Spa Valley Railway West Kent CAMRA Beer Listing as at 14/10/2016

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1 Golden Ale 360 DEGREE BREWING Session IPA 4.3 Using solely American hops, a contemporary Pale Ale, heavily hopped to produce intense tropical fruit flavours and a long bitter finish. Core beer, GroomBdge available all year round. Best Bitter 360 DEGREE BREWING Sussex# A traditional, copper-coloured best bitter. Brewed with Kentish hops to produce an aromatic ale with a clean bitterness. Core beer, available all year round. Alphastate Double IPA 9.0 Horsmonden, Kent - Huge IPA hopped with Mosaic & Simcoe. Ashdown Ales Dawning Light 3.5 Eridge Ashdown Ales Sussex Sunset 4.5 GroomBdge Bitter BEDLAM Benchmark 4.0 An amber-coloured best bitter with refreshing bitterness and sweet, fruity notes. The hops are balanced by a rich, malty character, with a hint of Eridge chocolate. Green Hop Bedlam KGH Pilgrim Harvest Ale 4.4 Bedlam Pale 4.8 Albourne, Sussex - UK Hopped pale Porter BEDLAM Porter 5.0 GroomBdge Beersel Framboise 5.0 Beersel, Belgium - Fresh raspberries blended and aged with young lambic. Excellent fruit beer. Best Bitter BEXLEY Bexley's Own Beer 4.2 Pale brown best bitter with apple notes and a little sweetness. Trace of hops and bitterness in flavour and finish Green Hop Bexley KGH Challenger 4.4 Strong Bitter BIG SMOKE Electric Eye Pale Ale 5.0 Golden Ale BIG SMOKE Solaris Session Pale Ale 3.8 Unfined golden ale with bitter grapefruit flavour, some malt and a long dry bitter finish. Hoppy fruity nose. Old Ale Black Cat Nine Tails 4.9 Dark winter warmer with crystal and chocolate malt, and uses Challenger, Go Best Bitter BLACK CAT Original 4.2 A hoppy, bitter, amber beer balanced with malt Black Cat Tip Top 3.2 Eridge Blanche de Bruxelles Wheat 4.4 Quenast, Belgium - Refreshing Belgian wheat, light, citrus and a hint of spice. Boon Oude Gueze Kriek 6.5 Lembeek, Belgium - 400g of wild cherries per litre of lambic and aged in oak. Unsweetened, Unfiltered. Best Bitter Brew Buddies Best Bitter 4.3 Brewed with a mixture of malts to give hints of caramel and chocolate, and Challenger and Bobek hops to provide a rounded bitterness with spicy and B Set fruity and floral notes. Best Bitter Brew Buddies Mosaic Pale 4.3 Kate Bitter with bite due to Citra Hops, resulting in a distinctly citrus flavour. Strong Bitter Brixton Brewery Atlantic APA 5.4 Brewed with Citra, Simcoe and Galaxy hops. Hops and fruit throughout this smooth yellow coloured beer. There is a dry bitterness in the flavour and finish. 1 of 7 Changes since previus version are printed in red 14/10/2016

2 Best Bitter Brixton Brewery Effra 4.5 Session bitter; a smooth amber ale that balances pine, lime and grassy hops. Brewed with Northdown, Pilgrim, Aurora, Ahtanum and Summit hops. Dry copper coloured best bitter with hops and a trace of citrus in the GroomBdge flavour and finish, which is bitter. Bruges Zot Blonde 6.0 Brugge, Belgium - Classic Belgian blonde, spicy yeast notes and stone fruits. BURNING SKY Arise 4.4 Golden Ale BURNING SKY Aurora 5.6 A premium strength pale ale, with a blend of malts to provide a juicy backbone and a pale amber expansive blend of US hops give a resinous mouthfeel big citrus & tropical fruit flavours, which are prominent, yet well balanced. Burning Sky Saisson L'Automne 4.2 Firle, E. Sussex - Brewed using seasonal, foraged ingredients local to the brewery in Firle. Bitter By The Horns Hop Air Balloon 4.2 Session IPA Amber By The Horns Mick the Miller 4.0 Strong Bitter By The Horns Old Smoke Tea Bitter 5.0 Brewed with smoked malt and a blend of Earl Grey and black tea. Green Hop Canterbury Ales KGH Green Black 3.7 Best Bitter CANTERBURY ALES The Reeve's Ale 4.1 Golden Ale CANTERBURY ALES The Wife of Bath's Ale 3.9 A golden beer with strong bitterness and grapefruit hop character, leading to a long, dry finish. Golden Ale Canterbury Brewers Foundry Man's Gold 4.0 A golden ale with strong aromas of citrus and elderflower with a subtle lingering bitterness Green Hop Canterbury Brewers Green Hop Saison 4.5 Best Bitter Canterbury Brewers Little Red Rye 4.5 This beer showcases the brewer's favourite hops. Citra, Chinook and Centennial hops deliver stunning flavour and aroma, with spice from the Eridge rye malt Green Hop Caveman Green Hop Wheat IPA 5.0 Golden Ale CAVEMAN Palaeolithic 3.8 A pale ale with Cascade hops and some slight malt sweetness. Green Hop Collaboration EK Green Hop Pale 5.0 Golden Ale DARK STAR American Pale Ale 4.7 Kate American style pale ale crafted with Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops. Full of the aroma of hops. Old Ale DARK STAR Dark Star Original 5.0 Former Champion Beer of Britain. A dark strong and bitter beer that defies classification you decide Green Hop Dark Star Green Hop IPA 6.5 Dark Star Winter Solstice 4.2 De Dolle Arabier 8.0 Diksmuide, Belgium - Hopped with Nugget hops, a quite special Belgian strong ale. De La Senne Jambe de Bois Triple 8.0 Brussels, Belgium - Wonderful Triple, aromatic & fruity. 2 of 7 Changes since previus version are printed in red 14/10/2016

3 De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Bruichalddich 11.0 Bodegraven, Netherlands - Huge imperial stout aged in Bruichladdich BA Whisky casks. Strong Bitter DORKING Red India 5.0 GroomBdge Speciality DORKING Smokestack Lightnin 4.0 Best Bitter DOWNLANDS BREWERY Bramber 4.5 Powerfully hopped American style amber ale. Green Hop DOWNLANDS BREWERY Green Hopped Thirteen 3.6 Crisp light golden ale that layers floral zesty aromas over a grapefruit and citrus flavour. Rye Ale DOWNLANDS BREWERY Red October 5.2 Strong Bitter Dukeries Farmers Branch 5.0 Named after a notorious speed trap in Bassetlaw close to the brewery. This pale strong ale is zesty with fresh clean citrus notes. Porter Filo Cardinal Porter 4.5 Bitter Filo Crofters 3.8 Bitter FRANKLINS English Garden 3.8 A hoppy, golden ale perfect for session drinking. Best Bitter FRANKLINS Mumma Knows Best 4.1 Kate A refreshing traditional English Best Bitter rich in mango, lemon and earthy pine. Best Bitter G2 Otava IPA (The Plough) 4.4 GroomBdge Golden Ale G2 Vela Blonde (The Sail) 4.2 Best Bitter GOACHER'S Best Dark Ale 4.1 Dark in colour but light and quaffable in body, this ale features hints of caramel and chocolate malt throughout Green Hop GOACHER'S Green Hop 3.9 A rich, flavourful mild with moderate roast barley & a generous helping of chocolate malt Mild GOACHER'S Real Mild Ale 3.4 Bitter GOLDMARK Phoenix 4.1 GroomBdge A balanced traditional bitter using the scarce Phoenix hops. This beers name was inspired by the Phoenix hop and the old Phoenix Brewery buildings in Brighton. This beer is as bland as a weekend in Bognor with George Osbourne. It is however back by popular demand because everyone loves it. Who said tradition was dead? Best Bitter GOLDMARK Warrior 4.6 A brown ale with hints of honey, caramel and ending with a smooth hop note. Green Hop GOODY ALES Genesis 3.5 A green hopped vestion of this dark ruby coloured single hop ale with a full flavour and lasting bitter finish Green Hop GOODY ALES Good Harvest 3.8 A Green Hopped VersionClean tasting amber ale made with East Kent Golding hops harvested straight from the bines and brewed within 4 hours of picking a unique taste of Autumn GUN Parabellum Milk Stout KK 4.1 Heathfield, Sussex - Well balanced milk stout Golden Ale GUN Smoked Rye 4.7 Heathfield, Sussex - Brewed using beech smoked German Bramberg malt. B Set Subtle smoke, clean and mellow. Rye Ale GUN Smoked Rye 4.7 B Set Strong Bitter GUN Zamzama IPA 6.5 Kate 3 of 7 Changes since previus version are printed in red 14/10/2016

4 High Weald Chronicle 3.8 GroomBdge Golden Ale HIGH WEALD Greenstede 4.0 Combining generous quantities of classic English Goldings and First Gold with American Cascade hops to brew the ultimate in refreshing golden ale. Eridge Green Hop Hop Fuzz Fuggle Green Hop 3.8 Stout HOP FUZZ Triumph 4.8 Kate Golden Ale HOP FUZZ Yellow Zinger 3.7 Kate Best Bitter HURST HURST Oldland Sussex Pale 3.7 a strong, dark porter with a distinctive bitterness created by highly roasted GroomBdge malts, with a rich, creamy head. Golden Ale Isfield Stiltwalker 5.2 GroomBdge Dark Ale Isfield Toad in the Ale 4.8 Kasteel Rouge 8.0 Ingelmunster, Belgium - A blend of Kasteel Donker and & cherry liqueur. Kees Mosaic Hop Explosion 5.5 Middelburg, Netherlands - Single hopped with Mosaic - fruity with a savoury note Kent Brewery Black Mirror 4.5 GroomBdge Best Bitter Kent Brewery Cobnut 4.1 Generously hopped, dark and nutty, with no nuts involved! Green Hop Kent Brewery Green Giant 6.0 Kent Brewery Prohibtion 4.8 Kate Birling, Kent - US Hopped pale ale, bitter and fruity. Kernel Export Stout 7.2 Bermondsey, London - A classic recipe, rich & dark. Bitter KEW BREWERY Nightshade 4.2 Tawny bitter with malt and a little hop aroma. Sweet malt flavour and finish with a trace of bitter hop. Speciality KEW BREWERY Richmond Rye 4.5 Dry amber beer with hints of tangerine and spice. Bitter hops throughout with a touch of caramel in the aroma. Speciality KISSINGATE Black Cherry Mild 4.2 A very dark wholesome mild. Subtle rounded flavours from black and amber malts. Hints of fruitiness from black cherry inclusions. A lasting but mild bitterness from Amarillo hops. Kissingate Smelters Stout 5.1 Green Hop LARKINS Green Hop Best 4.0 None as yet Porter LARKINS Porter 5.4 Each taste and smell of this potent black winter beer (Nov-Apr) reveals another facet of its character. An explosion of roasted malt, bitter and fruity flavours leaves a bittersweet aftertaste. Bitter LARKINS Traditional Ale 3.4 Tawny in colour, a full-tasting hoppy ale with plenty of character for its strength. Green Hop Little Beer Little & Often Limited Edition KGH 3.5 Bitter Little Beer Little Haka 3.5 An easy drinking session ale. Predominantly bitter but with with a good malt character and light hoppy tones. Golden Ale London Beer Factory Beyond The Pale 4.2 Golden Ale London Beer Factory Chelsea Blond 4.3 Grapefruit dominates the flavour and aroma with trace of spiciness and a dry 4 of 7 Changes since previus version are printed in red 14/10/2016

5 Bitter Longdog Brewery Bunny Chaser 3.6 A dark copper-coloured session bitter with plenty of malt in the mouth and a good whack of bitterness. Longdog Brewery Kismet 4.5 Porter Longdog Brewery Lamplight Porter 5.0 Splendid porter, smoky & drier than many, with strong roast flavours giving way to blackberry taste and slightly vinous finish. Longman Copper 4.2 GroomBdge Longman Scary Man 4.3 Golden Ale MAD CAT Golden IPA 4.6 Stout MAD CAT Jet Black Stout 4.6 Green Hop Mad Cat Syndale KGH Pale 4.2 Green Hop Musket Flash in the Pan KGH 4.0 Golden Ale MUSKET Trigger 3.6 Designed to be a hoppy, easy drinking session ale for hot sunny days yet equally popular at other times of the year. Old Dairy Best of British 4.0 Green Hop Old Dairy Green Hop 4.0 Old Ale OLD DAIRY Snow Top 6.0 Winter Ale brewed for Christmas, using Challenger East Kent Goldings and Bramling Cross Hops. Malty and fruity. Best Bitter One Mile End Snake Charmer IPA 5.7 A fruity IPA dry-hopped for an intense aroma of sweet lemon, blueberries and tropical fruits. The 90-minute boil gives this beer a full body with a slight caramel finish. Eridge Best Bitter One Mile End Snakes Alive Double IPA 8.0 A heavily dry hopped DIPA for an intense aroma of lemon, blueberries & tropical fruits. the 90 minute boil adds caramel for a full body with a dry finish. Old Ale One Mile End Winter Warmer GroomBdge Bitter PIG & PORTER Ashburnham Pale Ale 3.8 B Set Classic English Pale ale made with East Kent Goldings and Fuggles. Speciality PIG & PORTER Dance First 4.2 A subtly hopped dry stout brewed originally to prove a point that dark beer can be refreshing in the summer and now available all year round. Hops are Summit, Columbus and Willamette. Green Hop Pig & Porter KGH Spider Rye 5.5 Red Rye beer, dry hopped in the cask with centennial and columbus hops. Green Hop Pig & Porter Purest Green 5.2 Eridge Pig & Porter Slow Black Stout 5.1 Tunbridge Wells, Kent - Brewed with oats, dark, rich and a hint of dark fruits & chocolate Best Bitter Ramsgate Brewery Gadds' Seasider 4.3 GroomBdge Green Hop Ramsgate Brewery Green Hop Pilsner 4.8 Bitter Ramsgate Brewery Rye Pale Ale 4.0 Best Bitter Range Ales Black Ox IPA 4.8 Bitter Range Ales CQB of 7 Changes since previus version are printed in red 14/10/2016

6 Best Bitter RED SQUIRREL Mr Squirrel 4.3 A chestnut red bitter, lightly hopped with a creamy texture. Hints of caramel and vanilla complement the slightly hoppy and malty overtones. Porter Rockin Robin Blizzard Of Oz 4.5 A rich dark mahogany coloured beer brewed using Kentish hops only. Best Bitter Rockin Robin Reckless Robin ESB 4.5 GroomBdge A strong bitter that delivers a fresh hoppy punch, well balanced with soft fruit malt. Golden Ale ROMNEY MARSH Marsh Mellow 3.6 Light, sessionable, with a hint of fruit and coconut, all from whole flower hop Bitter ROMNEY MARSH Romney Best 4.0 Eridge Biscuit and chocolate malts with blackcurrant hop notes Speciality Rother Valley Ebulem EP 4.5 Eridge Elderberry Porter Green Hop Rother Valley Hoppers Ale KGH 4.0 A green hop version of this copper-coloured ale. The initial burst of hop is followed by a pleasant caramel taste. Speciality Rother Valley Ruby Wheat Beer 4.4 Strong Bitter THAMES SIDE Egyptian Goose IPA 4.8 Hoppy, English style IPA Golden Ale THAMES SIDE White Swan Pale Ale 4.2 Eridge Hoppy New World style pale ale Time & Tide Callista IPA 6.1 Deal, Kent - US & Southern hemisphere hops. Lots of tropical fruit notes. Time & Tide Papa Midnight 6.9 Kate Deal, Kent - Hoppy Black Pilsner, real depth and flavour. Golden Ale TONBRIDGE Blonde Ambition 4.2 Crisp, refreshing blonde ale fully flavoured with generous amounts of B Set Challenger and First Gold hops giving both spicy and citrus notes Bright 36 Green Hop TONBRIDGE Capel Pale 4.5 Bitter TONBRIDGE Coppernob 3.8 A fairly dry, rich copper coloured ale with taste in depth. Robust fruity B Set flavour from Challenger, Fuggles and Golding hops Bright 36 Porter TONBRIDGE Ebony Moon 4.2 A rich porter with a pronounced maltiness balanced with a light bitterness. B Set Hopped with Bramling Cross and Golding varieties Bright 36 Golden Ale TONBRIDGE Golden Rule 3.5 Hoppy golden ale with a light, crisp body and delicate floral aroma from B Set English Cascade hops Bright 36 Mild TONBRIDGE Rustic 4.0 Deep bronze coloured, rich tasting country ale. Lightly hopped with the B Set scarce Kent grown Epic variety, giving a delicate spicy taste and aroma Bright 36 Bitter TONBRIDGE Traditional Ale 3.6 Easy drinking and refreshing ale with a light fruity taste and aroma from GroomBdge Challenger and Golding hops Strong Bitter TONBRIDGE Union Pale 4.7 An American style Premium Pale Ale with rich malt flavours balanced by B Set citrus and tropical fruit aromas from four classic US hop varieties Bright 36 Bitter WANTSUM Imperium 4.0 A deep amber best bitter; smooth biscuit malts and rich hoppy nose balance this beer perfectly. Uses only Kent hops. Green Hop Wantsum KGH Bullion 4.5 Green Hop Wantsum KGH Challenger 4.5 GroomBdge Weird Beard Hops Maiden England 4.5 Ealing, London - Pale ale brewed using English Hops. Westerham Ahtanum Extra Pale Ale Westerham Bohemian Rhapsody 5.0 Unfiltered Czech style pilsner (also certified Gluten Free) 6 of 7 Changes since previus version are printed in red 14/10/2016

7 Westerham Finchocks Original 3.5 Eridge Green Hop WESTERHAM Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale 4.0 A traditional best bitter this year made with Goldings hops from the National Trust hop garden at Scotney Castle, picked on the morning of the brew! Westmalles Dubbel 7.0 Malle, Belgium - Trappist dubbel - dark stone fruits, with fruity, subtle banana notes and a long finish. Green Hop Whistable Brewery Green Hop 4.8 Stout WHITSTABLE Oyster Stout 4.5 Rich, dry deep chocolate and mocha flavours. Bitter WIMBLEDON Common PA 3.7 Well-balanced gold coloured bitter mandarin and hoppy flavours and aroma. Floral note in the lingering finish with some dry bitterness. Rye Ale WIMBLEDON Copper Leaf 4.0 Strong Bitter WIMBLEDON Quartermaine IPA 5.8 Amber beer with slight sweetness complementing citrus and summer fruits plus spicy hops. Fruit, spice and bitter-sweet finish. Hoppy nose. 7 of 7 Changes since previus version are printed in red 14/10/2016