbol is a simplified form of arrival, end.) - Character (superimposed) intill, tills inntil, til kunnes, asti up,upward WHITE (arrow, pointing upward) - Character upp, uppåt opp, oppover ylös, ylöspäin up_and_down_(old) WHITE (up + down) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See up_and_down upp och ner (FD) opp og ned(old) ylös ja alas (vanha) upset GREEN (upset,disturbance,agitation + description indicator: having unsettled feelings) upprörd opprørt levoton, järkyttynyt, kiihtynyt upward_and_backward WHITE (diagonal arrow, pointing upward and backward) - Character uppåt bakåt oppover og bakover ylös taakse upward_and_forward WHITE (diagonal arrow, pointing upward and forward) - Character uppåt framåt oppover og framover ylös eteen urethra YELLOW (tube + urine) urinrör urinrør virtsaputki urinate,make_water,pass_water,micturate,pee,pi ddle,piss,wee-(to) RED (urine + action indicator) kissa, kasta vatten urinere, tisse pissata, virtsata urine,piss,pee,piddle,weewee,water YELLOW (waste + genitals) urin, kiss urin, tiss pissa, virtsa use-(to) RED (usage,use + action indicator: to manipulate a tool rationally) See usage,use använda bruke, anvende käyttää usually,usual GREEN (most + time + description indicator: on most occasions) oftast, vanligen valigvis, oftest tavallisesti, useimmiten utensil YELLOW (tool + food) köksredskap kjøkkenredskap ruokailuväline uterus,womb YELLOW (body + creation [half sized]: part of a woman s body where new life is nurtured) - Character (superimposed) livmoder livmor kohtu vacation,holiday YELLOW (unemployment + happy: time of not working, which is happy) See also: holiday,festival ledighet, lov, semester ferie loma vagina YELLOW (uterus [modification, opening in body] + pointer, to passage) - Character (superimposed - modified - pointer) slida skjede, vagina emätin Valentine_(card) YELLOW (paper + love: message of love) kärleksbrev Valentinkort ystävänpäiväkortti Valentine's_Day YELLOW (day + love: day to celebrate love) alla hjärtans dag Valentinsdag ystävänpäivä, Valentinen päivä valley YELLOW (mountains_with_valley + pointer: the low place between two mountains) - Character (superimposed - pointer) dal dal laakso van,minibus YELLOW (bus + little) minibuss, skåpbil varevogn, minibuss pakettiauto, pikkubussi vas_deferens YELLOW (tube + sperm) sädesledare sædleder siemenjohdin vasectomy YELLOW (operation + vas deferens) sterilisering (man) sterilisering (mann) sterilisaatioleikkaus veal YELLOW (food + calf: food that comes from a calf) The symbol also can be explained as: combination of meat and calf.) kalvkött kalvekjøtt vasikanliha vegetable_(above_ground) YELLOW (earth + fruit [modification, upside down]: symbol suggests a vegetable with the edible portion above ground and the root below) - Character (superimposed - modified) grönsak grønnsak (over jorda) vihannes vegetable_(below_ground) YELLOW (earth + fruit [modification, low position]: symbol looks like a vegetable with the edible portion below ground and the leafy portion above) - Character (superimposed - modified) rotfrukt rotfrukt juures onion,vegetable_(bulb) YELLOW (vegetable below ground + bulb (plant) (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) See bulb_(plant) lök (grönsak) løk sipuli, sipulivihannes

70 18007 vegetable_(oval-shaped) YELLOW (vegetable above ground + oval (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) See oval grönsak (avlång) grønnsak (avlang) vihannes (lieriön muotoinen) vehicle,carriage,railway_car YELLOW (wheel + wheel + horizontal line: pictograph, symbol suggests a vehicle such as a railroad car or a horse-drawn carriage that does not operate under its own power) - Character (superimposed) fordon, vagn kjøretøy, vogn kulkuneuvo, vaunu, ajoneuvo video_recorder YELLOW (machine + to reproduce + eye + ear: machine to reproduce materials to see and to hear) video videospiller video, kuvanauhuri village YELLOW (group of + building) by, samhälle tettsted kylä vinegar YELLOW (combination of flavouring and sharp + thing indicator) vinäger eddik etikka purple,violet_(ckb) WHITE (colour + 7) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM violett (CKB) fiolett (CKB) purppuranpunainen, lila virginity YELLOW (without + sexual intercourse + past) oskuld uskyld neitsyys Vishnu BLUE (god + protection: Hindu god) (India) Vishnu (Indien) Vishnu (India) Vishnu visit-(to) RED (visit + action indicator) See visit besöka, hälsa på besøke vierailla, käydä vierailulla visitor,guest BLUE (person + visit: person who comes to visit) besökare, gäst gjest vieras, vierailija visually_impaired_(old) GREEN (limit(s),limitation_(old) + to see + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See visually_impaired synskadad (FD) synshemmet (OLD) näkövammainen (vanha) volcano YELLOW (mountain + fire) vulkan vulkan tulivuori volunteer BLUE (helper + free: person who gives assistance freely) frivillig medhjälpare frivillig hjelper vapaaehtoinen auttaja, vapaaehtoinen avustaja vomit,throw_up,puke-(to) RED (vomiting,vomit,puking + action indicator: to expel food) kräkas kaste opp oksentaa, ylenantaa voyeurism YELLOW (to watch + sex) smygtittande kikking (seksuell) tirkistely, salakatselu vulture YELLOW (bird + death: bird that feeds upon decaying flesh) gam gribb korppikotka vulva YELLOW (protection + vagina) blygd vulva, ytre kjønnsorganer kvinne vulva, häpy wading_pool,paddling_pool YELLOW (pool + child: pool for a child to wade in) barnbassäng, plaskdamm barnebasseng, plaskedam kahluuallas wage(s),pay,salary YELLOW (money + for (in exchange for) + work) lön, inkomst lønn, inntekt palkka wagon,cart,truck YELLOW (vehicle + diagonal line, representing a handle) - Character (superimposed) vagn, lastkärra (etc) vogn, kjerre vaunut, rattaat waist YELLOW (body + pointer + pointer, to waist) - Character (superimposed - pointer) midja liv, midje vyötärö wait-(to) RED (wait,waiting + action indicator: to halt for a limited time) vänta vente odottaa walk,go-(to) RED (legs and feet + action indicator) gå gå kävellä, kulkea walker,walking_aid_(2) YELLOW (aid + medical + to walk + thing indicator: medical support that helps a person to walk) SYMBOL SYNONYM (See also 24298) rollator, gåstol (etc) gåstol, rullator kävelyteline wall YELLOW (room + pointer, to wall) - Character (superimposed - pointer) vägg vegg seinä wand YELLOW (vertical line + star [modification, position and shape at the top of the wand]: pictograph) - Character (superimposed - modified) trollspö tryllestav taikasauva, sauva want,desire-(to) RED (want,desire + action indicator: to have an emotional desire, a strong feeling shown by fire) See also: wish,desire vilja (verb) ønske (å), ville (å) tahtoa, haluta war YELLOW (knife,sword + knife sword [modification, mirrored]: two crossed swords, suggesting armed conflict) - Character (superimposed - modified) krig, strid krig, strid sota warm GREEN (hot + little + description indicator) ljummen varm, lunken lämmin, haalea wash,bathe,bath-(to) RED (bath,washing + action indicator) bada, tvätta vaske, bade pestä, kylpeä washable GREEN (bath,washing + description before the fact indicator) tvättbar vaskbar pesunkestävä washcloth,washrag,flannel YELLOW (cloth + to wash) tvättlapp oppvaskklut, vaskeklut pesulappu

71 18041 washer YELLOW (machine + to wash) maskin som tvättar vaskemaskin pesukone washing_machine,washer YELLOW (machine + to wash + clothing) tvättmaskin vaskemaskin (klær) pyykinpesukone waste,garbage,rubbish,trash YELLOW (thing + to destroy: something discarded or no longer of use) - Character (superimposed) skräp, avfall, sopor skrap, avfall romu, roska, jätteet, roju watch,wristwatch YELLOW (clock + hand + thing indicator: clock worn on the wrist or carried in a pocket) armbandsur armbåndsur rannekello watch-(to) RED (wakefulness,alertness + intensity + action indicator: to be wide awake and attentive) vakta se, iaktta tarkata, valvoa jotakin, pitää silmällä watchful,alert GREEN (wakefulness,alertness + description indicator) vaksam påpasselig, årvåken valpas, takkaavainen, varuillaan water,fluid,liquid YELLOW (symbol looks like a wave, suggesting water or liquid) - Character vatten, vätska vann, væske vesi, neste we,us,ourselves-(feminine) BLUE (female plural indicator: first person plural, (f.)) vi, oss (fem.) vi, oss (hunkjønn) me (fem.), meitä (fem.) we,us,ourselves-(masculine) BLUE (male + 1+ plural indicator: first person plural, (m.)) vi, oss (mask.) vi oss (hankjønn) me (mask.), meitä (mask.) we,us,ourselves BLUE (person plural indicator: first person plural) vi, oss vi, oss me weak GREEN (weakness_(weak_person) + description indicator: feeling experienced by a person whose knees are giving out) svag svak heikko weather YELLOW (sun + rain: these symbols represent the two major types of weather conditions) - Character (superimposed) väder vær sää, ilma weave-(to) RED (to make + cloth + action indicator) väva veve kutoa, kutoa kangasta Wednesday_(OLD) YELLOW (day + 4: fourth day of the week - based on the convention of Sunday being the first) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Wednesday_(day3) 25214, Wednesday_(day4) 25215, Wednesday_(day5) onsdag (FD) onsdag (OLD) keskiviikko (vanha) week YELLOW (7 + day: period of seven days) vecka uke viikko weekend_(6-7) YELLOW (day plus_sign_(low) + 7: a combination of Saturday and Sunday in modern western week day numbering) SYMBOL SYNONYM veckoslut (sverige) helg, weekend (6-7 Norge) viikonloppu weekend_(7-1) YELLOW (day plus_sign_(low) + 1: a combination of Saturday and Sunday in traditional English or US week day numbering, and (possibly) Friday and Saturday in Israel) SYMBOL SYNONYM veckoslut (int) helg, weekend (int.) viikonloppu weigh-(to) RED (weight + action indicator) väga veie punnita, painaa weight YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a scale on which weight is measured) - Character vikt vekt (tyngde) paino weight_(a) YELLOW (weight + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) vikt, tyngd vekt (subst.) paino, punnus welcome GRAY (feeling + visitor [contraction]: feeling expressed to visitors) välkommen velkommen tervetuloa west YELLOW (sun + pointer, to west) - Character (superimposed - pointer) väster vest länsi western GREEN (west + description indicator) västlig vestlig läntinen, länsi wet,damp,moist,watery GREEN (water + description indicator) våt, fuktig, vattnig våt, fuktig, vannholdig märkä, kostea, märkä, vetinen whale YELLOW (water_mammal_(with_tail) + big: bigger whale, noted for its size) val (djur) hval valas what WHITE (who,that,which-(relative) + thing: relative pronoun) vad, vad som hva, hva som mitä, mikä what,question_mark_(small) WHITE (question mark [half-sized]: interrogative) - Character fråga (använd som symboldel) hva spørsmål (som symboldel) mitä? what_kind-(question) WHITE (what,question_mark + type) vilken sort (fråga) hva slags millainen what_(thing)-(question) WHITE (what,question_mark + thing: interrogative) vad (fråga) hvilken ting mikä? wheel YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a wheel with spokes) - Character hjul hjul pyörä wheelchair YELLOW (chair + wheel) - Character (superimposed) rullstol rullestol pyörätuoli when WHITE (who,that,which-(relative) + time: conjunction used to introduce a relative clause) när når kun

72 18235 when,what_time-(question) WHITE (what,question_mark + time: interrogative) när (fråga) når (spørsmål) koska?, milloin? where WHITE (who,that,which-(relative) + earth,ground,land: can be viewed as a combination of who,that,which-(relative) and place, conjunction used to introduce a relative clause) - Character (superimposed) var, var som hvor jossa, missä where-(question) WHITE (what,question_mark + earth,ground,land: can be viewed as a combination of what,question_mark and place: interrogative) - Character (superimposed) var (fråga) hvor (spørsmål) missä? which,that-(relative) WHITE (who,that,which-(relative) + part: relative pronoun) vilken, vilken som hvilken mikä which-(question) WHITE (what,question_mark + part: interrogative) vilken (fråga) hvilken (spørsmål) kumpi? whisper-(to) RED (to say + quiet + action indicator) viska hviske kuiskata whistle-(to) RED (to sing + teeth + action indicator: to make musical sounds through your teeth) vissla plystre viheltää white WHITE (colour + snow) (BCI) vit hvit valkoinen who,whom-(question) WHITE (what,question_mark + person: interrogative) vem (fråga) hvem (spørsmål) kuka? who,whom,that-(relative) WHITE (who,that,which-(relative) + person: relative pronoun) vem, vem som hvem, hvem som joka, ketä whose_(neutral) WHITE (who,that,which-(relative) + belongs to: relative pronoun, possessive form) vars, vilkens hvem sin, hvis kenen (neutraali) whose_(person) WHITE (who,whom,that-(relative) + belongs to: relative pronoun, possessive form) vems, vars hvem sin kenen, joiden whose-(question) WHITE (who,whom-(question) + belongs to: interrogative) vems (fråga) hvem sin (spørsmål) kenen? why-(question) WHITE (what,question_mark + cause [half-sized]) varför hvorfor (spørsmål) miksi? wide,broad GREEN (wideness,broadness + description indicator: the pointers point outward to the widest space bounded by the reference lines) bred, vid vid, bred leveä, laaja, avara wife BLUE (protection + woman: this symbol, joined to husband, produces family) - Character (superimposed) fru, hustru, maka kone, hustru aviovaimo wiggle,squirm-(to) RED (worm + action indicator: to wriggle like a worm) slingra slynge, bukte, sno kiemurrella wiggly GREEN (worm + description indicator: wriggling like a worm) krokig, slingrig krokete, svingete kiemurteleva win-(to) RED (competition + gain + action indicator: to achieve a victory in a competition or contest) vinna vinne, seire voittaa wind YELLOW (air + forward: air that moves forward) - Character (superimposed) vind, blåst vind tuuli, puhallus window YELLOW (enclosure + pictograph of two traversing bars) - Character (superimposed) fönster vindu ikkuna barred_window YELLOW (enclosure + pictograph of bars of a lattice) - Character (superimposed) galler, fönster med galler vindu med sprosser kalterit wine YELLOW (alcoholic drink + grape(s)) vin vin viini wing(s) YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a pair of wings in flight) - Character vinge, vingar vinge, vinger siivet wink,blink-(to) RED (eyelid_(upper) + action indicator) blinka blunke iskeä silmää, räpyttää winter_(ckb) YELLOW (sun + 4: fourth season) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM vinter (CKB) vinter (CKB) talvi winter_(snow) YELLOW (sun snow: fourth season when it snows) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM vinter vinter (snø) talvi (lumi) winter_(rain) YELLOW (sun rain: for use in parts of the world where it rains in winter) SYMBOL SYNONYM vinter (regn) vinter (regn) talvi (sade) wipe,dust,polish-(to) RED (cloth + back and forth + action indicator) damma, putsa, torka av pusse, tørke, gni pyyhkiä, hangata wire,cable YELLOW (linear thing + metal + thing indicator) ståltråd (etc) ståltråd, kabel, wire metallilanka, johto wish,desire-(to) RED (wish,desire + action indicator: to have a rational desire, a strong feeling shown by fire) See also: want,desire önska ønske, ville toivoa with WHITE (addition [half-sized, modification with the crossbar located on the skyline]) - Character (modified) med med kanssa

73 18268 wolf,dingo,wild_dog YELLOW (dog + open: untamed animal similar to a dog that lives in the open) varg, vildhund ulv, villhund susi, dingo, villikoira woman,female BLUE (person [modification] + creation [half-sized] (combination): CKB says woman embodies the creative principle in society. The symbol also looks like a stick figure of a woman wearing a skirt.) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) kvinna, tant kvinne nainen wood,lumber,timber YELLOW (material + tree) trä tre (subst.), tømmer (subst.) puu, puutavara wool YELLOW (material + sheep: material obtained from the fleece of sheep) ull, ylle ull villa word YELLOW (part of + language) ord ord sana work,employment,job YELLOW (activity + activity [modification, high position]: two action symbols [half-sized], one above the other to "heighten" the meaning: actions done with a purpose) - Character (superimposed - modified) arbete, jobb, anställning arbeid, jobb työ, tehtävä, toimi work-(to) RED (work + action indicator: to do with a purpose) arbeta, jobba arbeide, jobbe tehdä työtä, työskennellä work_of_art,art_object YELLOW (man-made + feeling + thing indicator: man-made thing that inspires emotion in the beholder) konstverk kunstverk taideteos workbook YELLOW (book + to work) arbetsbok arbeidsbok työkirja, vihko worker BLUE (person + to work) arbetare arbeider työntekijä world YELLOW (sky + earth: what exists between sky and earth) - Character (superimposed) värld verden maailma worm YELLOW (earth [modification, extended] + snake [modification, under earthline]: snake-like creature that lives underground) - Character (superimposed - modified) mask mark mato worry YELLOW (mind + opposing_forces,counter-forces: thinking that one is beset by opposing forces) bekymmer, motgång bekymring, uro vastoinkäyminen, harmi, huoli worry-(to) RED (worry + action indicator) bekymra, gå emot bekymre, uroe olla huolissaan wow,super,great,neat,cool-(exclamatory) GRAY (slang + positive + description indicator: expressing a positive feeling about something. It can represent wow!, great!, or similar positive expressions.) jättebra, toppen (etc) supert, kjempebra (o.l.) (utsagn) hienoa!, positiivinen tunne wrestling_(activity) YELLOW (activity person + to mix: informal activity in which two people grapple with each other) brottning, judo bryting, judo paini wrist YELLOW (arm + pointer, to wrist) - Character (superimposed - pointer) handled håndledd ranne write-(to) RED (pen + action indicator) skriva skrive kirjoittaa Yahrzeit YELLOW (anniversary + death) yahrzeit (Israel) yahrzeit (Israel) suruaika yard YELLOW (building_with_yard_and_fence + pointer, to yard: area next to a building) - Character (superimposed - pointer) gård gårdsplass piha yawn-(to) RED (mouth + to sleep + action indicator: what one's mouth does when one is sleepy) gäspa gjespe haukotella year YELLOW (sun with arrow head, indicating movement around: the earth completes one circuit around the sun in a year) - Character (superimposed) år år vuosi yell,scream-(to) RED (to say + three intensity symbols + action indicator: to say very forcefully) vråla skrike, hyle kiljua, kirkua yellow_(bci) WHITE (colour + sun) (BCI) SYMBOL SYNONYM gul gul keltainen yellow_(ckb) WHITE (colour + 3) (CKB) SYMBOL SYNONYM gul (CKB) gul (CKB) keltainen yen YELLOW (international symbol for Japanese yen) - Character yen yen jeni yes-(exclamatory) GRAY (positive + intensity: strong positive response) ja ja kyllä yesterday YELLOW (day + then (past)) igår i går eilen yogurt,yoghurt YELLOW (food + comma + milk: food made from fermented milk) fil, yoghurt yoghurt jugurtti Yom_Kippur YELLOW (day + to forgive: the Day of Atonement, a holiday when one atones for sins and asks for forgiveness) Yom Kippur (Israel) Yom Kippur (Israel) jom kippur, suuri sovituspäivä you,yourselves-(feminine_plural) BLUE (female plural indicator: second person (f.pl.)) ni, er (fem.) dere (hunkjønn) te (naisia), te (fem.), te itse you,yourself-(feminine_singular) BLUE (female + 2: second person (f.sing.)) du, dig (fem.) du, deg (hunkjønn) sinä (nainen), sinä (fem.), sinä itse

74 18300 you,yourselves-(masculine_plural) BLUE (male plural indicator: second person (m.pl.)) ni, er (mask.) dere (hankjønn) te (miehiä), te (mask.), te itse you,yourself-(masculine_singular) BLUE (male + 2: second person (m.sing.)) du, dig (mask.) du, deg (hankjønn) sinä (mies), sinä (mask.), sinä itse you,yourselves-(plural) BLUE (person plural indicator: second person plural) ni, er dere te, te itse you,yourself BLUE (person + 2: second person singular) du, dig du, deg sinä, sinä itse you_are_welcome,you're_welcome GRAY (happy + to help + action indicator: polite phrase used in response to thank you) ingen orsak ingen årsak, selv takk (utsagn) ei kestä kiittää!, ole hyvä! young GREEN (child + description indicator) ung ung nuori your,yours-(feminine_plural) BLUE (female belongs to + plural indicator: second person plural (f.), possessive) er, ert, era (fem.) deres (hunkjønn) teidän (naisia), teidän (fem.) your,yours-(feminine_singular) BLUE (female belongs to: second person singular (f.), possessive) din, ditt, dina (fem.) din, ditt, dine (hunkjønn) sinun (nainen), sinun (fem.) your,yours-(masculine_plural) BLUE (male belongs to + plural indicator: second person plural (m.), possessive) er, ert, era (mask.) deres (hankjønn) teidän (miehet), teidän (mask.) your,yours-(masculine_singular) BLUE (male belongs to: second person singular (m.), possessive) din, ditt, dina (mask.) din, ditt, dine (hankjønn) sinun (mies), sinun (mask.) your,yours-(plural) BLUE (you + belongs to + plural indicator) er, ert, era deres teidän your,yours-(singular) BLUE (you + belongs to: second person (sing.), possessive) din, ditt, dina din, ditt, dine sinun zebra YELLOW (horse + stripe: striped animal that resembles a horse) zebra sebra seepra zoo YELLOW (park + animal) djurpark, zoo zoologisk hage, dyrepark eläintarha, eläinpuisto cross_(a) YELLOW (cross + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) kors kors risti eternal_life,immortality YELLOW (life + without + end) evigt liv, odödlighet evig liv, udødelighet ikuinen elämä, kuolemattomuus star_of_david_(a) YELLOW (star_of_david + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) Davidsstjärna (konkret) Davidstjernen (konkret) Daavidin tähti therapist BLUE (person + therapy) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing terapeut terapeut terapeutti muscle YELLOW (arm + the pictograph of a protruding biceps) - Character (superimposed) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing muskel muskel lihas sport YELLOW (activity + health) - Character (superimposed) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing sport sport liikunta, urheilu, voimistelu sail YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests a sail on a mast) - Character Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing segel seiling purje sailboat,sailing_boat,yacht YELLOW (boat + sail (combination): pictograph, suggests the outline of a sailboat.the symbol can be explained as: combination of boat and sail) - Character (superimposed - combined) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing segelbåt seilbåt purjevene spaghetti YELLOW (pasta + line) spaghetti spaghetti spagetti sauce,gravy,relish,dressing YELLOW (spread + liquid) - Character (superimposed) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing sås, dressing (etc) saus, dressing kastike salt_(old) YELLOW (flavouring + sea + thing indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See salt salt (subst.) salt suola up_and_down WHITE (up,upward + down,downward) - Character (sequenced) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing upp och ner opp og ned ylös ja alas tasty,good,appetizing GREEN (taste + description indicator) god, smaklig, välsmakande velsmakende, god maukas mirror YELLOW (reflection + thing indicator: a ray of light is reflected by a mirror) - (character with thing indicator) spegel speil peili can,tin,jar YELLOW (pictograph) - Character burk boks tölkki, purkki hard,firm GREEN (hand + table + description indicator: a table top is hard to touch) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing hård hard, fast kova religion_(god_based) YELLOW (feeling + God: God-based religion) - Character (superimposed) religion, tro religion, tro (tro på Gud) uskonto religious GREEN (religion,naturalism + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing religiös, troende religiøs, troende uskonnollinen

75 20563 religion,naturalism YELLOW (feeling + creation: doctrine that all religious truths are derived from nature) - Character (superimposed) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing tro, naturalism tro, naturalisme uskonto, naturalismi belief_(supernatural) YELLOW (feeling + supernatural) - Character (superimposed) tro (övernaturlig) tro (overnaturlig) usko believer_(in_god) BLUE (person + religion_(god_based)) religiös person, troende religiøs person, troende (tro på Gud) uskovainen believer BLUE (person + religion,naturalism) troende (person) person troende uskovainen Jesus_Christ BLUE (man + Christianity) Jesus Kristus Jesus Kristus Jeesus Kristus devil_(1) BLUE (person + horns) - Character (superimposed) SYMBOL SYNONYM djävul (1) djevel (1) paholainen devil_(2) BLUE (spirit + supernatural + incorrect,bad,inaccurate,wrong + intensity: very bad supernatural spirit) SYMBOL SYNONYM djävul (2) djevel (2) paha henki, pahuus angel_(2) BLUE (spirit + supernatural + peace) SYMBOL SYNONYM ängel (2) engel (2) enkeli (2) angel_(1) BLUE (person + wings) - Character (superimposed) SYMBOL SYNONYM ängel (1) engel (1) enkeli family BLUE (couple + star, representing a child or children) - Character (superimposed) familj, kärnfamilj familie perhe religious_ceremony YELLOW (ceremony + religion,naturalism) religiös ceremoni seremoni religiøs uskonnolliset juhlamenot religious_ceremony_(god_based) YELLOW (ceremony + religion_(god_based)) religiös ceremoni (gudsbaserad) seremoni religiøs (tro på Gud) uskonnolliset juhlamenot marriage,wedding YELLOW (ceremony + marriage) bröllop, vigsel vielse, giftermål, bryllup häät marriage_(religious) YELLOW (religious ceremony + marriage) vigsel (religiös) vielse, bryllup, giftermål (religiøs) kirkkohäät funeral_(religious) YELLOW (religious ceremony + death) begravningsakt (religiös) begravelsesseremoni (religiøs) hautajaiset funeral YELLOW (ceremony + death) begravningsakt begravelsesseremoni hautajaiset burial YELLOW (ceremony + grave) begravning, gravsättning begravelse hautaus burial_(religious) YELLOW (religious ceremony + grave) begravning, gravsättning (religiös) begravelse (religiøs) hautaus bury-(to) RED (burial_site + action indicator) begrava, placera under jord, gräva ner begrave, gravlegge haudata, kätkeä maan alle poor_(without_possessions) GREEN (poverty + description indicator) fattig (utan ägodelar) fattig (uten eiendeler) köyhä, varaton football,soccer_(sport) YELLOW (sport + ball + legs and feet) fotboll (sport) fotball (sport) jalkapalloilu baseball_(sport) YELLOW (sport + ball + corner: the corner character here representing the baseball diamond with the pointer to a base in the corner: ball game played on a diamond) baseboll (sport) baseball (sport) baseball basketball_(sport) YELLOW (sport + ball + container,basket_(high)) basketboll (sport) basketball (sport) koripallo croquet_(sport) YELLOW (sport + ball + hammer,gavel,mallet) krocket (sport) krokket (sport) kroketti bowling_(sport) YELLOW (sport + ball_field) bowling (sport) bowling (sport) keilailu badminton_(sport) YELLOW (sport + shuttlecock,birdie_(badminton)) badminton (sport) badminton (sport) sulkapallo handball_(sport) YELLOW (sport + ball + hand) handboll (sport) håndball (sport) käsipallo ice_hockey_(sport) YELLOW (sport + sport_stick_and_puck,hockey_stick + ice) ishockey (sport) ishockey (sport) jääkiekkoilu field_hockey,hockey_(sport) YELLOW (sport + sport_stick_and_ball,bandy_stick) landhockey, innebandy innebandy, landhockey (sport) maahockey, nurmipallo golf_(sport) YELLOW (sport + sport_stick_and_ball,bandy_stick + container_(low): the container below ground representing the golf hole) golf (sport) golf (sport) golf rugby,football_(n.a.) YELLOW (sport + rugby_ball + legs and feet) rugby rugby (sport) rugby, amerikkalainen jalkapallo wrestling_(sport) YELLOW (sport + to fight + mixture) brottning bryting (sport) paini

76 20595 judo YELLOW (sport + to fight + east + mixture) judo (etc) judo (sport) judo boxing_(sport) YELLOW (sport + to fight + hand) boxning (sport) boksing (sport) nyrkkeily skiing_(sport) YELLOW (sport + skis) skidsport skisport hiihto skiing_(activity) YELLOW (activity + skis) skidåkning stå på ski, skiløping hiihto board YELLOW (pictograph) - Character bräda brett, fjøl lauta stable YELLOW (house + horse) stall stall talli carriage YELLOW (cart,carriage + big + horse) hästvagn, hästkärra vogn, doning hevoskärryt, hevosrattaat (sport + crossed_racquets) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See tennis,racquet_sports_(old) YELLOW tennis,racket_sport,racquet_sport tennis, racketsport (FD) tennis (sport) (OLD) tennis (vanha) (tennis,racquet_sports_(old) + table) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See table_tennis,ping-pong_(sport)_(old) YELLOW table_tennis,ping-pong_(sport) bordtennis (sport) (FD) bordtennis (sport) (OLD) pöytätennis (vanha) (tennis,racquet_sports_(old) + beach) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See beach_tennis_(sport)_(old) YELLOW beach_tennis_(sport) strandtennis (sport) (FD) strandtennis (sport) (OLD) rantatennis (vanha) team_(sport) YELLOW (group + sport: group which comes together to play a sport) lag (sport) lag (sport) joukkue snack_(meal) YELLOW (food + between) mellanmål måltid lite välipala bun_(food) YELLOW (roll,bun + horizontal line: pictograph, a bun cut horizontally for food to be placed in between) - Character bröd (att lägga mat i) brød (hamburger, pita o.l.) sämpylä hamburger YELLOW (bun_(food) + animal (meat [contr.])) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing hamburgare hamburger hampurilainen chocolate_flavouring YELLOW (flavouring + chocolate [contr.] + thing indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing choklad (smaktillsats) sjokolade (smakstilsetning) suklaa chocolate_drink YELLOW (drink + chocolate [contr.]) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing chokladdryck, O'boy sjokoladedrikk suklaajuoma, kaakaojuoma monotheism YELLOW (religion_(god_based) God: belief that there is only one God) monoteism monoteisme yksijumalaisuus, monoteismi polytheism YELLOW (religion_(god_based) + many + God: belief in more than one God) polyteism polyteisme monijumalaisuus, polyteismi Christianity YELLOW (religion_(god_based) + Christ [contr.]: religion founded on the teachings of Christ) kristendom kristendom kristinusko Judaism YELLOW (religion_(god_based) + Star of David: religion of the Jewish people) judendom jødedom juutalaisuus Islam YELLOW (religion_(god_based) + Muslim: religion based on the teaching of the prophet Muhammed) islam islam islam Eastern_Orthodox_Church YELLOW (Christianity + east: group of churches, including Greek and Russian Orthodox) ortodoxa kyrkan Gresk- og Russiskortodoks kirke ortodoksisuus Christian_(person) BLUE (person + Christianity [contr.]) kristen (person) kristen (person) kristitty Jew BLUE (person + Star of David) jude jøde juutalainen Muslim,Moslem BLUE (person + Muslim) muslim muslim muslimi Muhammad,Mohammed,Muhammed BLUE (man + Islam: founder of Islam) Mohammed Muhammed Muhammed Allah BLUE (God + ALLAH) Allah Allah Allah supernatural-(noun) YELLOW (nature + mind [modification, at a higher position]: claimed to be experienced at a higher level of consciousness) - Character (superimposed - modified) övernaturliga (det) overnaturlige (det) yliluonnollinen Vatican,Vatican_City YELLOW (country + Christian: the Vatican is the seat of papal government) Vatikanen, Vatikanstaten Vatikanet, Vatikanstaten Vatikaani Roman_Catholicism,Roman_Catholic_Church YELLOW (religion + Vatican: the doctrines, practices and organization of the Roman Catholic Church) katolicism (romersk) katolisisme roomalaiskatolisuus protestantism YELLOW (religion + Christ [contr.] + group: Christian religion, which emphasizes the importance of the congregation) protestantism protestantisme protestanttisuus grace,grace_of_god YELLOW (pointer (left) + God + pointer (right): suggesting the graze radiating from God) - Character (superimposed - pointer) nåd nåde armo

77 21041 divine,holy GREEN (God + description indicator) gudomlig gudommelig jumalallinen, pyhä bandy_(sport) YELLOW (sport + sport_stick_and_ball,bandy_stick + ice) bandy (sport) bandy (på is) (sport) jääpalloilu Messiah BLUE (man + God + peace: Jesus Christ - biblical figure) Messias Messias Messias spirit YELLOW (feeling + to be: a feeling of being: a vital force, traditionally believed to be within living beings) - Character (superimposed) ande ånd henki soul YELLOW (spirit + person: the animating vital principal in man) själ sjel sielu Mary_(Mother_of_Christ) BLUE (mother + Christ [contr.]: biblical figure) Maria, Jesu mor Maria, Jesus mor Maria, Kristuksen äiti Joseph,Saint_Joseph BLUE (father + Christ [contr.] + earth: the earthly father of Christ - biblical figure) Josef Josef Joosef prophecy YELLOW (to speak + future: what is said about the future) profetsia, spådom profeti, spådom ennustus prophesy-(to) RED (prophecy + action indicator) profetera, spå profetere, spå ennustaa prophet BLUE (person + to prophesy) profet, spåman, spåkvinna profet, spåmann, spåkvinne profeetta predict-(to) RED (to prophesy + fact + action indicator) förutsäga forutsi ennustaa follow-(to) RED (to go + leadership,guidance + action indicator: to go behind a leader) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing följa, följa efter følge (å), følge etter seurata leader,director,guide_(1) BLUE (person + leadership,guidance) - Character (superimposed) SYMBOL SYNONYM ledare (1) leder (1) johtaja, esimies, työnjohtaja, opas, ohjaaja, manageri religious_leader BLUE (leader + religion) religiös ledare leder religiøs uskonnollinen johtaja bishop BLUE (leader + Christian) biskop biskop piispa Pope BLUE (leader + Vatican: bishop of Rome and leader of the Roman Catholic Church) påve pave paavi disperse,disseminate,scatter,spread-(to) RED (dispersion,dissemination,scattering,spread,spreading + action indicator) See dispersion,dissemination,scattering,spread,spreading sprida, skingra (etc) spre levittää, levitellä, hajottaa apostle BLUE (man + past + to disseminate + Christianity [contr.]: one of Christ's 12 disciples, whom he chose to preach the gospel) apostel, lärjunge apostel, disippel opetuslapsi, apostoli missionary BLUE (person + to disseminate + religion) missionär misjonær lähetyssaarnaaja horn(s),antler(s) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character horn horn sarvet hell YELLOW (place + devil) helvetet helvete helvetti Adam BLUE (man + first: the first man on earth - biblical figure) Adam Adam Aatami Eve BLUE (woman + first: the first woman on earth - biblical figure) Eva Eva Eeva Noah BLUE (man + boat + animal: biblical figure) Noak Noah Nooa Abraham BLUE (man + multitude + offspring: biblical figure) Abraham Abraham Abraham Moses BLUE (man + commandments: biblical figure) Moses Moses Mooses holy_book YELLOW (book + God) helig bok hellig bok pyhä kirja Bible_(Christian) YELLOW (holy book + Christian) Bibeln (kristen) Bibelen (kristen) raamattu Old_Testament YELLOW (holy book + before + Christ [contr.]) Gamla Testamentet Det Gamle Testamentet vanha testamentti New_Testament YELLOW (holy book + after + Christ [contr.]) Nya Testamentet Det Nye Testamentet uusi testamentti Koran YELLOW (holy book + Muslim) Koranen Koranen koraani hymnal,hymn_book YELLOW (book + song + religion) psalmbok, sångbok (religiös) salmebok, sangbok (religiøs) virsikirja

78 21074 hymn,psalm,gospel_song YELLOW (song + religion) psalm, sång (religiös) sang religiøs virsi, psalmi, gospel-laulu missal,liturgical_book YELLOW (book + action + religion) mässbok messebok rukouskirja gospel YELLOW (story + Jesus Christ [contr.]) evangelium evangelium evankeliumi appearance,manifestation YELLOW (beginning + to see: coming into view for the first time) framträdande, syn tilsynekomst ilmestyminen appear-(to) RED (appearance + action indicator) visa sig, synas vise seg, komme til syne lmestyä disappearance YELLOW (ending + to see) försvinnande forsvinning katoaminen disappear-(to) RED (disappearance + action indicator) försvinna forsvinne kadota holiness YELLOW (pictograph: the symbol suggests a halo) - Character helighet, gloria hellighet pyhyys holy GREEN (holiness + descriptive indicator) helig hellig pyhä sanctify,consecrate-(to) RED (holiness + action indicator) helga helliggjøre pyhittää saint BLUE (person + holy) helgon helgen pyhimys Holy_Infant BLUE (infant + holy) Jesusbarnet Jesusbarnet pyhä lapsi sanctity_of_life YELLOW (holiness + life) livets okränkbarhet livets ukrenkelighet elämän pyhyys Holy_City YELLOW (city + holy) helig stad (Jerusalem etc) den hellige by (Jerusalem) pyhä kaupunki Holy_Family BLUE (family + holy) heliga familjen den hellige familie pyhä perhe single_parent BLUE (parent + protection: one parent who offers protection to a child or children) - Character (superimposed) ensamstående förälder eneforsørger yksinhuoltaja single_mother BLUE (mother + protection) - Character (superimposed) ensamstående mamma alenemor yksinhuoltajaäiti single_father BLUE (father + protection) - Character (superimposed) ensamstående pappa alenefar yksinhuoltajaisä single_parent_family BLUE (single parent + star: family consisting of a single parent and a child or children) - Character (superimposed) familj med en förälder familie (en forelder) yksinhuoltajaperhe family_(group_home) BLUE (group of + family: family consisting of members of a group home) storfamilj, familj i gruppbostad bokollektiv, bofellesskap, storfamilie ryhmäkotiperhe religious_event YELLOW (event + religion) religiös händelse hendelse religiøs uskonnollinen tapahtuma ceremony YELLOW (event + plan: event which consists of an act or a set of acts which follow a plan) ceremoni seremoni seremonia, juhlamenot meditate-(to) RED (to reflect + spirit + action indicator:to think and reflect within the spirit) meditera meditere meditoida, mietiskellä insight YELLOW (to see + world: to be able to see the world as it is) - Character (superimposed) insikt innsikt käsitys, oivallus confess-(to) RED (to speak + guilty) bekänna, erkänna bekjenne tunnustaa Christian_event YELLOW (event + Christian [contr.]) kristen händelse hendelse kristen kristillinen tapahtuma holy_event YELLOW (event + holy) helig händelse hendelse hellig pyhä tapahtuma sacrament YELLOW (Christian event + holy) sakrament sakrament sakramentti sacrament_of_baptism YELLOW (sacrament + water) dopet (som sakrament) dåp (som sakrament) kaste sacrament_of_confirmation YELLOW (sacrament + fire: Christian sacrament in commemoration of the flame of the Holy Spirit) konfirmationen (som sakrament) konfirmasjon (som sakrament) konfirmaatio sacrament_of_communion YELLOW (sacrament + food: Christian sacrament in which consecrated bread and wine are partaken of) nattvarden (som sakrament) nattverd (som sakrament) ehtoollinen sacrament_of_absolution YELLOW (sacrament + to forgive) förlåtelsen (som sakrament) skriftemål (som sakrament) synninpäästö

79 prästvigning, biskopsvigning (som sacrament_of_holy_orders YELLOW (sacrament + person + belongs to + God) sakrament) vigsling (som sakrament) pappeuden sakramentti sacrament_of_marriage YELLOW (sacrament + marriage) äktenskapet (som sakrament) ekteskap (som sakrament) avioliiton sakramentti sacrament_of_anointment_of_sick YELLOW (sacrament + oil + illness) sista smörjelsen (som sakrament) siste olje (som sakrament) sairaanvoitelun sakramentti confirmation YELLOW (religious ceremony + knowledge) konfirmation (som ceremoni) konfirmasjon (som seremoni) konfirmaatio bat_mitzvah_(hebrew) YELLOW (religious ceremony + of + woman: religious ceremony that recognizes a Jewish girl as a woman) bat mitzvah (Israel) bat mitzvah (hebraisk) (hunkjønn) bat mitzvah bar_mitzvah_(hebrew) YELLOW (religious ceremony + of + man: religious ceremony that recognizes a Jewish boy as a man) bar mitzvah (Israel) bar mitzvah (hebraisk) (hankjønn) bar mitzvah circumcision_ceremony YELLOW (religious ceremony + circumcision: religious procedure performed on male babies) omskärelseceremoni omskjærelsesseremoni ympärileikkausseremonia coffin YELLOW (enclosure [modified, rectangular] + reclining,lying_(person_lying_down) [modified, higher position, shortened line for feet]) - Character (superimposed - modified) kista kiste arkku mausoleum YELLOW (building + coffin: building in which coffins or tombs are placed) mausoleum mausoleum mausoleumi scatter_ashes-(to) RED (to scatter + ashes + action indicator) strö ut aska spre aske levittää tuhka urn YELLOW (vase + ashes: burial urn) urna urne uurna vase,urn,trophy_cup YELLOW (pictograph) - Character vas, urna, pokal vase, urne, pokal maljakko, uurna, vaasi tomb YELLOW (place + coffin) grav, gravplats grav, gravsted hauta tombstone YELLOW (stone + grave) gravsten gravsten hautakivi cremation YELLOW (fire + death: death representing a dead person [contr.]) kremering kremasjon polttohautaus cremate-(to) RED (cremation + action indicator) kremera kremere polttohaudata, tuhkata revelry,revel YELLOW (party + intensity: lively or boisterous gathering) fest, party fest, kalas juhlinta, rellestys religious_gathering YELLOW (gathering + religion) gudstjänst, möte (religiöst) gudstjeneste, møte religiøst uskonnollinen kokoontuminen awful,dreadful,terrible GREEN (bad + intensity + description indicator) hemsk, förfärlig forferdelig kauhea celebration YELLOW (event + happy + purpose: event to mark a special occasion) firande feiring juhlinta celebration_of_life YELLOW (celebration + life) firande av livet feire livet elämänjuhla misericordia_(forgiveness_from_god) YELLOW (to forgive + God) förbarmande, Guds förlåtelse tilgivelse, Guds tilgivelse anteeksianto Jumalalta forgiveness,pardon YELLOW (permission,allowance_(moral) + after: giving moral permission for a misdeed after it is done) förlåtelse tilgivelse anteeksianto, armahdus unforgivable,inexcusable GREEN (without + forgiveness + description indicator) oförlåtlig uforsonet anteeksiantamaton shiva_(judaism) YELLOW (week + to mourn) shiva (Israel) shiva (Israel) shiva mourn-(to) RED (sadness + loss + action indicator: to feel sadness or grief after a loss) sörja, sakna sørge, savne surra, murehtia mystery,unknown YELLOW (knowledge + what,question_mark: something known, but not fully understood) - Character (superimposed) gåta, mysterium, oförklarlighet mysterium, gåte mysteeri, tuntematon mysterious,unknown GREEN (mystery + description indicator) okänd, gåtfull, mystisk, oförklarlig mystisk, uforklarlig, gåtefullt mystinen, tuntematon miracle YELLOW (supernatural + positive: something positive which cannot be explained by laws of nature) mirakel, under mirakel ihme vision,apparition YELLOW (event + supernatural + to see) vision, uppenbarelse åpenbaring, tilsynekomst, syn ilmestys, näky, visio atheism YELLOW (without + belief + God: disbelief or denial of existence of God) ateism ateisme ateismi Christian_faith YELLOW (belief + Christian) tro (kristen) tro (kristen) kristillinen usko

80 21303 Christian_hope YELLOW (hope + Christian) hopp (kristet) håp (kristent) kristillinen toivo Christian_love YELLOW (love + Christian) kärlek (kristen) kjærlighet (kristen) kristillinen rakkaus Christian_charity YELLOW (charity + Christian) välgörenhet (kristen) veldedighet (kristen) kristillinen hyväntekeväisyys poverty YELLOW (without + ownership,possession: state of being without possessions) fattigdom fattigdom köyhyys impoverish-(to) RED (to cause + poverty + action indicator) utarma, suga ut utarme, gjøre fattig köyhdyttää abstention YELLOW (decision + without + action: decision to not do something) avhållsamhet avholdenhet pidättäytyminen obedience YELLOW (action + by + rule [contr.]: act of doing something according to the rules) lydnad lydighet kuuliaisuus, tottelevaisuus preach-(to) RED (to speak + to persuade + action indicator) predika preke saarnata, julistaa persuade,convince-(to) RED (persuasion + action indicator: to lead to agreement) övertyga, övertala overbevise, overtale vakuuttaa amen GRAY (yes + religion) amen amen amen dead_person BLUE (person + dead) död person død person kuollut ihminen dead_(the_dead) BLUE (dead person + plural indicator) de döda døde (de) edesmenneet, kuolleet corpse,cadaver,carrion YELLOW (body + dead) lik, kadaver lik (subst.), kadaver ruumis resurrection YELLOW (up + dead: rising from the dead) uppståndelse oppstandelse ylösnousemus ritual YELLOW (action + plan + to repeat: plan or procedures repeated over and over) ritual rituale rituaali perseverance YELLOW (action + to repeat + intensity: repeated performance of actions) envishet, ihärdighet stahet, utholdenhet sinnikkyys, kestävyys, sisu persevere-(to) RED (perseverance + action indicator) envisas, hålla fast vid fastholde, holde ut jaksaa sinnitellä convert_(belief) (to) RED (conversion + action indicator) konvertera, byta religion konvertere, bytte religion käännyttää conversion_(belief) YELLOW (change + belief) konvertering, religionsbyte konvertering, religionsbytte kääntymys fast YELLOW (decision + without + food: decision to go without food) fasta (subst.) faste paasto fast-(to) RED (fast + action indicator) fasta (verb) faste (å) paastota Ramadan YELLOW (fast + month + Muslim: month of fasting observed by Muslims) Ramadan Ramadan ramadan forefather BLUE (father + past) förfader, anfader stamfar esi-isä foremother BLUE (mother + past) förmoder, anmoder stammor esiäiti ancestor BLUE (parent + past) anfader avstamming, ane esivanhempi all_knowing GREEN (knowledge + all + description indicator) allvetande allvitende kaikkitietävä all_powerful GREEN (ability + all + description indicator) allsmäktig allmektig kaikkivoimainen unending,endless GREEN (without + end + description indicator) oändlig uendelig loputon eternal_(old) GREEN (eternity,infinity_(old) + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See eternal evig (FD) evig (OLD) ikuinen, loputon (vanha) interrogate-(to) RED (to ask + intensity + action indicator) förhöra forhøre kysyä, kuulustella beg,plead-(to) RED (to ask + comma + please + action indicator) be om, vädja be, bønnfalle pyytää command,order-(to) RED (to say + for the purpose of + action + action indicator: to speak with authority) befalla befale käskeä, määrätä

81 21336 demand-(to) RED (to say + to want + intensity + action indicator: to speak or ask with urgency) begära, kräva begjære, kreve vaatia proclaim,announce-(to) RED (proclamation + action indicator: to make a public announcement) tillkännage, förkunna opplyse, forkynne ilmoittaa, julistaa proclamation,announcement YELLOW (to say + to disseminate: a public announcement) tillkännagivande, förkunnelse opplysning, forkynnelse ilmoitus, julistus proclamation_(written) YELLOW (paper + proclamation) skriftligt tillkännagivande skriftlig bekjentgjøring pamfletti, julistus, ilmoitus flyer YELLOW (paper + to disseminate) flygblad, reklamblad flygeblad, reklameblad lentolehtinen, mainoslehtinen correctness,rightness YELLOW (correct_thinking + intensity: a combination of mind and positive) riktighet, rätt riktighet, nøyaktighet oikeus, tarkkuus excellence YELLOW (correctness + intensity) förträfflighet fortreffelighet erinomaisuus excellent GREEN (excellence + description indicator) förträfflig, utmärkt fortreffelig, utmerket erinomainen perfection YELLOW (excellence + intensity) perfektion perfeksjon täydellisyys perfect GREEN (perfection + description indicator) perfekt perfekt täydellinen evangelise-(to) RED (to disseminate + news + positive + action indicator) evangelisera evangelisere julistaa predika evangelium, missionera evangelise_(christian)-(to) RED (to disseminate + news + positive + Christianity [contr.] + action indicator) (kristendom) misjonere saarnata evankeliumia, saarnata kristinuskoa drown-(to) RED (drowning + action indicator) drunkna drukne hukkua drown_(cause_to)-(to) RED (to cause + drowning + action indicator) dränka drukne (forårsake) hukuttaa desert YELLOW (earth + without + water) öken ørken autiomaa wilderness YELLOW (countryside + open/wild) vildmark villmark erämaa huge GREEN (big + intensity + description indicator) jättestor kjempestor valtava enormous GREEN (huge + intensity + description indicator) enorm enorm valtava gigantic GREEN (enormous + intensity + description indicator) ofantlig gigantisk jättiläismäinen manna YELLOW (food + from_sky: food, or something, provided unexpectedly, as though it had dropped from heaven) manna manna manna uninhabited GREEN (place + without + human being + description indicator) obebodd ubebodd asumaton fishnet YELLOW (cloth + fish) fisknät fiskegarn kalaverkko incense YELLOW (smoke + smell) rökelse røkelse suitsuke calling,vocation YELLOW (life + choice: chosen way of life) kall, livsuppgift kall, livsoppgave ammatti, kutsumus calling,profession,career YELLOW (work + choice: chosen work) yrke yrke ammatti, ura, kutsumus nag-(to) RED (to say + to repeat + action indicator: to say repeatedly or over and over again) tjata mase nalkuttaa, jankuttaa oil_lamp YELLOW (lamp + oil + thing indicator) oljelampa oljelampe öljylamppu goblet,wineglass YELLOW (pictograph) - Character bägare, vinglas glass med stett, vinglass viinilasi, pikari chalice YELLOW (goblet + holy) nattvardskalk nattverdsvin ehtoollismalja ampullae YELLOW (two + bottle + holy) ampulla ampulla (katolsk krukke) ampullae paten,holy_tray YELLOW (plate + holy) patén fat hellig, oblatfat pyhä tarjotin Host,wafer_(in_religious_ceremony) YELLOW (bread + holy) oblat oblat, nattverdsbrød öylätti

82 21368 altar YELLOW (table + holy) altare alter alttari altar_cloth YELLOW (cloth + altar) altarduk alterduk alttariliina vestment YELLOW (clothing + holy) kyrkskrud ornat kirkollinen vaate Christmas_tree YELLOW (tree + Christmas [contr.]) julgran juletre joulukuusi interview YELLOW (question + person) intervju, utfrågning intervju, utspørring haastattelu interview-(to) RED (interview + action indicator) intervjua, fråga ut intervjue, spørre om haastatella interviewer BLUE (person + interview) intervjuare intervjuer haastattelija universal,world-wide GREEN (world + all + description indicator) allomfattande, universell universell, verdensomspennende universaali, maailmanlaajuinen forgiven GREEN (forgiveness + description after the fact indicator) förlåten tilgitt anteeksiannettu sign-(to) RED (sign language + action indicator) teckna, kommunicera med tecken tegne, kommunisere med håndtegn viittoa sign_language YELLOW (language + hand: language expressed with the hands) teckenspråk tegnspråk viittomakieli polder_(dutch) YELLOW (earth + dryness: land protected by dykes which has been reclaimed from a body of water) polder (Nederländerna) dikelandskap, polder (Nederland) polderi cell YELLOW (pictograph, of circular cell + existence,being_(2): the symbol suggests a cell, with the symbol for to live [half-sized] as a cell nucleus in it) - Character (superimposed) cell celle solu Euro YELLOW (international symbol for Euro) - Character euro euro euro astronomy YELLOW (science + star: scientific study of the universe beyond the earth) astronomi astronomi tähtitiede economics YELLOW (science + business: science that deals with the production, distribution and consumption of commodities) ekonomi økonomi taloustiede chemistry YELLOW (science + chemical product: science of the composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter) kemi kjemi kemia biochemistry YELLOW (science + biochemical_product: chemistry of biological substances and processes) biokemi biokjemi biokemia biology YELLOW (science + combination of chemical product and life: science of living organisms and life processes) biologi biologi biologia botany YELLOW (science + plant: biological science of plants) botanik botanikk kasvitiede anthropology YELLOW (science + human being: scientific study of human beings) antropologi antropologi antropologia zoology YELLOW (science + animal: biological science of animals) zoologi zoologi eläintiede geology YELLOW (science + earth: scientific study of the origins, history and structure of the earth) geologi geologi maantiede sociology YELLOW (science + life + group: study of human social behaviour) sociologi sosiologi, samfunnsfag sosiologia (science + mind: science of mental processes and behaviour) SUPERSEDED psychology_(old) YELLOW SYNONYM See psychology psykologi (FD) psykologi (OLD) psykologia (vanha) history YELLOW (science + past: study of the past, especially as revealed in recorded materials) historia historie historia archeology YELLOW (history + thing: study of physical objects and material evidence from the past) arkeologi arkeologi arkeologia meteorology YELLOW (science + weather: science dealing with the phenomena of the atmosphere, especially of weather) meteorologi meteorologi meteorologia physics YELLOW (science + energy: science of matter and energy and of interactions between them) fysik fysikk fysiikka linguistics YELLOW (science + language: study of the nature and structure of language) lingvistik lingvistikk kielitiede mathematics,arithmetic,math_(1) YELLOW (science + number: study of numbers, their form, arrangement and associated relationships) SYMBOL SYNONYM matematik (1) matematikk (1) matematiikka scientist,academic BLUE (person + science) vetenskapsman, forskare vitenskapsmann tiedemies, tutkija

83 21560 astronomer BLUE (person + astronomy) astronom astronom tähtitieteilijä, astronomi economist BLUE (person + economics) ekonom økonom ekonomi, taloustieteilijä chemist BLUE (person + chemistry) kemist kjemiker kemisti biochemist BLUE (person + biochemistry) biokemist biokjemiker biokemisti biologist BLUE (person + biology) biolog biolog biologi botanist BLUE (person + botany) botanist botaniker kasvitieteilijä zoologist BLUE (person + zoology) zoolog zoolog eläintieteilijä geologist BLUE (person + geology) geolog geolog geologi, maantieteilijä sociologist BLUE (person + sociology) sociolog sosiolog sosiologi historian BLUE (person + history) historiker historiker historioitsija archeologist BLUE (person + archeology) arkeolog arkeolog arkeologi meteorologist BLUE (person + meteorology) meteorolog meteorolog meteorologi linguist BLUE (person + linguistics) lingvist lingvist kielitieteilijä, lingvisti mathematician_(academic) BLUE (person + mathematics,arithmetic,math_(1)) matematiker matematiker matemaatikko paediatrician BLUE (doctor + child) barnläkare barnelege lastenlääkäri surgeon BLUE (doctor + knife) kirurg kirurg kirurgi otolaryngologist BLUE (doctor + ear + nose + neck_(head): specialist doctor of ear, nose and throat) öron näs och halsläkare øre nese halslege korva- nenä- ja kurkkulääkäri orthopaedist BLUE (doctor + bone) ortoped ortoped ortopedi ophthalmologist,oculist BLUE (doctor + eye) ögonläkare øyelege silmälääkäri doctor_(rehab,hab) BLUE (doctor + to advance + ability: physician who works to improve or restore physical abilities) rehabiliteringsläkare, habiliteringsläkare rehabiliteringslege, habiliteringslege kuntoutuslääkäri gynecologist BLUE (doctor + woman: physician who diagnoses and treats female reproduction organs) gynekolog gynekolog gynekologi, naistentautien erikoislääkäri general_practitioner BLUE (doctor + generalization: physician who treats a variety of medical problems) allmänläkare almennpraktiker yleislääkäri cardiologist BLUE (doctor + heart + thing indicator: physician who diagnoses and treats disorders of the heart) kardiolog kardiolog sydänlääkäri, kardiologi neurologist BLUE (doctor + central nervous system + thing indicator: physician who diagnoses and treats disorders of the nervous system) neurolog nevrolog neurologi psychiatrist BLUE (doctor + mind: physician who diagnoses and treats mental illness) psykiater psykiater psykiatri central_nervous_system,cns YELLOW (brain_signal + thing indicator: system consisting of brain and spinal cord which is activated by electrical impulses) - (character with thing indicator) centrala nervsystem(et), CNS sentralnervesystemet keskushermosto psychologist_(researcher)_(old) BLUE (person + psychology_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See psychologist_(researcher) psykolog (forskare) (FD) psykolog (forsker) (OLD) psykologi (vanha) psychologist_(old) BLUE (person + knowledge + mind) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See psychologist psykolog (FD) psykolog (OLD) psykologi (tutkija) (vanha) psychology_teacher_(old) BLUE (teacher + mind) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See psychology_teacher psykologilärare (FD) psykologilærer (OLD) psykologian opettaja (vanha) therapy YELLOW (need_(needy_person) + need [modified - mirrored]: mutual aid) - Character (superimposed) terapi terapi terapia speech_therapist BLUE (therapist + language) logoped logoped puheterapeutti occupational_therapist BLUE (therapist + activity) arbetsterapeut aktivitør, arbeidsterapeut toimintaterapeutti

84 21592 physiotherapist BLUE (therapist + muscle) sjukgymnast fysioterapeut fysioterapeutti audiologist BLUE (therapist + ear [hearing]) audionom, hörselassistent audiopedagog kuulontutkija, audiologi orthoptist BLUE (therapist + eye [vision]) ortoptist ortoptist näönkäytönohjaaja, näönkuntouttaja communication_therapist BLUE (therapist + communication) kommunikationsterapeut kommunikasjonsterapeut kommunikaatioterapeutti fotterapeut, fotvårdare, podiatrist,chiropodist BLUE (therapist + foot) fotvårdsspecialist fotterapeut jalkaterapeutti, jalkojenhoitaja hydrotherapist BLUE (therapist + water) hydroterapeut vannterapeut vesiterapeutti music_therapist BLUE (therapist + music) musikterapeut musikkterapeut musiikkiterapeutti dance_therapist BLUE (therapist + dance) dansterapeut danseterapeut tanssiterapeutti osteopath BLUE (person + hand + bone: person who treats medical disorders by manipulation techniques) osteopat osteopat osteopaatti chiropractor BLUE (person + hand + joint: person who treats medical disorders by manipulation of the spinal column and other structures) kiropraktor kiropraktor kiropraktikko masseur BLUE (person + hand + muscle: person who manipulates the body to relax muscles) massör massør hieroja aroma_therapist BLUE (person + hand + smell: person who gives therapy, based of different scents) aromterapeut aromaterapeut aromaterapeutti reflexologist BLUE (person + hand + foot: person who gives therapy, based on manipulation of different zones of the foot) reflexologist refleksolog refleksologi acupuncturist BLUE (person + hand + linear thing + thing indicator: person who treats illness by puncturing the body with needles) akupunktör akupunktör akupunktion antaja massage YELLOW (action + hand + muscle: manipulation of the body to relax muscles) massage massasje hieronta view_of_life YELLOW (mind + activity: how people think or act) - Character (superimposed) livssyn livssyn elämänkatsomus culture YELLOW (view of life + group: view of life shared by a group of people) kultur kultur kulttuuri people,tribe,clan,folk YELLOW (group + view of life: group of people who share a common culture) folkgrupp, stam (etc) folkegruppe, stamme kansa, heimo, klaani nation YELLOW (group + country: group of people organized under a single government) nation nasjon kansakunta, kansalaiset folk_music YELLOW (music + culture) folkmusik folkemusikk kansanmusiikki genocide,holocaust YELLOW (to destroy + a people: systematic annihilation of a racial, political or cultural group) förintelse, holocaust utryddelse, holocaust kansanmurha headscarf YELLOW (clothing + head) scarf skaut, skjerf päässä pidettävä huivi veil YELLOW (clothing + face) slöja slør huntu helmet YELLOW (protection + intensity + head: strong protection for the head) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing hjälm hjelm kypärä riding_helmet YELLOW (helmet + horse: helmet worn when riding a horse) ridhjälm ridehjelm ratsastuskypärä hockey_helmet YELLOW (helmet + sport_stick_and_puck,hockey_stick (ice hockey [contr.])) hockeyhjälm hockeyhjelm jääkiekkokypärä bicycle_helmet,crash_helmet YELLOW (helmet + bicycle) cykelhjälm sykkelhjelm pyöräilykypärä knee_pad YELLOW (protection + intensity + knee) knäskydd knebeskytter polvisuojus elbow_pad YELLOW (protection + intensity + elbow) armbågsskydd albuebeskytter kyynärpääsuojus, kyynärsuojus protective_mask YELLOW (protection + intensity + face) skyddsmask beskyttelsesmaske kasvosuojus suit_of_armour YELLOW (protection + intensity + body) rustning rustning rintapanssari cap YELLOW (pictograph) - Character keps caps lippalakki

85 21624 bliss-name YELLOW (name + Blissymbol: combination of name and Blissymbol) - Character (superimposed - combined) blissnamn blissnavn blissnimi ball_sports YELLOW (sport + ball) bollsport ballsport palloilu water_sports YELLOW (sport + water) vattensport vannsport vesiurheilu contact_sports YELLOW (sport +to fight) kampsport kampsport kamppailulaji athletics YELLOW (sport + beginning: the original sports/contests) friidrott friidrett (sport) yleisurheilu equestrian_sports YELLOW (sport + horse) hästsport hestesport hevosurheilu winter_sports YELLOW (sport + snow) vintersport vintersport talviurheilu motor_sports YELLOW (sport + motor) motorsport motorsport moottoriurheilu mountain_sports YELLOW (sport + mountain) klättersport klatresport alppiurheilu, alppilajit sky_sports YELLOW (sport + sky) sport utövad i luften luftsport, sport utøvd i lufta ilmaurheilu shooting_sports YELLOW (sport + gun) skytte skytesport ampumaurheilu gymnastics YELLOW (sport + muscle + design: sport in which movements are carefully planned) gymnastik gymnastikk, turn (sport) voimistelu mind_sports YELLOW (sport + mind) tankesport tankesport aivourheilu table_sports YELLOW (sport + table) sport utövad på bord bordsport pöytäurheilulajit boating YELLOW (sport + boat) båtsport båtsport veneily stickball YELLOW (sport + ball + linear thing (bat [contr.]) + thing indicator) brännboll stikkball (sport) pesäpallo volleyball YELLOW (sport + ball + to hit) volleyboll volleyball (sport) lentopallo water_polo YELLOW (sport + ball + water) vattenpolo vannpolo (sport) vesipoolo boules,boccia_(sport) YELLOW (sport + ball_field + measurement) boccia, boule boccia, boule (sport) boccia, petankki, pukka rugby_ball,football_(n.a.) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character rugbyboll rugbyball rugby-pallo, amerikkalainen jalkapallo cricket YELLOW (sport + ball + wicket) kricket cricket (sport) kriketti wicket YELLOW (pictograph) - Character kricketgrind cricketgjerde hila motorcycle,scooter YELLOW (bicycle + motor) moped, motorcykel, skoter moped, motorsykkel, scooter moottoripyörä, mopo, skootteri scooter YELLOW (bicycle + legs and feet: bicycle operated with legs and feet) Vehicles have different names in different countries sparkcykel sparkesykkel potkulauta, potkupyörä scooter_(3_wheeled_electric) YELLOW (tricycle + electricity) Vehicles have different names in different countries elmoped elmoped, moped elektrisk drevet pyöräinen mopo, invamopo prone_board,scooter-board YELLOW (vehicle [modification, horizontal line replaced by board] + board [modification, higer position] (combination)) Vehicles have different names in different countries. - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) rullbräda, magrullbräda rullebrett, magebrett rullalauta, mahalauta handcycle YELLOW (bicycle + hand: bicycle operated with the hands) handcykel håndsykkel käsipolkupyörä recumbent_bicycle YELLOW (bicycle + reclining,lying_(person_lying_down)) liggcykel liggesykkel nojapyörä, recumbent tandem_bicycle YELLOW (bicycle + two + person) tandemcykel tandemsykkel tandempyörä mountain_bike YELLOW (bicycle + mountain) mountainbike mountainbike maastopyörä ATB,all-terrain_bike YELLOW (bicycle + countryside) terrängcykel terrengsykkel maastopyörä wheelchair_bike YELLOW (bicycle + wheelchair) rullstolscykel rullestolsykkel pyörätuolipyörä

86 21820 stander_(wheeled) YELLOW (wheel + standing_(standing_person)) - Character (superimposed) stårullstol stårullestol seisomapyörätuoli sidecar_(motorcycle) YELLOW (plus + transport,transportation (cart [modified]): a car added to another vehicle) sidovagn sidevogn sivuvaunu go-kart,kart YELLOW (car + small) gokart gokart mikroauto, karting-auto cycling YELLOW (sport + bicycle) cykelsport sykkelsport pyöräily speed_cycling YELLOW (sport + bicycle + fast) cykellopp sykkelløp (sport) kilpapyöräily mountain_biking YELLOW (sport + mountain bike) mountainbikecykling mountainbikesykling (sport) maastopyöräily motorcycling,motocross YELLOW (sport + motor cycle) motorcykelsport, motocross motorsykkelsport, motorcross (sport) moottoripyöräily, motocrossi motorcycle_racing YELLOW (sport + motor cycle + fast) motorcykellopp motorsykkelløp (sport) moottoripyöräkilpailu sidecar_(motorcycle_sport) YELLOW (sport + motor cycle + side car) motorcykelsport (med sidovagn) motorsykkelsport (med sidevogn) sivuvaunumoottoripyöräily car_racing,auto_racing YELLOW (sport + car) bilsport bilsport autourheilu, kilpa-autoilu Formula_One,NASCAR_Kart YELLOW (sport + car + fast) biltävling, rally billøp, rally (sport) formula-ajot kart_racing,karting,go-karting YELLOW (sport + car + small) karting, gokart gokart (sport) karting, mikroautokisat cycle,ride_a_bike-(to) RED (bicycle + action indicator) cykla sykle pyöräillä, ajaa polkupyörällä go_by_car-(to) RED (ride + car + action indicator) åka bil bile mennä autolla go_by_airplane,fly-(to) RED (ride + airplane + action indicator) flyga (åka flygplan) fly (å), reise (å) med fly mennä lentokoneella, lentää go_by_horse-(to) RED (ride + horse + action indicator) åka häst kjøre hest mennä hevosella ride_(horse)-(to) RED (riding,horseback_riding + action indicator) rida ri ratsastaa fencing YELLOW (sport + to fight + sword) fäktning fekting (sport) miekkailu martial_arts YELLOW (sport + to fight + east) kampsport (österländsk) kampsport itämaiset kamppailulajit running YELLOW (sport + legs and feet + fast) löpning løping (sport) juoksu hurdles YELLOW (running + jump) häcklöpning hekkeløp (sport) aitajuoksu relay YELLOW (to stop + to start) - Character (superimposed) stafett stafett viesti, linkki relay_(sport) YELLOW (sport + relay) stafettlöpning (sport) stafettløp (sport) viestiurheilu high_jump YELLOW (sport + to jump + high) höjdhopp høydehopp (sport) korkeushyppy pole_vaulting YELLOW (sport + to jump + high + linear thing + thing indicator) stavhopp stavhopp (sport) seiväshyppy long_jump_(old) YELLOW (sport + jump + far,distant_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See long_jump_(sport) längdhopp (FD) lengdehopp (sport) (OLD) pituushyppy (vanha) shot_put YELLOW (sport + ball + metal [contr.]) kulstötning kulestøt (sport) kuulantyöntö discus YELLOW (sport + disc) diskus diskos (sport) kiekonheitto hammer_throw YELLOW (sport + ball + chain) släggkastning sleggekast (sport) moukarinheitto chain YELLOW (pictograph) - Character kedja lenke ketju dart YELLOW (arrow + small + thing indicator) dartpil dartpil, liten pil tikka javelin_throw YELLOW (sport + javelin + thing indicator) spjutkastning spydkast (sport) keihäänheitto

87 21852 arrow YELLOW (forward + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) pil pil nuoli darts YELLOW (sport + dart + thing indicator) dart, pilkastning dart, pilkastspill (sport) tikanheitto, darts javelin,spear YELLOW (arrow + big + thing indicator) spjut spyd keihäs bow_and_arrow YELLOW (curve,curved_line + forward: pictograph, suggesting a bow and arrow) - Character (superimposed) pil och båge pil og bue jousi ja nuoli archery YELLOW (sport + bow and arrow) bågskytte bueskyting (sport) jousiammunta multi-sport_event YELLOW (sport + many + activity) Many can be replaced by an appropriate number flerkamp mangekamp (sport) moniottelu, 7-ottelu, 10-ottelu triathlon YELLOW (sport + three + activity) triatlon triatlon (sport) triathlon, teräsmieskilpailu weight_lifting YELLOW (sport + weight + thing indicator) tyngdlyftning vektløfting (sport) painonnosto, voimanosto skating YELLOW (sport + ice skates) skridskosport skøytesport luistelu speed_skating YELLOW (sport + ice skates + fast) hastighetsåkning på skridskor hurtigløp på skøyter (sport) pikaluistelu figure_skating YELLOW (sport + ice skates + design) konståkning kunstløp (sport) taitoluistelu slalom YELLOW (sport + skis + to turn) slalom slalåm (sport) pujottelu, slalom downhill_skiing YELLOW (sport + skis + downward/forward) utförsåkning utforkjøring (sport) laskettelu cross_country_skiing YELLOW (sport + skis + forward) längdåkning langrenn (sport) murtomaahiihto ski_jumping YELLOW (sport + skis + to jump) backhoppning skihopp (sport) mäkihyppy freestyle_skiing YELLOW (sport + skis + design) freestyleåkning fristilskjøring (sport) freestyle hiihto snowboarding YELLOW (sport + snowboard) snowboardåkning snowboardkjøring, snøbrettkjøring (sport) lumilautailu snowboard YELLOW (board + snow) snowboard snowboard, snøbrett lumilauta sled_sport YELLOW (sport + sled) slädsport akesport kelkkailu, kelkkaurheilu toboggan YELLOW (sled + small) kälke, bob akebrett, kjelke (liten) pieni kelkka, toboggan bobsleigh YELLOW (sled + big) släde bobsleigh, kjelke (stor) iso kelkka, bobsleigh horse_sled,horse-drawn_sleigh YELLOW (sled + horse) hästsläde hesteslede hevosreki dog_sled YELLOW (sled + dog) hundsläde hundeslede koirareki, valjakkoreki horse_sled_sport YELLOW (sport + horse sled) hästslädsport hestesledesport rekiurheilu (hevos) rocking_horse YELLOW (horse + man-made + to rock) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing gunghäst gyngehest keinuhevonen dogsled_sport,dogsled_racing YELLOW (sport + dog sled) hundslädsport hundesledesport koiravaljakkourheilu sled_dog YELLOW (dog + sled) slädhund sledehund rekikoira, valjakkokoira curling YELLOW (sport + disc + broom + ice) curling curling (sport) curling wave YELLOW (water + pointer, to wave) - Character (superimposed - pointer) våg (vatten) bølge aalto, laine surfboard YELLOW (board + wave) surfingbräda surfebrett surffauslauta, lainelauta sailboard,windsurf_board,windsurfing_board YELLOW (board + sail) vindsurfingbräda vindsurfebrett, seilbrett purjelauta water_ski YELLOW (ski + water) vattenskidor vannski vesisuksi

88 21884 jet_ski YELLOW (ski + water + motor) jet ski jet-ski vesiskootteri, jet ski wind_surfing YELLOW (sport + sailboard) vindsurfing vindsurfing (sport) purjelautailu water_skiing YELLOW (sport + water ski) vattenskidåkning vannskikjøring (sport) vesihiihto sailing YELLOW (sport + sailboat) segling seiling (sport) purjehtiminen canoeing YELLOW (sport + boat + one + paddle) kanotpaddling kanopadling (sport) melonta rowing YELLOW (sport + boat + two + oar) rodd roing (sport) soutu motorboat_sport YELLOW (sport + boat + motor) motorbåtsport motorbåtsport moottoriveneurheilu swimming_(sport) YELLOW (sport + swimming) simning (sport) svømming (sport) uinti synchronized_diving,synchro_diving_(sport) YELLOW (sport + diving + design) parhopp, synkroniserat simhopp (sport) synkrondykking (sport) kuviosukellus diving_(sport) YELLOW (sport + to jump + water) simhopp (sport) dykking, stuping (sport) sukellus synchronized_swimming_(sport) YELLOW (sport + swimming + plan) konstsim, synkroniserad simning (sport) synkronsvømming (sport) kuviouinti snorkeling,scuba_diving,deep_sea_diving_(sport) YELLOW (sport + under + water) sportdykning sportsdykking (sport) syvänmerensukellus, snorklaus fishing_(sport) YELLOW (sport + fishing) sportfiske sportsfiske kalastus mast YELLOW (sail + pointer, to the mast) - Character (superimposed - pointer) mast mast masto boom YELLOW (sail + pointer, to the boom) - Character (superimposed - pointer) bom seilbom puomi deck YELLOW (boat + pointer, to the deck) - Character (superimposed - pointer) däck (på båt) båtdekk kansi bow,fore YELLOW (boat + pointer, to the bow) - Character (superimposed - pointer) för baug keula stern YELLOW (boat + pointer, to the stern) - Character (superimposed - pointer) akter akter perä keel YELLOW (boat + pointer, to the keel) - Character (superimposed - pointer) köl kjøl köli hull,body YELLOW (boat + pointer, to the hull) - Character (superimposed - pointer) skrov skrog runko rudder YELLOW (boat + pictograph, of rudder) - Character (superimposed) roder ror peräsin paddle,oar YELLOW (water_(ground_level) + pictograph, of paddle in water) - Character (superimposed) paddel, åra åre, padleåre airo, mela paddle_(two_blades) YELLOW (water_(ground_level) + pictograph, of paddle with two blades in water) - Character (superimposed) paddel med två blad åre, padleåre (to blader) mela (kaksilapainen) freighter YELLOW (boat + thing [modification, higher position]: boat carrying goods) - Character (superimposed) fraktfartyg fraktfartøy rahtilaiva, rahtialus tanker YELLOW (freighter + liquid) tankfartyg tankbåt tankkeri oil_tanker YELLOW (freighter + oil) oljetanker oljetanker öljytankkeri barge,river_boat YELLOW (freighter + river) pråm, flodbåt pram, lekter, elvebåt proomu, jokilaiva schooner YELLOW (sailing boat + many + mast) Many can be replaced by an appropriate number skonare skonnert kuunari motorboat YELLOW (boat + motor) motorbåt motorbåt moottorivene canoe YELLOW (boat + one + paddle) kanot kano kanootti rowing_boat YELLOW (boat + two + oar) roddbåt robåt soutuvene kayak YELLOW (boat + paddle [two blades]) kajak kajak kajakki

89 22078 lifeboat YELLOW (boat + to aid) livbåt livbåt pelastusvene pilot_boat YELLOW (boat + to guide) lotsbåt losbåt, ledebåt luotsivene towboat,tugboat YELLOW (boat + pull,pulling: a boat that pulls other boats) bogserbåt taubåt hinaaja pushboat YELLOW (boat + to push) bogserbåt (som skjuter på) taubåt, slepebåt puskuproomu cruise_ship YELLOW (boat + person + to travel) kryssningsfartyg cruisebåt risteilyalus, risteilulaiva, risteilijä ferry YELLOW (boat + back and forth: vessel that makes regular return trips between two ports) färja ferge lautta steamship YELLOW (boat + steam) ångbåt dampbåt höyrylaiva hovercraft YELLOW (boat + up + air: boat is pressed upward by air) svävare luftputebåt ilmatyynyalus rubber_boat,dinghy YELLOW (boat + air: rubber boat inflated with air) gummibåt gummibåt kumivene catamaran,pontoon_boat YELLOW (two + hull) katamaran katamaran katamaraani, kantosiipialus paddle_boat,pedal_boat,water_bike,pedalo YELLOW (boat + legs and feet: boat propelled by the legs and feet) vattencykel vannsykkel polkuvene houseboat YELLOW (boat + house) husbåt husbåt asuntolaiva boathouse YELLOW (house + boat) båthus båthus, naust venevaja, venesuoja horse_rider,equestrian BLUE (person + horse) ryttare rytter ratsastaja jockey BLUE (horse rider + fast) jockey jockey kilparatsastaja sulky YELLOW (cart + small + horse) sulky sulky hevoskärryt, ravirattaat horse_racing YELLOW (sport + horse + fast) hästkapplöpning hesteveddeløp (sport) kilparatsastus carriage_racing YELLOW (sport + horse + carriage) kapplöpning med häst och vagn travløp(med hest og vogn) (sport) raviurheilu, ravit showjumping_(horse) YELLOW (sport + horse + to jump) hästhoppning sprangridning (sport) esteratsastus dressage YELLOW (sport + horse + plan) hästdressyr hestedressur (sport) kouluratsastus polo YELLOW (sport + horse + sport_stick_and_ball,bandy_stick) hästpolo polo (sport) hevospoolo billiards YELLOW (sport + table + three + ball) biljard biljard (sport) biljardi pool,snooker YELLOW (sport + table + many + ball) Many can be replaced by an appropriate number snooker (etc) snooker (sport) snooker squash_(sport)_(old) YELLOW (tennis,racquet_sports_(old) + room) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See squash_(sport) squash (sport) (FD) squash (sport) (OLD) squash (vanha) lacrosse_(sport)_(old) YELLOW (tennis,racquet_sports_(old) + group: group representing team_(sport) [contr.]) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See lacrosse_(sport) lacrosse (sport) (FD) lacrosse (sport) (OLD) lacrosse, haavipallo (vanha) glider YELLOW (airplane + air: plane propelled by air currents) segelflygplan seilfly, glidefly purjelentokone seaplane YELLOW (airplane + water: plane that can land on water) sjöflygplan sjøfly vesitaso parachute YELLOW (from_sky + pictograph, of the parachute canope) - Character (superimposed) fallskärm fallskjerm laskuvarjo parachuting YELLOW (sport + parachute) fallskärmshoppning fallskjermhopping (sport) laskuvarjourheilu balloon_(hot_air) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character luftballong, varmluftsballong luftballong kuumailmapallo ballooning YELLOW (sport + balloon_(hot_air)) ballongflygning ballongferd, ballongflyging (sport) kuumailmapalloilu mountain_climbing YELLOW (sport + mountain + to go up) bergsklättring fjellklatring (sport) vuorikiipeily, kalliokiipeily

90 22110 abseiling,rappelling YELLOW (sport + mountain + to go down) abseiling rappelering (sport) laskeutuminen vuorelta wall_climbing YELLOW (sport + wall + to go up) väggklättring veggklatring (sport) seinäkiipeily parasailing YELLOW (sport + parachute + boat) parasailing paraseiling (sport) laskuvarjoliito veneellä paraskiing YELLOW (sport + parachute + skiis) paraskiing paraskiing (sport) laskuvarjoliito suksilla hang_gliding YELLOW (sport + wings + person: sport in which a person flies by hanging from wings propelled by air currents) hängflygning hanggliding (sport) riippuliito kite_flying YELLOW (sport + kite) drakflygning drakeflyging (sport) leijailu, leijanlennätys indoor_(character) YELLOW (house + dot, inside the house) - Character (superimposed) inomhustecken innendørs sisätilassa outdoor,outdoors GREEN (outdoor_(character) + description indicator: the dot is outside the house) utomhus utendørs ulkona, ulkotilassa appetizer,starter,entree YELLOW (food + to start) förrätt forrett alkupala main_course YELLOW (food + middle) huvudrätt hovedrett pääruokalaji fishburger YELLOW (bun + fish[contr.]) fiskburgare fiskeburger kalahampurilainen decorated_cake YELLOW (cake + intensity) tårta kake (stor, myk) täytekakku muffin,bun_(sweet) YELLOW (bun + sweet) muffins, bulle muffins, bolle muffini, teeleipä, briossi cupcake,fancy_cake,pastry YELLOW (muffin + intensity) bakelse kake (liten myk) leivos doughnut YELLOW (muffin + ring: muffin in the shape of a ring) flottyrmunk doughnut donitsi bagel YELLOW (bun_(food) + ring: bun in the shape of a ring) bagel bagel rinkeli waffle YELLOW (food + grid,matrix: the waffle iron creates a grid pattern) våffla vaffel vohveli fishball YELLOW (fish [food] + ball: fish shaped into a ball) fiskbulle fiskebolle kalapulla dumpling YELLOW (food + bun + ball: bun-like food shaped into a ball) klimp (etc) bolle myky pasta YELLOW (food + flour: food made from [wheat] flour) pasta pasta pasta macaroni YELLOW (pasta + tube) makaroner makaroni makarooni farfalle YELLOW (pasta + butterfly) fjärilsmakaroner sommerfuglpasta kuviopasta (perhonen) (farfalle) pasta_wheel YELLOW (pasta + wheel) pastahjul pastahjul kuviopasta (pyörä) lasagne,lasagna YELLOW (pasta + page) lasagne lasagne lasagne ravioli YELLOW (pasta + filled) ravioli ravioli ravioli rice_flour YELLOW (powder + rice) rismjöl rismel riisijauho rice_noodle YELLOW (food + rice flour + line) risnudlar risnudler riisinuudeli egg_(boiled),boiled_egg YELLOW (egg + to boil [contr.]) ägg (kokt) egg kokt keitetty muna egg_(fried),fried_egg YELLOW (egg + to fry [contr.]) ägg (stekt) egg stekt paistettu muna omelette,omelet YELLOW (egg + mixture + to heat [modified]) omelett omelett munakas scrambled_eggs YELLOW (egg + to heat [modified] + mixture) äggröra eggerøre munakokkeli egg_(poached),poached_egg YELLOW (egg + to heat [modified]+ water: egg cooked in water) ägg (pocherat) egg posjert uppomuna

91 22142 fruit_salad YELLOW (salad + fruit) The specifier fruit can be replaced with another appropriate one fruktsallad fruktsalat hedelmäsalaatti shellfish_salad YELLOW (salad + crab) skaldjurssallad skalldyrsalat äyriäissalaatti pasta_salad YELLOW (salad + pasta [contr.])) pastasallad pastasalat pastasalaatti pudding,cream YELLOW (plate + pictograph of pudding) - Character (superimposed) pudding, kräm, gröt pudding vanukas Christmas_pudding YELLOW (pudding + Christmas [contr.]) julpudding julepudding jouluvanukas flavouring,seasoning_(liquid) YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + liquid + thing indicator) smaktillsats (flytande) smakstilsetning (flytende) mauste (nestemäinen) flavouring,seasoning_(powder) YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + powder + thing indicator) smaktillsats (pulverform) smakstilsetning (pulverform) mauste (jauhettu) bark YELLOW (protection + tree trunk) bark bark kaarna cinnamon YELLOW (flavouring + bark + thing indicator) kanel kanel kaneli cinnamon_(powder) YELLOW (flavouring (powder) + cinnamon [contr.] + thing indicator) kanel (pulverform) kanel (pulverform) kaneli (jauhettu) vanilla YELLOW (flavouring + pod + thing indicator) vanilj vanilje vanilja vanilla_(powder) YELLOW (flavouring (powder) + vanilla [contr.] + thing indicator) vanilj (pulverform) vanilje (pulverform) vanilja (jauhettu) vanilla_(liquid) YELLOW (flavouring (liquid) + vanilla [contr.] + thing indicator) vanilj (flytande) vanilje (flytende) vanilja (nestemäinen) vanilla_sauce YELLOW (sauce + vanilla [contr.]) vaniljsås vaniljesaus vaniljakastike ginger YELLOW (flavouring + roots + thing indicator) ingefära ingefær inkivääri ginger_(powder) YELLOW (flavouring (powder) + ginger [contr.] + thing indicator) ingefära (pulverform) ingefær (pulverform) inkivääri (jauhettu) ginger_sauce YELLOW (sauce + ginger [contr.]) ingefärssås ingefærsaus inkiväärikastike herb_flavouring_(powder) YELLOW (flavouring (powder) + herb flavouring [contr.] + thing indicator) örtkrydda (pulverform) urtekrydder (pulverform) yrttimauste (jauhettu) herb_flavouring YELLOW (flavouring + leaf + thing indicator) örtkrydda urtekrydder yrttimauste herb_sauce YELLOW (sauce + herb flavouring [contr.]) örtsås urtesaus yrttikastike salad_dressing YELLOW (sauce + salad) salladsdressing salatdressing salaattikastike pepper_(powder) YELLOW (flavouring (powder) + pepper [contr.] + thing indicator) peppar (pulverform) pepper (pulverform) pippuri (jauhettu) pepper_sauce YELLOW (sauce + pepper [contr.]) pepparsås peppersaus pippurikastike curry YELLOW (flavouring + mixture + hot [modified] + thing indicator) curry karry curry curry_(powder) YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + powder + mixture + hot [modified] + thing indicator) curry (pulverform) karry (pulverform) curry (jauhettu) curry_sauce YELLOW (sauce + mixture + hot [modified]) currysås karrysaus curry-kastike mustard YELLOW (flavouring + seeds + intensity + thing indicator) senap sennep sinappi mustard_(powder) YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + powder + mustard [contr.] + thing indicator) senap (pulverform) sennep (pulverform) sinappijauhe mustard_sauce YELLOW (sauce + mustard [contr.]) senapssås sennepssaus sinappikastike sap_(flavouring) YELLOW (flavouring + trunk + thing indicator) sav (smaktillsats) sevje (smakstilsetning) mahlamauste maple_syrup_flavouring YELLOW (sap flavouring + maple leaf + thing indicator) lönnsirap (smaktillsats) lønnesirup (smakstilsetning) vaahterasiirappi (mauste) syrup YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + liquid + sweet + thing indicator) sirap sirup siirappi

92 22336 sap YELLOW (liquid + trunk) sav sevje mahla, ydinneste syrup_(from_tree) YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + sap + thing indicator) sirap från träd sirup fra tre siirappi (puusta) maple_syrup YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + sap + maple leaf + thing indicator) lönnsirap lønnesirup vaahterasiirappi corn_syrup YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + liquid + corn + thing indicator) majssirap maissirup maissisiirappi chocolate,cocoa,cacao_(sweet_powder) YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + powder + bean + sweet [contr.] + thing indicator) chokladpulver sjokoladepulver kaakao (makeutettu) chocolate,cocoa,cacao_(bitter_powder) YELLOW (flavouring [contr.] + powder + bean + bitter [contr.] + thing indicator) kakao (pulver) kakaopulver kaakaojauhe chocolate_sauce YELLOW (sauce + chocolate [contr.]) chokladsås sjokoladesaus suklaakastike chocolate_(hagel) YELLOW (spread + piece + chocolate [contr.]) chokladströssel sjokoladedryss suklaarae sweet_drink YELLOW (drink + sweet) dryck (söt) drikk (søt) juoma (makea) sparkling_wine YELLOW (wine + gas) vin (mousserande) vin (musserende) kuohuviini champagne YELLOW (sparkling wine + intensity) champagne champagne samppanja cider YELLOW (alcoholic drink + apple) cider eplesider, sider (alkoholholdig) siideri juicy GREEN (liquid + intensity + description indicator) saftig saftig mehukas pickled GREEN (taste + sharp + description after the fact indicator) inlagd (t ex i ättikslag) syltet, lagt i lake karvas fried GREEN (to fry [contr.] + description indicator) stekt stekt paistettu, friteerattu delicious,scrumptious,yummy GREEN (tasty + one intensity character+ description indicator) jättegod, läcker kjempegod herkullinen tasteless,not_tasty,not_good GREEN (tasty + negative + description indicator) smaklös smakløs mauton disgusting_(taste) GREEN (not tasty + one intensity character + description indicator) äcklig, osmaklig ekkel, usmakelig pahanmakuinen meat_(frozen),frozen_meat YELLOW (meat + frozen) kött (djupfryst) kjøtt (dypfryst) pakasteliha fish_(frozen) YELLOW (fish + frozen) fisk (djupfryst) fisk (dypfryst) pakastekala yogurt,yoghurt_(frozen) YELLOW (yoghurt + frozen) yoghurt (frusen) yoghurt frossen jugurttijäädyke hard_cheese YELLOW (cheese + hard) hårdost ost (fast) juusto (kova) soft_cheese YELLOW (cheese + soft) dessertost, mjukost mykost juusto (pehmeä) spreadable_cheese YELLOW (cheese + spread: cheese used as a spread) smältost smøreost juustolevite fresh_cheese YELLOW (cheese + new) färskost ost (fersk) tuorejuusto lump(s) YELLOW (four dots (two in high and two in low positions): indicating bits from thing) - Character (superimposed - sequenced) klump, klumpar biter, klumper kokkare, rae lumpy GREEN (lump(s) + description indicator) klumpig smuldret, klumpete kokkareinen, rakeinen cottage_cheese YELLOW (cheese + lump(s)) keso, kvarg cottage cheese raejuusto lollipop,sucker YELLOW (pictograph) - Character klubba (godis) kjærlighet på pinne tikkukaramelli ice_cream_(lollipop) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character glass (pinne) iskrem (pinne) jäätelöpuikko water_ice_lollipop YELLOW (ice_cream_(lollipop) + frozen) isglass (pinne) saftis (pinne) mehujääpuikko popsicle YELLOW (cylinder + frozen) isglass (cylinder) saftis (sylinderformet) mehujää

93 22369 ice_cream,sherbet,sorbet YELLOW (ice cream cone + pointer, to the ice cream) - Character (superimposed - pointer) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing (See also: ice_cream_(cone) 14921, ice_cream_(bar) 22370, and ice_cream_(lollipop) 22366) glass, sorbet iskrem jäätelö ice_cream_(bar) YELLOW (ice cream + bar) glass (kaka) is med kjeks, sandwich jäätelöpatukka bar,cake YELLOW (pictograph) - Character kaka formkake (o.l.) patukka candy_bar YELLOW (bar + sweet) chokladbit (etc) sukkerstang karkkipatukka chocolate_bar YELLOW (bar + chocolate [contr.]) chokladkaka sjokoladeplate suklaapatukka reflect,consider-(to) RED (reflection_(mental),consideration + action indicator) reflektera, fundera reflektere, overveie harkita, miettiä candy YELLOW (pictograph) - Character Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing karamell, kola sukkertøy, karamell karamelli, makeinen, karkki candy,sweets YELLOW (generalization + candy) godis godteri, smågodt makeiset mixture YELLOW (two curved arrows mingling) - Character (superimposed) blandning blanding sekoitus dough YELLOW (mixture + flour [contr.] + liquid) deg deig taikina batter YELLOW (mixture + flour [contr.] + much + liquid) smet røre taikina ingredient YELLOW (part of + mixture) ingrediens ingrediens aine, ainesosa slice YELLOW (thin + knife + thing indicator: a piece of food cut thin) skiva (subst.) skive viipale slice-(to) RED (slice + action indicator) skiva (verb) skive opp, skjære i skiver viipaloida sliced GREEN (slice + description indicator) skivad skivet, oppdelt viipaloitu reflection YELLOW (arrow_(bent) + vertical line: a ray of light strikes a mirror and is reflected back from it) - Character (superimposed) reflektion refleksjon heijastus reflector YELLOW (thing + reflection) reflex, reflektor refleks, reflektor heijastin shine YELLOW (reflection + arrow_(bent) [modified - flipped vertically]) - Character (superimposed) glans, sken skinn, glans kiilto, hohto, loisto shine-(to) RED (shine + action indicator) blänka, glänsa, skina skinne, glinse kiiltää, hohtaa, loistaa shiny,glossy GREEN (shine + description indicator) blank, glänsande, skinande skinnende, glinsende, blank kiiltävä, hohtava, loistava polish-(to) RED (to rub [contr.] + shine + action indicator) polera, putsa polere, pusse kiillottaa polisher YELLOW (machine + to polish [contr.]) polermaskin poleringsmaskin kiillotuskone vacuum_cleaner YELLOW (machine + to clean) dammsugare støvsuger pölynimuri mixer,blender YELLOW (machine + mixture) mixer mikser vatkain food_processor,kitchen_machine YELLOW (machine + cooking,cookery,preparation_(general)) matberedare (etc) kjøkkenmaskin yleiskone opener YELLOW (tool + to open) öppnare åpner avaaja bottle_opener YELLOW (opener + bottle) flasköppnare flaskeåpner pullonavaaja can_opener YELLOW (opener + can) burköppnare, konservöppnare bokseåpner tölkinavaaja, purkinavaaja cleaning_tool YELLOW (tool + to clean) städredskap rengjøringsredskap puhdistusväline cleaning_cloth YELLOW (cloth + to clean) disktrasa, skurtrasa (etc) oppvaskklut, skurefille (o.l.) puhdistusliina kitchen_tool,utensil YELLOW (hand + mouth: tool for food - modified]) - Character (superimposed) köksredskap (i sammansättningar) kjøkkenredskap (i kombinasjon) keittiöväline grater,grinder YELLOW (kitchen tool + to cut + piece) rivjärn, kvarn (etc) rivjern, kvern raastin

94 22563 whisk,beater YELLOW (kitchen tool + to mix) visp visp vispilä corkscrew YELLOW (kitchen tool + screw) korkskruv korketrekker korkkiruuvi kitchen_tongs YELLOW (kitchen tool + tongs) kökstång kjøkkenklype pihdit (keittiö) nutcracker YELLOW (kitchen tool + nut) nötknäppare nøtteknekker pähkinänsärkijä reaching_aid,grabber YELLOW (aid + to bring + thing indicator) gripverktyg griperedskap pihdit (apuväline) measuring_spoon YELLOW (spoon + to measure) måttsked måleskje mittalusikka teaspoon YELLOW (spoon + small) tesked teskje teelusikka tablespoon YELLOW (spoon + big) matsked spiseskje ruokalusikka serving_spoon YELLOW (spoon + to give) serveringssked serveringsskje, øse lusikka (tarjoiluun) mixing_spoon YELLOW (spoon + to mix) slev sleiv, slev lusikka (sekoittamiseen) ladle YELLOW (spoon + container: spoon with deep bowl for serving liquids) soppslev suppeslev kauha funnel YELLOW (pictograph) - Character tratt trakt suppilo oven_tray YELLOW (tray + oven) bakplåt stekebrett, langpanne uunipelti baking_tin,baking_pan,ovenware YELLOW (container + oven) bakform, eldfast form kakeform, ildfast form uunivuoka stovetop YELLOW (stove + pointer, to the top) - Character (superimposed - pointer) spishäll ovnstopp, ovnsplate liesi cup YELLOW (pictograph) - Character kopp kopp kuppi, muki saucepan YELLOW (pictograph) - Character såskastrull sauskopp kasari electric_pan YELLOW (pan + electricity) kastrull (elektrisk) kjele, gryte (elektrisk) sähkökattila frying_pan YELLOW (pan + oil) stekpanna stekepanne paistinpannu woking YELLOW (wok,wok_pan + oil) wokning wokpanne wokki lid YELLOW (pictograph) - Character lock lokk kansi pot,kettle,boiler YELLOW (pictograph) - Character gryta, kittel gryte, kjele kattila, pata deep_fryer YELLOW (pot + oil + electricity) fritös (elektrisk) friteringsgryte (elektrisk) friteerauskattila steamer YELLOW (pot + steam) tryckkokare trykkoker höyrykeitin electric_kettle YELLOW (pitcher,jug,kettle,pot + electricity) vattenkokare vannkoker vedenkeitin storage_jar,preserving_jar YELLOW (can + future) konservburk hermetikkboks säilytyspurkki, säilöntäpurkki glass_jar YELLOW (can + glass) glasburk glasskrukke lasipurkki tin,can YELLOW (can + metal [contr.]) plåtburk blikkboks säilykepurkki cookie_jar,biscuit_tin YELLOW (can + cookie/biscuit) kakburk kakeboks pikkuleipärasia rolling_pin YELLOW (pictograph) - Character kavel kjevle kaulin hot_tray,chafing_dish YELLOW (tray + hot) värmeplatta varmeplate lämpöalusta table_mat,placemat YELLOW (protection + table) bordstablett bordbrikke pöytäliina

95 22595 pot_stand,trivet YELLOW (protection + table + hot) karottunderlägg kjeleunderlag gryteunderlag bordskåner pannunalusta potholder,oven_mitt YELLOW (protection + hand + hot) grytlapp, grillvante gryteklut, grillvott pannulappu, patakinnas dish_gloves,rubber_gloves YELLOW (protection + hand + water) gummihandskar gummihansker kumikäsineet equator YELLOW (earth + pointer, to the equator) - Character (superimposed - pointer) ekvatorn ekvator päiväntasaaja South_Pole YELLOW (earth + pointer, to the south pole) - Character (superimposed - pointer) Sydpolen Sydpolen, Sørpolen etelänapa North_Pole YELLOW (earth + pointer, to the north pole) - Character (superimposed - pointer) Nordpolen Nordpolen pohjoisnapa continent YELLOW (part of + earth) kontinent kontinent manner Africa YELLOW (part of + equator: shuld be understood as a combination of continent and equator) Afrika Afrika Afrikka Antarctic YELLOW (part of + South Pole: shuld be understood as a combination of continent and South Pole) Antarktis Antarktis etelämanner Asia YELLOW (continent + east) Asien Asia aasia Australia YELLOW (continent + south + east) Australien Australia Australia Europe YELLOW (continent + north) Europa Europa eurooppa North_America YELLOW (continent + north + west) Nordamerika Nord-Amerika Pohjois-Amerikka South_America YELLOW (continent + south + west) Sydamerika Sør-Amerika Etelä-Amerikka Belgium YELLOW (country + strong + intensity: acc. to Caesar, Belgians were the bravest of all people in the Roman empire) Belgien Belgia Belgia England YELLOW (country + rose) England England Englanti, Iso-Britannia rose YELLOW (flower + love) ros rose ruusu Norway YELLOW (country + fjord) Norge Norge Norja fjord YELLOW (water_(ground_level) + mountain: a long and narrow inlet of the sea in between steep mountains) - Character (superimposed) fjord fjord vuono Scotland YELLOW (country + cloth: cloth representing tartan) Skottland Skottland Skotlanti South_Africa YELLOW (country + springbok) Sydafrika Sør-Afrika Etelä-Afrikka springbok YELLOW (animal_(bovine) + to jump) springbock springbukk antilooppi Sweden YELLOW (country + three + crown: three crowns have been the symbol for Sweden since The Middle-Ages) Sverige Sverige Ruotsi crown YELLOW (pictograph) - Character krona krone kruunu The_Nordic_countries YELLOW (five + country + north) Norden Norden pohjoismaat earthquake YELLOW (earth + to shake + intensity) jordbävning jordskjelv maanjäristys continental_drift YELLOW (continent + back and forth) kontinentaldrift kontinentaldrift mannerten liikkuminen waterfall YELLOW (water + to fall) vattenfall vannfall, foss vesiputous rapid(s) YELLOW (river + intensity + stone: part of a river moving fast over rocks in the river bed) fors elvestryk koski tidal_wave YELLOW (wave + enormous) flodvåg flodbølge tulva-aalto, vuorovesiaalto inlet YELLOW (earth + water_(ground_level) + earth: an arm of water reaching into land) - Character (superimposed) sund (vatten) sund (vann) salmi tide YELLOW (sea + back and forth: daily variations in surface levels of oceans) tidvatten tidevann vuorovesi

96 22627 low_tide,ebb YELLOW (tide + low) ebb fjære, ebbe laskuvesi high_tide YELLOW (tide + high) flod flo nousuvesi low_water YELLOW (sea + low) lågvatten vann lavt, vannstand lav, lavvann vesi matalalla high_water YELLOW (sea + high) högvatten vann høyt, vannstand høy, høyvann vesi korkealla spring_(water) YELLOW (water (ground level) + up) vattenkälla, springkälla springvann lähde hot_spring YELLOW (spring water + hot) varmvattenkälla varm kilde kuumavesilähde constellation_of_stars YELLOW (group of + star) stjärnbild stjernebilde tähtikuvio light_year YELLOW (distance [contr.] + light + year) ljusår lysår valovuosi telescope YELLOW (tool + to see + star) teleskop teleskop teleskooppi astrology YELLOW (knowledge + star + person: knowledge of stars as they relate to human beings) astrologi astrologi astrologia weather_forecast YELLOW (prediction + weather) väderprognos værprognose sääennuste Aries_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + ram) Väduren Væren oinas Taurus_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + bull) Oxen Tyren härkä Cancer_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + crab,shellfish_(with_claws)) Kräftan Krepsen krapu Leo_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + lion) Lejonet Løven leijona Virgo_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + woman,female) Jungfrun Jomfruen neitsyt Libra_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + weight_(a)) Vågen Vekten vaaka Scorpio_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + scorpion) Skorpionen Skorpionen skorpioni Sagittarius_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + man + bow_and_arrow) Skytten Skytten jousimies Capricorn_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + animal_(bovine),bovine,ovine + stone,rock) Stenbocken Steinbukken kauris Aquarius_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + man + water) Vattumannen Vannmannen vesimies Pisces_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + fish_(animal)) Fiskarna Fiskene kalat Nordic_God,Nordic_Godess BLUE (God + north) nordisk Gud nordisk gud pohjolan jumala Woden BLUE (Nordic God + eye: Woden gave away one eye in exchange for wisdom) Oden Odin Odin Frigg BLUE (wife + Woden) Frigg Frigg Frigg, Frigga Thor BLUE (Nordic God + hammer: the God of thunder; his hammer made the lightning) Tor Tor Thor, Tor Sif BLUE (wife + Thor) Siv Siv Siv, Sif Mjolnir BLUE (hammer + Nordic God: Thor's hammer) Mjölner Mjølner mjollnir, mjolnir, mjölner Gemini_(in_zodiac) YELLOW (constellation_of_stars + twins) Tvillingarna Tvillingene kaksoset Balder BLUE (Nordic God + light: the God of light and goodness) Balder Balder Balder Frey BLUE (Nordic God + plant: the God of growing power) Frej, Frö Frøy (bror til Frøya) Frey, Freyr Freya BLUE (Nordic God(ess) + love: the Godess of love) Freja, Fröja Frøya Freya, Freyja, Frea

97 22820 Tyr BLUE (Nordic God + war: the God of war) Tyr Tyr Tyr, Tiv, Tiwaz Aegir BLUE (Nordic God + sea: the God of the sea) Ägir Ægir Aegir, Eagor Loki_(OLD) BLUE (Nordic God + lie_(old): the God of falseness) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Loki Loke (FD) Loke (OLD) Loke, Loki, Lopt (vanha) Hugin_and_Munin YELLOW (2 + bird + Nordic God: two ravens belonging to Woden) Hugin och Munin Hugin og Munin Hugin ja Munin Sleipnir YELLOW (horse + Nordic God: Woden's horse) Sleipner Sleipner Sleipner, Sleipnir Saehrimnir YELLOW (pig/boar + Nordic God: a boar which was slaughtered every evening and healthy again every morning) Särimner Særimne Särimne Midgard's_serpent YELLOW (snake + past time + north: a big snake curled around the world to keep it together) Midgårdsormen Midgardsormen Midgardskäärme, Midgaardinkäärme Valhalla YELLOW (house + Nordic God: home of the Gods) Valhall Valhall Valhalla Viking BLUE (man + horns + sword) viking viking viikinki Viking_ship YELLOW (boat + viking [contr.]) vikingaskepp vikingskip viikinkialus, viikinkilaiva runes YELLOW (alphabet + past + north) runor runer riimukirjoitus, riimut offer,sacrifice-(to) RED (to give + Nordic God + action indicator: to make a sacrifice the Gods) offra ofre uhrata sacrifice YELLOW (gift + Nordic God) offer offer uhrilahja blot YELLOW (gathering + to sacrifice: ancient Scandinavian gathering to sacrifice to the Nordic Gods) blot blot blot planet YELLOW (pictograph: symbol suggests the planet rotating on its horizontal axis) - Character planet planet planeetta lawn_bowling,bowls_(sport) YELLOW (bowling_(sport) + lawn) bowls, lawn bowling (sport) bowling på gress, bowls (sport) nurmipallo solar_system YELLOW (all + planet) solsystem solsystem aurinkokunta pod,seedcase,seedpod YELLOW (pictograph) - Character fröskida frøhus palko saddle YELLOW (seat + horse) sadel sal satula court,field YELLOW (place + sport) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing idrottsplats, idrottsplan idrettsplass urheilukenttä burial_site YELLOW (place + under_(ground_level)) gravplats gravplass hautapaikka, kätköpaikka astrologer,astrologist BLUE (person + astrology) astrolog astrolog astrologi, tähdistä ennustaja beauty YELLOW (eye + happiness,fun,joy,pleasure: pleasing to the eye) skönhet skjønnhet kauneus call,telephone,ring-(to) RED (telephone + action indicator) ringa, telefonera ringe, telefonere soittaa puhelimella chocolate YELLOW (food + bean + up (sweet [contr.])) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing choklad sjokolade suklaa chocolate_spread YELLOW (spread + chocolate [contr.]) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing chokladpålägg sjokoladepålegg suklaalevite cook,chef BLUE (person + cooking,cookery,preparation_(general)) kock kokk kokki cooking,cookery,preparation_(hot_food) YELLOW (fire + food: to use fire (heat) to prepare food) matlagning (varm mat) matkoking ruoanvalmistus, ruoanlaitto cooking,cookery,preparation_(general) YELLOW (to make + food) matlagning matlaging ruoanlaitto, ruoanvalmistus dirt,soil YELLOW (many + spot: many spots of dirt) smuts skitt lika doubt,uncertainty YELLOW (to think + what,question_mark) - Character (superimposed) undran, tvivel, osäkerhet tvil, usikkerhet epäilys, epäröinti fear,fright,concern YELLOW (sadness + future_(uncertain): concern about the future because of its uncertainties) rädsla frykt, skrekk, engstelse, redsel pelko

98 22913 leadership,guidance YELLOW (mind + forward [modification, short arrow]: the use of mental powers to carry events or persons forward) - Character (superimposed - modified) ledarskap, ledning lederskap, ledelse johtajuus, opastus must_(a) YELLOW (mind + strong [modified]: the use of the power of the mind, and/or physical strength, to make something happen) - Character (superimposed) tvång tvang pakko religious_(god_based) GREEN (religion_(god_based) + description indicator) SYNONYM religiös, troende (gudsbaserad) religiøs, troende (tro på Gud) uskonnollinen self-harming GREEN (self-harm + description indicator) självdestruktiv selvdestruktiv, selvskadet itsetuhoinen smartness,brightness,cleverness,intelligence YELLOW (mind + intensity: striking mental abilities) klokhet, begåvning klokskap, smarthet, kløkt viisaus, älykkyys, nokkeluus, etevyys uncertain,unsure GREEN (doubt,uncertainty + description indicator) osäker, obestämd usikker epävarma, epätietoinen accusation YELLOW (to speak + opposition) anklagelse, beskyllning, klander anklage syytös accusation_(legal),charge,prosecution YELLOW (accusation + judgement,law_(in_combinations)) anklagelse (juridiskt), åtal påtale (juridisk) oikeussyyte accuse-(to) RED (accusation + action indicator) anklaga, beskylla, klandra anklage, beskylde syyttää accuse_(legal),charge,prosecute-(to) RED (accusation + judgement,law_(in_combinations) + action indicator) anklaga (juridiskt), åtala påtale (å) (juridisk) syyttää oikeudessa act,demonstrate_(in_favour_of)-(to) RED (action,demonstration_(in_favour_of) + action indicator) agera, företräda, demonstrera (för) aksjonere for, demonstrere for kannustaa act_in_favour_of_(legal)-(to) RED (action,demonstration_(in_favour_of) + judgement,law_(in_combinations) + action indicator) företräda (juridiskt) bistå (juridisk) puolustaa (oikeudessa), edustaa (oikeudessa), ajaa asiaa action,demonstration_(in_favour_of) YELLOW (activity + purpose) aktion, företrädande, demonstration (för) aksjon for, demonstrasjon for kannustus activity_centre YELLOW (building + activity) aktivitetscenter aktivitetssenter toimintakeskus activity_centre_(children) YELLOW (activity centre + child) aktivitetscenter (barn) aktivitetssenter (barn) toimintakeskus (lapsille) activity_centre_(leisure_time),after_school_club,y outh_club YELLOW (activity centre + freedom) fritidsgård skole-fritidsordning, SFO iltapäiväkerho, nuorisokeskus activity_centre_(teenagers) YELLOW (activity centre + teenager) aktivitetscenter (ungdom), ungdomsgård aktivitetssenter (ungdom) toimintakeskus (nuorille) advocate BLUE (person + action in favour of) aktivist (för), företrädare aktivist for asianajaja, edustaja advocate-(to) RED (advocacy + action indicator: to speak for a purpose) förespråka, propagera (för) argumentere for puolustaa advocate_(legal) BLUE (legal person + action in favour of) advokat advokat asianajaja advocate_(legal)-(to) RED (advocate-(to) + judgement,law_(in_combinations) + action indicator) representera (juridiskt) argumentere for, representere (juridisk) puolustaa (oikeudessa) advocate_(legal,speaking) BLUE (legal person + advocate-(to)) talesperson (juridisk), advokat talsmann for (juridisk) asianajaja, puolestapuhuja advocate_(speaking),spokesperson BLUE (person + advocate-(to)) förespråkare, talesperson talsmann for puolestapuhuja, suosittelija altimeter YELLOW (gauge + high + thing indicator) höjdmätare, altimeter høydemåler, altimeter korkeusmittari anemometer YELLOW (gauge + wind + thing indicator) vindmätare, anemometer vindmåler, anemometer tuulimittari angle_(measurement) YELLOW (measurement + angle) vinkel, vinkelmått vinkelmåler kulma (mittaus) any_day,someday YELLOW (a + day)+e någon dag, endera dagen en dag (i framtiden) jonakin päivänä apartment_block YELLOW (many + many + floor,storey,level,etage) höghus boligblokk, høyblokk kerrostalo archipelago YELLOW (group of + island) skärgård øyhav, skjærgård saaristo area_(meaurement) YELLOW (measurement + enclosure) yta, ytmått, area, areal areal alue, pinta-ala arrest-(to) RED (capture,catch,seize-(to) + judgement,law_(in_combinations) + action indicator) anhålla, gripa arrestere pidättää attic YELLOW (building_with_attic + pointer, to the attic) - Character (superimposed - pointer) vind (hus) kvistetasje ullakko, vintti

99 23027 bakery YELLOW (store + bread) bageri bakeri leipomo barometer,manometer YELLOW (gauge + pressure + air + thing indicator) barometer, manometer barometer, manometer barometri, ilmapuntari basement,cellar YELLOW (building_with_cellar + pointer, to cellar) - Character (superimposed - pointer) källare underetasje, kjeller kellari biology_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + biology [contr.]) biologi (skolämne) biologi (fag) biologia (kouluaine) Bliss,Bliss_language,Blissymbolics YELLOW (language + Blissymbol) bliss, blisspråket bliss, blisspråk blisskieli Bliss_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + Bliss language) bliss (skolämne) bliss (fag) blisskieli (kouluaine) board-(to) RED (board_and_lodging,room_and_board + action indicator) bo inackorderad ha kost og losji asua täysihoitolassa bookshop YELLOW (store + book) bokhandel bokhandel kirjakauppa bronze YELLOW (metal [contr.] + tin [contr.] + copper [contr.]) brons bronse pronssi bronze_age YELLOW (past time + bronze [contr.]) bronsåldern bronsealder pronssikausi butcher_shop YELLOW (store + meat) charkuteri slakterbutikk lihakauppa care_centre YELLOW (house + protection) skyddat boende (etc) omsorgsbolig turvakoti, hoivakoti cheap,inexpensive GREEN (price + small + descr. ind.) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing billig billig halpa chemistry_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + chemistry [contr.]) kemi (skolämne) kjemi (fag) kemia (kouluaine) clerk,legal_aid BLUE (helper + judgement,law_(in_combinations)) juridiskt biträde juridisk hjelp oikeusapulainen clothing_shop YELLOW (store + clothing) klädaffär klesbutikk vaatekauppa cockerel,rooster YELLOW (chicken + male) tupp hanekylling kukko cod,codfish YELLOW (fish + pictograph of beard) - Character (superimposed) torsk torsk turska control_tower YELLOW (tower + airplane) kontrolltorn kontrolltårn lennonjohtotorni copper YELLOW (metal [contr.] + pot + past time) koppar kobber kupari corridor,hall YELLOW (room + long) korridor korridor, hall käytävä cotton YELLOW (material + flower,bloom,blossom + cloth: textile fibre made from the boll of the cotton plant) bomull bomull puuvilla cotton_fabric YELLOW (cloth + flower,bloom,blossom: fabric woven from cotton fibre [contr.] ) bomullstyg bomullstøy puuvillakangas count YELLOW (measurement + number) räknemått, antal opptelling, sum laskenta court,courthouse YELLOW (building + judgement,law_(in_combinations)) domstol, rätt (juridisk) rettsbygning, tinghus oikeustalo court,courtroom YELLOW (public room + judgement,law_(in_combinations)) rättssal rett, rettslokale oikeussali crayfish YELLOW (crab, shellfish with claws + small) kräfta kreps rapu day_and_night YELLOW (24 + hour) dygn døgn vuorokausi day_centre YELLOW (activity centre + day) dagcentral dagsenter päivätoimintakeskus care,protection,defence YELLOW (activity + protection) omsorg, beskydd, försvar omsorg, beskyttelse, forsvar puolustus defence_(legal) YELLOW (to speak + todefend + judgement,law_(in_combinations)) försvar (juridiskt) forsvar (juridisk) puolustus (oikeudessa) defence_(spoken) YELLOW (to speak + to protect) försvar (muntligt) forsvar (muntlig) puolustuspuhe

100 23059 care,protect,defend-(to) RED (defence + action indicator) ha omsorg om, beskydda, försvara ha omsorg for, beskytte, forsvare puolustaa defend_(legal)-(to) RED (defence_(legal) + action indicator) försvara (juridiskt) forsvare (juridisk) puolustaa (oikeudessa) defend_(speak)-(to) RED (defence_(spoken) + action indicator) försvara (muntligt) forsvare (muntlig) pitää puolustuspuhe defend_(speak,legal)-(to) RED (defence_(spoken) + judgement,law_(in_combinations) + action indicator) försvara (muntligt, juridiskt) forsvare (muntlig, juridisk) puolustaa (oikeudessa) caregiver,protector,defender BLUE (person + care,protection,defence) omsorgsgivare, beskyddare, försvarare omsorgsgiver, beskytter, forsvarer puolustusasianajaja deflation YELLOW (value + money + plus: money will be worth more) deflation deflasjon deflaatio, rahan arvon nousu act,demonstrate_(against)-(to) RED (action,demonstration_(against) + action indicator) agera, demonstrera (mot) demonstrere (mot), aksjonere demonstroida, osoittaa mieltä action,demonstration_(against) YELLOW (action + opposition,counter_purpose) aktion, demonstration (mot) demonstrasjon (mot), aksjon demonstraatio, mielenosoitus department_store YELLOW (store + many + part) varuhus varehus tavaratalo discount YELLOW (price + minus) rabatt, avdrag prisreduksjon, avslag (pris) hinnanalennus discount_sale YELLOW (event + discount) realisation utsalg alennusmyynti discount_store YELLOW (store + discount [contraction]) lågprisbutik lavprisbutikk alennusmyymälä, halpahalli (measurement + farness,remoteness,farawayness_(old)) SUPERSEDED distance_(old) YELLOW SYNONYM See distance avstånd (FD) distanse, avstand (OLD) välimatka, etäisyys (vanha) drugstore,pharmacy YELLOW (store + medical) apotek apotek apteekki eaves YELLOW (protection_with_pointer + thing indicator: roof with a pointer to the eaves) - (character with thing indicator) takfot, takskägg takskjegg räystäs economics_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + business) ekonomi (skolämne) økonomifag taloustiede (kouluaine) electricity_meter YELLOW (gauge + electricity + thing indicator) elmätare strømmåler sähkömittari elementary_school,primary_school YELLOW (school [contr.] + child) Use appropriate specifier for other stages of schools grundskola (låg- och mellanstadiet) grunnskole peruskoulu English_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + English) engelska (skolämne) engelskfag englanti (kouluaine) English_(language) YELLOW (language + England [contr.]) engelska engelsk englanti (kieli) evidence YELLOW (fact + judgement,law_(in_combinations)) bevis bevis todiste, todistuskappale expensive GREEN (price + big + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing dyr kostbar, dyr (høy pris) kallis just,fair GREEN (judgement + same/equal + descr. ind) rättvis rettferdig oikeudenmukainen fine_(penalty) YELLOW (money + after + guilt) böter, bot bot, mulkt sakko flatfish YELLOW (fish + low) plattfisk flatfisk kampela flax YELLOW (material + stalk + cloth: textile fibre made from the stalk of the flax plant) lin, linne lin pellava floor,storey,level,etage YELLOW (building_with_storey + pointer) - Character (superimposed - pointer) våning etasje kerros floor_(42nd) YELLOW (storey + 42) Use appropriate number for other floors våning (nr 42) etasje (42.) kerros neljäkymmentäkaksi, neljäskymmenestoinen kerros floor_(first) YELLOW (storey + one) Use appropriate number for other floors våning (första) etasje (første) pohjakerros, katutaso, ensimmäinen kerros florist YELLOW (store + flower) blomsteraffär blomsterbutikk kukkakauppa foundation_(building) YELLOW (building_with_foundation + pointer (to foundation)) - Character (superimposed - pointer) husgrund grunnmur, fundament (bygning) talon perustukset, sokkeli fuel_gauge YELLOW (gauge + gasoline + thing indicator) bränslemätare brenselmåler polttoainemittari

101 23091 garden_centre YELLOW (store + garden) trädgårdscentrum hagesenter puutarhakeskus gauge,gage,meter YELLOW (scale,measurement + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) mätinstrument måleinstrument mittari geography YELLOW (body of learning + earth) geografi geografi maantiede geography_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + geography [contr.]) geografi (skolämne) geografifag maantieto (kouluaine) geology_(class) YELLOW (science + earth: scientific study of the origins, history and structure of the earth) geologi (skolämne) geologifag maantieto (kouluaine) gift_shop YELLOW (store + gift) presentaffär gavebutikk lahjatavaraliike goat YELLOW (ovine + pictograph of beard) - Character (superimposed) get geit vuohi God_the_father BLUE (God + father) Gud Fader, Fadern Gud Fader Jumala (isä) God_the_son BLUE (God + son) Guds Son, Sonen Guds Sønn Jumala (poika) gold YELLOW (metal [contr.] + ring) guld gull kulta greengrocer YELLOW (store + vegetable) grönsaksaffär grønnsaksbutikk vihanneskauppa grocery_store,food_store,supermarket YELLOW (store + food) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing livsmedelsbutik, mataffär, stormarknad matbutikk, supermarked ruokakauppa, marketti gutter,eaves_trough YELLOW (container + eaves + thing indicator) takränna takrenne räystäskouru, sadevesikouru half_an_hour YELLOW (30 + minute) halvtimma halvtime puoli tuntia hall YELLOW (place + between + room: space between rooms) hall hall halli, aula handicraft_shop YELLOW (store + craft) hemslöjdsaffär husflidsbutikk käsityökauppa handwriting,penmanship_(class) YELLOW (knowledge (class [contr.]) + write + hand) välskrivning, skrivstil (skolämne) skrivefag, skjønnskrift kaunokirjoitus (kouluaine) health_goods_shop YELLOW (store + health) hälsokostaffär helsekostbutikk luontaistuotekauppa Hebrew_(class) YELLOW (knowledge (class [contr.]) + Hebrew) hebreiska (skolämne) hebraisk (fag) hebrea (kouluaine) Hebrew_(language) YELLOW (language + Jewish (Israel [contr.])) hebreiska hebraisk hebrea (kieli) herb,spice_plant YELLOW (plant + taste) kryddväxt urteplante maustekasvi, yrtti history_(class) YELLOW (knowledge + past: (class [contr.] + history [contr.]) historia (skolämne) historiefag historia (kouluaine) history_teacher BLUE (person + history (class): teacher [contr.] + history [contr.]) historielärare historielærer historian opettaja Holy_Spirit BLUE (God + fire) Anden, Den Helige Ande Den Hellige Ånd pyhä henki Holy_Trinity YELLOW (God + three + life) treenigheten treenighet pyhä kolminaisuus horizontal GREEN (horizontal-(a) + description indicator) vågrät, horisontell horisontal vaakasuora, horisontaalinen horizontal-(a) YELLOW (right angle + pointer to horizontal arm of angle) - Character (superimposed - pointer) horisontallinje horisontallinje vaakasuora, horisontaali illegal,criminal GREEN (without + law + descr. ind.) olaglig ulovlig, kriminell, illegal laiton, lainvastainen inflation YELLOW (value + money + minus: money will be worth less) inflation inflasjon inflaatio, rahan arvon lasku innocence YELLOW (judgement + positive: in a trial a person who is judged positively is judged not guilty) oskuld (utan skuld) uskyld (juridisk) viattomuus, syyttömyys innocent,not_guilty GREEN (innocence + description indicator) oskyldig uskyldig viaton, syytön iron YELLOW (metal [contr.] + nail) järn jern rauta

102 23123 iron_age YELLOW (past time + nail (iron [contr.])) järnåldern jernalder rautakausi jellyfish YELLOW (water creature + pictograph of jellyfish tentacles) - Character (superimposed) manet manet meduusa judge BLUE (legal person + above/superior: a person who presides over legal proceedings and hands down a judgement) domare dommer tuomari judge-(to) RED (judgement + action indicator) döma dømme tuomita judgement,law_(in_combinations) YELLOW (mind + weight [modification, shorter horizontal line]: the mind weighs something to reach a judgement) - Character (superimposed - modified) juridik (i kombinationer) jus (brukes i kombinasjon) tuomio juridical GREEN (judgement + description indicator) juridisk juridisk juridinen, lainopillinen jury YELLOW (group of + peer + legal [contr.]: a group of persons equal in standing before the law to the person being tried) nämndemän, jury jury valamiehistö justice YELLOW (judgement + same/equal) rättvisa rettferdighet oikeus, oikeudenmukaisuus language_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + language) språk (skolämne) språkfag äidinkieli (kouluaine) law YELLOW (science,body_of_learning + judgement,law_(in_combinations) juridik, rättsvetenskap jus (som vitenskap) lakitiede law-(a) YELLOW (legal [contr.] + paper: judgement put into writing or recorded) lag (juridisk) lov (juridisk) laki law,the_law YELLOW (judgement + book) lagen, lagbok lovbok, loven lakikirja lawyer BLUE (person + law ) jurist, advokat advokat, jurist lakimies, juristi lawyer_(for_the_defence) BLUE (legal person + to speak + to protect) försvarsadvokat forsvarsadvokat puolustusasianajaja lead YELLOW (metal [contr.] + a weight + thing ind.) bly blylodd lyijy legal GREEN (law + description indicator) laglig lovlig lainmukainen legal_aid BLUE (help + legal [contr.]) rättshjälp rettshjelp oikeusapu legal_person_(in_combinations) BLUE (person + legal {contr.]) Used in conjunction with a specifier juridisk person (i kombinationer) person juridisk juristi leisure_time YELLOW (time + free) fritid fritid vapaa-aika light_meter YELLOW (gauge + light + thing indicator) ljusmätare lysmåler valomittari, fotometri lighthouse YELLOW (tower + lamp + thing indicator) fyr fyrtårn majakka linen,flax_fabric YELLOW (cloth + stalk: fabric woven from flax [contr.] ) linne linstoff pellavakangas liquor_shop,liquor_store YELLOW (store + liquor) Systembolag, spritbutik vinmonopol alko, viinakauppa lobster YELLOW (shellfish with claws + big) hummer hummer hummeri market YELLOW (group of + store + limited time) marknad marked marketti math,mathematics_(class)_(1) YELLOW (class [contr.] + mathematics [contr.]) matte, matematik (skolämne) (1) matematikkfag (1) matematiikka (kouluaine) mercury YELLOW (metal [contr.] + thermometer + thing indicator) kvicksilver kvikksølv elohopea metal_bar YELLOW (thing + thing: a combination of rectangular shape + thing) - Character (superimposed) metall (stång, tacka) metallbarre metallitanko, metalliharkko, metallipalkki city,metropolis YELLOW (may + many + many + building) storstad, stad, metropol metropol, storby metropoli, miljoonakaupunki midnight YELLOW (hour + 24) midnatt midnatt keskiyö multi_storey_building YELLOW (group of + storey) flervåningshus høyblokk, høyhus kerrostalo multi_storey_home YELLOW (group of + combination of storey and home) flerplansvilla boligblokk kerrostaloasunto

103 23155 naming_ceremony YELLOW (ceremony + name) namngivningsceremoni dåp kastetilaisuus naming_ceremony_(religious) YELLOW (religious ceremony + name) namngivningsceremoni (religiös) dåp (religiøs) kirkkokaste, kastetilaisuus kirkossa noon YELLOW (hour + 12) middagstid, mitt på dagen, lunchtid midt på dagen, lunsjtid keskipäivä notary BLUE (person + paper + legal [contr.]: person working with legal issues) notarie, sekreterare (rättslig) notar, sekretær (rettslig) kaupanvahvistaja, notaari notary_(lawyer) BLUE (legal person + paper: combination of legal person and law) tingsnotarie notarius publicus notaari octopus YELLOW (water creature + eight + arm) bläckfisk blekksprut mustekala (gauge + farness,remoteness,farawayness_(old) + thing indicator) SUPERSEDED odometer_(old) YELLOW SYNONYM See odometer vägmätare, odometer (FD) avstandsmåler, odometer (OLD) matkamittari, odometri (vanha) oil_gauge YELLOW (gauge + oil + thing indicator) oljemätare oljemåler öljymittari one_storey_building,bungalow YELLOW (one + storey) envåningshus bygning enetasjes, bungalow yksikerrostalo, bungalowi one_storey_home YELLOW (one + storey + feeling: 1 + combination of storey and home) enplansvilla hjem enetasjes huvila, kartano, yksikerroksinen talo peer BLUE (person + same,equal,equality) jämlike likemann ikätoveri, vertainen pencil_case,pencil_box YELLOW (container + pen,pencil) pennskrin pennal kynäkotelo, penaali physics_(class) YELLOW (knowledge + energy: class [contr.] + physics [contr.]) fysik (skolämne) fysikkfag fysiikka (kouluaine) prawn YELLOW (shellfish without claws + big) jätteräka reke (stor) iso katkarapu pressure YELLOW (enclosure + up and down: the arrows press against the top and bottom of the enclosure) - Character (superimposed) tryck trykk paine pressure_gauge YELLOW (gauge + pressure + thing indicator) tryckmätare trykkmåler painemittari price_rise YELLOW (price + plus) prisökning prisøkning hinnankorotus promote-(to) RED (promotion + action indicator) verka för, stödja, gynna begunstige, fremme kannattaa promotion YELLOW (activity + in order to) stöd för, gynnande støtte for, favorisering kannatus prosecutor BLUE (legal person + to accuse) åklagare aktor, påtalemyndighet syyttäjä protest,objection,opposition YELLOW (to speak + against) protest, motstånd, opposition protest, innsigelse, motstand vastustus, vastaansanominen protest,resist-(to) RED (protest + action indicator) motsätta sig, protestera protestere, stå imot protestoida, vastustaa protest,resistance YELLOW (activity + against) protest, motstånd protest, motstand vastustus, vastarinta, protesti protractor YELLOW (gauge + angle + thing indicator) vinkelmätare, gradskiva vinkelmåler, transportør kulmamitta, astemitta psychologist BLUE (person + mind + feeling: person + psychology [contr.]) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing psykolog psykolog psykologi psychologist_(researcher) BLUE (person + psychology: researcher + psychology [contr.]) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing psykolog (forskare) psykolog (forsker) psykologi psychology YELLOW (body of knowledge + mind + feeling) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing psykologi psykologi psykologia psychology_teacher BLUE (teacher,pedagogue,educator_(in_combinations) + mind + feeling: teacher + psychology [contr.]) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing psykologilärare psykologilærer psykologian opettaja quarter_of_an_hour YELLOW (15 + minute) kvart kvarter (tid) minuuttia, viisitoista minuuttia, vartti rain_gauge YELLOW (gauge + rain + thing indicator) regnmätare regnmåler sademittari reading_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + reading) läsning (skolämne) lesefag lukeminen (kouluaine) reading_lesson YELLOW (lesson + reading) läslektion lesetime lukutunti

104 23189 religion_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + religion) religionskunskap (skolämne) religionsfag uskonto (kouluaine) religion_(science_of),theology YELLOW (body of learning + religion) religionsvetenskap religionsvitenskap teologia, jumaluusoppi religion_teacher BLUE (teacher [contr.] + religion) religionslärare religionslærer uskonnon opettaja religious_service YELLOW (service + religion) religiös ritual religiøst rituale uskonnollinen toimitus row_house,attached_houses YELLOW (semi-detached_house + semi-detached_house: pictograph of attached houses) - Character (superimposed) radhus rekkehus rivitalo sale YELLOW (activity + to sell) försäljning salg myynti salmon YELLOW (fish + jump + river) lax laks lohi sandwich_(open_face) YELLOW (bread + spread) smörgås smørbrød voileipä scale_(weighing) YELLOW (gauge + weight + thing indicator) våg (vägning) vektskala vaaka, painomittari school_(in_combinations) YELLOW (house + knowledge: house + to teach [contr.]) Used in conjunction with a specifier skola (i kombinationer) skole (brukes i kombinasjon) koulu season YELLOW (part of + year) årstid årstid vuodenaika capture,catch,seize-(to) RED (to get + intensity + action indicator) fånga, gripa fange, gripe siepata, ottaa kiinni, pyydystää semi-detached_house YELLOW (house + line: the line separating the building into two parts, creating a pictograph of a semi-detached house) - Character (superimposed) parhus vertikaltdelt hus paritalo sentence,condemn-(to) RED (to say + other + guilty) förklara skyldig, döma avsi dom julistaa tuomio service_(work) YELLOW (activity + plan) service (tjänst) service (arbeid) palvelu (työ) shellfish_(without_claws) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character skaldjur utan klor skalldyr uten klør äyriäinen (sakseton) sheltered_workshop YELLOW (house + protection + work) daglig verksamhet arbeidssted vernet suojatyöpaikka, toimintakeskus shoal,school_(of_fish) YELLOW (group of + fish) fiskstim fiskestim kalaparvi shopping_centre,mall,plaza YELLOW (group of + store) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing affärscentrum, köpcentrum handelssentrum ostoskeskus shopping_mall YELLOW (building + shopping centre) köpcentrum, galleria kjøpesenter kauppakeskus short_time_home YELLOW (house + limited time: home [contr.] + limited time) bostad (tillfällig) korttidshjem sijaiskoti shrimp YELLOW (shellfish without claws + small) räka reke katkarapu silk YELLOW (material + worm + cloth: textile fibre produced by silk worms) silke silke silkki silk_fabric YELLOW (cloth + worm: fabric woven from silk fibre [contr.]) siden silkestoff silkkikangas silver YELLOW (metal [contr.] + spoon) silver sølv hopea size YELLOW (measurement + big) storlek størrelse koko, suuruus, laajuus skyscraper YELLOW (many + many + many + storey: building with many storeys) skyskrapa skyskraper pilvenpiirtäjä, tornitalo speed YELLOW (measurement + fast) fart, hastighet fart, hastighet vauhti, nopeus speedometer YELLOW (gauge + fast + thing indicator) hastighetsmätare fartsmåler nopeusmittari sport_lesson YELLOW (lesson + sport) idrottslektion gymtime liikunta (kouluaine), voimistelu (kouluaine), urheilu (kouluaine) sport_shop YELLOW (store + sport) sportaffär sportsbutikk urheiluvälinekauppa starfish YELLOW (water creature + star) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing sjöstjärna sjøstjerne meritähti

105 23221 statement YELLOW (to write + to say + legal [contr.]: testimony written down or recorded) sakframställning kunngjøring, saksframstilling (juridisk) lausunto, todistajanlausunto stone_age YELLOW (past + stone) stenåldern steinalder kivikausi store,shop YELLOW (public room + business: public room where money is exchanged for goods) - Character (superimposed) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing affär, butik butikk kauppa, liike support_(oral) YELLOW (to speak + in order to) bifall, uppmuntran, stöd (muntligt) støtte (muntlig) tuki (suullinen), kannatus (suullinen) support_(orally)-(to) RED (support (oral) + action indicator) tala för, stödja støtte, holde med tukea suullisesti, kannattaa suullisesti Swedish_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + Swedish) svenska (skolämne) svenskfag ruotsi (kouluaine) Swedish_(language) YELLOW (language crown: language + Sweden [contr.]) svenska svensk ruotsi (kieli) sweet_shop,candy_store YELLOW (store + candy) godisaffär godteributikk karkkikauppa synthetic_fabric YELLOW (material + chemical product + cloth: textile fibre produced by a chemical process) syntetiskt tyg syntetisk stoff synteettinen kangas tax YELLOW (money + leadership: money + to govern [contr.] ) - Character (superimposed) skatt skatt vero, verot tax_(national,federal) YELLOW (tax + country: tax + government [contr.]) skatt (statlig) statsskatt valtionvero tax_(real_estate) YELLOW (tax + building) fastighetsskatt boligskatt kiinteistövero tax_(sales) YELLOW (tax + to sell) moms moms arvonlisävero tax_(state,regional) YELLOW (tax + province) landstingsskatt fylkesskatt kunnallisvero testify-(to) RED (testimony + action indicator) vittna vitne (å) todistaa testimony YELLOW (to say + observation + legal [contr.]: to state under oath what one has observed) vittnesmål vitneforklaring todistajanlausunto, todistus theatre YELLOW (building + to see + to hear) teater teater teatteri timer YELLOW (gauge + time + thing indicator) tidtagarur, timer tidsur ajastin tin YELLOW (metal [contr.] + cup + past time) tenn tinn tina tower YELLOW (pictograph) - Character torn tårn torni toy_shop YELLOW (store + toy) leksaksaffär lekebutikk leikkikalukauppa trial YELLOW (gathering + legal [contr.]) rättegång rettsmøte oikeudenkäynti two_storey_building YELLOW (two + storey) tvåvåningshus bygning toetasjes kaksikerrostalo unfair,unjust GREEN (without + fair + description indicator) orättvis urettferdig epäoikeudenmukainen, epäreilu watch_tower,observation_tower YELLOW (tower + observation) vakttorn vakttårn vartiotorni water_meter YELLOW (gauge + water + thing indicator) vattenmätare vannmåler vesimittari water_tower YELLOW (tower + water) vattentorn vanntårn vesitorni weight_(measurement) YELLOW (measurement + weight) viktmått vektmål kantavuus, paino vertical GREEN (vertical-(a) + description indicator) lodrät vertikal pystysuora, vertikaalinen vertical-(a) YELLOW (right angle + pointer, to vertical arm of angle) - Character (superimposed - pointer) lodlinje vertikallinje, loddlinje pystysuora witness BLUE (person + observation + legal [contr.]: person + to testify [contr.]) vittne vitne todistaja workplace YELLOW (house + work) arbetsplats arbeidsplass työpaikka

106 23253 writing_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + to write) skrivning (skolämne) skrivefag kirjoitus (kouluaine) aboard,on_board GREEN (inside + vehicle +descr. ind.) Use appropriate specifier ombord ombord kyydissä address YELLOW (name + place + house) Use appropriate speciifier adress adresse osoite anti-virus_program YELLOW (computer program + protection) antivirusprogram antivirusprogram viruksentorjuntaohjelma ashore GREEN (debarkation,disembarkation_(ashore) + description indicator) iland i land rantautunut ATM,cash_machine YELLOW (machine + bank card) bankomat, uttagsautomat minibank, bankautomat pankkiautomaatti attach_(computer)-(to) RED (attachment_(computer) + action indicator) bifoga (dator) vedlegge (PC) liittää (tietokone) attached_(computer) GREEN (attachment_(computer) + description indicator) bifogad (dator) vedlagt (PC) liitetty (tietokone) attachment,appendix,annex YELLOW (vertical line + plus + vertical line: representing something attached to something else) - Character (sequenced) bilaga, sammansättning, tillbehör vedlegg liite, saate attachment_(computer) YELLOW (attachment + file) bilaga (dator) vedlegg (PC) liitetiedosto (tietokone) backspace_(computer)-(to) RED (to delete + backwards) radera (backspace) (dator) returtast, tilbaketast (PC) poistaa merkki (tietokone), backspace (tietokone) baker BLUE (person + bread) bagare baker leipuri ball_pool YELLOW (foundation + many + ball: a partial enclosure containing many balls) bollbad ballbasseng pallomeri ballet YELLOW (action + toe + music) balett ballett baletti bank_card,money_card YELLOW (card + money) bankkort bankkort pankkikortti barrow,garden_cart,wheelbarrow YELLOW (wagon + garden) skottkärra trillebår kottikärryt blackberry YELLOW (compound berry + black) björnbär bjørnebær karhunvatukka brave,courageous GREEN (courage + description indicator) modig modig, tapper rohkea bricklayer BLUE (person + brick) murare murer, steinlegger muurari briefcase YELLOW (bag + paper) portfölj dokumentmappe, stresskoffert salkku Brontosaurus YELLOW (dinosaur + big) Brontosaurie brontosaurus, tordenøgle brontosaurus, apatosaurus brownie,house_elf BLUE (little_person + house) hustomte fantasifigur husnisse, husalv kotitonttu Buddha BLUE (man + Buddhism) Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddhism YELLOW (religion + dharma wheel) buddhism buddhisme buddhalaisuus buddhist GREEN (dharma wheel + description indicator) buddhistisk buddhistisk buddhalainen buddhist_(person) BLUE (person + dharma wheel: person + buddhist) buddhist buddhist buddhalainen budget,business_plan YELLOW (plan + business) budget, affärsplan budsjett budjetti, talousarvio butcher BLUE (person + meat) charkuterist slakter lihakauppias, teurastaja car_mechanic BLUE (mechanic + car) bilmekaniker bilmekaniker automekaanikko car_track YELLOW (track + car) bilbana bilbane autorata card YELLOW (pictograph: horizontally oriented rectangle representing a lying card) - Character kort (bank- etc) kort (subst.) kortti card_game YELLOW (play [contr.] + card) kortspel kortspill korttipeli

107 23433 cartographer BLUE (person + cartography) kartograf kartograf kartoittaja, kartanpiirtäjä cartography YELLOW (body of learning + map) kartografi kartografi kartografia, karttaoppi cartoon,animated_picture YELLOW (film + pencil: film on which images are drawn) film (tecknad) tegnefilm, animert bilde piirretty elokuva, piirroselokuva casserole YELLOW (food + container + oven: a food baked and served in the container in which it was cooked) gratäng, gryta (maträtt) (etc) ovnsrett laatikkoruoka castle,palace YELLOW (tower + house + tower [all modified and combined): pictograph suggests a castle as a combination of house and towers) - Character (superimposed - modified combined) slott slott, palass linna castle,palace_(royal) YELLOW (castle + crown) slott, palats (kungligt) slott, palass (kongelig) kuninkaanlinna causality YELLOW (mind + cause: mental reflection on cause and effect) - Character (superimposed) orsakssammanhang årsakssammenheng, årsaksforhold syy-seuraussuhde, syy-yhteys chilly GREEN (feeling + coldness,cold + description indicator) frusen, kall kjølig, kald paleltunut, kylmettynyt, viluinen civil_engineer BLUE (designer + bridge) ingenjör, civilingenjör sivilingeniør insinööri clown BLUE (person + face + colour) clown klovn pelle, klovni be_cold-(to) RED (to feel + coldness,cold + action indicator) frysa fryse, bli kald palella, tuntea kylmää comedy YELLOW (play + up: play + happy [contr.]) komedi komedie komedia community_centre,town_hall,village_hall YELLOW (house + gathering) folkets hus, stadshus rådhus (o.l.) kaupungintalo, kunnantalo computer YELLOW (machine + digits_(computer)) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing dator datamaskin, computer, PC tietokone computer_case YELLOW (enclosure + computer) datorlåda, datorchassi dataveske tietokonelaukku computer_game_(old) YELLOW (computer program + to play [contr.]) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See digital_game,video_game,computer_game dataspel dataspill, PC-spill tietokonepeli computer_peripheral YELLOW (tool + computer) datortillbehör datatilbehør tietokoneen oheislaitteet computer_screen,monitor YELLOW (enclosure + eye + digits_(computer)) bildskärm, monitor, dataskärm dataskjerm, monitor tietokoneen näyttö concert YELLOW (action + music) konsert konsert konsertti conjure,turn_to,transform-(to) RED (wand + action indicator) trolla trylle loihtia, taikoa constructional_blocks,lego_(etc) YELLOW (block + together) byggkloss, legobit (etc) byggekloss, lego (o.l.) rakennuspalikka, lego constructional_toy YELLOW (toy [contr.] + structure) byggleksak, lego (etc) byggespill rakennussarja copier,photocopier YELLOW (machine + copy + paper) kopiator kopimaskin kopiokone coral YELLOW (water creature + plant: water animals forming structures that may appear similar to plants and flowers) korall korall koralli coral_reef YELLOW (many + many + coral) korallrev korallrev koralliriutta cordless_phone YELLOW (telephone + back and forth: telephone that can be carried around) telefon (trådlös) trådløs telefon, telefon trådløs langaton puhelin courage YELLOW (feeling + strong) mod mot (subst.) rohkeus, urhoollisuus coward BLUE (person + cowardice) feg person, fegis feiging pelkuri, nynny cowardice YELLOW (minus + courage) feghet feighet pelkuruus, arkuus cowardly GREEN (cowardice + description indicator) feg feigt pelkurimainen, arka currency YELLOW (money + country) valuta valuta valuutta cut_and_paste_(computer)-(to) RED (take,bring,carry,move-(to) + digits_(computer): to move digitally) flytta (dator) klipp og lim (PC), flytte (PC) leikkaa ja liitä (tietokone)

108 23466 dare-(to) RED (brave + activity + action ind.) våga våge rohjeta, uskaltaa data_(digital_information) YELLOW (information + digits_(computer): digital information) datainformation, data datainformasjon data delete_(computer)-(to) RED (to delete + forward + action ind.) radera (delete) (dator) slette framover (PC), delete poistaa (tietokone) designer,planner BLUE (person + design) designer, formgivare planlegger, designer suunnittelija, muotoilija desktop_computer YELLOW (computer + tabletop) dator (stationär), desktop datamaskin stasjonær pöytäkone, tietokone detach,take_apart-(to) RED (detachment,separation,breakup + action indicator) ta isär, skilja løsrive, skille fra erottaa, irrottaa Dharma_wheel YELLOW (wheel [modification, to full size]: forms a pictograph of a big wheel with spokes, used as a symbol in Buddhism) - Character (modified) dharmahjulet dharmahjul Dharman pyörä meat_(diced),diced_meat,chunks_of_meat YELLOW (meat + piece: meat cut into small pieces) kött i bitar, grytbitar kjøtt skivet, kjøttbiter liha (paloiteltu), liha (kuutioitu) digital GREEN (digits_(computer) + description indicator) digital digital digitaalinen calculation_(mathematical,in_mind) YELLOW (mind + digits_(computer)) - Character (superimposed) artificiell intelligens, AI, digital intelligens kunstig intelligens datamuisti digits_(computer) WHITE (quater-sized vertical line + quater-sized circle: representing the two digits 1 and 0) - Character (superimposed) digitala siffror, binärtal digitalisering (PC) bitti dinosaur YELLOW (animal + pictograph of dinosaur head and tail) - Character (superimposed) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing dinosaurie dinosaur dinosaurus disembark-(to) RED (to exit + vehicle + action indicator) gå av (fordon) gå av (kjøretøy) tulla ulos kulkuneuvosta, astua ulos kulkuneuvosta document,written_record YELLOW (paper + pen) dokument dokument dokumentti, asiakirja drama YELLOW (play + up and down: play portraying conflicting emotions and upsetting events) drama drama draama dwarf,gnome BLUE (little person + beard: imaginary small person with beard) dvärg, tomte (etc) fantasifigur gnom, dverg, nisse tonttu, kääpiö electrical_engineer BLUE (designer + electricity) elektroingenjör elektroingeniør sähköinsinööri elf_(fog) BLUE (little person + fog) älva, alf, alv (dimma) fantasifigur alv (tåke) sumutonttu elf_(star) BLUE (little person + star) älva, alf, alv (stjärna) fantasifigur alv (stjerne) tähtitonttu , YELLOW (letter + digits_(computer)) e-post, e-brev, mejl , e-post sähköposti _address, _address YELLOW (name + place + ) e-postadress, mejladress adresse, e-postadresse sähköpostiosoite embark,board-(to) RED (to enter + vehicle + action indicator) gå på (fordon), gå ombord entre, gå på (kjøretøy) mennä kulkuneuvoon, nousta kulkuneuvoon enter_(computer) YELLOW (backwards + short vertical line: pictograph, looks like the enter symbol on a computer keyboard) - Character (superimposed) enter (dator), retur enter (PC) enter (näppäin), rivinvaihto export YELLOW (out_of,exit_(forward) + contents) export eksport vienti export-(to) RED (export + action indicator) exportera eksportere viedä ulkomaille export_(computer)-(to) RED (out_of,exit_(forward) + digits_(computer) + action indicator) exportera (dator) eksportere (PC) viedä (tietokone) exported GREEN (export + description indicator) exporterad eksportert viety ulkomaille eye_mouse,eye_gaze YELLOW (pointing device + eye) ögonstyrning øyemus (PC) katseohjain, katsehiiri fairy,fairy_godmother BLUE (make-believe woman + wand) fe fantasifigur fe keiju, haltijatar fall_asleep-(to) RED (to go + asleep + action indicator) somna sovne nukahtaa fashion_designer BLUE (designer + clothes) kläddesigner, modeskapare moteskaper, klesdesigner vaatesuunnittelija fax YELLOW (paper + telephone) fax faks faksi

109 23498 fax-(to) RED (fax + action indicator) faxa fakse faksata, lähettää faksi fax_(machine) YELLOW (machine + fax) fax (maskin) faks (maskin) faksilaite file,data_file_(digital) YELLOW (container + digits_(computer)) - Character (superimposed) fil (dator) datafil, fil (digital) tiedosto filled,stuffed GREEN (filling,fill,fullness + description after the fact indicator) fylld fylt täytetty filled_cabbage,stuffed_cabbage YELLOW (cabbage + filled) kåldolmar kålrulett kaalikääryle filled_food,stuffed_food YELLOW (food + filled) mat med fyllning mat fylt ruoka (täytetty) filled_leaf,dolma YELLOW (leaf + filled) dolme, dolma, blad med fyllning dolma, blad med fyll dolma, lehtikääryle filled_vegetable,stuffed_vegetable YELLOW (vegetable + filled) grönsak med fyllning grønnsak fylt vihannekset (täytetyt) finger_spelling,finger_alphabet YELLOW (alphabet + hand) handalfabetet fingerbokstavering, håndalfabet sormiaakkoset fingerspell-(to) RED (finger_spelling + action indicator) stava med handalfabetet fingerbokstavere sormittaa fish_finger YELLOW (fish + linear thing + thing indicator: fish food shaped into sticks) fiskpinne fiskepinne kalapuikko fisherman BLUE (person + fish) fiskare fisker kalastaja flower_fairy BLUE (little person + flower) blomsterälva, blomsteralv fantasifigur blomsteralv kukkaiskeiju folder YELLOW (pictograph: looks like a paper folder, or a folder icon on a computer) - Character mapp, dokumentmapp mappe kansio folder_(digital) YELLOW (container + file) mapp (dator) mappe (PC) kansio (tietokone) foster_home YELLOW (similar + home) fosterhem fosterhjem kasvatuskoti freezer YELLOW (cupboard + ice) frys fryser pakastin fruit_cream,compote YELLOW (pudding,cream + fruit) kräm, fruktkräm, kompott fruktsalat, fruktkompott hedelmähilloke function YELLOW (ability_(half_sized) + work) funktion funksjon toiminta function-(to) RED (function + action indicator) fungera fungere toimia functional GREEN (function + description indicator) fungerande funksjonelt toimiva gardener BLUE (person + garden) trädgårdsmästare gartner puutarhuri ghost,phantom BLUE (make-believe person + transparent) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing spöke fantasifigur spøkelse kummitus, haamu, aave giant BLUE (make-believe person + gigantic) jätte fantasifigur gigant, rise, jette jättiläinen giant_(human) BLUE (person + gigantic) jätte (mänsklig) gigant (person) pitkä ihminen go_ashore-(to) RED (debarkation,disembarkation_(ashore) + action indicator) gå iland gå i land rantautua go_to_sea-(to) RED (boarding,embarkation_(to_sea) + action indicator) gå till sjöss dra til sjøs lähteä merille goblin BLUE (make-believe person + night) svartalf fantasifigur nattalv menninkäinen headmouse YELLOW (pointing device + head) huvudmus hodemus otsahiiri, päähiiri hedgehog YELLOW (animal + quill(s),spine(s): pictograph of animal with spines) - Character (superimposed) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing igelkott pinnsvin siili hero YELLOW (person + heroic) hjälte helt sankari heroic GREEN (brave + intensity + description indicator) djärv, hjältemodig, tapper heroisk sankarillinen

110 23530 herring,sardine YELLOW (fish + colour + silver [contr.]: often called silver of the sea ) sill, sardin sild, sardin silli, silakka, sardiini hobbit BLUE (little person + foot) hobbit fantasifigur hobbit hobitti hold_(with_hand)-(to) RED (hand + goods + action indicator) hålla holde pitää kiinni, pidellä homework,home_studying YELLOW (work + knowledge + house: study work done at home [contr.]) läxa hjemmelekse läksyt, kotitehtävät hope YELLOW (happy + future_(uncertain)) hopp håp toivo hopeful GREEN (hope + description indicator) hoppfull håpefull toiveikas house_work,housekeeping,housework YELLOW (work + house: work to maintain a house) hushållsarbete, hemarbete hjemmearbeid kotityöt, taloustyöt hunt-(to) RED (hunt,hunting + action indicator) jaga, skjuta jakte metsästää import YELLOW (into + contents) import import tuonti import-(to) RED (import + action indicator) importera importere tuoda ulkomailta import_(computer)-(to) RED (into + data_(digital_information) + action indicator) importera (dator) import (PC) tuoda (tietokone) imported GREEN (import + description indicator) importerad importert tuotu ulkomailta information YELLOW (mind + up,upward: upward arrow, bringing information into the mind) - Character (superimposed) information informasjon informaatio, tieto internet_(1) YELLOW (net + digital_world) SYMBOL SYNONYM internet (1) internett (1) internetti, netti, internet internet_(2) YELLOW (exchange + digital_world) SYMBOL SYNONYM internet (2) internett (2) internetti, netti, internet intranet_(1) YELLOW (net + digital_space_(limited)) SYMBOL SYNONYM intranet (1) intranett (1) intranetti, intranet intranet_(2) YELLOW (exchange + digital_space_(limited)) SYMBOL SYNONYM intranet (2) intranett (2) intranetti, intranet introduce,present-(to) RED (to say + name + action indicator) presentera introdusere, presentere esitellä, kertoa nimi journalist BLUE (writer + news) journalist journalist journalisti joystick YELLOW (pointing device + linear thing + thing indicator) joystick, styrspak joystick, styrespak joystick, ohjain jump YELLOW (curved arrow, forward, indicating the path of a jump) - Character hopp, skutt hopp hyppy Kazakhstan YELLOW (country + horse) Kazakstan Kazakhstan Kazakstan ketchup YELLOW (tomato_sauce + intensity) ketchup ketchup ketsuppi key_(computer) YELLOW (part + keyboard) tangent (dator) tast (PC) näppäin (tietokone) key_guard YELLOW (help + keyboard + thing indicator) tangentbordsöverlägg, raster (dator) hjelpetastatur reikälevy keyboard_(computer) YELLOW (tool + alphabet) tangentbord (dator) tastatur (PC) tietokoneen näppäimistö, tietokoneen näppis keyboard_(expanded) YELLOW (keyboard + big) tangentbord (förstorat) tastatur utvidet (PC) laajennettu näppäimistö, laajennettu näppis keyboard_(mini) YELLOW (keyboard + small) tangentbord (förminskat) tastatur mini mininäppäimistö, mininäppis kindergarten,preschool,nursery,play_group YELLOW (house + child) förskola barnehage, førskole esikoulu, lastentarha king BLUE (man + crown) kung konge kuningas landscape_design YELLOW (design + garden) landskapsarkitektur landskapsarkitektur maisema-arkkitehtuuri landscape_designer BLUE (designer + garden) landskapsarkitekt landskapsarkitekt maisema-arkkitehti

111 23562 laptop YELLOW (computer + to carry) dator (bärbar), laptop laptop, bærbar datamaskin kannettava tietokone, läppäri lay_the_table-(to) RED (tabletop + glassware + action indicator) duka dekke bordet, duke kattaa pöytä lecture YELLOW (to speak + knowledge + limited time) föreläsning forelesning esitelmä, luento lecture-(to) RED (lecture + action indicator) föreläsa forelese esitelmöidä, luennoida leprechaun BLUE (little person + shamrock) leprechaun (Irland) fantasifigur leprechaun (irsk) leprechaun, haltija, tonttu lesson,lecture,class YELLOW (limited time + to learn [contr.]) lektion skoletime oppitunti librarian BLUE (person + library) bibliotekarie bibliotekar kirjastonhoitaja light_switch YELLOW (tool + cause + light) kontakt, strömbrytare lysbryter valokatkaisija little_person BLUE (make-believe person + little) pyssling, vätte (etc) fantasifigur dverg, vette menninkäinen, tonttu lotto,bingo_(etc) YELLOW (play [contr.] + card + number) lotto, bingo (etc) lotto, bingo (o.l.) lotto, bingo lumberjack BLUE (person + to cut + tree) skogsarbetare tømmerhogger metsuri lunch_box YELLOW (bag + food) Use appropriate classifier matlåda matboks eväslaukku magician BLUE (person + to cause + mystery) trollkonstnär, magiker tryllekunstner, trollmann taikuri make_the_bed-(to) RED (to cover + bed + action indicator) bädda re seng sijata vuode, pedata sänky make-believe_man BLUE (man + fantasy,phantasy,imagination,illusion) - Character (superimposed) övernaturligt manligt väsen fantasifigur mann mielikuvitusolento (mies) make-believe_person,imaginary_person BLUE (person + fantasy,phantasy,imagination,illusion) - Character (superimposed) övernaturligt väsen, fantasifigur fantasifigur personlignende mielikuvitusolento make-believe_person_(in_forest) BLUE (make-believe person + tree) övernaturligt väsen (i skogen) fantasifigur skogsalv mielikuvitusolento (asuu metsässä) make-believe_person_(in_water),water_nymph BLUE (make-believe person + water) övernaturligt väsen (i vatten) fantasifigur vannnymfe mielikuvitusolento (asuu vedessä), vesinymfi make-believe_person_(under_ground) BLUE (make-believe person + under_(ground_level)) övernaturligt väsen (under jord) fantasifigur gnom mielikuvitusolento (asuu maan alla) make-believe_woman BLUE (woman + fantasy,phantasy,imagination,illusion) - Character (superimposed) övernaturligt kvinnligt väsen fantasifigur kvinne mielikuvitusolento (nainen) man_doll_(e.g._ken) YELLOW (man + man-made) docka (manlig) (t ex Ken) dokke (hankjønn) (f. eks. Ken) miesnukke, Ken making,production,fashioning YELLOW (creation [modified; half height triangle]: imperfect version of creation, represents manmade) - Character tillverkning, produktion produksjon, forming valmistus, tuotanto matching_game YELLOW (play [contr.] + same) matchningsspel matchingsspill yhdistä samanlaiset -peli math,mathematics_(class)_(2) YELLOW (subject [contr.] + mathematics) SYMBOL SYNONYM matte, matematik (skolämne) (2) matematikkfag, matte (fag) (2) matematiikka (kouluaine) meat_sauce YELLOW (sauce + animal + lump(s): combination of sauce and minced meat) köttfärssås kjøttsaus jauhelihakastike mechanic,technician BLUE (person + machine) mekaniker, tekniker mekaniker, tekniker mekaanikko mechanical_engineer BLUE (designer + machine) maskiningenjör mekanikkingeniør koneinsinööri memory YELLOW (knowledge + dot (inside the knowledge): combination of knowlledge and inside) - Character (superimposed - combined) minne minne, hukommelse muisti mermaid BLUE (make-believe woman + fish: imaginary woman having a tail of a fish) sjöjungfru fantasifigur havfrue merenneito meat_(minced),minced_meat,ground_meat YELLOW (meat + bits) köttfärs kjøttdeig jauheliha mobile_phone,cellphone YELLOW (telephone + to carry) mobiltelefon mobiltelefon matkapuhelin, kännykkä mouse,pointing_device YELLOW (tool + pointer) mus (dator), pekdon mus (PC) hiiri (tietokone)

112 23594 musical YELLOW (play + music [contr.]) musikal musikal musikaali net YELLOW (net + to catch) nät, fångstnät fangstnett verkko, saalistusverkko noisemaker,musical_toy YELLOW (toy [contr.] + sound) ljudleksak musikkleke musiikkilelu opera YELLOW (play + music [contr.] + up and down: play and music portraying conflicting emotions and upsetting events) opera opera ooppera optician BLUE (person + glasses) optiker optiker optikko oval YELLOW (pictograph) - Character ovalform form oval ovaali overlay YELLOW (paper + on) överlägg overlegg alustalomake overlay_keyboard,membrane_keyboard YELLOW (keyboard + plan) styrplatta, membrantangentbord styreplate muokattu näppäimistö palmtop,pda YELLOW (tablet + little) handdator PDA, håndholdt PC kämmenmikro pancake,crepe,tortilla YELLOW (dish + horizontal line [low, in the dish]) - Character (superimposed) pannkaka, crêpe, tortilla pannekake, tortilla pannukakku, tortilla paper_money,bill YELLOW (money + paper) sedel pengeseddel paperiraha, lasku passenger YELLOW (person + to ride) passagerare passasjer matkustaja educationalist,educationist_(academic) BLUE (person + education,didactics,pedagogy) pedagog (forskare), didaktiker pedagog (akademiker), didaktiker pedagogi, opettaja education,didactics,pedagogy YELLOW (body of learning + to exchange + knowledge) pedagogik, didaktik pedagogikk, didaktikk kasvatusoppi, pedagogiikka Pegasus YELLOW (horse + wings) Pegasus Pegasus Pegasos perform-(to) RED (performance + action indicator) uppföra, uppträda framføre, opptre näytellä, esiintyä performance,show YELLOW (action + showplace) föreställning, show forestilling, show näytäntö, show, esitys pharmacist BLUE (person + medicine) apotekare, farmaceut farmasøyt apteekkari, farmaseutti philosopher BLUE (person + causality) filosof tenker (filosof) filosofi philosopher_(academic) BLUE (person + philosophy) filosof (akademiker) filosof (akademiker) filosofi (akateeminen) philosophy YELLOW (body of learning + causality) filosofi filosofi filosofia philosophy_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + causality) filosofi (skolämne) filosofifag filosofia (kouluaine) pirate BLUE (sailor + receiving + negative + intensity: sailor + to rob [contr.] ) sjörövare, pirat pirat, sjørøver merirosvo, piraatti play_(theater) YELLOW (action + story) skådespel skuespill näytelmä, esitys play,game_(in_combinations) YELLOW (activity + feeling: contraction of play,recreation) Used in conjunction with a specifier lek, spel (i kombinationer) spill (brukes i kombinasjon) leikki, peli pointer_(hand) YELLOW (hand, on its side, as if pointing) - Character (modified) pekare peker osoitin porcupine YELLOW (hedgehog + teeth: combination of hedgehog and rodent) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing piggsvin hulepinnsvin piikkisika porridge YELLOW (pudding,cream + grain,cereal) gröt, pudding grøt puuro prince BLUE (boy + crown) prins prins prinssi princess BLUE (girl + crown) prinsessa prinsesse prinsessa print-(to) RED (machine + to write + action indicator) skriva ut (från skrivare) trykke, printe, skrive tulostaa, printata Pterosaur,Pterodactyl YELLOW (dinosaur + wings) Pterosaurie, flygödla Pterodactyl pteranodon, lentolisko

113 23626 queen BLUE (woman + crown) drottning dronning kuningatar quill(s),spine(s) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character taggar, piggar pigger, tagger piikki, piikit railway_track YELLOW (track + train) järnvägsspår, räls jerbanespor junarata, kiskot, rautatie ramp YELLOW (pictograph) - Character ramp rampe ramppi, ajoluiska redo-(to) RED (to add + action + before,in_front_of,prior_to + action indicator) göra om gjøre om, endre tehdä uudelleen, remontoida redo_(computer)-(to) RED (jump + digits_(computer) + action indicator) göra om (dator) endre (PC) toista-painike (tietokone) refrigerator,fridge YELLOW (cupboard + cold) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing kylskåp kjøleskap jääkaappi remember,recall-(to) RED (memory + action indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing komma ihåg, minnas huske, gjenkalle muistaa research YELLOW (activity + science) forskning forskning tutkimus rice_pudding,rice_porridge YELLOW (pudding + rice) risgrynsgröt, risgrynspudding rispudding, risgrøt riisipuuro, riisivanukas rob-(to) RED (to steal + intensity + action indicator) råna rane varastaa, rosvota, ryöstää robber BLUE (person + to rob [contr.]) rånare raner varas, rosvo robot_doll YELLOW (machine + person + man-made) robotdocka robotdokke robottinukke roll-(to) RED (rotation + ground + action indicator) rulla rulle kierittää, kieriä ruin,wreck,wreckage_(building)_(2) YELLOW (building + destroyed) SYMBOL SYNONYM ruin (2) ruin, rønne (2) rauniot (2) Russia YELLOW (country + bear's_head: the country of the bear) Ryssland Russland Venäjä samosa,pirogue YELLOW (bread + filled) pirog pirog samosa, pasteija sand_play YELLOW (play [contr.] + sand) sandlek sandlek hiekkaleikki sand_toy YELLOW (toy [contr.] + sand) sandleksak sandleke hiekkalelu Sandman BLUE (make-believe man + to sleep: make-believe man who puts one to sleep) John Blund fantasifigur Ole Lukkøye Nukkumatti Santa_Claus,Father_Christmas BLUE (man + beard + evergreen tree) jultomte, jultomten julenisse Joulupukki save_(computer)-(to) RED (file,data_file_(digital) + future: combination of to keep and file + action indicator) spara (dator) lagre (PC) tallentaa (tietokone) save_as_(computer)-(to) RED (save_(computer)-(to) + name + action indicator) spara som (dator) lagre som (PC) tallentaa nimellä (tietokone) schoolbag YELLOW (bag + book) Use appropriate classifier skolväska skolesekk koululaukku science YELLOW (causality + event: to research the cause of events) vetenskap vitenskap tiede scientist,researcher BLUE (person + science) forskare, vetenskapsman vitenskapsmann, forsker tiedemies, tutkija sea_anemone YELLOW (water creature + flower: water creature looking similar to a flower) havsanemon, sjöanemon sjøanemone merivuokko sea_cucumber YELLOW (water creature + oval shape) sjögurka sjøpølse merimakkara sea_lion YELLOW (water_mammal_(with_tail) + to shout) sjölejon sjøløve merileijona sea_urchin YELLOW (water creature + quills) sjöborre sjøpinnsvin merisiili seal YELLOW (water_mammal_(with_tail) + fur) säl sel hylje seaweed YELLOW (water_(ground_level) + grass: representing plants growing in water) - Character (superimposed) sjögräs, tång sjøgress, tang merilevä

114 23659 select_all,mark_all-(to) RED (to select + all + action indicator) markera allt velg alt(pc), merk alt (PC) valita kaikki shellfish YELLOW (generalization + clam) skaldjur skalldyr äyriäinen shepherd BLUE (person + sheep) herde gjeter lammaspaimen shoot-(to) RED (gun + action indicator) skjuta skyte ampua siren_of_the_woods BLUE (make-believe woman + tree) skogsrå, huldra fantasifigur skogsalv, hulder metsänneito dataprogram, program (dator), software,computer_program,application,app YELLOW (plan + digits_(computer)) applikation, app dataprogram, software tietokoneohjelma spell-(to) RED (alphabet + action indicator) stava stave tavata sport_elf BLUE (little person + sport) sportälva, sportalf fantasifigur sportsalv urheilukeiju steal-(to) RED (to take + negative + action indicator) stjäla stjele varastaa, anastaa stew YELLOW (sauce + animal + part: combination of sauce and diced meat) köttgryta stuing, kjøttgryte lihapata, muhennos subject_(of_study) YELLOW (part of + knowledge) ämneskunskap, ämne studieemne oppiaine switch YELLOW (tool + cause + action) kontakt håndtak, vrider katkaisija, kytkin swordfish YELLOW (fish + sword) svärdfisk sverdfisk miekkakala tablet_computer,tablet,tablet_pc_(2) YELLOW (computer + hand) SYMBOL SYNONYM datorplatta, pekdator (2) datamaskin håndholdt, tablet (PC) (2) tablet PC tabletop YELLOW (table + pointer to the top) - Character (superimposed - pointer) bordsskiva bordplate pöytälevy tailor,dressmaker,seamstress BLUE (person + to make + clothes) skräddare, sömmerska skredder räätäli, ompelija teacher,pedagogue,educator BLUE (person + to exchange + knowledge) lärare, pedagog lærer, pedagog opettaja, pedagogi teacher,pedagogue,educator_(in_combinations) BLUE (person + knowledge: person + to teach [contr.]) Used in conjunction with a specifier lärare, pedagog (i kombinationer) pedagog (brukes i kombinasjon) opettaja, pedagogi telephone_card YELLOW (card + telephone) telefonkort telefonkort puhelinkortti temporary_home YELLOW (home + limited time) korttidshem bolig midlertidig sijaiskoti, tilapäiskoti text_phone YELLOW (telephone + alphabet) texttelefon teksttelefon tekstipuhelin theologian,theologist BLUE (person + theology teolog teolog teologi, uskontotieteilijä theology,philosophy_of_religion YELLOW (body of learning + God-based religion: system of religious beliefs and theories) teologi teologi, religionsvitenskap teologia, uskonnon filosofia therapy_centre,rehabilitation_centre YELLOW (building + therapy) rehabiliteringscenter, habiliteringscenter rehabiliteringssenter, habiliteringssenter kuntoutuskeskus, kuntoutuslaitos thief BLUE (person + receiving + negative: person + to steal [contr.]) tjuv tyv varas Tibet YELLOW (country + dharma wheel) Tibet Tibet Tiibet tomato_sauce YELLOW (sauce + tomato) tomatsås, tomatpuré tomatsaus tomaattikastike tooth_fairy BLUE (fairy + teeth) tandfe fantasifigur tannfe hammaskeiju touch_screen YELLOW (computer_screen,monitor + hand) pekskärm berøringsskjerm, touch screen (PC), pekeskjerm kosketusnäyttö touchpad,trackpad YELLOW (pointing device + finger) styrplatta (pekdon) berøringstast (PC), touch pad, trackpad (PC) tasohiiri toy_(in_combinations) YELLOW (thing + feeling: thing + play [contr.]) Used in conjunction with a specifier leksak (i kombinationer) leke (brukes i kombinasjon) leikkikalu, lelu track YELLOW (pictograph) - Character spår, räls skinne (jernbane) raiteet, kiskot, rata

115 23691 trackball YELLOW (pointing device + ball) styrkula, rullboll styrekule (PC), kulemus (PC) pallohiiri, trackball tragedy YELLOW (play_(theater) + down: play_(theater) + sad [contr.]) tragedi tragedie tragedia traveller BLUE (person + travel) resenär reisende matkustaja Triceratops YELLOW (dinosaur + three + horn) Triceratops Triceratops triceratops troll BLUE (make-believe person + stone: trolls turn into stones when the sun rises) troll fantasifigur troll peikko troll_(tailed) BLUE (make-believe person + linear thing + buttocks + thing ind.: trolls that have tails) troll (med svans) fantasifigur troll (med hale) peikko (hännällinen) tuna_fish YELLOW (fish + huge) tonfisk tunfisk tonnikala type-(to) RED (to write + machine + action indicator) skriva (på tangentbord) taste kirjoittaa koneella, konekirjoittaa Tyrannosaurus_Rex YELLOW (dinosaur + crown: the King of dinosaurs) Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex tyrannosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, tyrannilisko undo-(to) RED (to take away + action + in front of + action indicator) ångra, ändra sig gjøre om, angre kumota, peruuttaa undo_(computer)-(to) RED (jump_(backward) + digits_(computer) + action indicator) ångra (dator) gjøre om, endre (PC) kumota (tietokone) unicorn YELLOW (horse + pictograph of a single horn) - Character (superimposed) enhörning enhjørning yksisarvinen wake_up-(to) RED (to go + awake + action indicator) vakna våkne herättää, herätä walrus YELLOW (water creature with tail + teeth) valross hvalross mursu wash_up,do_the_dishes-(to) YELLOW (to wash + glassware + action indicator) diska vaske opp pestä astiat, tiskata water_creature YELLOW (water_(ground_level) + arc: pictograph that could be associated with smooth water creatures) Used in conjunction with a specifier. - Character (superimposed) vattendjur vannskapning vesieläin water_play YELLOW (play [contr.] + water) vattenlek vannlek vesileikki water_toy YELLOW (toy [contr.] + water) vattenleksak vannleke vesilelu website,domain_name,homepage,internet_doma in YELLOW (name + place + digital_world) webbsida webside webbisivu vegetable(s) YELLOW (generalization + vegetable_(above_ground)) grönsak, grönsaker (allmänt) grønnsaker vihannekset virus_(computer) YELLOW (program + to destroy) virus (dator) virus (PC) tietokonevirus witch BLUE (make-believe woman + broom) häxa fantasifigur heks noita wizard BLUE (make-believe man + wand) trollkarl fantasifigur trollmann velho, taikuri woman_doll_(e.g._barbie) YELLOW (woman + man-made) docka (kvinnlig) (t ex Barbie) dokke (hunkjønn) (f. eks. Barbie) naisnukke, Barbie worksheet YELLOW (paper + to work) arbetsblad arbeidsark tehtäväpaperi writer,author BLUE (person + to write) författare forfatter kirjailija accident YELLOW (event + negative + intensity) olycka, olyckshändelse ulykke onnettomuus accordion YELLOW (wind instrument + back and forth) dragspel trekkspill haitari, harmonikka, hanuri alto YELLOW (stave + pointer, to alto position in stave) - Character (superimposed - pointer) altstämma, alt alt (musikk) altto amplifier_(1) YELLOW (machine + more + sound + intensity) SYMBOL SYNONYM förstärkare (ljud) (1) forsterker (lyd) (1) vahvistin amplifier_(2) YELLOW (thing + more + sound + intensity) SYMBOL SYNONYM förstärkare (ljud) (2) forsterker (lyd) (2) vahvistin autoharp,zither,kantele YELLOW (musical instrument + group of + string + table) cittra, kantele (etc) harpe, sitar, kantele kantele, sitra

116 23807 bagpipe YELLOW (wind instrument + bag) säckpipa sekkepipe säkkipilli banjo YELLOW (string instrument + metal [contr.]) banjo banjo banjo bass YELLOW (stave + pointer, to bass position in stave) - Character (superimposed - pointer) basstämma, bas basstemme basso bass_clarinet YELLOW (clarinet + big) basklarinett bassklarinett bassoklarinetti bass_guitar YELLOW (string instrument + bass) basgitarr bassgitar bassokitara bassoon_(1) YELLOW (oboe (1) + big) SYMBOL SYNONYM fagott (1) fagott (1) fagotti bassoon_(2) YELLOW (oboe (2) + tenor) SYMBOL SYNONYM fagott (2) fagott (2) fagotti bells,chime_bars,tubular_bells YELLOW (group of + bell,chime_bar) klockspel klokkespill kellopeli block,city_block YELLOW (place + between + street) kvarter kvartal (by) kortteli bongo_drum,hand_drum YELLOW (musical instrument + hand + to repeat) bongotrumma, handtrumma bongotromme, håndtromme bongorummut bow,arc YELLOW (pictograph) - Character båge, valv bue, hvelv kaari bow_(musical_instrument) YELLOW (bow_and_string_(musical) + pointer, to bow) - Character (superimposed - pointer) stråke bue (musikkinstrument) jousi (soitin) bow_and_string_(musical) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character stråke och sträng bue og streng (musikkinstrument) jousi ja kieli (soitin) bow_and_string_instrument YELLOW (musical instrument + bow and string) stråk- och stränginstrument strykeinstrument jousisoitin brake_(general) YELLOW (tool + stop) broms (allmänt) brems jarru brake_(vehicle) YELLOW (tool + stop + to move) broms (på fordon) brems (på kjøretøy) jarru (kulkuneuvo) brass_instrument YELLOW (musical instrument + metal [contr.]) mässingsinstrument messinginstrument vaskipuhallin breeze YELLOW (wind + little) bris bris tuulenhenkäys, tuulahdus bugle_(1) YELLOW (horn + combat) SYMBOL SYNONYM signalhorn, bygelhorn (etc) (1) signalhorn flyygelitorvi bugle_(2) YELLOW (brass instrument disc: horn with no valves) SYMBOL SYNONYM signalhorn, bygelhorn (etc) (2) signaltrompet flyygelitorvi burned-out,burnt-out GREEN (sickness + without + energy_(mental) + description indicator) utbränd (om person) utbrent (om person) uupunut, loppuunpalanut calm,lull YELLOW (without + wind) stiltje stille (i stilla) tyyni sää calm_(weather) GREEN (calm + description indicator) vindstilla vindstille tuuleton, tyyni castanets_(1) YELLOW (disc + finger) SYMBOL SYNONYM kastanjett (1) kastanjett (1) kastanjetit castanets_(2) YELLOW (musical instrument + up and down + disc + finger) SYMBOL SYNONYM kastanjett (2) kastanjett (2) kastanjetit CD_cover YELLOW (protection + CD,record) cd-fodral cd cover, cd futteral CD-kotelo celeriac,celery YELLOW (celery [modification, upper part] + vegetable_(below_ground) [modification, lower part] (combination): pictograph) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) rotselleri, selleri sellerirot juuriselleri cello YELLOW (bow and string instrument + tenor) cello cello sello children's_song,nursery_rhyme YELLOW (song + child) barnvisa barnesang lastenlaulu Chronic_Fatigue_Syndrome YELLOW (sickness + tired + intensity + intensity + intensity) kroniskt trötthetssyndrom kronisk tretthetssyndrom, ME krooninen väsymysoireyhtymä clarinet,reed_instrument_(1) YELLOW (flute,recorder + reed) SYMBOL SYNONYM klarinett, rörbladsinstrument (1) klarinett, rørbladinstrument (1) klarinetti clarinet,reed_instrument_(2) YELLOW (musical instrument + reed) SYMBOL SYNONYM klarinett, rörbladsinstrument (2) klarinett, rørbladinstrument (2) klarinetti, puhallinsoitin

117 23839 condensation YELLOW (seven dots + liquid: the symbol suggests droplets converting into liquid) - Character (superimposed - sequenced) kondens, imma kondensering kondensaatio, tiivistyminen, tislaus condense-(to) RED (condensation + action indicator) kondensera kondensere kondensoida, tiivistyä, tislata country_music YELLOW (music + countryside) countrymusik countrymusikk countrymusiikki, kantri cymbal YELLOW (musical instrument + disc + together) cymbal cymbal symbaali, lautanen (soitin) dance_music YELLOW (music + legs_and_feet: music + dance [contr.]) dansmusik dansemusikk tanssimusiikki dark GREEN (without + light + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing mörk mørk pimeä, tumma detest,despise-(to) RED (feeling + negative + intensity + intensity + action indicator) avsky (verb) avsky (å) inhota, inhottaa disaster,catastrophe YELLOW (event + negative + intensity + intensity) katastrof katastrofe katastrofi, suuronnettomuus district,area,neighbourhood_(country) YELLOW (part of + countryside) distrikt, bygd, trakt, område bygd, grend, distrikt, område alue, naapurusto district,city_district,neighbourhood_(town) YELLOW (part of + city) stadsdel bydel kaupunginosa, taajama double_bass,bass_fiddle,contrabass YELLOW (string and bow instrument + bass) basfiol, kontrabas kontrabass kontrabasso contrabassoon,double_bassoon_(1) YELLOW (bassoon (1) + bass) SYMBOL SYNONYM kontrafagott (1) kontrafagott (1) kontrafagotti contrabassoon,double_bassoon_(2) YELLOW (oboe (2) + bass) SYMBOL SYNONYM kontrafagott (2) kontrafagott (2) kontrafagotti dried GREEN (dryness + description after the fact indicator) torkad tørket kuivattu driving_license YELLOW (card + activity + vehicle) körkort kjørekort ajokortti drum_(1) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character SYMBOL SYNONYM trumma (1) tromme (1) rumpu drum_(2) YELLOW (percussion instrument + to repeat) SYMBOL SYNONYM trumma (2) tromme (2) rummut drumstick YELLOW (linear thing + drum) trumpinne, trumstock trommestikke rumpukapula dry GREEN (dryness + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing torr tørr kuiva dry-(to) RED (dryness + action indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing torka tørke kuivata dryness,drought YELLOW (water + to delete) - Character (superimposed) torka, torrhet tørrhet, tørke (subst.) kuivuus eager,keen,willing GREEN (feeling + intensity + description indicator) ivrig, pigg på ivrig, villig innokas easy,easily GREEN (ease,easiness,simplicity + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing lätt, enkel lett, enkel helppo electric_piano YELLOW (musical instrument + keyboard + electricity) elpiano piano elektrisk sähköpiano empty GREEN (emptying,voidance,evacuation + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing tom tom tyhjä empty,evacuate,throw_away,void-(to) RED (emptying,voidance,evacuation + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing tömma, hälla ut tømme, helle ut tyhjentää energy_(mental) YELLOW (electricity + mind) energi (mental) energi (mental) henkinen energia energy_(physical) YELLOW (electricity + body) energi (fysisk) energi (fysisk) fyysinen energia error,mishap YELLOW (event + negative) missöde feil, uhell, ulykke haaveri, virhe, erehdys, erhe exciting,excitingly,excited,excitedly GREEN (excitement + description indicator) upphetsad, upphetsande opphisset jännittävä excitement YELLOW (feeling + intensity + intensity) upphetsning opphisselse jännitys, kiihtymys exhausted,worn_out GREEN (feeling + without + energy_(mental) + description indicator) utmattad, utsliten, slutkörd utmattet, utbrent uupunut

118 23871 flute,recorder YELLOW (pipe,hose,tube_(2) + dot + dot (high position): pictograph) - Character (superimposed) flöjt fløyte huilu flute,transverse_flute YELLOW (pipe,hose,tube_(1) + dot + dot: pictograph) - Character (superimposed) flöjt, tvärflöjt fløyte, tverrfløyte huilu flute_(alto) YELLOW (wind instrument + alto) flöjt (alt) fløyte alt alttohuilu flute_(soprano) YELLOW (wind instrument + soprano) flöjt (sopran) fløyte sopran sopraanohuilu foam,mousse YELLOW (many + many + bubble) skum, mousse skum, mousse vaahto French_horn,horn_(1) YELLOW (horn + to circle: instrument with circularly coiled tubing) SYMBOL SYNONYM valthorn (1) valthorn (1) käyrätorvi French_horn,horn_(2) YELLOW (brass instrument + to circle: instrument with circularly coiled tubing) SYMBOL SYNONYM valthorn (2) valthorn (2) käyrätorvi gong YELLOW (percussion instrument musical note) gong-gong gonggong gongi guitar,string_instrument YELLOW (musical instrument + string) gitarr, stränginstrument gitar kitara hair_spray YELLOW (spray + hair) hårspray hårspray hiuslakka harp YELLOW (musical instrument + many + string + finger) harpa harpe harppu harpsichord YELLOW (musical instrument + hook + string) cembalo cembalo cembalo hate-(to) RED (hate,hatred + action indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing hata hate vihata hum-(to) YELLOW (to sing + without + word + action indicator) nynna nynne hymistä, hyräillä humid,damp,moist GREEN (humidity + description indicator) fuktig fuktig kostea humidity YELLOW (air + water) - Character (superimposed) fukt, fuktighet fuktighet, fukt kosteus hurricane YELLOW (much + storm: i.e., much + much + much + wind) orkan orkan pyörremyrsky, hurrikaani kazoo YELLOW (musical instrument + sound + mouth: device which modifies the sound of a persons voice) kazoo kazoo kazoo kebab_(middle_east) YELLOW (meat + hot + long) SYMBOL SYNONYM kebab (Mellanöstern) kebab (Midt Østen) kebab (lähi-itä) kebab_(scandinavia) YELLOW (meat + rotation + to cut) SYMBOL SYNONYM kebab kebab (Skandinavia) kebab (skandinavia) kebab_(uk,nl) YELLOW (meat + part of + linear thing) SYMBOL SYNONYM kebab (Storbritannien, Holland) kebab (Storbritannia, Nederland) kebab (iso-britannia, hollanti) keyboard YELLOW (pictograph) - Character klaviatur, keyboard tastatur, keyboard koskettimet last_(person,etc) GREEN (person + end + description indicator) Person can be replaced by an appropriate other classifier sist sist viimeinen lie YELLOW (purpose + without + truth) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing lögn løgn valhe, vale lie-(to) RED (lie + action indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing ljuga lyve valehdella line,queue YELLOW (line + many + person) Person can be replaced by an appropriate other specifier kö kø jono lose_(fail_to_win)-(to) RED (competition + loss + action indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing förlora tape hävitä loudspeaker YELLOW (thing + sound + intensity + out) högtalare høyttaler kaiutin mandolin YELLOW (string instrument + man + blissymbolics: an instrument associated with Charles Bliss) mandolin mandolin mandoliini maracas,calabash_(etc) YELLOW (rythm_instrument + fruit) maracas (etc) marakas marakassi melodica,blow-organ YELLOW (wind instrument + mouth + keyboard) melodika melodika melodika microphone YELLOW (thing + sound + into) mikrofon mikrofon mikrofoni

119 23903 MP3_player,iPod_(etc) YELLOW (machine + to listen + carry) MP3-spelare, ipod (etc) MP3-spiller, ipod (o.l.) MP3-soitin, ipod musical_instrument_(in_combinations) YELLOW (thing + musical note) Used as classifier to create Bliss-words denoting musical instruments. - Character (superimposed) musikinstrument (i kombinationer) musikkinstrument (i kombinasjon med) musiikki-instrumentti, musiikkisoitin musical_instrument_(with_many_strings) YELLOW (musical instrument + many + string) stränginstrument strenginstrument kielisoitin never GREEN (without + time + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing aldrig aldri ei koskaan, ei ikinä nothing,none WHITE (without + thing) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing ingen, ingenting ingenting, ingen ei mitään, ei kukaan oboe_(1) YELLOW (flute,recorder reed) SYMBOL SYNONYM oboe (1) obo (1) oboe oboe_(2) YELLOW (musical instrument reed) SYMBOL SYNONYM oboe (2) obo (2) oboe old GREEN (many + year + description indicator) See also gammal gammel vanha organ,pipe_organ YELLOW (wind instrument + many + tube) orgel, piporgel orgel urut, kirkkourut panpipe YELLOW (wood instrument + many + tube) panflöjt panfløyte panhuilu park-(to) RED (parking lot + action indicator) parkera parkere parkkeerata auto, ajaa auto parkkiin parking_permit YELLOW (card + parking lot) parkeringstillstånd parkeringstillatelse pysäköintilippu parking_ticket YELLOW (paper + parking place) parkeringsbiljett parkeringsbillett pysäköintisakko, parkkisakko participant BLUE (person + participation) deltagare deltaker osallistuja, mukanaolija, osanottaja participate-(to) RED (participation + activity indicator) delta delta osallistua, ottaa osaa participation YELLOW (activity + together) deltagande, medverkan deltakelse, medvirkning osanotto, osallisuus, mukanaolo, osallistuminen participation,involvement YELLOW (feeling + participation) delaktighet, gemenskap delaktighet osallistuminen, mukanaolo, osallisuus pennywhistle,tin_whistle YELLOW (musical instrument + downwards + soprano: explanation?) bleckflöjt, irländsk flöjt fløyte (irlandsk) peltihuilu percussion_instrument YELLOW (musical instrument + mallet) slaginstrument, slagverk slaginstrument lyömäsoitin piano_(1) YELLOW (musical instrument + keyboard) SYMBOL SYNONYM piano (1) piano (1) piano piano_(2) YELLOW (percussion_instrument + string) SYMBOL SYNONYM piano (2) piano (2) piano piccolo_(1) YELLOW (flute,transverse_flute + little) SYMBOL SYNONYM piccolaflöjt (1) fløyte piccolo (1) pikkolohuilu piccolo_(2) YELLOW (wind_intrument + soprano + little) SYMBOL SYNONYM piccolaflöjt (2) fløyte piccolo (2) pikkolohuilu pipe,hose,tube_(2) YELLOW (pictograph: vertical orientation) - Character SYMBOL SYNONYM rör, slang (2) rør, slange (2) letku, putki, tuubi pipe,tube_(closed) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character tub rør, slange (lukket), tube putki (suljettu), tuubi (suljettu), letku (suljettu) key,tonality YELLOW (stave,staff + musical note) tonläge, tonhöjd (musik) toneleie sävelkorkeus (musiikki) pitch_(sound) YELLOW (stave,staff + pointer) - Character (superimposed - pointer) tonhöjd, stämma (allmän) tonehøyde sävelkorkeus (yl.) play_(instrument)-(to) RED (musical_instrument + action indicator) spela (instrument) spille (instrument) soittaa soittimella pop_music YELLOW (music + many + many + person) popmusik popmusikk popmusiikki punk_rock YELLOW (music + hair + up) punkmusik punk (musikk) punk (musiikki) rainbow YELLOW (bow,arc + many + colour) regnbåge regnbue sateenkaari rap_(music) YELLOW (song + same + speak-(to)) rap, rapmusik rap (musikk) rap (musiikki)

120 23935 rattle YELLOW (thing + rotation + noise_(loud)) skallra rangle kolina, räminä, kalina rattle_(musical_instrument) YELLOW (musical instrument + rotation + noise_(loud)) skrammelinstrument skramleinstrument helistin recorder YELLOW (flute,recorder + tree: where tree is a contraction of wood) blockflöjt blokkfløyte nokkahuilu recorder_(alto) YELLOW (recorder + alto) blockflöjt (alt) blokkfløyte (alt) alttonokkahuilu recorder_(bass) YELLOW (recorder + bass) blockflöjt (bas) blokkfløyte (bass) bassonokkahuilu recorder_(soprano) YELLOW (recorder + soprano) blockflöjt (sopran) blokkfløyte (sopran) sopraanonokkahuilu recorder_(tenor) YELLOW (recorder + tenor) blockflöjt (tenor) blokkfløyte (tenor) tenorinokkahuilu reed YELLOW (pictograph) - Character rörblad rørblad ruoko, kaisla rhythm_instrument YELLOW (musical instrument + up and down) rytminstrument rytmeinstrument rytmisoitin roe_deer YELLOW (deer + little) rådjur rådyr metsäkauris, kauris rotisserie,spit YELLOW (meat + rotation) grillkött grillkjøtt på roterende spyd varrasliha saxophone_(1) YELLOW (clarinet,reed_instrument_(1) + metal [contraction]) SYMBOL SYNONYM saxofon (1) saksofon (1) saksofoni saxophone_(2) YELLOW (clarinet,reed_instrument_(2) + metal [contraction]) SYMBOL SYNONYM saxofon (2) saksofon (2) saksofoni sit_ski_(old) YELLOW (2 + sitski,sit_ski) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See sitski,sit_ski sitski (FD) sitski (OLD) hiihtokelkka, biski-kelkka (vanha) small_pancake,blini YELLOW (pancak + little) plättar, blinier pannekake liten, blini blini, lettu, räiskäle, ohukainen snowmobile YELLOW (vehicle + snow) snöskoter snøscooter moottorikelkka snowplow,snowplough YELLOW (vehicle + minus + snow) snöplog snøplog lumilinko, lumiaura soprano YELLOW (stave + pointer, to soprano position in stave) - Character (superimposed - pointer) sopranstämma, sopran sopran sopraano spray,vaporize-(to) RED (spray,vaporization + action indicator) spreja, förånga spraye spreijata, haihtua spray_bottle,vaporizer,spray_can YELLOW (bottle + spray,vaporization) sprejflaska sprayflaske spraypullo stave,staff YELLOW (pictograph: five half-sized horizontal lines, as in a stave for musical notation) - Character notplan, notlinjer notelinjer nuottiviivasto storm YELLOW (much + gale: i.e., much + much + wind) storm storm hirmumyrsky stressed GREEN (stress + description indicator: having a feeling of lacking time for an activity) stressad, jäktad stresset stressaantunut, ylirasittunut string YELLOW (line + pointer, to the line) - Character (superimposed - pointer) sträng streng kieli (soitin) string_(for_musical_instrument) YELLOW (bow_and_string_(musical) + pointer, to string) - Character (superimposed - pointer) sträng (på musikinstrument) streng (for musikkinstrument) kieli (soitin) surprise YELLOW (feeling + what,question_mark + intensity: a feeling of unexpectedness) överraskning overraskelse yllätys surprise-(to) RED (cause-(to) + surprise + action indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing överraska overraske yllättää surprised GREEN (surprise + description indicator) överraskad overrasket yllättynyt synthesizer,synthesiser,keyboard YELLOW (piano_(1) + digits_(computer): a digital keyboard instrument) synt, synthesizer, keyboard synthesiser, keyboard syntetisaattori tambourine_(1) YELLOW (drum + up and down) SYMBOL SYNONYM tamburin (1) tamburin (1) tamburiini tambourine_(2) YELLOW (rhythm_instrument + disk + hand) SYMBOL SYNONYM tamburin (2) tamburin (2) tamburiini tenor YELLOW (stave + pointer, to tenor position in stave) - Character (superimposed - pointer) tenorstämma, tenor tenor tenori

121 23967 tornado YELLOW (gale + rotation: a stron rotating wind) virvelstorm, tornado tornado pyörremyrsky, tornado, trombi triangle_(instrument)_(1) YELLOW (triangle [contraction] + mallet) SYMBOL SYNONYM triangel (instrument) (1) triangel instrument (1) triangeli triangle_(instrument)_(2) YELLOW (musical instrument + triangle_(instrument)_(1)) SYMBOL SYNONYM triangel (instrument) (2) triangel instrument (2) triangeli trombone YELLOW (brass_instrument + back_and_forth) trombon trombone pasuuna, vetopasuuna trumpet,horn,cornet_(2) YELLOW (brass_instrument disc: the three discs represening the three valves of a trumpet) SYMBOL SYNONYM trumpet, kornett (2) trompet, kornett (2) trumpetti tsunami YELLOW (tidal_wave + intensity: a very big tidal wave) tsunami tsunami tsunami, hyökyaalto tuba_(1) YELLOW (trumpet + big) SYMBOL SYNONYM tuba (1) tuba (1) tuuba tuba_(2) YELLOW (brass_instument + bass) SYMBOL SYNONYM tuba (2) tuba (2) tuuba tuning_fork YELLOW (fork + musical_note) stämgaffel stemmegaffel äänirauta twin_brother BLUE (brother + same + birth) tvillingbror tvillingbror kaksoisveli twin_sister BLUE (sister + same + birth) tvillingsyster tvillingsøster kaksoissisko twins BLUE (2 + person + same + birth) tvillingar tvillinger kaksoset ukulele YELLOW (guitar,string_instrument + little) ukulele ukulele ukulele unfold-(to) RED (unfolding + action indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing vika upp, veckla ut brette ut avata, kääriä auki wind_instrument YELLOW (musical_instrument + wind) blåsinstrument blåseinstrument puhallinsoitin viola YELLOW (bow_and_string_instrument + alto) viola altfiolin alttoviulu violin YELLOW (bow_and_string_instrument + soprano) fiol, violin fiolin viulu voice YELLOW (sound + mouth) röst stemme ääni woodwind_instrument YELLOW (wind_instrument + wood [contraction] träblåsinstrument treblåserinstrument puupuhallin xylophone,vibraphone_(1) YELLOW (keyboard + mallet) SYMBOL SYNONYM xylofon, vibrafon (1) xylofon, vibrafon (1) ksylofoni, vibrafoni xylophone,vibraphone_(2) YELLOW (percussion_instrument + keyboard) SYMBOL SYNONYM xylofon, vibrafon (2) xylofon, vibrafon (2) ksylofoni, vibrafoni acrobat BLUE (person + gymnastics + show [contr.]) akrobat akrobat akrobaatti acrobatics YELLOW (activity + gymnastics + show [contr.]) akrobatik akrobatikk akrobatia adding,additive YELLOW (addition + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) tillsats tillegg lisäaine Advent YELLOW (limited time + before + Christmas) advent advent adventti agnosticism YELLOW (doubt + God: belief that we don't know of either the existence or the nonexistence of God) agnosticism agnostisisme agnostisismi, agnostismi agreement_(spoken) YELLOW (mouth + agreement: spoken agreement) överenskommelse (muntlig), avtal overenskomst, avtale (muntlig) suullinen sopimus agreement_(written),contract YELLOW (paper + agreement: agreement by a written document) överenskommelse (skriven), kontrakt overenskomst, avtale (skriftlig), kontrakt kirjallinen sopimus aid_store_room YELLOW (store room + aid) hjälpmedelsförråd hjelpemiddellager apuvälinevarasto animal_droppings YELLOW (waste + animal) djurspillning dyreekskrementer lanta, sonta ankle_splint YELLOW (aid + bones_with_joint + ankle + thing indicator: support for the ankle joint) fotskena ankelskinne nilkkalasta other,another_(thing) WHITE (thing + two) See also: other,another_(person) annan, annat annen, annet toinen, muu

122 24012 apricot_(dried) YELLOW (apricot + dry) aprikos (torkad) aprikose (tørket) aprikoosi (kuivattu) Ascension_(of_Christ) YELLOW (up + Christ) Kristi himmelsfärd Kristi Himmelfart kristuksen taivaaseenastuminen Ascension_Day YELLOW (day + Ascension) Kristi himmelsfärdsdag Kristi Himmelfartsdag helatorstai asparagus YELLOW (root(s) + line,stripe: the line representing a modified stalk of asparagus, pictograph) - Character (superimposed) sparris asparges parsa assessment_room YELLOW (room + assessment) utredningsrum, utprovningsrum utredningsrom, utprøvingsrom arviointihuone at_one's_destination,there GREEN (end + description indicator) framme framme, der perille saapunut auditor,accountant BLUE (person + watch [contr.] + money) revisor, kamrer revisor kirjanpitäjä, tilintarkastaja avalanche YELLOW (snow + down + mountain) lavin snøskred lumivyöry bark-(to) RED (to talk + dog + action indicator) skälla (hund) bjeffe haukkua bean_(dried),chick-pea,kidney_bean,pinto_bean YELLOW (bean + dry) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing böna (torkad) bønne (tørket) (o.l.) papu (kuivattu), pintopapu, kidneypapu bicycle_path YELLOW (place + activity + bicycle) cykelbana sykkelsti, sykkelbane pyörätie bisexual GREEN (bisexuality + description indicator) bisexuell biseksuell biseksuaalinen bisexuality YELLOW (feeling + male and female + both) bisexualitet biseksualitet biseksuaalisuus bit_(horse) YELLOW (metal [contr.] + mouth + horse) betsel bitt kuolaimet bleat,baa-(to) RED (to talk + sheep + action indicator) bräka breke määkiä Bliss_fanatic BLUE (fanatic + blissymbol) blissfanatiker blissfanatiker bliss fanaatikko blood_vessel YELLOW (tube + blood [contr.]) blodkärl blodåre verisuoni blush-(to) RED (face + red + action indicator) rodna rødme punastua body_brace,corset YELLOW (aid + bones_with_joint + body + thing indicator: bones_with_joint representing joint [contr.], support for the hip joint and the spine) stödkorsett støttekorsett tukiliivi, korsetti body_fluid YELLOW (liquid + body) kroppsvätska kroppsvæske ruumiinnesteet body_hair YELLOW (hair + body) kroppshår kroppshår ihokarvat body_part YELLOW (part of + body) kroppsdel kroppsdel kehonosa body_temperature YELLOW (temperature + body) kroppstemperatur kroppstemperatur ruumiinlämpö bolt_(horse)-(to) RED (horse + three intensity characters + danger + action indicator) skena (häst) løpe løpsk pillastua (hevonen) bomb,explosive YELLOW (explosion + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) bomb, sprängämne bombe, eksplosiv pommi, räjähde bow YELLOW (curve + thing indicator: bow, as in "bow and arrow", etc.) - (character with thing indicator) båge bue kaari bridle,headstall YELLOW (harness + muzzle + thing indicator) träns bissel suitset, päitset bus_lane YELLOW (place + activity + bus) bussfil bussfil bussikaista, linja-autokaista bus_station YELLOW (station + bus) busstation busstasjon linja-autoasema bus_stop,bus_bay YELLOW (platform + bus) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing busshållplats busstopp bussipysäkki, linja-autopysäkki cable_car YELLOW (enclosure + ascending_and_descending) linbana, kabinbana kabelbane köysirata cancer YELLOW (illness + cell + repetition) cancer kreft syöpä

123 24044 canter-(to) RED (trot_(horse)-(to) + intensity + action indicator) rida i kort galopp ri i kort galopp ratsastaa lyhyttä laukkaa celibacy_(religious) YELLOW (chastity + religion) celibat, avhållsamhet (sexuell) sølibat (religiøs) seksuaalinen pidättäytyminen (uskonnon takia) ceramics,pottery YELLOW (craft + clay) keramik keramikk keramiikka, savityö, saviesine certain,sure GREEN (without + doubt + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing säker, bestämd, tillförlitlig sikker, bestemt varma chairlift YELLOW (seat,sitting + ascending_and_descending) sittlift, stollift stolheis hiihtohissi, tuolihissi chairman BLUE (leader + meeting [modification, short arrows] (combination)) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) ordförande møteleder, ordstyrer puheenjohtaja, puhemies challenge YELLOW (opposition + cause + action) utmaning utfordring haaste charm YELLOW (personality + positive) charm sjarm charmi, viehätysvoima charming GREEN (charm + description indicator) charmig sjarmerende viehättävä, hurmaava, charmikas checked GREEN (many + grid + description indicator) rutig rutet ruutukuvioinen chest_hair YELLOW (hair + chest) hår på bröstet hår på brystet rintakarvat child_care YELLOW (care + child) Child can be replaced by an appropriate specifier barnomsorg barnepass lastenhoito child_harness,walking_reins YELLOW (harness + child) barnsele barnesele lasten valjaat Children's_Day YELLOW (day + child) Barnens dag Barnas dag lasten päivä chirp,twitter-(to) RED (to talk + bird + action indicator) kvittra kvitre visertää circus YELLOW (showplace + cloth: i.e. showplace + tent [contr.]) cirkus sirkus sirkus clean GREEN (without + spot + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing ren støvfritt, rent puhdas, siisti cloakroom,walk-in_closet YELLOW (room + clothes) klädkammare, garderob garderobe vaatehuone, vaatekomero cloudberry YELLOW (compound berry + marsh) hjortron multe lakka, suomuurain cold,common_cold YELLOW (illness + liquid + nose) förkylning forkjølelse, snue nuha common,mutual,shared GREEN (to have + together + description indicator) gemensam felles yhteinen, jaettu commuter_train YELLOW (train + back and forth) pendeltåg lokaltog, pendeltog lähijuna conductive_education YELLOW (education + plus + therapy) konduktiv pedagogik konduktiv pedagogikk konduktiivinen pedagogiikka conductor_(teacher,therapist) BLUE (person + conductive education) konduktor konduktor konduktiivinen opettaja constipation_(1) YELLOW (bowel movement [contr.] + stop) SYMBOL SYNONYM förstoppning (1) forstoppelse ummetus constipation_(2) YELLOW (illness + bowel movement [contr.] + stop) SYMBOL SYNONYM förstoppning (2) forstoppelse (sykdom) ummetus constitution YELLOW (plan,design,method,system + country) författning, konstitution konstitusjon, forfatning perustuslaki, valtiosääntö croak_(frog)-(to) RED (to talk + frog + action indicator) kväka kvekke kurnuttaa crown_prince BLUE (prince + future) kronprins kronprins kruununprinssi crown_princess BLUE (princess + future) kronprinsessa kronprinsesse kruununprinsessa cuddle-(to) RED (hug + feeling + action indicator) kela klemme, kose med syleillä, hyväillä cure-(to) RED (to destroy + illness + action indicator) bota kurere, helbrede parantaa

124 24078 dancing_therapy YELLOW (therapy + dance) dansterapi danseterapi tanssiterapia decoration,ornament YELLOW (adding + beautiful + thing indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing prydnadssak, dekoration, utsmyckning dekorasjon, utsmykning koriste democracy_(state) YELLOW (country + to permit + choice) demokrati (stat) demokrati demokratia, kansanvalta depending_on GREEN (help,aid,assistance,support + description indicator) (Note: Questionable!?) hjälpbehövande avhengig av olla riippuvainen (jostakin) devoted GREEN (devotion + description indicator) engagerad, hängiven hengiven, engasjert, begeistret omistaunut, kiintynyt devotee,fan BLUE (person + devotion) anhängare, fantast tilhenger av, fan fani, kannattaja devotion YELLOW (feeling + important) engagemang, hängivenhet, inlevelse hengivenhet, begeistring, engasjement antaumus, kiintymys, omistautuminen diarrhea,diarrhoea YELLOW (illness + bowel movement + intensity) diarré diaré ripuli domestic GREEN (in + country + description indicator) inrikes, inhemsk innenlands, innenriks kotimainen dotted GREEN (many + dot + description indicator) prickig flekket, prikket pilkullinen, täplikäs drying_cupboard,airing_cupboard YELLOW (cupboard + to dry + cloth) torkskåp tørkeskap kuivauskaappi drying_room,drying_chamber YELLOW (room + to dry + cloth) torkrum tørkerom kuivaushuone dump,dispose-(to) RED (waste + action indicator) slänga, kasta, kassera kaste, kvitte seg med viedä roskat, viedä jätteet elbow_splint YELLOW (aid + bones_with_joint + elbow + thing indicator: bones_with_joint representing joint [contr.], support for the elbow joint) armbågsskena albuskinne kyynärpäälasta voter,elector BLUE (person + to choose: person who chooses or votes for a public official) väljare velger äänestäjä, valitsija electorate BLUE (electorate + plural indicator) väljarkår valg äänestäjät, valitsijat endangered GREEN (danger + delete + description before the fact indicator) utrotningshotad truet, utrydningstruet uhanalainen Epiphany YELLOW (event + to observe + Christ) trettondagen helligtrekongersdag, trettendedag jul loppiainen, epifania escalator,moving_stairs YELLOW (stairs + up and down) rulltrappa rulletrapp rullaportaat Estonia YELLOW (country + song: in E. singing, e g in choirs, is very important) Estland Estonia Viro existence,being_(1) YELLOW (life + world) - Character (superimposed) SYMBOL SYNONYM tillvaro, existens (1) tilværelse, eksistens (1) olemassaolo, olento experiment-(to) RED (experiment + action indicator) experimentera eksperimentere tehdä koe, kokeilla exploded GREEN (explosion + description after the fact indicator) exploderad, sprängd eksplodert, sprengt, detonert räjähtänyt explosive GREEN (explosion + description before the fact indicator) explosiv eksplosiv, sprenglegeme räjähtävä, räjähdysherkkä, räjähdysmäinen facial_hair YELLOW (hair + face) ansiktshår ansiktshår naamakarvat Family_Day YELLOW (day + family) Familjens dag familiedag perhepäivä fan_(machine) YELLOW (machine + wind) fläkt vifte tuuletin fanatic GREEN (devotion + intensity + description indicator) fanatisk fanatisk fanaattinen, kiihkoilija fanatic_(person) BLUE (devotee + intensity) fanatiker fanatiker fanaatikko farrier BLUE (person + hoof) hovslagare hovslager hevosenkengittäjä Father's_Day YELLOW (day + father) Fars dag farsdag isänpäivä fee YELLOW (money + for + activity) avgift avgift maksu, hinta

125 24110 fertilized GREEN (conception + description after the fact indicator) befruktad fertil, befruktet hedelmöittynyt few,little GREEN (number + small + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing lite, få få, lite muutama fever,temperature YELLOW (body temperature + high) feber feber kuume financial_support YELLOW (help + with + money) stöd (ekonomiskt) finansiell støtte avustus, taloudellinen tuki fingernail,nail YELLOW (protection + finger) nagel, fingernagel fingernegl, negl sormenkynsi, kynsi fish_(dried) YELLOW (fish + dry) fisk (torkad) fisk (tørket) kala (kuivattu) flower_(dried) YELLOW (flower + dry) blomma (torkad) blomst (tørket) kukka (kuivattu) flu,influenza YELLOW (illness + body + intensity: your entire body is aching) influensa influensa flunssa, influenssa foreign GREEN (out + country + description indicator) utrikes, utländsk utenlandsk, utenriks vierasmaalainen, ulkomaalainen fort,fortress YELLOW (castle + war) fästning, borg borg, fort linnoitus, linnake foundation,base,fundament YELLOW (pictograph) - Character grund, bas grunnlag, basis pohja, perusta, alusta fruit_(dried) YELLOW (fruit + dry) frukt (torkad) frukt (tørket) hedelmä (kuivattu) fundamental,basic GREEN (foundation + description indicator) grundläggande, basal, grund-, bas grunnleggende, basal perus, fundamentaalinen fundamental_law YELLOW (law + fundamental) grundlag grunnlov perustuslaki fundamental_rule YELLOW (rule + fundamental) grundregel grunnleggende regel, grunnregel perussääntö fundamentalism YELLOW (belief + fundamental) fundamentalism fundamentalisme fundamentalismi fundamentalism_(religious) YELLOW (religion + fundamental) fundamentalism (religiös) fundamentalisme religiøs fundamentalismi (uskonnollinen) fundamentalist BLUE (person + fundamentalism) fundamentalist fundamentalist fundamentalisti fundamentalist_(religious) BLUE (person + fundamentalism_(religious)) fundamentalist (religiös) fundamentalist (religiøs) fundamentalisti (uskonnollinen) gallop-(to) RED (gallop + action indicator) galoppera galoppere laukata gelding YELLOW (stallion + sterilized) valack vallak ruuna general GREEN (generalization + description indicator) generell generell yleinen girth,cinch YELLOW (linear thing + waist + horse + thing indicator) sadelgjord bukgjord satulavyö glacier YELLOW (ice + river: ice that moves in response to gravity) glaciär isbre jäätikkö glass_craft YELLOW (craft + glass [contr.]) glaskonst håndlaget glass, glasskunst lasityö glow YELLOW (light + fire + end) glöd glo loiste, hehku glow-(to) RED (glow + action indicator) glöda gløde loistaa, hehkua groom_(horse) BLUE (person + to work + to protect + horse) hästskötare hestepasser tallirenki groom_(horse)-(to) RED (horse brush + action indicator) rykta stelle hest sukia hevosta, harjata hevosta growl_(dog)-(to) RED (to talk + opposition + dog + action indicator) morra gjø murista (koira) grunt_(pig)-(to) RED (to talk + pig + action indicator) grymta grynte röhkiä hair_drier,blow_dryer YELLOW (tool + to dry + hair) hårtork hårtørrer hiustenkuivaaja

126 24142 hand_splint YELLOW (aid + joint [contr ] + hand + thing indicator) handskena, handortos håndskinne käsilasta harness YELLOW (group of + linear thing + combination + thing indicator) sele, bälte sele (hest) valjaat harness-(to) RED (harness + action indicator + thing indicator) sätta på sele, sätta på bälte sette på sele, sette på belte valjastaa harness_(horse) YELLOW (harness + horse + thing indicator) seldon seletøy (hest) hevosen valjaat harness_(horse)-(to) RED (harness + horse + action indicator + thing indicator) sela på sele på (hest) valjastaa hevonen hay YELLOW (grass + dry) hö høy heinä heal-(to) RED (to become + healthy + action indicator) läka, tillfriskna bli frisk, leges (å) parantaa, parantua Heaven,Kingdom_of_God YELLOW (world + God) Himlen himmelrike, himmelen Jumalan valtakunta, taivas hibernation YELLOW (sleep + winter) vinterdvala dvale talviuni, horros hiss_(cat)-(to) RED (to talk + opposition + cat + action indicator) fräsa (katt) hvese (katt) sähistä hitch,tie_up,fix_up-(to) RED (to fasten + animal + action indicator) binda fast, tjudra tjore, binde fast köyttää, sitoa homosexual GREEN (homosexuality + description indicator) homosexuell homoseksuell, homofil homoseksuaalinen homosexuality YELLOW (feeling + couple_(male) + couple_(female): combination of male and female homosexuality, representing homosexuality in general, either male or female) homosexualitet homoseksualitet, homofili homoseksuaalisuus hoof YELLOW (horse + pointer, to hoof) - Character (superimposed - pointer) hov, klöv hov, klov kavio hoof_pick YELLOW (tool + hoof) hovskrapa hovskrape kaviorauta, kavionpuhdistusrauta horse_box,stall YELLOW (room + horse) spilta, hästbox hesteboks, spilt pilttuu horse_brush,body_brush YELLOW (brush + horse) ryktborste hestebørste, striglebørste suka, hevosharja horse_cloth YELLOW (cloth + protection + horse) hästtäcke hestedekke loimi horse_droppings YELLOW (waste + horse) hästspillning hestemøkk hevosen lanta horse_trailer,horsebox YELLOW (trailer,container_transport + horse) hästtransport (kärra) hestehenger hevoskuljetusvaunu, hevoskuljetusauto horsehair YELLOW (material + hair + horse) hästtagel hestehår hevosenkarva horseshoe YELLOW (protection + hoof) hästsko hestesko hevosenkenkä horseshoe_nail YELLOW (pin + horseshoe) hästskosöm hesteskosøm hevosenkenkänaula Hungary YELLOW (a country that is a bridge between East and West) Ungern Ungarn Unkari hurry,rush YELLOW (time + fast) brådska hastverk, hast kiire hurry,rush-(to) RED (hurry + action indicator) skynda sig skynde seg pitää kiirettä, kiirehtiä hurry_(in_a),hurried,rushed GREEN (hurry + description indicator) bråttom travel kiireinen hydrotherapy YELLOW (therapy + activity + water) vattenterapi vannterapi vesiterapia ice_field YELLOW (much + ice) isfält isområde jääkenttä iceberg YELLOW (mountain + ice) isberg isfjell jäävuori independent GREEN (ability + self + description indicator) oberoende, självständig uavhengig, selvstendig itsenäinen invisible GREEN (without + to see + description indicator) osynlig usynlig näkymätön

127 24175 jaguar YELLOW (animal + group of + spot: fur with small dots within larger rosette markings) jaguar jaguar jaguaari kidney YELLOW (pictograph) - Character njure nyre munuainen knot YELLOW (combination + string + thing indicator) knut knute solmu Lent YELLOW (limited time + before + Easter) fastan fastetid, faste paastoaika liberation YELLOW (cause + freedom) befrielse befrielse, frigjøring vapautus, vapautuminen, liberaatio linear_thing_(horizontal),bar YELLOW (horizontal line + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) rak sak (vågrät), räcke, ribba rett sak (vannrett) tanko, rekki long_time GREEN (limited time + long + description indicator) länge lenge pitkä aika, kauan lower_body YELLOW (below + waist) underkropp, nedre kroppshalvan underkropp alavartalo make_sign_of_the_cross-(to) RED (sign_of_the_cross + action indicator) göra korstecken gjøre korsets tegn, korse seg tehdä ristin merkki mane_(horse) YELLOW (hair + horse_neck) man (häst) man (hest) hevosen harja manure,fertilizer YELLOW (addition + to grow + thing indicator) gödning, gödsel gjødsel lannoite, lanta, apulanta mare YELLOW (horse + female) sto merr tamma meat_(dried),dried_meat YELLOW (meat + dry) kött (torkat) mat (tørket) liha (kuivattu) medical_treatment,medical_care YELLOW (help + medical) behandling (medicinsk), sjukvård behandling medisinsk lääkinnällinen hoito menstrual_blood YELLOW (blood + uterus [contr.]) mensblod blod menstruelt kuukautisveri metal_craft YELLOW (craft + metal [contr.]) metallslöjd metallsløyd, metallhåndverk metallityö mew,meow-(to) RED (to talk + cat + action indicator) jama mjaue naukua minister_(government) BLUE (leader + country) minister minister ministeri monarchy YELLOW (country + royal) monarki monarki monarkia moo,bellow-(to) RED (to talk + cow + action indicator) råma raute ammua Mother's_Day YELLOW (day + mother) Mors dag morsdag äitienpäivä muzzle YELLOW (horse + pointer, to muzzle) - Character (superimposed - pointer) mule, nos mule turpa nature_craft YELLOW (craft + plant) naturslöjd naturprodukt taidekäsityö navel YELLOW (body_with_navel + pointer, to navel) - Character (superimposed - pointer) navel navle napa neigh,whinny-(to) RED (to talk + horse + action indicator) gnägga vrinske hirnua occupational_therapy YELLOW (therapy + activity) arbetsterapi arbeidsterapi toimintaterapia occupational_therapy_room YELLOW (room + occupational therapy) arbetsterapirum arbeidsterapirom toimintaterapiahuone, toimintaterapeutin huone organ_(body)_(old) YELLOW (generalization + kidney) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See organ,inner_organ,inner_body_part organ, inre organ (FD) organ (kropp) (OLD) elin (kehonosa) (vanha) paddock YELLOW (enclosure + field + small) fålla, inhägnad havnehage aitaus, aidattu niitty paper_craft YELLOW (craft + paper) pappersslöjd, pappslöjd papirsløyd, pappsløyd paperityö parachute_harness YELLOW (harness + parachute + thing indicator) fallskärmssele fallskjermsele laskuvarjon valjaat parking_lot YELLOW (place + vehicle) parkeringsplats parkeringsplass pysäköintialue, parkkipaikka, paikoitusalue

128 24207 passport YELLOW (book + permission,allowance + travel) pass pass passi pasture,enclosed_field YELLOW (enclosure + field) hage, inhägnad beite aitaus, keto pavement,sidewalk YELLOW (platform + to walk) trottoar fortau jalkakäytävä personality YELLOW (pointer (left) + person + pointer (right): suggesting the charisma radiating from a person) - Character (superimposed - pointer) personlighet, utstrålning personlighet persoonallisuus, luonne physiotherapy YELLOW (therapy + muscle) sjukgymnastik fysioterapi fysioterapia physiotherapy_room YELLOW (room + physiotherapy) sjukgymnastikrum fysioterapirom fysioterapiahuone, fysioterapeutin huone placenta_(old) YELLOW (organ_(body)_(old) + food + fetus) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See placenta moderkaka (FD) morkake (OLD) istukka (vanha) platform,stage YELLOW (pictograph) - Character plattform, scen (etc) plattform, scene laituri, lava politician BLUE (person + politics) politiker politiker poliitikko politics YELLOW (leadership + say,speak,talk,tell,express-(to): combination of opinion and to lead) - Character (superimposed - combined) politik politikk politiikka pram_straps,safety_harness YELLOW (harness + baby + thing indicator) babysele, barnvagnssele sikkerhetssele baby turvavaljaat, vauvan valjaat preceding,previous,former,earlier GREEN (first + in front of + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing föregående foregående, tidligere edellinen, edeltäjä prescription YELLOW (paper + medicine) recept (på läkemedel) resept lääkemääräys, resepti president BLUE (chairman + country) president president presidentti prime_minister BLUE (leader + country + first) statsminister statsminister pääministeri program,programme YELLOW (paper + plan + future: e.g. radio and tv) program program ohjelmalehtinen protected,saved GREEN (protection + description after the fact indicator) fridlyst, skyddad beskyttet, reddet suojeltu, rauhoitettu protection_of_the_environment YELLOW (protection + environment) miljövård, naturskydd miljøvern ympäristönsuojelu prune YELLOW (plum + dry) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing katrinplommon sviske kuivattu luumu psychology_room YELLOW (room + psychology_(class)) psykologrum psykologirom psykologin huone public_transport YELLOW (generalization + bus) kollektivtrafik offentlig transport, kollektivtransport joukkoliikenne, yleiset kulkuneuvot purr_(cat)-(to) RED (to talk + feeling + cat + action indicator) spinna (katt) male (katt) kehrätä rack,single-foot-(to) RED (horse + Iceland + action indicator: a pace typical for Icelandic horses) tölta gå passgang, tølte kulkea tasakäyntiä raisin(s),currant(s) YELLOW (grape(s) + dry) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing russin rosin, korint rusina, korintti rash_(skin) YELLOW (group of + dot + body: where body represents skin [contr.]) utslag utslett (hud) ihottuma reclaim_(marshes_etc)-(to) RED (to dry + land + action indicator) torrlägga, dränera drenere, tørrlegge kuivata suota religious_fanatic BLUE (fanatic + religion) fanatiker (religiös) fanatiker (religiøs) uskonnollinen fanaatikko religious_fanatic_(god_based) BLUE (fanatic + religion_(god_based)) fanatiker (religiös, gudsbaserad) fanatiker (religiøs, tro på Gud) uskonnollinen fanaatikko repair_room YELLOW (room + to repair) verkstad (rum) verksted (rom) korjaushuone, askarteluhuone repair_shop YELLOW (house + to repair) verkstad (byggnad) verksted verstas, korjaamo republic YELLOW (country + leader + choice) republik republikk tasavalta respirator YELLOW (machine + breath) respirator respirator hengityslaite

129 24240 responsibility YELLOW (conscience + other) - Character (superimposed) ansvar ansvar vastuu, velvollisuus responsible GREEN (responsibility + description indicator) ansvarig, ansvarsfull ansvarlig, ansvarsfull vastuullinen Resurrection_of_Christ YELLOW (resurrection + Christ) Kristi uppståndelse Kristi oppstandelse Jeesuksen ylösnousemus, Kristuksen ylösnousemus riding_boots YELLOW (boots + horse: where horse represents riding [contr.]) ridstövlar ridestøvler ratsastussaappaat riding_clothes YELLOW (clothes + horse: where horse represents riding [contr.]) ridkläder rideklær ratsastusvaatteet riding_instructor BLUE (teacher [contr.] + horse: where horse represents riding [contr.]) ridlärare rideinstruktør ratsastuksenohjaaja riding_school,manege YELLOW (place + knowledge + horse: a place for training) ridbana, manege ridehall, manesje ratsastuskoulu, maneesi road_(2) YELLOW (place + activity + vehicle) SYMBOL SYNONYM väg, körbana (2) vei, kjørebane (2) maantie roar_(lion)-(to) RED (to talk + lion + action indicator) ryta (lejon) brøle (løve) karjua (leijona) rotation, cirkulation, omloppsbana, rotation,circulation,orbit,lap,circle,round YELLOW (curved arrow suggesting circular motion) - Character runda, varv rotasjon, sirkulering, runde, omgang pyöriminen, pyörähdys, pyöriä royal GREEN (crown + description indicator) kunglig kongelig kuninkaallinen royal_family YELLOW (family + royal) kungafamilj kongefamilie kuninkaallinen perhe, kuningassuku, kuninkaalliset saddle_pad,saddle_blanket YELLOW (cloth + saddle) sadelfilt salpute, salteppe satulahuopa salvation_(religious) YELLOW (liberation + religious) frälsning (religiös) frelse (religiøs) pelastus scabies YELLOW (insect + skin + plural indicator) skabb skabb syyhy seat_belt YELLOW (harness + vehicle + thing indicator) säkerhetsbälte, bilbälte bilbelte turvavyö service_(help) YELLOW (activity + to give + help) service (hjälp), betjäning service (hjelp) palvelu, apu sexual_activity YELLOW (activity + sexual) sexualliv seksuell aktivitet seksuaalinen toiminta, seksuaalinen aktiivisuus sexual_aid YELLOW (aid + sexual + thing indicator) sexhjälpmedel seksuelt hjelpemiddel, sexhjelpemiddel seksiväline sexual_play YELLOW (play + sexual) sexlek seksuell lek, sexlek seksileikki sexually_mature GREEN (mature + sexual + description indicator) könsmogen kjønnsmoden sukukypsä aikuinen shall,will-(modal_aux_v) RED (then + action indicator: auxiliary verb for future) skall, kommer att skulle, ville aikoa shampoo-(to) RED (shampoo + action indicator) tvätta håret vaske håret pestä hiukset shave-(to) RED (knife + hair + action indicator) raka barbere leikata karvat should,would-(modal_aux_v) RED (then + conditional indicator: auxiliary verb for future conditional) skulle skulle, ville (preteritum futurum) pitäisi sign_of_the_cross YELLOW (hand + cross: where the cross represents Christ [contr.]) korstecken korsets tegn ristin merkki skin_disease,eczema YELLOW (illness + skin) hudsjukdom, eksem hudsykdom, eksem ihosairaus, ihottuma skytrain,monorail YELLOW (vehicle + above) monorail, skytrain, balktåg monorail, enskinnetog raiteinen luotijuna slow,slowly GREEN (forward + negative + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing långsam, sakta sakte hidas, hitaasti social GREEN (society + description indicator) social sosial sosiaalinen, seurallinen society YELLOW (generalization + citizen) samhället samfunn yhteisö somersault YELLOW (rotation + ground) - Character (superimposed) SYMBOL SYNONYM kullerbytta (1) salto, kollbøtte (1) kierähdys, kuperkeikka

130 24273 somersault_(person) YELLOW (somersault + person) SYMBOL SYNONYM kullerbytta (2) salto, kollbøtte (2) kuperkeikka, voltti spark YELLOW (flame + star) gnista gnist kipinä spasm YELLOW (activity + muscle + sudden) spasm, tics spasme, tics kramppi, kouristus speech_therapy YELLOW (therapy + language) logopedi logopedi puheterapia speech_therapy_room YELLOW (room + speech therapy) logopedrum, talklinik logopedrom puheterapiahuone, puheterapeutin huone spiritual_awareness YELLOW (insight + spirit) andlig medvetenhet åndelig bevissthet henkinen tietoisuus splint_(orthopedic) YELLOW (aid + bones_with_joint + thing indicator: where bones_with_joint represents joint [contr.]) ortos, skena, stödbandage skinne (ortopedisk), støttebandasje lasta sport_fanatic BLUE (fanatic + sport) sportfanatiker sportsfanatiker urheiluhullu square_(public) YELLOW (buildings_with_courtyard + pointer, to courtyard) - Character (superimposed - pointer) torg torg aukio, tori stallion,entire YELLOW (horse + male) hingst hingst ori starvation YELLOW (life + without + food) svält sult nälänhätä station YELLOW (group of + platform) station stasjon asema still,continuing,ongoing GREEN (continuance,continuation + description indicator) ännu fortsatt, enda, pågående jatkuva still,continuously GREEN (time + to continue + description indicator) fortfarande kontinuerlig, fremdeles jatkuvasti, yhtä mittaa, alati stirrup YELLOW (support + foot + riding [contr.] + thing indicator) stigbygel stigbøyle jalustin stomach_flu YELLOW (illness + vomit) maginfluensa, kräksjuka kvalme mahatauti, vatsatauti stomach_illness YELLOW (illness + stomach) magsjukdom magesykdom vatsakipu, mahakipu stop,platform_(vehicle) YELLOW (platform + vehicle) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing hållplats, perrong holdeplass, perrong pysäkki (kulkuneuvo) stretch_(elongate)-(to) RED (to make + long + action indicator) sträcka ut forlenge, strekke ut venyttää stretch_(muscles)-(to) RED (muscle + long + action indicator) stretcha strekke (muskler) venytellä striped GREEN (many + line + description indicator) randig stripete raidallinen study-(to) RED (activity + learning + action indicator) studera studere opiskella stupid,dumb GREEN (without + smartness + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing dum, obegåvad dum tyhmä subway,metro,underground,tube YELLOW (vehicle + under) tunnelbana undergrunn, metro, t-bane maanalainen, metro sunflower YELLOW (flower + sun) solros solsikke auringonkukka walker,walking_aid_(1) YELLOW (aid + activity + walk + thing indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM (See also 18032) gånghjälpmedel ganghjelpemiddel kävelytuki switch_off,turn_off-(to) RED (switch + minus + action indicator) stänga av, slå av, släcka slå av sammuttaa, sulkea, laittaa pois päältä switch_on,turn_on-(to) RED (switch + plus + action indicator) sätta på, slå på, tända slå på, tenne avata, laittaa päälle tack_room YELLOW (room + tool + horse) sadelkammare seletøyrom satulahuone tadpole YELLOW (pictograph: the symbol also incorporates water) - Character grodyngel rumpetroll nuijapää, sammakonpoikanen tail_(horse) YELLOW (hair + horse_rump) hästsvans hestehale hevosenhäntä tail_lift,lift YELLOW (platform + up and down) lift lift lastaushissi

131 24305 teamwork YELLOW (work + together) teamarbete, grupparbete, lagarbete teamarbeid, gruppearbeid ryhmätyö teetotalism YELLOW (decision + without + alcohol) absolutism, nykterism total avhold (alkohol) raittius, absolutismi temporary GREEN (limited time + description indicator) tillfällig midlertidig väliaikainen, tilapäinen textile_craft YELLOW (craft + cloth) textilslöjd, textilhantverk tekstilhåndverk tekstiilityö that_(conj) WHITE (ideograph: indicates a halt and afterwards a free flow [C.K. Bliss, Semantography. p. 449]) See also: but,except Character att at että therapeutic_riding YELLOW (therapy + riding) ridning (som terapi) terapiridning ratsastusterapia tie,bind_together,lash-(to) RED (knot + action indicator + thing indicator) knyta knyte sitoa, köyttää towel YELLOW (cloth + dry) handduk håndkle pyyhe, pyyheliina train_station_(building) YELLOW (house + train) resecentrum, järnvägsstation jernbanestasjon, stasjonsbygning rautatieasema train_station_(platforms) YELLOW (station + train) järnvägsstation jernbanestasjon (plattform) rautatieasema tram YELLOW (long vehicle + track) spårvagn trikk raitiovaunu treat,care_for_(medically)-(to) RED (medical treatment + action indicator) behandla, vårda (medicinskt) behandle (medisinsk) hoitaa trolleybus YELLOW (bus + electricity) trådbuss trolleybuss johdinauto, trolleybussi trot_(horse)-(to) RED (horse + intensity + action indicator) trava trave (hest) ravata tumble-drier,tumble-dryer YELLOW (machine + dry + cloth) torktumlare tørketrommel kuivausrumpu tunnel,subway,underpass YELLOW (pipe + under) tunnel tunnel, undergang alikulkutunneli underground_station,subway_station YELLOW (station + under) tunnelbanestation undergrunnstasjon metroasema unharness_(horse)-(to) RED (to remove + harness + horse + action indicator + thing indicator) sela av sele av (hest) irrottaa hevoselta valjaat, ottaa hevoselta pois valjaat union_(political_unit) YELLOW (group of + country + together) Add specific letters for the appropriate union e g NATO union union valtioliitto, unioni upper_body YELLOW (above + waist) överkropp, övre kroppshalvan overkropp ylävartalo vaginal_discharge YELLOW (liquid + vagina + down) flytning (från slidan) utflod emätinvuoto, valkovuoto walk_(horse)-(to) RED (horse + action indicator) skritta gå en hest, skritte kävellä (hevonen) walkway,footpath YELLOW (place + activity + to walk) gångbana, stig gangvei, sti kävelytie, polku wart,papilloma_(venereal) YELLOW (dot + genitals) vårta, papillom (venerisk) vorte, papillomer (venerisk) papillooma, syylä water-(to) RED (to give + water + action indicator) vattna vanne kastella water_bucket YELLOW (bucket + water) vattenhink, vattenspann vannkanne vesisanko, vesiämpäri vehicle_(long) YELLOW (vehicle [modification, lengthened] + wheel: pictograph of a long vehicle that does not operate under its own power) - Character (superimposed - modified) fordon (långt), vagn kjøretøy (langt) pitkä kulkuneuvo, pitkä vaunu, pitkä ajoneuvo venereal_disease YELLOW (illness + sexual) könssjukdom venerisk sykdom, kjønnssykdom sukupuolitauti venereal_papilloma YELLOW (group of + wart,papilloma_(venereal)) kondylom vorter veneriske, papillomer veneriske papillooma (sukupuolitauti), syylät wheelchair_straps YELLOW (harness + wheelchair + thing indicator) rullstolsbälte rullestolseler pyörätuolin kiinnitysvyöt wild_strawberry YELLOW (strawberry + small) smultron markjordbær metsämansikka visa YELLOW (paper + permission + travel) visum visum viisumi

132 24338 volte_(horse)-(to) RED (horse + rotation + action indicator: a circular movement executed by a horse in manège) rida i volt volte (hest) tehdä kierrähdys hevosella woodcraft YELLOW (craft + wood) träslöjd, trähantverk trehåndverk, tresløyd puutyö wrist_splint YELLOW (aid + bones_with_joint + wrist + thing indicator) handledsskena, handledsortos håndleddskinne, håndleddstøtte rannelasta achieve-(to) RED (achievement + action indicator) prestera, uträtta fullføre, gjennomføre, prestere saada aikaiseksi, saavuttaa achievement YELLOW (effect + proud) prestation fullføring, gjennomføring, prestasjon saavutus addict BLUE (person + addiction) missbrukare stoffmisbruker huumeiden käyttäjä addiction YELLOW (illness + need) missbruk (alkohol etc) henfallenhet, misbruk riippuvuus, himo, addiktio alcoholism,alcohol_addiction YELLOW (illness + need) alkoholism, alkoholberoende alkoholmisbruk alkoholismi alcohol_abuse,alcohol_addiction YELLOW (negative dependency + alcohol) alkoholmissbruk, alkoholberoende alkoholavhengighet alkoholismi allergy,hypersensitivity YELLOW (reaction + body) allergi, överkänslighet allergi, overfølsomhet yliherkkyys, allergia baby_animal YELLOW (animal + baby) djurunge dyreunge eläimen poikanen baby_bottle,feeding_bottle YELLOW (bottle + baby) nappflaska tåteflaske, barneflaske tuttipullo bacterial_infection YELLOW (illness + bacterium) bakterieinfektion bakterieinfeksjon bakteeri-infektio bacterium YELLOW (1 + micro-organism: single cell micro-organism) bakterie bakterie bakteeri bend-(to) RED (curved line + action indicator) böja bøye taivuttaa, kääntää bet YELLOW (money + competition) vad, insats veddemål veto bet-(to) RED (bet + action indicator) slå vad vedde lyödä vetoa betting YELLOW (activity + bet) vadslagning vedding vedonlyönti binoculars,field_glass_(old) YELLOW (tool + to look + distance_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See binoculars,field_glass kikare (FD) kikkert (OLD) kiikarit (vanha) blacksmith BLUE (person + iron [contr.]) smed smed seppä bottle_nipple,teat YELLOW (bottleneck,bottle_opening + baby: modified baby bottle with a pointer, to nipple) flasknapp flaskesmokk tuttipullon tutti bruise,contusion,haematoma YELLOW (spot + blue) blåmärke blåmerke mustelma, verenpurkauma, ruhje bruise,dent YELLOW (spot + bump) bula, buckla, svullnad støtmerke, slagmerke lommo, ruttu, kolhu bruised,dented GREEN (bruise,dent + description indicator) bucklig, svullen støtmerket, slagmerket, hovent kolhittu, rutattu bump,press,pressing YELLOW (down,downward + earth,ground,land) - Character (superimposed) stöt støt maahantörmäys bump,press-(to) RED (bump,press,pressing + action indicator) stöta støte törmätä maahan, pudota cease-fire,armistice YELLOW (agreement + stop + war) vapenvila våpenhvile tulitauko, aselepo Ceres_(dwarf_planet) YELLOW (dwarf planet + middle) Ceres Ceres (planet) Ceres (planeetta) chance,risk YELLOW (choice + future_(uncertain)) chans, risk sjanse, risiko riski, mahdollisuus chive YELLOW (onion + grass) gräslök gressløk purjosipuli control_(old) YELLOW (leadership + limit(s),limitation_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See control kontroll (FD) kontroll (OLD) hallinta, kontrolli (vanha) dependency YELLOW (need + intensity) beroende (subst.) avhengighet riippuvuus

133 24430 disability_benefit_(old) YELLOW (money + disability,handicap,impairment_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See disability_benefit aktivitetsersättning, sjukersättning (FD) sykelønn (OLD) vammaisetu, vammaisavustus (vanha) dish_rack YELLOW (sieve + glassware) diskställ oppvaskstativ astioiden kuivausteline domino YELLOW (game [contr.] + tile) domino domino spill dominopeli dribble-(to) RED (saliva + down + action indicator) dregla sikle kuolata drug_addict BLUE (person + drug addiction [contr.]) drogmissbrukare rusmisbruker narkomaani, huumeaddikti, huumeiden väärinkäyttäjä drug_addiction YELLOW (addiction + drug) drogmissbruk rusmisbruk huumeriippuvuus drug_dependency YELLOW (negative dependency + drug) drogberoende rusavhengighet huumeriippuvuus dwarf_planet YELLOW (planet + small) dvärgplanet dvergplanet kääpiöplaneetta Earth,Tellus_(planet) YELLOW (rock planet + water) Tellus, Jorden Jorda (planet), Tellus maa (planeetta) eating_disorder YELLOW (mental illness + food) ätstörningar spisevegring, spiseforstyrrelse anoreksia, syömishäiriö Eris_(dwarf_planet) YELLOW (dwarf planet + angle) Eris Eris (planet) eris (planeetta) examination,investigation YELLOW (to observe + evaluation) undersökning undersøkelse tutkiminen, tutkinta examine_(medically)-(to) RED (medical examination + action indicator) läkarundersöka undersøke medisinsk tutkia (lääk.) existence,being_(2) YELLOW (life [half sized]) - Character SYMBOL SYNONYM tillvaro, existens (2) tilværelse, eksistens (2) olemassaolo, olento fail-(to) RED (failure + action indicator) misslyckas mislykkes, feile epäonnistua failure YELLOW (success + stop (combination) - Character (superimposed - combined) misslyckande mislykking, feiltak epäonnistuminen fan_club YELLOW (club [contr.] + feeling) fan club, supporterklubb fanklubb, supporterklubb ihailijakerho, fanklubi fledgeling YELLOW (bird+ young) fågelunge fugleunge linnunpoikanen foal YELLOW (horse + young) föl føll varsa football_supporters_club YELLOW (club [contr.] + football [contr.]) supporterklubb (fotboll), fotbollsklubb supporterklubb fotball jalkapalloilun kannattajakerho football_team YELLOW (group + football [contr.]) fotbollslag fotballag jalkapallojoukkue galaxy YELLOW (sun + star: the sun here representing a circular gathering of stars) - Character (superimposed) galax galakse galaksi gamble YELLOW (competition + money) spel (om pengar) pengespill uhkapeli gamble-(to) RED (gamble + action indicator) spela (om pengar) spille (om penger), gamble pelata uhkapeliä gambler BLUE (person + gamble) spelare (om pengar) spiller (om penger), gambler uhkapeluri gas_planet YELLOW (planet + gas) gasplanet planet gass, gassplanet kaasuplaneetta goldsmith BLUE (person + gold [contr.]) guldsmed gullsmed kultaseppä Good_day_(bye) WHITE (goodbye + day) goddag (avsked) god dag (farvel) hyvää päivän jatkoa! Good_day_(hello) WHITE (hello + day) goddag (möte) god dag (hei) hyvää päivää! Good_evening_(bye) WHITE (goodbye + evening) godkväll (avsked) god kveld (farvel) hyvää illan jatkoa Good_evening_(hello) WHITE (hello + evening) godkväll (möte) god kveld (hei) hyvää iltaa! Good_morning_(bye) WHITE (goodbye + morning) godmorgon (avsked) god morgen (farvel) hyvää huomenta!

134 24462 Good_morning_(hello) WHITE (hello + morning) godmorgon (möte) god morgen (hei) hyvää huomenta! Good_night_(bye) WHITE (goodbye + night) godnatt (avsked) god natt (farvel) hyvää yötä! Good_night_(hello) WHITE (hello + night) godnatt (möte) god natt (hei) hyvää yötä! guest_room YELLOW (room + guest) gästrum gjesterom vierashuone have_impact_on-(to) RED (impact + action indicator) inverka på innvirke på vaikuttaa impact YELLOW (effect + intensity) inverkan innvirkning vaikutus infect-(to) RED (to cause + infection + action indicator + thing indicator) smitta, infektera smitte, infektere tartuttaa, infektoida infected GREEN (infection + description after the fact indicator + thing indicator) smittad, infekterad smittet, infektert tartunnan saanut, infektoitunut infection YELLOW (illness + micro-organism + thing indicator) infektion infeksjon, smitte infektio, tartunta infectious,contagious GREEN (infection + description before the fact indicator + thing indicator) smittsam smittsom, smittefarlig tarttuva, tartuntaa levittävä itch YELLOW (uncomfortable + scratch) klåda kløe, kribling kutina Jupiter_(planet) YELLOW (gas planet + big) Jupiter Jupiter (planet) jupiter (planeetta) kitten YELLOW (cat + young) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing kattunge kattunge kissanpentu lamb YELLOW (sheep + young) lamm lam karitsa leek YELLOW (onion + leaf) purjolök purreløk purjo lottery,game_of_chance YELLOW (play [contr.] + money + number) lotteri lotteri, lotterispill lotto magnifier,magnifying_glass YELLOW (tool + to look + little: tool to look at small things) förstoringsglas forstørrelsesglass suurennuslasi Mars_(planet) YELLOW (rock planet + dust) Mars (planet) Mars (planet) mars (planeetta) medical_examination YELLOW (examination + medical) läkarundersökning legeundersøkelse lääkärintarkastus meeting_room,auditorium YELLOW (room + gathering) konferensrum, mötesrum møterom, auditorium kokoushuone, auditorio mental_illness YELLOW (illness + mind) - Character (superimposed) mental sjukdom mental sykdom mielisairaus Mercury_(planet) YELLOW (rock planet + fire) Merkurius Merkur (planet) merkurius (planeetta) message YELLOW (information + forward) meddelande budskap, beskjed viesti message,content_(communication) YELLOW (substance + communication) budskap, mening, innehåll budskap, innhold (kommunikasjon) kommunikaatioviesti micro-organism YELLOW (being + small + thing indicator) mikroorganism mikroorganisme mikro-organismi, pieneliö, mikrobi microscope YELLOW (tool + to look + cell) mikroskop mikroskop mikroskooppi drug,mind-altering_drug YELLOW (chemical product + mind) drog, narkotika (etc) narkotika, drug (o.l.) mielialalääke money_on_a_regular_basis YELLOW (money + often: e.g. child allowance) utbetalning (regelbunden) trygd, regelmessig utbetaling tulo (säännöllinen) negative_dependency YELLOW (dependency + negative) beroende (negativt, subst.) avhengighet negativ negatiivinen riippuvuus Neptune_(planet) YELLOW (gas planet + wind) Neptunus Neptun (planet) neptunus (planeetta) old-age_pension YELLOW (money + old) ålderspension alderspensjon vanhuuseläke organism YELLOW (being + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) organism organisme organismi, eliö

135 24495 outcome,result YELLOW (effect + activity: consequence of activity) resultat resultat lopputulos pacifier,dummy YELLOW (thing + baby + mouth) napp smokk tutti pensioner BLUE (person + old age pension) pensionär pensjonist eläkeläinen Pluto_(dwarf_planet) YELLOW (dwarf planet ice) Pluto Pluto (planet) pluto (planeetta) program,programme,presentation YELLOW (limited time + to see + to hear) program, presentation program, presentasjon ohjelma, esitys react-(to) RED (reaction + action indicator) reagera reagere reagoida reaction YELLOW (activity + backward,back + effect) reaktion reaksjon reaktio reception YELLOW (entrance + question) reception resepsjon vastaanotto retirement_pension YELLOW (money + stop + work) pension, avtalspension (etc) avtalepensjon eläke rock_planet,terrestrial_planet YELLOW (planet + stone,rock) stenplanet stenplanet maankaltainen-planeetta, kiviplaneetta Saturn_(planet) YELLOW (gas planet + ring) Saturnus Saturn (planet) saturnus (planeetta) scratch YELLOW (finger + back and forth) kliande kløe, kløing naarmu, raapaisu scratch-(to) RED (scratch + action indicator) klia klø raapaista, raapia, kynsiä senior_citizen BLUE (person + old) senior, äldre person senior, eldre person vanhus short_message_system_(sms),text_message YELLOW (letter + telephone) SMS SMS, tekstmelding tekstiviesti silversmith BLUE (person + silver [contr.]) silversmed sølvsmed hopeaseppä sink,basin YELLOW (bath,washing + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) tvättställ, handfat (etc) fat, balje pesuallas, lavuaari, tiskiallas smoking_addiction_(2) YELLOW (addiction + smoking) SYMBOL SYNONYM nikotinberoende, nikotinmissbruk (2) nikotinavhengighet, nikotinmisbruk (2) tupakkariippuvuus, riippuvuus tupakasta smoking_addiction_(1) YELLOW (negative dependency + smoking) SYMBOL SYNONYM nikotinberoende, nikotinmissbruk (1) nikotinavhengighet, nikotinmisbruk (1) tupakkariippuvuus, riippuvuus tupakasta substance YELLOW (material + dot, in the material: can also be seen as a combination of material and in [modification, half-sized]; what is in a material) - Character (superimposed - combined - modified) substans, ämne substans, emne substanssi, perusaines tap_(1) YELLOW (tool + water) SYMBOL SYNONYM vattenkran (1) vannkran (1) hana tap_(2) YELLOW (tool + to cause + water) SYMBOL SYNONYM vattenkran (2) vannkran (2) vesihana tile YELLOW (pictograph) - Character spelbricka brikke (spill) tiili, kaakeli, laatta treatment YELLOW (generalization + therapy) behandling behandling kuntoutus Universe YELLOW (all + galaxy) Universum universet universumi, maailmankaikkeus Uranus_(planet) YELLOW (gas planet + ice) Uranus Uranus (planet) uranus (planeetta) Venus_(planet) YELLOW (rock planet + cloud) Venus Venus (planet) venus (planeetta) viral_infection YELLOW (illness + virus) virusinfektion virusinfeksjon virusinfektio virus YELLOW (micro-organism + duplicate: replicating microorganism) virus virus virus young_animal YELLOW (animal + young) ungdjur ungdyr nuori eläin adventure_(old) YELLOW (activity + future_(uncertain) + excited) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See adventure äventyr (FD) eventyr, opplevelse (OLD) seikkailu (vanha) aerial,antenna YELLOW (exchange + signal + thing indicator) antenn antenne antenni

136 24603 agenda YELLOW (plan + gathering) dagordning agenda, møteplan esityslista, ohjelma anchor YELLOW (thing + stop + boat) ankare anker ankkuri Earth_axis,axis YELLOW (earth,globe,world + pointer [modification, at an angle], to the axis of the earth) - Character (superimposed - modified - pointer) jordaxel jordakse akseli, halkaisija band_(of_frequencies)_(old) YELLOW (signal + limit(s),limitation_(old): signal or frequencies in a certain range) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See band_(of_frequencies) frekvensband, frekvensområde (FD) frekvensbånd (OLD) taajuuskaista (vanha) Bangladesh YELLOW (land + tiger) Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh barley YELLOW (grain + straw + long: ear of grain with long tassels) korn bygg ohra berth,bunk YELLOW (bed + boat) koj, brits køye ankkuripaikka, punkka board,board_of_directors,executive YELLOW (group of + leader) styrelse styre (subst.) toimeenpaneva elin, lautakunta boat_ladder YELLOW (ladder + boat) lejdare båtleider venetikkaat boot,trunk,roof_box,luggage_compartment YELLOW (container + car) bagageutrymme, takbox takboks tavaratila, takakontti, matkatavaratila, matkatavarasäiliö broadband_(old) YELLOW (band_(of_frequencies)_(old) + fast) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See broadband bredband (FD) bredbånd (OLD) laajakaista (vanha) broadcast,transmit-(to) RED (signal + action indicator) sända ut, överföra kringkaste, overføre lähettää ohjelmaa, kuuluttaa buzzer YELLOW (tool + noise) summer, larm (etc) lydsignal, alarm summeri cabin_(boat) YELLOW (room + boat) hytt lugar hytti camper_van,rv YELLOW (car + house) husbil bobil asuntoauto canal_(water) YELLOW (waterway + man-made) kanal kanal (vann) kanava, kanaali care_manager,care_plan_manager BLUE (leader + help) vårdplanerare omsorgsleder palveluohjaaja CD YELLOW (disc + file) CD CD data-cd, romppu channel_(programs) YELLOW (signal + choice) kanal (TV, radio etc) kanal (TV, radio o.l.) ohjelmakanava Christmas_song,carol YELLOW (song + Christmas [contr.]) julsång julesang joululaulu communication_satellite YELLOW (satellite + exchange,substitution: exchange representing communication [contr.]) kommunikationssatellit kommunikasjonssatelitt tietoliikennesatelliitti compartment YELLOW (room + train) kupé togkupe vaunuosasto compass YELLOW (gauge + north + thing indicator) kompass kompass kompassi connection_(computer) YELLOW (entrance + digits_(computer)) anslutning, koppling, kontakt (dator) kontakt (PC) tietokoneen kytkentä connector,interface_box YELLOW (connection + thing indicator) adapter, kopplingsdosa kontakt, koblingsboks adapteri, sovitin corruption_(old) YELLOW (abuse [contr.] + power,powerfulness_(old) [contr.] + selfish) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See corruption korruption (FD) korrupsjon (OLD) korruptio, lahjonta (vanha) crack,gap,cleft YELLOW (hole + narrow) spricka kløft, sprekk halkeama, rako, railo, kuilu crater YELLOW (opening + volcano) krater krater kraatteri credit YELLOW (money + future: money you pay after time agreed upon) kredit kreditt luotto credit_card YELLOW (card + credit) kreditkort kredittkort luottokortti crew,staff BLUE (group of + worker) personal, arbetsstyrka, besättning personale, stab henkilökunta, miehistö crew_(boat) BLUE (crew,staff + boat) besättning (båt) mannskap (båt) laivan miehistö

137 24636 crew_(plane) BLUE (crew,staff + airplane) besättning (flygplan) flypersonale, crew lentokoneen miehistö dependent GREEN (need + intensity + description indicator) beroende (adj.) avhengig riippuvainen digital_device YELLOW (enclosure + digits_(computer)) - Character (superimposed) digital enhet, digital apparat digital enhet, digitalt apparat digitaalinen laite digital_signal YELLOW (signal + digits) signal (digital), digital signal digitalt signal digitaalinen signaali digital_memory,digital_storage YELLOW (file,data_file_(digital) + future: combination of file and save) datalagring, digitalt minne, dataminne digital lagring digitaalinen tallennus digital lagringsenhet, lagringsminne digital_storage_device YELLOW (digital device + save) (digitalt) digital lagringsenhet digitaalinen tallennusväline dizzy GREEN (feeling + rotation + description indicator) yr ør, svimmel huimaava, pyörryttävä, heikottava dokument (elektroniskt), digitalt document_(electronic),digital_document YELLOW (document [contr.] + digits_(computer)) dokument dokument (elektronisk) sähköinen asiakirja, sähköinen dokumentti drop_anchor-(to) RED (anchor + action indicator) ankra, kasta ankar kaste anker, ankre laskea ankkuri, pudottaa ankkuri DVD YELLOW (recording_disk + many + file) DVD DVD DVD-levy DVD,movie_disc YELLOW (recording_disk + eye + ear: a disk for seeing images and film, and listening to sounds and music) DVD-film DVD film DVD-elokuva DVD_player YELLOW (machine + DVD,movie_disc) DVD-spelare DVD spiller DVD-soitin empower-(to)_(old) RED (empowerment_(old) + action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See empower- (to) ge egenmakt, ge rättighet, stärka (FD) bemyndige, gi fullmakt til (OLD) valtuuttaa (vanha) empowered_(old) GREEN (empowerment_(old) + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See empowered berättigad, styrkt (FD) bemyndiget (OLD) valtuutettu (vanha) empowerment_(old) YELLOW (give + power,powerfulness_(old) [contr.]) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See empowerment egenmakt, befogenhet (FD) bemyndigelse, fullmakt (OLD) valtuutus (vanha) erupt-(to) RED (eruption + action indicator) få utbrott (vulkan) ha utbrudd (vulkan) purkautua (tulivuori) eruption YELLOW (steam + volcano) vulkanutbrott, utbrott vulkanutbrudd tulivuorenpurkaus exchanger YELLOW (exchange + thing indicator: - to be used with qualifiers, e.g., heat exchanger, air exchanger, etc.) - (character with thing indicator) omvandlare veksler, omformer vaihtaja external_hard_drive YELLOW (digital storage device + big) extern hårddisk ekstern harddisk, harddisk, ekstern ulkoinen kiintolevy firework YELLOW (explosion + many + colour) fyrverkeri fyrverkeri ilotulite fish_cage YELLOW (cage + fish) fisksump fiskenett katiska French_fries,chips YELLOW (potato [contr.] + linear thing + oil + thing indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing pommes frites (etc) franske poteter, chips (o.l.) ranskalaiset perunat, sipsit, perunalastut galley_(boat) YELLOW (kitchen + boat) kabyss, pentry (båt) bysse (båt) laivan keittiö game_box YELLOW (digital device + game [contr.]) dataspel, game box, spelkonsol spilleautomat pelikonsoli GPS,satnav YELLOW (digital device + communication satellite + place) GPS, GPS-navigator, satellitnavigator GPS satelittnavigasjon satelliittipaikannin, GPS, navigaattori GPS_(system) YELLOW (group of + communication satellite + place) GPS (systemet) GPS system satelliittipaikannus hammock YELLOW (swing + cloth + lie down + thing indicator) hängmatta hengekøye, hammock riippumatto hard_rock YELLOW (music + up and down + intensity) hårdrock hardrock hard rock (musiikki) I_need_more_time,give_me_time WHITE (need + time + action indicator) ge mig tid gi meg tid (utsagn) tarvitsen lisää aikaa indicator_(adverb) GRAY (indicator_(description) + indicator_(action): may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing an adverb in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (superimposed - indicator) operator (adverb) indikator (adverb) adverbin merkki indicator_(continuous_form) GRAY (horizontal line [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a verb in continuous form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed BCI Board decision operator (pågående form) indikator (pågående form) jatkuvan toiminnan merkki indicator_(definite_form) GRAY (the [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a noun or other word in definite form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) operator (bestämd form) indikator (bestemt form) määrätyn muodon merkki

138 24668 indicator_(female) GRAY indicator_(first_person) GRAY (female_(gender) [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a word in feminine form in a natural language (male = unmarked).) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed (to be replaced by a spacing nonindicator marker character - pending) BCI Board decision operator (femininum) indikator (hunkjønn) femiini-muodon merkki (one_(digit) [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a verb or other word in first person form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed (to be replaced by a spacing nonindicator marker character - pending) BCI Board decision operator (första person) indikator (1.person) ensimmäisen persoonan merkki indicator_(imperative_form) GRAY (exclamation mark [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a verb in imperative form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) operator (imperativ) indikator (imperativ) käskymuodon merkki indicator_(indefinite_form) GRAY indicator_(neutral_form) GRAY indicator_(object_form) GRAY (a,an,any [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a noun or other word in indefinite form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed BCI Board decision operator (obestämd form) indikator (ubestemt form en, ei, et) epämääräisen muodon merkki (vertical line [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a word in neutral form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed (to be replaced by a spacing non-indicator marker character pending) BCI Board decision operator (neutrum) indikator (nøytral form) neutraalimuodon merkki (to,toward,towards [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a word in object form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed (to be replaced by a spacing non-indicator marker character pending) BCI Board decision operator (objektform) indikator (objektform) objektimuodon merkki indicator_(past_participle_1) GRAY (indicator_(past_action) + indicator_(description): may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a verb in past participle form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (superimposed - indicator) operator (perfektparticip 1) indikator (perfektum som attributt, beskrivelse) menneen partisiippi 1:n merkki indicator_(past_participle_2) GRAY indicator_(possessive_form) GRAY (indicator_(past_action) + dot: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a verb in past participle form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (superimposed - indicator) operator (perfektparticip 2) indikator (presens perfektum) menneen partisiippi 2:n merkki (plus [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a word in possessive form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed (since long covered by belongs_to,of_(possessive) 12663) BCI Board decision operator (possessiv form) indikator (genitiv, eieform) omistusmuodon merkki indicator_(present_participle) GRAY indicator_(second_person) GRAY indicator_(third_person) GRAY (indicator_(present_action) + indicator_(description): may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a verb in present participle form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (superimposed - indicator) operator (presensparticip) indikator (presens som attributt, beskrivelse) parhaillaan tapahtuvan partisiipin merkki (two_(digit) [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a verb or other word in second person form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed (to be replaced by a spacing nonindicator marker character pending) BCI Board decision operator (andra person) indikator (2.person) toisen persoonan merkki (three_(digit) [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a verb or other word in third person form in a natural language.) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed (to be replaced by a spacing nonindicator marker character pending) BCI Board decision operator (tredje person) indikator (3.person) kolmannen persoonan merkki inflammable,flammable GREEN (fire + intensity + description before the fact indicator) eldfarlig brennbart palava, syttyvä invoice YELLOW (paper + before + money) räkning, faktura faktura ostoslasku, kauppalasku jackfruit YELLOW (fruit + heavy) jackfrukt jackfrukt jakkihedelmä janitor,caretaker BLUE (person + help + house) vaktmästare, fastighetsskötare vaktmester, dørvakt talonmies, huoltomies lava,magma YELLOW (liquid + volcano) lava lava laava, magma lee,shelter YELLOW (place + without + wind) lä, vindskydd ly, le (for vind), vinskydd tuulensuoja let_fall,drop-(to) RED (hand + fall-(to) + action indicator) släppa la falle, droppe, slippe pudottaa, tiputtaa life-jacket YELLOW (clothes + float-(to)) flytväst redningsvest, flytedress pelastusliivi lower-(to) RED (activity + down + action indicator) hala, sänka senke, fire (å) madaltaa, alentaa lullaby YELLOW (song + sleep) vaggvisa godnattsang kehtolaulu, tuutulaulu lunar_eclipse YELLOW (moon + behind + earth) månförmörkelse måneformørkelse kuunpimennys media_player YELLOW (digital device + eye + ear) mediaspelare mediaspiller mediasoitin member BLUE (person + belong to + group) medlem medlem jäsen memo,reminder_note YELLOW (paper + memory) minneslapp, kom-ihåg-lapp huskeliste, huskelapp muistio, muistiinpanot memory_stick,usb-memory YELLOW (digital storage device + small) USB-minne, minnespinne minnepenn, USB-penn USB-tikku, muistitikku metal_(music) YELLOW (rock_music + metal [contr.]) heavy metal, metal-musik heavy metal metallimusiikki, hevimetalli minutes YELLOW (document [contr.] + after + gathering) protokoll, minnesanteckningar referat, protokoll pöytäkirja misuse YELLOW (use + wrong) missbruk misbruk väärinkäyttö misuse-(to) RED (misuse + action indicator) missbruka misbruke väärinkäyttää MMS YELLOW (picture + telephone) MMS MMS multimediaviesti

139 24700 monument,commemorative_work YELLOW (work_of_art,art_object + memory + thing indicator) monument, minnesmärke monument, minnesmerke muistomerkki, monumentti move_(change_position)-(to) RED (movement,motion_(2) + action indicator) röra sig, flytta sig flytte seg, bevege seg vaihtaa paikkaa, siirtyä movement,motion_(1) YELLOW (generalization + back and forth) rörelse, förflyttning (1) bevegelse, forflytning (1) liike movement,motion_(2) YELLOW (activity + back and forth) rörelse, förflyttning (2) bevegelse, forflytning (2) liike navigational_sign YELLOW (sign + boat) sjömärke navigasjonssignal, sjømerke merimerkki oats YELLOW (grain + bits: grain gathered in a cluster) havre havre kaura okra,lady's_finger YELLOW (fruit_(pointed) + soft) okra okra, lady's finger okra, bhindi overspend,buy_over_budget-(to) RED (money (buy [contr.]) + over + economy + action indicator) göra av med pengar, spendera overtrekke budsjett ylittää budjetti, kuluttaa liikaa pay_channel YELLOW (channel_(programs) + money) betal-tv betalingskanal maksukanava pick-(to) RED (finger + to get + action indicator) plocka plukke noukkia, poimia plug_in,connect_(digital)-(to) RED (connection_(computer) + action indicator) ansluta (digitalt) plugge inn, slå på (digitalt) kytkeä, yhdistää (tietokone) plug_in,connect_(power)-(to) RED (plug [modified]+ action indicator) ansluta (elektriskt) plugge inn, slå på laittaa virta päälle port_(boat) YELLOW (left_turn,left_(position_or_direction) + boat) babord babord paapuuri port_(device) YELLOW (opening + connection_(computer)) port, kontakt (dator) port (PC), kontakt (PC) tietokoneen portti portability YELLOW (container + forward [modification, short arrow]) - Character (superimposed - modified) bärbarhet, portabilitet flyttbarhet siirrettävyys, kannettavuus, liikuteltavuus portable GREEN (portability + action indicator) bärbar, portabel flyttbar, transportabel, bærbar siirrettävä, kannettava, liikuteltava potato_chip(s),chip(s),crisp(s) YELLOW (vegetable_(below_ground) (potato [contr.]) + disc) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing chips, potatischips (etc) potetgull, chips perunalastut, sipsit potty,chamber_pot,bedpan YELLOW (container + pictograph of a handle) - Character (superimposed) potta, bäcken (etc) potte, bekken potta power,powerfulness_(old) YELLOW (ability + control_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See power,powerfulness makt (FD) makt, mektighet (OLD) valta (vanha) powerful,mighty_(old) GREEN (power,powerfulness_(old) + description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See powerful,mighty mäktig (FD) kraftig, mektig (OLD) mahtava, valtava (vanha) quality YELLOW (evaluation,value + type,kind,sort) kvalitet kvalitet ominaisuus quality_(measurement) YELLOW (measurement + quality) kvalitet (mått) kvalitetsmåling laadunmittaus quantity_(measurement) YELLOW (measurement + multitude) kvantitet (mått) kvantitetsmåling määränmittaus raise-(to) RED (activity + up + action indicator) hissa, höja, resa upp reise opp, heise kohottaa, nostaa receipt YELLOW (paper + after + money) kvitto kvittering kuitti, tosite receiver YELLOW (receiving + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) mottagare mottaker vastaanotin receiver,dish YELLOW (pictograph) - Character parabol, parabolantenn, mottagare parabolantenne lautasvastaanotin getting,acquiring,receiving YELLOW (down + container: drawing into what one holds) - Character (superimposed) mottagande mottak vastaanotto reef-(to) RED (decrease,reduce-(to) + sail + action indicator) reva reve (seil) reivata rein YELLOW (linear thing + leadership,guidance + horse + thing indicator) tygel, töm tøyle ohjakset, suitset remote_control YELLOW (tool + channel_(programs)) fjärrkontroll fjernstyring, fjernkontroll kauko-ohjain rent YELLOW (cost,price + limited time) hyra (subst.) leie vuokra

140 24732 rent,lease,let-(to) RED (pay,spend-(to) + limited time + action indicator) hyra ut leie ut, lease ut vuokrata, ottaa vuokralle rent,lease,hire,charter-(to) RED (get,acquire,receive-(to) + money + limited time + action indicator) hyra (verb) leie, lease vuokrata, antaa vuokralle respiratory_illness YELLOW (illness + breathe-(to)) luftvägssjukdom, astma (etc) lutveissykdom hengitystiesairaus, astma road_sign,traffic_signal YELLOW (sign + vehicle) vägmärke veiskilt liikennemerkki, tienviitta rock_music,rock'n'roll,rock YELLOW (music + up and down) rockmusik rockemusikk rockmusiikki, rokki rough_sea YELLOW (much,many,very + wave) sjögång grov sjø myrskyävä meri rye YELLOW (grain + linear thing + small + thing indicator: ear of grain with short tassels) råg rug ruis satellite YELLOW (planet [half-sized]) - Character satellit satellitt satelliitti satellite_dish_(1) YELLOW (signal_receiver_(1) + communication satellite) SYMBOL SYNONYM satellitmottagare (1) satelittmottaker (1) satelliittilautanen satellite_dish_(2) YELLOW (signal_receiver_(2) + communication satellite) SYMBOL SYNONYM satellitmottagare (2) satelittmottaker (2) satelliittiantenni satellite_signal YELLOW (signal,broadcast,transmitting + satellite) satellitsignal satelittsignal satelliittisignaali school_uniform YELLOW (clothes + school [contr.]) skoluniform skoleuniform koulupuku sea_captain,skipper YELLOW (leader + boat) sjökapten, skeppare sjøkaptein, skipper merikapteeni, kippari sea_chart YELLOW (paper + water_(ground_level) (sea [contr.])) sjökort sjøkart merikartta, merikortti shadow,shade YELLOW (shape + without + light) skugga skygge varjo, katve, siimes shipping_forecast YELLOW (weather forecast + water_(ground_level) (sea [contr.])) sjörapport sjøværvarsel merisäätiedotus shower_chair YELLOW (chair + shower) duschstol dusjstol suihkutuoli sign,signal YELLOW (thing + information) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing märke, tecken, signal, skylt tegn, signal merkki, signaali, opastin signal,broadcast,transmitting YELLOW (pictograph: as of waves spreading in water) - Character signal, sändning, överföring signal, overføring lähetys, signaali signal_receiver_(1) YELLOW (signal reception + thing indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM signalmottagare (1) signalmottaker (1) signaalin vastaanotin signal_receiver_(2) YELLOW (receiver,dish + signal) SYMBOL SYNONYM signalmottagare (2) signalmottaker (2) signaalin vastaanotin signal_reception YELLOW (to get + signal,broadcast,transmitting) signalmottagning signalmottak signaalin vastaanotto singalong YELLOW (activity + song + all) allsång allsang yhteislaulu solar_eclipse YELLOW (sun + behind + moon) solförmörkelse solformørkelse auringonpimennys speech YELLOW (activity + mouth) tal tale puhuminen, puhe spending_spree YELLOW (to buy + intensity) slöseri pengesløsing tuhlaus, tuhlaaminen splurge-(to) RED (spending + action indicator) slösa sløse (penger) törsätä, tuhlata, tuhlailla stand-in,substitute,alternate YELLOW (person + activity + another) vikarie, ersättare (etc) vikar, stand-in sijainen starboard YELLOW (right_turn,right_(position_or_direction) + boat) styrbord styrbord tyyrpuuri step,stair YELLOW (stairs + pointer, to step) - Character (superimposed - pointer) trappsteg trinn, trappetrinn porras, askelma stranger,unknown_(person) BLUE (person + unknown) främling, okänd (person) fremmed, ukjent person tuntematon henkilö submerged_rock,reef YELLOW (rock + under + water_(ground_level) (sea [contr.])) undervattensgrund undervannsskjær, rev vedenalainen kari

141 24764 sun_lounger,deck_chair YELLOW (sofa + sun) solstol solseng aurinkotuoli, rantatuoli sunbathe-(to) RED (to rest + sun + action indicator) solbada, sola sig solbade, sole seg ottaa aurinkoa sunburn YELLOW (suntan + intensity) solbränna, solsveda solbrenthet auringonpolttama, päivetys sunglasses YELLOW (glasses + sun) solglasögon solbriller aurinkolasit suntan YELLOW (colour + effect + sun) solbränna solbrun, solfarge rusketus Take_your_time! WHITE (use + time + action indicator) Ta den tid du behöver! ta den tid du trenger! (utsagn) kaikessa rauhassa! toilet_chair,commode_chair YELLOW (chair + toilet) toalettstol toalettstol wc-tuoli tourist BLUE (visitor + place) turist turist matkailija, turisti tourist_(foreign) BLUE (visitor + country) turist (utländsk) turist (utenlandsk) ulkomaalainen turisti, ulkomaalainen matkailija TV_programme,TV_show,radio_programme YELLOW (part of + channel) TV-program, radioprogram TV-program, fjernsynsprogram tv-ohjelma, televisio-ohjelma TV_studio,radio_studio YELLOW (place + signal,broadcast,transmitting) TV-studio, radiostudio TV-studio, radiostudio tv-studio, radio-studio urine_bottle YELLOW (bottle + urine) urinflaska urinflaske pissapullo, sorsa USA YELLOW (country + star + stripe) USA USA USA, Amerikan yhdysvallat waiter,waitress BLUE (person + bring + food) servitör, servitris servitør, servitrise tarjoilija, tarjoilijatar water_flower,water_lily YELLOW (flower + water) - Character (superimposed) näckros, vattenväxt vannblomst, vannlilje lumme weather_satellite,spy_satellite YELLOW (communication satellite + camera) vädersatellit, spionsatellit værsatelitt sääsatelliitti, vakoilusatelliitti wheat YELLOW (grain + without + linear thing + thing indicator: ear of grain without tassels) vete hvete vehnä video_phone YELLOW (telephone + camera) bildtelefon, videotelefon bildetelefon, videotelefon kuvapuhelin wireless_connection,wifi,bluetooth_(etc) YELLOW (digital signal + without + linear thing (wire,cable [contr.)] + thing indicator) trådlös anslutning, WiFi, trådlöst nätverk trådløs forbindelse langaton yhteys bear's_head YELLOW (pictograph: of a bear's head) - Character björnhuvud bamse karhun pää bell,chime_bar YELLOW (musical instrument musical note) tonstav, klocka tonestav, klokke (instr.) kellopeli man-made_item,artefact,artifact,product YELLOW (making,production,fashioning + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) produkt, tillverkad sak gjenstand, produkt (menneskelaget) ihmisen tekemä tuote eagerness,keenness,willingness YELLOW (feeling + intensity) iver iver into, aulius jump_(backward) YELLOW (curved arrow, backward, indicating the path of a backward jump) - Character hopp (bakåt) hopp (bakover) hyppy taaksepäin scale,measurement YELLOW (height,tallness + lowness,shortness_(height): combination of high,tall and short ) - Character (superimposed - combined) skala, mått høydemål mitta, mittaus indicator_(present_action) GRAY (indicator_(past_action) + indicator_(future_action): may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a verb in present action form in a natural language) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (superimposed - indicator) operator (presens) indikator (presens) parhaillaan tapahtuvan toiminnan merkki agreed,in_agreement,harmonious GREEN (harmony,harmoniousness,concord,concordance + description indicator) överens, enig enig, overens sopusointuinen, yksimielinen bathtub,bath,tub YELLOW (sink,basin + length,longness + thing indicator) badkar badekar kylpyamme, vanna, amme bugle_(hunting) YELLOW (trumpet,horn,cornet_(1) + animal) jakthorn jakthorn metsästystorvi conductor_(music) BLUE (leader,director,guide_(1) + musical_note (music [contr.])) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing dirigent dirigent orkesterinjohtaja, kuoronjohtaja government YELLOW (board,board_of_directors,executive + country) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing regering regjering hallitus homosexual_(female),lesbian GREEN (homosexuality_(female),lesbianism + description indicator) homosexuell, lesbisk homoseksuell (kvinne), homofil (kvinne), lesbisk homoseksuaalinen, lesbo

142 24814 homosexual_(male),gay GREEN (homosexuality_(male) + description indicator) homosexuell, gay homoseksuell (mann), homofil (mann), gay homoseksuaalinen, gay in_love GREEN (love,affection + description indicator) kär, förälskad forelsket rakastunut, ihastunut massage-(to) RED (massage + action indicator) massera massere hieroa niece_or_nephew BLUE (offspring,child + sibling: child of a sibling) syskonbarn niese, nevø, søskenbarn veljenpoika, veljentytär, sisarenpoika, sisarentytär psychology_(class) YELLOW (knowledge,class_(in_combinations) + mind + feeling: where mind + feeling represents psychology [contr.] psykologi (skolämne) psykologifag psykologia (kouluaine) quickness,rapidity,speediness YELLOW (forward + intensity) snabbhet raskhet, kvikkhet nopeus terrorism YELLOW (cause + terror,panic) terrorism terrorisme terrorismi troublesome GREEN (trouble + description indicator) besvärlig besværlig, vanskelig hankala, vaivalloinen, ongelmallinen upset,disturbance,agitation YELLOW (feeling + up and down: unsettled feelings) upprördhet opprørthet, uro levottomuus cry_out,call-(to) RED (say,speak,talk,tell,express-(to) + intensity + action indicator) ropa rope huudahtaa laugh,laughter YELLOW (happiness + mouth: expression of happiness with the mouth by laughing) skratt latter nauru push,pushing YELLOW (forward + thing: the forward moving arrow seems to be pushing the thing) - Character (superimposed) knuff dytt työntää jewelry,jewellery YELLOW (generalization + jewel) smycke smykke, juvel jalokivet, korut boring,dull,depressing GREEN (sadness,sorrow,unhappiness + mouth: mouth displaying an unhappy and bored feeling) tråkig tråkig, kjedelig tylsä, masentava, pitkäveteinen laundry_(workplace) YELLOW (room + bath,washing + clothing) tvättstuga vaskerom pesula great,wonderful,fantastic GREEN (good,well,fine,ok,okay,all_right + intensity + description indicator) fantastisk, underbar, jättebra skjønn, fantastisk, kjempebra fantastinen, loistava geyser YELLOW (hot_spring + intensity) gejser, geysir varm kilde, geysir geysir terror,panic YELLOW (fear + intensity) skräck, fasa, panik panikk, skrekk kauhu, paniikki wait,waiting YELLOW (end,arrival,stop + limited time: a halt for a limited time) väntan venting odotus, odottaminen wish,desire YELLOW (mind + fire: a rational desire, a strong feeling shown by fire) See also: want,desire Character (superimposed) önskan, önskning ønske toive want,desire YELLOW (feeling + fire: an emotional desire, a strong feeling shown by fire) See also: wish,desire vilja (subst.) ønske, vilje halu, tahto last_month YELLOW (month + ago,then_(past)) förra månaden forrige måned viime kuukausi anthropologist BLUE (person + anthropology) antropolog antropolog antropologi children's_room YELLOW (room + child) barnrum barnerom lastenhuone cost-(to) RED (cost,price + action indicator) kosta koste maksaa expose_oneself_indecently-(to) RED (exhibitionism,immodesty,indecent_exposure + action indicator) blotta sig blotte seg paljastaa itsensä finished,complete,completed,done,all_done GREEN (to do + all + description indicator) färdig, klar, avslutad fullført, ferdig, avsluttet loppuun tehty, valmis light_(not_dark) GREEN (light + description indicator) ljus (adj.) lys (adj.) valoisa, kirkas observation YELLOW (mind + eye: to look at something thoughtfully) - Character (superimposed) observation observasjon tarkkailu usage,use YELLOW (mind + tool: rational manipulation of a tool) - Character (superimposed) användning bruk, bruksområde käyttö hug,squeeze,embrace YELLOW (arm + around) kram klem, omfavnelse halaus, syleily boss,supervisor BLUE (leader,director,guide_(1) + work,employment,job) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing chef, arbetsledare, föreståndare sjef, arbeidsleder johtaja, työnjohtaja, esimies

143 24850 brake_(general)-(to) RED (brake_(general) + action indicator) bromsa (allmänt) bremse jarruttaa brake_(vehicle)-(to) RED (brake_(vehicle) + action indicator) bromsa (fordon) bremse (kjøretøy) jarruttaa (kulkuväline) break,fracture YELLOW (horizontal line [broken]) - Character brott, bristning brudd, brist rikkoutuminen, katkeaminen, särkyminen dance,dancing YELLOW (legs_and_feet + musical note: stepping to the rhythm of music) dans dans tanssiminen drowning YELLOW (death + water) drunkning drukning hukkuminen fight,combat YELLOW (hand [modification, at an angle] + hand [modification, mirrored at an angle]: crossing hands, symbol represents physical conflict but may be used in a general sense to represent any sort of conflict or struggle) - Character (superimposed - modified) slagsmål, bråk slagsmål tappeleminen, taisteleminen improvement YELLOW (cause + more + correct: to cause to be better, in a rational sense.) See also: improve-(to) Is this really a cause? I don t think so. It is a change to the better. The cause for the betterment can be anything from coincidence to deliberate action. Should both these be re-assessed? bättring, förbättring bedring, forbedring kehittäminen, parantaminen pier YELLOW (platform,stage + boat,ship) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing brygga, kaj brygge, kai laituri visit YELLOW (forward + house: can be understood as a combination of house and to enter) - Character (superimposed) besök besøk vieraileminen, kylässä käyminen advocacy YELLOW (mouth + purpose: speaking for a purpose) förespråkande argumentasjon for (muntlig) puolustus advocacy,representation_(legal) YELLOW (advocacy + legal [contr.]) representation, försvar (juridiskt) argumentasjon for, representasjon (juridisk, muntlig) puolustuspuhe (oikeudessa) band,orchestra BLUE (group + musical_instrument_(in_combinations)) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing orkester, musikgrupp (instrumental) orkester, band, musikkgruppe yhtye, orkesteri be_named,be_called-(to) RED (name,label,term,title + action indicator) heta hete, kalles olla nimeltään bigness,largeness YELLOW (vertical line bounded by two horizontal reference lines [half-sized]: the vertical line extends to the biggest possible size within the symbol square) - Character storhet størrelse (betydelig) suuruus board_and_lodging,room_and_board YELLOW (house,building,dwelling,residence + plus + food: dwelling with food) kost och logi kost og losji täysihoito build,construct-(to) RED (structure,construction + action indicator) bygga, konstruera bygge, konstruere rakentaa clearness,clarity,transparency,transparence YELLOW (eye + through: the quality of being possibe to see through) genomskinlighet gjennomsiktighet läpinäkyvyys, kirkkaus, selkeys comparative_more WHITE (horizontal reference line [modification, half-sized on midline] + much,many,very [modification, higher position]: much, many on a higher level) - Character (superimposed - modified) mer (för komparation av adj.) mer (koparativ) komparatiivi consideration,thoughtfulness YELLOW (mind + other: mindfulness of others) - Character (superimposed) omtänksamhet omtenksomhet, hensynsfullhet hienotunteisuus, huomaavaisuus continuance,continuation YELLOW (forward [modification, extended] + reference line [half-sized]: the arrow passes a reference line and continues on) Character (superimposed - modified) fortsättning fortsettelse jatkuminen, jatkuvuus crown_(currency) YELLOW (money + crown) krona (valuta) krone (valuta) kruunu (valuutta) (diagonal line used to cross out something: in the top-right to bottom left orientation) - förstörelse, strykning, radering, deletion,cancellation,destruction YELLOW Character borttagning, utplåning ødeleggelse, strykning, kansellering poistaminen, yliviivaaminen, pilaaminen difficulty YELLOW (forward + reference line [modification, the line has an opening]: the forward arrow is halted at the reference line as by a difficulty passing through the opening) - Character (superimposed - modified) svårighet vanskelighet vaikeus disgust YELLOW (hate + intensity) avsky (subst.) avsky inho disgusting_(general) GREEN (disgust + description indicator) avskyvärd avskyelig inhottava dispersion,dissemination,scattering,spread,sprea ding YELLOW (backward + upward + downward + forward [modification, short arrows]: the four arrows pointing outward from each other, i.e. spreading out) - Character (superimposed - modified) spridning spredning levitteleminen, levittäminen, hajottaminen divided GREEN (division + description indicator) delad delt jaettu earmuffs_(general) YELLOW (pictograph) - Character öronmuff(ar) ørevarmer korvaläpät ease,easiness,simplicity YELLOW (forward + reference line [modification, the line has an opening]: the forward arrow easily passing through the broken reference line) - Character (superimposed - modified) enkelhet, lätthet enkelhet, letthet helppous, yksinkertaisuus emptying,voidance,evacuation YELLOW (container + jump [modification, higher position]: the curved forward arrow representing content moving out of the container) - Character (superimposed - modified) tömning tømming tyhjentäminen (time + infiniteness,boundlessness,limitlessness_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM eternity,infinity_(old) YELLOW See eternity,infinity evighet, oändlighet (FD) evighet, uendelighet (OLD) ikuisuus, loputtomuus (vanha) experiment YELLOW (activity + purpose + answer) experiment eksperiment koe, kokeilu

144 24894 fall,drop,spill,tumble YELLOW (down + intensity) fall fall putoaminen fantasy,phantasy,imagination,illusion YELLOW (existence,being_(2) [modification, high position over the skyline] + sky: imaginary existence up the sky, or up in the clouds) - Character (superimposed - modified) fantasi fantasi fantasia, mielikuvitus, illuusio farness,remoteness,farawayness_(old) YELLOW (reference line [half-sized + reference line [half-sized]]: with a full square between them, the lines are relatively far apart) See also: nearness,closeness,proximity Character (sequenced) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM and SUPERSEDED CHARACTER See farness,remoteness,farawayness långt avstånd (FD) avstand (lang), fjernhet (OLD) kaukaisuus, etäisyys (vanha) filling,fill,fullness YELLOW (container + horizontal line: the container is closed over, as if filled up) - Character (superimposed) fyllning fylling, fyll täysinäinen fixing,fix,mending,mend,repair,reparation YELLOW (to make + to work: making something work again) lagning reparasjon korjaaminen, kunnostaminen forgetting,amnesia YELLOW (konowledge + forward: combination of knowledge and out of) - Character (superimposed) glömska glemsel, hukommelsestap unohtaminen, amnesia fountain YELLOW (thing + water_(ground_level) + up) fontän fontene kaivo gallop YELLOW (canter-(to) + intensity) galopp galopp laukka geographer BLUE (scientist,academic + earth,globe,world) geograf geograf maantieteilijä giving,gift YELLOW (up + container: drawing from what one holds) - Character (superimposed) givande givning antaminen, tarjoaminen grid,matrix YELLOW (enclosure + pictograph, of a matrix grid) - Character (superimposed) rutnät rutenett matriisi, taulukko, ruudukko, ristikko growth,growing YELLOW (flower + up: to come up as flowers do. CKB says that this symbol applies primarily to agriculture and horticulture, but that it may be used in a general sense (i.e., growth of children).) tillväxt vekst kasvaminen, kasvu half,one-half WHITE (one_(digit),1 [modification, higher position] + slash (slanted line) + two_(digit),2: a common way to write 1/2) - Character (superimposed - modified) halv, en halv halv, en halv ½,puoli hate,hatred YELLOW (dislike + intensity) hat hat viha height,tallness YELLOW (two horizontal reference lines [half-sized]: the space between the reference lines is the highest possible within the symbol square) See also: lowness,shortness_(height) Character (superimposed) höjd høyde korkeus heterosexual GREEN (heterosexuality + description indicator) heterosexuell hetroseksuell hetereseksuaalinen hitchrack,hitching_bar YELLOW (linear_thing_(horizontal),bar + attachment,appendix,annex + horse: a bar for tieing up horses, thus the modification of hitch,tie_up,fix_up-(to) hästräcke tjoringsrekkverk kytkintanko holding YELLOW (plus_sign_(low) + earth,ground,land [half-sized]: ownership,possession [half-sized], something in one's possession without necessarily being owned) - Character (superimposed) innehav eie hallussa pitäminen importance,significance YELLOW (interest [modification, intensity moved to the left to make room for another one] + intensity: of intense interest) - Character (superimposed - modified) viktighet viktighet, betydelighet tärkeys indoor,indoors GREEN (indoor_(character) + description indicator) inomhus innomhus, inne kotona infiniteness,boundlessness,limitlessness_(old) YELLOW (minus,no,without + limit(s),limitation_(old)) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See infiniteness,boundlessness,limitlessness gränslöshet (FD) grenseløshet (OLD) äärettömyys, rajattomuus (vanha) interest YELLOW (mind + intensity: engaging the mind) - Character (superimposed) intresse interesse mielenkiinto, kiinnostavuus littleness,smallness YELLOW (vertical line [half-sized] bounded by two horizontal reference lines [half-sized]: the vertical line is relatively little) See also: bigness,largeness Character (superimposed) litenhet litenhet pienuus lowness,shortness_(height) YELLOW (two horizontal reference lines [half-sized]: the space between the reference lines is relatively low) See also: height,tallness Character (superimposed) låghet lavhet mataluus malodor,malodour,stench YELLOW (smell,odour + negative) odör, stank stank, odør löyhkä,lemu medicine,medical_practice YELLOW (symbol suggests a modified caduceus (modeled after the staff with a snake - of Hermes), the traditional medical symbol) - Character läkekonst legekunst lääketiede next_month YELLOW (month + then (future)) nästa månad måned (neste) ensi kuukausi noise_(loud) YELLOW (sound + intensity) oljud, oväsen støy, ulyd melu,meteli, kova ääni oere_(currency) YELLOW (part,bit,piece,portion,part_of + crown_(currency)) öre (valuta) øre (valuta) äyri (valuutta) oval,elliptic,elliptical GREEN (oval,ellipse + description indicator) oval, elliptisk oval, eliptisk ovaalin muotoinen, elliptinen ownership,possession YELLOW (addition + earth: CKB writes "an addition, a gain, a plus of some very earthly (material) thing ) - Character (superimposed) ägande eiendom omistaminen permission,allowance YELLOW (mind + through: CKB says that the symbol represents a thought that is allowed to pass through a mental barrier) - Character (superimposed) tillåtelse tillatelse antaminen, salliminen

145 24927 persuasion YELLOW (leadership + agreement [modification, short arrows] (combination): leadership to agreement) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) övertygande overbevisning vakuuttaminen physicist BLUE (person + physics) fysiker fysiker fyysikko preparation,readying,readiness,preparedness YELLOW (activity + for (the purpose of) + future: something done in order to be ready for the future) förberedelse forberedelse valmistelu promise YELLOW (mouth (to say) + activity + future: to say that something will be done in the future) löfte løfte (subst.) lupaaminen protected,sheltered GREEN (protection,shelter + description indicator) skyddad beskyttet suojattu, turvattu quarter,one_quarter WHITE (one_(digit),1 [modified, higher position] + slash (slanted line) + four_(digit),4: a common way to write 1/4) - Character (superimposed - modified) kvart, fjärdedel kvart, en fjerdedel neljäsosa reading YELLOW (eye (to see) + paper,card,page: the act of seeing and perceiving what is written on the printed page) läsning lesning lukeminen repetition,copying,duplication,replication YELLOW (line,stripe + line,stripe + action indicator: the vertical line is repeated) - Character (sequenced) upprepning repetisjon, kopiering toistaminen, kopioiminen, monistaminen research-(to) RED (research + action indicator) forska forske tutkia riding,horseback_riding YELLOW (activity + horse) ridning ridning ratsastaminen selfishness,egoism YELLOW (mind + self: thinking only about oneself) - Character (superimposed) egoism, själviskhet egoisme, selvgodhet itsekkyys shortness_(distance,length) YELLOW (horizontal line [half-sized] bounded by reference lines [half-sized]: horizontal line is relatively short) See also: length,longness Character korthet korthet lyhyys sport_(class) YELLOW (knowledge,class_(in_combinations) + sport) idrott (skolämne) idrett (fag), gym urheilutunti, voimistelutunti, liikuntatunti spray,vaporization YELLOW (water,fluid,liquid + a cluster of seven dots: a liquid transformed into a spray of small drops) - Character (superimposed - sequenced) sprej spray spreijaus, haihtuminen strength YELLOW (combination of health and muscle: symbol suggests the outline of a person, arm bent, biceps flexed, showing strength) - Character (superimposed) styrka, muskelkraft styrke, muskelstyrke, muskelkraft vahvuus, voimakkuus stress YELLOW (feeling + without + time + activity: a feeling of lacking time for an activity) stress, jäkt stress stressi, ylirasitus stress-(to) RED (stress + action indicator: acting with a feeling of lacking time for the activity) stressa, jäkta stresse stressaantua, ylirasittua superlative_most WHITE (horizontal reference line [modification, half-sized on skyline] + much,many,very [modification, higher position]: much, many on the highest level) - Character (superimposed - modified) mest (för komparation av adj.) mest (superlativ) superlatiivi supernatural GREEN (supernatural-(noun) + description indicator) övernaturlig overnaturlig yliluonnollinen sweetness,sweet YELLOW (taste + up: pleasant taste) sötma søthet makeus swimming,swim YELLOW (through + water: motion through water) simning svømming uiminen this_month YELLOW (month + now) den här månaden måned (denne) tämä kuukausi wakefulness,alertness YELLOW (eye + open: state one is in when one's eyes are open) - Character (superimposed) vakenhet våkenhet valvominen vomiting,vomit,puking YELLOW (out_of,exit_(forward) + food: expelling of food) kräkning brekning oksentaminen, ylenantaminen slang YELLOW (feeling + to speak: emotional talk) - Character (superimposed) slang (språk) slang (språk) slangi coarse_slang YELLOW (knife + to speak: sharp talk) - Character (superimposed) svordom, grov slang banning, sverging ruman kielen käyttö, kiroilu aport GREEN (port_(boat) + description indicator) babord (riktning) babord (retning) paapuuriin astarboard GREEN (starboard + description indicator) styrbord (riktning) styrbord (retning) tyyrpuuriin hunt,hunting YELLOW (gun + animal) jakt jakt metsästys, metsästäminen church_ruin,temple_ruin,wreck,wreckage_(churc h,temple,mosque)_(2) YELLOW (church,mosque,temple + deletion,cancellation,destruction) SYMBOL SYNONYM kyrkoruin, tempelruin (2) kirkeruin, tempelruin (2) kirkon rauniot, temppelin rauniot (2) army,regular_army,ground_forces YELLOW (military,armed_forces,armed_services + earth,ground,land) armé, markstyrkor hær, bakkestyrke maavoimat, kenttäarmeija destroyed,ruined,demolished,deleted,erased,can förstörd, borttagen, raderad, struken, celled GREEN (deletion,cancellation,destruction + description indicator) utsuddad, utplånad ødelagt, strøket, kansellert 24968

146 få tillräde (till), få åtkomst (till), få tillgång access-(to) RED (accessibility + action indicator) (till) få adgang til, få tilgang til saavuttaa accessibility YELLOW (existence,being_(2) + through: being possible to get through to) tillgänglighet, tillgång, åtkomlighet tilgjengelighet, tilgang saatavuus accessible GREEN (accessibility + description indicator) tillgänglig, åtkomlig tilgjengelig saavutettu adopt-(to) RED (adoption + action indicator) adoptera adoptere adoptoida adoption YELLOW (activity + legal + parent: the act of becoming a legal parent of a child) adoption adopsjon adoptio adventure YELLOW (activity + thrilling + intensity) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing äventyr eventyr, opplevelse seikkailu adventurous GREEN (adventure + description indicator) äventyrlig eventyrlig seikkaileva Afghanistan YELLOW (country + kite) Afghanistan Afghanistan Afganistan ajar GREEN (open + little: slightly open) på glänt på gløtt raollaan oleva alcohol,ethanol YELLOW (chemical product + liquor) alkohol, etanol alkohol, etanol alkoholi, etanoli alphabet,letters_(uppercase) YELLOW (A_(uppercase) + B_(uppercase) + C_(uppercase): first three letters of the English alphabet, representing the entire alphabet) - Character (superimposed) alfabetet (versaler) alfabetet (store), bokstaver (store) aakkoset (isoja), kirjaimet (isoja) applaud,clap-(to) RED (applause + action indicator) applådera, klappa händerna applaudere, klappe hendene aplodeerata, osoittaa suosiota, taputtaa käsiä, antaa aplodit applause,clapping YELLOW (2 + hand + intensity + sound: clapping the hands together as a demonstration of approval) applåd, handklappning applaus, håndklapp suosionosoitukset, aplodit, tapututukset armed GREEN (weapon + description indicator) beväpnad bevæpnet aseistettu Austria YELLOW (country + musical_note (music [contr.]) + mountain) Österrike Østerrike Itävalta bandit,armed_robber BLUE (person + getting + weapon: i.e., thief [contr.] using a weapon to steal) bandit, rånare (beväpnad) banditt, raner bandiitti,maantierosvo bazaar YELLOW (group of + store + small) basar basar, marked markkinat,basaari beggar BLUE (person + ask + existence,being_(2)) tiggare tigger kerjäläinen Belarus YELLOW (country + buffalo + tree (wood [contr.]): the country of the European Bison, or Wisent) Vitryssland Hviterussland, Belarus Valko-Venäjä bioenergy YELLOW (energy + plant) bioenergi bioenergi bioenergia braid,plait-(to) RED (braid + action indicator) fläta (verb) flette (å) letittää, punoa braid,plait,pigtail(s) YELLOW (to mix linear thing) 3 can be replaced by an appropriate number fläta (subst.) flette letti, punos Brazil YELLOW (country + ball + legs_and_feet: country of football [contr.]) Brasilien Brasil Brasilia cheer-(to) RED (cheering + action indicator) hurra, heja på hurra, heie på hurrata, kannustaa cheering_(the_sound) GRAY (support_(oral) + intensity) hurra, leve hurra, heia hurraaminen, kannustaminen cheerleader BLUE (leader + cheering) hejarklacksledare heialeder, cheerleader huutosakin johtaja, cheerleader cheers_(toast) GRAY (say,speak,talk,tell,express-(to) + alcoholic drink + up) skål skål kippis, terveydeksi China YELLOW (country + middle,centre; 中国 zhōng guó is the official name of China, which literally means middle or central country) Kina Kina Kiina city_tour YELLOW (move + see + village: where village represents city [contr.]) stadsrundtur (etc) byrundtur kaupunkiajelu, kaupunkikierros climate YELLOW (generalisation + weather) klimat klima ilmasto code,password YELLOW (number + secret) kod, lösenord kode, passord koodi, salasana hög, stapel, trave, samling, tuva, knippa, collection,pile,tussock_(etc) YELLOW (group of + together) bukett (etc) stabel, haug, samling pino, kasa, läjä

147 25034 coup,hijack,takeover YELLOW (theft + leadership) kupp, kapning kapring, kupp kaappaus, kapina coup,coup_d'etat YELLOW (coup + country) statskupp, revolt statskupp vallankumous, vallankaappaus crime YELLOW (activity + illegal,criminal) brott lovbrudd rikos criminal_(person) BLUE (person + illegal,criminal: where illegal represents crime [contr.]) brottsling, kriminell person kriminell person, lovbryter rikollinen, kriminaali criminality,crime YELLOW (action + illegal,criminal) brottslighet, kriminalitet kriminalitet, krim rikollisuus curiosity,curiousness,inquisitiveness,wonder YELLOW (wish + knowledge) frågvishet, vetgirighet nygjerrighet, vitebegjær uteliaisuus, tiedonhakuisuus curious,inquisitive GREEN (curiosity + description indicator) nyfiken (positiv), frågvis, vetgirig nysgjerrig, vitebegjærlig utelias, tiedonhakuinen cushion YELLOW (enclosure + imprint,depression: where imprint,depression represents soft [contr.]) kudde, dyna pute, dyne tyyny cushion_(seat) YELLOW (cushion + seat) sittdyna sittepute istuintyyny Czech_Republic YELLOW (country + beer) Tjeckien Tsjekkia Tsekin tasavalta, Tsekki deflate,let_out_air-(to) RED (out_of,exit_(forward) + air + action indicator) Air can be replaced by an appropriate specifier läcka (luft), släppa ut luft lekke luft, slippe ut luft tyhjentyä ilmasta detective,investigator BLUE (person + wakefulness,alertness + information: where wakefulness represents search- (to) [contr.]) detektiv detektiv etsivä, salapoliisi diaphragm,midriff YELLOW (muscle + middle) diafragma, mellangärde diafragma, mellomgolvet pallea disinfectant,antiseptic YELLOW (chemical product + bath,washing + medical) desinfektionsmedel, tvättsprit (etc) desinfeksjonsmiddel antiseptinen aine, desifiointiaine drill YELLOW (tool + rotation + through) borr bor, drill pora drilling_rig_(gas) YELLOW (machine + rotation + gas) borrigg (för gas) borerigg (for gass) kaasunporaustorni drilling_rig_(oil) YELLOW (machine + rotation + oil) borrigg (för olja) borerigg (for olje) öljynporaustorni drilling_rig_(water) YELLOW (machine + rotation + water) borrigg (för vatten) borerigg (for vann) vedenporaustorni each_other,one_another WHITE (person + back and forth + person) varandra hverandre toisiaan encourage-(to) RED (encouragement + action indicator) uppmuntra oppmuntre yllyttää, rohkaista encouragement YELLOW (to give + courage) uppmuntran oppmuntring yllytys, rohkaiseminen escape YELLOW (out_of,exit_(forward) + intensity) flykt flukt pako, pakeneminen escape-(to) RED (escape + action indicator) fly flykte paeta espionage,spying YELLOW (to search + secret + information) spionage spionasje vakoilu, vakoileminen explore-(to) RED (to search [contr.] + new + action indicator) utforska, upptäcka utforske, oppdage tehdä tutkimusmatka explorer,enquirer BLUE (person + explore) upptäcktsresande (etc) oppdager, utforsker tutkimusmatkailija fart,wind YELLOW (gas + buttocks,bottom,bum,rear,ass) fis, fjärt, prutt fis, fjert, promp, tarmgass pieru, ilmavaivat fatal,lethal GREEN (to cause + death + description indicator) dödande dødelig, drepende kuolettava, tappava fossil_fuel,coal_(etc) YELLOW (fuel + plant + passed time) fossilt bränsle, kol (etc) fossil brensel, kull fossiilinen polttoaine, hiili France YELLOW (country + champagne) Frankrike Frankrike Ranska Friday_(day5) YELLOW (day five_(index_number): small 5 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 14400) fredag (dag 5) fredag (dag 5) perjantai (päivä viisi) Friday_(day6) YELLOW (day five_(index_number): small 5 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 14400) fredag (dag 6) fredag (dag 6) perjantai (päivä kuusi)

148 25066 Friday_(day7) YELLOW (day five_(index_number): small 5 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 14400) fredag (dag 7) fredag (dag 7) perjantai (päivä seitsemän) gas_(fuel) YELLOW (fuel + gas) gas (bränsle) gass (brensel) polttoaine gas_(fuel_from_biomass) YELLOW (fuel + gas + plant) biogas biogass biopolttoaine geothermal_energy YELLOW (energy + ground) geotermisk energi geotermisk energi geoterminen energia gravity,gravitation YELLOW (thing + down [modification, short arrow]) - Character (superimposed - modified) tyngdkraft, gravitation tyngdekraft, gravitasjon painovoima Greece YELLOW (country + five_(digit),5 + ring: The Olympics [contr.]) Grekland Hellas Kreikka habit,custom YELLOW (activity + usually) vana, sed vane, sed tapa, käytäntö Hattifatteners BLUE (group of + imaginary person + electricity: Literary figures in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - tall, thin, ghost-like creatures that become electrical during thunderstorms) Hattifnattar Hattifnatt Hattivatit Hemulen BLUE (imaginary person interest: Literary figures in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - occupied with one specific interest) Hemulen Hemulen Hemuli hiccup(s)_(1) YELLOW (sound + diaphragm) SYMBOL SYNONYM hicka (1) stønn hikka, nikotus hiccup(s)_(2) YELLOW (sound + out_of_body_(upward) + repetition) SYMBOL SYNONYM hicka (2) hikk hikka, nikotus hide,conceal_(secret)-(to) RED (hiding place + action indicator) gömma gjemme piiloutua, mennä piiloon hide_and_seek YELLOW (play_(in_combinations) + hiding place) kurragömma gjemsel piiloleikki hiding_place,cache YELLOW (place + secret) gömställe gjemmested piilopaikka hijack,make_a_coup-(to) RED (coup,hijack,takeover + action indicator) kapa, kuppa kapre, kuppe kaapata, kapinoida hijacker,coup_maker BLUE (person + coup,hijack,takeover) kapare, kuppmakare kaprer kaappaaja, kaappari, kapinoija hold,contain_(2)-(to) RED (goods,contents + action indicator) innehålla, rymma (2) inneholde, romme (2) pitää sisällään, sisältää hostage_(1) BLUE (person + oppression,captivity,slavery + for_(in_exchange_for)) SYMBOL SYNONYM gisslan (1) gissel (1) panttivanki hostage_(2) BLUE (person + oppression,captivity,slavery + for_(in_exchange_for) + money) Money can be replaced by an appropriate specifier. SYMBOL SYNONYM gisslan (2) gissel (2) panttivanki hunter BLUE (person + hunt,hunting) jägare jeger metsästäjä hydropower,hydro_energy YELLOW (energy + water) vattenkraft vannkraft vesivoima identity_card YELLOW (card + name + number) legitimation legitimasjon, legitimasjonskort henkilöllisyystodistus index,list_of_contents_(in_a_book_etc) YELLOW (page + content) innehållsförteckning, index innholdsfortegnelse, index sisällysluettelo India YELLOW (country + flavouring) Indien India Intia inflate-(to) RED (entrance + air + action indicator) Air can be replaced by an appropriate specifier blåsa upp, pumpa upp blåse opp, pumpe opp täyttää ilmalla invitation_(general_spoken) YELLOW (say,speak,talk,tell,express-(to) + fidelity,loyalty,solidarity) inbjudan (muntlig) innbydelse, invitasjon (muntlig) suullinen kutsu invitation_(general_written) YELLOW (paper + fidelity,loyalty,solidarity) inbjudan (skriftlig) innbydelse, invitasjon (skriftlig) kirjallinen kutsu invitation_(spoken) YELLOW (say,speak,talk,tell,express-(to) + welcome) välkomsthälsning (muntlig) velkomsthilsen (muntlig) suullinen kutsu kylään invitation_(written) YELLOW (paper + welcome) välkomsthälsning (skriftlig) velkomsthilsen (skriftlig) kirjallinen kutsu kylään Iraq YELLOW (country + garden + stairs: refers to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and of queen Semiramis) Irak Irak Irak Italy YELLOW (country + opera) Italien Italia Italia Japan YELLOW (country + sunrise) Japan Japan Japani

149 25100 kidnap-(to) RED (theft + person + action indicator) kidnappa kidnappe kidnapata kidnapper BLUE (person + kidnap-(to)) kidnappare kidnapper kidnappaaja killer,murderer BLUE (person + manslaughter) dråpare, mördare drapsperson tappaja killing,murder,slaughter YELLOW (cause + death) dråp, mord drap, mord tappaminen, teurastus knock,tap-(to) RED (knock + action indicator) knacka banke, knakke koputusääni knock,tap_(sound) YELLOW (noise_(loud) + short) knackning (ljud) banking (lyd) koputtaa knocking YELLOW (hand + intensity + sound) knackning banking, knakking koputtaminen, koputus land_(rocket)-(to) RED (landing_(rocket) + action indicator) landa (rymdraket) lande (romrakett) laskeutua (raketti) landing_(rocket) YELLOW (rocket + downward and forward) landning (rymdraket) landing (romrakett) laskeutuminen (raketti) Little_My BLUE (imaginary person + girl + against,opposed_to: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - she is a small determined fiercely independent Mymble. Little My is brash, aggressive, mischievous and disrespectful.) Lilla My Lille My Pikku Myy load YELLOW (much/many + together + container) last, lass, packning last, lass kuorma make_a_speech-(to) RED (speech_(event) + action indicator) hålla tal tale, holde tale pitää puhe Monday_(day1) YELLOW (day one_(index_number): small 1 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 15483) måndag (dag 1) mandag (dag 1) maanantai (päivä yksi) Monday_(day2) YELLOW (day one_(index_number): small 1 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 15483) måndag (dag 2) mandag (dag 2) maanantai (päivä kaksi) Monday_(day3) YELLOW (day one_(index_number): small 1 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 15483) måndag (dag 3) mandag (dag 3) maanantai (päivä kolme) Moominmamma BLUE (Moomintroll [contr.] + mother: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - she is the mother of Moomintroll.) Muminmamman Mummimamma Muumimamma Moominpappa BLUE (Moomintroll [contr.] + father: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - he is the father of Moomintroll.) Muminpappan Mummipappa Muumipappa Moomintroll BLUE (imaginary person + imprint,depression + M: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - the main character of most of the books, imprint,depression represents soft [contr.]) Mumintrollet Mummitrollet Muumipeikko move,movement YELLOW (wheel + earth [half-sized]: the wheel moves by rolling over the ground) - Character (superimposed) förflyttning forflytning, bevegelse matka mummy_(general) YELLOW (body + dead + cloth) mumie (generell) mumie (generell) muumio mummy_(imaginary) YELLOW (imaginary person + dead + cloth) mumie (övernaturligt väsen) mumie (overnaturlig vesen) muumio (mielikuvitusolento) murder YELLOW (killing + plan) mord mord (overlagt) murha, murhaaminen murder-(to) RED (murder + action indicator) mörda myrde, drepe (planlagt) murhata murderer BLUE (person + murder) mördare morder (overlagt drap) murhaaja nosy GREEN (curious,inquisitive + negative + description indicator) nyfiken (negativt) nesevis uteleva nuclear_fuel YELLOW (fuel + nucleus) kärnbränsle, atombränsle atombrensel ydinpolttoaine oil_(fuel) YELLOW (fuel + oil) olja (bränsle) oljebrensel polttoöljy oil_power,oil_energy YELLOW (energy + oil) oljeenergi oljeenergi öljyenergia OK,alright GREEN (feeling + enough + description indicator) lagom, OK ok, i orden selvä, okei Olympics,Olympic_games YELLOW (competition ring) olympiad, OS OL, olympiske leker olympialaiset oppressed,unfree GREEN (oppression,captivity,slavery + description indicator) ofri, i fångenskap, förtryckt undertrykt, ufri, i fangenskap sorrettu, orjuutettu oppression,captivity,slavery YELLOW (feeling + enclosure: feeling of being confined) - Character (superimposed) ofrihet, fångenskap, förtryck ufrihet, fangenskap, undertrykkelse sortaminen, orjuuttaminen, orjuutus

150 25133 out_of_(backward) WHITE (enclosure + backward) - Character (superimposed) ut ur (bakåt) ut av (bakover) ulos (taaksepäin), pois jostakin taaksepäin out_of_(upward) WHITE (enclosure + upward) - Character (superimposed) ut ur (uppåt) ut av (oppover) ulos (ylöspäin), pois jostakin ylöspäin passive GREEN (passivity + description indicator) passiv passiv passiivinen passivity YELLOW (without + activity) passivitet passivitet passiivisuus pill_box YELLOW (container + time + pill,tablet) dosett (medicin) dosett, pilleboks dosetti, lääkeannostelija Poland YELLOW (country + field) Polen Polen Puola Portugal YELLOW (country + wakefulness,alertness + new: country of discoveries (search [contr.] + new)) Portugal Portugal Portugali power_plant,power_station YELLOW (house + energy) kraftverk, kraftstation kraftverk, kraftstasjon voimalaitos precious,treasured GREEN (value + feeling + and,also,plus,too + description indicator: value characterized by a positive feeling of fond affection for) värdefull, dyrbar verdifull, dyrebar kallisarvoinen, arvokas precious_thing,treasure YELLOW (thing + precious) dyrbarhet, dyrgrip, värdesak verdisak aarre prison_officer BLUE (person + work + barred_window: the barred window representing prison [contr]) fångvårdare fangevokter vanginvartija prisoner BLUE (person + barred_window: the barred window representing prison [contr]) fånge fange vanki pump YELLOW (tool + pressure) pump pumpe pumppu pump-(to) RED (pump + action indicator) pumpa pumpe (å) pumpata rag YELLOW (cloth + broken) trasa, trasor fille, filler rääsyt, rikkinäiset vaatteet rags_(worn-out_clothes) YELLOW (clothes + usage,use + end) paltor, slitna kläder slitte klær loppuunkuluneet vaatteet resign,quit_(1)-(to) RED (resignation_(1) + action indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM säga upp sig, sluta (sitt arbete), avgå (1) si opp, slutte, gå av (arbeid) (1) erota työstä, irtisanoutua resign,quit_(2)-(to) RED (resignation_(2) + action indicator) SYMBOL SYNONYM säga upp sig, sluta (sitt arbete), avgå (2) si opp, slutte, gå av (arbeid) (2) erota työstä, irtisanoutua resignation_(1) YELLOW (end + work: to stop (a) work) SYMBOL SYNONYM uppsägning, avgång (från arbete) (1) oppsigelse, avgang (fra arbeid) (1) työstä eroaminen, irtisanoutuminen resignation_(2) YELLOW (departure + work: to leave (a) work) SYMBOL SYNONYM uppsägning, avgång (från arbete) (2) oppsigelse, avgang (fra arbeid) (2) työstä eroaminen, irtisanoutuminen retire-(to) RED (retirement + action indicator) gå i pension pensjoneres jäädä eläkkeelle retired GREEN (retirement + description indicator) pensionerad pensjonert olla eläkkeellä, eläkeläinen retirement YELLOW (resignation_(1) + year) pension, pensionering pensjon, pensjonering eläkevuodet roast,joint_(of_meat) YELLOW (meat + big) stek, köttstycke (större) stek, kjøttstykke (stort) paisti robot YELLOW (machine + activity + person) robot robot robotti sack,dismiss-(to) RED (dismissal + action indicator) avskeda avskjedige erottaa työstä, sanoa irti työstä sacked,dismissed GREEN (dismissal + description indicator) avskedad avskjediget työstä erotettu, irtisanottu sacking,dismissal YELLOW (resignation_(1) + force) avsked (från arbete) avskjed (fra arbeid) työstä erottaminen, irtisanominen safari,wildlife_expedition YELLOW (move,movement + see,look,watch-(to) + animal) safari safari safari Saturday_(day1) YELLOW (day six_(index_number): small 6 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 16722) lördag (dag 1) lørdag (dag 1) lauantai (päivä yksi) Saturday_(day6) YELLOW (day six_(index_number): small 6 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 16722) lördag (dag 6) lørdag (dag 6) lauantai (päivä kuusi) Saturday_(day7) YELLOW (day six_(index_number): small 6 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 16722) lördag (dag 7) lørdag (dag 7) lauantai (päivä seitsemän)

151 25166 scoundrel,villain BLUE (person + mean,cruel) bov, skurk, buse skurk konna, roisto, kelmi protector,guard BLUE (person + safety,security) väktare, vakt vekter, vakt vartija, suojelija Sniff BLUE (imaginary person + scared: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - friend of Moomin, a real coward, and very interested in money.) Sniff Sniff Nipsu Snork BLUE (imaginary person + imprint,depression + glasses: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - The Snork Maiden's brother, wears glasses, inteligent, avid inventor who has strong belief in the power of science, imprint,depression represents soft [contr.]) Snorken Snorken Niiskuneiti Snork_Maiden BLUE (imaginary person + imprint,depression + ring: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - Moomintroll's fair lady friend and admirer, and sports a golden anklet, imprint,depression represents soft [contr.]) Snorkfröken Snorkfrøken Niisku Snufkin BLUE (imaginary person + boy + musical_instrument: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - Moomintroll's best friend, who lives in a tent, smokes a pipe, and plays the harmonica.) Snusmumriken Snusmumriken Nuuskamuikkunen solar_energy,solar_power YELLOW (energy + sun) solenergi solenergi aurinkoenergia, aurinkovoima space_travel,space_voyage,space_flight YELLOW (move,movement + galaxy) rymdfärd romferd avaruusmatka speech_(event) YELLOW (say,speak,talk,tell,express-(to) + event + group of + person) tal, anförande tale (til flere) puhe secret_agent,spy BLUE (person + secret + information) spion, hemlig agent spion, hemmelig agent salainen agentti, vakoilija steak YELLOW (meat + slice + thing indicator) biff, köttskiva biff, kjøttskive, kotelett pihvi still,calm,peaceful,tranquil GREEN (without + back and forth + description indicator: back and forth rrepresenting movement,motion_(2) [contr.]) stilla, stillsam, lugn stille, rolig, fredelig rauhallinen, tyyni stolen_goods YELLOW (goods + theft) stöldgods tyvegods varastettu tavara summary,abstract YELLOW (content + information + short) sammandrag, sammanfattning sammendrag, resyme' yhteenveto, tiivistelmä Sunday_(day1) YELLOW (day seven_(index_number): small 7 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 17464) söndag (dag 1) søndag (dag 1) sunnuntai (päivä yksi) Sunday_(day2) YELLOW (day seven_(index_number): small 7 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 17464) söndag (dag 2) søndag (dag 2) sunnuntai (päivä kaksi) Sunday_(day7) YELLOW (day seven_(index_number): small 7 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 17464) söndag (dag 7) søndag (dag 7) sunnuntai (päivä seitsemän) supporters,cheering_section BLUE (group + support_(oral) + intensity) supportrar, hejarklack supportere kannattajat Switzerland YELLOW (country + clock + thing indicator) Schweiz Sveits Sveitsi take_off_(rocket)-(to) RED (takeoff_(rocket) + action indicator) starta (rymdraket) skyte ut (romrakett) nousta ilmaan (raketti) takeoff_(rocket) YELLOW (rocket,spaceship + intensity) start (rymdraket) utskytning (romrakett) raketin lähtö technology YELLOW (generalization + machine) teknik teknikk teknologia The_Groke BLUE (imaginary person + coldness,cold: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - She is cold and ghostlike, and represents loneliness and all that is scary in the world of Moomin.) Mårran Hufsa Mörkö theft YELLOW (receiving + negative) stöld tyveri varastettu tavara thrilling,scary GREEN (feeling + expectation,anticipation + intensity + description indicator) spännande, skrämmande spennende, skremmende pelottava Thursday_(day4) YELLOW (day four_(index_number): small 4 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 17728) torsdag (dag 4) torsdag (dag 4) torstai (päivä neljä) Thursday_(day5) YELLOW (day four_(index_number): small 4 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 17728) torsdag (dag 5) torsdag (dag 5) torstai (päivä viisi) Thursday_(day6) YELLOW (day four_(index_number): small 4 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 17728) torsdag (dag 6) torsdag (dag 6) torstai (päivä kuusi) Toffle BLUE (imaginary person + sadness,sorrow,unhappiness: Literary figure in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson - Toffles are small creatures, shy, scared and confused. "Toffle" is the main character in Who Will Comfort Toffle?.) Knyttet Knøttet Nyyti tour,sightseeing YELLOW (move,movement + to see) rundtur, sightseeing rundtur, sightseeing kiertoajelu, nähtävyyksien katselu trap YELLOW (thing + capture +plan) fälla felle ansa trap-(to) RED (trap + action indicator) fånga (i fälla) fange (i felle) virittää ansa

152 25201 hidden_treasure,treasure_trove YELLOW (jewel + secret) skatt (hemlig) skatt (hemmelig) kätketty aarre, aarrekätkö tropical_rain_forest,jungle YELLOW (grove + equator: grove representing forest [contr.]) regnskog, djungel regnskog, jungel sademetsä, viidakko Tuesday_(day2) YELLOW (day two_(index_number): small 2 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 17790) tisdag (dag 2) tirsdag (dag 2) tiistai (päivä kaksi) Tuesday_(day3) YELLOW (day two_(index_number): small 2 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 17790) tisdag (dag 3) tirsdag (dag 3) tiistai (päivä kolme) Tuesday_(day4) YELLOW (day two_(index_number): small 2 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 17790) tisdag (dag 4) tirsdag (dag 4) tiistai (päivä neljä) Turkey YELLOW (country + bazaar) Turkiet Tyrkia Turkki Ukraine YELLOW (country + wheat) Ukraina Ukraina Ukraina usually_do,habitually_do-(to) YELLOW (habit,custom + action indicator) bruka, ha för vana bruke, ha for vane tehdä tavallisesti, tehdä useimmiten vampire BLUE (imaginary person + blood) vampyr vampyr vampyyri warn-(to) RED (warning + action indicator) varna advare varoittaa warning YELLOW (say,speak,talk,tell,express-(to) + danger) varning advarsel varoitus wave_power,wave_energy YELLOW (energy + wave) vågkraft bølgekraft aaltovoima, aaltoenergia weapon YELLOW (tool + death) vapen våpen ase Wednesday_(day3) YELLOW (day three_(index_number): small 3 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 18216) onsdag (dag 3) onsdag (dag 3) keskiviikko (päivä neljä) Wednesday_(day4) YELLOW (day three_(index_number): small 3 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 18216) onsdag (dag 4) onsdag (dag 4) keskiviikko (päivä viisi) Wednesday_(day5) YELLOW (day three_(index_number): small 3 of ISO standard) SYMBOL SYNONYM (replacing 18216) onsdag (dag 5) onsdag (dag 5) keskiviikko (päivä kuusi) weekend YELLOW (end + week) (Added week day number neutral) SYMBOL SYNONYM veckoslut ukeslutt viikonloppu werewolf BLUE (imaginary person + wolf) varulv varulv Ihmissusi wind_power,wind_energy,wind_farm YELLOW (energy + wind) vindkraft vindkraft tuulivoima, tuulienergia worn-out,raddled GREEN (usage,use + end + description indicator) utsliten, utnött utslitt, utbrukt loppuunkulunut, loppuunkäytetty zombie BLUE (imaginary person + dead + walk) zombie zombie Zombie, Zombi, elävä kuollut touch,touching YELLOW (activity + hand) beröring berøring koskettaminen, kosketus airforce,air_force BLUE (military,armed_forces,armed_services + sky) flygvapen flyvåpen ilmavoimat airport_terminal YELLOW (public room + airplane) flygterminal flyterminal lentoaseman terminaali air_traffic_controller BLUE (leader + group of + airplane) flygledare flyleder lennonjohtaja alarm YELLOW (tool + noise_(loud) + intensity) larm alarm hälytys alternate-(to) RED (alternation + action indicator) växla veksle, alternere vaihdella alternating GREEN (alternation + description indicator) växlande, omväxlande vekslende, avvekslende, alternativt vaihteleva alternating_current,ac YELLOW (stream + electricity + alternation) växelström vekselstrøm vaihtovirta alternation YELLOW (forward + backward [modification, short arrows]) Character (superimposed - modified) växling, omväxling veksling, skifte vaihtelu ammeter YELLOW (gauge + electric current + thing indicator) amperemätare amperemeter ampeerimittari amplitude YELLOW (measurement + height,tallness + wave) amplitud amplityde amplitudi, värähdyslaajuus

153 25260 Arabic_(language) YELLOW (language + Muslim,Moslem,Islamic) arabiska arabisk arabia (kieli) attack YELLOW (activity + war) anfall, attack, angrepp angrep hyökkäys attack-(to) RED (attack + action indicator) anfalla, attackera, angripa angripe hyökätä Batman YELLOW (make-believe person + bat_(animal)) Batman, Läderlappen Batman Lepakkomies, Batman bedbug,wall_louse YELLOW (louse,stinging_insect + indoor) vägglus vegglus seinälude, lutikka beige WHITE (colour + earth,ground,land + snow: combination of brown and white) beige beige beige, beesi biathlon YELLOW (sport + skies + gun) skidskytte skiskyting ampumahiihto bird_of_prey,raptor YELLOW (bird + pictograph of claws) - Character (superimposed) rovfågel rovfugl petolintu bless-(to) RED (give + peace + protection + action indicator) välsigna velsigne siunata have_a_view,have_an_opinion-(to) RED (opinion + action indicator) tycka, anse, mena, ha åsikt om mene, synes olla jotakin mieltä cabin_(airplane) YELLOW (room + airplane) kabin (flygplan) flykabin lentokoneen matkustamo camping_mat,sleeping_mat YELLOW (cloth + reclining,lying_(person_lying_down): can be viewed as a combination of rug,carpet,mat and reclining) liggunderlag liggeunderlag makuualusta, kenttäpatja, retkipatja camping_stove YELLOW (stove + carry) campingkök, stormkök grill (flyttbar) retkikeitin carve-(to) RED (knife + shape + action indicator) tälja, rista skjære ut, snitte, spikke veistää, vuolla chase YELLOW (arrow + arrow) jagande, jakt forfølgelse, jakt takaa-ajaminen chase-(to) RED (chase + action indicator) jaga, följa efter forfølge, jakte ajaa takaa cipher YELLOW (alphabet,letters_(lowercase) + secret) chiffer, kryptering hemmelig skrift, kryptering salakirjoitus closed GREEN (enclosure + description indicator) stängd lukket suljettu clue YELLOW (information + to + answer) ledtråd spor, ledetråd, holdepunkt johtolanka cousin_(male) BLUE (son + sibling(s) + parent: the son of an uncle or aunt) kusin (manlig) fetter serkku (mies) cousin_(female) BLUE (daughter + sibling(s) + parent: the son of an uncle or aunt) kusin (kvinnlig) kusine serkku (nainen) direct_current,dc YELLOW (electric current + forward) likström likestrøm tasavirta cylinder_for_breathing YELLOW (cylinder + breathing) syrgastub pusterør happisäiliö, ilmasäiliö, happipullo Danish_(language)_(OLD) YELLOW (language + three_danish_waters_(old): based on Denmark_(OLD) [contr.]) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See Danish_(language) danska (FD) dansk (OLD) tanska (kieli) (vanha) digital_memory,ram YELLOW (memory + digits_(computer)) minne (digitalt), RAM-minne RAM, digitalt minne digitaalinen muisti, keskusmuisti Egypt YELLOW (country + pyramid) Egypten Egypt Egypti electric_circuit YELLOW (ring + electricity) elektrisk krets strømkrets virtapiiri electric_conductor YELLOW (through + electricity + thing indicator) elektrisk ledare elektrisk ledning sähköjohde electric_current YELLOW (stream + electricity) elektrisk ström, ström (elektrisk) elektrisitet, strøm (elektrisk) sähkövirta electric_field YELLOW (pointer (left) + electricity + pointer (right): suggesting the field of force surrounding an electrically charged particle or varying magnetic field) - Character (superimposed - pointer) elektriskt fält elektrisk felt sähkökenttä electric_insulator,electrical_insulator YELLOW (impermeable_material,insulation_(material) + electricity) elektrisk isolator, isolator (elektricitet) elektrisk isolator sähköeriste electro_magnet YELLOW (thing + magnetism + electricity) elektromagnet elektromagnet sähkömagneetti

154 25293 engagement YELLOW (before + marriage) förlovning forlovelse kihlaus Estonian_(language) YELLOW (language + Estonia) estniska estonisk viro (kieli) fiance,groom-to-be BLUE (man + engagement) fästman brudgom sulhanen fiancee,bride-to-be BLUE (woman + engagement) fästmö brud morsian fingerprint YELLOW (imprint + finger) fingeravtryck fingeravtrykk sormenjälki Finnish_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + Finnish) finska (skolämne) finsk (fag) suomi (kouluaine) Finnish_(language) YELLOW (language + Finland [contr.]) finska finsk (språk) suomi (kieli) fire_extinguisher YELLOW (cylinder + extinction,extinguishing_(fire)) brandsläckare brannslokningsapparat palosammutin fire_place,campfire_site YELLOW (place + stove) eldstad bålplass nuotion paikka firecraft YELLOW (knowledge + activity + fire) eldkunskap ildingskunnskap, fyringskunnskap leirinuotio first_aid YELLOW (medical aid + first + thing indicator) första hjälpen førstehjelp ensiapu fish_bone YELLOW (bone + fish) fiskben fiskeben kalanruoto flight_instrument(s) YELLOW (gauge + airplane + thing indicator) flygplansinstrument flyinstrument lentokoneen mittaristo flight_deck,cockpit YELLOW (room + pilot) cockpit cockpit lentokoneen ohjaamo footprint YELLOW (imprint,trace,track + foot) fotspår, fotavtryck fotavtrykk jalanjälki French_(language) YELLOW (language + France [contr.]) franska fransk (språk) ranska (kieli) frequency_(wave_motion) YELLOW (frequency + wave) frekvens (vågrörelse) frekvens (bølgebevegelse) aalto (fysiikka) front,front_of_a_thing WHITE (thing + pointer: pointer pointing to the left on the "front" right-hand side of the thing) - Character (superimposed - pointer) framsida, framdel, front, främre del front (i), foran esineen edessä full,satisfied GREEN (feeling + full + food + description indicator) mätt tilfreds, fornøyd, mett kylläinen fuse YELLOW (thing + protection + electricity) propp, säkring sikring sulake fuselage YELLOW (body + airplane) flygplanskropp flykropp lentokoneen runko gas_cylinder YELLOW (cylinder + gas) gastub gassbeholder kaasupullo gathering_of_scouts,jamboree YELLOW (gathering + scouting) scoutmöte, jamboree speiderleir, speidermøte partioleiri, jamboree hangar YELLOW (garage + airplane) hangar hangar lentokonehalli, hangaari head_louse YELLOW (louse,stinging_insect + hair) huvudlus hodelus päätäi headset YELLOW (earmuffs + signal) headset hodetelefon, headset headsetti, kuulokemikrofoni, kuulokesetti, sankaluuri hike-(to) RED (hiking + action indicator) vandra gå fottur patikoida, vaeltaa hiking YELLOW (activity + legs and feet + open) vandring fottur patikointi, vaellus Icelandic_(language) YELLOW (language + ice + fire: ice + fire representing Iceland [contr.]) isländska islandsk-(språk) islanti (kieli) illustrate-(to) RED (illustrtion + action indicator) illustrera illustrere, belyse kuvittaa illustrated,illustrating GREEN (illustrtion + description indicator) illustrerad illustrert, belyst kuvitettu illustration YELLOW (making,production,fashioning + picture) illustration illustrasjon kuvitus

155 25326 impermeable_material,insulation_(material) YELLOW (material + stop) isolering (material) ugjennomtrengelig materiale, isolasjonsmateriale läpäisemätön aine imprint,trace,track YELLOW (effekt + bump,press,pressing) avtryck, spår avtrykk, spor jälki inhaler YELLOW (medical aid + breath) inhalator inhalator astmapiippu, inhalaattori insomnia YELLOW (state of mind + without + sleep) sömnlöshet, insomnia søvnløshet unettomuus Iran YELLOW (country + poetry) Iran Iran Iran Irish_(language) YELLOW (language + shamrock: shamrock representing Ireland [contr.]) irländska irsk (språk) irlanti (kieli) Italian_(language) YELLOW (language + opera: opera representing Italy [contr.]) italienska italiensk (språk) italia (kieli) ladybird YELLOW (bug + dot) nyckelpiga marihøne leppäkerttu landing_gear YELLOW (wheel + airplane) landningsställ landingshjul laskuteline lifeline YELLOW (strap,string,velcro,rope,cord + help) livlina, räddningslina livline, redningsline turvaköysi light_(weight) GREEN (weight + little + description indicator) lätt (vikt) lett (vekt) kevyt liquid YELLOW (generalization + water) vätska væske neste magnet YELLOW (thing + magnetism) magnet magnet magneetti magnetic_field YELLOW (pointer (left) + magnetism + pointer (right): suggesting the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle) - Character (superimposed - pointer) magnetfält magnetisk felt magneettikenttä magnetism YELLOW (metal bar + pictorgraph of lines of flux) - Character (superimposed) magnetism magnetisme magnetismi make_and_tend_a_fire-(to) RED (activity + fire + action indicator) elda, göra upp eld gjøre opp ild, tenne tehdä ja ylläpitää tulta medication_for_breathing YELLOW (medicine + breath) astmamedicin, andningsmedicin pustemedisin hengityslääke memory_game,kim's_game YELLOW (game [contr.] + memory) minneslek, Kims lek memoryspill, Kims lek muistipeli, kim-peli national GREEN (country + descripton indicator) nationell nasjonal kansallinen national_day YELLOW (day + country) nationaldag nasjonaldag kansallispäivä navigate_airplane-(to) RED (activity + sign,signal + airplane + action indicator) navigera (flygplan) flynavigering navigoida (lentokone) Norwegian_(language) YELLOW (language + fjord: fjord representing Norway [contr.]) norska norsk (språk) norja (kieli) organization,organizing YELLOW (plan + many + thing) ordning, organisation, organisasjon, organisering organisointi, järjestäminen orienteer_(sport)-(to) RED (orienteering_(sport) + action indicator) orientera (sport) orientere (sport) suunnistaa (urheilu) orienteer,read_map-(to) RED (map_reading + action indicator) läsa kartan, orientera orientere, lese kart suunnistaa, lukea karttaa orienteering_(sport) YELLOW (sport + map) orientering (sport) orientering (sport) suunnistus (urheilu) map_reading YELLOW (activity + map) kartläsning, orientering, orienteringskart suunnistus, kartan lukeminen PEP_mask YELLOW (breathing aid + pressure + thing indicator) PEP-mask, andningsmask PEP maske pep-maski perch_(fish) YELLOW (fish + quill(s),spine(s)) abborre åbor ahven period_(wave_motion) YELLOW (limited time + wave) period (vågrörelse) periode (bølgevis) aaltoliikkeen jakso permeable_material YELLOW (material + through) genomsläppligt material gjennomtrengelig materiale läpäisevä aine Persian_(language) YELLOW (language + poetry: poetry representing Iran [contr.] persiska persisk (språk) persia (kieli)

156 25359 personal_measurement YELLOW (measurement + self) personliga mått personlig mål henkilövaaka plant-louse YELLOW (louse,stinging_insect + plant) bladlus plantelus kirva propeller,rotor_(blades) YELLOW (pictograph: suggesting the rotor blades of a propeller) - Character propeller, rotorblad propell, rotor propelli, potkuri radio_(2) YELLOW (enclosure + ear + signal,broadcast,transmitting: a device for hearing radio transmissions) radio (2) radio (2) radio rear,back_of_a_thing WHITE (pointer + thing: pointer pointing to the right on the "back" left-hand side of the thing) - Character (superimposed - pointer) baksida, bakdel, bakre del bak, bakside esineen takana rowdy,raucous GREEN (quarrel,row + description indicator) stökig, bråkig pøbelaktig, bråkete sekasortoinen runway_(airport) YELLOW (place + airplane + ascending and descending) landningsbana rullebane kiitorata Russian_(language) YELLOW (language + Russia) ryska russisk (språk) venäjä (kieli) equal,same GREEN (same,equal,equality + description indicator) lika, samma lik, samme samanlainen science_centre YELLOW (activity center + science) vetenskapscenter vitenskapssenter, vitensenter tiedekeskus scout_(etc) BLUE (person + scouting) scout speider partiolainen scouting_(etc) YELLOW (knowledge + activity + help) scouting speiding partio signal_strength_meter YELLOW (gauge + signal,broadcast,transmitting + thing indicator) signalmätare, mätare för signalstyrka signalmåler, styrkemåler tasomittari sleepy GREEN (feeling +without +sleep + description indicator) sömnig trøtt, søvnig uninen sniffer_dog YELLOW (dog + nose + information) spårhund narkotikahund huumekoira social_network,facebook_(etc) YELLOW (exchange + digital_world + person: digital_world representing the Internet (contr.)) socialt nätverk, Facebook (etc) sosialt nettverk, facebook (etc) sosiaalinen media, facebook Spain YELLOW (country + castanet) Spanien Spania Espanja Spanish,Castilian_(language) YELLOW (language + castle,palace: Castilian being the "language of castles", the main language of Spain) spanska, kastilianska spansk (språk) espanja (kieli) Spiderman BLUE (make-believe person + spider) Spiderman, Spindelmannen Spiderman Hämähäkkimies state_of_mind YELLOW (mind + existence,being_(2): what you think exists) - Character (superimposed) sinnestillstånd sinnstilstand mielentila suicide YELLOW (cause + death + self) självmord selvmord itsemurha Superman BLUE (make-believe person + brave + S) Superman, Stålmannen Supermann Teräsmies tail_(airplane) YELLOW (rear,back_of_a_thing + airplane) flygplansstjärt flyhale lentokoneen pyrstö tail_wing_(airplane) YELLOW (wing(s) + tail_(airplane)) stjärtvinge (flygplan) halevinge (fly) lentokoneen takasiipi take_off_(airplane)-(to) RED (takeoff,take-off,airplane_take-off + action indicator) lyfta (flygplan) lette (å) (fly) nousta (lentokone) Tarzan BLUE (make-believe person + djungle) Tarzan Tarzan Tarzan tie_whipping_knot-(to) RED (whipping_knot + action indicator) tagla surre (tauverk, hyssing o.l.) tehdä rihmos top,top_of_a_thing WHITE (pointer + thing: pointer pointing down on the "top" of the thing) - Character (superimposed - pointer) ovansida, överdel, övre del overside, overdel esineen päällä tracker BLUE (person + wakefulness,alertness + imprint,trace,track: alertness representing to watch [contr.]) spårare sporfinner jäljittäjä turquoise WHITE (colour + sky + grass: a combination of blue and green) turkos turkis turkoosi uniform YELLOW (clothes + crew,staff) uniform uniform univormu, työasu wave_length YELLOW (lenght + wave) våglängd bølgelengde aallonpituus

157 25392 veterinarian BLUE (doctor + animal) veterinär veterinær eläinlääkäri whipping_knot YELLOW (spiral + strap,string,velcro,rope,cord) tagling surring rihmos wind_turbine YELLOW (windmill + electricity) vindkraftverk, vindsnurra vindmølle (elektrisk) tuuliturbiini windmill YELLOW (tower + propeller,rotor_(blades)) väderkvarn vindmølle tuulimylly voltage YELLOW (vertical line + electricity + vertical line: a combination of limit(s) and electricity) - Character (sequenced) elektrisk spänning spenning jännite voltmeter YELLOW (gauge + voltage + thing indicator) voltmeter voltmeter volttimittari, jännitemittari wrap,wind-(to) RED (spiral + action indicator) vira, linda, surra vikle, tvinne, surre kietoa, kääriä wreck,wreckage_(airplane) YELLOW (airplane + deletion,cancellation,destruction) flygplansvrak flyvrak lentokoneen hylky wreck,wreckage_(boat) YELLOW (boat + deletion,cancellation,destruction) båtvrak båtvrak laivan hylky ascending_and_descending YELLOW (upward_and_forward + downward_and_backward) - Character (superimposed) start och landning, upp- och nedgående oppad og nedadgående nousu ja lasku land_(airplane)-(to) RED (landing,airplane_landing + action indicator) landa (flygplan) lande laskeutua (lentokone) different,other,unequal GREEN (different,other,difference + description indicator) olika, annorlunda ulik, forskjellig, annerledes erilainen swing,swinging YELLOW (two-headed curved arrow suggests swinging motion) - Character svängning, gungning sving, svinging, gynging keinuminen magnetic_pole YELLOW (South_Pole + magnetism) magnetpol, magnetisk pol magnetisk pol magneettinen napa bottom,bottom_of_a_thing WHITE (pointer + thing: pointer pointing up on the "bottom" of the thing) - Character (superimposed - pointer) undersida, underdel, botten, undre del bunn, bunnen av en ting esineen pohja breathing_aid YELLOW (aid,device,support + breath + thing indicator) andningshjälpmedel pustehjelpemiddel hengityslaite sitting_mat YELLOW (cloth + seat,sitting_(sitting_person)) sittunderlag sitteunderlag istuinmatto frequency YELLOW (number + limited time: nuber of something per time measure) frekvens frekvens taajuus sleepless GREEN (insomnia + description indicator) sömnlös søvnløs uneton quarrel,row YELLOW (activity + gathering + negative) stök, bråk krangle, trette sekasorto Germany YELLOW (country + D + E + U) Tyskland Tyskland Saksa German_(language) YELLOW (language + Germany) tyska tysk saksa (kieli) Thailand YELLOW (country + T + H + A) Thailand Thailand Thaimaa Romania YELLOW (country + R + O + U) Rumänien Romania Romania artillery YELLOW (military,armed_forces,armed_services + cannon,gun) artilleri artilleri tykistö German_(class) YELLOW (class + German_(language)) tyska (skolämne) tysk (skolefag) saksa (kouluaine) Romanian_(class) YELLOW (class + Romanian_(language)) rumänska (skolämne) rumensk (skolefag) romania (kouluaine) Romanian_(language) YELLOW (language + Romania) rumänska rumensk romania (kieli) armoured_force,tank_force YELLOW (military,armed_forces,armed_services + tank) pansarstyrka panserstyrke panssarijoukot Thai_(class) YELLOW (class + Thai_(language)) thailändska (skolämne) thai (skolefag) thai (kouluaine) Thai_(language) YELLOW (language + Thailand) thailändska thai thai (kieli) appendix,cecum,caecum YELLOW (intestine(s),bowel(s),gut(s) + end,arrival,stop: The intestine that stops in a dead end) blindtarm,appendix blindtarm umpisuoli

158 25431 beginning_of_year YELLOW (beginning,start + year) årets början årsstart alkuvuosi body_painting YELLOW (picture,image,icon,painting + body + brush: Panting on skin made with brush) kroppsmålning kroppsmaling ihomaalaus bracelet YELLOW (jewelry + arm) armband armbånd rannerengas brain_signal YELLOW (mind + electricity: the electrical impulses of the brain (and CNS)) - Character (superimposed) signal (hjärna) signal (hjerne) aivosignaali breastbone,sternum YELLOW (bone + chest) bröstben brystben rintalasta brooch YELLOW (jewelry + clothing: Jewelry to put on clothes) brosch, slipsnål (etc) brosje, slipsnål (o.l.) rintaneula, rintakoru cannula_(with_needle) YELLOW (medical_tube,catheter,cannula + needle) kanyl kanyle kanyyli cardiovascular_system YELLOW (generalisation + organ + heart) hjärt- kärlsystem, kardiovaskulärt system hjerte-karsystem verenkiertojärjestelmä, kardiovaskulaarinen järjestelmä catheter_(urine) YELLOW (medical_tube,catheter,cannula + urine) kateter kateter (urin) katetri (virtsa) cellular_fluid YELLOW (water,fluid,liquid + cell) cellvätska cellevæske soluneste Christmas_Eve_(day) YELLOW (day + before + birth + cross,christianity_(in_combinations): where birth + cross represents Christmas [contr.], i.e., the birth of Jesus Christ) julafton (dag) julaften (dag) jouluaatto (päivä) Christmas_Eve_(evening) YELLOW (evening + before + birth + cross,christianity_(in_combinations): where birth + cross represents Christmas [contr.], i.e., the birth of Jesus Christ) julafton (kväll) julaften jouluaatto (ilta) circulatory_system YELLOW (generalisation + organ + rotation) cirkulationssystem (kropp) sirkulasjonssystem (kropp) verenkiertojärjestelmä (keho) collarbone,clavicle YELLOW (bone + shoulder + in front of: A bone on the upper part of the front of the body, linking the scapula and sternum) nyckelben krageben solisluu day_before_holiday YELLOW (day + before + holiday) dag före röd dag, afton (dag) dag før fridag, dag før helg aatto drug_(leaf_based) YELLOW (leaf + chemical_product: where chemical product represents drug [contr.]: Leaves used as drugs) (kerned) drog (av blad) rusmiddel (blad), drug (blad) kannabis, hasis, marihuana earring YELLOW (jewelry + ear) örhänge(n) ørepynt korvakoru end_of_year YELLOW (end,arrival,stop + year) årets slut,årsslut årsslutt loppuvuosi endocrine_system YELLOW (generalisation + gland: The system involving the glands) (kerned) endokrint system, körtlar (kropp) indresekretorisk systeme umpieritysjärjestelmä feeding_tube YELLOW (medical_tube,catheter,cannula + food) sond (för mat) sonde syöttöletku gastrointestinal_system YELLOW (generalisation + organ + food) matsmältningssystem fordøyelsessystem ruoansulatusjärjestelmä gland YELLOW (organ+chemical product: organ that produces chemicals) (kerned) körtel kjertel rauhanen glitter YELLOW (lump(s) + star: Small pieces that shine, like stars) glitter, strass glitter kimalle have_a_tea_break,have_a_coffee_break-(to) RED (rest_period,break + drink + action indicator: The activity of having a break with beverage) fika (verb) ta en kaffepause, ta en tepause olla juomatauolla, pitää juomatauko heel_(shoe) YELLOW (protection + heel: Ccombination of shoe and heel. The heel on the shoe) klack skohæl kengän kanta, kengän korko high_heeled_shoes,high_heels YELLOW (heel_(shoe) + high) högklackade skor høyhælte sko korkokantakenkä, korkokenkä humerus,upper_arm_bone YELLOW (bone + upper_arm) överarmsben overarmsben olkaluu indicator_(diminutive_form) GRAY (little [quarter-sized]: may be placed above a symbol to show that it is representing a word in diminutive form in a natural language) Used restrictively, primarily for language teaching purposes. - Character (indicator) NOTE: This indicator character has been removed (to be replaced by a spacing non-indicator marker character pending) BCI Board decision operator (diminutiv) indikator (forminskende form) deminutiivin merkki, diminutiivin merkki, pienennysmuodon merkki insulin YELLOW (chemical product + cell + work: the chemical substance that regulates the oxidation of suger, providing the energy needed for the cells to work) insulin insulin insuliini intestine(s),bowel(s),gut(s) YELLOW (organ + food + tube) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing tarm, tarmar tarm, tarmer suoli, suolisto large_intestine YELLOW (intestine(s),bowel(s),gut(s) + short: the shorter, but wider, part of the intestines) tjocktarm tykktarm paksusuoli liver YELLOW (gland + group + action: a gland with many functions) lever (kropp) lever (kropp) maksa

159 25463 lower_arm YELLOW (arm + under) underarm underarm kyynärvarsi lower_arm_bone(s) YELLOW (bone + lower_arm) underarmsben underarmsben kyynäsvarren luu lung(s) YELLOW (organ + breath: The major organ for breathing) lunga, lungor lunge, lunger keuhkot lymph YELLOW (cellular fluid + protection) lymfa lymfe imuneste, lymfa lymph_node,lymph_gland YELLOW (organ + lymph: where organ represents gland [contr.]) lymfkörtel lymfekjertel imusolmuke lymphatic_system YELLOW (generalisation + lymph) lymfatiskt system lymfesystem imusuonisto medical_tube,catheter,cannula YELLOW (tube + medical: a tube used for medical purposes. Add appropriate specifier when needed) kateter, kanyl, sond (etc) kateter, kanyle, sonde kanyyli, katetri necklace YELLOW (jewelry + neck) halsband, halskedja halssmykke kaulakoru nerve YELLOW (group of + neuron) nerv nerve hermo nervous_system YELLOW (generalisation + neuron) nervsystem nervesystem hermojärjestelmä neuron YELLOW (cell + electricity) nervcell, neuron nevron hermosolu New_Year_(general) YELLOW (day + beginning + year: First day of a new year (eg. school, calendar)) nyårsdag nyttårsstart uusi vuosi New_Year's_eve_(day) YELLOW (day + before + birth + year: Day before the birth of a year) nyårsafton (dag) nyttårsaften (dag) uudenvuodenaatto (päivä) New_Year's_eve_(evening) YELLOW (evening + before + birth + year: Evening before the birth of a year) nyårsafton (kväll) nyttårsaften uudenvuodenaatto (ilta) New_Year's_eve,end_of_year_(day) YELLOW (day + end + year: Last day of a year) nyårsafton, årets sista dag nyttårsaften, årets siste dag vuoden viimeinen päivä (päivä) New_Year's_eve,end_of_year_(evening) YELLOW (evening + end + year: Last evening of a year) nyårssafton, årets sista kväll nyttårsaften, årets siste kveld vuoden viimeinen päivä (ilta) oesophagus,gullet YELLOW (organ + food + receive + tube: The food goes into the container (of the stomach) by a tube) matsrupe spiserør ruokatorvi organ,inner_organ,inner_body_part YELLOW (body [modification, half vertical size] + dot: a reduced body with a dot inside that represents an inner organ) - Character (superimposed - modified) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing organ, inre organ organ indre sisäelin pancreas YELLOW (gland + insulin: The gland that produces insulin) (kerned) bukspottkörtel bukspyttkjertel haima pierce_(jewellery)-(to) RED (through + jewelry + action indicator) pierca, ta hål (för smycke) pierce, ta hull for smykke puhkaista, läpäistä, lävistää pierce-(to) RED (through + knife + action indicator: The knife representing sharp. To penetrate with a sharp instrument) sticka igenom, genomborra stikke gjennom tehdä lävistys korulle piercing_(thing) YELLOW (jewelry + through) piercingsmycke piercingsmykke, piersingsmykke lävistäminen, puhkaiseminen, läpäiseminen rectum YELLOW (intestine(s),bowel(s),gut(s) + waste) ändtarm, rectum endetarm, rektum peräsuoli respiratory_system YELLOW (generalisation + lung(s)) andningssystem åndedrettssystem, respirasjonssystem hengityselimistö rib(s) YELLOW (bone + side_(body)) revben (kropp) ribben kylkiluu ring_(finger) YELLOW (jewelry + finger) ring (finger) ring (smykke) nimetön (sormi) salivary_gland YELLOW (organ + saliva: Organ representing gland[contr.]. A gland that produces saliva) spottkörtel spyttkjertel sylkirauhanen sequin(s),spangle(s) YELLOW (glitter + cloth: Glitter attached to cloth) paljetter paljetter paljetti, sekiini shoulder_blade,scapula YELLOW (bone + shoulder + behind) skulderblad skulderblad lapaluu skull,cranium YELLOW (bone + head) skalle, kranium hodeskalle, kranium kallo small_intestine YELLOW (intestine(s),bowel(s),gut(s) + long: The longer, but thinner, part of the intestines) tunntarm tynntarm ohutsuoli snuff_(nose) YELLOW (drug_(leaf based) + nose: Leaf based drug that is taken through the nose) (kerned) snus (näsa), luktsnus snus nuuska

160 25495 snuff,kat,coca YELLOW (drug_(leaf based) + mouth: Leaf based drug that is taken through the mouth (kerned) snus (etc) snus, khat (o.l.) nuuskattava huume (kokaiini jne.) spleen YELLOW (gland + blood: Gland that assists in production of blood cells) (kerned) mjälte milt perna stoma,medical_hole YELLOW (hole + medical) stoma, medicinskt hål stoma, medisinsk hull avanne stomach,tummy,tum YELLOW (organ + food + container) magsäck magesekk vatsalaukku, mahalaukku tattoo_(permanent) YELLOW (picture + body + needle: where picture + body represents tattoo [contr.], tattoo made with needle) tatuering (permanent) tatovering (permanent) tatuointi tattoo_(sticker) YELLOW (picture + body + attachment: where picture + body represents tattoo [contr.], tattoo made from a sticker) tatuering (klisterbild) tatovering (klistremerke) tatuointitarra tattoo,picture_on_skin YELLOW (picture + skin) tatuering, bild på hud tatovering, bilde på hud vartalotatuointi tea_break,coffee_break YELLOW (rest_period,break + drink: A break to have a non alcoholic drink) fikapaus kaffepause, tepause, drikkepause juomatauko tendon YELLOW (linear thing + muscle + bone: A cord or band of inelastic tissue that connects bones and muscles with each other) sena (kropp) sene (kropp) jänne tissue_(body) YELLOW (group_of + cell: An aggregation of cells forms a tissue) vävnad (kropp) cellevev kudos trachea,wind_pipe YELLOW (lung(s) + tube: The tube that transports the air to and from the lungs) luftstrupe, luftrör, trakea luftrør, trakea henkitorvi tracheotomy_tube,tracheal_tube YELLOW (medical_tube,catheter,cannula + breath: A catheter inserted directly into trachea to help a person to breathe) trakealtub trakealtube trakeostomiaputki upper_arm YELLOW (arm + above) överarm overarm olkavarsi vascular_system YELLOW (generalisation+organ + blood) vaskulärt system, kärlsystem vaskulært system verenkierto work_day YELLOW (day + work: all days except weekend) arbetsdag, vardag arbeidsdag, hverdag työpäivä ability_(half_sized) YELLOW (dot + evaluation,value_(half-sized): evaluation beforehand of one s potential to do something - half_sized, used in can,be_able-(to)) - Character (sequenced) förmåga (halv storlek), kunnande evne (halv størrelse), dyktighet animal_(bushy_tailed) YELLOW (animal + raised_wavy_line: pictographof an animal with a wavy line in high position as tail, used for representing animals with a bushy tail, e.g. a squirrel) - Character (superimposed) djur (med yvig svans) dyr (med lodden hale) away,at_a_distance,off WHITE (reference line [half-sized] + three connecting dots + arrowhead: full square between reference line and arrowhead emphasizes distance. This symbol is a simplified form of departure.) - Character (sequenced) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing iväg, bort bort, bort fra, på avstand pois, poissa bad_conscience YELLOW (conscience + minus,no,without: conscience in a negative state) - Character (superimposed) samvete (dåligt), dåligt samvete dårlig samvittighet ball_field YELLOW (ball + earth,ground,land) - Character (superimposed) bollplan ballplass biochemical_product,organic_compound YELLOW (chemical product + life [modification] (combination): chemical substances that constitute biological processes) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) biokemisk produkt, organisk förening biokjemisk produkt, organisk forbindelse blindness YELLOW (eye + deletion,cancellation,destruction: for destroyed vision and lack of sight) - Character (superimposed) blindhet blindhet boarding,embarkation_(to_sea) YELLOW (shore + forward: going forward from shore to water) - Character (superimposed) ombordstigning (till sjöss) ombordstiging (til sjøs) bones_with_joint YELLOW (bone + bone [modification, horiontal]: indicating the junction where bones meet) - Character (superimposed - sequenced - modified) ben med led bein med ledd bottleneck,bottle_opening YELLOW (bottle + pointer, to neck or opening) - Character (superimposed - pointer) flaskhals, flasköppning flaskehals, flaskeåpning bread_surface YELLOW (bread + pointer, down to top of bread + pointer, up to bottom of bread) - Character (superimposed - pointer) brödyta brødskorpe buttocks_and_genitals YELLOW (standing person + pointer, to the right to buttocks + pointer, to the left to genitals) - Character (superimposed - pointer) stjärt och könsorgan rumpe og kjønnsorgan case,casing YELLOW (enclosure + thing: a crust or shell surrounds the thing) - Character (superimposed) fodral, ask, skrin etui, futteral, kasse, eske coldness,cold YELLOW (pointer (left) + ice + pointer (right): suggesting the spreading of cold from something cold like ice) - Character (superimposed - pointer) kyla kulde compression,compressing,squeezing YELLOW (forward + thing + backward: squeezing a thing by pressure from two directions) - Character (superimposed) tryck, press, kompression, komprimering trykk, press, kompresjon, komprimering container,basket_(high) YELLOW (container [modification, high position, under the skyline]) - Character (modified) behållare (högt läge) basketkurv, beholder (høy plassering) container_(low) YELLOW (container [modification, low position, under the earthline]) - Character (modified) behållare (lågt läge) beholder (under jordlinjen) 25536

161 25537 corner YELLOW (square_(oblique) + pointer to the right corner) - Character (superimposed - pointer) hörn hjørne correct_thinking YELLOW (mind + plus) - Character (superimposed) korrekt tänkande tenkning riktig, korrekt, riktig, korrekt tenkning, incorrect_thinking YELLOW (mind + minus) - Character (superimposed) felaktigt tänkande tenkning uriktig, ukorrekt, uriktig, ukorrekt tenkning, couple_(female) YELLOW (woman + woman) - Character (superimposed) par (kvinnligt) par (hunkjønn) couple_(male) YELLOW (man + man) - Character (superimposed) par (manligt) par (hankjønn) crossed_racquets_(old) YELLOW (racket,racquet + racket,racquet [modification, mirrored]: pictograph of two crossed racquets) - Character (superimposed - modified - redundant) racketar i kors racketer i kryss deafness YELLOW (ear + deletion,cancellation,destruction: representing destroyed hearing, lack of hearing - Character (superimposed) dövhet døvhet debarkation,disembarkation_(ashore) YELLOW (shore + backward,back: going back to shore from water) - Character (superimposed) ilandstigning ilandstiging adversity,hardship,setback YELLOW (forward + arrow, high position pointing backward + arrow, low position pointing backward: one arrow is "frustrated" in its efforts to penetrate the opposition of the other two) - Character (superimposed - sequenced) motgång, bakslag, prövning utfordring, motgang, prøvelse depth YELLOW (vertical line + vertical line + pointer: the pointer points downward to the bottom of a relatively deep space) See also shallowness Character (superimposed - pointer) djup dyp, dybde miscarriage,abortion_(general) YELLOW (conception + to cancel: cancelled pregnancy due to the natural death of an embryo) - Character (superimposed) missfall, abort (generellt) abort (generelt) detachment,separation,breakup YELLOW (vertical line + minus + vertical line: representing the separation of two things previously attached) - Character (sequenced) avskiljande, isärtagning frigjøring, separasjon diamond_(character) YELLOW (pictograph, of a diamond shape) - Character ruter (tecken) ruter (tegn, eks kortspill) digging,excavation YELLOW (shovel + earth) - Character (superimposed) grävning, utgrävning (allmän) graving, utgraving (generelt) digital_space_(limited) YELLOW (limit(s),limitation,restriction [modified] + digits_(computer)) - Character (superimposed - sequenced) digital domän domène digitalt, digitalt domène digital_world YELLOW (world + digits_(computer)) - Character (superimposed) digital värld verden digital, digital verden disturbance,unrest YELLOW (peace,peace_of_mind,serenity + deletion,cancellation,destruction: used in harassment and sexual_harassment 16930) - Character (superimposed) oro, ängslan uro, bekymring, engstelse evaluation,value_(half-sized) YELLOW (ideograph: symbol represents a half-sized cone balancing unsteadily on its point, reminding us that our evaluations are variable and unreliable) - Character värdering (halv storlek) vurdering (halv størrelse) exchange,substitution YELLOW (receiving + giving,gift (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) byte, utbyte erstatning, utbytting extinction,extinguishing_(fire) YELLOW (fire + deletion,cancellation,destruction) - Character (superimposed) eldsläckning ildslokking, brannslokking eyelid(s) YELLOW (eye + pointer, to upper eyelid (and eyelashes) + pointer, to lower eyelid) - Character (superimposed - pointer) ögonlock øyelokk (flertall) eyelid_(lower) YELLOW (eye + pointer, to lower eyelid) - Character (superimposed - pointer) ögonlock (nedre) øyelokk (nedre) farness,remoteness,farawayness YELLOW fatness,thickness YELLOW (reference line [half-sized] + three connecting dots + reference line [half-sized]: full square between the reference lines emphasizes distance.) See also: nearness,closeness,proximity Character (sequenced) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing långt avstånd, avlägsenhet avstand (lang), fjernhet kaukaisuus, etäisyys (reference line + three connecting dots + reference line + pointer, to the right on the left line + pointer, to the left on the right line : the full square between the reference lines, and the pointers pointing inwards from the outside, emphasize thickness.) See also: thinness,narrowness Character (superimposed - sequenced - pointer) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing tjockhet tykkelse, fedme fatness,thickness_(old) YELLOW (reference line + reference line + pointer, to the right on the left line + pointer, to the left on the right line : the full square between the reference lines, and the pointers pointing inwards from the outside, emphasize thickness.) - Character (superimposed - sequenced - pointer) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See fatness,thickness tjockhet (FD) tykkelse, fedme (OLD) floating_container YELLOW (container + water_(ground_level): container appears to float on water) - Character (superimposed) flytetyg,flytande behållare beholder flytende flower,bloom,blossom YELLOW (flower + pointer, to blossom) - Character (superimposed - pointer) blomkrona, blomställning, blomma blomsterkrone, blomst fold,folding,pleating YELLOW (vertical reference line + horizontal reference line + pictograph, of asmall curved arrow (to the right and down): the arrow pulls the vertical reference line down onto the horizontal one, as if closing a folder) - Character (superimposed) veck, vikning brett, fold freezing,hardening,solidifying YELLOW (water + thing + action indicator: to convert water to solid ice) - Character (superimposed) infrysning, tillfrysning, stelning innfrysing, nedfrysing, ising from_sky YELLOW (sky + down) - Character (superimposed) från skyn retning ovenfra fruit_(pointed) YELLOW (fruit + pictograph of wedge shape (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) frukt (kilformad) frukt spissformet future_(uncertain) YELLOW (future + what,question_mark: unpredictable future) - Character (superimposed) framtid (oviss), oviss framtid framtid uviss, usikker, uviss, usikker framtid 25568

162 25569 good_conscience YELLOW (conscience + and also,plus,too: conscience in a positive state) - Character (superimposed) samvete (gott) samvittighet god hidden_thing YELLOW (thing + earth: something half hidden in the earth) - Character (superimposed) gömt föremål gjemt ting, ting gjemt horse_neck YELLOW (horse + pointer, to neck) - Character (superimposed - pointer) hästnacke, nacke (hovdjur) hestehals, hals (hovdyr) horse_rump YELLOW (horse + pointer, to tail) - Character (superimposed - pointer) hästbak, hästrumpa hesterumpe hypodermic_needlepoint YELLOW (injection,inoculation,shot + pointer, to the needlepoint) - Character (superimposed - pointer) nålspets_(injektionsspruta etc) nålespiss (injekssjpnssprøyte etc) hypothesis,theory YELLOW (creation + what,question_mark: the nature of things, but with uncertainty) - Character (superimposed) hypotes, teori hypotese, teori imprint,depression YELLOW (pictograph of impression, like made by a thumb pressed into something soft) - Character fördjupning, avtryck avtrykk, fordyping insurance YELLOW (protection + future_(uncertain): protection against unpredictable future problems and expense) - Character (superimposed) försäkring forsikring left_turn,left_(position_or_direction) YELLOW (horizontal line [modification, half-sized, on skyline, extending to the left] + vertical line) - Character (superimposed - modified) vänsterriktning retning venstre leg_and_foot YELLOW (legs and feet + two pointers: to leg and foot) - Character (superimposed - pointer) ben och fot bein og fot limit(s),limitation,restriction YELLOW (line,stripe + three connecting dots + line,stripe: two reference lines on the vertical boundaries of the symbol for enclosure, limiting what lies between them) - Character (sequenced) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing begränsning, gränser grense(r), begrensning mane_(lion_etc) YELLOW (body + hair + pointer, to mane: specifier for species that has a mane) - Character (superimposed - pointer) man (djur) man (på dyr) mash,mush,pulp_(food) YELLOW (forward + food + backward: crushed food) - Character (superimposed) mos, pure mos, stappe, puré mask_(disguise) YELLOW (pictograph of mask) - Character ansiktsmask, förklädnad ansiktsmaske, forkledning meeting,encounter YELLOW (forward + backward: two arrows approaching each other from opposite directions) - Character (sequenced) möte møte meeting_and_parting YELLOW (meeting, encounter [modified, higher position] + parting [modified, lower position]) - Character (superimposed - sequenced - modified) möte och avsked møte og avskjed metaphor_(winged) YELLOW (metaphor + wings: "winged speech", used in poetry) - Character (superimposed) metafor (bevingad) metafor (bevinget) nearness,closeness,proximity YELLOW (reference line [half-sized] + reference line [half-sized]: with a half square between them, the lines are relatively near each other) See also: farness,remoteness,farawayness Character (sequenced) närhet nærhet newness,novelty YELLOW (life + beginning,start + time (combination): combination of beginning and life and time) - Character (superimposed - combined) nyhet, något nytt nyhet no_speech,anarthria YELLOW (to speak + deletion,cancellation,destruction: unable to speak). See also: speech_impaired Character (superimposed) stumhet, utan tal stumhet, anartri opposing_forces,counter-forces YELLOW (backward,back [modification, on skyline] + backward,back [modification, on earthline]: forces working against something) See also: adversity,hardship,setback Character (superimposed - modified) motverkan, motkrafter motvirkning, motkrefter out_of_body_(upward) YELLOW (body + up,upward: e.g., used in burp,belch-(to) 12925) - Character (superimposed) upp ur kropp outdoor_(character) YELLOW (house + dot (outside the house): ca also be seen as a combination of house and out,exterior,external,outside)) - Character (sequenced) utomhustecken utside (hus) parting YELLOW (backward + forward: two arrows, pointing away from each other) - Character (sequenced) avsked, åtskiljande (allmänt) avskjed, atskillelse (generelt) permission,allowance_(moral) YELLOW (conscience + permission,allowance (combination): represents a moral consideration that is allowed to pass through a mental barrier) - Character (superimposed - combined) tillåtelse tillatelse pizza_slice(s),sector(s),circle_sector(s) YELLOW (pictograph of pizza divided into pieces, a circle divided into circle ectors) - Character sektor(er), cirkelsektor(er), sektion(er) pizzabit(er), sektor(er), sirkelsektor(er), seksjon(er) plus_minus WHITE (plus_sign_(low) + minus [modification, higher position]) - Character (superimposed - modified) plus minus pluss minus plus_sign_(low) YELLOW (and,also,plus,too [modification, on earthline]) - Character (modified) plustecken (lågt läge) plusstegn (lav posisjon) protected_water YELLOW (protection + water_(ground_level): water with protection) - Character (superimposed) skyddat vatten vernet vann protection_with_pointer YELLOW (protection + pointer) - Character (superimposed - pointer) skydd med pilspets beskyttelse med pilspiss pull,pulling YELLOW (thing + forward [modification, short arrow]: the forward moving arrow seems to be pulling the thing) - Character (superimposed - modified) drag trekking, draing raised_wavy_line YELLOW (pictograph: wavy line, as in fire, but in a higher position) - Character våglinje (vertikal, högt läge) bølgelinje (vertikal, høy posisjon) 25600

163 25601 recording_disk YELLOW (pictograph, of a disk or record: circle (as in sun) + dot (in the middle), suggesting any kind of rotating recordng disk, gramophone, CD, DVD, video, etc.) - Character (superimposed) skiva (för inspelning etc) CD (for opptak) reflection_(mental),consideration YELLOW (mind + reflection: mirroring thoughts in the mind) - Character (superimposed) reflektion, fundering, eftertanke refleksjon, fundering, ettertanke ride,drive YELLOW (seat,sitting_(sitting_person) + forward [modification, on groundlevel]: going forward in a sitting position) - Character (superimposed - modified) åktur, färd kjøretur, ferd right_turn,right_(position_or_direction) YELLOW (vertical line + horizontal line [modification, half-sized, on skyline, extending to the right]) - Character (superimposed - modified) högerriktning retning høyre ruin,wreck,wreckage_(building)_(1) YELLOW (house,building,dwelling,residence + deletion,cancellation,destruction) - Character (superimposed) SYMBOL SYNONYM ruin (1) ruin, rønne (1) rauniot (1) shallowness YELLOW (two vertical lines [half-sized] + pointer: pointer points downward into a relatively shallow space) See also depth Character (superimposed - pointer) grundhet grunnhet (generelt) shekel_(character) YELLOW (international symbol for Israeli shekel) - Character shekeltecken shekeltegn shuttlecock,birdie_(badminton) YELLOW (ball + wing(s)) - Character (superimposed) badmintonboll badmintonball, fjærball sitski,sit_ski YELLOW (ski,runner_(sled_etc) + seat,sitting_(sitting_person)) - Character (superimposed) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing sitski sitski hiihtokelkka, biski-kelkka ski,runner_(sled_etc) YELLOW (pictograph of a ski) - Character skida, med (släde etc) ski, meie smoking_(cigarette) YELLOW (mouth [modification, on earthline] + pictograph of cigarette + fire: symbol suggests a mouth holding a smoking cigarette) - Character (superimposed - modified) rökning (cigarett) røyking (sigarett) smoking_(pipe) YELLOW (mouth [modification, on earthline] + pictograph of smoking pipe + fire:combination of smoking_(cigarette) and pictograph of a smoking pipe) - Character (superimposed - combined - modified) rökning (pipa) røyking (pipe) snowshoe YELLOW (pictograph of a snowshoe: special shoe for walking over snow) - Character Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing snösko truge, snøsko lumikenkä projectile,rocket,spacecraft YELLOW (thing [modification, on earthline] + pictograph of a pointed top: together, a pictograph suggesting a projectile or a rocket) - Character (superimposed - modified) projektil, raket, rymdfarkost prosjektil, rakett, romfartøy sperm_destruction YELLOW (sperm + deletion,cancellation,destruction) - Character (superimposed) spermiedöd spermie død spiral YELLOW (pictograph) - Character spiral spiral spitting YELLOW (mouth + downward curving arrow: to expel from one's mouth) - Character (superimposed) spottande spytt, spytting sport_stick_and_ball,bandy_stick YELLOW (sport stick + ball) - Character (superimposed) klubba och boll, bandyklubba bandykølle sport_stick_and_puck,hockey_stick YELLOW (sport stick + disk) - Character (superimposed) klubba och puck, hockeyklubba hockeykølle square_(oblique) YELLOW (pictograph: a square standing on a corner) - Character fyrkant (snedställd) firkant (på skrå) thawing,melting YELLOW (thing + water: solid ice becoming water) - Character (superimposed) upptining, smältning tining, smelting thinness,narrowness YELLOW (two reference lines + two pointers: the pointers point inward toward the narrow space formed by the reference lines) - Character (superimposed - sequenced - pointer) tunnhet, smalhet tynnhet, smalhet three_danish_waters_(old) YELLOW (three parallel water symbols: three channels of water used inthe old Bliss-word for Denmark) - Character (superimposed) SUPERSEDED CHARACTER tre vatten (Danmark) (FD) tre vann (Danmark) (OLD) trailer,container_transport YELLOW (vehicle + enclosure [modification, high position] (combination)) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) släp, släpvagn, trailer trailer, containertransport transport,transportation YELLOW (thing [modification, high position] + wheel: moving something by vehicle) - Character (superimposed - modified) transport transport tree_or_wood_destruction YELLOW (tree + deletion,cancellation,destruction: processes that destroy trees or wood) - Character (superimposed) träddöd, träförstörelse tredød, treødeleggelse turn,turning YELLOW (curved arrow: from skyline - down, forward and backward, to earthline) - Character vändning sving, dreiing, snuing under_(ground_level) WHITE (earth,ground,land + reference dot (under ground level): combination of ground and under) - Character (superimposed - combined) under (marknivå) under (jordnivå) understanding,comprehension YELLOW (forward (arrow into) + knowledge: combination of knowledge and into - to enter into one's store of knowledge) - Character (superimposed - combined) förståelse forståelse unfolding YELLOW (vertical reference line + horizontal reference line + pictograph, of asmall curved arrow (to the left and up): the arrow has pushed the vertical reference line up from the horizontal line, as if opening a folder) - Character (superimposed) utvikning, uppslagning, uppveckling utbretting Union_Jack_pattern YELLOW (pictograph of Union Jack flag pattern) - Character Union-Jackmönster Union-Jackmønster water_animal_(big_tail) YELLOW (animal_(water) + pictograph, of a big tail: used in beaver 12646) - Character (superimposed) vattendjur (stor svans) vanndyr (stor hale) 25632

164 25633 water_on_ground_(flooding) YELLOW (water + land: water flooding over land) - Character (superimposed) vattensamling (översvämmande) vannansamling, oversvømmelse wideness,broadness YELLOW (reference line + pointer (left) + pointer (right) + reference line: the pointers point outward to the widest space bounded by the reference lines) - Character (superimposed - sequenced - pointer) vidd, bredd vidde, bredde wok,wok_pan YELLOW (container,bowl,holder,pouch,basket + pictograph, of a handle) - Character (superimposed) wok, wokpanna wok, wokpanne woman_(below_waist) YELLOW (woman + pointer, to lower part of the body) - Character (superimposed - pointer) kvinna (nederdel) kvinne (underdel) actor BLUE (person + play_(theatre)) skådespelare skuespiller, aktør Alice_(in_Wonderland) BLUE (blissname + girl + curiosity,curiousness,inquisitiveness) Alice i Underlandet Alice i Eventyrland altruism,selflessness YELLOW (give,offer,provide-(to) + consideration,thoughtfulness) osjälviskhet, altruism altruisme, uegennytte among,amongst WHITE (between + many) bland blant artist BLUE (person + art) kostnär artist baguette YELLOW (bread + long) baguette baguett baking_powder YELLOW (powder + bun + up) bakpulver bakepulver ballot,voting_slip YELLOW (paper,card,page + choice,selection,election) valsedel stemmeseddel barn YELLOW (house + grain) lada låve bird_nest,birdnest YELLOW (container + bird + egg) fågelbo fuglereir, reir birdhouse,house_for_bird YELLOW (house + bird) fågelholk fuglekasse, holk blog,web_blog YELLOW (book + day + digits_(computer)) blogg blogg boar YELLOW (pig + male) galt råne, galte boyfriend BLUE (man + love) pojkvän kjæreste (hankjønn) bread_(sliced),sliced_bread YELLOW (bread + knife: bread cut into slices) bröd (skivat), skuret bröd brødskive bread_crust YELLOW (crust + bread) brödskorpa brødskorpe bread_knife YELLOW (knife + bread) brödkniv brødkniv bread_with_fruit YELLOW (bread + fruit) bröd med frukt brød med frukt bread_with_seeds YELLOW (bread + seed) bröd med frön brød med frø brother-in-law_(husband's_brother) BLUE (brother + husband) svåger (makens bror) svoger (ektemanns bror) brother-in-law_(partner's_brother) BLUE (brother + spouse) svåger (partners bror) svoger (partners bror) brother-in-law_(wife's_brother) BLUE (brother + wife) svåger (makas bror) svoger (kones bror) bun_(soft),roll_(soft),scone,brioche YELLOW (roll + imprint,depression: where imprint,depression represents soft [contr.]) bulle (mjuk yta), scones, brioche bolle, brioche, rullekake, rulade, muffin business_idea YELLOW (idea + business) affärsidé forretningside cactus YELLOW (plant + quill(s),spine(s)) kaktus kaktus chat_(online) YELLOW (talk + back and forth + digits_(computer)) chat (online) chatting chat_(online)-(to) RED (chat (online) + action indicator) chatta (online) chatte (å) cheat-(to) RED (cheating + action indicator) fuska, lura, luras lure (å), bedra (å) 25677

165 25678 cheating YELLOW (activity + without + truth) fusk, lurendrejeri lureri, bedrageri chick YELLOW (chicken (bird) + child) kyckling kylling classmate BLUE (person + equal + classroom [contr.]) klasskamrat klassekamerat claw_(shellfish) YELLOW (crab,shellfish_(with_claws) + pointer, to claw) - Character (superimposed - pointer) klo (skaldjur) klo (skalldyr) client,customer BLUE (person + give + help) kund, klient klient, kunde colleague BLUE (person + equal + work) kollega, arbetskamrat kollega combine_(harvester) YELLOW (machine + knife + grain) skördetröska skurtresker, slåmaskin, forhøster compass_(drawing) YELLOW (tool + circle) passare passer cone,conifer_cone,strobilus YELLOW (fruit + evergreen_tree,spruce,fir,fir_tree) kotte kongle (nåletre) core_activity YELLOW (activity + middle) kärnverksamhet core (aktivitet) cowshed YELLOW (house + animal_(bovine),bovine,ovine) kostall, ladugård fjøs daughter-in-law BLUE (wife + offspring,child) svärdotter svigerdatter definition YELLOW (explanation + meaning) definition, precisering definisjon, forklaring dice,die YELLOW (block,brick + number) tärning terning dichotomy,duality YELLOW (mind + division + 2) dikotomi dikotomi, begrepsmotsetning, dobbelthet, dualitet dictator BLUE (leader + dictatorship) diktator diktator, enehersker dictatorship YELLOW (country + decide + without + choice) diktatur diktatur dilemma YELLOW (question + difficult + choice) dilemma, villrådighet dilemma, klemme, tvilrådighet doll_pram,doll_carriage YELLOW (wagon,cart,truck + doll: a combination of (baby_carriage,buggy,pram,pushchair,stroller and doll) dockvagn dokkevogn dollhouse,doll_house YELLOW (house + doll) dockskåp dokkehus domestic_science,home_economics YELLOW (science + house_work,housekeeping,housework) hushållsvetenskap hushold, husholdningslære domestic_science,home_economics_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + house_work,housekeeping,housework) hemkunskap heimkunnskap, mat og helse dormouse_(sleepy_rodent) YELLOW (rodent + sleep) hasselmus, sovmus hasselmus, sovemus drop YELLOW (dot + water,fluid,liquid) droppe dråpe employed,working GREEN (work + description indicator) anställd, arbetande ansatt (adj.), yrkesaktiv employee BLUE (person + work + agreement) antälld (person) arbeidstaker, ansatt equilateral_triangle YELLOW (triangle equal,same) triangel (liksidig), liksidig triangel likesidet triangel, trekant ewe YELLOW (sheep + female) tacka (djur) søye, hunsau even_number YELLOW (number + multiplication + 2: a number which can be divided evenly into groups of two) jämnt tal, jämn siffra, jämnt antal partall excavator,digger,power_shovel YELLOW (machine + digging,excavation) grävmaskin, grävskopa gravemaskin experience YELLOW (knowledge + activity + self) erfarenhet egenerfaring, erfaring explanation,reason YELLOW (mouth + understanding,comprehension: something said to make something undertood) förklaring, skäl forklaring, begrunnelse 25709

166 25710 family,couple_(female) BLUE (woman + protection + woman) - Character (superimposed) par, familj (kvinnor) par (hunkjønn) family,couple_(male) BLUE (man + protection + man) - Character (superimposed) par, familj (män) par (hankjønn) family_(female) BLUE (woman + birth + woman) - Character (superimposed) familj (kvinnor) familie (hunkjønn) family_(male) BLUE (man + birth + man) - Character (superimposed) familj (män) familie (hankjønn) farmhouse YELLOW (house + farm) bondgård gårdsbygning father-in-law_(partner's_father) BLUE (father + spouse) svärfar svigerfar (partners far) female_friend BLUE (woman + friend) vän (kvinnlig) venninnne flower_meadow YELLOW (meadow + flower) blomsteräng blomstereng get_engaged-(to) RED (engagement + action indicator) förlova sig forlove seg (å) girlfriend BLUE (woman + love) flickvän kjæreste (hunkjønn) grandchild BLUE (child + grandparents) barnbarn barnebarn graze-(to) RED (eat + grass + action Indicator) beta beite, gresse handcraft,craft-(to) RED (handicraft + action Indicator) slöjda, pyssla, tillverka för hand lage (å) (for hånd) handmade_figure,handicraft_(animal) YELLOW (handmade_object,handicraft + animal) handgjord sak (djur) håndlaget figur (dyr) handmade_figure,handicraft_(person) YELLOW (handmade_object,handicraft + person) handgjord sak (figur) håndlaget figur (menneske) hare YELLOW (rodent + ear + big) hare hare height,altitude YELLOW (scale,measurement + height,altitude) höjd, altitud høyde, høydemål hen YELLOW (chicken (bird) + female) höna høne henhouse,chicken_coop YELLOW (house + chicken (bird)) hönshus hønsehus home_worker BLUE (person + work + money + house) person som arbetar hemifrån person som arbeider hjemme housekeep,housework-(to) RED (house_work,housekeeping,housework + action indicator) arbeta i hushållet gjøre husarbeid-(å) housekeeper BLUE (person + house_work,housekeeping,housework) hushållsarbetare hjemmearbeidende ice_layer YELLOW (layer,level + ice) islager islag ice_skating_rink_(indoor) YELLOW (house + ice_skates: ice scates representing skating [contr.]) ishall ishall icing YELLOW (spread,paste + powdered_sugar,icing_sugar) glasyr glasur influence YELLOW (cause + change,alteration) inflytande, påverkan påvirkning, innflytelse, innvirkning, influering influence,affect-(to) RED (influence + action indicator) ha inflytande, påverka påvirke (å), ha innflytelse på (å), innvirke på (å), influere (å) influenced,affected GREEN (influence + description indicator) influerad, påverkad influert, påvirket inspiration YELLOW (cause + want,desire + activity) inspiration inspirasjon, stimulering inspire-(to) RED (inspiration + action indicator) inspirera inspirere (å), stimulere (å) inspired GREEN (inspiration + description indicator) inspirerad inspirert, stimulert interrupt_(in_conversation)-(to) RED (interruption + action indicator) avbryta (tal) avbryte, forstyrre (i samtale) 25741

167 25742 interruption_(in_conversation) YELLOW (say,speak,talk,tell,express-(to) + across) avbrytande (tal) avbrytels, forstyrrelse (i samtale) intuition YELLOW (knowledge + inside) intuition intuisjon isosceles_triangle YELLOW (triangle same,equal,equality) triangel (likbent), likbent triangel likebent triangel, trekant jobcentre,job-centre YELLOW (house + exchange + work) arbetsförmedling, jobbcenter arbeidsformidling, arbeidskontor, NAV knight BLUE (person + shield + knife,sword) riddare ridder lawn_mower,mower YELLOW (machine + to cut + grass) gräsklippare gressklipper layer,level YELLOW (pictograph: three half-sized horizontal reference lines on top of each other suggesting layers or levels) - Character (superimposed) lager, skikt skikt, lag, nivå long_for,yearn-(to) RED (longing,yearning + action indicator) längta lengte etter (å), savne (å) longing,yearning YELLOW (want,desire + intensity) längtan lengsel, savn make_cheese-(to) RED (to make + cheese) ysta yste (å) male_friend BLUE (man + friend) vän (manlig) kamerat, venn (hankjønn) married_(to_be) GREEN (marriage + description indicator) gift (äktenskap) gift (å være) measuring_cup YELLOW (mug,cup + measurement,measure) mått (kopp) målekopp mislead-(to) RED (to lead + without + truth + action indicator) vilseleda, förvilla villede, føre vill, forlede (å) molasses,dark_syrup,black_treacle YELLOW (syrup [contr.] + dark + thing indicator) sirap (mörk), mörk sirap, melass sirup (mørk), melasse mother-in-law_(partner's_mother) BLUE (mother + spouse) svärmor svigermor (partners mor) motivate-(to) RED (motivation + action indicator) motivera motivere (å) motivated GREEN (motivation + description indicator) motverad motivert motivation YELLOW (cause + feeling + activity) motivation motivasjon odd_number YELLOW (number + multiplication plus + 1: a number which cannot be divided evenly into groups of two) udda tal, udda siffra, udda antal oddetall partner_(game,dancing,business) BLUE (person + together + person) partner (spel, dans, affärer) makker, partner (spill, dans, forretninger) pasture YELLOW (meadow + animal) betesmark eng, beite pasture,put_out_to_pasture-(to) RED (pasture + action indicator) släppa på bete beite, gresse, la beite (å) patient,enduring GREEN (patience + description indicator) tålmodig tålmodig, utholdende patient_(in_medical_care) BLUE (person + get + medicine,medical_practice: where medicine represents medical_treatment,medical_care [contr.]) patient pasient pig_(wild),boar_(wild) YELLOW (pig + open: where open represents wild) vildsvin villsvin piggery YELLOW (house + pig) svinstia, svinstall grisehus piglet YELLOW (pig + child) griskulting grisunge playhouse,play_house YELLOW (house + play [contr.]) lekstuga lekehus, lekestue powdered_sugar,icing_sugar YELLOW (sugar [contr.] + powder + thing indicator) florsocker melis principal,headteacher BLUE (leader + school [contr.]) rektor rektor, skolestyrer prize,award,trophy YELLOW (thing + win-(to)) pris (tävling), pokal, buckla pris, trofe, utmerkelse 25773

168 25774 publication YELLOW (giving + dispersion,dissemination,scattering,spread,spreading) publikation, edition bekjentgjøring, kunngjøring, publisering publish-(to) RED (publication + action indicator) publicera, förlägga, ge ut (skrift) bekjentgjøre (å), kunngjøre (å), publisere (å) publisher BLUE (person + publication) förläggare, utgivare forlegger, utgiver puddle,pool,water_(ground_level) YELLOW (water,fluid,liquid [modification, on the ground]) - Character (modified) vattenpöl, vattenpuss dam, pytt ram YELLOW (sheep + male) bagge vær reality YELLOW (life + earth,ground,land) - Character (superimposed) verklighet virkelighet rescue YELLOW (help + danger) räddning, undsättning berging, redning, befrielse rescue-(to) RED (rescue + action indicator) rädda, undsätta berge, redde, befri (å) right_triangle YELLOW (triangle + angle_(right),right_angle) triangel (rätvinklig), rätvinklig triangel rettvinklet trekant, triangel root YELLOW (earth + pictograph of root) - Character (superimposed) rot rot ruin_(castle),castle_ruin YELLOW (castle + deletion,cancellation,destruction) slottsruin ruin, slottsruin salesperson,shop_owner BLUE (person + to sell) försäljare, säljare ekspeditør, selger scalene_triangle YELLOW (triangle + different) triangel (oliksidig), oliksidig triangel ulikesidet trekant, triangel sceptical,skeptical,questioning GREEN (scepticism + description indicator) skeptisk, tvivlande skeptisk, spørrende, tvilende scepticism,skepticism YELLOW (doubt + opinion) skepsis, skepticism, tvivel skeptisisme, skepsis, tvil schoolmate BLUE (person + equal + school [contr.]) skolkamrat skolekamerat sculpture YELLOW (work_of_art,art_object space,dimension) skulptur, staty skulptur, statue self-raising_flour YELLOW (flour + up) mjöl med jäsmedel mel selvhevende set_square YELLOW (angle_(right),right_angle + thing indicator) - (character with thing indicator) vinkelhake vinkelhake sheath YELLOW (protection + knife,sword) knivslida, svärdslida slire sheep_shed,sheep_barn YELLOW (house + sheep) fårhus, fårstall sauefjøs sister-in-law_(husband's_sister) BLUE (sister + husband) svägerska (makes syster) svigerinne (ektemanns søster) sister-in-law_(partner's_sister) BLUE (sister + spouse) svägerska (partners syster) svigerinne (partners søster) sister-in-law_(wife's_sister) BLUE (sister + wife) svägerska (makas syster) svigerinne (kones søster) slaughter YELLOW (knife + animal) slakt slakt, slakting slaughter-(to) RED (slaughter + action indicator) slakta slakte (å) slaughterer BLUE (person + slaughter) slaktare slakter slaughterhouse,abattoir YELLOW (house + slaughter) slakteri, slakthus slakteri slice_of_bread,bread_slice YELLOW (slice + bread + thing indicator) brödskiva brødskive, brødstykke slide,skid,slip-(to) RED (downward and forward + action indicator) kana, glida, rutscha gli, skli, ake, rutsje (å) smartphone,digital_phone YELLOW (digital device + telephone) mobiltelefon, mobil, smartphone mobil, mobiltelefon, smarttelefon son-in-law BLUE (husband + offspring: the husband of a son or daughter) svärson svigersønn 25805

169 25806 sow YELLOW (pig + female) sugga, so gris (hunkjønn), purke, sugge, so speaker,lecturer BLUE (person + to talk + limited time) talare, föreläsare taler, foreleser, foredragsholder speech_recognition YELLOW (software,computer_program,application,app + talk + pen: software that recognizes and transcribes speech) taligenkänning talegjenkjenning spider_web,cobweb,orb_web YELLOW (cloth,fabric,material,textile,net + spider) spindelnät spindelvev, edderkoppnett sports_centre YELLOW (house + sport) sporthall idrettshall, sportssenter stepdaughter BLUE (daughter + step-parent) styvdotter stedatter stepparent,step-parent BLUE (spouse + parent) - Character (superimposed) styvförälder steforeldre stepson BLUE (son + step-parent) styvson stesønn strategy YELLOW (plan + stairs: plan to reach a goal step by step) strategi, taktik strategi, teknikk sugar_lump,cube_(sugar) YELLOW (sugar [contr.] + block,brick + thing indicator) sockerbit sukkerbit surrounded,encircled,surrounding GREEN (around + description indicator) omgiven, omringad, omgivande omgitt, omringet swim_centre YELLOW (house + swimming) badhus, simhall svømmesenter, badesenter, badeland swimming_hall,indoor_swimming_pool YELLOW (room + swimming) simhall svømmehall, svømmebasseng innendørs synthetic_speech,text-to-speech,tts YELLOW (speech + digits_(computer) talsyntes, syntetiskt tal, text-till-tal talesyntese, syntetisk tale, tekst til tale tablet_computer,tablet,tablet_pc_(1) YELLOW (digital device + enclosure: the enclosure representing the touch screen) SYMBOL SYNONYM datorplatta, pekdator (1) nettbrett taco,taco_shell YELLOW (shell,crust + corn) tacoskal taco, tacoskjell tooth YELLOW (pictograph) - Character tand tann unemployed GREEN (without + work) arbetslös arbeidsløs well,water_well YELLOW (hole + water) brunn, källa, vattenkälla brønn, kilde, vannkilde voluntary GREEN (volunteering + description indicator) frivillig, ideell, volontär frivillig frivilligt arbete, ideellt arbete, frivillig arbeid, arbeid frivillig, arbeid voluntary_work,unpaid_work YELLOW (work + without + money) volontärarbete ubetalt volunteering YELLOW (help + free) frivillighet, idealitet frivillighet work_from_home-(to) RED (working_from_home + action indicator) arbeta hemifrån arbeide hjemmefra (betalt) (å) working_from_home YELLOW (work + money + house) arbete hemifrån hjemmearbeid (betalt) yeast YELLOW (micro-organism + roll,bun + up) jäst gjær possible GREEN (possibility + description indicator) möjlig, eventuell mulig mahdollinen question,be_sceptical,doubt-(to) RED (scepticism + action indicator) ifrågasätta, vara skeptisk, betvivla betvile (å), sette spørsmål ved (å), være skeptisk (å) age YELLOW (number + year) ålder alder asteroid YELLOW (similar + dwarf planet) asteroid asteroide balance,sense_of_balance YELLOW (information + position + body: information to the brain about body position) balans, balanssinne balanse, balanseevne balance_(general),poise YELLOW (activity + without + fall,drop,spill,tumble) balans (generellt) balanse (generell) balance_(general),poise-(to) RED (balance_(general),poise + action indicator) hålla balansen holde balansen (å) 25844

170 25845 balance_(walking,standing)-(to) YELLOW (walk,go-(to) + without + fall,drop,spill,tumble + action indicator: walking without falling, change classifier to sit, when more appropriate) balansera (stående och gående) balansere (gående, stående) (å) barrow,grave_mound YELLOW (collection + stone + grave) dös, gånggrift etc gravrøys, gravhaug bathing_rule(s) YELLOW (rule,regulation + pool) badregel, badregler (plur) baderegel bike_lamp YELLOW (lamp [contr.] + bike + thing indicator) cykellampa sykkellykt birch YELLOW (tree + white + north: tree with white trunk, birch is typical in the north) björk bjørk birdfeeder,bird_table YELLOW (place +food + comma + bird: place to feed [contr.] birds) fågelbord fuglebrett cardboard,paperboard YELLOW (paper + thick) kartong (papper), tjockt papper papp, kartong chess WHITE (game + crown: crown representing king [contr.], the king is the target of the game) schack sjakk chewing-gum YELLOW (candy + teeth: candy to chew) tuggummi tyggegummi collar YELLOW (part of + clothes + neck [body]) krage krage cornea YELLOW (protection + eye: the cornea covers the eye) hornhinna, cornea hornhinne, cornea covered,hidden GREEN (make + invisible + description indicator: made invisible) gömd, täckt, osynliggjord gjemt, dekket, usynlig dairy YELLOW (factory + milk) mejeri meieri darkness YELLOW (minus + light) mörker mørke den,lair YELLOW (hole + animal: the hole is the entrance to a hidden place) lya, kula, håla, gryt hi, hule dense,thick,compact,tight,jammed GREEN (density + description indicator) tät, tjock, kompakt tett, tykt, kompakt density,denseness,compactness,tightness_(gene ral) YELLOW (many + thing + closeness) täthet, kompakthet, (allmänt) tetthet, tykkelse density,denseness,concentration_(measurement) YELLOW (measurement + thing + closeness: the spatial property of being crowded together) täthet, koncentration (mått) tetthet, konsentrasjon (mål) disagree,discord,disaccord-(to) RED (disagreement + action indicator) vara oense, vara osams være uenig (å) disagreement,discord YELLOW (without + feeling + agreement) oenighet, skiljaktighet uenighet, uoverensstemmelse discordant GREEN (disagreement + description indicator) oense, osams uenig diver_(activ_under_water) BLUE (person + diving (activity)) dykare dykker diver_(jump) BLUE (person + diving (sport)) simhoppare stuper diving,activity_under_water YELLOW (activity + under + water) diving, activity under water dykking, aktivitet under vann diving_equipment,diving_gear WHITE (group_of + thing + diving: combination of equipment,gear + diving,activity_under_water) dykutrustning dykkeutstyr doorway,gate YELLOW (door + fence) grind, port grind, port dove YELLOW (bird + peace) duva due dust_storm,duster,sirocco YELLOW (storm + dust) dammstorm, sirocco sandstorm ear,spike,capitulum YELLOW (many + seed + grain) ax aks eastward GREEN (forward + east + description indicator: forward representing (direction [contr.]) österut østover, østlig equipment,gear YELLOW (group_of + thing + activity: a group of things for a certain activity) utrustning utstyr, utrustning fable,allegory,parable YELLOW (story, tale + imaginary + meaning: an imaginary story with a specific meaning) fabel, allegori, liknelse fabel, allegori, lignelse 25876

171 25877 fairy_tale YELLOW (story, tale + imaginary person) saga eventyr fiber,fibre,fibril,filament,strand YELLOW (pictograph, of a fiber) - Character fiber, filament, fibrill, tråd (otvinnad) fiber, tråd (ikke tvunnet) folk_tale,legend YELLOW (story, tale + past + imaginary person: story from the past about imaginary persons) folksaga, legend folkeeventyr, legende football_rule(s) YELLOW (rule,regulation + football [contr.]) fotbollsregel, fotbollsregler (plur) fotballregel four-leaf_clover YELLOW (shamrock leaf: shamrock representing clover) fyrklöver firkløver free_of_charge,gratis,for_free GREEN (without + cost + description indicator) gratis, kostnadsfri gratis, kostnadsfri game_rule(s) YELLOW (rule,regulation + game [contr.]) spelregel, spelregler (plur) spilleregel give_birth-(to) RED (birth_(reproduction) + action indicator) föda føde, nedkomme (å) globe_(map) YELLOW (earth,globe,world + man-made) jordglob globus grave_field YELLOW (place + grave + past) gravfält gravfelt habitation,dwelling_place,site YELLOW (place + live) boplats boplass head_lamp YELLOW (lamp [contr.] + head + thing indicator) pannlampa hodelykt heap_of_sand YELLOW (collection + sand) sandhög sandhaug hearing,audition,auditory_sense YELLOW (information + ear: information to the brain from the ears) hörsel, hörselsinne hørsel, hørselssans homeward GREEN (forward + home + description indicator: forward representing direction [contr.]) hemåt hjemover ice_coated,ice_covered GREEN (ice covering + description indicator) istäckt isdekket ice_covering,ice_crust,ice_coating YELLOW (ice + shell: ice like a crust which can cover any side of a thing) istäcke, isskorpa isdekke, islag into_(backward) WHITE (backward + enclosure: the arrow going backward into an enclosure) - Character (superimposed) in i (bakåt) inni (bakover) into_(downward) WHITE (downward [modification, higher position] + enclosure: the arrow going downward into an enclosure) - Character (superimposed - modified) in i (nedåt) inni (nedover) into_(upward) WHITE (upward [modification, lower position] + enclosure: the arrow going upward into an enclosure) - Character (superimposed - modified) in i (uppåt) inni (oppover) iris_(eye) YELLOW (protection + eye + light: muscular diaphragm which thus protects the eye from too much or too little light) regnbågshinna, iris regnbuehinne, iris labyrinth,maze YELLOW (place + difficult + out_of,exit_(forward)) labyrint labyrint lamb-(to) RED (birth + sheep + action indicator) lamma lamme (å) Lapps,Lapplander(s),Sami(s) YELLOW (ethnic group + north + deer,cervine_(animal),cervid: deer representing reindeer [contr.]) same(r), lapp(ar) reinsamer Latvia YELLOW (country + L + A + T) Lettland Latvia Latvian_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + Latvian) lettiska (skolämne) latvisk (skolefag) Latvian_(language) YELLOW (language + Latvia) lettiska (språk) latvisk (språk) leaf,flap YELLOW (thing + fold,folding,pleating) klaff, flik klaff, brett, lem lick-(to) RED (tongue + action indicator) slicka slikke (å) lock YELLOW (thing + key) lås lås lower_leg,shank,shin YELLOW (leg + under) vad, underben legg, skinnlegg magic YELLOW (cause + mystery) magi, magik magi 25908

172 25909 magical GREEN (magic + description indicator) magisk magisk manhole_cover YELLOW (lid + opening + ground) brunnslock kumlokk midnight_sun YELLOW (sun + night) midnattssol midnattssol milkmaid,dairymaid BLUE (woman + mountain pasture) säterjänta, fäbodstinta budeie, seterjente millepede YELLOW (insect + group_of,much_of,many_of,quantity_of + legs and feet) tusenfoting tusenben mother's_milk YELLOW (milk + mother) modersmjölk morsmelk mountain_pasture YELLOW (house + mountain + animal) fäbod, säter seter mouth_(wide-open),open_mouth,gape YELLOW (mouth + open) gap, öppen mun gap, åpen munn myth YELLOW (story, tale + imaginary + event: imaginary tale of an event) myt myte northward GREEN (forward + north + description indicator: forward representing direction [contr.]) norrut nordover, nordlig open_one's_mouth,hold_one's_mouth_open,gap e-(to) RED (mouth (wide-open), open mouth, gape + action indicator) gapa, öppna munnen gape, åpne munnen (å) others_(persons) BLUE (other + plural indicator) andra (personer) andre (personer) overturn,turn_over,tip_over-(to) RED (turn + fall,drop,spill,tumble + action indicator) välta, tippa velte, tippe over (å) paper_clip YELLOW (thing + paper + together) gem binders people_in_the_north_(lapps,eskimos) YELLOW (ethnic group + north) folkgrupper i norr (samer, eskimåer) folkegruppe i nord (samer, eskimoer, inuitter) matställe, matplats, foderplats, place_to_feed,feeding_place,feeding_ground YELLOW (place + give + food: feeding place in general) utfordringsställe matplass, foringsplass plant_(edible) YELLOW (plant + food) växt, planta (ätlig) fôrplante, plante spiselig polar_bear YELLOW (bear + ice) isbjörn isbjørn, polarbjørn polar_night YELLOW (night + north) polarnatt, midvinternatt polarnatt pupil_(eye) YELLOW (opening + eye) pupill pupill raindrop YELLOW (dot + rain: combination of drop and rain) regndroppe regndråpe raise_one's_hand,put_up_one's_hand-(to) RED (show of hands + action indicator) räcka upp handen rekke opp hånden (å) reed,bamboo_(tall_grass) WHITE (grass + big) vass, bambu (högt gräs) siv, gress høyt rock_(geology) YELLOW (type,kind,sort + stone) bergart bergart rope,hawser YELLOW (group of + group of + fiber) rep, tross, tamp, lina tau, trosse, line sandstorm YELLOW (storm + sand) sandstorm sandstorm school_way YELLOW (way + school) skolväg skolevei season_of_darkness YELLOW (season + darkness) mörka säsongen, mörka tiden på året mørketid sense YELLOW (generalization + vision + hearing [contr.]: information to the brain, generalization for all senses) sinne sans show_of_hands YELLOW (hand + up) handuppräckning håndsopprekkingsyn sight,vision,visual_sense YELLOW (information + eye: information to the brain from the eyes) syn, synsinne syn, synssans smell,sense_of_smell,olfaction YELLOW (information + nose: information to the brain from the nose) lukt, luktsinne lukt, luktesans 25940

173 25941 snake_(dangerous),viper,boa_(etc) YELLOW (snake + danger) orm (farlig), giftorm, huggorm, boaorm slange (farlig), giftslange, hoggorm snake_(not_dangerous),grass_snake_(etc) YELLOW (snake + minus + danger) orm (ofarlig), snok slange (ufarlig), snok sole_(of_shoe) YELLOW (bottom + shoe) sula, skosula såle, skosåle southward GREEN (forward + south + description indicator: forward representing direction [contr.]) söderut sørover, sydover, sydlig spill,slop-(to) RED (cause + dirt + action indicator) spilla, söla søle (å) sprout,germinate-(to) RED (start + growth,growing + action indicator) gro, spira gro, spire, vokse (å) story_(historical),historic_story YELLOW (story, tale + past) berättelse (historisk) fortelling (historisk) summer_day YELLOW (day + summer: only numbers are used, as seasons are different in different parts of the world) sommardag sommerdag summer_house,summerhouse YELLOW (house + summer: only numbers are used, as seasons are different in different parts of hytte, sommerbolig, sommerhus, the world) sommarstuga, sommarbostad feriehus swimming_rule(s) YELLOW (rule,regulation + swimming) simregel, simregler (plur) svømmeregel tanker_truck,tank_lorry YELLOW (truck, lorry + water,fluid,liquid) tankbil tankbil taste,gustation,sense_of_taste YELLOW (information + taste; information to the brain from the nose and the mouth) smak, smaksinne, smak smak, smakssans tear,teardrop YELLOW (drop + eye) tår (från ögat) tåre tear_along,advance_fast,go_fast-(to) RED (quickness,rapidity,speediness + action indicator: moving fast forward) rusa iväg, skynda iväg skynde seg, haste, ile (å) thigh,upper_leg YELLOW (leg + over) lår, överben lår thread,string,cord YELLOW (group_of,much_of,many_of,quantity_of + fiber) tråd, snöre, snodd tråd, snor touch,sense_of_touch,tactile_sense YELLOW (information + skin: information to the brain from the skin) känsel, känselsinne følesans, taktilsans traffic_rule(s) YELLOW (rule,regulation + traffic) trafikregel, trafikregler (plur) trafikkregel trapeze YELLOW (swing + acrobatics [contr.]) trapets trapes T-shirt,tee_shirt,jersey YELLOW (clothing + chest + T) T-tröja, T-shirt T-skjorte, T-trøye tuft_of_grass,tussock YELLOW (collection,pile,tussock_(etc) + grass) tuva, grästuva tue, gresstue watchdog YELLOW (dog + watch) vakthund vakthund way YELLOW (place + forward: a place on the ground leading forward) väg vei very_much,very_many GREEN (very + very + description indicator) väldigt mycket, väldigt många veldig mye, veldig mange westward GREEN (forward + west + description indicator: forward representing direction [contr.]) västerut vestover, vestlig wheelchair_tricycle YELLOW (tricycle + wheelchair) trehjulig rullstol med tre hjul rullestol med tre hjul winter_day YELLOW (day + winter: only numbers are used, as seasons are different in different parts of the world) vinterdag vinterdag winter_house YELLOW (house + winter: only numbers are used, as seasons are different in different parts of the world) vinterbostad vinterbolig, vinterhus woodpecker YELLOW (bird + chop-(to)) hackspett hakkespett work_method YELLOW (plan,design,method,system + work) arbetsmetod, arbetssätt arbeidsmetode, arbeidsmåte zigzag GREEN (zigzag line + description indicator) sicksack, i sicksack sikksakk zigzag_line WHITE (pictograph) - Character sicksacklinje sikksakklinje 25972

174 25980 band_(of_frequencies) YELLOW (signal + limit(s),limitation,restriction: signal or frequencies in a certain range) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing frekvensband, frekvensområde frekvensbånd taajuuskaista beach_tennis_(activity) YELLOW (tennis (activity) + beach) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing strandtennis (aktivitet) strandtennis (aktivitet) rantatennis beach_tennis_(sport) YELLOW (tennis,racket_sport,racquet_sport + beach) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing strandtennis (sport) strandtennis (sport) rantatennis beyond,past GREEN (outside + limit(s),limitation,restriction + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing bortom bortenfor ulkopuolella, entinen binoculars,field_glass YELLOW (tool + to look + distance) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing kikare kikkert kiikarit broadband YELLOW (band_(of_frequencies) + fast) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing bredband bredbånd laajakaista church_ruin,temple_ruin,wreck,wreckage_(churc h,temple,mosque)_(1) YELLOW (ruin,wreck,wreckage_(building)_(1) + God: combination of ruin and church,mosque,temple) SYMBOL SYNONYM kyrkoruin, tempelruin (1) kirkeruin, tempelruin (1) kirkon rauniot, temppelin rauniot (1) control YELLOW (leadership + limit(s),limitation,restriction) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing kontroll kontroll hallinta, kontrolli corruption YELLOW (abuse [contr.] + power,powerfulness [contr.] + selfish) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing korruption korrupsjon korruptio, lahjonta Danish_(class) YELLOW (class [contr.] + Danish_(language)) danska (skolämne) dansk (skolefag) Danish_(language) YELLOW (language water: based on Denmark [contr.]) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing danska dansk (språk) tanska (kieli) Denmark YELLOW (country water: country divided by three channels of water) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing Danmark Danmark Tanska (ability,capability,capacity,potential + limit(s),limitation,restriction) Preferred NEW handikapp, funktionshinder, disability,handicap,impairment YELLOW SYNONYM, replacing funktionsnedsättning handikap, funksjonshemming vamma disability_benefit YELLOW (money + disability,handicap,impairment) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing aktivitetsersättning, sjukersättning uførhetstrygd, sykelønn vammaisetu, vammaisavustus disabled,impaired,handicapped_(intellectually,me ntally) GREEN (intellectual_impairment,cognitive_impairment,mental_impairment + description indicator: having limits to one's mental abilities) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing förståndshandikappad, utvecklingsstörd funksjonshemming intellektuelt, mentalt kehitysvammainen disabled,impaired,handicapped_(physically) GREEN (physical_impairment,physical_disability + description indicator: having limits to one's funksjonshemmet (fysisk), physical abilities) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing rörelsehindrad bevegelseshemmet liikuntavammainen distance YELLOW (measurement + farness,remoteness,farawayness) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing avstånd distanse, avstand välimatka, etäisyys empower-(to) RED (empowerment + action indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing ge egenmakt, ge rättighet, stärka bemyndige, gi fullmakt til (å) valtuuttaa empowered GREEN (empowerment + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing berättigad, styrkt bemyndiget valtuutettu empowerment YELLOW (give + power,powerfulness [contr.]) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing egenmakt, befogenhet bemyndigelse, fullmakt valtuutus eternal GREEN (eternity,infinity + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing evig evig ikuinen, loputon eternity,infinity YELLOW (time + infiniteness,boundlessness,limitlessness) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing evighet, oändlighet evighet, uendelighet ikuisuus, loputtomuus far,distant,remote GREEN (farness,remoteness,farawayness + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing långt bort, avlägsen, fjärran fjern, langt borte fat,thick GREEN (fatness,thickness + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing tjock, fet tykk, fet lihava, paksu guess,estimation YELLOW (doubt + plus minus: reason on the basis of information of uncertain accuracy) gissning, uppskattning, bedömning gjetning, vurdering, bedømmelse, estimering gym,gymnasium YELLOW (room + sport) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing gymnastiksal, gym gymsal, trimrom voimistelusali gym_mat YELLOW (rug,carpet,mat + sport) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing gymnastikmatta gymmatte, treningsmatte voimistelumatto Halloween YELLOW (day + ghost,phantom) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing Halloween Halloween halloween, pyhäinpäivä hearing_impairment YELLOW (limit(s),limitation,restriction + ear: ear representing hearing or to hear) hörselskada, hörselnedsättning hørselshemming hearing-impaired GREEN (hearing_impairment + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing hörselskadad hørselshemmet kuulovammainen infinite,limitless GREEN (infiniteness,boundlessness,limitlessness + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing obegränsad, gränslös, oändlig ubegrenset, grenseløs ääretön, rajaton infiniteness,boundlessness,limitlessness YELLOW (minus,no,without + limit(s),limitation,restriction) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing gränslöshet, oändlighet ubegrensning, grenseløshet 26011

175 26012 intellectual_impairment,cognitive_impairment,me ntal_impairment YELLOW (limit(s),limitation,restriction + mind,intellect,reason: limitation to one's mental abilities) förståndshandikappad, utvecklingsstörd funksjonshemming intellektuelt, mentalt lacrosse_(sport) YELLOW (tennis,racket_sport,racquet_sport + group: group representing team_(sport) [contr.]) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing lacrosse (sport) lacrosse (sport) lacrosse, haavipallo limit,restrict,restrain,confine-(to) RED (limit(s),limitation,restriction + description indicator) begränsa, avgränsa, inskränka begrense, innskrenke, avgrense (å) limited,restricted,confined GREEN (limit(s),limitation,restriction + action indicator) begränsad, avgränsad, inskränkt begrenset, innskrenket, avgrenset Loki BLUE (Nordic God + lie: the God of falseness) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing Loke Loke Loke, Loki, Lopt long_jump_(sport) YELLOW (sport + jump + far,distant) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing längdhopp (sport) lengdehopp (sport) pituushyppy louse,stinging_insect YELLOW (insect + puncture,prick-(to): insect that punctures, the skin or leaves or stems of plants) lus, stickande insekt insekt stikkende (lus, loppe etc) odometer YELLOW (gauge + farness,remoteness,farawayness + thing indicator: a meter that measures distance) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing vägmätare, odometer avstandsmåler, odometer matkamittari, odometri physical_impairment,physical_disability YELLOW (limit(s),limitation,restriction + body: limitations to one's physical abilities) rörelsehinder funksjonshemming fysisk placenta YELLOW (organ + food + fetus) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing moderkaka, placenta morkake, placenta istukka power,powerfulness YELLOW (ability + control) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing makt makt, kraft valta powerful,mighty GREEN (power,powerfulness + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing mäktig mektig, kraftig mahtava, valtava sitski,sit_ski_(sport) YELLOW (sport + sitski,sit_ski) sitski (sport) sitski (sport) hiihtokelkka, biski-kelkka speech_impaired GREEN (speech_impairment,dysarthria + description indicator: having limits to one's physical abilities) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing talskadad talehemmet puhevammainen, puhehäiriöinen speech_impairment,dysarthria YELLOW (limit(s),limitation,restriction + to speak: having difficulties to speak intelligibly) talskada, dysartri talehemming squash_(sport) YELLOW (tennis,racket_sport,racquet_sport + room) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing squash (sport) squash (sport) squash (urheilu) table_tennis,ping-pong_(activity) YELLOW (tennis_(activity) + table: game like tennis, played on a table) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing bordtennis (aktivitet) bordtennis (aktivitet) pöytätennis table_tennis,ping-pong_(sport) YELLOW (tennis,racket_sport,racquet_sport + table) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing bordtennis (sport) bordtennis (sport) pöytätennis tennis,racket_sport,racquet_sport YELLOW (sport + racket,racquet) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing tennis, racketsport tennis (sport) tennis tennis_(activity) YELLOW (activity + racket,racquet: game played with racquets) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing tennis (aktivitet) tennis (aktivitet) tennis visual_impairment YELLOW (limit(s),limitation,restriction + to see: difficulties to see) synskada, synnedsättning synshemming visually_impaired GREEN (visual_impairment + description indicator: having difficulties to see) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing synskadad synshemmet näkövammainen body_with_mane YELLOW (body + hair (on top)) - Character (superimposed) body_with_navel YELLOW (body + dot) - Character (superimposed) body_with_pubic_hair YELLOW (body + hair (at bottom)) - Character (superimposed) building_with_attic YELLOW (house + pictograph of attic) - Character (superimposed) building_with_cellar YELLOW (house + pictograph of cellar) - Character (superimposed) building_with_chimney YELLOW (house + pictograph of chimney) - Character (superimposed) building_with_foundation YELLOW (house + pictograph of foundation) - Character (superimposed) building_with_storey YELLOW (house + pictograph of storey) - Character (superimposed) building_with_yard_and_fence YELLOW (house + pictograph of yard and fence) - Character (superimposed) buildings_with_courtyard YELLOW (house + ground + house) - Character (superimposed)

176 26050 bulbous_plant YELLOW (bulb + flower) - Character (superimposed) eye_with_eyebrow YELLOW (eye + line [half-sized, above]) - Character (superimposed) face_with_beard YELLOW (face + hair [modification, below chin]) - Character (superimposed - modified) face_with_pimple YELLOW (face + dot (on cheek)) - Character (superimposed) furred_animal YELLOW (animal + hair (on top)) - Character (superimposed) head_and_neck YELLOW (head + pictograph of neck) - Character (superimposed) head_with_hair YELLOW (head + hair [modification, on top of head]) - Character (superimposed - modified) mountains_with_valley YELLOW (mountain + ground + mountain [modified, mirrored]) - Character (superimposed) out_of_body_(downward),elimination,excretion YELLOW (body + down,downward) - Character (superimposed) pointer,arrowhead YELLOW (pictograph of pointer or arrowhead: pointing downward, but can be in any of 8 directions) - Character pointer,arrowhead_(small) YELLOW (pictograph of small pointer or arrowhead: pointing downward, but can be in any of 8 directions) - Character road_and_car YELLOW (ground [modified, prolonged] + car) - Character (superimposed) steering_wheel YELLOW (car,automobile,motor_vehicle + pointer to steering wheel) - Character (superimposed - pointer) street_and_building YELLOW (ground + house) - Character (superimposed) one_third WHITE (one_(digit),1 [modification, higher position] + slash (slanted line) + three_(digit),3: a common way to write 1/3) - Character (superimposed - modified) two_thirds WHITE (two_(digit),2 [modification, higher position] + slash (slanted line) + three_(digit),3: a common way to write 2/3) - Character (superimposed - modified) three_quarters WHITE (three_(digit),3 [modification, higher position] + slash (slanted line) + four_(digit),4: a common way to write ¾) - Character (superimposed - modified) cruelty,mercilessness,ruthlessness YELLOW (feeling + knife: sharp, cutting and harmful behaviour) democracy YELLOW (permission,allowance + choice) endlessness YELLOW (without + end) floating,afloat GREEN (floating container + description indicator) interrogation YELLOW (question + intensity) loss_(competition) YELLOW (competition + loss) mourning,grief YELLOW (sadness + loss) translation YELLOW (bridge + language) underground,below_ground GREEN (under_(ground_level) + description indicator) All_Saints'_Day YELLOW (day + all + saint) YELLOW (animal,beast + temperature + up_and_down: animal with varying body temperature, generally depending on the external temperature of the environment) animal_(cold-blooded),coldblooded_animal,poikilotherm,ectotherm animal_(warm-blooded),warmblooded_animal,homeotherm,endotherm YELLOW (animal,beast + temperature + same,equal,equality: animal with stable body temperature, generally controlled by internal bodily functions) arthropod(s) YELLOW (generalisation + shellfish_(without_claws): invertebrate animals having an external skeleton, a segmented body, and jointed appendages, include insects, arachnids (spiders etc.), myriapods, and crustaceans (crabs, crayfish, shrimps etc.)) assistance_dog YELLOW (dog,canine_(animal),canid + help,aid,assistance,support) atlas,book_of_maps YELLOW (book + map)

177 26126 attempt,effort,try YELLOW (forward + difficulty: forward move, with difficulty) attendance_list,register_list,contact_list YELLOW (paper + group: documentation of a group of people) auditory_system YELLOW (generalisation + organ,inner_organ,inner_body_part + ear) badger YELLOW (animal + smell,odour [contraction of mustelid] + many + line) bedtime YELLOW (time + bed) bouquet_(flowers) YELLOW (many + flower + attachment,appendix,annex: many flowers together) brook,creek YELLOW (river,stream,current + littleness,smallness: a small stream of water) burial_mound,grave_mound YELLOW (grave + group_of + stone: a heap of stones and earth placed over typically prehistoric tombs) capital,capital_city YELLOW (town,city + country,state: the city of primary status in a country, state, or province, usually as its seat of government) carnivore YELLOW (animal,beast + meat: animal that eats (the meat of) other animals) carpenter YELLOW (person + carpentry [contraction with omission of work]) carpentry,wood_work YELLOW (work + tool + tree [contraction of wood (material + tree)]: work with tools for building with wood) character_(in_a_story) YELLOW (person + story,tale) charge_(electricity)-(to) RED (fill-(to) + electricity + action indicator) charged_(electricity) GREEN (full + electricity + description indicator) charger,battery_charger YELLOW (thing + filling,fill,fullness + electricity: thing for charging with electricity) cheetah YELLOW (cat,feline_(animal),felid + quickness,rapidity,speediness: cat animal that is the swiftest mammal) chromosome YELLOW (fiber,fibre,fibril,filament,strand, + atom + spiral [the latter two is a contraction of the DNA molecule]: the threadlike body in the cell nucleus that carries the DNA spiral molecule with genes in a linear order) clothes_line,drying_line YELLOW (filament [contraction of thread,string,cord] + dryness: line for drying clothes etc.) coloring_book YELLOW (book + pen + colour) communication_impaired GREEN (communication_impairment + description indicator) communication_impairment YELLOW (limit(s),limitation,restriction + communication) compost YELLOW (mixture + change,alteration + earth,ground,land: mixture that is transformed into earth) confusion_(feeling) YELLOW (feeling,emotion,sensation + mixture: mixed feelings about something) confusion_(mental) YELLOW (mind,intellect,reason + mixture: mixed thinking about something) cookbook,cookery_book YELLOW (book + cooking,cookery,preparation_(general)) cycle_of_life,life_cycle YELLOW (rotation,circulation,orbit,lap,circle,round + life: the cycle of generation of life, life span, death, and regeneration of new life) dictionary,lexicon,wordbook YELLOW (book + word: a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them) digital_game,video_game,computer_game YELLOW (play_(in_combinations) + digits_(computer): any kind of digital game on computers, game consoles or mobile devices) - Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing computer_game_(old) diversity,variety_(general) YELLOW (group_of,much_of,many_of,quantity_of + different,other,difference,inequality: many of something being different in character, a heterogeneous group) DNA YELLOW (atom [contraction of molecule] + life + spiral: the spiral formed DNA molecule of life carrying the genetic code) download YELLOW (receiving + digits_(computer): the getting of digital data from a server on the internet)

178 26158 download-(to) RED (download + action indicator) dragon YELLOW (animal,beast + fire) drying_rack YELLOW (structure,construction + dryness,drought: construction for drying something) drying_rack_(cloth) YELLOW (drying_rack + cloth) drying_rack_(fish) YELLOW (drying_rack + fish) ear_bone,ossicle,auditory_ossicle YELLOW (bone + ear) eardrum,tympanic_membrane YELLOW (membrane,drumhead,drum_skin + ear) environs YELLOW (earth,ground,land [half-sized]) - Character equality_(social) YELLOW (same,equal,equality + society: a certain level of general social equality among citizens of a state or community) exercise_(physical) YELLOW (work + health: work, in order to maintain health) face_painting YELLOW (picture,image,icon,painting + face + brush: painting on the face made with brush) fear_of_heights,acrophobia YELLOW (fear,fright,concern + height,tallness) fishing_line YELLOW (filament [contraction of thread,string,cord] + reception + fish: line for catching fish) fishing_rod YELLOW (linear_thing,pole + reception + fish + thing indicator: rod for catching fish) fist YELLOW (hand + fold,folding) flight_attendant BLUE (worker + airplane,aeroplane,plane) gene YELLOW (part,bit,piece,portion,part_of + DNA: section of the DNA molecule that encodes the production of a certain polypeptide chain, a unit of heredity) genetics YELLOW (science,body_of_learning + atom + spiral: contraction of science + gene) gill YELLOW (organ,inner_organ,inner_body_part + breath + fish: The respiratory organ of fish and other aquatic animals) herbivore YELLOW (animal,beast + food + plant: animals that primarily eat plants) hierarchy YELLOW (layer,level + plan,design,method,system: a series of ordered groupings or levels of people or things within a system) honest,honestly GREEN (honesty + description indicator) honesty YELLOW (purpose + truth: strive for truth) hyena YELLOW (animal,beast + sound + up,upward + mouth [up + mouth is a contraction of laugh,laughter]: the hyena is known for its laughing sound) indigestion,heartburn YELLOW (feeling + illness + inner_organ + food [organ + food is a contraction of stomach,tummy,tum]) industry YELLOW (generalization + factory,plant) inequality YELLOW (different,other,difference + society: social inequality among citizens or members of a state or community) invertebrate YELLOW (animal + without + spine,backbone) justification YELLOW (support_(oral) + correctness) justified GREEN (justification + description indicator) justify-(to) - PENDING RED (justification + action indicator) language_development YELLOW (development + language)

179 26190 lifetime,life-time,lifespan YELLOW (time + life + all: the period during which something lives or is functional, as between birth and death) literature YELLOW (generalization + book) longsightedness,farsightedness,presbyopia,hyper opia YELLOW (limitation + eye + nearness,closeness,proximity: difficulty to see near objects) longsighted,farsighted,presbyopic,hyperopic GREEN (presbyopia,hyperopia,farsightedness,longsightedness + description indicator) lynx,bobcat YELLOW (cat + ear + hair: medium sized wild cat with usually tufted ears) make_compost-(to) RED (compost + action indicator) mammal YELLOW (animal + milk: warm-blooded vertebrate having the skin more or less covered with hair; young are born alive and nourished with milk) membrane,drumhead,drum_skin YELLOW (drum_(1) + pointer, to the membrane of the drum skin) - Character (superimposed - pointer) mink YELLOW (mustelid_(animal) [contraction] + fur: the mink being a mustelid animal valued for its fur) modem YELLOW (thing + change + signal,broadcast,transmitting: a device that modulates signal transmissions between different formats) modern GREEN (newness,novelty + intensity + description indicator: novelty with some kind of emphasis) molecule YELLOW (group_of + atom: a group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds) mollusk(s),mollusc(s) YELLOW (generalization + snail: invertebrate animals having a soft unsegmented body usually enclosed in a shell) moon_axis YELLOW (axis + moon: the Moon's spin axis, around which it turns in about the same time that it circles the Earth) moon_phase,phase_of_the_moon YELLOW (limited_time,interval,period + moon: appearances of the Moon's state of illumination) Additional specifier can be added, such as full, half, first quarter and last quarter moss YELLOW (plant + without + root(s): small flowerless, non-vascular plants, lacking proper root systems, and that usually grow in dense green clumps or mats, in damp or shady locations) mountain_range YELLOW (group_of + mountain) mustelid_(animal) YELLOW (animal + smell + intensity: family of carnivorous mammals, including the weasel, badger, etc. Mustelids are typically known for producing a strong-smelling secretion) national_park YELLOW (park + country,state: an area of land declared by the national government to be public property) nearsightedness,shortsightedness,myopia YELLOW (limitation + eye + farness,remoteness: difficulty to see distant objects) nearsighted,shortsighted,myopic GREEN (myopia,nearsightedness,shortsightedness + description indicator) northeast YELLOW (sun + pointer, to northeast) - Character (superimposed - pointer) northwest YELLOW (sun + pointer, to northwest) - Character (superimposed - pointer) nutrient,nutrition YELLOW (substance + giving + health) omnivore YELLOW (animal + food + animal + plant: an animal or person that feeds on both animal and vegetable food) once_upon_a_time WHITE (1 + time + past) online_game,multiplayer_game,network_game YELLOW (digital_game,video_game + internet_(1) [contraction]) orbit_of_the_moon YELLOW (orbit + moon) period_of_life YELLOW (limited_time,period + life) pinch,pincer_grip YELLOW (finger + pliers: a grip with the fingers, as if with pliers or pincer) pinch,pluck,tweeze-(to) RED (pinch,pincer_grip + action indicator) plant-book,dictionary_of_plants YELLOW (book + plant)

180 26222 plastic_bag YELLOW (sack,bag + material + chemical_product [contraction of plastic]) plough_(ancient),ard,ard_plough,scratch_plough YELLOW (plough + past: ancient plough) practice,drill,exercise,rehearsal YELLOW (work + repetition: work at something repeatedly to develop skill) recycling_station YELLOW (place + waste_sorting,garbage_sorting) referee,judge_(sport) BLUE (person + decision + sport) referee_(football,soccer) BLUE (person + decision + football,soccer_(sport) [contraction]) reuse,recycling YELLOW (usage,use + again) reuse,use_again,recycle-(to) RED (reuse,recycling + action indicator) rot,decompose-(to) RED (rot,decomposition,rotting_matter + action indicator + thing indicator) rot,decomposition,rotting_matter YELLOW (change,alteration,conversion + organism + deletion,cancellation,destruction + thing indicator: the decomposing change of organic material performed by organisms, primarily micro-organisms, breaking it down) rotten,decomposed GREEN (rot,decomposition,rotting_matter + description indicator + thing indicator) router YELLOW (connector,interface_box + signal,broadcast,transmitting + thing indicator: a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks) run,jog YELLOW (activity + run) salt YELLOW (flavouring,condiment,seasoning + salt_crystal [contraction]) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing saltwater,seawater YELLOW (water + salt_crystal [contraction]: water containing salts) salty GREEN (taste + salt_crystal [contraction] + description indicator) Preferred NEW SYNONYM, replacing scavenger,carrion_eater YELLOW (animal + food + dead: animals that feed on carrion and other dead organisms) school_year YELLOW (year + school_(in_combinations)) selfie YELLOW (photograph,photo,pic + self: photo taken on oneself) server,host_(computer) YELLOW (computer + combination,connection: a computer that provides client stations with access to programs, files, printers etc. as shared resources in a computer network) sloping,sloped,slanting,slanted GREEN (downward_and_forward + description indicator) sort,differentiate,separate,classify-(to) RED (type,kind,sort + action indicator) sort_garbage,separate_waste-(to) RED (waste_sorting + action indicator) southeast YELLOW (sun + pointer, to southeast) - Character (superimposed - pointer) southwest YELLOW (sun + pointer, to southwest) - Character (superimposed - pointer) spine,backbone YELLOW (bone + back_(body)) steep GREEN (sloping,sloped,slanting,slanted + intensity + description indicator) stream_(digital),data_stream YELLOW (river,stream,current + digits_(computer): a stream of digital data) stream_(digital_data)-(to) RED (stream_(digital),data_stream + action indicator: to stream digital data, typically media content over the internet) streamed,streaming_(digital_data) GREEN (stream_(digital),data_stream + description indicator: digital data, typically media content, streaming over the internet) sweaty,sweating,perspiring GREEN (sweat,perspiration + description indicator) term,semester YELLOW (season + school_(in_combinations))

181 26254 umami YELLOW (taste + seaweed: one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness) first identified in Japan from kombu seaweed) umami_tasting GREEN (umami + description indicator) unfinished GREEN (without + finished,complete,completed + description indicator) unicycle,monocycle,one-wheeled_vehicle YELLOW (1 + wheel: one wheeled vehicle) unicycle,ride_a_one-wheeled_vehicle-(to) RED (without + finished,complete,completed + description indicator) untrue,false GREEN (untruth,falsity,falsehood + description indicator) untruth,falsity,falsehood YELLOW (without + truth) upload YELLOW (giving,gift + digits_(computer): the sharing of digital data to a server on the internet) upload-(to) RED (upload + action indicator) walk,walking YELLOW (action + legs_and_feet: the act of walking (somewhere)) waste_sorting,garbage_sorting,source_separatio n_(of_waste) YELLOW (type,kind,sort + waste,garbage,rubbish,trash: separation of different kinds of waste for recycling) vertebrate YELLOW (animal + spine,backbone: animals with a backbone or spinal column) visible,sighted GREEN (eye + description indicator) X-ray YELLOW (light + through + thing: shortwave radiation passing through otherwise non-transparent things, used in medical diagnosis etc.) X-ray-(to) RED (X-ray + action indicator) accept-(to) RED (get + mind + action indicator: to receive reasons) audio_book YELLOW (book + sound) brace(s)_(dental),dental_brace(s)_(medical) YELLOW (medical aid + teeth) brace(s)_dental),dental_brace(s) YELLOW (aid + teeth + line: help to set the teeth in a row) brace_(neck,medical),neck_brace,cervical_collar, neck_collar YELLOW (medical aid + neck) brain_injury YELLOW (damage + brain) cape,poncho,clothing_without_sleeves YELLOW (clothes + without + sleeve [contraction]) chopstick(s) YELLOW (two + linear thing + food: tools for eating food) CNS_injury YELLOW (damage + central nervous system) consciousness,awareness YELLOW (mind + activity: an alert cognitive state in which you are aware) cooking_vessel,pots_and_pans YELLOW (generalization + pan: all kinds of cooking pans in a kitchen) critic,evaluator BLUE (person + evaluate: a person that evaluates things eg. best restaurant or best film dental_floss YELLOW (fibre + teeth: a string for cleaning between the teeth) diagnosis_(medical) YELLOW (outcome + evaluation medical) disappointed GREEN (disappointment + description after the fact indicator) disappointing GREEN (disappointment + description indicator) disappointment YELLOW (sadness + after + desire)

182 26297 dyscalculia YELLOW (limitation + mathematics[contraction]: limited ability in mathematics) dysgraphia YELLOW (limitation + writing; limited ability to learn to write) dyslexia YELLOW (limitation + reading: limited ability to learn to read) dystonia YELLOW (activity + muscle + up and down; neurological movement disorder with sustained or repetitive muscle contractions) e-book,digital_book YELLOW (book + digits) egg_white,white_of_egg,albumin,glair YELLOW (part of egg [contraction] + white: the albumin surrounding the yolk) egg_yolk,yolk YELLOW (part of egg [contraction] + yellow: the center part of an egg,) eggshell YELLOW (shell + egg: the shell of an egg) faint,pass_out-(to) RED (fainting + action indicator) fainting,absence YELLOW (mind + without + activity + limited time: a spontaneous loss of consciousness for a limited period of time) hair_accessory YELLOW (thing + hair + together) hair_pin,bobby_pin YELLOW (thing + hair + linear thing) hair_tie YELLOW (thing + hair + ring) hygiene YELLOW (activity + protection + health: activity concerned with the maintenance of health) hygiene_(personal) YELLOW (activity + protection + health + person: activity concerned with the maintenance of personal health) interdental_brush,interdental_rager YELLOW (brush + teeth + between: a small brush made for cleaning between the teeth) karate YELLOW (martial arts + kick [contraction]): martial art including fight with hands and feet) knitting_needle(s) YELLOW (two + linear thing + cloth: needles used for knitting) leftovers,left_overs,food_waste_(food_thrown_a way) YELLOW (food + waste: the leftovers of food that is thrown away) leftovers,left_overs_(food_used_again) YELLOW (food + again: leftovers of food that is served again time) mathematical_difficulty YELLOW (difficulty + mathematics [contraction)]: difficulties with mathematics) moustache YELLOW (hair + mouth + pointer to the upper lip) movie,action_film,action_movie,film_(action) YELLOW (movie + activity + fast, quick) movie,romance_movie,romance_film,film_(roma ntic) YELLOW (movie + love) neurological GREEN (neuron + description indicator) paralysis,palsy YELLOW (limitation + activity + muscle: a limited ability or loss of a voluntary muscle function) pate,crown_(body_part) YELLOW (head + pointer to the top of the head) - Character (superimposed - pointer) privy,outhouse YELLOW (place + bowel movement: a place where a user can defecate) reading_difficulty YELLOW (difficulty + reading: difficulties with reading) realize,realise-(to) RED (understand + suddenly [contraction] + action indicator record_(achievement) YELLOW (outcome + most: the extreme outcome) regain,recover,retrieve-(to) RED (get + again: get or find back)

183 26329 sleeve(s) YELLOW (clothes + arm) suspender(s) YELLOW (linear thing + up + clothes) throat_(inside) YELLOW (neck + pointer + in: the throat inside the neck) tremor,shudder YELLOW (activity + muscle + back and forth: an involuntary vibration) unconscious,comatose GREEN (mind + without + activity: a state of lacking awareness, sometimes deep and prolonged unconsciousness) unconsciousness,coma,comatoseness YELLOW (unconsciousness + description indicator) vegetarian_(food) GREEN (food + plant + description indicator) vegetarian_(person) BLUE (person + food + plant: a person who eats plants and not any meat) wonder,inquire,enquire,be_curious-(to) RED (curiosity + action indicator) writing_difficulty YELLOW (difficulty + writing: difficulties with writing yarn YELLOW (thread + fabric: thread used in sewing, knitting and weaving)

Grade 3 Reading Practice Test

Grade 3 Reading Practice Test Grade 3 Reading Practice Test Nebraska Department of Education 24 Directions: On the following pages are passages and multiple-choice questions for Grade 3 Reading Practice Test, a practice opportunity

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The Kiwi. lesson 1. 2 Unit 1: Animals. Before You Read. Look at the picture. Read the sentences. Check ( ) True, False, or Don t Know.

The Kiwi. lesson 1. 2 Unit 1: Animals. Before You Read. Look at the picture. Read the sentences. Check ( ) True, False, or Don t Know. Animals unit 1 lesson 1 The Kiwi Before You Read Look at the picture. Read the sentences. Check ( ) True, False, or Don t Know. True False Don t Know 1. The kiwi is a kind of bird. 2. The kiwi is very

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Look! Listen! and Learn Language!

Look! Listen! and Learn Language! elephants Who is in front? The baby elephant is in front. She is smaller than her mother. The baby s mother is behind her. birthday cake Whose birthday is it? It is Dino s birthday. He is five years old.

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October Ideas What s inside my pumpkin?

October Ideas What s inside my pumpkin? October Ideas 2014 It s pumpkin time again! It is hard not to include pumpkin ideas this time of the year. We are all surrounded by them. The fall colors of oranges, reds, yellows and browns are amazing.

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Science Olympiad Level 2

Science Olympiad Level 2 Science Olympiad Level 2 Total Marks: 40 Q1. Cross the odd one out. (5 mks) 1. Parts of the plant leaf, root, flower, soap, fruit 2. Liquids tea, coffee, sandwich, milk, fruit juice 3. Parts of a house

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Lesson - 7 The Lost Camel

Lesson - 7 The Lost Camel Lesson - 7 The Lost Camel 1. Can you recognize the footprints of an animal? 2. See the sketches of these footprints and find out who they belong to? 3. Choose from the given words and write them in the

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4 : 5. 4 to 5. September 07, can also be written as. Representing Ratios Write the ratio of beavers to flowers

4 : 5. 4 to 5. September 07, can also be written as. Representing Ratios Write the ratio of beavers to flowers Ratios Is a relationship between numbers of the same kind of... object, colour, person etc. Don't worry here are some EXAMPLES: Lets write the relationship of stars to happy faces to to to 5 can also be

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UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS Cambridge Primary Checkpoint UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS Cambridge Primary Checkpoint SCIENCE 0846/01 Paper 1 Examination from 2012 SPECIMEN PAPER Candidates answer on the Question Paper. Additional Materials:

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UNIT 5: THE STONE AGE UNIT 5: THE STONE AGE What is the origin of human beings? What is Prehistory? How many stages are there in Prehistory? What was life like in the Palaeolithic Age? What was life like in the Neolithic Age?

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Filtering out the facts

Filtering out the facts Issue 175 My name Healthy Body - Filtering out the facts page 24 HEALTHY BODY Filtering out the facts Caffeine is one of the most widely used stimulants in the world, but in many cases it does more harm

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Language Book samples

Language Book samples 5 This is the beginning of a mystery story. Daeng is a fisherman in Thailand. He goes fishing every day. At the moment he is in the harbour. He is getting ready to go out in his boat. Daeng was worried.

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Test A. Science test. First name. Last name. School KEY STAGE 2 LEVELS 3 5. For marker s use only TOTAL

Test A. Science test. First name. Last name. School KEY STAGE 2 LEVELS 3 5. For marker s use only TOTAL Sc KEY STAGE 2 Science test LEVELS 3 5 Test A First name Last name School 2008 Measure the time it takes to... 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 For marker s use only 150 100 50 Page 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 TOTAL Marks INSTRUCTIONS

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Little by Little. Downward it sent out a thread-like root. Up in the air sprang a tiny shoot; Day by day, and year by year,

Little by Little. Downward it sent out a thread-like root. Up in the air sprang a tiny shoot; Day by day, and year by year, UNI III Even the biggest trees begin life as tiny seeds. Read about how the little acorn grew big. Little by Little Little by little, an acorn said, As it slowly sank in its mossy bed; I am improving every

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Homework Due on Tuesday 5/30

Homework Due on Tuesday 5/30 Homework Due on Tuesday 5/30 How to Use Chopsticks 1. Hold one chopstick between your thumb and middle finger. Position the chopstick so that it lies at the base of your thumb (on the joint) and at the

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Written by Elizabeth Meahl Illustrations by Barb Lorseydi Cover Art by Sue Fullam. Teacher Created Materials

Written by Elizabeth Meahl Illustrations by Barb Lorseydi Cover Art by Sue Fullam. Teacher Created Materials Snack Art Written by Elizabeth Meahl Illustrations by Barb Lorseydi Cover Art by Sue Fullam Teacher Created Materials Teacher Created Materials, Inc. 6421 Industry Way Westminster, CA 92683 1999 Teacher

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early human history and Central & South America Jeopardy

early human history and Central & South America Jeopardy early human history and Central & South America Jeopardy What You Need To Know Every team will be chosen by Joe with the intention of mixing girls and boys and grade levels. Teams can choose a name if

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Year 6 End of Year Exams Revision Questions and Mark Scheme

Year 6 End of Year Exams Revision Questions and Mark Scheme Year 6 End of Year Exams Revision Questions and Mark Scheme Q1. Ben makes a series circuit using two identical cells, a bulb and a switch to turn the bulb on and off. (a) Draw a circuit diagram of Ben

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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL,SRINAGAR PRACTICE WORKSHEET- 03 NAME: CLASS / SEC.: I/ DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL,SRINAGAR PRACTICE WORKSHEET- 03 MATHEMATICS NAME: CLASS / SEC.: I/ ROLL NO.: DATE : Q1. Solve the following. 7 5 7 6-3 + 1-7 + 2 5 9 2 8 + 0-1 + 5-4 Q2. Fill in the blanks. a. + 1 =

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BIOLOGY 1101 LAB 8: FLOWERS, FRUITS, AND SEEDS BIOLOGY 1101 LAB 8: FLOWERS, FRUITS, AND SEEDS READING: Please read pages 316-327 in your text. INTRODUCTION: In seed plants (gymnosperms and angiosperms), pollination (note spelling) is the mechanism

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Activity Instructions

Activity Instructions Gel Electrophoresis Activity Instructions All of the following steps can be performed by the students. Part I - Building the Chamber stainless steel wire wire cutters 500 ml square plastic container with

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Win. Farming Fun Book. prizes! Fascinating food facts! 3 fun games. Colouring competition! Crafty corner: ts Your favourite farm animals

Win. Farming Fun Book. prizes! Fascinating food facts! 3 fun games. Colouring competition! Crafty corner: ts Your favourite farm animals Farming Fun Book Learning for ages - Fascinating food facts! 3 fun games Colouring competition! Win prizes! Crafty corner: ts pe p u p Your favourite farm animals r e g in f g in m r fa A day in the life

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ESL Podcast 342 At the Butcher s

ESL Podcast 342 At the Butcher s GLOSSARY ground beef cow meat that has been cut into very small pieces by using a special machine * Let s buy some ground beef and make hamburgers for dinner tonight. lean with very little fat; with less

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Gravity. The Nation s Favorite Fun Family Newspaper Kidsville News! Brainworks Worksheet June Enrichment Activities Grades K-2

Gravity. The Nation s Favorite Fun Family Newspaper Kidsville News! Brainworks Worksheet June Enrichment Activities Grades K-2 Gravity Tell a classmate 3 Facts about GRAVITY. Tell a classmate 3 examples of GRAVITY. Draw an example of G-force. Kiwi Bird Make a sentence about the Kiwi Bird: Draw/write where they live? And what they

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FALL GRADE. Edible SCHOOL GARDEN. Program WORKBOOK ANSWER KEY VERSION: AUGUST 2016 JHU CAIH 3 FALL GRADE Edible SCHOOL GARDEN Program WORKBOOK ANSWER KEY VERSION: AUGUST 2016 JHU CAIH The Champion Cheer! We drink WATER cause it s fun, feels good, and makes us strong! We enjoy FRUITS AND VEGGIES

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The jar of salad cream

The jar of salad cream The jar of salad cream It is a beautiful sunny day. The sky is blue and the waves are crashing on the beach and I am walking along the sea front road. Now where is the cafe? Go right down the high street

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Everyday Life Southwest Desert. Indian Men

Everyday Life Southwest Desert. Indian Men Everyday Life Southwest Desert Invented ways to irrigate their crops, mostly by digging canals from nearby rivers farmers. Men hunted, but it wasn t important to the Desert Indians; there weren t any large

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FALL GRADE. Edible SCHOOL GARDEN. Program WORKBOOK STUDENT: VERSION: AUGUST 2016 JHU CAIH 3 FALL GRADE Edible SCHOOL GARDEN Program WORKBOOK STUDENT: VERSION: AUGUST 2016 JHU CAIH The Champion Cheer! We drink WATER cause it s fun, feels good, and makes us strong! We enjoy FRUITS AND VEGGIES

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Functional Skills English Assessment Reading Level 1

Functional Skills English Assessment Reading Level 1 Functional Skills English Assessment Reading Level 1 IPS USE ONLY Learner name Learner Registration Number Learner signature Centre IPS International Ltd Assessment date Question Mark 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total

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LESSON 1: A. Fruits - It s sweet.

LESSON 1: A. Fruits - It s sweet. LESSON 1:. Fruits - It s sweet. Pineapple Grape pple Peach SENTENES 1. fruit usually with red or green and sometimes with yellow skin that hangs on trees. 2. small, round fruit with green or purple skin

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About. Discovering More. Fraction Skittles

About. Discovering More. Fraction Skittles About Fraction Skittles Fraction Skittles Material Description The Fraction Skittles are four large wooden skittles that are used to introduce and sensorially explore the concept of fractions from one

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What Is This Module About?

What Is This Module About? What Is This Module About? Do you enjoy shopping or going to the market? Is it hard for you to choose what to buy? Sometimes, you see that there are different quantities available of one product. Do you

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TEACHER: SCIENCE YEAR 9 EXAMINATION Total time allowed for both examinations: 2 hours

TEACHER: SCIENCE YEAR 9 EXAMINATION Total time allowed for both examinations: 2 hours NAME: SCIENCE TEACHER: 9A SCIENCE YEAR 9 EXAMINATION 2005 Total time allowed for both examinations: 2 hours (40 marks) Answer all questions in the spaces provided on the paper. You may use a calculator.

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All About Food 1 UNIT

All About Food 1 UNIT All About Food 1 UNIT Getting Ready Discuss the following questions with a partner. 1 What foods do you see in the pictures? 2 Which ones do you like? Which ones don t you like? 3 Do you like to cook?

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the pointed top of a mountain or ridge.

the pointed top of a mountain or ridge. Spell the word first: p - e - a - k The trainer pronounces the whole word: peak Then repeat the word: peak the pointed top of a mountain or ridge. Plural: peaks He stood on the peak of a high mountain.

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Worksheet 1: Before You Watch

Worksheet 1: Before You Watch Worksheet 1: Before You Watch Japan at War During World War II (1939-45), Germany tried to take control of Europe and the USSR. In 1941, the Pacific War (part of WWII but located in the Pacific) started

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The Human element, Part I: posture

The Human element, Part I: posture Gong Fu Tea Tips The Human element, Part I: posture Within the character for tea is man, our master often repeats. It s his way of emphasizing that the people are the most important aspect of brewing gong

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KIDS' HOUSE Texas State Symbols Coloring Book

KIDS' HOUSE Texas State Symbols Coloring Book Texas State Symbols Coloring Book Hello kids! Welcome to the Texas State Symbols Coloring Book! Did you know that Texas has many symbols that represent our great state? They must be approved by lawmakers

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MotherGooseCaboose.com APPLE PROJECTS/Student Apple Book. Cover. Print out, color the pages & complete the exercises. When finished, staple into a book. STUDENT APPLE BOOK NAME p.1. Did you ever taste a delicious apple? Apples

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Objectives. Required Materials:

Objectives. Required Materials: Objectives 1. Children will explain one reason rhubarb is healthy for them. 2. Children will explain that rhubarb comes from a plant that grows in the ground. 3. Children will experience rhubarb using

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ESOL Skills for Life English Reading SAMPLE Assessment Entry 3

ESOL Skills for Life English Reading SAMPLE Assessment Entry 3 ESOL Skills for Life English SAMPLE Assessment Entry 3 Centre No. Candidate Run No. Centre Name Candidate Name Candidate Signature Instructions to learners Check that you have the correct paper. Do not

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Anaphylaxis in Schools School Year

Anaphylaxis in Schools School Year Anaphylaxis in Schools 2017-2018 School Year Overview Sabrina s Law Expectations for School Staff Definition of Anaphylaxis Recognition Action How to use an Auto-injector Sabrina s Law Legislation: Bill

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Unit-1(Poem) Ice-cream Man. Frosty-fizz chilled drink making a hissing, bubbling sound

Unit-1(Poem) Ice-cream Man. Frosty-fizz chilled drink making a hissing, bubbling sound I.New words: Unit-1(Poem) Ice-cream Man Blaze Trundling Beneath Mounds Frosty-fizz II.Synonyms: Blaze-bright flame or fire Trundling-moving on small broad wheels Mounds-heap, pile Frosty-fizz chilled drink

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Georgia and the American Experience. Georgia and the American Experience Chapter 3: The Land And Its Early People

Georgia and the American Experience. Georgia and the American Experience Chapter 3: The Land And Its Early People Slide 1 Georgia and the American Experience Chapter 3: The Land And Its Early People Study Presentation Slide 2 Georgia and the American Experience Section 1: How Did We Learn About the Earliest Peoples?

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Popcorn Folder Activities

Popcorn Folder Activities Popcorn Folder Activities Grade Level 3-4 Learning Center Bulletin Board Name the Popcorn States Popping Popcorn Popcorn Unlimited Perfect Punctuation Popcorn All About Popcorn Grade Level 3-4 Graphic

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Dear Guest, Welcome to Gir Lion Lodge, hidden within the Land of the Lions at ZSL London Zoo.

Dear Guest, Welcome to Gir Lion Lodge, hidden within the Land of the Lions at ZSL London Zoo. Dear Guest, Welcome to Gir Lion Lodge, hidden within the Land of the Lions at ZSL London Zoo. Land of the Lions is our newest and most breath-taking exhibit, transporting visitors from the heart of London

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Words to Use feel smooth round tomato

Words to Use feel smooth round tomato Equipment Required cutting board knife Purpose The purpose of this lesson is to introduce a new food to the children in your classroom. The more times children are exposed to new foods, the more likely

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Europe Brazil Argentina London Liverpool Indonesia. Africa Asia England Ireland Scotland Wales

Europe Brazil Argentina London Liverpool Indonesia. Africa Asia England Ireland Scotland Wales Below are the names of some different places around the world can you put a tick by the places where rainforests are found and a cross by the places where no rainforests are found? Europe Brazil Argentina

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Food A pasta and chicken dish that will be passed down for generations

Food A pasta and chicken dish that will be passed down for generations MAY S MENU: HONORING OUR MOTHERS AND SOLDIERS Food A pasta and chicken dish that will be passed down for generations Fun The Family Dinner Project Printable Mother s Day Cards Conversation Mother s Day

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Rice Paddy in a Bucket

Rice Paddy in a Bucket Rice Paddy in a Bucket A lesson from the New Jersey Agricultural Society Learning Through Gardening Program OVERVIEW: Rice is one of the world s most important food crops more than half the people in the

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Lesson Plan Outburst, Jr.

Lesson Plan Outburst, Jr. Lesson Plan Outburst, Jr. Goal To learn the contents and location of Gateway Vocabulary by engaging in a competitive play activity. Gateway 20 This activity is minimally applicable to Gateway 20. The game

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Ducky Momo Quack Snack. Reminders. Ingredients. Directions

Ducky Momo Quack Snack. Reminders. Ingredients. Directions Ducky Momo Quack Snack After reciting a spooky incantation in the light of the full moon, Candace becomes convinced that her beloved Ducky Momo is out to get her. Make this healthy treat to keep your own

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Title: Zobey s Jungle Jive. Target Audience: Children and their caregivers

Title: Zobey s Jungle Jive. Target Audience: Children and their caregivers Title: Zobey s Jungle Jive Target Audience: Children and their caregivers Objectives: The participant will: 1. Dance or move along with at least two of the dance segments in the video 2. Share ideas for

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English Nexus ESOL Offender Learning. Eating in prison. Workbook 1. Reading canteen sheets and menus

English Nexus ESOL Offender Learning. Eating in prison. Workbook 1. Reading canteen sheets and menus Eating in prison Workbook 1 Reading canteen sheets and menus 1 Contents page How to use the workbook 3 Unit 1 The canteen sheet 5 Important words you need to know Unit 2 The canteen sheet ordering items

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Wonder Woman Tutorial

Wonder Woman Tutorial Wonder Woman Tutorial by Maria Genna N E T WO R K M AGA Z I N E www.edibleartistsnetwork.com Wonder Woman Tutorial N E T WO R K M AGA Z I THE Information Source for Ho Bakers & Sugar Artists Materials

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Darjeeling tea pickers continue strike

Darjeeling tea pickers continue strike www.breaking News English.com Ready-to-use ESL / EFL Lessons Darjeeling tea pickers continue strike URL: http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/0507/050717-tea-e.html Today s contents The Article 2 Warm-ups

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(12) Patent Application Publication (10) Pub. No.: US 2011/ A1

(12) Patent Application Publication (10) Pub. No.: US 2011/ A1 US 2011 O174658A1 (19) United States (12) Patent Application Publication (10) Pub. No.: US 2011/0174658 A1 Otsubo (43) Pub. Date: Jul. 21, 2011 (54) DOME LIDS AND CUPS FOR HOT (52) U.S. Cl.... 2O6/508

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Assembly Tape a Styrofoam cup into the middle of a aluminum pie plate. We will be adding the straw and foil bit later.

Assembly Tape a Styrofoam cup into the middle of a aluminum pie plate. We will be adding the straw and foil bit later. Name: Block: Date: / / Electrophorus 670 It s a shocking experiment! Introduction: When Styrofoam is rubbed with wool, the Styrofoam acquires a negative charge. The Styrofoam is an insulator which holds

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ESL Podcast 441 Preparing Food for Cooking

ESL Podcast 441 Preparing Food for Cooking GLOSSARY to iron to flatten out a piece of fabric so that it is not wrinkled (does not have lines) by moving a hot, flat piece of metal over the top of it * My shirt would look much better if I ironed

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UNIT 2. I think that mooncakes are delicious! Section. Match the pictures with the descriptions. Listen and circle T for true or F for false.

UNIT 2. I think that mooncakes are delicious! Section. Match the pictures with the descriptions. Listen and circle T for true or F for false. UNIT 2 Section A Language Goal: Give a personal reaction a b I think that mooncakes are delicious! 1a Match the pictures with the descriptions. 1. The Water Festival in Thailand 2. The Dragon Boat Festival

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This lesson is part of a larger, comprehensive school garden guide called Minnesota School Gardens: A Guide to Gardening and Plant Science developed

This lesson is part of a larger, comprehensive school garden guide called Minnesota School Gardens: A Guide to Gardening and Plant Science developed This lesson is part of a larger, comprehensive school garden guide called Minnesota School Gardens: A Guide to Gardening and Plant Science developed by Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom in 2013. The

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Squid Dissection: From Pen to Ink

Squid Dissection: From Pen to Ink Squid Dissection: From Pen to Ink Through squid dissection, students will examine some of the unique features which have allowed squid to adapt and thrive in Southern California waters and throughout the

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Basic parts of a friendly letter: Heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature

Basic parts of a friendly letter: Heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature Name Grading Criteria Basic parts of a friendly letter: Heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature (10 points) Ideas: 1. Why should your family give you more resources to explore the area and civilization?

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The British government wanted to encourage men to enlist for war.

The British government wanted to encourage men to enlist for war. 1 The British government wanted to encourage men to enlist for war. They said the war would be safe, hardly any fighting, a good lark and over by Christmas. A picture of soldiers going They used advertising

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Answer 1: Although Janine s uncle never graduated from high school, he started his own landscaping company at sixteen.

Answer 1: Although Janine s uncle never graduated from high school, he started his own landscaping company at sixteen. Grammar Worksheets: Fused Sentences, Answers and Tips 1 Primary Worksheet 1. Janine s uncle never graduated from high school he started his own landscaping company at sixteen. Answer 1: Although Janine

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Revision Booklet. Duraz Boys' school. First. Mohamed Ali Abdullah. Checked by: Mr. Sayed Ateyya

Revision Booklet. Duraz Boys' school. First. Mohamed Ali Abdullah. Checked by: Mr. Sayed Ateyya Revision Booklet Duraz Boys' school First Senior teacher: Mr. Sayed Saleh Mohamed Ali Abdullah principal assistant: Mr. Abdul Kareem shakeep principal: Mr. Checked by: Mr. Sayed Ateyya Name: class Superhero

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FALL GRADE. Edible SCHOOL GARDEN. Program WORKBOOK ANSWER KEY VERSION: AUGUST 2016 JHU CAIH 4 FALL GRADE Edible SCHOOL GARDEN Program WORKBOOK ANSWER KEY VERSION: AUGUST 2016 JHU CAIH The Champion Cheer! We drink WATER cause it s fun, feels good, and makes us strong! We enjoy FRUITS AND VEGGIES

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EVERYTHING PERFECT EASTER YOU NEED FOR THE. Sunday 16 th April EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THE PERFECT EASTER Sunday 16 th April We ve gathered together some fun puzzles, DIY crafts and recipes to help you get the most out of Easter this year. TOP TIPS for an eggcellent

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Exploring MyPlate with Professor Popcorn

Exploring MyPlate with Professor Popcorn Exploring MyPlate with Professor Popcorn Grade 2: Enjoying Food Grade 2: Lesson 1 (2:1) MyPlate Objectives Upon completion of Lesson 1, youth will: 1. State that we need healthy foods and physical activity

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The Cranberry. Sample file

The Cranberry. Sample file The Cranberry MATERIALS: THINGS YOU NEED A package of fresh cranberries (six cranberries for each student); a pin; a sharp knife, a ruler, white paper, a glass, water, 2 bowls. LABORATORY WORK 1. Pick

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Customary Units of Capacity

Customary Units of Capacity Customary Units of Capacity Choose the better estimate for each. 1. 2. 3. 4. Practice 15-1 1 c or 1 gal 3 qt or 3 gal 1 pt or 1 gal 10 qt or 10 gal 5. coffee pot 6. bowl of soup 7. tea kettle 8. small

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Baleen and Toothed Whales

Baleen and Toothed Whales Introduction Whales are pretty interesting because of their unique sizes, shapes and way of doing things. Male whales are called bulls, female whales are called cows and young whales are called calves.

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Overview. Introduction. What s Included

Overview. Introduction. What s Included 5037 Overview Introduction It is no surprise that the unique characteristics and intriguing habits of animals capture the interest of people of all ages. School children in particular enjoy learning about

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CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY PARTIES CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY PARTIES At RACV City Club, our children s parties are fully supervised by qualified staff that will take care of all your party needs, so you can sit back and relax while the children

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ISTEP+ Spring 2013 Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus

ISTEP+ Spring 2013 Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus ISTEP+ Spring 2013 Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus Mathematics English/Language Arts Science Grade 6 Web Version Use only a Number 2 pencil to respond to the questions in this book.

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Words to Use feel orange smell

Words to Use feel orange smell Equipment Required (none) Materials/Supplies 1 whole orange taste testing samples of orange (peeled sections will work well) magnifying glasses taste-testing cups Optional Purpose The purpose of this lesson

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Introduction. (welcome station)

Introduction. (welcome station) Introduction. (welcome station) Hello, it is me, the spirit of Bento! If you have a look trough the magnifying glass you can see me waving. hello! Just come close so you can see me. You can use the step

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Fizz Boom Read! Activity Book 2014

Fizz Boom Read! Activity Book 2014 Fizz Boom Read! Activity Book 2014 Science is everything! Read a book to find the tools that help us understand why things work and how to make things happen. Take a look in this book to take the lead

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Squid Dissection NAME: 1

Squid Dissection NAME: 1 NAME: 1 Squid Dissection Squid are members of the phylum Mollusca and of the class Cephalopoda. Cephalopoda is the most complex class in phylum Mollusca. Cephalopoda means "head foot" and this group has

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CREATIVE CAKE. Creative Cake, (Individual Event), recognizes a student s ability to create an artistically decorated cake.

CREATIVE CAKE. Creative Cake, (Individual Event), recognizes a student s ability to create an artistically decorated cake. Creative Cake, (Individual Event), recognizes a student s ability to create an artistically decorated cake. EVENT CATEGORY Occupational Senior COMPETITION TOPIC sponge cold foaming method minimum 10 and

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GEOGRAPHY OF THE FERTILE CRESENT GEOGRAPHY OF THE FERTILE CRESENT The Land Between the Rivers: The first civilization in the fertile crescent was Mesopotamia. It was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. In Sumer, as in Egypt,

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SQUID DISSECTION LAB INTRODUCTION OBJECTIVES MATERIALS SQUID DISSECTION LAB INTRODUCTION The cephalopods include squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and nautilus. The class name, Cephalopoda means head-foot.the foot in this group has adapted into arms, which are attached

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SENSORY EVALUATION OF FOOD SENSORY EVALUATION OF FOOD Influences on Food Preferences Physical: Issues that can affect the ability to detect flavors: Body chemistry Number of taste buds Age Gender Influences on Food Preferences Psychological

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Booklet B. Write your answers in the spaces provided. 17. The diagram below shows part of a human system. Name the organs A, B and C.

Booklet B. Write your answers in the spaces provided. 17. The diagram below shows part of a human system. Name the organs A, B and C. Booklet B Write your answers in the spaces provided. 17. The diagram below shows part of a human system. Name the organs A, B and C. A : B : C : (3 marks) 18. The diagram below shows some tiny openings

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The Apple Pie Tree Author: Zoe Hall Illustrator: Shari Halpern Publisher: Blue Sky Press/Scholastic

The Apple Pie Tree Author: Zoe Hall Illustrator: Shari Halpern Publisher: Blue Sky Press/Scholastic Articulation Language questions Descriptive terms Vocabulary Language activities Speech activities Sequences The Apple Pie Tree Author: Zoe Hall Illustrator: Shari Halpern Publisher: Blue Sky Press/Scholastic

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Experiential Activities Grades K-2

Experiential Activities Grades K-2 Experiential Activities Grades K-2 Build Your Own Smoothie During the winter, you can still make delicious smoothies using frozen produce! On the image below, circle all the fruits and vegetables that

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The purpose of section 3 is to introduce Step 2 in the food purchasing process. Step 2 is developing a grocery list.

The purpose of section 3 is to introduce Step 2 in the food purchasing process. Step 2 is developing a grocery list. Slide 1 Food Purchasing for Child Care Centers Section 3: Grocery List (Step 2) National Food Service Management Institute Section 3: Grocery List 1 The purpose of section 3 is to introduce Step 2 in the

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W TH F. Week: Activities: Week: M

W TH F. Week: Activities: Week: M Term Weeks: The Sandwich That Max Made By Marcia Vaughan Language: What sort of sandwiches do you like to eat? Do you make your own sandwiches? What has the illustrator done to make the pictures look effective?

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Extension Bulletin 328. Family. Meal Service MILDRED DUNN

Extension Bulletin 328. Family. Meal Service MILDRED DUNN Extension Bulletin 328 Family Meal Service MILDRED DUNN FAMILY MEAL SERVICE Mealtime can be an occasion the family looks forward to with pleasure. In today's living, it may not be possible for the family

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Archdiocese of New York Practice Items

Archdiocese of New York Practice Items Archdiocese of New York Practice Items Mathematics Grade 8 Teacher Sample Packet Unit 1 NY MATH_TE_G8_U1.indd 1 NY MATH_TE_G8_U1.indd 2 1. Which choice is equivalent to 52 5 4? A 1 5 4 B 25 1 C 2 1 D 25

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Learn About Your CSA Herb Garden!

Learn About Your CSA Herb Garden! Learn About Your CSA Herb Garden! As part of your Highlands Harvest Club experience, you will be receiving live herb plants for the first weeks of the CSA season, 18 individual plants in all. This is another

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Name October 2, 2018 Review #1 Test #1. 1) Which of the following is NOT a correct method to write a ratio?

Name October 2, 2018 Review #1 Test #1. 1) Which of the following is NOT a correct method to write a ratio? Name October 2, 2018 Review #1 Test #1 1) Which of the following is NOT a correct method to write a ratio? figs a) figs x trees b) figs : trees c) figs to trees d) trees 2) Heidi can bake 12 cookies in

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The Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic Revolution The Neolithic Revolution A Settled Life When people think of the Neolithic era, they often think of Stonehenge, the iconic image of this early era. Dating to approximately 3000 B.C.E. and set on Salisbury

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WE REMEMBER. Fill in the blanks. 1. A is a large farm. 2. God wants us to the police. 3. and grow in warm areas.

WE REMEMBER. Fill in the blanks. 1. A is a large farm. 2. God wants us to the police. 3. and grow in warm areas. arm to Elevator WE REMEMBER ill in the blanks. 1. A is a large farm. 2. God wants us to the police. 3. and grow in warm areas. 4. A takes care of sick animals. 5. You do not need to be afraid of the police

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Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions below.

Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions below. READTHEORY Reading Comprehension 2 Level 7 Name Date Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions below. For two months, I have been trying to decide who makes the best ice cream. I have narrowed

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Business Entertaining & Dining

Business Entertaining & Dining Business Entertaining & Dining Connie Ghuman Taking Your Seat and Napkins To seat yourself: approach the right side of the chair and enter it from your left side. When the meal is over, push your chair

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AUTUMN VACATION CARE PROGRAM AUTUMN VACATION CARE PROGRAM 16 27 April 2018 OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS CARE MONDAY (16/4/2018) EXPLORING TRANSPORT 1 Morning tea: Fruit platter, crackers and cheese Shaving cream car wash or paper plate car

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Mid-Atlantic Regional Seed Bank N A T I V E A S H S E E D C O L L E C T I O N P R O T O C O L

Mid-Atlantic Regional Seed Bank N A T I V E A S H S E E D C O L L E C T I O N P R O T O C O L Mid-Atlantic Regional Seed Bank N A T I V E A S H S E E D C O L L E C T I O N P R O T O C O L Collection Strategy and Protocol Protocol Kept separate by mother tree - one bag per tree One standard paper

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