The First English Settlements in America

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1 The First English Settlements in America

2 Roanoke The Lost Colony

3 Atlantic Coast circa 1584

4 Outer Banks (Virginia / N. Carolina Border)

5 Roanoke: Then and Now

6 Roanoke Timeline 1584 The Queen sends scouts across the Atlantic to look for a suitable place to Roanoke Island is the agreed upon spot Named the new land VIRGINIA, after the Queen Settlers from England sail to colonize Roanoke island Lots of early problems, provisions, shelter, weather 1586 Sir Francis Drake picks up the unhappy settlers and returns them to England.

7 Roanoke Timeline 1587 A second group of 115 settlers arrive from England to re-establish the settlement Late 1587 running low on supplies, Ships sail for England to resupply the Colony, leaving behind about 100 settlers 1 st English baby VIRGINIA DARE is born at Roanoke

8 1588: A Year to Remember The Battle of the Spanish Armada and the Rise of England as the Dominant Power in Europe

9 Roanoke Timeline 1588 Queen Elizabeth restricts all ships from leaving England so that they can be available to support the British Navy in their fight against Spain Battle of the Spanish Armada delays a return to Roanoke for over 2 years

10 1590 English return to Roanoke and find NOBODY left. The English abandon the Settlement The only clue -- CROATOAN

11 What are some theories about what happened to the Roanoke Settlers? Victims of hostile Native Indians who massacred them all The Spanish came upon them and massacred them all Starving and unable to survive, the settlers were integrated into local tribes, and went Native The settlers left the island and perished on the mainland or at sea Weather Event / Storm wiped the settlers out

12 Jamestown The 1st Successful English Colony in North America

13 The Virginia Company Charter With England in control of the Seas, the English decide to mount another voyage to America In 1605 a group of merchants looking to prosper from the bounty of the New World formed the Virginia Company and receive permission from the King James to create a Colony 108 men and boys left England in December of 1606 Bound for the New World Gentlemen v Common Men

14 3 Ships Depart England: 12/6/1606 Susan Constant, Godspeed, Discovery

15 The Route to Jamestown Dec 1606 to April 1607

16 Jamestown 1607 Land Ho! April 1607 Roanoke


18 Jamestown Island


20 The Fort


22 Colonists and Native Americans: An Uneasy Alliance By the Fall of 1607, 50% of the Settlers die from disease and/or starvation Captain John Smith, a member of the leadership Council, decides to ask the Powhatan Indians for help. Legend says that Powhatan Princess Pocahontas saves his life and secures help for the Settlers from her father the Chief.


24 Mini-Lesson on the Writing of History: The Myth of Pocahontas Pocahontas in the Popular Imagination Competing Video Clips

25 Winter of 1610: The Starving Time John Smith leaves Jamestown in the Fall of 1609 A few months later, Jamestown Population Shrinks From 210 settlers to just 60

26 Late 1610 and 1611 New Settlers and Ships arrive in Jamestown and help restart the Colony

27 1611: New Settler John Rolfe Introduces Tobacco to Jamestown

28 : Tobacco Cultivation at Jamestown Ensures Colony s Survival and Economic Future

29 Pocahontas Marries John Rolfe in 1614: A Lasting Peace Between the Powhatan and the English Settlers Develops

30 The Only Portrait of Pocahontas aka Rebecca Rolfe London 1616

31 The Settlement at its high point


33 Colonial America: Seeds and Weeds Seeds: Those ideas and practices that found their origin during the Colonial Era, and grew into the core ideals of America which continue to define us today Weeds: Those ideas and practices that found their origin during the Colonial Era, and grew into the problems that continue to challenge the ideals of America, in spite of our attempts to eradicate their presence

34 The American Garden

35 1619: The Jamestown Assembly is Established The Seed of Local Government in America is planted

36 The Weed of Slavery: First Africans in America were bought by Dutch in 1619 to Provide Labor for Tobacco Cultivation